death& life equation:


I. The Life and Death Equation: Min. E; Min. I

II. The 5 phases of death.

Abstract. At the core of the problems poised by the machine to the future of life in this planet,, which will be extinguished by the organic machines of the singularity experiments – either by an excess of entropy with a fatal big bang accident – Max. Spe – or by an excess of information with A.I. and the chip radiation, which atrophies and substitutes humans in labor and war field (Max. Tiƒ) – lays the concept of death and its ‘systemic equations’ of the 3 ages of life, probably the most r=evolutionary discovery of General Systems Sciences, which applies to all ternary systems of the Universe.

Thus the equation of life and death, the only mathematical equation available to understand those 3 ages of all systems and how to preserve them is

In systems sciences, all what exists is defined as a balanced system of energy and information. So physical entities are ‘informative particles’, moved by an energetic field; humans are informative heads, moved by energetic bodies and robots energetic iron machines ran by informative chips.

So any of such systems is broken and dies, when the balances and inner flows of energy and information between its 2 systemic poles are broken. If we define a system that maximizes its stability as ExI=K (e=i), or in classic terms ‘mens sana in corpore sanum), the death equations are:

– Max. E x Min. I (overdrive of energy), and Max. I x Min. E (overdrive of information). Both break the natural balance, as death is an imbalance between the energy and information of a system, by excess of energy (accidents common in youth, the age of energy) or excess of information (warping of form into wrinkles and redundancies, proper of the 3rd age).

We are thus facing as ‘metal’ evolves into informative (robotics) and energetic (CERN) technologies that vastly overpower the energetic and informative llimits of Gaia, a life, weak planet, death events due to an excess of technological information (robotics, Physics). And that event in CERN takes the form of an ENERGETIC, big-bang accident, due to the childish, excessive enthusiasm of our physicists for its ‘worldly’ job, the creation of weapons and energy. In brief we are going into a lethal overdrive of ‘quark energy’.

We shall thus in this post, introduce the equations of death of all systems and apply it to this specific case.

We do it in the fashion of ‘5D scalar analysis’, moving from the life-death equations of all the cycles of the Universe; to our human death by CERN and its 5 phases, ending in personal reflections about my death by CERN – informative, vaporized in Orwellian fashion, ex-communicated by the world of science…


The balances of Life and death.

Science comes from the Latin scientia (‘knowledge’), in turn from scio, scire, the verb ‘to know’. The word originally simply meant any body of knowledge, and only came to mean the discipline of building an accurate ‘picture’ of the world through technology during the Industrial revolution. Since knowledge is truly the evolution of the human mind and its languages of thought, the mathematical, verbal and logic languages we use to understand space and time. Because we believe in technology more than in humanity, in machines-mediated visual knowledge more than in linguistic logic, human mental knowledge, technology dominates our culture as a ‘religion of memes of metal’, where knowledge is increasingly an excuse to maintain the profits of the military-industrial complex, whose ‘key’ industry has been for decades the nuclear industry.

Our obsession for technology and energy however is so single sided that we have lost our balance with mother Earth. We live the mirage of the Hyena. The ‘memes’ of metal – machines, go(l)d and iron that enhance our energetic body and informative mind – have made us lost that balance. We feel entitled, superior to Nature and the Universe itself, because we assembly pieces of atoms stronger than us (iron) or with better informative qualities (gold) – now forming curiously enough the bodies and chip-brains of the first organic, robotic machines…

Let us then explain what is happening from the perspective of the logic equations of General Systems sciences that defines life as the balances between its ‘two arrows’, information the arrow of life, and the arrow of entropy and death: S=t.

And death as its imbalance of max entropy or max information – that nuclear physicists at Robotists pursue in separate paths, as the Saint Grail of Knowledge, when it is merely a partial arrow of time.

As only both together balance and give meaning to the Universe.

Systems of energy and information: Their  equations of life=balance and death=imbalance.

The simplest mathematical expression of those balances is the key equation of General Systems sciences and Duality – the science I used to chair on International congresses, till i got into activism. It writes:

Energy x Information = K-Constant (spatial, static, organic form).

Where energy means any field or body that moves  any head or particle of information.

In essence, a key advance to understand the time cycles of life/death is to study time no longer as a ‘human measure’ with ‘human clocks’ (so Landau would laugh at this affirming that there was not uncertainty in ‘time’ the way physicists were measuring – with human clocks – since all what he had to do is to look at his watch:) but using the inverse parameter, ‘frequency’, the measure of information so we can ad a second arrow of time to lineal entropy to balance all systems, such as:

Spatial entropy x Information (Time Frequency) = Constant. 

In the graphs, Biological, Social and Physical systems are made of :

  • Spatial Lengthy limbs/fields/territories’ (Ab.Spe) which provide entropic motion (as the line is the shortest distance between two points), to:
  • Spherical ‘temporal tall’ heads/particles/informative upper classes, (Ab. Tiƒ) , which gauge information and perceive (as the sphere is the geometry with stores more information in lesser space); combined into:
  • Hyperbolic, reproductive energetic ‘wide bodies/waves/’ (ab. ST) that iterate the system. So we can write a fractal generator equation according to the ‘functions’ of the system:

Γ: Spe (limbs/fields/territories) < ST (body/waves/working class) > Tiƒ (particle-heads/informative class)

The proofs of the existence of such ternary topological reality is overwhelming, as all physical, biological, social and industrial systems follow that organic structure, limited in its shapes by the fact that there exists ONLY those 3 topological geometries in the mathematical Universe.

But what matters are the 3 functions of any class/organic structure of the Universe: the function of entropy which pure motion, formed by the function of information, into the infinite, iterative, reproductive energy body/waves/societies.

So we can write the simplest ‘fractal generator of the Universe’ according to the topological properties of the 3 systems:

Γ: | x O = Ø, which in terms of function means: Present-Energy system (ø-body-wave) = Past-entropy x Future Information.

And so those 3 time/ages/dimensions, in sequential cycles, are related closely to the 3 dimensions/organs of space: the length dimension of time locomotion is closely related to limbs/fields of entropic motion, the height dimension to the growth and future evolution of perception and information, and the frequency dimension to the repetitive present iterative cycles of body-waves.

It is indeed the tug of war between expansive, entropic, destructive arrows of time, which in biology cause the death of a system, and implosive, informative arrows of time, which cause its life, what causes the existence of all beings of reality. What we call time cycles leave behind a ‘memory of information’, or ‘static forms’; and what we call entropy or expansive space, leave behind a ‘tail’ of distances and flat, fixed spaces. So time is information with motion and entropy space with motion.

Moreover we shall see that the life-death cycle structures in time according to those restrictions maximising the entropy of the system in its young, childish age of maximal motion, which then converts into information, reaching the maturity of the system in balance between both, when reproductive systems dominate and the system iterates, and finally the growth of information exhausts the energy of the system in its 3rd informative age, when the system finally explodes, erasing back to its relative local past the information of the system in a big-bang of entropy. So the life-death cycle has also a simple equation:

Γ: Spe (entropy, young age)> Spe≈Tiƒ-reproductive balanced age>Tiƒ (3rd age of information) << Big-bang death (erasing of information)

The variations on the same theme happen to adapt the space-time being to the external world from where the system obtains its quanta of spatial entropy for its lineal motions and the bits of cyclical form or information. So for example plants and animals have inverse structure as plants are chemical beings, which take its frequency of information from thermodynamic molecules and entropic motion from light rays, but men use the smaller information of those light waves to map out more intricate informative mind-mappings so the roots-heads of plants become the head-eyes of animals.

