The evolution of Science

25 Feb

The most successful alibi for our destruction has been to invoke the sacred name of science.

But what is the science of CERN’s experiments you might ask?  And why the people working there think they are so important, and those of us who oppose them, ridicule their experiments as nothing but a tool of measure and a weapon? To understand why we must analyze at least 3 aspects of CERN. Its importance in the theoretical evolution of science that is now transcending from the 3rd paradigm of metric measure into the 4th paradigm of Organic whys, of complex, system sciences based in the selfrepetitive laws of all systems, for which measure is absolutely relative and all what matters is the synchronicities, self-similarities, topological structures and evolution into organic networks of any ‘number’ of self-similar points=beings of reality.

Let us explain this briefly as there is an entire section to the right dedicated for professional scientists that want to upgrade their mental chip, an analysis of the new wonders of going much deeper than CERN, evolving the mathematics and logic the science, into the solution of the questions pending in all of them.

The 3rd paradigm of measure, is what CERN represents. it started with Galileo, who used clocks to measure time and telescopes to measure space, substituting with machines the logic words of the mind, who men used to measure time and its causal logic processes and the eyes of the human artist, which imagined topological spaces self-similar to those we observe.

Further on, Galileo worked really on ballistics, for the Venetian arsenal, and so he studied mainly the trajectory of cannonballs (those exercises you do in first course of physics), and deduced that all was motion and so time=change was the change of motion of things. This is what physicists call the arrow of time, energy, entropy, motion. And this is what they study and measure.

In the 4th paradigm however we study all the times=changes of the Universe, specifically the 2nd one, information, change in the form of beings, in its dimensions, shapes, evolution, morphology, etc. This is what biology does. And now we are puttin biology and physics, information arrows and energy together. And describe all as systems and networks.

Including sytems of physics, like galaxies, networks of stars, molecules, networks of atoms and atoms, networks of particles that constantly exchange energy and form.

This science has a formalism, which is called duality, because monism was the name given to the physical study of the universe only entropy.
And it is solving many of the questions left an answer by physics, and since i am more or less considered one of the leading theorists of duality, whose science i used to chair in international congresses when I was working on them, I have obviously an opinion on the limits and solutions CERN offers to the world, based in a much simpler understanding of the Universe, the 3rd paradigm of monism, entropy and a single, continuous spacetime which we have left behind for dualism, networks of energy and information and its topological, multiple space-times, what you call the beings of reality.

In the 4th paradigm, energy, entropy or motion, self-similar terms is just 1/2 of the elements that generate reality. The other is form, information, much more subtle to understand but the true origin of creation. We are, of course underfunded because we do not make machines who make money and weapons who give power. But that is indeed the other side of CERN and why CERN will win this noble battle against the nobel mafia of science and its pretension of being righteous and self-important.

This doesn’t mean that astrophysics is not important. Of course, it is, it is one of the 3 scales of reality in which the game of vital spaces and cycles of times is played. It is only that machines like CERN are very unimportant to the theoretical evolution of physics and are all about the machine itself, part of the financial-military-industrial complex we live in. And so, without that added propaganda, certainly we wouldn’t care much about the Higgs or the creation of the biggest explosion ever on Earth.

The idea is simple. If we are risking 6 billion lives, it must be for a greater cause. The LHC’s cause is to discover the meaning of it all. This is a valient quest in the search for knowledge and enlightenment. However it is not the purpose of CERN. Knowledge is a theoretical quest, done with ‘thought experiments’ as Einstein put it. And the lhc IS JUST a machine. it can only gather data, and not much because the standard Model is closed. CERN is a company of average physicists and excellent machines. There are no ‘thought experiments’ made here, harnessing the logic power of the human mind.

But CERN is unable to see the simple laws of true science. Unlike CERN ‘God is simple but not malicious’. CERN’s paradoxical zeal for complicated, mechanical science is ending our search for simple, wider truths. Physicists are attached to their machines, collectors of detailed data no longer asking sweeping, logic quandary. Instead they merely perform irrelevant, mathematical measures, useful only to justify the construction of bigger, better mechanisms.

CERN then trumpets its mystical, pseudo-scientific theories that soothe the sheeple while opening the 7th seal of extinction. Instead of killing us, the Nuclear Company of Europe shouts it shall find:

The ‘particle of God’ that is suppossed to give mass to all other particles. And yet it does not; it is just  a tool of marketing to sell the machine.

The moment of creation, the cosmic explosion of CERN’s super-explosive quark-gluon soup. Of course that super-explosion will kill us… but it will be the death and birth of a new Universe? No, only our death.

