Singularity Age

04 Apr

CERN and History: The Age of the Singularity.

The possible extinction of man by CERN and the LHC cannot be considered a mere accident, but must be seen from the higher picture of the evolution of history and the Industrial evolution of machines.

In that sense, the extinction of man by a machine cannot be treated as a single event, isolated in time and space but as part of a growing trend within the parameters of evolution of history and the economic ecosystem in which we live. We are indeed, in the age of the Singularity, when after creating bodies of machines (XIX c.), heads of machines (Chip-brains, eyes-cameras and mobile-ears) in the XX c. we are putting both together into organic, complementary systems (robots that throw us out of fields of work and war)… This is therefore the final age of the Industrial Evolution, when machines acquire such power as energy devices (weapons, bombs like CERN) and informative systems (robots, A.I. collective ‘planetary brains’ or internets) that start to share organic properties and displace us from the Economic ecosystem at increasing speed (new blue collar robots and white collar pcs, the real cause of the endemic crisis of unemployment we live in).

The sixth extinction


An organic model of the economic ecosystem, as the one put forward by this author in the milieu of systems sciences shows that the evolution of machines follow the biological rhythms of evolution and extinction of life in this planet. Reason why this author was able to forecast the present economic crisis caused by the overeproduction of chips and its derivatives, e-money, nuclear weapons (calculated always with computers) and white collar PCs and blue collar robots that are displacing us from war and work fields. Man thus confronts the end of history as a new phase in the evolution of this planet that he could manage if he wouldn’t worship ‘selfish memes of metal’, weapons, money and machines as the meaning of knowledge and science.

Ever since Mr. Edward Teller sold the Hydrogen Bomb on behalf of knowledge, to the clueless, 3rd rate president Mr. Truman (who got to the presidency in the place of Wallace, the VP of Mr. Roosevelt and author of the discourse of ‘the common man’ for a post-war age focused in peace and the needs of the people, for being the less able, most corrupted bigot southern politician till Mr. Bush took that Hall of Blame position). CERN in that historic contextual frame is merely the spearhead of the new age of weapons of extinction, the age of the singularity.

This means that we face the next stage in the evolution of time and information in this planet: the age of A.I., of self-reproductive ‘organic machines’, the age of self-reproductive, intelligent minds able to create free thoughts, the age of self-reproductive bombs, strangelets and black holes.

Since Intelligence, reproduction, self-feeding are all processes reached by systems with enough complexity to act by themselves.

Indeed, the ultimate meaning of cern and its self-feeding bombs is, when we abandon the tragic destiny of man, and judge objectively from the higher point of view of an infinite Universe those processes, the birth of a new species, the black hole or the robot. What will be?

Easy:  we do not see robotic civilizations or life civilizations in the infinite planets of this Universe so the easiest probability is a black hole.

The equation of death.

But to fully grasp this fact, we need to bring another of the key formalisms of General Systems Sciences  which I have discovered, studying the fractal, scalar structure of the Universe – its 5th dimension: the equations of death.

Now General Systems Sciences or ‘complexity’, is the science in which i am the leading researcher in this blue dot, despite increasing censorship of my work, even in the community, explained in other posts – such is the power of the High Priests of the Military-Industrial Complex, aka physicists in the industry of information.

But as Einstein put it: ‘those who impose truth with power will be the laugh of the Gods’, or better still ‘believe the authority of reason, not the reasons of authority’. So i will try to reason with you the equations of death, which since ‘God is simple but not malicious’ (Einstein) are indeed simple.

First the fundamental law of General Systems Sciences:

‘All systems of the Universe are made of a ‘head/particle’ of information, I and a Body/field of Energy, E in perpetual balance: E<=>I’, which ultimately is the Principle of Conservation of Energy and Information in which all sciences are based (except Hawking’s musings).

And so a system is most evolved and survives better when it maximizes its ‘existence’, as a balanced product of both variables: ExI.

