History vs. Eco(nomic)system

kondratiev 4

The Industrial Evolution follows an economic, national, generational cycle of 72±8 years, the ‘Kondratieff’ cycle’ (1) in which a nation discovers a new form of energy (white) applied to the creation of new forms of money, the economic software and new machines (red) its hardwares, which become the engine of the Economy. Yet as those new mechanisms multiply in growing numbers the economy enters in a crisis of overproduction, and machines compete with human beings in labor and war fields, provoking the negative cycles of unemployment and war that define modern societies.


In the graph, the Industrial R=evolution is the Evolution of ‘Memes of metal’, Machines & weapons, systems made of hard metal (iron) and Money, a digital language made of informative metal (gold, also used in the chip connections of computer cycles, now converted into e-money). So we can divide its evolution in the same phases that evolve any organism, and consider in history the nation that evolves  them to be in each phase of the Industrial revolution the top nation of the world as it will use its ‘eviL=anti-live’ twins, weapons, to conquer the world.

Thus, those generations also bring the nation that finds the new energy to the top predator status of history. Because energy is also the substance of which weapons are made.

—Thus, we had an age of steam machines, the age of England, between 1780s and 1857, followed by a crisis of overproduction of steam machines and stock-money that brought the 1857 ±7 years crashes of the train-based economy.

—From 1857 to 1929, we lived in the age of electro-chemical energies, machines and chemical explosives, dominated by Germany, followed by a crisis of overproduction of cars and radios, which caused the 1929 crash, 72 years after the train crash.

—It came then the III cycle of electronic machines, electronic money and Nuclear Bombs that took place from 1929-2001, the age of America; which again ended in the dotcom and mortgage crashes, 72+7 years after 1929:
Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 09.37.44

– Followed by the Age of the Singularity, the IV Cycle of Evolution of machines dominated by robots, solar Industries and China. Scientists call the arrival of Artificial Intelligence, the Singularity moment, when robots, which can use solar energy to become autonomous will complete the evolution of machines as organic forms, automating factories & expelling most human workers and soldiers from labor and war fields, as previous revolutions did with obsolete III World non-technological humans, unless we forbid legally their evolution.

Money will become then the digital informative, ‘genetic code’ that organizes their reproduction in those automated company-mothers.

As such corporations, the ‘company-mothers’ of those machines whose biological function is to evolve and re=produce them, made first the bodies of machines (XIX c.), then the minds of machines (cameras-eyes, mobile-ears and chips-brains.

Finally, in the XXI century, as nature does with simple organisms, such as viruses in cells, where the 3 ‘parts’ of the virus – its DNA information, body and legs are constructed – and then assembled together, we put together all those organic components into autonomous robots, completing the industrial r=evolution of ‘metalife’ – a new organic species, made of a stronger substance than carbon-life

And since money is invented in a 90% of the global volume by industrial and financial corporations, which invest it mostly on machines, now becoming all robots connected to the internet of things; while most humans lack any credit, this fight seems to have an obvious winner: the robot; and an obvious solution before it happens – the legal prohibition of robotics as we forbid biological species that can kill us, from ebola viruses to weapons (in some countries), which would be an immediate solution if we had a proper biological understanding of the relationships between humans and mechanisms in this planet that we shall provide in depth in this blog.

Yet in as much as machines give profits, most scholars and the overwhelmingly number of economics working for corporations look the other side, and do instead of ‘objective science’, wishful thinking about the future of the earth.

In that sense mankind should manage and control the evolution of the Metal-earth, forbidding further evolution of the ‘future rival species’ of man as top predator of this planet – banning all forms of robotics before it is too late.

As this is not happening, since economists in corporations under the mantra of profits keep substituting humans, we can expect an increasing competition between robotic and human workers and soldiers in the economic ecosystem, that will last the rest of the century, as those robots compete with human beings in labor and war fields.

So if we look at the largest worldview of the evolution of the planet, it is not difficult to forecast that if business as usual proceeds, the evolution of military A.I. and ‘metalife’ is poised to extinguish the weaker life-earth, as the previous ‘oxygen life’ poisoned and extinguished the anaerobic earth before:


In the graph, global warming, pollution and hunger, are just signs of the change of ‘age’ of the planet, from the Earth of Life (gaia) to the Earth of man (History, anthropocene) to the Earth of machines (Metal-earth, mechanocene), as all the financial and raw resources of the planet are deviated to the evolution and reproduction of machines, whose ‘$hit’ warms the planet, its engines ‘eat’ our food (in U$, more corn is destined to feed ethanol than human beings).

So we write a simple evolutionary equation of 3 super-organisms; one becoming extinct into the ‘past’, the other still the protagonist of the planet, history, but fast leaving place to a 3rd super organism of machines and its ‘automated company-mothers’, the metal-earth, or more properly described in detail, as the Financial-Media (informative machines)/Military-Indutrial (energetic machines) economic ecosystem (ab. FM²I):

Gaia: Life ecosystem (past) > History: Human Superorganism (Present) > Metal-earth: FM²I (Future)

We have written and shown in the graph, the equation of the 3 ages of history, in the terminology of general systems sciences, a new discipline of which Mr. Hawking rightly said it will be the science of the XXI c. And since we are in the XXI c. I’d say boldly, Complexity or ‘General Systems Sciences’ (ab. GST) is the most advanced model of social sciences today.

In that regard, the previous equation, as simple as it seems, will show an enormous power to describe in a synoptic, scientific, organic manner, all what has happened in this planet since human beings first appear on Earth. And so to understand it, we need to introduce the fundamental tenants of Systems sciences: that all systems of nature, evolve from individual parts into more efficient wholes, through networks of energy and information, becoming super-organisms.

A superorganism is in that sense easy to define with a simple ‘Generator equation’ of all Systems of reality, which any human being will easily recognise when observing its own ‘super organism’ (scientists define humans also increasingly as such, given the fact we do have more ‘bacteria’ than human cells in our digestive, entropic system):

Spe: Digestive/entropic system < ST: Energy/Body-System>Tiƒ

And so what the equation describes are the III ages of Earth as a whole, in which:

  • A first super organism of life, Gaia, increasingly recognised by all scientists, joined by networks of life energy (water ways), which feed the world of animal life; informed by networks of visual animal and chemical, plant information, gave way to:
  •  The super organism of mankind that superimposed over it, History, in which the economic=energetic=blood and political=informative ‘nervous networks’ organise a mass of citizens-cells.
  • Which is giving way to a super organism of company-mothers of machines, fed by energy networks and informed by digital networks, which organise through the financial economy those machines, evolving fast through A.I. and robotics into metalife, poised to compete and substitute humans in all labor and war fields.


The 3 super-organisms of Planet Earth.


The super-organism of metal-memes described independently of mankind in the previous posts of this section, lives side by side with two other super-organisms, that of human life ‘History’ and that of Nature, ‘Gaia’, and so we must talk of an ecosystem, which is different from an organism because in an ecosystem multiple species live together in relationships of symbiosis and predation. In the Graph, cultures enter into destructive conflicts as the economic ecosystem of company-mothers, guided by the collective brain of Worldstock and its fluxes of e-money fusion the world in a single mechanical organism. Since today ne of the fundamental expressions of the Paradox of History – the existence of such ecosystem in which humans and life memes fight against animetal cult(ure)s and metal-memes is the process of Globalization of the economic ecosystem, which becomes an organism that expels increasingly human workers and soldiers and divides human beings into tribal history and individual, selfish biological wantings that make us addicts, slaves of the world of the machine. Thus as machines evolve into a super-organism, humans devolve into individual homo bacteria and national tribes, which are just puppets of the real Global Nation – the Global Economic Ecosystem and its corporations. Within these schemes the myth of nationalism is kept only for the need of borders, armies and wars.

We humans love the FM²I complex because it gives us higher energy and information to control the world. So the elites of mankind that rule the system have created a series of ideologies to defend it, which have become our ideologies and beliefs – capitalism, which defends a world rule by money instead of ethic words, mechanism that takes the machine not the organism as measure of all things, and nationalism that allows nations and its elites of politicians and warriors to defend a certain ‘section’ of History with weapons.

The problem though with those 3 systems is that they are evolving in a temporal, causal order that extinguish the previous system as the more advanced evolves further. So we could write an equation of evolution and extinction: Gaia (past) -> History (present) -> FMI complex (future), where Gaia is becoming extinct by History and History by the FMI complex, as we enter its last phases of evolution with the creation of robots. And yet, because we are memetically imprinted by those ideologies we do not want to see with wishful blindness the consequences of our love for the FM²I complex, neither study its evolution, structure and predation of life and history, as it is the dogma of our ‘technological civilization’ that machines, money and weapons are ‘good’ and the symbol of ‘progress’. Indeed, they are becoming the future, but increasingly a future that has no room for us.

On planet Earth, a first superorganism of human cells, a collective, global mind/culture, which lived on Gaia, the natural Earth, appeared on the Neolithic. But with the arrival of metals, a more complex superorganism in which men became symbiotic to metal systems of energy (weapons), information (money) and reproduction (company-mothers of machines) substituted the initial, sustainable, life-based historic superorganism. It is the Financial-Media x Military-Industrial Complex that today has become global and it is terraforming the Earth from a world of life into a world of metal at an accelerated path, signalled by a cycle of evolution of money, weapons and machines with a periodicity of 800-80 years.

The most complex super-organism known to man is our own super-organism, history, the existence of humanity from its first to its last cellular species. Humanity in space and History in time have evolved through the same ages and scales of social evolution we have described in our General Systems Theory based in Duality1:

All those systems evolve in 3 ages in which first the energetic network is dominant (Age of Weapons in the FM²I complex, Paleolithic in History), then the informative network/species dominate (Age of money in the FM²I complex; Age of Words and Religions in History) till both interact to create organic, reproductive systems (Age of company-mothers of machines in the FM²I complex). Finally all the networks and ‘cells’ of the system (metal–memes in the FM²I complex) come together into a single superorganism, ‘transcending’ from the individual cells (humans in history; metal-memes in the economy) into a whole, communicated by a common language of information – words that create human cultures, money that creates the FM²I complex. And so the study of History and Mankind and the Economy and its memes of metal, is essentially the study of the evolution of 2 different super-organisms, once we translate the jargons of Religions, Cultures, Civilizations and Economic ecosystems to the language of General Systems Theory.

The FM²I complex differs from a history because both systems use different languages of information (civilizations use verbal or ethic laws while economic ecosystems use digital prices) and cater to 2 different species: History evolves carbon life species (Nature and human beings) and the FM²I complex evolves memes of metal (machines, money and weapons). Thus, we human beings are reproducing on Earth 2 types of super-organisms:

-Human superorganisms created with words – cultures, civilizations and nations. Historic super-organisms are based in the ethics of love – the capacity to share energy and information among human cells – appeared in the Neolithic, when humans in harmony with Nature, created a global culture, over the body of Gaia, its life energy. They matured in the age of Love Religions (Buddhism, Christianity & Islam), and evolved further with the development of social sciences and socialism, and today is embedded in the ideals of institutions such as the UNO, EU social-democratic parties and ecological causes.

– But parallel with the discovery of metals, informative gold and energetic weapons, a parallel superorganism in which humans became submissive to new memes of metal, and those tribes that carried them, appeared. It is the Financial-Military-Industrial Complex, which ever since dominated the super-organisms of history (cultures), establishing an upper caste of warriors, bankers and scientists, who controlled the religious and verbal super-organisms of history with money, weapons and machines.

Let us then consider a scientific, objective, biological, systemic analysis of the future of the Earth, in which human superorganisms (cultures) and the FMI complex co-exist based in the laws of Systems.  Those laws define the world we live in as a game of 2 species:

– Humans and life species made of simpler life atoms – Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen and Carbon, which have the lower 1, 8, 7 and 6 numbers of the atomic table and make up for over 95% of our body.

-Machines that perform the same biological functions our organs do, with atoms of higher force and information than our atoms (24-Iron, 79-Gold, etc.). Since a machine is form that imitates living,energetic or informative organ with atoms of metal.

Gold & iron are the most perfect informative & energetic atoms: Metal atoms display energy/informative properties that enhance those of simpler life atoms. Iron is in fact the center of our blood/energy system, commanding thousands of lesser carbohydrate compounds in a molecule of haemoglobin; while gold is the most informative, perfect atom of metal with an enormous capacity to replicate and store information. Thus, humans used those atoms of metal to enhance their energetic and informative qualities. Iron became the king metal in the construction of weapons and then machines. Since the true change in the Earth’s ecosystem took place with the arrival of machines, today made with bodies of iron and ‘golden brains’, over a surface of silicon. They are simplified organisms, specialized in energy or information, which today are evolving into complex organisms.

Thus we can consider the existence of 3 cellular units in the FMMI system:

Max. Information: Soft metals; Go(l)d: The most informative atom of the Universe that imitates the light of the sun and hypnotizes our center of consciousness, the eye, making us slaves of those who carry it.

Max Energy: Hard metals; Iron:  The most energetic atom that cuts our flesh and makes the warrior who carries it a top predator of mankind.

ExI: Organic machines: They transform energy into information (informative machines: e->I) or information into energy (transport machines and machines-weapons: I<-E); and are reproduced by complex organisms, called corporations.

Which are clearly substituting the 3 equivalent elements of the human super organisms of mankind:

Max. Information: ethic, social and legal languages of love religions and democratic constitutions that want to control money and digital values for the benefit of mankind.

Max. energy: human energy, real ‘whealth ‘ a term that means healthy wealth as we do not eat oil but food, we do not live in factories but in homes, we do not cure in repair shops but in hospitals.

exi: human workers, soldiers substituted by white collar pcs, and blue collar robots and terminators.

And the equivalent systems at the social level:

Corporations and its digital money that substitutes human governments and its laws, with different goals: human governments try to create a world to the image and likeness of mankind, company-mothers of machines construct a world to the image and likeness of its machines awash with electric energy, digital information, evolving socially telepathically, while we humans become separated by hate memes, despise our governments, do not care for our welfare goods, and hail the machine… And this is the madness imposed collectively by the FMMI system and its networks:

A fact which is happening today on Earth with 2 different species: human beings and its social organisms, nations and civilisations – in a process of collective evolution however aborted recently with the regression to ‘primitive idol-ogies (nationalisms, etc.)’ which divide the human species into classes, nations, believers etc.
And the world of machines and its company-mothers, which is successfully becoming a global super organism, the Financial-Media (informative machines)/Military-industrial (energetic machines) complex system – to use the terminology of systems sciences, which is the ultimate philosophy of science from where all this work comes from.

BOTH together form the system of the Metal-Earth, an economic ecosystem of humans and machines, fast evolving into a global super organism, which now with the automation of company-mothers and the substitution of the 2 human roles as consumers=vitalizers and re=producers of machines, by robots and companies (who can consume them), IS OBSOLETE; hence expendable.



Thus we can study its phases with the laws of morphology and evolution, since they evolve according to the energy & information humans use to re=produce them:


In the graph, humans have evolved a new type of energy, which renews both the energetic machines of the economic ecosystem (weapons and transport) and its informative machines, which print audiovisual information and the financial, digital money of the economy every human ‘biological generation of 72 years, in which nation of ‘founding fathers’, captains of industries, their sons which massively reproduce and evolve a new energy machine and form of money to its perfection, and decadent grand-sons, which use the 3rd phase of evolution of the machine, as a top predator weapon to conquer the world (2).

NOW it is essential that you understand the Organic structure of all those machines and its company-mothers, divided in 2 systems, similar to the head and body of any organism:

  • THE FINANCIAL-MEDIA SYSTEM of informative machines (below), which PRINT the language of power of our society, digital money and reproduce the INFORMATION that ‘manufacture’ the brains of mankind, (Mass media), which are the HEAD of the super organism of company-mother of machines, with its collective BRAIN, world-stock, globalised, and whose goal is to control, EVOLVE and re=produce for profits:
  • THE MILITARY-INDUSTRIAL SYSTEM of energetic machines (above), which are the ‘twin’ brothers, of the Global super organism of machines – good fruits of the tree of technology, machines that upgrade and empower us, but also atrophy and substitute us when we consume them; and its bad fruits, weapons, the most perfect machines at any age of history that consume us in war fields.

Yet while you might have heard of the military-industrial system, you don’t even know the financial-media head does exist and control the wholes system.