Nuclear Physicists that worked in the Atomic Bomb, invented a violent theory of creation, nicknamed precisely the ‘Big-bang’ by astronomers, to mock their ‘worldly profession’. Yet today we know the Universe is dual, built with 2 element, entropy, expansive energy and information, fractal, dimensional form. And so the hot big-bang, an entropy only theory of the cosmos is increasingly discredited.

In that sense, the big-bangs caused by the explosive quark-gluon soup are local, either a super-nova explosion as the one it may occur onEarth, courtesy of CERN, or at most a galactic quasar.

Since we have experimental proofs that the infinite, fractal Universe is older than the big-bang, whose age corresponds to that of the life cycle of a galaxy, and the background radiation, key proof of that big-bang is also local, which means it can only be produced by black holes red-shifting light at that temperature.

The Higgs Hoax and its obsolete ‘lineal, simple physics’

Mass is the information, the form, the attractive, in/forming force of the Universe. This was explained by Einstein with his principle of equivalence between acceleration and mass/gravitation. Initially, due to the ‘mirage’ of materialism, physicists thought the principle only applied to the external, curving vortex of gravitational forces that sunk into the mass. Now we know, thanks to the advances of complexity that the Universe is made as Einstein wanted, with 2 accelerated motions: F = M x A, where A is lineal acceleration or ‘energy’ and Mass is a vortex with more dimensional form, or cyclical acceleration, whose frequency carry the information of the Universe. Those facts have empirical, theoretical and mathematical demonstrations which I provided in several congresses and papers of complexity. However, the true understanding of mass would unveil the Higgs Hoax and the fact that we have built the LHC just for money, as part of the natural evolution of the military-industrial complex, reason why those papers disappeared from Google Scholar and have not been accepted for review in any major magazine of science. In that regard, what we face today is not only an existential problem but an intellectual problem: quantum physicists work with a single arrow of entropy=energy, ignore all about the sciences of information and the meaning of masses as information, forms, dimensional form; and are halting the development of true science, using the methods of religions and the military to impose their false ideologies of the Universe – censorship, bullying, money and political power. But they cannot censor the Mind of God, the laws of the Universe, and the consequences of creating the most powerful, attractive vortices of mass of the Universe on planet Earth.

In Physics, according to Einstein the information of a particle is its mass. This can be easily proved theoretically, mathematically and empirically.

In the previous paragraph that illustrates the drawing we have explained it theoretically. The mathematical proof is simple, given by the 2 main equations of Einstein, which relate the frequency of information (a time parameter), the mass and the energy of physical systems:

ExT=K, E=Mc2, hence M=K/T=Kv; where v is the frequency of rotation of the vortex of mass.

Thus   a mass is a vortex of space-time that carries the information of the Universe in its frequency. This also has empirical proofs: All vortices attract inwards with a force equivalent to the strength of the rotating vortex. So a hurricane attract more when it turns faster. And so a mass, which is a hurricane of space-time attracts more the faster it turns. Moreover vortices of all kind are ‘accelerating’ inwards: Vo x Ro = K, which means that the shorter the radius is, Ro, the faster its speed, Vo, so the closer you come to the vortex, the faster it turns, the more it attracts, the stronger its gravitational force is, and the more mass it has.

Easy not? Why then we need the Higgs? We don’t. The Higgs is just one of the many false theories that Nuclear Physicists have put up to a sold out audience, the establishment, who loves the military-industrial complex Nuclear Physics sustains, the source of western power, and it is always eager to call them geniuses. Consider for example two other, bizarre, absurd theories which are dogmas of western science:

– The theory that a big-bang explosion of a meteorite caused the extinction of dinosaurs. This week, finally, New Scientists acknowledge that in the fossil record there is almost zero correlation between environmental catastrophes and extinctions. Extinctions are a theme of biology which as Mr. Darwin clearly expressed are caused by new species that displace older ones. Dinosaurs were displaced by hot blood mammals, active on the night, producing a lot of little creatures, attacking in herds, and far more evolved.

– The theory that Global warming is NOT anthropic and we do not know anything about weather, defended by an array of physics’ nobel prizes, to the indignation of meteorologists and complex theorists. Because classic physicists know nothing about complexity, information theory and chaos and fractal theory, they do not consider modern mathematics ‘serious’. It is not what they learned. And that is how physicists operate. They have been the high priests of science for too long, to bother with new advances. And they have the power.

This is also how they operate to eliminate all opposition to CERN’s bizarre theories about the God’s particle and Mr. Hawking’s evaporating black holes.

The one we are concerned here with, is the theory of Higgs, which again has found an astonishing proof of falsity this week, which will not be accepted by science.

The LHC was created to understand a force called the weak force. The weak force has unlike all other forces some fascinating properties. It breaks its spatial symmetry, it doesn’t behave the same when it goes ‘left’ and ‘right’. It is also a force that has no spatial range. And finally, its constant is measured in time units.