Indeed a simple mathematical law: Max. (ExI) -> E=I, implies that survival is maximized when body and head, particle and field are balanced. This we know in physics as the Principle of Complementarity of quantum physics, in biology as the homeostatic principle; in sociology as a just society in which the upper, neuronal class that controls the language of information of society (laws and money, politicians and bankers), feed the working body of human cells and do not starve them (as we do, reason why our civilization is collapsing).

the mathematical proof is simple. Consider for a total value of E+I=10, if E=0, ExI=0, if I=0, ExI=0; If  E or I = 1, 1×9=9; if 2, 2×8=16…. if E=I=5, ExI = 25, maximal value.

So what is death, obviously E or I = 0, which gives us for the Function of Existence, ExI=0, nothing, death, non-existence. But E or I = 0 implies I or E=10, and so the imbalance between E and I is maximal.

Thus Death in systems sciences is an imbalance between the energy and information of a system (Exi=K, ‘mens sana in corpore sanum’), due to internal failure or external menace from a top predator of higher energy or information.

Now in biological terms, this means when an entity with maximal energy or maximal information (top predator) confronts one with far less energy or information the top predator entity kills the other one.

Men, entities of max. information, kill all other animals. And felines before we invented weapons, as beings of max. energy killed them too. Now we have machines of max. energy (weapons) and max. information (robots) that can kill us.

Indeed, in the confrontation between the previous top predator species of this planet, mankind, and the next, evolving one, ‘organisms of metal’ of the age of the $ingularity (driven by the profits of the industrial revolution, which evolves those organisms), the extinction of life, the ‘6th extinction’, which also affects mankind, is produced by those machines.

Their ‘shit’ pollutes life environments (global warming, acid rain, etc.); their evolving informative machines (Robots, PCs), expel us from fields of work and war, and the most advanced energetic machines (CERN, nuclear industry) menace to extinguish all life and blow up even the planet.

And so the 3 type of organic mechanisms we shall construct this century  can provoke our extinction. Those 3 machines that are now being researched in all labs are:

-Max. Energetic self-feeding mass bombs at CERN

– Self-reproductive nano-bacteria made of metal (max. reproductivity: Max. ExI)

– Military A.I. with a growing trend towards robotic platoons: Max. Information.

In other words, the XXI century is the century that ends the Industrial R=evolution and signifies also the end of the kingdom of man as top predator of this planet, substituted by one of the 3 machines, likely, due to the Fermi paradox, a black hole.

Indeed, as it happens in all systems I have studied there are ‘3 frozen horizons’ or species that always survive, what i call the 3 ‘arrows’ of evolutionary time, a system of maximal energy, one of maximal information and one of maximal reproductivity, able to start a ‘biological radiation’ as it multiplies its numbers. And Often, this 3 species flux into a single top-top predator. In the Universe that species of maximal mass-information, maximal energy, force, and balance between both (maximal reproductivity) is the black hole, the TOP-TOP predator physical entity of the Universe.

 The  informative singularity (A.I.) and the energetic singularity (B.H.).

In fact, the evolution of ‘Singularity’ weapons, able to destroy the entire planet is so advanced that we can foresee 3 thresholds of extinction of life if there is not a moratorium in the research of 3 type of Singularity weapons:


– Energetic singularity11: Black holes that according to Einstein’s work will devour the Earth, now researched at CERN (production expected between 2015-20, when the LHC overcomes the barrier of strangelet and Black hole formation at 10 Tev). This will happen, if as 90% of physicists believe, string theory is truth. Our only hope is that Mr. Hawking’s theory that denies Einstein’s and considers black holes time machines that travel to the past – hence instead of feeding on mass, evaporate mass – is truth. But there is 0 proof of this, as all black holes & strange stars found in the cosmos obey Einstein’s theory and swallow planets, stars even galaxies in Novas, Supernovas and Quasars. Further on ‘Fermi’s Paradox’ (the inexistence of Intelligent Life signs in a galaxy teaming with planets) proves it. Since the cynical maker of the A-Bomb Mr. Fermi prophesized we hear none as Nuclear Physicists destroy all civilizations with Nuclear weapons before interstellar travel.