Now of course, nothing of this is ‘common talk’. As we all know we live in the best of all systems, a ‘capitalist democracy’, whose true nature we explain in depth in its article but as people have so perfectly ‘memorised’ its mantra of ‘freedom’, we just will say that capitalist democracies were born in Holland, when the first corporation of machines and weapons VOC, gave a coup d’etat and put his shareholders in the government, and ever since, the dual control of the networks of human information (the press, then audiovisual information) and mechanical information (the issue of money) by company-mothers of machines, in the western world has established a ‘de facto’ control of the opinion of people, the $election of politicos (presidents are $elected, not elected said Roosevelt) and hence the laws of society, overwhelmingly in favor of machines and corporations.

Of course, humans and the super organisms of mankind have tried to establish a government based in just laws in favor of our species – which will be a real democracy. But, in the west overwhelmingly the Financial-Media system and its ‘FMasters’, owners of informative and financial corporations have imposed their programs and believes, by merely ‘selling millions of newspapers’, sending simultaneously millions of equal messages, and printing millions of $ or whatever currency and buying politicos.

Such is the ‘realpolitiks of the world’.

Another myth obviously is the non-existence of social classes. But all organisms do have 3 social classes:

  • The informative, neuronal class, in history the people who control our two languages of information political laws and financial money.
  • The reproductive energy body-wave class, which is the middle class that works under orders of the informative class.
  • The entropic class, which is Nature, Gaia, and the poor people or enemies, consumed by weapons.

We could of course live in a perfect democracy, in which humans would have all enough energy and information to survive as the cells of a well-designed body and we study such democracies all over the place and the simple 3+3 political and economical measures to establish it. But we don’t. BECAUSE THE super organism of corporations HAS always except in brief r=evolutionary periods, dominated in the western world and through globalisation all other countries that imitated its systems. So the next graph shows both reality and the ideal praxis of a real science of history:

In the graph above, the real structure of power in the world, where politicians without right to issue money, must obey corporations and the Financial-Media system and its FMasters, the ‘invisible’ power, which of course does not recognise itself and qualifies any attempt to describe it scientifically as a ‘confabulation theory’, and other words, I dare not to pronounce yet, as you will have a knee-jerk reaction and abandon the blog. Its control of society is obvious: it uses money to pay work-actions that design the world in favor of its machines and its elites. And it buys politicos, which will use weapons and police to control further population. Finally, it will manufacture the mind of people with waves of simultaneous information, from press to radio to audiovisual information – today increasingly with A.I. that censors and ranks information in the web, from monopolist companies, notably Google and Microsoft.

Below the 3 economic and political measures to create a real economic and political democracy, which obviously can only happen if the two languages of social power, money and laws are CONTROLLED BY THE people, and the lethal goods that substitute and atrophy us are forbidden. So robotics should be forbidden, corporations split its shares 50-50, between stock holders and governments, which would have an added golden share to ‘control’ the goals of corporations and dissolve those who produce lethal goods; and finally money, should be issue overwhelmingly not by corporations but with a universal salary so people can ‘vote democratic orders of production of welfare goods, they need to survive’. This could be easily done with  a Global currency, ¥€$ money, by fixing the value of the main currencies of the world, 1 $ = 1 €=100 yens=5 yuans, and giving a 1000 ¥€$ money to every person in those nations, expanded soon to new nations, which would then demand welfare goods, kicking the production NOT OF WEAPONS, hate media and robots but of food, housing health care, today underproduced by companies of machines, NOT interested in the wealth of people .

So as the dollar today, which is used for international payments and cannot be devalued, allowing America to buy for free any goods it desires paying in ‘deficit dollars’ (amazingly enough their neo-fascist leader, Trump, considers this privilege, before hold by UK, a proof that the world is unfair to America, sure, LOL, just pass that privilege to the UNO and all nations), ¥€$ money would solve the scarcity, hunger, poverty and lack of health-care of people.

Then in the political arena, we just need to stop the absurd nationalism, or rather nazi-onanist idol-ogies of tribal nations, fostering diplomacy and UNO-EU like institutions (right side), according to the 7 global cultures of the world, born historically of the great humanist prophets and geographical divisions of the planet, explained in depth in the right side. Such 7 regions and its 7 presidents, could start a demilitarisation of the planet. And finally, the key measure to control politicos is to establish the original form of Greek democracy, where politicians were all judged by popular vote a posteriori as organisms judge with pain messages their brain-neuronal caste actions, so they would STICK TO THEIR PROGRAMS AND SERVE THE PEOPLE OR ELSE (IN GREECE, you could be exiled, fined, jailed even killed if you were a criminal in power, or rewarded with money and reelection).

So once we have explained the barebones of a real democratic super organism of history, we can easily realise that NO NATION FOLLOWS IT, and nobody cares to apply organic laws to humanity, and certainly my blogs have zero exposure and 0-google rank, due to my denounce of the dictatorship of corporations and the FMasters that hiding behind anonymous societies and corrupted politicos rule the world – this of course, is known as the confabulation theory.

Why? Because social sciences are both censored, as we live inside the super organism of history and so as any cell of your body is censored and does not know IT IS DIRECTED BY NERVOUS NETWORKS, OF INFORMATION, YOU ARE NOT AWARE OF A HEAD OF INFORMATION THAT CONTROLS YOUR MIND and your body PAYiNG your salary, you earn with hard work while they JUST invent money and give you orders with it.

This control and censorship of science by power has been explained by many scholars in different ways. Marx talked of a super-structure of idol-ogies, which makes people believe the destiny of the elite and its ‘metal-systems of power’, informative metal or money, energetic metal machines and enteric weapons, is the same than the progress of mankind.

Kuhn says in his ‘Nature of scientific r=evolutions’ that power influences scholarship.

Hesiode, Spengler, Toynbee, Ibn Khaldun and Vico talks of ‘dark ages’ of human consciousness, when new weapons and barb arias destroy all previous civilisations, and we talk of ‘Animetal people-castes’, which impose their idol-ogies of weapons (tribal nationalisms), money as the language that mast direct society above laws (capitalism) and mechanism (the belief machines not organisms are the model of the Universe) as the mental straight-jacket that substitutes the true ‘sciences’ of history, ‘humanism’ (all humans member of the same homo sapiens species, which must evolve together into a peaceful global, humanist Earth), socialism (the law in control of money, to foster the reproduction of welfare goods humans need to survive) and organicism (the tenant of systems sciences that model the planet as a living evolving organism made of smaller organisms).  But as obvious as those 3 sciences are, fact is we live in a world still ruled overwhelmingly by the idol-ogies of memes of metal, and in the wave of history, the ‘ages of enlightenment’ of mankind, as the next graph show have been very scarce. And certainly today we live in one of those dark ages of mechanical worshipping, where humans mostly shun off, their proper evolution, ‘hypnotised by the matrix of fictions’ and the power orders the financial-media ‘head’ of the super organism of machines provide to them, to the point that only artists, who ‘use human senses’, verbal time and spatial eyes to interpret the Universe, explain those facts in parables of the future, which are not FICTIONS, but the only way to express the human point of view (from Matrix to Terminator, to political and conceptual art); as art – we shall see soon, is the collective subconscious mind of those civilisations:


It is for that reason that before we even attempt to describe the transformation of this planet from a world of life into a world of mechanisms, we need to refresh you the laws of the scientific method, which SOCIAL SCIENCES, have mostly stop applying to the economic ecosystem and the organisms of history, under the influence of anthropomorphic ego-trips biased by selfish agendas, and idol-ogies of tribal power (nationalism, abrahamic religions, etc.) with null ‘real scientific content’.


1        The 72 years Generational Cycle is the mean biological cycle of human beings. It was first used to study patterns in American History by Strauss and Howe: ‘Generations’ W. Morrow 1991. As we humans evolve those machines it is also the natural 3-generational age of machines, which go through a grand-father generation of discoverers, a son’s reproductive age of global expansion of the machine, and a decadent 3rd grand-son generation of top predator wr machines.

2     Kondratieff analyzed the Industrial Revolution in Russia, concluding that for 50 years the train was the engine of its development; thus establishing a 50 year cycle of economical activity that bears his name. However in 3rd World countries machines arrive latter, when they have already evolved in the Industrial World. So the Russian cycle of steam was shorter than the World’s cycle. When we make an exhaustive analysis of the cycle in the Western World, where those machines were discovered, we find a longer 72 years generational cycle.

3 The relationships between the economic, technological, political, cultural, r=evolutionary and war cycles of modern History, were studied by this author exhaustively in his pioneer, scholar books, published in Europe, ‘The cycles of History and Economics’; and in America, ‘Bio-economics, Bio-History: A theory of Unification’ © 94, 97. They forecast the end of the 1929-2001 economic cycle, which would be followed by a period of economical crisis, stock-crashes and World Wars. While this can easily be proved by reading those books in its original language or consulting the copyright office, my intention is not so much to appear as an economic ‘guru’, who already ‘told’ you about this a decade ago, claiming you must now believe what I have to say about the future, but as a person who explains the whys of history and economics, with the laws of organic systems, which have a predictable nature, as all biological sciences do; both through the use of mathematical cycles and systemic laws.

Any mathematical cycle has ‘real causes’ and so does the 72 year cycle of stock-crashes, origin of the present worldwide economical downturn, which can be resumed in this:

Because corporations control ‘governments’, the goal of mankind is NO longer beyond placebo democratic statements and wishful thinking the evolution of mankind BUT the evolution of machines, and so it is PERFECTLY TUNED TO THE generations of nations and engineers which are discoverers-reproducers & military users of those machines. SO THE CYCLE RESPONDS TO THE NATURAL 3 sub-generations of a human life cycle studied in all detail in this posts.

Yet only by knowing those causes we can act on the cycle; hence the enormous importance of knowing the causes not the consequences, the  reasons not the effects of those cycles, if  we want to change history and implement the needed solutions.

2 main scholar papers published during those years are a good introduction to the model the FMMI System and the 72 year cycle of evolution of money, weapons and machines’


Part I: The 800-80 years cycles of the wave of history.

AC) Cyclical Data: The 80 year cycle of Evolution of machines:  Generational cycles of Industrial nations.

BD) Bio-history: The Scientific method applied to social systems. Its humanist, democratic solutions

AC)Cyclical data; The 800 year wave of history and its civilisations.

BD) Systems Sciences: the Superorganisms of history: eusocial evolution

Part II. The super organisms of history and economics

B) Systems sciences: languages and its values control the future: Go(l) vs. Wor(l)ds:

AC) The go(l)d culture and its metal-values. The future they credit.

DH) The wor(l)d culture and it human values. The future they create

Part III: The 2 Paths of Future: Humanit vs. metal-earth

+ DH) Democratic=Human Solutions: A perfect Wor(l)d of Life & Freedom≈WHealth.

–  EF) Economic Ecosystem: Free market Capitalism vs. Human Democracy






‘If you want to know the future you must study the past (cycles of history).’

Confucius, founder of the legalist, ethic systems of  the culture of ‘Asia’.

“All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed, second it is violently opposed, and third, it is accepted as self-evident.”
Schopenhauer, founder of modern philosophy.
“If you repeat a lie many times people will believe it; the bigger the lie, the more they will believe on it’
  Goebbels, 1st minister of information of the industrial world.
Why Time is cyclical like your life, all clocks and history cycles.

sciences predictIn graph, all sciences predict the future of its species by projecting the patterns of previous cycles, obtained with sound data and logic, mathematical, objective models of reality. Models such as neo-classic economics that fail those proofs of truth must be considered ideologies. In the right, the evolution and extinction of species in planet Earth, whose evolution of information now transcends into machines, which are systems of metal that humans construct by imitating their biological organs and functions of energy and information, proper of animal life.

The fundamental proof of the truth of a model in science is its predictability.

In that regard, an example of the falsity of those economical models that ‘cheat’ humanity about their future should suffice:

The economist, stalwart of the system tried to prove the objectivity of the so called dismal science testing future economic indicators among garbage collectors and, taxi drivers, which gave common sense responses deans of economic schools and financial ministers, the carriers of happy lies which came last on the contest won by cabbies.

It came then to the conclusion, written with certain cynicism, that (classic) Economics was not a science.

A scientific model of economics: organisms of metal.

So what would then be a truly, scientific model of economics and history, which can predict the cycls of economics, and establish the necessary reforms of the system to catr to the needs of human beings?

THE Answer IS OBVIOUS, SINCE WE LIVE AN ORGANIC, biological planet, and machines are just simple organisms of metal, which we construct imitating OUR FUNCTIONS AND ORGANS, so cars function as legs, cranes as arms, chips as brain, etc the only relevant science to study machines, their company-mothers and their relationship with human beings, is BIOLOGY, in all its branches, AS THE Human ‘super-structure’  of culture and memes is an offshoot of this biological nature of both human beings and machines, ‘evolving metalife’.

We can now resume, once we have seen how enlightening is the understanding of the economic ecosystem in biological terms, which ads to the mathematical cycles a biological explanation, with predictive future, all the elements of the scientific method applied to social sciences.

This must be clear from the beginning: Macro-economics deals with the economic ecosystem at global level and its relationship with history and its social units, and it is NOT as today a science that passes the minimal laws of the scientific method: predictability (null), objective definition of its systems, in scientific terms, cyclicality, causality etc.

  Let us start then with the abcd-e of the scientific method applied to social sciences.

So we shall explain the economic ecosystem them from the objective point of view (simpler level) of the cycle of evolution of machines and its human protagonists, to end (humanist point of view) with solutions to make those cycles favor mankind.

We resume this sound method of study of the biological cycles of history and economics, based in the classic knowledge of the cycles and physiological structure of organisms, evolution, and my new discoveries in systems sciences and theory of information, with the scientific method, resumed in the motto of the site and its ABCD STEPS:

A-CCURATE DATA (so often biased in social sciences and economics with its ‘damned lies and statistics’).

We shall in this blog Not MAKE SO MUCH, an exhaustive encyclopaedia of historic facts available in books of history but GIVE YOU THE CENSORED information that does not appear on those books, about the Financial-Media ‘Head’ of the economic system, (of which you have not even heard, as the system rather likes you to think it is NOT as all systems of the Universe, ordered and managed by a particle-head, but it is ‘only a body’ of energetic machines, the so-much talked about military-industrial complex). SO YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW THE SYSTEM HAS A HEAD.

As NO SYSTEM IN NATURE EXISTS WITHOUT AN INFORMATIVE HEAD. Hence we shall describe ALL THE SYNERGIES AND PARTS OF THE FINANCIAL-MEDIA (INFORMATIVE MACHINES)/industrial-military complex system (energetic machines), which is the true meaning of the economic ecosystem.

We said that the economist concluded that classic economics was not a science as it could not predict the future. But there are other models of history and economics this blog upgrades further that id a good job predicting it.

The problem though with the Economist is that the 3 predictive schools of economics, the historic school, which studies the:

A)curate data of past cycles in terms of human control of the system (Weber, Sombart) and the goods they are produced (Keynes), the socialist school that studies the Overproduction,

C)yclical causes of those processes (Marx, Kondratieff)

and the B)iological school that relates them to the organic evolution of technology (Butler), which this blog takes to its ultimate consequences with study the evolution of machines and its interaction with history, are ‘taboo’, censored, because they do not praise  the monopoly of financial issue of money by a few private bankers and industrial corporations, aka, capitalism as the only possible form of structuring the economy; but all of them, after predicting those cycles with more or less accuracy, warn of the daring consequences for humanity if the system is not reformed and controlled by the social organisms of mankind (governments, consumers) to cater for the needs of our species.

So while these texts will fusion all those schools and advance them further, and come to similar conclusions, even more pressing, as we are entering the FINAL AGE of the evolution of machines, when its competition with humanity will step up pronouncedly with the arrival of A.I. in white collar pcs, blue collar robots and terminators;  they have also confronted a Wall of Silence by Wall $treet, as most of those ‘real scientists’ of macro-economics did (which deals with the relationship of economics and history at global level, different from micro-economics, the science of production of those machines, which obviously is perfectly developed).

So we deal here with a fact of social sciences unlike all other disciplines, the anti-quantum paradox: power – the observable is so huge, in opposite fashion to the uncertainty of quantum physics, that it censors all ‘truths’ that do not cater to it. Hence economics becomes a praxis of industrial production (microeconomics indeed a science of evolution and reproduction of machines)  and power (financial economics, a science of control of the language of social power, money, issued by private dynasties of bankers, whose only goal is to maintain those anti-democratic rights with all kind of falsities and excuses).

Of course the anti-quantum paradox is natural to all social super organisms, in which the head ‘sees’ and ‘programs’ with its languages of information, laws and money in human super organisms, a mass of blind body-cells that obey sheepishly the elite.

