Lies of corporate science

01 Jan

I. We made it

‘We made it’ said CERN’s TV anchorwoman, when the first collisions showed we were not going to die of a black hole yet… A ‘giant leap for mankind’ said CEO Rolf Hauer, from his refuge at Tokyo. Since we ‘were still here’…

During the morning it was clear that physicists were worried, as their control of the beams was minimal and if someone knew there was a sizeable risk of black hole formation were them. My predictions, based in fractal physics showed that black holes will only form beyond 10 Tev; but stable strangelet atoms (dibaryons) could be formed slowly and fall to the Earth on the 7 Tev range, especially when lead to lead collisions happen this fall. So I did not expect an explosion on the spot, but as we have repeatedly said in this blog, a slow dripping of dibaryons towards the center of the Earth, till they start to eat inside out this planet, which will be shown by a sudden peak of Earthquake activity.

So now it is just a tense awaiting for 4 years, as the collider increases the energy of collisions and the luminosity/density of them.

The fight though is over because mankind has accepted his ‘accidental destiny’. Courts have rejected all suits; newspapers have censored the truth; politicians have not inquired; science has denied the scientific method; all of them guided by the ethics of a technological civilization in which the machine as ‘measure of all things’ has definitely substituted man as the main protagonist of our societies.

This of course, is due to the increasing power of companies that make machines and have perfected an economical law called ‘Say’s Law’.  It all started with advertising. People learned to love through advertising all things that harm them. Weapons, tobacco, polluting companies advertised themselves as the solution for security, as the trade-mark of healthy cowboys, as enviromental leaders… It was the creation of an Orwellian ‘newspeak’ of antitruths that audiovisual media improved through the 80s and 90s.

So the most astounding antitruth was finally sold by a company, which had made a machine ‘too big to fail’. When scientists found out this machine will produce black holes and quark-gluon liquid, the most explosive substance of the Universe, cause of supernovas, quasar explosions and maybe the ‘big-bang’ of the cosmos (this seems to be though a hyperbolic theory), it was obvious the project had to close. What we know is that quark-gluon liquids, ‘strangelets’ are the last Russian Doll of mass, and so as bombs evolved from chemical explosives to atomic explosives, liberating the inner mass/energy, now quark explosives, the big-bang would be produced. The rationale is absolute. The big-bang was a cosmic explosion or a gallactic one. So making a bit of that substance will provoke a huge explosion on Earth. There is no difficulty or mistery in understanding that if a lot of this substance explodes quasars, stars and maybe an entire fractal Universe, a bit of it will kill all of us. You do not need to be a genius to grasp this. Even our mediocre journalists and politicians can grasp this direct logic.

And yet a shrewd campaign announcing that this explosion of Mother-Earth would reveal the meaning of it all; that this machine would find the God’s particle, beautiful documentaries and hype articles in the globalized press, hae done the unconceivable: to sell our death as the supreme ‘leap forward’ of the human race; because a machine will perform this death.

Let us imagine for a minute that the creation of quark-gluon explosive liquids were happening in secret Iranian Labs and the naked truth were told to the world: the LHC is just a factory of quark explosives, nothing more, nothing else. And to study a nuclear explosive is not revealing anything at all, but merely exploding CERN, Geneva and if stable probably the rest of us. This simple, naked truth however buried in a ton of marketing cannot, it seems, to penetrate the thick, automaton, don’t worry be happy, we must go on, be positive, be positive, stampede of physicists’ zealots in search of the Saint Grail of mechanical energy.

But there is also a more scary truth about the evolution of machines beyond the levels of energy and information, mankind can stand. As we transfer our evolutionary form to a new generation of intelligent machines and super-powerful weapons we become atrophied and substituted by them.

Thus, as Machines enter the age of the Singularity, evolving faster into organic forms (robots, nano-bacteria, A.I., self-feeding ‘quark/planetary bombs’), we humans become ‘interfaces’ attached to them, weaker and less intelligent each generation.