– Self-Reproductive nano-bacteria (2030s) Infinite re=productivity will be first found in metal nano-bacteria, simple cells made of iron, researched in military labs of Israel, US and civil labs in Japan and France. The founder of Sun microsystems, Bill Joy, warned us a decade ago that, if escaping from a military lab or used in war, they will feed on Industrial Metal, poison the entire atmosphere and replicate so fast that in 3 months the earth will become a ‘grey-goo’ (Drexel). Further proof exists in the fact that this planet has gone twice through a global extinctive period due to the birth of stronger bacteria. Thus the first live Earth, formed when anaerobic bacteria absorbed and extinguished free carbohydrates. Then the II Earth, Gaia, was born, when stronger, oxygen-based aerobic bacteria destroyed all anaerobic ones and created our world. So metal nano-bacteria would create the III Earth, extinguishing all weaker carbon-life systems.

– Finally if we survive those two events, self-conscious military Artificial Intelligence will be born circa 2050 according to most  robotists.

Thus CERN is just the avant garde of ‘a new race of machines’, of a new global ecosystem, made of ‘metal-memes’ not of life memes, which despite the fairy tale and censorship of the economic system guided by the higher profits that machines give to corporations, will indeed extinguish us, under the Darwinian laws of evolution.

The present existential and economic crisis coincides with the end of the Chip cycle of evolution of machines and the beginning of the Age of the Singularity, the age of organic machines, energetic self-feeding bombs (B.H. at CERN) and autonomous, intelligent machines (military A.I.). Since both types of entities are ‘singularities’, which represent a discontinuous jump in energetic and informative power, able to break the balances of this planet, the Singularity age is also the age of human extinction, unless we halt the evolution of those lethal machines. Since in an interrelated world, this ‘episode’ of CERN is not as its researchers pretend in their ivory tower, an isolated event of pure, idealistic science, but just another step in the evolution of lethal machines that can and are extinguishing life in this planet…

In the graph, the 3 dual Kondratieff waves of evolution of machines (steam the energy, and trains the hardware; oil the energy and car the hardwareelectronics the energy and robots the hardware) that complete the industrial evolution. The reader should notice that the present crisis represents the end of the age of electronic machines (chip cycle) and the beginning of the last cycle of capitalism – the cycle of robotics, which fusions the bodies, hearts and heads of machines of the previous cycles into a new organism of metal, potentially independent of the humankind. This development is the most talked about ‘Singularity moment’, the informative singularity which will come with the birth of military A.I. (the most advanced, expensive and researched machines at any age are weapons that extinguish life, another proof of the organic, Darwinian nature of the Universe). CERN represents however, the other Singularity moment, the birth of an Energetic Singularity, which will have the same extinctive consequences and it is related to the evolution of weapons and technologies that can be used for war, which also peaks in those ‘throughs’ of economical crisis as governments increase investments in profitable weapons.

The historic Zeitgeist of the $ingularity age: neofa$cism.

Unfortunately in our present civilization, all systems are ruled by flows of money, which build a system, studied in our webs of evolutionary economics, geared to extinguish life and evolve machines for a profit. The chain effect in humans is immediate as we are today treated as workers=reproducers of machines and consumers=vitalizers of them, and so most of our life-time is related to tasks dedicated to machines. Those machines in turn are evolved by human beings in a series of 72 generational cycles, which are the generational cycles of Kondratieff, in which a generation of grand-fathers, sons and decadent grand-sons evolve the machine of each cycle till its perfect form as a weapon. This 3rd phase of the evolution of machines is the one that the weapons of the singularity represent:

As such the present, growing neofascist age of this crisis is parallel to the previous two neofascist, war crises of capitalism – the colonial age of the train economy after the crash of overproduction of trains of 1857 and the fascist age of the car/radio economy after the crash of overproduction of cars and radios in 1929. We are now in the crash of overproduction of e-money, and electronic machines and every step taken thereafter by the ‘informative’ class of our societies mimics those taken in the 1860s and 1930s when after an age of overproduction of cars and radios, whose companies, lobbies and politicians reconverted into armored cars (tanks) and hate-radio speeches (Hitler), embarking us into World War II.