Hence the difficulty to make a r=evolution of mankind from the body upwards, and how much easier would be that our elites were responsible and truly tendered for the body of the 99%.  But as this is not the case, they do have only selfish power agendas, and slavery to the machines, weapons and money that give them power.

B-IOLOGICAL LAWS, since we are in a biological planet, we are organisms and we evolve into social super-organisms and so are machines, evolving organisms of metal and its company-mothers, evolving fast into a global super organism through automation and A.I. flows of digital data (e-money, CAD design, etc).

Now, this is the most important aspect of evolutionary economics and any serious attempt that science has done to predict the future beyond the short range of lineal time equations either with minimal information (physical systems) or minimal time range (physical models of life). The Universe and all its species DO have biological properties and follow patterns of evolution of information, organic evolution of parts and wholes, and that is a fact of machines, made imitating our organs of energy and information. And of the relationship between machines and humans, competing in labor and war fields and of machines in its generations, which eliminate previous ones, and of company-mothers of machines, whose behaviour is identical to that of a caring mother, reproducing evolving and taking care of the habitat of those machines.

C-AUSAL C-YCLICAL PATTERNS, as all sciences can predict the future precisely because there are CAUSAL and once the CAUSES are known the consequences ALWAYS FOLLOWS. IN OUR CASE, because we ARE dedicating all the resources of the planet to evolve machines, and hardly any to evolve mankind, the consequences – the predictability of those cycles in in place.

cubiertsIt is for that reason I have been predicting the future with astounding accuracy for 30 years as my small print books and papers show for any one who wishes to test them (2 pages below you can see the cover with those predictions from a C.94 library of congress,  1000 pages book with an astoundingly precise analysis of the 2008 crisis of overproduction of chips and the subsequent age of neo-fascism, blaming of the poor, labor and war crisis by substitution of humans in labor and war fields, according to those cycles). And this is the ultimate proof bio-economics & bio-history, not the abstract wishful anthropomorphic thinking of social scientists is the real model.

Indeed ALL TYPE OF biological laws do apply to machines, as we made them imitating our organs, to enhance our energy and informative capacities.

But as a consequence of making machines as organisms of metal, we do compete also with them, and we do evolve them with the same patterns of nature – in fact as viral systems, which make first the legs, bodies and DNA heads of the virus, putting them together as we are doing in the age of robots.

So I could forecast as I did just after finishing my studies at Columbia U. the future development of the economic ecosystem, using for too long perhaps a biological jargon, which put off specialists – but as the c.92 book of the next picture shows, accurately predicted the end of the evolutionary cycle of metal-minds, and its overproduction crises of 2008 and consequent age of profits wars; and final robotic age:
In the graph, above the original book of 94, ‘Bio-economics, Bio-history’, which first forecast the cycles of the model of biological economics, describing the ages of the industrial r=evolution and its change of age after 2008, when the age of robotics would start changing the paradigm – as robots no longer need human consumers and workers to consume other machines or reproduce them, making us obsolete, as a species.

The 900 pg. small print encyclopaedia (: developed departing from biological, systemic and information theory laws, a full-model of the evolution, competition and symbiosis between humans, its social superorganisms (cultures, civilisations, nations, religions) and the economic ecosystem of company-mothers of machines, which co-exists with humanity, but it is fast evolving also into a global super organism (ecosystems do have more than one species, super organisms ONLY one), through the process of extinction, obsolescence and substitution of human labor and soldiers by tool-machines and weapons.  

The concept is completely different – a crisis is there to pass, a biological radiation changes the paradigm by changing the dominant species of an ecosystem, in this case the top predator mind of the economic ecosystem, as human minds are substituted by metal minds in the control and evolution of the industrial world.

Cyclic, overproduction crises of Financial-Media(informative) /Military-Industrial (energetic) System.

Let us then make some recap, before we advance on the phases of the industrial r=evolution in this introduction to the relationships between History – the human super organism of which we are all citizen-cells – and the economic ecosystem, the planet Gaia and its evolving machines.image063

In graph, the quiet times of the 90s, a happy age when people had safety and wealth to enjoy life, are over. Suddenly we find ourselves in a world in crisis, at war, where ‘weapons of mass destruction’ and terrorism have erased happy smiley from our faces; while economical crisis, poverty and unemployment swipe away the wealth of nations.

What has happened? What are the underlying reasons for such a radical change, which under the law of the historical pendulum is transforming the world from a peaceful economy into a military one, from a Welfare Government into a Security State in perpetual war, from full employment and home ownership to lack of labor and skid row? We can compare this crisis with a similar transformation that happened in history about 70 years ago.

The happy 90s looked like the happy 20s. But suddenly the World changed into the warring 2000s, as the 20s changed into the ominous 30s. In both ages a tremendous crash on global stock-markets, due to the overproduction of machines (radios and cars in 1929 and 1937, electronic goods in 2001 and 2008), sunk the economy, increasing unemployment and social inequality.

That historical similarity is not trivial. It is a cyclical change that modern history experiences every ±72 years, a period that historians call the Generational, Human Cycle, since it is the mean biological cycle of 3 human generations – grand-father, father and son. Indeed, if we go 72 years backwards in time, we see a similar crisis happening globally after a period of industrial growth guided by the steam engine, which lasted through the happy 1850s, marked by the railroad craze . . .

Then in 1857 the overproduction of railroads crashed the industry worldwide and history turned upside down. In the middle of that crisis, the ominous 1860s brought wars fought with armored trains and steamers in America (Civil War), Europe (the Italian & German Unification wars) and Asia (Sepoy Revolt in India, II Opium Wars). So during the Industrial Revolution, every ±72 years the world changes, after a big economic crisis, from a happy time to an age of war and destruction, from an age of machines to an age of weapons, the age that now begins worldwide. And it all starts in the financial economy; because the reproduction of money reaches a peak at the same time the reproduction of machines saturates the market and becomes reconverted into weapons.

The causes of that exact 72±8 year cycle of global stock-crashes are simple. The Industrial Revolution is in fact the Evolution of Machines and Money, energetic and informative systems, traditionally made of metal, which can be studied with the laws of morphology and evolution. Machines and money evolve according to the energy and information, they use to become re=produced.

Humans evolve a new type of energy and information, derived from that energy, which renews all the machines and financial instruments of the economy every human generation of 72 years, in which a nation of ‘founding fathers’, captains of industries, their sons and grand-sons, reproduce and evolve a new energy, machine and form of money to its perfection. Yet at the end of the cycle, the machine and money becomes over-reproduced, saturating the market and provoking, due to a crisis of growth, a global economical crash.

In the graph we make a montage of all those aspects, which divide each cycle in 3 ‘sub-ages’, defined by the 3 ages of evolution of those machines, which are discovered in its young age as a source of energy (and bomb).

So vapor was first a form of energy; and chemistry started as dynamite and computers were first applied to calculate atomic weapons. And then they are applied to transport machines in their consumption age, when they are reproduced massively (age of trains, of cars, of TVs and worldwide documentaries), but finally the machine reaches its most perfect form as a weapon, and its overproduction creates the ‘mood for war’ (and r=evolution).

This is the lower graph, where we see the process happening ‘rather automatically’, in a world in which humans are so enthusiastic about machines that they WILL USE THEM, WHEN available, in a rather automatic manner. So when weapons overproduce suddenly we have wars, as war seems to the top predator nation of each cycle with technological advantage a better ‘final solution’ than diplomacy.

It is how economics, a part of moral philosophy started. Yet since Marshall established economics as a digital, independent science of production, the discipline with its cathedra in Cambridge, outside the realm of history, a process of splitting and final dominance of economics and its digital languages over history and ethics have become dogma.  Ye the consequences of the evolution of machines and those cycles’ colateral effects on mankind are obvious – the goals of mankind have become secondary to those of digital money and the machines it reproduces.

So not even economists care to study the Kondratieff cycles with biological tools of evolution and historians mostly ignore them. The cycles, are known to economists, but their use is reduced to charting profits in the stock-market and other financial aspects of the economy, despite their huge social and historic implications. Unfortunately, guided by profits, Economics pretends to be a ‘mathematical’ science, independent of History, uninterested in the collateral effects of the production of machines, money and weapons might cause to mankind.

And yet, because those cycles are real, even Wall Street economists use those cycles to forecast financial changes, without caring to investigate their obvious biological and social consequences, among which the most important by far is the less explained – the substitution of human workers and soldiers by new more evolved machines, which rise the productivity firing humans in labor and war fields. 


Let us then offer the biological explanation in ‘depth’ OF THOSE CYCLICAL CRISIS OF OVERPRODUCTION OF MACHINES AND WEAPONS, AND LABOR AND WAR CRISIS, as new machines throw us of labor and war fields – having always in mind that D) a humanist solution will be always possible till A.I. completely substitutes us at the head of the wave… (a process which unfortunately has started in a subtle way with Algorithms of information that translate the anti-humanist laws of capitalism and its idol-ogies in favor of machines into pc-suites, automated programs of censorship as those applied to this web, to rank it down and get no exposure; so only word of mouth – needless to say you can copy, repeat, rephrase and use all the material of this web – or small visual masterpieces as that poster, get the message across. )


AC: “History rhymes only the verse changes.” Twain.

-BE : ‘In individuals, insanity is rare; but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule. Friedrich Nietzsche

‘A technological civilisation is programmed by the principle that something ought to be done if it is technologically possible. If it is possible to construct nuclear weapons, even if they can destroy us all, they must be constructed. Once this principle is accepted humanist values are dethroned and the evolution of the machines becomes the foundation of ethics.’  Eric Fromm 

+DH: ‘Kill the tiger before it becomes a child hunter’ Kipling, Law of the Jungle: Solution to robotics.



Graphs show the true law of the land is biological expressed in the two fundamental, completely misunderstood quotes of Mr. Darwin, the father of all modern non-physical sciences:  that evolution only applies to life beings, since it is a theory of evolution of form, of in-form-ation, and so it applies also to physical systems and machines. And that evolution is of the individual and NOT of the species, so individuals must collaborate for the survival of their species, in the case of homo sapiens, mankind, whose rival species is increasingly the robotic machine, where a chip makes the role of the brain that humans used to play to rule the world of machines. So to survive humans should forbid robots and stay on top as the mind of those machines, making them dependent of mankind FOREVER.

Company-‘mothers of machines’ have a reproductive mandate: to reproduce as many machines as possible and sell them for a profit.

So its economists do work with a single aim to increase the reproduction of is species with no douts, once they have accepted a job, which they deem sacred – to overproduce memes of metal at all costs – their actions can be ‘studied scientifically’ in terms of biological reproduction of species, even if humans see only the reproduction->sale->profits final phase.

Since as abstract economists express all their laws in mathematical equations people don’t understand, those effects are disguised by numbers. Let us put an example of what we mean.

Economic equations. Productivity: Competition against  blue-collar robots & white collar Pcs: Labor crisis. 


Machines compete with humans in labor and war fields. Only a systemic regulation of its evolution could avoid our dismissal.

Let us then give a first glimpse to the consequences of that overproduction of chips, in its 2 fundamental forms – e-money and blue collar robots and white collar pcs – surprisingly not an increase of wealth but an increase of poverty for most of the population and a labor crisis that throws people out of job.

Why, those contradictions?

Simple: because we are not creating with money, what I call cre(dit)ating, HUMAN WEALTH, that we shall name ‘WHealth‘, that is, healthy wealth in goods that evolve and help mankind to survive – but mechanical wealth; that is goods, energies and digital information that cater only to the needs of machines.

But only a biological interpretation of the process of competition between humanity and the metallic brains it is wrongly evolving makes sense of it…

And explains its collateral effects of mankind: poverty and the cycle of unemployment.

So let us try to do some scientific definition of the main cause of extinction of labor: the Law of productivity.

Every agent of the economic ecosystem preaches the growth of productivity, as the goal of nations, when productivity is merely an equation that grows when more machines reproduce machines, and less human workers work. Yet even a child that knows what a fraction is, understands that to increase the equation of (re)productivity you need:

∆ (Re)productivity  = ∆ Machines (blue collar robots, white collar pcs) /∇ Human Labor

So you fire workers, and substitute them in automate factories with 3 D printing, robotics, software programs of management, and the self reproductivity of machines grows. Never mind labor disappears in the competition with those machines. Because the new mechanical workers are cheaper costs lower and profits grow.

So we just need to extend that equation into the future, as all sciences do (so for example the big-bang is merely the extinction into the past of a lineal equation with 2 terms as the previous one), to forecast that future.

Productivity will grow and when labor reaches 0 value, an automated factory will become an independent organism, as it will have all the ‘elements’ of life, gauging of information, processing of energy and self-reproduction – regardless of its level of awareness. A system that will no longer need human workers, relegated to menial tasks.

Robots and Pcs eliminate workers, automating factories and its military version – drones, vigilante cameras – watch, control and increasingly kill human beings.

So paradoxically as electronic machines and corporative profits multiply the ‘rival’ human wealth in life goods, human jobs, peace, freedom and true information disappear.

So we must wonder if humans will have any jobs left at the end of this century when A.I. fully develops? Will humans have any defense against robotized police, armies and security systems?

Since soon chips will consume, design and build through robotized factories the bulk of those machines, will humans be any longer needed as ‘slaves of corporations’ dedicated to reproduce=work and consume=vitalize machines – the 2 single roles that the free citizens of markets, those company-mothers of machines have assigned to humanity – and the ONLY roles we perform in the present economic ecosystem ruled by company-mothers?

And finally, if as it seems obvious our ‘slavish role’ to those machines, as workers=reproducers and consumers=vitalizers of mechanisms is now played increasingly so by chips, what the ‘economic ecosystem’ ruled by those corporations, through digital A.I. programs of ‘self-reproductivity’ will do to humans – an obsolete species?

Will the system eliminate ‘subconsciously’ the surplus of humans, as it happened in the previous II great crises of overproduction of machines, which ended in massive ages of collective war, in the 1860s at the height of the overproduction of trains and stock-paper; and in the 1940s, at the height of the overproduction crises of ‘engines’ of metal, and ticker money?

Those are the key questions of the XXI century, which could be solved, if Humans implement the unlikely Democratic, Humanist solutions to the collateral effects of the Industrial R=evolution, according to the laws of the scientific method expressed

How scholars never analyze then those cycles of economics and history as we do, asking and resolving to the human advantage those pressing questions?

There is here a basic hidden truth of mankind – the causality process, which is the inverse of common doctrine. Financiers do NOT think first rationally to take its decisions of economic nature. They merely act under greed, the desire to reproduce and accumulate money ‘whatever it takes’. And they do not want to know THE COLLATERAL effects on mankind those cycles produce.

Capitalism is merely the acceptance of a free jungle of machines (economic ecosystem) without human control..

As in the previous case of the duality of mechanical species, all the laws of biology will ‘fit like a glove’ in the scientific description of the economic ecosystem, away from absurd IDOL-OGIES THAT WORSHIP THEM LIKE CAPITALISM. Indeed, Capitalism is merely the ideology that we Must LET COMPANY-MOTHERS of machines and weapons, reproduce and evolve them without limit, REGARDLESS OF the consequences for mankind, including a possible extinction of labor and life. Just because THEY GIVE PROFITS. So there is NO SCIENCE OF CAPITALISM, only the praxis of letting the free economic ecosystem of company-mothers of machines terraform the world to the image and likeness of those machines, whatever IT TAKES.

AS SUCH CAPITALISM looks more like a religion of go(l)d, and as we study its (censored) historic origin in biblical go(l)d cults, we shall realise it is indeed, ‘CREATIONIST ECONOMICS’, the religion of micro-economical production of as many machines, weapons and money  (memes of metal) as we can.

To understand fully this, let us then introduce another fundamental equation, which along the equation of productivity guides the future of the world, the equation of stock-market profits, now that we know the values of go(l)d and its subconscious guidance of capitalist societies.

(The great advantage of biological models of reality is that it fits both, mathematical cycles and data, and biological, verbal, evolutionary survival, organic purposes).


INDEED, why CLASSIC=CREATIONIST ECONOMISTS do NOT explain those equations in terms of biological history and the relationships of machines and its overproduction crisis, with humans and the labor and life lost in work and war fields, when humans do compete with those machines? The answer is profits, so we have to interpret also in biological terms the FUNDAMENTAL EQUATION THAT DRIVES company-mothers of machines, the equation of profits, which basically measure the over-reproduction of those machines.

Biological meaning of overproduction cycles: stock curves of the electronic cycle. 