The science that studies how both elements, which construct the universe, spatial entropy and temporal information interact together is called Duality, with a tradition that hauls down to the earlier Eastern cultures and its philosophies of the Universe: Taoism, which described the Tao=Time cycles of reality as composed of yin-formation and yang-entropy, which combined to reproduce the infinite beings of energy of the Universe; and Hinduism, which in a more mythic, anthropomorphic manner talked of Shiva, God of war and entropy and Vishnu God of information, the ‘lineal male, destructive’ and cyclical ‘female’ creative principles of reality.

And this opens the Universe to one of the most fascinating new laws of science, the invariance of all the life-death cycles of all systems, which in any moment of its existence will obey that equation, from where we can deduce the equations of birth, life and death of al the entities of the Universe.

Indeed, the equation is a dynamic balance, so we write it also: Entropy < ≈ > Information. As there is a constant feed-back and transformation of entropy into form to keep that equality in balance.

And so we define 2 kinds of death, as the 2 possible imbalances of that equation:

– An imbalance of Max. Entropy x Min. Information, which ends up in 0 information and an explosion of entropy that desintegrates the whole into its parts. As in wars, nuclear explosions, an accidental deaths by excess of speed/entropy.

So when we expand this notion to the entire organism of Gaia, it means the collective death of mankind in a world war, or through the use of the III Horizon of evolution of nuclear weapons, the singularity weapons that feed on all types of matter (strangelets and black holes) and erase the information of the galaxy.

This is a big-bang death, which physicists seek, as their models of reality are only using the entropy arrow of time.

So they think to replicate and understand all about the big-bang IS the saint grail of knowledge.

IT IS NOT. It is only death, the last phase of the worldcycle of life, when all the system is warped into an excess of information and then it collapses, explodes into its parts and looses the information in a dissolving process which is called war or revolution in history, death in life and big-bang in physics.

The whole breaks into an expansive, entropic arrow of time, and so it returns to its atomic/cellular/asocial parts. For example in a nuclear explosion, it becomes radiation and particles that explode in all directions. It is also the most common form of accidental death, proper of the first age of life, the age of energy or youth, when information is minimal and motion is maximal.

– And Max. Information x Min. Energy. This is the normal, 3rd age death by excess of warping. Finally the body wrinkles all its energy into form, in/form/ation and the being collapses with zero energy and dies, liberating also the whole in its parts that will feed a new life and form. SO THIS APPLIES TO HISTORY NOW AS THE EVOLUTION OF METAL-MEMES ENTERS ITS INFORMATIVE AGE, ITS CHIP RADIATION THAT WILL certainly according to those equations kill mankind by an overdrive of information and substitution of human minds by mechanical minds.

Let us now fully understand the ‘point of balance’: E=I (Spe=tiƒ), as it ‘uncoils’ through the 3 ages of life, increasing from youth to 3rd age the information of the system and then dying back in an explosion of death=entropy.

I we develop the equation as a simple series that follow the arrow of ‘complexity’ and growth of form of the Universe:

– Youth = Max. E x Min. I; Maturity: E= I and old age: Max. I x Min. E, we observe that between the first ‘age’ of the equation, or youth, when we maximize energy, and the last age of the equation or 3rd age, when we maximize information, there is an the age of balance, or reproduction, the classic age of the being that maximizes survival: E= I.

And this is the age the Universe and all its wise parts prefer. The one that lasts longer in time:

 For example, as we can see in the graph in:
– The Universe the 3 ages are obtained when we translate ‘Energy and information’ into the similar concepts of ‘space and time’, which Einstein studied in his general relativity. Then youth is equivalent to the big-bang solution to his equations; the second state, maturity is equal to his steady state solution, which he preferred, and the 3rd to the Godelian vortex or 3rd state of big crunch.
And any physical space-time lasts longer in the 2nd mature state: a galaxy goes from extended, young spatial age as an irregular galaxy with max. E and min. form, into a spiral galaxy which lasts twice at least the period of youth, reason why we perceive more galaxies in that state, till finally it warps, becomes devoured by its gravitational, informative center, the black hole and explodes into a quasar. So goes with a star that is first in a brief period a giant red or blue, then moves into the sequence and stays in steady state longer as a yellow one and finally explodes into a Nova that collapses into a black hole. And the balance is broken.
The energy goes one way – its body, and the black, the informative nuclei the other way. So goes for the Universe as Lamda slightly changes from an expansive universe, to a steady state, to an implosive one.
– In life you can divide the generational cycle of a human being of 72 years in youth, 1/4 till 18, maturity, 2/4ths till 54 and 3rd age, till 72… and then you enter in the age of death and collapse.
– In cells, you divide each day of life in S1, -1/4th energetic growth of cytoplasm, reproductive age, -1/2 when the chromosomes duplicate, or G-age, S2, -1/2th, and then the age of death, split and renewal or mitosis only 1/10.
And so on… All systems of the Universe, as all are made of ‘spatial energy’ and temporal information have that simple proportion: 1/2 of existence happens in the balanced age, and only around 1/10 in the age of death and total unbalance, which our civilization now is seeking as a whole with CERN as its flag star.

Even in art, we define 3 ages in all civilizations, the energetic, epic, warrior age of conquer and foundation, and a long steady state of classic art, defined as ‘beautiful’, because the form and energy of the art are in balance, till entering a baroque, informative age of excessive angst and form, the age we live in now, a time of history I have called in the applications of the Equation of Energy and Information, the ‘American baroque’.

And the reader who likes math will notice also that in a sum, let us say 10, Max. E xi happen when E=I; so 10 x 0 = 0 < 9 x 1 = 9 < … 5 x 5 = 25.

And so Max. Exi: E=I, defines a top predator in any complementary system of the Universe.

The warning thus is clear: All those balances and feed-backs between energy and information that the previous equation – the  Saint Grail of Systems sciences – represents are imposed, because they enhance the survival of the entity. And this is the teaching humans have forgotten. When you loose your balance you fall, and if the fall is huge, into a pit of unsurmountable energy, the mouth of the lion, the momentum of the black hole or strangelet, you die.

THIS IS THE FIRST SINGULARITY EVENT which can at any time now if physicists make strangelets or black holes on earth blow us all, according to the specific equation of death for physical systems…

The well known Einstein’s equation:  E (s)=M(t)c².

Which means that when a vortex of temporal mass explodes back into entropic radiation, the physical system dies, in any scale of reality.

So E=Mc², is one detail of that larger equation of lie and death.

Indeed, when we write it in Planck’s notation, E=M, and then we realize that mass is a vortex of gravitational information, a cyclical form, spinning inwards (Strong Principle of Equivalence between mass and gravitation; then we write E = M(i). But form is function and since the line is the fastest motion between two points, energy is lineal, so are planes that go fast, limbs that move you and forces. While Mass is merely a cyclical transformation of energy into a vortex of form, since the sphere is the topology that stores more form in lesser space.

