Mayan Prophecy

23 Jul

Abstract. Finally we shall close this short introduction to the theoretical falsehoods of CERN with a more playful post on the Mayan prophecy, about a planet that goes to the end, by becoming a dark nugget and migrating to the centre of the galaxy where the dark lord awaits him… more or less what will happen to us soon if we don’t stop the accelerator industry explained in ‘mystic terms’, by that amazing culture of astronomers who understood better than our physicists the cyclical scalar nature of Ouroboros, the galactic ‘snake’ (: yes, i am taking of the Mayans…

Further in deep study of the Universe of information as it is is provided in our section of the scalar 5th dimension of the Universe (and its 10 dimensional fractal super organisms, made of 3 dimensions of space – those physicists got right – the 3 dimensions of time, past-entropy, future-information and present-energy; those they have but messed conceptually, and 3 scalar co-existing dimensions that make up its super organisms (the quantum, ∆-1, thermodynamic and ∆+1 gravitational scale, which our smaller systems mimic with its cellular, biochemical, organic and social, Gaia scales).


I confess to have always been fascinated by the Mayan culture, and all those cultures who understood the two arrows of cyclical time,visnu= yin-formation and shiva=yang-entropy that combine into the reproductive body-waves of infinite beings (taoism, hinduism, buddhism, pre-columbian cultures and in general all human philosophies as time does have three arrows and it is cyclical – before Galileo, physicists, ballistics and the lineal shots of cannonballs traduced the three arrows and infinite clocks of nature to a single lineal time arrow of entropy and dogmatically affirmed the Universe was dying, was born of a cosmic explosion, and we had to keep doing weapons to model it… So in a minor tone this post explores the old Mayan legends of the end of the world, when the Earth will become a dark point ascending to the saggitarius center of Ouroboros, the galactic snake


Lord Pacal in an observatory, with an eerie resemblance to a rocket ship observes the black hole at the center of Saggitarius. It is in the Mayan legend, the dark, naked ‘eye’ of Ouroburos – the Galactic snake – and center of the island Universe, where the Dark Lord, master of death awaits the birth of a new Earth, which according to the legend will once it is born to the image and likeness of the dark lord, start a treck through the open gap, to reunite with its father.

The similarity of the Pacal stone, in which the God Sun, awaits the opening of the Dark Road to Xibalba, with, a rocket for those who like the mystique of UFOs is surprising, But even more astounding is the translation of the legend to modern cosmology: In the winter solstice of 2012, the ecliptic crosses sagitarius, and around that time the Earth should become according to legend a black hole and travel  ‘to reach the sacred tree’ (the central black hole) ‘where creation occurs.’

And indeed, during the next years, the Earth-sun system will cross an open gap through the ecliptic of the galaxy. Then in  Saggitarius,  the black hole, the center of our island-Universe will be visible… At the same time that humans attempt to create baby black holes on planet Earth, at CERN, the first machine of the Singularity Age of life extinction…

Even more we have observed that when a black hole is born starts to have erratic trajectories, coming out of his initial path, and moving towards the center of the galaxy. It is the same process that in the fractal Universe, happens in a cell, when a strain of RNA is created in one of the ‘furnaces’, the mitocondria… Then the RNA strain moves as it does a new-baby black hole, towards the center of the cell, where millions of RNA strains co-exist together, as it is the case of the ‘organic galaxy’ in which center swarms of black holes co-exist together. It is the Earth’s destiny to become a black hole and migrate to the center of the Galaxy?

One further proof is the ‘Fermi Paradox’: we know there are millions of planets like ours out there, but when we search for extraterrestial life we only hear the tam-tam of radio-waves emitted by those black holes, the true protagonists of the Universe.

I. The legend.


Amazingly, the Sun is right on target. We couldn’t have hoped for a closer conjunction. 1 day before or after will remove the sun a noticeable distance from the crossing point. December 21st, 2012 ( in the Long Count) therefore represents an extremely close conjunction of the winter solstice sun with the crossing point of Galactic Equator and the ecliptic, what the ancient Maya recognized as the Sacred Tree.

Drawing from an impressive amount of iconographic evidence, the Sacred Tree is found to be none other than the crossing point of the ecliptic with the band of the Milky Way. the Sacred Tree that Pacal, the god-sun, ascends in death is more than just the ecliptic, it is the sacred doorway to the underworld. The crossing point of Milky Way and ecliptic is this doorway and represents the sacred source and origin,, an extension of God’s umbilicus, entrance into life, and entrance into death as well: The Sacred Tree is, in fact, at the center of the entire corpus of Mayan Creation Myths. Lord (Ahau) Pacal is, by way of divine kingship, equated with the sun, and he is portrayed “entering” the Sacred Tree on his famous sarcophagus lid, on the day the sun come around to conjunct the crossing point of ecliptic and Milky Way.

The Maya mythologized in this regard, the “dark region” symbolizing death and the underworld around which everything was observed to revolve. Life revolves around death – a characteristically Mayan belief. The dates on which the sun conjuncts the “Sacred Tree” are thus very important. Where the Galactic Equator crosses the ecliptic in Sagittarius just happens to be where the dark rift in the Milky Way begins.

This is a dark bifurcation in the Milky Way caused by interstellar dust clouds. To observers on earth, it appears as a dark road which begins near the ecliptic and stretches along the Milky Way up towards Polaris. The Maya today are quite aware of this feature; the Quich Maya call it xibalba be (the “road to Xibalba”). In Dennis Tedlock’s translation of the Popol Vuh, we find that the ancient Maya called it the “Black Road”. The Hero Twins Hunahpu and Xbalanque must journey down this road to battle the Lords of Xibalba.

In terms of how this feature was mythologized, it seems that when a planet, the sun, or the moon entered the dark cleft of the Milky Way in Sagittarius (which happens to be the exact center of the Milky Way, the Galactic Equator), entrance to the underworld road was possible, which could then take the journeyer up to the Heart of Sky. Shamanic vision rites were probably involved in this scenario. In the Yucatan, underground caves were ritual places used by shaman to journey to the underworld. Schele explains that “Mayan mythology identifies the Road to Xibalba as going through a cave” (Forest of Kings, 209).

Here we have a metaphorical reference to the “dark rift” in the Milky Way by way of its terrestrial counterpart, a syncretism between earth and sky which is characteristic of Mayan thinking. Above all, what is becoming apparent from the corpus of Mayan Creation Myths is that creation seems to have taken place at a celestial crossroads – the crossing point of ecliptic and Milky Way.

