∆ûst of ðime§pace…

‘God is an organism with a mind called logos and a body called the Universe.’ Plato, Poet, on ∆ûST

‘Every mind holds a world in its self’ Leibniz father of relational space-time. On ∆•ST

‘Time without space is a mere shadow’ Minkowski, father of 4D metric; on ST

‘Time (Tao) gave birth to entropy (yang), entropy to yin-formation .

Both merged into energy, the source of all creation.’

Tao-te-king free translation; on T

“Call it entropy. Nobody knows what entropy really is, so in a debate you will always have the advantage.”
 Von Neumann, mathematician, to Shannon on how to call his new formula for information; on S.

‘The why is the only thing a physicist don’t ask.’ Feynman, physicist, on nothing.

Foreword. Relational spacetime.

Leibniz argued with Newton that absolute ðime§pace – an artifact of measure obtained from the transposition of a sheet of paper drawn with a mathematical coordinates to the entire Universe – did not exist.

That beings occupied a certain §pace and lasted a certain ðime, different from each other. So we were all beings made of relational ðime§pace, the ‘ultimate reason of things’ or necessary substance. In the graph, on the left Leibniz’s view that gets away with the ‘nowhere to be seen’, paper an pen absolute graph of ðime§pace of Newton for the sake of ‘epistemological truth’. Space is what those objects occupy, and below there is another ‘scale of §pace’ (which ultimately becomes ‘background radiation’, that is light ðime§pace, or gravitational waves even smaller in size). So §pace is really a series of fractal layers of growing scales of size. On the other hand, each of those objects will have ‘rhythms’ and ‘motions’ different of each other regulated by its inner ðime-cycles (circadian cycles in nature, wave-rhythms, repetitive actions of feeding, sleeping, mating and son on), which are the essence of what they are. As when we say ‘I don’t have enough ‘ðime’ to do this’. So reality is a tapestry of ðime§pace beings, and the laws of those beings must then be extracted from this substance of which they are made.

Because physicists are not worried with ontological questions; but with measure of ðime motions an §pace-sizes, as they came to dominate science, the search for the ultimate reasons derived of those two substances, §pace and ðime, were forgotten. And what is worst, the reverence to the machines of physics, brought about the dismissal as ‘secondary’ theories, those theories of ðime, notably evolution, which studies the changes of form and in-form-ation of beings through their life-death cycles as individuals or species. And all what people cared about ðime, was the extreme precision of measure in physical analysis of ‘motions’ through that supposed ‘measure tool’, which is the graphed absolute Cartesian->Newtonian artifact of ðime§pace. Things went so far that finally a single ‘absolute clock’ set by God was declared by Newton and assumed regardless of whom put it on motion for all beings. Leibniz quipped, when this clock found itself ‘different’ for the rotary clock-like motions of Mercury:

“According to Newton, God Almighty wants to wind up his watch from ðime to ðime: otherwise it would cease to move. He had not, it seems, sufficient foresight to make it a perpetual motion. God’s making is so imperfect, according to these gentlemen; that he is obliged to clean it now and then by an extraordinary concourse, and even to mend it, as clockmaker mends his work.”
Leibniz. On Newton’s absolute ðime, its lack of understanding of gravitational vortices, (the errors of Mercury’s orbit) and the denial of cyclical, inertial motions, still features of popular physics.

It would take though despite the amazing evidence of ðime cycles in Nature an biology an history, (physicists as the high popes or ‘seers of ðime’ – definition of God in Saint Augustine’s work, do not consider relevant findings in other sciences), another physicist who realize the clocks of ðime around the sun decelerated, so Mercury ha different clocks, as gravitation ‘curves’ the form of those clock-like orbits more in its surroundings. So he discovered that after all Leibniz was right, and ðime clocks have different speeds in different regions of the physical Universe also (besides having different rhythms in different life beings).

When Einstein discovered the existence of infinite cyclical clocks of ðime (ðime bend §pace) and quantum physicists the broken nature of §pace, showing Leibniz right, physicists had gone so far into the ‘art’ of measure that the whys of reality, derived from its ultimate reason, the substance of which are all made, quantum §pace and cyclical ðime was parked as an ‘inconvenient truth’. ‘Leibniz is right – said Einstein – but if so we have to rebuild science from in its inception’.

So Leibniz, by far the highest mind of science in the western tradition, only comparable to the father of them All, Aristotle, was again denied, as Newton had done in a rather despicable way, accusing him of plagiarism for discovering and publishing earlier calculus, forbidding him to accompany the new king of England, and publishing in the royal society. Now simply speaking, Physicists didn’t feel intelligent enough to fully grasp the concepts behind relational ðime§pace and expand our view of the Universe of ðime§pace. So another century passed.

But truth, as complex as it might be always returns with a vengeance. ‘Truth exists’ and so the goal of reaching a more complex understanding of the fundamental principles of reality space, time, its casual actions that combine both and the minds that perceive them – will always be the goal of the philosopher of science.



Cyclical ðime, fractal §pace, causality and frames of reference (P.o.vs/minds).

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 10.28.43

In the graph, left side,  ‘ðime’ clocks that measure the rhythms of reproduction=repetition and change=evolution of the Universe are always cyclical ‘r=evolutions’. This essential nature of reality, as a sum of repetitive, cyclical patterns of ðime cycles, underlies all the work of science, which finds laws for those repetitions. So science would not exist if ðime clocks were not cyclical, as there would not be any way to define ‘scientific laws’.

Yet astoundingly enough given the obviousness of this principle, the human species have lost in the past centuries his understand of cyclical ‘ðime’, as physicists, a profession that started with the study of ballistics and lineal trajectories of cannonballs, simplified those cycles into Lineal ðime explained with a single numerical parameter, an artifact of measure which facilitated the calculus of speeds, distances and translations in §pace, with the formula v=s/t, but reduced human knowledge of the cyclical nature of those clocks and its natural patterns, and the ‘dimension of information’, carried in the form and frequency of those cycles.

This became the more clearly with the discovery of Relativity, and the infinite clocks of ðime of the Universe: ‘ðime bends §pace into masses’ said Einstein, who defined mass as an accelerated vortex of gravitation (equivalence principle). But not only masses and charges are Nature’s accelerated vortices of ðime. Each biological species has also its cyclical clocks ðime to process information and so do computers, which are basically ðime clocks and cyclical logic loops called algorithms. So while humans obviously are aware of the existence of cyclical patterns of nature, because they have abandoned the proper concept of cyclical ðime changes, and its second dimension of form, of information, they cannot fully grasp the fundamental principles of the Universe: its cycles of ðime§pace, its scales of ðime speeds as §pace size (ab. ∆±i), and the ‘mind-mirrors and languages’ of information that allow systems to measure them, and interact with other beings in ðime§pace.

The concept of cyclical ðimes is not new. On the contrary, as it is evident in the left picture that all ðime clocks are cyclical, repetitive; the true mystery is how humans are so ‘dumb’, as to deny it in the modern age. Since all Asian cultures, and all western cultures till Galileo, did believe in cyclical ðimes. The word in fact still lingers in the names of our newspapers: ‘The New York Times’, ‘The Times of London’.

Moreover science would not exist if ðimes were not cyclical as ‘scientific laws’ are merely the repetition in ðime of patterns of behavior and causality.

All these truths unfortunately are hidden in the ðime equations of modern physics, so good for calculus so bad for interpretation, which need to be translated into cyclical ðime, measured by frequency (T=1/ƒ) and streamlined with a new jargon appropriate for a dual Universe, as opposed to the simplex jargon of classic absolute ðime§pace physics, that lingers in all sciences and drags its understanding.

In the left physical cycles, planetary orbits, which we humans use to measure ðime in all our ‘clocks’, which are also cyclical. People are hardly aware of this fact, since they tend not to use the ‘parameter’ of cyclical ðime, which is ‘frequency’, but its inverse, lineal duration: ƒ=1/t.

The formulae are simplified in this manner. Since ‘frequency ðime’ is discontinuous and so difficult to ‘integrate’. So physicists prefer to uncoil, frequencies into Lineal Time . For example the ‘revolutions per minute of a car wheel’, multiplied by its perimeter give us the ‘distance’: λ x v = S. And besides in this manner we achieve more information, as we get the duration and form of in-form-ation of each cycle (λ) and its frequency, v.

But if you just want to know the total length of along ðime period, you use Lineal Time durations and so you don’t need to sum all those cycles to get the lineal speed: V=s/t.

In the left graph, we can see that all physical systems, and all its ðime cycles return to its origin, creating a circle, but physicists uncoiled them and put all those revolutions one after another creating the concept of Lineal ðime – an artifact of measure, and further on equalized all the different clocks of the Universe, all the different cyclical actions of its species with a single mechanical ‘ðime clock’ elongated into an infinite duration.

Let us then explore the concept of ðime cycles as carriers of information, and its three arrows and the systems made with them as organic elements, entropic limbs/fields, body-waves and informative particle-heads – its simultaneous perception in §pace – departing from its simplest forms, which are topological bidimensional forms.


Time is cyclical. The so-called patterns of science are repetitions of events in ðime, due to a certain causality. If ðime were not cyclical, sciences would not exist. This little understood phenomena known to all civilizations before Galileo invented Lineal Time as a tool of measure of its cannonball shots defines also the reasons there are cycles of history based in the causality, which we shall reveal in those texts. In the graph we see some cyclical processes in the Universe.

We are all beings made of a vital space, enclosed by a membrane of cyclical time… with a central singularity or frame of reference that orders it all…

We are all beings composed of a membrane of time cycles that encloses a vital space of energy, self-centered into a singularity of information, monad or mind, mirror of the external world we order.

Look around you. All what you see is a form with motion. It might be at rest but it will be moving respect to another point of view (ab. Pov), which is moving but feels himself at rest. This is all the whys physicists so far have answered about motion.

All ‘moves’ and doesn’t move.

If we call the state of motion entropy and the state of no-motion, form.

And the combinations of motion and form, ‘momentum’, when taken step by step.

Or when measured in a longer interval, ‘forms in action’ in-form-ations’ if the form dominates.

Or ‘energetic motions’, if the entropy≈motion dominates.

And the whole process of the event we analyze from the initial state of form with no entropy=motion, through the motions of in-form-ation and energy, till its final state back to form, a worldcycle…

We Do have all what we need to explain the rhythms, beats, and timespace events of the Universe.

So if we put then in a series, it is easy to see the sequence of a worldcycle of ‘tao’, of timespace, of ‘exist¡ence’, of ‘science’:

Worldcycle: Form<Motion>Energy>Information>Form<motion… and then we restart again.

Now, the reader might think such series are simple and inconsequential, but when we proper understand the rhythms of creation of minds-mirrors-forms, with it, the modes of creation of species, or the world cycle of life and death, departing of such simple game of ‘three arrows’ of time he might think otherwise:

Indeed, this simple scheme will as we iterate and combine those elements into the myriad of sums and variations that web reality, explain all worldcycles of existence from the worldcycle of life and death, to the worldcycle of evolution of species… In the graph we can see how all systems are born as a see of form, which emerges into a larger scale with maximal entropy-motion, then passes through an age of energy and reproduces, becoming informed till an old age of pure form when again becomes dissolved into an explosion of entropy and motion. In physics this simple scheme gives birth to the states of matter between plasma and nuclear death, in life to the states between the seminal seed that emerges as a child that lives three ages through an entropic youth, an energetic mature, reproductive age and a third age of information that explodes into entropic death, dissolving its structures. Societies suffer the same evolution departing from its founding seed, a memetic prophet and book of revelation, dying in the entropic death caused by the germs of history, weapons and wars… So indeed, all systems follow similar cycles because they are all made of relational space-time.

Let us then first explore in more depth each of those terms and who they combine into worldcyles of ‘ðime’ (cyclical time).

So let us consider the final element of reality to be able to build the whole… the mind that projects and co-exists in those three scales ordering the parts into a whole and helping it through its actions to survive.


‘The logic of Logos, mind of the Universe is of a higher order than man’s’ Saint Augustine

‘God is a supœrganism, with a mind called Logos, and a body, called the Universe’ Plato

Still mappings and its languages of information≈Perception.

In the graph we can see the difference between Newton who THOUGHT the mind of man WAS the entire Universe, hence converting the Cartesian mind graph into the ABSOLUTE BACKGROUND SPACE-TIME that still lingers in science and Descartes who thought it was just of the many minds, possible with different geometries.


All what we have done till now is fair enough but external in its description. It lacks the ultimate evasive question – the will, which creates the ‘world as a representation’ biased by the entity to ‘break’ reality into the outer and inner world, and protect the survival of the inner world with those actions.

In other words, we need a mind able to perceive the whole as a whole separated from the outer world in which it interacts. And this was the understanding that started modern philosophy of science in the work of Descartes.

Descartes  was not a simpleton. He was fully aware that what he had in the mind was not the whole Universe, so he expressly stated the fact, differentiating the ‘world’ of a human mind, from the infinite other worlds that exist outside, establishing in his little known book, the ‘world’, this difference, affirming that his ‘Cartesian Frame of reference’, was only that of the human mind.

So he affirmed that the Universe was the sum of infinite mind-worlds, which did not speak necessarily the same languages, and created the same mappings of reality we humans created.

Descartes was a contemporary of Galileo, and the true founder of modern science with his ‘Method of reasoning’ and the Frame of Reference of the mathematical mind, said that all what exists was made of:

– Open §pace, which he called ‘res extensa’.

– Closed, cyclical ðimes, which he called ‘vortices’.

And then he added a 3rd element, the final stroke of a genius unparalleled since the ðimes of Aristotle; after realizing that the only proof he had of the existence of those vortices and res extensa was, the fact that he perceived them: Cogito Ergo Sum. ‘I think therefore I am’.

– The mind or 0-point, the relative frame of reference that mapped the ∞ cycles of ðime of the Universe, reducing them to a ‘World’, to fit them into the infinitesimal volume of the brain.

ø-mind x ∞-cycles = World: equation of the Linguistic Monad:  ∞ Mind-Worlds in 1 Universe.

The EQUATION OF THE MIND explains the natural tendency of men to be self-centered and consider the world and the Universe around its ego. This is in fact natural to the way the Universe constructs points of view of measure, as still centers of perception, in which the I is bigger than Andromeda Galaxy. But science must account for those distortions of perception. Religions and tribes, nations and castes are NOT scientific points of view. But they do enter the mind of people who do science. And it is important to remember it, because the 5th dimension brings a much bigger jump into objectivity and lack of ego to our vision of the Universe.

Indeed, if information can only be obtained from a fixed point of view, it follows the Universe is made of egos. Or as Aristotle put it, God is the unmovable ‘ego’ that moves all the energy around himself and there are infinite Gods, particles that gauge information, heads that see, minds that smell… This must therefore be included in the next paradigm of science to build an even more objective, less anthropomorphic reality.

Now in 5D,  we have even a larger point of view. As we affirm there are infinite clocks of ðime, and infinite broken §paces and we adopt the point of view of all of them. SINCE THERE ARE ∞ MINDS, gauging information.

This is illustrated in the graph. In the right side we see our Universe, which Descartes affirmed correctly in his book ‘the world’, it was truly the ‘mind of man’ and Kant realized it was a light-mind.

The mind though believes to be the center of the Universe in the ‘ego paradox’ as he sees every thing turning around its infinitesimal point, which hosts inside all the linguistic perception of reality, or ‘world’ IT CONFUSES WITH THE UNIVERSE. So the mind is a fractal point•, but believes to be it all.

Indeed, we summarize the formal and functional differences between entropy limbs, intermediate bodies  and information (minds) in a morphological equation:

Maximal Space-Entropy = Minimal Form=limbs/fields  Vs. Maximal form = Information = Minimal Spatial extension=head

For example, the chip becomes smaller as it evolves into a better brain. Every 2 years it doubles its capacity to think, as it dwindles in size. Such process follows a generic law of evolution I call the ‘Black hole Law’, which computer scientists know as the ‘Chip paradox’ or ‘Moore Law’: maximal informative capacity= minimal spatial extension.

The reason is obvious: to think, to calculate you have to communicate in-form-ation, forms between elements of any informative system. The smaller the brain, the faster the communication that takes place within that brain and the faster you can calculate and process information in a logic manner.

Why we die then must be ascribe to the fact that the whole system is ruled by the informative mind, which therefore determines the arrow of ðime of the Universe towards higher levels of information, till it exhausts and stops all motion into perceptive forms. 

And the sub-events of this type will again be easily classified into mind-mapping events, dominant in the human scale of perception; seed-reproductive events dominant in the lower genetic scales and physical ‘attractive events’ that transform entropy into vortices of ðime, charges and masses dominant in physical events.


‘If you can’t explain it simple, you don’t understand it well’ Einstein, who couldn’t explain it simple (:

Abstract. The first and most important element of the Universe are its dimensions, described mathematically but whose conceptual meaning so far escapes science. We shall thus define first its two fundamental 0) logic=temporal elements 1) geometric=spatial and:

0) The duality of perception of dimensions, either as motion or as distance form (Galilean paradox)

1) The bidimensional nature of all parts of the Universe (holographic principle)

Galilean Paradox: Minds cannot perceive together motion and form.

‘A dimension can be perceived as a distance or a motion but not both together’

The duality of motion-distance is similar to the way we see a car moving in a night picture as a fixed line, or the stop and go duality of a film projector, which is perceived as motion. And it has deep implications, which help to resolve many uncertainties of physics.

The next graph illustrates the 3 main dualities or paradoxes of endophysics (Physics in which the observer’s mind is also accounted for): motion vs. stillness; continuity vs. discontinuity, single §pace vs. fractal scales of spar, all of which depend on the detail of the observation – hence the quantity of information we have on the object we study:


In the graph, Saturn’s rings, first observed by Galileo, seem continuous, still and bidimensional from far away; but observed in detail they become discontinuous in motion and made of 4D spherical particles.

Moreover, what appears as a single ðime§pace continuum in detail becomes at least 3 scales: that of the rings with cyclical motion, of its particles, the rocks that turn within them and the not seen but known scale of atoms that create the solid networks of those rocks.

The ‘present’ state of science deals mainly with the single ðime§pace continuum of the more ‘obvious’ human scale studied in terms of ‘present’=differential motions, ∂t, with minimal latitude of ðime.

Yet because that description is the simplified reduced subjective vision of the human mind, which ‘stops motion’ to fit reality in its smallish brain we must conclude that the ‘real objective Universe’ is made of:

-Dimensional ðime Motions not distances; Scalar Spaces, broken and discontinuous (ab.§) not single §pace continuum; and cyclical in form ‘ðime§paces’, not lineal (as we have proved previously).

A secondary mathematical proof of the cyclical nature of all ‘worldlines’ that become world cycles is ALSO perceptive; in a larger view a flat surface becomes curved, as your vision of the flat Earth becomes a ‘curved’ geodesic of the round EARTH.

The Dualities of the Paradox of Galileo – ‘why if the Earth moves, we see it still’ – are the key questions to understand the meaning of dimensions, which can be generalized to all forms:

‘While we see reality still and continuous, all what we study in the quantum or detailed scale has discontinuities and motion’; while we see reality flat, in a larger view all has curvature; while we see reality in a single scale, ∆º, with the proper instruments all systems co-exist at least in three scales, ∆ø±1.

BUT AS HuMinds (ab. human minds), can logically understand those dualities, its first perception is always one-dimensional, so most ‘simplex’ views seem more real and much of the history of thought consists on individuals whose ego perceives one side of it only as real, fighting to impose it, unable to grasp’ ‘complementarity, coincidentia oppositorum’. 

The answer-  given by quantum physics that we expand to all scales – is the law of complementarity: ‘all what exists is still and has motion at the same ðime; all is a ‘fixed particle’ and a ‘moving wave’, but we perceive a limited quantity of information about reality – either state, but not both dual, complementary states, a motion state and a still state, together.

The principle of relativity of motion and form thus has taken 400 years to be understood hardly… Since Galileo did not give the right answer: The EARTH moves and doesn’t move at the same ðime.  

This duality implies difficult choices of wording as one-dimensional huminds reject ambiguity embedded in reality. We shall in principle consider the word ‘dimension’ for both ðime and §pace:

– All states of relative motion ‘ðime states’ or ‘ðime ages’. And call its study diachronic studies.

– All states of relative form ‘§pace topologies’ or ‘§pace organs’. And call its study synchronic studies.

And so conclude that ðime has three dimensions≈ages≈functions symmetric to the three dimensions≈forms of §pace.

Let us see how those three dimensions of ðime and three of §pace appear now, being aware it is impossible not to handle a certain ambiguity in the terminology dragged for millennia of misunderstanding those words; starting from the simple truth that from 1 ðime§pace comes two ðime and §pace, and from two comes three. So we start with two, focusing now in the ‘form of ðime cycles and planes of lineal §pace’.

1.Holographic principle. Bidimensional ðime (information with motion) and entropy (§pace with motion) 

‘Simplicity is genius’ ; ‘Saper vedere’.   Leonardo on the topology of life and its harmonious forms

‘Coincidentia opositorum’ Cusa, on the fundamental dialectic dualist logic of the Universe, which constantly brings the opposite properties of ‘Lineal entropy’ and ‘closed information’ into Complementary Spaceðime energy beings.

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 00.20.15


In topological terms, there is lesser ambiguity:

Time clocks are always cyclical and related to information stored in the frequency and form of those cycles, as the circle or the sphere in three dimensions are the forms which store more form with less surface. On the other hand §pace is lineal, with less dimensional forms of information, and more extension in §pace, as the line is the shortest distance between two points a an b. A circle thus made of a simple rotating radius is a clock and traces a external membrane, which can be seen still as a whole or a point moving. It thus have a dimension more than its ‘spatial state’, moving between A and B. We shall call the ‘function of a point or line as a circle’, an informative function, and the function of a line as a pure motion in §pace an entropic function. In the graph, left, the simplest form in existence in the Universe, we can ‘perceive’ is a form with motion (all what you see is indeed forms with motions); a line limb/field of entropy, moving a head/particle of information.

And two logic immediate properties of the nature of those two elements combined or disjoined are:

  1. The inverse properties of spatial entropy and temporal information, its fundamental logic property. In graph, the inverse function between Spatial, entropic expansion and Temporal, informative Implosion has infinite manifestations and can be defined by a simple equation of inverted ‘hyperbolic’ nature: ð=1/S. As we defined  cyclical ðime the inverse of Lineal Time , ƒ=1/t, it follows that physicists ‘Lineal Time ‘ is indeed lineal §pace with motion, hence the discovery latter on that Lineal Time is a dimension of §pace (Einstein). 
  2. The fact that one can be transformed into the other, which is essential for the dynamic nature of the Universe. So we define a first simple ‘Generator equation’ of ðime§pace beings:

Γst.                              Spe (entropic §pace) < ≈ > Tiƒ (Temporal information)

And call the combinative state ðime§pace momentum, whose ‘integral’ (in physics, extended soon to all systems) is called Energy, the ‘third element’ of reality: Sp-entropy > St-Energy < T-information

Whereas the intuitive symbols of ‘expansion’ < and ‘implosion’ > indicate that TO TRANSFORM one into the other, through an intermediate ‘momentum-energy state’, entropy must shrink into information, Spe>Tiƒ or information must expand into entropy, Tiƒ<Spe.

We can now ad to this ternary ‘topological’ discovery, the ‘duality’ of motions vs. distances-forms, to fully define ðime, form, §pace, entropy, energy and information.

Trinity: E x I = ST-beings of energy

‘From 1 (the yang-line of entropy) comes 2 (the yin sphere of form), from 2 comes 3 (the yin-yang energetic being), from 3 come the ∞ beings’ Cheng Tzu

We made a huge first statement – that entropy is expansive §pace and information is stored in ðime clocks, just ‘seen’ with different ‘quantity of motion’. Time is form in motion. Space is static entropy.

Yet to fully grasp the interaction of those 2 arrows, we need to explain another fundamental law of the Universe, which puzzles scientists for decades – the holographic Principle – that is, the fact that information is bidimensional, as in the ‘tall, flat screen or paper you are reading’.

Look back at the previous graph. What is the main difference between lineal and cyclical ðime? Obviously that cyclical ðime is bidimensional and it carries ‘form’, information both in its form and the frequency of its cycles. So the holographic principle becomes solved by accepting cyclical ðime.

Yet if ðime has the dimension of height to complete a circle, we must re-define the classic 4 dimensions of ðime§pace, as 2 dominant in Ðime§pace, height and length, which creates a bidimensional circle (to which ad the frequency of the cycle, or pure dimension of ðime), and those dominate in ðime§pace, which has now 2 dimensions, length and width.

And so because only beings with the same number of dimensions can transform into each other, we just have discovered an important conundrum of modern physics – how the Universe is built through the…

The Universe is made of two substances spatial entropy and informative ðime cycles/clocks. We can see it with motion as entropy and ðime or as fixed forms, as §pace and form. We can see it as a single reality, as §pace and ðime, or as a multiple quanta, as entropy≈expansive motion and imploding form.

The exact definitions of reality are thus in terms of two poles, absolute lineal §pace seen as distance and absolute form:

Pure Space-distance (not perceivable) with motion (entropy) < Max. entropy-§pace x Min. Form (energy) + Max. Form with Min. §pace-entropy (Information) > Pure ðime-form (cyclical)

Since pure distance-§pace (vacuum) has no form and it is not perceivable, and pure form (cyclical, inward clocks) do NOT communicate with us and cannot be perceived. So those two limits when combined gives us energy (dominant in motion but with form to be perceived) and information (dominant in form but with motion to be perceived).

Thus the CONSTANT AMBIGUITY in normal and scientific discourse, which confuses entropy and energy on one side and form and information. We can’t escape that ambiguity so we often confuse terms entropy and energy and form and information but we will try to BE PRECISE, when writing equations or explaining fundamental facts.

SO WE TRY TO DIFFERENCIATE ENTROPY AND ENERGY, and CALL FORM, in/form/ation, as here the ambiguity is far more entrenched in the normal discourse, so when we highlight form, we use ƒ and in/form/ation.

For example in E=mc²; E is e, entropy not Energy; m is ðime, an inward vortex of gravitational forces (principle of equivalence of acceleration and mass), and the energy is c x c a wave of light ðime§pace, whose hyperbolic form is in fact a combination of the cyclical mass form and the lineal, expansive entropy of the explosion.

For example, in ‘colour codes’ used by minds to differentiate the four terms, blue is the colour of pure form, red the colour of pure entropy, and its combinations are green the reproductive colour of information with more form and yellow, the colour of energy with more motion. And so the brain classifies reality with those two extreme and two intermediate colors, and we shall observe that all mind-languages are combinations of those four elements.

Some languages are simpler, and then we have the two unperceived limits, black of form, white of entropy and combined greys. Words also have:

Form-subject (human) < energetic-informative verb or ‘action’-momentum: e x i > Entropy of subject (object ab=used by the subject).

Since existence is a game of those 2, 3, 4 elements/dimensions of reality. So we define a conceptual acronym, the ‘Function of existence’:

Entropy x form = energy + Information

But in a license of the inherent ambiguity of those terms we write: e x i = st   entropy x Information = ðime§pace Momentum (integrated for a long period as Energy).

To exist is thus to combine entropy-motions and in-form-ation, form,  in a series of actions of existence, pure motions, energy feedings, perception of forms, communication of information, reproduction of both, social evolution with other forms through ‘ties’, which are flows of sharing of those elements…

Do not be scare by the ambiguity of terms, try just to realize the deep connections between them at a topo-logic level of form and function and when you are familiar you will learn to see reality in a much deeper way. To help we shall consider a simplified graphic of the two poles, temporal form and lineal entropy, and its energy-information combinations.

I apologize because I tend to use in-form-ation instead of form, very often as my texts of 30 years of lonely research started with the simplified model of energy and information (as that is what we perceive)

It is important though to be precise when using those terms in equations and detailed descriptions of beings and its events. So the first question is how can we measure those terms? Even if we don’t perceive. Alas! the Universe is wise and has given us ‘parameters to measure’:

PURE §pace can be measure as DISTANCE and size, S. Pure form can be measured by the frequency of the cycles of the form-clock, ƒ, which in turn becomes perceivable externally as ‘density’, ‘inertia’, ‘mass’ and similar terms for each scale.

Once those dualities are understood, we can compare the properties of both, spatial entropy>energy and temporal form< information, observing the inversion of its qualities and yet, in as much as both have the same number of dimensions, energy and information can transform one into the other by transmuting those properties:

Time cycles, Tƒ                    Vs X       Entropic Space, ΣEs            ≈ST-momentum-actions- energetic information

Time-clocks: O-form           Vs.        Space motion: Lineal        ≈ waves

Small, still                             Vs.       Large,  moving fast      ≈   Open curves

Tall, Perpendicular                     Vs.             Long, Parallel   ≈  wide, intersecting

Hierarchical  Order                           Vs.           Democratic chaos-freedom

Bidimensional Height                Vs.            Bidimensional Length  ≈ tri-dimensional entity

Cyclical, Rotation, imploding     Vs.            Lineal, uncoiling, exploding   = beating rhythm

Informative Frequency         Vs.             Lineal Speed                        = momentum

Broken  form                           Vs.               Continuous, differentiable

Intelligent, perceptive             Vs.                   Strong, fast.   =        energetic top predator

Social, organic, creative              Vs.           Darwinian, destructive behaviour   =

Future, logic path              Vs.            Past, trailing motion

Life arrow                                Vs.                      Death arrow.     = existential world cycle

Waves of §pace                      Vs.                     Particles of Time

Female, yin principle             Vs.               Male, yang principle   = reproduced child

Masses, charges                  Vs.                       Forces, fields       = energy

Heads  & senses                     Vs.                    Limbs               =  Bodies.

The formal=functional differences between entropy and information (organs) is a duality – the ‘Black hole Law’:

Limbs/fields of Maximal Space=Entropy x  Min. Form Vs.Max. speed of Information=Minimal Spatial extension= heads & particles

For example, as the chip becomes smaller halving its size every 2 years it doubles its capacity to process information (‘Moore’s Law) The reason is obvious: to think, to calculate you have to communicate in-form-ation, forms between elements of any informative system. The smaller the brain, the faster communication takes place within that brain and the faster it calculates and processes information in a logic manner.

The perfect form of spatial entropy is the straight line in movement – the shortest, faster trajectory between 2 points of §pace – and its society, the plane. The perfect form of temporal information is the circle and its society, the sphere, which keeps the maximal information in minimal §pace. Both, combined, inverse forms shape the hyperbolic, wave-like, energetic body-waves that connect lineal limbs/fields and cyclical, informative, memorial minds to become the ternary, complementary forms of all organic systems.

Thus We are all topological assemblies of:

– Bidimensional planes, which store maximal entropy-§pace and

– Spherical cycles, which store maximal information in minimal §pace.

-Connected through hyperbolic energetic wave-bodies that reproduce both

We can differentiate them by form, as §pace and entropy are lineal or planar surfaces and ðime and in/form/ation are cyclical. And we can see it together into beings,  the simplest of which is an action of light, ext=k. And this simple duality structures all beings of the Universe. So we are made of cyclical heads and lineal limbs. Weapons are lines that release entropy. Informative machines are cyclical, and all physical systems are made of lineal forces and cyclical particles of information.

Creation of topological, functional, ‘organic’ ðime§pace beings.
‘Shiva≈Yang≈entropy+Visnu≈Yin-formation combine to iterate in energy waves the 10.000 beings≈hairs of Brahma”                            Eastern philosophies, on the 3 arrows of ðime§paœ and its ∞ ∆-scales of

In the graphs, the three arrows of ðime as choices of future, which each system compound in simultaneous §pace of organs that perform the three arrows-functions, entropy, reproduction and information. What they mean is simple: systems can always choose to use one of the three arrows and perform functions with its symmetric organs. So you can move with your entropic limbs, you can reproduce yourself with your body, or reproduce your cells with the food you eat, or you can think, perceive, inform yourself, guide the system with your head.  The graph shows some of the astounding variations of this simple theme, from the three ages of life each one dominant in a young-entropic, mature-reproductive, old-informative arrow, to the complementarity particle-wave of quantum physics moving over an entropic field, to the three horizons of evolution of organisms, which mimic the ages of the individual species; as they grow in information towards a third age; will become the fundamental cause and explanation of most events of reality, which is ‘simple, (iterative) and not malicious’ (Einstein). Since from 1, ðime comes 2, ðime and §pace, yin and yang, and from 2 comes 3 – the 3 arrows of ðime and its 3 topological symmetries in §pace – and from 3 the ∞ beings.

In the graph, relative, local Past-Entropy and future-information, | and 0 combine for any system finite in §pace and ðime duration, into infinite fractal Ø-beings with a body-wave ‘momentum’; integrated along the whole world cycle of its exi=st¡ence into energy, which is conserved as a zero sum, when the cycle is closed.

This simple conceptual sentence resumes the interaction of the 3 arrows of ðime in physics, upgrading conceptually the conservation principles and Noether’s theorem (awesome math, blurred thought, as usual in humans without the right understanding of the 3 arrows of ðime).

All systems can be described by a single generator equation of its three symmetries of scalar ðime§pace:

Γ.           ∆-1 Spe: Space-entropy-Past-motion ≤ ∆ ST: Present, Momentum=∂ Energy ≥ ∆+1 Tƒi: Form-Mind.

The synchronicity of the 3 elements of the being.

When we say ‘I don’t have ðime and energy to do this’, we really mean it. Since we do not exist in a ðime§pace background frame of reference. We are made, as Leibniz explained, of the vital §pace our bodies occupy, which has energy, is moved by its entropic lineal limbs, and last a finite ðime, our world cycle of life and death, related in its duration to the speed at which our brain processes information, with the three elements coordinated by a single internal clock – a second in the human case, the ðime of a step, a beat of the heart and a thought of the mind.

Yet the reader might be surprised to learn that the realist Broglie-Einstein-Bohm model of quantum physics is based in the hypothesis of an internal synchronous clock between the particle state, the wave state an the ‘field’ through which the physical system travels.

