Big-bang religion

12 Jan

Abstract. Why mankind is so enthusiastic about CERN, if it can kill us all. The answer is our belief in the entropic big-bang and other ‘ego-centric’ theories of reality, which simplify the Universe to fit it into equations of mathematical physics that have converted physicists in the new ‘high priests of knowledge’, to which all is allowed. But do really they Understand the universe? Let us consider a wider point of view from the perspective of those humble alternative theories, developed in the XX c. by Einstein, Hoyle, Godel and Bohm, and in the XXI c. by complexity and theory of information, which show the limits of the theory of big-bang and the little importance of those experiments from the perspective of pure knowledge.


In the graph, the true rational, explanation of quantum physics – the pilot wave theory, recently proved by the interstellar EM engine, vs. the subjective ego-centered theory of ‘the observer’ who creates quantum reality, which has become canonical and is ultimately a religious creationist theory.

The astounding fact about Physics today, both in quantum theory and Cosmology is its ‘outlook’ as an anthropomorphic religion that has substituted earlier abrahamic religions, without respecting the basic laws of objectivism of science, unlike all other disciplines. So Physicists have on one side accepted ‘weird’ theories of reality that make man – in this case the observer – the center of creation, against the sound-sound objective theories of reality available and far more sound experimentally, which however eliminate any ‘entitlement for human beings’. Such is the case of the infamous argument between the founders of quantum theory, Planck, Einstein, De broglie and Schrodinger, and his pilot-wave interpretation and the ‘newcomers’, Hilbert, Bohr, Pauli and Heisenberg who imposed a new religion of humans and their mathematics as the ‘creators’ of reality. While in cosmology, they created by the elimination of the informative gravitational force that creates mass out of entropy in galaxies, another weird theory called the big-bang, in which all reality was once according to a simple lineal equation, V≈HoD, compressed in a single point, easy to describe with its simple mathematical tools, a mere mirror-language of reality.

At the heart of those simple, anthropomorphic, ‘creationist’ theories of reality which CERN pretends to explore further, as in the case of Abrahamic religions there is fundamental, existential problem of humanity: the paradox of the ego, which true science and his lonely humble geniuses have always tried to combat with little results – as humans systematically prefer a theory that makes them ‘exceptional’ and happy that one that tells them the objective truth of their non-importance in the universe. In as much as the indifference to the risks of cern are precisely based in the arrogance of humans who cannot conceive its extinction we cannot only consider theoretical, experimental and military reasons to CERN’s potential genocide but do have to criticise the essence of that human arrogance, the paradox of the ego that makes 1/2 of mankind to believe we are ‘chosen of a Bush-God of the bronze age that makes us immortal’ and only its verbal priests can understand, while the other 1/2 believe the Universe was created in a single point described by a single equation in the single language of God, mathematical physics, which only ‘physical experts’ can understand.

The  egocentric, entropic worldly profession of physicists vs. the humble nature of science

The ultimate reason of mankind’s stubborn denial of the collateral effects of LHC, our likely extinction is NOT true science, but  our egocentric  ‘interpretation’ of the sound data we obtain about the 3 ‘scales’ of size (ab. ∆±i) of the Universe:

  • The ∆-1 quantum microscopic scale, which humans chose to interpret WITH the egocentered copenhagen interpretation instead of the sound pilot-wave theory.
  • The ∆-thermodynamic, human scale, which humans chose to interpret only with the arrow of ‘heat’, chaos and entropy, observed in his use of weapons and steam machines (Carnot, Count Rumford an artillery master, Helmothz), disregarding the arrow of ‘coldness’, which creates ‘information’ in crystal solid systems.
  • The ∆+1 cosmological, gravitational scale, in which again, physicists ignored the arrow of in-form-ation, provided by the attractive-only gravitational force, which creates mass and balances the entropic big-bang of space between galaxies, a pattern observed from the first ‘treatises’ on military instruments of Galileo, also an artillery master, who will consider only the law of lineal inertia and lineal time.

So the pattern is clear: Physics is biased by his worldly profession to choose always a single, entropic arrow of time. And that astounding, blatant reductionism of reality and the duality  all systems of nature, including physical systems is truly a shame to the purpose of science, which is to understand reality with all the data, events and facts available. So what we shall do here, is to give the full picture of physical systems in the 2 scales that matter to CERN, the quantum and cosmological scale.

In that sense CERN and modern astrophysics sponsor a pseudo-religious creationist  theory called the big-bang in which the entire Universe reduced to a single point, which CERN pretends to recreate – and whose research is the ultimate alibi for CERN to be accepted despite its obvious risks. So we shall now slightly divert this article from the factual nature of those risks and the nuclear rhetoric, to consider 3 different questions:

-The nature of the human ego and how humans prefer to believe in happy self-centred theories of reality (anthropomorphic religions, mathematical gods) that in objective science.

-And following that trend they tend to elaborate theories of reality close to their worldly professions. So physicists that make weapons invented the big-bang explosive creation of the universe, despite its many flaws both theoretical and experimental.

-So instead we will reconsider a more objective theory of reality than those sponsored by the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum physics and the big-bang interpretation of creation. Namely the sound-sound, increasingly proved theories of Einstein both in quantum and cosmology (pilot wave theory along De Broglie, and steady state along Fred Hoyle). Indeed after a century of ‘propaganda’ of the creationist and observer’s theory of physics, which so much pumps the human ego, the sound theories of Einstein keep coming back with new proofs, and keep giving new avenues of thought and will if we survive CERN become standard one humans stop being so arrogant about what they can and cannot know and what is the nature of reality.

First to understand what we just said, people must differentiate quantum interpretations of the sound facts, experimental proofs and coherent mathematical equations that allow us to work with electronic machines and construct them. This is the simple, rather mechanical process of gathering data, putting it on equations and assembly machines, which CERN does so well.

But CERN IS NOT constructed just to make a huge machine and take pictures of small particles. It does claim to exist because it will reveal the meaning of the Universe, so we can take the risks of dying, for the stakes are so ‘great’.

So we shall not discuss here at all the obvious fact that quantum equations allow us to make electronic machines – granted, and telescopes allow us to see the Universe; but the ‘interpretations’ of the data of quantum physics and the Universe on ‘philosophical grounds’, and hence also the ‘foundations of mathematics’, which have always split in two fields:

  • The realist humble, relativistic interpretations, which are right and time always brings back, since Copernicus, Descartes and Leibniz the philosophers of science affirmed, his relative theories of time and space and the mind to the times of Einstein, Bohm and Hoyle, who all of them fond of philosophy of science and ‘fist principles’ affirmed a realist quantum interpretation (above), a realist Universe with 2 time arrows, entropic space which dilates it but also informative gravitation that ‘collapses’ those entropic waves into galactic matter, balanced overall its total volume. And finally the use of mathematics as a language-mirror of the mind that does NOT create reality, but merely fits it nicely on the small brain, and has therefore to be studied a priori, AS A LANGUAGE OF THE MIND, with the same ternary syntax, inflationary errors, and modelling properties of all other equally valid languages that mirror reality (visual, verbal languages in man, chemical in life, gravitational in cosmology, etc.)
  • The egocentered anthropomorphic interpretations,which always attempt to reduce phenomena ONLY to those elements that ensure the Human Ego to come on top of reality, from the Ptolemaic theories of the Earth as center of the Universe, to Newton’s definition of absolute space as the plenum body of ‘Yhwh’, to the quantum observer theory, to the axiomatic method of Hilbert in mathematics, as the language humans imagine and comes a priori, creating NOT reflecting reality. Contrary to belief those interpretations who require the ELIMINATION of all non-human larger truths. So Ptolemy dismissed the larger sun in the center. Newton dismissed time and space as relational systems of multiple clocks, carried by different species, NOT only the human, mechanical clock (Leibniz and Einstein). Bohr dismissed the quantum potential field that feeds the motions of particles, even if we don’t see them. And denied the obvious – if we don’t see them is NOT because they are not there but because they are so far removed of our scale of space size and time that we just have a limited information.

The religion of the big-bang vs. a sound dual theory of entropy and information.

The big bang alibi connects CERN with the ‘theoretical religion’ of physicists, quite similar to that of Abrahamic religions, in which an infinitesimal human being ‘believed’ to understand the meaning of it all, because God, the mind of the Universe reduced itself in the big bang to another infinitesimal point, easy to handle by the arrogant ego-centered bronze age peasant, which became the ‘only’ human to understand it all or the modern physicist who pretends a ‘simple lineal equation’ called the Hubble constant, V = Ho D, resumes it All.

So the religious priest will tell you ‘GOD’ explains it all, just 3 letters, 4 in the Jewish Tetragramaton, Yhwh, 5 in Allah. And there is no need for anything else. Alas from GoD to V≈hoD, from Abrahamic cults to big-bang cults 2 letters have changed to remain the same.

This is the essence of the absurd theory of the big bang, according to which V=hod, in this case not the mind but the entire Universe reduced itself to an infinitesimal point which was the ‘beginning of time and space’ that only physicists (and creationist, biblical priests that sponsor the concept – in fact ‘discovered’ by a catholic priest, Mr. Lemaitre), the high popes of science understand with an arcane ‘latin language’ called mathematics.

In reality that equation is so simple that one cannot avoid a smile, when people tells you Physicists are the absolute geniuses of mankind. It merely means that galaxies are separating because the light, an entropic, lineal, expansive force between them, elongates its wave as it moves. There is nothing else, but already Einstein said ‘imagination’ is more important than intelligence. So as religious people have made of God with good imagination and pumping-ego ceremonies the meaning of it all, nuclear physicists have extracted from that single fact – light elongates as an entropic force between galaxies, with a ‘lot of imagination’, half-lies and statistics the meaning of it all.

How they did it? Simple: they just move backwards this light expansion, and concluded that as light expands between galaxies, if we run it backwards it must have imploded into a single point, the ‘origin of it all’ which their Vhod describes as the graph shows.

Never mind light NOT only expands when free but it contracts within galaxies by the force of gravitation, balancing thus, the expansive E=mc2 death of mass into radiation, with the implosive, M=E/c2 informative implosion of light into mass particles and galaxies, making reality a wobbling balanced immortal infinity of dying mass and imploding light. Indeed, if you run backward the equation of light expansion, you just will get back to the atom of the galaxy that emitted that ray of light – AS ALL EQUATIONS ARE FINITE and happen only as long as the phenomenon they describe exists – in this case the ray of light that expands does NOT go back into an infinitesimal point because all LIGHT is produced by particles according to the E=mc2 equation. 

Yet the big-bang dogma merely rejects to put the most famous equation of physics, E=mc2 at work, as the abrahamic cult denies any other ‘letters’ to God. It is only God, or Yhwh or Allah (even if actually the 3 religions says it is the same God). In physics it is only Vhod not E=mc2, what matters. You just vehemently deny the other ‘letters’ matter at all to create matter (play with words, as it is all just funny egos jumping me, i and myself only, if it had not so ugly collateral effects).

Thus the big bang is just a theory based in the wordily profession of nuclear physicists (make atomic bombs). So disregarding the arrow of information and life, which is the creative force of the Universe, physicists pretend to interpret reality only with the arrow of destruction and death, they call ‘entropy’, and merely moved backwards in time a lineal, simple equation of entropy, to pretend it moved backwards till this supposed explosion collapsed into a tractable infinitesimal point, much more smaller than the human ego. The parallels between those 2 supreme ‘theories of the subjective ego’ are multiple.

The peasant Meshu thought God was the bush their goats munched because that was his professional ‘food’. And he denied therefore the immanent sacred nature of all what exists, made of the same ‘plenum substance’, impersonal space and time. God was in his bush. The arawak who ate turtles thought God was a huge turtle over which the Earth floated.

The nuclear industry which makes nuclear bombs designed a theory of the Universe, in which only its ‘entropic process’ of explosive death accounted for the creation of the entire Universe. So of course, the people who hold the alternative sound-sound theory, called the steady state Universe, from Einstein to Hoyle, who affirmed ad maximal there would be a quasar big-bang, observed experimentally balanced by the creation of mass, laughed at them and called its theory the ‘big-bang’, arguing their makers were either ‘creationist priests’ (Lemaitre) or people working in the nuclear industry (Gamow). It was then business as usual: ad hominem attacks on Einstein and Hoyle, the P.r.ess heralding Gamow as a genius, since it backed the nuclear weapons industry and justified experiments and industries that researched them, such as CERN created then. And soon they recruited their twin believers in creationist points and G. bushes, so the church who still denied Evoution jumped on the wagon and every sound proof of the steady state Universe was dismissed and every fool proof of the Big bang was canonised, as we explain in our right side articles on 5D and cosmology which studies the falsehood of big-bang theories.

Indeed for God to be unique, it was just needed to kill all rival gods, and we are still on the business of killing each other to prove our ‘letters matter more’. And for the big bang to work, it was just needed to DENY all other causes of the process of DUAL informative creation of mass and entropic destruction of mass into radiation. This of course created the paradox that physicists used e=mc2 to explode bombs but deny their equation to uphold Vhod.

At this point things became a little surrealist: physicists changed the name of the arrow of information and life and called it ‘negantropy’, the negation of death, as if negating death was a ‘sin’ and information and life was irrelevant, something Vhod could dispose of.

They also denied the most important in-formative force of the Universe, gravitation, which ‘forms’ the mass of galaxies, as time goes by. So Einstein, the only sound mind, who merely did ‘thought experiments’ said that ‘time curves space into mass’. So the creation of mass balances the entropic flows of pure light space without form between those galaxies.

Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 15.32.50And the result is an immortal wobbling spring like Universe, where according to Einstein’s equation: E=M(c2), entropy reigns in the electromagnetic forces and light transiting between galaxies, expanding its space-time. But then it collapses within galaxies, creating with gravitational forces, in-form-ation. And this arrow of form and life is more important. Since we humans live in one of those vortices of time collapsing into mass, called the milky way, in one of its cyclical, turning planets that evolves information, through the processes of life and technology and human languages of thought. SO IT MATTERS MORE to understand mass and life than entropy and vacuum expansive space. The next graph shows schematically one of those galaxies wobbling.

In the graph, absolute relativity postulates a Universe of infinite scales of sizes with relative big-bangs, which are the death of implosive Mass converted back and forth into entropic motion, according to Einstein’s equation: Entropy<=>Mass (c2), which obviously has 2 arrows of time, and so it was in fact first described first, as M=E/c2, that is a process that transforms entropy into mass and information, stored in the frequency of those accelerated mass cycles.

Now, the ‘steady state theory’ of the Universe has always come to this simple realisation: the creation of mass eliminates the need for a singularity. There are a few different versions and duality merely makes them even more sound. The best elaboration of this steady state dual expansive-implosive Universe, departing from earlier work by Einstein and Fred Hoyle, is the concept of a series of local big-bangs, called quasars, proved recently by the 20 billion years tabulated cycle of galaxies:

Scientific American 293, 42 – 49 (2005)

Further on the cycles is reinforced by the fact that big-bang radiation is measured locally, as Penzias and Wilson were indeed measuring the background radiation of the galaxy,  a fact recently rediscovered by the observance of 2 ‘electromagnetic lobes’ on the galaxy, which are exactly the same found in the supposed mapping of the whole Universe:

The first graph from sci-am shows the 20 billion years cycle of quasars, which destroy the central bar of the black hole, produce massive quantities of helium above the galaxy center (considered the 2nd fundamental proof of the big-bang after the V=HoD equation, already explained) and provokes waves of radiation. Below we observe the ‘supposed ‘lobes’ of the cosmos, which turn out to be exactly the 2 lobes of our galaxy, recently discovered, and the fact that from quantum atoms to galaxies, there are E=Mc2 double big-bangs from beta decay to novas of stars and planets to galaxies.

So what is the origin of the ‘back ground radiation’? Unfortunately another clear proof that the galaxy is teaming with strangelets and black holes. Since the background radiation can only be produced today by a black hole or dark matter strangelet gravitationally redshifting light as it passes through the halo:

And so a huge proof of the Fermi Paradox comes through Einstein’s gravitational redshift: a black hole or strangelet which has eaten the mass of a moon, the most abundant planetary size of the galaxy, will produce exactly redshifted background black body radiation at 2.7 k,

So the SUPPOSED absolute proof of a cosmic big-bang IS in fact without ‘extrapolations into an infinitesimal past point’ perfectly explained now IF the light matter of the galaxy ‘feeds’ the dark matter of the halo, which WILL thereafter redshift constantly gravitationally (another Einstein effect) light all over the galaxy and light coming inside the galaxy at 2.7 K.

Again in Epistemology WHEN 2 POSSIBLE CAUSES OF A phenomena happen, the sound SOUND ONE, is the cause that happens NOW. It is like if you try to explain your 37 degrees of body temperature and you have a doctor that tells you the NOW-now cause – the activity of your cells at 37 degrees, as the activity of dark matter of moon masses (called MACHOs) today at 2.7 K. Obviously this is a sound theory

Now imagine a ‘guru’ that comes and tells you, your 37º temperature is in fact caused by the ‘cooling’ of your temperature at the moment of your birth which was then ‘3 trillion degrees’, and I have a lineal equation that proves you have been getting colder till now, exactly at the required speed to get now 37 degrees. You will think he is cuckoo because he NEVER measured your temperature in the past, so he is making a non-scientific extrapolation. Well THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT Gamow did. He came to the conclusion that the Universe had cooled down from the singularity of trillions of degrees to the almost ‘absolute zero’ of 20 degrees… Wait, but it is not 2.7 K background radiation?

Yes, he FAILED COMPLETELY TO FORECAST it. But WHEN Penzias measured the then called ‘galaxy temperature’ at 2.7 K, GAMOW simply a posteriori changed his lineal equation to meet 2.7 k now, and then a flurry of ‘egolatric’ scientists decided it was NOT local but cosmic radiation. Because that kept them as ‘the new high popes of creationism’ and the meaning of it all. AND AGAINST RELIGIONS I DO NOT REASON.

