Chronicle of death foretold

03 Apr


‘Strange matter does not exist; so there are no risks’ CERN’s safety report to the world, on why we shall not worry.

‘If strange matter exists and it appears in this room it will swallow the Earth in a few days’ Cox, CERN’s spokesman, on why we shall not worry.

“Every particle not forbidden is compulsory’ Totalitarian Principle, Gell-mann, Nobel Prize, discoverer of quarks. On why strange matter DOES exist and we shall worry.

‘The most likely candidate for the dark matter of the galactic halo is strange quark matter… the most stable of the Universe.’ Witten, father of M-string theory, Fields medal. On why strange matter DOES exist and we shall worry.

New CERN Collisions shows novel phenomena: “As the number of particles produced in proton collisions increase, the more of the so-called strange hadrons are measured.”

Alice/cern experiment; paper released on April, 2017, only for die-hard specialists. On why strange matter DOES exist and we shall worry.

“On the day they were going to kill him, Santiago Nasar dreamed he was going through a grove of timber trees where a gentle drizzle was falling, and for an instant he was happy.”

‘Chronicle of a Death foretold’. Garcia Marquez, wor(l)d master. On the thing that matter, which are NOT of matter.

“A Technological civilization is programmed by the principle that something ought to be done because it is technologically possible. If it is possible to build nuclear weapons, they must be built, even If they might destroy us all. Once this principle is accepted, humanist Values (something has to be done because it is needed by man) are Dethroned and technological development becomes the foundation of ethics’.

Eric Fromm, Father of political psychology, on the Nuclear culture of entropy & weapons… and why we shall worry.

‘If you repeat a lie many times people will believe it, the bigger the lie the more they will believe on it’

Goebbels, first minister of ‘propaganda’, today call of information, father of all the alt-truths of the modern world… which certainly inspired CERN’s LSAG, safety report’s two main lies – that strange matter does not exist in the Universe (it might be as much as 90% of the mass if Witten is right) and that the experiments they do are just ‘cosmic ray experiments’ with no danger (cosmic rays are lonely light particles, single atomic nuclei or photons that have no critical mass and so they could never make, as the bunches of dense atoms targeted at CERN do, quark-gluon soups, the explosive substance of novas, and main produce of the LHC, a heavy quarks’ factory)…


This site is dedicated to CERN’s dangers for Mother Earth, its lies and alibis as this nuclear factory relic of the cold war explore higher levels of entropy that the planet can support, with the making of strangelets and black holes.

This is the praxis of its flag machine, the LHC, ultimately just a quark cannon. 

Yet as all mankind except a very few number of scientists supports CERN with unbridled enthusiasm, there are 2 other aspects to take into account: the theoretical element; as CERN claims as an alibi that justifies the risks that it will advance the future of science, with his exploration of the big-bang, which is not truth; and yet because the world believes that to be the case, we need to explain, the cultural & economic element, the origin and purpose of our technological civilisation, which makes possible to construct machines that can destroy us all. And finally, a personal chronicle, as I was a decade ago the main plaintiff, with a few scientists, in a series of highly publicised suits against the company, which failed to warn mankind and do the proper reviews of risks for the industry.

For those who don’t read physics, visually oriented, an easy explanation is our film ‘strange matters’ that explains from a historical, scientific and philosophical perspective, the non-future of the Earth due to the progress towards higher energies and more explosive big-bangs, natural to the very essence of the Industry of Accelerators (a clear dual fruit of the tree of science, which brings diminishing positive fruits and increasing negative benefits since its inception as the main tool of research of nuclear weapons):

In August 2014, a refurbished RHIC, a smaller machine than the LHC, distilled the first atoms of strangelet in NY. At that point the Industry should have been halted, as we halt the chances of global pandemics when we spot a sprout of a viral contagion. But alas! a virus is biological, ‘life’ but a ‘strangelet’ is a material virus; and since we live in a civilisation that denies life and worships mechanisms, the ‘religious zeal’ of our Nuclear industries completely ignored the obvious: that unlike a virus which would kill a few humans but not ended the species, a material virus, like the strangelet could eat up the entire Earth.

In Christmas 2015 the LHC at CERN doubled its potency, and this year 2017 has increased luminosity (density of collisions), to FINALLY fully entering the regime of constant production of dibaryons, an usdusd stable, quark hexagonal form, the ATOM of strangelet matter (the strongest configuration of Nature, from honeycombs to Buckballs to graphene sheets). The nuclear reaction that could convert the Earth into a rock of strange matter, the most stable in the Universe, though requires a critical mass to explode and so it will take time for it to fall to the center of the planet – unavoidable given its huge gravitational mass – and there rest waiting for companions till it starts the global pandemics, eating up inside out the planet.

Let us then consider in more detail the three risks LHC experiments represent for mankind, from major to minor:

1.Creation of strangelets – lumps of strange quarks shown to be very common in the Universe, as all pulsars seems to be frozen, strange quark stars. This risk is absolute, meaning that according to the ‘Totalitarian Principle’ of physics, all particles that can theoretically happen will happen. And strange quark matter will theoretically happen, since the LHC is merely beyond ‘speculative theories’ a quark cannon, which produces massive quantities of strange quarks at high energy regimes.

2. Creation of baby black holes that do not evaporate, either as top quark condensates (Einstein’s famous frozen stars) or string stars with higher dimensionality. This risk has been overblown by media, since it is less likely and black hole theory has still a ‘mythic, speculative’ side that allowed them to divert attention from the truly, well-proved, scientific catastrophe:

3. Finally the magnetic field of the LHC, the strongest on planet Earth, which cause disturbances on the Earth’s magnetic field, cause of Earthquakes that have increased till record numbers, similar to those of II World War during the carpet bombing of the pacific seismic ‘ring of fire’, since the machine was put on line in a continuous growth. There is indeed a pattern studied in other posts on the web of LHC’s starts and increases of energy followed by massive volcano and earthquake activity.

In the past decade of LHC activity, both earthquake and volcano activity have reached peaks not seen since II world war, when the carpet bombing of the Pacific ring of fire, clearly increasing its activity. In 2015 with the previous upgrading, 7 major volcanoes started eruptions within hours, and a massive earthquake taking place in Nepal…

Any of those 3 scenarios should have deterred CERN’s physicists and its political backers, from upgrading the machine to double potency in 2015, and do the 2017 upgrading of luminosity and energy of proton collisions, but physicists and the P.R.ess considers the issue closed and prefers wishful thinking to ethic and social responsibility… in a very inconvenient truth much more dangerous for the Earth than global warming or Islamic terrorism.

We study in the documentary above the consequences for mankind of this new regime of energies and experiments, analyzing in detail the errors and lies of the outdated 90s safety report of the Industry, which still affirms strange quark liquid is a ‘gas’, ignoring  the liquid nature of what the accelerators are producing, misconceives the nature of cosmic rays (lonely atoms that cannot form a critical mass of strange liquid) and denies the most widely accepted hypothesis about the nature of quark stars, and quark dark matter present in the galactic halo (Witten’s hypothesis of strange quark matter), affirming that ‘strange quark liquid’ does not exist in the Universe. While in 1990s there were not absolute proofs, today we believe it is the main component of nova explosions, pulsars, the galactic halo and it is being produced at those accelerators with the enormous risk for the humankind.

So conveniently the industry, which is preparing the first collisions at CERN this summer at full potency, doubling the energy and hence the risks of those experiments, does not upgrade the report, not to warn mankind of its likely outcome: the production of enough strange matter to start an ice-9 extinction (creation of a critical mass of strangelet able to convert the Earth into a pulsar):

In the graph, developed in detail in the different posts of this web, we show the 3 distinctive Life extinction events that the Large Hadron Collider – a quark cannon that throws bullets of the densest, most explosive material of the Universe, quark condensates – can cause, once it has doubled potency over the 10 Tev barrier of creation of dark matter  and increased enormously its density of collisions in 2017… But industries never stop growing. It doesn’t matter you cannot go faster than 70 miles according to the law in a highway, they will keep making Porches that can go 200 miles faster. So when that collider exhausts its growth CERN and China will rival for a bigger one. It is then just a question of time that strangelets or black holes are ‘manufactured’ unless responsible politicians ignore the hype and cut the funds:




Why we are so sure of the dangers of CERN for the planet? For epistemological, sociological, mathematical and experimental reasons:

I. Epistemological Risks

The essence of science is precisely its predictability and capacity to verify true from false theories. And at present those 3 fundamental threats of damage to Earth are sound truths of known-known physics, while the theories that dismiss them, such as the evaporation of black holes or the denial of its existence are neither proved not founded in sound theoretical background. 

Thus those risks are real, as the creation of particles in accelerators follow the Totalitarian principle of Physics, which translates the certainty of the Laws of Nature to particle physics. The principle states that ‘Every particle not forbidden is compulsory’ – meaning that everything that might happen in the realm of particle creation MUST happen. And since quark condensates, strangelets and toplets are theoretically sound and should be formed over 10 Tev, they must happen.

The Totalitarian Principle – a Universal law that applies to all natural sciences – means that in the same manner when you put fire on water it always boils with a 100% of chances, because the laws of Thermodynamics (heats move from the hot fire to the cold water) are ALWAYS RIGHT, are NOT probabilistic, any particle that can exist will certainly be formed in an accelerator under the right proportion of energy, which for the two particles that can extinguish us, black holes is 10 tev and for Strangelets is a quantity of strange quarks known as the ‘bag threshold’ also around 10 Tev, the barrier of entrance into the ‘dark world’ of ultra-powerful ‘mass bombs’ that once formed feed on all type of light matter.

The Witten hypothesis.

Moreover, the MOST ABUNDANT produce of LHC TODAY, is ‘quark-gluon liquid’, a mixture of uds matter which is created in growing lumps as the luminosity and energy of those collisions increases. And the true concern about this ‘primordial soup’ is the ‘unknown’ fact discovered in its production that the more we make of it, the more of our ud-light quarks become heavy strange quarks, transforming the soup into proto-strange liquid (ab. strangelets) – making obvious that as those accelerators grow in potency, they are bound to cross the threshold of strangelet density and stability that would trigger an ice-9 reaction (nova conversion of the planet into strangelets).

CERN however  vehemently denies that strangelet matter ‘exists’ as the ‘official position’ of the institution, in a bizarre twist, similar to BMW vehemently affirming, his main produce, cars do not exist.

Fact is as today, strangelets remain the most likely candidate to form the heavy dark matter that surrounds the galaxy, and accounts for 90% of its mass (halo), according to the laws of the scientific method (economicity, efficiency, Occam’s razor) as it is the simplest concept, based in a known known particle, for which the efficient, economic Universe should have a clear role.

Hence Edward Witten, the most prestigious physicist alive, father of Super-String theory affirmed earlier in his career, it should be the main candidate to form that halo, born of the transformation of planets and stars into strangelets, since it is also the most stable matter of the Universe, one formed in enough quantity – a mere question of energy upgradings by the industry of accelerators.

The Witten hypothesis is still the most accepted one among professional physicists, as the continuous stream of professional papers testifies. 

