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One response to “Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 23.27.48

  1. falguni

    July 20, 2017 at 10:04 am

    hello , everybody in this forum. first of all you have written this large blog ,thanks for that. but stop spreading hoax stories about cern.because our sun and total solar system not able to produce black hole so nothing in this earth cant produce so. 2nd point is black whole need huge huge huge pressure on its centre from all sides or it may be produced by some short of gravity force(very mysterious) and tremendous velocity (much much much more than light and constant steady axial rotation). a single cern with its all capability cant produce black hole (proably a trillion cern will not be able) and cern scientist saying that they are creating tiny blackhole that evaporates in second .greatest hoax.even those idiot scientist reach 5% (impossible) of blackwhole”s birth time pressure ,gravity and speed at second then and there atleast 25%of earth including cern( with those idiots) will burst into space.ok and they even not able to produce any god particle because cern in earth is limited by the earth and its particle in tangible stable condition and obviously different than cosmic field ,dark matter and tremendous energy particle that travels in cosmos from the time unknown. if they want to know something like that they need to build a cern outside our solar system in open field .and they have to inject particle /atom from space into the collider. and galaxy is loaded with life belive me. if u cant see anything that doesnot mean anything dont exist ,its your inability that you cant practical assume you are an alien and you travelled few hundread or more light years to come to a planet earth where civilisation is just developing (with atomic bomb,satelite,jet fighter,sending rover to other planet though far behind than your technology) now tell me will you come forward with your technology before people of this planet and obviously you are not from any country you are from completely another planet language,culture ,attitude weather all is will watch them closely for few hundread years before contacting them ok. and 2ndly lets talk about non intelligent life form these life form dont understand contact cause they are animal or primitive civilisation or possibly intelligent life form made of unknown type of chemical who cannot sustain life on earth ,in these cases you have only two option one you have to go there to find out the truth(fastest space ship that can reach mars take five months so dont expect human technology to reach 5/10/20/100/more light years distance in few months /years next 80-100 years) and two is you will need powerful optical telescope that can magnify planet few thousand light years away clearly enough like the size of full moon on our sky(obviously nasa:s hoax artist impression will not require) and nasa watch planet by its reflection of light and then analyze the data for land mass structure /atmosphere molicule structure and not only this nasa watches the only past of planets / stars because light we see are comming from those distant object much before .okay thanx again and good bye


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