Indeed, there are many other sounder proper explanations to every supposed cosmic big-bang phenomena, but when an entire ego-centered group of human beings is in a ‘mission’ pumping with zealot ego human power, there is no ‘reasoning’ able to stop the tsunami – the sound reasons are hidden, unpublished, the half-reasons which favor the pseudo-religion are pumped, retouched ad hoc, as Gamow’s temperature…

So we do dedicate an entire post on cosmology to study a little bit in detail this theory, which i am now on the business of properly rewriting as the rest of this idle web for many years left alone after the failure of suits and films to rise public awareness.

But as an image is worth more than a thousand words, we have just showed you the 3 most recent, visual proofs that the background radiation is local, galactic, and if there was in the past a ‘big-bang’ was just the quasar cycle of our galaxy.

So as always times proves the sound, humble, rational scientists right. In this case Einstein’s steady state solution, which Fred Hoyle developed in a huge mathematical effort just before dying in his theory of multiple quasar big-bangs, which the cycle of galaxies found by the French astronomers further proved and my calculus of Moon MACHOs radiation, which any student of physics can easily corroborate properly explains.

All those galaxies prove indeed, with its longer 20 billion cycle, which goes beyond the supposed age of the big-bang its falsehood. As many of the recently discovered astronomical phenomena in far away galaxies show. Since we are finding formed galaxies, formed giant black holes, formed II generation stars and star dust, which could not have been born before the big-bang. So do those supposed ‘lobes’ of the cosmic big-bang, which Smolin a famed physicist wanted to use to prove his theory that high frequency light goes faster than red-shifted light, as they were supposed to come from 13 billion years ago and so a small difference of distance should be found. Alas, the surprise when they found they are the exact ‘trace’ of the 2 lobes of electromagnetic radiation found in OUR galaxy. Yet they occupy supposedly ‘a huge piece of the entire Universe… 

We have put just a few of the experimental proofs of recent astronomy to add to the enormous number of planets found all over the place, which reinforce the Fermi paradox, so you don’t think I am here making a case only for theory, only for my work in the 2 arrows of time. So WHY nothing of this comes in ‘daily press’? FOR ALL THE WRONG REASONS – religions are always respected; masses always side together for them. As Schopenhauer said: ‘the wise always say the same, the fools, which are majority do exactly the opposite’. And of course, attack ad hominem the wise.

Indeed, in the steady state theory things became soon ad hominem against Hoyle who quipped back inventing the mocking term of ‘big-bang theory’.

While basically Einstein’s attempts to put reason on quantum theory were ignored after he defied Bohr, till his death. He got an FBI file, nobody was going to his classes, and so he dedicated himself to talk to Godel on the ridiculous concept of Mathematics as the substance of the Universe, to boating and walking… Then they discovered black holes, all his theories were proved… till Hawking decided as a celebrity guru to challenge him with his theory of black holes traveling to the past, totally ignorant of the real time arrows of the Universe.

AND THINGS even got worst, with Bohm, who completed Broglie’s pilot wave theory – he got ignored, got his FBI file, was stripped of his American nationality and became an expatriate. Do not think physicists take lightly any attack on his religion of ‘seers’ of time.

In that regard, it is necessary to stress as we do in many articles the sociological and military-industrial topics, which so well work together to prevent the simple, easy solution to CERN – close the factory of strangelet liquid, which is nothing but deconfined quark matter, the ‘thing’ the LHC keeps doing each year in bigger amounts till it become stable and does us all. Basically the LHC is the showcase for most high tech industries and the pet-project of the most powerful group of science, physicists – since they make the machines and weapons of our industrial civilisation; and so sponsor ‘Fromm’s technological ethics: ‘if we can make a machine we must make it, even if it kills us all.

So on one side the pressure of peers is enormously and on the other the rest of mankind who worships machines and physicists will never dare to defy something they don’t understand. 

This means only the most advanced theoretical physicists and philosophers of science (the true queen of scientific disciplines, despite physicists attempts to ‘push us aside’) will tell the truth about CERN, as only the likes of Bohm and Einstein denounced the nuclear industry – yet they will be treated ad hominem and remain the obscurity.. While the physicists, who agree and promote alt-right theories in favor of the military-industrial complex will be exposed and had the power and means both to create strangelets in this machine and promote their non-risk theories on the press and mass-media, as it was the case in our suits against CERN.

Back to the ego paradox – the parallels between religious zealots and physicists.

The only difference between religious people and creationist physicists is in the language of those 2 supposed infinitesimal ‘wholes’, God, the name, and V≈Hod, the equation religious and big-bang  zealots think explains it all:

-1/2 humanity thinks God talks only with words, in the exact language of the believer, which only the priest understands. Another 1/2 believes God talks only with numbers, in the exact language of the believer, which only the mathematical physicist understands.

So the trick is to make the language complex enough to disguise the simplicity of the argument. Thus christian priests talked in Latin for peasants to feel awe, the Koran could not be translated, and Vhod has gotten a lot of ad ons and machines to make it complex enough for the human mass, worshipers of machines to feel there is a better priesthood upholding the supreme intelligence of the human ape, which when we look at his ‘real mind’, is an homunculus with a very small mental consciousness, a huge big mouth to utter nonsense and an even bigger hands to assembly machines and pump his ego with weapons. The graph shows man at face value. Notice how small is the ‘reasoning part’ for the ego. It is all about big mouths and machines assembling things. So the person with the biggest, most arrogant big mouth and more dexterous hands to make machines and weapons carries he day among the worshipping audiences.

Things get more surrealist when we look objectively to the ego-theories of both rivals of truth.

So when the homunculus talks in both cases, God and Vhod, and his ‘mediums’, the priest and the physicist are supposed to have the capacity to create reality ‘speaking the language’. Now, it is the priest and the scientist who creates reality, as vehicle of God.

So in Islam, god creates reality exactly talking ‘names’ in arab, which then become reality, reason why you cannot translate the Koran. In the catholic church God spoke in Latin. And only the priest could understand it. In the Hindi religion Shiva, the god of death, spoke with burning flames as in Judaism, because fire was the substance used by the military caudillos of Israeli zealots and Hindi castes to make their weapons.

In both religions the priest becomes through the ceremony and the mantras it speaks, God himself, which is also ‘eaten by the catholic’ believer in ‘the creationist power of the language’. So ‘God, the word became man and inhabited among us’. 

And this is the case of physicists today akin to the religion of Hindi Shivaites: the fire of his bombs created the Universe and a statue of Shiva presides CERN’s facilities – it only has changed according to the growing arrow of information, which as time goes by increases the complexity of those rituals, the ‘cover up’ of the amazing arrogance of the homunculus.

And of course it has changed the language. So now Vhod has ‘unified’ the words of Babel and talks only in platonic mathematics – the epistemological theory of physicists.

Do you think I am exaggerating? Or no. If anything I am downplaying the capacity of the physicist priesthood to ‘create’ reality just uttering numbers.

Let us explain this, because i am NOT joking. Physicists actually believe since quantum theorists applied the religious theory of linguistic creationism to mathematics that ‘THEY’ invent reality.

Indeed, the reader should not be surprised that mathematics is today NO LONGER defined as an experimental language that merely mirrors reality, as it was always thought of, and proved by Lobachevski and Godel (mathematics as a mirror of reality must be proved experimentally to know what theory is truth, or as Einstein, yes again, this sound guy, everybody reveres but everyone denies, put it: ‘i know when mathematics is truth but not when it is REAL’). NO WONDER his best friend was Godel, who proved mathematics needs experiments. Never mind. Physicists dismissed it all together and affirmed as religious zealots that the Universe is made of mathematical ‘entities’ and moreover, THEY CREATED MATHEMATICS. So they were like the priests of the Gods of the hindoos and hebrews, the ‘creators of reality,

Indeed, as God and the priest ‘invents’ in his mind the language which creates reality, an idealist, arrogant German, a mathematical physicist called Mr. Hilbert told us that ‘he’ invents mathematics in his mind and then mathematics creates reality.

So he started his ‘axiomatic book’, landmark of XX century physics, ‘the foundations of mathematics’ on the nature of reality with an astounding ‘self-confession’:  ‘I imagine points, lines and planes’ which ‘are’ the substances of the mind that creates the Universe.

Hilbert was the main influence on the physicists that invented the ‘quantum, Copenhagen interpretation’ of a purely mathematical Universe that ‘becomes real’ only when the physicist observes it, against the sound realist model of the true masters and founders of this science, Planck,  De Broglie, Schrodinger and Einstein. THEY had an absolutely sound, experimental, normal explanation, called today the Pilot-wave theory in which waves guide particles, as it happens in the macroscopic homology of pilot waves, proved ad nauseam, recently with the EM engine for interstellar travel.

But reality didn’t make Mr. Bohr and Mr Heisenberg and Mr.Pauli, flinch. As usual they started a nasty ad hominem campaign against Broglie and Einstein, who had found the equations, they now misused and twist to prove their alt-right theory a la Trump (they had the power of the german industry on his side).

So they stated flatly that the Universe was made of ‘mathematical, imaginary functions’, and ‘only did happen’ collapsing into reality only when the mathematical physicist, the observer who ‘imagined points and lines’ looked at it.

So Einstein quipped: ‘the moon doesn’t come out when i look at it’. And he was ostracised from the group. Broglie, brutally assaulted by Pauli, had to retract as the criminals of the Stalinist Moscow trials, where all the original r=evolutionaries were condemned to death after confessing they were wrong; and the ‘impostors’ Bohr, a wealthy heir of the financial industry and Heisenberg, a Nazi connected to the military-industrial complex (sounds familiar?) carried the day, while the solitary geniuses, Broglie, a french aristocrat, and Einstein a socialist, pacifist, lonely genius, retired.

Heisenberg got the Saint Nobel of the Dynamite, the youngest man to get one, which Einstein had been denied for decades, as a pacifist, to the point one year it was declared deserted because all the ‘silent normal physicists’ refused to name another candidate. And everybody has been happy ever since, explaining you that quantum physics proves we humans create reality, there are parallel Universes as we are immortal and every ‘thought we have’ creates another Universe where we exist also so we are not ONY GODS, that is Vhods, but actually far more powerful that God, who did create only one Universe: each of us is in the business of creating ∞ Universes, in which each of our alter egos is the central creator. 

Again the imposition of this astoundingly arrogant view, now canonical as the big-bang and the G.Bush is (not the American president, busy-busy creating alt-right Universes of his own but the God Bush of Abrahamic religions 🙂 required the ‘reductionism’ of all sound theories, eliminating all the variables, arguments, equations and elements which the human creator did NOT observe.

So by this way of reducing it all to the observer, they made POSSIBLE to reduce all to the Physicists mind-theory. One of the practitioners of this theory, an Iranian who affirmed it was easier for the LHC to produce dragoons that strangelets and black holes, Mr. Hamed, is really into it, now lobbying the Industry to convince the Chinese to make an even bigger LHC, to see if those dragoons come out for the Chinese new year. Seriously, he claims to have tabulated the number of Universes created and wants to see them through the LHC: 10 up to 500, that is there are 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 Universes created by observers (more or less, i run tired of pressing zeros) and he claims to have the equation to know them all.

Indeed, what has essentially happened to physicists after that bizarre ego-trip of mr. Bohr et al is obvious: since mathematics creates the universe, not the other way around (reflects the Universe in a language), and more over it is a ‘proprietary language’ of the Hilbert school of imaginary points, lines and planes, any mathematical equation MUST be real MUST create some effect in reality – never mind there is zero proof of it. So INDEED, we can expect dragoons if you can model them mathematically, black holes evaporating to the past (Hawking) if you can write them mathematically, and so on. 

This philosophy of science is now canonical and plainly false.

Of course the simplex nature of the scientific method when it does NOT interpret reality works, whatever philosophy of science you choose.

There is nothing intelligent in doing the praxis of science; you collect data, you put it in equations – now you don’t even need to know much of it, just plug it into computers and you make machines with it. But humans will always take a flight of the ego just because Nature NOT them transmits information perfectly through waves, etc.

We are talking though here of the huge questions, ‘the thoughts of god’, the meaning of it all, NOT the details. And in this field the Copenhagen and big-bang interpretation is pure ego bull$hit, as Einstein fully understood. Because people use in real day machinery based in quantum physics, the practitioners of the Hilbert->Bohr religion of the observer can sell their infinite Universes and entropy only theory and people tend to think all this quantum ‘bull$hit’ is real.

To me the only remarkable thing about it, as in the case of the ridiculous ego-trips of abrahamic religions is what it tells us about ‘humans as an egolatric species’, who will always rejects truth and hence ‘existence’ as it is, if you sell him a good fantasy to make him again the center of the Universe. But the penalty they pay is not only theoretical – the complete misunderstanding of the thoughts of God, but quite real – its future extinction by all those species of ‘organic bombs’ they thoroughly despise as irrelevant. The human microbio must be above heavens and Earth.

The languages he speak – either words or numbers – must be the vehicle to understand, even create the Universe.

And the proof of all this must be not reason and experience but ‘prizes’ , ‘ceremonies’, the seal of ‘authority’ of some other clueless human; the peer solidarity; the routines and dogmas repeated by   new generations, since as Gerry Garcia said ‘whores, religions and old buildings get respetable with age’. So has happened with the religion of Copenhagen and the big bang dogma.

So, don’t dare to insinuate that it is all a pseudo-religion of the ego, which it is. A wall silence will rise to anyone who tries to deny dogmatism in physics, as it happened to Hoyle, Einstein for quite sometime till his formula was used to do bigger bombs, Eddington for insinuating that without direct evidence quantum interpretations were just myths of the mind and many others. And of course, Godel and Lobacjevski who showed that mathematics is not consistent in itself bust must be based in the experimental reality of SPACE (GEOMETRY) AND TIME (LOGIC ALGEBRA).

We shall thus in this post along our narrative of CERN’s dangers and activism, and the ego-trips of the homunculus and those who make a religion of their worldly profession of entropic weapons prove you the following Postulate foundation of all mathematical and linguistic statements:

‘Mathematics is an experimental language, whose laws postulates, 3 sub disciplines and real units, numbers & points ARE based as a mirror of reality in the laws of Space (geometry and its points), Time (algebra and its numbers) and the scalar structure of the Universe (analysis)”

BUT to prove THAT first we need to understand how entropy and information together create a space-time cycle.So let us explain you without ego, and with both arrows of time, entropy and information and its infinite, energetic combinations, how the Universe truly works.

Since indeed, when we abandon the entropic, lineal only-time theory of physicists, biased by their worldly profession, we realise all clocks of TIME in the Universe are cyclical and store information:

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 10.28.43 In the left graph, all time clocks and cycles, which return to its origin, creating a circle that stores the information of the Universe in the frequency and form of its cycles.

This self-evident truth is ONLY denied by physicists, biased by their worldly profession, to make lineal weapons, which deliver entropic lineal shots with cannonballs (left, Galileo’s drawings on ballistics, which brought the concept of lineal-only time). As physics and war became the trade mark of western civilisation, physicists dedicated to evolve machines and weapons, changed the two arrows and cycles of time, which became reduced to lineal entropic ‘big-bang’ time.

Even after Darwin brought back the concept of evolutionary time and Vico->Marx, Kondratieff->Schumpeter applied this concept of r=evoution to history and economics and biology expanded as a science of life and information, stored in circadian and genetic cycles, the concept of cycles of time today accepted in life, history and economics – IS STILL DENIED by entropic physicists.

Time, which means change=motion in philosophy, however cannot be reduced to a simple LINEAL formula, v=s/t that equalises all the different clocks of the Universe, all the different cyclical actions of its species with a single mechanical ‘time clock’ of measure elongated into an infinite duration AS it is more convenient to study loco-motions, the lineal entropic motions of those cannonballs, which imposed with power the simplification of time cycles that still endures and justifies the big-bang experiments of planet Earth.

So after concluding his first book on Physics, called ‘military instruments’ Mr. Galileo affirmed, his lineal time would be the ‘delight of philosophers and artillery masters’. Funny thing though is that even the entropic lines of its cannonballs were ‘twisted’ downwards into a curved parable by the informative force of gravitation. It would take 400 years for Einstein to explain indeed that ‘gravitational forces of time vortices, masses, curved space, informing the Universe’

But particle, quantum physicists still deny him, from Hawking who affirms black holes travel backwards in time, so they are not vortices of mass-information but entropic explosive things that evaporate, against ALL theoretical and experimental evidence, to the deniers of the Einstein-Broglie-Bohm pilot theory, proved recently ‘again’ by the EM engine able to move in interstellar travel with no combustible thanks to the ‘guidance’ of the wave… All this shows a simple fact: the worldly profession of physicists and the power of machines DOMINATES AND IMPOSES its lineal bias on theory. And truth and reason cannot ‘bend’ that.


The paradox of the ego and the entropic worldly profession of physicists.

So 2 are the obvious causes of the bias of physicists towards entropic and creationist, linguistic theories of the Universe, the paradox of the ego, and the cultural, worldly profession of Northern, germanic European physicists, who developed this discipline:

On one hand the ethics of a technological civilisation are based in its main cult(ure) of war and weapons that deliver ‘massive amounts of lineal entropy’ (the germanic culture of Goths, who came in history calling themselves the tribe of the Gods because they could kill anyone who opposed them and have always developed religions and theories based ‘only’ in lineal entropy=death), today globalised. So we ‘believe’ in german physics, without realising its cultural bias.  Further on, the so-called military-industrial complex is the basis of the main ‘tribal institution’ they founded to organise humans – the nation, first merely a tribe of aristocratic germans, on top of the European people, the franks, the anglos, the alamani and so on; then with colonisation expanded globally, and substituting the natural unit of mankind as a single ‘homo sapiens species’. So research in weapons and machines, and competition between homo tribalis with them seems essential to all of us. And this ‘ego-centered’ tribal concept expands also through anthropocentric religions to all humans, who feel entitled, immortal and center of the Universe. And needless to say it expands to scientists, specially physicists, who feel to hold the ‘language of god’, mathematics, as its main experts, and hence the highest intelligence of the Universe

On the other hand, against all evidence, we think we are not at risk because of the ego zeitgeist of mankind, which of course the reader will deny, specially if he is a physicist;  as he is human after all and believes indeed to be perhaps no longer the center of the Universe, as all humans thought till Galileo, but at least its most perfect species. So our lack of con-cern – how the Universe could eliminate its highest species? is born on THE HUMAN EGO, which cannot tolerate not TO BE IMMORTAL, not TO BE THE CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE, its only ‘intelligent species’ who knows better – and paradoxically will rather die holding this supreme ego paradox than accept humbly its limits of life and death, evolution and knowledge in an infinite immortal Universe, of which we are just a smallish part. Religious jihadists do die to uphold their beliefs; and so do despite its rational outlook, certain scientific believers in physical theories in which man, not the Universe creates reality.