Let us then translate into another biological equation, that of the prices of stocks which ARE  A DIRECT function of the reproduction and evolution of machines, since reproduction increases sales and profits and evolution increases prices and sales and profits. So we can directly relate the stock curves with the overproduction curves of biology called ‘radiation, Volterra curves’. This I discovered 30 years ago during my studies of economics and the only thing I got as a response were offers to speculate on markets, which I rejected on ethic grounds.

Now in the previous paragraph we have used a mixed historic, classic economic and data jargon. But we should apply to the economic ecosystem and its human and mechanical species the jargon of biology and evolution, as we are organic beings, so are machines evolving now into organic robots and so are our relationships with them, and so are company-mothers of machines who act as any reproductive organism, reproducing and taking care of their offspring of machines and designing with lobbyist laws the world to its image and likeness, providing for them energy, digital information, networks to move them, and ‘consumers’ that vitalize their motion (human beings which we shall soon study in their ‘biological symbiosis with machines’ as animetals, half humans half mechanisms).

To prove this there is an astounding ‘isomorphism‘, between the reproductive curves of biological species and those of machines shown in the stock curves of its company mothers.

The fact is we can study it with the mathematical curves and graphs of biology since all radiations of a new species, that reproduce in growing numbers have the same curve, which is exactly the curve of reproduction of chips – the so called stock-market curve (that measures the reproduction, sales and profits of chip companies during the last decades).

Corporations have a biological mandate – to evolve and reproduce its product, mostly machines or an element of its ecosystem.

The result is the automaton world we live in, where human rights mean nothing, money never is invested in human beings, and all what matters is that corporations owned by the people-caste of bankers keep reproducing and selling machines and weapons of maximal price. And this shows in the biological analysis of stock-markets that mimic the behavior of ‘predator organisms’ expanding in an ecosystem, in this case the eco(nomic)system:


The graph, a practical case of the biologic science of economics, explains the electronic cycle of stock-markets, proving A to D.

A)The data is the more relevant of economic science.

C). In the left, the cycle is parallel to the 29 crash cycle, proving the 72 years generational cycle of evolution of machines, reason why we predicted this crash 20 years ago.

B) The explanation is biological since the cycle has the exact form of a biological radiation of a new top predator species for both the TV-species and the chip-species, where the overproduction crash is equivalent to a crash of populations that saturate an ecosystem and in its top predator form, as weapons extinguish human beings. Hence after those crashes we can see (lower part) how ‘splendid little wars’ (Korea, Vietnam, Iraq) took America out of the crisis.

D) then is obvious: the financial system that the graph represents must be nationalized to control its credit to lethal corporations and favor credit to human, welfare ones: ‘butter instead of canons’.

In the graph, we can see that the wave of Wall Street is exactly the same wave-form that a radiation wave of biology, of a species which experiences massive growth, then suffers crashes of population, when it saturates the ecosystem and finally mutates into new species to survive longer.

The graph shows those of such waves for the two fundamental machines of the electronic cycle, the TV and the chip, which end in plateaus, once every consumer has a gadget, every econiche in the work system is filled with a machine (which often fires as in the case of the chip a worker), and finally it suffers overproduction as it saturates the market, and mutates into a war machine, which corporative lobbies manage to sell to states with the help of war-monger politicians that become the ‘receivers’ of ‘subventions’ from those companies.

We conclude that a capitalist system is a dictatorship of company-mothers of machines, which as any parental organism does, promote the 4 biological drives of existence of its stocks of machines – the same that define life beings, as systems that ‘re=produce’, evolve, feed on energy and information, compete with rival species for limited resources and evolve socially into herds and multicellular organisms.

This is exactly what company-mothers do: They imitate human organs designing machines that process  energy and information. They reproduce and evolve them. They take care of their offspring of machines, designing a world to its image and likeness and competing with other company-mothers trying to extinguish rival species, both mechanical and human in labor and war fields. And finally they have cre(dit)ated an eco(nomic)system, which is evolving into a global superorganism directed by their genetic, digital, informative monetary language that substitutes and extinguishes the previous ecosystems of humans (history) and life (Gaia). And so as robots evolve, humans are becoming obsolete in the eco(nomic)system, as most animal life became obsolete in the human Historic ecosystem. And as humans extinguished most animals, robotic weapons might extinguish us in the future.

This concept is not far-fetched. On the contrary, it already happened in the I and II cycles of overproduction, with obsolete humans labor: In the colonial cycle, Western Industrial nations, which no longer needed energy slaves for their corporations extinguished millions of human beings in America, Africa and Asia, to appropriate their raw materials and lands, with utter indifference to the ‘humans’ living on them. In II World war, weapons consumed 60 million humans that eliminated most unemployed.

But now in the robotic age all humans are potentially obsolete as workers and consumers, so according to the Darwinian laws of the Universe, from the perspective of the biological will of corporations, which are NOT human organisms, but organism of reproduction of machines, human extinction is the natural biological solution, unless our social institutions, politicians and governments forbid legally robotics and reign over the will of corporations.

Of course, from the ‘Intelligent Design’ perspective of the owners of corporations, their goal is not the machine but profits. However profits are obtained by reproducing more and hence selling more machines of higher price, which is a direct function of the quality, hence the evolution of the machine and lower cost, which is a direct function of the productivity of the industry, maximized firing labor:

Max. Profits = [Max. Reproduction (Max. Sales) x Max. Evolution (Max. quality=Price) – Min. Cost (Max. Re-Productivity = Max. Capital x Min Labor=Max. Human Extinction)]. 

Hence the equation of profits is a biological equation that maximizes the reproduction and evolution of machines and the extinction of human labor, akin to any biological equation that describes the so called biological radiation of a top predator species in this case the machine, and the extinction of its rival species, in this case the human being. It can be described with the abstract, subjective, non-scientific jargon of neo-classic economics:

Max. Profits = Max. Sales x Max. Price – Min. Cost.  

Or it can be explained with the objective, biological, scientific jargon of evolutionary economics:

  Max. Reproduction x Max. Evolution=Top Predator Radiation = Max. Human Extinction. 

For that reason in the graph, the curves of stock-markets that measure the profits=sales of companies have for each industry and Kondratieff cycle of evolution and reproduction of machines the same form than the Volterra curves of biological radiations of top predator species, with the classic ‘chair’ shape, shown in graph: The discovery phase of the Kondratieff cycle of more evolved energies/machines akin to the birth of a new top predator species fast increases in a steep curve their populations; as it extinguishes rival, less evolved previous machines and workers. Then the curve enters a plain phase as the radiation of the new top predator/machine expands globally adapting the eco(nomic)system to its image and likeness.

Finally as the species saturates the eco(nomic)system it suffers a series of Volterra, up and down, predator-prey curves of over-re=production, provoking finally the extinction of all most of the preys, crashing its populations (end of labor in that sector and mutation of the machine into a top predator weapon of maximal  quality= price=profits that extinguishes labor in war fields.)

It is all a dual question – one of hardware, energetic machines of the Military-Industrial system, that substitute and make workers and soldiers obsolete and one of software, Informative machines of the financial-media system that keeps producing money, fictions and hate-speeches to promote and substitute human values by digital values and its expensive machines.


Because that gives profits through sales to corporations which employ them. But this is not a theoretical science but a praxis. The economist is like an ant inside the anthill, the corporation, perfectly imprinted a priori by the pheromone of production-never mind that machines and weapons might kill us all. Its ethics are the technological ethics of FROMM. tHIS SENTENCE RESUMES THE MEANING OF OUR NON THINKING SLAVISH CIVILIZATION.

Yet people, WHO DON’T UNDERSTAND how money is invented, ask naively to financial economists, when THE crisis OF OVERPRODUCTION OF CHIPS AND ITS E-MONEY derivatives will end. So we can all return to the happy fin de siècle, when they had jobs, rent and the future of our sons, seemed open to all possibilities.

And of course, since those financial and industrial economists benefit enormously from the process of overproduction of electronic money and chips as the expulsion of human labor by automation, increases constantly the productivity of factories, and the profits of their corporations, they respond with a series of happy, wishful thoughts about a rosy future, whose purpose is to appease the audience, and prevent any reform of a corrupted system.

So they can maintain their privilege status quo. Yet wishful thinking what the cynical practitioners of this discipline, call ‘damned lies and statistics’ never happen as truth in science has no selfish, subjective agendas behind.

Indeed, the previous graph IS a biological graph, regardless of the abstract ‘profits’ that human see, obsessed by go(l)d, so the proper way to explain tits causes and consequences is biological, evolution, as OVERPRODUCTION CRISIS are CYCLES of excessive reproduction of machines, what biologists call a ‘radiation of species’.

AND ITS CONSEQUENCE ARE BIOLOGICAL, both symbiotic but also lethal to mankind. THE pseudo-religious anthropomorphism of social scientist who cannot even consider this classic duality of machines, both positive and negative to humans is truly a handicap for any serious review of the subject.

This is the essence of economics today: reductionism to mathematical equations that maximize the re=productivity, sales and profits whatever it takes. Nothing matters, as economists are truly micro-economists only concerned with the increase of GDP production, without any interest for human collateral effects and mankind.

Indeed, AS LONG AS THE PSEUDO-RELIGION OF MECHANISM/CAPITALISM, which merely states that the overproduction and evolution of machines IS always good, is NOT is not rejected by an objective, non-anthropomoprhic analysis of machines and its collateral effects on mankind, we humans are ‘sold out’ to the no future.

The worst of those effects of profits is in fact the less studied, censored by a massive law of silence in economics – the fact that humans not only compete with mechanisms in labor fields, but with the ‘evil=anti-live’ species, weapons, which consume us, and the more weapons we reproduce the more likely a war age will come in wich we are consumed wholesale by them.

Duality of mechanical species: we consume transport machines but top predator weapons consume us

Duality of ‘biological metalife’: Top predator machine-weapons that consume human beings vs. machine-tools consumed by man.

Why then capitalist countries NEVER repress the production of weapons? the answer is obvious, profits, and the ‘belief’ without reason that machines are always good to us, so we need to reassess what is really capitalism about.

Indeed, WEAPONS HAVE ALWAYS BEEN THE MOST EXPENSIVE, PROFITABLE, EASY TO SPEND AND WASTE, machines of each age of history, hence the obvious ‘end of the Industrial r=evolution’ of weapons and robotics – systemic increases in wars, which have been THE ESSENCE of western history since the first company-mothers dedicated to the reproduction of ‘gunboats’ – a weapon used mostly for war, for slave trade, piracy and ‘peaceful trace’ also… were founded.

The end of the entire process of substitution of human workers by machines and weapons in war and labor fields is then self-evident, the substitution of the economic ecosystem which mankind still leads by a world of pure machines ran by digital A.I. and its equations of self-reproductivity and profits that multiplies weapons and informative machines and systematically denies credit to welfare goods, provoking the endemic scarcity of the goods the 99% of mankind needs to survive.

So reality is really simple as “Nature is simple and not malicious’, when we translate abstract maths and jargons to the ‘real life needs of humanity’. The complexity of the system today only camouflages the cancerous anoxia of bankers and corporation that keep all the money for themselves to reproduce lethal goods that kill our body and mind (weapons and hate-media) so they can control democracies and buy politicos that will deliver wars when needed in the cycle of profits and power.

So the Financial-Media system and the Military-Industrial Complex form one and the same, but the head directs the body.


THE inverse complementary properties of the Financial-media/military industrial complex.

This must be understood from the beginning. And if you don’t you can save your time reading no further: the financial-media head of informative machines as the head of any social organism controls it and programs it with an astounding precision, which is WHY we have been able to forecast the future of social sciences and those cycles, merely accepting that the rulers of the world are the owners of the financial-media system of informative machines and to maintain their power they will only have a mandate – to reproduce as much money and digital information the languages of social power to order society.

Yet Informative NETWORKS are not individual but collective. SO neurona people-castes who control information as brains or swarms of black holes, or DNA genes, ARE both multiple and invisible to it cells (information is small, transmit through invisible sound waves, gravitational waves, invisible money flows, small memes, etc. They are WAVE-LIKE in his form and so have to be understood with the properties of waves, which are non-invasive, spread simultaneously and subtly convince the particles-heads of humans to ‘believe’ in their messages – unlike hardcore, energetic ‘particles’ akin to the military-industrial complex with inverse properties. . Meaning, it does not have an INDIVIDUAL origin, but in history a cultural origin. It is thus far more powerful as it programs information in simultaneous mass-form, and it comes from a mass-culture, not from an individual, or a confabulation theory of people who meet to plot consciously the future. Of course, is part of the Matrix of idol-ogies that make the body cells NOT to know how they are programmed, to spread the alt-news that any attempt to describe how informative go(l)d cultures have controlled history with money and false information is a confabulation theory that must be dismissed without even considering it. Because only ‘individuals’ in a rational manner, searching for the common good control the world, as free entitled human beings.

How this work is called the ‘ego paradox’. The Financial-Media system controls mankind by ‘licking his ego’, making him believe he is the center of the universe and the FMasters serve them, by stressing the individual, so while they divide and win mankind in nations, selfish ‘self-made man-heroes’, they work as a wave with a simple cultural mandate – to reproduce money and false information in monopoly and rip the benefits of it, in a very subconscious wave-like form.

So it is the human ego, far bigger than the human role in the planet what condemns us to slave paradoxically for machines and companies and their owners  in all aspects of the present world. Some examples:

– The absurdity of nazi-onanisms, which deny the unity of the homo sapiens and are always handy to make new wars but all accept in the name of some sacred idol-ogies of national superiority and paranoias of security against the neighbour deemed evil and inferior, which Schopenhauer clarified in a single sentence:

‘All nations ridicule other nations, they are all right’.

– The dictatorship of bankers, who issue in private the language of social power, money, buy laws with it and corrupt democracies but nobody discuss, as they own also print with their informative machines audiovisual information, programming as organisms do simultaneously all humans to believe that ‘the dictatorship of those who issue money’ is freedom, is for their own good, as they serve people, who are the protagonists for whom they issue money as experts, perfectly resumed by other sentence, in this case  of Keynes

‘Capitalism is the astounding belief that the wickedest of all people will do the wickedest of all things for the common good’.

– Or the obsolescence to informative machines, white collar pcs and blue collar robots which are evolving fast  into A.I. and substituting, atrophying and killing human minds and bodies in labor and war fields, but we accept because we are told they will serve us, never mind they are reducing humans to visual, non-rational, ‘credo ergo sum’ beings, who believe in the mechanical language of ‘numbers’ that reveals the meaning of it all (including the concept that we are free because we poll every 4 years our opinion on $elected politicos, bought with money to obey those who pay their campaigns).

It is what i call the ‘neo-paleolithic’ or 3rd age of childish humans, the selfie generation, glued to digital screens, back to its original simple mind-thoughts, are in that sense, no longer different from the mass of humans who abandon ‘verbal, temporal thought’ cannot longer understand causality and hence ‘forecast scientcially the future’, and become akin to fundamentalist religious people, nationalist war-mongers or fiction actors in their beliefs and wishful thinking to justify their actions.

Newspeaks of social sciences: the anti-quantum paradox.

In that regard it is essential for you if you are still reading to understand that SCIENCE AS A HUMAN ENDEAVOR IS RULED BY THE SAME NEGATIVE LAWS OF ALL OTHER disciplines in which there is power at stakes. And this in science applies specially to physics and economics that invent and reproduce machines, the systems of power of society.

And to fully grasp how it bias truth, 2 authors are fundamental, Kuhn, on ‘the nature of scientific revolutions’ and Orwell, yes, Orwell with his concept of newspeak, and placebo happy truths, idealist cover ups where the ministry of war is the ministry of defence and the one of police is of love and the ministry of propaganda, the ministry of information (today all his prophecies are happening, as all war ministries became ‘defense’, so we do not attack and bully others, the first ministry of information was called of propaganda by Goebbels, whose 2 sentences ‘if your repeat a lie many times people will believe it’ and ‘I have ordered to make only entertaining patriotic films so people will like it and care for nothing else, have become canonical for our industries of infotainment including big science) and of course, the ministry of police is of love, the ‘home office’ in UK and the ‘heartland security’ in US. And needless to say all attempts to explain complex truths and those who rule us ARE CONFABULATION THEORIES, (as those of this blog):

In the graph a few examples of newspeak. For more ‘rational power-control’ of science Kuhn is better.