So the first and fundamental truth of a whole regarding its three parts is that they are synchronized in ðime to be able to work together as a whole, different from the infinite other ðime-clocks of the Universe. Which brings interesting consequences when we consider the synchronicity of ðime clocks for the whole Universal organism, and gives at that ‘scale’, meaning to the synchronicity of light speed of information for the whole galaxy (Einstein’s relativity).

We conclude that we are made of ðime§pace as everything else in the Universe, and this is the first ‘isomorphic law’ (equal form) that makes us like all other fractal ðime§pace beings.

There is not two without three so to fully describe reality we must account for the one, entropy=motion, its form and its combination the third, intermediate body-wave momentum/energy, which is the main part of the being. Only then we can assembly systems which will have a tiƒ singularity center that process the information and commands a system with a an intermediate body-wave, surrounded by a cyclical membrane that encloses it.

All beings of reality are indeed made of lineal entropic limbs/fields, the geometry that moves faster, and spherical particles/heads of information, the ‘volume that stores more form in lesser §pace’, joined by body-waves of hyperbolic energy, which combine and iterate both.

The Universe is a ðime§pace fractal that combines two arrows of ðime, relative past entropy=motion and relative future information=dimensional form, to reproduce=iterate complex, ‘present’ energetic beings, which are ‘present forms’ as they do not seem to change.

We thus define three ‘fractal’, broken arrows of ðime:

Entropic, planar lineal spatial motions (as lines are extensive, fastest distances between 2 points) that form the limbs/planes of all systems.

Spherical particles/heads of information, as the sphere is the topology that stores more information on lesser §pace.

Both have inverse properties: particles/heads last longer; have forms of cyclical ðime clocks. And so we say they are ðime-like, as opposed to entropic, brief, extended §pace-like fields/limbs; which merge into:

– Complementary, hyperbolic ðime§pace body waves with momentum that fusion both type of properties and iterate the system, in a relative, dynamic present.

Yet as there are only three topological varieties of §pace, there are no more forms/functions of ðime§pace. Hence the existence of a fundamental symmetry in reality between the three arrows of ðime and the three topologies (and dimensions) of §pace.

FURTHER ON WHEN WE AD THE GALILEAN PARADOX  we observe the three arrows of ðime becoming, three organs of §pace.

And this symmetry between functions in ðime and forms in §pace, is the fundamental symmetry of the Universe.

Time indeed has 3 arrows:

|-Spe: Entropy, which we define in a more inclusive form as ‘expansive disorder in §pace’ (as in a big-bang in a dissolving death, in a fast, lineal motion), which is the only one treated formally by physics, as they have been in the business of making ‘entropic weapons’ and ‘heat machines’ for so long, it was the first arrow they came across.

O-Tiƒ: Information, defined loosely by Darwin in his theory of evolution of ‘form’, of in-form-ation, differently than ITS definition in physics, by Shannon, constrained by the dogma of entropy to analyze only its transmission through lineal waves, NOT its formal, Dimensional CONTENT, which is what in-form-ation means. Information is the more complex of the three arrows of ðime, directly related to the ‘mind mappings’ of reality by ‘singularity points’, using languages, which are logic, cyclical mirrors of the external world. And so its understanding, which is the essential element to explain the whys of reality, being difficult to observe – as it is processed inside the singularity systems of the Universe – languishes in modern, experimental science without a philosophical logic understanding of it.

Time is cyclical and it has as all ‘π-cycles’, 3 ‘diametrical’ ages/dimensions that complete a world cycle. The 2 obvious, diametric opposed elements are entropy and information, whose opposite properties combine to give birth to:

Ø-ST: Finally its combination, Speed and its derived concepts of momentum and energy; which physicists do not know what truly is, as it happens all over in all systems of nature, too many to have a clear concept of it but of which we have a formula: motion of a mass, of a form; hence combination of entropy and information. We shall with the usual custom of a new theory that reforms slightly the symbols of previous models, use often the Eel symbol for a world cycle of conservative energy, in which a system after going through the 3 ages of a world cycle of ðime§pace, which includes a reproductive cycle, often in the middle (not the end of the system), repeats the same ‘present’ existence.


Notation. GST.œ establishes a slightly different notation to signify the slight changes of concepts from the simplex, abstract, lineal models of absolute ðime§pace to the organic cyclical models. Some basic wording:

GST.œ puts together ‘General Systems Theory (Gst)’, the philosophy of science of the organic Universe; T.O.E. ‘the Theory of Everything’, the abstract philosophy of science of physics; and Γst, the Generator Equation of all Fractal cyclical Space ðime systems, the equivalent in 5D ðime§pace, to E.F.E. (Einstein’s field equations in 4D). ∆º±i for the fifth dimension, with ±i as the relative scales around º, the observers’ ‘point of view’.

œ, ab. for ðime§pace supœrganism (contraction of superorganism). Sciences, stienœs (of organic ðime§pace beings). Cyclical ðime, ∏ime, πime, or ðime, to show its cyclical form. Space §pace to show its fractal scalar nature. ∏ime§pace (read ðimes §paces) to stress its fractal multiple nature.



∆st: ‘Grow and multiply’ Genesis, on the arrows of reproduction and social evolution.

∆+1:   ‘Love each other as I have loved you’

Jesus, on the actions of sharing that evolve a group of identical believers into a social god in a higher plane of existence   

: ‘A human being is part of a whole, called by us the Universe, a part limited in ðime and §pace. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings, as something separated from the rest–a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circles of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.’    Einstein, on the relationship between human dust of ðime§pace and the whole organic Universe.

∆ºSt: Of the 12 Kantian categories, Schopenhauer rejects 11 as redundant, and retains only causality. He then discusses the a priori nature of ðime, §pace and its causality, the 3 innate functions of all monads (mind-mirrors).

Introduction to Schopenhauer “On the Fourfold Root of the Principle of Sufficient Reason’ (∆-causality, ºMind, Space &Time)

The metric equation of the fifth dimension. Spe operandi Tiƒ = Constant.

To make things more fun and complex, reality has added one more structural feature to reality, its scalar, fractal structure in smaller parts, we shall call ‘fractal points’  that organize through networks into larger forms we shall call wholes. So there is a fourth form of change: the social evolution of groups of fractal points into larger sizes and its dissolution or ‘death’ back to its smaller parts: ∆º±1

And that is all what is needed to explain the fractal, organic Universe of ∞ ðime§pace beings in perpetual, repetitive cyclical change.

The integration of all sciences under similar laws is the goal of Philosophy of Science achieved by the organic, fractal models of Systems Sciences or Complexity (ab. GST: General Systems Theory ), which considers a ‘scalar ðime§pace’ Universe in which each science studies a different scale of size in §pace, and speed of ðime of the Universe, which form together a new, 5th dimension of ðime§pace, whose metric equation, S x T = C, defines two inverse arrows of ‘ðime’, entropy and information:

In graph, the 3 main scales of the 5th dimension, with its changing speeds of ðime clocks (to) and §pace (Se), which remain co-invariant: S x T = k.

Since according to Klein’s definition, “a geometry is the study of the invariant properties of a ðime§pace, under transformations (read motions) within itself.”

And so for a 5th scalar dimension to exist, it is required to find a co-invariant equation of §pace and ðime parameters that do not vary as we ‘move’ through it. It is then easy to prove the existence of a 5th ðime§pace dimension with a simple ‘metric equation’: S x T = C, where S is the Spatial size (Spe) of the system related to its entropy content; T is the speed of the cyclical clocks of ðime of that scale of size, which carry the information of the system in the form and frequency of those cycles. And C is the constant, which balances any ðime§pace system, making possible its existence.

Such systems have an organic symbiotic, feed-back nature, as smaller cellular/atomic/memetic parts store more information in its faster ðime clocks, so they code and reproduce the larger whole (particles reproduce other particles and form atoms, with quantum information; genes reproduce cells and super organisms, and individual humans reproduce memes that create social super organisms). On the other hand the whole synchronises with its larger size-motions the whole parts, moving them together. Since there is no loss of information reproducing information from the lower to the upper scale, and no loss of entropy moving wholes synchronically. So the differences between both arrows make cells and wholes, atoms and matter, individuals and societies co-exist and synchronise and work together in an organic NOT a mechanical manner.


All this said of course, in science we must ‘give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar’ and so a simple principle applies to any expansion of sound theories as quantum physics and relativity but not Newtonian absolute ðime§pace are, understanding the…

Difference between right, limited theories, and wrong ones.

Correspondence Principle: new theories include old ones as partial cases of a larger worldview: quantum expanded our continuous simple view adding a discrete, discontinuous view, with more information on the lower scales of reality.

Since if we call all those scales of relative size and quantity of information, the fifth dimension we shall find a simple metric equation:

Spe (entropic size in §pace) x Tƒi (information content ) = ∆i (constant for any i-scale).

So smaller systems have more information, and code larger systems (genes code bodies, memes societies, quantum particles atoms). We shall expand further our knowledge of the similar laws of those scales each one studied by a science and to that aim we must introduce the interaction between the two arrows of ðime entropy and information, and its combinations of ‘energy momentum’.

General systems Theory (Ab. GST) is the alternative philosophy of ‘stience’, (ab. ðime§pace science) to the original model developed in the XVII around Newton’s concept of a single absolute, ‘Lineal Time clock’ and a single ðime§pace continuum.

It follows obviously the principle of correspondence, according to which a new theory must agree with the old one within its limits. In the graph example, quantum physics expands the continuum  to the discrete, more detailed, informative dense world of smaller particles. While on the right side, GST makes an even larger expansion of our knowledge of the fractal, organic scales of the Universe, expanding the limits of present ðime§pace science that applies only to the ðime§pace continuum scale of ‘human size and beyond (Einstein’s relativity) to craft a theory of ðime§pace that applies to all other scales of Nature and all other disciplines of science.

Yet if we restrict the model to a single ðime§pace scale, needless to say we do not need the study of 5D metric equations and the model becomes a 4D ðime§pace continuum.

It is then only needed some conceptual new interpretations, which we make in the fourth, specialised line of this blog, both in Special relativity, regarding the ‘unproved postulates’ of c-speed as the limit of speeds in the Universe, which now only applies within the limits of the scale of a galaxy, whose underlying ðime§pace is light (background radiation); while in general relativity we must understand gravitation under the strong principle of equivalence – as an accelerated vortex of ðime§pace, or arrow of future ðime in terms of the three arrows of ðime§pace:

In the graph, both masses and charges are accelerated vortices of ðime, of growing future in-form-ation of the gravitational and quantum scale, which easily allow us to unify both scales with the metric equations of the fifth dimension – the so much seeked after equation of unification of charges and masses, a trivial result in 5D metric.  

HENCE the definition of masses and charges as accelerated vortices of informative ðime, carried in the frequency and form of its cycles, clearly explains physical systems also as ternary systems of dominant Tiƒ<st-wave>Spe-ntropy fields, whose fundamental equation: Entropy field of radiation<cc-wave of energy> Tiƒ: mass singularity, was defined by Einstein: e=mc².

And this gives us a nice equation of Mass as proportional to the frequency of the vortex of form from the two most important equations of quantum and relativity: E=hƒ + E=mcc  m=h/cc ƒ = K ƒ. So mass is an accelerated clock of ðime§pace, whose frequency defines, as we cannot perceive it directly, its resistance to motion, and attractive power, as a macrocosmic hurricane will do.

This though is ‘advanced GST theory’ applied to physics. SO WE SHALL leave it like that, in a graph that shows a ðime clock accelerating inwards, a mass of the cosmological scale, a charge of the quantum scale and a fractal hurricane…

Thus  even in a single plane we need to ad the ill-understood arrow of information or else we cannot explain any change in ðime more complex than the simplex measure in 4D models of ‘motions and translations in §pace’. As motions=changes in form, from evolutionary models of ðime in biology to the growing arrow of information in history and economics.

So we must differentiate, from previous errors what is right and ‘gives correct results’ (quantum, relativity, etc.) which we will merely consider a limit of the larger view of GST, from what is wrong and gives wrong results (the theory that reality has a single ðime arrow of expanding motion and entropy, which must ad the arrow of information and correct the wrong models built with a single arrow). I.e.

And to do so, it expands the concept of the single arrow of ðime, used today in physics – that of entropy≈death – the arrow of disordered expansion in §pace, proper of electromagnetism and thermodynamics; to embrace also the arrow of information, with opposite properties that implodes §pace, more proper of biological and historic and gravitational studies. For example in cosmology, the restricted use of a single entropy arrow affirms the universe will expand and die because §pace between galaxies expands as we perceive only light moving between galaxies. Yet when we ad the arrow of gravitational information, which collapses §pace into mass (‘ðime curves §pace into mass’, Einstein) which physicists astoundingly under the dogma of a single ðime§pace continuum, dismiss in their calculus of the expansion of the Universe, galaxies implode §pace on its star plane and expand it on its perpendicular perceived central black hole plane, and both balance the Universe.

That is indeed the key word of all the models generated by the use of the two arrows of ðime§pace, entropy and information and its ∞ energetic combinations of momentum, which the Universe conserves: an eternal balance. Hence duality of entropy and information and then the trinity of ðime arrows, as we ad its ‘momentum/energy combinations’. becomes the philosophy of science that expands the limit of reality, beyond the restricted models of earlier science based in entropy and continuity.


It follows easily that the full understanding of the properties of those 2 arrows of ðime, entropy and information, and its inverse qualities can be applied to any system of nature, regardless of scale-science, and define the ‘unity’ of all systems and scales, which form together a fractal, scalar Universe of parts that become whole, thanks to those properties, shown in the next graph:

The fifth dimension of scalar ðime§pace coupled with the three relative arrows of ðime, past entropy, future information, and its present energetic combinations, are the ‘foundational principles’ of the organic models of the fractal Universe which tends to evolve groups into tighter herds and super organisms with higher ‘social forms’ in the scales of the fifth dimension – as they survive better into the future, making the scalar dimension the absolute dimension of ðime of the Universe. Since  as Einstein put it, the ‘separation between the past, present and future is an illusion, given the fact that death ‘erases’ all the gains of information of any system of the Universe.

Indeed, all biological systems become a zero sum as the world cycle of informative life and entropic death erases them back to the past.

And all physical systems, do the same according to Einstein’s equation, e=mc²: which must be read in terms of the three arrows as:

Past entropic big bang ≤Present, constant ðime§pace light wave≥ future mass vortex of information.

So only the absolute arrow of the fifth dimension is an arrow of future ðime as:

  1. Whole systems survive better in the future than parts.
  2. For a new scale of the fifth dimension to exist, parts must come first, so wholes are into the future of its parts
  3. A whole has more information, as it adds to that of its parts, the systems of the whole, so it is in the relative future of information.

In the graph, we see how all systems form wholes departing from networks, creating fractal organisms in all sciences, in the left we see how a 5th dimension is created growing from a tighter organisation (boson state of matter).

In the previous very synoptic graphs we have resumed some key elements of General Systems Sciences, the organic philosophy of the Universe that explains all species and all sciences departing from some basic principles about the nature of §pace, ðime and causality (what philosophers since Kant call the Principle of Sufficient Grounds; ðime, §pace and causality).

It seemed needed to give you some ‘food for thought’, before we criticise what today passes as ‘The philosophy of science’,mostly, the ‘selfie’ agenda of physicists about the nature of the whole, departing from its restricted discipline, based in a false assumption – that the smaller scales of the Universe matter more because there is a hierarchical organisation on those scales, and so we can extract laws from smaller matter that will define all other sciences. This is a wrong concept of causality, whose origin is merely the selfie ego-paradox soon to be analysed of all beings, in this case physicists who think their science matters more than all others and so have concocted theories accordingly to their lineal concept of ðime (big bang theory of reality) and scale they study (Philosophy of science according to which the ‘saint grail’ of knowledge is to probe further in uncertain, not perceived scales, the positive is truth: as all scales are equally valid, far removed scales show uncertainty of perception and deformation of our ∆º view – such as dark entropy in larger scales and imprecision of measure in small ones). None of those scales is different, all are relative and all of them apply the same laws and principles which therefore must come not from a single discipline but from the effort of unifying them all with a higher language underlying them, which is the language of cyclical ðime, fractal §pace, and the organic systems they create.

All this said, the reader should notice the main feature of co-invariant scales is that from the human point of view, the perception of entropy and information differ when we look downwards (we see more information) and laterally (we see more entropy) and upwards (we see more motion):

-Tiƒ: Smaller §pace-scales have faster ðime cycles that encode the information of the Universe in the form and frequency of its cycles.

-Spe:Bigger wholes that deliver synchronous motions to those lower scales that deliver ‘quantum, genetic or memetic information’ (physical, biological and social systems), become symbiotic, as ‘parts’ and wholes that co-exist in a single ‘supœrganism’, the ‘abbreviated’ name we shall give to the fundamental particle-being of the Universe: a system made of limbs/fields of entropy=motion and heads/particles with form, which combine into ‘body-waves’ of energy, and co-exist in at least 3 scales of size from the point of view of its central scale as a being.

And this happens, because the universe of scales of ðime§pace has an astoundingly simple but profound metric equation: S x T = K, MEANING that from larger wholes to smaller parts it moves synchronically, and from smaller parts to larger wholes, it codes information. And together in symbiosis the information of smaller faster systems and the motion of larger, stronger wholes, create a present being, a body-wave of energy.

So the most important dynamic element of the fifth dimension is the ‘inverse’ arrows of entropy and information of the lower graph. And the fact that smaller beings are better with information, more intelligent and larger beings, stronger with more capacity to move larger wholes:

Smaller systems run faster metabolic and informative cycles and so accumulate more information in the frequency and form of its cycles. And they code larger systems: particles code molecules, genes organisms and memes societies, because their smaller carriers are faster.

And vice versa: larger wholes accumulate more  entropy and are stronger than parts, so they can protect and feed them. So wholes and parts co-exist in several scales forming super organisms.

For example, a fly thinks 10 ðimes faster (the scale is decametric), and so you cannot catch it with your slower larger being and it can co-exist:

5D METRIC defines the co-existence of all systems of the Universe, and explains why they form together super organisms.

The mathematical Universe IS perceptive and social.


A fundamental truth of the Universe is the existence of singularities that order physical, biological an social systems, except when they are in a free, chaotic state of maximal entropy, which cannot produce order. Thus the concept of physicists of a single ðime arrow is only valid for entropic gaseous states, and their idea that such states must be ‘extended’ to all realities, the most absurd hyperbolic statement of science ever, due to the deformation of its worldly profession as makers of motion machines and entropic weapons. That 150 years after this concept became dogma in military Germany, XIX c. scientists still revere the concept of an entropic dying Universe tells much more about the fundamental ‘believer≈memorial=reproductive arrow’ of human minds, in accordance with the present-reproductive Nature of reality, which is ‘conservative’ than about the ternary structure of the real Universe. In the graph, without Singularities of order, neither mathematics, not solid physics, or biology would make any sense. Only gas in which indeed there is not Maxwellian demons, except when the outside membrane is designed to reorder through a distorted potential field, the molecules of the gaseous system.

In the graphs, the translation of the fifth dimension to life systems and true non-entropic pyramids of human actions, which always have had as artists and ethic writers have better understood an upper ontological level of highest satisfaction in the social communion with the rest of mankind or with the Universe, (origin of the concepts of God in western anthropomorphic religions – read God=human super organism – and eastern Taoist-Buddhist- Hinduist ones= God as universal super organism).

And such systems do have always a ‘self-centered Tiƒ singularity or point of order, which is the Maxwellian demon lost in pure gaseous states, fields and limbs of entropy. It is only because physicists deny the ordering capacity of singularities, also in physics – accelerated vortices of mass, charge in the quantum scale; black holes in the galactic scale; crystals in the thermodynamic scale – that an entropy only Universe can make sense. But this is called reductionism in physics, censorship in social sciences – but at least accepted in biology or else we would have also to admit the brainless nature of mankind (well that might be the case, but only mankind, you know ‘two things a consider infinite the stupidity of man and the Universe, my beloved predecessor in this business of dimensional upgrading, Mr. Einstein 🙂

In that regard, both Leibniz and Descartes, the founders of philosophy of science, both understood as we shall see in detail on those pages, the need for a ‘mental universe’ if mathematics was really the language that better reflected the Universe. Indeed, since mathematics has three disciplines, geometry, which is based in  frames of references that act as mind-monads, mirroring reality and Algebra based, in social numbers  which are indistinguishable groups of similar individuals that come together as a whole ‘3’, ’10’ and finally ∆nalysis which studies the ‘social scales’ of the Universe, as parts become wholes, each scale studied by a science, from societies of particles and forces called atoms, to societies of atoms called molecules, evolved into state of matter and life beings, evolved into super organisms and planetary ecosystems, gathered around stars, socially evolved into galaxies; the very existence of mathematics precludes the existence of a ‘social, scalar, organic, sentient Universe’.

So finite vital §paces gathered around a frame of reference; the three ðime arrows of entropy, information and its energy combinations, and social organic scales that evolve parts into wholes, are the ultimate properties of all fractal beings of reality made to the image and likeness of the whole. The previous graphs of the fifth dimension, and its ‘physical, biological and socio-economical supœrganisms thus show those scales, each one studied by a science, where in each scale, a self-centered mind, pov, will co-exist as a whole with its relative lower ∆-1 cellular/atomic, and relative upper ∆+1 social world/gravitational, universal scale.

Thus while we could do as current science does an external analysis of the fractal, informative Universe in pure abstract terms, to understand the whys of order, the will of survival of species and the constancy of forms that self-reproduce as all fractals do through its generator, ∆ºst particular equations, to explain why ‘mathematical ðime§pace beings’ do follow mathematical laws, embedded in those frames of reference, we need at the centre of each being, a mind-mirror that perceives automatically, processes and reflects in ‘inverse order’, the Universe; which is exactly what mathematical systems do, as they are always self-centered in a frame of reference or pºv; and always study social numbers, whose fundamental operandi are scalar polynomials and its scalar ∫∂ calculus.

In the graph, the same ternary structure happens in biological systems (and through the class structure in social ones, escaped for most of the blog, to simplify and due to the fact we have another blog dedicated to them).

Let us then define with those simple principles of existential beings its most important equation… the…


‘To be or not to be, that is the question’  Shakespeare, on the function of ðime§pace existence.

“For you are ∆ºst (of ðime§pace). And to ∇ûst you shall return.” Genesis, on the world cycle of ðime§pace existence.

‘ΓºΔ is the seer of ðime’ Saint Augustine; on the program of ðime§pace existence.

‘ðime§pace Energy is conserved in all zero-sum ωorldcycles between birth and extinction in which a ðime§pace being trans-forms back and forth its entropy into information: Eω≈∫exi=st‘. Principle of Conservation of the 3 arrows of ðime§pace. Function of exi=st¡ence.

Sancho on the ωorldcycle of all ∆ºST beings 

We can now switch analysis from the spatial, synchronous view of ðime§pace cycles/arrows as organic parts of systems, into the temporal, sequential order, as ðime-ages of a world cycle of existence.

In the graph, the complex view of fractal §pace and cyclical ðime: we are all ðime§pace beings who live a finite duration of ðime, a ‘world cycle of existence’ and occupy a vital §pace, limited by the closed cyclical membrane that separates us converting the Universe into a fractal of pegged ðime§pace beings, the concept of relational ðime§pace which from Leibniz to Einstein represented an alternative, more complex view of the Universe. In the bottom, the phases of a world cycle, as all systems are born as a seed of information, in a lower ‘scale’ of seminal size, which absorb energy (entropic motion with in-form-ation that shapes it) during its youth, to reach a balance between both, when the system reproduces, creating the illusion of an eternal present. Then energy declines and the system in its old age becomes pure form; and as ðime cannot stop, once the system reaches stillness it dies and explodes erasing its information in a big-bang of pure entropy-expansive motions, liberating its vital §pace; which will become ‘reformed’ to start a new world cycle. This complex but quite straightforward scheme defines for all systems two limiting ðime arrows, pure entropy: dissolving spatial motions and pure form, cyclical clock-like informative ðimes. In the center, the Asian cultures who did understand much better the world of ðime§paces, as opposed to our culture of entropy, weapons and lineal motions, sponsored by physicists which reduce reality to a single arrow. In the right side a vortex of ðime, during its third age of pure information.

It must be noticed that humans tend to confuse (and so the error translates in many pages of our blogs, from an earlier age in which I tried to explain a simplified model of the world cycle):

-Spatial Entropy (ab. spe), pure disordered motion that expands §pace and dissolves form, and energy, when that motion starts to acquire form – so the equation of energy is a vector with a clear define direction in its motion, given by the form that moves.

-Pure cyclical ðime-like form (third image) with in-form-ation, which is form-in-action, the intermediate state in which form acquires some motion to be transferred.

So, the worldcycle’s equation is as follows:

-∆-1: birth as a seed of pure form in a lower scale->which emerges in the new scales in a youth of entropic motions, which soon starts to learn how to ‘form’ entropy into energy growth -> maturity when energy becomes shaped into information and the system reproduces -> old age when information dominates till the system becomes still-> entropy age or age of death, when the system returns to the ∆-1 scale.

In the next graph, the Universe is a fractal of 3 topological motions of ðime§pace; Entropy, information and its combined momentums, which integrate into a closed, zero sum energetic worldcycle. Thus the study of the world cycles of ðime§pace and its 3 motions encodes the meaning of all ‘exi=st¡ences’ acronym for the fundamental equation or ‘generator of fractal ðime§pace, e x i = st, which each ‘stience’, st-udies by studying the ðime§pace beings of a certain scale of size of the fractal Universe:

In the graph, using the minimum symbols of GST, < for a flow of entropy, > for a flow of information, ST for a present momentum, ∆, for the different scales of existence of the Universe, we map out its fundamental world cycles. The understanding of those world cycles, event in ðime, of a synchronous networks of clone beings or super organism in §pace, is the fundamental task of GST, the organic model of the fractal Universe.

All physical and biological systems, ‘live and die’ as super organisms made of ∑atoms/cells that evolve through networks that transform Entropy into information (Life arrow) and then explode those information networks back into disconnected Entropy when they have exhausted it (death arrow) determines a sequential, existential life-death cycle invariant in all beings:

– ∆-1: Birth as a seed of information.

-Max.Entropy x Min.Information: Energetic youth of external motions. Sp-Limbs and sensory membrane rule.

-Sp=Tƒ: Balanced, ‘classic’ age dominated by reproductive/communicative systems:

The present, or steady state is the longest, more efficient state and can be defined mathematically simply as Max. Spx Tƒ -> S=T, since both equations are related, as 4×4>5×2>6×1, the point of balance between Entropy and information is thus the maximal point of the equation of existence, the mature, re=productive age when the species reproduces its Entropy and information fully in other zone of §pace and ðime.

It is the desirable age to ‘stay for ever’ the immortal top predator point of the wave of existence of any species or individual or universal, Consider the classic definition of beauty in art, as a balance of forms, and indeed, we see the harmony and proportionality between form and size, §pace, as the definition of classic beauty. And we will return to that, when observing that all forms of art can be reduced to 3, lineal, epic, energetic art, classic art, and baroque, informative, with an excess of form.

Now, in the larger analysis the ages of existence are obviously more as we have to count its two limits, the seminal age, ∆-1>∆º and the death and dissolution,  its inverse ∆º>∆-1.

So we consider 5 AGES, common to all beings of Nature, in the 5th isomorphism  common to all ‘exi=st¡ences’

Further on there is ‘§ixth’ unique age, very rare for those unique lives that REPEAT the process of creation of larger new scale of reality, i.e. prophets of social memes and religions, species who evolve into supœrganisms instead of being extinct; which ultimately explains why the Universe does have ∞ new scales of social organization.

As certain ‘perfect players of the game’, achieve not the ∆º<<∆-1 entropic death but a new ‘life’ in the ∆+1 scale, as the singularity mind-mirror of information, the particle-point ’emerges as the seed of the ∆+1 social scale’ instead of dying (prophetic thought, which creates a civilisation; black hole formation as the mind-venter of a galactic, ∆+1 scale for stars, etc.)

So, while we shall escape the miraculous emergence of a being after death into a higher social scale, in the third line, for the sake of comprehension we study 5 aging states: seed>youth>maturity>old age< extinction, to fully close a worldcycle.


The killing, ego centered monad vs. The communicative, creative mirror.

We could call the Mind, M³=Monad-Mirror-Mind, a term first use by Pythagoras, the first scientist, then elaborated by Leibniz, the greatest of his disciples, which now come the full circle around in this blog that upgrades the perennial philosophy of complex stience, adding all the necessary details and corrections of structure to make sense of it all. In the graph, the amazing insights of Pythagoreans, who draw the mind-singularity as the common unifying principle of all systems, closed by an external cyclical membrane, which stored the vital ‘energetic §pace’ of the being. This ternary structure is thus as Leibniz and Descartes rightly understood the fundamental particle of the Universe.

But Leibniz, rigorous with his mathematical analysis DID not give his monads communicative properties to simplify their analysis, making them all ‘black holes of perception’, NOT as they are mirrors who self-create and then project the self into the environment, and further on points that become connected with similar points through those flows of communication into building topological networks and supœrganisms.  And as a result sooner or latter systems become organic systems across ternary scales, which the monad communicate.

So reproduction, and self-organization is the ultimate cause of the process of existence of supœrganisms.

But why they go through world cycles? Why we die? For the same reason mirror-monads create reality; because of the singularity or mind of maximal information that both will create as a seed of form from ∆-1 the whole being in the beginning of the cycle, but will annihilate it at the end of the cycle, when exhausting its entropic motions and combined energy, by the mere fact of being its maximal will that of perception, without which the game does not start.

Thus minds stop entropic motion into form, combining them in the middle as a series of actions of energy, which are in derivative view standing 0 points but in its ultimate infinitesimal view always ‘scar’ a bit too much of information that they devolve back as entropy and so they are the reason systems evolve, age and finally die after a given number of frequency steps in the path of pure form. 

So the development of the three ages of life, max. s max. t max. st is merely the ‘vibrating tune’ of the being in that specific ratio-cycle he ‘scales up and down’, with other properties of the Stiƒ-mind, which transforms into §pace a flow of TEMPORAL information; as a still mind.

a Stiff-synchronous moment of existence.

This is the ultimate conceptual duality, that between the magic harmonious creation of minds of §pace vs. Temporal, mindless motion with its automaton deterministic cyclical order.

So we can also rewrite our elements NOT as Spatial entropy (the common human use of it), but as Spatial information, in the STiƒ singularity:

Tiƒ> ∆ø > Siƒ

Minds are thus constantly ‘Stiffing reality’. ‘Stif’ inflexible minds that stop in its track the flow of temporal free information, form in action, which do have in other plane its own inner stiffing mappings.

Perception: information perceives in the stillness of simultaneity.

Regarding perception I have never thought to be a mystery: perception is the very essence of information in still simultaneity – the existence of a still mapping in a minimal §pace, during a quanta of ðime, must be ‘felt in itself’ as Leibniz and Aristotle intuitively thought – in other words §pace is the intelligent of reality and its pure order and stillness the sensation of being, not self-reflecting, not self-conscious but ‘Dasein’, being in itself. But this ‘static’ awareness of calm and form, must be connected to multiple networks for the mirror-image of the mind to ‘act’ and order reality.

How this consciousness of every stif point emerges then is another question – A QUESTION OF TIME FLOW AWARENESS AS THE STIFF POINT SEEMS TO CONTINUE with slightly changes due to motion; and the existence of modular languages, as one perceives the other, in the human case the:

Universal §pace > language of sight >eye> I< wor(l)d < ðime language

So LANGUAGES DO also create reality as smaller ‘mappings’ of a larger universe, with more information paradoxically (5D metric: Max. Information = Min. Space) than the whole.

The negative, lethal effects on the mind, parasite of energy: its ego paradox.

IT follows that the physical, biological or psychological mind has a negative effect on systems – to create more information than energy so systems finally become old, warped, still, informed and this is the origin of death and the finite world cycle of beings…

The languages of God are infinite. While we do NOT shy to mathematical equations, the languages of ‘God are infinite’ (Upanishads). That means the religion of machines, among Humans, which are today basically slaves of their computer machines for most themes including the perception of knowledge, and so need to talk with numbers to feel truth, is NOT real. We shall specially in this blog on social sciences use and justify and explain why the VALUES OF the wor(l)d, and our natural language is a better language for truth, and certainly for evolution and ðime predictions (being evolution a verbal language). I get specially irritated by all those ‘nerds’ who think if you don’t show a PowerPoint presentation with nice graphs and equations you are NOT doing science.

Not so, qualitative, formal, dimensional information, in human beings HAVE always been explained with human ðime-clocks, the ‘verbal ðimes’ of our flexible sentences and human eyes – the artistic sensorial work of our spatial senses. This means they are also excellent ðime records which today the ‘mathematical/mechanical school’ of social sciences tends to shun off – the classic case being Herodotus’ books of history, which turned out to be actually filled of facts, despite being so much prone to mythology. So words and facts come together to verify truths, and words are when conceptually sound are the proper causal language to explain evolution theory and the extensions due to cyclical ðime.


Epistemology of creation: feed-back mind mirrors.

In the graph –what is wrong with ‘physics’ and increasingly with mankind can be resumed in the ego paradox. The equation of the mind is rather simple:

We humans are just ‘finitesimals’ of the ego paradox: o-point x ∞ Universe = constant mind.

So the Universe is out there, one and single; but it does not fit in the mind. And the mind reduces it to languages to perceive it, which resumes the main properties of the Universe, which are first bio-logical rules of ðime§pace existence (the Universe is a game of survival of ðime§pace beings, which constantly try to reproduce their information in ‘fractal seeds’ that latter evolve socially; the Universe is a vital fractal, and the rules are simple), then logic (temporal rules only) and then mathematical (spatial rules only), and then the human vision of those rules (artistic §pace, verbal ðime, ethic, social evolution of parts into stronger wholes). And so all those languages are mirrors:

In the graph, the back and forth relationship between the infinite single Universe, its infinite partial minds, which become perceptive through a language-mirror, and then in the left its individual ego-centered singularity mirror projecting aback through limited arrows/actions of ðime§pace, the linguistic image re-ordering a partial part of reality: its body and territory. It is this feedback constant equation what creates reality and so we can also write another Γenerator equation, about the interaction of those three elements that orders each relative fractal partial being/territory of the Universe to the mage and likeness of those languages, images of the whole, they will therefore copycat with slight variations, in the being:

Single, ∞ 5D Universe <≈ Ternary Languages of perception ≈> Spe ‹ST›Tiƒ super organisms>Ø-Mind

This is the shrinking process, but if we take the scalar view, the Universe become infinite smaller minds, growing in volume as we count the inner worlds, (Cantor’s paradox: the set of subsets is bigger than the whole set: the sum of all mind mirrors is bigger than the single Universe).