Any astronomer will tell you that, presently, the Milky Way crosses the ecliptic through the constellation of Sagittarius and this area is rich in nebulae and high density objects. In fact, where the Milky Way crosses the ecliptic in Sagittarius also happens to be the direction of the Galactic Center.

So the quest returns to identifying why  2012 A.D. might represent some kind of astronomical anomoly.

What will happen in this planet around the 2012, which can convert the Earth into a black hole able to treck the road to Xibalba, the naked eye of Ourobouros, the Dark Lord of Deth, residing in Saggitarius. Make your guess…

Systemic, organic explanation. Determinism of biological systems?

Please place the utube excerpt from quantum roulette at minute 5 to understand why it is very likely that the galaxy is ‘infected’ with black holes born of the conversion of planets and moons. As such black holes would radiate with a temperature exactly equal to the background radiation. If we add to this fact, the Fermi Paradox (no life signals despite the enormous abundance of planets), we conclude that the galaxy might be just a ‘galacell’, a nursery of black holes, its informative, gravitational ‘genetic species’ as the cell is a nursery of DNA. In that case the Mayan prophecy merely would state the obvious: all planets become black holes as physicists explode them (this was the thesis of Mr. Fermi father of the A-Bomb, when he said that there is not extra-terrestial life because physicists explode all planets before life can escape; so it was the thesis of Mr. Teller, of H-bomb fame, and of recently it is also the thesis of Mr. Hawking in his last declarations… So one can say that the 3 fathers of the Nuclear industry are ‘all for it’ and yet we revere them as masters of the Nuclear industry).

The organic Universe creates black holes. The size of planets and moons in fact is closer to the size of the smallest black holes of the Universe. Are planets and moons ‘moon machos’, geared to become black holes, by collision with them or transformation through nuclear weapons  like those essayed at CERN? In the video we illustrate the nature of those planets and ‘moon MACHOs’ (Massive Halo Objects, strangelets and micro-black holes which are the main ‘candidates’ to form the ultradense dark matter that surrounds all galaxies).

In another post we defined Immortality according to the laws of general systems and duality, as the balance between the systems of energy and information of any  organism of energy and information – e=i –  either a field/particle of space- time (Physical jargon), or a body of energy/head of information (mens sana in corpore sanum, biological jargon) or a social organism with an upper class in control of the languages of information (money and the law) and its energy class of citizens and consumers.

By the same token we defined death as an imbalance by excess of energy or information. We use that simple, mathematical definition to define the two equations of death:

Max. e x min. i or ‘big-bang’ death by accidental overdrive of energy

and  Max. i x min. e or warping death by excess of form, of information.

Further on we affirmed that the evolution of machines is crossing into the age of the Singularity:

– Machines able to produce so much energy (black holes and strangelets at CERN, which are cosmic bombs, able to blow up stars and planets, the 3rd evolution of nuclear bombs after the atomic bomb and the hydrogen bomb).

– Machines of higher information than man (robots, photonic, quantum computers) that easily overcome the capacity of life in this planet to compete with them in labor and war fields and survive them.

Now we bring an analysis of the 1st of those machines, the ‘black hole factory’ and its relationship with the Mayan prophecy, which astoundingly enough describes the processes of transformation of the Earth into a black hole and its migration to the center of the galactic organism, the ninth scale of the fractal Universe, we described decades ago in our first books on the self-similar scales of the Universe, comparing galaxies and cells. Indeed, in cells the purpose of their ‘furnaces’ mitocondria, is to produce DNA and RNA that migrates to the center of the cell. In the galaxy it is becoming evident that the purpose of stars is to become transformed into black holes that once born migrate to the center of the galaxy in sagitarius where we observe swarms of black holes that catalyze the formation of new stars.

Are we just ‘carbonlife’ a step in the process of creation of black holes? Why if we are not a means but a goal, there is no radiosignals of intelligence ife in any planet but only radio signals of strangelet stars (pulsars) and black holes?

It is the universe absolutely determined as it is a cell?  Those are philosophical questions of secondary importance to the fact that we are indeed in a cross-road of history and unless we control the evolution of machines of energy and information, carbon-life will be extiguished in the age of the singularity by a physical singularity, the black hole, or a mechanical one, the robot.

But why the Mayan calendar could prophesize so accurately the process? As it turns out, the Mayans had a cyclical theory of history and the rise and fall of civilizations, quite similar to our fractal 800-80 years cycle, also divided in 3 ‘organic ages’ of birth, classicism and decadence, and also based in the generational decametric cycle. A similar tradition can be found in the Indian-Chinese (i ching) exploration of the patterns of history.

Thus according to the multiple syncronicity of the different cycles of space-time of a system – in this case, the galactic cycle, the cycle of human evolution of metal and the organic structure of both, the galactic organism and the organisms of civilizations, all those cycles are knotting around a point of space-time which correcting the Mayan prophecy to the events of the Earth might bring indeed the end of the world as a ‘first probability’ of the singularity age around 2015…


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16 responses to “Mayan Prophecy

  1. nezahualcoyotl in pyongyang

    December 5, 2012 at 7:22 pm

    I respect their religio-philosophical traditions but the Maya also believed the earth was flat with four corners. I don’t think they predicted much. I also doubt that CERN can truly cause such things.
    We’ll be here in 2017, no worries. 🙂

    • futureofhistory

      December 5, 2012 at 7:45 pm

      Superficial answer, and as always anthropomorphic. Humans are just part of a program of evolution of this planet. What they say is irrelevant to the facts: the mayans found an astronomical calendar, which was more perfect than the European till recently, found the cycles of history, and found the point in which the Earth will be in conjunction with the black hole. If Einstein is right black holes dont evaporate and the earth will become one at CERN. Only if Hawking is right it wont. The Universe is an organism and it is made to reproduce black holes. black holes travel to the center. What the mayans said is astonishing for its intelligence. What it is scary is the abslute non importance of humans in the larger fractal scale of a black hole universe. And the fermi paradox. We shall see in 2015, when the facts coincide and this machine makes black holes if we are still here. IT IS NOT THE MAYAN PROPHECY BUT THE GALAXY and its organic laws what will kill us.
      But humans are beyond any salvation or capacity to escape their ego. Today they ‘judge’ not the information but the carrier of it. So it is all ad hominem. It is not what you say but who you say, and who is ‘pumped up’ by the propaganda ministry of corporations. That is how they eliminated us in the suits – ad hominem, the issue was never discussed.