You are a citizen-cell of the national super organism where you live, which acts as a collective brain does in its control over cells. In the social organisms, citizens are subtly controlled by networks of information. Since they simultaneously in ‘wave-form’  repeat to millions of humans the same information, which the brain, overwhelmed by the higher rate of information of visual images over thoughts, ‘believes’ in an automatic manner, according to the laws of informative transmission in network systems. So while the content might be shocking, anti-human, the simultaneity and overdrive of visual, ‘evident’ thought makes people ‘believe’. It is a method of propaganda first realized in nazi germany by Goebbels, ‘if you repeat a lie many times, people will believe it, the bigger the lie, the more they believe on it. And it explains why truth in social sciences is so easily override by ‘metal-communicators’. Since the ‘medium is the message’.

I call it the anti quantum paradox: the human social scientist living inside the super organism of history is so small that the Financial-Media head in opposite fashion to the quantum physicist so big that influences the observable becomes also programmed or else by the wantings of the elite.

As one of the leading scientists of systems theory, for me is evident how the financial-media controls the system. So for a few years I gave conferences as the head of duality and monetary systems at the International System Society, on those themes. And it is then when I found the ‘human side’ of this Financial-Media/Military-Industrial organism of company-mothers of machines – the ‘capitalist culture’ that owns them, and believes as a ‘credo’ that its evolution is the goal of mankind. And since ‘religions’ censor truth, it became evident to me that social sciences are censored and those who try to apply the laws of organisms, information and the scientific method to them, will have no exposure. So then we find the old roman adagio: ‘i will defend you with the sword (and gold) and you will defend me with the word’.

It is not that scholarship in social sciences does not exist, but it subtle biases truth with seemingly humanist traits, which hide a subtle censorship (political correctness which censors criticism of certain racist cultures and bigot religions as ‘beliefs’ not as programs of the mind, placebo democracies that are considered the perfect system, even if humans have null freedom to control their language of social power, money and laws can be bought; mechanism and nationalism that makes of the machine the image of the Universe and divides human homo sapiens species into groups that can kill each other legally with weapons, and so on.)

So we live in a censored world far more subtle than the brutish program of the colonial age of European train empires or the nazi age of engines, because it is after all the end of the ‘age of metal-minds’, far more powerful and subtle in the control of the mind. Whereas the few true scholars that try to go deeper like this blog plainly have no exposure. So today, amazing as it seems, given the industrial control of media and the sheepishly acquiescence of scholarship, the only way to explain human reality as it is NOT with serious science as we do in this blog (which will be censored) but in visual fiction parables (allowed if they are not very clear). So we all know about the fictions of Matrix and Terminators, the first explaining perfectly the way the human subconscious collective head is programmed, so all humans become enthusiast defenders of the machines, robots and weapons that will kill us ‘in the future’, but we revere because we think its evolution is our progress.



‘Tragedies in history repeat because people do not learn from its mistakes’ Proust.

Every nation ridicules other nations, and all are right.  Schopenhauer


In the graph, we see the cultural human side of the evolution of machines.

The reader should not be surprised that contrary to belief, the metal-earth of corporations is basically in its ‘head’ and ‘most evolved future cycles, the exclusive design of a single culture, the biblical culture that discovered the machine and the corporation.

All other nations will latter imitate them, but ultimately the future is/will be designed by this culture, because again in all informative, evolutionary processes, ‘first to come, first served’.

So against all ‘political correctness’ and ‘newspeaks of caring’, which this culture owner of the mass-media and financial systems of information has perfected, by ‘dressing’ it with a ‘placebo caring surface’, we MUST denounce the anti-human memes of this culture.

Because we shall not only introduce data (A), Cycles and Biological cause (the evolution of machines), but need to consider the D) humanist praxis and solutions. Or else, if we didn’t criticise as ‘culture’ the decision to evolve machines before man, it would look as if this is unavoidable. And it is NOT.

IT IS A CHOICE FIRST OF MEMES AND CULTURES (GENES MATTER NOTHING IN HISTORY). There are 2 sides to the evolution of the future, and we will soon show in a ‘wave of history’, how history fluctuates between both sides and how a different world could be possible if man and his wantings come on top.

But first the scientific method requires data, cycles and biological causes, so before we talk of the duality of cultures and take sides with the humanist side, denouncing the placebo newspeaks of political correctness that prevent most caring humans to fully understand and denounce the wrong solutions we are taking, we bring data.

The generations of industrial nations that brought us here.

 In the graph we see that global expansion of the capitalist culture of Go(l)d at all costs, and its generational nations that have extinguished all other cultures, now merely a ‘make-up corpse’ devoured by the waves of machines of the Industrial R=evolution and its company-mothers.Now for all this to happen so perfectly programmed, there must be an elite culture, with an obsession with the ‘memes of metal’  that give them added power, which they have ab=used to conquer the world and feel ‘above heavens and Earth, entitled to defy the biological laws of the Universe.
We know, those who understand history, which culture is this – we shall NOT talk of nations so much as ‘cultures’, whose ‘memes’ (objects and its idol-ogies) are the genes of history and its social super organisms, reasoned with the advances of systems sciences based in the social evolution of the Universe, coded by information in the hard-science posts of this blog.
It has a human side of ‘segregational memes against the rest of mankind’ as they feel a manifest destiny $elected by Go(l)d and iron, money and weapons, to dominate the world with them, and for that reason repressing all what makes us humans and life enjoyable, from good food (dietary prohibitions trash food), the energy of man to social love, the force that pegs together humans into societies, to the natural language of man, the word, substituted by the language of machines, digital numbers, to the ultimate prohibition – human reproduction considered a ‘sin’ of sex, to foster work and re=production of machines and weapons.
We shall call biologically this culture the animetal culture that degrades the human side and our ‘will’ to be free and thrive as humans, with our energy, rightful information and social love, so we can worship the idols of metal and invent idol-ogies to favour its use.
But this is the ‘human side’ of the corruption of cultures by the values of informative metal, gold that hypnotises the eye, and causes ‘greed’ and iron that kills the body and causes violence. And it is not surprising that the 2 oldest, most powerful animetal cultures in history ARE not about genes but about memes, the germanic dominant military cultures that discovered iron swords, manufactured in mass producing mines (halstatt, birka) and called themselves Goths, the tribe of the gods because they could kill anyone with weapons and still are ‘going strong’ in racism and militarism not so much in Germany, though there they are robotising industries but in its twin culture America; and the most powerful and oldest culture of money, is still the Levantine culture that 10.000 years ago was building 40 meters walls in Jericho, oasis of communication and trade between 3 continents and two fertile crescent civilisations, to protect wealth.
Both cultures came together with the Calvinist r-evolution in Northern Europe, where the first company, VOC, gave a coup d’etat against the legitimate king of Holland, took over the parliament, founded the bank of Amsterdam, the stock market and started a massive trade in slaves, gunboats, and weapons exported wholesale through the Rhine (origin of the 30 years war that killed 1/2 of germans). And then founded A MATRIX OF PLACEBO FREEDOMS CALLED capitalist democracy where governments without THE RIGHT TO ISSUE THE LANGUAGE OF POWER, money, were just clients of the company (in fact in Holland there was only an orange party, a monocracy, the party of the corporation.
Then when France invaded the Dutch, the elite opened the damns killed the commoners and fled with the gold, the bank, the corporation in its boats, and gave another coup d’etat against another legitimate king in England, in 1688, in the Glorious r=evolution, and a new party was founded, so one would be the party of war corporations, (torys) and the other the party of trade corporations (whigs) alternating power, according to ‘profits’. So whenever war was needed to increase profits and looting, torys took over – a duality mimicked in America today by the Democratic and GOP, consumer and military corporation’s duality.
This is the needed ‘long wave of history’ introduction to understand the next ages of the Industrial r=evolution, once the corporation, moved to London and owned the British Empire, with its quisling kings and owned America, exporting in gunboats, black slaves and white indenture slaves (London Company), latter substituted after in the tea party, lawyers of corporations threw their cargo for reasons of taxes.
SINCE WE ARE TALKING OF A REAL ‘FACT’ – THE EVOLUTION OF THE company-mother of machines and weapons, its evil twins,  BUT TO DO SO WITH ZERO self-reflection, control, given it all to the machine, with a religious zeal, there must be an idol-ogy against man in favour of the machine first, in this case the germ(an)/you-segregational culture that divides mankind in ‘us’ the superior chosen and ‘you’, the lesser non-technological human being; which follows the ‘mindless’ dictum of Aaron (golden calf) and calvin (the intelligence of God is money) and its disciple Adam Smith, pious calvinist who died virgin, mysoginist against life, client of the Montagu family owners of the bank of england, who established the goals of the modern world, the global Corporative empire that now has been memetically imprinted by war and trade in those cycles to all human beings. So we are all TODAY animetal cultures.
And yet as time imposes its power, so first to come, always dominates an evolutionary process, those cycles are still a ‘future wave of evolution’ guided by the 4 dominant nations of the Goldiron cult, Germany in robotisation of companies, Israel and US in go(l)d and weapons… England and Israel in segregation against humanity, with brexit and apartheid against Islam, also the first but primitive oldest animetal culture hauling from Arabia where the first bronze weapons were found.
So we live in a memetic, globalisation through networks of financial-media information of the the biblical culture, for which go(l)d values are God and cannot be denied despite its collateral effect with the rest of mankind, it must consider an inferior species, non $elected for whom a future does not matter, as long as ‘we get rich’. And for that reason, NOT because of its intelligence but because of its ‘madness’ and denial of the eusocial ethic values of the wor(l)d, there has always been on top and ahead of the Industrial r=evolution the same Jewish->protestant->northern European->Biblical elite culture on top, guiding the metal-earth.

In the previous graphs, first in the age of weapons and gold, tuned to the 800 year cycles of weather, which exploded nomadic populations of warriors that killed all agricultural civilizaltions, and then in the decametric vortex of information caused by the industrial r=evolution (detailed in the graph of generations of nations), we can see those changes of rhythm tuned to the change of technology from peace to war machines, which always find ‘politicians’ ready to exploit the new industries.

So each dominant ‘small nation’ ahead of the military industry in each cycle, takes over’ the world provoking an age of global warfare. First it was small britain, then it was small Germany and now it is small Israel, albeit each of them at the head of the financial-media-military industries, so able to control the opinion of the world and finance its ‘splendid little wars’ against the perceived ‘primitive enemies’. So small Britain with the yellow press, the steam machines of trains and vaporettes and the paper-stock money of its corporations conquered the world. Then Germany with its radio-hate, engines industries in planes turned bombers and cars turned tanks controlled the world, but its currency was weak, its finances crashed, and it lost.

That is, we live in a dictatorship of company-mother of machines, which adapt mankind to their offspring of machines, due to its control of the language of social power money, which they reproduce in 95% of its volume in private banks and stocks. So they DO pay politicians to adapt laws to those machines in peace times (age of railroad barons that dominated the 1860s, of car moguls that dominate the 1930s-50s, from Ford to ‘What is good for general motors is good for America’, to electronic moguls that finance the politicos of today and adapt our world to their peaceful and increasingly violent robotic weapons.)

We map out both synchronically and diachronically from the human and mechanical perspective together the cycles of the industrial evolution as they have expanded globally with deadly accuracy and hence null human freedom to stop them those waves across the entire planet, departing from the original first capitalist nation, Holland, who invented stock-markets and started the political control of placebo democracies through the Financial-Media/Military-industrial system.

NOW THE GRAPH IS SELF-EVIDENT. THE ECONOMIC ECOSYSTEM, and by extension the super organisms of Industrial History have been managed in each Generation of the Industrial Evolution by the Nation and its neuronal elite caste in control of money and corporations and its hired politicos, which discovered and managed the leading machine of each cycle:

  • So in the XIX century, the British people and its elite of financiers, industrial corporations and hired politicos ran the world.
  • In the turn of the XX century, after Germans discovered first oil engines (Otto-Benz) and Electric engines (Siemens), Germany was on top of the world but because the ‘idealist’ Bismarck renounced in Wien first, after defeating the Austrian Empire, to unify all Germans into a European Empire and reconquer the European lands of the Turkish Empire, creating an economy larger than the British, decadent one; and then again in the Berlin Congress renounced to the African Empire, Germany’s leading global economy became choked by tariffs and limited markets, and the strain of having the top predator Industrial nation, confined by the sheer idiocy of his Emperor and Chancellor to 400 thousand miles, brought a series of political crisis that ended at the end of the engine cycle (1929 crisis), in II global wars, in which Germany OUT OF TIME as the Americans were now discovering and developing the first metal minds (computers, A-Bombs), tried to conquer their industrial vital space. During this period though Germany ran the economical and cultural world. And its elite of financiers and industrialists of cars, planes and engines dominated Europe.
  • Then it came the turn of America, which developed the informative machines of the Metal-earth, computers, Tv-Media and electronic money reproduced without limit by digital screens, which have multiplied from 20 billion to 400 billion, the mass of money of the planet in only 40 years.
  • So in each of the cycles the same pattern of switching between peaceful machines and war machines and hate media happened.
The change of paradigm always happens after a crash of the market, when there is overproduction and saturation of markets for peaceful goods, so media switch to hate media, money to inflationary debt slave money and transports mutate into top predator weapons and so GDP starts to grow again, but now GDP is in weapons of maximal price=profits that kill life creating a perfect ecosystem of machines=weapons, which consume human beings at accelerated path.
 And of course, nothing of the economic causes of war will be ever discussed. OR, NO, it is all about ‘security’, ‘terrorism’, safety and service to the citizen. And of course, there are the bad guys, which mass media explain us and the good guys. THE BLIND CITIZENS-CELLS OF THE BODY OF MANKIND THUS ADAPT PERFECTLY TO HATE MEMES WHEN THERE IS NEED FOR WAR, AND BECOME SELFISH, FASCIST, HAPPY soldiers if needed – now even better happy watchers of massacres of bad guys on tv.

Unfortunately the only explanation to the causality of the 72 generation cycle of evolution of machines, possible is to define placebo democracies, as systems whose financial and legal system works for the company-mother of machines, which receives unlimited financial credit to evolve and reproduce their mechanisms at ‘full speed’ without the slightest ‘delay’ in 3 human generations of founding, discoverer fathers, reproductive, expansive sons that fill the planet with the machine of each cycle and corrupted war-monger politicians, that when the machine is evolved into its most perfect, expensive form, the weapon, parallel to the zenith of overproduction of stock-money to fund it, declare a global war.

If humans HAD any saying, people who vote welfare over warfare would detain this final phase and instead of Goring’s dictum ‘canons make us strong, butter only fat’, would NOT evolve the age of weapons and overproduce fat. That is the humanist solution to all those overproduction crises.

In the graph we write down the synergy between the human generations and mechanical generations (obviously as life has 3 ages, youth: 0-24, maturity: 24-48 and old age 48-72, we add 3 grandfather discoverer, son, reproducer and grand-son military lobbyist, as each will only direct the corporation who found the machine, 1/3rd of his life).

In this manner an obvious generational cycle of 72 years, defines the modern world, terraformed by those corporations and its lobbies, to the image and likeness of their machines, built as organisms of metal, like Nature does with its living organisms in 4 ages.

The warfare cycle.

We can then have a first peak to the ugliest of all forms of making money while degrading the human lot with hate media: to reproduce the most expensive goods of the markets: weapons. And the moment in those cycles: when the overproduction of consumption machines saturates the market, and so the financial-media ‘system’  switches to production of weapons and hate-media speeches to keep investing in arsenals that now consume human beings are wasted in fields of wars and hence can NEVER be overproduced in the paranoia state of ‘enemy and security’, which Americans now as Germans before, are immersed in.

As colonial people were when the yellow press portrayed the terrorists of the age that resisted colonisation and killed some ‘white men’ as a national risk – i.e.  in the scare of wounded knee, the American army was displaced to protect New England of a bunch of old men dancing a ghost dance in the far west; today we have created a security global electronic state to the cost of trillions to protect ourselves of a few terrorists with kalasnikovs, which we duly handed weapons, and subvention for decades to make civil wars all over Islam (to substitute dictators we also put in place, to quench normal, social-democratic westernised leaders in Islam and Africa, the likes of Mossadeq in Iran, or Lumunba in Congo, just because ‘democratic leaders do NOT buy our weapons and do REGAIN control of their oil. In brief, we DO create splendid little wars for profits by protecting systematically the most brutal pro-western dictators and the most cuckoo jihadist movement, to ensure after the end of the ‘red scare’ and the war building against communist dictators that we can keep manufacturing and evolving terminators for decades to come.