The paradox of the ego, is thus natural to the essence of being human – we are self-centred beings – but inverse to the nature of TRUE science, which is objective and constantly displaces man from the center of the Universe. So first Copernicus took us from the center of space; then Darwin took us from the center of evolution; then Einstein took us from the center of motion; and his friend showed mathematical languages were not the language of god, but a mirror of reality that needed experimental proofs. And finally the extensions of their work in the XXI century, Absolute relativity took us from the center of size, in a fractal, Universe of infinite scales. But most humans still reject those advances o objective science. So we need too fully upgrade the objective theories of mathematical physics, in the path of Einstein, Godel, Bohm and Hoyle, to show the limits of any scientific inquire, with a hidden anthropomorphic agenda, as the rival theories of the Copenhagen Interpretation, the creationist entropic big bang, and needless to say the ego paradoxes of creationist, abrahamic religions are.

So we shall conclude this paradox of the ego, turning around the heads of those mathematical believers and defining the equation of the ego paradox in mathematical terms to show the believers their infinitesimal nature.

0-Minds: Still mappings with languages of information of the ∞ Universe.screen-shot-2017-02-13-at-14-00-12







In the graph, Science and any other form of knowledge merely tries to reduce the infinite Universe to a smallish mirror mapping or ‘monad’ or ‘frame of reference’ or ‘language’, to act and react to the flows of entropy and information of that Universe (combined in the 3rd arrow of time, energy).

What both physicists and religious people do is to ‘exclude’ all other mind-views, mirror-mappings and languages of perception from reality, biasing the Universe into a ‘straightjacket’ called ‘theory of everything’ based in its single language.

Let us then return to the origin of their peculiar concept of ‘reality’ created by the language of mathematics and the force we perceive, entropic lineal light, which excludes completely the in-formative force of ‘invisible gravitation’ and the intelligent mirrors of all other species, from feromonal ants to gravitational black holes who externally act as if they were ‘intelligent’ perceptive beings ordering their territorial domain, as we do with words, and scientists and sensorial machines (clocks of time, eyes of metal, telescopes and microscopes) do with maths.

In other words, the Universe needs infinite minds, focuses of information to order it.  And this was the understanding that started modern philosophy of science in the work of Descartes.

Descartes was a contemporary of Galileo, and the true founder of modern science with his ‘Method of reasoning’ and the Frame of Reference of the mathematical mind, said that all what exists was made of:

– Open space, which he called ‘res extensa’, the less important part of the ternary systems of the Universe, the cytoplasm of cells, the inner space-time of light matter in galaxies, where we live, the cells of your body, the light filled space of atoms, etc.

– Closed, cyclical times, the external membranes, which he called ‘vortices’ and separates the system from the outer Universe, the halo membrane of galaxies, the electron of atoms the skin of your body, which jails the inner space.

And then he added a 3rd element, the final stroke of a genius unparalleled since the times of Aristotle; after realizing that the only proof he had of the existence of those vortices and res extensa was, is the fact that he perceived them from a singularity, central linguistic point of view, the verbal mind that controls the system – the black hole of gravitational information, the nervous system, the DNA code. So he said: Cogito Ergo Sum. ‘I think therefore I am’. Yet this point and language-mirror is an infinitesimal reduction of the whole Universe, even if the mapping is quite accurate reflection of it. So we can now define in a simple equation all the minds of realty:

– The mind or 0-point, the relative frame of reference that mapped the ∞ cycles of time of the Universe, reducing them to a ‘World’, to fit them into the infinitesimal volume of the brain.

0-mind x ∞ Universal cycles = C: constant World mirror of the Universe.

So each mind is an infinitesimal world mirror of the infinite universe. And so there is only one infinite Universe but infinite Linguistic Monads.

What the physicist or religious person does is TO DENY all other mirrors, languages, monads and affirm HE CREATES WITH HIS LANGUAGE the Universe, the infinitesimal creates the infinite talking words in arab or ‘imagining point, lines, planes and particles that collapse when the physicist looks at the moon that before was NOT there’ LOL, try to laugh at them. Then they will show they are right because they can kill you.

The explanation of this paradox though is immediate if you look again at the equation of ‘any mind’ (o x ∞ = Constant, undetermined world):

The mind believes to be the center of the Universe in the ‘ego paradox’ as he sees every thing turning around its infinitesimal point, which seems to be quiet, as the mind stops motion to put it all inside and so human minds have always thought the Earth did not move, and it was the center of the Universe.

And while Copernicus taught us not to be the case, Einstein proved it was all relative motion, Darwin explained we are just a step in the ladder of evolution of information, and my models of duality and the fractal Universe shows our scale of size to be also relative, the concept has creeped slowly back into physics, with the anthropic principle, the big-bang theory, the marketing and propaganda and ego-pumping P.R.ess that made of nuclear physicists in the cold era, to back their worldly religion of producing enough atomic bombs to kill us all, to heights of anthropomorphic ego never seen since G. Bush talked to the bronze age peasant. 

Alas, now we again confuse the linguistic perception of reality, or ‘world’  WITH THE UNIVERSE, which Hilbert, Bohr and CERN is creating with entropic death. So their minds are just fractal points, but believe to know it all.

Descartes  was not a simpleton though as those big-bang physicists are. He was fully aware that what he had in the mind was not the whole Universe, so he expressly stated the fact, differentiating the ‘world’ of a human mind, from the infinite other worlds that exist outside, establishing in his little known book, the ‘world’, this difference, affirming that his ‘Cartesian Frame of reference’, was only that of the human mind.

So he affirmed that the Universe was the sum of infinite mind-worlds, which did not speak necessarily the same languages, and created the same mappings of reality we humans created.

In the graph we can see the difference between Newton who THOUGHT the mind of man WAS the entire Universe, hence converting the Cartesian mind graph into the ABSOLUTE BACKGROUND SPACE-TIME that still lingers in science and Descartes who thought it was just of the many minds, possible with different geometries.

Newton though carried the day, and all attempts to put the record straight by Leibniz (relational time), Einstein (infinite time clocks), Bohm (pilot-wave theory of normal quantum physics), Darwin (man as an evolving species), and so many others including this writer, Sancho (Organic dual theory of the Universe) have met with the imposing Wall of the EGO-CENTERED man, a la ‘Trump’ who creates his ‘alternative truths’ that people love as long as it pumps the ego of all of us – never mind they always keep producing enough entropic death and war to kill us all.


We have shown something scientists vehemently deny – the human element in all its endeavours, including scientific research.

In that regard the world of science as all what is human CANNOT be isolated from society, the human ego, the technological civilisation we live in, even if ultimately we all scientist seem to look for truth. Thus in this issue we need to consider:

Epistemological reasons are concerned with the objective, predictable nature of Scientific truths, which contrary to belief is not ‘probabilistic’, but deterministic – events will happen if its causes appear, only the capacity of man to ‘calculate’ when and where is probabilistic – so we do know for example, in the most talked about case of probabilities with certainty that a wave-particle will strike a quantum screen but we do not know exactly when and where. Since in hat sense is NOT ‘subjective’ – that is, adaptable to human ‘egos’ and needs; but objective and its causality quite easy to prove.

And the denial of a future for man by CERN is predictable for:

Sociological reasons, which are exactly the opposite of objective epistemology, concerned with the traps of the human ‘ego’, which simply denies those objective laws when they do not satisfy the human wantings. And they apply straight on questions of human death: whenever man feels threatened by a cause he feels difficult to avoid, he denies it.

So the majority of humans – more than 1/2 of its global population – still believes that a goat-keeper of the bronze age talking to a burning bush in the middle of the desert, found the meaning of the Universe and the magic formula to defy death and make all humans eternal, because the creator of the infinite reality cared so much about him that took the form of the creeping sounds of fire to deliver him and only him the meaning of it all, and save his ambulatory cells from the cycles of life and death.

The paradox here is that people ‘die’ constantly in jihads and inquisitions to defend the idea they won’t die.

Contrary to belief , as we have shown, physical ‘theories’ of reality have not avoided the traps of human egos, and the higher danger of death they bring to those who fear it so much.

This is obvious in the case of CERN: Nuclear Physicists simply deny their obvious ‘worldly religion’, which has been making weapons of mass destruction since its inception – reason why they construct so expensive machines, funded to research ever more powerful nuclear bombs by the russian and western military. And so they keep denying they are just following the same routine of higher energies and higher explosions, which can only bring more efficient bombs; which is exactly what strangelets and black holes are.

Theoretical reasons. Yet to understand that we must criticise their theory of reality, the so called big-bang, in which also the entire Universe reduced to a point physicists ‘handle’ with the language they claim they only understand – maths; as Moses thought God was reduced to a bush creeping which he only understood with his language, hebrew.  As the ‘big-bang’ high priesthood is the DETERMINANT factor why humans risk death (as religious jihad is the main cause why people are being killed all over the world today) we shall extend a bit more this argument that we must risk death to prove the dogma of the high priesthood of ‘entropy’, nuclear physics.

The structure of languages

How does a religion based in a language, which is a mirror of the universe works? For that we need to understand a minimum of the TERNARY structure of both of the Universe, and the language that reflects it, which of course, the ‘believer’ in the languages does NOT even consider as relevant to its inquire. 

Since for the wor(l)d believer ‘the word IS and CREATES reality’ and requires no ‘deeper layer’ inquire. Alas, Allah says ‘rajul’ and man is created, because god is ‘the word that became man and inhabited among us’ (Saint John 1.1). So happens to the Hilbert->Copenhagen & big-bang interpretation of reality. But if you have come so far you might be a little bit less shallow than that. So before we show you the structure of languages and specifically mathematics, so you DO understand things, not only get used to them, we need to lay down…

The ternary structure of all systems: informative singularities, body-waves and cyclical membranes.

LET us now that we have learned the structure of all ‘Cartesian beings’, self-centred in a mind of information apply this knowledge to better understand God, mind and the Universe, because indeed, it is worth to pass page on the theoretical realm, for a moment (unfortunately we cannot pass page on the menaces of CERN), and leave behind the ‘primitive’ simplex outlook of reality sponsored by those entropy-only physicists. And it will help us to understand better the structure of the galaxy and the role man and strangelets and black holes play on it.

We concluded as Descartes, Leibniz and other geniuses of earlier science that systems are made of 3 organic parts, which correspond to 3 ‘space-time arrows’. The informative center which in galaxies are black holes, in humans heads, in trees roots, in the economic ecosystem the internet and so on; the membrane which cuts-off the system from the Universe, encloses it and protects it with its cyclical, clock-like form, which in galaxies is the halo, in life, a skin, in the earth the electromagnetic field and so on; and the middle space, the cytoplasm of the cell, the light matter of stars and planets, the body of organisms, the wave of quantum particles.

What fascinated me of this simple, beautiful ternary scheme is that all what exists can indeed be explained with it: entropic fields/limbs, informative particles/heads and the energetic body-waves in between. So for the first time we have a sound-sound scientific model which unifies life and matter without the need to absurd religions and reductionist theories of time.

Indeed, this is the basis of our advanced models of complexity and theory of information which describes all what exists as a combination of ‘limbs/fields of lineal entropy, combined with body/waves of cyclical time information’, which are both iterated into present waves-bodies of energy:

In the graph, we see some examples of the Universe, which becomes so simple and self-evident when we put straight the record of the arrows of time. So we write a simple equation for the 3 arrows/ages of time which in duality or rather trinity we use to describe all systems of the universe:

Past-Lineal  fields/limbs of entropy x Future-cyclical particles/heads of information = Present body-waves of energy.

Or in short geometric notation: | x O = Ø. It is called the Fractal generator of space-time beings, and it is the canonical equation of the alternative science of Duality or Complexity, which i formalised at the turn of the century before getting involved in the suits against CERN.

Which for physical systems is described by Einstein’s equation:

Relative past lineal space death of E-ntropy ≤ Constant present waves of energy (c2) ≥ Informative, cyclical mass vortices (M).

The ternary structure of all the systems of the Universe, applies to any physical, biological and sociological systems (in social organisms they are the 3 social classes of the system, the informative dominant class who controls the languages of information of society, money and the law, politicos & priests that control verbal languages on one side and bankers and corporations/scientists that control their digital language; then the working, reproductive body-class and finally Gaia, the entropic energy we destroy).

For example, all laws of electricity can be described considering ‘charges’ the electric singularities, magnetic fields (the surrounding membrane, which does NOT have a monopole, as it is the membrane of the charge) and the intermediate space. So happens to mass, systems, atoms and galaxies surrounded by a halo/electronic membrane with a singularity of higher mass (nucleus, black hole) and the intermediate region. The next graph shows a few of those systems:

We shall thus concentrate for what matter to us in the ‘ternary structure of the galaxy’ but first, in the ternary mirror-languages, so you understand why indeed words and mathematics matter to knowledge of the Universe by the mind but DO NOT reflect more than a limited number of its qualities.

We see how both biological and physical systems are truly the same structure of 3 time arrows, which give birth to 3 spatial parts. So entropic fields ‘feed’ the motion of ‘hyperbolic waves-bodies’ which feed and guide ahead the particles-heads that do NOT move in its relative stillness of pure informative linguistic view of reality. This is truly fascinating and I could talk to you for hours on the details of it. The proofs are overwhelmingly both in reality – all systems of reality can be model with it; and in languages, which ARE mirrors of those systems.

So for example, in our search for experimental proofs of mathematical mirrors, ALL the topological geometries of the Universe REDUCE to those 3 types: lineal/planar topologies, which are entropic motions as the line is the shortest distance between 2 points; spherical mind/heads, which are n-spheres as the sphere holds maximal information in lesser space and can shrink without deformation to create a 0-mind mirror of an infinite Universe (Poincare Conjeture); and hyperbolic body-waves, which combine and hence iterate both, lines and cycles, forming sinusoidal body-waves. And so mathematics again reflects in its 3 only topological varieties, the 3 only organs needed to explain reality.

Yet in as much as languages are mirrors of space-time, Trinity APPLIES TO LANGUAGES, since as focused mirrors of realityall of them having this ternary structure. Let us show it to you in the 3 main language of mankind:

wor(l)d mirrors:     Subject (Informative human) < Verb (space-time action overt) > Object (entropic energy for the subject).

AND ALL SENTENCES as my penpal friend Chomsky showed can be reduced to this Universal grammar (or a dual mirror in more simplified versions).

All equations have also that simple ternary universal syntax:

F(x) ≈ G(Y), where one of both element tends to be the time≈informative function, the other function a spatial function, and the ≈ symbol one of the possible operandi which describe the space-time action, between both equivalent to the active verb; and there are multiple variations of it, as many variations of sentences. Yet, we shall see latter that as we have only the needed ‘verbal times’ to express the variations of the 3 time-arrows of relative past-entropic events, relative present-iterative events and relative future, informative events (according to the arrow of life of increasing information, which we will also explain a bit more latter), the number of operandi in mathematics is extremely limited and so are types of numbers, which we will observe to reflect all the 3 but only the 3 type of space-time events and organs we just described.

Visual  languages have all 3 colours that the brain ‘codes’ according to frequency to signify those 3 elements:

Blue/Black (color of temporal information) < Green/yellow: color of reproduction: ST> Red (color of entropic energy).

This IS how each species codes colours. So when it feeds it follows the spill of entropic blood, sign of death, when it informs it looks up to the light, which it sees of a bluish color, and women who reproduce us, plants who reproduce, are code in the green color, and as it happens those 3 colours are ordered by frequency on that limited range of biological perception; so the mind has used them in the range the eyes see around the ‘light spectra of the sun of maximal energy’…

So there is a constant interaction between language-mirrors and reality.

But the reader should observe that the ‘languages of god’ are infinite, meaning, any mind-mirror can code reality with a specific language to obtain its essential ternary elements of information and act-react on it to survive.

So happens with ‘spatial mathematics: geometry’, and ‘temporal mathematics: algebra’ and the 3rd huge discipline of mathematics, concerned with the SCALAR nature of the Universe (its fifth dimension), which is analysis.

So again, in this game in which we MUST depart NOT from the mirror but from reality, we need to introduce you the scalar structure of the Universe so you realise why ANALYSIS is also needed:

REALITY IS a scalar, fractal infinite Universe where all is relative and man is NEITHER its center, NOT its only intelligent form, NOT even the dominant scale of reality:fractal universe

In the graph, the fractal Universe of entropy and information and its infinite wave-like energetic, fractal beings.

It is not the intention of this blog to explain the 5th dimensional, scalar ternary Universe (we do so in a small section and in other blogs). But so far we can consider of that graph 2 facts specially important to the issue of CERN:

1) it means if the Universe is a fractal of information, of infinite scales of size, General Relativity becomes absolute relativity. Since, none of those scales is more important. So humans ARE nothing, objectively, just dust of space-time and any attempt to build arrogant theories of our importance and ‘immortal standing’ doom to fail.

2) The entropic big-bangs essayed at CERN are not exploring the Universe at large but just an explosion of quarks at the scale of this planet and provide no further evidence of a possible cosmic big bang. We shall soon consider those 2 elements and what they imply for our position in the Universe.