So if the post-war Tv generation became a ‘young’ visual species; societies are now run by ‘spoiled children’, boys with big toys. The problem of course is that in the Darwinian Universe cubs die by the thousands. Those little turtles that come to the noise of the lizzard that eats them up are pretty sure they deserve to play with the mighty reptile; as CERNerds think they can produce quark-gluon liquids without any safety measure; because they are the spoiled kids of science since they invented the bomb. We have been lucky so far, why then not to push a bit further ?(till we run out of luck…) Especially when the subconscious, violent, visual collective mind of mankind, the press who should have denounced this crime for politicians to take note and act, said it’s ok. Nobody indeed is running CERN’s Kindergatten.

The transfer of energy and form/information from man to machine is all too evident, both in our bodies, which a recent study found atrophied compared to those of the pre-Industrial age, and our minds, which return to a ‘visual, violent’ neo-Paleolithic of images in which verbal, logic, casual thought disappears substituted by myths and visual data.

CERNerds are the prototype of this neo-paleolithic scientist. They merely construct machines, recollect data and produce modern violent myths about the meaning of it all – the big-bang, an explosive theory today proved wrong by the paradigm of a fractal Universe; God’s particle, a mere top-antitop condensate which does not give mass to any other particle, but works perfectly to prove the status of ‘high priests’ that physicists wrongly claim in science; and the fantasy of black holes that evaporate traveling to the past… a perfect plot for sci-fi movies.

  The acceptance of those fictions in science would have never been possible in the pre-TV, pre-computer age, when older scientists respected the logic laws of truth; didn’t share the present passion of physicists for mathematical fantasies, and didn’t count with nice computer pictures and probabilities to consider any fantasy possible.

The ego-driven, fiction thought of the mass-media world has now spread into science, which has become just another excuse to evolve computers and make big contracts with technological companies. Scientific truths therefore are no longer the end but the marketing campaign; and so the most outrageous they are the better they sell. And fiction sells even better.

Of course fiction is the most profound censorship against truth. Mass-media companies achieved during the XX century through the overwhelming imposition of fictions over documentaries and real news the creation of a world totally unrelated to human reality. But science was still a region of truth. People didn’t care much about truths in history, economics or physics, which were deformed by popular culture and power, but at least scholars could talk about truth without censorship. No longer.  In that regard CERN represents for the very few of us who still believe in the purpose of science – to improve human life and seek the truth about man and the Universe – a huge leap backwards in both purposes:

–         For 4 years now we shall await to see if ‘we make it’ through the increases of energy and luminosity of the machine that can create a strangelet or a black hole that will swallow the Earth. But the ethics of our technological civilization, the ‘Machine-God’ will prevent any ‘social alarm’, public denounce or report on it. If it happens, we will know it only when it happens.

–         And all this NOT to advance science, but to obtain a few more pictures of well-known particles of the standard model and trying to prove some scholar fictions, which have been proved wrong by the scientific method long ago… but now are dogma of marketing. The cosmological big-bang is dogma, because if people knew that quark-gluon soups at best explode quasars, mostly only stars, CERN would have to close. The Higgs hoax is dogma, because if people knew that Einstein defined mass as a whirl of space time, a force equivalent to an accelerated motion; and complexity and fractal theorists have used this concept to fully understand and develop the meaning of mass, CERN would have to close.

The corruption of science started in history and economics, with a massive censorship against humanist, social theories, based in the eusocial, natural law of biology that evolves species together in growing scales, from atoms to molecules, cells, individuals and societies. Soon economists became just employees of bankers and companies, only concerned with methods of creation of money, with electronic data or by selling all type of machines. They were no longer concerned with the welfare of mankind (to the point they affirm with stone-faces that ‘productivity’, defined mathematically as the ratio of machines/capital against labor, so the more machines and less labor a company has the most productive is, actually creates labor). Thus, social sciences became corrupted.  There was still though truth in physical sciences. Now this is no longer the case. Because we are entering a new threshold of evolution of machines that can annihilate mankind, and this cannot be said as those machines make money, a newspeak of science fiction is taking over. But of course, the Universe will not obey physicists, despite Einstein’s dictum: ‘If relativity is wrong, God should change the Universe’. This is what CERN expects – that the quark gluon hyper-explosive liquid formed in lead to lead collisions will become suddenly the Oracle of God, not just a hyper-bomb that will kill them and maybe us all…

But as long as there are humans, there will be true scientists, even among physicists and I know a few of them, who are pushing truth in their ‘patent offices’, (where Mr. Einstein was sent by the ‘Ether and military’ Industry of German Physics when he defied their ‘ethics of war’ and their absurd ‘ether theory’, which they were testing with all kind of german machines). So while CERN, the ether guys of the mighty German-French Nuclear Industry is testing new ‘explosives’ and marketing their absurd Higgs/hawking/cosmic big-bang theories, true science keeps evolving in this time of darkness.