      • abu nuwas in pyongyang

        December 5, 2012 at 8:28 pm

        I’m familiar with Meso-American theological systems.To be honest, reading this :
        It sounds a lot like you. Nahua cosmology was artistic, organic, dualistic, transitory and cyclical. In Western philosophical terminology one can perhaps best characterize the radical ontological indeterminacy of Nahua metaphysics as an extreme nominalist anti-realism. Nevertheless, you continually seem to imply that ‘Mr. Penrose’ is Roger or is related to Roger but he isn’t. Eric Penrose is not related to Roger Penrose, I don’t think you can show me otherwise. Now, I obviously don’t understand anything about Physics, I’m just a teen for fucks sake, but I found someone on a physics forum who says your claim about CERN producing strangelets is incorrect.

        “The figure he quotes is not a 70% chance to produce strangelets, but about the design of a detector which is set up to register signals based on collision products which fly very close to the original proton or heavy ion beam line. Based on hypothetical models of what was called at the time the detector was designed strangelets (which are distinct from the unmodeled hypothetical dangerous strangelets which Luis Sancho is unable to provide details about), the CERN detector designers estimate that 70% of the hypothetical items, if produced by the LHC, will be detected.

        It’s not a 70% chance of rain, it’s a 70% chance that if there will be rain the machine will go *bing*.

        A check shows that in Appendix C of the request for rehearing of the appeal of the 2008 dismissal of their court case against CERN and the US Government, Walter Wagner and Luis Sancho included the 65%/70% claim from a power-point slide that they misunderstood.”

        I know you have strong proclivities towards artistic deformations of reality as a reaction to the widespread unprecedented stultifying conformism of modern civilization but you can’t go into hard sciences with that mentality, you stick to beautiful stories about Albatrosses :). No offense Luis, I like you as a human being and as I’ve already said before, your work on futuremagazine and ‘art and culture the evolution of languages’ shaped my own personal worldview a lot but you’re just tooo eager for dooms day sometimes. I’ll continue reading your stuff regardless 🙂

      • futureofhistory

        December 5, 2012 at 8:38 pm

        The chances are 100% by the totalitarian principle – all what can happen will happen, Feynman. Without this principle there would not be universe and causality (only the fucktard Hawking denies causality in the Universe, neither Einstein not modern causal triangulation that obtains a 4 dimensional de sitter universe the most advanced ‘continuum physics’ deny it). So there you have it. If strangelets exist and do exist as neutron stars are strange stars, when CERN crosses the so-called ‘bag number’ (number of strange quarks needed to coalescence into a strangelet) we shall die. When this happens IS THE ONLY ISSUE NOT TOTALLY CLARIFIED. Our calculus shows and so do the calculus of the highest minds in this theme, that CERN will cross that barrier at full speed over 10 Tev, they know and they are going slower, under 10 TEV.
        This is theory as today. You are dead in 2015. If there is some error on those calculations we might survive.
        Don’t you get it? It is all a moral question!! They know they can kill the planet, they don’t care, they live off making weapons, they are nuclear scientists, they live with death. They have always lived with death. The two biggest infamous basterds of modern science, von Neumann inventor of cybernetics and Teller of H-bomb were obsessed with extinction. They knew they were the parents of the two sciences, nuclear physics and robots that would kill us. They only talked of it. It was their obsession. At the end they were so into it that asked the American government to start a world war nuclear. They are the characters used in ‘dr. Strangelove’. I met the people of that film, I was friend of his writer terry southern also of easy rider fame – he taught in Columbia, I sometimes would take him home and stop on the way to have some shots. That is the main influence in my film on the subject, quantum roulette.
        Absolute evil=death is 1/2 of the Universe.

        Penrose is Eric Penrose, the son of Sir Roger. His web is ion alert. He discovered the CASTOR PROJECT and changed sides. Then after his discovery they hid it and CASTOR became a STOR-AGE’ system (-;, lol, they are smart. Then they rephrased also the probabilities and became the ‘probabilities’ of detecting not existence. they are very smart. So smart that they will die for it. Because the Universe is NOT SMART BUT INTELLIGENT. Smart people ‘cheat’ the laws of the Universe. And the intelligent universe answers them imposing those laws. Or as I used to quote ‘those who pretend to impose truth with power will be the laugh of the gods – meaning the mind of the Universe’ Einstein (pantheist).

        not at all, my work in its essence is purely mathematical, Non-Euclidean fractal mathematics. The next ‘big thing’ in mathematics. You know, Mr. Einstein is famous just because he applied the 5th non-Euclidean postulate of mathematics (Riemann) to physics.
        This is what started me at 15
        See my best work, ‘Absolute relativity: the 5th dimension’ at kindle if you really want to understand the full model (the non abridged). if you are able to understand that I will have share my mind with you.
        and this is not arrogance, but my mind today is to the present scientist what the one of Riemann-Einstein-quantum was to the previous mathematical-logic ‘science’ of XIX century, or the logic Aristotle was to the myths of the book of the bronze age of Semitic people, a jump of ‘quality’, because THE MIND IS A LOGIC/MATHEMATICAL PROGRAM, So when you evolve further logic/mathematics you jump. and those 4 postulates define then a new system of logic, I called illogic, the logic of information… that got me on top of the world of systems sciences and cybernetics. But now 80% of my papers have been erased since the cern suits from Google scholars.
        Don’t you get it? There are inquisitions of thought also in science, and the higher one is… the nuclear industry. When Oppenheimer and Einstein opposed to the H bomb one was indicted of treason and the other got an FBI file and his classes at Princeton became emptied so he took to sailing as I did for a while after cern’s ad hominem campaigns… and they were the fathers of the A-Bomb. Imagine how they trashed us, who were people mainly from systems sciences and chaos/fractal theory (r0ssler and me) or employees of the industry (Walter a safety officer of accelerators who got fired). With Penrose they just never mention him, his activism and his site, since obviously his father works with hawking and that would be a bit embarrassing. BUT HUMAN POWER WON’T CHANGE THE LAWS OF SCIENCE.