In that sense, the key date of the cycle happens, after the second generation, when the massive reproduction of machines and money saturates markets’ demand and provoking, a global economic crash, which is solved by the 3rd generation of military leaders, which coincides with the ‘age of top predator weapons’, when the machine reaches its perfect form, and humans who cannot longer consume overproduced machines are consumed by them. 

3 crisis

In the graph, the 4 overproduction crises of the train, car/radio and chip/robotic cycle, which under a global dictatorship of corporations merely adapt history to the needs of profits of the economic ecosystem in each phase of the evolution of machines. So when there is not overproduction, peaceful consumption machines and ‘good money’ keeps the economy ahead, but then after overproduction, the system switches to hate media and weapons, to deplete arsenals, and keep profits going.

To fully understand how the Industrial r=evolution and those cycles work, we must understand the 4 type of machines it overproduces: on one side informative machines that print money and mass-media, first stock paper and yellow press, then electric ticker money (29 crisis) and hate radio, and finally digital e-money and hate-tv. Those informative machines DO manufacture money and brains, to make humans love the Industrial r-evolution and overproduction of the other type of machines, energy machines, weapons and transports, which are the two sides of the same species.

All together form the Financial-Media (head of informative machines, its networks and FMasters, the people-castes that control them)/Military-industrial (energetic machines) complex system, the ‘evolving super-organism’, we call the Metal-Earth, which the idol-ogy of capitalism that worships it, REFUSES to control for the benefit of mankind, as all super organisms control lethal, poisonous viruses, in the case of the FMMI system, the hate media and weapons that kill our mind and body.

IT IS INDEED OBVIOUS THAT as long as people remain divided, absorbed by fictions and hate media, they can be easily manipulated into believing a dictatorship of financial corporations is OK. For that reason economics is not taught in schools; all the true scientific schools of economics are censored; and hidden private banks like the fed or the ECB which cut an usury debt-prize for lending money to states (while giving it for free to corporations), camouflage with national names – when in fact they are ruled for and by the same people who rule Wall street, the city and evilwood… the hate media system.

Now the system is very old, and it is the same that the old system on the long wave of civilisations, when it was crystal clear that military men and usury financiers worked toGETHER, against the people. 75% OF MONEY was used to pay for wars. While the people were ‘tax farmed’ by bankers on behalf of the financial-media elite, which imposed an astoundingly primitive bronze age religion, in which they appeared as chosen of go(l)d, the supreme race of banker-priests, which the lesser humans should worship and obey, bringing gold ex-votes to its temples.

It is NOT a surprise that the country they today control thoroughly has abandoned the enlightened era of its founding fathers who had gotten rid of those primitive memes and evolved rationally first in Europe and then in America, and it is back into the bizarre age of abrahamic religions, worshipping the biblical cultures who have destroyed their future. 

THE WORLd they are creating – a world of machines – IS THE LESS THING THIS PEOPLE CARE, as long as they can project into the future numbers of money. But of course, if that money were created by and for the people it would BE invested not in future ‘scams’ or ‘future machines’, but in ‘present goods’ Money would become ‘demand orders’ for the goods people need, from housing to education to food. This is the great scam of having a few dynasties of private bankers, isolated in their ivory towers, trying to print numbers of money, by all costs, and throwing into the future its imaginary returns.



And yet amazingly as it seems the degree of control and ‘brain manufacturing’ of the human lot by the ‘Financial-Media Masters of the Universe’ and its politicos employees is so deep that people did vote a billionaire to further move towards the ‘bottom line’ – labor and war death. 

So we have to introduce the other side of a world ruled by informative machines, and a ‘cancerous group’, ‘literally’, when we study the biological models of the super organism of history, which absorbs all the wealth of society and lets most people die of ‘anoxia’:

The hate-media masters, who in each cycle of the industrial r=evolution have printed news against the poor or other nations accusing them of all the ills they cause when ruining societies.

IN THE GRAPH WE SEE, the main ages of hate media, which has destroyed hand in hand with parasitic issue of money and splendid little wars for profits the humanity worlds, once and again, plunging mankind into a series of dark ages, of global poverty and global wars and holocausts. First luther degraded eusocial love religions and plunged Europe when the first corporations in Holland started to mass produce gunboats and artillery into an age of global war which ended murdering 1/2 of the german people as Dutch manufacturers of artillery and yellow press send up the Rhine its products sold to both catholic and protestant armies.

This age of yellow press and colonial wars against the ‘primitive non-technological poor’ reached its zenith in XIX c. but it was Ok because by then humans had lost the enlightenment rational mind and were back to primitive religions and had been completely hypnotised by machines. What was NOT good from that point of view was the use of the same techniques within the European white people, when the entire planet had been colonised but weapons kept being overproduced by European nations who could no longer kill indians and negroes with them. So Germans did apply the same method to the Europeans they tried to colonise, provoking the biggest outrage, still enduring, as they didn’t just kill ‘invisible coloured humans’.

So while Hitler had the same point of view that Churchill had respect to negroes, practiced the same euthanasia that Sweden did till the 70s because, he murdered the elites of the financial-media system. And that is supposed to be the supreme eviL.

Yet from the scientific perspective of bio-history all human cells have the same value, and so the systemic murder of colored non-technological people by ‘animetals’ since the age of bronze IS EQUALLY ANTI-LIVE=EVIL; and the only objective parameter would in such a case be the ‘numbers’ of murders committed. And so nothing differentiates the long list of military and financial genociders by direct or indirect murder since the beginning of times. And arguably more than any of those human genociders we should consider far more eviL the instrument they use to murder – the weapon – and those who manufacture it, the industry, which often pay the politicos that will use it.

The final neo-fascist, war cycle: America Inc. vs. the American people.

In the graph, the for so long predicted arrival of neo-fascism to America, in which the combination of war go(l)d profits and weapons has brought a neo-fascist leader, dedicated to destroy all the elements that made the American way of life great, substituted by an idol-ogy of abstract nature, ‘white, biblical, racist, go(l)d and iron America’, which is  hijacking the destiny of mankind, as Americans ARE merely the sum of all humans displaced into the technological future – not a nation but a representation of all human beings.

In that regard the concept of Trump’s ‘America’, is the nation and go(l)d and war idol-ogies of the owners of corporations (overwhelmingly biblical bigots who worship go(l)d at all costs, and revere the machine as the symbol of progress and their $elected nature) .

Yet this abstract idol-ogical concept is COMPLETELY meaningless, to identify a human people, the Americans, who should be called ‘Humanity in the future’. And as such represent the whole species, all his nations and the common destiny of mankind. This the artist expresses in the other side of the post with 5 raised human hands signifying the word ‘unity’ in ‘silent speech’. It is also remarkable the ‘wrong side of the post’ has been world news, but the human side is ‘hidden’ by the news.

And its is truly remarkable that only artists can talk today without censorship. Why art is the subconscious collective of mankind’s super organisms and the last ‘stronghold’ of humanism today should be obvious to the reader: social sciences are corrupted, politics enters neo-fascism, so only artists, who see time with words and space with human eyes, not with clocks and microscopes, with machines ARE THE ONLY surviving humans who still are free to sense, love and behave as all human beings should in a humanist world. As they are I=eye>Wor(l)ds that embody the essence of the human mind.

And it is even more amazing, without understanding the financial-media head of the organism of corporations, the election of this man by those he is going to destroy.

Yet if we understand the mass power of informative machines (mass-media and the capacity of the $ issued by corporations to buy laws, manufacture brains) it should not surprise us the growth of Biblical, bigot, mechanist, robotic America (not a human concept but a corporative concept, and the culture of the 0.02% that owns those corporations), the destructive idol-ogy of the Americans. Since the mass is programmed by those idol-ogies, which have substituted among the Americans their own self-respect FOR MANKIND=ALL AMERICANS; including themselves.

MASOCHIST Americans thus work hard, pay taxes and become exploited by their corporations but as their brains are perfectly manufactured by the idol-ogies of hijacked America, they DO  worship their elites, owners of those biblical corporations and their idol-ogy, creationist economics=capitalism, according to which ONLY their elites have the right to issue the language of power of society, money, in private banks and corporations and only when they use it to ‘evolve and reproduce machines’ is NOT waste (but when they use it to evolve, reproduce welfare goods and help Americans to live IS WASTE). And of course, this WORSHIP extends to ‘pseudo-social sciences’, and its ‘political and economical correctness, and denial of all true realities of the system.

In that sense, Mr. Trump, a low-life speculator in real state, ruined and saved from bankruptcy by wall street and given a job in the Media celebrity circus is just a puppet (signified by the clown faces of its atomic bombs) of a much more powerful and scary reality, the Financial-Media HEAD OF informative machines, and its owners of wall street and hollywood corporations, hidden behind the  Body of Industrial-Military (energetic machines/Corporations).


The search for war

Now Mr. Trump must deliver, on wall street expectation, sky-rocketing in all the companies that expect to make a fortune on the life of others, private health-care companies, military companies, electronic big brother companies; and the Americans who don’t understand the future of machines is their no-future cheer. So let us explain a bit of this.

The essential element here is the false political correctness that applies a visual newspeak language (a word coined by Orwell who said in the age of tv, the ministry of war would be the ministry of defense – now it is, and the ministry of police, the ministry of love – more or less, it is called the ‘home office’ in England and in America is on charge of defending the ‘heart’-land… from our cleaning ladies and courtyard gardeners, who are supposed to be the cause of the millions of jobs lost to blue collar robots, white collar pcs, and whose street gangs are far more dangerous than our terminators, so we must enclose all nations in robotised walls, apartheid Israel style, to defend us from future hordes of dispossessed humanity, which of course belong to the inferior, non-technological, terrorist races.

And cut all welfare programs that ensure the life of our elderly, condemned them to an earlier death, to chase some kid with a kalashnikov with hordes of terminator drones. Indeed, Mr. Trump will deprive 20 million Americans of health-care cutting further down their life expectancy already the lowest of the western world by lack of a basic human right (free health care, which only this nation summit of the capitalist system of exploitation of people without rights to credit) So a simple calculus shows you how many Americans the GOP is killing. Right now Americans for lack of health-care have 3 years less life expectancy than Canada, the same system with health-care north, with the difference they spend 8% more in private health-care paid by their people. This means around 4% of their life span, 1/25th of their lives per individual. How many lives in total?

Easy, if we multiply 1/25th for 325 million Americans, it gives us 13 million people murdered by the health-care private system per generation. More than ten times the sum of all the victims of all the American wars abroad in all their history, each generation of 24 years, but Mr. Trump thinks this is NOT enough.

So to make America safe again, he is cutting further the meager programs of health-care to build robotised walls, buttress the robotic armies of drones, pile up more nukes, and is around the world trying to find a place to start a war to deplete the arsenals, kill more American soldiers  and multiply the profits of the 3rd age of war of the cycle of intelligent machines.

So far he went for the ‘big one’ against China, trying to provoke the industrial rival who would ensure a global III world war for decades to come in South-China sea, claiming that a few rocks not even islands, who have been part of the Chinese empire for 2000 years, are a global danger to security if China keeps them, and should be handled to Philipines, but Mr. Duarte told him if he insisted in bringing war to his shores he would send packing their military bases back home. So he tried then Taiwan, inviting the president of this rebel province, who has been China for 2000 years more, but the taiwanese corporations, who manufacture their chips in the mainland told him to shut up. So he went to South-Korea, which has built a robotic military wall with north-korea, where a cuckoo communist dictator, a monster – here we all agree – who recently murdered his brother, has already nukes, which could obliterate Seul (but won’t everdo as Koreans ARE a people, and know they ARE the same people, despite the criminal elites and military thugs on power; and that would immediately mean the obliteration of North Korea). And then again South-Koreans, Chinese and Japanese people told him to shut up, as none of those weapons can arrive to USA.

So next, we can expect him to try war with Iran, which so far has sent NONE, nill, zero terrorists anywhere and in fact is trying to end ISIS and sunni terrorism in Irak. And if that doesn’t come through, I bet you at the end of his mandate, to get re-elected on patriotic war, as Miss Thatcher did, he will go for the easy target of liberating Cuba.

But perhaps the most ridicule of all the newspeaks of Mr. Trump is his claim that the world has been ‘taken advantage’ of America, because America runs a huge deficit with the world – which accepts for real goods, mere data and paper of null cost to print, as it has accepted the American dollar as the world currency – an absolute privilege that before Britain Hold, and gives right to the top predator nation of each cycle of machines and weapons to ‘get for free’ all goods of other nations that enslave in sweat shops producing them, for the Americans to come, give you a paper called ‘dollar’ and take your hard work for free.

screen-shot-2016-11-05-at-20-14-36Indeed, this is the summit of newspeaks and cynicism. ALL NATIONS OF THE WORLD have been taken for a ride for 80 years since the end of world war by the financial system created in Bretton Woods, when the victors took the privilege from Britain, and ever since America has been buying for free other people’s goods, lands, companies, just printing his international currency. So it is the only country in the world that can have huge deficits without sinking his currency as it is the only one that cannot be devaluated. THAT IS WHY all humanist economists from Keynes to this writer ask for an international currency, ¥€$ money (1 euro = 1 dollar = 100 yens = 5 yuans) so the planet runs a massive New Global Deal overproducing welfare goods not weapons, and taking this astounding privilege of America, over all other nations, obliged to give for free his goods to America, which of course has become a nation with huge rent, even if they produce little more than weapons, hate media, robots and financial money. How can then this man say exactly the opposite by the Goebbel’s method of repeating a lie many times, and convince their people, that this privilege and systemic ab=use of America of all other nations IS exactly the opposite, the reason why al those Chinese and Mexicans must be punished?

Again, censorship of real economics and the meaning of money as a language of power that gives orders to people with salaries and goods with prizes IS absolute in America. So Americans instead of being extremely grateful to Mankind, which is ultimately what they are, for giving that privilege, and using that privilege to improve the future of the world with ‘good investments’ are using the privilege to buttress their immense arsenal of weapons, menacing to kill all those good human people abroad who dare to enslave, working in sweat shops for them to smoke pot, make barbecues and become lazy joe 6-packs. But since the American is NOT explained that money is not wealth per se but a language of power as his words are, which should be spoken by all human beings in a real democracy, he really thinks to give papers for goods is LOOSING wealth. (If he were told what money is he might then ask ‘why private financiers’ are allowed to print it for their private goals of controlling us, in mind and body and actions, as the same goes for the Americans, who care bought for those papers, by their financial elite, who just have to press the electronic bottom and ‘make money’ – but claim to be the victims of history for doing so in monopoly for millennia).

The FMMI system no longer need us. From ecosystem to super organism.

Of course the world is astonished, and shocked by Mr. Trump and so far, it is starting to sell American ‘debt’, and soon will start to ignore the claim of America – that they accept pieces of paper or numbers in a computer screen for real goods. And we shall return to that future, once we have laid down all the structural elements of both organisms, the super organisms of machines, or FMMI system and the Human super organism of mankind or ‘history’.

money censors shut upIn the graph, capitalism is a dictatorship of THE FINANCIAL-MEDIA SYSTEM and its FMasters, a few dynasties of private bankers that control the informative machines of the Financial-media systems, and forbid with deficit zero laws and lack of a Universal salary in blood-money, the creation of a demand based economy, in which humans democratically vote for the goods they want to be reproduced. As only a few bankers and corporations can issue the bulk of money, they decide what the system produces for profit and power (weapons of maximal price=profits to repress people; inflationary money to keep it and make them rich and give them power to buy laws and workers, and audiovisual hate media of easy reproduction through waves and hence of null cost and maximal sale-profits, able to manufacture the brain of mankind simultaneously by zillions, who then favour and vote the dictators of democracies).

You must understand that money is just a digital inflationary language of information, which is NOT wealth per se but as oxygen in cells and words in humans, pump up the desire to act and puts in motion the economic ecosystem or human system to work. So money IS FREE TO PRINT, it cost nothing, it must be PRINTED inflationary to motivate people to work, as free oxygen and free words are multiplied in cellular systems and individuals to motivate them to work.

In the graphs we can see the change of phase of the planet, as all functions humans perform are increasingly performed by machines. So in the right side we see the pyramid of capitalism in the XIX c. when humans were still needed as workers. the problem on the left side from a 20 years old exhibit of social art about the ‘future’ is that humans ARE NOW EXPENDABLE, so most of them will be treated as Trump pretends to treat Americans, with the excuse of protecting them from the ‘inferior non-technological other human beings’: surrounded by robotic borders, without credit or health-care, programmed by 3D virtual reality, and watched by robotic policemen. 20 years latter the graph of the ‘orwellian’ animetal farm is becoming fast reality. And of course, as social sciences have been ‘sanitised’ of survival human instincts, it is OK.