So it is amazing that in a world ‘paranoid’ about safety, this institution relic of the nuclear weapons research of the cold war – it does even have ‘diplomatic immunity’ as an institution can go unnoticed doing its experiments with a decades old ‘safety report’ and the entire planet looks to the other side, as if it were unavoidable that we run into…

The Fermi paradox: why there is no Intelligent life? Nuclear physicists kill it always.

Indeed, the Fermi Paradox, or rather ‘Fermi’s solution’ to the lack of Intelligent Life in the galaxy, seems to lay ahead of us… Yet another planet where the machine was god, and to argue the lethal goods of the tree of science, a taboo that makes our non-future deterministic: as Fermi put it, upon seeing the A-Bomb, ‘obviously’ all humanoid societies in all planets destroy their lair before they ‘transcend’ into a humanist world, which makes of man the measure of all things.

If that is the case, it would be the only ‘logic solution’ to the mystery of the Fermi paradox – why in a Universe teaming with planets, there is not Intelligence and/or robotic colonisation? What extinguishes life before the threshold of Interstellar travel?

Thus we introduce in this central post, those themes, studied in great detail in the side articles, as well as the sociological, military, industrial reasons, and human ‘ego-centered’ beliefs that make possible those experiments to continue, despite all those obvious warnings, easily dismissed by the power of Nuclear physicists, in an age of ‘revivalism’ of nuclear weapons sponsored by war-monger politicians.

Thus the different quark condensates that the LHC can produce and can extinguish us are bound to happen when the proper conditions of energy are met in 2015 when the machine is upgraded over the 10 Tev barrier, shown in great detail in the previous graph:

1)  CERN should therefore produce a heavy condensate of quark liquid, either strangelet, bottomlet or toplet. The possibility is so high that even CERN recognizes in the ‘CASTOR papers’, it will make them with a 70% of chances, (contradicting all its public statements). There are still some uncertainties on a factor called the ‘bag’ factor – meaning the stability of those quark condensates will depend on the numbers of heavy quarks that are created on those collisions (the more quarks, the more they will attract each other and form quark-gluon explosive condensates). The numbers of quarks to make strangelets stable though will keep growing as the ‘luminosity’ (density of bunches of quarks collided) and energies of the collision needed to create those heavy quarks (as energy becomes mass, E=Mc²) increase. So each ramping of luminosity and energy will increase those chances.

Indeed Mr. Penrose, a British physicist, from a prominent family of outstanding scientists, hence ‘evidently’ void of any possible ‘personal agenda’ (as the rest of us is, activists against the LHC are; but unlike us not so easy to submit to an ‘ad hominem’ campaign’,  since his father co-authored most Hawking’s papers; reason why  his name, site and activism is kept ‘anonymous’ by the P.R.ess) discovered a secret program within CERN, dedicated to the production and analysis of those ‘strangelets’, CASTOR, which the organization vehemently deny. Indeed, CERN denies it can produce strangelets  – but it has constructed a detector, CASTOR, because it considers quite likely them to appear in internal memorandums as this power presentation shows, to the point of building such a special detector for them:

In the graph, ‘Team Castor’ has built a Calorimeter to detect the production of strangelets at CERN. The probability for each event, according to inner documents, like this powerpoint presentation, implies that CERN will produce 500 strangelets each month starting the 11/9 of this year, when the first pb-pb collisions take place. Standard literature on strangelets explains what will happen next: strangelets will grow, absorbing quarks and transforming our matter into ultradense strange matter, till reaching the size of an atom (albeit with a huge density). Then 2 common processes of Nuclear reactions can take place: fission of the strangelet into smaller pieces that will grow again, starting a nuclear reaction called ‘ice-9’, or catalysis as the huge charge and mass of the strangelet attracts atoms that lump on the surface creating more strangelets.

In the fall of 2015 CERN will begin colliding groups of 70 million lead hadrons at 287 tev, unpacking millions of quarks in each collision. Those quarks will be first accelerated at light speed, acquiring relativistic mass, becoming heavier strange quarks, the substance of a strange quark-gluon soup called a ‘strangelet‘. The strange liquid has the potential to become stable and start an ‘ice-9′ big-bang reaction. If that happens that effectively transforms the Earth into a pulsar.

While CERN adamantly denies to the public and the press that production of Strangelets is possible, it runs a program called CASTOR for Centaruro And STrangelets Object Research, whose researchers affirm in their inner reports to the company the ‘likely’ probability of creating them. This is in accordance to the most advanced literature on the subject, but of course, it must be hidden to the public and the naive press…

This simple fact – that CERN is just a quark cannon that deconfines and gives heavier mass to quarks, transforming them into the next ‘horizon’ of heavy mass, strange quarks, which eat up planets might seem amazing to the reader, submitted to the ‘rhetoric’ of research and the blatant lies of this institution, a left-over the cold war, ‘refurbished’ with a newspeak of research. But this is the bottom line, simple truth about CERN. CERN says its experiments are similar to cosmic rays, and this is false.

Cosmic rays are mere single protons and gamma rays and electrons, light particles, NOT heavy lead atoms, massed in bunches, crashed to create quarks. So WE NEVER saw a deconfined quark in a cosmic ray.

But none of those truths have made it to the mainstream world of politics and power. They let them do it. And so now that the ion-ion collisions and its dibaryon production is on line a global silence covers the risks.

May 2017. LHC keeps increasing chances Schrodinger’s human cat will die.

In Schrodinger’s cat experiment; a cat is pressing a poisonous trap that has a 50/50 chance to live him dead or alive; as the cat keeps pressing the poison trap more times, the chances he/mankind is dead when we open the ‘Pandora BOX’ of strange quark prodution will grow: While the risks for the human Schrondinger’s cat of one single experiment at CERN might be limited, so the cat can survive, every new experiment increases the probability one of them will produce the strangelet alpha quark MACHOs that can trigger an ice-9 reaction.

New upgrades have grown production of strange atoms exponentially (see picture below) with a better injector and a remarkable boost on density/luminosity in the collisions.

A strangelet is nothing strange: it is merely a ‘lump of strange quarks’. And we know those lumps of strange quarks, once formed can devour our lighter, simpler up and down quarks. With the upgradings of 2017 a dangerous ‘phenomena’, we warned about but CERN always denied, is happening. Not only strange quark atoms are being produced, but they ARE growing exponentially, eating up our matter, hinting that we only need the right quantity of them to provoke the self-sustained ‘ice-9 reaction’ that will convert the EARTH into a 15km rock of dark matter:

Screen Shot 2018-06-06 at 17.19.25

As the number of particles increase, most normal ud quarks convert into strangelet ‘atoms’ (uds, sss, uss, udsuds particles) in an exponential rate growth, which obviously implies they will finally coalesce into strangelets

The astounding fact about that graph, with the red strange matter atoms running amok in exponential growth, is that NOBODY is explaining that we are now on the verge of a catastrophe, whenever a new boost of energy produces enough of them. The official version is still that strange matter does NOT exist.

As it happens, the LHC once its ‘goal’, the irrelevant Higgs has been found and nothing else is discovered, it  has become just a ‘quark cannon that produces lumps of strange quarks, and soon it will produce strangelets”.

Indeed, the theoretical minimal strangelet particle is much easier to make that most people think.

It is called an ‘Alpha quark MACHO’ (MAssive, Cold HalO particles): “An 18 quark neutral strangelet, the Quark-Alpha, constituting a spin, color, and flavor singlet might be particularly stable, and thus, susceptible to detection. The concept of strange quark matter (SQM) hinges on the possibility that the stronger binding of highly symmetric states offsets the energy costs of converting up or down quarks into strange quarks in various configurations of nuclear matter. The simplest version of this would be the quark analog of the alpha particle (“quark-alpha”), wherein a colorless triplet of each of the spin-paired quarks can sit in an S-state. SQM can be considered to be built up of quark-alphas… Such particles might be important in neutron stars, given their high density interiors, and their close evolutionary link as a source of black holes.”

But we rather call it paraphrasing CERN’s P.R.ess releases on the irrelevant Higgs, aka God’s particle, the ‘Devil’s particle’… And it will be extremely easy to do, as the graph from the Atlas experiment shows. Since it is just an ensemble of those triplets of the graph, which are being produced in exponential numbers at the present regime of energies.

Such strange matter, the known dybarion production that Eric Penrose found buried on the petabytes of LHC data, and possibly long lived alpha quark stable neutral strangelets, for which CERN is now constructing a new detector aptly called mathushla, is ‘falling’ as we speak to the center of the planet; since it is the heaviest matter of Earth.

There it will increase the critical mass of strange matter in the center of the planet, needed to trigger an ice-9 reaction. As dibaryons are stable, known-known to be produced right now at LHC and so dense they all fall to the same point of maximal density close to the Earth’s center.

As in the parable of Schrodinger’s cat, a single ‘shot’ of this quark poison to the EARTH, hence to Mankind has a small probability of collective genocide. But each new experiment means an accumulation of quark matter on the center and hence higher probabilities of the human cat dead, as it would happen in Schrodinger’s experiment if the cat keeps ‘triggering the hammer’:

EVERY year the LHC keeps producing more strange matter falling to the center of the earth, the chances grow and at the end, the human cat will be dead. Because once the reaction starts, the pandora box open – we cannot resurrect the planet; we cannot go the centre of the Earth and stop the reaction – we cannot save the human cat of its foolishness, addict to the candy he gets each time he presses the bottom. It is indeed all a quid pro quo: risks – enormous, our death; candy, some little findings of known-known physics we shall discuss in depth. But physicists are addicted to the candy and have convinced mankind there is no poison ahead.

Hence our change of title for this blog, to ‘a chronicle of a death foretold’. Since all warnings and suits against this lethal experiment were dismissed on technical grounds (CERN defaulted as it is a cold war institution that has diplomatic immunity like the Vatican, the City and the Pentagon, and cannot be judged) without a proper scientific, political and ‘risk’ assessment and now is merely hidden its strange matter production as ‘technical data’ published in obscure physical magazines.

In that sense, there is another clear difference between the Schrodinger’s cat put to death in his experiment, and mankind which CERN uses as its Schrodinger’s cat in his risky ‘business’:

Mankind are 7.5 billion human beings and the experiments CERN is carrying about trying to produce black holes and strange quark matter that can kill mankind ARE real. Schrodinger’s experiment was a ‘thought experiment’ – he couldn’t for obvious ethic reasons kill a cat making the experiment for real. But Schrodinger was the opposite of CERNies: a real theoretical genius and a human ethical being, the paradigm of what a scientist should be; not a bunch of wannabe geniuses who understand little and care nothing for the future of all of us.

The LHC is a cyclical, ‘never-ending’ cannon barrel, that accelerates  lead ion ‘bullets’ every cycle, the heaviest non-radioactive atom with more quarks, with two purposes: to increase the mass of those quarks transforming them into ‘strange quarks’, and then collide them to make ‘strangelets’, strange quark condensates.

The LHC is JUST A FACTORY of strangelets, and so when it goes on line at full potency, will just mass produce strangelets.

Thus strangelets now all seems to indicate it will be made at CERN between 2017 and 2020 on collisions over 10 Tev. Then those strangelets will fall to the center of the Earth undetected (which will excuse CERN from responsibility, AS IT will deny it produced them till the end), and it will eat up  the Earth inside out, till it converts it into a 15 km. strangelet rock.