Those true scientists might not be receiving Congress Medals and billion $ budgets, but they keep expanding our truths on the meaning of it all and fighting for the bio-ethical meaning of science. They might become soon engulfed like the rest of us by the dark, quark matter made at CERN, but their mere existence shows that mankind indeed had the potential to be the supreme species of information of the fractal Universe, in which energy is never the meaning of it all, only the canvas (Nietzsche).

II. False Safety Statements

CERN’s safety reports, made by employees of the company, against the Laws of the European Union that expect an Independent panel of scientists to study environmental risks, are based in 4 false statements:

  1. That black holes made at CERN will evaporate, which is false, as there is no experimental evidence of this bizarre theory that requires travel in time to the past, and denies Einstein’s well proved Relativity Theory, which states all black holes accrete matter regardless of its ‘relative size’.
  2. That CERN will produce cosmic rays, which is false since we never have seen deconfined quarks in cosmic rays. And indeed, we show here internal documents of CERN which expressly state their collisions of hadrons will produce phenomena never found in cosmic rays, contradicting the ‘safety statements’ sold to the press.
  3. That atoms of strange liquid will not be produced because collisions are hot, which is false, as it has been already proved experimentally: the first, unstable atoms of strangelets, kaons and hyperons, have been produced in greater quantities than expected. And indeed, again internal documents from ‘Team CASTOR’, the detector of strangelets built by CERN show that CERN expects to produce around 500 stable strangelets each month, (which could fall to the center of the Earth and devour it in a brief period of time.)
  4. That we are safe because ‘the Earth is still here’; and so the probabilities of catastrophic conversion of the Earth into dark matter are minimal. Which is false; because CERN should calculate the probabilities of existence of dark matter and existence of planets where intelligent life has survived for the entire Galaxy, which is the ecosystem in which this planet survives or not. And it turns out that 96% of the galaxy is dark matter and dark energy, so dark matter conversions of planets into quark stars happen all the time.  It turns out there are billions of planets but we do not detect any sign of radio from Intelligent Life (Fermi paradox), only from quark stars. So planets must be disappearing eaten or converted by physicists into MACHOs of dark matter (strange stars and black holes) all the time.

Evaporating black holes.

Because time has causality from past to future and information exists in the Universe, the theory Mr. Hawking calls ‘quantum entropy’, which hypothesizes that black holes travel to the past and evaporate information is false. This absurdity, denies Einstein’s theory of mass and breaks the 3 proofs of truth of the scientific method: logical consistency, mathematical accuracy and experimental evidence.

Logic errors.

It breaks the logic of science, based in time causality.

  1. Mr. Hawking affirms that anti-particles travel to the past, because they have an anti-clock motion, which in physics where time is defined as a change in the motion of beings, v=s/t, it means only to move anti-clockwards NOT to move to the past. Then he affirms that those antiparticles, if falling into a black hole will in fact be traveling to the past towards the black hole, which is like saying they are coming from inside the black hole towards the future, evaporating it. But those antiparticles are not traveling to the past, neither there is any reason why more antiparticles than particles will fall into the black hole. All this imaginative fiction thinking contradicts the main laws of Thermodynamics that define ‘entropy’:
  2. The 1st law of Thermodynamics: information never disappears in the Universe. Thus, the black hole doesn’t destroy but it creates information, stored in the rotational frequency of its mass vortex.
  3. The 2nd Law of Thermodynamics: Heat transfers from the hot to the cold source. Thus, a hot black hole doesn’t get hotter and evaporates in our cold environment but it heats and evaporates our matter, absorbing it. As a hot iron cools down and evaporates cold water in a forge. Thus, we will be the evaporated water and the dense hot black hole, the iron…

Stephen Hawking also stated that ‘Einstein is double wrong’, denying the main Laws of Relativity, which affirm that size is absolutely relative in a Universeof infinite fractal scales(link to pdf: fractaluniverse) and black holes never evaporate.

