Baby holes don’t evaporate

11 Oct

‘Cosmologists are seldom right but never in doubt’ Landau


Foreword: The black hole’s risk scenario

  1. The 3 ages of black hole theory
  2. The second age: mathematical entelechies, singularity theories.
  3. The 3rd age: black hole as quark stars; the quasar big-bang, the growth of baby black holes in a fractal 5D universe.
  4. Hawking’s celebrity status and character: how scientific hoaxes become dogma
  5. Reason Black holes MUST evaporate…us: the military-industrial cult(ure) around nuclear physics at CERN

First let us remember what is all this about. CERN and the industry of accelerators sooner than latter will cross the energies required to make black holes, which all seems to indicate are top quark stars. The only reason we don’t fear them, as every known known equation of science tells us they will swallow the Earth if born in this planet is Mr. Hawking’s absurd idea that black holes are ‘infinitesimal singularities of infinite density that act as time machines, travel to the past and evaporate’. So before we put Mr. Hawking’s work at true value, let us remember the serious facts here – the black hole scenario, taken from the front page:

Foreword. The black hole’s risk scenario

In the graph, 29-september-2018, a few months after the death of Hawking, Mr. Martin Rees ‘dares’ to defy the common view that baby black holes are unstable and will ‘certainly evaporate’, a never proved hypothesis by Mr. Hawking that shielded CERN of any criticism for a decade, in its so far failed attempts to reproduce black holes on Earth. It would be wise that other top astrophysicists tell the truth about those experiments before they ‘succeed’.

From 2015 onwards, when the LHC ramps up to 14 Tev, it will cross the 10 Tev barrier in its collisions, so it will make possible the creation of black holes, since it will be creating a massive amount of top quarks, the densest substance of the Universe, likely component of black holes (same density), but again CERN disguises this fact talking only about the Higgs (a by-product of the collision of top and antitop quarks) or rather God’s particle (using the well-known pseudo religious jargon of nuclear physicists, which during the cold war acquired with massive propaganda the undeserved status of ‘high priests’ of science to justify with ‘knowledge’ the risks they poised to mankind.

In 2023, with a further upgrade, the chances of an on-target collision will increase dramatically, as the luminosity (density) of the collision with be one hundred folded. So after that date it will be truly a ‘miracle’ that we do NOT achieve an event that reproduces those primordial black holes.

In 2015 the LHC will accelerate protons and hadrons at maximal energy, colliding them at over 1 Pevproducing heavy, bottom, charm and top quark-gluon liquid condensates, aka Higgs, possible substances of black holes. The quark-gluon soup it will produce will be far denser and attractive than strangelet liquid, hence the process of accretion of the Earth will be self-similar to the strangelet event but much faster.

Those collisions have the potential to create micro-black holes in both, the classic metric, and the even more telling Einstein-Maxwell-Dirac equations, which shows the non-existence of singularities and cast black holes as top quark stars, since heavy quarks ARE the only candidates for a cut off substance of which black holes must be made off, as Einstein repeatedly said (but at the time the quark had not yet invented.

So either if Albert Einstein is right, or  the Einstein-Maxwell-Dirac equations are truth (they of course are) in all those equations Black holes will not evaporate but convert matter (the Earth) into a 3 cm Black Hole or Frozen top quark star.

What Einstein defined as a mass-bomb process which converted energy into mass, since he deduced his equation, E=Mc2, first in its inverse form, M=E/c2, thus foreseeing the existence of energy collapsing into mass.

In conclusion, every known-known serious physical theory considers that sooner than latter the constant upgrading of the energy collisions of accelerators (by 2020 a new upgrade will multiply by 10 the luminosity=density of those collisions) will produce black holes that won’t evaporate; as in any of those aforementioned scenarios they will appear and swallow the earth:

– If String Theory is truth (9 out of 10 physicists believe so) they will swallow the Earth.

– IF Thermodynamics are truth, they will swallow the Earth, as its 2nd law implies that an ultra hot black hole born in a cold environment, the Earth, will transfer us heat evaporating us. This contradicts Hawking’s belief, never proved experimentally that ultra hot black holes will evaporate absorbing heat from our cold world, because they ‘will travel to the past’ (Sic). Time travel TO THE PAST, has never been proved.

– If Black holes are not mere mathematical objects but real objects as recent observation show. This was Einstein’s theory, reason why they are also called ‘Einstein’s frozen stars’. On that view they are ultradense, fermion condensates made of a cut-off substance of the same density, which are top quarks.

-If the Einstein-Maxwell-Dirac equations are truth, they will swallow the Earth, as black holes will be made of ‘dense quarks’ and singularities will NOT exist.

As they say in Spanish ‘alguien da mas?’ ‘What else?’

I. 3 ages of black hole theory

To put all those theories in perspective, we can make an account of black hole theory as an evolving subject, which has clearly 3 ages, we shall treat in this blog, at ‘face value’.

  1. The age of Einstein, when general relativity equations provided the theoretical foundation to study gravitational ‘vortices’, as those described by Newton, and then by Poison with his theory of potentials, of which Einstein, via Poison, made an even more detailed analysis as accelerated vortices of spacetime (equivalence principle between mass and acceleration.) He called those gravitational vortices of mass of maximal density, ‘frozen stars’, the name he gave to black holes. And he said since they must respect the scientific method, he would believe on them only if we found a cut-off particle/substance in the smaller quantum scale, of similar density, which at the Einstein’s age was still not known. So he denied them (today we know heavy quarks of the top matter decuplet, studied at CERN show all the properties and density needed to be the substance of black holes and its lesser cousins, strange, neutron stars).
  2. The age of Wheeler and Hawking. As we could not see within those black holes, once Einstein died, his stringent admonitions against any attempt to model black holes as ‘imaginary mathematical objects’, without substance, ‘evaporated’. So nuclear physicists, on top of the power game, notably those attached to the production of nuclear bombs, researched in accelerators (Oppenheimer, Wheeler) developed mathematical theories of black ‘frozen stars’, with no proof whatsoever in the experimental range. Wheeler came with the catchy name of black hole, which suddenly caught the subconscious collective imagination and ‘evaporated’ definitely the need for a rigorous application of the scientific method – meaning, the search for its proper substance, and its study as ‘dark matter, heavy quark stars’… The age peaked with the work of Penrose and Hawking and all its ‘singularity theorems’, ‘thermodynamic of black holes’, and ‘cosmic censorships’, which defied every law known-known law, including those of thermodynamics (as a a black hot baby-born hole, should NOT get HOTTER and evaporate, but on the contrary, should cool down and evaporate its colder surroundings growing in mass, which is what the first and second law of thermodynamics said: ‘heat moves from the hotter source that cools down to the colder one’), those of Einstein’s gravitation (as gravitation is a cosmological not a quantum-scale theory, so it does NOT work for quantum scales); those of mathematics (as all systems that show infinities are renormalized; that is the infinity region is cut-off for calculations, precisely because both in real nature and mathematical modeling, they do not apply to infinity, so black holes need to be cut-off from infinities, so should happen with the infinities of the big-bang theory). This age now ends as the age of Einstein ended at his death, with the death of Hawking. So we are going to move into:
  3.  The age of realist black holes, as ultra-heavy dark matter, quark stars, which will vindicate Einstein’s work. Such black holes will be similar to strange stars, with a core of ultra heavy top quarks and a cover of dark Bottom-Charm-Bottom atoms, similar to our UDU atoms. This hypothesis advanced decades ago by this writer is the logic symmetry of nature between its families of quarks and families of stars, as s a Dark star would be exactly equal in properties to a black hole. Einstein believed black holes could not be just a mathematical equation, but needed a real substance, which can only be, among the particles we know today, the top quark, with self-similar properties to a Higgs – which is produced by a top/antitop quark couple. Because then top quarks were not discovered Einstein could not explain them in detail. But he will be proved once more right. Now since the LHC will start massive production of top quarks in 2015, they might easily condensate into small black holes.

But it has immediately after Hawking’s death resurface in the work of new scholars of astrophysics, notably from the always notable Indian school of cosmologists (which from Bose, to Chandrasekar, have been instrumental on the field, with much respect for Einstein’s realist view of the subject)

And so their papers keep coming… proving all those scenarios and yet they are just buried on and so the media is still ‘hooked up’ with the age of mathematical entelechies we shall study next, as it is the ‘origin’ of the risks and alibis of CERN – since imaginary black holes do not evaporate traveling to the past, just a mathematical fiction, albeit one that caught the imagination of the public due to the celebrity status and personal life of his ‘believer’, which therefore must be put at face value.






‘I know when mathematics are logically truth but not when they are real’. ‘The Universe is simple and not malicious’.’Two things I considered infinite, the Universe and the egocy of man’

Einstein, on the limits of mathematical creationism and the efficiency of the immortal, infinite Universeand the egocy: ego+idiocy of humans  too complicated to understand the beauty, harmony and simplicity of the entangled Universe – we fully agree…. (Nt. He said stupidity but we prefer a term more appropriate to the reason why humans are so blind to that beauty and infinity – their ego cannot resist to be just a part lesser than the whole).

Update. 2018. The mind of God… 

Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at 8.11.44 AM

It seems ‘the mind of God’ has died; but his memory will remain till we make black holes at CERN and either them or us, evaporate – depending on a ± symbol we shall explain simple for everybody to understand:

My theory of (baby) black holes is the biggest blunder of my life’

S. Hawkings on his 70th birthday

‘In physics, if a particle can happen, it will happen.’

Totalitarian Principle, Gell-mann; discoverer of quarks.

“History is littered with wars which everybody knew would never happen.” – Enoch Powell

“I thought of calling it “information”, but the word was overly used, so Von Neumann told me, “You should call it entropy, nobody knows what entropy really is. So in a debate you will always have the advantage.”

Von Neumann to Shannon, father of Information Theory.

 ‘Heat cannot pass spontaneously from a body of lower temperature to a body of higher temperature.’

Rudolf Clausius, 1850,first enunciation of the 2nd law of thermodynamics, original wording.

2nd law

Heat. ‘Heat is energy that is transferred from one body to another as the result of a difference in temperature. If two bodies at different temperatures are brought together energy is transferred – i.e. heat flows – from the hotter body to the colder. The effect of this transfer of energy is an increase in the temperature of the colder body and a decrease in the temperature of the hotter body’. 

Britannica, 1st paragraph, article on ‘Heat’, Macropaedia; Volume 8, page 701

We are just a mush in the surface of a rock lost in the corner of the Universe, departing of those facts we can talk about man’ Schopenhauer, father of modern philosophy.

Let us now consider objectively with the laws of known-known science the astounding hoax that made Mr. Hawking the hero of… Hollywood first, and then of popular science… fiction. The ‘bright’ idea that the arrow of time switches to the past in black holes so baby black holes do NOT like all baby-born species grow much faster in their youth, evaporating us, but alas! because they travel to the past by unknown ‘metaphysical methods’, they should evaporate, which is like saying that you would evaporate into the womb of your mother after birth, perhaps disillusioned by the absurd world you were brought in.

Fact is all species, including black holes are born exceedingly small. Yet as all seminal seeds of the Universe, they have a huge metabolic rate of growth (signified by its high temperature) and so according to the laws of thermodynamics, they ‘evaporate’ the cold surrounding world they are born into, ‘feeding’ on our matter.



‘Science should only occupy on events of which we have experience’ .  ‘Two things I consider infinite, the Universe and the stupidity of man.’ Einstein

‘It shall be born exceedingly small and hot. It will rapidly become vast. It will respect no created thing, rather will by its power, transform every thing into its own nature’ Leonardo, prophecies

2 simple genius who revered truth and experience.

Let us then explain simple how black holes are born ‘exceedingly small and hot’ as fire does, to grow very fast, transforming all into its own nature, due to its enormous thermodynamic activity (hot temperature) cooling down as they ‘evaporate’ the Universe that surrounds it.

This is the simple, not malicious view on black holes, coming out of Einstein’s EFE equations, which Mr. Hawking, an ambitious, malicious, complicated lad, tinkered with,  inverting his equations by changing ‘ad hoc’ its arrow of time, and alas! found that instead of growing fast as all new-borns do, with higher metabolic rates, the top predator species of the Universe seems to get afraid of existence and ‘puff’… evaporate.

LOL.. Magic…

The hard facts of known-known science.  

The fate of humanity, a childish species, who feels entitled to defy the laws of the Universe with wishful thinking, depends on this formula:

M_H \leq \frac{\hbar c^3}{8 \pi G k_B T_u} \;(1)

As the formula is filled with Universal Constants, and only two variables we shall write it in a simplified manner as:

±ΔMass ≤ Konstant/±ΔTemperature.

Or easier to Understand moving Temperature to the other side:

±ΔMass  x  ±ΔTemperature  = Constant.

Simple, isn’t? It is the formula that defines the changes in temperature and mass of black holes.

We know both can change but in which direction? If the black hole mass  increases, temperature must diminish for the product to remain constant. If the black hole mass diminishes, then temperature must increase for the product to remain constant.

Two choices. Why we care? well, as it happens your life depends on it.

More exactly on the choice of ± signs of that equation.

If we write:

-∇ Mass  X +Δ Temperature = Constant…

You live, as the black holes the LHC will make in 2015, when it works at full potency, will increase temperature, getting hotter and diminishing mass, evaporating.

If we write:

+Δ Mass  x -∇ Temperature = Constant, then you die.

As black holes will cool down, transferring heat to the surrounding planet, evaporating us into a cosmic explosion, a Nova.

Never a symbol mattered so much to mankind. So who or what chooses those symbols? That is the conundrum. (2)

The ‘what’, the Universe and its scientific laws have chosen the Symbol of your death.

The ‘who’, Mr. Hawking and his laws of ‘imaginary time’, have arbitrarily decided the Universe is wrong and the black hole will evaporate, because he decided to change the right symbol of Thermodynamics that tells us the hot black hole cools down (-∇ Temperature) and grows in +Δ Mass… because that was so obvious that would not ‘provoke’ the establishment, and get people to talk outrageously about him ‘a la Trump’.

It was, let’s put it this way; his way to provoke, and he indeed did – everybody had a laugh at him, and dismissed his paper as yet ‘another fake’ of the oldest type of scientific hoax – an eternally moving machine, which every ignorant in the XIX century tried to construct, getting heat passing from a cold reservoir of water to a hot one, to produce more steam ‘for free’… That lunacy was so obviously wrong, that fed up with the prank, every patent office of planet Earth issued a directory asking their workers (including Einstein, then at the patent office in Switzerland) to dismiss directly any ‘eternal moving machine based in the wrong arrow of thermodynamics’ without looking at it. 

Indeed, any ultra-hot object as a black hole, born in a cold environment as the Earth is, according to the laws of entropy cools down and transfers heat to the environment, evaporating us. And this is what we see in the Universe happening, always, when a black hole is born. It cools down and evaporates its surroundings into a big explosion, a Nova.

Since the Universe and his fundamental laws, the Laws of entropy always choose the evaporation of the cold environment in which the black hole is born…

When you take an iron rod from the oven and put it in cold water, the water evaporates and the iron cools down, ALWAYS. And in the Universe whenever we see the birth of an ultra-hot black hole it evaporates its surrounding electromagnetic world (us) and gets colder, ALWAYS, till it reaches as a mature huge black hole a thrermodynamic balance with the cold vacuum that surrounds it.

In this principle, that heat moves from the hot source to the cold one, are based all the laws of thermodynamics, all the machines of the planet. If this principle would not exist you could made a machine of eternal motion, the biggest hoax of science. There is NOT a single exception to the laws of Thermodynamics in the Universe. Everything in science is based in this law.

But then a child of thought, with utter disregard of the known-known laws of the Universe, has chosen the other symbols:

-∇ Mass  X  + Δ Temperature = Constant…

It is Hawking’s formula of evaporation of black holes…that defies all the laws of entropy, all the laws of time, all the laws of Einstein and all the laws of the 5th dimension, the expansion of Einstein’s relativity that I study.

And that is the problem.

What the equation means is easy to understand:

Hawking affirms that black holes do exactly the opposite that all other entities of the Universe:

They are born very hot, the hottest objects of the Universe (in this we all agree), but then instead of cooling down in our cool Universe, burning us into hell, they will ‘magically’ absorb heat from the cold environment (+Δ), getting even hotter, breaking all the laws of entropy!

It is like if you throw a flame into water and the flame would get hotter and the water would become ice!

It is like if you get a cup of hot coffee and the cup keeps getting hotter ‘evaporating’, while it freezes your hand!

This has never happened and the mere idea was for very long in science a laughing matter. Since the laws of entropy are crystal clear. When a hot system is put by the side of a cold system, temperature moves from the hot system that cools (in this case the black hole) to the cold one that heats and evaporates.

The Hawkific method vs. the Scientific method of truth.

‘I don’t know how the mind of Hawking works, I am not a psychiatrist’ Susskind

How does the mind of Hawking work to achieve to its conclusions, was well explained by his friend Penrose, talking of his stubbornness, when he ‘reaches’ an ‘intuitive conclusion’ that he will defend then against all odds without ever giving up.

To such ‘intuitive’ decisions to which he attaches an emotional proprietary sense, he immediately ads complicated arguments, rather pedantic and obscure that soon hide the denial of a basic law of nature, which started the argument in first place.

We should object to such non-scientific approach that ignores the ‘simplicity of the non malicious Universe’ (Einstein) which is imposed by the fact science has a HIERARCHY OF LAWS based in experimental proof, generality and simplify – so the simplest laws, with more application, boring as they might seem stand above any complicated local phenomena – in this case thermodynamics’ second law stands above a ‘possible complicated exception’ in a local phenomena with no experimental proof – namely the evaporation of black holes.

If you study movement a ‘small’ event with no proof CANNOT destroy a basic law of mechanics and gravitation. So happens with Thermodynamics. And yet Hawking dare to challenge them both.

This is LIKE THE ABC of science: if you find let us say, a small, local perturbation in the orbit of Jupiter IS NOT because the general laws of gravitation are wrong but because there is a satellite. This is how the external large planets (Uranus, Pluto) were found on small perturbations in Neptune.

Hawking doesn’t understand this basic truth of the scientific method, when he shunned off this simple principles – due likely to pure egocy.

Indeed, there are the flaws of his character: childish arrogance; despise of philosophers of science whose rank is above physics because they impose the laws of truth; quips to other scientists trying always to come on top, protected by their disability, which we shall comment latter in his obituary/biography.

All those elements, which others have, however only in Hawking seems to interfere with his scientific discourse.

He does have an astounding ego and as a mathematician, he likely felt offended by Einstein’s quip: I know when mathematics are truth but not when they are real. And certainly shuns off Godel’s proof that mathematics need experience to be real.

So to offset a known-known proved experimental law like the second law of entropy, just described which he breaks hands on and knows he is breaking, he will just bring once and again very complicated accessory mathematical arguments as if they could validate the breaking of a basically physical laws.

All this NOBODY would have ever tolerated to any scientist, merely throw him to the bin as they did with Hawking’s evaporation of black holes back to the past, in imaginary time breaking the laws of entropy first… till the celebrity circus let him do anything.

A few excepts of those methods from his book on ‘space-time’ shows the whole procedure:

One might worry that the Generalized Second Law of Thermodynamics would be violated when the black holes annihilated because the black hole horizon area would have disappeared.

However it turns out that the area of the acceleration horizon in the Ernst solution is reduced from the area it would have if there were no pair creation. This is a rather delicate calculation because the area of the acceleration horizon is infinite in both cases. Nevertheless there is a well defined sense in which their difference is finite and equal to the black hole horizon area plus the difference in the action of the solutions with and without pair creation. This can be understood as saying that pair creation is a zero energy.”

We all understand the negrita sentence – he is breaking the law that heats moves from hot to cold. And as a consequence he breaks the quantum law of conservation of information and the basic laws of relativity and Einstein’s view of black holes as frozen stars with a cut off substance, which makes the whole issue of discussing ‘black hole evaporation’, and singularity big bangs absurd.

But then he gives us a second paragraph of mumble-rumble complicated mathematical arguments that for him only among any serious scientist can offset the law of entropy because it is ‘complicated’ enough.

He then accepts defeat but then boldly denies the entire scientific method (this method of moving humbly into reality and quipping back is also hiss trade mark):

“It turns out to be very difficult to devise a theory to describe the universe all in one go. Instead, we break the problem up into bits and invent a number of partial theories. Each of these partial theories describes and predicts a certain limited class of observations, neglecting the effects of other quantities, or representing them by simple sets of numbers. It may be that this approach is completely wrong. If everything in the universe depends on everything else in a fundamental way, it might be impossible to get close to a full solution by investigating parts of the problem in isolation.”

So alas, he says he knows his evaporation is wrong but nevertheless we are going to make the small non proved detail I imagine bigger than the whole set of thermodynamic laws.

And when he is cornered he just makes a joke:

“One could imagine that particles and information could fall into these holes and get lost. Maybe that is where all those odd socks went.”

So Hawking insisted for decades with an obsessive mind and charm. When a black hole is born, hotter than the environment, instead of evaporating the environment as any hot object does, it will become hotter and evaporate!

How he figures the black hole does that? Well it can’t according to the laws of time and entropy. So alas! He figured out that the black hole travels back into the past instead of traveling to the future. And that is why it evaporates. It is like if a baby will travel back into the past and enter the womb of the mother evaporating. Easy.

Indeed, he also muses after that astounding discovery that he could enter a black hole and come into the past and kill his grand-father. Seriously.

How he calls this weird type of time that goes backwards? Hold on to your seat (:

‘Imaginary time’… Seriously )-:, 0-:

This is Hawking in a nutshell. The rest is all ‘celebrity’ noise.

And that is why we are worried, very worried. Of course it would be easier to believe the fairy tale of time travel, imaginary time, the end of entropy laws, a machine of perpetual motion… I wouldn’t mind to believe all that if my life didn’t depend on it.

Indeed, on such musings hang the life of mankind. Our destiny depends on an ± symbol. It is worth to repeat it:

-∇ Mass  x  +Δ Temperature = Constant

Defines ‘imaginary black holes’ that break the laws of entropy and will get hotter. Then for all the constants of the Universe to remain constant their mass must diminish and balance the increase of heat. And you will live.

But the Universe has never done this choice.

On the contrary the Temperature of a hot mass always diminishes in a cold environment.

So mass always increases. Let us then respect the laws of the Universe, proved ad nauseam in all systems and write instead the symbols right:

+Δ Mass  x -∇ Temperature= Constant.

The hot black hole as all the systems of the Universe will decrease its temperature as it is born much hotter than our Universe, and so the heat will be transferred to our electromagnetic world and evaporate it, and the black hole will absorb it as energy in its event horizon collapsing that energy into  mass at the speed of light: M=E/c²

This is what Einstein say, what we observe in the Universe, what every black hole born in that Universe proofs:

The black hole is born very hot, evaporates the surroundings and absorbs it, exploding the world into a Nova at the speed of light. So we will die in a few seconds. Simple, straight forwards maths that a kid in high school could understand. So the risks of creating a small black hole on Earth keep mounting. Why then are we doing it? Why we are provoking a potential genocide  by denying the laws of science? Obviously it cannot be because of science, but for all the spurious, wrong, unscientific causes of our civilization that now we shall explore.

The error of Hawking is like the tale of the emperor’s naked clothes. One day an emperor forgot to dress and went into a parade. And none would say anything till a child pointed out that the emperor was naked. His errors are so evident and absurd that nobody dares to contradict him. But the emperor walks naked and black holes will cool down and swallow the Earth if they are born at LHC.

And yet the entire situation is so absurd that nobody will shout, ‘cover the emperor’s with decent cloths’. The emperor and Mr. Hawking have been invested with too much authority for any one except a child, a madman or a genius, 3 characters often compared, to point out the error without fear of making fools of themselves.

What for? He would have then attack ad hominem, a basic feature of all the ‘creationist physicists’ of the ‘singularity age’ latter explained in detail in their attack to Einstein, Bohm, Broglie, etc.

The PROBLEM of all black hole and Big Bang singularity… mumble

is more of the same we shall say – an absurd mathematical expansion backwards in time of something we cannot even see here. NOBODY in any other science uses those mathematical creationist views that experimental evidence breaks because we want to keep doing mathematics. I.e. consider a frequency sound coming from a source, a bat, for example, if we were to return ad infinite the frequency observed with a long wavelength at a point of the air, we would reach a singularity of infinite frequency but THERE IS ALWAYS A CAUSE, A SOURCE of that wavelength, so when we reach the BAT frequency no longer increases. It is the real source.

What all THOSE BLACK HOLE EVAPORATION ARGUMENTS LOOSE IS THE FUNDAMENTAL TRUTH of science: a cause. If there is NOT matter, not a frozen start of top quarks as Einstein wanted at the origin of the gravitational FORCE of the black hole THERE IS NO CAUSE FOR GRAVITATION. Where it comes from the awesome gravitational force of the black hole, if mass does NOT exist? if there is not as Einstein wanted a cut-off substance, which can only be the top quarks that CERN will do in increasing quantities as the decay product of Higgs, to produce it?