Indeed, as the graph shows the LHC has clearly started production of stable quark combinations among them dibaryons, whose density and absolute stability clearly points to the formation of the ‘bag of strangelets’ in the centre of the Earth, where they should be accumulating as we speak, required to start up the ice-9 reaction, within the next decade of increasing, ‘Schrodinger’s cat’ experiments.

So it is imperative to close the facilities and decommission the industry of accelerators, a relic of the cold war with no real use for mankind.

Of course easier done that say, as other clear cases of human foolishness we seem to be a species who cannot ‘get it till it happens’. ‘The world is littered with corpses of wars everybody thought would never happen’. Said a reputed British historian. And then all said ‘I told you so’. But as this war cannot be chronicled a posteriori, as nobody will be around to ‘told you so’, it is needed to ‘foretold the chronicle of our death in advance’… The pictures is indeed a clear proof which needs only a bit more of energy to land the nail in the coffin. The cat so we speak will like death inside, the box will crunch and there won’t be anyone to certify the experiment was a success.

Earthquake scenario. How we’ll know Earth is getting killed?

Those 2 events have different speeds: black holes, observed in the cosmos, cause a fast big-bang explosion, which we will hardly notice before becoming part of it. Strangelets should be slower. They should fall to the center of the Earth eating it from inside out. In that case, the process will be signaled by an increase in Earthquakes and volcano activity. The final proof will be the existence of a series of +8 earthquakes in the Richter scale.

Yet even before the Earth crunches by strangelets or black holes that do not evaporate, the LHC might already be causing earthquakes, as we anticipated years ago, given the fact that it causes a gravitomagnetic field, the only one on Earth today.

Gravito-magnetic fields are caused by c-speed mass cycles, as the LHC is and they provoke disturbance on (Earth’s) magnetic fields… which is the known-known recognized cause of earthquakes.

2012 year is in fact was the second year on number of big >7 Richter scale earthquakes on record, after the carpet bombing of II World War, during the pacific campaign that bombed the ‘ring of fire’ – also a man-made year of earthquakes.

Then after the machine ended its ion run and the gravitomagnetic c-speed mass cycle it was creating, earthquakes quickly diminished. The pattern thus is obvious: earthquakes have peaked during the period the LHC created a gravito-magnetic ring on Earth, to the level seen when carpet bombing destroyed during the II world war the islands of the ‘pacific ring of fire’.

Then also earthquakes diminished when world war ended.

So the cause-effect pattern is self-evident. LHC’s run create gravitomagnetic waves that disturb the magnetic  field of Earth, causing earthquakes.

Yet the ‘P.R.ess’ which considers a taboo any criticism of nuclear research ignores those facts and gives as only explanation, when it gives any… ‘Fracking’. But Fracking takes place only in oil fields mostly in North-America, where none of those big earthquakes have happened. And Fracking keeps growing, while those earthquakes have diminished. And Fracking only.

The black hole scenario

‘I know when mathematics are logically truth but not when they are real’. ‘The Universe is simple and not malicious’. Einstein, on the limits of mathematical creationism and the efficiency of the Universe.

2) In 2015, when the LHC ramps up to 14 Tev, it will cross the 10 Tev barrier in its collisions, so it will make possible the creation of black holes, since it will be creating a massive amount of top quarks, the densest substance of the Universe, likely component of black holes (same density), but again CERN disguises this fact talking only about the Higgs (a by-product of the collision of top and antitop quarks) or rather God’s particle (using the well-known pseudo religious jargon of nuclear physicists, which during the cold war acquired with massive propaganda the undeserved status of ‘high priests’ of science to justify with ‘knowledge’ the risks they poised to mankind.

In 2015 the LHC will accelerate protons and hadrons at maximal energy, colliding them at over 1 Pevproducing heavy, bottom, charm and top quark-gluon liquid condensates, aka Higgs, possible substances of black holes. The quark-gluon soup it will produce will be far denser and attractive than strangelet liquid, hence the process of accretion of the Earth will be self-similar to the strangelet event but much faster.

Those collisions have the potential to create micro-black holes in both, the classic metric, and the even more telling Einstein-Maxwell-Dirac equations, which shows the non-existence of singularities and cast black holes as top quark stars, since heavey quarks ARE the only candidates for a cut off substance of which black holes must be made off, as Einstein repeatedly said (but at the time the quark had not yet invented.

So either if Albert Einstein is right, or  the Einstein-Maxwell-Dirac equations are truth (they of course are) in all those equations Black holes will not evaporate but convert matter (the Earth) into a 3 cm Black Hole or Frozen top quark star.

What Einstein defined as a mass-bomb process which converted energy into mass, since he deduced his equation, E=Mc2, first in its inverse form, M=E/c2, thus foreseeing the existence of energy collapsing into mass.

In conclusion, every known-known serious physical theory considers that sooner than latter the constant upgrading of the energy collisions of accelerators (by 2020 a new upgrade will multiply by 10 the luminosity=density of those collisions) will produce black holes that won’t evaporate; as in any of those aformentioned scenarios they will appear and swallow the earth:

– If String Theory is truth (9 out of 10 physicists believe so) they will swallow the Earth.

– IF Thermodynamics are truth, they will swallow the Earth, as its 2nd law implies that an ultra hot black hole born in a cold environment, the Earth, will transfer us heat evaporating us. This contradicts Hawking’s belief, never proved experimentally that ultra hot black holes will evaporate absorbing heat from our cold world, because they ‘will travel to the past’ (Sic). Time travel TO THE PAST, has never been proved.

– If Black holes are not mere mathematical objects but real objects as recent observation show. This was Einstein’s theory, reason why they are also called ‘Einstein’s frozen stars’. On that view they are ultradense, fermion condensates made of a cut-off substance of the same density, which are top quarks.

-If the Einstein-Maxwell-Dirac equations are truth, they will swallow the Earth, as black holes will be made of ‘dense quarks’ and singularities will NOT exist.

As they say in spanish ‘alguien da mas?’ ‘What else?’

And the papers keep coming… proving all those scenarios and yet they are just buried on and nobody cares.

Indeed, consider the last case: black holes as top quar stars. advanced decades ago this hypothesis as a top quark star would be exactly equal in properties to a black hole. Einstein believed black holes could not be just a mathematical equation, but needed a real substance, which can only be, among the particles we know today, the top quark, with self-similar properties to a Higgs – which is produced by a top/antitop quark couple. Because then top quarks were not discovered Einstein could not explain them in detail. But he will be proved once more right. Now since the LHC will start massive production of top quarks in 2015, they might easily condensate into small black holes.

Well recently in a stream of papers, it has been proved that according to Einstein-Maxwell-Dirac equations ONLY top quark star black holes exist. Just for the reader who ‘read physics’:

Click to access 0306090.pdf

Click to access 9805050.pdf

Thus if Black holes are frozen top stars, they will not evaporate because top quarks don’t evaporate. If Einstein is right they will not evaporate, because relativity means that ‘size’ doesn’t matter, it is relative and so in Einstein’s theory black holes of any size grow exponentially. As today, we have multiple proofs that Relativity theory is truth and none of black hole evaporation. So standard science proves Black holes will swallow Earth.

Further on, in Haifa (left image), 2 years ago, an homologous of a black hole, a Dumb Hole made of atomic condensates, 1 million time slower, that should have evaporated producing phonons instead of photons, didn’t.

Now in science because there is only a Universe, there is only a true theory for each fact. Each property requires a theory so several theories that describe several theories could be right. String theory, Thermodynamics, the principle of conservation of energy and information and Relativity, all proved right means we are in a ‘Totalitarian’ case. Black holes and strangelets will happen.

There is NO probability that a law of science is truth or false. It CANNOT be both things at the same time. So probabilities are either 0 or 100. If Thermodynamics are truth, we shall die; if string theory is truth we shall die; if the thresholds of energy for creation of black holes and strangelets (10 Tev, bag) are truth we shall die.

Many people are confused by this ‘error of knowledge’ which CERN exploits shamelessly saying that the ‘probability’ exists but it is small. This is due to a faulty understanding of quantum physics, in which there are probabilities REGARDING our capacity to observe a certain particle. But the particle IS there, if the theory that describes it and the events that create it happened. It is also due to an error in the perception of the factor that defines the occurrence, ‘when’.

‘When’ is the only ‘statistical’ fact we might argue, as collisions must met certain conditions of precision to accumulate quarks enough to create those particles that cannot be measured except by statistics – as we know we will get a double six throwing dices ALWAYS, if we keep throwing dices, but we cannot know in which throw, ‘when’ this will happen. We know it will happen because it is a fact that there are faces with 6. Point.

When you heat with fire cold water there is NOT A PROBABILITY that might or might not get hotter. It WILL ALWAYS because the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics is truth. Point. ‘When’ it will boil, the time/quantity variable is the only question. So it is in the case of black holes/strangelets, when, the time/quantity variable depending on how many quarks we pack in those collisions, depending on how precise is the collision is the only variable we don’t know but it is NOT really a variable.

As with dices, if we had all the information about the throwing, we would know the bounces of the dice and the final position; if we knew all the information about the trajectory of each particle we would know how precise is the target collision. If we could see closer – without interference with our instruments – the quantum particle, we would see its position. We illustrate this common error of laymen regarding quantum physics, shamelessly exploited by CERN in our article on the famous case of the ‘Schrondiger’s cat’ paradox. If we repeat the experiment several times, the cat will certainly be dead.

So the when is what we can generously argue, which will increase with the ‘throwing of dices’, the number and energy of the collisions. This CERN knows. It knows it will create Strangelets and it gives CASTOR a 70% probability of detecting them. It knows it will create black holes and so it gives Hawking’s bizarre theory that denies the laws of Einstein’s relativity and thermodynamics a 100% chance as a ‘dogma of truth. Or as his Chief Theorist, Mr. Ellis put it in a recorded conference, to his ‘students’ and ‘workers’ all of them tied by confidentiality contracts ‘you must believe in Black Hole Evaporation’.

Higgsteria: The W, Z, Higgs bosons and the weak force.

Regarding, the Higgs – the excuse for CERN’s dangerous experiments – we call it a a hoax, not because the Higgs does NOT exist, but because it does NOT give mass to particles.  It only helps in the transformation of particles of our smaller world into particles of the larger cosmological scales of heavy quarks, strange stars and black holes.

This requires a note on the clear difference between the 3 ‘spatial forces’ that communicate energy and information between particles (strong, electromagnetic and gravitational forces) and the weak interaction, NOT a spatial force, but a process of trans-form-ation of particles into each other, which does NOT have spatial range (as when you change internally your form you don’t move; it all happens within you). So the proper way to model the weak interaction is as an evolutionary process that trans-forms as in chemical reactions, one product into another – a particle into another.

For that reason the ‘weak interaction’ has a coupling constant measured in ‘time’; because it is an evolutionary process; and it does violate the CPT rule because ‘time is NOT symmetric as space’, or as Einstein put it, ‘wires don’t travel to the past’. 

In that regard, the difference is quite important, since if the Higgs is JUST another particle within the different processes taken place on the transformations of particles into each other, mediated by the weak interaction (as the W and Z bosons are) it is a relatively secondary feature of the Universe and one that poises enormous dangers precisely because it is related to the extinctive processes of ‘light particles of our Universe’.