Hawking however says that small black holes will follow quantum laws. This is absurd since quantum theory is NOT the theory of the small but merely the theory of lineal, electroweak forces and black holes follow the cyclical laws of gravitational masses. In simple terms, a rat is a rodent regardless of size, and so a shrew will never become an insect, whatever its size is.

Further on, if black holes are, as Einstein thought, made of an ultra-dense substance, beyond its ‘cut-off’ event horizon, which can only be quarks, they will never evaporate, but they will be Frozen stars. This has been recently proved by the leading quantum cosmologist, since a 5th dimensional black hole made of strings is equivalent to a 4 dimensional black hole made of quark-gluon liquid.

Experimental errors.

For 30 years we tried to find black holes evaporating and never found one. Recently the Fermi satellitewas launched to find evaporating black holes and it mapped out with incredible detail 1500 gamma-ray sources and none was the signature of an evaporating black hole. Last year a dumb hole, which is a black hole that absorbs sound phonons instead of photons, was created at Haifa and it sucked in all the sound around it that never evaporated.

Mathematical errors.

Mr. Hawking used simple lineal equations. Since he worked 40 years ago, when there were not even computers, and so he could not model the cyclical mass vortices of black holes, as we do today in complexity with non-lineal, fractal equations.

Indeed, Mr. Hawking like Mr. Higgs ignores all about fractal relativity and the description of masses as vortices of space-time, which carry the physical information of the Universe in its rotational frequency. It is precisely for that reason that black holes do not evaporate information. On the contrary, they create the information of the Universe

Finally, Mr. Hawking believes that ‘mathematicalequations’ are truth per se. So he invents them first and then tries to find his equations in the real Universe. But Gödel proved that mathematics is a language in which fantasies could be written.

His black holes are indeed a fantasy, which fails the 3 proofs of truth of the scientific method, experimental evidence, logic consistency (it breaks most laws of science) and mathematical accuracy. And yet CERN pretends us to die to prove a science fiction.

Cosmic Rays

CERN says the LHC will create harmless cosmic rays, like those entering the Earth’s atmosphere, and therefore, they claim, the experiments pose no danger, because cosmic rays have not blasted the Earth already. This is false and misleading. The LHC is a factory of quark-gluon soups not of cosmic rays. Thus it will not create cosmic rays because:

  1. No one has ever found deconfined quarks in cosmic rays.
  2. 99 percent of cosmic rays are lonely protons and light helium atoms. Thus, as we explained before, those lonely atoms cannot gather enough critical mass to detonate a mass-bomb (M=E/c2) and provoke a big-bang; as the ultra-dense massive quark-gluon soup that the LHC manufactures will do. Indeed, the luminosity (number of atoms per colliding bunch) at LHC’s collisions is 1028 times bigger than a single cosmic ray. Further on, the LHC pushes those billions of atoms together laterally with a system called ’stochastic cooling’ to increase their density, at the same time that it accelerates them to light speed. Thus, at the point of collision it bunches obtain densities able to trigger a mass-reaction that Nature only reaches when stars explode into super-novas.
  3. The Fermi satellite has proved that cosmic rays are the debris of super-novas, which fly away from each other in an infinite radius relative to the Earth (as they explode in all directions from their source). Thus, these rays always arrive separated and weakened. Thus CERN is misleading mankind confusing the mass-bombs the LHC will produce, quark gluon soups that detonate stars, with the debris – the cosmic rays blasted on those explosions. CERN will manufacture the bomb. Cosmic rays are the debris. The cynicism is obvious: it is like confusing the murderer with the victim.

Unfortunately CERN practices the fundamental law of rhetoric, explained by the inventor of industrial propaganda, Mr. Goebbels: ‘if you repeat a lie many times, people will believe it’. So CERN constantly lies, repeating that it will make harmless cosmic rays.