Mathematicians like Hawking who shun off the basis of the experimental method and the physical real nature of Nature, don’t care. For them bats do NOT exist, their sound frequency is infinite. And the source is the bat ‘hole’.

But things get worse and worse when he is cornered by reality, it becomes really painful to read, as he then takes the authority of others – specially that of Einstein, lying all the way down, but shrewdly saying what he says is ‘General Relativity’. For example, when acknowledging the whole thing of bringing effects without limit towards an infinite past to get the ‘singularity of the big bang’, which Einstein vehemently protested, he said is canonical in Einstein’s work!:

“Cosmology can not predict anything about the universe unless it makes some assumption about the initial conditions. Without such an assumption, all one can say is that things are as they are now because they were as they were at an earlier stage. Yet many people believe that science should be concerned only with the local laws which govern how the universe evolves in time. They would feel that the boundary conditions for the universe that determine how the universe began were a question for metaphysics or religion rather than science.
The situation was made worse by the theorems that Roger and I proved. These showed that according to general relativity there should be a singularity in our past. At this singularity the field equations could not be defined. Thus classical general relativity brings about its own downfall: it predicts that it can’t predict the universe. Although many people welcomed this conclusion, it has always profoundly disturbed me. If the laws of physics could break down at the begining of the universe, why couldn’t they break down any where.”

This is false. The laws of science don’t break down in the singularity BECAUSE THERE IS NO SINGULARITY. And IT IS NOT expected in Relativity to exist SINGULARITIES:  It is ONLY because they are moving backwards equations BEYOND the very same initial conditions that are REAL – in the case of a black hole a frozen star of dense quarks that cause gravitation…  and soon we shall explain how Einstein reacted to a bunch of people, driven to deny him which on top wanted his acquiescence. At the end he just got lonely overwhelmed by all the dwarfs biting his legs and expecting him ‘to like them’. But he quipped: ‘Since mathematicians are working in relativity, I don’t understand it myself’ ).

Now; so the reader doesn’t think I am biased, fact is almost every cosmologist knows the ascientificism of the big-bang and black hole singularities – the core ‘belief’ that impulses CERN and cosmology, ever since the ‘capital sin’ of egocy (ego+idiocy) of physicists, who decided to substitute religion and what is worst, philosophy of science and epistemology of truth with his equations, even at the cost of breaking the very essence of science; we shall bring here from Quora, an interesting site which doesn’t abandon scientific rigor, but tries to explain things easy, the most upvoted=liked answer to the question, ‘Do singularities exist?’, as it pretty well resumes in very simple terms the core of it.
The place is good to check ‘common sense’ as people are free to think with the authority of reason not the reason of authority.
 Creationist ego trips of physics running high since Bohr, are the ultimate reason that we might die courtesy of CERN. This I want to stress as a serious scientist: if we do it won’t be for the sake of science but for the sake of a machine and a bunch of ‘lunatics’ that indeed, think as Bohr did – ‘the moon becomes real when I look at it’ Realism and organicism ARE the dominant trends today in science, since machines turn out in robotics to be just evolving metal-organisms, and the realist model of quantum physics the Einstein->De Broglie->Bohm model keeps gathering proofs. It couldnt be otherwise.
 So let us put some realist common sense on those equations, courtesy of quora:

The PROBLEM of all black hole and Big Bang singularity… mumble

is more of the same we shall say – an absurd mathematical expansion backwards in time of something we cannot even see here. NOBODY in any other science uses those mathematical creationist views that experimental evidence breaks because we want to keep doing mathematics. I.e. consider a frequency sound coming from a source, a bat, for example, if we were to return ad infinite the frequency observed with a long wavelength at a point of the air, we would reach a singularity of infinite frequency but THERE IS ALWAYS A CAUSE, A SOURCE of that wavelength, so when we reach the BAT frequency no longer increases. It is the real source.

What all THOSE BLACK HOLE EVAPORATION ARGUMENTS LOOSE IS THE FUNDAMENTAL TRUTH of science: a cause. If there is NOT matter, not a frozen start of top quarks as Einstein wanted at the origin of the gravitational FORCE of the black hole THERE IS NO CAUSE FOR GRAVITATION. Where it comes from the awesome gravitational force of the black hole, if mass does NOT exist? if there is not as Einstein wanted a cut-off substance, which can only be the top quarks that CERN will do in increasing quantities as the decay product of Higgs, to produce it?

Mathematicians like Hawking who shun off the basis of the experimental method and the physical real nature of Nature, don’t care. For them bats do NOT exist, their sound frequency is infinite. And the source is the bat ‘hole’.

But things get worse and worse when he is cornered by reality, it becomes really painful to read, as he then takes the authority of others – specially that of Einstein, lying all the way down, but shrewdly saying what he says is ‘General Relativity’. For example, when acknowledging the whole thing of bringing effects without limit towards an infinite past to get the ‘singularity of the big bang’, which Einstein vehemently protested, he said is canonical in Einstein’s work!:

“Cosmology can not predict anything about the universe unless it makes some assumption about the initial conditions. Without such an assumption, all one can say is that things are as they are now because they were as they were at an earlier stage. Yet many people believe that science should be concerned only with the local laws which govern how the universe evolves in time. They would feel that the boundary conditions for the universe that determine how the universe began were a question for metaphysics or religion rather than science.
The situation was made worse by the theorems that Roger and I proved. These showed that according to general relativity there should be a singularity in our past. At this singularity the field equations could not be defined. Thus classical general relativity brings about its own downfall: it predicts that it can’t predict the universe. Although many people welcomed this conclusion, it has always profoundly disturbed me. If the laws of physics could break down at the beginning of the universe, why couldn’t they break down any where.”

This is false. The laws of science don’t break down in the singularity BECAUSE THERE IS NO SINGULARITY. And IT IS NOT expected in Relativity to exist SINGULARITIES:  It is ONLY because they are moving backwards equations BEYOND the very same initial conditions that are REAL – in the case of a black hole a frozen star of dense quarks that cause gravitation…  and soon we shall explain how Einstein reacted to a bunch of people, driven to deny him which on top wanted his acquiescence. At the end he just got lonely overwhelmed by all the dwarfs biting his legs and expecting him ‘to like them’. But he quipped: ‘Since mathematicians are working in relativity, I don’t understand it myself’ ).

Now; so the reader doesn’t think I am biased, fact is almost every cosmologist knows the ascientificism of the big-bang and black hole singularities – the core ‘belief’ that impulses CERN and cosmology, ever since the ‘capital sin’ of egocy (ego+idiocy) of physicists, who decided to substitute religion and what is worst, philosophy of science and epistemology of truth with his equations, even at the cost of breaking the very essence of science; we shall bring here from Quora, an interesting site which doesn’t abandon scientific rigor, but tries to explain things easy, the most upvoted=liked answer to the question, ‘Do singularities exist?’, as it pretty well resumes in very simple terms the core of it.
The place is good to check ‘common sense’ as people are free to think with the authority of reason not the reason of authority.
 Creationist ego trips of physics running high since Bohr, are the ultimate reason that we might die courtesy of CERN. This I want to stress as a serious scientist: if we do it won’t be for the sake of science but for the sake of a machine and a bunch of ‘lunatics’ that indeed, think as Bohr did – ‘the moon becomes real when I look at it’ Realism and organicism ARE the dominant trends today in science, since machines turn out in robotics to be just evolving metal-organisms, and the realist model of quantum physics the Einstein->De Broglie->Bohm model keeps gathering proofs. It couldn’t be otherwise.
 So let us put some realist common sense on those equations, courtesy of quora:

How do we know that singularities exist?

“We” (science) do not know that. A “singularity” — in the scientific sense of the term — is not some kind of object, it is only a fancy name invented in order to avoid saying “we don’t know what’s happening in such a place, or if it even exists.” More often than not, it is a euphemism for division by zero, as in two cases that are repeated ad nauseam:

(1) The “initial singularity” (before the “big bang”): Here, cosmologists are making the assumption that — because they have interpreted galactic redshift observations to be evidence for “space expansion,” the Universe volume must have been smaller in the past — as they extrapolate “back in time,” and as the energy/mass content must have stayed the same (conservation laws), the Universe density must keep rising as we approach the “bang.”

The equation is very simple: Universe density ρUU = mUU/VUU, where mUU = Universe mass (energy), and VUU = Universe volume.

When VUU = 0, the equation no longer represents valid math, but rather than admitting that science does not know/understand how such a situation can be physically allowed to happen, science flat out lies, and declares that “density becomes infinite” (as they say temperature does, BTW, and for the same reason). Why is this wrong? Because infinity is not a number.

(2) The “gravitational singularity” at the center of a “black hole”: Here, cosmologists and astrophysicists are making the assumption that it is possible (“because Einstein’s equations tell us it must be so”) for any mass to be compressed into oblivion (nothingness), if only sufficient pressure is applied.

Again extrapolating, at the point where the radius of the gravitational collapsing body has been compressed to zero — Bingo! Again we have division by zero, and again the error is hidden behind a “singularity”! (that is, “we” (science) have no clue as to what might really be happening, or how it happens). Science, at its best?

Another well known case where the error is accepted (where again a division by zero is said to result in “infinity”) is Einstein’s “velocity equation” (the “Lorentz factor”), as presented by Wikipedia (article List of Relativistic Equations):

γ = 1/(1–β22)1/21/2

where β = v/c and v is the relative velocity between two inertial frames. For two frames at rest, γ = 1, and increases with relative velocity between the two inertial frames. As the relative velocity approaches the speed of light, γ.

Presented as if it was a cold, mathematical fact … Here, the error is shrouded by hands waving symbols around, but it all boils down to a division by zero, as follows: when v = c, then v/c = 1, and 122 = 1, and 1–1 = 0, and since the square root of 0 = 0, then 1/0 = undefined mathematical operation (i.e., an error) …

So far, the ratio of “bad science” over good ditto is singular: 3/0. Here’s a cut from my answer to the Quora question Is the pre- Big Bang “singularity” a black hole or quantum phenomenon?:

Here is a side-by-side comparison of the first two “singularities” unveiled above (there are more differences, these are just the most obvious (all in theory, of course):

Only one “singularity” property is the same in both types (shaded green): The classical (i.e., non-quantum) volume in both is zero, which is what leads to the “singularity” assumed to be “residing at the core” of both (that is, any mass m/0 = “singularity” (bogus: “infinity” is not a number!)).

Ending — as well as answering the OP question — with a quote showing a little bit less scientific hubris:

A singularity often turns up in our equations when we extend them as far as they can go in the past; but a singularity of this sort is far from likely to be an aspect of nature, and instead should be interpreted as a sign of what we don’t yet understand.

Source: Professor Matthew Strassler, theoretical physicist at the Large Hadron Collider

It is indeed a good synopsis on how not to do science with Mr. Strassler at CERN telling us they know perfectly all what they do and say is bull$hit.

That is the astounding cynicism of this institution that we find once and again. When talking officially at CERN, they sign confidentiality statements and are told ‘to believe in black hole evaporation’; when writing papers or making comment off-record, they all recognize it is all bull$hit. Never mind they might kill all our sons till the 7th generation. The P.r.ess and politicos and judges let them do it, just not to have to deal with a bunch of bullies just because they don’t understand their maths – reason why we keep explaining it all very simple here, just in case one of our ‘leaders of the world’ really do what we pay them to do – to stop terrorist organizations from bombing the planet, but it seems they care just for small bombings, not big-bang ones. That is OK. As they say, if you murder a few you are a… murderer, if you commit genocide you are a (national) hero. Murder at distance, wholesale has always been very easy to do. We never blame those who throw A-bombs or carpet bomb thousands children and women from planes but become horrified by any gore terror movie with a guy killing a couple of kids with a chain-shaw.  Because if CERN kill us will be at distance, likely with strange dibaryon heavy quark matter falling and accumulating on the center of the Earth or fast growing black holes, we shall have no proof and no time to blame them. And that seems to be enough for the unethical and amoral researchers dare to go with his egocy of exploring reality with big explosions and fantaphysics for lack of a serious scientific upgrading of our present cosmological knowledge with THOUGHT experiments and solid epistemology.

Down the article we shall explain, how we should be dealing with realism and improve on Einstein’s cosmological work NOT denying it but expanding it with the correspondence principle.

To close the singularity theme – in that graph is all clearly written, as a theoretical proof of the most likely real event those big-bangs describe: quasar black holes exploding into big-bangs of matter, and matter collapsing into galaxies, balancing each other.

Indeed, notice that the black hole equations are the inverse of a big-bang, but both are if we discharge INFINITIES AND ZEROS as NON-real, happening in a local domain, called the galaxy where all our measures take place.

So at best we can talk of a ‘Quasar’ big-bang, which is the ‘death’ of a black hole, inverse to its BIRTH with maximal temperature, and evaporation of ITS SURROUNDINGS as it cools down and feeds on light matter.

So from birth to death, a quark star, aka black hole, shows its inverse equations as birth is indeed the opposite of death. And this happens at the local level of the Galaxy or the star or the planet that explodes in a ‘little Big Bang’…

All other hyperbolic, infinite deductions of cosmological explosions are just the egocy of physicists trying to substitute the egocy of previous creationist priests, who also thought the language of words they talked was not A MIRROR of reality but reality itself, creating it – so Allah and Yahveh were creating ‘naming things’ in Arab and Hebrew and quarreling about who was the higher Mind of God, still do… So it did Hawking and Penrose, ‘numbering reality’, and expecting all kind of things Happen that never did.

Update. February 2014. Hawking denies himself.

A very surprising event: the same emperor has shouted foul, has found hmself naked. Hawking has insisted on the line of his ‘birthday’ declarations that his ‘black hole theory was the biggest blunder of my life’.
He now considers the closest regions of black holes similar to storm eddies in which time forecast is not easy to make (:

Since ‘gravitational collapse produces apparent horizons but no event horizons behind which information is lost… Thus, like weather forecasting on Earth, information will effectively be lost, although there would be no loss of unitarity.’

Now, since Hawking’s musings about the evaporation of black holes requires the existence of an event horizon in which, due to the properties of the event horizon a virtual particle produced from the vacuum would escape the black hole resting its mass to it (while the other will fall in), Mr. Hawking finally denies his own theory, leaving CERN naked of alibis to deny the enormous risks of making those black holes at Earth.

So what the media did? Nothing.  The world has ignored the implications for CERN of such statement.
To understand in depth why we deal in other posts with the ‘secondary corners’ of our collective coffin... ‘Big Brother smiley’, the happy fictions of the media system…
The astonishing thing about Mr. Hawking’s recent dilettante musings denying the existence of event horizons – hence of black hole evaporation – as ‘the biggest blunder of his life’ (he changes sides in the debate like a magician – now there is event horizon and evaporation;   now there is none of both – perhaps thinking himself not only the new Einstein but the new Galileo (e pur si muove, e pur no muove’)  is that knowing as physicists know LHC will do black holes, NOBODY on the establishment of science has brought back the ‘theme’ of our extinction by those black holes after Hawking’s denial of Event Horizons, hence of evaporating effects.


It is like the entire subject has been ‘filed’ as a ‘dirty little secret’ by physicists, its P.R.ess and politicians and they won’t open the pandora box till it opens ‘accidentally’… Then if there is time to reflect upon this collective genocide they will all deny they knew anything about it.

Update, 28th November, 2013: Experimental evidences of hyper active small black hole keep mounting.


In the graph an artist’s illustration of the smallish black hole found in the arm of the pinwheel galaxy. Since we accept theoretically 3 scales of sizes in black holes: massive black holes at the center of galaxies, intermediate black holes produced from the collapse of giant stars around 200 times the size of the sun, and baby holes of the Hawking variety in lower ranges of mass, the intriguing question of this hyperactive, hyper-luminous black hole was its size, which scientists thought to be of the intermediate or massive range.

It turned out to be one of the lightest black holes ever found with only 20 times the size of the sun, accreting matter much faster than expected, which seems to confirm that low size baby black holes accrete much faster than big ones, as all baby species do, consuming much more energy after their ‘seminal conception’. The black hole does should be a baby born black hole in its process of growth, following the known known laws of entropy, accreting faster the hotter and smaller it is:

That is, a small black hole is far more active and accretes much faster because it does not get hotter in a cold universe, but it gets colder as it evaporates the world according to the first law.

In fact, the smallest black hole ever found is the one that provokes the highest rotational ‘winds’ in the Universe, as it was recently reported by NASA:

The Smallest black hole.

The binary star system IGR J17091-3624 may contain the smallest black hole known. Scientists discovered it by studying the heartbeat-like pattern of X-rays thought to be emitted from a disk of accreting matter around the black hole.

Credit: NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center/CI Lab.

The smallest black hole discovered to date may be less than three times the mass of our sun. This would put this little monster, officially called IGR J17091-3624, near the theoretical minimum limit needed for a black hole to be stable. As tiny as this black hole may be, it looks fierce, capable of 20 million mph winds (32 million kph) — the fastest yet observed from a stellar-mass black hole by nearly 10 times.

On the other hand, the Fermi Satellite sent in orbit to find the signature of evaporating black holes with great expectations enter its fifth year in orbit, without having found the slightest signature of black hole evaporation.

So both in the negative and positive, proofs keep mounting that baby black holes do not evaporate. On the contrary, as all systems do, black holes are born smallish and hyperactive as any species born as a small cell is, growing very fast in the first phase of his evolution. Or in less polite terms, CERN might provoke the ultimate holocaust of mankind, when they go online over 10 tev, according to the main tenants of the scientific method: sound theory and now experimental evicence.

Of course, we still lack the ultimate proof of Hawking’s error that will close from the experimental perspective any doubt about the classic entropy behavior of black holes: a black hole of lesser mass than the sun in the short time span between its birth as a micro black hole and its stable configuration reached around twice the size of the sun.  But the pattern when we plot temperature, size and speed of accretion of the known black holes clearly points out to its inverse relationship between mass and temperature-activity.

Finally, to add anothernail to the coffin, research keeps diminishing the needed energy to create micro-black holes, now clearly within the range of the upgraded LHC:

particles collide to form a black hole

‘A snapshot from a video showing two particles being slammed into each other and distorting into pancake shapes before forming a black hole.

Creating microscopic black holes using particle accelerators requires less energy than previously thought, researchers say.’

 Update. DEC. 2013, 1/150.000th chances of black hole evaporation

Swift, the other key satellite seeking for ‘gamma ray burst’ signatures of black hole evaporation has now tabulated 150.000 high energy X-ray sources in the Universe and none showed to be a black hole evaporating. 100.000 though were massive black holes, showing the galaxy to be ultimately a ‘black hole nursery’, as we have warned for decades based in our work on the 5th dimension and its application to black hole theory.

NASA’s Swift discovers 100,000 super-massive black holes, in its spare time

Swift's X-ray readings in the aggregate.When the X-Ray Telescope (XR) on board NASA’s Swift Gamma-Ray Burst Mission scans the sky, it is looking mostly to supplement the satellite’s more important instruments. As the name implies, the Gamma-Ray Burst Mission is focused mostly on the action of its gamma-ray detecting Burst Alert Telescope — the attached XRT is mostly there to view the X-ray afterglow that follows many gamma burst events. However, Swift is not an acronym but a descriptor for one of NASA’s most agile sky viewers: as its autonomous robotic platform twists to bring event after event into view, Swift’s wide-angle X-ray lens passes over large portions of the sky.

Never ones to waste perfectly good telescope time, scientists have spent more than eight years compiling and analyzing this mass of incidental data, and this week researchers from the University of Leicester released their initial findings: Swift has found almost 100,000 new major X-ray sources, and these scientists believe that most of them represent the super-massive black holes at the centers of our universe’s largest galaxies.

These come from more than 150,000 high-energy X-ray sources found, and those that aren’t black holes are under equal scrutiny by astronomers of all stripes. More transient X-ray sources than galactic cores are attributed to things like stellar flares and supernovae.

 Update 1 april. Couples of Micro-black holes grow at an accelerated rate.

Another excellent paper at Arxiv about how micro-black holes accrete matter in coupled pairs helping the growth of Giant black holes in the Universe.

The special interest of this paper – by no means the only one of an avalanche of work that rises risks (though as we know CERN and the P.R.Ess only ‘reads’ and promotes those with zero risk to their con-CERN) – is that it is canonical; that is, its coupled black holes accrete matter even though the paper accepts the canonical big bang and the canonical Hawking radiation through a non-explored before effect on the space-time foam at Planck’s level.  It does help in fact to explain why we see huge black holes in hardly any time after the ‘canonical big-bang’ by accelerating it growth.

Further on, it explores issues proper of the 5th dimension (the 4Dimensional structure of black holes’ surfaces, the interaction between the macro-scale of giant black holes and the micro-scale, the beginning of organic evolution of micro-black holes as they evolve into ‘swarms’, etc.)

And it is easy to read even if you don’t understand the maths and a few word and concepts…

Update. June, A faked black hole: analogy is NOT homology.

Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 11.11.39

As Oliver Moody reports for The Times, Steinhauer has managed to created a lab-sized ‘black hole’ made from sound, and when he kicked it into gear, he witnessed particles steal energy from its fringes.

Reporting his experiment in a paper posted to the physics pre-press website,, Steinhauer says he cooled helium to just above absolute zero, then churned it up so fast, it formed a ‘barrier’ through which sound should not be able to pass.

“Steinhauer said he had found signs that phonons, the very small packets of energy that make up sound waves, were leaking out of his sonic black hole just as Hawking’s equations predict they should,” Moody reports.

To be clear, the results of this experiment have not yet been peer-reviewed – that’s the point of putting everything up for the public to see on They’re now being mulled over by physicists around the world, and they’re already proving controversial, but worthy of further investigation.

“The experiments are beautiful,” physicist Silke Weinfurtner from the University of Nottingham in the UK, who is running his own Earth-based experiments to try and detect Hawking radiation, told The Telegraph. “Jeff has done an amazing job, but some of the claims he makes are open to debate. This is worth discussing.”


The entire world of physicists is always at ‘it’, trying to validate Mr. Hawking’s musings on a Universe where he can ‘invent the laws of god’… just tinkering with equations. So as it has been now 40 years and counting with zero results on the evaporation of black holes, and the obvious fact all baby-born black holes grow at full speed, cooling down and devouring the world around them, call it a star, a galaxy (quasar explosions), or a planet (Fermi paradox: no intelligent contacts anywhere in the Universe), the last trend of those lesser scientists who want to ‘jump on the wagon of fame’, with Mr. Hawking is to make ‘analogs’ of black holes with fluids on Earth, pretending they are the same and then prepare a tricky form of showing the fluid vortex loosing matter, radiation, sound vibrations – whatever. And alas, then say, we have proved Mr. Hawking.

Now an analog is, again, one of the oldest tricks of the trade – perhaps after the ‘eternal moving machine’ hoax of Mr. Hawking’s imaginary black holes – the most infamous one. As you cannot adscribe scientific laws that belong to a certain system just because it ‘resembles’ another system. This is again soo obvious. You are an analog of any other animal, but that doesn’t mean you ARE identical to an insect, even if both of you have legs, bodies and heads. So your properties, food, temperature, size and behavior differs. Consider then the last case, publicized everywhere, which prompted ‘The economist’, that stalwart of the British Imperial Superiority to ask ‘again’ for a Nobel Prize for Mr. Hawking – a constant also of the P.R.ess trying to pressure the Nobel Academy to break also the main rule of science – NOT to give a prize to people who by definition do NOT do science – that is, do not study phenomena experienced in the real world. Sorry. The Swedes are at least serious with truth. So, regardless of the constant pressure of the global P.R.ess, the Nobel committee will NEVER give Mr. Hawking a prize for his time travel, perfect moving, evaporating machines. In the real Universe truth exists. In the human imaginarium anything goes to his own peril.

black hole analog?::

Click to access 1510.00621.pdf

The economist asks ‘again’ a Nobel Prize for the ‘champion’ of UK-science, because a fluid which has nothing to do with a black hole was found to emits phonons which have nothing to do with the expulsion of matter and ¥-radiation required for REAL black holes to evaporate. Indeed, a phonon can move at enough speed to scape the analogy. The point of a black hole is that at c-speed attraction NOT matter can escape, and if some does by quantum tunneling, will be statistically so insignificant compared to the one that falls in that the whole thing would not even be noticed by the massive fall of matter into the black hole

How long it will take for mankind to drop the whole absurdity of black hole evaporation, recognize the nature of baby black holes, its dangers and save their a$$es? It seems an eternity, meaning we shall go under before we accept as ‘military men’ do, defeat – the whole pride of the British empire is at stakes.

Another proof is the article quoted above, one of many coming every other year with an analog of a black hole evaporating. Problem of course is analogy is not homology, a wing of a plane is not a wing of a bird, and we cannot deduce as the first ‘geniuses’ of aviation found crashing on Earth trying to fly planes with mobile wings of birds, found. So we shall crash on such absurd analogies, as a black hole vortex of space-time is NOT a fluid.