And that is the case since mass is not an external feature as Einstein taught us but an internal property of a vortex of space-time. It is exactly by the principle of equivalence between mass and acceleration, which are absolutely undistinguishable (this is the essential ‘postulate’ of general relativity) a vortex of space-time in the ‘cosmological scale’, as the next graph shows:

time vortices

In the graph, in 5D, the explanation of forces and its proper unification is rather simple, as each main scale of space-time will display ‘attractive accelerated vortices’ (Equivalence principle of Relativity between mass and acceleration).

So there are 3 scales and vortices of ‘accelerated time’ that carry the information of the Universe in the frequency and form of those cycles: charges in the microcosms, thermodynamic eddies in our scale and masses in the larger cosmological scale. A simple proof also from classic Planck & Einstein’s equations: E=hƒ+ E=mc² gives us M=(h/c²) ƒ.

So Mass is the product of a constant number (h/c²) multiplied by the frequency of its accelerated attractive vortex, which attracts more the faster it turns till reaching the c-speed turning speed of the black hole in its horizon vortex, and likely its top quark components, which therefore are the heaviest particles of the Universe, where inertial mass merely is the way humans ‘perceive’ the intrinsic vortex resistence to lineal displacement, as it turns inwards into itself.

It follows also that as in a hurricane that attracts more the faster it turns, smaller, faster turning electromagnetic forces attract more than slow large mass vortices (solving the hierarchy problem of gravitational forces much weaker than electromagnetic ones).

This 2 facts of ‘basic physics’, physicists of course know. So it is one of the most cynical acts in the history of science to have blown up the importance of the Higgs to cosmic size and ignore further research on the aforementioned principle of equivalence basis of general relativity, once the Higgs Hoax became a dogma to justify for ever since higher expenditures on the accelerator industry.

Take the case of Mr. Wilczek, the main researcher in quark’s strong forces, who had calculated the mass of quarks with that simple concept of mass as a frequency and was clearly pissed off with the expansion of Higgs to God’s particle. Then Wilczek who was sore for not receiving the (deserved) Nobel prize for his work on strong forces and quarks was hired by CERN to confront us in the suits for genocide we put to the company, dismissed ONLY on technical grounds... but failed to appear on court. Soon he got his desired Nobel prize – the price: to accept the risk at CERN, to stop making sense of the mass of quarks in public (though in papers he keeps working on the theme) and to stop talking of the dangers of the ice-9 reaction he HAD discovered in his excellent work on quarks and strong forces. Ever since a law of silence on those risks has fallen upon the Earth….

In this manner our up and down light quarks can be transformed into heavy strange quarks and become part of strangelets with the intermediate state of an W or Z boson; and heavier quarks can transform into the ‘top predator’ quark with its intermediate state of the heaviest of all those intermediate states, the Higgs boson.

The idea that the Higgs does anything else besides transforming our matter into top quarks, is NOT serious physics, but part of the astounding propaganda machine started 40 years ago by Leo Lederman, then the boss of accelerators in U$, which had to convince Reagan, an evangelist, to foot a bill of billions for the now deceased Texas superacelerator, and stuck with the media, so the ‘ball’ of lies kept growing. Because obviously if you go to Eu politicians and say, ‘hey! we want to keep reaching higher energies with our ultra-expensive accelerators, we used to explore new ‘seeds of nuclear weapons’, but now that the cold war is over and we don’t need to make them to kill people of other nations, we just got the solution, to make the ultimate weapon, one that will kill all other nations and reach Universal peace’; and get us a Nobel prize, and the process will happen when we make enough ultraheavy w,z,h bosons and strange and top quarks’.

But alas, as LHC only found Higgs, it must be that important or else, why we are wasting money and risks life for it?

Fact is to research the Higgs and those ultra heavy quarks is nuts and suicidal. It is more or less like a M.A.D. scientist (Mutual Assured Destruction – the official strategy of nuclear physicists to keep pumping nukes during the cold era, because if we had so many nobody would start a nuclear war as it will assure M.A.D.) telling you his field of research is to shoot people in the head, and study how their head transforms into jelly, so he gets ‘volunteers’ to put their head on a device with a slow-motion, high resolution camera and take snap pictures of their brains going out considering its different ‘trajectories’, but instead of blowing up heads will blow up the planet. Yes it might be very interesting to know how the Higgs mediates the transformation of our matter into ultra-heavy quark matter, never mind they are studying how planets will ultimately ‘Big Bang’. This the nuclear physicist, schooled in making A-Bombs and H-Bombs for near a century seems to consider irrelevant to the sacred research of brains blowing up…

What’s next: The 2027 update: 10 times more luminosity.

So far though we are still here, so another round of ‘schrondinger’s cats’ ticking the bomb have passed but the rare events that reproduce dibaryons have not yet created the critical mass. Why? one reason is that those collisions’ precision to produce events of fusion of matter into heavier strangelet particles are rare as they depend on the ‘density=luminosity’ of the bunches of particles so tiny that usually they cross each other without significant collisions happening in the center of mass – it is like trying to hit two pool balls from here to the sun… in the exact center. Alas! LHC will be upgrading this decade to multiply by 10 this factor for precision collisions… that will also increase the risks.

The High-Luminosity Large Hadron Collider (HL-LHC) project aims to crank up the performance of the LHC in order to increase the potential for discoveries after 2025. The objective is to increase luminosity by a factor of 10 beyond the LHC’s design value.

Luminosity is an important indicator of the performance of an accelerator: it is proportional to the number of collisions that occur in a given amount of time. The higher the luminosity, the more data the experiments can gather to allow them to observe rare processes.

The High-Luminosity LHC, which should be operational as from the end of 2027, will allow physicists to study of known mechanisms in greater detail, such as the Higgs boson, and observe rare new phenomena that might reveal themselves. For example, the High-Luminosity LHC will produce at least 15 million Higgs bosons per year, compared to around three million from the LHC in 2017 (most of them undetected as ‘all’ the dibaryons that could risk our existence, falling down to the Earth’s center to lump a critical mass).

Its development depends on several technological innovations.  The first phase of the project began in 2011 and was partly financed by the European Commission’s seventh framework programme (FP7). This first phase brought together many laboratories from CERN’s Member States, as well as from Russia, Japan and the US. The design study came to a close in October 2015 with the publication of a technical design report, marking the start of the construction phase for the project at CERN and in industry. The civil-engineering work started in April 2018.

Conclusion & Solution: null benefits, huge risks – decommission it.

We shall study in this web in depth all those risks, the sound physics behind it and the false lies sponsored by nuclear physicists to defend the industry and the reasons why CERN hides all this information, trying to be as layman as possible. Why CERN is at it is obvious –  not to loose jobs, prestige and contracts from the military-industrial complex.

The reasons why nuclear physicists back them likely is not so obvious to the public as it was not so obvious to me, when I thought physicists were idealist researchers. But that was a candid view of a discipline, in which as Einstein put it, I found as many people that are in this business for the sake of knowledge as fingers on my fist.

So they defend CERN for the same reasons of money, prestige, jobs plus the desire to prove their ‘bizarre theories’ about ‘creationist equations’ (see below), which they invent and then pretend to happen in nature, from evaporating black holes traveling to the past, to SUSY, axinos, multiverses, etc. Compared to that messianic ambition, reason and ethics should weight but history proves a human infantile, self-suicidal nature that never takes care of risks, minimizes death and ends up in all kind of messy wars and tragedies which now in an age of machines vastly overpowering our capacity to resist their energy, can lead to our self-extinction.

But it is all worthy for the sake of research and finding those ‘imaginary particles’ of creationist physics. Unfortunately not because they will NEVER appear… Indeed, the laws of science and epistemology WORK for a reason. Two of them are quoted here often: The totalitarian principle that precludes any sound particle to appear, limited by Occam’s razor, which means  in the efficient Universe, particles which are not required to build up the ‘experimental reality’ we see, are NOT real, but mathematical fictions  that will NEVER be – and so its ‘hunting’ might provide jobs and investments but it is a waste of time in terms of science. Since as Einstein put it, ‘Science should be concerned only with the study of events that have happened experimentally’.

Let us then be serious and scientific: According to the Totalitarian Principle, the laws of entropy, the laws of quarks, the laws of Einstein and Relativity and the laws of epistemology, experimental evidence, efficiency and simplicity (Occam’s razor), the risks to the Earth poised by the LHC – a factory of heavy quarks –  are real, rather deterministic on the short term, given the simplicity of creating strangelets – a mere 18 quark ensemble or Alpha-quark MACHO can do it. So happens with the creation of black holes, specially if as Einstein wanted and the laws of truth in science require, they are made of a cut-off substance that can only be top quarks, increasingly produced as the decay product of Higgs. So the industry of High Energy Accelerators is the most likely cause of our future demise and that of planet Earth and should be decommissioned.

There is no more particles to be found in Nature regardless of the abuses of mathematical creationism that believe as previously verbal creationism did, that any mathematical equation must ‘name a real particle’, as any word uttered by god created a being. Not so. Languages are inflationary mirrors of reality with slightly different metaphoric versions and fictions regardless of language. So mathematical fictions should be limited by the epistemological laws of economicity (Occam’s razor) and symmetry. And those laws allow us to construct the Universe with the 3 families of quarks we know and should therefore be the components of the 3 macroscopic parts of the galaxy, as they fit their experimental parameters.

Hence as today the most likely hypothesis are those considered in this blog: a galaxy with a halo of strangelets (Witten’s hypothesis) and a central black hole swarm of ‘frozen top quark and bcb dark atoms’ (cut-off substances of Einstein’s hypothesis). In between us, made of light ud atoms, which are NOT the protagonists of the galaxy, but rather like in a cell surrounded by a hard protein halo and an informative DNA ‘black hole’, the stars ‘mitochondrion’ that reproduces the heavier top predator quark stars, which will as time goes by create the ‘dark galaxies’ fully made of heavy quark matter, we observe in the Universe. Plainly speaking planets and stars will end converted into strangelets and top quark black holes, and it is completely nuts to accelerate that process just because some loonies think they have found God’s particle and the meaning of it all. We shall deal with the theoretical issues and the proper philosophy of science of the fractal Universe, in other sections of the blog. Fact is humans know near nothing about the way those strange stars, black holes, dark matter galaxies and nova explosions catalyze their reaction except that when they do they destroy the light matter they seed and transform. The attitude of fundamentalist physicists who think their research is absolutely important similar to the mantras of religious creationism is OK, as long as they keep their mantras on equations creating God’s particles and Yhwh naming of the beings of nature on their notebooks, NOT risking humanity with its imposition of jihad and nuclear terrorism:

Cernies, unlike serious scientists, believe in mathematical creationism to justify their machines: they invent mathematical equations that become the ‘religious naming’ of its ‘human-created’ particles that of course never show up as the efficient Universe can perfectly be constructed with the III families of quarks and its symmetry with the 3 regions of the galaxy, shown below. This is the experimentally sound and epistemologically correct way to construct the galaxy according to the economic ‘Occam’s principle’:

 Since their benefits are null, as all the particles needed to create an efficient, economic Universe have been found and the risks are infinite – our extinction, exactly the anti-truth of what CERN is saying by the Goebbels method ‘if you repeat a lie many times people will believe it, the bigger the lie, the more they will believe on it’ (first minister of information then call ‘propaganda’), as they say the risks are zero and the benefits, infinite, to know the meaning of it all, by producing Higgs->Tops and maybe black holes. No bigger lie is possible and yet, everybody believes it. Goebbels indeed would be proud of modern german engineering and the way they sell their flag machine-weapon. Only that now it will make us understand God, it seems.