Indeed, CERN in its internal documents expressly states that it expects to find in the Hadron collisions (lead to lead) starting this 11/9, phenomena that cannot happen in Cosmic rays, as this document extracted from its conferences show – precisely the creation of stable strangelets that it denies in all its LSAG reports. This is the duplicity of this company that systematically lies to the press and the public that pays its bills, reason why we sued them for criminal negligence:


Strangelets are mini-novas, hot in the surface but cold inside.

CERN said it wouldn’t create strange liquid because LHC’s collisions are very hot. But this information is misleading. Only the external cover of a big-bang is very hot, as in a refrigerator; precisely because the cover expels the energy from the inside and cools down the center, where the strangelet quark liquid is forming.

CERN in fact knows this, because in the internal documents leaked by our ‘whistle-blower’ it states precisely what we have always said, that at higher temperatures/energy more of it will become mass (E=mc2) and so it expects to create stable strangelets the 11/9, and in the Powerpoint presentations of Team CASTOR, in charge of detecting those strangelets it affirms it will produce 500 strangelets a month:

This creation of strangelets that the team CASTOR expressly considers to happen ‘likely’ (though in its public statements CERN adamantly denies so), must be explained according to the properties of the quark-gluon CERN will produce – the first drops of the liquids that cause Super-Novas: Those explosive liquids provoke a dual big-crunch and big bang. The big-bang expels externally radiation while crunching inside quarks into a super-cold vortex of perfect liquid, the strange liquid or stranglet.

In Nature, quark-gluon soups collapse constantly stars into cold black holes and pulsars, while expelling radiation.

In Complexity, our speciality, we study them with the main equation of Time Duality, which states that all systems of Energy and Information are complementary and their informative and energetic arrows are in balance. So we write:

E / I = K.

Yet far from equilibrium liquids achieve that Complementarity by moving its energetic and informative parameters  to the extreme.

This means that a quark gluon soup that creates a supernova is a dual process:

Big-bang (extreme temperature) / Big-crunch (superfluid, informative order) = K.

Thus, in a quark-gluon liquid or supernova the electronic cover of its atoms explode outwards at enormous temperature/speed, while the quark particles inside the liquid form an ultra-cold super fluid vortex, crunching the Earth’s mass into a frozen star.

And at the end of the process we will see a small frozen star in the center of a exploding nebulae of radiation.

We have now experimental evidence of this far from equilibrium Dualityas a few drops of strangelet made at RHIC, behaved as we predicted, NOT as CERN, who expected only a hot gas, had said. At RHIC they created a super-hot, exploding mini-nova, while in the center, quarks collapsed into an ultracold, superfluid vortex.

Further on, CERN created in December many more strange quarks(kaons) than it said. In these early experiments with only 13% more energy than RHIC strange quark production increased geometrically. Thus, with 1000th times more energy the LHC will create enough strange quarks to form stable strangelets, according to all kind of theoretical papers; since the stability and sustainability of any mass-bomb reaction is directly proportional to the critical mass. RHIC created an unstable ‘fetus’, a seed without enough critical mass to make the big-crunch of the Earth self-sustained.

The Earth has not yet become dark matter, because we are very lucky.

The Safety Report made by CERN’s employees about the quark factory is not focused at all in the quark factory and the quark gluon liquids it will produce, but the bulk of it, studies the safety of Neutron stars. This is absurd. Imagine a factory of missiles that would not talk about missiles but study the safety of Saturn’s rings. It would do so NOT to talk about missiles, because it knows missiles are dangerous.

Then it focuses in its rhetoric lie, saying that it will produce cosmic rays and we are safe because cosmic rays (which is not in any case what the LHC will produce) have NOT converted the Earth and the moon into black holes or strangelets of dark matter and we ‘are still here’.

Even if the LHC were a factory of cosmic rays this hypothesis is an statistical argument and therefore must be applied statistically to the galaxy, its planets and the galactic proportion of dark matter, NOT only to the Earth:

Astronomers believe that 96% of the galaxy is made of dark energy and dark matter, whose only known-known component can be Massive Halo Objects, MACHOsof quark matter, strangelets and black holes. Thus strange stars and black holes are all over the galaxy andthe conversion of light matter into dark matter must be very common in the Universe; since all radio-signals come from quark stars, NOT from intelligent life.