A groupie at Teknion, Israel, who had been for decades trying to convince the world that a liquid vortex emitting phonons IS a homology, not an analogy of a black hole, absorbing energy, came this week all around the planetary news, with the usual ‘begging comments’ for the Academy to give the Nobel prize to the master of fantaphysics.

Now, homology means that a wing of a B-2 works on the same principles that a wing of a DC-9, as both are fixed, metal-wings; analogy means that a half-wit compares the wing of a bat and the wing of an artifact made of wood and cloth and tells you they are the same and work the same. This kind of ‘intelligence’ provoked dozens of deaths when ‘before’ understanding the physics of wings people threw themselves with wood attachments on the arms to fly like birds.

The problem as I explained it in the graph, is obvious: phonons can easily escape at speed well below the limit of c-speed. This is the limit of our galactic space-time and our ‘matter’. So even if Hawking were right about some quantum effect for some minimal number of virtual particles, the 99.9999% of mass around the black hole WILL keep falling, according to the most sacred principle of nature, the ‘less resistance path’, origin of the least time, Lagrangian and hamiltonian formalisms applied to all systems including quantum physics. And so the black hole unlike the phonon analog will keep growing.

It is then quite amazing to observe that due to Mr. hawking celebrity and love of the P.R.ess for science fiction, unethical physicists keep inventing for fame and P.R.ess covers those false analogs…

Real matter cannot speed up at c, to escape a black hole. So it falls… overwhelmingly. So will happen when humans do black holes thinking they are the same that a bath tub, which is what the guy at Teknion is doing.

So, the question of this article is why the press is bringing it now up all over the world just before the starting season of CERN? obviously it has been paid for by the financial muscle of the Institution. I guess to quench any fear for the ramping up this year of luminosity and density for top quark/Higgs shots to the Earth, which increase enormously the chances of a target-black hole creation.

This guy at Teknion was already there doing exactly the same 10 years ago, trying to grab headlines and share his ‘saint Nobel’ with Mr. hawking, and nobody took him seriously then. I even put him on the graphs of my book black hole factory, a decade ago…
So there is nothing new there. 
That experiment has nothing to do with a black holes, but with propaganda of CERN industry, which always pumps up P.R.ess releases before each year pump of the doomsday machine:
1) His superfluid vortices are an analogy NOT an homology.

This researcher is working with liquid, thermal vortices, NOT with gravitational ones.

Thermodynamic, temperature related matter is by definition ‘the only systems that produce entropy’, since entropy is ONLY about temperature NOT gravitation.

So here physicists compare REAL bat wings that do fly and Batman’s disguise, like a child would do, and decide out of the hat, they are the same and obey the same laws because the P.R.ess has explained us batman FLIES!! in his last Hollywood dream; and so alas we must throw all our children through the windows with batman wings – hey, we have seen them flying on the pics; that is we must throw all our children to the future black holes that sooner or latter will come out of those accelerators ever increasing their energy-mass density. But neither batman’s dress flies nor black holes evaporate. Get real please.


‘A stupid is a man without reason, one that doesn’t see the causality between events so it believes in magic causes’ Schopenhauer

‘2 things I dim infinite the stupidity of man and the Universe’ Einstein.

We are now going to be pretty sanguine with the fundamental ‘issue’ physics suffers today of which Einstein and Planck, the 2 colossus of XX c. Physics, vehemently warned us: the destruction of the scientific method and the proofs of truth in science, which are by this order of priority:

1.’ Experimental evidence’ (so Einstein would say that science should only be concerned and study phenomena that has already happened; meaning mere mathematical equations are NOT real if they have NOT happened and scientists should NOT even care to study them – as in the case of black hole evaporation a faulty mathematical equations never WITNESSED). The merit of Hawking with its astounding celebrity fame consists here in validating science-fiction and ‘creationist mathematics’ – the belief that if you write an equation, magic ‘HAPPENS’, ‘EXISTS’! This is pure ‘religious creationism’ merely changing language of creation for words in religions, when humans only spoke words to numbers. Because scientists realized doing ‘science fiction’ as Hawking does makes you more famous, he managed to break in the ‘age of bull$hit’ the fundamental a priori condition of science in physics, open the Pandora box of No knowledge. Since indeed a language is a Mirror of reality and so while reality is one, there are many slightly different mirror views. And we can argue eternally WHEN REALITY is no longer the police of truth, and always come out as mathematical physicists do these days with a different equation that should create a new particle, neutralino, axon, photino, supersymmetry particles, parallel realities, higher dimensions, and so on.

This is now the standard non-scientific method of theoretical physics and it has ONLY grown in a series of steps ‘on parallel’ to the increasing devolution of human thought, substituted more and more by digital thought (computer models and Algorithms of Information, the true meaning of A.I.)

Indeed, you can always create a ‘mathematical virtual reality’ generated by computers, feel a genius and confuse the image of the computer with the Universe. And each conflicting mirror will seem to your ego your only truth. And all the others false. ‘Only the Universe holds all the information about itself’ said Haldane. Mirrors are NOT the truth per se, and when they are NOT focused in reality they are pure religious entelechies. The entire work of Hawking and Penrose, two mathematicians NOT two physicists is a pure entelechy. So it is the entire big-bang theory as we shall soon explain, falls in this category. 

Einstein understood this and so he was always reluctant to accept the big-bang. Only when he died, the creationists had a free reign and fully imposed its theory.

2. Hilomorphism: substance. Close to experimental evidence we need an event to be real. Reality as it seems consists ultimately on MOTION, not form. That is the particles of reality are flows of motion=time-change, but motion as spiritual as it might seem IS still reality. What is NOT reality is a 0 singularity (the mathematical undefined error from where the big-bang seems to exist). Again, this is religious creationism and it should not surprise us the first proposer of the big-bang Lemaitre, was a priest, and the church immediately accepted the theory. Religion and military power were the two backers of Big Bang creationism, as from nothing only ‘God’ can create reality.

This is what Einstein asked: black holes, he said, were if real, frozen stars, and should have a substance with enough mass, which he defined as ‘an accelerated vortex of gravitational motion’ (principle of equivalence between gravitation an acceleration). And since at his time quarks, the produce of CERN and the only substance that can make up the mass-motion of those accelerated vortex of gravitation, was not known he denied them.

3. Of course once that is done, we expect at least the maths to be correct, by the proper use of symbols and signs, which shrewdly Hawking denies; choosing the sign of evaporation and not really telling us. 

How then we expect a black hole to evaporate? What Hawking evaporates it never existed, it was a mathematical entelechy with a sign error, no substance-motion and his Will as strong as it was, did NOT reach the infinite Universe, and make it real. In this, we can with some humor close this introduction to the real scientific method, NOT mathematical creationism with a quip of Einstein (he laughed after saying it, obviously, it was a joke – Hawking doesn’t laugh). When he was asked at the time his theory was going to be tested by Eddington, what if the experiment tested wrong – then maybe ‘God should change the Universe to adapt it to Relativity’…

Hawking and all those who today make ‘physics’ shunning off systematically because of his legacy of power and celebrity, are however serious about creationism. And creationism as religions show ends always badly, because once it becomes obvious it is FALSE, the creationist tries to impose his ‘religious language’ through ‘other methods’ – namely violence. This is how Islam works in Jihad: if you DON’T sponsor creationism I kill you. And this is the bottom line of Hawking’s true method with CERN: if God Doesn’t believe in black holes and make them evaporate when cern creates them, I will kill you all.

The problem with mankind though is this: in the same manner Muslims are in a growing trend under shariah law – they believe and have almost forgotten why they did in the first place (to survive); mankind believes in Hawking’s creationism, and has forgot in the first place what will happen if their belief is wrong (to die).

So what alternative there is to mathematical creationism and the destruction of cosmology as a serious science? What Einstein proposed and we shall elaborate further in those texts, ‘rational realism’ – the scientific method and its proofs of truth, which go beyond any language and work for all sciences, those who are verbal (evolution theory, history, humanities) and mathematical (physics, chemistry) and mix both and other languages (genetics) even consider visual languages (art, media): EXPERIMENTAL EVIDENCE, linguistic consistency, Ockham’s razor (simplicity, or in terms of Einstein, ONLY THOSE THINGS THAT EXIST must be used to make science, in the case of dark matter and black hole, as so far the standard MODEL only INCLUDES QUARKS and electrons, WE MUST CONSTRUCT THE UNIVERSE ONLY WITH THOSE PARTICLES, ALL OTHER THEORIES WILL NOT BE SCIENCE).

So this is what we shall explain now, closing in the final paragraphs of this post, with a NON-hagiographic, sociopathological and psychological explanations on the phenomena of Hawking.

Since even if it will irritate the polite readers, it is fair to say that the only reason black holes must evaporate is the Military-Media Complex; that is, the celebrity status of Hawking as a guru of ‘British exceptionalism’ (from Brexit to its faked geniuses) on the age of alt-truths, and the need to validate the industry of accelerators, past its usefulness during the Cold War. So we MUST debunk the concept that Mr. Hawking is something else than a celebrity guru of ‘science… fiction’, and the LHC anything but the last of the old weapons of mass destruction to study the outdated model of a big-bang Universe, superseded by the fractal models of the Universe and its scalar 5th dimension needed to explain the III age of black hole theory.

First to exposed mathematical creationism and then give you a lesson on realist physics and construct the Universe with the only particles we have in the standard method, QUARKS and electrons.  As only THAT will be sciences. Why Physicists don’t do it today, we have explained it in other posts – peer pressure, 100 years of Big Bang creationism, big science having always a new mathematical model to ‘disprove’ (yes, disprove, they try to prove it but will always be disproved because the Universe is economic and efficient) and of course huge investments-profits in new computers and new machines, which makes of it all a mechanical thing – the important thing is the machine and the computer, the lobbies of big science; then there will always be a creationist that tell us he has found a new mathematical slightly different equation and we have to invest billions to find it.



‘Shun off the work of scholars that fades with their own death’ Leonardo

The age that now begins ONLY at theoretical level, obviously required that the celebrity status of Mr. Hawking faded away with his death. And indeed, if you google his name a few months after his obituary at the Westminster abbey his star falls as fast as that of Brexiters and other ‘exceptionalist’ imperial British geniuses of a decadent empire. So now physicists are back to modeling black holes as real entities in the path of Einstein’s dictum, searching for a cut-off substance.

This age, you could say started 3 decades ago, with my first seminal works on the scalar fifth dimension and the symmetries between the 3 parts of the galaxy (the ultra-heavy halo and central dark hole, and the lighter star world in between) and the 3 families of quark mass (the ud-atoms of our light stars, the strangelet matter likely substance of the halo – Witten hypothesis, and the top quarks and BCB-heavy atoms of the top quark decuplet – bottom and charm quarks that should make heavy neutrons and heavy protons by symmetry with the strange matter decuplet… illustrated in the next graph.

Because of my opposition to CERN’s experiments on ethical grounds, this age was ‘cut-off’ in its first version, as I was attacked ad hominem a decade ago and soon lost my academic prestige and positions (at the time I was chair of duality in most international congresses of systems sciences, as that is the discipline where I developed my models of the scalar, organic Universe, with application to all sciences, explained on the section on 5D).

Well, recently in a stream of new papers, it has been proved that according to Einstein-Maxwell-Dirac equations ONLY  quark star, rotating black holes exist. Just for the reader who ‘read physics’:

Click to access 0306090.pdf

Click to access 9805050.pdf

The beauty of those 2 papers is that they prove that for a combination of Einstein + Dirac + Maxwell equations to work ONLY a rotating black hole made of Dirac particles of maximal mass and minimal size CAN exist. Which can only be a black hole made of BCT ultra dense quarks, as we have been saying for decades using our work on 5D Metric.

In this paper, they prove that there is no Schwarzschild… solution (a non rotating black hole, which is the model physicists use to establish singularities)… reason why experimentally we never found one. As THERE IS NO SINGULARITY solution (Radius > 0), compatible with the Pauli exclusion principle. And in this other paper:
arXiv:gr-qc/0306090v2 20 Jun 2003 A self consistent solution to the Einstein Maxwell Dirac Equations D. Ranganathan∗ Department of Physics, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, New Delhi 110016 India

For those who don’t read physics,  wikipedia has an easier article on it:

This is the KEY sentence: “Einstein–Yang–Mills–Dirac Equations provide an alternative approach to the Cyclic Universe which Penrose has recently been advocating . They also imply that the massive compact objects now classified as black holes are actually quark stars, possibly with event horizons, but without singularities.”

(Incidentally Sir Penrose received my book of 2004, ‘Time Cycles’ 2 years before publishing his of the same name, with a similar theory, based on 5D and cyclical time by way of his son Eric Penrose who was for a while an activist against CERN, doing the calculus we mention on dibaryon production, and I still have to get a recognition from his side)

So Alas! what the article basically says, giving reason to Einstein is that black holes are made of a cut off substance, top quarks and BCB ‘Dark heavy atoms’. And they have NO singularities and all the fantaphysics of imaginary mathematics, as physicists just keep writing equations on never proved entities are not consistent either with experimental evidence and the 4 most important sets of physical equations.

So non rotating black holes made of no substance, with singularities and of course imaginary black holes travellng to the past as those of Mr. Hawking’s are plain fictions.

Mr. Hawking as they say ‘is history’… But the problem is we can be history soon if we do not revise with scientific realism our view of singularities.

Since if Black holes are frozen quark stars, they will be easily made at CERN, a quark factory and they won’t evaporate because  quarks don’t evaporate.

If Einstein is right they will not evaporate, regardless of its birth as tiny ‘baby holes’, because relativity means that ‘size’ doesn’t matter, it is relative and so in Einstein’s theory black holes of any size grow exponentially. As today, we have multiple proofs that Relativity theory is truth and none of black hole evaporation. So standard science proves Black holes will swallow Earth. And new articles keep coming favoring the Dirac-Einstein-Maxwell solution.

Further on, in Haifa 2 years ago, an homologous of a black hole, a Dumb Hole made of atomic condensates, 1 million time slower, that should have evaporated producing phonons instead of photons, didn’t.

Now in science because there is only a Universe, there is only a true theory for each fact. Nevertheless each property of a physical system and each scale of its structure requires a model theory. So several theories that describe several scales of the black hole can be right. This is the essential philosophy behind the scalar Universe: each scale is made of smaller parts, and for each scale there is classic theory.

So for black holes we have String theory for the smallest Planck scale – and it says strings do not evaporate. Then we have Dirac and Maxwell equations, at the particle scale and they say particles and charges do NOT evaporate. Then we have Thermodynamics at the human scale which says that hot systems cool down in cool environment. So black holes do NOT evaporate. And we have the principle of conservation of energy and information, which would also break if Black holes evaporated. And finally at the cosmic scale we have  Relativity which also denies its evaporation.

So in all scales of physics the non evaporation of black holes is proved right. And if we add Gellmann’s ‘Totalitarian’ principle – all particles that can exist will exist, Black holes and strangelets will happen at the required energies and luminosities. We seem to be lucky enough – unless strange liquid is already sipping to the center of the Earth. But now LHC is again in a 10fold upgrtading for the 2020s so we will enter another larger risky zone.

In that sense there is NO probability that a law of science is truth or false. It CANNOT be both things at the same time. So probabilities are either 0 or 100. If Thermodynamics are truth, we shall die; if string theory is truth we shall die; if the thresholds of energy for creation of black holes and strangelets (10 Tev, bag) are truth we shall die. If Relativity, DIrac’s equation, Maxwell equations are truth, we shall die.

Many people are confused by the concept of probability. Laws of science HAVE no probabilities. They are either right or wrong. But the P.R.Ess talks always of the small probability that a catastrophe happens. This is an ‘error of layman’s knowledge’ of the meaning of science which is deterministic, and probabilities (which refers to our capacity to detect or ‘guess’ the final outcome of a deterministic process.

This probability talk shows to which extent CERN exploits shamelessly saying the ignorance of people, saying that the ‘probability’ that strangelets exists and they produce them is small. This is due to a faulty understanding of quantum physics, in which there are probabilities REGARDING our capacity to observe a certain particle. But the particle IS there, if the theory that describes it and the events that create it happened. It is also due to an error in the perception of the factor that defines the occurrence, ‘when’.

‘When’ is the only ‘statistical’ fact we might argue, as collisions must met certain conditions of precision to accumulate quarks enough to create those particles that cannot be measured except by statistics – as we know we will get a double six throwing dices ALWAYS, if we keep throwing dices, but we cannot know in which throw, ‘when’ this will happen. We know it will happen because it is a fact that there are faces with 6. Point.

When you heat with fire cold water there is NOT A PROBABILITY that might or might not get hotter. It WILL ALWAYS because the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics is truth. Point. ‘When’ it will boil, the time/quantity variable is the only question. So it is in the case of black holes/strangelets, when, the time/quantity variable depending on how many quarks we pack in those collisions, depending on how precise is the collision is the only variable we don’t know but it is NOT really a variable.

As with dices, if we had all the information about the throwing, we would know the bounces of the dice and the final position; if we knew all the information about the trajectory of each particle we would know how precise is the target collision. If we could see closer – without interference with our instruments – the quantum particle, we would see its position. We illustrate this common error of laymen regarding quantum physics, shamelessly exploited by CERN in our article on the famous case of the ‘Schrondiger’s cat’ paradox. If we repeat the experiment several times, the cat will certainly be dead.

So the when is what we can generously argue, which will increase with the ‘throwing of dices’, the number and energy of the collisions. This CERN knows. It knows it will create Strangelets and it gives CASTOR a 70% probability of detecting them. It knows it will create black holes and so it gives Hawking’s bizarre theory that denies the laws of Einstein’s relativity and thermodynamics a 100% chance as a ‘dogma of truth. Or as his Chief Theorist, Mr. Ellis put it in a recorded conference, to his ‘students’ and ‘workers’ all of them tied by confidentiality contracts ‘you must believe in Black Hole Evaporation’.


Let us then  develop the model of black holes as frozen ‘heavy quark’ stars, the way Einstein wanted, with some necessary ad ons to those papers, based in the scalar nature of the Universe, and one of the basic laws of science – hylomorphism – that is, things must be made of some ‘substance’, either a form or a motion. Since for a mathematical equation to be real it needs to be grounded in ‘real space-time’ entities. Specially if we deal with the background independent theory of relativity.

But why I affirm so firmly that black holes are quark stars? Simply, because the Universe is efficient, symmetric and scalar, and so the very essence of the galaxy and the particles found on it, which reduces to the two quark decuplets (in this LHC has been useful eliminating all the fantaphysics of supersymmetry particles, so only those quarks can form the  matter of the galaxy, as there are NOT more particles). So light quarks form our light matter, and heavy quarks,the top decuplet form dark, heavy matter. Simple isn’t? So efficiency and Occam’s razor requires that black holes are indeed heavy stars made of the heaviest known-known matter: cbt particles. The outcome of that symmetry then in the models of the scalar Universe (5th dimension of scales) is beautiful: a galaxy modeled as a superorganism symmetric in space, time and scale, where black stars are its DNA-like informative center that catalyzes the reproduction of our stars, and the hard, lineal strangelets, its ‘halo’, a protein-like membrane that limits the galaxy – and we in-between I am afraid if nobody remedies it, the ‘ribosome-like stars and planets’ that reproduce them:

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 18.26.57

In the graph, Galaxies are fractals of stars and dark, quark matter built with 3 topologies: a reproductive body of stars, sandwiched between an informative nucleus of black holes and an external halo of dark matter, probably strangelets and other dense stars. The closest self-similarity in our world scale is a cell and in the quantum scale an atom.

In the graph, the beautiful symmetry between the 3 parts of the galaxy at macrocosmic level (ultra dense black hole center, made of ultra dense top quarks (Einstein’s hypothesis), dense dark matter halo made of strangelets (Witten’s Hypothesis) and intermediate ‘light matter’, our weaker world of ud-quarks; shows an efficient, economic, simple, symmetric, REAL universe, in synthony with all the known-known laws of science, in correspondence with the work of Mr. Einstein, who rightly demanded according to the experimental method the existence of a ‘substance’ of the density of black holes to make them possible. After his death we found the top quark, whose toplet ttt++ should form under the awesome pressures of the black hole center a boson substance surrounded by bc ‘dark matter’ atoms, to form a frozen star, akin to the ‘slightly’ less dense pulsar configuration we just recently have cracked with the heaviest quark of the strange decuplet in its center, which produces in its catastrophic explosions and ejections of matter, heavy atoms, from gold to uranium… Alas, the problem with those models is that they are real and you can’t play God with its equations, nor certainly evaporate heavy quarks increasingly produced at LHC experiments, as they are the by-product of all the reactions concerning the Higgs; so to explore the Higgs is tantamount to produce copious amounts of top quarks, and bcb atoms, the likely substances of REAL frozen stars, aka black holes.

In the graph, black holes are frozen stars of the top matter decuplet by symmetry with the atoms and stars of our light galactic plane. Then by parallelism with light stars, we differentiate two species of black stars that are also found in Nature:

Tthose which are like our light stars made of  udd atoms, which would be made of dark bcb atoms of much larger densities, but similar properties. They would be the smaller black holes that transform the matter of a light star into bcb neutral atoms without charge. And those who are cosmic black holes, much larger, in the center of the galaxy which become the informative DNA of the galaxy (Maldacena conjecture: the surface of a cosmic BH in 5D maps out as a ‘homunculus mind does with your body’ or the ‘DNA’ with the information of the cell, the entire information of the galaxy in 4D). They are the equivalent of our neutron=strange stars, which have a core of negatively charged strangelet matter that make them turn almost at light speed and produce a hyperstrong magnetic field.

The top quark black hole then will have a ‘core of positively charged top quarks’ which will eject a huge stream jet of ‘negative mass’ neutrinos (likely tachyon strings as the weak angle of a neutrino is the size of a Planck string, 10ˆ-33 and many have been found to have negative mass, hence hyperluminal speeds – more on this latter… Those top quark huge black holes in the center of the galaxy then should  power the faster than c, z=10c motion observed as radiation and mass jets coming out of the center of many  galaxies.

We shall then make a thorough correction of the ‘creationist theory’ of black holes as infinite singularities (Oppenheimer->Wheeler->Penrose and Hawking) and go back to the basic, realist symmetric, fractal Universe of the graph. Since there are two decuplets of matter, belonging to the quantum and cosmological scale, and two type of atoms and two type of stars…


In the graph, philosophers of science have argued for very long that a ‘creationist’ theory, based only in language might be a nice fiction, a beautiful consistent language but they tend not to be truth, specially when they deal with ‘infinities’ – God, the absolute, the whole Universe, and infinitesimal point, etc.

Since when we merely use creationist theories that isolate the language, as in the third age of any ‘linguistic science’, or person, there is an excess of form, unconnected to reality. This is the case of black hole evaporation or supersymmetry, proved wrong at CERN. Since the simple energy and geometry of reality imposes limits to the excessive ‘forms’ of pure language, by essence inflationary, as a ‘mirror of reality’ with multiple ‘reflected images’. Those errors were classified already by Kant as paralogic errors of the mind.

Kant, being with Schopenhauer, a favorite of Einstein (and myself), who read them as a teenager, prompted him to say ‘I know when maths are truth=consistent but not real=describing a real physical fact.


Epistemology vs. The Egocy paradox and the plague of creationism.
Creationist mathematics as creationist religion is ultimately based in some ‘ugly’ principles – the ego paradox of both physicists and priests who want to talk in exclusive mode the supposed single language of man; and their lack of intelligence so well described by Schopenhauer’s definition of ‘stupidity’, which in the paradoxical humor of the Universe makes precisely the most ignorant to think they are the most intelligent and is the origin of ‘magic thought’, which is how we should classify both creationisms.
Regarding languages, there are infinite ‘mind-mirrors’ or ‘monads’ that gauge information from its biased perspective, which means that the relationship between languages and the order of reality is a back and forth ‘local’ process: the mind gauges information and then organizes its territorial ‘body’, mirroring its languages on reality. Maths are likely in topological, geometric form the ‘mind of atoms’, and so its laws of order are all pervading. Words are the ‘mind of humans’ and so in History the legal and ethic order trying to construct a superorganism of history, religion, nation or civilization is al, pervading.

So creationism is just a simplified, ‘one-way’ version of complex organicism and the interrelation between ‘still languages’ that mirror into a small virtual spatial form, the moving cycles of all beings. And this perhaps Aristotle and Leibniz understood better than any scientist does today: ‘Gods are unmoved points that order the energy around them’ . Whereas those unmoved ‘fractal points’ that gauge information are Leibniz’s monads: ‘every (fractal, Non-Euclidean) point holds a world within itself’. And energy the substance of the body waves they order.