 To be or not to be, that is the question. Whether it is nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, Or to take arms against a sea of troubles. And by opposing end them…

Hamlet, W. Shakespeare. On the fight for life – the thing that really matters.

‘He didn’t talk of people, but of things that truly mattered, machines, roads, weapons, factories.’

Goering, on the leader of the Great Germanic military-industrial-nation and the things that mattered to make Germany great again.

In the previous paragraph we studied the theoretical known-known models of the Universe that offers 3 scenarios of damage to planet Earth that should happen under the Totalitarian Principle. What are the experimental proofs that this scenarios will happen?

As in the case of any other ‘certain risk’ to planet Earth, such as Global Warming, we cannot take a decision on ‘experts’ trusting their dictums because today ‘experts’ are paid to back the agenda and interests of corporations. Such is the case of CERN, who authored the risk reports breaking all the laws of independence required for such reports. We thus must trust the authority of reason as the ‘reasons of authorities’ are bent to the interest of the company and the natural fear of scientist to the ridicule of catastrophism. Since if the risks are certain and the Earth is blown up, nobody will reward those who warn us, and if not experts will be ridiculed and loose their scientific prestige for ‘failing’ in their predictions and attacking the most powerful institution of big science. In other words, experts are ‘hijacked’ by the ‘violent’ nature of those experiments that can kill us. And so in the same manner there are few reports on the military industry and its risks to mankind, there are few reports on CERN risks. And yet from the point of view of reason and scientific truth, the Shakespearean question has only an answer:  It will be…

The industry of accelerators, where nuclear bombs have and will be researched in a small scale, will continuously upgrade its energy, as part of the process of evolution of weapons, regardless of its collateral benefits for particle research and finally will create strangelets or black holes, under the Totalitarian principle.

Why we are so sure? Once the fact that the Industry continuously upgrade its power and no institution or political group dares to oppose firmly the nuclear industry, and once the theoretical proofs are clarified the only ‘leg of truth’ required are experimental evidence. And there are at least 2 experimental proofs:

– If black holes appear there will not be black hole evaporation since no black hole has ever been found anywhere in the galaxy to evaporate, despite 40 years of research and the fact that if they were evaporating, they will do so in a explosion of gamma rays easily detectable.

The second experimental proof is also very strong. it is called the  Fermi paradox or lack of intelligent life on the Universe, Fermi the author of the first nuclear bomb stated flatly that we see no life on the galaxy because the evolution of nuclear weapons cause its demise. This is also the explanation given by most scientists that seek for life on the galaxy. In the past religious groups affirmed the cause was that we were the only planet with life, but now we have found so many planets thanks to the Kepler satellite that this possibility no longer holds. And yet none shows life, neither human or robotic life, which would have long ago colonized the galaxy. All radio waves come from black holes and strangelets – strange stars called pulsars.  So indeed planets and stars become strangelets and black holes (something also theorized in the organic models of the fractal Universe developed by this author with the metrics of the 5th scalar dimension of the Universe).

Thus, by the experimental proofs of the Fermi paradox and the Fermi satellite that has found non evaporation of black holes and the continuous streams of galactic news about pulsars, strange stars and black holes, likely top stars, the evolution of the Nuclear Industry and its quark bombs will blow up the Earth.

So now that we know with quite certainty that destiny awaits… Let us study the factual signs that the 3 scenarios of catastrophe produced by the LHC on mother Earth are happening:

– The strangelet scenario of creation of a strangelet ‘pulsar’ star as all those we see on the cosmos, by creation of a strangelet particle that will swallow the Earth

– The black hole scenario of creation of a micro-black hole of ultra hot temperature that will evaporate and attract our weak electromagnetic world.

– The milder scenario of an increase in Earthquakes, caused by the magnetic ring of CERN, the strongest magnetic ring of planet Earth that disturbs its magnetic field (disturbances of those fields cause earthqueakes).

The mass’ c-speed gravitomagnetic ring: Earthquakes and volcanic activity.

The first hints that the LHC is seriously damaging life on Earth which we predicted in 2007 –  an increase on earthquake and volcano activity – are now facts.

 This  is due to the fact that the LHC is creating a powerful gravito-magnetic field, a ‘ring’ of charged, massive particles that can interact with the magnetic fields of the magma and Earth’s center.

Disturbances on the Earth’s magnetic field by the magnets of the LHC and specially the charged positive c-speed flow of protons come through 3 different processes:

– The 27 kilometers continuous ring of charged protons can interact with self-similar charged flows in the magma or earth’s center, creating a powerful electro-magnetic effect, displacing magma and causing earthquakes and volcano activity. It is a fact that the first day that the charged, proton ring was created in 2008 it caused 4 significant Earthquakesthe first one in Iran, seconds after it was powered up.

The charged proton ring thus acts as a secondary pole to that of the magnetic, inner field of the Earth.

– The creation of different types of strange liquid, some of them already produced in the first experiments, (Kaons at the LHC, hyperons at RHIC) would also provoke explosions in the magma. If stable, those strange forms of matter will leak to the center of the Earth. Some of it will remain in the center, forming the seed of a strangelet. Some will accrete and/or explode in the mantle, in highly energetic, tiny bombs. This tendency as all risks should increase in 2015 when the machine doubles its energy.

– The creation of gravitational waves.

The LHC is a 27 Kilometer ring of positive charged massive particles, turning at c -speed. This is essentially equivalent to the ‘singularity’ of a Kerr black hole –  a rotating c-speed charged ring of mass. Since a Kerr singularity can produce transversal gravitational waves;  the LHC might produce perpendicular  gravitational waves that will sink straight towards the center of the Earth (in a similar process a rotating , charged coil is used to produce electromagnetic waves). If so those Gravitational waves, which are undetectable will affect magnetic fields, provoking earthquake waves and increase volcano activity.

Thus, each time the machine increases its speed and ‘luminosity’ (mass), as CERN powers up the LHC, we should observe an increase of earthquakes and collateral deaths, till the 2 possible ‘doomsday events’ happen:

Strangelet Scenario

‘Black holes travel to the past and evaporate, so if we could enter one, we could come out and kill our grand-father’ Hawking, on his ‘imaginary black holes’ and why we shall not worry.


The first and most probable scenario of human extinction is the creation of strangelets or any other kind of quark-gluon liquid made of lumps of heavy, strange quarks.

They can be created with a lower probability in proton-proton collisions, as those heavy quarks are the ‘signature’ of decay of the hypothetical Higgs or any other Goldstone boson, whose production is the confessed goal of CERN.

They can be created with a much higher probability in lead to lead collisions over 10 Tev as lead has many more quarks than protons and so the lump of quarks that can condensate into a heavy strange liquid, thousands of times heavier than the heaviest atom,  is bigger. When this lump reaches a certain critical mass, it will become stable and start a chain reaction, transforming the rest of the Earth’s matter into heavy quarks in a process similar to a nuclear chain reaction, only that instead of converting the mass of the Earth into lighter energy, it will convert the lighter Earth into heavy mass.

It is the simplest of the ‘mass-bombs’, which follow Einstein’s initial equation of conversion of energy and mass, M=E/c2 (better known by its second expression, E=Mc2, deduced by Einstein’s from the conversion of energy into mass, ergo a ‘standard’ reaction in Einsteinian Physics).

Because strangelets, unlike black holes are ‘likely’ to be produced increasing enormously our probabilities of extinction, CERN has adamantly denied there is any chance to produce it.

In 2015 as the LHC increases the potency and number of quarks it collides in its experiments, it will create greater quantities of atoms of strangelet liquid, called hyperons, made of up, down and strange quarks, which it has already produced in unexpected numbers at low energies, despite all their safety reports that said it would never produce them.

As quarks accelerate at c-speed, they acquire mass, because energy cannot go beyond light speed. Energy curls tiny vortices of space-time (Einstein’s definition of mass), making those quarks heavier. At light speed our protons made of up and down quarks (uud) will become strange quarks, converting the colliding protons into hyperons (usd particles, atoms of usd=strange liquid). Within the point of collision hyperons merge in pairs becoming dibaryons, which are stable and neutral and so they cannot be detected.

Thus dibaryons once formed, will fall to the center of the Earth, accreting matter as they form a growing ball of strange liquid. If they have not enough critical mass to become stable, which will ‘likely’ happen after 2015’s increase in luminosity and potency produces them in massive numbers, those dibaryon will explode in their path to the center of the Earth provoking mini-big bangs in the mantle, which will cause an increase in earthquake activity after the machine switches on. But some might arrive to the center of the Earth, where they will form a growing ball of ultradense strange liquid, which finally will crunch the Earth into a strange star.

 We will know this scenario’s end is closer, when we experience magnitude 9 earthquakes that kill hundreds of thousands of human beings. As such earthquakes have never happened within a single year, the existence of a couple of those earthquakes will mean the process of accretion which is ‘exponential’ have been triggered.

Black Hole Scenario

A black hole is made of strings (the minimal components of quarks) which are the components of gluons and quarks. Their mathematical description is equivalent (a 5th dimensional world of strings is equivalent to a 4 dimensional world of quarks); which reinforces the idea that a black hole is a top quark star.

The LHC was created to produce massive quantities of top quarks since the Higgs and a top quark condensate are the same substance, (the Higgs was promoted as the new ‘God particle’ just to get more research resources, not allocated to study known-particles). It will not form black holes that evaporate. Since quarks don’t evaporate.

The black hole will not fall to the Earth but it will become the new, densest center of the Earth and the Earth will fall into LHC’s creation. The process will last a very short time. Some images might be captured on TV but most likely wherever we are, we will just feel a strong wind, and then a blast of attractive forces will crunch and kill us, as the Earth explodes into a Nova.

Certainties in this theme.

The black hole scenario has been the most commented by the press. Yet it remains secondary to the strangelet scenario, both for theoretical and practical reasons. Since one ‘single case’ will do us and strangelets are easier to do in ion ion collisions. This should be the first event to happen.

Of course the P.R.ess which backs CERN but also makes money with catastrophist scenarios mostly concentrates in the black hole scenario, when it wants to create a ‘big scare’, with big sales prior to the final  happy conclusion of a CERN’s expert: ‘nothing will happen, it is all a joke’,

The certainty of black hole creation in that sense is not absolute, because Y it depends on the existence of strings, of which there is theoretical certainty but not possible experimental proofs (they are too small to be observed). The models of this author on the metrics of the scalar Universe (5th Dimension) however considers that black holes are top quark stars and in that case, black holes will be produced, and certainly will not evaporate. 