‘We are just a rock in a corner of the Universe, departing from this fact we can talk about man’ Schopenhauer

Now we have the ‘theoretical minimum’ to explain what a galaxy, in which we are host as a lost rock in a mitochondria corner truly is as a system of ternary space-time. And so we can complete even before we show you the ternary structure of maths, the ternary structure of the Universe.

As today  the most respected physicist alive is NOT Hawking but Witten.

He became the top physicist of the world today, when he discovered superstring theory, unifying the 5 models into the so-called M-theory. So huge is his prestige in the profession that he has even received a mathematical ‘fields prize’ – Hawking only popularised his work with M-theory books as he did with that of Einstein in ‘a brief history of time’ – it is the celebrity of the discipline.

Now what people do not know is that one of his first papers was about strangelets. Since he had been for 20 years ‘soundly’ explaining that the only known-known halo candidate to be 90% of dark heavy matter are quark matter, strangelets, the most stable matter of the Universe. Since the so-called ‘Witten hypothesis’ obeys both, the ‘principle of economicity and simplicity – Ockham’s razor  – as strangelets are made of ‘heavy quarks’  we know do exist, and Nature does NOT create a new species of top predator mass, JUST to keep it on the rooms of the LHC. Hence strangelets MUST EXIST, be more common than the weak Ud-mass we are made of and have a REAL use on the Universe.

Further on, today we know that the galaxy is filled with planets, shown to be overwhelmingly the most numerous objects of the perceived galaxy. And since stars reproduce black holes, which are at the center of its galaxies, similar to a cell, with its gravitational dense informative centres of black hole, its energetic planets and stars in between, made of our light ud-quarks, the symmetries of Nature between microcosmos and macrocosmos, preclude that the 3rd known-known type of quarks, should be the substance of that halo made hence of strangelets that feed on planets (while the super-heavy top quarks should be having similar density, the substance of black holes).

 This ternary symmetry, which follows the laws of simplicity and economicity in science, if anything have been further proved by THE LHC, which keeps ELIMINATING all other theoretical only ‘inventions’ of physicists tinkering with equations (so not Supersymmetry, not axions, NOT NOTHING except what we know is there and suffice to construct the ‘simple not malicious’ Universe (Einstein) since ‘simplicity is genius’ (Leonardo), and Ockham’s razor work’:

dark macrocosmos

In the graph, the ternary symmetry between the microscopic and macroscopic scale of matter, which prompted Witten’s Hypothesis, is routinely explored in professional papers, and this scientist has used to model galaxies as an organism of 3 ‘topological parts’ similar to all systems of nature, made of a hard membrane that separates the ‘entity’, in this case the galaxy halo, similar to the protein membrane of a cell, or the electronic cover of an atom; a central, informative singularity, in the galaxy the swarm of black holes, in the cell of DNA genes, in the atom of quarks, and the lighter, ‘food’-energy that feeds both, in the galaxy our light ud-atoms, of stars and planets that seem to reproduce black holes and the Halo of strangelets, in the cell the energetic mitochondria that reproduces both proteins and DNA, and in the atom the ‘interatomic space’ filled with energetic waves that move back and forth between quarks and electrons. It is the most beautiful symmetry of physics between both scales, proved by Ockham’s razor, economicity, experimental evidence and now unfortunately the Fermi paradox.

So,  no planet shows life activity and intelligent or robotic communication, hence it seems in all of them, physicists blow up our future (the so called fermi paradox)  with something more powerful than a few H-bombs, as humans would survive in few numbers and soon regain the planet. it is the entire planet which goes under and the only explanation is the Witten hypothesis, coupled with the Nuclear Industry exploring big-bang bombs.

Galaxies exist to transform up and down light matter into strange matter that likely migrates to the halo and top quark black hole matter that migrates to its center. And we are its food. It might be that humans are only ‘animals that make machines and weapons till they destroy themselves’? As Einstein put it: ‘it is obvious that our technology has overcome our humanity’

So turning around the ego-trips of humanity and its physicists and religious people, the more sound objective, experimentally proved theory of reality would be exactly the inverse of the anthropic principle physicists sponsor (a Universe created with the constants that would give birth to man, supreme intelligent being): we are NOT the center of the Universe, dense dark matter is; the galaxy is NOT created for us, but we ARE the food of dark matter, and all galaxies END UP as pure vortex of mass, collapsing into the black hole, surrounded by a forbidding halo of strangelets, which prevent us to escape and only arrogant physicists and religious people who cannot stand death and the infinitesimal nature of human beings, deny that and indeed die for their idol-ogies and false Gods and theirs of the Universe, which they hide in their ‘secret’ language, making it all look so complex and convincing the human sheeple they ARE THE CENTER OF IT ALL, censoring systematically any attempt to explain humbly and objectively reality as it is.

So you would expect on that overwhelming evidence that the alibi of CERN – that we have no ABSOLUTE PROOFS of the existence of strangelets, as obviously they are dark matter, so we neither have proof of invisible gravitation or black holes, but not physicist in his right mind would deny them – WOULDN’T WORK among professionals who respect the scientific method, and Witten’s standing and work. Or at least that Witten would have become vocal about this craziness of the remains of the old Nuclear Age of bomb research – as he does not need to work there and his reputation is unassailable. But he has been mute, and has never criticised CERN. It is indeed an absolute wall of silence, so surrealist as the behaviour of people in dictatorships or wars, which they ‘attack’ with enthusiasm, despite knowing they will likely die on them, with the ascientific, emotional excuse of ‘tribal nationalism’ – that is the belonging to a tribal species not to the scientific reality of a unique human homo sapiens species.

This is where we stand here. People are so coward, passive and fear so much criticism of peers or physicists at large that will rather ‘forget’ they have a ‘Damocles death sword’ ahead and of course, have pumped up the ascientific, emotional excuse of ‘huge discoveries’ that will reveal the meaning of it all to shut up all criticism.

So despite the fact that the likely candidate to become food for strangelets in the Halo, which is 90% of mass, are the planets, which play the role with stars, of mitochondria in cells that feed also the central DNA-nucleus of ‘black hole information’, and the hardy ‘protein membrane’, humans seem to go ahead with the destiny for all the wrong reasons, which have nothing to do with reason and science: power, ego-trips, money, weapons, scientific prizes.


The Totalitarian principle of Gell-mann – any particle that can exist WILL exist; the ethics of a technological civilisation of Fromm (‘if we can make a machine, we will make it, even if it menaces to kill us all’) and the Witten-Sancho hypothesis (the Halo of galaxies is made of strangelets, as it is the only known-known particle that fits into its properties and the ‘ternary, organic structure of the galaxy’- this is my contribution through the formalism of the 5-D scalar Universe – obliges it to have a cut-off substance of the microcosmos, which can only be strangelets) and the Fermi Paradox, (the non-existence of intelligent life or robotic life in the Universe, teaming with planets that extinguish before reaching interstellar travel, today possible thanks to EM-engines) precludes that we WILL be extinguished by the Industry of Accelerators.

NONE of those 4 proofs have been rebutted, merely censored. And as we show in other posts, the process of production of dibaryons and strange liquid is now well-documented. So the pending questions is ‘when’ not ‘if’ or ‘why’, the Earth will become a strangelet and likely migrate to the halo of the galaxy… Witten though in this case won’t get his nobel prize… which seems to be more important for those minions of thought behind CERN that the protection of human life, ‘whatever it takes’.

So the fifth proof is the behaviour of humans in the face of death, which basically is the ‘Ostrich reaction’: dig-it and hide your head and brain beneath, just hoping the lion doesn’t see your bumpy a$$. Sorry, the issue is too surrealist to keep a moderate tone. Indeed, ‘human consensus’ in madness is not a proof of truth.

For example, 4 billion humans seem to believe that some goat-keeper of the bronze age who saw a bush burning found the meaning of it all, and talked directly to the creator the infinite Universe, just because they fear death so much, they can’t even accept the obvious. Mr. Meshu was a delirious peasant in a very ignorant age, and we are ‘ashes of space-time’.

But alas, 3000 years have passed of all the wrong ceremonies to deny this, and even today, paradox of paradoxes, people die as jihadists and zealots to sustain this view that they won’t die. So do entropic physicists, clueless about the information systems of the Universe, who will not renounce to explain it all with entropic disorder=death, the worldly religion of its real profession, to make weapons, which kill humans, something they also don’t acknowledge to be doing. So as in the Abrahamic case, they will die because they can’t even contemplate death. Indeed, ashes to ashes.

In that regard, the only ‘uncertainty’ in a totalitarian, deterministic universe is not ‘if’ but ‘when’. It will be CERN’s constant upgrades of the LHC? Or shall we wait for the creation of the Chinese 100 km. collider? Or for the much cheaper, far more powerful ‘table plasma accelerators’?

Let us repeat this: the universe is a block of deterministic space-time. There is no probability but lack of knowledge or not desire to know the future. We can only in this case talk of the ‘probabilities’ of this happening at a certain time. But if the industry of accelerators IS NOT cancelled ‘soon’, which doesn’t seem to be the case; since the ostrich is moving her tail trying to attract the Black Hole lion, as we speak; this WILL certainly happen. When? Before Interstellar travel is possible at the end of the century.

Yes, I know this is not popular. Most people leave now the blog, and some send me spasm. What nobody does is the logic behaviour in such a case: to complain to CERN, the apocalyptos, not to the messenger, the rational cautious human being. 

When? is in that sense THE ONLY PENDING QUESTION.

And the Fermi paradox tell us it will be soon – this century as we could be colonising the Universe with EM engines and robots much earlier than that but not a single civilisation has passed in the galaxy the Great Filter or else they would be here with their ‘robots’ and we see none.

It is for that reason that I call in my models of the super organism of history, and its 3rd age of excessive information and childish behaviour, the zero generation: our sons or grand-sons being born today, which will be ‘certainly’ vaporised, while humans as always have done, put their ostrich head in the nearest ‘black hole’.

In the graph, the Industry of Accelerators keeps evolving, with cheap, smaller plasma versions, upgrades at CERN and Chinese plans to build a super-machine of 100 km. since the ‘issue’ of its dangers for mankind has been buried, censored and so humanity with his astounding capacity TO DENY truths that conflict with their ego and sense of entitlement has passed page on the first clear risk for his survival on Earth, far more important than global warming also caused by the ‘pollution of machines’. Indeed, the ‘human factor’ of reason and survival instincts, which is the ‘only’ factor to ad into the certainty of the Totalitarian principle is solved. We are chosen of go(l)d and it is blasphemous to doubt that we shall not become eternal, dominate black holes, reach the supreme knowledge through the expansion of entropy=big bang death and solve all the mysteries of the Universe making ever bigger quark cannons and learning its mysteries by the pedestrian method of shooting quark balls to mother Earth Fact is the issue is not solved Authority not reason, power not human caring has imposed a Law of Silence that the ‘human sheeple’ accepts merrily with the childish attitude and selfie indifference, zeitgeist of our age.

Thus it is only a question of when the energy of those accelerators will succeed piling up enough strangelet liquid, already produced at the LHC to make the ‘quark ball’ a stable lump of strange matter and start an ice-9 reaction – a factor, which we can calculate theoretically but only the ‘moment’ of collective death will assert with absolute certainty. Till then my advice is ‘carpe diem’, live the day. As you cannot ‘explain death’ to entitled children of thought, bad boys with big toys, which is what most humans are.

What they truly excel at is on ceremonies that pump up their ego, silly-nilly prizes and axiomatic dogmas of truth by ‘consensus’ censorship and power imposition that time and the Universe reveals once and again to be partial truths or absolute falsehoods.It is in that sense remarkable that 99% of what the LHC PRODUCES is quark liquid (strangelet in the making) but it is THE ONLY THING THEY DO NOT TALK ABOUT. Indeed, you will hear about Higgs, SUSYs, multiple dimensions, antimatter, axions, axinos, neutrinos, all the zoo of imaginary particles but that 99% of potentially genocidal substance, the most powerful explosive of the Universe, in the making IS not a theme of con-cern. It does NOT officially exist anywhere in the Universe. This is the degree of surrealism reached by the industry. Imagine a factory that produces 99% of cars and then some ‘debris’ but only would talk of the scrap proudly as if that was the purpose of the factory. 


“The less intelligent a person is, the less mysteries he founds in the Universe’ Schopenhauer.

OF COURSE, the MATHEMATICAL PHYSICIST will consider all this, nonsense because he thinks he knows his maths and as maths like words, or images, or any language, for that matter, can model any fiction, he writes its ‘non-risk fictions’ and argues with them all should be Ok – the fiction of Hawking’s no-risk black holes ‘traveling to the past’, which break the known-known experimental laws of the Universe, getting hotter in a colder environment, which is as if your coffee evaporates and freezes the cup, being the most clear case – he in fact, as Eric Penrose told me, called them for decades ‘imaginary black holes’.

In a more general case, because of the dominance of the Axiomatic method, which requires no experimental truths, the mathematical physicist will be MISSING the true foundations of experimental mathematics, which AS THE GALAXY or any other system of reality is a ternary mirror with 3 sub disciplines, fractal analysis, space geometry and time algebra. So it is also about space-time and cannot invent reality but only reflect it. Or as Einstein put it ‘science should be concerned only with experimental facts’, meaning the search of linguistic entelechies regardless of beauty is irrelevant to science, and must be considered a linguistic fiction, at most mathematical art. Indeed, nobody in his right mind would seek for Quixote in the landscape of Spain, or visual superheroes, but Mr. Hamed does look for his landscape of 10ˆ500 universes in the LHC, and others for 26 dimensional strings, SUSY particles and the like – but of course none has been found so far or will – as the Universe is stubbornly economic, efficient, ‘simple and not malicious’. And we DO have all the particles we need to explain ALL ITS EVENTS, when we explain as we just did the ternary symmetry between quark families of mass, regions of the galaxy and its macroscopic forms (top quark black holes, strangelet halos and ud-light matter in between). So symmetric and beautiful as those other simple, realist theories of quantum physics (Bohm’s pilot-wave theory; Hoyle-Einstein steady state dual Universe of in-form-ative gravitational masses, and expansive entropic light space).

But simplicity for reasons we shall soon explain is NOT the final stage of languages, which become ‘baroque’, with excess of information as life does in his 3rd age or state of maximal information (a 3rd age common to matter states – or solid age, life beings, or 3rd age, families of mass and galaxies, or top quark/black hole age; art, from where i borrowed the baroque title, and civilisations, our present age). So in this ‘axiomatic, baroque age’, when fiction dominates facts, the physicists in in search of new ‘fictions’ and details, as ALL what there is there has been found, and his ego could NOT aspire to the genius state, reserved at this stage to those who as Leonardo realise that ‘simplicity is genius’, and go the other way around, to found even simpler foundations, which ARE embedded on the known-known equations.

Such was the case of Copernicus, Kepler and Newton who reduced the epicycles of vatican priests, to a singularity of maximal mass in the center, the sun, a series of cyclical membranes, the planet, and the forces between them; or Bohm who added to the particle of information and energetic wave, the missed entropic field of pure lineal motion (quantum field), which is NOT a hidden variable, but part of the same ternary Schrodinger equation (just in polar form). So did Heaviside who reduced the 20 equations of Maxwell to the 4 standard ones, describing 1) the charge singularity, 2)the magnetic membrane and 3-4, the exchanges of energy and information between both. So did Einstein in his EFE equations with its 3 terms and 3 type of ‘spatial solutions’, the entropic big-bang, the steady state ‘Einstein solution’ and the black hole, informative solution.

Since ultimately we can, as I have done using the Universal grammar of all languages, mirrors of the Universe, simplify all what exists to the 3 elements of the Universe: lineal/planar entropic space, informative, cyclical time cycles with more dimensional in-form-ation, and its ST-energetic combinations.

So we shall just show you a very introductory analysis of mathematical physics with this expansion of the sound work of the aforementioned pioneers, according to the trinity of time arrows, which simplifies it all by understanding properly the 3 arrows of time and its 3 topological only symmetric forms in space. Indeed, there are only 3 topologies which correspond in EFE to those 3 ‘time states of all forms of matter, component of all physical systems’: entropic expansive planes of space; cyclical, spherical particles of time an its hyperbolic body-waves. So topology the summit of geometry can be reduced to a ternary structure as mirror of space. A few more examples:

Mathematics has only 3 main disciplines which mirror as a language the 3 ‘structural elements’ of the Universe:

∆nalysis of the 5th dimension, its wholes and ‘finitesimals’ (1/n). Spatial Geometry, (Spe) and temporal algebra (tiƒ). And its ST ‘combinations’, which as usual come in time in 3 ages of growing complexity (explained further below):

Young entropic, spatial age> Space-time balanced age>Informative time age

(Though if we were to go deeper in Non-Aristotelian ternary logic we could show you some interesting ‘different orders’, which we will do when explaining you one of the ‘star questions’ remaining on physics, the reason why we see more particles than antiparticles; which CERN claims to resolve bombing us all (:we shall for good measure after this schematic paragraph on the ternary foundation of experimental mathematics, solve all the questions of CERN with our ‘thought experiments 🙂

So mathematics also evolved in 3 ages, first the spatial age of Greek bidimensional, geometry; an simple natural, positive numbers, which count only ‘spatial populations’.

But then entered a second age of space-time combinations, mixing continuous geometrical, space-points and  discontinuous ‘analytical’ time numbers, to explain combined ‘actions of space-time’. In the same manner that light languages evolved from pure black/information & white/entropy vision with greys in the middle into the more ‘complex’ 3 color range.  So maths became a more evolved space-time discipline when Descartes added to geometric points, time numbers, in analytic algebra. And viceversa, static geometry became topology which is geometry with time motion. Again we are NOT here trying to give you a full course on the upgrading I have done and keep doing as a private researcher (given the ad hominem campaigns who vaporised me from scholarship, as a certified crackpot) but given you the theoretical minimum to realise that the path of future science and mathematical physics is NOT CERN’s entropic only ego-centered theories of big-bangs but Einstein and his disciples Bohm and Godel path, expanded to absolute relativity and the experimental foundations of mathematical physics.