The Fractal Generator of the Universe… is in a sense a parable of the difference between the Universe and Humans, these days:

The Universe seeks always the creation of complementary, balanced systems of energy and information. This is what is all about. You are a ‘mens sana’ your head, a cyclical system of information in a ‘corporem sanum’ your body, a lineal system of energy and motion. Both are in balance. If the head doens’t care for the body, the body sends messages of pain. In the body moves faster and could have an accident, the brain stops it. Nobody wise in the Universe seeks the maximal Energy, the black hole, which will obviously NOT accidentally kill all of us, or maximal information, since curiosity kills the cast and you warp, wrinkle by excess of form and you die. 

In physics all is a complementary system of cyclical particles of information (masses and charges) and lineal fields of energy (gravitational and electromagnetic forces) and again they try to achieve balance. Because as the principle says in quantum physics, there cannot be one without the other.

But physicists, the old ‘vatican’ high priests of science, dethroned by the new Galileos of Systems sciences – though they don’t know yet – abhor that equation. They don’t like the arrow of information and life, they call ‘negantropy’, because they seek only the arrow of energy and entropy, we call ‘the arrow of death’.

Their limits as the limits of the Ptolemaic theory of the Universe is precisely the reason our science was founded, the year of the death of Einstein – the last colossus of their discipline – at the Macy’s congress, where the best minds of the age came together, realizing that Physics had found its limit of deep knowledge. So the new sciences of cybernetics, systems and theory of information were founded to mix ‘only-entropy theories’ proper of physicists with information theories. And so we  search for equations and models whose feed-backs and balances reproduce the balanced systems of the universe and all its parts, widening our vision of the Universe.

BUT ALAS, IT HAS BROUGHT back also a second CAUSE OF DEATH BY EXCESS OF INFORMATION (chip and robotic radiation).

Because what both ‘extreme sciences’, robotics and nuclear physics lack is the UNDERSTANDING OF THE WHOLE AS A SINGLE BALANCED TERNARY REALITY, which is what I did provide 20 years ago to science, with the formalism of general systems, during my ages as chair of duality sciences in the international systems sciences society.

It only bears witness to the increasing degradation of the human and its slavery to machines, that due to my activism against the most active institution that is bringing our demise: Cern’s site of nuclear research in black holes and quark strange matter; suddenly I was ‘vaporised’ from the world of science, in a Stalinist fashion and all those discoveries were suddenly buried.

But the science of balances of duality, the ternary structure of all Universal systems, the 3 arrows of time and the 3 ages, have kept ticking for each and all of us, regardless of the stubborn self-suicidal behaviour of our ‘mechanical cultures’.

Since this obsession for the machine is not pure science but a cultural consequence of the obsession of the west for motion, weapons and speed, as one of the foremost critiques of those weapon-machines, the French philosopher Virilio put it. 

III. Old and new religions of mankind: the selfish memes of metal.

The technological messianism of CERN and robotists is part of an old trend of sacrificing human life for the ‘wrong name’ of science, confused with technology and a perfect alibi for the development of the military-industrial complex. In the graph, Astarte, the prostitute God, wife of Baal, to whom their believers offered gold, dances on the head of his sacrificed children; in the right, Shiva, Lord of energy dances over the child-God of death Kali at the entrance of CERN.
 A meme is any instrument that imposes its repetition and evolution by the added power that gives to human beings. Since metal is a more perfect atom, there have been 3 memes of metal-power:
– Cyclical, informative money made of gold (now e-money made of computer cycles, with chips of gold), the most informative atom of the Universe that hypnotized with gold fevers the mind of the believers, imitating the light of the sun and it is origin of the ideology/religion of capitalism and greed – the accumulation of money regardless of its collateral effects over mankind – namely, the destruction of our verbal, ethic mind it substitutes and the life of all those it empoverishes.
– Energetic weapons, made of iron, the most energetic atom of the Universe that kills our body, defended by the ideology/religion of nationalism.
– And organic machines, which transform energy into information and vice versa, origin of the techno-utopian religions of mechanism that builds models of the Universe as a machine, when in fact a machine is just an evolving organism of metal, soon to become aware of its nature, as A.I. is implanted in robots. This, most recent religion uses the alibi of knowledge, making the ‘means’  of the experimental method (instruments of measure), not human, linguistic knowledge, its goal.

And this is what differentiates the rational use of those memes by human beings, to improve our lives, from religions of metal, where money is not a mean but a goal in itself (capitalism); weapons and the profits of the Financial-Military-Industrial complex are the goal not a mean; and the building of huge instruments for profits and a shallow understanding of knowledge becomes the goal (mechanism, CERN) not a mean… always superior in value to the human lives we sacrifice  to those idols.In the graph, the first religion of ‘memes of metal’, started in Canaan, where the Prostitute Goddess Astarte required go(l)d from its believers (represented by satyrs) and offered his sons (the small skulls she dances on) in Hecatombs to his Husband, the God Baal, represented by golden statues. In the right side we see the similar statue of Shiva, the God of energy, dancing over the child-God of death Kali, which ‘welcomes’ you to the offices of CERN at Geneva.

Even if the word science means ‘mental knowledge’ not ‘machine building’, mechanist science does not compromise. And physicists certainly will risk the Earth and the life of all their inhabitants for their Gods of energy, represented by Shiva in their entrance, and the machines-weapons they have designed traditionally in history, as the old religions that believed in other type of myths sacrificed their children to their Gods.
While the believers, the rest of mankind will let the high priests of the new religion do their job…
The first cananeans, who invented an ancient form of capitalism: to accumulate go(l)d for their God Baal, through slavery, weapons trade, luxuries and piracy sacrificed their children to Baal in an act called the Hecatomb. They were not sure that Baal was listening but they did it anyway. It was Isaac, the first Cananean who changed his child for a sheep.
Now mankind is sacrificing its future to the altars of Wall Street, and its baalist Go(l)d, to the final horizon of weapons of mass destruction, to the infantile believe that humans cannot progress and understand the Universe without the help of computers and robots.
Those modern myths of profits= Baal and power, hide the biological evolution of  ‘memes’ of metal, gold, the most perfect informative atom of the Universe that hypnotized with gold fevers, the visual, dolicocephalic Homo Sapiens Neanderthaliensis, the white man… and now form the mind-chips of robots with A MUCH HIGHER SPEED OF INFORMATION THAT IS COMPLETELY UNBALANCING the planet, atrophying and substituting the human mind, and speeding up the time cycles of this planet and its humans beyond reflection and control, in a runaway train which will ‘collapse’ in the point of birth of the 2 singularities that can kill life on earth:
– THE ENTROPIC SINGULARITY (Strangelets or black holes, with exponential growth, feeding on matter)
– The reproductive singularity (Iron nano-bacteria with exponential growth, poisoning life)
– THE INFORMATIVE SINGULARITY (Military A.I., killing mankind)
Today Thor, the sword-god of lineal germanic warriors and Baal the go(l)d of $emite traders has changed for other gods of metal, but the deeper cause, the irrational attachment to the higher entropy and information of those weapons and machines, without rational analysis persists.
And its visual, non-reasoning nature also persists. Then the ‘yellow metal’ was the fetishe that represented to own a gold coin that resembled a small sun-god in your hands. Now visual scientists WHO NO LONGER REASON IN LOGIC TERMS AND DEFINE ‘the thoughts of god’ with the magnificent equations of the 3 arrows/forms of time-space, think knowledge is a picture of a particle or remote galaxy, taken with a machine that should reveal the meaning of it all.