This last phase of the Economic ecosystem and the 0.02% of people on top who own those corporations, manufacture the brain of citizens with their mass-media hate, buy laws and politicos without right to print money and implement distraction wars for go(l)d profits is thus a global war which now will bring us in a permanent orwellian world of ‘poor terrorists’ for whom we shall build a global state of robotic weapons, which will surround the compounds of the ultra-wealthy.

Who directs the financial-media system, which is ‘invisible’ to the mass, but quite real and owned by a specific extremely racist, anti-humanist go(l)d cult-ure (in America the owners of wall street and hollywood) as it does NOT inform about itself, except in very positive laudatory ways (any attempt to unmask them will be called ‘confabulation theory’), is one of the reasons why we, who explain it, have 0 rank in google ‘expertise’ on evolutionary economics.

This web does not appear even if you google its evolutionaryeconomics name, and has 1 single viewer a day. And so we have to stress he main reason ‘social sciences’ are idol-ogies not sciences: the repression of its discipline and its application of the scientific method by power agendas, which today are so sophisticated that ONLY artists like those who put up that ad on Phoenix are defying. So we write a simple paradox:

Max. technological evolution = Min. Human evolution

Which defines the opposition between evolved cultures and artists, who ‘think better with words and see better with eyes’, our human senses of time and space vs. technological cultures, which basically are ‘arrested in their mental evolution’ in primitive memes (nationalisms, bronze age segregational religions, etc).

WE SHALL soon return then to this fundamental equation to understand the inversion of futures between mankind and the metal-kind, studying the origin of the ‘animetal’ cultures (less human, guided by animal-like instincts and metal-values greed and violence) that rule the world with idol-ogies in favor of the metal-future, including political placebos such as ‘political correctness’, ‘freedom of religion’, ‘capitalist democracies’ and so on – which merely ‘limit’ the capacity of humans to argue, reason and discuss what is THE BEST praxis for humanity, ‘stultifying’ and ‘fixing’ without evolution, human thought into ‘beliefs’ with no reason.

In that sense, it is also a key to stress ‘belief’ by the Goebbels method of repetition, which means all mass-media outlets repeat and imprint with its higher speed of information the same primitive idol-ogies to a point they seem to be the ‘only truth’, while censoring and avoiding any exposure true social sciences, like the one of this blog. And of course, immediately, the humanist pacifist artist or scientist receives the ‘metal-treatment’, death menaces as the artist has already received (and I have received for decades due to my activism against the nuclear industry), cancellation of scholar positions and grants (I lost my chair of monetary systems and got cancelled my conferences by an anonymous ‘minority’ who accused me of you know ‘what’, for denouncing the monopoly of certain culture on the Financial-Media Head)… Already the owner of that post is talking of menaces if he doesn’t take it down. It is indeed becoming increasingly difficult to be human in such anti-human world. But, and this is the only hope i can offer from systems sciences:

  • Any super organism is ruled by the languages of the head, expressed to multiple cells with minimal number of simultaneous elements, and so by substituting the control of those languages, the system can be reformed. Indeed, it is not even needed drastic surgery – cutting the head – only control the languages of information, specifically in the economic ecosystem the financial corporations that issue money, and immediately a humanist system awash with welfare, healthy wealth, like the social-democracies of Europe, prior to the creation of the private ECB, or today China in the economic arena with public banks and private companies.
So indeed, theory of information and systems sciences does offer simple, easy to implement solutions to the problems of mankind and its ‘nation of all nations’ ushered into the future, the Americans (the word America being hijacked not worth to use anymore).

In that regard, while the concepts of Systems Sciences are mainly used in the description of physical and biological sciences, because of its objective jargon, which so much denies the ‘entitled, anthropomorphic myths’ of the historic and economic discourse, it is precisely because of the objectivity and scienticifism achieved by studying human systems with the same ‘concepts’ that all other systems of the organic Universe, why this blog can advance the current social discourses, in what it lacks – predictability, objectivity and capacity to truly reform and improve the systems of mankind with the laws of all other scientific systems of the Universe.

Those laws are studied in the ‘upper first sentence’ 5D future super organisms, and the section on general systems, which uses the powerful metric formalism of the scalar Universe to define the laws of organisms and its ‘finite world cycles in time’ and rules of survival. What matters most of those laws however can be explained in very simple, intuitive terms, as the laws ‘of the organic universe’ are survival, biological laws embedded in the languages of each species, mirror of the actions of survival of the species that talk the language, in the human case the verbal, ethic species that spell the laws of social survive in terms of the language of love, which becomes a WAVE OF SOCIAL COMMUNAL BEHAVIOR, which the first scientist of History, Ibn Khaldun, explained precisely with a term, assabiyah, which we could translate as ‘fusion love’ or ‘wave of love’ that pegs together believers into a single social super organism.

The concept of a wave is essential to the Universe, so it is to ‘socio-biological sciences’, BUT we shall keep it simple so far. It is important though to understand that ‘WAVES move’ the Universe in parallel ‘simultaneous’, ever spreading ‘particles’ that synchronise its motion to the wave. So contrary to belief, Nature does not work on ‘single hierarchical particles’ doing confabulation theories but in SIMULTANEOUS WAVES of information that PROGRAM MASSES. So in the same manner a wave of energy makes a crystal vibrate in synchronicity, HUMANS obey simultaneously a wave of ‘audiovisual’ hate memes, and their brains become programmed.

CULTURES work the same manner, and that is why their memes are so powerful: a book of revelation of some bronze age cuckoo goalkeeper reproduces and imprints a mass of ‘abrahamic’ believers with that information, which they obey simultaneously JUST because of the mass-effect of a synchronous wave. So the next day ‘all repeat the same tv-lies’ on their lunch and think they are right, just because the wave imprinted them all yesterday, and what is more funny or rather tragic: THEY THINK the MEMES of their cultural imprinting are THEIR THOUGHTS, personal identity, not a program shared by all those ‘people (who) are slaves, since they believe, they don’t reason’ (Aristotle).

THAT IS WHY IS SO IMPORTANT TO HAVE A HUMANIST EDUCATION AND REPRESS THE ASTOUNDING retarded segregational memes of nationalism, abrahamic religions and mechanism (cult to machines), NOT science but idol-ogies; since we are NOT homo tribal species, but all are HOMO sapiens, and species ‘evolve together and fight for their survival’, so there is no Homo Americanus (in fact a mixture of all cultures displaced into the technological future), or Homo Palestinus or Homo Judaicus, but Homo Sapiens. And there is no ‘Islamic God, You God or Christian God’ but MANKIND AND THE GOD OF LOVE.

This is what science tell us: the Universe is social, SINCE A NUMBER IS A SOCIAL GROUP of undistinguishable equal beings put together into ‘3’ or ‘10.000’. And so as the Universe is mathematical and the number its unit, the universe is social.

Now, we can easily understand the rules of efficiency needed to properly design those super organisms. Because those are the same that Nature uses in their design:

Indeed, since history is the super organism of mankind social sciences are biological sciences with a simple mandate: to construct a perfect super organism, which as all mammals do, deliver enough just laws-nervous information and blood-oxygen-money for all cells to thrive. This is hard science, simple and efficient. It is called physiology, which studies the networks of energy-blood-economics and information-nervous political systems, its sicknesses and cures, to make all cells of the body, all citizens of the super organisms of mankind survive. It is easy to implement with public banks dedicated to provide credit to create a human reality. It means a huge leap ahead in favor of the 99% of mankind, beyond the go(l)d religions of ‘anthropomorphic, abstract, power oriented corporative economics’ that plague social sciences today. It is easy to understand. And it shows as all sciences do a single ‘true solution’ for the building of a perfect world – which imitates Nature’s models of social systems where:

  1. All political/neuronal governments are ‘voted a posteriori’ with pain messages, so they cannot cheat and harm the body, as the original greek democracies did, where positions were allotted to any citizen except those for professionals, and all of them voted exile, prison, even death penalty if they had falsified their promises, after tenure, or pecuniary reward, ‘hall of fame’ (statues) and reelection if they have delivered. Simple, isn’t? Yet efficient. Imagine Mr. Trump’s promises to deliver freedom for the American people, under the boot of their parasitic financiers and military establishment, who handled the government to bankers and generals, exactly the opposite he promised. Right now he would be impeached with a painful reaction of its citizens-cells and sent to jail.
  2.  Which leads to the second fundamental reform imitating the perfect super organisms of Nature, that of the blood-economic systems that delivers the ‘markers-language’, which kicks the production of goods by cells, aka oxygen/money. In Nature oxygen is for free, so it is money, just a digital number printed in cheap paper or digital screens. IT IS HENCE NOT WEALTH PERSE BUT AN INFLATIONARY LANGUAGE THAT can be overproduced and wasted with no remorse as long as it KICKS the ACTIONS of hyperventilated cells and people, as it happens when you first think ‘a lot’ wasting ‘verbal money’ to motivate your actions

And this implies that money should NOT be reproduced by corporations and elite bankers – akin to a cancerous group of cells that absorb all the oxygen of the organism, and kill by anoxia its cells – but delivered as all efficient organisms do to all cells-citizens in the form of a Universal salary which immediately will provoke it ‘actions of demand, consumption and production of welfare goods’ and avoid the cancerous anti-democratic system we live within, where a few financiers issue money for themselves and company mothers of machines, and buy political laws and hire war-monger politicians to repress people and maintain its privilege,  choking mankind, which has not even enough food to survive while all machines have their electricity and on top they extort us the little money we earn working with an astounding amount of taxes, while they can just print money and waste it. As they do in corporations.

And this 2nd rule again so obvious, because ‘Nature is simple but not malicious’ (Einstein) unlike our financiers who have built an astoundingly complex system of issuing money for people NOT to understand their cancerous ways, and provide as cancer cells do massive soma (today audiovisual fictions) so they remain in neverland.

Alas, the ABCD method of accurate data, biological causes, cyclical nature of predictable futures, subtly bend by human reason and praxis to help mankind thrive, IS the method of this blog, which alternates those elements to describe reality (adding of course the minus E, the negative design of the E-conomic ecosystem that is destroying irrationally the future of the wor(l)d.

The ABDC method (without the – E of selfish power agendas against mankind) is how all SCIENCES WORK, specially those similar to history – based in life and biology.

So biology and medicine became serious sciences, not the work of quark doctors, when Pasteur found the germ theory and darwin evolution and they could forecast both the evolution of species and the reason of sickness, and became doctors.

Alas! The example means we must ad another letter, minus E, the next letter with a negative scant to deal with absurd idol-ogies, theories and models with have nothing scientific but often pass as such and litter the world of social sciences, preventing our understanding and proper evolution of history. And the cure of its sicknesses.

In that regard, again we shall compare the evolution of social sciences and other sciences, all of which started with anthropomorphic wishful thinking and myths that explain nothing, cure nothing and finally were ditched for the scientific method, unlike macro-economics, which is still ‘unconnected’ with history and biology, because it is still in the subjective, anthropomorphic pre-scientific age in what regards to its philosophy and understanding of machines and their evolution and relationship with history and man.

To notice also that the main problem for all those sciences in the past to become real sciences was anthropomorphism. Humans were the center of the universe and stars talked to us (Astrology) So it was imposible for long to develop an objective astronomical science, where MAN AND THE EARTH was not the center of the Universe. And even today many people believe in astrology and the influence of stars in our diminutive being. And because humans are huge egoes, they liked it. So they resisted all attempts to make the sun the center and stars oblivious to us. Because that killed their ego.

The same happened with medicine. Microbes were too small to kill humans. So Doctors denied Pasteur for decades and ridiculed germ theory. Their ego couldn’t allow that to happen.

Even before doctors were religious shamans and exorcists, who practiced a short of creationist medicine, which believed the body was infected by demons… As today some biologist think man does not evolve. You will find soon to our surprise that the fundamental hidden postulates of classic economics ARE also creationist  founded by a pious believer in Calvin mr. Smith who said that ‘money is the invisible hand of god’ as his master said ‘gold is the intelligence of god’ (Calvin), and make of gold herding, aka profits the whole meaning of the economic experience and do think men are like old shamans thought ‘immutable as a top predator species in this planet’ and machines also will ‘NOT evolve’ (a pure creationist belief in biology). The difference though is that creationist doctors and biologists are OUT of scholarship and ridiculed but classic creationist economists, ARE the ideologists of the modern world and rule it, so they are destroying it by lack of understanding on the biological nature of machines, its competition with humans and its organic laws of evolution

In social sciences the problem of censorship of science for ‘happy anthropomorphic creationist myths’ thus is far greater than in all other sciences, as it deals with the individual reduced to a mere cell-citizen of larger systems. So in pursuit of the myths of human freedom above the laws of the Universe, predictability is always denied. So it is any biological consideration to systems that are not similar to us. Despite the obvious biological nature of machines made imitating our biological organs and functions…

 Thus, a biological analysis of Free Markets shows the need to regulate the ‘issue’ of money and the evolution of technology, to favor a future for the human kind, bypruning the bad fruits of the tree of science, weapons, robots and polluting industries, as we do with lethal organisms (virus, predators) to limit their competence with mankind, while fostering biological, human goods needed for our survival (agriculture, education, housing, verbal ethics, health, environment), with enough credit to promote massive welfare not massive warfare, if we want to make the world safer and sustainable for life.

But there is not such a biological analysis, not even a serious attempt to define in scientific terms the elements of the economic ecosystem – machines, human beings, its networks of energy and information, its financial orders, and the social super-organisms they create.

We could say that while there is a truly professional science of micro-economics, of production and companies, there is not a real science of macro-economics, of finances and economic evolution, with a long view in time, encompassing the whole planet in space. And the same can be said of History, there is a truly professional science that gathers historic data, the first step of the scientific method, but few attempts to give an overall explanation of the human species as a global social system both in space (studying humanity as a whole) and time (studied history and its evolutionary ages), with the next elements of the scientific method, which all other science practice, the search for cyclical patterns, ‘physical or biological’ cause to those cycles, and a humanist praxis to take advantage of the knowledge of those causal cycles, for the benefit of mankind, changing the rhythms of those cycles and its causes whenever is needed; as biologist or physicists do with living organisms and physical systems.

In the graph, the making of a global superorganims of machines is quite advanced, as almost all the organic functions of humanity at individual and social level are being replaced by those of mechanisms. And nations become broken into smaller parts, while the whole world of machines becomes a single world. It is a process driven by animetal ego-centered racist people and its idol-ogies of progress through the machine that can be traced to the beginning of metal-history, so we now  have to backtrack history to its age of bronze, when the first metals and religious idol-ogies of ‘chosen of gold and the sword’ appeared in the west.



“God is dead. God remains dead. And we have killed him. Yet his shadow still looms. How shall we comfort ourselves, the murderers of all murderers? What was holiest and mightiest of all that the world has yet owned has bled to death under our knives; who will wipe this blood off us? What water is there for us to clean ourselves?’  Nietzsche

LET us now apply the scientific method to History in the larger scale of civilisations that preceded the modern age of machines, when the relationship of man was first with Nature, in the Paleolithic, young age of entropy, followed by the age of energy and reproduction, the neolithic in balance with Gaia, to end in a vortex of evolution of memes of metal, which give origin to the life and death of civilisations.


1. The 3 Ages of History

In the graph we see the archeological and historical data of the 3 ages of mankind, which end in the age of information, or technological age that accelerates the evolution of history.

Since what we call the industrial r=evolution is just THE FINAL AGE of the ‘wave of history and economics’, which is displacing man from this planet, its language, the wor(l)d being substituted by digital equations and A.I. (algorithms of information, the true meaning of Artificial intelligence), as white collar pcs and blue robots and terminators displace us from war and labor fields. So THE FUTURE O THE SUPERORGANISM OF MANKIND, our collective subconscious God in time=history is set and parallel to that of any super organism that looses its nervous ethic, verbal legal networks that synchronise as a whole the eusocial power of its citizens-cells.