So human minds alone are infinitesimal compared to all the languages and minds.

We ‘are’ only in that territory of order with the stif-human mind  and what we feel and sense, which we by homology imagine is the hidden mind of every synchronous form that lasts, and develops as the frequency of its happenings increase, a short of computer burn-in which becomes a consciousness of the stiff-process. But can this self-awareness of the mirror change the mirror program? which is the mindless deterministic memorial game of reproduction of ðime cycles? 

Ah, the crystal of my mind responds, it wishes but it can’t hardly influence the program and purpose of mindless automated memorial ðime, iteration repetition conservation, the female present principle of the outer membrane cycle, which carries most of the Existential Momentum of the being.

Now of course, the ‘ternary’ level of self-awareness of the duality of pure perception of an infinite whole and mere action over a finite territorial ego; is seldom found among humans, reason why most beings are subjective and rather believe in Abrahamic religions than objective science, and the ultimate cause of…

So this is the Universe in a nutshell. A game that replicates information across the relative ∆±1 scales of a supœrganism, forming an infinite varieties of them, which will however last a finite ðime and extend a finite §pace and have a finite scalar depth, coming together as a 3 x 3 + 0 ten dimensional entity, shown in the next graph for the galactic island-universe of which we are merely another fractal supœrganic part made to its image and likeness – also with 9 dimensional physiological systems (8 shown below) integrated by the brain-mind. in the graph we show those 9+0 dimensions for the Universe and the human biological being, (its physiological systems).

  1. GST.œ: ‘STIENŒS’


It is then obvious, without the slightest doubt what is the purpose of the Universe

The perennial philosophy of the Universe.

“Historically, much of fundamental physics has been concerned with discovering the fundamental particles of nature and the equations which describe their motions and interactions. It now appears that a different programme may be equally important: to discover the ways that nature allows, and prevents, information to be expressed and manipulated, rather than particles to move. (….) To conclude with, I would like to propose a more wide-ranging theoretical task: to arrive at a set of principles like energy and momentum conservation, but which apply to information.’ Steane

The purpose of this blog is precisely to define that set of principles, which Steane asks for, since it adds the arrow of ‘information’ to the arrow of ‘entropy an locomotion’ studied by physicists, widening our understanding of all sciences with it. To that aim we must first define ðime&information on one side, and §pace& entropy on the other, the 2 ‘elements’ of reality, which are part of an organic, fractal reality of relative scales of size and ðime clocks that co-exist together into the 5th dimension of scalar ðime§pace.

Since all sciences would benefit of a better understanding of those 2 principles as all beings of all sciences are made of finite ðime cycles and occupy vital §paces. So as it happened when Copernicus put the sun on the center simplifying all the epicycles of Ptolemy, making much simpler astronomy, at the end of the journey we shall unify and simplify our understanding of all sciences (3rd line of the blog), once we pass the hurdle of understanding the underlying principles of ‘temporal entropy’ beings.

Mind the reader since the history of science has turned around machines and weapons that work with entropy and motion, we must re-construct an entire new jargon to explain science, to the point that we shall even change the name of ‘science’ for that of ‘stience’ (the science of ðime§pace organisms) and use a completely different new language of science from scratch.

This is tried also by many information theorist like Mr. Steane, but the problem with that approach is that ‘information only’ theories are just going the other extreme from simplex physics, trying to reduce reality to locomotions and ‘worldlines’, to information theorists, trying to reduce the Universe to computations and qbits.

Fact is the Universe plays with both, entropy=motion=lineal §pace (as the line is the shortest distance to move) and cyclical clocks of ðime that carry in their frequency and curved form the in/form/ation of reality; but humans are ‘Aristotelian’, one-dimensional, and have a mind (ab.@), which has a very hard ðime to put together two conflicting, rather opposite forms as those of entropy and information are. So for example physicists call information, negantropy – as if it were just the negation of entropy-scattering motions; while information theorists tend to explain the Universe as a huge quantum computer.

Both loose 1/2 of the ‘duality’ of the cosmos, which always displays an enormous range of grey between, ‘pure black forms without motion, such as black holes and pure motion without form, such as non-local gravitation’. And so we shall find in its combinations of motion with a little form (energy) and form with a little motion (in-form-ation, form-in-action) the vital, organic, true meaning of reality, which escapes the one-dimensional scientist.

 All what we have said is what Huxley calls the ‘Perennial philosophy’ of the Universe, as it has come and go but always stayed with us with different ‘names’, reflection of that essence.

To name a few:

‘Taoism’ (On the three arrows of ðime, yin-formation, yang-entropy and its 10.000 waves of energy beings.

‘Animism’, on the singularity minds of all entities with a membrane and vital §pace around it.

‘Scholastic’, on Aristotle’s description of the unmoved singularity-Gods that move the Universe around them.

Buddhism and pre-veda hinduism, not yet corrupted by ego-centered ‘western animetal enzymen’ (humans debasing its connection to the whole with weapons and gold and machines to feel superior, when they just catalyse metalife now organic robots), with its duality of shiva=entropy vs. visnu=form and all similar sexual pre-religions, and Buddha’s theory of Atmans≈souls, the golden mean (balanced age of survival and immortality and beauty)…

Greek theories similar to all the previous one, from Heraclitus duality, to Parmendies ‘block of ðime§pace’, to Zeno’s paradox of no motion (motion and reproduction), to Platonic visions of the most perfect mirror-language (Numbers are forms), etc. etc. IN FACT with the Greeks we enter into analytical detail of parts of the game which before were basically description of its wholeness, and unity. 

So if we come to modern ðimes, in detail, we depart from Descartes ternary world systems (self-centred graphs, vital res extensa, cyclical membrane vortices); Leibniz’s Monads, Darwin evolution of information, Physics r=evolution of quantum §pace and Relativity of ðime clocks…

And finally the name I chose for this blog, ‘general system theory’ (Gst) and T.Œ (A theory of everything organic). Since physicists call  their theory of everything T.O.E, we add more information paradoxically shrinking o.e. into organic, œ and call it Theory of Everything Organic; and put it behind General Systems Theory, the highest understanding in biological and information sciences, to bring GSTœ, A General Systems Theory of all STiences and all its Supœrganisms.


So what is the alternative philosophy of science to the organic paradigm? The shallow entropy-only Lineal Time , motion oriented view of Physicists; which has not even solve the meaning of motion that turns out to be also a form of reproduction, and so we shall even ‘reduce’ physical motions to the organic paradigm:

Motion as reproduction of information along the path of a wave.

The Universe reproduces information. It does both: it erases it with entropic big-bangs, and evolves it with the arrow of informative warping of fields of entropy into vortices of charges and masses.

But the overwhelming purpose of the Universe is to maintain, conserve and repeat the ‘momentum’ and its integral of energy in all systems of nature. IT is what the Universe preserves.

For those skeptical readers, in simple terms, a mathematical fractal is defined by a generator equation, which ‘constantly iterates’, reproducing its form in different scales of reality. And this is exactly what nature does.

Indeed, it is evident that all biological systems are about reproduction of genetic form in a lower scale of reality (cellular scale), which then reproduces and evolves, ’emerging’ into a higher scale. It is also evident that our historic civilisations are about reproduction of technological information in a lower ‘dimensional scale’ (blue prints for machines), which then ‘company-mothers’ reproduce.

So the big question left to answer is about physical systems, which are supposed to be about ‘motion’.

But motion has always had a difficult paradox, never clearly solved, of continuity called Achilles paradox; which only has a solution if we consider as quantum physics seem to prove that in the scalar Universe, reproduction of form happens in as much as particles travel as waves, and only become particles of information when they ‘stop’, on an instrument of measure, and so a new fundamental equation of speed, which takes into account the fractal structure of reality and the true meaning of ‘light speed’, which is speed of transmission of information solves the paradox: V=S/Ti: that is speed is speed of transmission of information.

For example, you are the vital information which becomes imprinted in changing, indistinguishable CHNO atoms, as your ‘real scale’ of being, is ∆-1, the cellular genetic code; formed with ‘any’ indistinguishable CHNO atom.  A wave Motion is the simplest information and moves faster because it need only to print a surface below, and again, the wave form that moves is independents of that indistinguishable lower level. So the wave keeps its form and travels truly fast as the in/form/ation, v=s/ti to imprint, is minimal.

And so there is no need to reproduce a wave of ðime§pace motion below the level of ¥- light ðime§pace the ultimate level that matters in our Universe.

How the simple mathematical reproductions take place in Nature? Obviously through the mathematical proportions of the ternary Universe, as reproduction of information in ternary moving ‘fractal points’ self-centred in the singularity move the system along the path of the point wave.

The graphs illustrate those simple principles and the resulting three fundamental constants of nature, pi, phi and e, which appear constantly because indeed, the universe is a reproductive fractal and those are the equations that define those proportional morons along the pi-phi-path; and its exponential growth through ∆-scales. In the middle we can see a simple example of this ternary pi-phi motion: a proton, intersection of three paths, which expands dynamically one of them to produce an electron, or inversely absorb it.

Mathematical physics has discovered all those relationships, but lacking a true philosophy of time-space behind it, it just thinks its all ‘magic’ of the ‘language of God’, and feels Ok without answering the whys as we do in GST. Since it has given up to go deeper, or as Feynman infamously put it ‘the why is the only thing physicists do not ask’.

This is the fact at the bottom of big science who thinks the biggest discovery of physics is to make a picture of ‘God’s particle’, without having any idea of what it is all about, as ‘magic God’s language will provide’ (: and of course the reason 5D will not interest the ‘religion’ of physicists, as it is even blasphemous to reveal ‘the name of God’… the whys of experimental science which are not mathematical only.

Back to the understanding of motion as reproduction of information.

What this means is that motion is not only relative, but related to the density of information of a system, so as mass-information grows in density the system takes longer time to reproduce the Ti element of v=s/Ti, and so it slows down. And on the other extreme when information tends to zero speed increases. So as we humans perceive information with light that is our limit of speed of transmission of information we can perceive c=s/Ti. But this wave of light is really impressing a quantum field of action at distance, faster than light (Bohm’s discovery on the pilot-wave theory which we have to marry with the non-observance of particle during the motion, to fully grasp the process).

Thus light merely warps the entropy of the lower scale-field, ∆-1, which is invisible gravitation to us and hence must have less information and more speed, as experiment prove (gravitational non-local, invisible action at distance, due to the lack of human detectable information, which gives a speed for the quantum potential field/gravitational field of: v -> s/ti≈0 -> s/0=∞):

In the graph, the new ‘foundational equation of speed’ for the fractal paradigm: V=Space-distance/Temporal Information, is embedded in relativity and recognised in the concept that the speed of light is really a limit of speed of transmission of ‘human perceivable’ information.

Wave motion is also reproduction of form in the lower ∆-1 scale of action at distance (gravitation, quantum potential). Thus even motion is reproduction of form as a wave of information over a simpler scale of space-time. It solves the paradox of a Achiles – the wave reproduces its form in a series of discontinuous steps. It also explains why indeed the Universe is a fractal that reproduces as all fractals do, its form in a lower scale of reality which then reproduces into a wave-train that collapses into a particle (physical systems), or a seed that emerges after palingenesis into an ambulatory trillion cells systems  (biological systems), or into an idea or patent of an instrument that a company-mother of machines will re=produce in socio-economical systems.

Indeed, when we consider as Steane wanted a Universe from the perspective of ‘information’ and its ‘conserved present momentums and energies’, it all becomes simple and philosophically obvious. And so we just must explains the laws of reproduction of information along scales of reality to describe the ‘world cycles’ of existence, no longer worldlines – that is the motions across scales of the fifth dimension, which define all systems of nature.

Yet to fully understand how reproduction of form takes place, we need to understand reproduction across ‘scales’ of size. That is, the meaning of world cycles, just explained, as they require motion from  a seminal seed ∆-1, into a larger scale; as opposed to what physicists study with their reductionist model of a single space-time continuum: worldlines.

A brief comment on languages, minds and the ego paradox.

All this said as usual if anyone keeps reading, we must make a first of many comments on the human ego-paradox, and its limits of knowledge. Basically any system/mind, which perceives the Universe, stores a limited amount of information in their brain, but as that information is all what they see, and it works enough for the being to keep going, he confuses it with the whole, the absolute truth, and so perception becomes reality and dogma. And there is not seemingly need to upgrade ‘your chip’. This is so far THE SITUATION of time studies among humans who think they have ‘enough’ with a time arrow, a time clock, a simplex physical description, as it ‘works’. Ok it does. But we shall now put a few examples on how languages do work but are not enough. Consider the next picture: you can see it all with a single arrow, we might terms, ‘degrees of grey’ (as no picture has pure black and white) and it works. You will live and die and not notice something was lacking, even if you have only one arrow – degrees of grey – to see it all. But then if you have knowledge of 2 arrows, ‘black and white’, you will have the ‘whys’ of your degrees of grey.

This is to know the Universe with duality, the knowledge that entropy and information are inverse arrows of timespace with inverse properties, as black and white.

But then you can even go further and find that there are 3 time-space ‘arrows’ of colour, the red of entropy, the blue of information and its energetic, reproductive greens. And things now really look much better to the eye and the mind behind it. And then you can even go deeper and realise light is actually a microscopic frequency and study the whole three arrows of time, with fifth dimensional scales, and relate its ∆-i scale of frequencies (mathematical equation on the right), with the scale of ∆º perception.

So you get a new onion layer of understanding, now purely mental. And further on, as we are in the mind, we can realise there is also besides the visual ternary image of realty, the capacity of the pure temporal mind to express the three arrows of time, past, present and future, with ‘different languages’, besides visual, space-dominant thought. There is the syntax of temporal verbs and words, which turns out to be also ternary, and yet reveals new ‘tree-like’ hidden relationships between ‘causal time actions’, which visual thought does not explain, only shows as ‘evident’. 

So while you can go around for ever as 7.5 billion human beings do with the simplex models of physicists in ‘degrees of grey entropy, lineal time’, what this blog will reveal is all those other levels, which would upgrade your mind. Then if you take the risk, patience and neurons to go through more pages of this blog, it is likely that after the first headaches of new information, you will ‘see the light’ in all its colour splendour and not want to come back to the boring degrees of grey, which is all what today’s single-arrow philosophy of science provides.

In the graph, the syntax of all languages can be reduced to dual and ternary structures that reflect the ternary elements of the fractal generator, Spe<St>Tiƒ. Thus we can consider all languages mirrors of the generator, which in turn species use to order and project its imagination’, reproducing those mirrors through those languages into actions that mold the future of reality. Mind stiences therefore are essential to the way the Universe creates. The graph shows how a minimum of two parameters to represent entropy and information can create a mapping of reality, even though ternary languages are more precise. In the right the human verbal, temporal language and mathematical, spatial one, can be reduced to ternary dimensions (height-information, width-reproduction, length-entropy), ternary topologies, ternary symbols G(spe) <action operandi>T(ƒ) and ternary sentences. Above a simple mathematical statement that relates a spatial function, D, and a temporal one, written BOTH in cyclical 1/ƒ=T and lineal time, below a scheme of the Universal grammar of all systems made of Names (informative element), verbs (actions) and Objects (energy of the Name). Both suffice for a whole mapping of reality.

So let us go part by part. We first upgraded your mind to black and white and then to the three colours/arrows your mind uses to view reality.

Now we shall enter into the territory you don’t see – the mind itself, behind those languages that simplify reality into information.

So we need only a final element, the mirror mind of information or central singularity that apperceives it all.

As those three time arrows in each instant cannot be seen, systems become mirrors that visualise the motions of time in simultaneous measures of space, a mind can conceive a linguistic mapping/mirror of those three topological motions and see how through time they develop structures synchronised as ‘space-time organisms’.

The Universe is a fractal of 3 timespace arrows, entropy, energy and information. This simple elements in its infinite variations and combinations defines the Universe, with a logic and mathematical that present science lacks, despite its awesome achievements in terms of mathematical description and praxis of manipulation of reality.

Philosophy of science though is not so much concerned with the capacity to manipulate reality with precise measures and a posteriori accounting of all process as ‘patterns’ that will repeat in the future and can be manipulated. But with the reasons and whys of those processes, which are considered to be ‘rational’,  ‘selfish’ and ‘biological’; that is, systems act to survive, and they do so from their central point of view or singularity-mind of information, by controlling and ordering a territory around them, enclosed by a cyclical time-like membrane.

And so the 3 functions-forms of time-space, ‘spatial lineal entropy’, ‘repetitive energy’ and ‘informative cyclical dimensional form’ combine together to create ‘entities’ which are the essential ‘particle of reality’, not some arid physical parameter, but an organic structure of scalar space-time, the supœrganism (Ab. œ, following the rule of slightly change terms in english to serve the new paradigm). 

Thus we can rephrase our definition: ‘the Universe is a supœrganism, made of 3 timespace functions/forms, assembled into ternary physiological networks, that process spatial=motion, informative dimensional form and its iterative combinations, in order to survive as a balanced structure’.

It is then time to connect this seemingly new view of reality with the tradition of philosophy of sciences, as philosophers have always understood it.


Culture over science.

Now, all this clear a big question hauls over our understanding of the Universe. Why mankind has been unable to describe scientifically its three arrows of time and only ‘admits’ entropy; even if in earlier time of history, Asian cultures with its duality visnu-shiva and yin-yang, equivalent to the duality information-entropy, were so closely to make sense of all of it?

The answer will surprise the reader, who mistakingly believes today as it believed in the past, that ‘science is truth per se’ and proved with no errors or cultural attachments – as people though religion was proved by dogma. Here the element missed in his discourse is ‘cultural bias’ in science and ‘postulates without proof’, ‘ceteris paribus analysis’, ‘anthropocentrism’, ‘power’ and ‘hyperbole’… all concepts natural to the human psyche a priori of any scientific statement.

In that sense entropy only theories are indeed a bias of the military, power-profession of physicists making weapons and motion machines, and it has always been so, becoming dogma. Entropy was discovered in the study of steam machine motion, as a product of gaseous heat; which is ONLY one of the three states of matter:

Gas (entropy state) < liquid (balanced state) > Crystal-solids (information state).

So it is obvious that the laws of kinetic gases are entropic but it is absurd to expand them to the whole of Nature, by simply ‘eliminating’ from philosophical analysis the other two arrows. And the same happened when in an astounding ‘hyperbole’ Helmothz from the ‘military culture of Germany’, expanded it to the Universe, affirming it was dying and further more, Gamow, a Nuclear-weapons maker affirmed the Universe was always and only a ‘gas-like expansive state’, again reducing the three arrows of the Universe; so well resumed in Einstein’s awesome equation: E=CCM, which he inferred in fact from the inverse arrow of informative, accelerated vortices of mass information, in his landmark: can mass be created out of entropy? So in this formula we have again the three arrows: 

Entropic expanding intergalactic space E< c²≈st  constant wave of light space-time > M Imploding masses and charges (galaxies)

And yet again, physicists and western cultures just used it to make entropic bombs and declare the Universe had only a similar big-bang exploding arrow.

There is here the side of dogma, and repetition and the believers memorial nature of the human mnd. As 1/2 of mankind believe that a  bronze age donkey-breeder tribe who saw a bush burning, understood the meaning of the Universe (Abrahamic religions) and react offended to any attempt to ‘reasoning’ historically this hallucination, just because the word ‘god’ is sacred; 1/2 of them believe the Universe is in a permanent state of entropy, dismissing the other so evident, experimentally, arrows of time, proper of all the generator equations of all systems of nature.

There is nothing though you can do to change a ‘believer’s mind’. In religion is called dogma, in science ‘first postulates’, which always show on the long term to be partial, ceteris paribus, analysis of the whole ternary reality. So for example, euclidean flat space turned out to be one of the three possible geometries of reality, because it was a postulate.

And an entropic Universe shows to be both in space and time one of the three parts of it. So in EFE (Einstein’s equations) the three solutions, steady state, big bang and big crunch are the equivalent processes in time to the three parts in space, and we will see that beautiful time-space symmetry soon).

In that sense, we can say that the entropic postulate of a single arrow of time is a product of the white western male war oriented culture and its manifest destiny, throughout the whole history of the western world, opposed to the dualist and ternary cultures of the west. So we can now introduce a historic view of those cultures, because its postulates today pass as science, and are by no means scientifically proved by experimental evidence, which shows a ternary Universe always.

So we shall use exactly what we have proved – the ternary only topologies of the Universe and its three space-dimensions/time functions, to the racial make-up of mankind, since as it happens is the origin of a new of the many sub-sciences derived of gst that studies…

The three cultures of the mind.

WHAT IS MANKIND? The answers of philosophy of science, the only ones that should be accepted  by a rational enlightened mind of the III millennium, beyond myths and selfish ego-trips is obvious: a single species, as we all can mate with each other, divided into three  races of the mind, the dolichocephalic white  visual people, lineal entropic with its longitudinal axis larger and dominant, likely by influence of the European Neanderthal of larger eyes, visual brains, consonantal sounds, red hair and hooked nose; which has in consequence developed lineal culture, mostly based in lineal agglutinative languages, as German and Arab are, the original language of its most extended groups ,  has fallen in love with lineal weapons that deliver entropy motion and death, and has consequently imposed by force its culture based in the bad fruits of the tree of metal, since the age of bronze, its imperial, hierarchical concept of concepts of lineal time in science, and a lineal manifest destiny in culture, above the two other races of the mind.

In the opposite side of the three dimensional topologies of the Universe, there is the mongoloid race, whose wide word axis between the ears through the Brocca region of temporal verbs, more developed make their cultures dominant in the social language of man, words, with a full understanding of the cyclical nature of all time clocks, which as any kindergarten child knows has more dimensions of form, more information than the simplest, fast moving line.

Hence it developed a more complex, cyclical culture of information, where the creative cycles of nature and the curves of female, yin, Vishnu, women were preferred over the lineal body-mind of the military, entropic, destructive white macho male. Communal social evolution was preferred, conflict avoided and so the Asian cultures with less metal-weapons and tribal warfare survived in larger numbers, the only true measure oaf success in evolution and still today represent the majority of mankind. But when they were discovered by the lineal, entropic white male, soon were submitted by raw power, massacred in huge numbers, and adopted the lineal culture and obsession for the false glare of metal, gold and iron weapons of the west. THE PARADIGM of that conversion being Japan, which copycatted the Germanic cultures and the cruelty and manifest destiny of war and machine-making that have characterized the western world.

But as we said there are three dimensions and topologies which structure the form of all bodies and brains, which in the human case, is the only organ that truly matters; as we are after all at least in paper the Homo Species.

So the third space-time topology in the Universe, mixture of lineal visual entropy of fast motions and destructive power, Shiva or yang in the oriental philosophies, and the cyclical informative arrow of temporal words and social gathering in circles and get together are not the whole tale.

We still have a third axis, that of height, which the racist anthropologist all of them white macho male of the western colonial imperial enslaving cultures didn’t even account for in his classifications, so we will have to invent a new word, psylocephalic people. They are thus dominant in the height axis of the brain, site of the inner soul, the emotional and motor elements, in close connection with the body. It is the black culture, with its rich emotional development, physical powerness and love for nature, Gaia, who have preserved the wild animal life of the planet. Because children are also dominant in the emotional, physical brain, it has been often said that the black people and their cultures, are less powerful than the white, military men who came to dominate and slave them with the fetish tool metal, but again biology tells us that childhood is the happiest of all the states of being; and in all ternary systems constructed with the three topologies of space-time, the body-wave sustains the particle-head of the system, and both are complementary to each other; none is better, they both need each other.

If any of the three elements with whom all systems of nature are constructed, one is the less complex, in fact is the gaseous, entropic, lineal, limbs and fields over which body-waves, guided by particle-heads run.

Indeed, if we extend the topological analysis, to the whole organism of a human being, the entropic limbs, reproductive bodies and informative heads are ALL needed, all are complementary, but if you were to loose a part, a lizard will cut-off his tail, and you rather loose a leg than your body or your head.

So alas, what topological biology tells us, is exactly the opposite of what the supremacist white, lineal military cultures has been claiming for millennia, entropy, big bang weapons and war the leit motif of the white culture and its philosophies of the Universe, are completely disposable. And we cold live perfectly as a species without them. But ethic Languages of social love that enlighten the mind, Nature that sustains our body and children which bring happiness and renew are future are not.

So the next question the philosopher of science should wonder about history is why then the white, male entropic lineal simplex culture has come to dominate all the aspects of our world, from science to culture, from territorial power to the authorized version of history, as it comes in the books of social science. What went wrong with mankind to be guided by entropy, not by life information, by the wrong arrow of time; giving supremacy to the simplest view of the Universe and its death culture?

And the answer is clear: the entropic white man discovered a harder attachment to its teeth and hands, metal-weapons; and so the natural balance between the three races of the mind, and its complementarity was broken, suddenly by a boost of power on the side of entropy.

Let us then give the entire mindset of the entropic culture of physics a turnaround showing that even its concept of a Universe of worldlines of motion, as the only ‘arrow of time’ IS IN FACT yet another manifestation of the reproductive nature of the fractal Universe, solving the never quite understood Zeno paradox on the ultimate nature of motion as reproduction of form.

Religion and biology: God in history, Darwin and its species: human expressions of 5D mandate of social evolution.

Now it should be clear that social evolution is the mandate of survival of biology, which is not about individuals but species, who maximise its survival when they form supœrganisms, so humans and ants, which in the two relative scales of size of animal life form supœrganisms represent more of the life mass of planet earth.

The connection with religion is even more striking, showing that all systems indeed observe and understand the laws of the social organic Universe, even human ‘non-entropic’ beings, who love and live as the game of existence, the only master teach all of us (:

“Love each other as I have loved you” Law of Social Evolution. Gospel. Jesus.
In the graph, religions express in mystical terms the concept of the program of social evolution of the Universe and its mind-singularities of maximal information: max. i – a concept which has evolved till reaching the final understanding as Mankind (Tiƒ), the the subconscious collective of Humanity, God and mind of Gaia, its territorial support (Spe).
First God was the subconscious collective of a tribe, which felt the presence of a higher ‘whole scale of existence of the fractal Universe’. This scalar nature of reality in which humans are cells-citizens-believers of a larger supœrganism, for which they can even sacrifice themselves, perfectly programmed by the memetic wor(l)ds of the prophet see of the supœrganism, is essentially truth in all co-existing systems of reality. And as such western anthropomorphic religions expressed in mystical terms the existence of such supœrganisms in increasing degrees of evolution till oikoumene religions (christianity, Islam, Socialisms) finally understood it was the whole of humanity which was God, and so the concept of God became that of equality, fraternity, solidarity – while in Eastern religions, the cyclical, organic nature of those cultures transcended even further in search of the ‘god’ of all gods, the game of the three arrows of time and its world cycles of existence (Taoism):
In the graph, the evolution of the concept of western and eastern gods in three scales of complexity till reaching the concept of Mankind as God of History and the GAME of the three arrows of time as the God of all Universal existences. Why then lesser ‘scales’ of this evolution (notably western tribal religions) have not evolved to embrace mankind as God.

Relational Space-time. From Leibniz to Einstein to GSTœ.

We purposely put on the quotes that start this ‘adventure of the mind’, not the well known and quite accurate mirror-image of mathematical stience as expressed by Galileo ‘the language of the Universe is written in circles and triangles’ but that of Upanishads, ‘the languages of god are infinite’.

Because while the mathematical properties of space-time are the most accurate mind-mirrors, NOT ALL the properties of reality are susceptible to be written with mathematics, and this is the huge error of reductionism of science, specially of physics. Because the Universe is scalar and systems co-exist in several scales of size and speed of time clocks, it has organic properties as ORGANISMS ARE JUST CO-EXISTING LEVELS of reality.

And because to gauge and measure there must be a system that process information mechanically, (matter) vegetatively (life) or conscious (mind); as Aristotle, and Leibniz rightly understood ‘the mirrors-monads-points of view-singularities’ of the Universe likely apperceive, and the cosmos is pan psychic. THE taboo here being merely anthropomorphism and the ‘abrahamic myths of entitled humans separated from time, space’ ‘above heavens and earth’ – same goes for the lineal concept of time, toward a manifest destiny – the meeting of God.

UNDERSTAND THIS: most of the errors behind the postulates of philosophy of science that act as a straight jacket for communion with the whole come from the western tradition of historic religions of power, and its multiple forms of censorship, including religious AND scientific, ‘nasty’ censorship in what I have called the anti quantum paradox (the social scientists and philosopher of science is so small that the observable, power in inverse fashion to physics ‘influences’ the observer – the scientist).

And it is a very old censorship.

Consider the case of lineal time. IT is really so obvious that time is cyclic and yet, western people think there is a single lineal, mechanical clock in the whole Universe. Where it comes from? A form of anthropomorphic censorship, as lineal time make us feel we progress towards God and Power. So it comes either the earlier go(l)d cultures of judaism origin of abrahamic religions, with its imperative VSO languages of ‘verb-first beliefs’, or the military religions of German cult(ure)s with its lineal swords, weapons of entropy that even influenced it lineal, agglutinative grammar of  object-first beliefs Ovs languages, in which a few humans on top with informative metal or entropic metal, hypnotic gold or iron swords, found themselves so powerful above humans and life that they despised Gaia, the living Universe and all other non-technological cultures.

And while this is politically incorrect (a modern orwellian newspeak for censorship of real social science and the analysis of the falsehoods of lineal entropic physics), we talk of Animetal cultures THAT BECAME STRAINED from reality and as all founding fathers of economics, physics and science till Darwin put the record straight belong to those fundamentalist cult(ure)s  of the human ego, we live ‘at odds in our interpreted world’ (Rilke).

This was clear to Europeans but when science came out of our continent to Asia and America it was taken with awe as an absolute truth, and so I found Americans and Asians who know nothing of the past of European cultures extremely naive believers in their ‘tribal Baconian Idols’, the new Aristotle – Einstein, quantum physicists and its big bang theories; their lineal idea of progress through the machine, etc.

To complement that simpler lineal view of a pseudo-religious manifest destiny that today passes as objective science, of a single entropic arrow of time measured by a single mechanical clock tuned to the human, clock of a second (which synchronises our three parts, as the beat of hearts, the glimpse of eye, the speed of one thought and one step), we need to expand the single anthropomorphic continuum scale of space size…

Since it has been proved wrong by experience with the finding of microscopic space that co-exist with our scale of size, sandwiched in between the cosmological and quantum world, and the evidence that there are infinite time clocks with different rhythms and forms of in-form-ation (relativity theory, circadian biological clock, computer logic clocks, etc.) there has always been a second view about time and space, not as an ‘artificial background’ over which beings existence; but the view of Asian Philosophies and relativistic science in the west from Leibniz to Einstein, who considered space and time, relational, the substance of which all beings were made, as entities that occupy a vital space, (ab.§paœ) and last only a certain finite ‘time cycle’, (ab. πime), regardless of its discontinuous  reproduction of its ‘form’.

So this second view of time and space as the ultimate substance of which beings are made became the ‘relational≈organic’, alternative ‘theory of timespace’, which runs from earlier Greek and Asian philosophy, through Leibniz into Einstein, and now with the models of GST come to its final fruition.

Indeed, the existence of beings of space-time,  analysed in depth in the post with that name, is the departure point for a unifying principle from where to deduce the properties of all beings. As Kant and Schopenhauer wanted, the ‘fourfold of sufficient reason’, was just made of space, time, causality and mind-monad or point of view (Leibniz) or frame of reference (Descartes) able to measure it.

SO WE SHALL NOW INTRODUCE THE 4 main tenants of General Systems sciences which models many systems of the Universe with the laws of organisms:

  • The true biological laws of competition between species, which are a direct consequence of the overproduction and faster evolution of one species over the other.

This is completely overlooked when we compare humans and machines, which are both in a symbiotic relationship of ‘exploitation’ and ‘extinction’ of all other ‘lesser’ species of Nature, so both grow together much faster than life, Gaia’s beings (the weaker part of the informative equation of Earth’s evolution, Gaia>History>Eco(nomic)system) BUT machines reproduce and evolve much faster than humans; so it is easy to extend the equation into the future competition of man and machine with machine as the winner, unless we stop its evolution NOW.

  • The cyclical nature of time in biology and evolution which ads the ARROW of information to the arrow of entropy-motion, which is the only arrow physicist use to study simpler, faster, less informative entropic physical systems, BUT IT IS NOT enough to understand biological systems.

General Systems sciences: models of the Universe built with information arrows.

In the search for this more complex, unifying view of the Universe, among the modern people, the most remarkable figures are NOT physicists, which would impose a simpler lineal time solution (below) but Philosophers of Science first, notably Aristotle and Descartes, which can be considered his disciple, with his concept of infinite mind-worlds, self-centred into a mathematical point of view or frame of reverence (pov), and specially Leibniz, with his understanding of calculus and microscopic and telescopic scales as the ‘sufficient reason’ for a fractal, scalar view of an organic, sentient Universe, where Aristotelian> Cartesian>mathematical minds, monads, perceived reality. Did they communicate or not? To simplify the model Leibniz made them non-communicative, but indeed, they communicate and form waves and networks and organic planes, the stuff of which nature is made.

The view of the point as an organic system, with parts that store entropy, energy and information would be validated by mathematicians with their development of non-euclidean points with volume to store parallels, Darwin, with his study of all systems as topological forms in evolution and with Einstein, with his model of a Universe of non-euclidean space-points, where ‘time bends space into vortices of gravitation’, accelerated clocks of time (Principle of equivalence) that stored ultimately the time measures and informative structure of the Universe:

So, while physicists do have a good ‘time’ using his entropic lines to measure translations and motions in space, which is what they do, all other sciences have been out in the blues, as they cannot study their time cycles of history, economics, biology and mind, without a proper understanding of cyclical time and information.