What this means is that over 99% of planets have not made it beyond this point of technological history. It is the Fermi paradox, first expressed by Fermi, after seeing the effects of his Nuclear Bomb, when he said that perhaps there is no Intelligent Life in the Universe, because all planets are destroyed by Nuclear Physicists.

Finally, black holes which have eaten the mass of the moon would produce exactly the same background radiation at 2.7 k degrees that inundates the Universe. They are in fact in ‘fractal cosmology’, which considers a Universenot born in a big-bang but made of infinite fractal scales, recently proved experimentally, the original source of the background radiation. So MACHOs eat planets and moons all the time.

All this means that the real statistical chances of becoming dark matter, according to this final ‘safety argument’ are even greater than the one we calculate in this web: over 90%. We are the exceptional planet that has still survived, but CERN will soon try to solve that…

PDF: Time and black holes

PDF: Safety Standards: Lies and Statistics

PDF: The Lawsuit

III. Road less travelled: thought experiments

In that regard, I would like to close the articles of this web, briefly explaining the answers that the fractal paradigm, the true advance of physics in the XXI century has given to all the questions CERN pretends to respond but will never do with its machine. Since, indeed, we fractal physicists know why there are more particles than antiparticles, why there are 3 families of mass, what is the meaning of mass, why particles have different masses, what is dark matter, what is the equation of unification, why the Universe is expanding… All those and many other questions resolved thanks to the complex logic of fractal time and space, cannot be explained with the LHC, because CERN’s scientists are using a 100 years old outdated model of the Universe. So in the same manner Ptolemy wouldn’t be able to explain much of reality with its cosmogony, even if it had pictures of the Hubble, CERN’s quark cannon will not solve anything with its powerful machines and poor physics.

Indeed, the answer to those questions starts with the understanding of a taboo word in the world of physics, the arrow of information that creates, forms the energy of the Universe into particles, masses and charges.

The ultimate reason why we do science is to understand how the future is created. It is the big question. And so first astrophysicists found out the regular motions of planets and objects here on Earth. So they understand it all about motion. This happened because physicists were also doing motion machines, mostly weapons and so their worldly profession lead them to understand all about the change in motion of beings, which Galileo already defined with a simple formula v=s/t.

But there is another type of change in the Universe, the change in the form, or information of beings. And so the future is created by 2 types of times=changes, change in motion (t=s/v) and change in the in/form/ation of beings.

Most physicists ignore that they study only half of the ‘time-changes’ of the Universe and define all the times=changes of the Universe with the previous equation. This leads them to create energetic, motion models of everything. The Universe was created in a big explosion; black holes evaporate energy; we will find the meaning of it all colliding particles at light speed, etc.

It is not only their fault. We didn’t fully understand mathematically the meaning of information till the end of the XX century, when we realize that information is ‘form’, dimensional form, and it is created and destroyed as form warps energy, wrinkles, crunches and gives ‘dimension’, to continuous surfaces.

And so a new science, complexity, and a new paradigm, the fractal paradigm was born in the 70s, which started to model reality with 2 arrows of future that interacted together to create the forms of the Universe, energy/motion and information/form. It was also the birth of fractal physics, and it meant that for the past 2 decades a very reduced group of scientists have used the 2 arrows of the Universe to resolve rationally all those questions, at the same time, CERN built its machine. In that regard in the pdfs of this web ‘truth in depth’, you can find all those questions CERN will never resolve:

–         What is the meaning of mass, how mass is given to particles and the Unification equation of masses and charges.

–         Why there are 3 families of mass, why there are less particles than antiparticles, why the Universe expands and what is the meaning of the big-bang.

–         And many other questions in the longer work ‘the fractal Universe’.