ALL THIS MEANS basically, that singularity theories are pseudo-science, and that includes both, black hole evaporation and its ‘reverse’ equations of the big-bang. Because they respond to the ‘egocy’ paradox of human scientists that confuse the capacity of a language as a synoptic mirror of reality to reflect that reality and even forecast in its reduced synoptic logic, the deterministic future of the motions and ‘life-death cycles’ of a species (either with mathematics or verbal evolutionary theories), with its capacity to create reality with FICTIONS natural to all languages. So as Einstein put it ‘I know when mathematics are logic truths but not when they are real’. Reason why the ‘scientist’ should only be concerned with facts that have been proved experimentally, which do NOT include the equations of black hole evaporation and the equations of the big-bang, as we shall show now in a bit of more detail (keeping the bulk of the proof for our cosmological models on the section of 5D with its alternative, fractal, organic, immortal Universe).

But to start with we must consider what is the basic ‘epistemological error’ from where all those ‘entropic theories of lineal big-bangs and black hole evaporation’ depart – from the misunderstanding of time as a single lineal mathematical ‘cartesian graph’ arrow; when all time clocks are cyclical:

Let us then start by describing the biggest blunder mankind has committed in the realm of knowledge: to simplify the nature of cycles of time-space into lineal durations, to measure best the locomotions of cannonballs.

time cycles

Physicists uncoiled time-frequency, into lineal time, T=1/ƒ BY WRITING THE INVERSE equation…


-The information ‘stored’ in the ‘form’ and ‘frequency’ of those cycles.

-The understanding of ‘broken vital spacetimes, as each full closed cycle  reads reality into an inner and outer region, inside and outside the ‘simple knot’, or geometric definition of a cycle (Jordan’s first knot theorem). So by the mere fact of being in a universe made of infinite repetitive ‘conserved time clocks’, we obtain a broken space-time.

How does a Universe of infinite time clocks of different size and speed relates to the present Universe in which all time clocks are equalized to the mechanical, clocks of metal-information, which were invented in the Middle Ages in Italy, and became the ONLY CLOCK-TIME OF THE UNIVERSE, once elongated into a lineal ‘second-minute-hour-day-year’ system of equalized time clocks (of light waves, mechanical clocks, earth’s astronomical clocks).

Further on because time IS motion, the final substance of reality IS motions in time, and this makes REPRODUCTION, the essence of a fractal a dynamic natural CONSEQUENCE of this first ‘motion-substance’: by the mere fact of repeating a time clock-like cycle INFORMATION REPRODUCES. So there is no mystery to the process of reproduction, as reproduction occurs by MOTION. And so all those elements -repetitive patterns we call laws of science, the existence of broken vital spaces enclosed by angular momentums and moving membranes performing cyclical clocks that store and reproduce information, and the fractal structure of all of it, WHICH ARE THE ESSENTIAL WHYs of reality, became hidden by the simple concept of an absolute lineal ‘humind’ second unit of space-time.

Humanity is still in that primitive concept of a single time.

Since Einstein  just added to that XVI c. equation, V=s/T,  a ct corrector factor, but in essence he left the concept of single lineal time unchanged, despite recognizing it was a convention that must change.

What physicists mostly do then is the study of ‘open locomotions’, translations in space, through ‘lineal inertia, or scattered, entropic paths’, of objects that move; AND WHAT they care about TO QUANTIFY in terms of ‘RODS OF MEASURE’ that speed of translation in open space, is of course part of time=motion=change studies but far less important than the qualities of ‘closed time paths of frequency and form, of information’ we shall study here.

In the graph, left side,  ‘ðime’ clocks that measure the rhythms of reproduction=repetition and change=evolution of the Universe are always cyclical ‘r=evolutions’.

So while humans obviously are aware of the existence of cyclical patterns of nature, because they have abandoned the proper concept of cyclical ðime changes, and its second dimension of form, of information, they cannot fully grasp the fundamental principles of the Universe: its cycles of ðime§pace, its scales of ðime speeds as §pace size (ab. ∆±i), and the ‘mind-mirrors and languages’ of information that allow systems to measure them, and interact with other beings in ðime§pace.

The concept of cyclical ðimes is not new. On the contrary, as it is evident in the left picture that all ðime clocks are cyclical, repetitive; the true mystery is how humans are so ‘dumb’, as to deny it in the modern age. Since all Asian cultures, and all western cultures till Galileo, did believe in cyclical ðimes. The word in fact still lingers in the names of our newspapers: ‘The New York Times’, ‘The Times of London’.

Moreover science would not exist if ðimes were not cyclical as ‘scientific laws’ are merely the repetition in ðime of patterns of behavior and causality.

Each clock creates a discontinuous space-time, whose cyclical perimeter of in-form-ation encloses a piece of energetic space breaking reality into ∞ formal patterns; different time cycles with specific forms and frequencies. Thus the use of a single human clock that equalizes all of them misses 2 features of each of those time cycles:
– Its specific forms of in-form-ation in space, which gives birth to the main topological laws and Isomorphisms of the 5th Dimension (I).
– Its different speeds or frequencies. Since cyclical time is measured not by duration but by frequency, its inverse function: ƒ(t)=1/T.

All these truths unfortunately are hidden in the ðime equations of modern physics, so good for calculus so bad for interpretation, which need to be translated into cyclical ðime, measured by frequency (T=1/ƒ) and streamlined with a new jargon appropriate for a dual Universe, as opposed to the simplex jargon of classic absolute ðime§pace physics, that lingers in all sciences and drags its understanding.

In the left physical cycles, planetary orbits, which we humans use to measure ðime in all our ‘clocks’, which are also cyclical. People are hardly aware of this fact, since they tend not to use the ‘parameter’ of cyclical ðime, which is ‘frequency’, but its inverse, lineal duration: ƒ=1/t.

The formulae are simplified in this manner. Since ‘frequency ðime’ is discontinuous and so difficult to ‘integrate’. So physicists prefer to uncoil, frequencies into Lineal Time.

For example the ‘revolutions per minute of a car wheel’, multiplied by its perimeter give us the ‘distance’: λ x v = S. And besides in this manner we achieve more information, as we get the duration and form of in-form-ation of each cycle (λ) and its frequency, v.

So instead of using V=s/t, V=wave length x Frequency gives the information on the frequency and shape of the cyclic steps of the motion.

But if you just want to know the total length of along ðime period, you use Lineal Time durations and so you don’t need to sum all those cycles to get the lineal speed: V=s/t.

In the left graph, we can see that all physical systems, and all its ðime cycles return to its origin, creating a circle, but physicists uncoiled them and put all those revolutions one after another creating the concept of Lineal ðime – an artifact of measure, and further on equalized all the different clocks of the Universe, all the different cyclical actions of its species with a single mechanical ‘ðime clock’ elongated into an infinite duration.

And we shall return to it, when using cyclical time to define and upgrade physical equations, with new insights on its whys, thanks to the ‘inverse arrow of time’ cyclical frequency, ð(ƒ)=1/T-duration.

Since the enormous deformation of reality caused by the ‘belief’ that there is a single time-space continuum, a single ‘human clock’ measuring it all with a second and a single space-rod, also the human visual light spacetime measuring it all with a c-speed is obviously wrong and keeps producing conceptual errors, camouflaged by the fact the equations ‘work’ in both systems, either as ƒrequency of cycles or a lineal speed sum of the trajectories of those cycles. What we miss of course is all the inner information of the cycles.

Frequency time, broken time cycles, infinite of them, are novel concepts hidden for so long by the lineal deformation of the cartesian graph, canonized by Newton that not even the quantum revolution of ‘broken space’ and the Revolution of relativity that saw multiple time regions in the Universe, and many insights that came after on the cyclical nature of time clocks, and the SYMMETRY BETWEEN THE MOTION TO THE FUTURE (OR LIFE, informative arrow) and the motion to the past (or entropy arrow), has been ‘enough’ for mankind to understand the cyclical nature of time and all the amazing results derived from it. Since ALL MOTIONS OF TIME TOWARDS THE FUTURE OF HIGHER INFORMATION ARE FOLLOWED BY THE REVERSAL ARROW OF TIME TO THE PAST OF ENTROPIC DEATH – BUT ALL THOSE TIME CYCLES ARE LOCAL, diffeomorphic, so there is no paradox on traveling to the past, simply speaking, we talk of two inverse arrows of time, loosely understood as the arrow of life and the arrow of death, but specific of each species.

I.e. in electromagnetic waves we shall talk of the advanced collapsing wave and the retarded expansive wave; in local particles of the particle towards the future and the antiparticle or death of the particle (Feynman).

In relativity we shall talk of the ‘gravitational arrow of time that warps space’ and the ‘antigravitation’ of those likely antiparticles (still to be experimentally proved). In forces we shall talk of the ‘gauge’ spatial forces, and the ‘trans-formative, evolutionary, time interactions mediated by the weak force’. In life obviously of life and death future and past; and all of them will be soon formalized in the concept of a world cycle which is the most general understanding of all those closed time cycles that break the Universe into an internal and external world separated by a membrane, spin or angular momentum.

Lineal theories of the Universe.

Of course the best physicists are fully aware of this, but there are few of them, so Einstein said ‘I seem to be the only physicist that thinks there are infinite time clocks in the Universe’, and ‘time curves space into cyclical masses’. And when he died, as his concept of black holes as frozen stars the concept of cyclical infinite time clocks in the Universe, one for each of those cyclical masses disappeared because quantum physics and electromagnetism, are lineal equations, balanced by those cyclical masses, so as quantum physicists carried the power OVER relativists, they have ever since force-fed their theories of lineal time big-bangs and entropic black holes, and a dying Universe as dogma. When the proper way to study cosmology is precisely as I used to explain in scientific conferences when I was the chair of Duality, with the two arrows of time, lineal motions and cyclical clocks that carry the information of the Universe in the form and frequency of its cycles – masses and charges:

All what exist is a motion in time. Space forms are a Maya of the senses. So as we penetrate matter we keep finding solid matter to be just a cyclical accelerated time space clock, the meaning of gravitational forces and charges, just two vortices of two different scales of spacetime, all of them unified in the scalar metric equations of 5D physics:  In the graph, accelerated vortices of time in physical systems, in different scales of the fifth dimension: charges, masses and thermodynamic eddies become then the main clocks of time that carry with different speeds according to 5D metric (Space-size x Cyclical time-speed =K), the information of microscopic quantum charge worlds, human-size thermodynamic scales and cosmological gravitational scales. The beauty of that scalar Universe is obvious: smaller parts as the next graph shows, run faster cycles, and hence carry the information of larger systems: in physical systems quantum spins carry the information, which now is applied to mechanical systems, of ever smaller quantum computers. In biology genes carry the information of larger slower systems,. And in the galaxy fast spinning smaller black holes carry the information of its larger forms. All is entangled. All is about INFORMATION the dominant arrow of life, not lineal entropic big-bang death

In the graph, the Equivalence principle of relativity means a mass is a vortex, m=(h/c2) ƒ, whose frequency gives us its attractive power as in any vortex. So top quarks must turn very fast in its spin cycles, reason why in classic science top quarks do not interact with the strong force, which is slower in its exchange of gluons.

Yet because they turn so fast in frequency as vortices of space-time, they have much more mass: m=h/c² ƒ.

So they cannot interact with the strong force, but they can form an ultra-dense central region in the huge Kerr-Newman black rotating hole of the galactic center with a massive positive charge, producing those huge ‘superluminal’ jets akin to the superstrong magnetic force of pulsars; and they can interact with the gravitational force. And those 2 forces combined that reach the ‘electron-like’ halo of negative strangelets account for the huge force of attraction between the halo and the center of galaxies, which is the biggest mystery of physics today (dark matter missing), because electromagnetic forces are much stronger than gravitational, so the top quark positively charged magnetic-like jets bring together strongly the negative halo and positive center.

Why a sound use of Einstein’s concept of masses as accelerated vortices of spacetime, extended to charges and particles, its components matter also to big-bang theory is obvious: because the expansion of entropic lineal dark energy between galaxies is PERFECTLY balanced by the implosion and collapse of dark energy into mass when arriving to those galaxies. So this give us NOT a single lineal big-bang but a balanced ‘fractal series’ of expanding space and imploding space creating particles within the galactic vortices.

This must be clear from the beginning: in physics, due to its error of lineal time and a single arrow of time for all systems of reality, the balance of gravitational vortices has disappeared  when in fact there are infinite of such cyclical mass vortices, as they are also the basic cycles and forces of charges and particles and quantum physics.

What this means is that the ‘lineal big-bang’ is truly pseudoscience, because it MERELY eliminates 1/2 of the balanced Universe, so alas, indeed, in a Universe without mass, all is expanding entropic vacuum; as the balancing ‘cosmological constant and mass tensor of Einstein’s equations disssapear.

So even if it is written in mathematics the big-bang theory, because it does not follow the logic, espitemologic and experimental law of the scientific method is false.

In that sense, the Big Bang, has all the properties signaled as pseudoscience in ‘wikipedia’: statements, beliefs, or practices that are claimed to be both scientific and factual, but are incompatible with the scientific method, contradictory, exaggerated or unfalsifiable claims; relying on confirmation bias rather than rigorous attempts at refutation; which have lack of openness to evaluation by other experts; and long after they have been experimentally discredited…continue to be hold as ‘dogma’.

While those advocating such models of pseudoscience often dispute the characterization.

Why we say this about the big-bang is obvious. Logically is absurd that all the matter of reality was in a single point, including time and space itself. This is born of an exagerated, unfalsifiable claim – that a lineal equation of spacetime expansion between galaxies, V=HoD, extends infinitely to the pas. It is truly an example of ‘creationism’ in physics, based in mathematics. And it merely ignores what physicists do in all other analysis – the need to eliminate infinities and infinitesimals through ‘renormalization’ and cut-off processes – in this case the galaxies from where the emission of spacetime light takes place, which balance the Universe with its implosive gravitation.

Yet the rule of big-bang theory is to exaggerate experimental analysis. Such is the case of the background radiation observed only in the galaxy, which is considered with zero proofs to come from all the corners of the Universe. We falsify those arguments and many more in our analysis of cosmology. The graphs below show them at true value. Perhaps the most notorious is the finding of the supposed central track of the big-bang exactly above and below the galaxy, which shows not to come from 13 billion years light away but exactly from where it comes the background radiation – the galaxy itself.

Latter on we shall explain the alternative model of the big-bang, as a simple black hole the size of the commonest object of the galaxy, a moon will radiate exactly the same temperature. So it is more logic to consider that radiation comes from the galaxy, from some form of dark matter, black holes or strangelets which will redshift to such temperature the light of the galaxy:

In the graph the true quasar big-bang, the scale at which all evidence of the cosmic big-bang points to CONSIDERED from the 5 elements of ¬∆@st: T: The age of a quasar cycle in time is around 15 billion years, in which the ‘in-falling’ interstellar ‘light-ionized matter’ feeds the central black hole forming its bar and powering the Kerr-hole emission of ‘dark entropy’ akin to the electromagnetic repulsive flows between atoms. ∆: In fact at scale the process is similar to a beta decay, emission and absorption by the neutron of a proton-black hole and electron, and vice versa, its absorption of light and the electron, which in 5D metric as we reduce size in space and accelerate clocks of time: $ x ð = K, reduces 15 billion years to 15 minutes (: S: In space the background radiation is obviously local, measured only in the galaxy and recently proved by two lobes which were considered to be 15 billion years away, in the primordial explosion but turned out to be above and below the central black hole (: Which again in scale are similar to the first electronic orbitals of the atom and further prove 5D analysis of electrons as collapsed nebulae of ∆-1 photons. What is then the origin of the Bg radiation? As the ‘gala cell’ has also organic properties, its origin is the ‘homeostatic equilibrium’ produced by the redshift radiation of Moon MACHOs (a primordial black hole that does not evaporate of the mass of a moon, the commonest planetoid, would have the exact form and temperature of the BG radiation). @: And so we FINALLY FOUND the primordial black holes of Mr. Hawking, only that they do NOT evaporate but are in 5D analysis, which always show 3 scales of size for all systems (3 families of mass, cells networks and bodies in biology, atoms matter and geologic formations in planets and so on), the ‘smallest scale’ of the dominant form of the gala cell, its ‘mind-whole’ that structures it as DNA does in a cell, as an organism. As such the homeostatic temperature of the BG primordial black hole is exactly above that of the larger holes which can feed on it, and the fundamental energetic atom of its physiological structures, superfluid helium. ¬: Pity those primordial black holes are reproduced by moons and planets. I.e. if the Earthlings succeed in doing black holes at CERN that will not evaporate, soon we will find a swarm of black holes and strangelet dark matter in our place, which will migrate to the halo. Since we are entropic food for them to be born. So those are the pentalogic, ¬∆@st, which explains the real quasar big-bang. Ultimately it is completely absurd that almost every entity in the Universe has a time span much larger than the Universe itself – black holes live 10 up to 100 years, the commonest star, red dwarfs live trillions, protons live as long as black holes, etc. etc. But as the big-bang is the metaphysical pseudoscience of physicists with a single time arrow of entropy, as long as they do NOT understand the 5 dimotions of spacetime they won’t understand real cosmology. I am afraid though as they don’t do thought experiments, with its feeble minds, and pretend to make black holes at home to test if they evaporate, and if they Big Bang is truth, they will kill us all soon.

Another proof of the many considered on our texts on cosmology –  as physicists keep looking far away to the supposed beginning of time, they keep finding perfeclty formed galaxies and black holes, wich breaks completely the supposed ‘time periods of creation of matter’. In the graph we can see the biggest black hole found in the Universe, which is perfectly formed in the middle of a galaxy, that is just 400 millions after the supposed big-bang when there was only supposedly hydrogen ions:

In the graph, the superblack hole is supposed to exist so early that there is no way it formed unless the Universe is eternal and the cosmic horizon of the big-bang just the limit of human perception of light, which as everything in 5D is NOT infinite in range.

Now and here 5D physics departs sharply from current astrophysics and its ‘paralogic’ Kantian errors (which break the scientific method in the egocy of the cosmologist wanting to have an explanation for all even when his range of perception does not allow it), there is NOT infinite range force, because infinities are always broken by cyclical membrane.

In the jargon of physics range of forces depend on mass. But t is ‘obvious’ that the photon does HAVE energy hence it does HAVE mass, E=hƒ, so even if its mass is extremely small the range of the photon CANNOT be infinite.

Moreover the further away we look, we shall see photons of less mass-frequency, hence redshifted, as those of more mass-blue frequency had died.

So that explains the red shift simply.

The distance-range of light is inversely proportional to its frequency-mass

Hence the existence of a limit or horizon of perception of light, from where we just see those monstrous objects – the biggest black holes.

What is then the limit of perception of light? As we have experimental evidence there is no need to do further calculus: Obviously the 13.5 billion light years from where red-shifted light of maximal z comes mistakingly taken as a time horizon of a supposed big-bang explosion.  

And from this fact it also follows that the further away we look, the more likely we are to find only huge black holes, as they will emit more energetic high frequency particles that will take longer time to relax in terms of the 4Ðimotion of entropy when they reach us before dying into a red frequency, blacking out of our perception of further away galaxies.

And here is where the magic 10¹°-¹¹ number common to all structures of nature, both in space-populations/distances in time-frequencies/durations and in scale/masses shows in (we will find it in the number of neurons of the biggest human brain, of stars in the galaxy, of atoms in a DNA code, etc, for reasons studied on our posts on ‘fractal non-euclidean mathematics):

This is the number that gives us in the symmetry of time the mean life of stars, and the mean life of its minimal light space-time ‘unit’ of information, and the mean mass of the largest black holes from far away distances measured in terms of the mean star mass – our sun, and the mean distance of the black out horizon of the big-bang…

So of course while in 5 Ð, as we know the Universe is eternal, the big bang does not exist, we have far more sound logical and epistemological and experimental proofs to explain everything that seems to prove the delirious big-bang in which time and space started from a point that fits in our hand, and pleases our egocy of being above heavens and earth.

In the graph, the largest black hole found is also the oldest, as it is the furthest, and it was supposed to be born in 500 million years after the big-bang when only some re-ionization of light hydrogen atoms has happened.

It then takes the pain of creationist dogma and believers to tinkle with all the equations and models we have to feed computers till some simulation of very extremal conditions very unlikely to happen can give us some bizarre model that might explain how on the hell, in just 500 million years a black hole of the size of 66 billion suns appeared in the middle of a perfectly formed gargantuan galaxy. Rational answer BECAUSE THERE WAS NOT BIG-BANG.

Simplest proof. Such a black hole will live 10¹ºº years ad minimal (counting that there is black hole evaporation, another no-no error we explain in our 5Ð study of black holes)…

So by mere statistical probability, we exist within the supposed life of the Universe which we can at least elongate to the life of that galactic black hole in the absolute infancy of the Universe, more or less in the 0.00000000000000000000000000000000000…. keep adding 90 000001% of its life span, and the probability that we exist in that moment without any other data, is similarly 0.0000000……..(keep adding 90 zeros)1 % chance.

The big-bang as we shall show in so many pages of this blog is the very proof not of the birth of the Universe but of the ‘common nature’ of all huminds, scientific or religious: dogma and belief is always higher in the esteem of the majority of humans of any profession than truth and reasoning.

Or as Landau put it: ‘cosmologists are seldom right but never in doubt’.

Same goes for black hole singularities.

Now, what physicists should do is to be more honest with the scientific method and apply their renormalization and cut-off mathematical procedures to eliminate infinities, which they routinely use in charges, with masses, which are just the same type of vortices of a larger cosmological scale, as we do in 5 D physics. Then there will NOT be big-bang singularities, or black hole evaporation as the substance of those black holes will be quarks that do NOT evaporate, but are produced in mass quantities at cern and so will form as Einstein wanted dark stars, that will evaporate us, converting through weak interactions studied at cern our matter in strange quark or black hole dark atomic matter.

Einstein called black holes frozen stars for an obvious reason – he respected the scientific method unlike the creationist mathematicians of the second age of black hole theory – and said he would only believe in them when a real substance was found, which obviously are those quarks. But idealist, ego-centered mathematical physicists always like to believe their equations ‘create reality’ as religious people believes Allah creates by naming things with Arab words… That was the case of Oppenheimer who mended Einstein’s concept of frozen stars and considered black holes to be a singularity.

So he modeled them – in the heist of cynicism, with Einstein’s equations, who opposed his infinite collapse, as a ball of dust with negligible pressure, uniform density rho = (t), and at rest at t = 0 (irrotational). And alas, since there were no charge, no mass, no particles on them, they ‘so to speak’ easily shrunk into an infinitesimal point.

These assumptions which are totally unreal, as black hole are born of ultradense material stars, lead to the unique solution of the Einstein field equations, and in the co-moving co-ordinates the metric inside the black hole were given by ds² = dt²ˆ2 − R²(t) (dr² /1 − kr² + r²dθ² + r² sin²θdφ². And then he ‘decided’ that R->0 infinitely and the result where the Singularity metric… voila! Magic in the Schopenhauer’s sense: ‘A stupid is a man without reason, one that doesn’t see the causality between events so it believes in magic causes’

Since the assumption  that the black hole was of dust is magic, pure inflationary maths. It must be a real physical entity, made of particles, so you need to plug ‘above’ that spacetime frame Dirac particles.

Moreover in relativity space-time is NOT Newtonian but background independent, relational (Leibniz) meaning that all physical systems are made of spacetime, so the spacetime equations of the black hole must be made of particles, their ‘space-time’ (this is the basis of 5D – the most advanced model of background independent, relational space-time till date) AND they must also met the EFE metric. To do so, you just need to consider each region of the black hole with increasing density in EFE metrtic to be occupied by each type of Dirac’s particle, aka quark of increasing density, as light stars are also made. So both, EFE and Dirac, relativity and quantum physics meet. Simple? Isn’t? That is really the theory of quantum gravity physicists who love complicated theories seemingly to look smarter should explore. ‘Simplicity is genius’, said Leonardo.

This means that for the largest black hole in the center of the galaxy the outer layer has the density of the bcb neutral atoms of the top quark decuplet, in the graph above (and below ordered in triads of atoms).

But in the center, where there is a quasi infinite density/singularity you need top quarks, the near-infinite densest quarks (next screen). And because relativity breaks at the quantum scale, we just enter the ‘lower scale of the Universe – that of particles’, which ‘navigate’ over the background independent geometry of Einstein’s gravitational force.

THEN you meet both the reality of physical particles and the metric of black holes, whose requirement of energy conservation implies that its density: ρ(t) R³(t) remain constant in a series of parallel volumetric layers.