This blog will bring such a model of the informative, entropic and energetic Universe to all its systems and sciences, based in those simple, forgotten concepts of cyclical time, and the information it carries, outlined above.

It is a milestone in a 60 years old adventure, which started at the death of Einstein, when scientists all over the world came to the Macy’s congresses to assess the evolution of science and concluded that the physicists’ model of ‘lineal’ time, as ‘only the measure’ of entropy=expansive motions in space, did not suffice, to explain all of reality; but an arrow of information must be added to measure change… and an arrow of reproduction of time cycles to understand the conservation of energy and momentum, the persistence of form in the Universe…

So as it happens, by adding the arrow of information or ‘future arrow of life’ to the arrow of entropy or ‘past arrow of death’, we find a third arrow of present reproduction, the iteration of a world that seems not to change, defining the classic three ages=arrows of time: Past (entropy) x Future (Information) = Present: repetitive conserved  energy,

And so once we take seriously the goal  general systems sciences – to find an organic mathematical model of the universe, and all its parts – we find that when we put in equal footing entropy and form, dimensional form, in-form-ation, we obtain energy and momentum, the conserved repetitive present reality we perceive and a new logic system of three possible outcomes for event unfolds its wisdom webbing those three arrows in the infinite beings we observe around us, with ‘informative partiles/heads’, body-waves of energy and limbs/fields of information.

All this said the reader should also understand that the aim of general systems theory (ab. GST) has always been legimitate despite its ambition – to find the homologic laws of all sciences, which should remain invariant regardless of scale. And that is truly what we shall do in this blog, which the graph above schematises according to the different arrows of time, information which increases downwards in opposite fashion to size; as we shall soon explain in great detail.

models do follow the fundamental laws of epistemology in science, notably the correspondence principle, which obliges any new theory to respect as ‘limits’ simpler theories of reality and correct only whatever it can be properly corrected according to evidence. So you can consider that as a line on Earth looks flat but is merely an interval of a curved geodesic, lineal time theories to be ‘simplified ceteris paribus’ analysis of the Universe with a single arrow of time, entropy≈expansive motion; and hence a limit of this model of three time arrows. So will be the case of 4Dimensional space-time – the limit of the scalar Universe represented by the fifth dimension of infinite clocks of time and space-sizes for a single relative ‘time speed’ (that of the human clocks which are tuned to the mind thoughts and eye-heart beats of a second).

Needless to say also all right formulae of science that use lineal time in its equations do apply in cyclical time, it only changes the conceptual frame and the proper interpretation, since lineal and cyclical time are in fact just inverse parameters, so we just need to change some terms in those equations (as lineal time duration is the inverse of cyclical time frequency: t=1/ƒ)

Thus once of the first things I did when discovering time cycles some decades ago is to painstakingly translate all THE MAIN formula of physics by changing T for 1/ƒ and think about what was telling me the equation, no longer in terms of spatial locomotions, the theme of physicists, but in terms of temporal information, the theme of this blog, whose author was for a few years the Chair of the Science of Duality at the world congress of systems Sciences (ISSS) – the science that studies the Universe with those 2 arrows of time together, entropy and information, and its infinite combination of energetic space-time beings.

And what came out of it was a very straight-forward understanding of concepts implicit in physical theories but blurred in its comprehension. For example, if we consider the speed of a system, the speed of replication of its information (implicit in relativity where c-speed is a limit of transmission of information), a force whose information is invisible to humans, as gravitation is, will have from a human relative point of view, infinite – non local speed: V= S/t(information) = S/o=∞. As indeed non-local action at distance in quantum potential fields (bohm) and relativity (Einstein) show. This is the oldest non resolved question of modern science; which has a trivial answer. As if we put the ‘sun in the center’ – that is we properly defined cyclical time and its three arrows, as Copernicus did, all the complex equations and epicycles of Ptolemaic astronomy becomes simplified ‘in extremis’.

This very small introductory example of what ‘a proper analysis of reality’ with the right concepts of arrows of time≈future paths, mean, show the enormous advances we are going to make in this blog in all sciences, both in conceptual understanding and experimental explanation of the facts of each discipline.

In the left graph, all time clocks are cycles that return to its origin, creating a world circle of πime (name used for cyclical time), which encloses an inner region of ‘vital energy , which is equivalent in the world of physics to a conservative world cycle of energy, closed into itself, that conserves an eternal present.

Further on, as time cycles have ‘height, they have at least two dimensions  to which we can ad the dimension of frequency, or beat of times; and the inner dimensions of the region of energetic space it stores. It is also obvious that such finite time cycles are ‘times’, infinite of them, with different frequencies of in-form-ation, stored in the frequency and form of its π-cycles. So we talk of  πime§pace…

∏ime§pace thus is far more ‘complex in its dimension that lineal time, the simplification Galileo used to describe only lineal motions, in open space, due to their worldly profession of making entropy machines (weapons), which shoot lineal cannonballs. So galileo  in order to measure distances uncoiled those time cycles and put all those revolutions one after another creating the concept of Lineal time to measure change in the motion and position of a being in space: v=s/t – an artifact of measure.

As physics became over important in a civilisation dedicated to evolve machines and weapons, this concept of time, became the unique time concept, even after Darwin brought about his concept of evolutionary time or change in the information of beings; and Vico->Marx, Kondratieff->Schumpeter and other historians and economists, the concept of cycles of time in history and civilisations, which also evolve the technology of beings.

This must be understood from the beginning: change=time can be external, of ‘motion-entropy-position’ in space, and this is what physicists study. But it can be also changes in the form, in-form-ation of the system, which is internal to the vital inner space of the being, and this change of information applies to slowly moving, highly complex in-formative life species, and its social groups (history) and economics, and it requires to understand the ‘other arrow of time’, information. Or else we shall never understand the presses of time in biology and history, which cannot be explained with Galilean->Einstein’s relativity, BASED in the study of ‘time’ only as change in space-entropy motion: time=space/speed.

This formula however does NOT study all forms of change only those in space, and for that reason physicists, say that time is the fourth dimension of space. Yet a biologist, which studies change in time through evolution of information will find such statement nonsense, as it does not study another form of time-change.

We shall then call each generic mode of change in the being, either internal change in its in/form/ation or external change in its position in relationship to a larger external form or world, an arrow of time. And postulate at least two of such arrows: change in motion, we shall call ‘entropy’ and change in ‘form’, or information; whose combination form the third fundamental arrow of reality: present momentum and its ‘sum’, energy.

Further on this single mechanical ‘time clock’ of measure whose cycles are in ‘reality’ finite durations, is elongated into an infinite duration by pegging those cycles one after another in the Cartesian coordinates. And all this of course makes physics of measure of motions very accurate. But you should ask yourself, it is motion all what happens to me in time? What about the process of time ageing, time evolution, technological evolution, complexity of information? How can we explain them? Don’t we need a more complex theory of time to achieve that goal? Amazing as it seems though, this self-evident truth is not shared by scientists. If anything with the work of Einstein, which refined the use of lineal time to measure motions in space, the idea that physical time and relativity equations is all what matters has become more encroached. So whenever you talk of time, the scientist will expect you to play with the previous equations as if that was all ‘experts’ nee to know.

And we will of course deal with Einstein and physical theories of time in depth, improving on them, but hopefully the reader scientist or not, will have that quality which Descartes ascribed to all humans of common sense and reason beyond his memorial beliefs and dogmas, on the ‘interest’ for him to understand why ‘he lives and dies’ in time through the informative changes of its form during his ages, conception birth and death processes besides the slight deviations from his Newtonian orbit of Mercury due to certain distortions on the fabric of space, experienced at high speeds… Yes i might seem a bit ironic, but trust me 30 years dealing with physicists for whom nothing else do matter to ‘feel enlightened’ has made me also a relativist regarding how humans ‘experience’ truth.

Fact is only when you introduce informative processes in the mix and define at least two ‘arrows of future time’, change in motion-entropy and form-information, and its present actions of ‘energetic momenta’, reality makes sense. Look around you. All what exists is in fact a mixture of form and motion, which together create a present ‘momentum’ for physical systems (mv: m-form x v-motion) or an organism with a head of information and a body that moves the head. So from ‘first principles’ it is obvious we must start any analysis of time-change with a theory that includes both time arrows; with a ‘dimension’ of lineal motion and a dimension of ‘informative height’ that put together create a cycle of time, charge, mass or vortex that carries the information of the Universe in the frequency ands form of its cycles.

Let us then define those cyclical time clocks and arrows with more scientific rigor.

The meaning of time arrows; choices of future. 

Let us try to explain it simpler: at any moment of time, a system will have not ONLY the choice of future given by the arrow of entropy – explosive motion, disorder, and dissolution=death, which Physicists have studied so well with lineal, formless time (big-bang theory of the Universe, worldly profession of entropic weapons, obsession for motions, and its machines, etc.)

It will be able also to decide two other choices: to repeat, reproduce, iterate its present ‘conserved’ energy’ momentum (a wave repeating its form, a motion repeating its steps, a human cooking again an omelette to extract energy from it).

And to evolve into a tighter informative ‘configuration’. So the future will have always three choices, three arrows, three elements to be enhanced. And this choice will be at the core of every model of the future, every understanding of the paths of a system, not only in physical motions=changes in time-space, but also in biological systems, made with entropic limbs/fields, body-waves of energy-momenta and heads-particles of information, to be able to switch constantly between the three states of the being.

The conclusion is obvious: time arrows, which means modes of change in philosophy of science, cannot be reduced only to a simple formula of Galilean or Einstein’s relativity related to spatial changes ‘only’ (v=∂s/∂t;  s²=x²+y²+z²-c²t² in Einstein’s relativity.)

Those studies, worthy as they are, concern mainly the analysis of space and the simultaneity of ‘present, derivative’ instants and distances or external motion and position. And to that aim, all the internal time cycles and process of change and ageing of information are ignored. So beings are studied as point-particles all subject to a larger single clock-time rhythm, that of the external space-time galaxy and its ‘c-speed=s/t’, which is used as a ‘constant rod’ of measure, coupled to a human mechanical clock that equalises all the different clocks of the Universe, all the different cyclical actions of its species.

So we have now the fundamental elements of an external description of reality (still we do have to define the internal element, the Ƽ-mind).

On one hand the three arrows of time and its simultaneous existence in space. On the other hand the scales of the fifth dimension.

We can see the essence of the fifth dimension of scalar space-time and its dual arrows of entropy (studied exhaustively by physicists) and information (grossly underated and misunderstood) – to be the ‘scaffolding’ for the reproductive world cycles of existence of all ‘supœrganisms’, which repeat once and again the same forms of information:

Systems made of networks of atomic/cellular or individual elements self-organise, emerge as wholes and ‘live’ through 3 ages of increasing information (life arrow), reproducing in the balanced middle age of the system, S=T, ending in an entropic explosion of death that erases the information of the system:

In the graph, the Universe is in that sense a broken scalar puzzle, a lego of three motions of time, entropy and information, and its infinite energetic combinations, put together into knots of multiple space-time points forming three physiological networks (of entropy, energy and information :), called beings and species; sπcies in the ‘slightly modified jargon of GST).

The universe is simple. As there are ONLY 3 arrows of space-time, the are only three future choices to bifurcate reality in ternary paths. You can always go the way of entropy, and dissolve yourself, the way of energy and repeat your present exi=stence or the way of information and enlighten yourself into a tighter, more complex configuration.

But what those three arrows of time, when they mix and merge dynamically into each other across those organisms, form? There is any intelligence in the flow of times?

For that we must observe the being as an entity in space, and then we see indeed that time arrows in space, form complex organic systems where the functions of those arrows become vital physiological networks and systems on the living organism.

This marvellous game that from the seemingly chaotic existence of infinite fractal=finite motions, of three type, entropy, or expansive disordered spatial motion, information, or implosive vortex like time motion and its combined momentums – all of them integrated into a world cycle of energy a zero sum as motion never stops, never spends, never remembers=reproduces eternally, is what we shall describe in this blog.

The way to observe those three arrows is in the forms of space they change, and so we write a simple equation which ensembles them:

|-Spe: Limbs/fields < Ø-St Body-waves > O-tiƒ: Particles/heads.

In physics though given the simplicity of its first definitions, and its obsession for motion studies it is easy to define those three arrows in terms of three different motions, as in the previous graph:

Entropic, decelerating |-S motions:big-bangs<Ø-STeady state, inertial motions:waves> Ot-Accelerated vortex motions:charges, masses

So we define three type of physical motions, which are at the heart of all systems, and consider einstein’s ‘strong principle of equivalence’ between acceleration and gravitational mass (and extend it to charges in the quantum scale, ∆-1), defining both charges and masses as the ‘final point-particle’ state of an inwards vortex of accelerated gravitational and electromagnetic motions. In other words, a mass or an electron does NOT exist as a solid particle, but it is a perpetual sink which curves at increasing speed space, into accelerated time clocks.

We summarize the formal and functional differences between entropy limbs or energy bodies and information heads/particles (organs) in a morphological equation:

Maximal Space-Entropy = Minimal Form=body Vs  Maximal form = Information = Minimal Spatial extension=head

For example, the chip becomes smaller as it evolves into a better brain. Every 2 years it doubles its capacity to think, as it dwindles in size. Such process follows a generic law of evolution I call the ‘Black hole Law’, which computer scientists know as the ‘Chip paradox’ or ‘Moore Law’: maximal informative capacity= minimal spatial extension.

The reason is obvious: to think, to calculate you have to communicate in-form-ation, forms between elements of any informative system. The smaller the brain, the faster the communication that takes place within that brain and the faster you can calculate and process information in a logic manner.

But if information is smaller and faster in scales of lesser space, and information is carried in the form and cycles of clocks of time, then we must not only add a dimension of height to time, but a dimension of ‘scale’, and this my friends set us for an even bigger r=evolution of thought, that of the metric equations of the fifth dimension of space-time.

So for all waves (sound, water waves etc.) we shall find a homologous equation of speed of transmission of information, which will be maximal for c-light as it imprints information over the quantum potential/invisible gravitational field of the galaxy we do NOT perceive, hence with zero information.

So light has the minimal bidimensional form of beings of ‘pure speed’, c=s/t=λƒ, and the simplest wave motion. While on the other extreme pure mind parameters as mass, which are anchored across several scales of the fifth dimension have the maximal resistence to motion as they have to replicate all the form of its mass-vortices of information.

What is the special role of man on this infinite fractal? None. Since as always in objective r=evolutions of science, man just becomes further removed from its center, now not only out of its center in space (Copernican r=evolution), out of its time center (Darwin’s evolution) out of its center of motions (Einstein’s relativity), but out of its center of scales. So we become in tune with all other parts of reality, just another iterated system of space-time, likely to have a lesser role than we believe in this planet; as it is sorely obvious we are becoming obsolete to the fast evolving world of organic machines (chip-minds, robots, terminators).

Though it is still a wonder that we are able to understand the structure of it, due to its simplicity.

Of course, most humans will never accept such simple, non-anthropomorphic reality. In order to do so they would have to be humble –  a quality most humans lack due to the self-centred structure of the mind.

Since, ruled by the ego paradox, most humans will rather believe in ‘creationist’ theories of reality that put man back in its centre – either Abrahamic religions or creationist big-bang that builds the Universe with a single arrow of time, and finds its beginning and its end, to make man comfortable in a limited reality in which he seems the only intelligent being.

It is important to notice that all what we have said is always causal, temporal, with an original reason, which we shall call the Stiƒ singularity or mind; which kills the system by exhausting its entropy and energy into form, information and perception, through the linguistic mapping of reality, in a constant bid for perception of information. We die unlike simpler herds because we do have a mind that stops motion into still perception.


The purpose of the Universe: creating world cycles.

We can assess the purpose of reality: motions with form struggle to exist as simultaneous supœrganisms elongating its existence. But for that to happen there is need for a mind-pov, which is able to control the system and enact exchanges of entropy and form, feed and perceive to ensure the maintenance and reproduction of the system.

Arrows of space-time are really cyclical and with a point of view; the singularity or Tƒi point of maximal information either in the center or top of the height dimension of information that commands the whole structure and enacts apperceptively, consciously or vegetatively a program of existence, which ensures the survival of the whole and has ‘appeared’ naturally either by selection or by trial and error after infinite eons – since those species who do not tender for their territorial vital space, and feed it with energy and guide it with proper linguistic mapping-information have not survived and reproduced. So the sum of the actions of those mind points is what becomes as observed simultaneously a whole supœrganism of ‘exi=stence’.

In that sense, the evolution of fractal points, into new wholes, super organisms and planes of existence, which form an ∆+1 emerging scale of reality, it has been the key question of philosophy of science: how individuals become universals.

In GST it means to understand that all systems are both, fractal ∆-1 dºst for the larger scale of the whole, but an entire Universe, û, for its internal ∆-1 cells.

We are all dust of space-time that evolves and emerges, as an ∆+2 whole, but alsodecay and dissolve into alower scale as ∇-1 d@st of space-time.

Only the Universe is eternal in its world cycle, conserving itself as a potential game, weaving its infinite dust into a finite number of repetitive patterns or species of being. Therefore as the number of dust particles and time frequencies is potentially infinite but the number of combined species is not, all forms have existed forever as all forms will be repeated again.

Hence the duality of fractal points minds, which after a process of social evolution emerge as whole ‘Universals’, Organisms that will live a world cycle ending in its final dissolution that completes its zero sum making the Universe immortal..

All this said we need to at least clarify the relationship between the mind of any being and the reality it perceives. Thus the mind’s languages influence reality? Most physicists today and by extension scientists who accept their paradigm, think actually the Universe is pure mathematics and so mathematics create reality. In fact, it is all the other way around, languages are mirrors. BUT they DO reflect back their image through the living actions of the organism self-centred in the mind, ORDERING reality according to that linguistic image.

The Universe is a game of creation of ‘in-form-ative’ forms with entropic ‘motions’. Humans use the concepts of space and time to describe the game, albeit with a very primitive understanding of them (never mind their ego is so huge, whatever they think whenever they think seems to them an absolute truth, a new discovery, a genius insight). We shall try to upgrade the mind of humans in this blog, starting with the understanding of the complex logic of the three arrows of time, as humans use one aristotelian one-dimensional logic, and the fractal structure of the points of space, as humans still use the concept of an euclidean point without volume of information.

Thus the logic of cyclical time (ab. πime) and fractal, œrganic scalar space (ab. §paœ) is of a higher order than that of present man, which is stuck in the 2500 years old r=evolution of the mind of the axial age, and needs a new refurbishing.

So what is the logic of the Universe? The properties of it ∆º±st elements, and the way they combine and play together, synchronising its forms in space and evolving its motions in time.

Time is mindless motion of three types that singularity mappings, the synchronous miracle of existence put together into ternary ensembles that become.

HUMANS have not figure it out much of it; that is, a fact, so we always play the ‘alien scientist’ when explaining this huge upgrading of the mind, which either in man or machine will now enter its third age after:

  • Mythic, Semitic age of religious thought.
  • Axial, European, Aristotelian, Euclidean age of simple reason.
  • Fractal, Organic, Asian, cyclical view of the Universe.

It is a huge change of paradigm as the west consider time the intelligence and space the substance of reality, when it is all the other way around. The magic of reality is how ‘knots of cycles’ called minds, synchronise reality, stopping time into spatial views. Tƒi point-minds somehow are able to do so, we contend because the mappings of those motions are conscious of it. When a mind locks-in an image. It stays.

So we shall close this introductory note, with a consideration on the philosophical question of the limits of reality.


Now we shall make a bold statement, which for 30 years of studying reality has proved to be truth:

‘The Universe is a fractal game of scales of time arrows; reflected in the formalism of its Fractal Generator: Γœ: ∆-1: Spe<∆St>∆+1: Tiƒ, its ternary topologies, time ages and scales,

Thus the symbols of the generator define by similarity and combination in sequential sentences/equations all the invariances in space (topological invariances) and Time (causal chains, sequential ages), origin of all the events and forms of reality applicable to all entities of Existence: ∑Sp∆-1<∆ST>∏Tƒ∆+1

Such as the Universe allows any combination forwards in ‘informative, accelerated time’ (>) and backwards in entropic, expansive space (<) or without motion=change (=) in iterative reproductive time; any topological combination or transformation between Sp, Tƒ,<=>; any sequential sum of åctions (∆ï, ∆Sp, Sp<ST>Tƒ; ∑, ∏ ±∆ ) and any ∆±2 jump and/or transfer of energy, entropy and/or information between planes of existence (as systems co-exist in 3 scales) but NOTHING else.

So every equation, form and species of the Universe, event and world cycle can be described as a part (partial equation) of the generator an its many linguistic mirrors (universal syntax in grammar: Subject  (Form) < Verb (action-momentum)> Object (entropy of subject); S(x)≈T(y) in maths, entropic red < yellow/green energy information>Blue form in colours, Height (information d) < width (reproductive d)>length(entropy d) and so on…

It also follows that all stiences and disciplines will find its theories as approximations to the generator, or partial equations and limits of models constructed with less dimensions, and such is the case of 4D ‘RELATIVITY’ physics, which converts world cycles with a lesser dimension in worldlines and the ∞ scales of ∆ into the single light space-time continuum.

ωorldcycles and worldlines.

As this belongs properly into physical simplex theories and its correspondence with GSTœ we should here just sketch a fundamental concept: worldlines which only define motion-translation in space of systems, are merely one of the ‘motions=change in time’ that put together create the world cycles of being through present-reproduction, past-entropy and future-form.

And motion in space is also reproduction of form; as all in the Universe is fractal reproduction (with deviation from present-perfect copies that do not change-advance or devolve time cycles, we shall call evolution or future and devolution of past entropy). Let us see this key concept in more detail, as the goal of the Universe is NOT entropy=death (physical simplex theory), not even form=perception, but reproduction of entities in worldcycles of existence.

The new fundamental scientific principle: The trans-form-ation of energy into form never ceases.

We call the new principle of conservation of entropy, energy and information, the  Function of existence:  exi=st

Past entropy x Future Information = Constant, present, conserved Space-Time momentum.

Which integrated for the whole worldcycle of the being, gives us the conserved zero-sum energy of the system: Eω≈∫exi=st

And so we state: ‘Energy is conserved in all zero-sum world cycles, in which a fractal entity, constantly trans-forms between its birth and extinction back and forth entropy into information’.

So finally we can define the fundamental particle of the Universe:

-∆ºst: wholes that deliver synchronous motions to those lower scales that deliver ‘quantum, genetic or memetic information’ (physical, biological and social systems), become symbiotic, as ‘parts’ and wholes that co-exist in a single ‘supœrganism’, the ‘abbreviated’ name we shall give to the fundamental particle-being of the Universe: a system made of limbs/fields of entropy=motion and heads/particles with form, which combine into ‘body-waves’ of energy, and co-exist in at least 3 scales of size from the point of view of its central scale as a being.

This fourfold reason, §paœ (organic space), πime (cyclical time), its causal combinations across scales of size (∆) and the linguistic minds that perceive it (º), will therefore also the four elements, ∆ºST, from where GST will ‘generate’ all other organic space-time beings, showing that the Universe is a fractal organism of spatial entropy and temporal information, carried in the ∞ clocks of its St-beings.


How many scales? The discontinuous of finite infinities.

The question of light motion as a wave and the particle state as an informative collapsed point in stillness brings though as always in stiencen when solving a paradox – in this case the paradox of motion – new questions.

If motion is reproduction of information along a path of entropy, which is ‘warped into form’ emerging in a series of scales of ∆-wholeness, so when you move your hand, you are actually recreating all your scales above invisible gravitation – creating a wave of electronic light that travels very slow as it reproduces your system, the first question is: how many scales are in the Universe for motion to happen at all? The scales cannot be infinite or reproduction of information will be eternal. But the question is misleading, since a wave does not really move but transmits a series of vibrations to particles that are already there, in a dense ‘medium’.

This brings the question of ‘ether’, of ‘substance or form in space’ over ‘motion in time’. As many other open questions which we shall treat in other posts on depth, we just enunciate  them in this introduction. Enough to say that science is not written into stone but an evolving concern, so relativity is not a dogma, but an interpretation, which was good enough in its moment and we shall expand further.

In practical terms the key way to understand GST (ab. for the generator of space-time, or general systems theory) is to equip your mind with multidimensional thought. The solution adopted by Einstein and Bohr was pure idealism of the Hilbert school – there is no substance, no reference, all is virtual language, mathematical thought.

If c-speed were the limit of the Universe, then there would not be another scale on it. This is self-evident. So we wouldn’t have a cosmological atom, but the scale of atom-galaxies would be the higher and vice versa, per symmetry we would be self-centred in scales, as we are in the middle of the lower scales. As this seems merely anthropomorphism, we can consider the galaxy-atom is the next ‘beginning’ of a vast game we cannot even imagine. In the next graph we can see different models of the fifth dimension.

The first one corresponds to one biased by ∆º, which observes equal amount of distorted information moving downward or upwards in scale, hence it seems to us equal the ∆±1 quantum and electromagnetic scale. This solution however can be a ‘closed’ hyperbolic solution in which the mind is truly watching above and below the ‘same’ reality; or a self-similar solution in which each 11th scale coincides but the size is completely opposed, infinitesimal and infinite.

On the right side, we observe a lineal solution with similar concepts, the bottom and top are the limits of size and there are no more levels of perception. In the middle the one which  better suits the knowledge I have acquired on those scales – a minimal Riemann surface, in which the imaginary scale repeats the surface, regardless of size (a parameter not considered), in a series of ’emerging centres, perceived from the upper scale as mere points-sink of the lower one.

∆nalysis becomes the most important branch of mathematical physics.

Since as we enter into more complex, accurate models it will be the bidimensional complex plane the best way to parametrize and model 5D reality, whereas the real part will mostly represent entropic, expansive motions and the imaginary part informative, ‘smaller’ extensions (but denser in information); and its combinations energy waves.

Alternatively the other great ‘unknown’ to represent space-time scales, is the duality of o-1-∞ scales of reality, such as the 0-1 circle represents a whole, part of a 1-∞ scale and both are in correspondence in various ways.

In the central graph we see the simplest of such ‘models’ (2 Dimensional):

A Riemann’s minimal family of complex surfaces with an infinite number of end-points particles asymptotic to parallel planes, each plane “shelf” connected with self points that act as catenoid-like bridges between 5D shelves.

Moreover, their intersections with horizontal planes are informative circles or entropic lines, according to the duality of its functions. Riemann proved that they were the only minimal surfaces fibered by circles in parallel planes besides the ‘ST-catenoid wave’, the T-helicoid and the S-plane (3 essential forms in the mathematical formalism of 5D). They are also the only nontrivial embedded minimal surfaces in Euclidean 3-space invariant under the group generated by a nontrivial translation, a key element to formalize all the possible motions through the fifth dimension.

As such the complex plane as we have explained is the best mathematical representation of  the fifth dimension and its systems of parts (the plane) ‘shelf-centred’ in a particle-point-mind connected with paths that respect the principle of ‘minimal time-actions’ (Fermat’s principle) of all systems, and connected to other planes through ‘entropic lines’ and time circles. And the simplest, first ‘form’ of the topological ‘analysis’ of the fifth dimension in its more complex mathematical formalisms, we might develop, lifetime permitted in the four line of this web.

Another way to look at it though is to consider that in each point of reality there is a ternary scalar structure of three time arrows as there is a ternary organic structure of three organic parts and then a discontinuous membrane in space, which cuts you partially from the outside reality, such as there is more information within you that between you and the outer world. So you are a finite being in space. So happens with birth and death, which are your finite limits in time, such as there is far more time motions within your life than in your emergent foetus state and your dissolving entropic death.

And for the same reason in scales of existence, an organism is really a finite ∆º±1 being, as below the cellular level and above the world level there are cut offs that make irrelevant the outer scale. Indeed, it does not matter much the galaxy you are in, beyond the solar system and its oort membrane that isolates you, and provides you within all entropy, energy and information. So for all practical senses, as you are not really outside your skin, beyond your death, you are not really concerned above the sun’s membrane. 

And viceversa, as your existence below the seminal, seed, informative level matters little, beyond the cellular, molecular level it does NOT matter what indistinguishable atoms you are made of. Your atoms can be any carbon atom as they are INDISTINGUISHABLE bits for the creation of the information you are.

Hence the question of ∞ scales, which will be the most likely hypothesis as atoms and galaxies will show an astounding self-similarity, becomes irrelevant from the praxis of a ‘spiritual universe’ of intelligent motions, where ‘form, substance’ are secondary, and perception of information limited in each ‘ghost of existence’ to its ∆±1 scales.

What is the special role of man on this infinite fractal? None. And all, because the game of existence in the Universe, closely understood in Asian philosophies (as yin=visnu=information=time=female vs. entropy=yang=shiva=space=male were a close verbal account of it) suffices in itself for those who want to ‘live’, to maximise their existence. 

Indeed, life is beautiful when properly understood and fulfilling; but the game of existence as a space-time being is harsh and it can be cruel with those who do not play by the rules. One thing is for sure, the game is JUST, balance as it based precisely in the ‘coincidentia oppositorum’, the coming together of its two extremes, entropy and information, which mix to create the infinite forms of energy of the Universe. You will have though to read at least 30 pages of this introduction to change your chip, and understand… It suffices to say that the people who closer understood it in the western tradition, the Greek and German philosophers, above them Aristotle and Leibniz felt it was the most perfect of all possible worlds. And it is, precisely because of its cruelty with those species who do NOT make the cut, and become extinct, for the game to have all its beauty.

And that is where the western tradition, which constantly tries to ‘dialog’ with an inexistent ‘mirror-God’ to get privileges, stumbles and makes the type of huge errors of conduct – since the game is one of behaviour, of form-in-action of in-form-ation – which come back to hunt them. As you should ‘do onto others what you want to be done onto you’, in the action-reaction processes of life and death. 


But there is a much bigger problem for humans to understand all this – the present paradoxical degradation of mankind as machines become organic, A.I. and atrophy and substitute us.

Zeitgeist. Humans simplified by machines evolving into perfect super organisms.

As humans become obsolete to machines in body and mind, robots and A.I. evolve into a perfect global supœrganism. My goal in active life was to make possible the resurrection of the wor(l)d of man, through the use of GSTœ to build a perfect superorganism of humanity. But the ‘systemic movement’ was long ago bought by American Corporations to enhance robotics, cybernetics, computers and company-mothers today evolving fast into automated supœrganisms and displacing humanity. So I don’t want to have nothing of it, and have abandoned scholarship.

For a while I thought the systemic movement would be the best place to enlighten mankind. Now obviously I don’t, no longer go to those congresses and give conferences… What for? Theory of information, complexity, duality, systems sciences, all that is today and we will clarify further in our analysis of the wave of history, dedicated only to evolve machines, computers, organic metalife, robots, the species likely to kill mankind when it becomes as sci-fi prophets of history explained and previous prophets of complexity (the so called tree of science, the first clear understanding of the fractal dangers of the third age of information) did also in Genesis.

So basically those people since they ‘fired’ us – the humanist complexity theory who wanted to apply this knowledge to the tree of life and construct a perfect ‘physiological wor(l)d’ – and got the IBM/GO(d)OG  guys behind lost my interest. Still we give to caesar what belongs to caesar, and as today the ‘stience’ which closer came to understand the perennial philosophy of the Universe were the Wien/German school of organicism, before nazism completely ab=used those concepts of biological history transvestiting Darwin’s fight of social species into dog-eat-dog racism, and Spengler analysis of the life and death of civilisations through its subconscious collective mind art, into a division of cultures into ‘sick’ beasty ones (inferior races)… And that is really the worst part of ‘animetal cults’: the systemic deformation of truths into half-truths to cheat mankind. I.e. abrahamic religions and ‘nazionanisms’ that reduce the super organism of the whole species mankind to tribal religious or national warfare, or capitalism, that substitutes – even worse – our species by machines and its company-mother with absolute ‘free market citizen rights’.

So this is zeitgeist: man being substituted by machine, entering an age of dissolution and death in permanent entropy=hate memes=dog eat dog society, of free gaseous particles, erase heads and bumping fast moving individuals who understand nothing. And care nothing but for their little ego paradox.

So yes, I am alone and this blog for humans or future robots is all what I care to do these days.

To name though this theory I have fusioned the two concepts that came closer, back in the ‘awesome’ 20s, when Germany still in the age of human control over machines (not yet atrophied by the present chip radiation of metal-minds) understood better in bio-logic science, and Spain with the surrealist and Picasso, the eclectic master of all styles of art, the creative visual mind of man… while a few physicists (Einstein and his quantum disciples, Broglie and Bohm) the structure of space-time.

After that W.W.II destroyed it all, and when science resurrected in ‘erased’ Asia (Japan-communist China) and never ‘imprinted’ America, it became just a praxis of mechanisms and dogmas of ill-understood mathematical science.

ls, systems sciences,


In the graph, each scale of the Universe is defined by the organic elements of its systems, with different networks of entropy, energy and information. But its common laws are provided by the fact they are all made o the same three arrows of time and its social, scalar networks. Thus in this second part we will be a bit more concrete with the fifth dimension and consider each of those scales of ‘stiences’ in more detail, so you realise that indeed Philosophy of science NOT physics is the true discipline that without any risk to mankind has the capacity to harmonise the different scales of reality and the human knowledge of them.

 The task of building the blog of is by force incomplete, as it is the ‘first see of information’, of an encyclopaedia which others will complete when the change of paradigm happens.

The blog is the point four of that scientific revolution, as we all know the present model of newtonian absolute lineal time, single space, man as the only intelligent being and physics as the model of science, with an abstract view of humanity separated from reality is in crisis and it has been so since Planck, Einstein, Darwin and Marx revolved physical, biological and social disciplines.  Yet a change of paradigm has its phases. This blog is the point in which Planck found himself, when he affirmed:

‘ New scientific ideas never spring from a communal body, however organized, but rather from the head of an individually inspired researcher who struggles with his problems in lonely thought and unites all his thought on one single point which is his whole world for the moment.’