Add 1+1+1 and you have the explanation to this puzzle: The weak force is NOT a spatial force but a temporal event, the only force that evolves particles in time through a transitional state (the w and z states) or devolves them into other particles. For that reason its constant has time units; its reactions last so long in time and happen in the same place of space, as an egg evolves without moving. For this reason it does not keep its spatial symmetry. Einstein said: ‘wires don’t travel to the past’, that only happens in Hawking’s musings. Events have causality in time from the past to the future. This is the reason why those reactions don’t have parity. They don’t happen from future to past. Thus, in Complex Physics, we study the ‘weak events’ with the arrow of information; and do not require the invisible Mr. Higgs to explain perfectly the properties of the weak force.

The ambitious Mr. Higgs decided to explain the weak event as a spatial force that exchanges particles in space, copying the models used to explain spatial forces like the force of light. He ‘invented’ a scalar particle never found in 40 years.There is no such type of particle in the Universe. How did he do it? He just played with the equations of the known top/antitop, already explained by Nambu, last years Nobel prize. Nambu proved that a top quark condensate can break the symmetry and kill our lighter atoms that become first heavier W and Z particles, and then come together to form top quarks=Higgs: w+z = Top/Higgs.

The Universe is economic and efficient, which means it does not have redundant particles. Thus, if Nambu’s top quark condensate does the same thing the Higgs particle does, Higgs is a redundant, false top condensate. Similar to the way, Windows copycats Macintoshes, Higgs disguises this theft.

But then the Industry of atomic cannons came to its rescue. Since all the fundamental particles of physics had been discovered, and the cold war was over, nobody needed new atomic cannons to research more powerful bombs. But, the war industry always finds new excuses to obtain the vast funding it requires for its new gadgets. Thus, a lobbyist of the industry of accelerators, Mr. Lederman, found the Higgs to be a perfect excuse to keep funding ever more powerful atomic cannons: the search for a false particle that will never be found. How clever is that?

Lederman knew he would need a politician that would bite the hoax. He found Ronnie, and sold him the Higgs as ‘God’s particle’, receiving a large 4.4 billion USD reward for a super-collider in Texas. Soon his budget magically tripled to a whooping 13 billion in an all too common phenomena also experienced by the LHC. Nuclear physicists have grown accustomed to the free-spree expenditures on weapons of mass-destruction. Despite their mathematical skills, they are a bit slow with tax-payer numbers. Congress discovered this and cancelled the SCC. Then French and Germans, who have often collaborated in their mass-annihilation factories saw an opportunity to rebuild their Imperial Grandeur with CERN.

The snowball effect of the magic Higgs particle spell kept growing as the prize of those accelerators did. In the 90s the magic Higgs became the particle that explains with a bizarre mechanism the meaning of mass substituting Einstein’s well-proved simple principle of equivalence between cyclical acceleration and mass. Einstein’s principle defines a mass as a whirl of space-time that attracts similar to the way a hurricane does, the faster it turns: Thus, a black hole that turns at light speed is the most attractive particle of the Universe, and light which doesn’t close its cyclical vortex has no mass.

This simple theory of mass, further evolved in Fractal Relativity, resolves all the questions never resolved by Mr. Higgs. Yet now it is Taboo in ‘CERN’s physics’. Most likely this has come to be, because the simple theory costs nothing to tax payers and explains the meaning of it all, NOT with a machine but with Mr. Einstein’s mind, a far more complex informative system.

Mr. Weinberg, the Nobel Prize that solved the equations of the weak event, when hearing that Mr. Higgs was now also the new Einstein, called the Higgs the toilet particle… to flush in a vortex of Mass of Dr. Einstein. (Dr. Einstein was not hear to give his opinion).

Related article: Mass Theory – Einstein vs. Higgs

The Religious big-bang…. Vs The Fractal, Dual Universe

The big-bang is an energy-only theory of Creation, that ignores the existence of a Fractal Universe, created with energy and information.  It is today an old, obsolete theory whose birth is also related to the evolution of Nuclear Weapons.

The big bang was invented by Mr. Gamow, when working on the Atomic bomb. One might imagine his way of reasoning: if we are making bigger bombs, it MUST be because Lord Shiva, the God of Energy, created it all with a huge bomb. His fellow worker Oppenheimer, also a pious believer in Lord Shiva’s wife, Kali, the black Goddess of Death, who inaugurated CERN, called this big-bang explosion the Singularity. Mr. Einstein again disagreed and told them that:

A) If something exploded it had to have a ‘cut-off’ substance, an explosive liquid able to cause a big-bang. This liquid is now what CERN produces, the quark-gluon liquid.

B) The big-bang would be local, because, he added ‘ 2 things I deem infinite, the Universe and the stupidity of man’.