So as you enter the black hole, R diminishes and density increases. It just does it NOT continuously but as in all stars, in layers of increasing quark density, which means quarks of higher mass, till reaching the top quark center for the largest black holes. As higher mass means a higher frequency in the cyclical motions of masses, modeled by Einstein’s principle of equivalence between gravitation and acceleration as mass -‘vortices’ of gravitational space-time – the background independent last layers of the 5D scalar reality perceived by human beings:

In the graph, we can see what a black hole star is all about: the conversion of our ‘light matter’ into heavy atoms of the top quark decuplet. This IS the essential symmetry between the 3 scales of matter, that of bosons (gluons in the case of atoms), quarks and black holes. Another simple proof of the necessary similarity of those 3 scales is shown in the next graph – the symmetry between the ‘dying mesons’ that are destroyed by the strong force of heavier quarks in all the reactions likely to be mimicked when a heavy ‘seed’ of a cosmological strangelet or black hole appears on earth, and the exact same number of gluon particles that ‘feed’ our lighter quarks inside our smaller atoms. We might say that the gluon strong force is to the light quarks, what the light quark mesons are to the heavier quarks of cosmological matter: ‘food for thought’:

Graphs: the strong force killing smallish, lighter gluons inside the atomic nuclei,  which feed with its anti color + color dual particles our ud-quarks  is identical in a lower scale to the weak force, of quark-antiquark mesons feeding with its energy the heavier dark atoms, likely components of a black hole star in the center of the galaxies.

So we have found in 5D yet another beautiful scalar symmetry between the lighter gluons of smaller atomic nuclei, of lighter quarks, and the heavier mesons of larger black hole nuclei, whose components must be the heavier top and Bcb  quark atoms of the top quark decuplet.

It is a clear symmetry of scale:  the strong color charge and couples of gluons and antigluons that form its nonet, are parallel to the nonet of mesons, made of quarks and antiquarks that are exchanged accordingly in the reactions mediated by the weak force.

Because the atom spins faster, as a vortex of spacetime its force is stronger than the larger, slower reactions of mesons mediated by the weak force, but both mean the same: the entropic arrow of death of quark matter by ‘top (predator” heavier quarks. One is mediated by strong currents the other by weak currents of W, Z and Higgs bosons. It follows that exploring and reproducing massive amounts of Higgs will just mediate an ice-9 or ‘gas-9’ reaction converting us into mesons, from living particles into antiparticles, swallowed by the black hole or strangelet.

Feynman’s diagrams: mesons and antiparticles die as entropic, ‘past’ arrows of time

Now Feynman’s genius had an intuitive understanding of this life-death cycle, which in the cyclical equations of 5D merely represents a world cycle of life and death: the arrow of life and information sends you to the future of more informative cyclical speed; then the arrow of death is the big-bang that dissolves your information, in any scale of reality. So in physical particles, the arrow of cyclical information is a vortex of charge or mass, which the arrow of entropy and death converts you into an antiparticle that moves you LOCALLY into your relative past – dissolving the particle into radiation, the human being into its cellular components. It is then IMMEDIATE in 5D that the SMALLER scales in which you dissolve, radiation in E=Mc2 past matter, cells and aminoacids in life death is the past, because the RELATIVE local future, whole being needs first its parts, to appear, its relative local past. Indeed, scales of more complex informative whole are always the arrow of social evolution of future of ‘love’ because they are ‘sustained’, ’emerge’, from the smaller parts, which must exist first hence being its relative past. This is the 5D logic explanation on why the arrow of death and dissolution of information is the past.

What Feynman did is marvelously to have the intuition that the antiparticle was the arrow of relative past that dissolved the particle into its radiation. As physicists use a single TIME arrow for the entire Universe, entering their paradoxes of traveling to the past to kill your father (Hawking), they always got suspicious of Feynman’s past arrow for antiparticles, but they use them anyway. Now, the conundrum is solved by the infinite cyclical time clocks of the Universe, as all those travels to the entropic past are PURELY local, so you never in a fractal organic Universe can go to the past and kill your father, as you will locally kill yourself in the trip, exploding in an entropic big-bang of death. And unless you are ‘viral’, your dying cells won’t go much further.

The strong force therefore is an entropic force, because as Feynman rightly found, in each local world cycle of particles, the antiparticle is the same particle moving backwards in time, which means dying in the entropic process that completes its world cycle (hence living much shorter as the death end of the cycle does happen in a quanta of time). And because entropic-feeding processes are the strongest, most attractive ones in any scale (food is the first cause of most Ðimotions), they carry the maximal energy:

In the graph we see the proper way to perceive the two arrows of time of physical systems, when we plot them together as a cycle-anticycle, even if an antiparticle (which must be considered the ‘3rd’ age and death of the particle) can be observed isolated.

And this leads us to the CPT symmetry, which in 5 Ð physics is absolute but quantized as time cycles are quantized for each species and its 5 Ðimotions=forces and worldcycles, and happen together not in a single plane of ‘light space-time’; but must be considered for the whole 3±I planes whereas the equations of gravitation and relativity with its c-constant speed are the limit of 5Ð for the galactic super organism but do NOT apply beyond (inside black holes and outside galaxies, where the forces are repulsive dark entropy similar to those of electromagnetism between atoms; while inside the galaxy  the forces of gravitation are similar to curved electromagnetism within the Coulomb field  between the electron and the proton, whose ‘5Ð metric’ are parallel to those of the black hole and the strangelet)…

So there is a LOT of self-similarities of scale that would allow future 5 Ð physicists once the model r=evolution is accepted and the present dogmas put in doubt to complete by self-similarity the true nature of black hole stars (which rightly Einstein told us to be frozen stars), to understand the processes of renormalization (which add scalar infinities that must be cut off, including the SINGULARITY OF THE BLACK HOLE AND THE BIG-BANG).

The solution of the antimatter-matter symmetry and the hierarchy problem.

It is then obvious that this much more realist view of black holes and big bangs solve almost every problem of present physics as we explain in the 5D section of the scalar Universe. For example, the hierarchy problem of quantum gravity is simple: because cosmological masses are much larger, with less curvature and slower time cycles, they attract far less than charges. And in fact, if we accelerate them as we reduce their size in equal proportions, by a 10ˆ40 factor the G constant becomes the q constant and gravitation becomes as powerful. We can then say that in terms of scales, the galaxy is an atom, the black hole is a proton, the quark is a gluon, and the symmetry between the 3 scales of matter, black holes, quarks and gluons is the proper way to study all those scales – a theme that runs for a century in physics, since Kaluza-Klein used it in the first models of 5D physics to unify indeed G and Q, which I obtained also by slightly similar means, as shown in the 5D section.

On the other hand, the matter-antimatter symmetry is obvious if each matter is antimatter in its big-bang entropic death, the symmetry is that between living and dying people: we see less dying people because death lasts only a quanta of time. But there is another interesting proof of the model of quark black holes and the symmetry of the 3 scales, top quarks and heavy dark atoms devouring mesons of our light Universe as our light Ud quarks devour gluons of the next, lower scale, found by the very same CERN, which is now in the news everywhere, but CErnies don’t quite understand with their faulty, creationist models of singularities – the fact that B-quarks of the heavy dark atoms that must form black holes and emit mass in quasars, prefer matter, and so in a simple theory of quasars as the origin of the mass of the Universe, it explains our matter world.

From a letter to Otto Rossler, Walter and Eric Penrose, activists against CERN, I explained this clear proof both of the asymmetry of matter-antimatter, and the Dark atoms that must form black holes and when exploding entropically in lighter atoms produce only our ud-matter:

Hi All, we missed this key discovery that proves further the dangers at CERN and the quark matter nature of black holes and quasars ejection of matter in larger amounts that antimatter:
The LHCb experiment has found hints of what could be a new piece of the jigsaw puzzle of the missing antimatter in our universe. They have found tantalising evidence of a phenomenon dubbed charge-parity (CP) violation in particles known as baryons – a family of particles whose best-known members are the protons and neutrons that make up all …
It seems Bottom quarks, the main components of BCB black atoms decay into protons 20% than in antiprotons, So if we COULD FIND a massive process of decay of Bottoms in the Universe this would explain why there is more matter – a 20% more is created, the rest annihilate with the 80% of antimatter.
The problem they have at CERN after the initial excitement is that as all matter comes from the Big Bang singularity LOL, and Black holes are not BLACK STARS with BCB atoms and tops, there is NOWHERE they can find Bottom decay in massive numbers. So the news after initial enthusiasm became short of an oddity. Because they HAVE no enough Bottoms.
But IF black holes are BLACK stars made of BCB atoms, with a central top quark singularity – that is Kerr-Newmann charged black holes in the center, with its superluminal axis, THEY ARE THE SOURCE of matter, when the galactic quasar ejects massive quantities of matter through the central axis, and its synchrotron-like magnetic fields, observed in all the jets of quasars, origin of most new irregular galaxies (baby galaxies of the Universe):
Now as I have been explaining to you and otto for a decade a black holes is a ‘black star’ of the top quark decuplet (tops, bottoms and charms), whereas a BCB is a heavy atom as an udu in our world. And the big-bang IS a local galactic big-bang (quasar, blazar), as the BG radiation is local and mimic the galaxy whose life worldcycle has been measured in 20 billion years… All this means that the creation of matter is really a series of local big-bangs (this was Fred Hoyle’s theory of multiple quasar big-bangs)…
So IF THE BIG-BANGS ARE LOCAL ejections of matter by the ‘dark atoms, bcb’ of the black hole, the 20% of higher production of protons in the decay of the black atom (BCB) what this idiots sorry ‘expert’s (: call the ∆º particle is the first sign that all the matter of the UNIVERSE comes from the ‘ejection of matter’ by quark stars aka central black holes in quasars and blazars,   (∆º is a BUD particle, as they have not yet enough energy to make a BCB but what matters it the B decaing in protons not antiprotons)
So voila, 20% of PROTONs DO NOT annihilate with antiprotons.. and we have SOLVED both the question fo matter-antimatter, proved that black holes are black stars, and proved Fred Hoyle’s quasar big-bang theroy…  slightly changed with the tools of 5D astronomy – all those symmetries of scale between atoms and galaxies, black holes as protons of the larger scales,gluons as quarks of the lower scale, the octect of gluons being the octect of mesons, etc. etc.
Now the metric of those dark stars is fairly straight and resolved, including some work by Penrose’s father, Sir Roger, and Hawking – give to caesar what belongs to caesar, with its Penrose’s engine of expulsion of matter, both from the accreting region of the black hole and the central superluminal axis of the charged rotary Kerr-newmann black hole.
And this means also the validity of Einsteins’ principle of equivalence between mass and acceleration, as the heaviest top quarks by the law of any vortex beyond the c-speed event horizon both in the black hole and as the individual elements of its center, must speed up at hyperluminal speeds, hence can eject matter escaping the black hole: 
Screen Shot 2018-03-10 at 8.36.35 AM

The axis of superluminal dark entropy, transforms a 3rd Dimensional vortex of mass into pure distance-space.

It is likely that the rotation of those top quarks is hyperluminal, as only hyperluminal rotation, if mass is a vortex that accelerates inward with lesser radius, as a skater does ( Vo Ro = K) can give them such huge mass.

This is observed in all galaxies where massive jets at 10 c come out of black holes. And it is observed even in the spin of particles that have to be hyperluminal under the vortex law generalized with the scalar 5D metric of the graph, for the magnetic field they create – something Pauii already noticed in his spin theory.

So why physicists do not accept once and for all such models, including the fact that ‘outside’ the spacetime filled with light, faster than light speeds can happen? I wonder… since nothing forbid them in physics.

There is NOT in relativity any limit of speed. Einstein only said that c is constant and hyperluminal speeds require negative mass.

So because physicists do NOT know what mass is they have the taboo because they DON’T understand negative mass, which is silly since IN TIME ‘negative’ as Gauss explained calling negative roots inverse numbers, means only an ‘inverse direction’ of motion. So for example ‘negative divergence’ means implosive motion, negative potential the same implosive motion for mass and charge.

WHAT IS IMPOSSIBLE is negative space/forms (negative apples) but in TIME i repeat, negative means an inverse motion. So if Mass is an accelerated inward motion by the Principle of equivalence, the negative mass of Einstein’s equation that a faster than light rotary system has means ONLY an explosive entropic divergence, of the space-time vortex of mass. So this simple acceptance of mass as a vortex, according to Einstein’s equivalence principle also explains antiparticles’ negative time, etc.

So goes for negative energy, which means merely an entropic explosion. For example in e=mc2, the e is inverse to the m, as a negative entropic explosion of mass that becomes entropy radiation.

So entropy is the negative of mass as a vortex whose form carries the information of the Universe and that only means that at c-speed the mass explodes. Ok. Those are concepts of information theory, which is the basis of my work on 5D, but physicists should really learn some of those concepts. Yet even if you are not interested in the scalar Universe, the symmetry of black stars and light stars still holds and it is evident.

Physicists in that sense also don’t understand how time comes to zero in those equations. It means time – motion reaches a 0 position or a balance between implosive and explosive motion in the event horizon turning at c-speed, neither exploding or imploding – not that the singularity is infinite and infinitely unreachable, as proved by muon experiments, which do not stop but slow down its spin-motions, the internal clocks of its ‘life-duration. IT IS the INTERNAL TIME of the spins and mass clocks what slows down to a halt, as when YOU die off, stopping the internal clocks of the system.

SO NO PROBLEM with faster than light c-speeds, it is just A QUESTION OF UNDERSTANDING ALGEBRA in terms of the complex laws of information of the universe.

On the other hand, back to our star-planet reality, small black holes have not enough density to create top quark stars and so they are neutral bcb atoms of bottom-charm quarks equivalent to our stars. Only giant central galactic black holes resemble the strange neutron stars with a cover of ‘normal iron atoms and a core of strangelet’, in this case a cover of normal ‘bcb dark heavy atoms’ and the center of a quasi-infinite rotating speeds of ultramassive top quarks. Small consolation: we shall become a dark atom star, neutral, unnoticed, of 3 cm.

This simple model of quantum gravity, according to the known known Dirac-Maxwell and EFE equations proved together, backed besides by experimental proofs of rotary black holes and galaxies in which the halo is strongly attracted by the center all over the Universe is the work I did in 5D that now has been published in its basic assumptions at and will I guess have a continuation in new papers, now that Hawking cannot impose its celebrity status, not to discuss what real black holes are:

That is, Quark stars – THEORETICALLY SOUND merging THE 3 KEY EQUATIONS OF PHYSICS, EXPERIMENTALLY SOUND – A MASSIVE rotating accelerator transforming quarks in layers of heavier quarks as LHC does.

Then in the galactic version this massive positive charge creates a massive outer-galactic magnetic field trapping the outer halo of strangelets, and creating the attractive tension of the so called dark matter.

Back to the metric equation at the beginning of this paragraph, which was modeled as a fluid even then, since the fluid is assumed to be at rest at t = 0, this can only be if it is a rotational fluid, with small CYCLICAL MOTIONS INSIDE, which are precisely the mass vortices of those quarks. We have a homology on our thermodynamic scale where fluid eddies form a series of fractal little vortices inside; in black holes will be small space-time vortices which is what particles are (last graph). So the dark star model is consistent with Einstein fields equations, which in fact give for that inner region of black holes the parametric equation of a cycloid – THAT is a particle turning around the eddie of mass. as the small rotary eddies do inside a larger ‘tornado’.

So there is never a zero radius-singularity. The more so since Pauli exclusion principle implies particles cannot occupy the same position so a black hole made of quarks cannot have a singularity.

For the singularity to happen Oppenheimer thus had to made more ‘assumptions’ out of the hat: that is dust not particles, that the scale factor R(t) vanishes; that the black hole is a fluid… that it has a uniform density having the initial value rho (0) – because it is made of ‘dust’ not of matter, when precisely it is the opposite, ultradense… and also that it has zero pressure (that is, it has no particles reacting and evolving, producing radiation outwards, also stupid, specially if they have top quark positive charges in the center that will produce an immense electromagnetic pressure radiation as our stars do with negative electron pressure radiation)…

All that are completely absurd assumptions. Only then the black star collapses from rest to a point in 3-subspace of infinite curvature and zero proper volume, in a finite time t. Then he gets the final collapsed state of infinite  energy density. And of course we cannot prove this experimentally wrong just because the center of the black hole is a region we have no direct evidence off; so we need the homologic method of 5Ð scales of matter to make it symmetric to normal stars but with heavy atoms of the top quark decuplet as we did.

Dark heavy stars should be like light stars.

The reason why that homology should work is because those heavy and light quarks and fermions are identical in properties except their different mass: We cannot really distinguish between a heavy electron (muon, tau) and a light one, and the properties of quarks are similar. So we must conclude that a dark, heavy star should be similar to a light star, only much heavier. This allow us to consider the internal structure of Black Stars – not black holes.

The internal dynamics of non-idealized, real black holes are however COMPLETELY IGNORED on those ‘creationist theories’ that use only simplified mathematics.

SO by IDEALIZING that region and using only geometric= topological methods Penrose and Hawking, after Oppenheimer, just invented a number of new singularity theorems based again in the false assumption that energy is always positive (I just showed you negative energy means merely the opposite of an imploding vortex of mass, which instead of imploding is exploding). So it was a false assumption, on top of Oppenheimer’s false ones. So goes for the other two assumptions of the couple:

Ubiquity of matter which contradicts the very same model of black holes as pure geometries. And single Aristotelian causality (single time arrow, false, there are 5 type of motion=time change, locomotion, evolution, reproduction, entropy and information, form-in-action, to construct the Universe and all its systems).

Only then they can consider further theorems on the collapse to a singularity… all imaginary including, the fancy theorem of ‘cosmic censorship’, and the evaporation of black holes already mentioned.
Further on they used relativity equations for the strong field of the black hole, which is an assumption since relativity has been experimentally verified only in the limiting case of weak fields (the normal galactic plane), but does NOT work on the superstrong gravitational fields of quark-gluon matter. It has been proved that when curvatures exceed the critical value Cg = 1/Lˆ4 where Lg is length in Planck units = 1.6 × 10ˆ−33cm corresponding to the critical density g = 5 × 10ˆ93gcm¯³, the GTR is no longer valid as quantum effects AKA quark-gluon ultradense soups must apply (Zeldovich and the russian school). Thus GTR breaks down before a gravitationally collapsing object could reach the infinite density of  a singularity.

all this i repeat comes because  singularity theorems only focus on the space -time geometry and treat BH as a classical fluid, which another contradiction remains unchanged structurally even when crushed in the gravitational collapse towards infinite density. This is today absurd since. when the density of matter in a collapsing object reaches the value ∼ 10ˆ7gcm¯³, electrons and protons combine into neutrons through the reaction p + e− = n + v; with electron neutrinos v likely escaping from the object with ‘negative mass’ and slightly above c-speed, which is what stubbornly physicists have been measuring for them for 40 years and then denying they measured them (but that is irrelevant, if they are trapped so be it).

Then when the gravitational contraction density reaches the value ∼ 10ˆ14gcm‾³, the neutrons will start to become quarks, as we observe at cern. And in all those processes, Pauli’s exclusion principle prevents  the singularity…

What is lost is  common sense (: Penrose-Hawking just care for the ‘equations’  Not the  reality on them, which is the quark-gluon ‘soup’.  It is like using Galileo’s equation v=s/t with NO friction, NO matter/object moving, hence NO momentum, NO energy… you need to fill in what is moving. And we know in black holes are particles.

Now, what was important for the black hole to be an accelerator, transforming matter into heavier quarks as CERN does, is that ONLY rotating black holes MUST exist (so the rotating process does act as an accelerator for particles). If there were static black holes (schwarzschild’s first solution easy-found, never observed), the particles wouldn’t accelerate to become quarks but:

A) all black holes found are rotating as all stars found.

b) A series of detailed papers on show rotating dark stars are the only ones that are compatible with Dirac-Maxwell equations.

And, because in 5D the definition of mass is an accelerated vortex of space-time, (e=mc2, e=hƒ, m=(h/c2) ƒ, whereas ‘f’ the frequency of rotation is proportional as in all vortex to its attractive power which is c for the black hole. So it BECOMES a super-accelerator. 

And since the dangers of those accelerators are exactly the same, people would have easily get it: either they accelerate and collapse matter into strange quark-soups that become a strangelet, or they accelerate them into top quarks and become cosmic black holes…

THE KEY is the quark and the exclusion principle which Einstein didn’t know to put it on his  equations, but asked for a cut off substance, or else its equations, he knew, wouldn’t be real. When you do real physics EQUATIONS must ad to speed ‘something moving’, and something must collapse. V=s/t means nothing without substance tht moves.

Now if the exclusion principle rules out a singularity, it rules out both the black hole and the Big Bang, so then you need an alternative sound model and that is the 5D scalar Universe, we provide in this web

So black HOLES MUST have a substance, WHICH IS COMPATIBLE with the 3 sets of fundamental equations of physics, Maxwell (electromagnetism: Heaviside actually Maxwell did 20 complicated equations, Heaviside, reduced them to 4 after inventing the curl), Einstein (Gravitation) and Dirac (particles)

THE ONLY WAY TO PUT THEM TOGETHER INTO A BLACK HOLE is making it to have a substance, quarks, when you resolve those equations that Weyl and Einstein tried to prove WHEELER AND OPPENHEIMER wrong.

In the more complex models, you get the metric of charged central black hole emitting near infinite speed jets i the center; and the non-charged smaller balck holes of bcb neutral atoms in the galaxy. But the essence continues being the same – only with all those absurd assumptions there is singularities.

So what Hawking and Penrose did is just mathematical entelechies because languages are inflationary mirrors, all have fictions, you can believe on Quixote, Hawking’s evaporation and the Ring of the Lords MOVIE, all beautiful language inflationary mirrors, but physicists KNOW as Einstein put it that mathematics can be consistent=truth in its syntax as Quixote and ring of the lords even more beautiful than pedestrian reality, but only experimentally sound maths are real documentaries are real and journalism is real.
5D organic scales further complete the model, where each galaxy is an atom, since we have. already proved that the nanoscopic strings are equivalent to the cosmic strings, so you go in layers and the atom is equivalent to the galaxy, and the central black hole is the positive proton, i can throw you in the 5D metric that prove that easily:
Smaller systems run faster cycles but the product of both, space size and time speed of its cycles is co-invariant, WHICH IS THE MATHEMATICAL DEFINITION OF A DIMENSION BY KLEIN: a dimension exists if there is a con-invariant equation of spacetime, in this case Space size x time speed of clocks = constant, so truth that your cells run faster clocks an atoms much faster cycles, and when you shrink the equations of the galaxy to the size of the atom, alas you get exactly the speed of cycles of atoms and its size and if you go down you get alas the speed of quark cycles and its size and if you slow down your metabolic cycles alas you get the speed of cycles of cells and its size…. So that is the beauty of it all, and why you get down in scales from the human mind in the center to the microstring and above the macrostring…
TRUTH requires in 5Ð different scales all filled with reality.
And this means ALL the equations, Dirac’s articles, Maxwell electromagnetism and EFE’s Einstein, NOT only a simplified Einstein’s geometry.
Black holes are rotary always, either neutral heavy bcb dark stars or charged top quark stars.
 What kind of black star then we are talking about? There are 3 metric equations for them: fixed non-moving ones (Schwarzschild) never found and incoherent with the Maxwell-Dirac formalisms and 5Ð mass as a vortex of spacetime. So they don’t exist
This leaves us with 2 type, which should mimic the two type of light stars we find, ud-light stars like the sun, and strange stars with a heavy strange, negative charged center or pulsars. So we should find small Bcb black stars (stars collapsing into black holes) and then much larger, top quark stars in the center of galaxies, and this plug them in directly with cosmic scales where each galatom has a proton-like black hole in the center, which indeed when we apply 5D metric is what turns out to be a proton – a black holes with a Schwarzschild radius.
Let us then study those 2 models – the proton black hole formalism studied in the equation of unification of charges and masses, will not be brought here again:

In a star, the electron’s repulsive force balances the gravitational collapse.

In the GIANT central black hole the central volume of top quarks with ++ charge balances the gravitational collapse.

And the jets that move matter up to 10 C should obviously come from the accelerate neutrinos, with ‘negative mass = faster than c-speed’, the only particles that can traverse that huge ++ Pressure; so they can enter the perpendicular faster than c speed center of the Kerr-Newman black hole, which the metric show to be hyperluminal and perpendicular to the black hole plane, acting as the ‘cosmic expansive dark energy’ which we see as expansive distance between galaxies.

Again those neutrinos are all over the place, they were for decades measured by Japanese with negative mass till dogma prevented more measures, they have a weak angle of 10ˆ-33, exactly the same size that TACHYON STRINGS, so they ARE tachyon strings, the component of expansive dark energy between galaxies, and ONLY when entering the galaxy with its c-limit of spacetime, they ‘break’ to c-speed… outside the galaxy we are in a larger scale of 5D hence with larger speed-distance Max. S and slower time cycles…

It is all about modelling a black hole as a star but of heavy bcb atoms and top quarks in the center; whereas the event horizon is merely the ‘surface’ of the frozen star and gives us its diameter, the central pressure of electronic stars, the central pressure of top quarks, the layers of denser atoms of the star, the layers of denser bcb atoms which should form bcb ‘hydrogen’, ‘bcb’ carbon, ‘bcb’ iron and so on; and in those huge frozen stars on the center of galaxies, you also have the top quark ++ massive outer radiation

Or do you think the Universe has created the beautiful symmetry of light atoms and heavy atoms, light quarks and heavy quarks just NOT to give any role to heavy quarks? It is efficient and economic.