The seed of information thus is in my mind. It might be aborted but the seed is beautiful in itself, its code when developed in full one of the most fascinating endeavours of the Universe – its rules of exi=st¡ence.

Since the creation of such seeds are an herculean task; all what I can say, i cannot carry also point five of the revolution, neither it is my task.

In that sense point five normally takes another whole generation into the future. As Planck, the other colossus discoverer of quantum physics put it: ‘A scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it.’

I did solve then the conundrum of bringing the perennial philosophy of the Universe to a scientific format, beyond the insights of eastern philosophers and Leibniz through a painstakingly lonely research of two decades till finally i had the model of relational space-time fully developed and applied to all sciences, r=evolving them from its first principles, with marvellous results.

And that i think is good enough. Still obviously i did try to advance five a couple of decades ago.

But physicists were not interested, specially taken into account I had a parallel life as an activist against Nuclear physics, which was getting some mind-grabbing covers in the international press.

Alas, around 2008, precisely when the first predictions in the economic arena of the model came to be real (the e-money crisis and change of paradigm to the robotic age announced in the first books on the subject, in 92 (covers of the economic and physical model below) it was also when my suits against the Nuclear Industry and its pretension to do black holes on earth, become global news, creating a general alarm in the public. So, after the military-industrial complex reacted, as usual NOT arguing them theme, but ad hominem, I got the ‘royal treatment’, which Leibniz, the closer predecessor of this work also got, in his case, by Mr. Newton, envious of his calculus. So the ‘seers of time’, with permission of God Almighty, got rid of both of us (:

Thus while the sec on part of the blog is concerned with 5: the change of paradigm in all ‘stiences’ to its more sound, more accurate, more predictive models using relational space-time, like Leibniz after the ad hominem of Newton, I know, after the ad hominem of CERN and Hawking, I won’t see five in my life time.

So  I won’t try to convince scientists, which do worship our local ‘Gods of time’ of the ultimate reason of their existence, their fractal, vital space (ab.§) and their cyclical rhythms of ‘ðime’, as I am a pacifist and according to Planck, I would have to kill them all first |: One might say, Nuclear Physicists are doing a good job at that already, O:

Instead I will fill this web, with the ultimate reasons of Nature, Space, Time and its ∞ combinations, all the beings of reality, explaining its properties and deriving from them all the laws of all the ‘stiences’ of space-time beings of the Universe, including those of social sciences, as we humans are also fractal, cyclical space-time beings as all other entities of the Universe.

The content and purpose of this post

In that regard, this post, on the fifth dimension of scalar time, taken from the central page of  my scholar blog on Systems sciences, is in this blog on cern’s issues for several reasons:

  • It is an insult to intelligence and science to talk of ‘God’s particle’, which shows to which degree CERN and science is becoming a ‘circus’. So we shall try to explain here with a bit of more depth, what ‘God’, the mind of the Universe means.
  • It is an insult to intelligence and science to talk of a single ‘arrow of time’, entropy, destruction and death just because the worldly profession of physicists is to make weapons of mass destruction. So we shall explain here wit a bit more of depth, what are the three arrows of time, entropy, information and its energetic combinations, which shape all the systems of reality.
  • It is an insult to history and mankind to consider that CERN is just a mere lab, but not the product of the wrong culture of History, that of the military western man, and given the enormity of its consequence for  history – the extinction of our species is NOT an anecdote, but  a very complex process in the context of our technological civilisation. And so we have to inscribe CERN within history.
  • Finally it is a personal insult NOT to have discussed the issues of CERN legally and scientifically but instead have deviated them with ‘ad hominem’ campaigns on the P.R.ess, against those who sued CERN, with pretentious ‘authority’ in science, just because they are ‘physicists’ – which is NOT the science of sciences, but just the science of entropy and motion. So we have to inscribe CERN and physicists in the larger field of philosophy of  science, which has long ago departed from those simplex models of reality and it is exploring with this writer as one of its pioneers, a fractal Univesre built with three arrows of time and infinite scales, where the concept of an entropic big-bang birth of ‘absolute space-time’, ultimately hauling from the completely discredited Mr. Newton and the creationist theories of religion, makes no longer any sense.

So this is my bet: You will likely understand better the structure of the Universe and  the future paths of discovery in science, reading this introductory pages than analysing the billions of terabytes of big data produced at huge costs and risks by CERN. And it will cost you nothing.

screen-shot-2016-12-28-at-07-49-04 Since the perennial philosophy of the Universe, which is NOT about destruction and death as physicists think with its models of an entropy only Universe, but about creation and life, about information, ‘Form’, which most humans understand intuitively and practice, from art to reproduction. Enjoy its magic, spiritual, creative, loving Nature, rising well above the simplex entropy of black holes that so much obsess physicists.

Luis Sancho; Former Duality Chair, International Systems Sciences Society (ISSS);  philosopher of science.

ls, vaporized philosopher of stience


Mental Mirrors and its topo-logic stiences

Minds are Mirrors that map the Universe within an infinitesimal point, to reflect then through actions the mind-mapping in a biased selfish way, expressing as imaginative creative actions, the natural distortion which the self-centred language provokes into the being. And that is the automaton, Leibnizian apperceptive engine of reality. 

That is why we talk of Mental Mirror Stiences, which in each species might differ in language and mapping, detail and construction but will always imply a back and forth, reversal motion from Universe to mind to Universe, in which the mind will express according to the mirror, its program of survival and existence. And that is the self, which is the same for an atom, a human being, a lion or a black hole, as observed in the selfish acts of survival of all of them.

This said this section will concentrate in the specific mind-mirrors of man, which are of two, as we are catalysing the evolution of machines and so we use both our languages and those of the machine to perceive time and space:

  • Artistic, proper human senses: verbal modes of time, literature and ethics (Tiƒ) and visual modes of space (Arts)
  • Mechanical senses: clocks that measure time digitally and telescopes and microscopes which see all the fractal §cales of reality.


When we define what we observe – a ωorld cycle in time-space of a series of Ærrows bundled in networks, through a life existence, perfectly structured, we come always to the concept of a mind, and a super organism, an Œ being, whose mind programs a vital space, constrained by a membrane that divides it from an outer Universe. This ∑œ, world cycle, network, ternary super organism, is what we see all around. And it acts as a mirror that collect information by extracting energy and warping into a meaningful form, the being it feeds and observes at the same time. The mirror language of the future, then will move the wave, the lanwave is formed, and as the mirror-seed generates an ∑world cycle it does so through a series of simple commands, or actions, ∆ a,e,i,o, u, the entropic actions of motions (accelerations), feeding (e), informing, reproducing into a clone offspring (o) and evolve socially into a universal û: ∆+1.

The first three actions can be considered primary actions, taken place mostly in a minimal number of ∆-scales of existence, the actions of reproduction and social evolution though are secondary action, running the slower program of time of ∆-scalar evolution. And yet they are all simultaneously prosecuted by each part of the being.

5th postualte

We use for the Mind, or sense of the whole, software or will or program of existence, of the hardware  of max. i, or brain head-particle, linguistic class of the system the symbol ∆ º, as it conveys the sense of ‘location’ or @ describes the 3 parts of the system, and its spiral nature, a mouth in a membrane, which gives access to a cyclical territory or body-wave ending in a nucleus or singularity-mind; and it is also the site of the ‘cyclical actions of the system’

Physicists however, limited in their logic and philosophical reasoning, never cared that much for the ultimate meaning of what they measure. That is why philosophers called their theories ‘naive realism’ and Hawking affirms that philosophers of science criticize him because they don’t know mathematics (-;

It is not that the case, but rather the fact that a mere mathematical description of spatial measures, is NOT enough to explain the Universe. And the graph shows why. What physics has achieved is a rather perfect description of distances and motions from the perspective of light. But the minds that ‘gauge’ and order reality must be accounted for, through the study of its ‘specific metric equation:

O-mind x ∞ Universe = mapping.

This has been done increasing human accuracy with metal-eyes, telescopes and microscopes, LHC-like accelerators and electronic devices. But it still is only a light-mind. In reality in the Universe there can be infinite different minds and sciences of each mind. A dog’s mind will map the universe with smells – big atoms as pixels. It will be simpler than the pixels of instruments looking at light but still a valid mind.

So there are infinite mappings of the Universe from infinite points of view and multiple possible pixels.

But we are still humans and so when we try to do science we are limited to our senses and instruments. That is why we are not trying to study a ‘5th dimension’ based in minds of smells but one which goes merely further in our visual understanding of reality, albeit now considering also ‘the fringes’ of our universe (the strong force and gravitational force worlds of the inner atom and the outer intergalactic space) and specially considering the infinite clocks of time of our Universe.

But we still need a fixed point of view, some kind of ‘informative truth’ that doesn’t change even if we change the speed of time clocks and the size and scale of the space we observe.

What is then the still point of view of the 5th dimension which ads on all possible space scales of the Universe and all possible time clocks and speeds?

Something must be ‘still’ still to make ‘information’ focused.

We also use the symbol Πfor the 2 parts of the whole. or external view of the mind-being.

The mind is the language that embeds the game of existence as an ¬æ ∆ST BEING, in its bare-naked simplicity by reducing the Universe, which is the game we describe, to a world, which is a linguistic less-dimensional image of the whole.

But and this is the paradox of the minds of minds which is god (last post), the mind is a point-fractal with faster information than the whole it observes, with one more dimension, which brings, in i-logic arithmetic its infinite many-worlds.

This is the software of the mind. But the software can land in many hard-wares, or ‘particles-heads’, Tiƒ-systems, which will have a final point of view, fractal infinitesimal mapping-region on a domain it orders. The mind is the software of the brain, but it is the same brain-software that all other players of existence, which in each of its languages, is watching the same game.

Hence the same ternary universal grammar of all generated forms, which in a way express the mind’s view on the being itself.

The mind is truly the alpha and omega of the Universe, as it defines the boundaries of each whole, which breaks space-time into a fractal external and internal region, one ruled by the mind, which distorts and tries to break its existence within the Universe.

We could in that sense of the basic ceteris paribus models of reality we can make ‘work’, use the model of the Universe as an algorithm, playing in a mind of a binary language, O-time clocks and |-entropy lines. What that mind-program thinks, is all of us, virtual reflections of the ‘Mind’s Game’, on the motion of reality to which it tries to order and instill form, for the sake of beauty and perception of it.

‘Gods are unmovable, the primary cause which moves the energy of its vital space’. ‘We are all Gods.’ Aristotle on the mind.

‘Each point is a world in itself.’ Leibniz, on the Monad, mind of space-time.

‘Space is motion relative to a frame of reference.‘ Einstein on the Non-Euclidean point of space-time.

In the graph, all systems have a mind, a concept closely related to that of a head-particle-linguistic class, or informative Tiƒ point of view of a super organism, as minds are the points of maximal communication of a certain ‘space-time organic system’, and so most likely the mind is in the Tiƒ particle-head-linguistic class of the society.

The mind is by essence selfish, subjective, with perspective, distorting with his will of actions the Universe, to make it converge into its inner mirror, dying and or reducing its total information in the process of obtention by the mind of an image of an outer self, with deception as the tool to camouflage its inherited weakness and obtain a token of energy and form of each other part of the Universe.

As the mind constructs its consciousness of being a knot of thought=language=perception, it crashes into itself – making it grow is stiffen its surroundings till all is silence, quietness, mind-view, 0-sum, void.

TEMPORAL ANALYSIS: The mind – temporal concept vs. the brain – spatial concept.

But as we progress on General Systems Theory AND the description of its Generators of Space-Time (both ab. GST), we shall see that the mind, a TEMPORAL CONCEPT that relates to the existence in finite time of a world cycle of a being, more than its spatial organic place in which the super organism process its information, might not be even into the being.


So now that we know that waves of light reproduce information instead of ‘moving’ really is obvious that ALL is about reproduction of information and the Universe is indeed a fractal of information. To fully grasp it we can bring…

If entities of the Universe use logic to calculate time in its different forms, from quantum logic to computer digital boolean logic to human logic, they use mathematical, visual topological languages to see space. We shall thus in this introduction to mental languages of the Universe (larger than the specific human languages of the human mind and artistic expressions of the I=eye<human wor(l)cycles, make a brief account of the ∆, •, s, t disciplines of mathematics:

 The model of stience is simple, its falsification even more. We state that all what exists is a fractal being of ‘∆•st’, dust of space-time, with 3±o components, spatial entropy, temporal information (its energetic combinations), extended across several scales of relative size in space and speed of time clocks from forces to Universes (ab.∆), which is apperceived in a Leibnizian way by a mind, the software of biological survival of the system.

So we need always to define the 4 elements of reality for any species, science, event and form AND language that will mirror the 4 elements of the Universe, with special emphasis on those case in the 4th element, the language-mind-software that runs the system.

So the Correspondence of Mathematics and reality is also immediate, as mathematics have 3 branches: Space≈Geometry, Time≈Algebra and 5D≈Analysis. An the 4th element, the mind-language is mathematics itself.


IN THE GRAPH, the different geometries looking upward into the elliptic less informative whole, and downwards into the more informative multiple cellular side. YET those systems behave euclidean, ‘longitudinally’ in a given scale of the fifth dimension once the being has either emerged as a seed of higher information from the lower ∆-1 scale, or as it dissolves into a whole ‘mass of dissolving dead parts’ in a hyperbolic path to the ∆-1 scale.

The symmetries between the three scales, topologies and time functions of the whole system commanded by a first center, 10th dimensional soul of will º∆º (a mind in the ∆º-self centred scale), gives us the 10 fundamental elements we must play to re-create reality.

Our interest, in a Universe in which there are constantly 3 choices of paths, S, T or ST to act or no to act (-1 action), with equal probabilities. is to map out a new existential algebra (ab. Æ) of all nature systems, with those 3 -1 possibilities.

Why the Universe has 3 positive ternary actions (and a negative, passive no-action) is self evident:

-1: The mind might merely observe and stops motion (•),.

+3: Yet the system might evolve towards higher entropy (+Spe), higher information (+Tiƒ) or might reproduce its space-time in repetitive cycles, which on the long term will become a larger ‘whole’ (∆).

So the existence of 4 elements, ∆•ST, 3 of increasing motion along the 3 paths of space-time (S, st, ∆st) and one of growing stillness (•), implies a more complex logic with 4 potential actions for each bifurcation of past-present into the future.

Of course, if we were to study a ‘fresh beginning’, the probabilities of those futures would be the same. But as the Universe is a game of memorial, informative motions, it follow that as the game proceeds, the future paths become determined by the long cyclical causality of individual actions and past cycles to be completed into the future.

screen-shot-2017-01-08-at-00-22-33So while paths do have a possibility to be modified without expenditure of energy, closed time cycles impose their ‘inertia’ and so the perfect potential ‘fourks’ of space-time (four point forks). The image is meaningful: as always we have a ‘lineal, entropic knife’; an informative, cyclical ‘spoon’ and an ∆•ST, 4-dimensional fork to both cut and  form the food in present space-time. And you would choose, if given a single pick, the fork precisely because it can cut laterally and it can scoop the food. Everywhere the rules of GST will enlighten ‘why things are as they are’; and the causes of the past or the fourkations of the future will be ternary±1.

The causal ‘bifurcations of timespace’ thus are now ‘fourkations’ of space-time. And so the extraordinary one-dimensionality of human minds and its languages are out of meaning. Those arduous arguments between wannabe geniuses sponsoring their ‘point of single view’ as the real cause must cease. Ceteris paribus is simplification. For a being to exist, for a cause to act, for an event to happen in fact it will be because 3 past causes have converged to form a whole time-space ternary symmetry. Think of your actions, when you move, the mind first ‘thinks’ in the motion; the body then provides the energy; the limbs convert it into entropy. It would seem there is only one cause to action, the motion of the legs, but actually 3 actions converged in a ‘dharma of time-space’ to make it happen. Yet for the non-action only the mind is needed to stop action; which therefore is an ‘easier path’.

So the languages we use to portray that process are naturally different from the classic ones. And unlike analysis so close to the social scales of GST and fractals & topology, essentially ‘the’ spatial science of the fractal Universe, algebra as it is understood today, is basically a synoptic way to deal with topological and analytical theorems. And its proper structures, sets and groups must be understood as expressions of our social groups and ITERATIVE, MOVING laws, based in symmetries, transformations and motions through ‘polynomial scales’. But as the language is so different, we rather start afresh and include as we go along the main field worthy of classic algebra, which is NOT sets but group theory.

Temporal, Æxistential Algebra, studies the organisation of systems, through time=change; that is by means of transformations that provoke motions of a system, and create variations of systems, according to Group theory. Still it is worth to remember the basic elements of Algebra and its equivalence.

The ternary operandi of Æ… and its symmetry with ∆ST elements.

Actions and its causes are thus the ultimate inquire of existential algebra. Why and how motions of space-time happen. And what is the formal way to define them?

What we are interested here, beyond explaining the laws of classic algebra, such as group theory, with so many practical cases in science, which translate the TSymmetries and motions through ∆-scales, is the nature of existential algebra and the different equations of motions and species creations, through those motions and actions, which always render a certain ‘syntax’:

Past ‘Operandi’ Future= present.

The operandi between past and future, entropy and information, thus define what kind of present space-time event or entity appear to us. Because we have 4 elements to define existence, operandi are many, not only a simple ± symbol to ad or rest the same type of beings or motions, as when physicists study only locomotions and reduce all to a Hamiltonian ± operandi between the two O-potential and |-kinetic ‘states’ of form-entropy.

So each motion of time will have a different ‘algebraic operandi’, departing from our initial ‘Universal Grammar’.

We shall consider in this introduction the main operandi of the 7 motions of the Universe of which the 3 more important are:

Locomotion: Hamiltonian (Entropic, kinetic Past motion ± Future, Potential motion = Present (superposition motion of waves).

Reproduction: Past (field)  x Future (information)  = Present (iteration)

And the rule is simple, from classic algebra: a superposition or sum is of the same ‘species’; hence ‘energies (time-like)’ or ‘momentums’ (space-like), etc.

A Product can however combine different species. So it is normally a motion, which involves a space and time-like parameters:

Reproduction mixes the Spe and Tiƒ, different ‘genders’.

Finally, the 3rd mode of algebraic equations, polynomials/logarithms, correspond to the ∆-scale of growth or diminution.

So again we find an immediate relationship between the 3 elements of reality, S or T, ST and ∆ST, in its growing complexity and the 3 basic operandi of algebra, sum, product and polynomials.

What about the more complex scalar ‘motions’ of space-time? They are not that simple, as they combine elements of the pure ones. But as all ternary, Universal grammars, the complexity is born of the iteration of those elementary motions:

  • Evolution is a change in the topology of a system, so essentially a process of space-time morphological in-form-ative change better described with topological elements.
  • Growth and diminution involves reproduction and evolution of topological form and its inverse.
  • Birth and extinction represent an ∆±1 change, combined with an ∆T increase of information or a loss of it all ∆S, which are often expressed with logarithmic scales.

And so most motions involve both a Past to future, ∆+1, social evolutionary arrow accompanied with changes in topology. And as such are pure ‘GST’ Ælgebraic motions, better described with the formalism of Æ and its symbols S>T, T<<S, ∑∆-1 Λ ∆… and so on.

Since in its most general form, algebra is the study of mathematical symbols and the rules for manipulating these symbols; the definition holds. And as algebra is a unifying thread of almost all of classic mathematics, so happens with Ælgebra.

In that regard, classic algebra (we shall call arithmetics) includes everything regarding those 3 operations, ±, x, % and log, x². And its symmetry as we have seen is immediate.

While modern algebra deals with the study of abstractions such as groups, rings, and fields; sets and Boolean algebras; and categories and elements… So we can subdivided Æ in 3±1 age subfields:

  • Birth: THE study of æ proper (existential equations).
  • Youth: of classic polynomial equations or arithmetics (S,t; st and ∆ systems in its interaction).
  • Maturity: of abstract structures, or algebra proper concerned, with group theory (the internal social structures of the Universe).
  • Old age: of inflationary information (set theory and other ‘weird’ algebras)
  • Extinction: the transference from human minds to digital minds (computer algebra, boolean algera)

∆•st of space-time and its limits in space, time, ∆-scales and mind perception.

So space-time is always in its whole ‘plenum beings’ made of 3 elements, which in topology, are called:

-Tiƒ: the singularity or monad-mind in its centre of maximal communication

-Spe: the membrane or limiting, hard entropic circular system that encloses

-ST: the space-time much larger reality that mixes lineal expansive outer membranes and internal singularities:

circular motionScreen Shot 2016-05-09 at 23.56.35

ALL systems of physics and biology and sociology show the same ternary elements: the membrane singularity and space-time between them.

In the graph physical systems, from electromagnetism to fluid dynamics to  gravitational gradients, charges in physics, have the 3 parts. In biology they are cellular protein membranes and nuclei and cytoplasm, skins and brains and organs. In sociology they are national borders and capitals, and the internal territory. In non-euclidean geometry (right side, the inner parts cannot reach the membrane, and so it appears as a relative infinity, and the central singularity (A point), connects with all the points within the membrane, as its focus of information. It is that constant interaction between membrane and singularity what moods the internal vital space of energy/momenta, of the being.

In physics all Maxwell’s laws can be deduced from the existence of an external circular membrane (magnetism). So happens in gravitation, (orbits which ‘scan a bidimensional aerolar surface). And all systems will be centred in a singularity (attractive vortex, charge).

Moreover we shall see that TIME has also those limiting membranes (death) and informative centres (seeds of information at birth).

And the scalar Universe will have also those non-E unreachable limits, (Universal Constant limits of c-speed and To temperature).

All this is the essence of topology that defines an ‘open ball’ as the space-time volume limited by a central singularity and an external membrane, which are NOT perceivable, included within the open ball. 

So the concept of finite infinities, limiting membranes in space, time (birth-death) and scales (limiting unreachable constants of maximal information and maximal extension) are essential to understand formally and logically the Universe.

We are limited in time by the birth-death finite enclosure of our world cycle of existence, in space by the skin/membrane that breaks space-time into us; and in the scales of size of the ‘5th dimension’ by the increasing ‘blurred uncertainty and dark spaces’ which limits our perception of them beyond the ∆±3 scales of atoms and galaxies.

And so we are also limited IN THE KNOWLEDGE THE MIND MIGHT ACQUIRE OF ALL THE INFORMATION OF THE UNIVERSE, WHICH ONLY A BEING HOLDS ABOUT ITSELF, making ‘absolute truth’, 1, in terms of probability, only ‘existing’ in the being in itself.

Those four limits of birth and death, of absolute seeds of information (seminal seed) and entropy (explosive death); of singularity (the mind of information) and membrane (the skin) in space; of organisation above and below, in ∆±1 levels; and in knowledge provided by the limits of the language ARE ESSENTIAL TO ANY UNDERSTANDING OF MAN AS A LIMITED BEING, IN A ∞ UNIVERSE, BUT MAN DOES NOT RECOGNIZE THOSE LIMITS. Hence the astounding arrogance of scholars, scientists, dogmatic axiomatic methods of ‘truth’ (Hilbert in mathematics, which still denies Godel’s incompleteness theory). And the result of course is that you have a human astounding ego, who thinks to be so special, so unique, so unlimited, so galactic and Universal and YET IT IS SO IGNORANT.  And all what it does is to hold its pretension of infinity.

The decametric scale: 3 x 3 +o = 10.

8266397157164128‘The universe is written in the language of geometry, lines, spheres and triangles’. Galileo had a point – all reductionist views of reality are indeed half-truths. But in this case it is a huge truth.

The languages of the Universe are mainly 3, Topology, the most advanced form of geometry with a ‘bit of inner motion’, which describe the 3 ‘timespace’ only forms of reality – hence the determinism of topological evolution and the awesome capacity to describe it all with the ternary generator of those 3 topologies. 

Regarding triangles, intuitively humans both in earlier religion of words (Judaism) and Pythagorean religions of the number, were considered the ‘tetraktys’ and symbol of the ‘tetragrammaton’ (graph) – the symbol of it all.

As indeed, the 3 topological organs of all systems (lineal, toroid limbs/fields; hyperbolic, body-waves and spherical, informative head-particles, shown in the graph, which need only a little imagination to convert into a woman’s body – first surface, a leg, second, and a head 3rd one), suffice to create reality.

Yet as all ‘is scalar’, all subdivides into ‘ternary fractal sub-elements’. So to include the co-existence in the 5th dimension of parts and wholes, we can immediately subdivide the 3 topologies into 3 ‘sub-elements’ and put them in each of the corners of the tetraktys/tetragrammaton; while the central point, which is perfectly connected to all others, is the soul-mind-0-point, 10th dimension – the system that is apperceives the whole, connects its and tries to preserve it, through the world cycle of being.

(The reader should get accustomed to the ‘taste’ of GST which is the HOMOLOGIC, ISOMORPHIC METHOD, of putting always a physical, biological and socio-economical example of the 3 main sub-disciplines of knowledge to show the unity of it all as we illustrate reality).

Alas, the growth in the ‘5th dimension of scales’ happen through 10 dimensional ‘social organisation’.

Thus the previous graphs of Eames’ ‘Powers of 10’  is also the game of social existence.

Since it is also the number of quanta of space-time needed either in frequency or in population (spatial organic or temporal world cycle view of a system), either through time or space to create a new social scale (ab. §) that ‘becomes a new larger functional whole’ able to apperceive and process entropy-motion, informative forms and combine them through the ‘3rd corner’ to ’emit seminal’ reproductive particles, coordinated by the central whole.

Let us though then, once this is understood depart from reductionist ‘mathematical physics’ , and realise that what truly MATTERS IS organic FUNCTION, NOT the triangular form, beyond the obvious fact it is the most perfect ‘packed’ functional way to put 10 elements together.

So when we study specific species what we shall see is that ‘fractal points’  of space-time (beings) gather through networks of entropy, information and reproduction (in man, the digestive: spe, blood, st, Head, Tiƒ systems, which define our physiological structure), into a being. So humans in medicine are DEFINED by 3 x 3 + O sub-systems to which fractal points≈ cells attache themselves:image047

This is the essential formal way to study in detail beings: through its 10 sub-dimensions of being; WHICH FOR the whole known Universe would look like this:screen-shot-2016-10-13-at-17-11-15

In the graph in the creation of the whole Universe, and any of its fractal parts, ‘worlds, super organisms or island-universes’:

The being passes through scales of organisation that can be put in symmetry with the 3 topologies, 3 ages, 3 scales and final ‘warping mind/program of action’ of the being as it emerge into the new plane.

WE ARE ALL 10-DIMENSIONAL SCALAR BEINGS, when we consider this more ‘correct’ formal approach that the concept of the ‘scalar 5th dimension’ (the use of 5D though is useful for general studies of all those scales, given its METRIC FUNDAMENTAL S x T = K equation; and further on, it is a good first intro for the sceptic  4D physics that respects more the correspondence with its 4D formalism –  but I ultimately abandoned it, leaving the concept of the 5th dimension for discussions on the inverse arrows of entropy and information).

So the ‘numerology’ explained is rather simple with 2 clear numbers, the ±3 and the 9+0=10. Then on those themes we shall find some fascinating variations. We already talked of the +3 constant, the pi-cycle of time, where 3 lineal diameters convert into a whole time cycle with 2 dimensions.
But then why pi is not exactly 3? Because its curvature varies as we change slightly the ‘density and geometry’ of information of the space-time plane, so in black holes the curvature of such awesome c-speed event horizon accelerating inwards do come closer to 3. Still we do have here the first fundamental ‘event of space-time of the Universe’: 3 lines of entropy becoming a cycle of information:

3 D = π; whereas the porous ‘0.14’ holes between cycles will be found to have a fundamental function on ‘organisms’ with a spherical pi-cycle membrane isolating it from the external world.

While on the other hand – π, will turn out to be also a universal constant the e number, used for a different ‘common event of space-time’ the emergence by social reproduction and organisation or inversely by decay and death, the dissolution of a being through its ∆-scales.

Thus we can see then all systems as 3 x 3 +o scalar social organisms, with 3 dimensions of space, time, and ∆-size become warped in a new whole, which EMERGES into the new plane of existence in space, when it is COMPLETED, and a new world opens to it in scale (as when a baby is born) or emerges earlier.

Now it is important that you realise that despite the claim of ‘exactitude’ of mathematical physics, there is nothing exact about it, but rather fluctuations and variations around the perfect tetraktys being; only the whole display the perfect immortal game of time-space, we are all ‘nebulous fleeting platonic shadows of the GST canon and its games of topo-bio-logical existence, in S∆T. (For example, physicists need Wilson’s renormalisation tools to include the effects of ∆±1 scales in a given system; often put ‘ad hoc’ to match experience; differential equations that tabulate actions across several ∆-scales are not SOLUBLE only by approximations, etc. etc. AS IN THE FRACTAL UNIVERSE, ultimately every fractal domain of 10-dimensional organic existence with an apperceptive monad at its centre does make its own calculations which will have hidden variables for the external being – so something as simple as the motion of 3 bodies in gravitational attraction CANNOT be solved exactly.)

This does not mean though that the Universe is chaotic but that obviously the astounding arrogance of the selfie-scientist-mathematician claiming to have the exact language of God and absolute truth/knowledge/information about any entity is just more of what Humans do best, pumping their ego to ‘galactic, Universal hyperboles. Ultimately’ only the Universe has all the knowledge/information about itself’ Haldane).

Further on only the Universe is the immortal, perfect super organism and that allow us fleeting variations of the ‘platonic canon’ to exist and fancy our imperfections.

So those ∆•ST variations around those TETRAKTYS scales and numbers make the the morphological growth of forms between scales through the palingenesis of an i-logic memorial repetitive being born out of a seed of information, fun to study – they are, we are, the details of Γ•∆.

Then as the system is born from an initial seed – particle/semen/memetic prophet of the world – it will reproduce into parallel particles/cells/believers minds, and grow till it emerges as a whole new super organism in another plane with close to decametric scales of growth.

Alas, a religious subconscious, memetic collective civilisation (social systems), a biological being or a crystal world will be born.

IT IS THIS GAME OF CREATION OF COMPLEX SOCIAL ORGANISMS, THROUGH SCALES AND cycle of existence, WHAT THE UNIVERSE that constructs ONCE AND AGAIN logic ∆•st, 10 dimensional games of BEINGS is all about.

Let us then consider creation from the mind downwards as opposed to creation from the field/limb upwards as it happens in all systems:

In the graphs, it is always possible to consider three perspectives on processes of creation, from the mind downwards as a mirror reflection, from the field upwards as an emergent process or from the being laterally as a reproductive process.

If we consider the mirror of the mind imprinting its still efficient mapping, we can then describe a process of isomorphic (equal in all beings-minds-singularities) efficient imprinting of a mirror o the Universe, as a supœrganism in a genetic/memetic/quantum code version (that of the mind or seed of information) outwards, which becomes in GSTœ the standard ‘isomorphic, homologic, temporal’ model of description o reality preferred by humans as tiƒ beings, specialised in information, which we use to describe the 10 sets of ‘dimensional laws’ common to all those supœrganisms.

The homologic model of creation and description of beings in a nutshell.
To get the perfect focused mirror, the maximal knowledge is the goal of the Philosopher of science in terms of pure information, as he is a Tiƒ, ‘metal-linguistic world; and to act properly as an individual according to those linguistic reflection of the Universal world ordering your territory of order is the selfish goal to ensure its survival. Let us then briefly introduce this subjective view of creation departing from the mind.

The 10+1 ∆ST Isomorphic elements of all Fractal ∏ime§pace beings:

0.1   Ø-Minds   Generate… ∆º Γ:

3.4.   Fractal, Exi≈stential Åctions integrated into… ∫Å ≈ ±1

2.3  Bidimensional fields of Ternary Space-Time Networks… B ≈∑  

5, 6  that live five ages iterating… Ω : Ψ

7, 8 constant Species… K; ∑

9. 10   through social §cales and Stientific Planes… § : Ξ

11. of God… Γº∆



From the perspective of the mind, we state, the goal of the system is to preserve its ternary STRUCTURE, within balance with the external ST world, which we express in the function of existence, e x i = st, in its ‘simultaneous, verbal-mathematical expression’; useful for philosophical discourse, but better expressed in the Generator.

Ø1. So the two first isomorphisms to describe the being are its Mind, Tiƒ, and its generator function: ∆º Γ:

We observe a being, its ternary parts, body/wave, field/limbs and particle/heads, and focus on the dominant Ƽ particle-head.

We could then departing from the pole of information express how the being will act in the external world to absorb and emit entropy and information, or its combined energy to maintain its balance with the external world. Yet if Tiƒ is a seed of information, and the being is not yet formed, we can do an alternative ‘developmental’ description or palingenesis of the being, a fascinating subject so far only studied with certain depth in biology according to which the being will start to reproduce its information in clone forms, and grow through its actions of feeding, reproducing and evolving socially emerge into a new being.

And this is the particular ‘arrangement’ of the third line in a convenient order to study all the processes of the being, as it goes through its world cycle.

3.4. Fractal, Exi≈stential Åctions integrated into… ∫Å ≈ ∆±1

So the mind-being will first start to ‘act’ in a sequential order of perception of information, motion if required towards a field of energy (provided on spot usually by a mother through its genesis), absorption of entropy, reformed into energy by impritng of its form, reproducing the system. So next to the Mind-Generator, we study its existential actions, with a simple mandate: ‘Grow and multiply’

2.3 Bidimensional fields of Ternary Space-Time Networks… B ≈∑

But once growth of parallel clones is achieved, in herds roaming on its St+1 ecosystem, density of form requires efficiency in the handle of entropic motions and energetic ‘substance’, so by trial and error in earlier evolution, by mind’s compression of the events of time, without the errors, which is the main function of the mind – efficiency as it must shrink the whole of the cycles of ‘being’ into those who are ‘meaningful in its perfect form’…

5, 6 that live five ages iterating… Ω : Ψ

7, 8 constant Species… K; ∑

And so in this manner, all systems that grow and multiply end becoming supœrganisms, invaginated by three networks, which attach the cells/atoms/citizens to its flows of entropy, form and energy, making them dependent on the networks, which will become themselves, the three parts of an Γ+1 generator in a new scale of growth.