Those insights are now thoroughly confirmed in the Fractal Paradigm that portrays an infinite Universe of multiple scales, where big-bangs are at best local quasars; balanced by the big-crunch of the energy of the vacuum that implodes in galaxies and masses.

But when Einstein died, we didn’t know anything about quark-gluon explosive liquids and the fractal, informative arrow of the Universe. And so the mystique of energy and death, the only arrow of time, physicists still study at CERN, will explain it all:

Now CERN must detonate on Earth the most explosive substance of the Universe, the quark-gluon soup, to see ‘the fire of creation’ (Kali Upanishad).

Fact is CERN’s experiment will replicate at best the big-bang of the Earth.

Regarding the Universe, as always, the evolution of cosmology doesn’t go through nuclear physics, but through the evolution of Relativity and its cosmological models with ‘thought experiments’.

So today the 2 proofs of the big-bang are explained from the perspective of the fracal paradigm:

– Gamow said there should be a remnant ‘background radiation’ of 20 K in all of the space of the big-bang radius. Yet it was experimentally proved that the background radiation was only 2.7 k, and it was only detected and proved to come from galaxies.

So it can only be created inside galaxies  by the gravitational red shift of black holes. This is today the only possible explanation:   background holes with the mass of a moon, called MACHOs ‘red shift’, cooling down, light to that exact 2.7k background radiation. Those MACHOs of dark matter have therefore a 2.7 k signature and constantly feed on moon and planets like ours, reason why we do not see intelligent life on the Universe. We are food for black holes. Needless to say only a species ‘infinitely stupid’ would make them on Earth to hasten our demise.

– The second proof of the Big-bang is also today explained nicely in the fractal paradigm:

The space between galaxies expands; so Gamow decided to run backwards the expansion, collapsing space into a past singularity, with a lineal, simple equation. But that is very simple thought; since at the same time, as Einstein put it, ‘time curves space into mass vortices’ (except in Higgs toilets). Thus, the expansion of interstellar space is balanced by the second arrow of Time: physical information, mass. The creation of informative masses implodes space into galaxies, creating as Einstein wanted, a steady state, eternal cosmos.

But physicists still deny the arrow of information and life in the Universe, which they call ‘negantropy’; so they deny Einstein’s mass theory and Time Duality and so they cannot understand the puzzles of creation.

Unfortunately for CERN’s ambitions, today the fractal structure of the Universe is experimentally proved, and so, as cosmologist Hoggs insists ‘we have to throw the big-bang and the expansion of the Universe.


The difference between the good and fruits of the Tree of science is clear, both in theory and praxis:

– Nuclear physicists, whose worldly profession is to make weapons, create as the military always does, a simplified version of reality, based in ‘energy-only’ theories, big explosions and ‘lineal equations’ . This is the lineal Higgs, the ‘quantum entropy’ of Mr. Hawking’s black holes and the cosmic big-bang explosion. None of those theories is real, but an idealized false simplification of the complex Universe.

This complex Universe is built with Dual theories that use both, energy and information processes to explain how creation happens. This are the real theories and are created with ‘thought experiments’ by cosmologists, NOT nuclear physicists, observing the Universe with Telescopes NOT with quark cannons. These theories are:

Einstein’s theory of masses as whirls of time that carry information in their rotational frequency; Einstein’s theory of black holes, the most massive, informative systems of the Universe, and Einstein’s steady state theory, now upgraded by the Fractal Paradigm, in which the creation of vortex of mass-information balance the creation of dark, gravitational energy that expands the vacuum between galaxies.

In this real theories, based in known-known particles and sould logic principles, dark matter is made of quark stars, dibaryons and other stable neutral particles that CERN will produce not of  WIMPs of dark matter; never seen in the Universe. In this theory the background radiation happens ‘now’ produced by those MACHOs of dark matter.

In this theory the Universe is beautiful, rational, eternal and dangerous, as the arrow of information and life that implodes and forms the energy into ‘beings’ is balanced by the arrow of entropy  and death that erases information unwarping its dimensional forms into a flat big-bang. And this is indeed what CERN will do exploring the big-bang/death of planets and stars, creating the quark-gluon soup.

Why this experiment has billions of $ in funding, while true science and telescopes and satellites to observe the real Universe lack resources? Unfortunately we, astronomers, and complex theorists do not build atomic cannons and do not have contacts with the military-industrial complex that still governs ‘big science’, even if the cold war ended 20 years ago. Yet ‘those who impose truth with authority will be the laugh of the Gods’ A.Einstein.

Indeed, Shiva is about to laugh at those physicists who worship entropy and machines more than life and information, and so instead of learning true science think they will learn the meaning of it all blowing up the planet in which we all live.

complex version: hierarchical i-scalesScholar Version

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