Ultimately both models of black holes are not exclusive. Since if string theory is truth, all particles will be made of strings. And top quarks which show a very strong force and huge mass and huge positive charge will attract each other and the matter of the Earth with the same force that super-gravitation (the theoretical deduction of string theory). In that regard the reader should understand that most sound theories in physics are parallel, similar theories that reinforce each other, since they use ‘parallel’ mathematical equations. Models vary in the mathematical ‘sentence’, as multiple verbal sentences mean the same, when we use similar words.  So the ‘hidden dimensions’ of String theory that make Gravitation far more powerful are equivalent to the far more powerful attraction that the creation of a top quark star will cause. As the LHC is designed to produce massive quantities of Tops (which are in fact a key product of Higgs processes), all indicates that black holes either modeled with strong theory or top quark theory will happen.

We conclude that both scenarios should happen, strangelets with absolute certainty, black holes if as 90% of physicists believe, string theory is truth. So we shall give the black hole scenario for the 2015-2020 period of statistical collisions (that might shoot on ‘perfect’ target the microscopic protons to reach the required energy) a 90% of chances.

The childish irresponsibility of Physicists accustomed for 70 years, an entire human life, to accept existential risks for the Earth on top of the military-industrial complex, explains in any case their ‘law of silence’. If 99.9% of nuclear physicists accepted the cold war that already could have killed life on Earth, living on the industry of making nuclear weapons and researching them on accelerators, why now they should change their mind? Wishful thinking is the norm in a nihilist corporation that has in its entrance a statue to Shiva and Kali, Lords of death. Why the rest of society accepts those risks? The answer in this case is obvious: we live in a happy ‘Truman Show’, a happy new world mixture of the dystopias of Huxley and Orwell, in which the virtual reality of the Media System, paid by corporations censors any issues of risks related to the industrial-Military complex. And people, as in the parable of Matrix always chooses to be ‘data’, to live the virtual dream, to believe…

So only the scientific method, its experimental, epistemological and theoretical models can guide our search for ‘cerntruth’.

Of course CERN does not make public those sound-sound, known-known scientific models that prove the risks. For example, it ignores all about top quark condensates that will be produced in Higgs reactions and only focuses on the propaganda of the HIggs particle as the ‘saint grail’ of physics, which is NOT.


‘There is not sign of life in any planet of the galaxy because nuclear physicists blow them up before interstellar travel’ Fermi (Paradox) on why we shall worry

Now for very long CERN said there is no proof we shall all die of genocide. Indeed, the proof will come only after they kill us, so this very military response, which any death squadron could utter to the man to be shot, works fine for them.

Yet, with a ‘little bit of thought’ and recent data on the Universe and its composition it turns out there is indeed, a clear proof coming, from other planets. And it is called the Great Filter, or Fermi paradox. Indeed, recently we have found there are millions of planets out there and we hear no signs of robotic or carbon life but only the tam-tam of strange pulsars and black holes, as Fermi, the head of the Manhattan project that make the first atomic bullets, put it – the explanation is simple, we physicists blow up all planets before interstellar travel happens.

So we must conclude that most if not all those planets collapse before interstellar travel, now on sight with the EM engine, comes into being. And this means we must do something this century to blow up the planet without chances to reconstruct our civilisation. And since life is resilient and has always come back fast from any natural or war disaster, it must be something much more brutal than a war, a global warming flood. Further on, it cannot be an extinction by chance (as if a lost, rogue black hole would collide with us) because it happens to all planets, so it is deterministic. Finally  it cannot be caused by terminators or A.I. since then robots would have colonised the Universe.

All that leaves only a possible cause, as in all planets, being technology parallel and synergic, the easiest thing to manufacture which is a bomb, in this case a strangelet bomb MUST come first. Alas, there is not only ‘one proof’ but billions of them – all those planets which did not make it to colonise the galaxy, which can be colonised after interstellar travel very quick in a few million years – a relative wisp of time on the long life of the galaxy. So if technological planets survive, it should be colonised already. And yet the silence is ominous. Only the tam tam of black holes and strange, pulsar stars, comes into our radio waves.

And the adamant defense of mankind of the quark cannon, is the clearest proof that Fermi was right. There are now plans just in case CERN doesn’t kill us to make a 52 km. quark cannon in China, and another of 100 km. in Europe.

And all this of course, always justified by the sacred research of our high priests, the nuclear physicists, makers of atomic cannons.

It is like if the creators of Big Bertha, the biggest cannon prior to the age of nuclear weapons would justify their bombing of Paris, with the excuse they might unearth archeological remains of Lutetia. CERN justifies its bombing of Earth with strangelets, after it goes on line at maximal potency in 2015, with the excuse that it might unearth some rare particle. So does RHIC competing for the ‘nationalistic’ honor of reaching the creation of those strangelets earlier.

But while the Germans of I World War could not get away with such a surrealist view of their cannon industry, the Americans & Germ(an)s of XXI century have become shrewder and justify their industry with those newspeaks of research. Fact is History rhymes.

Plainly speaking, the industry of artillery follows its evolution and so from the first ‘tube’ (cannon in italian), which started ballistics, through the centuries of physicists making them bigger, faster with denser bullets, to the last cannon, the quark cannon, aka LHC, with its quark explosives, through the millions of ‘cannon flesh’ corpses left in the trail, it has gone a long way. But the evolution will end soon, achieving its purpose, which the Merchant of Death, the biggest arm dealer of the XIX century, Mr. Nobel clearly explained, in a cynical letter to her peace-loving lover, who asked him for a Prize to Peace: ‘my factories will end all wars, when they evolve a weapon powerful enough to destroy entire nations with a single shot’.

This is the quark cannon and its theorists seeking collateral theories for a Nobel prize. After the letter, she abandoned Nobel, the inventor of dynamite. Then he created the Peace Prize but she did not come back. After the quark cannon produces the first bullets of strange matter that will fall to the center of the Earth and eat it up inside out, physicists will repent as many did after making the Atomic Bomb. But the Earth will not come back.  

As all has changed to remain the same.

Indeed, we are doing it for the same routines that took us into the cold war – the topic military-industrial complex, we shall comment on to end this central post.


The Military Perspective: The Quark Cannon

As so many fruits of the Tree of Science, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) has two perspectives. Its origin in military research, since accelerators were the last invention of artillery (a circular cannon), used to research atomic weapons, and its use for civil research, since the study of the debris of atomic explosions has allowed mankind to peer in the smallest, densest ‘knots of mass-energy’. The problem with the LHC is that its military implications far outweigh its usefulness for scientific research. And this is the fact that the rhetorics of CERN, an institution of the cold war, which systematically hides its original military purpose, has shrewdly hidden to the point that most of the people working today there, young 20 somethings, recently graduated, long forgotten the historic origin of accelerators truly believe the quark cannon is ‘only’ an instrument of research and ignore its ‘military risks’.

Yet when the Large Hadron Collider is explained in simple, military terms people can understand better those dangers. In military terms the LHC is a quark cannon, the final evolution of 800 years of western artillery, a science dedicated to kill as many humans as possible, which has used  bore pieces of metal to deliver at maximal speed, the densest possible materials (first rocks, then iron, latter lead and finally hyperdense quarks, the 99% of the mass of the atoms clumped in their centers).

This evolution advanced steadily during centuries along the evolution of physics and its comprehension of all phenomena related to cannons. First Galileo was contracted by the Arsenal of Venice with a princely salary of 1000 gold ducats to calculate the longest possible distance of a cannon shot and improve the ‘spy glasses’, latter called telescopes, to observe rival gunboats at distance (the Venetians invented the gunboat in their attack to Constantinopoli in 1208). He thus started the science of ballistics, the name of his fist book,  latter renamed physics, also called for many centuries the ‘science’ of motion, as it is a restricted discipline of knowledge basically related to the understanding of energy, motion and materials used to the construction of weapons.

The field expanded but still bore this trademark.

For example, heat theory was discovered by an artillery master observing the friction heat of their cannon pieces. What this means is that the primary occupation of most physicists has always been to make weapons, latter machines (the nice twin of all weapons, so a bomber became a plane and a car a tank); and instruments to observe their effects – those spy glasses to see the enemy ‘galleras’…

Not to speak of the definition that Galileo imposed on time, as a parameter of the measure of motion: V=s/t, which still stands in Einstein’s work.

This is the origin of the concept of time as the 4th dimension of space, again a very restricted definition of time.As it has reduced all time=changes to the single arrow of entropy, denying the inverse arrow of time=change of information, proper of life and evolution, which Physicists still struggle to understand.

This of course does not mean physics is not concerned with knowledge… of motions in space – but they are NOT con-cern-ed with life and its information arrow.

So we must differentiate the ‘good and bad fruits’ of the tree of science – that is; research which is primarily concerned with knowledge, as for example, telescopes observing the big bang peering in long distant galaxies whose light comes from the far away past, and research which is mainly concerned with weaponry and uses the rhetoric of knowledge and some discoveries to justify the primary target.

Galileo’s work on ballistics and CERN were the first and last of those cases: the industry of artillery at its best, justified with the excuse of redundant knowledge – since the laws of motion and the big bang can be studied throwing other ‘things’ and looking with telescopes. Death is a high stakes that need a high reason. And here is where the rhetoric of the Higgs boson (not the particle of god, not even the one that gives mass to other particles but just another particle of the zoo of physical species) came in, and along it all the other ‘hyperboles’ about what is simply a quark cannon.

Indeed, cannons reached its lineal maximal potency around I world war when Bertha, the big cannon of Krupp, delivered its bullets to Paris from 60 kilometers away.

Lead was also the heaviest atomic substance. But you could not make a one kilometer lineal cannon – too heavy, too long. And after lead the heaviest elements became like Uranium is, radiactive, and difficult to handle. So how to make a longer cannon, with a stronger substance? Enter II world war. Uranium was heavier and on top of it, it split and reacted making the bullet a bomb. So physicists started to study radioactive materials, which incidentally end being lead, to substitute lead in their cannons. And then Lawrence realized that the problem of lineal cannons could be resolved making them infinitely long with a circular magnetic path, that accelerated the bullet every cycle, so the cannon could continuously accelerate the bullet as many ‘cycles’ as it wanted, making ‘de facto’ the cannon cylinder infinite. And the accelerator cannon was born. The name then was changed starting the make up ‘newspeak’ transformation of the jargon of artillery into the jargon of ‘research’.

So next, they planned to deliver atomic bombs with accelerators. They had a longer bore and a denser substance than Big Bertha. So they designed the first atomic bomb consisting in an accelerator that collided two pieces of uranium in its center provoking an atomic explosion. It was though too heavy to transport and a second design of a self-contained bomb substituted it. But accelerators were the strongest cannons available, and alas! research of new nuclear weapons started in Earnest, with the cold war, thanks to them. All nuclear weapons would be first tested in circular cannons (the real name of the device). The West established CERN and legally protected it as a ‘sovereign nation’ (reason we could not sue it), becoming the flagship of the European participation in the cold war.

Rhetoric now were expanding as Nuclear Physicists had become the scourge of the Earth, the first caste of people who intended to destroy the planet and all forms of life on it for the ‘common good’. So along the cold war an industry of making nuclear scientists researching atomic weapons, appear as the sacred priests of knowledge, developed the concept that the fundamental form of understanding the Universe was to study the debris produced by atomic circular cannons. This would have seem absurd to more sophisticated readers prior to II world war – namely if the Germans had told us that the obuses of big Bertha thrown over Paris would be the key to understand the Universe we would have had a big laugh.