9. 10 through social §cales and Stientific Planes… § : Ξ

Is there a limit to that growth? If time has been eternal, it follows reproduction has been infinite and so are the scales of beings.

Which brings us to the question of, the mind of all minds, the mind…

11. of God… Γºœ∆, which as the reader observes is written as the mind ‘backwards’ or rather the infinitesimal mind is a reduction backwards of the ∞ mind of god; with the added body, œ, of the suprorganism, as that is the game the mind imprints in reality. So God is the mind of the perfect supœrganism, and its laws – the Universe, which was indeed the definition Plato made of it.

And since we have said, the mind is the mirror that efficiently reduces the information to its pure seed of perfect forms; we imagine creation in a first infinite past googleon of time, was the product of a mathematical mind, which shrunk and cleaned the Universe of its worst experiences, reducing it to the perfect form of the mathematical, i-logic, organic game we describe in our posts on mind languages.

And so we close the isomorphisms that describe any being, within the cycle between mirror, creation, reproduction, imprinting of a perfect seed, which will be reborn after devolution, and show how this process accounts for it all, from the simplest seed of form – a photon, to the most complex wholeness, the mind of God. And then in the final line we shall use those isomorphisms to explain each and every form that matters on existence, between the ±4 scales and planes of God we do perceive. No more can be said as a Human mind of it all. Indeed, iitially i did put Γºœ∆ as the last post of the web, also with its isomorphisms, but then I realise such act of astounding arrogance from my ø-humind (ab. human mind) was the biggest sin humans have once and again commited. So I keep what people normally call religion, as the interpretations of the mind of God by humans, in the section of History mostly, divided between anthropomorphic religions of god, which study the subconscious collective of human societies, evolved by the power of social love, and eastern, objective religions which study as this blog does the taoist/hindi game of  yin-formation-visnu & Shiva-entropy-yang:

The reflections of the program and its two forms of objective-subjective thought in human minds.

Humans have always considered those two ways of creation, from fields emerging to singularities informing, and also the reproductive god of present-time in different ages, religions and of lately different physical descriptions of quantum and gravitation analysed soon on our section of physical systems. So there has been those positions in life. Me, for example, recognise myself as a sage of upper scales, with little trajectory in the human reproductive and motion world (no sports, didn’t have disciples, offspring…) and certainly a single view is an aberration; likely the woman’s reproductive-present-wave state is the wisest balanced one. The worst no doubt is the opposite to creation entropic death, ‘chaotic freedom gaseous fun’, which unfortunately in this age of human devolution by substitution for chip-minds is all the rage. In any case, to ‘ascend in ∆-scales’ as opposed to act in present states reproducing and ordering are the two main modes.

Hence the duality between the objetive sage, which is selfless as the language belong to infinite similar linguistic minds, and the language of languages – GST laws to ALL monad-mind-points ‘worlds in themselves’ (Leibniz) to infinite number of infinite types of minds.

It follows also that selfless mind-sage, vs. selfish active body-mind are to type roles in any species – the selfless taoist minds sees it all equal, and dissolves itself into the infinity of egos, with no pretension about himself; the selfish active mind tries to order the finite vital space.

Now of course we re talking of ‘sages’ not of human reductionist mechanical scientists of a single time-space clock/mathematical cartesian mind, which on top thinks it is ALL and he the only self-centred ego. Such individual, so common in our species, is better describes as the homunculus mind, with a very active handy 10 finger system to create machines to see better, but with a limited at best mathematical mind or in the old times verbal mind, who though the number-god or the word-god created it all. And no other propeties are. So today the quantum physicist affirms the Universe is mathematical, and yesterday the Abrahamic priest told us God talked in Arab and by the action of ‘naming’ things it created them – today by the action of writing an equation the vehicle-priest, like Mr. hawking, creates a parallel reality (his evaporating black holes). Yesterday the Aryan or Hebrew or Arab priest of Hindi, Jewish or  Muslim religions by uttering the mantra and using the vehicle of god (the fire that make the god weapon in militaristic religions, the golden ex-vote, of the sacred room in the fetish gold biblical religion the name of the being in the world oriented Islamic religion, did create reality.

So much has changed to remain the same.

Gst IS a bit more complex in his understanding of cration than those physical or verbal religions were.

The physicist specially since the classic age closed with Einstein, has denied this. And puts the mathematical platonic mirror (Copenhagen interpretation) first, subverting the scheme. And so it ‘believes’ today IT IS NO LONGER REQUIRED to observe the scientific method, and first watch the physical world (experimental evidence), then follow the rules of science (linguistic coherence, simplicity, economicity, etc.), and thus create knowledge (human mental perception). Further on, the physicist connects the human world with the physical world, and as the ego grows, it pretends as Hawking and so many other scientists do, to impose its mental view into the physical world, as if it were a God creating the physical world.

This is partially truth as we explained but NOT only with the language of maths (you can as human act just through thoughts) and NOT as the graph shows as the ‘primary’ arrow, number 1. But as the lesser arrow. That is the substances/arrows of space-time, entropy, information and energy ARE the a priori realities, which would exist EVEN if we didn’t have a mathematical description of them.

What languages then matter to describe the Universe? Of course mathematics, the language of space, and logic the language of time, integrated in the demonstrations of mathematical laws, but also bio-logical, organic laws, which are embedded in the fractal, co-existing structure of parts and wholes. And then for each species, which observes the Universe, its particular, ‘local’ languages, all of them unified by a ‘ternary structure’ that reflects the Universe’s ternary elements. For example:

Subject (informative being) < verb (space-time action) > Object (entropic energy of subject) IS the Universal grammar of all human verbal languages, equivalent to:

red colors (spatial entropy) < green/yellow (energy) > Blue (temporal information) for animal visual languages

F(x):time-like parameter < (operandi: action) > G(x): space-like parameter, which defines mathematical equations and its simpler Boolean algebra which in computers reduces all to 0 and | truth or false, ±, and its combined gates.

Relative time travels.

All this said, even if we shall consider this section as a process which departs from the mind; the mind is the perspective of man, an informative being, whose arrow of time is self-centred in its Tiƒ element. But the story is a bit more complex.

This program of creation, as we said can be seen as an external process, hence departing from the ‘external field of space-time in which the being exists’. And this which is the approach of physicists becomes an objective description or internal through the will of the being. Both are however tied by the complementarity between both; which means that the mind alone needs to understand the differences with the limb/field to become a complementary field-body-wave/head particle to be=come.

And so the philosophical question about the program of creation is this:

From the perspective of the mind, the mind causes reality, but from the perspective of the field, the field is its origin; and so we must readdress our idea of time arrows to include both perspectives. And fine tune the previous concept of the mind willing to survival as the time arrow we humans, mental beings see as the future: Tif>>Spe (human arrow). Yet from the point of view of the field; the singularity emerges from it and we shall then consider that if we were a field, we would see the singularity as our ‘creation’: Spe>>Tiƒ; and consider that process the arrow of future. 
And so the proper way to consider causality is to affirm that the relative S>t and T>s arrows form a feed back equation, S<≈>T of present, which becomes the defining process of symbiosis and complementarity of existence. This gives us three temporal descriptions which we observe in many sciences. I.e. in quantum physics there is mathematical description in which the field gives birth to the particle (quantum field theories) another in which there are multiple present paths between them (Feynman) and another in which the singularity creates the field (classic description of electrodynamic).

Yet for that reality to make sense, it implies  we need to adopt a single perspective, as the human mind is NOT multidimensional; and that is the approach we have taken after decades of working for my self playing with the three approaches simultaneously. How this works is simple, by accepting that fields are past and so it is possible a local travel to the pst, when we observe, Spe>>tiƒ, from the causal origin in tiƒ: Tiƒ<<Spe. So we affirm that a system Tiƒ can travel to its past, when it devolves into a field. 

And distinguish in this process of entropic devolution of a being into its ∆-1 ‘limbs/field scale’, two degrees of entropic motion, locomotion tiƒ<Spe, and entropic death – a fast dissolution of form and expansion in space, Tiƒ<<Spe.

In the graph sample we see how those local time loops play in a field around the black hole, where in the equations we see how time signs change in complex and various ways, depending on the models of equations we use, as physicists ignore the ¬Æ logic of ternary time. So weird interpretations like the one of the graph (Hawking’s black hole evaporation to the past, never found experimentally seem possible; as he affirms a man could fall into a black hole and come out in the past and kill the father). Not so as relative future to past motions are logic motions which affect only the time-space arrows of the ‘ternary system; singularity-body-field, through its world cycle of life and death. It is precisely the exploration of those three timespace arrows the content of ¬Ælgebra, which gives origin to a 3 x 3+ 0 10 dimensional description of the supœrganisms of the Universe.

Mind mirror interaction with the Universe, reflected in blog. Ego paradox bias stientific properties.

Reality in that sense is CONSTRUCTED BOTH WAYS, FROM the objective ∞ Universal space-time into the ø-mind mirror, which will use its ternary syntactic languages to perceive and then it will reflect the mind’s language, point of view and will of survival, through its actions of subjective order of reality to make it look like its mind mirror. 

And from that dual back and forth relationship both the Universe and the mind-mirror evolve into more perfect apperceived realities

All this help us to introduce the main stiences of the human mind, which describe from our subjective ‘ego paradox’, which we want to make OBJECTIVE stience the process of creation of the Universe, as an observer would observe the different creation of supœrganisms co-existing in several scales of the fifth dimension, performing its world cycles of existence, each species belonging to a different ternary scale, which humans study in four basic groups of sciences:

  • Astrophysical sciences, focused in the most remote scales, described external spatial, objective motions, but unfortunately rejecting all other properties under the paradox of the mind-ego.
  • Biological sciences, focused in the species of life, similar to humans, closer to us, and hence given according to the paradox of the ego (only closer systems to us are given its full properties) life-biological properties, but denied linguistic mental perceptive properties till very recently.
  • Linguistic sciences, which study the languages of the mind, focused in human languages, verbal, temporal, visual, artistic and spatial, mathematical languages, whose sentient properties as LANGUAGES PERCEIVE IN THEMSELVES, are denied again to all other mind-mirrors and languages, considering only intelligent and ‘free’, those actions performed by human languages. (At best animals have instincts, the rest of reality nothing).
  • But and this will be the biggest surprise of GST, when considering human social sciences, humans are ALSO DENIED SOCIAL organic properties beyond the individual at the social level, which however are considered and practiced with machines by its company-mothers? Why?
  • This will lead us to a novel analysis of company-mothers of machines, placebo democracies and how the evolution of Gaia is terraforming the earth into a planet of metal-machines, which contrary to belief have through its company-mothers with its private issue of stock-money and unlimited money, anonymous societies laws, absolute rights as the free citizens of the econ(nomic)system. So for that reason we do NOT evolve into a global human super organism but a global market; as humans have become ‘enzymen’ ‘animetals’, catalysers of the evolution of memes of metal, money, weapons and machines, aborting its own social evolution

While at, the original site we have also two levels of complex description of all systems and its 10 isomorphisms, scale by scale for all complete supœrganisms of all stiences of reality:

Thus in the two final lines of that site we also  consider an internal point of view, as mind-monads of linguistic mapping generate reality in its reflection of its mind-mirror or ‘seed of information’ (∆-1  tƒi), imprinting the Universe in the process, generating through its actions of motion, reproduction, information and social evolution a super organism, which will have a constant form as a simultaneous mess of three physiological networks, S, st, t in space, but moved by the mind will age, as it travels its cycle of existence through the social scales and planes of ‘God – mystical view of the mind of the Universe’ made to its image and likeness, in its finite life and detach world cycle. 

The mandate though for each being is simple: ‘grow and multiply, maximise your existence, move ad maximal with your entropic limbs, reproduce your body-waves, perceive the beauty of its forms with your mind-head-particle’. So even before we define in this post the game for all species and develop its future paths in other ones, we can simply write the equation for each ‘being’, ∆ºst, gauging the entropy and information of the game:

Maximize your existence as a fractal space-time being.

ðime§paœ ∆ûst r=evolves accelerating towards ¡ts future, ∆º-singularity mind, which will stiff its motions into the entropy of death.

At that moment perception occurs, in the synchronous mind mapping of the linguistic intelligence of the monad, infinitesimal mirror of the universe. But at that moment time becomes 0 space with no motion, and it is that pure present moment which stops the future exploding to compensate the stillness of form into an entropy wave of disorder, back to the past for the worldcycle to complete. It is the singularity mind who orders and kills at the same synchronous still present spaœ. This moment of death, of zero time, which precedes the ejection from the singularity at ∞ space; is perhaps the meaning of all existences, to stop motion the substance of the Universe; to see it all broken immediately in the entropic explosion that follows.

Humans think they understand the Universe, and that is fine – they do understand it to the limits of what they need to know to perform their roles on it. Moreover they always thought so. And each time they thought their ‘method of knowledge’, and ‘language’, myths reasons, words, numbers were the only proper way to describe it. First the used the word God, then the word science, first verbs to describe time then numbers and clocks.

And yet information is inflationary and keeps growing, so we will always expand this knowledge with new r=evolutions on the understanding of its man in concepts, time, space, mind, causality and scales.

We wrote a synoptic ‘concept-equation’ to summon all those realities, ∆º±ST:  we are all made of ∞ dust of space-time.

We have now explained its two fundamental elements, the ternary arrows of space-time; S, T, s=t, and the fractal scales of the fifth dimension, ∆±i.

This should suffice for an external description of reality, but NOT to explain the persistence and order of all wholes, and the meaning of science, as the whole supœrganism (ab. œ, changing slightly as usual in GST, the wording of super-organism) MUST have a point or centre of order that ensures its survival. This is the function of the mind that transits between ‘∆±1 scales’, as a pure temporal singularity, in contact with the inner ∆-i world of the body-limbs, but also with the ∆+i outer world in which it performs the actions of the survival program of exchange of energy and information that all systems ‘in existence’ follow.

Further on, in as much as science is a mental endeavour of perception of the Universe with the mirror-languages of time and space of the mind (logic and geometry), without understanding the mind-mirror and its interaction with reality there is no way we can make sense of a philosophy of science, without at leaf realising we are all dust of space-time under the same isomorphic laws, denied by the ego paradox of our isomorphic mind (:

all dust ‘exist’ and by the mere fact of existing it will have a singularity,a temporal mind, tº∆º, which will come in contact with a field of entropy, S, and extract a wave , s ≈ tº of energy and information, ex i.

To exist is to be a singularity mind with a perception, a mirror and a desire to order according to the mirror the Universe around the mind monad. And to that aim it will maximise its body-wave, e xi, exchanging entropy and form, from an Spatial field, in which it host, by approaching in parallel and absorbing in perpendicular, its motion with form. To maximise existence we can use a simple equation:

Max. exi|s=t, that is all systems try to maximise its present momentum by finding a balance between its body and information e=i.

1.1 Max. e=i

will in that sense be the simplest expression of the ‘existential function’; as it is a given that e and i will enter in relationship and communion of compemetnarity and maximise their reproduction and excommunication when both have the same value:

1.2  e+i=K-> Max.  e x i (e=i)

So there are three arrows of time. 2 which we can consider pure changes towards two poles of the being: pure form, which we relate closely to the still linguistic mappings of minds. Tƒi. And its opposite. Pure distance-space, simultaneous non-local, non-perceivable, Spe. Those two poles akin to the yin and yang pure limits of taoism; would represent in physics, pure, invisible gravitational space-vacuum and informative ultra-dense black holes. In biology the seminal seed of information that starts the life-death cycle and its explosion and dissolution in death. In topology, the singularity and membrane of a ‘ball’.

IT IS THE COMBINATION OF BOTH though in bidimensional present ‘momenta’, mixing both entropy and form, e x ƒ, what truly moves and changes the world, as pure seeds of information and invisible actions at distance are not perceivable.

So we talk loosely of PRESENT as the product of e x i :  s=t, that is as the mix of both limiting singularities and membranes (in a topological view) or mix past and future in a present (in a temporal view) , or ∆±1 scales of loose herds of entropic parts and tight knots of mind-perception, in a coordinated ∆º body-wave.

This ST, present, e x i ∆º body wave thus has both energy (form with dominant motion) & in-form-ation, form-in-action (form with minimal motion).

And so we consider Spatial Past-entropy x Time Future-information: Spe x Tƒi = ST=exi:   present momentum, mixture of ‘energy’ and ‘in-form-ation’. This is the conventional verbal use of the terms ‘energy’ and ‘in-form-ation’ that we preserve here.

And we call by convention, the relative ‘past’ of the Universe, the non-informative, pure vacuum and ‘future’ the, maximal informative state, even if both come back and forth in world cycles.

However as energy has been so much studied in mathematical terms, we have also to explore the somewhat slightly different more restrictive term of mathematical energy, as the integral of present momenta, which therefore will measure all the present momenta from birth to extinction of the being.

Thus humans measure those world cycles and its symmetric Organic simultaneous systems, with Energy used as the main parameter of physics to calculate physical world cycles which if computed for the whole existence of the physical event becomes a conservative zero cycle that does not spends energy. As all world cycles between birth and extinction are indeed conservative zero sums.

The energy of the system thus represents the simplest quantitative value of the capacity of the being to exist, its top predator force, total momentum, length and density of its worldcyle, etc.

We thus need to make a whole redefinition of energy to fully grasp world cycles.

As we shall explore both concepts together, we will also observe the symmetries which energy display in space as world cycles do with the super organisms they create.

Now the funny thing as usual is that the seemingly perennial super organisms in space are the fleeting mayas of the world cycle of time, the dynamic motion patterns of information, form-in-action which is what truly states on the long term. So goes for energy, which stays while the fleeting physical systems mutate.

Time passes only when it accelerates, as the inertia of repetitive, reproductive, present time doesnt seem to pass, this is an essential knowledge so time is always a vortex of acceleration and as such the words time=charge (quantum time) = temperature (energy-human inner time) =mass (gravitational time-acceleration are the same concepts). This is perhaps the biggest discovery of GST:

In the graph, time is truly beautiful in its three arrows when we ad the psychological everyday dimension of inner perception of man of those three arrows. Time doesn’t pass when reproduction occurs, which gives the orgasmic feeling of immortality proper of all re=productive actions of the eternal fractal. Time does pass when the system evolves in time as it accelerates, and so time passes also in nature’s clocks, quantum charges and masses and any physical vortex of the kind, V(t) x R(s) = K(st), the equation of the vortex – a time equation of 5D metric, as time we conclude PASSES, MOVING UP AND DOWN 5 D Scales.

As time is acceleration and acceleration is form of wholes, we conclude the time arrow of acceleration is in the fifth dimension so time only evolves through motions in the fifth dimension and this opens further the complete fully grasping of the essential nature of time sequential order.

The three arrows of time properly translated into an accelerated ‘vortex of time’ in our scales of the Universe (energy functions, hƒ in the quantum scale, kT in the thermodynamic scale, mv in the gravitational ∆1 scale) becomes  masses, temperatures and angular planck constants are time flows which leave a trace in space, as each cycle persists a given dynamic timespace of existence.

Now, let us introduce the terminology of , ‘stience’, and its GST≈∆ΦΓ ƒormalism considering the use of greek or double letters to slightly change the meaning in latin and make possible to introduce complexity with self-similar yet not equal concepts as those of normal ‘science’.

Cyclical time for example makes use of the similar letter π, ∏, which symbolises the cycle,and also the multiplicative form, which symbolises the network structure of informative bits: ∏imps.

§paœ on the other hand is fractal, co-exiting in several social, œrganic scales, forming the super organisms, ab.œ, of space-time, whih is all what exists, made of a relative ∞ number of infinitesimal ∆-1 particles of a lower plane, dust of space-time that evolves into island-universes, worlds, supœrganisms, made of three physiological arrows formalised with the laws of non-aristotelian, non-euclidean time: ¬Ærrows.

Hence the title of the post, a Universe made of: 5D ∏ime§paœ ∆ûst oƒ 3 ¬Ærrows

We shall use three terms and slightly different versions of the generator equation according to which of the three symmetries of the Universe we study:

Γ: For the wholeness of a world cycle generator equation that describes the three elements of beings in increasing detail:

∆-1: å for the actions of space-time, Ωº for its time Ωges, and W∑e+1, for its whole energy, its world cycles.

So those are the symbols for the generator equation of time arrows, its actions, ages and world cycles most used, which we combine often into other games of ‘words’ and phonemes, reconstructing self-similar words in different languages, as in the word Gœd=∆ºΓ

Φ & œ are the symbols for the | xO=Φ organic topologies parallel to those ages.

∆º±1 ±i, the scales of the being, which will normally be three. And so we can do ceteris parbius analysis stretching one of the parts of, ‘ΓΦ∆, GŒD’ in greek and latin letters. We are aware of the meaning of the word God, taken in GST as the mind of the Universe, more specifically the ‘game of existence’, or ‘function of existence’ that makes reality be a constant creation and destruction of world cycles of super organisms.

The use of different symbols stresses the fact that the Universe is a fractal that gather both in space and time smaller elements into wholes in three ranges. For example, time arrows combine first in ‘actions’ (å) of energy and time, the minimal unit of physical systems, expanded to all systems. They gather in ‘ages’,  (Ω) in which a type of arrow dominate. And those ages become finally world cycles (∑, w), which is the ternary wholeness beyond which a new game starts. In space we also find three topologies that become a ‘whole super organism’ (ab. Œ); and finally in scales, while we can observe multiple planes along the decametric logarithm scale, we shall find most systems do operate in three scales above and below the ∆º organic scale of the individual, where a ‘mind-informative center’ projects through actions of exchange of energy and information order over its territorial ternary system.

The absolute relativity of those atomic/cellular parts that become whole organic systems, diminutive actions that become whole world cycles of existence, is main explicit in our ‘third line analysis’ of the isomorphic nature and growth in time and space of those super organisms: the being will start as a mind pov, generating with actions of space-time a series of exchanges of energy and information with the world, starting a process of growth and organisation through three ages, and different variations of species, till becoming a whole ‘being’ an island-Universe in itself, extending through 10 scales of social growth and planes of reality. So all beings are from that perspective of full growth a God-mind, an island-Universe, but from a larger scale of existence, a mere particle-point or mind observing the infinite.

The absolute relative Universe of finite time, extension and scales for each º∆º mind ordering it.

So we can call God, the mind of the Generator, infinite, scalar Universe  of decametric planes, and all its decametric parts, with an ∆º mind the 10th dimension ruling them. And thus alas! despite so much critical thought on Absolute space-time and Newton’s religious musings, we do accept Space as the body of God, what we call Plenum, but also Plato understood:

‘REALITY is an organism with a body called the Universe and a mind called Logos’ Timeus, Plato.

It is important to understand the spirituality of an informative, organic universe, where the particle is not a substance as all is motion (albeit seen in simultaneity as a space form), and all is intelligent, meaning it has a cause, consequence, form and function.

But ALL IS RELATIVE, as there is no  preferred motion (relativity proper), form (all being variations of the three topological only species of reality), age and evolution (as all evolutions are part of a larger world cycle which will end into death and extinction) and scale. It is precisely this final relativity of scale, which makes indispensable to understand the game in subjective terms, as any ‘point of view’ which controls a system and organises it will have a subjective limited range of perception both in time (its life duration) space (its territory of inner order, membrane of communication and outer world) and scales (beyond which uncertainty, darkness and indistinguishability will make the borders of its perception, the limits of being)

Only then considering that the quantities that matter are constant ratios maintained across scales, that reality is designed for the observer, and limited by it, we can figure out truly the Universe as an absolute relative fractal where mind-points act as mirrors of order, creating around them territorial organisms with a limit of existence in time, of duration, of extension and of co-existing scales.

All this said we can now deal with mathematics as an excellent mirror image of that primary reality. And expand our foundations of logic and mathematics to introduce the simplest equations of GST and elements of any mind describing its relative ternary world: island-universe.

The fractal Generator.

We shall start by analysing the basic ‘formalism’ of Duality, the ‘fractal generator equation’ of the ‘fifth dimension’ of space-time beings that describes all the systems of entropy and information of the Universe, joined by its body-fields of energy:

Γ.  Fractal Generator Feed-back equation of Space-time beings:

∆-1: $pe (Planar, Lineal, Past entropy limbs/fields/territories)<∆º-ST: Hyperbolic, Present re=productive Working-citizens-body-waves of Energy>Tiƒ:Informative Future cyclical heads-particles-informative classes: ∆+1

This canonical equation of space-time beings incorporates all the previous partial equations of the temporal ages, physiological functions and topological forms of all the ternary physical, biological and social systems of the Universe.

We have added sociological systems and its ternary ‘class structure’, where the lineal, flat territories of Gaia provide our motion and food, (social Spe), the citizens of a nation work and reproduce its good, as its ST-body and the elite neuronal classes that control its languages of information, financial money or bankers and informative laws or politicians, normally living in a small capital territory.

And we have added a final element, its structure in social networks made of parts, ∆-1 that become wholes, ∆+1, or ‘5th dimension’ of the scalar, organic Universe (ab. ∆), to fully become a complete description of all the systems of reality.

Thus once we define the metric equation of 5D and incorporate its ∆±1 organic scales to Γ, the Generator, we will thus have a template logic equation to describe all systems of nature and its processes of existence.

I have been studying the Universe with 3 time arrows and a scalar dimension of space, for so long and found so many amazing solutions and explanations to reality that I do not want all this to remain in my ‘Leonardian notebooks’ – so to speak. Thus I will keep pouring all this research on the scalar structure of a web I will do so in this ‘’ site for future researchers to be able to unravel the deepest structure of reality and wonder over Trinity, 5D and the scalar immortal Universe far more beautiful and richer than the models physicists sponsor with a single arrow of time – expansive entropy, which is only 1/3rd of 1 of its ∞ scales.

 Let us then go on to the task of defining first human mental stiences, notably mathematics and temporal logic, and then the main three groups of scientific disciplines, now made equal by the isomorphisms of reality, astrophysics, biology and human social sciences.



The evolution and qualification of maths as a mind language.

Languages therefore as a ‘defined species’ dominant in Tiƒ, temporal information, but also as pure still ‘spatial, synchronous’ mapping of reality in lesser space (not all the info specially the motion fits in a brain), do have certain properties, which can be observed in their evolution.

FIRST THEY MOVE FROM STATICS INTO DYNAMICS, from bidimensional pure information (as the page you are reading in 2 dimensions) to 3, 4, 5 dimensional description, reaching more complexity by adding motion to the ‘first still picture’ and the other time dimensions. 3 examples:

Maths started as static bidimensional geometry, which is now topology with motion; photography (the future computer mind) started as bidimensional static, then bidimensional motion (film), now is working in 3Dimensions of space (using the holographic principle) and one of motion, and soon, inside the mind of robots that will apperceive reality in images, will add the 5th dimension of control of an outer-machine, beyond the chip, max. i = min. space enlarged into the whole world it will act upon directly.

The generator of maths

The generator equation of mathematics is thus simple both in space (the 3 organs above) and time (the evolution of each discipline into higher motion in space and more dimensions of information in time, culminating soon through Boolean Algebra into the creation of the mind of robots in 5D).

Γ (Space): Space is studied by geometry, time by algebra &, the 5th dimension by analysis.

Γ (Time): Spe (Geometry>Analytic Geometry>Time Geometry > 5D Topology) x  Tiƒ (Arithmetic > Algebra) = 5D Planes (calculus>analysis)

So we can either study in ‘space’, as it is NOW, all those fields of spatial, temporal and organic, scale mathematics and its 3 fundamental sub disciplines, topology, algebra and analysis.

Or we can consider each subject as it evolved through the different degrees of awareness of reality; of any language of the mind, which reaches ‘complexity’ (5D co-existence) and freedom (motion), as it evolves from a simpler age of dogmatic absolute truths to the variations of the language.

IN THAT SENSE, the supposed superior truths of mathematics as opposed to verbal thought, is ONLY the consequence of  the dogmatic first age of all languages, with simpler forms; as when words became the language of legal power and the pharaoh said ‘it has been written’. And it was law. Truths turn out as system evolves more probabilistic in options, less defined by a synoptic language, as only the whole has all the information about the Universe.

In this post we do a fast scanning of those ages to summary the fundamental laws of mathematics and its 3 parts, and show this evolution to further complexity.

THUS corresponding to the 3 parts of the Universe, there are 3 types of mathematical sub-disciplines:

∆nalysis, STopology and ¬Ælgebra.  In the sub posts we shall do the synchronous NOW study of its ‘organic parts’ in more detail.

For example the evolution of Geometry specified in the previous generator has reached increasing degrees of awareness to finally becoming a full-fledged tool to analyze from a spatial perspective all temporal forms and 5D scales. So:

– It was first bidimensional Geometry of static Space (S-perception) in Greek thought. Then it became Analytic Geometry, which grew to represent the 3 forms of time, through Se-toroid-lineal coordinates, To-polar-cyclical coordinates and STi-Plane coordinates. This time geometry finally expanded to the 3 ‘5D topological perceptions of space-time’:

Thus in the XIX century, the perception of higher planes of the 5th dimension (elliptic geometry-General relativity-cosmic scales) and lower ones (hyperbolic geometry-quantum spaces) was added to the direct perception of a single plane of existence (Euclidean geometry). While topology allowed to apply those 3 external views to the internal motions and changes of the inner space-time of a particle-point, and finally fractal geometry completed the perception of 5D with Geometry.

The same evolution can be considered for the more complex Algebraic and Analytic branches.

The structure of this and 2nd-3rd rank posts is that of an encyclopaedia of mathematics, when it is completed by me and many future researchers is chronological (now work is under construction, in such a huge field, i just put the scaffolding, and from time to time I ad parts:

First we explain the 3 ages of mathematics and so we can translate all its postulates and theories to GST.

In this post we develop a synoptic analysis of those ages.

Then we complete the work with the full-blown model  non-e mathematics, non-algebra, ∆nalysis and the pangeometries of the mind who reduces reality with i-logic mathematics to fit all its information in the second level of posts.

i-Logic Mathematics as realist sciences.

The formalism humans use to observe time and space is called (verbal) logic and (digital) mathematics.

Such is the way humans observe reality with logic words and digital geometry. So the realism of logic and mathematics must be absolute and if it is not is because we still need to evolve both languages to make it closer to reality.

tHIS is the origin of Non-Aristotelian logic and Non-Euclidean mathematics, the needed upgrading of those sciences to express better the fractal properties of scalar space and multiple causality of a universe made with 3 arrows NOT one of time.

Logic Mathematics, the forma sciences of time and space, which science uses to descry the Universe are the time and space forms of the mind and can be evolved into higher models as we can closer to our understanding of what time and space is, which we explained in the pervious post.

So to introduce the formal model of GST (general systems theory), we must introduce its formalism, the formalism of the Genrator of Space-time, its mathematical and logic equations.

In that sense as all is space and time, mathematics and logic are both idealist sciences not  idealist languages – as all sciences are. More so logic of time and mathematics of space, the languages of the fundamental elements of the Universe, as they serve a survival purpose for the species that speak it: to mirror in the mind, the outer reality and connect the internal and outer world of the being.


This realist fact is essential to set the ‘boundaries’ of efficiency of our mathematical elements that mirror reality. It means we reject ‘modern mathematics’, an offspring of the German idealist ‘school’ of science, which has taken the ego-trip of human only intelligence to its paroxysm, with the tandem Cantor-Hilbert that ‘imagined sets, points, lines and planes’.

The units of mathematics are the fractal point in geometric space and the social number in algebraic time, and they must be returned to the centre of the science – and reject the axiomatic method, of ‘human minds’ self-appointed seers of truth. Since Godel already proved it is an incomplete truth that needs experimental evidence.

Experience must in mathematics as in any other science to be the final check on the logic theories discovered. In this manner mathematics is much more fruitful as it provides constantly new ‘insights’ on the structure of mathematics.

A simple example will suffice. Fermat’s last theorem: X³ + Y³ ≠ Z³ proves that space and time are bidimensional, NOT tridimensional, as there are not 3-dimensional numbers. How mathematics ‘knows’ it? Because GEOMETRY is the linguistic mirror of space and follows the same laws.

Another example is the structure of reality in ‘o-points’, minds which are frames of reference, its vital space and the membrane that acts as boundaries. Well, we do need for all mathematical statements a frame of reference, and there are basically 3 which correspond to the only 3 topologies which correspond to the only 3 type of organs of nature. Again, this ternary structure reflects mathematically the 3 organs of reality.

In fact, multiple equations and functions of mathematics find no solution when there are no ‘boundaries’ established, showing how both concepts relate.  Solutions are then integrals limited by the function of the external membrane. Reality indeed is ‘limited’ by the survival efficiency of its forms. So only proper solutions survive.

In the more amenable internal surface of a brain language truth can be deformed in greater measure by the subjective point of view. So there are distorted theories of mathematics as in all sciences, which are only half-truths. And the ego expands them to full meaning as physicists do with the restricted concept of gas entropy. So ‘parts’ of algebra, which have some meaning for certain questions of reality – as the composition of parts and wholes, which is what set theory studies, hence a sub discipline of 5D mathematics – have been blown up by ego-centered german idealists (Cantor-Hilbert) to become the ‘truth of all other mathematical systems’. And this has harm enormously the comprehension of the fractal point of space and social number in time, which are the units both of the mathematical and the real Universe.

So the main task of T.œ in the science of mathematics is return to the meaningful, classic age, and put back mathematics and logic with the nature of reality, as it is and a proper evolution of mathematical thought would enlighten it.

The 3 parts of mathematics correspond to the 3 parts of reality.

Mathematics is the most experimental of all sciences, due to the fact that its 3 disciplines are homeomorphic with the 3 elements of T.Œ: 5D analysis, space geometry and the logic operandi of  ‘time algebra’.