        If I really influenced you that is your next step, then there would be ‘two upgraded’ minds in this planet for what is worth and might last… in the tradition of the Greeks, as we are just knots of thought of those who came before and learned from us, so Aristotle’s mind is the son of Plato who you seem to like, who is the son of Socrates, and together, the 3 form a string of pure perfect thought – on my view the highest humans have done in logic. Then you have the triad of renaissance, Mr. Leonardo, Mr. Michelangelo and Mr. Rafael, the highest on my view on art.
        Now you might wonder to which strain of thought I belong. And that has to do with culture. In the west, you have 3 cultures, the northern, visual ‘Neanderthal’, Germanic mechanical culture, of machines, that rule us and think to be the only worth. So they think only mathematics matter. to the south you have the Semitic, emotional, verbal, mythic culture. They think anthropomorphic gods rule us, and that is all what it matters.
        Well if you followed my posts in immortality on the other blog, you will notice that neither pure e, the brain of spatial mathematics, nor pure I, the brain of verbal thought are balanced. In the middle thus you have e=i, the logic, artistic culture or Latin culture, which moved steadily west in 3 horizons, classic Greece, Italian renaissance and Spanish -isms. This culture by definition is not specialized as the northern mechanical/mathematical culture and the southern verbal/religious one, but generalist. The knots of thought of those cultures thus are polymaths. And they are born in the point of maximal communication of each super organism. So in Athens you have the Aristotelian knot, founder of the first logic system of human thought. In Firenze you have the Leonardo- Galileo couple, which founded the second logic system of mankind, the experimental method. And in Spain, Barcelona, again the knot of communication and trade of the peninsula, you have the Picasso-Sancho knot in artistic and logic space, and what i discovered is the 3rd logic mind of mankind. So my work is not a KNOT OF ART. That was Picasso, the knot of all the arts of the XX century, eclectic age of culture. My knot is a not of scientific logic.
        And i couldn’t care less what the ‘northern barbarians’ and southern zealots understand of it. They never understood our culture, only took what they found ‘interesting for their specialties. So the Mythic people took of Aristotle Scholastic and the Northern barbarians took of Leonardo its machines. And Picasso they never got it. I have a play ‘Picasso vs. goring’ that made the rounds for a film in evilwood. They couldn’t get why Picasso painted that form. They wanted me to write a ‘biopic’ of an impressionist (-; that’s how far they go. Now the people who own the industry of scientific information, the Anglos and those who do the machines, the Germans, think to be over the rest. LOL, they are still barbarians, specialists in a few disciplines that can’t even imagine what the knots of our culture mean, where they come from, etc. etc. You my friend the Germans who are doing cern, have never been more than modern Neanderthals, dolichocephalic, visual, machine-driven, who need evidence but cant understand time, its logic, its complexity. ‘Time is what a clock measures’ that was the best of Einstein who was the best of the Germans. Even Aristotle understood better ‘time is change’, and there are two forms of change, change of motion-energy-space and this is study by Physics with its formula of speed v=s/t, (Galilean Relativity improved by Einstein) and change in form-information, and that is study by biology, departing from Darwins evolution of form that applies to all systems, including machines which are just organisms of metal, evolving by imitating the form of man. And that is what you germans are -enzymen, enzymes that catalyze the creation of machines. Too much arrogance for so little value in the wider view of the Fractal, self-replicant universe.
        But they think at CERN because they have better machines they do better science. They just get pictures. Their models of logic and physics are totally outdated – one hundred years old. But they wont listen to the fractal revolution of the Latinos, Mandelbrot, me, nottale – he is not so good as he doesn’t break totally – you have to start from scratch as Mandelbrot and I did, with the definition of the 1st new postulate of Non_Euclidean geometry, a fractal point, which grows in size as we come closer to it, which has ‘volume’ through which infinite parallels cross (5th postulate the only one quantum/relativity used), etc. etc. But this strain of thought which brings you endophysics (perception enters into science), brings you scales of fractal space-time (as you come closer new worlds appear), which is self-reproductive (as all generator fractals are) , hence organic, for them is so odd as for the ether guys was quantum. Quantum is a primitive first attempt to describe the illogic of the fractal Universe.
        Now as I am old and tired and bad health,and i had enough of both, the primitive jewish-muslim zealots and the mechanical germ(an)s of the north (-;
        But hey, who knows. Aristotle 1000 years latter got understood but some northerners, and 50 years latter i can see some artists who understood Picasso in Germany and UK (bacon being the best known:) So if you are right and we survive a bit, as you are very young and seem to be rather intelligent, that book on the 5th dimension is your chance to go further on a path nobody has followed yet properly. At least you speak a complex logic language – simply speaking the Anglo people are/have a language too simple in logic, and I-centered to understand superorganisms. So they can do machines THEY CANNOT THINK, Hegel and Marx were right (another astounding 2 series), you cannot do philosophy in English. I in fact had to change the language with my new parenthetical symbolism (things like go(L)d, wor(l)d, and other more complex mathematical symbols) to do it. My first book ‘the error of Einstein’ – that part of mathematics he never understood, as in physics an error is what we didn’t measure – was written in a different all together symbolic language. Result? They use it in Brooklyn for an exhibit of ‘conceptual art’ – (-;, they couldn’t understand it just found visually the graphs very ‘nice’ Feynman style. (-; one has to learn though to laugh at oneself in this world, which is not mine…
        But their problem is the I-sentence. I talked to Chomsky a lot on that – the I cannot be hidden, so they cannot understand the organisms of the Universe, they must be either machines or I-individuals. That is how far their ‘imagination’ goes.
        SO WHAT I DESCRIBE AND SEE AND CAN EXPLAIN WITH ANY LANGUAGE, MATHEAMTICS, LOGIC, BIOLOGY, ETC. IS THE DEATH OF A SUPERORGANISM OF HISTORY, with its cycles, and the degeneration of its cells, mankind. Why do you think i could exactly predict 20 years ago the 2001-2008 future 2015 crashes of the economy? Those cycles are real. But organisms are too complex for mechanical simpletons to grasp.
        … not to speak of their go(l)d ethics – my next book after the error of Einstein of certain note, bio-history, bio-economics, a theory of unification, go a similar way… they censored it, so i passed it to friends in art – i went into art because science was censored only latter… result, a guy called Darren, who i used to meet at Essex house in the Forman circle, seemed to have use it and the character also for a movie called pi, about a guy a mathematician from Columbia university who discovers the cycles of history, economics and stock-markets, predicts the future and retires to solitude… sounds familiar? The only thing he didn’t explain is that stock markets create cycles of war, which is death…
        and so on and so on… i have been everywhere ok with the elite of W.S. with the lite of Hollywood with the elite of cybernetics and systems science. NONE THERE IS NO LOT, NO JUST MEN, ALL ARE ENZYMEN OF GOLD AND MACHINES THAT IS WHY I RETIRE. you live in a corpse of selfish ego-trips and fucktards. i wish i were wrong. But i am not, all the offers i have received in m life for my work is to harm life and love not to evolve man and that is why i don’t participate on it. What for? I don’t need ego trips… though this is the biggest one you will find (-; it follows Schopenhauer, one of my favs, ‘vanity has no substance, arrogance always has’.
        But of course this is my response to all their ad hominem campaigns (-; im having a fun ranting here (-:(-:.
        I like far more humble Kant… And like him I have enough of the ‘world’… or as Kant put it ‘with the beauty inside of my mind reflect of the beauty of the heavens above it’. That completes the best Logic trilogy of knots of thought of your German culture: Kant- Hegel- Marx. He never left Konigsberg? What for? He knew better. Man is an imperfect being in a perfect Universe and if he were humble he would have a chance, but he plays to be God, the original sin… JD will be the response. But children can’t understand death. They are too silly for that. And this is what you have now PSY, 800 million views, ‘baby’ 800 million views. I was eating 3 days ago with a film guy friend who shot recently a video of Justin bieber – he is like a ‘robot’ he said, all his motions mechanic, essayed, nothing to say. You are in the age of the zero generation, erased by funny childish ego-trips. But children are the staple food of the Universe. You eat children, eggs, neoteny calfs, children are silly happy irresponsible, think they are sooo important, curious, little cats entering the mouth of the predator black hole or lizard. In Costa Rica the turtles hatch and the iguanas open their mouth, no need to move, the turtle will enter the mouth out of curiosity. Cern is full of 20 something very smart who think because they have a ‘title’ and went through the industry of information they know a lot. Titles mean nothing. You must judge science always at face value with the laws of logic and mathematics. The wife of hawking says in his bio ‘the most difficult task i had was to convince him he was not god’ and she divorced when she failed. But what is this guy? a fake, an industry of books and money. He doesn’t even write his books, i know that from direct sources… above… Ok? He can’t calculate anymore long ago. IT IS ALL LIKE Justin in music, Obamapuppet in politics, you name it. Today all is marketing and they take ‘freaks’ for the ‘kicks’. They sell better. Man in a chair, genius of the century. Kid with guitar, genius of music. House negro leader of the world… etc. etc.
        Students around cash in for his new greedy wife. At his best he had a 150 IQ? God Gosh, what an ego-trip… i have a 180 and consider myself a nullity compared to the petabytes of storage of any Cray computer. But of course the illogic non-e, non-A models in which my mind works, the form in which data is shaped by the mind is far more superior still to that of computers, which use only 2 dimensions of logic, NOT 5. Had i gone into cybernetic seriously and took the offers of silicon valley to work on a translation to bites of illogic to make illogic chips you might had soon have a proper avenue to A.I. cause that is what the 5th dimension is all about – the logic of visual forms, of in/form/ation… I refused as I refused the other jobs everybody love in evilwood teaching men to be beasts of men, in W.S. making go(l)d parasitizing the entire financial system as i explain at What for I am human… I love life… Those people are nuts, eviL children, and they don’t even know they are…
        And of curse they laugh at the grudging old man who warns them. You live in a world of eviL children who have fun killing the Earth… till the lizard closes the mouth.
        End of thread, no need to respond to this stream of consciousness. If you want to learn more get that book if you don’t get you a chic, much more fun for the little time left. Organisms as Spengler clearly showed have their rhythms synchronized. And what i always tried to do on the tradition of my family, that Catalan doctor great grand father that founded the national party or Gaudi who made his statue with tits to nurture the culture, IS TO CURE HISTORY, to become a doctor of the organism of history and provide the remedies to the illness of mankind. But how can you cure a patient who is lunatic and thinks himself immortal, a vulgar machine? Both north and south the barbarians won’t listen and now finally with the ECB usury bank they are liquidating our civilization. So good luck. Here we know ‘when it is a time to live and a time to die’… and we look at both ages with honesty. We don’t deny them.
        The Chinese could have been a hope but when they take over it will be either too late or they would have become just another mechanical mind. I know who i am do they?