But in the present age of erased visual minds, childish thought, fiction, rhetoric, big brother newspeak and other niceties, it worked. So now the Germans (main contributors to this machine, lead by a German, and buttressed with German technology), can truly believe that shooting the Earth with its enhanced Big Bertha, will discover the meaning of it all.

This newspeak was obviously needed because the underlying reason of the industry of quark cannons – to provide new mass-murder devices for the cold war – ended with the fall of communism. But this didn’t mean war and the most profitable of all mechanical industries, the industry of weapons had to end. We found in the Semite wars between Israel and the US vs. Arab fundamentalist Jihadists and Palestinians, a perfect excuse for perpetual war and the evolution of robotic weapons – the most profitable modern industry.

And we found in the newspeak of fundamental research the perfect excuse for the evolution of artillery.

Fundamental’ is a serious word that justifies all wars. And in this case ‘fundamental research’ is the only possible word to justify the risks. Already Mr. Teller – the nuclear physicist who found the H Bomb, patented it and made a fortune manufacturing it – realized knowledge is the perfect excuse to pass a weapon. He bragged, as we show in our film ‘quantum roulette’ that he convinced Truman to pay for the H-Bomb because it would increase our knowledge of the atom. LOL.

Then he proposed the first ‘ultimate weapon’ – a hydrogen bomb big enough to destroy the entire Soviet Union, and hence the entire planet. But he could not sell it with ‘military rhetoric’ only. Eisenhower realized nuclear physicists, all in favor of it, were madmen on a collision course with humanity and after the proposal was put on the table for ‘military reasons’, he called the ‘commies’ and started detente. Nuclear Physicists had gone too far, even for hard nose military men. Now they have gone even further. But Nuclear physicists also have become shrewder and so they have hidden the truth with research. The bottom line is industrial routine, jobs, contracts. So any technological industry must continue, even if it has no purpose at all. Cars keep evolving its speed limit even if they cannot go beyond 70 miles per hour. So does the industry of accelerators. As Fromm put it ‘the ethics of a technological civilization’ consist of evolving machines, even if they can destroy the planet.

And so finally the quark cannon, the first cannon that can destroy the planet, has come into existence, even if it can destroy the planet. It is the LHC, which as the first Galilean model, has its own ‘spy glasses’ to observe in detail the debris it produces, including a calorimeter called CASTOR to detect the creation of strange matter; since it is supposed to understand the meaning of it all, observing that debris.

But its ‘true nature’, its ‘historic origin’, is unmistakable. It is just the last evolution of the artillery industry, an infinitely long, accelerating cannon, which uses the most explosive, dense and dangerous substance of the Universe, quarks and throws bullets of quarks to the planet Earth. And one of those bullets will be able to kill mankind. It is the ultimate weapon.

And what it will produce is simple enough: quark condensates of higher density than our light up and down quarks, the substance of our atoms. For one thing, there are 3 families of increasingly dense quark matter, the up & down family (ours – the substance of the stars of the galactic body); then the strange family, which is called strange matter, the substance of strange stars called pulsars, and probably the halo of the galaxy, and then the top family very likely the substance of black holes and the center of the galaxy.

The problem is that matter is ‘darwinian’. Strange matter eats light up & down matter. And top black hole matter eats strange and up & down matter. It is a pecking order. So when strange matter – the easiest to do – will appear on the quark cannon, it will eat the earth. There is no doubt about it. And the only question that remains to be solved is when the LHC or any of its planned successors in the industry of quark cannons will have enough energy to produce with our quarks, denser strange quarks that will devour the Earth.

We believe according to known-known theory of quarks this will happen in 2015 when the quark cannon doubles its potency. It is in any case a question of time that the artillery industry in its most advanced piece, the quark cannon, evolves beyond the threshold of creation of strange matter, and kill the Earth. The industry is blind and protected of all criticism with its lies and rhetorics. It is the summit of the military industrial complex and it does indeed some collateral research besides the collateral damage to mankind to feed its rhetorics. But the bottom line is this: it is a quark cannon, it produces quark condensates, the heaviest most dangerous self-sustained, self-feeding explosive on the Universe, and it will once crossed the energy required to produce a strange quark condensate blow up the Earth.

The rest is ‘irrelevant’ knowledge, ‘irrelevant’ rhetorics, and irrelevant indeed, since an extinct species, mankind, knows nothing. Only a piece of that rhetoric will suffice to show how difficult this question is. Nuclear Physicists ALL perfectly know that cosmic rays are just simple atomic substances, protons, electrons and gamma rays, colliding on the atmosphere. We have NEVER found a deconfined quark in cosmic rays. Cosmic rays are NOT quark bullets, because they are not heavy ‘lead’ ions, which can produce ‘quark condensates’. And yet, whenever any journalist, politician or the public ask about the risks at CERN, ALL nuclear physicists lie, saying cosmic rays have done this experiment one thousand times. This is an ABSOLUTE lie, that any first ‘course’ of physics explains.

But of course, all is very shrewd. CERN does collide besides heavy lead ions, which can create quark condensates, protons, and so they do experiments similar to cosmic rays… But those are not the dangerous experiments that will create strange matter. Cern does research on fundamental particles, but this is not the reason why XX century military-industrial systems paid for the accelerator industry. And most ‘CERNIES’ are idealist kids who didn’t know the origin of their industry and think their work has no risk. But ‘big boys’ playing with big toys, big weapons are not a excuse for putting us all at risks.

The cosmic rays half-lie shows what perhaps is the saddest part of this story from a theoretical point of view. As a scientist I always thought there was a ‘realm’ in which truth mattered – science, as opposed to politics, economics or religion. This is no longer truth. Science now is also ‘wishful thinking’. CERN’s statements show THE DEGREE OF intellectual corruption, rhetorics and callousness which Nuclear Physicists, after 60 years of getting away with murder doing nuclear weapons, have achieved.’

The bottom line though OF ALL THIS is on the next post – ‘STRANGELETS UPDATES’, which is the Chronicle on the foretold death, as mankind like Mr. Nassar in Marquez’s book, walk step by step through the road that we/he knows will end with a final shot that will kill him. And yet he walks on, as mankind does for all the wrong reasons, down the street filled with ‘physicists bullshit’:

Conclusion. We are coming closer to the last step.

“My factories will end all wars, when they invent a weapon that can destroy a single nation with a single shot.’ Saint Nobel of the dynamite, on the future research of military science

The most important of those risks caused by CERN, flagship of the industry of accelerators and its quark cannon shows that the danger of crossing the threshold of formation of ice-9 (strangelets) or black holes is not going away. On the contrary as the industry keeps evolving into higher energies and we know better the Universe the theoretical and practical risks keep increasing.

On one hand the industry is on the brink of producing enough quark, dark matter – which shows NOT only to exist, but to grow EXPONENTIALLY at higher energy – to start a nuclear chain reaction of those 2 ‘self-feeding’ organic bombs (strangelets easy to produce and perhaps black holes).

And all seems to indicate, as the issue is today under a short of global law of silence, similar to what happens when a war has started – not to believe in victory and ask for diplomacy is then call treason or derrotism – that the process of this foretold death is not going away.

Since the industry, with very meager theoretical results (what economists call the law of diminishing returns and higher costs, which happens to any industry once it has reached its ‘mature’ state), keeps going ahead with new technological advances, such as the plasma accelerator – much cheaper and powerful – and plans to build a 100 km. ring-factory in China that certainly will cross levels of entropy delivered to the Earth, far more dangerous than those happening at CERN. But the number of returns – that is of relevant particles, to  find has dwindled to zero.

Indeed, once the hype of the irrelevant Higgs became exhausted and exploited ‘ad nauseam’, and ‘imaginary’ mathematical particles, which do NOT respect the laws of philosophy of science, are nowhere to be found returns come to zero (when physicists will learn that ‘all what is mathematically truth is not real’ – Einstein?; so just because you can write fictions in equations besides words and images, such as SUSYs and imaginary black holes traveling to the past, they are NOT going to do so in reality)…

In fact as 99.999% of what the LHC, a quark factory re=produces are different forms of ever more dense quark matter, we are entering a surrealist age in which the discoveries on new, increasingly stable forms of ultra-heavy, strange, quark matter – the very substance that is going to kill us all – are heralded as the ‘new physics at CERN’, which is the theme of the next post.

Alas, CERN now that is out of the radar of the P.R.ess under the Law of Silence on the inconvenient truth of its risks  is giving up even the pretension of NOT making strange matter or the pretension that new particles will come up from the accelerator after the failures of finding anything else but the ‘standard model of quarks. So, hardy anybody in the field of physics, as today in this summer 2017, seriously believes CERN will find anything that truly maters but just ever more dense FORMS OF QUARK MATTER:

The last months, UPDATED IN THE NEXT POST have been all indeed about new discoveries of dense quark matter, as we predicted it would be:

it was first strange pentaquarks, as the heavier density of strange matter keeps attracting light up and down quarks our substances, breaking the supposed laws of ‘CERN’s physics’ – they were not suppose to exist because the mantra is that ‘strange matter does not exist’, and does not ‘has attractive power’. Then it was the realisation its growth is exponential as it keeps feeding faster in our light matter (this was also heralded not as a clear proof of the veracity of the risks but as ‘new physics’). And now they are closing into the likely substance of black holes as ‘frozen stars with a cut-off substance’ (Einstein): the ultra heavy bottom and top quarks are coming in strong; and it is also ‘good’ because it is ‘new physics’.

So you can expect one day CERN to announce (if the strange or Black hole bomb GIVES them time to do so), in an enthusiastic press release J.D. something like this: ‘It is a great day for new physics; we have successfully proved after 40 years of failed search that Mr. Hawking is wrong and black holes do NOT evaporate’.

“What I’ll never forget was the terrible smell of shit.” But Argénida Lanao,said that Santiago Nasar walked with his usual good bearing, measuring his steps well, and that his Saracen face with its dashing ringlets was handsomer than ever. As he passed by the table he smiled at them and continued through. “We were paralyzed with fright,” Argénida Lanao told me […] “Santiago, my son,” she shouted to him, “what has happened to you?” “They’ve killed me” he said, stumbling on the last step.

Chronicle of a foretold death. Gabriel Garcia Marquez

On how fundamentalist CERNies, ‘terrorists of science’, will keep bull$hitting, as they accelerate step by step its ringlet, ust as Santiago Nassar did, not to loose his Saracen face, looking so good, all the way down, till in the last step we all stumble… and fall… into the dark world… carpe diem, enjoy your day,  the gentle drizzle falling through the timber trees I can still see  in sfumato, as the early fog of winter clears in the dawn of a new day.


