Mass attack

11 Mar

After years of massive malware attacks on the site painfully built on the dangers of the lhc and the lies of cern, I lowered my guard – i took a week off for health causes – and when i was back found the site erased without any warning by the host…

In any case if any reader is still interested in the risks of the collider  i have put the book published on the theme on kindle e-books, here it is ‘the black hole factory and the meaning of mass’

Price is dirty cheap since i believe new knowledge of logical or ethical nature must be available to all mankind… So i have lowered the price of the hardcover printed edition to the affordable sum of… zero dollars, gratis, nill (-;

im too old for this bull$hit, nor i built the web (im a thinker not a nerd – two things often confused). So that will probably be ‘it’ about the beautiful design of the first web. What i found is reposted – sorry no pics so far – on the left side.

Also the film i started with william morris endeavor on the cern issue, till it was also censored and finished with a loan

The longer version was put at so that is gone… i’ll put connections to utube pieces of the film.

What was perhaps a bit overdone was the total destruction of my beautiful web which introducer at a lay man level in ‘scales of increasing complexity’ the 10 scales of the Universe, its self-similar laws and the Fractal Generator of all systems of spatial energy and temporal information, from where in my General Systems Theory I have been able to deduce the laws of all sciences. Since indeed, regardless of what monist physicists say, all what exists is a complementary system of networks of energy and information. So all physical systems are made with particles of information and fields of force that move them and they cannot exist without both (Complementarity Principle of quantum physics). And all biological systems are made of ‘heads of information’ and bodies of energy that move them. And all sociological systems have an informative caste that controls the languages of social power (bankers, politicians and military that control money, the law and weapons) and an energy caste that works for them.

Frankly the destruction of that web, which i didnt save at all and the one dedicated to sociological systems ( ) has been a bit overdone. So I have put for free two books on kindle with simple explanations, The equation of God and The System plus you can get the entire model in paperback or kindle – ‘The 4th paradigm of science: social networks’. You can get there more insights of the ‘future of science’ that cern will ever find with its mammoth machine (-; ‘tiempo al tiempo’.

To remember all that today is tuesday 13, in the latin tradition a terrible day to get married or start a journey; Lol and i never believed in superstitions

Regarding the authors…

My take is that either some groopie from which at the height of our campaign against the ‘black hole factory’ had 5 people working just to destroy our reputations as scientists during the federal suits (me, rossler and wagner being the most outspoken critics) finally succeed.

It has been quite an astounding procedure for a ‘group of idealistic scientists’. Some examples of this anonymous prosecution:

– 1 week after the old site was put up there was a breach in google’s account and my visa was stolen and charged 3000 $ in long distance calls from ‘France’… Google refused to investigate. Once this was resolved the campaign on the ad google account received thousands of hits of 0.00 seconds. The charges were not suppressed and i had to cancel the account.

– My email was breached. Rossler’s email was also breached and we receive ‘help messages’ of a false Mr. Rossler  asking for money from a police station in England where he was detained. The people working the ‘ad hominem’ campaigns created a site only to insult Mr. Rossler.

– A massive ‘ad hominem’ campaign was implemented in all the blogs of physics of the world. After the scandal of risking planet Earth appeared on NY Times, causing public alarm, all the global press, acting as PR for this gem of big science, attacked the suit – the NY Times even published an editorial asking the judge to ‘throw the suit to the nearest black hole’, against the American laws that forbid to influence suits. We never were allowed to defend our points of view and even comments were disabled on my NY account.

– 2 days before the final suit, I was attacked by 3 unknown people in my garage who broke my arm into 5 pieces. I was told by doctors not to go to the suit and take a plane, which I did, because the nerves were touching the bones. I still have sequels on the right arm.

– Someone broke on my home during my conferences at the ISSS congress at Madison, and when I returned the police came within days for no reason -an anonymous denounce – to regiester the place and only left home when I started filming them.