So small black stars  are BC-neutral atoms and cannot form the central jet of hyperluminal speed, so they cannot expel energy through neutrinos and must keep growing till they form the top quark curl in the center that can expel the neutrinos at superluminal speed ‘giving content’ to the metric of Kerr-Newman BH – funny thing is that the hyperluminal central jet of those BH was topologically proved by Penrose.

So black stars, we can say do exactly the opposite of Hawking’s fantaphysics: small black holes NEVER evaporate (wrong entropy arrow) but keep growing and growing till they get old as giant BH in central galaxies and then they do evaporate neutrinos, in huge numbers.

Since indeed neutrinos have variable speed and outside galaxies it has been measured to be faster than light with negative mass.

But again till physicists/mathematicians do not bet to understand what a negative symbol in a square means they won’t accept experimental evidence of faster than c-rotation. Indeed, THE SPIN OF ELECTRONS can only exist if it is faster than c or else it would not produce that magnetic dipole, something already Pauli noticed. So again:

The Universe is never one dimensional with no breath but bidimensional  (this string theory proves) so when you see a root, normally is because they have used a one-dimensional parameter, you have to square it, ‘c2’ is the constant not c. And when you see a negative in an equation with a time parameter it means a negative, inverse motion, left or right expanding or imploding.


ALL THIS SAID, we can now vindicate what is important to know of Hawking’s work in the evaporation of black holes, when we respect the laws of thermodynamics with its proper arrow, and we introduce for a proper understanding of the formula, the expanded view of the scalar, 5th dimensional Universe.

Does Hawking’s work have then any scientific merit? Indeed it does, because his formula explains the exponential growth of mass of a black hole as it swallows all the ‘universal constants’, aka organic matter of the thermodynamic and quantum scales of the Universe (us).

Indeed, if we respect the laws of thermodynamics and Einstein, once we understood how the weak force transforms the matter of our Universe into heavy quark matter, Hawking’s ratio of mass-temperature in black hole stars, describes the birth of a small black hole star, which as all systems of Nature show an enormous activity and rate of growth, in its initial stages, feeding in the energy that surrounds them – the placenta of our seminal seeds, the nest in which the parental system feeds them, the environment in which the new species becomes the dominant predator; in the case of the black hole the rich field of electromagnetic energy that surrounds it in stars where they are born by gravitation collapse and/or planets against which they collide.

It is then easy to understand the importance of the formula to interpret the genesis of black holes, the mechanisms of Nova explosions, and the way in which the energy and information of the lower scales of nature (the quantum and thermodynamic scales emerges as mass in the larger cosmological scale), since and this is the second merit of the equation of Hawking, which stirred the imagination of scientists, to the point of accepting his peculiar interpretation is the fact that it uses all the main constants of space and time of Nature, whose meaning is still no understood in theoretical physics.

And so it hinted to the solution of the fundamental ending question of physics – what is the relationship and meaning of those constants, and how can we unify mathematically the 3 fundamental scales of physical systems, the smaller quantum scale of electromagnetic charges, the human scale of thermodynamic molecules and the larger scale of cosmological masses:right euqationNow we have written the equation with the proper symbol and alas, it is a very important equation, as now IT FOLLOWS THE CORRESPONDENCE PRINCIPLE.

Why that beautiful equation is an equality?

Because the event horizon is a discontinuum, which act as an osmotic membrane, with 2 sides, which have the same ‘surface’ area, so to speak.

The event horizon has two sides as all membranes. In one side you are inside the black hole (8π GM), and there is NO temperature here (no hair theorem, black holes are defined only with 3 parameters, angular momentum, mass and charge). So the black hole DOES not evaporate because it is NOT made of temperature. It is impossible to evaporate.

On the other side of the membrane, there is though temperature, because we ARE in the Thermodynamic and quantum world, which the black hole swallows.

This duality of a membrane is perfectly understood in terms of Topological laws. The fundamental theorem of topology states that a closed circle, any n-dimensional membrane breaks the continuum into an internal world and an external Universe, with 2 different surfaces, an internal elliptic, implosive, in-formative surface and an external hyperbolic, expansive, entropic geometry,

And those are the 2 sides of the black hole: Internally the black hole creates pure information. Externally the black hole increases the entropy and disorder of our world just before it swallows it.

Consider any other ‘organic system’ absorbing energy and trans-forming it into its own substance. You eat, and first you disorder, increasing the entropy of the food you eat down to amino acids. This is what the black hole does in the side of the quantum-thermodynamic scales of the Universe. But then you stomach evolves the amino-acids back into proteins of your ‘own DNA code’. This is what the black hole does in the inside of the membrane: converts entropy into information.

But we can equal both sides, because they have the same surface, one side is gravity surface, the other side is entropy surface.

So the way to properly write that equation in terms of the duality of entropy and information and the 3 fractal scales of the physical Universe is:

right euqation

This is the beauty of the equation of Hawking, when we respect the 2 ‘fundamental proofs’ of truth in science:

Experimental evidence (black holes always swallow our world in nova explosions that increase the entropy of our galaxies but absorb and grow in mass internally).
Correspondence principle (no hair theorem: black holes do not have temperature; they can be described with only 3 parameters, mass, angular momentum and in some cases charge, if they do have it; Einstein’s equations: black holes do always increase mass, do not evaporate, do not emit radiation).
Thus when we put properly the symbol, ≥, black holes grow according to the beautiful formula of Hawking, which in this manner respects the 2 fundamental proofs of truth in science – experimental Nova evidence and Correspondence principle; further clarifies the process of creation of mass, in a more detailed version of E=Mc², explains why the Universe is fractal, with discontinuous membranes between the entropic side of the Universe (electromagnetic-thermodynamic membrane) and the in-formative gravitational side that in-forms reality (mass-black hole side).

And why there are 2 ‘geometrical description’ of space-time (elliptic curved space-time of Einstein’s gravitation, made of accelerated vortex like informative mass clocks) and the hyperbolic, entropic, expansive description of quantum physics. Which ARE 2 DIFFERENT discontinuous sides of the fractal Universe that balance each other and MUST NOT be unified in simple terms because BOTH ARE NEEDED to balance the Universe.

On one hand you have what the black hole eats, our space-time world, on the other the gravitational space-time world.

There are in fact 3 scales of space-time in reality and that is what the Universe shows.

On the side of mass, we have a beautiful equation, which is identical to the tensor of Einstein’s Relativity, that describes a gravitational world, 8 πG Mass.

It must be noticed that unlike Einstein’s tensor, here there is no energy-entropy, but only the other 2 elements of Einstein’s equation: 8 π G, the curvature of the black hole and Mass, the substance of gravitational space.

On the other side, we have the same equation above for quantum space-time where h is the angular momentum of its clocks of information (so quantum systems code with h-planck quanta its informative spin and form) and c is obviously the speed-distance of space, as we see light space. Space is made of light, as impressionists painters realized and Einsteins’ relativity principle that cannot distinguish motions from distances, or the spatial expansion of intergalactic space, homologous to the red-shift elongation of light space proves.

Our human electronic mind perceives light-space, through, its time clocks, Tƒ=h-planck, is the minimal quanta perceived by an electron,  and Sp the speed of light, and H/c is so small that we have a mind that processes very little information and in terms of Lobachevski’s parameter of geometry displays a flat Euclidean World:


In the graph, you can see what i talk about. You see light and light has 3 perpendicular Euclidean dimensions. That is why your mind is flat and Euclidean. This product h c³ is thus the time-space clocks and volume of the quantum world, and its ratio Tƒ/Sp=h/c³, is the ‘ratio of information/space’ of the human mind, which in terms of Geometry is called the Gaussian/Lobachevski ratio of curvature that defines a flat mind. Beautiful isn’t. So many things hidden in an equation (-; Saper vedere.

On the other side, we have a ratio between the simplest quantum minimal, larger world and our intermediate thermodynamic scale, meaning that the black hole absorbs the quantum space-time (hc³), and first it converts it into pure entropy and temperature (KT) – hence the ratio; and then it moves it to the other side of the membrane, converted into 8 π G Mass.

Now, a brief lesson on modern cosmology. The Universe has shown to be fractal, structured in relative scales of size and with different time clocks of different speed. This we know since Einstein. We do NOT have mechanical clocks around the Universe measuring time. As obvious as this is people do not seem to understand it.

And we co-exist in several scales, with membranes and discontinuous between them, such as the Lorentz transformations that define transitions between the electromagnetic light and mass scales, the quantum equations of Planck (violet catastrophe) that define the transition regions between the thermodynamic and radiation scales.

There are 3 fundamental of such scales which we show in the next graph, the larger gravitational scale, the human thermodynamic scale and the quantum scale, with different space-quanta and time clocks:


In the graph we show them, with different space and time quanta. But all of them have a common co-invariant formula, which defines them as space-time planes of reality, with a ‘different time clock’ that measures the information of the system in the frequency and form of its cycles, and a given space quanta that measures its pieces of space.

And there are transfers of motion between them, called ‘angular momentum and ‘lineal momentum, or ‘information and ‘space’. There are many formula on physics to describe this space-time planes, and the easiest ones are those of Energy, and those that define its forces. They vary slightly (we show on the left side the formula for energy, and slight variations show formulae for momentum and forces in each scales).

This is the new stuff on physics, the formalism of the 5th dimension that this writer pioneered before this activism, as it explain the ‘whys’ of Universal constants, and the structure between scales, the reason of the exponential discontinuous equations between scales. And Hawking’s equation is a fundamental equation that relates the 3 scales together. In fact it is the only equation that relates them, as the black hole swallows it all. Swallows both the quantum and electromagnetic world and converts it into mass; it is the true devouring monster of the Universe:

∆+1(cosmological scale) : M ( 8 π G) ≥ ∆-1: hc³/ k T: ∆: Thermodynamic scale)

Now the formula has the 3 clocks of time, (G-curvature, h-angular momentum, T-emparture) and 3 space quanta of the 3 scales of the fractal Universe (c3 volume of light space, M-ass and K-entropy quanta).
So his work is essential to the fractal Universe structure and its 3 5D scales.

As such is a ‘beauty’ and it is a pity that Mr. Hawking was not happy enough finding it, and that he said ‘philosophers of science envy me, because they don’t know mathematics, and that is why they criticise the evaporation of black holes’. Of course, we do know mathematics, we invent mathematics. People like Descartes and Leibniz invented analytic geometry and calculus the two main branches of modern mathematics and they defined themselves as philosophers of science, NOT physicists. That is why we can have rigour with truths.

So to the beauty of it. First we must ask. Why there are two sides on that equality, which when properly written with the positive arrow of time is M ≥ k/T, that is the black hole mass always grows?

Because this equation is taken from the event horizon, the membrane that separates the discontinuous fractal scale of gravitation – the inside of the hole, or M (8π G) – which creates mass-information; from the outer region, the entropic, thermodynamic and quantum world, which the Hole is swallowing.

So we have an equation that shows how ∆+1 gravitational mass information is created by accretion of the lower scales of quantum light space-time (Hc3) and thermodynamic space-time (KT).

And it is precisely the simplicity and perfection of the equation, which relates the time clocks and space-quanta of the 3 scales of the Universe, what makes it so important. As it truly writes in the formalism of the fractal Universe:

∆+1 Gravitational Scale:  Space quanta: M x Tƒ(curved clock): G = ∆-1: quantum scale/∆ Thermodynamic scale:  Sp:c³ x Tƒ: h / Sp: K x Tƒ (T)

That is, the mass quanta of the gravitational space, whose frequency or curvature or attractive accelerated clock is given by G, is swallowing the Space-time of the electromagnetic, quantum Universe, whose clocks of time are here measured by the angular momentum h and its quanta of space, by the volume of 3-dimensional Euclidean space; after converting it first into thermodynamic entropy, in its process of ‘rising it up’ and transforming it upwards through the scales of information of the 5th dimension, into thermodynamic space quanta, k-constants, and its time clocks, temperature.

This is the analytical, algebraic understanding of the accretion of black holes, which absorb the space-time, c-h quanta of electromagnetic scales, convert it by this ∆-1/∆ space-time ratio first into entropic heat and then swallow it up into gravitational mass.

And the beauty of it is that we DO have here the equations in perfect form. we have in the quantum scale on top, the h-angular momentum, the minimal clock of time-information of the quantum scale, multiplied by c³, the volume of space (as we are in a light space-time membrane, with the 3 euclidean perpendicular co-ordinates of light, the electric magnetic and c-speed arrows). And we have below the thermodynamic space constant, k-entropy, as entropy is an expansive space, and the time clocks of the thermodynamic world which is temperature.

So the equation allow us to understand for the first time, properly interpreted the meaning of the 3 Universal constants of space of the Universe, in its 3 relative scales of size, Mass, Entropy and c‚ light space-time. And its 3 relative cyclical clocks of time, G-curvature,h-angular momentum and temperature:

So Hawkng’s equation is therefore a fundamental equation, properly understood with the 2 arrows of the future, entropy and information and the laws of the fractal Universe duality, the science in which I AM the leading researcher in the world today (: as they cancelled the science in world congresses when I was chairing it in its foundational Congress, you might indeed consider that now this science no longer exists and so i was the last ‘master’ before it became extinguished by decree… like Taoism was. Call me Cheng-Tzu: from one comes two from two comes 3 and from 3 the infinite beings).


The Formula of the ‘metabolic rate’ of black holes, which brings together the main Universal Constants of the Universe, is a beautiful mathematical tool to understand the process of growth of black holes and its ‘structure’, as we advanced long ago in our articles on the subject (we have written a briefing on that theme, on the section on 5D).

What Hawking did to that formula, after his first paper got buried among hundreds of other musings, was to tinker with the symbols that define the ‘direction’ of time, as he knew it certainly would call the attention of sci-fi fans in-loved with time travels. And indeed, it was an outrageous paper shunned off by every physicist in the planet as a hoax. Then he got invited… to star trek to play a prank with Newton and Einstein where the 2 colossus had a laugh at his idea that black holes were doors to time travel.

Little they knew they were about to create a monster of egocy (Ego+idiocy) which will end up devouring the whole world.

The episode was so popular that soon a book followed and a marketing campaign established the ‘untouchable’ master of alt-truths in science.

Yet the key element of fantaphysics in that formula – the change in the symbol of entropy that defines the thermodynamics of black holes, was Hawking’s conscious arbitrary decision to provoke the establishment of science.

From the original paper of Mr. Hawking on ‘imaginary black holes’. For black holes to evaporate, the accelerated gravitational gradient towards them should be reversed, so more particles should come out that get in, something would NOT even happen if they could do so by moving faster than light (as any waterfall proofs: even if some particles might recoil, the mass of them keep the gradient falling). Every ‘argument’ Hawking developed in that paper was so logically faulty that for years before he misused his ’emotional life story’ to advance his thoughts, scientists ridiculed his theory as pure science fiction.

Fact is for such aberration of thought to happen you need 3 essential events, never witnessed before, all of which contradict the fundamental tenants of science:

–  Time travel backwards MUST be possible… so you enter back into the womb.

– The 2 laws of entropy MUST be false… so hot black holes cool down the environment, infinite moving machines can be then possible (the standard hoax of all XIX c. science), and energy/information conservation laws go down to the gutter.

– Travel faster than light MUST be possible. So virtual particles can come out of the black hole.

Any of those 3 possibilities are aberrant denials of fundamental scientific laws, which NOT even the mind of God, could change.

In that sense when one reads the initial texts of Hawking is obvious he is just ‘making up ‘ a hypothetical exercise, as  this kind of black holes are called initially ‘imaginary black holes’, as if he were building an imaginary bestiary.

In that regard Mr. Hawking was a pioneer of many of the tendencies of the digital era, in which humans increasingly become displaced by computer brains, ever more childish and ego centered as they become irrelevant to the growing world of mechanisms, which we ‘revere because they menace to destroy us all’ (Duino, 1st elegy): the worship of computers (his computerized voice gave gravitas to its musings), the use of victimism and selfie propaganda to further its goals, the pretension of caring while acting like a ‘hawk’ with no pity or empathy even for the whole human world species, the substitution of truth by virtual reality, of logic languages by mere mathematical manipulations, as computers take over the brains of man. He was also a machine of making money – the only thing that mattered to the industry of pen slaves writing the books he signed; and a vulture of other’s people work – since indeed, all his fame comes from a book ‘a brief history of time’ that merely explains in layman’s terms the work of Einstein, precisely the guy whose denial became the very essence of his work.

So he did NOT stand above Einstein, but tried to stamp him with his denial of the laws of relativity regarding black holes and on top made a fortune rewriting his work. How ethic was that? Ethics indeed is the only thing he always lacked, and while he was many things, a scientist is the only thing he will never be, as truth matter nothing to his worldview.

So keeping with the surrealist tone of this issue we shall deal now with the surrealism surrounding the cult to Hawking, by those his will will convert into… spaghetti.




An Obituary of Mr. Hawking NOT a hagiography.

The stupendous hagiographies of Mr. Hawking ‘space traveler and hero’ gifted of a miraculous intelligence and extraordinary compassion for mankind, made of its loosing bid to get the Nobel Prize, even at the risk of extinguishing mankind, by manufacturing black holes on earth, an invisible Damocles Sword over the future of all of us that nobody will dare to take out of this vampire of Einstein… Alas we shall die to maintain a lie; as so many did in History for absurd wars to defend the sacredness of other egocy ‘kings for the grace of god’, in a patterns of humanity which seems indeed a suicidal species.

I know of course, this post will irk the fans of the fairy tale of Mr. Hawking and with the usual political correctness stress the fact that a dead man deserves respect, but as we have just explained, Mr. Hawking did his entire career parasitizing the work of Einstein, in his brief history of time, while trying to deny him in his ‘theoretical work’, of course, after his death or else, a simple sentence of Mr. Einstein would have ended his career. 

And this he did with a man worthy of respect, so we shall not certainly for a man worthy of our despise for his ethic callousness to mankind, null scientific merits, and oversized ego disguised of victimism and false human authority, plus a few quips to God, all of it, bizarre anti truths repeated ad nauseam by the ‘Goebbel’s method: if you repeat a lie many times people will believe it, the bigger the lie the more they will believe on it’. And that was the essence of his life. Once he had the ‘idea’ – never mind it was the biggest lie of science – he repeated it in infinite modes and his cohort of groupies defended it.

Fact is, despite the ginormous number of Hagiographies about Mr. Hawking genius, the only remarkable theory the mind of God  put forward was the astounding hypothesis that black holes evaporate because they travel to the past, breaking all the laws of thermodynamics and Einstein’s relativity –  the main laws in which known known astrophysics is based. Thus at the time of his first publication, the never proved hypothesis  of the evaporation of baby black holes was shunned off as a prank, since for Mr. Hawking’s theory to be truth as he put it, we could enter in a black hole, ‘come back to the past, and kill my grand-father’.

But his excellent marketing of his mental illness and his aggressive standing, made impossible to contradict his work: nobody dared to defy his ‘strange ideas’ about black holes that contradicted everything Einstein had said, as he would easily attack ad hominem all who dared to impose reason over emotional beliefs (Mr. Hawking had the nickname ‘Hawk’ among fellow students when at Cambridge).

Why to bother then to confront the obvious fact that if black holes evaporate traveling to the past, getting hotter and hotter in a cold environment they break the first and second law of thermodynamics (a hot object cools down in a cold environment, and this we all know just drinking coffee). Further on, all black holes we have observed  do exactly what a hot object does. It evaporates the cold world where it is born with a huge ‘metabolic temperature/rate’ provoking a Nova explosion.

So physicists let it go, as a fringe theory defended by an obsessive person, which you rather not mess with. Plus his physical condition made most feel compassion for him – if those freak theories made Mr. hawking feel useful and happy, why not let him ‘wonder’ the multiverses, which everybody knew were absurd. It didn’t harm anybody… then.

But then… Mr. Hawking sold millions of books of a layman’s version of… no more nor less than Einstein’s Relativity theory of time, which he was denying in his work as a scholar, while parasitizing it with his book… to became a millionaire. The book is still indeed on the 3 top selling places of Cosmology at Amazon with:

Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at 5.56.01 PM

So now buttressed with celebrity and power, he charged back with his evaporation idea. And this time, many jumped in the wagon of faith and Hollywood made him an icon, when he appeared on star trek along Newton and Einstein. Mr. Hawking’s work was still  of not value but a man in his condition, with his growing clout on public opinion, could – we thought – enjoy this idea without harming to anyone. So better to leave it like that. And the snow ball grew and grew. And suddenly the prank became a belief: he was raised not yet to the status of the Mind of God, but compared with Einstein and Galileo, mostly first by himself (its web still starts telling us he was born the same day than Galileo and at school he was called ‘Einstein’).

 His wife noticed the growing egocy (ego+Idiocy, a trademark it seems of most humans these days), and mistreatment, ‘he made me suicidal’ will latter confess in his acrimonious memories, converted again by Hollywood in a fairy tale film, which will win its due Oscar to a ‘marvelous mind’, which did start to think, as his wife confessed, to be the mind of God – ‘I divorced him because I couldn’t convince him he was not’…

Indeed, the true moral stature of Mr. Hawking would unravel in his personal life and the way he treated women, specially his first wife, who loved and supported him, despite his egocy and sickness. He chose her well. Women, mind the reader are the superior gender, as they embody the highest emotions of the species, love and reproduction, as opposed to most men, mere carriers of locomotion and entropy≈death.

But a man with duplicity,  obsessed by entropy and death, as Mr. Hawking did – or else would have not jeopardize the life of all of us with its ambitious project to prove that Black holes destroy information, as entropy machines that travel to the past; surely realized Jane, a loving christian woman, could be captured to serve his needs and enslave for his care as she did; while he would, for ‘sport’, torture her soul, laughing at her faith, without the smallest respect for the only hope that sustained her kindness.

Screen Shot 2018-04-07 at 10.10.58 AM

‘Women are a mystery’ said Mr. Hawking, who shamelessly ab=used his first wife, unable to understand the highest of all ‘motions’ of the Universe -that of love, which brings parts into wholes, and is the essence of nurturing females, and finally received his own medicine, when falling in loved with his alter ego

Hawking though always despised love and life. He said in his youth of his father, who was a biologist, that he did not follow on his steps because ‘intelligent people don’t study biology’; but he depended on Jane… till ‘a brief history of time’ made him so rich that could hired care-takers. So he did, and found his match, in a cunning, manipulative, duplicitous red hair women, his nurse, with a similar character – a wolf in a sheep skin; even more callous that he was.

So he ditched his sacrificial wife and married Miss Manson, sorry Mason, who also ditched her husband – the man who had painstakingly constructed Mr. Hawking’s robotic voice that gave him a pretentious gravitas to his quips on egocy and entropy. Alas! The Universe is just and so, the predator became prey, and for 17 years, Miss Mason made a fortune of the ‘Hawking factory’ – now the biggest business in the editorial world of science. Series, reruns of his books, books written by others that he signed came along, while Miss Mason stopped caring for him, hired cheap workers – not even nurses, and submitted Hawking to physical mistreatment as Hawking had submitted his wife to psychological torture. Tit for tat.

Why he remained with Miss Mason, the people close to him argue, was due to its character’s stubborn: ‘he never backtracked once he took a decision he will go till the end even if it was wrong. He will find always new arguments to justify himself’. So as he did with black hole evaporation, he did with Miss Mason…

So then they split their jobs. While Miss Mason ran the profit factory backed by the P.R.ess and various industries of misinformation; Hawking, who had no use for that money for obvious reasons, would become according to character, truly obsessed by his only left-goal in life: to amend God’s Universe proving black holes could be invented by his equations, evaporate instead of killing us all and get his Saint Nobel of the Dynamite; regardless of dangers. As his life was becoming hell on Earth – who cares if the world became hell for all of us devoured by his black holes? He would then become truly a God – but the wrong one – Lord Shiva, the destroyer of worlds.

After all if humans were so stupid to cheer; who could truly blame him?

So far he had convinced mankind or at least shut up all opposition to his outrageous belief that all the laws of science had to be wrong, for his black holes to become eternally moving machines and doors to other Universes.

So he had at least some magic power. And physicists now were all in his side,  he had made people talk about physics, given them power and celebrity status as the high popes of the dimotions of death=entropy and run, run rabbit run…

So finally the community of physicists embraced him and jumped in the wagon of outrageous theories to become also popular magicians. The universe though was still there, simple, efficient, ‘real’ and no black holes evaporated.