  2. christemp

    February 20, 2014 at 10:16 am

    interesting read complex yet missing the primordial understanding and wisdom of the ancients a bit to self assured and there is nothing more to know as you have it, if you hadn’t shown me your compassion for life I would not be offering to teach you the ancient knowlage and wisdom and with this primordial knowlage the German machine will look like a monkey on stick

    Do you understand why the so called cloud chamber is in Cern, well regardless what you perceive its for, they are hunting for the Atomic crystallography and the distortion refractory factors of HydroH20@Atomic6 under bombardment of split photonics being my 07072007 published to the web discovery of Magnetic portals and and split photonics before Cern was switched on I also have the crystallography such is the power of mother nature and the true science is the observation of it and being able to equate what one sees and not what one reads

    Also note NASA discovers magnetic portals 2013 NASA discovers colidertrons in the Van Allen belt 2013 well is not 2007 6 years ahead of time I have a masters in nature philosophy my bent is in Quantum Geophysics Quantum Atomic optics of electromagnets over hydroH2o@ atomic 6 and the complete “COMPLETE” Atomic distortion refractory factors and all from another world you have failed to discover called the mother of Nature

    Now look this will all have to be translated into your techno jargon, that’s if I can relight your eternal lamp by saying, what would happen if you published the results of Cern prior to them discovering it, and in detail, and once you have done that then perhaps you would consider some further research with me and my crystal cold fusion split photonics power generation system that can revolutionize the planets power needs for the next 100,000 years plus and not one drop of mechanical machinery required when in use, which I postulate will give us zero sum gravity and field technology and propulsion

    And just when you were thinking you new it all, and you were wasted and rejected until you were sent my way, yes its destiny and karma all rolled in to the matrix ball resulting in mankind’s continued survival long into the future leaving CERN still just a monkey on a stick

    Happy days are here again, the sky above is clear again, happy days are here again