– The science of which I was International Chair – duality, the study of the Universe with two arrows of time, energy and information – was cancelled in a meeting of SIG chairs to which I was not invited. So the ISSS congress at Madison was the last one, in which I chaired duality and gave a conference  on ‘the error of einstein and the meaning of mass’, where I explained the ‘faster than light membrane’ of gravitation, where neutrinos resides, the unification equation of charges and masses and the meaning of mass according to Einstein’s strong Principle of equivalence, which made the Higgs unnecessary. The conferences were never published, nor I appear as attending the Congress on the papers.

I had become invisible and I am still invisible as a scientist despite all my pioneering work on complexity and system sciences. For example, when I send articles to review on different scientific matters to the magazines of science, I receive no answer. When I send them certificated with UPS, they are rejected. Needless to say this never happened before the suit.

And so on and so on.

Why now then? I was a week sick and couldn’t enter and change passwords etc. So i guess it was easy for the inventors of the web to find a way to erase this and my web on my scientific work – the fractal paradigm.

Further on this was done the day they announced falsely the discovery of the Higgs, just in time for the end of the fiscal year to impress in this economical crisis the administrators of Europe that have to pay a check. So that day I wrote an article on the laughing matter of ‘finding the Higgs’ just because in a few billion events they found one with 4 muons desintegrating which could be many other particles, not necessarily the desintegration of 2 z particles which again could be a few things not necessarily a higgs…

So there you have it now the higgs officially exist for cern to keep extracting billions from tax payers and maybe blowing up the earth…

The paradox of all this is that my now invisible work seems to be increasingly validated by CERN – since we predicted in our models of multiple space-times that neutrinos do go faster than light, the higgs is not found it has not been found despite what they affirm. And in any case even if it is found, the Higgs won’t exist, because its equations were proved to be the same that Mr. Smolin and Zee’s variable gravitational field based in the Brans-Dicke model of relativity. Thus, it is obvious that if the same equations have two interpretations – that of Higgs that require an invisible field to add to the 2 electromagnetic and gravitational fields; and that of Smolin, Zee and Brans-Dicke that requires no other field – by the Occam’s principle, the BDSZ model is the proper one and so the Higgs field is just Einstein’s gravitational field with a variable G, which is also the basis of my work that unifies with fractal equations the G and Q constants of charges and masses. All this of course will never be published again…

Finally our prediction that earthquakes would rise, as a sign that some type of dark matter might be produced and fall to the center of the Earth, explode on the Moho discontinuity – if we are lucky – and so provoke increases in volcanos and earthquakes have become truth – 2011 is offically the year in record history with more earthquakes over 5 and over 6 in the richter scale… since tabulation started a century ago.

You see, that how dogma and belief is imposed – with inquisitions of thought, or as Disraeli put it ‘damned lies (that there is no risk, an evil, damned lie for mankind) and statistics (the pedestrian way in which they pretend to prove the existence of the Higgs).  And of course censorship and ‘anonymous pressure’ on dissidents.

Funny thing is I don’t care that much anymore. These vandalic act merely release me further from engagement with a species i increasingly find well below the threshold of beauty that deserves survival in the fractal universe… exceptions made, most humans are good but stupid, managed as sheeple by the 1% of evil ‘cretinos’ that are subconsciously destroying the world. The system have the entire process well-worked. Within days, the entire planet repeated with the Goebbel’s method (if you repeat a lie many types people will believe it), the astounding grace of the Higgs and its heroic finding, LOL. The time for ‘angst’ is gone. I just find the entire matter surrealist, bizarre – yet another proof of the sorry state of the human me(n)tal species.

And so what an steppenwolf can do? Observe with amazement how the leaders of the pack and the herd go to the cliff? Suffer from an incurable angst. perhaps if i were german but im not

Better to enjoy life in barcelona while it lasts, observe the beauty of the Universe in silence and follow the advice of another Luis

‘when all has been said better to remain silent’ (by censorship and choice).

In any case, CERN might ‘cheat all the people all the time’ but it will not cheat the laws of the Universe. And so we shall see what are those laws in 2014, when the upgrading is complete and they do go over 10 Tev – the most likely threshold to create a black hole or a quark star.

‘Those who impose truth with power will be the laugh of the Gods’; Einstein, the ‘mind of the Universe’ in all matters regarding mass theory NOT Higgs, NOT Hawking.


The invisible man.

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    Feliz año nuevo.


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