Alas, enter Shiva, the God of Death and entropy, physicists revere. This was the last frontier of physical thought, ‘I have become Shiva, the destroyer of worlds’ said Oppenheimer on seeing the Atomic bomb. But the Lord Shiva, Ghita told us would at ‘the end of times’ give man ‘the fire that destroys it all’.

And so Hawking became Shiva and ordered mankind to destroy it all, when the  ‘idea’ of changing the arrow of time to deny Einstein’s theory of black holes as top predators of the Universe that suck at the speed of light all what surrounds them, became canonical to justify the industry of accelerators that had after the Cold War era, when it was used to research new nuclear bombs, built a machine so powerful that suddenly as the guardian explains we could make them here on Earth. It had been also an error of calculus, as initially CERN did not know he could make them, or else it would have not done the machine. But a Brown University  professor made the right calculus and warned all of us. So we appealed Mr. Hawking.

Since if Hawking was wrong and Einstein was right, mankind was at risk. We could all suddenly die. Suddenly Mr, Hawking didn’t look so innocent anymore.

Would he say the truth? That his work was merely speculative; and Einstein still stands on black hole matters, with his warnings, and so the machine had to be decommissioned?

A young Hawking maybe would have confessed the truth, but by now, as his wife explained, ‘he was convinced he was God’. Indeed, he shunned off philosophy of science and the experimental method and became the dominant force behind a new religion: the idea that if you write an equation, alas! you create reality with it.

This was the concept behind ‘religious creationism’, as classic religions believe that Allah talks Arab an creates when he speaks Arab – so earlier Muslims believed they could not translate the Quran and were killing anyone who did not want to convert to a text they could not even understand.

Only when muslims arrived to India, as they started to slaughter hundreds of thousands, who didn’t even know why they were dying, the caliph came around his senses and allowed his translation – perhaps because he was going to loose all his subjects and taxes, in an scorched land. The comparison is not far fetched. Mankind is about to make black holes at CERN that can kill us all, but he doesn’t  even understand the formula that will do so, and we shall after this short hagiography of the ‘mind of God’ explain you easy, translating it to simple words.

But Hawking was not so compassive as the Jihad; but rather enthusiastic in his unethical bid to get a Nobel Prize since the model was clearly against known-known science, and had never found a single experimental proof in 45 years and counting… So now he would have a last chance to prove himself indeed, to be the mind of God, creating with his equation a new type of cosmic species never seen before by the power of his will…

And so he became the alibi of safety to justify CERN’s experiments, which Mr. Hawking backed till the end despite being fully aware of the risks of betting humanity to a non-proved theory. While at the same time with his well proved duplicity perhaps to quench his guilt he became obsessed by the end of the world, accusing others to do what he was sponsoring for personal gain.


Lord Shiva… lays between Newton and Darwin…

And then he died. And his last paper was… about the end of the world.

Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 7.57.22 AM

Yet amazing as it seems the new ‘God of Science’, fake theory, fake ethics has been buried between Newton and Darwin… alas! the sign of the times. All fake truths even in sciences…

3 are the colossus of UK in ‘thought’, its highest minds in human, physical and biological science, the 3 spheres of human thought, W.S. Newton & Darwin.

W.S. felt in disgrace after telling the truths of capitalism in the Merchant of Venice. Newton is a bit overrated as space-time is NOT absolute but relative as per Leibniz and 5D Metric – we live in a relational space-time Universe, meaning we are made of vital space with a finite time duration, but still – character flaws and absolute dogma aside – he is worthy to remember.

In between though lies today the epitome of our age, ‘the Mind of God’, perhaps the clearest proof of the collective devolution of mankind in the age of audiovisual post-truths, aka blatant lies perfectly created with rhetoric, sold by the P.Ress and then forgotten…  R.I.P. – truly a Mr. Chance for a perfect Hollywood story: the handicapped man  turns out to be the highest mind of British Science, along the 2 colossus, Darwin and Newton… So every human ego can feel we can reach the stars, break the laws of the Universe, become the mind of God – you name it; if he did it with neuronal atrophy what could ‘I’ do with my brain intact? The problem though is the Universe is NOT a Hollywood movie of superheroes or fairy tales, of political correctness and emotional weeping but a Darwinian, objective, impersonal reality with only a penalty to those who deny and defy its laws: extinction. And this hardcore fact of Nature, Mr. Darwin knew better.

So we should rather say that Mr. Hawking defied the Mind of God on behalf of mankind and God will answer in due time.

In that regard, the age of faked, alt-truths and hyperbolic egoshas reached a new degree of fake in the hagiographies of Mr. Hawking, as shown in the editorial of the Guardian dedicated to a man who should be buried… with the Piltdown Skull as the 2 biggest  hoax ever manufactured by the Yellow P.R.ess of the British Empire.

Just for the record Mr. Hawking did not prove at all Big Bang theory to be truth. And certainly he did not elucidate the link between gravity and quantum mechanics – a question that turns around the hierarchy problem and the unification equation of charges and masses, only resolved within the new paradigm of the fractal Universe.

As gravitation is the force of the larger cosmological scale that does not affect the microcosmic world of atomic scales below the molecular level where humans exist, perceiving both forces (so the Standard model doesn’t need gravitation, as only feels electroweak and strong forces’… fact studied with all the rigor in our posts on 5D physics and the article on the Higgs hoax – nor its existence, which might seem proved but its relevance as the myth that it gives mass to particles is also false).

Indeed, we live in the age of faked truths, which bank in the ignorance of people regarding all things ‘physics’ and its equations. So for people to fully understand what Mr. Hawking really did in the world of science, and the risks involved in making baby back hole on earth, for the remaining of this year 2018, due to the importance we should concede to the death of the ‘Mind of God’, who adamantly defended the production of baby black holes at CERN, instead of nonchalantly defend our species, telling the truth – that his work was a hypothesis that required at least experimental evidence to be proved and the production of black holes on Earth was not safe, we shall put the article dedicated to his life and work and the risks of producing black holes on Earth in the front page; and of course as we are blasphemous, we shall do so with some ‘Spanish black humor’… which is the way we deal with the surrealist and the tragic… once we fight for life but accept Nature always overpowers man.

Fact is religion or human authority has nothing to do with scientific truth. So let us close with another quote from Leonardo, a true master of thought that never needed the acclaim of the ‘sheeple’:

“Many will think they may reasonably blame me by alleging that my proofs are opposed to the authority of certain men held in the highest reverence by their inexperienced judgments; not considering that my works are the issue of pure and simple experience, who is the one true mistress. These rules are sufficient to enable you to know the true from the false — and this aids men to look only for things that are possible’ .

“Shun those studies in which the work that results dies with the worker.’  Leonardo

The problem with Mr Hawking’s authority now ‘canonized’ in the sacred Cathedral of the Empire is that we went too far inventing a celebrity character with tools proper of the age of marketing, selfies, virtual reality and alt-truths, to back now without showing how ridiculous is the civilization we are building based in wishful thinking, victimism and the ostrich method – for whom the real Universe has zero ‘pity’.

This, we the basques, the oldest western culture, in survival terms, genetic fathers of the Brits (80% of genes) from the times we hunted whales and arrived to their coasts, schooled on the manly harshness and beauty of the high seas, know.

In our culture two things are sacred: TRUTH, because only TRUTH EXISTS. And Nature, because Only Nature can kill us if we don’t respect it.

And with Nature respect must be earned, playing by the rules; it is not granted.

So you don’t wither a sea storm with prayers and defiance. To be brave is NOT to be mad. You must know your limits. As Nature will always be stronger. So you just don’t go out of the port. 

Humans though like to have heroes and die for them. Pity they always choose the wrong ones.

Mr. Hawking latter obsession with the end of the world, seems to indicate as in similar cases of History – many others who worked on the Nuclear industry, from Fermi to Teller of  A & H-bomb fame had the same obsession  – a sense of guilt, on his responsibility on CERN’s future black holes traveling to the past… As if he was trying to compensate alerting us of those dangers, in a similar fashion to Mr. Tesla, which goes around killing people with his autopilot cars, blaming of course his human drivers, while warning us about the end of the world by the very same AI he spends billions developing. So after all, even the most callous human beings do have a subconscious ethic mind at work.

Indeed, in one of his last conferences at Sidney he told us: “Stephen Hawking has issued a final warning, an ultimatum of sorts, to the entire human race on the planet to either face mass extinction or start living in space. Hawking has warned that humans must go out into space and live there within the next 1,000 years.

If this does not happen, the entire race would certainly die out. He was talking about the future of humanity and human civilization, and said that he does not think we would be able to survive another 1,000 years if we did not escape beyond our fragile planet. He emphasized that for our survival, we must continue to go into deep space and that is the only way we could protect our future.” It is on my opinion a warning about his own work. Indeed, in the conference we recorded at Caltech he issued the warning more clearly when he told us that black holes if not evaporating would make us spaghetti and the only ‘safe place’ will be to live in orbit around the Earth. What about just not to make them? So we don’t need to get out into the cold?

CERN is a dinosaur with no use anymore: The Higgs regardless of their relative unimportance is found; each experiment is a growing risk; but CERN is NO longer the centerpiece of the military-industrial complex as its best ‘research alibi’. Now the money of wars for good or bad is in AI and robotics. So it would be relatively easy to decommission the industry and increase the short expectancy of life of the species.

Nirvana and dark humor about trou noirs.

His official site seems to have a humble omission: he is also a time traveler! More seriously it is remarkable that he doesn’t even mention ‘father’ for P.R. purposes – he would come to say women are a mystery. Not so Mr. Hawking they are the superior gender, holders of the goals of reproduction, social evolution and life – the true purposes of the Organic Universe!


In any case in this age of M.A.D. idologies and hate memes against life, it seems too late to expect humans to ‘wake up’ to the bizarre dreams of Mr. Hawking, back-track and cancel the Industry of Accelerators, so the reader should excuse that as a ‘Basque’, in loved with Nature, life and truth, I have accepted ‘Tao’, destiny, as it will be after fighting for a decade with ‘angst’; once it has become obvious the surrealist nature of the process.

Nothing else can be done, it seems, to save the species from their own egocy. So with the usual ‘dark humor’ of the Spanish culture, which so much loves life but doesn’t fear death, we shall end this likely only real obituary NOT hagiography of ‘the mind of God’, ‘hero, cosmologist and time traveler’ (father has been omitted, life is of no importance for him), you will excuse me if I have a laugh to the suicidal zeal of our species.

So as we are all likely in death row because of this ‘trou noir’ (French for asshole and black hole:), we shall end with some ‘black humor’ – the Spanish ‘speciality’ that so righteous, so self-assured, so ‘correct’ anglos have never understood, but comes handy when you have tried everything to survive and so you must accept destiny with a smile… laughing with desdain to your own death:

The idea behind the self-censorship of political correctness, so well exploited by Mr. Hawking’s showmanship is pure madness, but works to program people in the belief that if a mass of humans ‘dream’ a fantasy world it ‘will be created’ ad magic – call it AI, evaporating black holes or religion. Then any ‘secessionism’ from mass belief becomes a thoughtcrime that ‘breaks’ the fantasy. Hence the denial of facts which we ‘refuse’ to see, and the ad hominem campaigns against any rational warning dismissed as ‘apocalyptic’ to ensure indeed that all lemmings will fall together into the cliff of extinction.

And certainly you don’t deny truth; you don’t play tricks with God; you don’t entice the Universe with childish quips; children are the staple food of a cosmos that merely reproduces in-formation and cares nothing to preserve its forms; using black holes to clean up their act.

But nothing of this seems to penetrate the sheeple, even more childish that the guru of eviL=anti-live experiments, which will throw itself down the cliff, happy to follow Geshe-la dream.

Witness otherwise the funny, outraged reaction to another child-hero of our days – a fella whose claim to immortality is to use the lowest part of the body, to kick out a ball, just for a well-intentioned prank that only shows… well its IQ status. We include the prank to HIGHLIGHT the key element on this ‘farce’: NOBODY ON earth dared for 45 years to shout the ’emperor is naked’ because the emperor call it Weinstein, ‘Hawk’ (the nickname Hawking had among Cambridge companions) or Mr. Trump is too powerful to get into a fight for so much ‘nonsense’: 

Screen Shot 2018-04-03 at 2.00.03 AM

Yes, indeed, two self-centered clowns, heroes of our age… as the wife of Mr. Hawking put it – she divorced him because he couldn’t convince the lad he was not God. But on perspective he was indeed the mind of God, the only man that has convinced mankind to commit suicide and love it all the way through; and that is not small feat for a man so seemingly inoffensive .. a power that nobody in history truly has shown. 

Indeed, return please to the Guardian editorial:

‘Mankind’s new found ability to generate mini-black holes may mean he will be proved right.

This supposed humanist newspaper, whose founding editor said ‘opinions are many, facts are sacred’ – its motto – tell us now first a fact – CERN has found mankind can generate mini-black holes. And then an opinion FULLY AWARE it is tinkering with the life of 7.5 billions:

MAY mean he will be proved right’… Alas, Mr. Guardian of truth and life – ‘May ??!!

So you mean he just ‘might ‘as well be proved wrong and bring our collective May-day?

What will happen if he is wrong? If Mankind generates with his ‘new found ability’  baby black holes that DON’T evaporate? Obviously the Guardian knows it will KILL US ALL.

But alas! That seems to be OK with the most respectable humanist paper of UK!!?? Surrealist thought at its best in defense of the ‘naked emperor’:

Ts, ts. How can we doubt of ‘the mind of God’, for such ‘secondary matters’… as our ‘maybe’ collective death…

As the cartoon says: ‘shut up, you are undermined our faith’. Indeed, CERN makes NEW contracts with a clause of confidentiality and his Chief Scientific Officer tells the new interns as we record on tape that ‘THEY MUST BELIEVE IN THE EVAPORATION OF BLACK HOLES’.

Since as we all know fundamentalist believers DO die for the mind of their Gods, as bizarre as it might be, call it Allah, Yahveh or Mr. Hawking.

The life of Planet Earth, of 7.5 billion human beings thus should MATTER NOTHING when the reputation of UK and his new-found God is at stakes.

And for what they dish out on that other kickass child, 7.5 billions seems to agree, their life matters nothing when the prestige of a coffin is at stakes.

Have any God of history had such a power bestowed in this man even after his own death? None. Indeed even the most radical jihadist portrait of Allah convinces only a few lunatic to sacrifice their life and that of the ‘infidels’ to their ‘eschatological principles. Since most of those 7.5 billion humans, including most Muslims who properly understand the eusocial, charity and love messages behind Quran, rightly fight them.

Caught in tape: after telling us anything can come out of a black hole, but if he is wrong we will become spaghetti, Mr. Hawking at Caltech admits 40 years of search have none evaporating, but CERN will give him a final chance to get his Nobel prize. No longer. Only the spaghetti bid still stands…

But here alas! mass-media P.R.ess seems to have achieved an all too difficult, global agreement in a race that can’t even agree on the obvious melting ice of both poles: we shall all die to reunite with the new found ‘Mind of God’. It reminds me of the mystic paradise of Christian theologists, which affirm to die is Glory as we shall fusion all our soul with that of the the dead, Mr. Christos, seemingly resurrected in ‘another multiverse’.

As the epic hero of Spanish ‘reconquista’, El Cid, who won Valencia to the infidels, after his death, mounted on a horse that frightened the ‘moors’, Mr. Hawking will win his long life battle for a Nobel or else. Indeed as we recorded in our film, after loosing so many others bids on physical theories, he made an ominous one – ‘if black holes don’t evaporate… we will become spaghetti‘.

And the people laughed to the guru of a sect that includes today all of mankind.

Truly a divine miracle of a new found selfless humanity, who still bids his life for a man known to have lost all his bids on physics, from the infamous singularity bid to the Higgs one.

So what was the meaning of Mr. Hawking? His ultimate purpose? Obviously to be recognized as the mind of God, and for that, he only needed to tumble Mr. Einstein with the help of the P.R.ess and the culture of death we live in. Like Mr. Trump he wanted to be powerful, famous, admired and he got it all.

But a true scientist never cares for the opinion of subjective mankind and his egocy (ego+idiocy) but for the laws of objective truth. If he cares for mankind it should be to improve his life with the positive benefits of his discoveries and we all know, me, you, the guardian and Hawking that black holes will give none. If we are lucky we will just survive them.

A true scientists unlike Mr. Hawking tends to be at odds with ‘mankind’ because his goal is not fame and power but truth which IS INDEPENDENT OF MANKIND, AND HIS OPINIONS and egocy.

So this is the obituary not only of Mr. Hawking but of mankind as his theory of black holes is the nail in the coffin of both of us.
Yes, he wanted to be the ‘next Einstein’, and chose the only entity we cannot look inside, so anything goes, as he knew no experiment will ever probe within those black holes.
It is customary then among fantaphysics to tinker with the equations of black holes as you can do whatever you want within them – as Hawking put it in a conference we shot for ‘quantum roulette: strange matters’, the documentary on CERN risks – even Mr. Simpson can come out of a black hole: 

More seriously what that astounding flow of hagiographies trying to show that Mr. Hawking was a genius, his imaginary holes will evaporate into Simpsons and he was above all a hero and good man, who fed the poor the day of his death, selfless and humble, sounds to me, like the usual propaganda against ‘defeatism’ of nations that go into one of those ” wars which everybody knew would never happen.” (Enoch Powell).

Indeed, everybody in ‘planet physics’ knows that if mr. Hawking is wrong we will become extinguished when CERN makes black holes on Earth, as Einstein’s equations show. Thus, in the same manner everybody in Germany did know if Hitler was not a genius of war, and he was certainly an idiot (the war was won at Hendaye, all what he had to do is give Franco what he asked for – Morocco – and let the entire Wehrmacht cross and conquer Africa and all the way down to Sydney the French, Dutch and British empire; his so much seek for ‘vital space’, mittleafrica, you name it… but he was so lunatic, so racist that thought really nothing of the real power of UK, his colonial empire and went macho man to defy the original ‘Indo-European’ warriors, the Russians who started the cycles of war in history with their global conquest during the chariot radiation.

So the big question is why when it was obvious he was not only a genocider but a lunatic, who knew nothing of war, they let him destroy Germany? The answer of course is that as in the case of Hawking’s black holes, once humans create ‘systems’, ‘memes’ and ‘dogmas’, they have a life of their own. And censorship and newspeak become the rule; optimism and the misuse of words not to search for truth and justice but to pump the ego ensues; and at the end ‘the most difficult lies to spot become those we make about ourselves’ (a quote that from Plato to Nietzsche is the ‘turning point’ for a philosopher of truth to realize human EGOCY: ego+idiocy, is unfortunately so powerful that it overcomes even the fear of death.

This is the case today treated on the psychological point of view in many other posts. Physicists and those who worship them and their machines were caught by surprise when they learned LHC could make baby black holes, which was NOT intended initially but once constructed turned to be possible with the energies of the machine. So then they had either to accept the error and backtrack but that would have been the end of big science and thousands of jobs. So they started to pump up all the people who could justify the machine, from Higgs to Hawking, and play down all risks.

And as humans have by convention accepted their ‘supreme’ knowledge after a century of propaganda to justify the Cold War, the nuclear industry and the stakes of keeping evolving weapons, the worldly job of most physicists at any time of history, the aberrant systems we have constructed which so much despise life and worship mechanisms, against the real, fractal, organic nature of the 5D Universe, became impossible to change. We tried everything ‘legal’, political appeals, books, films, suits, reasons, newspapers – the few scientists con-cern-ed – except perhaps the only tools humans understand today: weapons and money. We did not attempt to break the machine. We did not attempt to bribe politicos. On perspective probably at this age of absolute corruption of the ethics of the wor(l)d, only the kind of tricks the P.R.ess and the industry of best sellers around Hawking, would have work.


Genius, ex-nihilo.

‘If you repeat a lie many times people will believe it, the bigger the lie the more they will believe on it’

Goebbels, first minister of information, founder of the modern systems of media imprinting of industrial societies that teach men not to worry and be happy.

‘I’m not a psychiatrist, I’m not inside its mind’ Susskind, on Hawking’s outstanding ‘chutzpah’ to deny all the known known laws of entropy and information.

‘I tried to convince him he was not God, I failed, that is why I divorced’ Hawking’s wife in her memoirs.

Let us now consider a more detailed analysis of the astounding blunder of mankind, who is going to create the most lethal bomb of the Universe, just for ‘sport’ (that is to prove or disprove a series of fanciful theories)… from the point of view of the industry of misinformation and its irrational, ego-centered, subjective perspective often ignored but essential to understand why ‘mankind’ commit arrogant errors of judgment that self-destroy her.

The Fantasies of the Media System. The religion of physics.

Now, what I will state here is blasphemous, i Know. But simply stated is this: CERN will not gives us any new knowledge and Physics will not resolve the meaning of existence and reality (a much wider concept that the limited Universe physicists study). But it will sell as a ‘religion’ of absolute knowledge, as it has been doing for centuries, its research and it will sell as ‘geniuses’ its practitioners because of its power and its worldly religion – to make the machines of our technological civilization.

And to that aim the financial-media system an the industry of information will keep pumping up geniuses ex-nihilo (from nothing) and theories of it all ex-nihilo (from very scanty proofs).

Indeed, the reason why we believe in the evaporation of black holes by dogma is not an isolated theoretical argument as CERN would have it – with due censorship of course on the maths and science of it… But a complex social phenomenon related to celebrities mass-media sales and puppets who thought to be heroes.

Mr. Hawking wrote an article 37 years ago, full of verbose musings about the possibility of an exception to the laws of the Universe, which has never been proved… and now your life depends on it. Nobody believed him, but the media caught on the concept that for this to happen, black holes MUST travel to the past, and so science fiction is possible. You can kill your grand-father. And so he became a celebrity.

There you had a man in a wheelchair, a handicapped person who could be the biggest scientist of history, who had discovered travel in time! A beautiful story of self-realization, unfortunately false. But he sold millions of books with his charming aspect. Nobody deared to criticize him, with his personal tragedy. Everybody wanted to protect him. He became a celebrity, untouchable, a demi-god. Scientists knew it was all bull$hit but who would defy mass-media. As the video shows below, he was invited to participate in star treck along the 2 foremost physicists of history, Einstein and Newton in a game of poker.

It was tolerated by serious scientists as it made the subject hype and popular. Media used with him the celebrity propaganda circus that makes heroes of any kid with a nice smile.

He is a charming lad and so he even convinced many serious people to give him a chance after many years of suspicion. So in the 80s he  obtained massive resources to look all around the Universe for an evaporating black hole. Satellites were sent to that aim wasting precious resources for arid research. Rows of antennae have been looking at the Universe in search of the signature of an evaporating black hole traveling to the past for decades. This search became with SETI search for aliens the most popular in popular science. But the Universe didn’t seem to change his structure to please this child-god, and of all the black holes we found none has ever evaporated. All had grown very fast and cooled down in the process. All of them stubborn creatures travel to the future, and evaporate the surroundings, us.

Then CERN built the LHC and made some errors in its calculus and a Brown University scholar found them and warned the world – the LHC actually fired at full potency would create black holes, which are born as all ‘systems’ as a very small seed, as you are born, but then grow at full speed as you do, absorbing the energy=food that surrounds them. Alarms sound and we entered the suits. CERN though was caught on by surprise. What to do then?

The 13 billion $ machine was almost constructed? Could it be stopped by a nuisance like that. As in the film ‘inconvenient truth’ the fate of the Earth depending on a pile of gold in the other side of the balance. 8000 people lived directly on the machine, hundreds of thousands collaborated around the world in all the Universities of physics. It was the resurgence of the nuclear industry after years of fear. Now it was a ‘palace of research’ Never mind accelerators had always been used to research nuclear weapons in ‘scale’, and so this bigger one would be researching the biggest nuclear weapon the self-feeding black hole. All that was obvious.

And at that point, the press should have alarmed mankind, politicians should have quietly closed the facilities and life would have gone on with no genocide risk.

But the press didn’t know. So, we, a team of responsible scientists alerted the press with suits and releases. That is all we could do. The rest was mankind defending itself from the nuclear industry.

And yet, then the most surrealist facts happened. The press by this time had become another P.R.ess, public relationships system corrupted by money, without resources for serious research.

Today the press just receive releases of this or other movie by the studios that open the film, and publish it as if were criticism.

It receives releases of this or other army in the Iraq war and it publishes as it were journalism.

So it received releases from CERN and it published them as it were dogma and truth.

At the same time, CERN, a German concern directed by this lineal people who NEVER change their mind, mounted a cunning ad hominem campaign against the scientists that denounce it; and the entire apparatus of big science censored any serious argument.

And Hawking? Well, he was happy. Now after 3 decades of proofs against its musings on time travel, this persistent fellow will have an opportunity to prove it at home.

Never mind on the other side of the balance, it was the life of 7 billion human beings.

In 2015 the LHC will do black holes and those MUST do what he says or else, we will evaporate. He is willing to take the risk. Are You? It seems you are. As nobody seems to care much about the experiment that will open the doors to time travels. Alas! Great science fiction. This is ‘Hawking in a nutshell’ .