If there was not such a confluence of industry, mass-media hype, computer science, and an old paradigm – a Universe of only energy; if there was not that increasing degeneration of the human mind, who no longer searchers for truth and big questions, but feels happy just with pictures, fictions and data, it is quite probable that CERN would have never been built. Now the future of  human science will either be:

–         No future, if CERN succeeds in killing us. Indeed, we will probably die, because the old dinosaurs of the ‘energy-only’ Universe are not familiar with the future of science. CERN theorists have obvious limits. They can kill us all, but they won’t change the laws of the Universe, which ultimately will define if we survive or not, and unfortunately those laws of future science show God is playing this time against us with charged dices…

–         The fractal paradigm, which will slowly be accepted  since as Planck cynically put it “a new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die, and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it.”

Our existence as a species might be short; as the companies that make the robots and weapons of the singularity are about to complete several lethal designs. Soon, in a world in which humans will be defenceless, with their minds of information colonized by digital fiction, lies and statistics, a quark star or a nano-bacteria will do us all and simplify back this world. But the human mind was certainly more complex than entire galaxies, mere cells of the fractal Universe, and reached heights of understanding than the quark-gluon soup and all the machines of CERN will never reach… And since the fractal paradigm is self-similar in all planets, sum over histories of all possible outcomes of this tragedy, there will be certainly many other worlds in which self-similar fractal theorists suceeded stopping self-similar CERNs and there was indeed a future for human science…

Now it is time to dissolve the ego, a mere knot, mirror of infinite other forms that did make it, because they were humble and respected the truths of the cosmos.  Thus, I leave you in the company of the children of CERN…

Remember though if the Quantum Roulette goes to the black the choice you have collectively made and do not run or accuse those children of eviL for worshipping the anti-truth of Live=Death.  You bet together to the same number all what you got, planet Earth. And now the balls are running, there is not turning back.


Update – october 2017 – Nobels.

As a philosopher of science, perhaps the most advanced ‘thought theorist’ with my organic fractal models of a Universe of 5 Dimensions, which truly open an astounding number of solutions to reality by adding a new dimension of scalar time, of information to our models of the Universe, I often wonder about humans and their astounding indifference to ‘truths which are not accompanied with mechanical, visual data…

I said this because it is obvious science has been for quite long a digital endeavour made for and with machines, and as humans loose conceptual, sequential time-thoughts, the kind of r=evolution of knowledge classic scientists cared for – models such as those of Einstein in 4D or this writer in 5D are totally irrelevant to the concept of science today as collection of data for machines, fed into computers, by ‘automaton children of thought’.

This mindless repetitive concept of science is then pumped up with industrial prizes and seems to be amazingly important…  I wonder indeed if man has any purpose after all besides making machines and evolve weapons…

And so the Saint Nobel of the dynamite this year, goes, how it could be otherwise, to another big-machine, LIGO, for physics, and the Peace Nobel to organisations against the proliferation of Nuclear weapons of the past – man always a memorial being unable to understand the causality of the future; while CERN prepares a 100 Km. new machine in a pretended nazionanist race for scientific glory with China, because ‘it needs it to study dark matter better’… hope we do get to the 2040s to see that machine – meaning at least the LHC did not make us yet a nugget of strange matter. Carpe diem…

Fact is the biggest nuclear danger to mankind are the nukes of the future, cosmic bombs. Why then now? Obviously because Mr. Trump, to distract us from his problems at home is flexing muscle against rival nuclear infancy states like North-Korea and Iran and wants to highlight the need to avoid their nuclearlization – just another political peace prize as usual.

Since of course, North Korea will never yield them as long as it has the menace of immediate invasion on the other side of the border buttressed with a wall of robotic weapons and sophisticated conventional ones in a war not yet closed in South Korea (there is no peace treaty), and Iran will not close its reactors as long as Israel keeps piling up those weapons in secret.

It is that kind of corruption of mankind today as always divided despite being a single species in tribal nazi-onanisms,once the hope of a better EU-UNO like world is gone… looking under its navel, as onan did, ignoring the real problems of big science and the menaces it represents for mankind with placebo newspeaks and false, caring half-truths, that hide the real tragedies of humanity…

So this industrial global form of thought in terms of homunculus enzymen makes so difficult for people to realise the astounding dangers poised by the industry of accelerators coming… from the future.