    • futureofhistory

      February 20, 2014 at 11:25 am

      The ancient mayas understood that the Universe is a game of cyclical time frequencies. Their Gods were the ages of time, as those of i ching, of all ancient, Neolithic cultures, before the arrival of ‘lineal metal weapons’, and the barbarians that carried them – indo-europeans and germ(an)s, the ancestors of our physicists – simplified time into lineal motions. For them, the ‘ages of time’, were the program of the Universe. The periods of cyclical time were their philosophical Gods. Their priests-astronomers knew more about Time – the meaning of it all – that our priests of science – the physicists – know today, when the ‘first principles’ have been mixed up by Descartes coordinates – just a mathematical artifact – Galilean ballistics and its formula of time=s/v – just the study of motion changes not of all time=changes of the Universe – and Einstein’s simpleton equations, derived of his, with its spatialization of time.
      See my other web on this, from the ‘man that knows it all’ (: we are just dust of space-time my dear friend, nothing but ‘a mush on a rock lost in the corner of the Universe – only departing from these facts we can talk about man’ (Schopenhauer).
      And that is the objective view that determines a simple black hole is more important for the Universe that all human beings of this fractal planet and the Kali Yuga is now our cycle. In the language of the Tzolkin, all the frequencies of the Time cycles of this planet are collapsing into an event (if you want to use the jargon of physics); the alautun, the baktun, the tun and the uinal will make man cross the nine Mitnal spheres in its wave to Xibalba if you wish to use the Mayan myths.
      Itzama, your Lord of the Heavens, Kinich Ahau, the sun you pray to, will not protect us from Kisin, the God of Earthquakes… but perhaps you should read Lord Byron to be more objective, ‘if you have the gift to foresee the future, you will need the courage to stand it’. I do, now, as I know i will be born in infinite fractal planets and in some of them, physicists will NOT be listened when they utter their platitudes about the Gods of Time…
      This planet has its Karma traced by the arrogance not of people like me who tried to save it, but people like those who work at CERN, who think to know the truth of the infinite Universe and people like you, the sheeple and ‘groupies’ of the masters of ‘ballistics’ aka physics, who delight on insulting me ‘ad hominem’… Deja vu. You are welcome, but remember that is not me who talks, but Time of which I am just a ‘seer’, a humble worshipper who has accepted its destiny, as Byron did against odds beyond my power, for only a reason, the categorical, ethic mandate that Kant taught all intelligent men must follow.
      I will see you on hell, not on heavens my friend
      Che sera sera

      • christemp

        February 20, 2014 at 12:31 pm

        hahahaah a defeatist one who cannot listen to any words but there own, like I said, self indulgent ,

        Would you at your age be interested in how to open and close the portal to time itself, strange how you would shun one who offers the hand of knowlage and wisdom in your time of defeat, or is your EGO mortally wounded beyond salvation, are you not listening to what is being put before you, are you so structured in your learning of backwards physics as is CERN that you are no longer capable of thinking in the positive of mankind’s evolution and what CERN is trying to emulate was carried out successfully 12685 years ago by people far in advance of there meager understanding

        You have been so preoccupied with your postulations you missed the complete primordial essence of our entire history and what the ancients have put before you, yet you are blinded by the very science you detest, that’s what I dislike about science, its all the melodrama that surround your Egos, you never want to cut to the chase, and or move on, just roll in the swill of what might have been

        I will not offer a second time, you either except the challenge of knowlage and wisdom you have never even dreamed of knowing or been privy to before, or your keep on bleating about how bad Cern is, but your not interested in altering the historical future, its your choice

  3. christemp

    February 21, 2014 at 12:36 am

    I gather you have tried on a legal premiss to stop the mad wheel of destruction with no success, not surprising ! as you are dealing with pirates on the high seas

    I am also aware that whats being carried out has no conclusion as there is no mathematics that can critically annotate infinity, there for I am aware regardless of there postulated assurances that they are running blind in that case anything that could happen will happen

    But there is a phenomenon that could send them all into abandoning ship, long before they get to operating speeds of causing any problems, and being all scientists, they know little if any anything at all about, and that salvation Jane which is the threshold of the portal, this will be there Achilles heal that will prevent them from proceeding further, the ancients called it the order of ascension, its a direct consequence or field effects from the long sine wave that opens the pineal gland where by the registry and collation systems within the brain go open circuit in the field effects of the split photonics, and it was this first encounter of this effect that I believe shut the hadron down the first time, I think its become like a scientific bank and its thought its to big fail, in that respect I say they a bluffing, the golden cow, the gravy train, and while they have all the intentions of doubling the speeds, they in reality have no intention of running it, as I say the first encounter frightened them, as what would be unleashed would be an experience well beyond there capacity to withstand

    And what may be the results of breaching the field harmonics could result in the astonishing effect of a large percentage of the operating staff simply vanishing from there posts, or the Philadelphia effect, as there is another field effect going to make its presents known that will not be from CERN, that once the threshold is breached will flood the entire regional zone including its surrounds perhaps even for some hundreds of miles, as to how I conclude this, I have the sine wave harmonic schematic of the frequency and all its dynamic speeds, and that includes the fluxing, and its not a constant, and there is no math for it, which is the reason I have the data and you and they dont

    So if I am not at the gates of hell when you get there, you go on ahead without me, as I will have some unfinished business to attend to

  4. christemp

    February 21, 2014 at 8:03 am

    And while I have this venue I see no reason to waste it and I take this opportunity to outline some other effects from Cern that I had concerns over before it was commissioned, and if recall back then, Neutrino was the King of the castle, the god factor, it was prior to this myself making a different discovery of magnetic portals and split photonic field effects, which back in early 2007 did not exist, according to our illustrious scientific masters

    However you will note that after all the grandstanding of the Neutrino supposed discovery and only some weeks to months, out popped schematics of the postulated presents of split photonics which was my original concern in regards to what CERN is all about, and so there is no confusion here I am not a scientist, but a Nature Philosopher, my fields of interest are within Geo Physics and Atomic optics and magnetic field effect within the mining and exploration of mineral anomalies and began mining crystal middens in1968 so I am not new to crystallography,

    I was also following closely the work of Stanford university at that time the only others to be interested in the photons and crystal wafer technology, now in the last years this subject has grown out of all proportion, and since 2013 much of my, back then research and discoveries has not just been confirmed correct, it has been completely absorbed or should I say consumed and re-badged, as other fraternities discoveries, he who has the money wins, or he who has the might is right