In the next graph for good measure, we show the duality of world views, that of the humble realist scientist a la ‘Einstein’ who said ‘he does not know when maths are real’ and that of the human ego who thinks it has the language of God, who creates reality (by Penrose father, the collaborator of Hawking, in his imaginary black holes, from his book “road to (ir)reality”(:

You see there on the left how  the mental world creates maths and maths creates the Universe. At least though Penrose unlike Hilbert and verbal religions recognises that the physical world influences our mind (Hilbert would have erased ‘2’ below, and certainly all those mathematical physicists that invent particles with their imaginary maths like Hawking does, HAVE done away with ‘2’). On the right I readdressed the arrows as they are. The Universe is mirrored by multiple languages, of which maths is an excellent one to help the human mind-mirror to understand experimentally the real world.

Ok. Now we can understand what religious people, aka physicists do NOT understand about their mirror-language mathematics, which we concede carries more informative detail than words (but less than images), and so it has become after images (most humans today believe more in celebrities than in physicists 🙂 the dominant language today, overcoming religious wor(l)ds.

Still the language of mathematics DOES NOT CREATE REALITY and in its present ‘underdeveloped and fictional forms’, (its incomplete structure which I finished when young, after understanding the scalar metric of 5D Analysis and its 3 arrows of space-time) is quite a distorted view of what a proper mathematical truth that IS also real, will show. And for that reason, mathematical physicists at CERN can create so easily ‘a la Trump’ alt-truths, imposed ‘a la Trump’ with full homunculus mechanical, big-hand power.

So how to complete the theoretical minimum of realist mathematical physics? Again following the path of Einstein, which used the r=evolution of Lobachevski on geometry to upgrade our theory of space. Indeed, solved the 5th non-euclidean postulate of mathematics, noticing that space was not necessarily Euclidean, as points can hold infinite parallels. So he said we should look at space to decide experimentally how it ‘is’ really. This Hilbert didn’t understand and confused, without being able to define then what a point is, as it was no longer possible to define it as an Euclidean point with ‘no breath’, came with his idea that a point was what his mind imagine, and left it undefined. So the first task is obviously to define a point as a mirror of the fractal Universe, where points grow and hold ‘infinite finitesimal parts’.

While the logic of mathematics has to be upgraded from the present single causality of Aristotelian and its single time arrow, to the ternary non-aristotelian logic (meaning logic requires to study the 3 ARROWS OF TIME CAUSALITY as physicists working only with one arrow, entropy, have the MIRROR distorted, UNFOCUSED, and limited). An trust me when you do show, as I have done it, light pours through your mind in a blast of intelligence and focused information, far more pure and telling than the blast of entropy, essayed at the LHC.

Only a few examples. As we said lobachevski changed ALL the outlook of mathematical physics, when he found the 5th postulate of non-euclidean geometry, the fact that through a ‘point’, infinite parallels can cross and Einstein applied it to physical space in General Relativity. But lacking the understanding of ‘real space’, a fractal of scales of wholes and infinitesimals, and its correspondence with Analysis, physicists misinterpreted the meaning of those points, incurring in clear logic contradictions.

Indeed, to fit those lines they bended the ‘straight lines which define parallels’ to fit them into the point. But then they became ‘curves’, no longer parallels. Because they didn’t take seriously Lobachevski’s dictum that from then on geometry had to be an experimental science. So they missed the ‘meaning of a ‘non-euclidean point’, as it is in Nature, where points grow in size when we look closer, in detail its inner ‘space-time, behind its ‘cyclical membrane’. Indeed, if a POINT can be crossed by ∞ parallels:

– The eclidean point is just the minimal information of a point fit in the homunculus reduced mind (: that shrinks it, to fit it inside. But this distorts it, because parallels are straight lines and a ‘point with no breath’ (Euclidean point) can only fit one line.

So to fit more lines, the point must be enlarged, when we come closer to it, so the point is no longer a star-point or a particle-point but a FRACTAL POINT of the scalar 5th dimension, which becomes a huge star and then yes! voila, infinite parallels which are now real parallel straight lines can cross it.

So reality allow us once more to define properly the first undefined postulate of Non-Euclidean mathematics: “a fractal point has a volume of energy and information that grows, as we come closer to it.”

And the second undefined Postulate: ‘A fractal line is a ‘wave’ (time view) or ‘string’ (spatial view) of fractal points, communicating energyy and information  between two larger point-beings’.

And the 4th postulate, ‘a plane is a network of fractal points’.

And so on. This and NOT the ‘runaway definition’ of Hilbert, who confused by Lobachevski’s discovery just said for lack of a better idea that he ‘imagined points, lines and planes’ IS the proper, realist way to upgrade Geometry to reality as we have already upgraded topology and its 3 forms with motion to describe the 3 ‘organic forms’ of all systems of the Universe.

Why we bring this here – as we are selecting only the ‘theoretical minimum’ to fully grasp what CERN does and the position of the homunculus in the infinite Universe – should be obvious to the reader: Hilbert was wrong, so it is the Copenhagen interpretation derived of it. The fact that CERN will produce microscopic strangelets of black holes from the ‘larger’ scale of cosmological mass does NOT mean they are ‘infinitely small and harmless’ just because or mind does NOT see gravitation and so only sees them as point-particles. They ARE HUGE in terms of mass-density which IS as we shall soon show the ‘stuff’ that matters in the Gravitational cosmic scale of space-time. If we could SEE gravitation those points WILL grow, to hyperbolic dimensions filling MOST of the galaxy and we would shrink accordingly as ’empty bubbles’ of almost null mass.

So our Euclidean mathematics, which as Descartes and Kant understood is only the 3 perpendicular ‘space-time elements’ of a massless ray of light merely shrinks all other scales of reality to fit into the mind:


In the graph, as our mind is electronic, we feed on light energy and transform it into an informative mapping of the Universe, reduced to what light sees. Thus our space is light space-time, with its 3 Euclidean coordinates, a fact that was first understood NOT by physicists but by impressionist artists, Leonardo, whose motto ‘saper vedere’, guided my inquire as a young artist on reality behind the languages that describe it, and then by the impressionists; and finally by Picasso, who departed from reality, affirming he painted thoughts, so he studied the ‘elements’ of the mind mapping, its entropic lines (cubist age) and its cyclical forms (female portraits).

A subject in itself fundamental to understand Relativity, is brought here to point out, the reason why in entropic only big-bang theories, we do see indeed light space-time expanding between galaxies, as light is space and so when it comes closer to the mass of the galaxy, elongates/red shifts its color (the only real effect observed; as we obviously are NOT out there in-between Andromeda and the Milky way with a tape). And vice versa, when Light collapses into our electronic ‘eye’ or any electronic source, it increases its frequency  balancing both effect to cancel the supposed big-bang death of the Universe.

But in the scalar REALITY, gravitation makes points LARGER when we observe them in the scale of the fifth dimension where they do interact above us, and will EASILY evaporate our ’empty bubble’ of light-light beings.

So Hilbert and Cantor who talked of ‘their imaginary paradise from where nobody would expel them, ass the Jihad warriors who die to enter paradise, just invented non-existen points, lines, planes with their imagination.

In the next graph, we see thus, the true meaning of the 5th and 1st Non-E postulate, which define both the real fractal point (1st postulate) and the real mind that bends it into a smallish mind. Since the fractal point does have breath, as it includes a volume of energy, entropy and information, carried by a relative number of ‘finitesimal’ parallel waves, but the ‘Aristotelian mind’, reduces it to an Euclidean point:

We have to introduced the first postulate of non-Æ so you realise how ‘limited’ is the homunculus mind.

Thus, human egos are just finitesimals with a huge ego, because they confuse their zero point-mind with the real infinite Universe, of fractal points, thinking the volume of information they store in their mind is all. 

Now, this theoretical minimum, which gives birth to the biggest r=evolution of maths since Riemann, ‘does away with Hilbert’; but to fully  put the copenhagen interpretation to rest and complete the understanding of mathematics in experimental terms,  we need as we have done with spatial geometry and topology, show how temporal algebra and its numbers, do also reflect reality, in an evolutionary process called the closure of numbers that again will follow the ternary, universal syntax of ‘REALITY’.

The closure of the mathematical mirror of algebra, looking at all the universe.

On the other hand, numbers are mirrors of a reality made of space and time and scales of the fifth dimension, closing the description of reality with maths.  In that regard, by Closure mathematicians means that today numbers can mirror all phenomena of the Universe, once Gauss explained lateral, temporal numbers. 

Let us then close for the sake of simplicity the understanding of ‘real simple numbers’ and time cycles, concluding our analysis of the foundations of experimental mathematics. As simple as it gets. Since indeed the key to understand negative and complex numbers are those ternary cycles.

screen-shot-2017-01-19-at-14-50-43So what are numbers? Again here homunculus as usual ‘get used to them’ and do not understand. Only one humble genius did it, Mr. GAUSS, when he insisted on calling imaginary numbers lateral numbers and negative ones, inverse numbers, but the spatial homunculus missed the point, fixed in ‘materialism’ – for him numbers have to be real space objects, as natural numbers are; but negative numbers are time events, with the inverse arrow of time in a process – i.e. in a graph of speed, they represent the motion backwards, in a graph of entropy and information, the 2 inverse arrows of time – but since alas! by decree the worldly profession of physicists does only recognise the arrow of entropic death in time, the concept of temporal numbers, remained in obscurity. And of course, the ‘bidimensional’ lateral numbers, which represent both arrows together: Spe (positive, entropic motion numbers) + Tiƒ (negative, informative numbers) = ST-wave bidimensional numbers was never understood.

The closure of the systems of numbers thus grew from reflecting merely space populations (natural numbers), into 5D numbers, reflecting ‘partitions’ of social groups (represented by those natural numbers), with Egyptian ratio-nals; expanded further with the realisation that certain ratios did apply to ‘scaling’ in the fifth dimension without limit (as in the pi ratio of Spe-entropic lines into cyclical time O-cycles).

Alas, things got interesting here, since as usual the homunculus of the religion of mathematics gets very angry, when someone tries to expand his limited worldview. So legend has it that the discoverer of the first irrational √2, number, was murdered by Pythagoras the first ‘religious mathematician’ because it found that √2 was not a perfect number. And of course that jeopardised the prestige of his Pythagoras theorem, as physicists at CERN will murder us all, not to loose prestige, accepting the obvious existence of strangelets.

Honoring this first humble victim of the religion of science, we shall explain why, indeed, √2 is not exact but Pythagoras can rest in peace, as its diagonal do exist.

The answer is simple: space is a simultaneous, continuous perception, a slice of the flow of time, but time is sequential causal, and cyclical, so we perceive time as discontinuous, since we see a time cycle striking the same point of space in intervals of time, given by its frequency.  And numbers which represent time, as they are sequential, therefore are discontinuous in our mind view of space. 

So the oldest unresolved paradox of maths is solved when we notice that points are continuous in space and numbers are discontinuous in time: that is the explanation of why in geometry pi & √2 exist, but in algebra, we ‘miss’ its perfect closure when written in discontinuous numbers. So all algebraic formulae of √2 miss a ±1; and all approximations to π, are slightly above or below.

 It took to Poincare 2500 years latter to find that this is an awesome form of perfection because it means a mind-point of spherical form, with equal distance to all the realities it reflects can shrink with no limit (Poincare conjeture – the one that Perelman, the most famous mathematician of the XXI c. resolved recently with tons of pages).

Alas, when I was a youngster I resolved it departing from my Fermat conception of a good proof, based in Ockham’s razor that a good proof can fit in a margin (my basque,  fellow countryman, the first European people, and longer surviving culture; so you should listen to them, concerning how to last in this planet Earth). So once I solved the Fermat conjeture, in a margin (:completely trivial), i resolved the Poincare conjeture in a margin (almost as trivial), NOT with the axiomatic method but with the empirical method as mathematics does REFLECT REALITY as a language, it is a mirror and so you can AS YOU PROVE ANY SCIENCE BY THE EXPERIMENTAL METHOD, solve mathematics if YOU KNOW what is reflecting, the fractal, non-euclidean, non-aristitelian Universe of 5 dimensions and 3 arrows of time symmetric to the 3 dimensions of space. 

So i did have a riot when all those so-called geniuses, with nobel prizes and fields medals needed computers, years of calculus and thousands of pages to complete their margins (: Since I have given you the solution to the oldest question of number theory, to avoid further Pythagorean murders, the proofs that DO fit in a margin, are just a bit below 🙂

So, we have SPATIAL, natural numbers to count social groups in space; 5D rational and transcendental numbers, which cross through 5D scales without tearing according to the Poincare postulate, but this is NOT enough, because we also have negative and lateral (not imaginary) numbers, which scientists ‘have gotten accustomed to use, but they don’t understand’, despite the insights of Gauss ‘quote’.

As those are temporal numbers, numbers that describe processes in time not in space.

Since negative numbers represent merely the inverse arrow of time, so if you make a positive number an arrow of motion-entropy, or relative past loss of information, the negative number will be the arrow of future-information, and the lateral i-number, will be the bidimensional sum of both the real and the negative, to represent the present space-time.

So we can translate the ‘closure’ of all phenomena in terms of numbers, for the ∆ & ST elements of reality (broken in 2 sub-generators to simplify the comprehension) such as:

Spe (+ numbers) < St (imaginary lateral) > T (- numbers)

∆±i: i-ratio-nal or transcendental numbers; ∆±1: ratio-nal numbers.

So you do have a closure of all numbers, based in the elements of space-time.

Hence, when you apply them to mathematical physics, which is the study of the simplest forms of space-time, you do have a better focused mirror. 


This of course, is just the start, to build complex space-time systems in several dimensions, which polynomial functions, which are ‘functions’ that cover several scales of the fifth dimension. And we do have analysis which does the same exploration of parts and wholes in a more sophisticated way. But all those functions will ultimately be mirrors of the 3 elements of all languages that reflect the 3 space-time elements of the Universe: 

F(s) < Operandi/ST-action > G (T)

Reason why, and it is astounding we have to stay this, mathematics works so well as a mirror of so many systems, due to its capacity to carry so much detailed information about their spatial entropy and temporal information, and the operandi/actions that combine them. But alas, Mr. Hilbert changed all this for ‘his mind imagination’, since he couldn’t figure out the fractal points of Lobacjevski and he joined forces with Mr. Cantor’s paradoxes and paradises of ‘sets’ – another mind construct to substitute the ‘imaginary numbers and infinities’ he couldn’t understand and got him ‘literarily’ crazy, ending up in a mad house, when Russell as Godel had done with Hilbert proved all his infinity paradises to be false. Hilbert though was more resilient – truly a huge ego, not to be bothered by such trifles.

So he took revenge when Einstein, Godel’s best friend sent him the draft of Relativity theory. Alas, he found a minor error in the maths, corrected it and published as if the theory was his – obviously thinking that what truly completed Mr. Einstein doodles of the sand, was his stupendous blot of ink, bragging that Einstein’s math were like those of a high school child. He had like Bohr the whole German University system to back his claims. But Einstein took a train to Gottigen and the God that created reality accepted just to name the Hilbert-Einstein action that yields his EFE (relativity equations) through the principle of least action, found by… who else but Mr. Fermat… who of course couldn’t care less to publish none of his findings… and proofs in the margin… as I have never done.

And so the Homunculus Gods, Hilbert and Bohr founder of the axiomatic method and the Copenhagen interpretation would carry the day with his big mouth  – despite Godel proofs of falsity, and Bohm’s, Einstein’s favourite student who did away with the Copenhagen ego. Do you think mathematicians who had entered their own ‘godlike’ paradise, as the only ‘language’ of God that can prove by itself (in its imaginary sets and points with no breath) cared?  No, after the shock they just put aside Godel, that ‘inconvenient truth’ and started a runaway train of ever more complicated distortions of the beautiful mirror of geometric points, social numbers and its organic functions, as Copenhagen did, to make it all so complex nobody could understand, and alas! they could dismiss forever since any criticism as experts into the language of God, like priests talking latin, Allah talking arab, and bankers issuing go(l)d in toxic derivatives nobody understood. 

This is the trick: to make the language inflationary, multiplying its ‘ptolemaic epicycles’ to pass as an expert of something you no longer understand or refer to reality.

It is then evident that fractal Non-E points in space and numbers in time are the ‘real’ units of mathematics, which refer to the real elements of the Universe; not sets and imaginary points, neither physical theories based in inflationary distortions of the mathematical reality. 

Then instead of GOING up in complexity, we can go down in simplicity to the real Universe of space points and temporal numbers, and show that the structure of ‘social numbers’ the minimal units of temporal algebra, have the properties of discontinuous time cycles, similar but not equal to the continuous, simultaneous space surfaces, and keep illuminating the world with mathematics. 

2 proofs of experimental mathematics on the margin.

So let us deal with the 2 most famous mathematical theorems of the century proved in a margin instead of using thousands of pages and computers crunching numbers, the trademark of XXI century science, which as CERN with his loads of petadata and our photo sop artists make so proud the homunculus, feeling better than Fermat and Leonardo …

As we said mathematics is an experimental mind science which is NOT closed in its demonstrations as Godel proved and lobachevski and Einstein explain ‘i don’t know when mathematics are real’, since the geometry of the Universe is real, THE PROOFS as in all science must be experimental, since ‘sciences should not be concerned with facts who have not happened, of which there is no evidence; (imaginary particles and cosmic big-bangs – the Fermi paradox though is a proof of the extinction of planets with life).

Poincare’s conjeture proof  – that only spheres can shrink with no limit and tear –  is immediate, from the definition of a mind as a temporal informative Tiƒ element, since minds store information, and the n-sphere IS the form that stores more information in lesser space. Hence in as much as the equation of the mind 0 x ∞ =K, defines the shrinking of the whole infinite universe into a single point, only the spherical mind can shrink information with no limit without tear. 