Everything is scripted by companies of misinformation and humans hardly realise as citizens-cells of the superoganism of history their memes and beliefs are manufactured. The system is becoming more and more complex and repetitive with the Goebbel’s method and humans simpler and simpler, bratty, childish, don’t worry be happy people, and of course any criticism or attempt to put a mirror on them at face value ends as this activism ended – with a law of silence and a few ad hominem insults.

All scripted indeed, LIGO is supposed to have proved the false big bang – those gravitational waves do NOT prove any big bang, only a black hole activity; Nuke’s nobel prize seems to have been a good action to convince Trump not to start a war, but it was basically aimed to North Korea, which should be left alone with its Nukes as we do not expect any other nation to scratch them if they have gotten. Everybody knows that is a M.A.D. strategy that will blow up the world. 

In any case LIGO is harmless. Not so, the go-ahead planning either in China or CERN of a larger 100 km. 100 Tev ring, as the industry of accelerators never ceases to require bigger tax-payer money for dwindling results and larger dangers – in a relic of the M.A.D. age of nuclear cold war industries that should be decommissioned forever:

Just in case we survive LHC, plans keep going ahead to design a 100 km machine with ginormous energy power that will certainly make strangelets and copious amounts of top quarks, triggering an ice-9 or gas-9 reaction (the microscopic production of black holes likely made of top quark condensates, the collateral product of Higgs production, but that part they are not telling…) The excuse BEYOND technological big science spending and jobs for retired A-bomb producers? ‘we need it to study dark matter’ whose likely most probable candidate (Witten’s hypothesis) is indeed the strange stars and top quark stars, aka microscopic black holes NOT evaporating that all the models show should fill the galactic halo.

Update 9 nov. sci am. At least some common sense.“Limited funding and a dearth of newly discovered particles are forcing physicists to cut back plans for their next major accelerator project: a multibillion-dollar facility known as the International Linear Collider (ILC) in Japan.

On November 7, the International Committee for Future Accelerators (ICFA), which oversees work on the ILC, endorsed halving the machine’s planned energy from 500 to 250 gigaelectronvolts (GeV), and shortening its proposed 33.5-kilometre-long tunnel by as much as 13 kilometres. The scaled-down version would have to forego some of its planned research such as studies of the ‘top’ flavour of quark, which is produced only at higher energies.

Instead, the collider would focus on studying the particle that endows all others with mass—the Higgs boson, which was detected in 2012 by the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN, Europe’s particle-physics lab near Geneva, Switzerland… ”

The news are in the good path – first, we won’t be producing at the ILC copious quantities of top quarks, the likely cut-off substance of black holes. So a risk out of the picture. Then by recognizing the LHC is worthless, expensive (and dangerous)… and the industry somewhat obsolete, Japan made a first step towards recognizing the obvious… the industry should be decommissioned… Still sciam has no problem repeating the obvious lie that ‘the Higgs’ endows all others with mass – a complete falsehood – at best it would help to acquire mass to the w-z particles… regardless of media propaganda; and this even the most staunch defender of the ‘particle’ knows: That is all ‘folks’ – we risk the planet for some details about the z particle… the last serious one to be found, near 50 years ago… Obsolete industry, indeed… hopefully the news will also debunk Physicists’ megalomaniac excuses for a Chinese or EU’s 100 km. supercollider.

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    We made it’ said CERN’s TV anchorwoman, when the first collisions showed we were not going to die of a black hole yet… A ‘giant leap for mankind’ said CEO Rolf Hauer, from his refuge at Tokyo. Since we ‘were still here’…

    During the morning it was clear that physicists were worried, as their control of the beams was minimal and if someone knew there was a sizeable risk of black hole formation were them. My predictions, based in fractal physics showed that black holes will only form beyond 10 Tev; but stable strangelet atoms (dibaryons) could be formed slowly and fall to the Earth on the 7 Tev range, especially when lead to lead collisions happen this fall. So I did not expect an explosion on the spot, but as we have repeatedly said in this blog, a slow dripping of dibaryons towards the center of the Earth, till they start to eat inside out this planet, which will be shown by a sudden peak of Earthquake activity.


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