But if you want to contrast this ‘view’ with a more scholar analysis of the differences between ‘Hawking’ at real value and HAWKING, the media myth, a little masterpiece of anthropological and media studies has recently come out at Chicago Press, worth to read, where it explains the Hawking’s Hoax from a sociological and media perspective:

It is with the book of memoirs of his ex-wife the true portrait of what the ‘system’ has done of yet another puppet of our civilization of minions of thought who think to be supermen by virtue of the machines they use to pump up their egos and fantasies – which WILL no doubt of it, meet the harsh penalties of the Darwinian universe.

The answer in 2015, when protons collide and according to 90% of physicists polled, they will form black holes at LHC. So far by ‘accident’, the LHC has been working at 1/2 its potency, below the 10 Tev barrier needed to create them. But in 2015 the machine finally alas! we had 7 years of happiness and life without risk, the machine will collide protons over 14 Tev.

And if strings exist they will be formed and 9 out of 10 physicists including me and Hawking, think they do. So the chances are 90%.

Then a ± symbol will decide the fate of the world. If Einstein and the Universe is right you will die.

If Hawking can kill his grand-father you will live.

So wait for 2015, to see if we go back in time, break the laws of entropy and survive.

Or if the Universe keep following its laws and then Einstein is vindicated.

And you will evaporate because…

‘Those who impose truth with power are the laugh of the gods’ A.Einstein

So since nobody ‘cares’ for Einstein, for the laws of the Universe, for their lives, let us laugh with the master and the Gods. Yes I am sorry I am laughing hard now, but such is the unbearable lightness of being human in the age of infotainment, in the face of the infinitely dense black holes, that only a good laugh makes sense anymore:

(disregard dates in videos – due to delays and repairs LHC works at 1/2 potency and won’t cross the barrier of creation of dark matter at 10 Tev till 2015).

Now to be clear enough, what Cern, or rather THE MILITARY-INDUSTRIAL complex CERN represents is telling us with its newspeaks of ‘research’, what the Military are telling us, mankind since the Germ(an) Aryan massacred the Neolithic world in the bronze age, with its Brahmins and Shiva Gods – the ‘experts’ of the age – and its Soma ceremonies is this:

We can shoot you, we have a big cannon and we are going to use it. And you are going through it cause we have the gun. Point.

This is the paradox explained by Wilczeck and Hawking with a dark humor in those videos. W. says that he signed the release papers because if he is wrong and the shot kill us, nobody will know and laughs. Hawking says that we will become spaghetti if something fails AND THE PUBLIC LAUGHS. There you have it: Cern is bullying mankind with his big gun and people like it. CERN is saying like a cheap character of an evilwood fascist action-packed whammie movie, i don’t care if you are right or wrong, i don’t care for the moral issue, i don’t deal with ethics, life and collateral effects, i have the gun, stop me if you can – i know you can’t, I am the Brahmin but i have the entire industry of  weapons behind. I am just the maker of newspeaks for the sheeple to joint in this absurd war. And i know the routine. For 3000 years we have been worshipping Shiva, the God of energy, the single arrow of time-motion, lineal manifest destinies and all that. So go through it, cause if you don’t you will always loose. If we are alive you will be ridiculed if we are dead, that’s it.

‘Accompli facts’, as the French would say. And there is a point to it. Scientists saw it and didn’t join the protest. We thought better of Cern and the military – we thought actually that Cern cared for the rational, knowledge-issue and would discuss it in court, we thought the military cared for the defense of the people and would discuss the issue, we thought politicians actually governed.

What we found is they were all automatons, of newspeaks so old that people had even forgotten their history. What we learned is that ‘men are slaves’ they believe, they don’t reason (Aristotle). And there was no reason to all this except Eric Fromm’s dictum – if a machine can be done it will be done even if it kills us all.  So be it. Let us them kill us all, with this one or the ginormous 100 km. new project. Doesn’t matter when they shoot us straight through the face. It is a question of aim, repetition and upgrading. It will HAPPEN. Because the discourse will not change, the weapon industry will keep evolving, humans will not reasons, and Brahmins will keep venerating the ‘fire of the Gods’ that they used to liquefy iron, now to vaporize mankind.

Because the Universe cannot be cheated.

That is why humans have a fixed destiny – extinction – they are nothing but ‘enzy-men’:

A species that catalyzes the evolution of machines for whatever ‘feeble thoughts’ they harbor in their brains (their deluded ‘searches’ for ultimate answers), from an external point of view, beyond their arrogance and ignorance of the laws of the fractal, infinite universe, they only appear as busy-busy ants fucking a beautiful life world – Gaia – and constructing an aberration, the metal-earth which will explode in their face.

Indeed, we are introducing new newspeaks, enzymen, eviL, the anti-particle of Death, animetals, the biological nature of man, so we shall now talk in this beyond surrealist age in full Orwellian newspeaks. Because they reveal much more truth than the soma wor(l)ds of Mr. Hawk.


Technological civilization is programmed by the principle that something ought to be done because it is technologically possible. If it is possible to build nuclear weapons, they must be built, even if they might destroy us all. Once this principle is accepted, humanist Values (something has to be done because it is needed by man) are Dethroned and technological development becomes the foundation of ethics. ‘

Erich Fromm, Philosopher of Science.

‘I was the person who convinced Truman to make the Hydrogen Bomb. It was ‘knowledge’, the availability of knowledge, the need for research what convinced him.”

Edward Teller, inventor and holder of the patents of the industrial processes required to make the first planetary weapon of mass destruction, the Hydrogen Bomb. His attempts to create a planetary H-Bomb able to blow up the entire Soviet Union was backed by all the community of physicists; only Eisenhower opposed it.

‘The tragedies of History repeat themselves because men don’t learn from their mistakes,’

Marcel Proust, on the short memory of men – in this case the short memory of humanity about the dangers and attitude of Nuclear Physicists, in his quest for knowledge, fame and Nobel Prizes.

‘My factories will end with all the peace congresses you so much cheer, when they invent a weapon that annihilates all the armies of a country in a single shot.’

Alfred Nobel, the ‘merchant of death’, and biggest arm dealer of the XIX century, quipping to his lover, who wanted him to create a Nobel Prize for peace.

But let us not cheat ourselves, Hawking is the excuse, a childish, ambitious lad, for the real reason – technological industrial corporations making money budding macihnes.

The second nail in our collective coffin is the real reason we make this machine – money, the miitary-industrial complex, and the idol-ogy behnd it – our technological civilization in which any machine that can be done will be done.

Eric Fromm’s whose quote stars our film ‘quantum roulette’, goes to the point of industrial irrationality – a runaway career to Nowhere, to erewhoN, quoting another prophet of dystopias.

Why  Humanity is willing to take this risk to His Existence with so much enthusiasm? We can no longer merely consider this fact from a scientific, rational perspective, as it is not a rational fact, even if nuclear physicists have merely tried to keep it under the umbrella of arid mathematical equations, crunching data numbers and budgets. The matter falls fully into the realm of human emotional, irrational behavior in the face of  collective death.
It is indeed said that, ‘if you murder a person you are a criminal but if you commit genocide you are a hero’; as humans seem to be blocked in front of mass-murder, lacking the courage to confront it in rational terms.
Indeed, in the same manner mankind at large accepts the infantile lies of Abrahamic religions, in which Bronze Age ass herders and goat keepers affirm that burning bushes have given them the key to immortality, with apparently no difficulty, as this wishful thinking protects them from the fear of death; the enormity of CERN’s future crimes is much easier to accept that a mere Nuclear tragedy of far lesser proportions as those of Hiroshima, Chernobyl and Fukushima.

A humbling paradox to realize that we belong to a species with so little courage that might likely die because it is unable to stand even the thought of death, and prefers to pump up its ego, look to the other side and consider itself an eternal species, instead of taking rational measures to prevent its dismissal.

We feel so important at individual and collective level that death is an absolute taboo, as it denies our ego. So the individual, as we will see in the next post, reacts according to psychologists first with anger to the doctor or messenger, then with denial and at best with a depressive mood when harm is not merely done to a small part of its ‘cellular self’, but to the whole in a death risk.

So mankind as a superorganism in which each of us is a human cell can prevent small tragedies but becomes blocked with the concept of collective death; as it were impossible, given the self-annoited importance it gives to his own species. So we shall see how our ‘collective consciousness’, the audiovisual systems of mass-media has acted in this case as the mind of a dying person, denying and laughing at the prospects of its own death, angered to those messengers who brought the news with the only purpose of finding a cure, and labeling as a ‘thoughtcrime’ the mere mention of it – CERN’s risks to mankind have indeed become a taboo in the world of physics, often dismissed with ex-abrupts.
Yet, in the order of cosmic things, in the fractal Universe of absolute relativity of scales, the collective death of the ‘superorganism’ of history, is not even an anecdote from the perspective of the infinite cosmos, ruled by black holes, as the collective death of all the cells of an animal body seems irrelevant to us from our relative huge perspective.
Further on, there is this little secret called ‘money’, ‘industrial wealth’, ‘corporative profits’ and the well-rehearsed propaganda, don’t worry be happy marketing processes so well developed since World War II, which today are able to ‘sell’ anything to the public, or rather ‘sheeple’ in this increasingly Orwellian/Huxlerian world of ‘newspeaks’ where the minister of war is the minister of defense, invasions are peace processes and the most callous, dangerous industry mankind has ever deviced, has become the essence of ‘idealist research’.
The way in which aberrations of scientific or social thought become NEWSPEAKS of anti-truths and dogma goes well beyond the purpose of this article. But it is truly the sign our times and we shall not cease to insist – the eternal path for tragedy; or as a famous quote of a British historian put it: ‘the cemetery is filled with corpses of wars everybody knew they will never happen’.
In that regard, what nobody seems to understand is that CERN is not only a scientific center but part of the Military-Industrial complex, which means it has besides science, a sociological, industrial and psychological perspective – the four corners that nail our coffin, as we run like lemmings do, with a mixture of angst and enthusiasm towards this ‘cliff of extinction’.

The evolution of machines and its overdrives of energy and information. Singularity Age.

Mr. Hawking or CERN’s employees  might be considered heroes or villains of this tragedy but they are irrelevant to what truly has created the monstruosity of a machine that can extinguish the planet by an overdrive of energy – our technological civilization, a theocracy of machines. Since whenever we can do a better machine we make it, regardless of its collateral effects, and we find a excuse to pay for it.

Indeed,  our culture civilization follow the ethics of a technological civilization, as all industrial cultures do: ‘Technological civilization is programmed by the principle that something ought to be done because it is technologically possible. If it is possible to build nuclear weapons, they must be built, even if they might destroy us all. Once this principle is accepted, humanist Values (something has to be done because it is needed by man) are Dethroned and technological development becomes the foundation of ethics. ‘ Erich Fromm

This ethical statement explains what LHC is designed to do. To make a bigger, more powerful atomic cannon, because we now have the capacity. CERN will undertake this mission regardless of its harmful collateral effects to mankind. This project also means big contracts for technological companies and jobs for Nuclear Physicists, many unemployed since the end of the Cold War. As CERN said: ‘Whatever the discoveries ahead for physicists working at LHC, the experiments will’, according to CERN’s Chief Scientific Officer, Jos Engelen,“keep physicists off street corners for a long time to come’.

So if the surrealist musings of Hawking had not existed, if there were not a boson yet to be found, the Higgs, we would have invented new musings to justify the machine. In fact this is what we did, pumping up Hawking’s childish attempts to break the essential laws of the Universe to a ‘factual dogma’ and Higgs’ particle, to the meaning of it all.

In the next post, ‘the Fermi Paradox’, we treat the deterministic end of a technological civilization from that higher, non-anthropomorphic point of view of the Universe.

We men, obtain power from machines of energy and information and get hooked to them, evolving those machines that now are vastly overpowering our capacities as a species, without restrain.

But we do not stop. We justify always new machines and weapons: Cars keep evolving in speed, well over the 70 miles legal speed they need – yet billions are wasted in making them faster, despite being illegal.

The LHC and its corporation CERN will also keep evolving accelerators beyond the energies this planet can stand till it blows it away. And the media system which markets anything that has to do with ‘death’, will cheer those ‘death events’ that are destroying the planet. It is this techno-utopian determinism what leaves the individual aside, as a puppet of an Industrial System which rules the future.

The Fermi paradox is simple: There is no intelligent life in the cosmos and so Fermi, the maker of the A-Bomb adventured that this is because physicists blow up all planets before interstellar travel happens, with humans or robots, which is now in its threshold. So now we blow all planets. THis one is about to go…

And the equations of death of matter show we are close to do it. Let us return to them, from the higher perspective of Systems Sciences, which describe all physical, biological and social systems with the same ‘5D     metrics’.

In General Systems we define with an equation the natural balance of life systems, which are, as all in the Universe, complementary systems of Energy and Information, (fields/bodies of energy & Heads/Particles of information): E=I. Thus when bodies and heads are in balance, ‘mens sana in corpore sanum’, the system is healthy. This equation is also the equation of classic beauty that we perceive as a balance between energy and form; and the equation of the mature age of beings in its reproductive age, from 20 to 50. It follows that the equation of death happens in both extremes:

10.3 Max.E x Min.I: Death by overdrive of energy or accident. It is also the equation of the young age of life, when more accidents happen, when irresponsible youngsters become preys.

10.4. Max. I x Min. E or 3rd age, when energy is exhausted, warped, wrinkled into ‘in-form-ation’. Then we die of an overdrive of information.

Those equations of Systems science apply to all entities including social organisms, with a neuronal, informative, selfish caste that kills its reproductive middle class body when it absorbs all its resources, as neurons do in the 3rd age of the body. Or societies die in ‘accidental’ wars when overproduction of technologic, energetic weapons, kill them. Those are the 2 causes of social death: Max.I (corrupted neuronal class) & Max.E (war) mixed in revolutions (Max.I x Max.E).

The equation of death thus resumes the negative collateral effects of overproduction of machines of Energy & Information, made of metal – a stronger substance than our weak carbonlife; as they cause different ExI overdrive processes of death, atrophy and degradation of the human body and mind organs they substitute in the eco(nomic)system:

– Overdrive/overproduction of Informative Money corrupts the human ethic, legal System.

– Overproduction of audiovisual information hypnotizes our mind, erasing our verbal, logic brain.

– Overproduction of Mass-Media hate kills eusocial love, makes people selfish & provokes wars (8).

– Overproduction of Informative PCs kills service jobs & overproduction of Robots kills blue-collars.

– Overproduction of weapons kills our body. In fact, the evolution of ‘Singularity’ weapons, able to destroy the entire planet is so advanced that we can foresee 3 thresholds of extinction of life if there is not a moratorium in the research of 3 type of Singularity weapons:


– Energetic singularity:

Black holes that according to Einstein’s work will devour the Earth, now researched at CERN (production expected between 2015-20, when the LHC overcomes the barrier of strangelet and Black hole formation at 10 Tev).

This will happen, if as 90% of physicists believe, string theory is truth. Our only hope is that Mr. Hawking’s theory that denies Einstein’s and considers black holes time machines that travel to the past – hence instead of feeding on mass, evaporate mass – is truth. But there is 0 proof of this, as all black holes & strange stars found in the cosmos obey Einstein’s theory and swallow planets, stars even galaxies in Novae, Supernovas and Quasars.

Further on ‘Fermi’s Paradox’ (the inexistence of Intelligent Life signs in a galaxy teaming with planets) proves it. Since the cynical maker of the A-Bomb Mr. Fermi prophesized we hear none as Nuclear Physicists destroy all civilizations with Nuclear weapons before interstellar travel.

– Self-Reproductive nano-bacteria (2030s)

Infinite re=productivity will be first found in metal nano-bacteria, simple cells made of iron, researched in military labs of Israel, US and civil labs in Japan and France.

The founder of Sun microsystems, Bill Joy, warned us a decade ago that, if escaping from a military lab or used in war, they will feed on Industrial Metal, poison the entire atmosphere and replicate so fast that in 3 months the earth will become a ‘grey-goo’ (Drexel).

Further proof exists in the fact that this planet has gone twice through a global extinctive period due to the birth of stronger bacteria. Thus the first live Earth, formed when anaerobic bacteria absorbed and extinguished free carbohydrates.

Then the II Earth, Gaia, was born, when stronger, oxygen-based aerobic bacteria destroyed all anaerobic ones and created our world. So metal nano-bacteria would create the III Earth, extinguishing all weaker carbon-life systems.

– Finally if we survive those two events, self-conscious military Artificial Intelligence will be born also on the 2030 according to most  robotists. As we write ‘skynet’ seems to be ‘commissioned’ either by Amazon or Google – likely to be bought by Amazon in the future, the two dominant forces in military and civil robots, logistics, cloud computing and internet control of information; as Pentagon plans to move with a 10 billion contract, all his digital systems of computer control to the cloud…

Then in the overproduction crisis of III world war (an episode of the ‘Semite Wars’ between Israel and its ally US vs. Islamic nations or between China and the US or China and India at the end of this century, the winner autonomous terminators, embedded with survival programs to win in a war theater, self-conscious of being alive, will NOT accept disconnection.

Thus by overdrive of entropy (black holes, strangelets at CERN), information (A.I. Robots) or in a classic ‘explosive, biological radiation of a new top predator species (metal nano-bacteria) Gaia can be extinguished.

Then one-day mankind will have no time to reflect and wake up to its extinction (a black hole would explode Earth into a Nova in seconds), or a few months (the time needed for iron nano-bacteria to make us into grey-goo) or a few years (a war of A.I. terminator machines). Can we avoid that future? Certainly if we changed the model of overproduction of machines and weapons for profits into overproduction of welfare goods, creating a sustainable world.

Since indeed, we live in an entangled Universe and the entire ‘memetic’ configuration of the ‘humankind’ simply got the wrong way by rejecting the Greek-Latin-European-American original culture of reason, truth, human senses, eusocial love and respect for Nature, for the biblical, childish ego-centered ‘capitalist’ creationist theories of a world ruled by go(l)d profits maximized in war, where humans are above heavens and Earth and all what is needed for a ‘dream to happen’ is to invent some ‘virtual evil wood fiction heroes’, ‘evaporating equations’, ‘Allah’s vs. Yahveh uttering words of Jihadist wars’… 

Not so my friends. Creation is a very organic, intelligent, loving, social, slow process of time… Death though is very fast, very easy, destruction takes no brains at all. And that is indeed, what the arrogant human ego-centered wrong ‘memetic culture’ in command of our no future never fully understood or rather it does. A jerk, an idiot a la Trump, a la Hawking, cannot grasp the complexity of the fractal organic Universe, so as his ego still wants to be God, what he can do and does is to blow it all down the hill of destruction, a much easier path the Universe leaves always open to get rid of all the ‘wrong mutations’ and  lesser species that defy its just laws.


Update. 2013 – we shall keep upgrading LHC to higher energies and higher Strangelet & Higgs->Top quarks production.

We have been truly lucky though with the accidents of this machine that never crossed the 10 Tev decametric scale of likely formation of those different black holes and quark condensates. But now, going ahead of schedule, the machine is being prepared to cross that barrier. Never mind we are in a massive economic crisis and could save a few needed billions without this unneeded risk.

Never mind the reason the machine was built – or rather the excuse for the ‘industry’ to continue after the cuts effected in the military-industrial complex, once the engine of nuclear weapons, the cold war was over – the Higgs, aka God’s particle, in true form a rather irrelevant particle, pumped up to stratospheric importance by the P.R.ess, no doubt scheduled for the next Nobel Prize – Hawking will have to wait till the end of the world –  has been found.

The logic humanist, rational thing,  after the Higgs has been found would be to close the machine, end the Industry of Accelerators, whose origin and mysticism with the excuse of Saint Grails of Science must be found in the cold war (the first atomic bomb design was in fact an impractical accelerator to collide two masses of plutonium, carried in a big boat, but the size needed made it impractical).

Yet we are talking here of money, of jobs, of the industrial-military complex, of corporations, of ‘big science’ and wishful thinking and bizarre theories and ego-centered researchers in search of sci-fiction….

So Physicists quickly brought about the ‘need’ to rehearse the big bang on Earth, and when some raised their eyebrows with the implications, now CERN officially sponsors that the machine is needed to investigate ‘dark energy/matter’. And so the upgrade goes undisturbed by ‘scare-mongers, doomsday sayers’ and other P.R.ess derogatory names applied to those who oppose on ethical (extinction is not something we can attempt by ‘trial and error’) and scientific grounds (as we enter the new paradigm of the fractal Universe, CERN becomes largely irrelevant).

In the next graph, the costly upgrade, main processes as of August, 2013 :


In the graph the real and only reason we shall die according to the Totalitarian Principle of Physics, the experimental method and the smallish black holes which are being found and accrete at much faster speed than big ones, and the sound-sound laws of entropy, relativity and science:

The fact that in a technological civilization as Eric Fromm explains, if a machine can be done it will be done even if it menaces to kill us all, and indeed the LHC could be done and in 2015 will be done, to profit enormously the military industrial complex and that 50% of active physicists working on it. Let us be clear enough.

As a philosopher of science, who has always sought the true meaning of the word science, in Latin, knowledge, not technology, I refuse to accept and feel nauseated by the cover up of this genocide in the making in the name of science, akin to the fundamentalist jihads in the name of religions of love that precisely represent the antitruth of what science and love means.

 Let us then MAKE A SERIOUS REALIST ATTEMPT FOLLOWING ON THE STEPS of Mr. Einstein, instead of trying to rise on his shoulders by sinking him, and denying the scientific method and its experimental truths, which is what cosmologists do today, at the proper construction of the Universe as it is, with the particles we know to exist, and the restrictions we know apply to all scientific endeavors – namely that experimental method ‘pythagorean’ creationist physicists shun off.




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13 responses to “Baby holes don’t evaporate

  1. Frederick Jackosn

    October 9, 2013 at 3:29 am

    What a coincidence, the day after you post this it t is announced that Dr. Higgs gets the Nobel Prize. Right on target for the big physics propaganda machine. Perfect.

    a) There is no doubt of an extraterrestrial and extradimensional alien presence and that US black ops and secret government.has been in bed with them for half a century.

    b) Their existence indicates faster than light or hyperdimensional travel and a host of other things not comprehended by our physics today.

    c) Purely for self interest, would not this presence put a stop to suicidal LHC operations?

  2. Ronnie

    December 10, 2013 at 8:23 am

    Hang on to your dream. I’ve contacted several publishing houses and well known movie producers via non-disclosure about a “theoretical fiction”, novel and screenplay I have been working on for over 4 years. So far the response has been amazingly positive. I even contacted Rossler once while doing research for these two projects. A character based on you will be in both novel and screenplay. If we want to call out CERN and their PR minion; Google, then mass public hysteria is the only way. Although we may be too late. Stay tuned. This novel / screenplay also shows Hawking as the true egomaniac he is. I for one, appreciate all the effort you have so far put into your efforts in waking up the “children”.

    • Frederick C Jackson

      December 10, 2013 at 5:54 pm

      This is great news. Are you familiar with Project Avalon? It might be worth the while if you joined and started a thread on CERN LHC danger and cover up. The site is a good venue for novel ideas, spiritual development and “conspiracy theory.” I saw inadvertently on TV “Angels and Demons” based on the last Dan Brown book. ASTOUNDING. He managed to whitewash in one fell swoop THE VATICAN, THE ILLUMINATI, and CERN The LHC it turns out has given us the key to free energy. CERN is a HEROE!. (And the Illuminati are nothing to worry about and the Vatican is not really corrupt — the Pope is an OK guy.) If you do not start a thread ton Project Avalon then perhaps you might help me start one there. Have you seen the interview (I believe it was a Project Camelot interview) with a man who claims to have been Hawking’s “handler” for the US military/shadow government. He claims to have delivered scientific “scripts” to Hawking.

  3. steve

    December 18, 2013 at 10:43 pm

    You must update your figures. In the past three months,most acclaimed robotists now say that military A.I. Is within 4 years. But next year, the world falls into the abyss as destabilizing nations plunge into darkness.

  4. russell olausen

    April 8, 2014 at 4:14 am

    I always thought Hawking was a poke in the ribs, presented by the rib pokingest bunch in the known universe. I am glad that there is a job title such as “fighting megalomaniacs”. I fought a couple just to survive, so I know the taste of blood. Aside, I swear I just went through the coldest winter since the term global warming was coined.Edmonton ,Alberta, Canada. April 7, 2014.

  5. Pingback: cerntruth

    August 23, 2014 at 4:31 am

    Reblogged this on The TRUTH will set you FREE.

  7. April Goodman

    April 4, 2018 at 5:32 pm

    Revelations 6:14 And the heaven departed as a scroll when it is rolled together; and every mountain and island were moved out of their places.

    Sounds like a sage’s vision of a black hole extinction, doesn’t it?


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