All this said I did enjoy Mr. Perelman’s wok as yet another clear ‘proof’ that ‘simplicity is genius’ and the axiomatic method only takes you to hundred of pages, which in an economic, experimental, real, Ockham’s Universe is proof of veracity. So to me the need of such long proofs only prove, the axiomatic method is the Ptolemaic epicycles of modern times.

I did respect this man though more for 2 reasons: he did it unlike the recent proof of Fermat’s Grand theorem, without computers, and specially I respect the fact he didn’t lower himself to receive its go(l)d. He did it as I have done everything in my life AMORE GRATIS, for the pleasures described by Kant in his tomb: ‘the wonders of the mind’s languages inside, and the beauty of the infinite Universe they reflect ‘above’ us’.

And then, once his job was done, (or not), he disappeared from the public view, as I have done.

Next the proofs of Fermat’s theorem – that only the square of natural=spatial numbers can ad exactly into another square=spatial number which is also immediate.


In the graph above, here again for good measure we see that information≈static mind cycles of time and entropy≈moving planes of space are bidimensional.

Bidimensional space sheets expand as entropy with motion. Bidimensional informative pages with no motion – as the one you are reading – fix time cycles in the mind.  So ONLY BIDIMENSIONAL FORMS and its holographic product which gives us 3 dimensions, ST are real (incidentally this is also a proof for one of the biggest conundrums of modern physics, the holographic principle, which states that information is bidimensional).

Thus in any process of superposition of bidimensional sheets, we can only superpose (read ad) two dimensional sheets:

screen-shot-2017-02-13-at-19-40-16Thus only X²+Y² exists as an exact new bidimensional form.

3-dimensional forms in natural numbers, which are ‘space populations’ are NOT added but multiplied to get as in the graph a light wave: c²=1/µxe;=.

Hence X³+Y³ ≠ Z³. And since the are only 3 dimensions of time and 3 dimensions of space, there is no need to prove it for imaginary higher dimensions.

Did Fermat had this proof? (: Well, one could say that the proof is as old as the fact that only the Pythagoras theorem works (murder forgiven:) and almost all postulates of geometry can be proved bidimensionally, but cubes do NOT add (the old Greek conundrum)… Or in other terms, a lot of math is inflationary extensions to non-existent infinite dimensions, non-existent polynomials powers and absurd cantorial infinities, as all systems have a closure membrane, beyond which ‘reality breaks into another fractal world’.

Yet in a 3rd age of excessive information, languages become fictions outside the realm of what it is. Short of the same process with inflationary fantaphysical theorems.

And so to understand why languages become inflationary and fictional with age, we shall return now to the ternary ‘simplicity of the Universe’ with only 3 ages of time, 3 topologies of space, 3 scales of the 5th dimension for any ‘finite organic whole’ call it the galaxy, the human being, the mathematical language and its ternary topologies, ternary numbers, ternary dimensions, ternary disciplines…


The 3 ages of time.

Indeed, 3 positive, negative and lateral numbers are all the time numbers, needed in a single ∆-scale of the fractal 5th dimension (resolved by fractions and irrational ‘finitesimal ones’) to describe the 3 arrows/ages of timespace.

So to fully grasp them we need to explain you the most beautiful cycle of the Universe, the life-death cycle, which also applies to physical ‘big-bangs, an its 3 ages.

Let us then apply the far more evolved concept of a Universe made of ‘systems’ with  the 3 ‘space-time’ organs, a cyclical clock-like membrane that contains a body-wave of energy, self-centred in a  singularity of information to the galaxy, to further understand the Witten hypothesis, and why it is so likely we become merely a strangelet particle in the halo of the galaxy.

Since the beauty of having a higher reality, that of space-time and its ternary parts is that we can now EXPLAIN IT ALL, not only in mathematical equations, which of course will offer us a lot of detail – more than any other human language, except direct visual images, but we can also put other linguistic mirrors, of which the most important is the organic, ternary topological structure of all systems, as discovered by Descartes, with its cyclical closed membrane, its informative mind-singularity and the vital space-time of energy between them.

Now, let us be a bit more humble and explain you where those lonely researchers that do thought experiments a la Broglie and Einstein are taking sound physics further in the explanation of the Universe using the 2 arrows of time entropy and information and its present energy combinations, which sorry does not make you immortal, does not make you god or vhod and does not create infinite universes only one, which stubbornly refuses to go away and let all those other ones ‘appear’ in this reality, despite the zillions spent in their search (indeed CERN has NOT seen any other new particle besides those who we knew they were there, no other hint of extra-dimensions, extra-universes or dragoons running amok, it is just producing in its 99% growing lumps of strangelet matter that will sooner or latter big-bang planet Earth at the reduced scale where big-bangs are proved: novas, quasars and E=mc2 bombs).

Since the big bang is ONLY  the death of matter that eliminates from the mix, the gravitational informative force and the dark quark heavy matter that holds those galaxies together, enclosed in his halo of strangelets, and shrinks the expansive space between them.

So when we put together both arrows of time, and realise they balance into energy beings, we observe what we observe: REALITY AS IT IS.

The most beautiful result is indeed, the symmetry between the 3 organs of all beings, the entropic limbs/fields, the reproductive body-waves and the informative heads/particles and the 3 ages of life in time, the entropic moving youth, the reproductive maturity and the informative, 3rd age of excessive warps and curves. Nobody had ever solved the ultimate question of existence, with equations. And all systems of the Universe followed them:

Now in the graph we can see the natural development of the 3 ages of time Max Spatial Entropy x Min. temporal information or youth, E=I, or mature reproductive classic age of balance and Max. I x Min. E or 3rd informative warped age, which are also the 3 topological ages of all space-time beings (for the galaxy and the Universe the 3 solutions to EFE, young entropic big-bang, mature, reproductive steady state, and 3rd informative big-crunch). So the big-bang is ONLY the entropic age of matter, so clearly expressed in the 3 ‘possible states’ of matter (entropic gas, balanced liquid, 3rd informative solid; or in the 3 arrows of Einstein’s equation: E=mc2, M=e/c² and c²=E/m and so on).

The beauty of it is they are the same arrows of life, and the same arrows of societies, in their subconscious collective art, after an epic young age, a classic age and a baroque, angst age, which ends in death by entropic war. So every ‘entity’ of the Universe is a proof of trinity and the 3 arrows of life, and this discovery during the short period I gave conferences around the world on it, was provoking the astonishment of scientists of all disciplines.

Inflationary languages: the 3rd age of thought.

Again languages do follow those 3 ages also, which explain the problem of mathematical physics today: The whole system of mathematics today has entered a ptolemaic, informative 3rd age with the axiomatic method, of inward degradation as OLD MEN have too MANY WRINKLES OF FORM, and do NOT have the classic beauty of ‘simplicity that is genius’ (Vinci).

So the fundamental response i have always gotten from any scholar of its 3rd age of inflationary information is ‘it is too simple’. None understand that ockham, economicity is truth, ‘the universe is simple and not malicious and so languages are inflationary in information when they become fictions, unreal, multiplying its false content, and this happens in all languages, when they stop checking reality. But the scholar old man, thinks it is interesting to live in a fictional world.

There is now inflationary money as the financial system got corrupted; inflationary fiction in verbal thought, since money substituted it as the language of reality (Quixote the first novel was written when the first company was founded). There is inflationary mathematical excessive information since Hilbert and Cantor disconnected its fundamental units, points and numbers from reality. And inflationary physics since Bohr and Gamow invented the science as a product of the mind and its maths. But the scholar in the same manner it said to Copernicus that his work was false because it was too simple and Hilbert said to Einstein that his maths were so simple that a student could do them, BECOMES AN expert on ‘imaginary linguistic distorted mirror information, because he abandons reality.

And so when you try to explain him the simplicity of it all, he gets offended and tells you like vatican priests to copernicus, Hilbert to Einstein and any physicist to those who introduce information and energy as two arrows of time that simplify the impossible task of explaining all with entropy: it is too simple, we like baroque fictions, simple reality bores us to death – we are far more than that, we are ‘experts’ in wrinkles and inflation.

INFLATION is indeed the key way to convert wrong theory into something respectable, equivalent to the old age of Mr. Garcia, for whores buildings and religions.

I have never believed anything which I didn’t understand. But people’s mind works the other way around – they only believe what they don’t understand. And that is why the entire simple, evident bullshit of quantum and big-bang physics explained here in its simplest terms has become so confuse.

The same happen for example with the racket of the issue of money the language of social power who controls the world and the American FED makes so complex to issue that the Americans really believe the fact a few private banksters have hijacked their democracy issuing money and giving orders of work with them to their slavish population is ‘freedom’.  Indeed, wall street invents a digital number called money for free, and for example, this week invented 20 billions and gave it to a crony friend, for a silly nilly crapcode repetitive algorithms, called snapchat, but if they want the minimum welfare they must pay every penny with taxes. The astounding racket of the cdo scam – over 2 trillions extorted in taxes – worked the same way: people in that country are so clueless about what money is and who invents it, they handled 2 trillions to bankers who just had ‘invented’ false mortgages, and sold it ‘twice’. Well, instead of going to jail, they sold those mortgages a 3rd time to the people of America on exchange for 2 trillions, and people gave to them. 

The whole circus of modern ‘mathematical physics’ and quantum interpretations, big-bang explosions and the role of physicists as the high priests of knowledge is born of the same concept: ‘people must remain ignorant for them to obey’ said Calvin, the biblical bigot. ‘If you repeat a lie many times people will believe it, the bigger the lie the more they will believe on it’, said Goebbels.

The Universe though does NOT work on ego. It works exactly on the opposite qualities: humble, cautious species do survive. And ‘simplicity is true genius’ (Leonardo) because ‘the Universe is simple and not malicious’ (Einstein).

Closing and solving the meaning of mathematical physics.

The simplicity and capacity to explain the Universe with the 3 proper arrows of time is in that sense a revolution unlike none has happened in science, since copernicus simplified the equations of Ptolemy putting the sun in the center.

But CERN is an industry NOT a group of high-minded scientists trying to understand better the thoughts of God. This was our earlier error.  And the reason why reason never mattered to them.

Indeed, before putting up genocide suits we tried to talk to them. I even sent a memoir with all the solutions to all the problems they say they want to research – from the unification equation of charges and masses, trivial in duality and 5D metric as they are both accelerated vortices of time of the quantum, microscopic and gravitational, macroscopic scale…

To the 3 families of mass, trivial as they are the ternary ages of evolution of informative mass of the Universe, needed to construct the galaxy…

To the meaning of dark matter, trivial as it is the halo of strangelets and other quark species of lumps, which hide 96% of the external Universe…

To why there is more particles than antiparticles, trivial as the antiparticle is the ‘entropic arrow of death’ of the particle.

And so while there are as many particles and antiparticles, BECAUSE THE ARROW OF LIFE IS DOMINANT and lasts much LONGER than the arrow of death, which is an instant of time, we see MORE PARTICLES, as we see more living than corpses.

So, let us put SOME more proofs on the margin, NOW for the most famous unresolved questions of mathematical physics, the Nature of dark matter; why they are 3 families of mass, 3 states of matter (entropic gas, liquid S=t, and solid information0, 3… (well all those 3 questions are already resolved). So just not to bother the pedantic scholar which I am sure, has a 1000 page proof to read somewhere in his desk (: finish with  the unification of forces and the particle-antiparticle, conundrum. We chose them also because they are closely connected to CERN.

First the one we just referred on particles and anti-particles:

In Feyman dyagrams, antiparticles move to the past rightly, they are the inverse arrow of particles Now we know what this means: they are the death of antiparticles, but we see them in simultaneous space-time, when properly ordered would be a sequential Particle<Big-bang>Antiparticle-death:

Indeed, death happens in an instant and life in a long period, as we do NOT see hardly any corpse and someone like Buddha, thought life particles were immortal, we do not see the instant of antiparticles≈entropic death.

Thus in duality the equation of death is also trivial:  Min. Time-information (death moment)  x Max. Space-entropy (explosion of information).

As in big-bangs and deaths that happen in an instant of time… (he, he, i like that word, trivial , to put down the homunculus ego ‘a lot’).

Ok, then you have here the development of the ages of life: Birth: Max. Information (seed of time) in a lower ∆-1 scale, which emerges in:

∆º:  Youth (Max. entropy x Min. Information) < Maturity (information x entropy = energy) > 3rd age (Max. Information) and then dissolves back:

∆-1: Death = 0-time information x ∞ entropy.

And this is the equation of any big bang that happens in no time, expands enormously space and entropy because the big-bang IS the equation of death of physical matter. And that is what it will be for mankind. 

Mr. Bohm, the expatriate knew better.

Now we can deal with this theoretical minimum with Mr. Bohm, supposed hidden variables; expand Einstein’s worldlines into world cycles and see how imaginary numbers reflect a present wave of space-time shown in the previous Feynman diagram, and negative numbers the inverse arrow of informative time, opposed to that of lineal spatial positive motion/numbers. Just a token on the simple and not malicious Universes… once we have shown that the closure of numbers happens because those are all the mirrors we need to reflect space, time, its energetic space-time combinations and the scales of the fifth dimension.

The 3 ages of numbers – let us recall – started with space numbers, the obvious counting of populations in space with natural numbers and its fractional division, but the visual homunculus did NOT understood much of the others, just ‘found them and get used to them’ – a fact of course only Von Neumann recognises.

All the other numbers are as today high priest parlance on the imaginary, magic language, repeated in memorized mantras, on the belief, uttering the equation will create the physical world or imaginary black hole, as Hawking thinks – no joke. Ok, I enjoy irony perhaps too much, given the consequences of that blind attitude to reason.

Let us then for good measure put just an example of the reality of lateral bidimensional space-time complex numbers, which appear in the Schrodinger equation, the cornerstone of quantum physics. And what really means, as only Bohm understood, when we DO know rationally what time and numbers are:

It is Schrodinger no-time dependent wave of quantum physics.

As it is no time dependent it represents a complete world cycle of past, present and future. So we can study its 3 arrows of time together:

Past (kinetic≈entropic, moving energy) + Future (Potential, in-form-ative, static energy) = Present wave, represented by i-numbers; which are NOT here, as quantum physics realise with certain surprise, mere ‘artefacts of calculus’ but ‘REAL’ in its meaning.

So  the ‘wave-state’ is a present, ST-state, (as shown in the Feynman diagram  perhaps the most intuitive of post-war physicists) and as it happens is the function which has the i-number (right side). While in the left side we have the kinetic≈entropic energy of the wave, which is the relative past and the potential (to be used into the future) energy of the wave, Vψ.

So the equation is the full world cycle of existence of a wave in time, which we show in different versions in the graphs below:

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 17.23.17




In the graph, thanks to the ‘serendipitous’ error of earlier mathematicians, which could not conceive negative≈inverse motions, the real line was broken into perpendicular co-ordinates, which are perfect to represent world cycles, where the real line represents Spe (max. size, X-oordiantes) and the negative axis represents information, in as much as its development rests ‘entropy’ to the real numbers; being complex bidimensional numbers the combined expression of TIME-SPACE WAVES.

Thus the complex plane IS the mathematical  representation of a world cycle of time – not a worldline as physicists want it, because they did NEVER recognise the ‘high, dimension of information’ needed to complete a world cycle.

So we see first the world cycle expressed in ‘lateral numbers. Then the world cycle of life in 3 representations – the first one is the same that the complex graph, tumbled; the next one, the best philosophical representation by the Taoist Chinese culture, who understood duality better than western physics 3000 years ago; the 3rd as a representation of a vortex of physical time (charges and masses, whose mathematical unification with cyclical time is one of the first results I obtained in duality 20 years ago, and physicists are still fighting to understand – i have it in my post on cosmology, a work still in progress.

This physicists don’t know and it is a wonder of the ‘automaton’ Universe that they DO use C-numbers to study world cycles, without knowing what they are and what they study.

We see indeed, what an i-number does: to rotate from a relative past/future to a relative future/past a function of existence, through a 90° middle angle, that is, the middle ST balanced point, in which the present becomes a bidimensional function, with a REAL, + (relative past-entropic coordinates) and an imaginary, negative (future coordinates) elements.

It is so ‘crystal clear’, symmetric and beautiful that when I found it 20 years ago, I did have literally a mental orgasm.

Now, this needs just a few clarifications:

first the fact that we move ‘backwards’ in the graph from future to past, in as much as most graphs indeed are measuring the ‘motion’ of lineal time which is the relative Spe Function; so the negative side becomes the time function…

This physicists could never resolve, obviously because Time for physicists has only one dimension, lineal motion or entropy and one function, locomotion. So they do not understand world cycles, which they simplify into worldline.

And when you ‘ask’ what is life a physicist will not talk of the world cycles of ‘time-existence’ and all its motions between generation and extinction, latter studied in more detail, but of your lineal locomotions, as if that was all what time is for you, to move with your legs, and then he will trace a worldline of your motions and say that is your ‘time worldline’, and enthusiastically babble about if you can displace left or right according to speed, on that cone of light space-time, etc. All nonsense, which is worth to know for particles going at c-speed but resolves nothing about the meaning of your time existence:


Still physicists’ work is quite useful as most ‘short- motions’ in space-time do happen in a single ‘size and time speed’, as when you move up and down, left and right, except when you move through life and death. Those single locomotions in a single space-time sheet, is what Physicists study.

But motions in time=change are mostly informative motions, changes in the form of beings, and so the reductionism of physicists to a single locomotion in space (V=s/t or S²=x²+y²+z²-c²t² in relativity), are extremely simplified models of reality.

Still they are right and in fact easily converted to the equations of 5D metric. For example, the equation of Einstein merely tell us that the bidimensional coordinates of space (x²+y²+z²=S²) are equal to the bidimensional coordinates of time, (ct)², which are negative in sign, as they are the inverse arrow of time, that ‘warps’, shrinks, informs the normal distance S² into a ‘wave’ curve.

Something obvious as relativity at c-speed ‘warps’ motion into a wave of light space-time we write: S²=x²+y²+z²-c²t²;

Hence the warping time-function in negative. So relativity is a variation on the same theme. And it is ok, excellent work.