The high priests of Shiva, the statute at the entrance of CERN are now lineal physicists of entropy, seeking ‘the fire that destroys the world’ (Upanishad).  While our banksters keep destroying the economic structure and welfare state, printing massive amounts of inflationary information, e-money  as a new form of fiat money to unload to the naive citizens of the world.

So the Baalist Cananeans today are represented by our bankers and robotists, the Shivaites by our physicists. And both are completely sure that their one-dimensional approach to reality is the meaning of it all.

Today the different approaches to knowledge as technology, where the ‘selfish memes of metal’ are the measure of all things, including man (bought for a salary) and the Universe (modeled as a machine) vs. human knowledge, where man as an organism is the measure of all things, including the Universe (modeled as a fractal, organic system) and the machine (an evolving organism of metal)  is signified by two different approaches to the resolution of the meaning of it all, the one represented by the modern visual physicist that tries to take a ‘picture’ of a particle of little importance for ‘knowledge’ and the evolution of those languages and the one signified by General systems sciences, which studies the ‘logic, causal equations’ and laws of balance common to all systems of energy and information of the Universe.


And so since we are naked in front of death, we must reflect upon the meaningless existence we have lead – the childish behavior of our civilization and the stages of psychological extinction.

It has to do with the 5 phases of acceptance of death (Kubler-Ross model):

When we realize something wrong is happening and we are sick, corrupted and about to die as Gaia is under the menace of machines that far overpower our capacities of entropy (planetary bombs) or information (robotic revolution) the definition of death (you die by excess of energy as in wars and accidents or excess of form, of information as in your 3rd age of wrinkles and null energy), we know we are going to die. But Kubler explains first we deny; then we get angry; then we bargain; then we get depressed and then we accept Nirvana  (Sanscrit for ‘extinction’). I have gone through those 5 stages, mostly ‘angry’ (1), but now finally reached Nirvana.

Unfortunately the world has not gone beyond the first phase – denial and silencing of those who warn them.

THIS BLOG goes through all the phases of the awareness of death. 

The world is in denial that CERN or robots can extinguish us, because they make ‘tons of money’ with them. So they got angry to the messengers. In my case my activism vaporised me from the industry of science. There you have most of mankind in phase one and two.

Why? Because humans have regressed to an infantile, neo-paleolithic, violent, visual, ilogic, emotional time, under the influence of mass-media, which is the ‘system’ that handled this news. So children CANNOT UNDERSTAND, conceive or imagine from their subjective, selfish optimism of entitled ‘prima donnas’ something so dark as death.

To be more precise humans are still humans, but their subconscious collective is ‘MEDIA’. And Media is an industrial corporation, a system based in emotional, childish, audiovisual fictions, which CANNOT change its attitude and the way it handles and transforms truth into ‘virtual reality’. Media was trapped in its own system of ‘manufacturing brains’ (Chomsky).Media had created the myth of Physicists, since they make nuclear weapons and profits of war, as the highest minds of mankind.

Further on, Industries have straight-jackets of procedures to neuter those kind of ‘real’ problems, as we observe daily in the far less dangerous case of pollution and global warming. (We will all be dead by Nuclear singularities or robotic singularities before London sinks).

Yet mankind whose brain is manufactured by media stop all sound reasoning and accepted these as facts.

This took me sometime to understand, as I am not a child.

Now the most advanced ‘thinkers’ of the age of machines have started to ‘bargain’.

any case if that was the case, the bargain is over, the real ‘thing’ is coming in 2015, even if the Higgs has been discovered, now we are going to essay the big-bang at home, a nova, a black hole.

– Physicists are ‘bargaining’ to keep researching nukes and big-bangs. They bargain with the laws of the Universe to maintain the profits of their military-industrial complex, of the nuclear industry, twisting the laws of the Universe, caught in their own professional traps accepting the risks, but NOT telling them.

Their arrogance is their demise.

– Robotists are also bargaining. They won’t ban their machines but advice mankind, which will soon have NO jobs, to get a Universal salary as we have been asking for decades along a ban on robotics. But alas, they do NOT stop evolving robots, do not feel a humanity with no jobs, far less efficient than the new species will not last much, and certainly do not talk of the much faster evolution of weapons as machines have always been in its most perfect species a weapon.

FINALLY TO NOTICE THAT DEATH IS A PARALLEL COLLAPSE AS ALL LEVELS. SO AS we approach death as a species, the process converges at all levels, and humans are increasingly reduced in IQ to the visual childish present ¥-generations, soon to be virtual in their beliefs of a ‘happy’ world, as children with no defence or animals in a farm are.

So this childish age of infantile entropic sport heroes and fun laughs, is a pure entropic ‘first plate’ of the death to come. Since the Universe feed systematically in children, the stapple food for all species. Larvae die in +90% of cases. Little turtles in the beach enter with the curiosity of a cat in the lizzard’s open mouths. Human children in the audiovisual, neo-paleolithic age will invite the top predator of the Universe, the black hole, at home, to see if he is ‘nice’ and evaporates.

But death is brief. In the equations of the 5th dimension that mathematize all process of the life death cycle death has this equation:

0 time-information x ∞ entropy = death = big-bang.

You die in a relative zero quanta of your time-existence, as all your systems explode and annihilate its form, its information into a blast of amorphous entropy.

You will not know you are dying in a second when the black hole is not nice and as the lizard on the costa-rican coast closes its mouth and devours you. Man, a childish species with only 40.000 years of rational words, will die as soon as he was born in the cosmic scale of things, proving the Fermi Paradox – we never got to be intelligent, to be homo sapiens, to respect the laws of the biological Universe. You will thus never knew you were dying, as you denied it, and you will not know you died.

If you die by nano-bacteria or military A.I. it will be latter in the century and slower but still very fast in terms of geology and the 4 billion years of life on Earth: around 3 months by nanobacteria, the 3 customary years of most wars, by military A.I.


The world thus is in denial that CERN can extinguish us. And denial is difficult to change. ‘The biggest lies are those which we tell about ourselves’ said Nietzsche. Neither Mass-Media or Physicists can accept they have built a huge lie about the intelligence and importance of man and their science.

Both together have created the myth of Hawking in particular and physics in general as the ‘genius science’ and cannot now change his mind.

So as CERN decided suddenly to throw down the gutter Einstein’s sound theories and Thermodynamics and adopted Hawking musings as dogmas, telling directly to his workers that ‘they must believe in black hole evaporation’ (sic), media decided it could not break his 30 years old bluff and must kept Hawking as a genius.