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    I love the information in this post. It’s clever, well-written as well as easy to understand.
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    Take a byte of the forbidden fruit of logic and gain awareness of 1 and 0

    Top = Hot = Hyperinflation = Positive One = Absolute 1

    Up = Positive insanity = Optimism

    Charmed = Rich = powerful = Eccentric = Progressive

    Positive one plus negative one equals positive zero power infinity point = Sanity = Realism

    Strange = Poor = powerless = Crazy = Regressive

    Down = Negative insanity = Pessimism

    Bottom = Cold = Hyperdeflation = Negative one = Absolute 0

    Newton’s sevenfold red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet

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    National Geographic for March 2013 was the Black hole or RELATIVITY…The last week in February 2013 the Time magazine was QUANTUM mechanics…The winner of the most Academy awards on the last day of February…was GRAVITY…With 7

    “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

    “In Latin spectrum means “image” or “apparition”, including the meaning “spectre”. Spectral evidence is testimony about what was done by spectres of persons not present physically, or hearsay evidence about what ghosts or apparitions of Satan said. It was used to convict a number of persons of witchcraft at Salem, Massachusetts in the late 17th century. The word “spectrum” [Spektrum] was strictly used to designate a ghostly optical afterimage by Goethe in his Theory of Colors and Schopenhauer in On Vision and Colors.”

    “The color opponent process is a color theory that states that the human visual system interprets information about color by processing signals from cones and rods in an antagonistic manner.”

    Something that needs to be eternal is the supply of power to the demand of nothing that is eternal that wants to be something eternal.

    Truth/knowledge/singularity is the supply of the demand for power by the paradox or Lie/ignorance/duality that wants to be Truth/Knowledge and never die.

    The battle between GOD/Truth/Something that needs to exist against Satan/lie/nothing that wants to exist.

    There is never a lasting victory over Satan/lies/ignorance/supervillian while the war against GOD/Truth/knowledge/superhero has no exit strategy and always ends in defeat.

    latest issue of Scientific American is the sad tale of the 45 year search for the invisible superpartner to make the so called supersymmetry theory add up.

    The greatest villain you face was born the exact same instant you were and can be found in the nearest mirror.

    It’s why Vampires can not see their reflection…too negative.

    Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder

    Evil/nothing or cold death wants to be Good/something or hot life.

    Steven Hawking is not looking so good these days…But he is a living monument to the power of positive or inflationary/exponential growth thinking to counteract the power of negative or deflationary/exponential decay thinking.

    The exponential growth/absolute capitalist/compounding interest or mindless greed equation is at the core of the banking algorithm.

    Or the ignorance/deflation = bliss or knowledge/inflation equation.

    It chops down trees faster than they regrow (exponential decay to absolute 0) to supply the demand for power by (to equal) inflation (exponential growth to absolute 1)

    Death/Truth is always the logical conclusion of the reasonable assumption (maybe) of life.

    Qubit = YES and NO at the same time or MAYBE.

    Maybe eventually becomes a certainty.

    That is the certainty of the uncertainty principle.

    Probability that a lie can defeat Truth = 0%…or Absolutely NO…defeat…death.

    Probability that Truth can defeat a lie = 100%…or absolutely YES…victory…life

    If you chop down trees as fast as or slower than they regrow to arrive at the logical conclusion of the ignorance is bliss or take more power than you give equation.

    You never will…That is the secret of the tree of Life.

    The one problem that rules them all is fixed by the one solution that solves them all.

    Credit/fantasy is a derivative of money/reality

    Science/fantasy is a derivative of religion/reality.

    Ignorance of Truth is the root of all evil.

    The sword of Truth or 1 pops the “serenity bubble” or shield of lies or 0 believed to be Truth or 1.

    At the polarity shift…The ignorance = bliss or false positive (fantasy) equation transforms into the knowledge = misery or real negative (reality) equation.

    You all are committing suicide fighting to remain asleep (ignorant of Truth) to continue to enjoy the daydream (cherished delusion/reasonable assumption) you are awake (knowledgeable of Truth)

    At the polarity shift…or singularity/inflection point…The dangerous daydream turns into the fearful nightmare.

    “Government is not reason; it is not eloquent; it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.”–George Washington.

    My daughter told me this.

    Build a man a fire and warm him for a night…light a man on fire and warm him for the rest of his life.

    3 6 9

    3 is march or spring…6 is June or summer peak where the sun of GOD is most powerful and 9 is September or the fall…down to absolute zero where the black hole of the universe (Satan) is the most powerful…and is the 0 and 1 or end and the beginning of the revolution that sustains the constant evolution.

    infinity or cause can not be seen in the Universe…only the effect.

    All that has ever happened for all eternity without end and all that will ever happen for all eternity without end occurs at the same point.

    Truth can be known…or unknown…and those ignorant of Truth.

    Use lies they believe to be truth to measure lies they believe are Truth to find lies they believe are Truth.

    “The essential claim of sophistry is that the actual logical validity of an argument is irrelevant (if not non-existent); it is only the ruling of the audience which ultimately determines whether a conclusion is considered “true” or not. By appealing to the prejudices and emotions of the judges, one can garner favorable treatment for one’s side of the argument and cause a factually false position to be ruled true.”–Sophistry A.K.A Democracy or Truth by Popular delusion/consensus.

    “Oppositional defiant disorder – Oppositional defiant disorder (ODD) is defined by the DSM-5 as a pattern of angry/irritable behavior, or vindictiveness lasting at least 6 months”

    “Previously, DSM-IV-TR (that is now replaced by DSM-5) stated that the child must exhibit four out of the eight signs and symptoms listed below in order to meet the diagnostic threshold for oppositional defiant disorder. Furthermore, they must be perpetuated for longer than six months and must be considered beyond normal child behavior to fit the diagnosis.”

    one of the symptoms or effects…visible chaos…or phenomena

    “Actively refuses to comply with majority’s requests or consensus-supported rules.”

    People have no power to make or break LAW

    All that people have the power to do is make an break rules and call rules LAW

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    All that people have the power to do is create and destroy lies and claim lies are Truth.

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    Truth will destroy the lie.

    You can manipulate the Universe however you desire as long as you are not caught breaking a rule or attempt to break LAW

    The Universe sustains the Universities

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    CERN is like handing ignorant children matches made in heaven to burn everything down to hell.

    Carbon is 6 Neutrons 6 protons and 6 electrons.

    I was born awake…and you all have been trying to kill me back to sleep…shortly after birth.

    In real life my name is Michael…and was created by GOD or Knowledge.

    The Internet was created by Metatron ruled by SATAN or Ignorance.

    “In Rabbinic tradition, he is the highest of the angels and serves as the celestial scribe”

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    Of course I’m not GOD (The thought that a person can be GOD enrages me since it is ignorance incarnate)…But I know the secret of the word of GOD.

    It’s not nice to fool with mother nature and hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

    Mother nature sustains lady liberty

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    Enjoy the burning embers of the (too) good (to be true) old days.

    The Universe is perfectly fair, All an everything in the Universe is supplied with what all and everything in the Universe deserves, and there is no hope.

    Knowledge based economy?

    Try ignorance based economy…and you are getting warmer…Or Truth being stranger than fiction.

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    Oh sorry 12 years a slave was best picture…and that is what I have been since 2001.

    Of course 2013…I broke free an began to Roar…and it is scaring you all.

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    Yes at the core of the absolute capitalist hierarchical food powered make work enterprise or what you all have been programed to call civilization is the take more power than is given equation.

    The singularity.

    The ignorance = bliss equation.

    The negative = positive equation.

    The exponential decay = exponential growth equation.

    The half life = doubling time equation

    The cause death tyranny and misery to power the life liberty and happiness effect.

    To the writer of the blog…if you are certain CERN has to be shut down…Then it is up to you to do it…and if you can not…It is your fault for the positive and negative consequences which follow.

    Probability that a lie can defeat Truth = 0% = absolutely NO = negative = absolute 0 = defeat = uncertain = variable = impossible.

    Probability that Truth can defeat a lie = 100% = absolutely YES = positive = absolute 1 = victory = certain = constant = possible.

    When YES and NO are in superposition they equal MAYBE

    Maybe eventually becomes a certainty because there is no escape from eternity.

    That is the certainty of the uncertainty principle.

    The Possibility of the impossibility principle.

    The YES of the NO principle

    The Victory of the defeat principle.

    Science is not searching for Truth…because whenever science discovers truth…it is found to be irrational or unreasonable.

    So science rejects that which is unreasonable or irrational for that which is reasonable or rational.

    A Lie promoted as and ultimately believed to be Truth.

    The ignorance = bliss equation.

    The negative = positive equation.

    The exponential decay = exponential growth equation.

    The half life = doubling time equation

    Death = Life

    Lies believed to be Truth = Truth

    Fantasy = reality.

    Satan = GOD.

    Sorry kids but you all worship ignorance as knowledge.

    There is never a lasting victory over lies/ignorance while the war against Truth/knowledge has no exit strategy and always ends in defeat.

    ignorance of Truth is the root of all evil.

    You all are ignorant of Truth.

    Because you all run in terror from truth or reality into the loving embrace of lies believed to be truth or fantasy.

    You spend your limited existences desperately searching for what you do not want to find.

    The greatest enemy you face was created out of thin air the instant you were created out of thin air and can be found by looking into the nearest mirror.

  6. auvray

    September 11, 2014 at 9:12 am

    merci cobra pour toutes ces précieuses et horrifiantes précisions…..j’avais déjà compris l’ampleur du danger mais pas réussi à mesurer la cupidité humaine…
    je reste l’humble petite lumière qui est fidèle à la source et au plan divin , j’ai confiance dans mon cœur résonne la délivrance prochaine de nos âmes à TOUS je veux être utile à ceux qui n’ont pas compris ce qui va se passer et aider à méditer tous les dimanches pour cette paix si attendue !! Cobra, je vous envoie du courage, du soutien, de l’amour et de la paix dans votre cœur belle journée laurence

  7. Pingback: Vu sur les sites
  8. Phylos

    November 29, 2014 at 10:20 pm

    “Fuyez, fuyez de Genève,
    Saturne d’or (les anneaux du CERN) se changera en plomb
    Le contre RAY-POS( anti positons) exterminera tous,
    signes dans le ciel avant l’avent ” (noêl 2015 ?)

  9. Boo boo

    December 6, 2014 at 7:39 am

    Excuse me, but could you tell me when in 2015 the LHC will start up again at level 13 Tev? Like what month? Thanks.

    • futureofhistory

      December 6, 2014 at 11:18 am


      • Boo boo

        December 7, 2014 at 7:37 am


  10. Boo boo

    February 28, 2015 at 5:05 pm

    Sorry to bother you about this again, but when in April will the LHC start up at “13 tev”? Thx

  11. Tim

    April 25, 2015 at 12:38 pm

    earthquake in Nepal

  12. Boo boo

    May 24, 2015 at 4:47 pm

    We’re still here.

    • futureofhistory

      May 24, 2015 at 5:07 pm

      yes, the topic response, the wilczek paradox, All that matters is not to worry and be happy. Those who cheat, abuse and risk our lives are ok because we are too coward and to stupid to defy them. The important thing is to live in waltdisneyland scientific version

      • Boo boo

        May 26, 2015 at 11:12 pm

        Ummm… Kay.

  13. April Goodman

    April 8, 2018 at 9:05 pm

    A scientific research paper confirmed a presentation made (by a non-scientist) that there is an iron crystal in the center of our planet. As there is possibly a kind of magneto-resistance characteristic of iron, is there a chance that the iron ‘core’ might ‘resist’ or at least slow down the accumulation-by-attraction of these strangelets, which fall to the center of the Earth, by such resistant force?


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