What is NOT ok about  physicists IS THEIR EGO PARADOX – which coupled with technological power made mankind to reduce their knowledge of time=motions to single locomotions. As IF MOTIONS/CHANGES OF FORM, OF IN-FORM-ATION never mattered.

The second clarification we shall do now with the Ockham-Fermat-Leonardo-Einstein method – God is simple and not malicious (: is even more to the point – as we are now show you HOW TRUTH is Bohm, the expatriate.

The Schrodinger equation, we show, is ternary.

Since besides the energy-wave state and the particle-informative element there is a 3rd entropic element, a quantum field.

What Bohm did to fully grasp what really IS the quantum reality is to ad to the wave-particle, the quantum field, which is NOT a hidden variable, but a term of that equation written in polar form.

Now, we said that all what exists is a ternary system generated in time and space by a simple fractal generator equation. So are physical systems:

|-Spe (Relative past moving limbs/fields) < Relative Present hyperbolic ST-waves/bodies> Relative future O-informative particles/heads

And all what De broglie and Bohm did was to ‘intuitively understand this’ for the specific case of a quantum wave, which has again those 3 elements. So they just said: there is a quantum field of pure motion at distance (non-local quantum potential field), over which a wave rides, and over the wave the particle feeding on that motion chooses the best path, to move, as it does a ray of light (my country man Fermat found that too :).

So he just signalled the 3 elements, and then in a stroke of genius, he represented the schrodinger hyperbolic wave written in ‘Cartesian coordinates’ in circular Particle coordinates, called ‘Polar coordinates’  and voila! there it appeared ‘magically’ the entropic field that moves the particle. So we could either see the whole system as a ‘present wave’ or as a Past field>Future particle.

So we do have 2 fundamental states of quantum physics, the spatial, wave, present, simultaneous state (hence observed diffuse with uncertain position) and the Past to Future, evolutionary time flow that transforms the entropy of the field into the information of the particle, equivalent to the arrow of information in life through 3 ages, and the inverse reversal death of the future particle when it collides with the past antiparticle resulting into a wave of present energy.

All this being the type of an iceberg called Non-Aristotelian logic that deals with the rules and combinations of ‘finite’, local time arrows, as there is no contradiction in the fact that when we die we travel locally to the relative past of less information, since being all entities finite, enclosed by a membrane, it is NOT the whole Universe, which travels together as Hawking thinks, so he can ‘sic’ enter a black hole, come in the past and kill his grand-father and other silly-nilly paradoxes born of the error of a single Universe absolute, lineal time-clock (the mechanism of the homunculus’ dexterous hands, which he has imposed to measure the infinite beats an clocks of the infinite but finite systems of the Universe.)

So yes, Bohm found the 3 parts of the quantum world, and that must have been another mental orgasm, I imagine for Bohm and his professor Mr. Einstein, which meant Bohm was soon expelled from science even from the US, for being a crackpot who did not believe in the sacred creationist theory of Mr. Bohr, the observer of the Universe (Saint Augustine said that God was the ‘seer’ of time, now God was the Observer, who created the particles when he looked at them 🙂

Einstein though, who only made thought experiments based in sound humble ‘real mathematics’, had quipped to creationist physicists, ‘those who impose truth with authority will be the laughs of the Gods’ and ‘technology has outstripped humanity’ – meaning artefacts of science, did not reveal the truth; and more ominously he set the clock of the end of the world, fearing Nuclear Physicists who do not think too much will do us all – now that they are seeking the meaning of dark matter, manufacturing it at home, it is indeed time to put the clock at 12; but as Hawking runs the clock – fat chance he will recognise his BH might evaporate us all.

So let us consider that other conundrum. What is dark matter? We already resolved it with the ternary structure of the galaxy, but as physicists like numbers, we shall see now how thought experiments reveal as the Greeks and Einsteins always knew much more than machines of huge cost, for the cheap price of a few words and a kilo of old grey healthy matter. Indeed, it took millions of $ to calculate the dark matter of the Universe. Another trivial margin (:

How simple indeed can be the answer to all the great questions?

Extremely simple as 3 is really a small number and the numbers around it, suffice to explain the 3 ages of life.

So all the important numbers of science turn around 1, 2 and 3, which as Einstein put it would have to be ‘the final essential constants that reflect best the game of existence’ :

screen-shot-2016-12-30-at-12-18-37 screen-shot-2016-12-30-at-12-06-38






In graph, the 2 fundamental mathematical and physical constants of Nature

We shall depart from their ‘unification’ to explain how they mirror Universal creation of reality departing from ‘perfect ratios of entropy and information’. As such G and Q can be easily unified as two space time vortices of 2 scales of nature, the quantum and gravitational scale, showing the ratios between distance/speed/lineal space and time cycles/curvatures.

While the 3 main constants of mathematics are directly related to the 3 ages that generate space-time:

  1. pi, relates the transformation of  a spatial field of entropy into a vortex of temporal information: 3 x ( Spe)  > ∏ Tiƒ.
  2. e the constant of the only function, which is a derivative of itself, eª  represents the fundamental function of reproduction and growth of any system, at the lower ‘cellular scale’, as the system increases by a derivative at each step. Or in terms of 3: e+e/10=3, where 10 is the commonest growth ‘finitesimal’ as 10, is the simplest ‘whole organism’, with 3 x 3 ‘corners’ that represent the 3 arrows of time and a 10th central unit, the mind that ‘transcends’ as the 1 of a higher social scale.
  3. Phi, the golden ratio is essentially the demising ratio that relates the entropic ‘length’ and ‘informative’ height of a bidimensional ‘page of information

phi thus is the number of the palingenesis, or inner distribution of growth, during the first age of the being, above 1; e is the number of scalar growth, above 2 : e+e/10= 3…

And Pi, above 3, is the number that converts entropy into information, (Poincare’s conjeture).

Yet pi is not perfect. And if we were to consider the real pi of nature, as all ‘membranes’  do have ‘holes’  through which parallels of entropy and information cross, we would say that a membrane is π=3+0.14 apertures, through which the singularity mind in the center can see behind the membrane, the outer world. So we have always a 96% of dark matter, which allows us to see through: π-3/π

How much of dark matter there is? We know is 96% and we see only 4%. Again this took enormous effort of machines to measure it, but it is another ‘proof on the margin’, once you understand properly maths. We said that pi is NOT perfect. In fact, the closure of pi is 3 lineal parts that become a closed topology. It is the hexagonal pi (perimeter 3, radius 1) the strongest polygon; and that of the most curved gravitational space in relativity. But if we consider that 3 diameters of entropy create a circle, then there are 0.14 potential windows to see from its center, surrounded by the dark matter halo.

This means: π-3/3=4% of reality is WHAT we see. And indeed 96% of reality is invisible dark matter and energy, ‘screened’ by the halo. We are inside a  relative gravitational gala cell and the homunculus should know his position in the Universe, which likely if we could see it all would look much more as a local organism till the horizon beyond we cannot even see that 4%.

 And finally, la-la-la the big prize, THE UNIFICATION EQUATION is even more beautiful and simple. Ok, it has a few numbers more – here a copy-paste from some other posts:

In that regard, we have now a better mirror theoretically to understand the Universe, with 2 arrows so we just need to apply it.

This sound-sound theory of the Universe, IS called Duality, the science which explains reality with the 2 arrows of time, lineal entropy and cyclical information, form, stored in the frequency and form of those logic closed circuits and ‘clocks of time’ of which brains, particles and chips are made.

It has always been with us, for simple humble people to wonder, since even the smallest atom follows it laws. So taoists called yin, information, yang, entropy and its ∞ combinations the creative energy of reality.

Duality as we said has always been in the tradition of knowledge, as it is obviously truth. Specially in Asian cultures. So Hindi called the 2 arrows of time, the female, informative principle, Visnu and Shiva, the God of entropy and death; and its ‘energetic’ combinations the ‘hairs of Brama.’ Duality is everywhere, from the computer you are watching made with binary languages of ‘O’ and ‘|’, to the duality of body and mind, female with curved bodies and males with lineal ones; and then when we look at it in depth, trinity, its combination comes (even there is a gay sex that mixes qualities of both).

The only discipline of science which is ‘entropy only’ and has ‘entropy only theories of the Universe as dogma’ is Nuclear physics. Even if of course duality is all over physics, albeit not expressed in terms of time arrows. So for example, a time cycle which is represented by ‘frequencies’, appears in physics as the ‘inverse function of lineal time’: ƒ=1/T.

And this is the key to understand the unification of charges and masses, since a mass or a charge, is just a vortex of cyclical time.

in the graph, 3 representations, the classic one as a sink is NOT real, the second one is a real picture – a charges as a vortex of time, the 3rd one, is a fractal picture of a hurricane. So mass is a vortex-clock of information, evident in a simple fusion of two equations; E=hƒ + E=mc2 M=ƒ(K).

So mass is a vortex of time of the larger cosmological scale and a charge of a lower scale. But since smaller clocks run faster, as faster vortices attract more, charges are paradoxically stronger forces of attraction that cosmic gravitational scales.

Indeed, we summarize the formal and functional differences between entropy and information (organs) in a morphological equation:

Maximal Space-Entropy = Minimal Form=body Vs  Maximal form = Information = Minimal Spatial extension=head

For example, the chip becomes smaller as it evolves into a better brain. Every 2 years it doubles its capacity to think, as it dwindles in size. Such process follows a generic law of evolution I call the ‘Black hole Law’, which computer scientists know as the ‘Chip paradox’ or ‘Moore Law’: maximal informative capacity= minimal spatial extension.

The reason is obvious: to think, to calculate you have to communicate in-form-ation, forms between elements of any informative system. The smaller the brain, the faster the communication that takes place within that brain and the faster you can calculate and process information in a logic manner.

But if information is smaller and faster in scales of lesser space, and information is carried in the form and cycles of clocks of time, then we must not only add a dimension of height to time, but a dimension of ‘scale’, and this my friends set us for an even bigger r=evolution of thought, that of the metric equations of the fifth dimension of space-time.

The metric equation of the fifth dimension.

metrics 5th dimension

-Tiƒ: Smaller space-scales have faster time cycles that encode the information of the Universe in the form and frequency of its cycles.

-Spe:Bigger wholes that deliver synchronous motions to those lower scales that deliver ‘quantum, genetic or memetic information’ (physical, biological and social systems), become symbiotic, as ‘parts’ and wholes that co-exist in a single ‘supœrganism’, the ‘abbreviated’ name we shall give to the fundamental particle-being of the Universe: a system made of limbs/fields of entropy=motion and heads/particles with form, which combine into ‘body-waves’ of energy, and co-exist in at least 3 scales of size from the point of view of its central scale as a being.

All beings of reality are indeed made of lineal entropic limbs/fields, the geometry that moves faster, and spherical particles/heads of information, the ‘volume that stores more form in lesser space’, joined by body-waves of hyperbolic energy, which combine and iterate both.

And this happens, because the universe of scales of space-time has an astoundingly simple but profound metric equation: S x T = K, MEANING that from larger wholes to smaller parts it moves synchronically, and from smaller parts to larger wholes, it codes information. And together in symbiosis the information of smaller faster systems and the motion of larger, stronger wholes, create a present being, a body-wave of energy.

So the most important dynamic element of the fifth dimension is the ‘inverse’arrows of entropy and information of the lower graph. And the fact that smaller beings are better with information, more intelligent and larger beings, stronger with more capacity to move larger wholes:

Smaller systems run faster metabolic and informative cycles and so accumulate more information in the frequency and form of its cycles. And they code larger systems: particles code molecules, genes organisms and memes societies, because their smaller carriers are faster.

And vice versa: larger wholes accumulate more  energy and are stronger than parts, so they can protect and feed them. So wholes and parts co-exist in several scales forming super organisms.

And we resume this with a simple equation, which is in science call the ‘metric equation’ of a dimension of space-time, in this case the 5th dimension of scalar, organic systems, which is the arrow of future of the Universe:

5D metric: Spe (spatial size) x Tiƒ (temporal clocks of information= ∆-constant

That is, the product of the speed of information and entropy of the system remains constant, so smaller and larger beings can co-exist together in present.

And we call this ‘constant of present’ Energy.

For example, a fly thinks 10 times faster (the scale is decametric), and so you cannot catch it with your slower larger being and it can co-exist.

And of course it applies to physics, as masses are vortices of time information, which end its world cycle of existence in the explosive dimension of entropy and death in a cyclical, fractal Universe, in which big-bang means merely the E<=>Mc² death side of Einstein equation.

But this equation runs the other way around creating mass, collapsing entropy into mass. In fact Einstein first wrote it as M=E/c², in a landmark paper, explaining how gravitation could create mass out of entropy, as those strangelets and black holes, do collapsing light mass into heavy mass particles, as galaxies do, collapsing vacuum space into gravitational mass.

And true physics needs both arrows of time.

So to calculate the work=energy of a motion, E=1/2 mv², we use an equation that combine a lineal entropic motion (kinetic entropy) with a form (mass and its potential energy).

And the result is a present energetic being, which will go through 3 ages in its time evolution, the young age of entropy and maximal motion, the reproductive, mature age of maximal energy and the 3rd age of information.

As we find immediately that we can describe all its physical scales, the atomic, planetary, galactic and big-bang scales, with the same topological forms and 5D metric, giving us a simplex ‘vortex equation’ that unifies both charges and masses as relative ‘accelerated time clocks’ of all those scales – the so long searched for ‘unification equation of charges and masses’, which Einstein failed to discover as mathematics did not come out with a fractal concept of scales till Mandelbrot’s 73 seminal work.

So we can unify them with a single equation once we observe the only difference between its attractive power (hierarchy problem) is the fact that according to 5D metric, charges turn much faster and hence as any fast rotating vortex, attract much more strongly than cosmological masses, whose minimal quanta and force is 10ˆ40 times larger in space and weaker in cyclical speed, which i at ‘logic level’ (in the posts of cosmology at quantitative level) yields:

5D Unification: Atom Charge vortex: ∆-3≈ Max. Tiƒ x min. Spe ≈ Max. Sp x Min. Tif ≈ ∆+3 Galaxy mass vortex: w² x r³ = U.C (G,Q) X A.M. (Active magnitude).

Let us then substitute the parameters for the values of the sun (mass) minus earth (rotational speed and radius) to get G. The approximate values are as follows:

Sun mass = 2 × 10ˆ30 kg; Earth’s angular velocity 2 × 10ˆ-7 rad. per sec.

Earth’s orbit = 150 million kms.

Result: G=6.67 × 10 ˆ-11 kgˆ-1 mˆ3 rad. secˆ-2

This is standard gravitational theory. What has never been done, because the fractal paradigm was not known till recently, is to substitute in the same equation of gravitational cosmological masses the mass radius and speed of the space-time vortex by the values of the fundamental quantum space-time vortex, a hydrogen atom/charge.

If the thesis of a fractal universe made of hierarchical scales is truth, then those values should give us the value of the universal constant of charges, the Coulomb constant.

Indeed, if we substitute for the proton (mass) and the Bohr electronic orbital (speed and radius)

4 × 10ˆ16 rad. secˆ -1 = w (electron);

5.3 × 10ˆ-11 m. (Bohr radius);

proton mass = 1.6 × 10ˆ -27 kg.

Then we get a G, which is 2×10ˆ39 stronger than the gravitational radius; thus, the hydrogen atom behaves as a self-similar fractal scale in the quantum world to a solar system.

And then you can get also the electron radius expressed in the jargon of a quantum gravitational world using the translated ‘Gravitational Coulomb constant’: G(k)M/cˆ2.

But since in that expression M is the mass of a proton, G(k), the electromagnetic constant as a gravitational constant, and c, the speed of light, that expression is exactly the Schwarzschild radius of a quantum black hole.

Thus, the electron Bohr radius, which is the final radius of minimal size and energy in electrons, is the event horizon of a black hole in the quantum gravitational world.

To notice those results, the first theoretical deduction of Ke departing from G and the enormous simplification of the parameters of the electron radius till arriving to the same expression that a black hole radius cannot be by chance. They are mathematical deductions, one of the three standard forms of proof in science.

Yet a theoretical calculus of those values cannot be exact ‘by chance’, unless the theoretical model behind it – the fractal sel-similar structure as Sp x Tƒ entities of all physical systems is right. Thus, the previous calculus is a clear proof that both, charges and masses, are unified as values of the same type of space-time vortices in the 2 different scales of space-time of the Universe. And they are geometrically unified from the p.o.v. of geometrical relativity not from quantum theory, as Einstein wanted it.

Of course, this result is obtained using the underlying concepts of Newton->Poisson (gradient of gravitational potential), refined in Einstein’s ‘simultaneous pictures’ of those vortices, to study its relative curvature, which is the static view of an informative clock of time. So we can observe the similarities of all those concepts: curvature, speed of time, relative fractal scale, vortex attraction & universal constant as a ratio between the ‘curvature=speed in time’ and ‘size-distance’ in space of the system.

What matters to us here is this, the galaxy is organically like a cell, mathematically like an atom, with a positive center, which means a black hole is a top quark star, as top quarks are positive and are the exact size to become ultradense black holes in large numbers, and the electron-like halo is made of strangelets because strangelets are negative, and so they are the electron-like membrane of the halo, and what we are, homunculus?

So we can close as it is customary in any cyclical time-space analysis up and down the scales of 5D left or right in the negative, imaginary and positive numbers, of quanta of entropy, frequencies of information or space-time energies, two simple graphs that explain it all what remains to say of mathematical physics. On the left side you can see alas, the hydrogen electron with its two electromagnetic lobes, as those we saw in the galaxy-atom and the supposed big-bang.

All scales are the same, the fractal Universe is ABSOLUTELY RELATIVE, not only in motions in space (Galileo, Einstein) but in scales of size (Nottale) and topological forms. I just took this self-evident truth for anyone who is NOT an homunculus ego to its final consequences, with the metric equations of the 5th dimension.