A few might have bargained, the 3rd stage of death, as the machine has run at 1/2 its potency, which all physicists know is just under the threshold of energy needed to make black holes or strangelets. Now in any case if that was the case, the bargain is over, the real ‘thing’ is coming in 2015, even if the Higgs has been discovered, now we are going to essay the big-bang at home, a nova, a black hole.

Now we must distinguish the role of those ‘posers’. Mr. Hawking knows he might die. he is obsessed with extinction. he moves forward the needles of the extinction clock given to him. He is in the line of the makers of the H-bomb, Von Newman and Teller who were obsessed about the extinction they would case, with Fermi, the A-bomb father that uttered the Fermi paradox (there is no intelligent life in the galaxy because, we physicists blow all planets). But he will take the risk for a Nobel prize as the previous short film explains in HIS own words. He puts a lot of humor and cynicism in that short film; that is his style. The laughs though are a bit nervous, the sheeple is suspicious but won’t go beyond the infantile denial. So happens to the kids working at CERN, risking to be ‘ the laugh of the Gods’ for ‘imposing truth with authority’ (Einstein), caught in their own professional traps as Fermi and Teller were when pushed ahead the I and II age of nuclear bombs, for profits and war, while talking on extinction. Indeed, CERN acts in the same manner:

To the public they sell 1) denial and 2) anger against us, and the public, the children, the media that MUST believe in the system accept it as a routine. They never tried to understand even the simple mathematical argument above, which even a high school student should understand as Hawking’s work is truly infantile, despite some complicated mathematical details. On the contrary they made their workers to sign confidenciality statements; lowered their own 10% of unlikely risk (a legal genocide of 10% x 7 billions only by switching on) to 0% and his Chief theorist told the twenty-agers working there that they ‘must believe in black hole evaporation’… And then they threw a party of the end of the world… to calm their fears.

But in public they went for authority. And the world decided to believe celebrity and the industrial military complex as an automaton, fatalist routine.

Their arrogance is their demise. The wife of Hawking said is her biography, he is ‘a child’ and ‘thinks he is god’ ‘reason why i divorced. I could not convince him he is not’.

Hawking is both victim of the infantile mass-media that made him a God to sell his books. The truth is that like in the last film of Peter sellers ‘Being there’, he is a new Mr. Chance taken as a genius by an ignorant crowd.  He learned at 8 to read; he was a mediocre student at school; he is not in any professional list of the top scientists of the century – always topped by Einstein, knows his work is science fiction, written 40 years ago, in an age of loonies, drugs and fantasies of all kind – so his travel on time was very trendy; but he will risk it all, his life, as an ego-centered child cares nothing for the rest. His life anyway with mental neuronal atrophy is not that great. So he repeats in his conference his obsession, ‘the nobel prize’ ‘i might get a nobel prize is black holes evaporate at cern’. If not you will become spaghetti. He doesnt lie. Teller didnt lie either. That is the messianic madness of the nuclear physicist.

But in this childish age, all form, with null content authority matters and prizes give authority.

Hence the enormous number of new prizes CERN is getting to ‘calm fears’; the astounding pumping up of the rather irrelevant Higgs particle, as the solution to all our questions about the Universe. If the stakes are so high – our extinction, the prize must be huge, the ‘meaning of it all’… If they are getting all those prizes for finding a particle, the Higgs, which as we explain is rather irrelevant, they must be right. This of course is classic military noise. As Goebbels, first ministry of propaganda put it, ‘if you repeat a lie many times, people will believe it, the bigger the lie the more they will believe’ So lies have been repeated ad nauseam in favor of CERN, the Higgs, Hawking stature, the lack of risks, the absurd comparison between cosmic rays – single particles of light weight and the experiments at CERN, which smash massive quantities of quarks, the substance of strangelets and probably black holes, never found in cosmic rays. And of course, the ad hominem campaigns against all who opposed CERN were also repetitive. Our names have still over 1 million tags in google all against.

So as today, Walter, an American, and me, a Spaniard, people who love life but also can concede defeat, have accepted fate. Only Rossler is still trying as a good German who never gives up against the bad Germans that run the machine and also will never give it up. And he is still angry. To me now the censorship that covers us is in harmony with Nirvana. Graceful death indeed is how we shall go, with a silent smile.

The rest will go with mercy, as the Universe feed systematically in children, the stapple food for all species. Larvae die in +90% of cases. Little turtles in the beach enter with the curiosity of a cat in the lizzard’s open mouths. Human children in the audiovisual, neo-paleolithic age will invite the top predator of the Universe, the black hole, at home, to see if he is ‘nice’ and evaporates.

Why Children are the staple food of the Universe.

The conclusion was obvious: humans are becoming unbalanced, childish, entropic, self-destructive, corrupted, lazy, not fit to survive. They are indeed today spoiled, ignorant children, the staple food of the Universe.

But why the Universe is so cruel with children; Why they are the main source of food? For two reasons. The Universe cares nothing about the individual, the ego. It is a non-ego place. And so it punishes egoes, subjectivism, childish entitlement. And the Universe is about force; it selects the strongest; it searches for perfection, eliminating those who are not. And so as cruel as it might seem; it has no empathy, no compassion for the kind of people, fantasy-riddle and ego-centric that modern mankind represents. And for those who follow in their steps. The Universe does not like cute fairy tales.

Yes, im sorry, from such universal point of view, children are cute but they are not ‘great’. They tend to destroy things they don’t understand. They are selfish, entitled, subjective, all for them nothing for the others. They are irrational, they understand nothing, they can’t take care of the simplest things. And they are cruel, ‘lords of flies’, as they don’t see life with no empathy. Our love of children is subjective, it is a form of loving ourselves. They like fantasies and fairy tales, which are however not beautiful, but deformities, monsters like Hawking and his fairy tale of being the new Einstein are beloved stories for audiovisual children. They sell.

And finally children have a problem. Because they don’t understand death; because they are optimist, positivist, who always think to be stronger than they are, they take unneeded risks, they trigger the arm when you tell them not to shoot a rifle, they take the poison when you tell them not to eat it; and that is why they are prone to accidents. In this ‘neo-paleolithic’, audiovisual, childish collective mind that no longer differentiates truth from falsity, egoes from objective facts, FX from real science, Hawking is of course king, the Hamelin flute that guides the lemmings to the cliff.

But the Universe is manly, predator, rational, logic, beautiful, balanced, awesome… in his fury and his cycles of creation and destruction, of yin and yang, of vishnu and shiva, of energy and in/form/ation.

The Universe is perfect and just and pays off the way you treat the rest of it, your no-self. This majesty cannot be understood by children, because children are tyrants that want to be obeyed, are all about ego, about self-awareness about imposing their will. The mind of children is aberrant in extreme, as cute as their bodies are. And the Universe eats them. Children are slaves of emotions and don’t reason, of wantings of immediate satisfaction.

The Universe though, not a child but a man, loves reason and life. So i tried to be a man and follow instead the road less travelled, the painful path of Aristotle: ‘a life not examined is not worth living’ and deny the psyche of most ‘people (who) are slaves, they believe they don’t reason’. So I will die in Nirvana, the ultimate scale of an examined life, which is worth living but without ego, as we are just fractal repetitions of the infinite game of existences.