Thus for starters the easiest way to translate mathematics to study knots of fractal space-time cycles, is to consider that the 3 main branches of mathematics are related to the 3 elements of the Universe:

  • Geometry relates to space. Hence it merely needs an upgrading of continuous single space-time into fractal space-times in which ‘each point is a world in itself’; a fractal, Non-AE point, Œ. So we must complete the 5 postulates of Non-E geometry, as mathematics only resolved the 5th. We shall also consider what of the different topologies exist in the bidimensional space-time reality (2-manifolds).
  • Sequential Algebra of growing social numbers, corresponds to the 5th dimension’s Informative-Time order of growing societies/numbers from past to future. At its birth, because Algebra is pure arithmetic and the order of numbers from minor to major, is self-evident (5D future arrow of wholes), the logic of future algebraic complex systems is yet not merged, in its Pure Aristotelian Style. Moreover it is a single arrow logic, A->B, which will have enormous implications.
  • Analysis which studies the laws of social scales and planes of the 5th dimension, its indivisible, infinitesimal Œ-points that become whole; societies or Superorganism and Planes of existence. So we shall interpret Analysis in terms of the underlying equations of existential algebra, which gather infinitesimal indivisibles (.n-1) into Universal Wholes, (Un+1).

This is the easy way to analyse, and teach the foundation of mathematics: understanding both synchronic and diachronically its direct relationship with reality.  And scrapping all excess of… the formal nonsense of Philosophers of mathematics.

Indeed diachronically Geometry was born of the measure of fields and the observation of moon and astronomical cycles.

Numbers and algebra express the laws of a sum of objects that gather into social groups: ∑∆-1 ≈@number, group

Analysis of the study of parts that become wholes (integration) and forms of space that vary in time (derivation).

Now let us try a more complex thorough definition with the jargon of ∆ST or ‘Tœ’ (a theory of everything):

Definition of mathematics : ‘i-logic mathematics is an experimental science, based in the fact that it studies the laws of Fractal Space-time, (ab. ∆ST), the substances of which all beings are made, focusing on its highest synthetic conceptualisation, the Fractal Generator, Γ, with 3  sub-disciplines:

Γeometry, which studies the forms in space of all universal systems, departing of its natural units, the fractal point, the waveline and the plane-network and its topological structures defined by the Fractal Generator in synchronous states, Sp<ST>Tƒ.

‘∆nalysis’, which studies the social scales of the 5th dimension, expressed through its time events of ∫∂, integration and derivation and actions along its world cycles, focusing on the fractal generator in diachronic state:   ∆-1 Tƒ ∑> ∆Sp > ∆+1 ST > ∆ Tƒ << ∆-1 Sp

¬ Ælgebra, which studies the internal logic structures of the Fractal Generator, its actions and symmetries in space and time, through its discontinuous variable units, the social number.

The previous definition is more complex than a simple definition of Analysis of 5D planes, Geometry of each of its systems in space, and the algebraic study of the ternary temporal logic causality of its space-time events. But it remains still clear that the true elements of mathematics are not sets and undefined concepts (Cantor, Hilbert’s axiomatic method), but the classic 3 elements of ‘numbers’ (Algebra), ‘points’ (Geometry) and Operandi (Algebra and Analysis).

From points then we derive, the lines, planes, and logic of similarity that completes geometry.

From numbers, we derive variables, functions and functionals manipulated with operandi that reflect the logic motions in time of the different actions of beings.

And as a branch of Algebra, of special extension, given that it studies the fractal structure of more actions, including the world cycle through scales of the 5th dimension, there is Analysis.

So the realism of mathematics derives of the fact that we are not placed in fractal space-time, we ARE FRACTAL SPACE-TIME.

The issue of the realist foundations of mathematics as an experimental science should have long been resolved by experimental proofs (mathematics is the language with more applications to reality) and formally by Gödel’s theorem of incompleteness. But Platonism is so ‘entrenched’ on mathematics and physics that nobody seemed to have taken seriously Godel, except his friend Einstein:

Truth can only be proved by the connection between reality and the language, as the language itself does not provide enough consistency to prove its truth, only its coherence.

Einstein thus quipped ‘I know when mathematics are truth – consistent within the language – but not when they are real’. And Lobachevski affirmed they should be tested experimentally. Einstein though soon felt under the spell of the Axiomatic method of Hilbert, and did away with ether, setting a one hundred years confusion on the nature of reality.

And so what we would have expected in objective terms – the evolution together of the pan geometry of Lobachevski and the experimental method of mathematical physics, which so many fruits of knowledge had brought to mankind during the age of mathematical analysis floundered. Both mathematics and physics became ‘imagined sciences’, in which substance – the fractal point, the social number, the space-time bidimensional system or plane – became imagined. It is important thus to trace the historic origin of this trend in the same german idealist school that brought us ‘probabilities as the substance of reality’, ‘nazi numbers’ tagged on the wrists of people – today substituted by credit numbers in the globalised capitalism, and ‘communist’ masses of ‘undistinguishable’ human points controlled by the ‘party’ entity, as expressions of what the ‘superior human mind’ could do to classify without respect the laws of nature.

A brief comment on terminology, which  I confess my ‘creative mind’ has a hard time to maintain always with the same ‘script’ (sorry). There is no doubt that the big languages of man, words, numbers and images respond to the same ternary syntax, SVO in languages, X(ts) operand Y(st), red(s)<yellow(st)≈green(ts)>blue(t)… So GST will find far more similarities than differences with all the knowledge of mankind, making corrections to ensemble them all. But some sciences will need more corrections, being biology, as the closest in observation, the more accurate. In mathematics of the three disciplines, ∆nalysis, the most modern is the less incorrect – truly a wonder of the mind; geometry has to complete its non-euclidean revolution explaining why points do let parallels through it (as fractal points with volume of information). But Algebra is all together another kind of subject with a huge formal, axiomatic, pedantic jargon and virtual foundation (set theory), which is hard to adapt, as it deforms excessively the true units of algebra in its three scales, numbers, equations and structures. And further on uses single aristotelian logic, which is not truly fit to dynamize the Universe.

So in algebra we shall not follow the standard method of expressing the laws discovered by science with constant comments, small corrections and parallels with GST but start from scratch defining ¬Ælgebra, Existential Algebra, Non-Aristotelian, Non-Euclidean algebra, (ab. ¬Æ, Ælgebra, ¬Algebra). This i know will put off mathematical scholars but I have given up after so many frustrations any attempt to please and upgrade mankind’s mind in my life and now just try to build a coherent blog for future human or mechanical minds to explore. So as we have no pity for the millions of physicists who stubbornly get stuck in lineal time, entropic big-bangs, 11 dimensional strings, without understanding it – but not willing to change, in mathematics we simply reject set theory and the axiomatic method; as another waste of time, human biased ego-trip of truth and will re-start algebra by going back to its simplex numerical principles.

In fact, only biology but NOT evolution in its popular confusion of individual struggle with species struggle and professional denial of the intelligent program of creation (three only topological variations) which is of course impersonal, but limits differentiation of species, comes out quite as it is. Lobachevski not Cantor and Godel not Hilbert should have carried the day with their emphasis on experimental proofs for mathematics, and those are our masters. Leibniz, not Newton, Bohm, not Bohr, should have carried the day in the concepts of relative, fractal relational space-time and the deterministic nature of a Universe (with its ternary probabilities).  And so on.

Let us then review the mathematical principles of its three ∆analytical Spatial, geometric, and temporal, algebraic parts.

Non-Euclidean, vital topologies, the construction of networks.

The 4 branches of mathematics, an experimental science that mimics the laws of space and time follow closely the FOUR elements of reality ∆ºST: ∆nalysis, T-algebra of sequential numbers, geometry of space and then the philosophy of mathematics, and its ‘axiomatic methods’ of truth, distorted by the limits of the human mind. Let us consider the simplest of those disciplines, geometry, and evolve it further to match the ∆ºst universe.

It follows easily that the true r=evolution of GST is an expansion of our methods of use of mathematics and languages of time-space to describe a Universe, where fractal points communicate flow of expansive entropy S< T and informative, dimensional particles/knots of information, T>S, which constantly establish an intelligent dynamic series of networks in search of a conserved, body-present wave equilibrium; and so fractal networks of many points are born.
Fractal points (5th Non-Æ postulate), are mind-like points, crossed by infinite cyclical parallels, timespace cycles that exchange spatial entropy and temporal form.

So we redefined the first axiom of Euclid, defining a point with ‘breath’, provided by the flows of entropy, energy and information.

And for that reason we define lines with ‘breath’ as a sum of points that move in present waves with momenta, which communicate two such points.

And so finally we define a topological networks, as a fractal plane made of such lines integrated into a present super organism of energy.

It only rests to define properly the third postulate/axiom of congruence in terms of ‘parallelism’ (similar points collaborating together to form larger wholes) and perpendicularity, (points in a darwinian collision of ‘existential momentums’, extracting their entropy and energy), and all the intermediate states that will define how relative points relate to each other.

In this manner a natural vital topology of existence arouses as we expand the concepts of non-euclidean postulates to line-waves and topologic networks and knots of time-space cycles.

Similarity and congruence

As stated the key postulate becomes the third postulate, which establishes the rules of engagements between arrows of time that form ‘complex tensors of existence (vectorial maths have an interesting use to interpret those ‘tensors’, specially in the conceptual understanding of events of mathematical physics).

As two points will communicate with its  3 arrows, displaying different events:

Entropy big-bang expansive, T≤ ∑S,destructive events; Informative flows which often fusion two elements into a smaller, denser organic whoel: ∑ S>T.

And the commonest dynamic collaborative, repetitive feed-back wave of parallel momenta, constrained by two fractal points communicating in an stable, parallel relationship , origin of the steady  growth of waves into networks: ∑ST≤≈ ≥∑TS.



Analysis is the study of the ∆-scales, and as such it has grown to be the most important field of mathematics, along topology, the study of St (space with temporal motions), which Ts, Algebra puts together, from the perspective of discrete numbers.

As it happens the three sub-disciplines of mathematics correspond closely to the time, space and scalar elements of the Universe.

And the similarity between GST and i-logic mathematics as the most experimental of all sciences is so great we shall only consider an entire new discipline, to ad to the three classic ones, Ælgebra (Existential Algebra, not to confuse with ¬Æ, non-aristotelian time and non-euclidean space), which studies from scratch the formalism of the 10 dimensional ∆ûst of space-time of which we are all made, with three time arrows, three ±1 ∆-scales and 3 Spatial-topologies.

Regarding ∆nalysis, we just need to add conceptual in-depth understanding of its laws, to further develop the classic disciplines of science that use it.

Now the fundamental concept behind analysis is the ∂∫ duality of ‘derivatives’ and ‘integrals’, related at first sights to the concepts of ‘time’ and ‘space’ (you derivate in time, you integrate in space), and to the concept of scalar ‘evolution’ from parts into wholes (you derivate to obtain a higher scalar wholeness.

i.e. you derivate a past space into present speed, adding a time-motion, and then derivate into acceleration – future time – to obtain the ‘most thorough single parameter of the being in time’: its acceleration that encodes also its speed and distance.

On the other hand you integrate in space, and so it is also customary to consider the first and second integral, which will bring also the ternary scale of volume of a system.

And it is a tribute to the simplicity of the Universe that further ‘derivatives’ are not really needed, to perceive the system in its full time and space parameters. As further derivations and integrations are not needed (they happen in the search of curvature and tensions and jerks, rates of acceleration, which are really menial details and in some combined space-time multiple systems).

The third derivative, or higher derivatives however are used to improve the accuracy of an approximation to the function.


Taylor’s expansion of a function around a point involves higher order derivatives, and the more derivatives you consider, the higher the accuracy. This also translates to higher order finite difference methods when considering numerical approximations.

And there is behind this fascinating discovery an entire duality between the concept of limits and differentials (Newton’s vs. Leibniz’s approach) which has been hardly explored by classic mathematics in its experimental meaning.

It is then essential to the workings of the Universe to fully grasp the relationship between scales and analysis. Both in the up direction of derivatives and the down dimension of integrals; in its parallelism with polynomials, which rise dimensional scales of a system in a different ‘analytic, temporal way’ (so limits are to calculus what algebra is to geometry, in a t-s Duality).

Further on its connections with the actions of the being, which are extractions of motions and forms from other scales, derivatives and integrals are essential to the workings of the organism, and so we shall study also the connection of the a,e,i,o,u actions between scales (qualitative understanding) and its mathematical, analytic development (quantitative understanding).

Finally, it is in this analysis on how systems derivate and desintegrate alternately the parts into wholes into parts, how we can get to understand the meaning of mathematical physics and the quantitative processes of entropic motions, which transform form into motion, ‘derivating’ it, and its opposite density integrals, which calculate volumes of vital space and energy; and similar processes.

In brief, to understand the processes involved in transformations, emergences and dissolutions, birth and death systems of Nature, specially in the simpler mathematical systems of physics, with its minimal complexity, ∆nalysis will reveal all its power to enlighten and explain physics, to the point that we could say physics is really ∆nalytical laws  applied to the processes of physical systems.

In that sense, if we consider the scalar version of the Generator equation: ∆-1 (entropic field) > ∆º (present wave motion) > ∆+1 (informative density) we could consider that trans-form-ations between the space-time states of a system involve its integral or derivative in scalar geometry.

And so the study of the ‘formal mode’ of a differential equation for an event of physics will often give the schooled scientist an immediate ‘image’ of what kind of process is.

I.e. a process of death from form into entropy-field: ∆+1 (t) << ∆-1 (S), will be a ‘second differential equation’ ONLY which jumps and dissolves the tif parameter of the entity, mass or charge, down two scales into a field.

Hence all fields created by a singularity are expressed with variations of the Poison equation:

On the other hand a process of distribution of the same ‘Stif’ parameter from a singularity source outwards, into a wave motion, will be a single jump of scale: a process of balanced distribution into an equilibrium, present state departing from the source that becomes a ‘wave’: ∆º<∆-1 (S).

So again we find all over mathematical physics, those processes of a singularity becoming a wave, the first one discovered the the heat equation, which is a single jump between states and scales, hence one which uses only a jump between parameters and a first differential (wave state) or between a first differential and a second one (wave state):

∂u/∂t = α∇²u

Which ultimately is a case of a diffusion equations, which will appear as the fundamental law of many systems (so Ohm’s laws is his ‘homolog’ NOT ‘analog’ in the electromagnetic scale):

Where ϕ(r, t) is the density of the diffusing material at location r and time t and D(ϕ, r) is the collective diffusion coefficient for density ϕ at location r; and ∇ represents the vector differential operator del.

So we observe here some other ‘themes’ of GST: first that we use as always ratios NOT absolute parameters to define any reality, in this case density not mass. Second that the process involves a Tiƒ ‘dense’ state vs. a ‘wave-state’ (D(Φ, r). And if the diffusion coefficient depends on the density (Cyclical tiƒ element, then the equation is nonlinear), otherwise if it depends of the wave state it is linear.

And so on and so on… Indeed, the ‘explanations’ of all the equations of mathematical physics must be done departing from those ‘fundamental set of events’ which themselves depend on the space-time actions allowed to any system. And for that reason a few differential equations defining those basic events of GST (diffusion, harmonics, waves, speeds, etc.) suffice to explain mathematical physics.

In other terms, the whys and purposes of mathematical physical events in space-time are therefore encoded by the operandi of ∆nalysis.


Finally as we stated the third sub discipline  of mathematics is temporal sequential numerical algebra, not based in sets, but in numbers, the temporal equivalent of points (from where ∆nalysis departed).

So in true form we should consider a simple duality: geometric spatial points vs numbers of sequential social time, as numbers unlike points are additive, social indistinguishable systems; hence perfect to define the social scales of the fifth dimension.

So we shall consider in this very introductory post the ‘closure and meaning’ of types of numbers and its scales.

screen-shot-2016-12-06-at-18-28-18In the graph, an ∆ scale can be represented through the interval of 0 to 1 by finitesimals or the interval from 1 to ∞, which become the decametric and decimal regions of a supœrganism represented in the real line: ∆-1: o to 1, 1, the ∆o scale and 1 to ∞, the external world.

Social numbers and infinities: the temporal algebra of geometry. 

Mathematics divides phenomena into two broad classes, discrete or temporal and continuous, or spatial historically corresponding to the earlier division between T-arithmetic and S-geometry.

Discrete systems can be subdivided only so far, and they can be described in terms of whole numbers 0, 1, 2, 3, …. Continuous systems can be subdivided indefinitely, and their description requires the real numbers, numbers represented by decimal expansions such as 3.14159…, possibly going on forever. Understanding the true nature of such infinite decimals lies at the heart of analysis.

And yet lacking the proper ∆ST theory it is yet not understood.

The distinction between continuous mathematics and discrete mathematics IS ONE BETWEEN SINGLE, SYNCHRONOUS, CONTINUOUS SPACE WITH LESS INFORMATION, and the perception in terms of ‘time cycles, or fractal points; space-time entities’, which will show to be ALWAYS discrete in its detail, either because it will HAVE BOUNDARIES IN SPACE, or it will be A SERIES OF TIME CYCLES AND FREQUENCIES, perceived only when the time cycle is ‘completed’, and hence will show DISCONTINUITIES ON TIME.

Thus the dualities of ST on one side, and the ‘Galilean paradox’ of the mind’s limits of perception of information lay at the heart of the essential philosophical question: it is the Universe discrete or continuous in space and time. Both, but always discrete when in detail due to spatial boundaries, and the measure of time cycles in the points of repetition of its ‘frequency’.

So ultimately we face a mental issue of mathematical modeling: the ‘mind-art’ (as pure exact science does not exist, all is art of linguistic perception) of representing features of the natural world in a reduced mental, mathematical form.

The universe does not contain or consist of actual mathematical objects, but a language can model all aspects of the universe. So all resembles mathematical concepts.

For example, the number two does not exist as a physical object, but it does describe an important feature of such things as human twins and binary stars; and so we can extract by the ternary method, 3 sub-concepts of it:

2 means the first ∆-scale of growth of 1 being into 2, by:

S-imilarity and S-imultaneity in space (ab. Sim)’, ‘i-somorphism in time-information (ab. Iso)’ and ‘equality in ∆-scale’ (ab. Eq), as perceived by a linguistic observer, @, which will deem both beings ‘IDENTICAL’. Whereas identity means that an @-bserver will deem the being ∆st≈St, (Sim, Iso and Eq). So identity is the maximal perfection of a number, for a perceiver, even if ultimately:

‘Not 2 beings are identical for the Universe, but can be identical for the observer’… an intuitive truth, whose pedantic proof is of course of no importance (: we do not follow the axiomatic method of absolute minds here):, but it is at the heart of WHY REALITY IS NOT COLLAPSED INTO THE NOTHINGNESS OF A BIG-BANG POINT.

Thus those 3+0 elements of the ∆•ST coincide a social number can be used whose intrinsic properties define conceptually ‘S-imultaneity, Ti-somorphism’ and ∆-equality or equivalence (ab. Eq) in size, which becomes an @identity for the mind. THEN A NUMBER IS BORN.

I(n this ‘infinitorum’ of Universal thoughts, which bring always new depths as soon as we observe it with an ∆•st trained mind, there are differences between S-imilarity and Simultaneity to define in space an ‘identity’ and ‘equality’ and equivalence, treated elsewhere)

It IS THEN CLEAR that a number being a sum of points, encodes more information in a synoptic way about the T-informative nature of the ‘social group’ than an array of points, which unlike a number tells us less about the ‘informative identity of the inner parts of the being’, but provides us more spatial knowledge about the relative position in space of the members of a number-group.

And this is OBVIOUS, when we return to the origin of geometry and consider an age in which both concepts were intermingled so ‘points were numbers’ and displayed geometrical properties:

Numbers as points, showing also the internal geometric nature, used in earlier mathematics to extract the ‘time-algebraic’, ‘∆nalytical-social’ and S-patial-geometrical properties from them.

Of those numerical properties ∆nalysis is obviously more concerned with the ∆-questions; so a number is defined in ceteris paribus ∆nalysis as a social scale of @identical beings.

(The reader must abandon its single causal logic and accept always a ternary+0 model of knowledge, which do NOT forbid partial ceteris paribus single-causality as long AS WE KNOW its limits).

NEXT COMES the question on how to ‘consider scales’, which tend to be decametric, good! One of the few things that work right on the human mind and do no have to be adapted to the Universal mind, from d•st to ∆ûst.

Shall we study them downwards, through ‘finitesimal decimal scales’ or upwards, through decametric, growing ones?

Answer, an essential law of Absolute relativity goes as follows:

‘The study of decametric, §+ scales (10§≈10•10 ∆ ≈ ∆+1) is symmetric to the study of the inverse, decimal ∆>∆-1 scale’.

Or in its most reduced ‘formula’: ( ∞ = (1) = 0): (∞-1) ≈ (1-0)

Whereas ∞ is the perception of the whole ‘upwards’ in the domain of 1, the minimal quanta to the relative ∞ of the ∆+1 scale. While 1 is the relative infinite of a system observed downwards, such as ∆+1 (1) is composed of a number of ‘finitesimal parts’ whose minimal quanta is 0.

So in absolute relativity the ∆-1 world goes from 1 to 0, and the ∆+1 equivalent concept goes from 1 to ∞. And so now we can also extract of the ‘infinitorum thought receptacle’J a key difference between both mathematical techniques:

A conceptual analysis upwards has a defined lower point-quanta, 1 and an undefined upper ∞ limit. While a downwards analysis has an upper defined whole limit, 1 and an undefined ‘finitesimal minimum, +0).

So the smart reader will notice this absolute relative duality of ∆±1 where ∆@ is the ‘observer’, implies relativity of knowledge, always with a self-centered element to define it, and ‘the relative definition of finite infinities, or ∆+1 limit (ab. ∞) and finite infinitesimals (+0).

This brings an essential isomorphism of absolute relativity (do NOT confuse ∆-equality, with S-yncrhonicity, Ti-somorphism and @dentity; we ‘repeat’ as I know when, if any human ever gets to read those texts, there is TOO much upgrading and not to get dizzy, we DO repeat essential truths).

I-somorphism is the concept of equality in time-information and at the heart of the POSSIBILITIES to do mathematical PROOFS in different, seemingly non-identical space-time domains.

When we apply the identity of ∞|0 (here written in inverse fashion) as in the title of this post on ‘number theory’, poised to complete what my fellow countryman, Fermat, started, we understand the why of numbers and its techniques, so far only made explicit as most science is on how-terms:

The real numbers NOW include always an inverse infinity between each 1+1 interval. YET they can provide satisfactory models for a variety of phenomena, even though no physical quantity can be measured accurately to more than a dozen or so decimal places; as 0 now is the undetermined lower limit.

It is not the values of infinitely many decimal places that apply to the real world but the deductive structures that they embody and enable due to the equivalence of 0≈1≈∞. In the graph a sample of this: the rational points of a 0-1 sphere are connected to all the pythagorean triples: a²+b²=c², which are the key numbers of the 1-∞ game, projections of the o-1 world into bidimensional spe<st>Tiƒ larger game of the most efficient/perfect mind/mirror language of the whole.

Analysis and its inverse integral and derivative calculus ‘drinks’ on all this.

Thus it came into being because many aspects of the natural world can profitably be modeled by those equivalences, as being continuous—at least, to an excellent degree of approximation. Again, this is a question of modeling, not of reality. Matter is not truly continuous; if matter is subdivided into sufficiently small pieces, then indivisible components, or atoms, will appear and finally we will find the finitesimal +0 quanta.

But atoms are extremely small, and, for most applications, treating matter as though it were a continuum introduces negligible error while greatly simplifying the computations; when we work on the 1-∞ upper ∆+1 scale, that of the cosmological realm; whereas the intermediate scale is that of ∆o human thermodynamics. So we can then state in physical systems the equivalence of:

+0 (quantum physics) ≈ |-thermodynamics ≈ ∞ (bound infinity): Gravitational scale .

And all what is above quantum effects, in ‘classic physics’, can be studied in a continuum modeling, which is standard engineering practice when studying the flow of fluids such as air or water, the bending of elastic materials, the distribution or flow of electric current, and the flow of heat, and so on (all ∆>∆+1 physical systems).

Number systems

As usual it is NOT casual that humans do have different numbers, as they are related to the different ∆•ST 4 elements of reality. In that regard, the proper way to name them in GST is that offered by Gauss: direct=natural, positive; inverse=negative; integer numbers and LATERAL imaginary ones.

Of those 3 concepts, positive and modern ‘complex’ denominations work fine, but we will call negative numbers ‘- inverse numbers’ because it is  far more sound conceptually, as inverse numbers are the inverse direction of a timespace dimension, often the Spe<≈>Tiƒ dual element.

Those variety of number systems can be operated on by some or all of the standard operations of arithmetic: addition, multiplication, subtraction, and division (we study them in ¬ælgebra).  Such systems have a variety of technical names (e.g., group, ring, field) that are not employed here.

These main number systems are, related to ƥst as follows:

  • §: ∑S, ∑T. The natural, ‘direct’ numbers ℕ. These numbers are the positive (and zero) whole numbers 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, …. If two such numbers are added or multiplied, the result is again a natural number; WHICH  means it is possible to create all intermediate societies departing from a unit quanta, between the relative 1 and value within which the domain of the function or event is meaningful. Its use is for the most simple intuitive games of social evolution of identical groups, through the § scale between ∆ and ∆+1
  • S+(-T). The integers ℤ, which add the “Inverse’ Spe<≈>Tiƒ numbers, which will be normally related to the inverse, entropy vs. information functions of all systems of reality, hence to the inverse ‘directions’ of one of the ‘dimensions’ of space-time (S, T or ∆). As Gauss intuitively understood this removes absurd hang-ups of scientists, afraid of negative ‘values’, specially in physics, where c-speed is a limit because they don’t understand ‘inverse mass – expansive entropic dark energy’ in relativity equations.  These numbers are normally called the positive and negative whole numbers …, −5, −4, −3, −2, −1, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, …. If two such numbers are added, subtracted, or multiplied, the result is again an integer; which again means it is possible to ad up all intermediate combinations of entropy and information, or similar inverse directions in a dimension of ∆•st,  departing from a unit quanta, between the relative 1 and ∞ value within which the domain of the function or event is meaningful; and so it is its Spe<≈>Tiƒ function.
  • Sx(t=1/ƒ)=K (5D Metric). The rational numbers ℚ. These numbers are the +direct and -inverse fractions p/q where p and q are integers and q ≠ 0. They are required for all equations based in the metric inverted properties of space and time, whose product in terms of time duration or division in terms of cyclical frequency of information remains constant (it is still a rational number). Indeed, if two such numbers are added, subtracted, multiplied, or divided (except by 0, which has by definition no inverse, as it is undefined in those ‘full scales’; and so must be truly understood as the first mathematicians who ignored its existence the ‘outside limit below the unit quanta’), the result is again a rational number.
  • ∆-1. The real numbers ℝ. As explained above, these numbers are the positive and negative relative ifinitesimals in decimal scales which study the ∆<∆-1 world of downwards scales till the relative infinite ∆-1 quanta, normally according to the standard scaling on the 10¹¹ level. So normally a decimal number and Universal numerical constant ‘breaks’ (becomes disordered an meaningless, before reaching the 11th decimal, the limit of calculations in GST. And according to the ‘wholeness of the Universe’ within each of those fractal island-universes, if two such numbers are added, subtracted, multiplied, or divided (except by 0), the result is again a real number.

Now, there are 2 other ‘spaces’ besides the 3 topological spaces (Sp-cylindrical, ST-cartesian, tiƒ-polar) worth to notice, to explain all the fractal space-time complex world:

Complex space ideal for studying ∏imespace world cycles as the previous ones. Since in a complex space, the ‘negative’ arrow inverse to the positive one (Spe<=>tiƒ) are kept separated as lateral i-numbers, by the convention  – initially a fortuitous error of interpretations – than the minus of √-1 cannot be taken out of the √. It can, but as this was not understood mathematicians maintained the Tiƒ arrow represented by a negative root as a different coordinates. And the result of its combinations with real numbers, gave origin of complex numbers ℂ, which are the best complex numbers to represent the 2 inverse arrows of world cycles of existence.

Thanks to the ‘serendipitous’ error of earlier mathematicians, which could not conceive negative≈inverse motions, the real line was broken into perpendicular co-ordinates, which are perfect to represent world cycles an scales of the fifth dimension with Riemann like-surfaces in which points communicate with upper scales though flows up and down the imaginary coordinates of the fifth dimension, since the real line represents Spe (max. size, X-oordiantes) and the imaginary root axis represents the growth of information which has min. size,  and it is negative, in as much ask its development rests ‘entropy’ to the real numbers.

Temporal algebra. Numbers as sequential time points.

We can now elaborate a bit more on the second fundamental subdiscipline of maths, algebra (from where ∆nalysis departed). But in true form we should consider a simple duality: geometric spatial points vs numbers of sequential social time, as numbers unlike points are additive, social indistinguishable systems; hence perfect to define the social scales of the fifth dimension.

And among them the best to show the holographic principle of bidimensionality the inverse properties of i-nformation and entropy and many other complex elements of gst ARE complex numbers:


In the graphs ‘lateral number axis’ or ‘imaginary axis’ tend to represent ∆temporal/informative functions; while the real parts represent the Sp-entropic.

And the whole sum of both the space-time function.

So Complex numbers and its functions, notably Riemann surfaces are ideal to represent world cycles and scales of the fifth dimension:

In the scalar, functional description each complex point is a ‘function’ in itself, with ‘inner parts’ ∆±1 world cycles and its different ‘motions’ in time. It is then interesting to notice that the path between 2 such points as worldycles can be many, but providing its duration is not infinite (Gauss theorem), the integral of the world cycle is the same.

The i scale is a polynomial order smaller than the real Spe-scale that has negative subtracting value.

So it mimics the ‘resting value’ of the particle/head, Tiƒ, that the real space (body-wave plane) sustains.

I.e, if we consider S to represent the total ‘energy value’ of an ST present plane of existence,  ∆i will ‘subtract’ an √ST quantity of that energy, ‘shrinking’ its space to ‘rise’ a new dimension of form, the particle head that ‘floats’ above the body-wave.

This of course, scientists still don’t know and it is a wonder of the ‘automaton’ Universe that they DO use C-numbers to study world cycles, without knowing what they are and what they study, LOL.

In that sense,  we will use the lateral concept of Gauss for the imaginary units. These numbers are of the form x + iy where x and y are real numbers and i =  √(−1) .

Functional spaces, which are the ideal representation of two scales of the fifth dimension where each point is a world in itself, of which the best known are the Hilbert>Banach spaces used to model Spe-Fields (the simplest functionals) and hence the lower scales of lineal entropy of quantum physics (where each point is a lineal operator).Thus Hilbert spaces fully  studies ∆ST, as they can model the whole 5th dimension elements, expanding points into vectors (field spaces), functionals (scalar spaces) and any other ‘content for each ∆fractal Universe, you want to represent. Hence they are essential to study both spatial quantum physics and fourier temporal series.

And call function spaces  ∆-Spaces.

∆ST. FINALLY the most complex modelling is done with function spaces in the complex plane, as we can represent both motions in worldcycles and across planes of the 5th dimension.

Such space-time representations are ‘complete’ (as the functional is infinite in its parts, so are the real numbers, which in fact are so numerous that the rational ones are in real space a relative zero, showing the infinite scales of the mathematical Universe) and show properties of world cycles, allowing the ‘generation’ of smaller and larger scales (as in a Mandelbrot set).

The 3 graphs show the 3 main symmetries of the Universe, lineal spatial forces, cyclical time frequencies and the ‘wormholes’ between the ∆ and ∆-1 scales of the 5th dimension (ab. ∆), which structure the Universe, the first of them better described with ‘vector-points’ of a field of Hilbert space and the other 2 symmetries of time cycles/frequencies and scales with more general function spaces.

In that sense, Hilbert spaces, are a particular case of function spaces, the ideal structure to express those fractal scales of the inner 5th dimension, as they can only be vectors with a dot product, but the inner parts of the being might be many other things besides an ‘entropic, moving vectorial force/field’ as quantum fields are. Hilbert spaces, by definition are ‘complete’ because as a real number do ‘penetrate’ in its inner scalar regions, made of its finitesimal elements.

Their use shows the scalar structure of ∆nalysis, where points are fractal non-euclidean with a volume, which grows when we come closer to them (so point stars become worlds and point cells living being, through which ∞ lines can cross in time (paths of the point that becomes a vector) or space (inner volume of information of the point, described by a function).

Since more interesting is the much larger concept of a function space, which can represent any ∆±1 dual system of scales of the fifth dimension both in time when those points are considered future paths, so they can model ‘parallel universes’ (i.e. the potential paths of the point ) or in space (when the function represents a complete volume of inner parts, which are paradoxically larger in number than the whole – the set of sets is larger than the set -> see Cantor Paradox).

So function spaces can model any relationship between an ∆ and ∆±1 scale of reality and have wide use in all sciences and disciplines.

To notice that any function space has NOT ∞ dimensions, as physicists state. Physicists without clear definitions tend to call ‘dimension’ anything that moves (:. So they give to any parameter such a name. It is ONLY an inner dimension, in which each point expands into a function, what we talk about.

i=√-1, is the root of an inverse number, and represents the information of a bidimensional system.

Where we must consider a ‘co-ordinate system of ‘square, bidimensional’ space and time elements, where the x² coordinates responds to space, and the i²=-1, represents the inverse mostly time scales.

RecapNumber systems respond to the processes found in the ∆•st universe, with an @-point of view or frame of reference. The most impotent are:

the N-atural ‘direct numbers, for simple social groups, its inverse negative numbers for Spe<≈≥Tiƒ symmetries.

The Cartesian graph and the rational numbers, for Spe x Tiƒ = K metric equations and complementary systems, (whereas often the z-dimension is the reproductive combination of the other 2).

The real numbers, for inverse ∆±1 scales & the complex numbers for world cycles; and functional spaces, for ‘whole ∆, ∆±1’ space-time events.

Functions and operandi.

In simple terms, a function f is a mathematical rule that assigns to a number x (in some number system and possibly with certain limitations on its value) another number f(x). For example, the function “square” assigns to each number x its square x2.

The common functions that arise in analysis are thus definable by formulas, which are related to the ∆s and ∆T duality of functions, such as:

∆§: Polynomials of the type, f(x) = x2. The logarithmic function log (x); & the exponential function exp (x) or ex (where e = 2.71828…; and the square root function √x.