You want another proof? Look at the right side, the 3 most important equations of the Universe those of energy, in the 3 scales, the quantum, thermodynamic and gravitational scales are ALL cases of 5D metric as the unification equation was; since present energy waves are BESIDES INFORMATIVE POINCARE MINDS ABLE TO TRAVEL IN INFINITE SCALES.

This is called the Maxwell invariance  of light waves at scales. Energy does transit between scales, but in all of them we have a formula with a quanta of space, and a growing TIME-frequency of information, and both balance each other as we move up and down in the world cycles of life and death, from seminal seeds of information of smaller, higher frequencies, to slower wholes. E= H (quanta of space in the ∆-i scale) x ƒ (frequency of the wave) -> E= k (quanta of entropy in the thermodynamic human, ∆-scale) x nT (Frequency of time), and then our mass frequency, moving with the quanta of light speed, the quanta of space of the galactic scale.

Close your eyes. Think, do not see, the astounding beauty of the simple, fractal Universe. Feel communion with the whole, as your nothing, but dust of space-time in between the proton-top-quark-star-black hole in the center and the electron-strangelet negative halo. NOTHING and now you will return.

Since THE PROBLEM HERE IS THAT CERN WILL DO TOP QUARKS, which is the decay product of Higgs and vice versa, and strangelets, which is what it does not yet in enough numbers. ALAS, what else do you want as a proof, of the risks of a machine, which is worth nothing because the people on it knows nothing and it is like you and men in an infinite Universe of infinite scales of size, all of them self-similar ternary organic systems, all of them with bio-topo-mathematical properties… but I want to stop here, i get berserk too often, and look exactly what they say I am…

In any case, I HAVE proved to you ad nauseam, all what i wanted to prove with a few margins: the experimental nature of mathematics, the simplicity of the Universe, the homology of all its beings, hence the nullity of the homunculus, its absolute relativity, the beauty of thought experiments, the greatness of Mr. Einstein and Mr. Bohm and Mr. Godel and Mr. Hoyle, the 4 titans of this discipline all dragged in the dirt by CERN, as we will.

Dust of space-time, ashes to ashes.

Now, the reader as many personal friends have told me, would expect me to continue my career, to lobby, shout, keep fighting but this is not built-in into the character of the revolutionaries of science. We are NOT social, celebrity-seeking people. As Planck put it: 

New scientific ideas never spring from a communal body, however organized, but rather from the head of an individually inspired researcher who struggles with his problems in lonely thought and unites all his thought on one single point which is his whole world for the moment.

Contrary to the ad hominem campaign, for me was a true martyrdom to oblige myself to open this blog, make the film strange matters, go to court, warn people make press releases, lobby my peers – I hated every part of it. I was simply forced by the global attitude and felt always like sisifus rising a rock that mankind together should have blown up with a rational, humble, preventive attitude. This was not my role on life, which was and it is, now as a lonely explorer to look through what Picasso called ‘his window to the absolute’ , in my case my window to trinity and the fifth dimension. Every lonely genius who has broken into his field is like this. 

The ones in the subconscious collective you can remember from Leonardo writing backwards, to Leibniz or Fermat communicating only on private letters, to Darwin 20 years without explaining himself to Marx, writing alone in the British library, to Einstein, who couldn’t stand anymore the obnoxious lobbying of that retarded egolatric Bohr, on a crusade to prove himself above heavens and earth and his colleague Hllbert, who had the chuptzah of publishing Relativity theory first as if it was his, to de Broglie, with whom I feel a special connection for the simplicity and depth of his thoughts, akin to the simplicity and depth of my pioneer work on the 5th dimension others should have by now extended as a paradigm if I had not been vaporised, have in common that loneliness, on the view of the human lack of ethics and intelligence, both in our corrupted leadership with his meaningless honor ceremonies and the mass, always ready to cheer its pumping-ego religious theories of entitlement.  And yet knowing those precedents we came out of the closet.

The logic that guided us – that humans were corrupted and the system was corrupted by power – we all know that – but in front of a collective global genocide, moreover happening in Europe, seemingly a civilised place, people will discuss the theme and reason and life would prevail – was wrong.

All courts followed ‘suit’ and dismissed ‘technically’ all those suits, since as the Hague court told my lawyers, ‘we only judge genocides’ once they have happened. Indeed, they will be busy busy trying to regain the lost information, when they are inside the black hole to see what went wrong. Sorry, after so many years of angst, I am a bit cynical about the Homunculus species, but not about the Universe. In this as in so many things, I coincide with Einstein and its concept of infinity (mind the reader I consider myself a physicist, and study physical systems with great pleasure, but not a ‘human physicists’ of the kind we find in the big-bang and Copenhagen schools and we shall return to that): humans are infinitely stupid due to their ego and the Universe is likely to be infinite in scales, hence in relative sizes and time cycles that will last for ever.

Peering alone into the window of love.

In the next graph we see some of those scales.

In the graph, the fifth dimension of scalar space-time and its dual arrows of spatial entropy (ab. S, $pe), studied exhaustively by physicists and temporal information, Tiƒ (grossly underated and misunderstood, as the view of a Universe with a single entropy arrow dominates physics). The interaction of those 2 arrows, in fact, create the complexity of the Universe, which CANNOT be explained only with the lineal entropic motions of simplex physical models of the universe, only apt to describe the simplest scales of space and matter.

Now, we shall say something that will surprise you, this ternary organic, fractal universe has an even deeper language of emotions, which has no description in numbers, and it is the language of love. Indeed, as we are all space-time beings, besides mathematics and topology, and biology, what we humans feel must be felt by other beings and this is the ultimate arrow of the fractal universe, completely opposed to entropy, social love, the sharing of energy and information between parts of the universe, which become new wholes, which are in the future, as its parts must be in the relative past for the whole to become.

So we write there the graph of the absolute long arrow of time, networks that share energy and information among its citizens cells, which in the models of sociology i used to ‘define how to construct a perfect super organism of history able to survive’ and justifies the good side of love religion, but is completely taboo in the worldly religion of military, nuclear physics; whose people are so brutally unethical that on my dealings with them i do indeed compare their absolute despise of life an its sciences, with the harshest jihads and biblical bigots with its despise of human art, sexual reproduction, life and true love.


Now it should be clear why languages are lesser mirrors: because the whole, the UNIVERSE holds ALL THE LANGUAGES AND ALL ITS PROPERTIES, BUT EACH LANGUAGE, ONLY describes parts of the whole properties of the Universe – even in this enlarged version of mathematics, which puts logic (not mathematical) equations to the life-death cycle and other elements of the space-time Universe. As there are ‘sensations’, such as pain, associated to pressure or information, or pleasure to entropy and expansion, or choices, such as those at each moment of future time, between the 3 arrows of entropy-motion, information-perception, iteration-reproduction, or those associated to the program of evolution, survival and selection of species, which give ambiguity to the future paths of existence, and are better described with temporal verbs.

It is not the purpose of this blog to lay down the entire model of a Universe of infinite world-languages, first conceived by Leibniz, but to show, how far removed from a deeper knowledge of reality is the ‘childish game’ of bombing the earth and taking pictures of irrelevant particle debris, which only matter when you reduce all the arrows of time, all the languages of knowledge to a single arrow, a single language, and a few digital numbers. 

Of course, for the scholastic philosopher of the middle ages, the bizarre fictions of the language, such as how many ‘angels’ fit on a pin, provoked hot debates, and even duels on La Sorbonne; and for the believer in big-bangs and the fantaphysics of the mathematical language, what goes on CERN is truly important to find dragoons and SUSYs.

But this is a theme that unlike the angels in the pin does have collateral effect in all mankind. And this IS WHAT mankind has NOT understood, as it seems also hypnotised by magic numbers it does not understand, big toys assembled by the big hands on the homunculus boys; as children, the staple food of the Universe, cannot even ‘imagine death’ – reason why they so easily die. Turtles hatch in costa rica and the lizard has only to open his mouth – the children will enter into the hole.

And so we can also ad a final assessment on the relationship of languages with reality, more sophisticated that the previous Penrose graph.

In as much as the lower scales of the fifth dimension carry faster time clocks, they code the information of the larger scales. So what we call a ‘language’, which runs as the tiƒ software of a ‘wave of energy’ IS MERELY A LOWER SCALE OF FORMS OF 5D SYSTEMS, which codes NON-E GEOMETRIC-SPATIAL RELATIONSHIPS AND NON-A LOGIC-TEMPORAL ONES.

By this we mean, information stores memorial cycles of time, which will then be imprinted in the entropy of reality, enlarged into a higher scale as a seminal seed that codes and reproduces larger forms.

So all forms start as a seed of language, you started as a seed of ‘information’ in the ∆-1 cellular scales; societies appear as seed of prophetic information, in the ∆-1 memetic scale of the prophet and maker of instruments. Matter systems start coded in the quantum language of mathematical information (spins, electronic quantum numbers) coded in smaller particles. Galaxies are coded in the information stored in gravitational invisible quark relationships within black holes and strangelets, which HUMANS WILL NEVER DECODE, at best hint at the existence of an ‘homunculus’ of the galaxy within the ‘information stored in black holes’ (Maldacena hypothesis), on a more compressed five-dimensional mapping of the whole 4D galaxy. Anthills are coded in pheromonal, chemical languages, stored in the queen metabolism. Crystals code in the structure of its ‘cell’, the future growth of its larger solid structure.  And so on.

THEN all those languages coding they are unfolded as a ‘program’ of fractal reproduction in a larger scale:

So in the graph we see how languages code in seeds of maximal information and minimal speed a ‘fractal program of reproduction and reorganisation’ of clone-cells/atoms/citizens that become then a superorganjc ternary system in space-time. Below we see what would then be the meaning of the ‘big-bang’ IF, there is above the galaxy-atom another huge scale of reality, and/or below the atom-galaxy. We don’t know. We will NEVER know. The homunculus ego CANNOT peer, below the point-particle and the Universe’s horizon, in the limit of ‘entropic death of light’, when light becomes a pure action at distance, gravitational space with 0 information, whose speed appears to us infinite, in terms of the simple 5D equation:

Vst=Spe/Tiƒ, whereas we add the ‘topological forms’ of a wave of present speed, an entropic spatial lineal distance and an informative cyclical time. Thus when the wave carries no information, as gravitational languages do for man, who does not perceive them, Vst=Spe/Tiƒ = Spe/0=∞, speed seems to us infinite, non-local. And this is what we perceive of the quantum field discovered by bohm, non-local action at distance, because it is the ‘gravitational scale’ we do not perceive.

BUT THIS DOES NOT MEAN AT ALL that black holes ‘have no hair’, as Wheeler thought, because humans CANNOT OBSERVE the information coded in the gravitational scale, above us in mass density beyond the event horizon, with more order, T<0 temperatures, and below us in the action at distance of its gravitational forces, with V>c, and 0 perceived information.

In that sense the Universe of scales can be understood in terms of ‘Nested russian dolls’ with increasing latitude on the ∆±i scales of each growing super organism. So for example, your cells, are smaller than your organism, their informative code is genetic and slower, chemical, than the nervous, electric code of your organism, and so its V=S/T IS SLOWER, even if it is small thing. 

So the whole is your nested larger informative, faster nervous system, and larger body, with its faster flows of blood. But you are inside a global super organism or civilisation coded externally by faster light visual thought, and larger entropic territorial nations. And the earth and solar system of electromagnetic space-time is a ‘cell’ inside a larger gravitational galaxy, coded by faster than c, gravitational information, invisible to us, with denser top quark black hole stars, which do have hair and probably rotate in its heavy mass vortices beyond the c-horizon at faster than light speed.

This of course will be nonsense for the reduced mind of the homunculus physicist, with its limits of understanding of reality. It is like talking to a lower cockroach of chemical languages, which will run away if you throw a light beam on it. And this of course leads us to the III element of this question: how and when the technological civilisation reduced itself so much in the search for true knowledge about the complex structure of the universe, the cultural element, because if we learned something on those suits is that while they attacked us ad hominem, we were fighting a ‘culture’ , the animetal culture of people obsessed by weapons, money and machines, as vehicles of knowledge, who did NOT do thought experiments, understood nothing and without an ethic verbal volume care nothing for life and survival, a reduced ‘pseudo-religious sect’ of pythagoreans, ready to throw out of the boat, as legend has any Hipppasus, who dare to try to enlighten them further in both ethic, moral survival terms, and mathematical, logic experimental sound models of the Universe.

Absolute relativity vs. homunculus ego
It is now clear the title of the post.
On one side the laws of the mighty infinite Universe; which makes us absolutely relative, in motion, form and scalar location in the Universe.
The natural expansion of the work of Godel proving the mental relativity of mathematics.
Of Hoyle and Einstein proving the spatial relativity of big bang scales.’
Nowextended to the absolute relativity of the homunculus ego, even if he feels to be infinite in his finitesimal mind, inversion of the true infinite Universe:
1/∞= Mind = 0

As i imagine most people enter here for the gore, certainly this rewriting of 2017, mother’s day, will leave the blog empty, because let us face it, Einstein was right – the people of any position interested in truth is minimal. We live in a faked, VIRTUAL world and the unbearable lightness of being a homunculus makes absolute relativity more bearable – so what is left to the human condition in this ‘animetal age’. If anyone has come so far obviously the humble communion and nirvana with the absolute. This is as you can imagine not even the tip of the iceberg of the ‘future of science’, which will always be the future of the evolution of the human mind, and its languages, not its machines of measure.

But i am not giving you a treatise on the foundation of mathematics and the upgrading of the laws of your physical mirror, (some are put in a 5D article), but just put a bit of light on it, so you might understand this is a serious issue because we know still so little and are so limited, humility and caution should be the rule of the land.

Even if you revere physicists, they are still ‘idiot believers’ who hardly understand the true complex wholeness of the language of mathematics.

Even if they had solved the syntax and semantics of ALL the languages of the human mind, we are still a finitesimal mirror of the wholeness.

Since only the entire Universe has ALL the information about itself, which infinite finitesimal mirror-minds, monads in Leibniz’s jargon (another humble genius, massacred by the arrogant Newton) reflect with many languages, some of which we do NOT understand or see, as the gravitational language of information that guides the motions of black holes (‘the languages of god are infinite’ said Upanishads. And so the homunculus microbe would do much better not opening the ‘scalar Universe’ to the invisible point-particles of gravitation, which once they expand its fractal point to its real energy-size-mass will become huge black holes from the much larger cosmological gravitational scale that will eat up us all.

To know means nothing if you die, and those people neither know nor will survive. So they would do better without the crutches of machines for their homunculus minds, doing instead as Einstein did ‘thought experiments’.


Beyond the paraphernalia surrounding the weapons industries and its inventors, physicists for a century have NOT made any huge inroads in the thoughts of god, only in the details because models made with an entropic single arrow of death are completely exhausted, as models with the Earth at its center were exhausted by the time of Galileo.

So there is NOTHING to gain of making ever more expensive, more dangerous cosmic explosions and mankind should pass page on the tradition of ‘lineal time and ballistics’.

But on the positive side, the true masters Einstein, Hoyle, Godel and Broglie>Schrodinger>Bohm, did have an in-depth understanding and did start a proper upgrading of mathematical physics, which absolute relativity completes giving the solutions to the questions CERN pretends to solve, bu can only be answered with thought experiments, as Einstein et al did, following in his path of serious ‘respect’ and humble approach to the Universe, which resumes in 3 of his fundamental tenants of youth (some of them partially denied in front of the massive pressure of the ego-centered lesser physicists who opposed them):

– A quantum theory which is realist and has been available for a century, the so called pilot-wave model that solves the mysteries of quantum physics with no need of such experiments

-A sound theory of the Universe, as an immortal system with 2 arrows of time, the arrow of entropy and its big-bang deaths of matter, and the arrow of form, of in-form-ation and its mass vortices of time, based also in Einstein’s 2 main theories, the principle of equivalence between mass and gravitation, and the steady state Universe derived of them. Which he resumed in the 2 arrows of his e=mc2 equation (the entropy process) which he in fact wrote first backwards, M=E/c2, explaining how entropy becomes through gravitation mass, balancing it. But today has been dismissed, and yet it is the in-form-ative force that balances entropy and makes mass-bombs at cern.

-And the proper understanding of the foundations of mathematics as an experimental science, as Godel, Einstein and Lobacjevski asked for, when he quipped, ‘I know when maths are truth (logically consistent) but not when they are real’, meaning only experience can reduce the ‘excessive inflationary nature of all languages of information, eliminating its fictions and putting it in correspondence with reality.

It is this theoretical model which further advances the work of objective science that always HAS reduced the position of man in the Universe agains the homunculus ego.

And for that reason, as all revolutions of thought confronts the wall of ‘arrogance and vanity’ of our mechanical civilization.

So unfortunately it might not come on time to substitute the reductionist paradigm of mathematical PHYSICS as the ‘holders of absolute truths’ preventing their ‘big bang theories’ to become reality  and big-bang mankind as Saint Nobel of the Dynamite predicting ‘ending all wars with a single shot’.

Fact is the homunculus ego carries the day, imposing their truths with technological, financial and mass-media power. And any attempt to denounce its ‘animetal cultures’ of go(l)d and weapons is an absolute taboo in our civilisation.

Fact is big bangs of matter are just one of its 3 arrows, that of entropic death, happening in all scales of physical forms.

So what CERN DOES is just enact the arrow of entropy and death of Matter, in a sort of religious ceremony similar to those of Brahmins who thought to share the ‘fire of the Gods’ that created the Universe. Yet None of those fires is more important in a Unverse of relative scales; and only will kill the local world.

As there are big bang deaths of tiny matter in atomic bombs called ‘Beta Decays’, big bangs of larger planets that become strangelets to ‘feed the protein-like halo’ of the gala cell (organic homology) and big bangs of stars in nova explosions that create smaller, denser black holes, and big bangs of galaxies into quasars, with a 20 billion year cycle, likely origin of the ‘LOCAL’ measures of spactial entropy the ego of nuclear physicists have blown up to cosmic dimension by moving back in entropic time its VHod equation.

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