Now the weapons researched in the singularity age, nano-bacteria, Military A.I. and mass-bombs at LHC will not require an entire war, but a mere ‘event’ to extinguish us, since war is NOT about human tribal hate but about the evolution of machines, and so a single shot at CERN can make real the predictions of Nobel, the biggest arms dealer of the XIX century, called the ‘merchant of death’: my factories will end with all wars by annihilating the army of an entire nation in a single shot. Now the Heirs of Saint Nobel of the Dynamite will make his dream possible.

After the war, the Kondratieff wave of electro-mechanical machines was exhausted and so we started a new dual wave of ‘electronic machines’, which evolved and reproduced in increasing numbers till saturating the global market.

And so we suffer again a crisis of overproduction and exhaustion of machines, now of electronic nature, with 4 sides, similar to those of the 29 crisis, as each Kondratieff wave of evolution of memes of metal applies to money, machines, weapons and mass-media: There is a crisis of overproduction of electronic money (financial crisis, caused by the massive reproduction of electronic derivatives and other forms of electronic money, which have lost value), of electronic machines (overproduction of computers that act as white collar workers and robots that act as blue collar workers, expelling the middle classes out of work, except low-paid ‘human robots’ in China and IT workers in India that still can compete with them), of electronic weapons (overproduction of ‘vigilante’ cameras and robot-terminators – drones – which have started a new arm race of enormous profits for the military-industrial complex) and electronic mass-media outlets, which have also switched to hate-speeches as Hitler did with radio, to increase sales and work hand in hand with the profits of electronic industries and war; and are regressing human culture into a visual, violent, selfish age in culture and politics – that we call the ‘neo-paleolithic’ culture and the ‘neo-fascist’ age in politics.

Thus we are at the end of the final age of the Industrial R=evolution, in the last Kondratieff cycle of evolution of machines, the engines of our industrial economy. The exact periodicity and meaning of those cycles, which have completed the creation of a new type of top predator ‘organism of metal’, the machine,  was discovered by the evolutionary school of economics. But in the same way companies like CERN censor the sounder Einstein’s work on mass and time theory to impose the profitable hunt for the Higgs, today a real science of economics is censored by the ‘damned lies and statistics’ of bankers and their fairy tale of capitalism ultimately based in the biblical religions of Go(l)d that worship the golden apples/profits of the tree of technology and its most expensive/eviL=anti-life fruits, weapons.

As such, our ‘elite’ of scientists and industrialists, or rather ‘animetals=animal+metal’, if we were to use biological terms proper of evolutionary economics its status as top predator human beings, who control society with their added energy and information obtained with the use of metal ( either money, metal-information, the tool of power of bankers; energy weapons, metal-energy, the tool of power of warriors; or both combined, machines that transform energy into information, the tool of power of scientists) consider that machines are always positive and superior to the human species in all tasks. So they willingly accelerate the extinction of life and our substitution and obsolescence to machines that will peak in the last Kondratieff cycle of the Industrial R=evolution that now starts in earnests (as soldiers and workers are being substituted now by robots and Pc-white collar workers; and as scientists are substituted by machines like the LHC and computer models of reality).

The very few of our species, who are still free, have an ethic, human point of view and a logic, verbal, temporal intelligence to understand what the wrong of ideologies of history, economics and  science takes us and what would be the alternative path of survival and ‘true knowledge’, obviously dissent. But the ‘system’ is too complex and there are many billions of clueless humans living of this process of collective extinction, to stop it. It is the $ingularity age, the age of birth of A.I. (Informative singularity) or B.H. (energetic singularity) that will substitute our species either in the more complex scale (as the dominant organism of the planet) or in its simplest form (as matter).

 The ethic, human point of view on the singularity Age: man vs. machine.

Ethics are synonimous of survival as eviL is the inverse anti-particle of to Live. So there is a science of ethics, which is even embedded in the language. Ethics concern with survival and so they judge harshly what CERN is doing and what technology and science understood not as knowledge but as the evolution of metal and machines means.