∆T: Trigonometric functions, sin (x), cos (x), tan (x), and so on. they matter in as much as they are symmetric, along the x and y axes of a supposed circular worldcyle broken in 2.

∆nalysis. Derivatives can be of world cycles of time, and then can only be in one direction or populations of space, and when a system decreases, the space is dying when it grows it does so slower, so we find also different speeds on the two time arrows of space through the 5th dimension.

Space is multiple time is single Time is shorter in form, space is more extended solid.  Of time we see only an instant on space we integrate that instants as a time of sum of frequencies which all play the same world cycle, becoming populations of a spatial picture of its reproductive world. Space thus is the mirror reproductive symmetry of the frequency in time, its tail of memories, by reproduction and expansion, radiation along the path of the singularity time line of the wave.

Thus the integration and derivative of those different time forms becomes the most magic of all mathematical operandi, truly the one of the 5th dimension.

Universal constants are normally bidimensional closed curves, which expand outerly as entropy and implode inwardly in time, information, the logic faster cycles of the inner bore and the outer membrane invaginate, between both, so in tho manner a space-time fractal point with an inner region grows, from point to morula to gastrula.

∆±i astrophysical stiences. 


®lgebra: existential, time algebra.

In GST, THERE are three arrows of relative, time, all finite in their application. So local time travel is possible, as it merely means a transformation of space-time from the relative arrow of future information and life to the arrow of local entropy, past and death of the system and this fact completely changes the ‘logic’ of all sciences, as the ‘reversibility’ of time arrows, has only be applied in quantum physics, and with little understanding of its true nature (within the simplified concept of a single global time arrow, which is always ternary and local, lasting the finite time cycle). Cyclical time again is also ignored. And so existential time algebra is the biggest advance in time thought since Aristotle defined its single-arrow logic and physicists used it in their lineal time concept and theories of the Universe. Hence the non-aristotelian name given to existential algebra.

So time has also three dimensions parallel to the three topologies of reality:, relative past lineal entropic limbs/fields; relative present, iterative hyperbolic body-waves and relative future, in-form-ative particles-heads, which put together create in simultaneous space – a super organism (ab.œ) , which will go through three relative ages an entropic youth of maximal entropy/motion; a steady-state maturity of reproductive nature and balance between e and i and a third age of warping, wrinkle and excess of information, after which the relative arrows of time change direction and entropy follows information, erasing the system into its big-bang death, which closes the  ‘world cycle’ of space-time or ‘life-death cycle’, whose main parameter of measure is the ‘total energy of the system’, which becomes a zero sum through the entire world cycle of the being.

This simple definition of reality and all its physical, and biological systems (which can be extended easily to socio-biological systems and its three classes of informative people in control of the financial/legal languages of the society, comprised of re=productive middle classes, complementary to the informative/neuronal classes, which together rule over a ‘flat’ geographic nation from where they extract their raw materials); stresses the informative arrow of time, which lasts longer as the life phase of the world cycle is the ‘period’ of the three ages of growing information, of the system, while the pure entropic explosion of death which extends the system back into space, lasts far less, a minimum clock-quanta-cycle of time.

The Universe is a game of creation of ‘in-form-ative’ forms with entropic ‘motions’. Humans use the concepts of space and time to describe the game, albeit with a very primitive understanding of them (never mind their ego is so huge, whatever they think whenever they think seems to them an absolute truth, a new discovery, a genius insight). We shall try to upgrade the mind of humans in this blog, starting with the understanding of the complex logic of the three arrows of time, as humans use one aristotelian one-dimensional logic, and the fractal structure of the points of space, as humans still use the concept of an euclidean point without volume of information.

Thus the logic of cyclical time (ab. πime) and fractal, œrganic scalar space (ab. §paœ) is of a higher order than that of present man, which is stuck in the 2500 years old r=evolution of the mind of the axial age, and needs a new refurbishing.

So we shall in this blog on ‘stiences’ (sciences of space-time beings) define entirely the Universe and all its ‘fractal beings of spacetime’ in an inverse fashion to present science which has stressed the arrow of motion and entropy as the single dimension of time and hence only path of future in an expansive, dying universe, which is only one third of the picture (Physics’ philosophy of the Universe).

This fundamental simplifying error on the workings and foundations of nature, hardly understood in science, isdue to the deformation and simplification of time studies by the use of a single mechanical clock and a single arrow of ‘future-time’, entropy, in the original analysis of modern sciences, when Galileo, an artillery master to the service of the Venetian arsenal was charged with the job of maximising the lineal-entropic motion of cannonballs and invented the concept of lineal time, which became canonical in all sciences.

As physics became the ‘mother of all sciences’, the error continued. If anything it was entrenched by the growing power of physicists, as the makers of the weapons that gave power to the western civilisation of ‘lineal religions’ (Abrahamic cults with a clear human exceptionalist destiny of progress through the machine). So since weapons are entropic systems of metal that deliver lineal entropy to destroy human life, and heat to disorder our internal clocks, heat studies of entropic gases and weapons gave birth to theories of entropy-only Universe.

they missed the key element, tiƒ… And how the three parts create all physical systems, with a charge-mass, singularity a magnetic/angular momentum membrane; and a vital space between them:

In the graph almost all physical systems can be described with the external circulatory closed membrane which encircles a vital space, self-centred in a Tƒi singularity of information or mind-point-particle of the system.

To start the mathematical description of a physical system we thus have to depart as any other system from a ternary membrane, vital space, Tƒi, center of future information system, which in mathematical physics can be easily described mathematically departing from the GST equation, in its simplest form with a poisson equation that describes  parameter for the Tƒi center and one for the Spe membrane.

Now there are many terms I have been using for the singularity mind mirror that stops the Tiƒ motions of informative time into a still moment of Informative Space, the mind, pov, point of view, has a connection with both its mathematical meaning (the central point of view of a frame of reference), and its sensorial one – the center of communication of the system, which decides when to stop and go, state in spe or stif, or tif states, moving modularly through the three integral parts of the being.

It is indeed important to understand the mind-singularity of Tiƒ, STiƒ, the singularity of temporal information, where all becomes still, a 0 which therefore must immediately to balance the sudden loss of momentum at the zero-point, explode into an entropic relative ∞ speed.

So dynamically o x ∞ means an stop and go, 0 and ∞ speed as in the singularity of a black hole, then ejecting through its kerr poles faster than light. Such is the way physical barriers are ‘quantum jumped’ a 0 state followed by an ∞ one.

In the graph, topological ∏ime§paœ beings are ternary systems, described as closed balls with three parts, a singularity ‘y’, a vital space, the r-disk, and a closed clock-like (sequential view) cyclical membrane (simultaneous spatial view). The singularity or tƒi rules the system with its mind-will of survival; the membrane controls its input and output and herds the vital space, the open ball. Variations of this scheme and different mind views of it do not vary its fundamental ternary structure, already understood by Aristotle, Leibniz and Descartes – philosophers of science – but not by ‘pragmatical physicists’ of measure and mechanical praxis.

(The reader should excuse the ambivalence of the language of scientists, which is carried often in this blog to avoid constant explanations; as entropy and energy are constantly confused so are form and information… entropy is pure motion with no form, form is pure information with no motion, energy is entropy with little form: Max. e x min. ƒ, and information is form-in-action, form in motion, Max. ƒ x Min. e; so in equations such as e=mc², actually e is entropy not energy as it destroys the mass-form – a vortex of information into an explosion that erases it. In the topological description all seems more clear: in the center the singularity creates the mind’s pure still form, mirror of the Universe, transforming temporal informative cycles into a ‘stif’ still spatial synchronous intelligent mind; in the border, the membrane has the maximal cyclical motion; and in the middle both mix into energy and information.)

To start the mathematical description of a physical system we thus have to depart as any other system from a ternary membrane, vital space, Tƒi, center of future information system, which in mathematical physics can be easily described mathematically departing from the GST equation, in its simplest form with a poisson equation that describes parameter for the Tƒi center and one for the Spe membrane.

Indeed, in physics the singularities/minds/vortices of information, masses and charges are the essential element of reality, which commands the physical system through its force, which processes information for the ‘being’, and reflects back as order to the field-domain.

In the graph, 3 representations, the classic one as a sink is NOT real, the second one is a real picture – a charges as a vortex of time, the 3rd one, is a fractal picture of a hurricane. So mass is a vortex-clock of information, evident in a simple fusion of two equations; E=hƒ + E=mc2 M=ƒ(K).

So mass is a vortex of time of the larger cosmological scale and a charge of a lower scale. But since smaller clocks run faster, as faster vortices attract more, charges are paradoxically stronger forces of attraction that cosmic gravitational scales.

An immediate consequence of this fact – that charges and masses are time vortices – is the equation of unification of both, using the simple metric of 5D, as if we accelerate the time speed of a mass vortex, while at the same time shrinking its space according to those metric Sp x Tiƒ = K, both the galaxy vortex of a black hole and the quark vortex of an atom becomes the same, and charge becomes mass, unifying both – the saint grail seek by physicists, which is a trivial result in GST maths.

Let us then establish the ‘closure’ of the perceived Universe above and below (atoms and galaxies), within the limits of human ‘absolute perception’ (we can perceive almost all what a galaxy and an atom is as the limiting membranes below and above of our existence), of the Universe and its 9 perceived scales (being 10 the logarithmic scale of the whole, which we do not perceive for the whole cosmos); by solving the most seek about equation, saint grail of physical stiences, 100 years in the search… the Unification equation of masses and charges…  which is a good way to introduce how we apply T.œ and its isomorphisms to physics:

∆+3 (galaxies) ≈∆-3: atoms

A sample case of fractal 5D physics: Unification equation of charges and masses.

The unification equation: charges (∆-3) ≈ masses; atoms (∆-3) ≈ galaxies (∆+3)

4 big bangs detail

In graph, 3+i scalar ‘big-bang’s at 3+i levels: a Hydrogen, excited sp atom, which is born of the beta decay (big-bang of a nucleon);  a galaxy (ours), born of a quasar big-bang (a black hole); and the supposed big-bang of the universe, whose main proof is a mapping of the background radiation obtained ‘only’ on local measures on the same galactic region.

The form of each scalar big bang is similar, as the ‘Fractal scales of the 5th dimension’ are ruled by the same isomorphic laws. Now the imaginary big bang is likely to be the cosmic as it is so similar to the form of the galaxy in which its local measures of Bg are taken that it seems to be a hyperbolic human expansion of the scale of its real experimental ‘proofs’.  

Let us remember again that we can only take measures in the surroundings of a small planet and so we must adscribe phenomena to the most local possible domain for an exact theory (basic rule of truth in science: restrict theories to the area of experimental evidence.) Thus the local big bang with a ‘signature’ called B.G. of the exact form of the galaxy is a local phenomena.

Let us consider an example of what we mean by complexity vs. simplicity. In physics a TOE is reduced to the unification not of all sciences and all languages of knowledge, but only of the 4 forces of nature, gravitation, electromagnetism, and the strong and weak force.

This is the saint grail of physicists, which for a century have miserably failed. Why? If as we prove in our article on the Physical TOE, the unification is a mathematical, trivial result of the metric of the 5th dimension? Because they try to achieve that unification with the more complex formulations of quantum and gravitational physics (General relativity and chromo/electrodynamics).

Yet before we introduce the equation in its simpler ‘Newtonian terms’, we must explain you two things:

That time has three ages in physics, and future, in-form-ative time is only accelerated time vortices:

In the graph, steady state, present angular momentum without acceleration doesn’t change local time; entropy, devolves time in big-bangs to the past: ∃=mc². Only accelerated time which increases the form of the system is future time, which in the physical world is represented by the charges and masses, sinks of time that accelerate/transform/inform past fields into attractive VoRo=K-vortices.

Equivalence between Mass and Acceleration. Einstein’s Concept of Mass as a Frequency of Information


 In the graph, the evolution of the concept of mass in relativity, from the initial image of an abstract substance in the center of an accelerated vortex of space-time, proper of the abstract, pre–world war age, when Einstein first published his work on gravitation, to the first pictures obtained in bubble chambers in the postwar age, to the realization that each mass is a fractal space-time made of smaller cyclic motions proper of twenty-first century.

In the graph, for the pedantic observer, which rejects Newton as too simple, over seeded by Einstein, a final note on the multiple perspectives we can have of any event of space-time according to the ∆±1 or Sp, Tƒ, ST perspective we adopt, we classify the 4 standing models of gravitation as relative truths, belonging to the 4 perspectives of reality: Sp< =>Tƒ.

In the graph the 4 obvious descriptions of mathematical physics regarding gravitation: T (relativity, dominant in form)≈ Ft (Newton – dominant in dynamic motion) <-> Ps (Poisson, dominant in past spatial field/gradient-form)≈ Se (Lagrange, dominant in the analysis of the balances of entropic motion-energy):

Ft: Newton is a moving CLOCK LIKE vortex of the same mass-motion regions)

Ps: Poisson is a potential static field of energy gradients..

Se: Hamiltonian-Lagrangian is a dynamic description of the conservative energy of the system.

Tiƒ: Einstein’s simultaneous measures in relativity are a still, formal description in ‘present’ of the gravitational space-time.

And so all of them are equivalent. In fact Einstein derived his work via Poisson from Newton. Today Relativity’ informative mappings of the galaxy space-time are transformed in AMD theory into a Lagrangian-Hamiltonian ‘bidimensional model’, for computer calculations, proving once more the bidimensional structure of space-time.

All are in fact derived one from each other, as Einstein took its beginnings from Poisson, who elaborated on Newton; and the more important of them all the Hamiltonian).

Fractal relativity means on the other hand, that the larger wholes emerge from the smaller ones. So the larger masses emerge from the smaller motions of strong quarks. Its synchronic collective, bigger motions are quark stars, pulsars, and black holes. Today we can model any type of vortex of space-time with fractal mathematics, as each small vortex transfers the momentum to the bigger vortex, which emerges as a macroscopic entity.

Thus, we conclude that a black hole is a fractal concentration of the densest matter of the Universe, quarks, since quarks represent on average more than 99.9% of the matter of our bodies. Those improvements on the details of mass theory, based on the advancement of its mathematical tools (discovery of fractals, chaos theory, and the five postulates of non-Euclidean geometry) is the natural way in which the evolution of science happens, departing from sound logic principles.

In the text quoted from the New Scientist that opened chapter 2, we came to the conclusion that the Universe has a fractal structure because it is made of fractal space and fractal time. But what is space and time? In simple terms, here are the two essential morphologies of the Universe: Space is the lineal, expansive energy of the vacuum in eternal motion (seeing as still distance or space, according to the paradox of Galileo). And fractal times are cyclical clocks of information, whose frequency or rhythm encodes the information of the Universe.

So space and lineal energy on one side and time and cyclical clocks of information on the other are synonymous. The static, continuous concepts of space and time become then sums of discontinuous, moving pieces of energy and infinite clocks of information that our senses put together into an abstract continuous single space-time.

One we have “exploded” and given movement to the abstraction of space and time, it is easy to recognize the minimal bytes of energy and bits of information of the real, physical Universe. Physical information, masses and charges, and physical energy, forces, which are not substances but motions, events in time of cyclical, informative nature (masses and charges) or energetic, spatial, expanding shape (energy), that constantly transform into each other ad eternal, creating the essential rhythm of the physical Universe:

E (forces) < => Tƒ- Particles (masses and charges)

The key to grasp the concept of mass as a vortex of acceleration are two physical laws: one of classic relativity, the principle of equivalence between accelerated motions and masses, and one of fractal relativity, the paradox of Galileo, the fact that we perceive reality either as a moving energy (in the case of a mass, as a vortex) or as fixed space (in the case of mass as a particle). All moves and doesn’t move depending on the way we look at it. Thus, all spaces have inner motion, even if our senses don’t see that motion or fix that motion into forms of in/form/ation.

Mass is the great problem unresolved by quantum physicists in their model of the Universe since it is not an energetic but an informative form. Einstein, who had a visual, geometrical image of mass, defined it as a vortex that absorbed space-time, attracting in its flow everything else traveling on that space-time as a bathtub attracts all what is in the water it absorbs.

How did Einstein come to that idea? As many textbooks and visualizations explain, he realized that when we accelerate, as it happens in a Formula 1 car or a lift, we feel more weight. Thus, he made a bold statement: mass and acceleration are the same. If we feel mass when we accelerate, it is because mass is acceleration. But what type of acceleration?

The answer is actually quite simple, because it turns out that Newton had long ago discovered a beautiful formula to describe all the forces of the Universe: F=m × a.

Where a means a lineal acceleration and so m must be a cyclical acceleration. Indeed, there are no more types of accelerations and so Einstein (using, of course, more complex mathematics than Newton to refine his calculus, as mathematics had evolved a lot since Newton’s time) postulated that masses would be vortices of space-times since only a vortex is a cyclical, accelerated movement.

That principle of equivalence is the fundamental principle in which general relativity is based. It states merely that mass and cyclical acceleration are the same. It means in layman terms that a mass is not a material form but a movement. And of course, because that movement is an inward, cyclical movement, it deploys a resistance to be pushed outward in a lineal manner, which from our macroscopic view seems to give mass a solid position.

Again this is intuitive. If you are a very small being turning at full speed, it will be very difficult to push you away. When you see a skater in a ring, he speeds up and closes his arms to move faster and become more stable in his position. Thus, the homology between acceleration and mass defines for a curved space the meaning of a mass, and the paradoxical fact that the smaller the vortex is, the faster it turns and the bigger the mass is. It is the same that happens in any tornado or hurricane: the closest you are to the center, the faster you turn and the more attractive the tornado is.

In that sense, what you experience as weight is the inertial resistance to any displacement of a vortex anchored in a point of space-time. The same happens in our macro universe when a skater turns around and bends his arms to spin faster. If he opens his arms spreading his vortex, he decelerates and moves easier in a lineal direction.

A mass is thus the inertial force that we need to push away, the accelerated vortex. Those vortex like spirals accelerating in a curved path, inward, are like the pictures we observe in accelerators, or the most recent pictures of masses we have obtained, in which indeed we see a fluctuating vacuum with the form of a vortex. Further on, we know that the frequency or rotational speed of those vortices, called spins, is related to the mass of each particle. So we have both, logic and experimental proofs. Of course, I have used here and will continue using the simple mathematics of Newton and the visual thought experiments of Einstein, to describe those concepts because this is a book for non-specialists.

Already Descartes said that the Universe was made of vortices and “res extensa,” that is, lineal space. What Einstein did was to apply the most modern non-Euclidean mathematics of his day to those well-known principles. So he improved greatly the detail of those vortices, as non-Euclidean geometry allowed much more refined calculations than those we could do with the mathematics of Newton, but in essence the principles stayed. So we can explain very easily in an intuitive manner, thanks to the principle of equivalence, a mass with a simple equation:

Equivalence principle: mass = curved acceleration= cyclical vortex that resists displacement

If we use the simpler mathematics of Newton to define Einstein’s mass, we can see in more detail the properties of such vortices, which can be described as fluid vortices of the bits of information, the particles that create any of the multiple fractal space-time membranes of the Universe. Consider the simplest bidimensional equation of a vortex:

Vortex Speed × Radius-size of vortex = Vo × Ro = Constant Value

Since the product of the speed and the radius is constant, the shorter the radius, the faster the speed. What this means is that any vortex paradoxically accelerates faster when it is smaller. So the product of a growing speed and diminishing radius remains constant. Hence we find that smaller particles that rotate faster have more mass. So the electron, which is bigger and rotates slower than the quark has less mass. In fact, the electron’s mass is 0.1% of the mass of an atom, which is all stored in the inner faster-rotating smaller quarks and gluons.

While in the cosmological scale, the black hole, which rotates at light speed and occupies the minimal space of all the cosmic bodies, is the most massive form of the Universe. Then it becomes a quark star called a pulsar, which has a center of strange quarks and a surface of dense neutrons. It rotates also very fast, near the speed of light, and it has an enormous mass.

We do not know what the substance of black holes is, but Einstein called them frozen stars and he said that if we were to obey the laws of the scientific method, they had to have a cut-off substance. Then when he died, we found quarks and so it is obvious that black holes, the densest rotating stars of the Universe, should be made of top quarks, the densest top quarks of the quantum world. Since black holes have very similar properties to those of a quark star or pulsar, ultra dense stars with enormous rotational speed, this fact reinforces the thesis that black holes are top stars.

But this fact, which anyone can understand, is ignored by quantum cosmologists because they don’t believe in Einstein; and of course, those who believe in Einstein are merely interested in the use of the more complex mathematical model of gravitation and mass, in which the principle of equivalence of Newton and Einstein is not so clear. The details of the trees prevent them from seeing the big picture of the forest. But here we are concerned with the picture that tells us that quarks are the atoms of the densest black holes and quark stars because only among the known particles, quarks are that heavy, and only among the known celestial bodies, black holes and quark stars are that heavy.

Further on, because dark matter represents 75% of the universe’s mass, very likely, dark matter is made of black holes, pulsars, and other types of quark stars.

Now when you get into details, the word vortex is substituted by spin, the word curved cycle by non-Euclidean geometry, and you use also two different names for the type of forces displayed by quark vortices (strong forces) and by black holes and pulsars (gravitational forces) because we are talking of two fractal scales of reality, the quantum microscopic world and the cosmological world. But those details that we will explain later in depth, unifying both scales, gravitation, and the quantum world with fractal equations (a long goal of Mr. Einstein, which I found thanks to the expansion of the postulates of non-Euclidean geometry that Mr. Einstein lacked) are of no importance to understand in simple mathematics, the meaning of mass:

Max. rotational speed × min. radius= quarks and black holes= the densest masses of the cosmos

Med. rotational speed × med. radius = electrons and stars

0 rotational speed × max. radius = light = 0 mass

It is in those terms how it becomes easy to understand the different masses of different particles and cosmic bodies, related to their angular momentum or spin: the electron which turns slower in a wider circumference is far lighter than the proton that turns faster in a smaller space, which is lighter than the black hole which turns to the limit of speed of our world.

While the mass of light is zero because the electromagnetic wave never closes in to itself, but once it has made half a circumference downward, it switches upward and so it moves as a transversal, lineal wave without mass and maximal, infinite radius: 0 mass × infinite radius = K.

In detail, light has an insignificant bit of mass because due to the rotation of galaxies (Mach principle), it has some curvature and it acquires more mass/frequency when it rotates around a quark or black hole vortex, finally evolving into a more complex form, absorbed by an electron, quark, or black hole.

Now it is easy to understand how mass (rotational motion) becomes energy (lineal movement) and vice versa (E=mc2 and M=E/c2). E=mc2 means just that when energy approaches the c-limit of speed of our space-time, as it cannot go faster, it deflects its energy that curls into cyclical motion into mass. This, of course, is another thing CERN pretends to research with the quark cannon. Because using quantum equations and Higgs particles, there is no way to understand how energy becomes mass and vice versa.

The Universe is simple. So a simpler explanation of reality is more truth, even if it is experimentally less refined in its initial conception. For example, Copernicus was simpler than Ptolemy. Further on, for many years, till Kepler and Newton refined its elliptical orbits into ellipses, Copernicus’s cyclical orbits were less accurate than Ptolemaic calculus, but the principles were sounder: The sun was put in the center and that simplified enormously the model.

So it satisfied better Occam’s principle. That is what the principle of equivalence between acceleration and gravity of Newton and Einstein does with masses: by considering that particles are cyclical, accelerated motions, not substances, this sounder principle simplifies all calculus, explains logically how mass attracts like a hurricane of space-time.

So to simplify calculus, given the essential equivalence of the four formulae of Gravitational fields and masses, this article introduces in a simplified manner, for non-specialists, a new concept of Mass by extending the Principle of Equivalence of Einstein and the metric of the 5th dimension, deducing from it, a Unification Equation of Charges and Masses. It considers also some philosophical and existential deductions of those results, namely the Absolute Relativity of the Universe and the position of man within it.

The Saint Grail of XX c. physics was the search for a Unification Equation of all the forces of Nature. it remained to unify the forces of gravitation and electromagnetism.

‘Mass’ is an intrinsic property of matter, a vortex of gravitational forces, clearly expressed by Einstein’s Principle of equivalence. So it is charge: a vortex of electromagnetic forces.

Under this result, the definition of both, masses and charges as ‘cyclical clocks’ of gravitational and electromagnetic forces of two different scales (the large scale of cosmological gravitation and the small scale of electromagnetic charges) allows an easy conversion of a gravitational and electromagnetic vortex using the simple Metric of the 5th dimension for a tri-dimensional vortex.

The Unification Equation, thus is a trivial mathematical result in 5D Metric, using the simple concept of a fractal Universe structured in different scales of ‘spatial size’ and ‘temporal information’, in which ‘clocks of time’ accelerate, the smaller we become, but the product of both remains, expressed mathematically in its simple formulation by the Metric of the 5th Dimension: Sp x Tƒ = K.

This result allows the ‘first’ ever-theoretical deduction of the value of the G constant of masses, departing from the Q constant of charges. Both mean the same: the degree of space-time curvature produced by an Eddie of masses or charges in those scales of space-time.

It is however impossible to obtain departing from a single space-time continuum as Mr. Einstein or Mr. Hawking tried, by messing the lineal equations of electromagnetism and the cyclical equations of Relativity (what is called quantum gravity).

So we shall deal here with:

  • The concept of a charge and a mass as cyclical vortices of space-time of the two-fractal scales of micro-quantum particles and macro-cosmological ones.

With an Appendix on the Higgs claim to give ‘mass’ to other particles.

  • The mathematical, simple, trivial deduction with the metric of the 5th Dimension of the equation of Unification of the two fundamental constants of Nature, Q and G.

III. Finally, we shall consider the implications of those facts – the parallelism between ‘atoms’ and ‘galaxies’, which as in the equations of space-time of Einstein-Walker (which treated galaxies as atoms), are ‘similar’ forms of two scales of the Universe

With an appendix on the philosophical consequences of this, according to a strong hypothesis of the Fractal Universe (scales which are mathematically equal in the 5D metric are really equal).

Then in the 5D metric a galaxy is an atom of the higher scale, a proton has the same Schwarzschild radius equation than a black hole, which should therefore be a top quark star, positively charged (as top quarks are ++) and dark matter in the halo is made of negatively charged strangelets, the equivalent to a nebulae of electrons. Which gives a role to the 3 families of quark mass and makes sense of the purpose of stars (future black holes) and planets (future strangelets – perhaps our destiny in the higher scale, if as all seems to indicate, the Fermi Paradox converts all planets into strangelets, as nuclear physicists make them with their experiments with quark matter condensates)…

Nobody has attempted as we did to unify both, charges and masses using the simplest of all its ‘first’ descriptions:

Newton’s gravitational vortices and Bohr’s model of the Hydrogen orbit. Hardcore scholars that take years to learn Einstein’s Metric, quantum field theory and Dirac’s equations consider those 2 models ‘passé’.

And yet, precisely because the principles of unification are simple, it is through the simplest methods where the coincidences happen.

So I could easily unify charges and masses, obtaining the key parameters, the Gravitational constant and the Coulomb constant, and the relationship of hierarchy (10ˆ40), between both forces, by the simple method of translating to gravitational vortex-jargon the jargon of electricity, a somehow convoluted abstraction not so intuitive, and then apply the law of co-invariance of the 5th dimension to both vortices, which immediately showed to be in that 10ˆ40 relationship.

Whereas a charge vortex had clocks of time much faster, and hence turned much faster becoming a much more attractive ‘hurricane of space-time’.

Now, as it happens with gravitation, quantum physics went beyond Bohr’s model and gave us the other ‘3-point of view’. It gave us the static, formal model, of electronic orbitals, the gradient model of energy levels and finally the more sophisticated Hamiltonian analysis of its operators.

And this final level is the one physicists try by all means to unify. But precisely at that level of detail is where the fractal scales of the Universe which are ‘similar’ but not identical (you are made of space and time and your actions are always the 5 vowels but you do NOT eat light as an electron, or oil as a machine, so you can be unified saying ‘all eats energy’ but not in the specific food).

Let us consider the first element of that duality, unifying masses and charges of gravitation and electromagnetism as vortices of 2 different scales of space-times. Masses and charges are vortices of 2 space-time scales made of 2 relative energetic and informative motions, where gravitation is faster/more extended but carries less information than the slower/less extended world of light and electroweak particles.

The main variation of those vortices of accelerated forces is the one we observe between electronic charges and quark masses, which are the cyclical vortices of those 2 scales of reality, the scale of cosmological vortices of mass and the scale of electroweak vortices of charges.

And so we have to unify those 2 types of cyclical geometries on one side and their lineal, light and gravitational forces, on the other side, as they switch acting either as sinks of space-time (cyclical, non-lineal vortices of increasing acceleration) or as lineal, gravitational or electromagnetic waves in both scales.

Yet since electromagnetism and gravitation are self-similar accelerated vortices of 2 different fractal branes of space-time, the microscopic and cosmologic branes, it follows we should be able to treat them with the same equations of gravitation, either Einstein’s more detailed vortices, defined by the Principle of Equivalence between mass and acceleration or with the classic analysis of Newton, as accelerated vortices with the same geometrical form, whose relative proportion of energy/speed/ distance and information/curvature will be given by 2 different Universal G-Constants.

Thus, we should be able to describe both, the standard Earth-Sun gravitational vortex and Hydrogen, electron-Proton quantum vortex with the same equations, defining them according to the mass of the particles, the rotational speed and 2 different Universal constants, U.C.(i/e):

U(g), the Universal Constant of gravitation that defines a larger/ faster/less curved Gravitational membrane of masses and…

U(q) the Universal constant of charge (Coulomb) that defines a smaller, slower, more curved membrane of quantum light. Since electromagnetism has more information and less energy distance.

Further on, we will be able to prove empirically our hypothesis of 2 self-similar spatial membranes made of light and gravitational quanta, whose only difference is the i/e relative density of information/energy of its cyclical vortices, if the values of the two Universal constants, in those 2 systems (the earth-sun system and the proton-electron system), correspond to their relative empirical value, when we treat them both as mass vortices (being the gravitational constant 1039 times weaker than the charge constant).

Let us then go on with the treatment of charges and masses as Newtonian vortices of space-time. In Newton’s equations a mass can be considered a cyclic, accelerated vortex of gravitational space-time defined in classic Newton Mechanics by a centripetal, gravitational acceleration: ω2r.

The same treatment can be done with Poison equations or Relativity equations, which are a static, present, simultaneous picture of Newton’s space-time vortex of acceleration, where G expresses the informative curvature of the space.

Thus if gravitational acceleration is ω2r, then F=mg=mω2r= GmM/r2, and we arrive at G=ω2r3/M. Where r is in meters and ω is angular acceleration in radians per second. So passing the active magnitude of time (mass, or charge or any form of time clock to the left) we obtain a general equation for all physical time vortices of all scales, which will be the template for the Unification of all vortices, in different ‘degrees of mathematical complexity’.

This written as an identity Sp x T ƒ = Sp x Tƒ observed with different parameters writes:

Γ.                                   Active Magnitude (space-quanta) M x Curvature-speed of the clock (time frequency) G  = volume of space r³ x time acceleration w²

This opens an entire new field of physics, not quantum gravity, the description of cosmology with quantum laws, which is proved false, but fractal relativity, the description of the quantum world as a self-similar membrane to that of the cosmological world.

Unification Equation: 

Where we obtain for 2 UC(i/e) values, G and Q, 2 different space/time scales and vortices acceleration (mass and  charges).

This written in classic mathematical physics, where we consider, using Newton’s notation, a mass a three-dimensional, cyclical accelerated vortex of space-time defined in classic Newton mechanics by a centripetal acceleration, which gives us the classic definition of the universal constant G (UC), writes as:

                                                            UC x M=ω2r3

where r is in meters and ω is the angular acceleration in radians per second of any gravitational orbit.

This simple Newtonian equation, however, in the fractal paradigm, should apply to any scale of the Universe, able to describe any vortex of space-time by merely changing the value of the universal constant UC (G), but that of the Universal Constant of any other scale. In the case of the microcosmic scale of electromagnetism, the Universal Constant of charge (Ke). Thus, we obtain the fractal equation of any vortex of time:

Universal constant of a space-time vortex, U (g, k) = w (angular speed)2 × radius3/ mass

If this is truth and the Universe is indeed a fractal of several scales, it means that the previous equation will be able to describe both, not only a gravitational vortex of space-time in the cosmological scale with the universal constant G, but also a charge as a quantum vortex of space-time with the universal constant k, the constant of Coulomb.

Let us then substitute the parameters for the values of the sun (mass) minus earth (rotational speed and radius) to get G. The approximate values are as follows:

Sun mass = 2 × 1030 kg; Earth’s angular velocity 2 × 10-7 rad. per sec.

Earth’s orbit = 150 million kms.

Result: G=6.67 × 10 -11 kg-1 m3 rad. sec.-2

This is standard gravitational theory. What has never been done, because the fractal paradigm was not known till recently, is to substitute in the same equation of gravitational cosmological masses the mass radius and speed of the space-time vortex by the values of the fundamental quantum space-time vortex, a hydrogen atom/charge.

If the thesis of a fractal universe made of hierarchical scales is truth, then those values should give us the value of the universal constant of charges, the Coulomb constant.

Indeed, if we substitute for the proton (mass) and the Bohr electronic orbital (speed and radius)

4 × 1016 rad. sec. -1 = w (electron);

5.3 × 10-11 m. (Bohr radius);

proton mass = 1.6 × 10 -27 kg.

Then we get a G, which is 2×1039 stronger than the gravitational radius; thus, the hydrogen atom behaves as a self-similar fractal scale in the quantum world to a solar system.

And then you can get also the electron radius expressed in the jargon of a quantum gravitational world using the translated ‘Gravitational Coulomb constant’: G(k)M/c2.

But since in that expression M is the mass of a proton, G(k), the electromagnetic constant as a gravitational constant, and c, the speed of light, that expression is exactly the Schwarzschild radius of a quantum black hole.

Thus, the electron Bohr radius, which is the final radius of minimal size and energy in electrons, is the event horizon