    However that still puts me 6 years in the field of field research ahead of CERN and I was watching for particular field effects that I postulated would come as an after effect of running CERN @ 5 TeV, but the magnetic ground effects, hot spot and or plumes, that should have shown up via NASA Satellite seem to have gone all bland for some reason, as I had been using the data to research these mystery hot spots and magnetic plumes for some years prior, for conformation on my other research

    Ok having now back grounded where I am coming from and why, let me postulate what I see may be the results of CERN at its revamp 10 TeV and the number 10 TeV figures in my other research separate from CERN in regards to my split photonics research prior to CERNs operations beginning, and now also having NASA publishing magnetic portals,2013 and then colidertrons in the Van Allen belt also 2013, I am no longer the ugly duckling or mad professor I was claimed to be in 2007 when I published the very same data as above, it is this work that I explained back in 2007 that was causing the mystery hot spot plumes on the earths surface but only on the lite side of earth and I also maintained it is these very hot spots that are responsible for earths entire atmosphere and weather systems entirely driven by Atomic weights and the gravitational forces there from,

    Enter CERN and there already admitted postulations and documentation of split photonics and @ 5 TeV so if my assumptions are correct then I can see CERN punching a magnetic plume of a relatively high enough resolution into the geo magnetic geology to generate a plume, hot spot large enough to, dare I say it, to generate a rain event that could see it rain non stop for forty days and forty nights, and no way of decommissioning the plume once installed, this will continue to ensue even with Cern switched off, and I am sorry its not quiet your black hole scenario, I can only at this point make one small suggestion, and I am sure this will ring the bells of Saint Trinnions

    BUILD ARKS or move to much higher ground

    You know its all most as if history is repeating itself

  5. christemp

    February 22, 2014 at 7:57 pm


    And staying within the threads core CERN and the MAYAN

    I have some further data that’s not been understood, not only by science and or the academic world at large, this has come from my own research which by itself comes from a completely different direction of a field of observations of nature and given the core understanding of science itself is the observation of mother nature and being able to equate what one observes, this being so then it would then remove any and all paradigms in regards to ones academic achievements and comes down to pure observation and ones knowlage of the said subject

    This subject encompasses the human mind and electrostatic states of the environment, being induced or natural, this came about from a Mayan practitioners diary, where by he notes in his diary when consulting a patient, noting she the patient suffered from the Red rainbow effects, which would be overcome within time by the advent of the White rainbow

    Now these Red and white rainbows and or indeed the true presentation of the Rainbow its self is a very contentious issue, as my understanding of how a rainbow is made is not at all like how science likes to present the occurrence, as they are not caused as science would have us believe by the sun shining directly through the clouds causing an optical allusion refracted in the cloud

    To firstly forestall any augments this may cause I myself have designed and developed two very simple scientific litmus tests that proves conclusively, that in fact the Rainbow is projected up from the earths surface, up under the clouds, further more these projections occur on a continuous bases as a continuum and regardless of cloud being present or not, and in the case that there is no cloud then the projection still occurs but goes unseen, but however I note here, can be seen by a skilled practitioner who knows what to look for and where and when

    Now this falls squarely in line with not just the MAYAN but also the DOGON and also corresponds to the Egyptian Hieroglyphics, which is another of my specialty fields of interest which involves the pyramids and the said snakes, I hope you understand this is a massive subject to encompass here but I will disclose some of my privately held data that you will not find else were unless its on my own site

    And in regards to the RED and WHITE Rainbow I point out to you for the first time, see the two stone Mayan gods, one beside the other, see upon there heads the so called headdress see on one snakes all coiled up and at rest upon the head, then see the other stone god see the snakes erect and four snakes together standing up active, now here lye’s the secrets to the red and the white rainbows and the practitioners diaries the stone gods represent if you like yen and yan

    The low electrostatic state snakes at rest, high electrostatic state snakes active, the red rainbow being the low state and the white being the high or active state of consciousness, now this whole subject has if you like been missed by the worlds experts on the subject due to the lack of perception and observation and yet again so has the presents of the snake appearing on the step pyramid itself, as that has a more profound meaning, and that being the actual man made generation of a white rainbow by using the pyramid itself to generate a high state of electrostatic impedance to raise the levels of consciousness of all the people taking part in that activity

    And what is even more earth shattering is this is all connected within ancient times to Hermes and the Emerald tablets and where the saying AS ABOVE SO BELOW really comes from, because when you realize the rainbow begins its life as a projection from the ground and goes upwards into the heavens that then interacts within the Van Allen belt and the supermagnetics or pranic energy and that being split photonics that is then channeled back down that projection and causes a magnetic plume or hot spot there by causing a raised electrostatic state that has a positive effect upon the state of wellness of the human mind

    This is but only the very tiny tip of the iceberg of knowlage I have across the vast void of lost knowlage and wisdom that we once possessed and there is an overdrive of the consciousness that can catapult one across the void into the next dimension and unwillingly

    ENTER CERN Hadron collider @ 10TeV

    cheers christemp

  6. christemp

    February 26, 2014 at 1:08 am

    Connecting CERN directly to NASA and Sanford university and those three to a site published long before any of them had there feet on the ground, and that data was connected to the Mayan, Dogon ,and ancient Egyptian, and yes they are all interconnected and are one and the same thing

    Here is the same data from all 4 that is all the very same data only one of them is man made the others are nature at work, firstly my site from 07072007

    this site shows the schematics for the white rainbow, for those who demand scientific prof then please see this site and index , scientific litmus rainbows where you your self can conduct the simple test which repeats the same results each and every time which you can film easy

    This simple test designed and developed to put to end once and for all sciences believe that the sun shining through the clouds is 100% wrong and along this path of discovery we also uncover and expose many religious myths, as being natural occurring events, as the rainbow litmus is and will show you the kundalini light or flame and it is the very same flame that lite the burning bush, the litmus is to empirical standards, and as we speak a triple PhD physicist is preparing full documentation for peer review

    Moving on and how these diverse experiments and discoveries are all taking the same shape firstly the Hetrodynamic site shows a portal and split photonics and since that time 2007 I have in Australia discovered for the first time in super ancient stone hieroglyphics known as the Gosford glyph s the very carving on a wall depicting not just the pyramid with a water tank on its top but also similar dynamic waves as shown in the 2007 site Hetrodynamic, these glyph s only became published in near 2012 that ends 14 years researching for the existence of the pyramid with water tank and wave structure shown that came from my own research and discovery

    Now enter CERN and there postulations of split photonics then enter Stanford and this in 2013