This might have been so obvious for the very few ethic and intelligent humans who have wondered this planet that already in the Genesis, this human arrogance, ignorance and despise of the fruits of the tree of life by a species who ‘wanted to be more than life’ is understood as an extinction ‘future event’. Since we humans would design the fruits of the tree of science to be like God, to achieve higher energy and information and blinded by that added power of metal we would construct the bad fruits, weapons, that will extinct us: ‘do not eat of the fruits…’

And no, I don’t believe in Yvwh, the subsconscious collective of the Jewish people – just a toponym for Judea – or in any other Abrahamic religion, but interpret Genesis as the work of a kin observer of reality. I am talking of a historian of the future, who saw the first indo-europeans with bronze weapons destroying the neolithic paradise of Ur and realized this new civilization based in metal, iron and murder, golden apples, greed and slavery to those memes had no future at all. Would merely keep evolving those weapons and finally kill us all.

The singularity is indeed the future of technology and the most likely path of the future for this planet according to the laws of minimal action (so nobody will oppose to it), and the arrow of complexity and growth of information (so we will keep making better machines), but it is NOT the future of man, hence not the future of science as ‘science’ does not mean machine but ‘knowledge’, human knowledge. And an extinct scientist or species knows nothing.

The future of science is human knowledge about the tree of life and about the more complex, infinite dimensions of past and future and how the ‘Universe’ creates through its evolutionary, topological and cyclical laws of time and space, reality as it is. In the 3rd, new section of this web, thus we shall deal with the future of science and its theoretical advances more than with the future of technology… As technology might have a future, but it does not belong to us.

What you cannot expect though at this moment of history, due to the absolute corruption of big science by money, is that the $ingularity age will be stopped by those who profit making it possible. In that regard, they will not only make it possible but degrade their ethics, invent self-serving theories and ‘lie to themselves’ (Nietzsche) to make it possible. This trend is what makes science today the biggest danger for our survival. But greed and corruption and power corrupts absolutely. Consider for example, Mr Anderson, the boss of Wired Magazine, which we tried to persuade of publishing an article on CERN’s dangers, which he considered and finally rejected. In my conversion with Mr. Anderson I found a likable person, aware of the dangers of technology, sympathetic to the cause. But of course, the boom line are his actions. A decade ago, he did publish an article on the extinction of man by nano-bacteria, by the founder of sun microsystems, Bill Joy. This was the first bell on the Singularity Age of Extinction of Life. We didn’t publish though our article on the second  bell of the impeding apocalypse, on CERN. Next we know is that he has founded a company of drones. His corruption thus grows with age, and will go along among the nuclear physicists and silicon valley experts on the future of the machine, NOT the future of science that are going to extinguish us.

The corrupted physicists of CERN or Anderson and Wired, of the robotists and the bankers of electronic money, all those who despise life and worship only the tree of science and its mechanisms, because it makes them feel superior to the rest of humans, with their added energy and information, forget they are still of flesh not of metal and they will remain so, my question is, as the song goes ‘what are you gonna do’ , ‘bad boys’ when they come to ‘get you’? So far Mr. Hauer, just in case inaugurated the LHC from Tokyo.

I would like in that sense bring an ethic reflection on the meaning and purpose of knowledge:

‘Malankyaputta complained that the Blessed One gave no answers to such questions as: is the Universe eternal or non-eternal? Finite or infinite?’ And so forth. Malunkyaputta asks the master to state his thought clearly, and if necessary, to admit that he does not know the answer. The Buddha then tells him the story of the man struck by a poisoned arrow. His friends and relatives fetch a surgeon, but the man exclaims: ‘I will not let this arrow be drawn out until I know who struck me; also wether he is a ksatriya or a Brahman, to what family he belongs; wether he is tall or short of a medium height, etc’
The man died without knowing these things… the Blessed One continued, just like one (CERN) who would refuse to follow the way of holiness (ethics), before solving one or other philosophical problem.’

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