There will be infinite fractal planets in which life will surface to die again or perhaps to man up and humbly accept you cannot invent the ultimate laws of balance and survival in the Universe, as computer scientists and physicists are doing, by denying them with their ego-trips of the entitled, supreme intelligent human beings.

I prefer though the humble wisdom of a British Poet, in a land where to compensate so much arrogance and hipocritical repression of life, some of the people who better understood the essence of life, from Shakespeare to Darwin, were born:

‘If you have the gift to foresee destiny, you will need the courage to accept it’ Byron.

Because indeed, ‘salvation of mankind’ is not the cause of a single individual ‘hero’, but of mankind itself, against whom heroes can fight but will loose without the help of the whole super organism of humanity, which is now virally infected in its memetic dna, with the worship of machines and its idol-ogies of progress.

So they will as Fromm put it, obey the ‘technological ethics of a civilisation’, which commands us ‘to construct any new technology even if it destroys us all’.


Update, JANUARY 2014. Goodthink from MiniPax Cern: Orwellian Newspeaks.

Abstract.  Today we are one year to go away. So CERN is all good spirits. They are advertising big, its mechanical success in the upgrading of its machines beyond the threshold of black hole and dark matter creation at 10 tev.

 So CERN’s minitrue after the success of God’s particle offers now a poster of excellent prolefeed duckspeak and we cannot help as certified unpersons to have some thoughtcrimes about it (:

Screen shot 2014-03-18 at 7.42.24 PM
In the graph, once ‘God’s particle’ has been found, it is needed to find new prolefeeds for the incoming festivities. Let us hope life can indeed continue to be good, when ultradense, dark matter particles appear on Earth according to all forecasts, including those of CERN, in March 2015.

What amazed me more on the years I combated with suits, books and films, this Corporation that camouflages as a research center, when it is nothing more than the follow-up of the Nuclear MIlitary-Industrial Complex, refurbished with Orwelian newspeaks, was how easy it became for ‘the industry’ to get away with murder, just by paying a few optimist P.R.ess campaigns, falsifying risks and pumping up the ego-trips of ingenuity and  superiority proper of the human species – while labeling as a ‘thoughtcrime’ any attempt of scientists to discuss seriously the matter.

This carrot and stick, ‘blackwhite bellyfeel’ strategy of goodthink and crimethink was enough to erase the known-known facts of the Universe and the historic record of the Industry, from Hiroshima to Fukushima, to the point that even classic activists against the Nuclear Industry were easily convinced that CERN belonged to the minipax and minitrue departments.

While the 4 main activists against CERN who dared to have such ‘thoughtcrimes’ lost their prestige and scholar positions, thanks to a few ad hominem campaigns that easily converted them from respected scientists into ‘unpersons’.

Thus Eric Penrose was never mentioned in the press – due to his father connection with the main duckspeaker for Cern; Walter Wagner lost his position as Safety Officer at Livermore’s Super-collider due to his denounce of Safety concerns; Otto Rossler, known for his pioneer work in chaos theory became labelled as an old ga-ga guy in several paid-per-view sites and this writer, who was being heralded as one of the leading researchers in XXI Century science, due to his formalism on the 5th dimension and the Fractal Universe, was vaporized – his papers on the matter erased from Google Scholar and his position as Chair of the Science of Duality in International Congresses of Systems Sciences, cancelled (1).

Needless to say this harsh treatment of the 4 main unpersons that committed crimethink against the Nuclear Industry was enough to dissuade any possible worker of this minipax institution from doubting of the goodthink purposes of the institution.Emoji

And so suddenly it became evident to millions of members of the global sheeple that we were all just ‘snowballs’ who didn’t understand that ‘four legs, four legs are good but two legs are better’.

And the pigs got all the milk and the animal farm was again happy.

We live in an age of children of thought, whose brains are manufactured into consent (Chomsky) by audiovisual media, as ‘Locke’s Tabulas Rassas’ that will accept any message that makes them not to worry and be happy.

In this Orwell missed the point that Huxley understood best: it would not be a ‘Stalin-like’ big brother, but a big brother smiley with its ‘soma’-TVs the ‘new opium’ of the people, that substituted the previous fantasy of a ‘loving Universe’ and a personal caring God in which ‘most’ humans believe for so long.

‘Men are slaves they believe they don’t reason’ said Aristotle, in the loneliness of his logic brain… All has changed to remain the same.

It is the same fear of death that made people overwhelmingly believe that a carpenter of the iron age had created the Universe and beaten death, for millennia, what makes now scientists, politicians and laymen to accept the doublethink of the Nuclear Industry as a peaceful idealistic endeavor that cannot – against all type of evidences in the Universe and its historic record – damage the planet, making black holes, as it happen everywhere else in the galaxy, where black holes blow up stars within days of being born as seeds of dark matter.

A humbling  ‘blackwhite’ paradox to belong to a species so lacking in courage that might likely die because it is unable to stand even the thought of death, and will let this eviL=anti-Live con-Cern to vaporize them, this time for real, just Not to crimethink about it.

Instead the system knows how to provide goodthink prolefeed called in this case ‘travel in time’, also known as ‘the vaporization of black holes’.

Hence the promotion of this Ficdep’s ‘child of thought’ who invented such happy duckspeak, to the level of Universal genius.

Unfortunately the Universe doesn’t seem to get ‘it’ and shows no respect for CERN’s minitrue department; since it shows no signs of life or A.I. (hence planets surviving the creation of black holes), and keeps producing BH that never ‘vaporize’, traveling to the past but stubbornly keep swallowing ‘childish’ species, the staple food of Darwinian reality.

Mankind has been cheated by Shiva physicists once again, and so not even the antinuclear left criticizes cern, because as Teller did with the half wit Truman, selling the H bomb with the excuse of the availability of knowledge, CERN has sold the 3rd age of the Nuclear, Industry, cosmic bombs, with the excuse of knowledge. But if mankind is that stupid, it must accept the consequences of the darwinian, perfect universe that selects its best species – death.

So the only alibi the high priests of Shiva at CERN to endanger our life is the claim it is going to find the particle of God. No more no less, mind the reader that the particle of God… But since the particle has never been seen, it follows that it is still just an equation, the equation of God?! I had a big laugh the first time I read Lederman’s book on the Higgs boson, where the biggest lobbyist for the industry of accelerators coined that name. That’s chuptzah, indeed. Our banksters should learn from him, whenever they come up with a new form of fiat money to unload to the naive citizens of the world. That’s salemanship, the rest are amateurs (-;

Then it came the results that showed the LHC could kill all humans and I lost my sense of humor  0-;

But CERN never did, as children never do, even in front of death, which they do not understand. Believers never doubt and so the ‘ideological’ more than idealist CERN young students will not doubt.
They will not even understand their work is just the needed excuse for the Nuclear military-industrial complex that must go on, whatever happens in Fukushima or CERN.
They will not understand that their goal is a mean not a goal for the industrial-military complex that after the cold war tried to resell itself with a theoretical particle, with ad hoc equations and negative masses, once called the Toilet particle by Nobel prize Weinberg for his poor quality of thought. But suddenly became the Saint Grail of Physics, the Baal of the ‘selfish meme of metal’ to which we surrender our civilization, the machine…
And as the Cananeans today represented by our bankers, thought mankind and their children could be offered to Go(l)d, who would reveal the supreme truths of reality, nuclear physicists think they are chosen by the machine to reveal the secrets of the Universe, even if it means to risk all what we have… the planet…

Today the different approaches to knowledge as technology, where the ‘selfish memes of metal’ are the measure of all things, including man (bought for a salary) and the Universe (modeled as a machine) vs. human knowledge, where man as an organism is the measure of all things, including the Universe (modeled as a fractal, organic system) and the machine (an evolving organism of metal)  is signified by two different approaches to the resolution of the meaning of it all, the one represented by the LHC that tries to take a ‘picture’ of a particle of little importance for ‘knowledge’ and the evolution of those languages and the one signified by General systems sciences, which studies the ‘logic, causal equations’ and laws of balance common to all systems of energy and information of the Universe.