    Click to access chistyakov.pdf

    Now it was published On my site some several years prior that I maintained that the the Atomic crystallography and refractory factors for split photonics was present in the Sapphire crystallography, it was conveyed to me that Stanford’s discovery came after switching to sapphire crystal wafer

    Now enter NASA and there published discovery of magnetic portals by NASA Iowa university Astro physicist Professor Skudder who miraculously even found the same fluxing speeds of the portals as I had originally published, how ever so there is the connections from earth to the ionosphere via all these portals which there are literally hundreds each 24 hours as a continuum as I had said there was

    Enter NASA again in 2013 with a new discovery from newly launched satellites and colidertrons in the Van Allen belt, or a CERN up in the ionosphere common list of words,colidertrons, spit photonics,magnetic portals, comman to all four research groups

    So lets look at the, shall we call it the head document for all these discoveries, and see how the white rainbow develops its split photonics that then drives earths complete specific gravity and all atmospherics and rain events by using a collision of photons in the ionosphere which now of coarse i am now supported by not only CERN, NASA, Iowa university and Stanford university, given the largest scientific website on the net closed my thread where I dared to publish my 2007 research and discovery, which they thought were ridiculous, re magnetic portals and spit photonics unheard of they maintained and out of disused I myself withdrew the documents from there site leaving the mere verbal essences of my data ever being there

    What takes place is the rainbows light projects up into the ionosphere and due to it being fixed on earth, it given earths rotational speed is then swept into the east at more than light speed and then encounters the suns photons coming the other way and it is within this collision that split photonics are generated, this super magnetics senses the earths negative fields and discharges down the same light structure, and deposits a charge in earths surface mantel and or geology which then also explains the occurrence of all the magnetic plumes and hot spots all occurring on the lite side of earth , which again science claims to have no answer for

    And when you realize the rainbows both red and white are projections up from earth, well then re read Hermes Emerald tablets, and AS ABOVE SO BELOW, where by everything he says is perfectly scientific and true and accurate, and makes perfect sense, so it dose appear that Hermes new a lot more about nature and here secrets than even all science today and so did Isaac Newton Know but was prevented from publishing it

    But I can still see even though the blatant scientific facts and schematics are spelled out in black and white, that the demist and the brightest scientific minds will still refuse to except that the long held secret has been outed and the next question to be asked, if all this is known then why do we need a CERN at all

    Well I can also give you that answer, they CERN are hunting for the secret to the runaway factor of split photonic cold fusion, which is hidden within the Atomic crystallography and refractory distortion factors of HydoH2o@Atomic (6) or the mist or cloud factor and is why they built a cloud chamber in CERN, or more importantly the containment factor of split photonic cold fusion, but you don’t need a CERN to find that

    Cheers christemp the original researcher who discovered magnetic portals and split photonics



  7. christemp

    March 3, 2014 at 7:46 am

    Just a small note here, after reading through some Tesla patents I now realize why it was he himself wanted his power tower project destroyed (burned down) as he began to realize, that the power accumulated also so had another phenomenon which he could not contain, commonly known as the runaway factor, which had wide repercussion over the climate and its occurrence

    Having said that, I see the precise same reasons applying to CERN, being they have no control over the runaway factor, and I am sure they would all be well aware of that factor, and is why I say they may double its power, but never in there sane minds would they ever run it @ that increased power, as it would mean the end of all there couriers almost immediately, and putting a complete end to the goose that laid the golden eggs, (the gravy train) not to mention the other off world experiences that would also issue there well being and there very minds

    cheers christemp

    • futureofhistory

      March 3, 2014 at 8:05 am

      they know perfectly what they are doing, but the mind of man has many ‘blocking’ mechanisms of censorship to brush aside any ethic concern when the ‘egotrips’ of power and glory doesn’t need them. That is why i abandoned this fight in public. It was impossible to convince them with reason, or as they say in Spain ‘there are no bigger deafs than those who don’t want to listen to reasons’. Tesla was a far more humane, intelligent and interesting character. But that is why he ended poor and forgotten in a NY hotel, while Mr. Edison and Mr. Westinghouse made a fortune with his discoveries…

  8. christemp

    March 3, 2014 at 11:18 pm

    Tks for the reply and while that may well be true, and while it must be said you can do a lot of things in secrecy, but its a different ball game when when your secrets are exposed to the wider public and on a world wide venue, and when I say exposed I feel sure many involved would also not be aware of the true reasons or the potential cataclysmic repercussions from this experiment

    To this the wider public at large are not as complacent and obedient as they once were, and are now only to well aware of the disastrous scientific past that blindly lead us down the hot atomic road of total contamination of this planet, and from small things big things grow, and it is important that those with knowledge continue to voice there objections to same and continue to set good examples for others who will, if they see some one else out front willing to speak out and put the facts in to the open domain, and not allow the cloak of scientific indemnity of the secrets to be cloistered like a rotting tomato unseen in the bottom of the bag

    Better to to tip the bag out so all can see which ones are rotten and to pluck them out

    As for Tesla, I am sure he understood his own destiny and money wasn’t really a consideration that would have concerned him, as he was a humanist some would say perhaps before his time, but the onset of the industrialized revolution and the introduction of patents, was I feel his Achilles heal and is an abomination of man kind, the very cesspit of secrets that stymies all innovation and free will progress as can clearly be now seen by Monsanto, where by one can not even own ones own Gnome

    However as for the direction,of where this planet is heading, all of the above will pale into insignificance, when the truth of the issue finds its way to the foaming head of the dross, as its realized that this planet is in a magnetic decline, that has come about from two combined factors that has put in place, a chain reaction infection on the Atomic weight scale, that is not only not going to go away, but in fact is still enlarging and those two factors are the spilling of oil and the second being the introduction of corexant, which has created an insidious monster of soluble death
    to the planets primordial gravity generation systems

    The size of which is going to approach the very specific gravity threshold and its harmonic registrar and the planets operating frequency, to this I find it chilling and frustrating that mankind nor science at large wants to confront the visible and obtainable data and facts that clearly show that this is the case, and again this is the scientific cloak of secrecy being applied even amongst there own ranks, where they are compelled to cling to there broken recorded world of backwards physics that is the locomotive that drives there gravy train, the ostrich with its head berried in the sand syndrome, and has now lead to the scientific fraternity at large being impaled upon its own petard of scientific ineptness and complete failure of its guild or its mandates to function

    An insane state of reality


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