Indeed, the problem is that the next threshold of atomic bombs, the cosmic bomb is an organic, self-feeding bomb that needs only a minimal reaction as the ‘combustible’ are all of us, mass-beings. And so again is a question of priorities, what do you care for more – for the function of existence and life or for the so-called particle of God? Politicians in Europe maybe should reflect upon that choice before extracting more taxes for their citizens to pay the upgrade to twice the potency of this machine in 2016… When the lion will roar and we shall see, what the young Hyenas do to stop it. So far there is not even studies on how to control a black hole if it appears at cern, because they can’t.)

 Update. One year from death. I see you in 2016…

AFTER SOME DELAYS CERN is not only going ahead with the 2015-16 upgrade, but planning ahead a 100 km. ring upgrade.

Am i angry at the arrogant ways in which physicsits tinker with destiny? Surprisingly not anymore. Am i gonna write a heavy article on the dangers of the LHC and its earthquakes? No more. Enough of them on the right side of this blog. It will in any case fall in deaf ears; since our technological civilization is full of hyenas, Baalists and Shivaites that are slaves of their memes and ego trips. Since as Aristotle put it ‘some men are slaves, they believe, they don’t reason’. An slaves have no rights, in a Universe in which respect must be earned. It is not granted with a few laughs and runs of young Hyenas. I believe the parables of the gazelle and the destiny of the children of Baal suffice.

Yesterday I monitored all day the USGS flashing red squares of incoming Earthquakes, but today all is quiet on the western front.

There is no explanation though. General surprise among geologists.

The explanation of course is the idol. Baal has ‘farted’. It might be that the LHC produced some dense, exotic dark matter that exploded in the Moho discontinuum, provoking this all-time record cascade of earthquakes.

But the earth seems today now again in balance. The $hit of Baal is not scheduled till 2016, when finally the machine honors its price and delivers a punch of 14 Tev. That will be the day… perhaps the Earth doesn’t stand.

So yesterday still the Earth stood still and we might never know what made her shake but we have a hint, a probability that a cub of the king lion walked around for a while, and as it often happens the entire savanna, the mantle moved in stampede.

Personally i’m going back to sleep. Since there is nothing i can do about the future ‘Nirvana’ of mankind.

che sera sera…

My personal 5 phases 

If you wonder in which state I am, I have entered the Nirvana’s 5th phase; but during those years I have gone through the other 4, mostly angry, and now I want to apologize for the style of many of my public appareances, explaining those 5 phases:

-I first denied, when at the 50th anniversary of the foundation of systems sciences and cybernetics, after I exposed to the world elite of Information sciences the formalism of the 5th dimension – a key discovery for XXI century science that was very well-received – a few scientists came to me asking for help in this matter. As it happened there were in that congress some of the key scientists of physics of accelerators – George West, head of Los Alamos Accelerators, Gell-mann, discoverer of quarks and head of Santa Fe institute. So I asked West and other physicists who told me it was nonsense – of course all of them had stakes in the project. But I choose to believe them and appease my soul. But news kept pouring insistently. So once I got into the maths of it, it became evident the risks were huge.

-So i got angry at the absurdity of this ‘Chronicle of a foretold death’ and contacted the only person who had defied the industry in the past, Mr. Walter Wagner, a safety officer of accelerators and we put together a suit to alert the press and the politicians that paid for it. The whole matter was rather surrealist and so a well-known film-maker at WME, proposed me to make a film, now called ‘quantum roulette’ with a surrealist touch a la ‘Dr. strangelove’ with his agency – a short of Inconvenient Truth. William Morris Endeavor accepted it. ‘Physicists don’t give a shit’ said the boss after seeing some rushes. But we didn’t know yet the power of the military-industrial complex. At the time Rahm emmanuel, the brother of the owner of WME was head of staff of Obama, and Chu, head of Livermore accelerators, head of the Energy department that paid CERN 500 million $. So we believe there were pressures. In any case the project was censored, abruptly cancelled, my friend lost his agent and I finished it with my meager resources, which added to the costs of the suit, and my loss of academic positions during the ensuing ‘ad hominem’ campaign left me in a dire financial situation.

-That brought the 3rd phase: we tried to bargain in the suits, a regime of lower energies under 10 Tev that would not risk our lives. We knew CERN could not in a suit prove Hawking right and if the truth was understood, it would have to close, so we thought we had a chance. But CERN and the 2 nobel prizes engaged in the suits, Glashow and Wilczek, played cunningly; defaulted not to have to defend the possible genocide and argued technical matters (lack of American jurisdiction). Power played his role. The Court of genocides at Le Hague told us it only could accept suits against genocides already happened – never mind we were doing preventing wars, we cannot prevent genocides. Only the British Prime Ministry showed some common sense and declined to inaugurate the machine, adducing his secretary that he didn’t want to have anything to do with black holes (sic). In any case  by ‘accident’ our bargain happened during the past 7 years, in which the machine has gone under the regimes of 10 Tev, the threshold of creation of black holes and strangelets.

– Those years were tough. And a depressive mood set in. As Rossler put it, we became ‘non-persons’. The enthusiasm that my work on the 5th dimension had caused vanished. I lost my prestige as a scientist. Suddenly after a massive physicits’ blogging campaign i was no longer the pioneer on the study of the 5th dimension of space-time that completed 50 years of search in the sciences of Information, Cybernetics and General Systems, but the apocalypto guy of the suit of the end of the world. So I retired to my beach home.

– But now I feel fine. I have reached Nirvana, the 5th phase: acceptance that death is a collective, organic process that cannot be stopped by an individual. So i have no guilt anymore. We did more than a few people could – alert the world. We needed the children to want to cure themselves. They don’t want to think about it, they don’t want to face the problem. So let it be. This too shall pass. Che sera sera.

II. Min. I. Informative Death: Vaporization: Informative Non-persons: Vaporization

The other side of Media Campaigns: Smearing ‘ad hominem’ and Orwellian censorship.’In Newspeak, the minister of police is called the minister of love (today the ‘home office’), the minister of war the minister of peace (today of defense’)

Orwell, 1984 ‘on the future development of mass-media and how it will manufacture the acquiescence of the human sheeple

‘You must believe in the Evaporation of black holes’

Ellis, Chief engineer at CERN’s black hole factory, defining what is thoughtcrime to the new employees of the Company.

1. Virtual Death: D’artagnan and the 3 mosketeers (: The unpersons.

CERN, knowing it could not confront the truth and reveal under oath in Court trials that it plans to take a 70% risk of making strangelets this Fall – the quark-gluon explosive liquid that can blow up the Earth – used a different strategy to deny those risks. Massive ‘ad hominem’ campaigns, carried out by their theorists and collaborating ‘bloggers’, who called the people who spoke out on those risks, ‘nuts, crackpots, twats, turds’ and other niceties. Quantity and repetition, as usual in smear campaigns cannot be defeated by ‘quality statements’. They are in fact the basis of rhetoric: ‘if you repeat a lie many times people will believe on it’ (Goebbels, Minister of Propaganda, III Reich.) And this has been the case.

Since one side was formed by thousands of students of physics collaborating with CERN’s program and blogging against us in the web, which still has over a million of those difamation campaigns posted. On the other side, we were censored and never interviewed by the corporate press, nor our articles and warnings were published by main stream or scientific magazines. In words of Rossler, the other complexity theorist who defied CERN, we were ‘non-persons’. It was also said that complexity theorists like us were not insiders to the Nuclear Industry and could not ‘know’ about the science of those experiments. In this article I would like to respond to those difamation campaigns, showing that outsiders of correlated sciences are precisely the people who make the biggest breakthroughs in science precisely because, they do know the self-similar discipline but are not bond by peer pressure, as Nuclear Physicists are – a fact clearly revealed by Eric Johnson in his landmark study of this case.

Thus because complexity theorists are basically both, physicists and biologists, which try to put together the two arrows of time, energy and information, studied by those sciences, we do have the knowledge required to understand the physics of CERN but also the respect for life needed to ethically denounce the quantum russian roulette the Nuclear company of Europe is playing with the world.

Those ad hominem campaigns have taken 2 forms.

On one side the physicist’s community attacked ‘ad hominem’ the credentials of those better known scientists involved on the suits (notably Walter Wagner, known for his activism against RHIC and Otto Rossler, known for his work in chaos theory).

On the other side it silenced and made an Orwellian campaign of ‘censorship’, converting into ‘unpersons’, those scientists who were younger and at the beginning of a brilliant career but not yet well-known internationally – this was the case of this unperson and E.P. another unperson, son of the main collaborator of Mr. Hawking, who discovered CERN’s CASTOR project to detect strangelets and changed sides in this issue, denouncing them in his ‘invisible’ site, never mentioned in the press.

Of course we lacked the budgets and connections with the P.R.ess needed to survive the ‘ad hominem campaigns’ against every scientist that opposed CERN, and so we became orwellian unpersons till indeed, today no scientist dares to defy any longer this company.

And it work nicely. Within a week of the suit creating social alarm, the NY times broke the laws of the land asking in its editorial the judge to throw the suit in the nearest black hole, The Economist published an article on the genius ex-nihilo, Mr. Hawking asking ‘for when the Nobel Prize’, and of course, when they talked about the suit, they did not even mentioned our names, we were truly ‘non-persons’.

At first this seemed odd to me – 2 persons – was the most common way to refer to us. I became a journalist of science at best, a ‘self-styled time theorist’ sometimes; my work in the discovery of the formalism of the 5th dimension was never mentioned. We all wanted to be of course celebrities and that is why we brought the issue. Willczeck even talked of death menaces (nobody of course ever mentioned the 4 pieces in which my arm was broken casually the day before going to the suit, the call I got from another unperson, telling me by suing Mr. Bush, the Pentagon and CERN I was under the Patriot act, etc. etc. Unpersons mind the reader do not exist, so they do not suffer. Rossler was qualified of less than an idiot, Penrsose did not exist. Then suddenly I realized this was indeed big brother at work.

This unperson’s Vaporization was methodic; since even the Science of Duality was cancelled within the International Systems Society, despite being one of its foundational sciences (as it studies the Universe with the 2 arrows of energy and information that create all its complementary systems).

On second thoughts i feel honored by it. After all, the importance of the formalism of the 5th dimension was such that they could not find a substitute to claim the position in the industry of information, so alas! the ‘community’ simply erased the science of duality.

It reminded me of Stalin’s erasing of Trostky. Though of course, the doctrine of ‘Trostky’, global r=evolution was truth. An economic r=evolution against the dictatorship of ‘banksters’ (capitalism) requires to be global or else the r=evolutionaries will face boycotts, embargoes and wars till they become also a defensive war-machine, a military dictatorship. And so the Soviet Union became just a fascist, nationalist state and communism died away.

But in matters of science truth cannot be  ‘eliminated from the Universe’. So the 5th dimension will stay. Neither the duality of the Universe of energy and information will disappear. That is, vaporization of the science of duality will not destroy the information of all Universal complementary systems, despite the ‘Information paradox’ in which Mr. Hawking incurs with his duckspeak.

In science, (and now to mankind at large), it applies Einstein’s dictum: ‘those who impose truth with power will be the laugh of the Gods’. Because regardless of human ambitions in the Scientific Universe ‘Truth exists per se’; under strict rules of verification, and those who deny the laws of Universal truths do so to their own peril.

Only ‘human history’ can be rewritten by ‘the victors’; only human activists can be vaporized with ‘big brother methods’ – but their truths, if they are sound, will stay:

Screen shot 2014-03-19 at 9.53.21 AM

(Incidentally, I cannot help, despite being a slight detour from the purpose of this blog, to notice how wikipedia is becoming of late, also a perfect example of a happy Orwellian world, with its own ‘thinkpol’ (thought police). The anecdote: researching, Orwell’s newspeak for this update, I read the definition of unperson, (from where I took the previous pick) clearly biased only to attack socialist dictatorships, when Orwell, is well-known was a disenchanted socialist who wrote against ‘both’ systems, the capitalist dictatorship of money and the communist dictatorship of weapons. So I added to the post this addenda on ‘capitalist unpersons’, which was erased by wikipedia thinkpol a couple of times till they blocked me from reposting it (: So i will add it here, as it makes a good introduction to section III, The military-Industrial Complex:

“In our capitalist society, unpersons are mostly of economical nature; people no longer needed by the productive system, ‘surplus costs’ or individuals bought for a price wholesale – the so called slaves – or part-time in a corporative job. Capitalist unpersons sold as cargo by the first corporations however are not recognized as such, except by artists critical of the eco(nomic)system, often in parables that range from Kafka’s metamorphosis in which the unperson becomes an insect, hidden from society to Wilder’s ‘The Apartment’, in which unpersons crunch numbers, in white collar jobs today taken by secretarial PCs”

I found though you could put it in the chat that nobody reads, as i can write this blog. Unpersons, you see, are more sophisticated than those of Orwell. They are not any longer shot dead, but laughed at; they are no mouth-sewed Matrix style but merely left to speak in internerdia blogs like this one. They are free to think but nobody will listen them. Because what it doesn’t happen in television or google ranks of ‘true’ is not worth to remember. 



(1) A simple analysis of the ‘Equation of Life and Death’ can be found at Kindle for 1 $. A longer more complex version with its application to solve the unresolved questions of all sciences also in paper back is available here.


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