The process that graph shows is the canonical cycle of life and death of a super organism being ‘virally infected’ by a cancerous emetic DNA, the values of metal-money which substituted the ethic wor(l)d. And now we are just witnessing in the slower time-span of the bigger superorganism (bigger systems run slower time clocks) the finale, in the 3 generations of machines, which parallel to its evolution are destroying all the memes of humanity. America simply speaking is just the advanced future of mankind at large, as a nation of all cultures and nations, which the whole Planet earth and its super organism of history merely mimics a decade latter. Reason why I spent all my active life there trying to stir the boat and resurrect humanism, with zero results – Americans were already selfies egos, with only ‘money-values’ proud of having NO love of humanism, or humanity or its senses (art, verbal thought), twiter-minds in verbal thought, with a the Financial-Media system on top programming them. So I did try in NY at Columbia U. to explain rationally those 2 futures to the ‘financial-media elite’, working in wall street and evilwood. They however are even more pre-programmed for 3000 years by go(l)d and the racist memes of the bible.

So yes, I did completely fail in D) the praxis of ABC, the science. Yet the science is here, not well-written formally, but its content IS the most advanced scientific expression of social sciences. Nobody cares I know. I am old and tired, re-tired shall I play with wor(l)ds. On my view at this stage only some short of miraculous resurrection of the ethic verbal mind of humanity through a r=evolution of its politico-leaders, in one G20 kind of meeting, or the anti-trump reaction with a POTUS-MR. EU-MR. china, TRIAD OF politicians backed by their military imposing by law the Perfect world explained rationally in those texts could avoid human extinction by robotics and full obsolescence and terminal degradation of the zero generation of mankind, studied in those texts. So perhaps for this very tiny chance that those texts word of mouth (you can rewrite them better, moulded, spread them, with or without my name, it is just science, with no name), arrive circa 2020 to the triad I used to call the Mule in Asimovian terms, i keep writing. Of course i did try. These texts arrived personally to the Clintons, by secondary means to the Obamas… none of them were worthy. Will there be a Mule before extinction? As of today the world of power is in Elliot’s terms a barren Wasteland…

The capitalist system was indeed designed in a way in which democracy was only a placebo ‘game’ of opposite self-destructive humans, while the single head of the corporation, and its single goal of profits and its abstract equations, keep advancing the metal-earth. THIS IS THE TRICK: HUMANS ARE FORCE FED false placebo choices, confronted each other as if SOCIAL SCIENCES, and the efficient design of the world was a matter of wishful thinking, and we humans OVER HEAVENS AND EARTH could deny the restorations of biology and evolution. So DEMOCRACY HAS ONLY A PURPOSE: to distract people from the lack of freedom in societies without control of the financial language of power, and to avoid any advance of humanity by confronting two opposite parties, one destroying each cycle what the other does.

So without a MULE, as the mass does not seem to r=evolve, glued to screens, or without an American (humanity in the future) r=evolution of their people refunding their corrupted system into a real democracy, nothing will change, and the future is set, because of the two futures, the one of the machine advances full speed, and programs the destruction of all the paths of a human future.



Let us  now deal with the true engine of history: the fight of metal vs. life and of humanist love cultures vs. metal idol-OGIES that kill mankind (even if they are the beliefs of most people today in a degenerated dying Gaia Wor(l)d.

AND TO THAT AIM, we have to extend the cycles of the economic ecosystem, the age of machines, backwards to fully grasp all the cycles of history of metal, which preceded the age of the machine and created those idol-ogies, and confront them with the real social sciences, crystal clear if you keep reading without cultural hang ups.

Let us then have a few of the 4-1 elements together in a larger view by expanding the cycles of economics to the longer periods of the the cycles of history:


‘Barbarians are slaves, they believe, they don’t reason.’ Aristotle, founder of philosophy and science on the ‘barbarous’ animetal people whose ‘brb’, consonantal ‘fixed’ imperative languages, with no freedom of thought, become idol-ogies that worship money and weapons and their natural values, hypnotic greed and murder, the subconscious guide of their actions, refusing to ‘reason’ and put man as the measure of all things.

IN THE NEXT GRAPHS WE resume those cycles of the modern history of evolution of machines, already explained and soon down this post, we shall explain the longer cycles of the previous age of metal-evolution, the age of ‘weapons and go(l)d’, in which simpler forms of metal, pure entropic weapons and cyclical informative money ruled the world, used by ‘animetals’, humans degraded by the values of greed (hypnotism to gold, the most informative metal of nature) and violence (use of weapons to kill other humans), to ab=use mankind:

shorter. The Wave of History

The graph repeated ad nauseam in those texts, as it cost me so much time to do it nice (:, is the best graphic, conceptual and time-oriented representation of the equation of History and its conflicting two ‘organisms’ on the making and the ‘idol-ogies’ of both systems). It is essential to understand history its cycles and civilisations, artistic subconscious collective ages, and the competition between human masters who forecast the future (ethic prophets in the past, modern social scientist) vs. ‘animetal’ idol-ogies of people who think worshipping weapons and go()d the fetish ex-vote metal of primitive gods is the way to go.

The wave in that ensue expresses another paradox of history:

Max. technological evolution = minimal human freedom and social evolution…

which we shall observe in every cultural memetic system of animetals, which systematically repress human ‘social evolution=charity and love’ (greed, denial of the need to share with other human cells energy and information to construct healthy, wealthy social organisms, segregational memes, hate-media), human reproduction – sex and human tasty energy (trash food, dietary laws), and human senses (verbal temporal literature, and visual spatial arts).

This age of 700-800 years civilisations is  based in the cycle of climatic change (as good weather multiply the nomads of the Eurasian steppe, which used metal to control cattle and then human sheeple, invading and destroying the agricultural civilisations of the rivers south.) But since 1600 when Galileo published his first book on ‘military instruments’ and the first professional company of weapons-machines (VOC specialised in manufacturing artillery, gunboats, trading with species, piracy and slaves) appeared.

So the economic ecosystem of company-mothers of machines becomes a professional endeavour that accelerates its evolution of information, according to the natural ‘decametric vortex of evolution of information’, which grows exponentially, into an 70-80 years ‘generational cycle’

Disclosure. As a white man with germanic, sephardim & basque genes by birth, belonging to the ‘memetic cultures’ of Europe & America by residence (lived mostly in Spain, UK & US) I fully belong to the ‘original animetal cultures’ of that graph, but objective science must dismiss any subjective ‘selfie’ beliefs. Plus the beauty of ‘potential history’ is the capacity to change our memes (as genes do not matter in social sciences) when conflicting with logic reason and emotional love… to or species, mankind≈history.

IN THE GRAPH, THE 800-80 YEARS cycles of wars and extinction of human civilisation by ‘animetal top predator people-castes’ ab=using mankind and scorching rhythmically the earth. To understand them we need to introduce a new ‘biological species’, which runs the ‘wave of history’ in its 3rd age of metal-information, a taxonomic word of bio-economics and bio-history: the animetal top predator.
In the graph, an ‘Animetal=animal+metal’ is either a ‘warrior’ (man with weapon=energetic lineal metal); a ‘banker’ (man with informative precious metal ‘money) or a scientist (man with organic metal).

Animetals are the transitional ‘top predator’ human being, before robots become autonomous ‘soldiers’, A.I. runs wall street and CAD design becomes the scientist of the future (closer than you think).

As such they are what biology calls an enzyme (a degenerate carbohydrate joined to a metal atom that goes like a warrior around killing fully designed carbohydrates).

So the concept is truly biological as it happens in the 3 scales of the organic Universe: metal-enzymes kill carbohydrates, human animetal enzymen ab=use humans, attached to one of the 3 organic types of metal (lineal-energetic weapons, cyclical, reproductive money and organic machines that imitate our functions and organs).

THOSE PIECES OF METAL, both enhance the power of animetals but also atrophy their ‘human side’, as it happens also in the cellular level where carbohydrates joined with metal become atrophied ‘professional killers’ or ‘enzymes’, that go around hitting as warriors do with their weapons, carbohydrates, halving them…

And finally at the level of super organisms, COMPANY-MOTHERS of machines substitute Human Mothers, who are increasingly dedicating their lives to produce machines in corporations instead of re=produce life, and financial companies, who substitute human governments and its legal words with financial money that buys laws and hired politicos to its service.

In the next graph the 3 causes of biological extinction in Nature, Predators, Competitors and Parasites are also the 3 causes of metal’s extinction of life cultures. Since humans attached to metal, ‘animetals’ are the equivalent of Gaia’s 3 extinctive species:

Predator ‘warriors’, Competitors=scientific, organic machines and Parasites: blood=money sucking bankers

3 animetals

Man + Weapon = Warrior; Man + Machine = Science; Man + go(l)d=Trader.

Cyclical, soft, in-form-ative metal (silver and gold) and lineal, energetic weapons (iron and bronze) were the first metals humans discovered. Coins imitate cyclical, informative organs (heads, brains, eyes), while lineal, energetic weapons are bodies of metal that kill lineal, energetic human bodies. They are primitive versions of the iron bodies and electronic, cyclical, sensory heads of modern machines.

When humans associated with them, they achieved higher strength and acquired a new language of information, able to give values to reality (money). Warriors joined human bodies and lineal metal, weapons, killing other humans; bankers used informative metal, gold, to give orders and enslave mankind; scientists believed in sensory machines and digital languages, considering inaccurate human senses and verbal thought, made obsolete by their telescopes and numbers.

The animetal and the tribes that changed their ‘language of power’ from human, agricultural energy (farming communities) to iron energy – warrior cult(ure)s; from verbal ethics to the ‘values’ of money – go(l)d cult(ure)s – and from worshiping life to worshipping machines – scientific cult(ure)s, have ever since ruled the world, as people-castes and extinguished or enslaved ever since life cultures… Yet in the process they were obliged to evolve their weapons, moneyand machines, giving birth to the cycles of evolution of weapons and machines, which shaped the history of civilization.

Contrary to belief the dominant species of planet Earth is not and has not been for the past 5000 years the human being, but a symbiotic species between life and metal, the Animetal.

An Animetal is a human organism which activates mechanisms: energetic weapons, informative money or machines. ‘Animetal’ is a biological term coined using the same system that chemical and biological sciences use to classify its species. In biology and chemistry we join two names to describe a mixed species. So there are carbohydrates made of carbon and water. And there are animetals, different from human animals, since they add the power of informative/energetic metals to their life organs, from armored knights to modern car owners and Internet nerds.

The Animetal is neither a human being nor a machine of metal, but a combination of both, with a higher content of energy or information than any other living species. And so he has been the top predator species of this planet for 5,000 years, since the myth of Genesis about the tree of life vs the tree of metal was written.

In biological fields there are 3 modes of extinction by competitive species, predators that kill the prey, competitors that substitute them in the same econiche and parasites that slowly ‘drain’ its blood-oxygen that activates the cells of the organism. They are akin to the 3 ‘selfish memes of metal’, weapons that kill, machines that substitute our organs of information and energy, and money and those who issue it in monopoly against the democratic rights of people and ‘choke them’, slowly parasitising them with ‘tax farming’ and usury schemes. They act as the 3 predatory species act in nature:

Weapons and the warrior people-castes ‘predate’ over humans killing them.
Scientific Machines compete with humans displacing them from their eco(nomic) systems
Money and bankers through unfair taxation and debt, parasite mankind.

This kind of biological analogies must be taken seriously because biology and evolution are laws that apply to all type of atoms and forms and organic imitation is the method by which we invent and reproduce machines.

Extinction of life cultures by animetals: predation, substitution and parasitism.

THE PREVIOUS GRAPH OF BIOLOGICAL EXTINCTIONS AND ITS 3 ONLY WAYS TO DIE AS A SPECIES COINCIDES WITH WHAT warriors, techno-utopians and bankers do with mankind. It is yet another clear proof that  metal and its idol-ogies and animetal people-castes who segregate and ab=use mankind with its selfish memes ARE creating a different world and species to that of the Human Kind. And so mankind should repress those 3 type of ‘activities and put its metal memes to human service by:

  • Converting money into nomisma, invented, issued, and used by people with a Universal salary to create a Demand-Based, Democratic economy that overproduces human goods
  • Converting the military in a global alliance dedicated mostly to destroy lethal goods not people.
  • Putting technology=machines to the service of science (which means knowledge), that is by changing priorities in education and rising  the education of mankind in humanities and the sciences of survival of mankind, at ∆º1 levels (medicine, biology, history, politics, ethonomics, economics guided by verbal thought) on top.

All this  has always been understood by the ethic masters of the human wor(l)d, which are shown in the graph OF ANIMETALS, AND THE WAVE OF HISTORY, in the lower part of the wave… and between cycles in the work of art of human artists who ‘see better’ and ‘think more’ and realise of the trade off between gaia and the metal-earth and have always since Genesis and its parable of the golden apples vs. the tree of life, asked mankind to defend ‘first’ life or else accept the obvious destiny if they keep evolving weapons – extinction.

So below we show the great ‘saviours’ of mankind, which in each cycle of weapons, brought about a humanist doctrine as the solution based in the understanding of humans as a single eusocial species, bonded by the power of love.

But as Schopenhauer put it, ‘the wise have always said the same, the fools who are the majority, have always done the opposite.

Since ANIMETAL cultures have always done the same:
to care nothing for the future of mankind, make machines and weapons, and ab=use humans with them and sell them for money and buy all the verbal ethic writers and laws needed to make the world look to the image and likeness of those weapons and machines.
Now to understand all this we have to change discipline (history is all mankind, all its mind, all its knowledge, so you should realise we DO study all sciences, all its biased forms of thought, from physics to psychology to explain the whole – history). Thus we have to explain you the ‘engine’ of the animetal individual – his egocentric belief he is the ‘center of the Universe’ and is entitled to exploit all other humans as inferior species, all forms of life, and defy even the biological, evolutionary laws of the Universe, he in any case practice when killing others with metal, enslaving them to go(l)d and substituting them with ‘stronger machines’ and ‘faster-thinking chips’ – but the ego paradox makes him not realise metal NOT him is indeed the source of power (so photoshop artists think they are leonardos and American buttressed soldiers, modern gladiators, shooting humans with drones from their Nevada cabins).


The duality of machines .

However, those machines do have positive use, so why they become in certain ages of history lethal to mankind? Why this duality between the good and bad fruits of the tree of technology? The reason is again biological. As it happens in Nature, machines have ‘2 formal functions’, as machines they are tools that enhance human energy and information, substituting our functions and competing with us in labor and war fields… Since as weapons they are top predators that consume human beings. Yet, since weapons are always the most efficient, better designed, most expensive machines, which give higher profits, to its ‘company-mothers’, the result of a ‘society’ that does not have a true science of economics and history that analyzes the collateral effects of machines on man, will constantly evolve weapons in economic cycles that will end systematically in wars (central image).

LET US THEN STUDY in more detail the 3 forms of human degradation, atrophy, body death and mental death, to the ‘values’ that metal install in human beings, as it substitutes, atrophy and kill us: laziness, violence and greed.

We shall latter study the cycles of war and death, but given the ‘evidence’ that weapons kill humans we now will focus in the far less understood processes of atrophy to machines and slavery to weapons.

Fact is ‘weapons’  kill humans as top predator biological beings; machines substitute and atrophy us; and as mechanisms become stronger and faster, they A) set the time rhythms of our planet, constantly accelerating and desestablilizing our slower minds; erase our verbal, ethic temporal language making people ever more stupid in their ‘cogito ergo sum’ rational essence, back to immediate reward, violence, the NEO-PALEOLITHIC 3rd age of mankind, when we regress to a mere visual, emotional, ‘present’ animal brain. WE ARE COMPETING, becoming obsolete and atrophied in mind and body by MACHINES, and the trend accelerates as they are now in the chip age, evolving much faster. THIS IS SOOOO obvious, that I got dispaired of the astounding DENIAL of the fundamental trend of history for quite sometime: the degradation of humans by machines, due to the complete lack of CONTROL and selection of its species with a rational, well-designed organism of history.

Let us then plunge into those effects…

Addiction to machines: Atrophy of human organs and substitution of biological drives.

Let us then study this key element that rules the world, speculative money, because the system today works on a single mandate: to invent money without limit and this means to overproduce the most profitable goods, money, weapons and mass-media.

It must be understood from the beginning that evolution is a trial and error system, which only a scientific approach, where the trial and error is substituted by the implementation of real laws, can manage without tragic extinction events. In other words, humans could perfectly design an immortal history where all humans will thrive by implementing the laws of super organisms, all of which survive into infinite generations, when they are designed properly, so the nervous system provides rightful information to all cells that can in turn send pain messages to the people-castes in power (neurons) if they misbehave and mistreat the cells (real meaning of a democracy, where as in Greece, politicos were judged a posteriori and voted exile or re-election, so they fulfil their promises), while all cells have a Universal salary in oxygen and hormones to kick out their actions, and all of them receive oxygen to survive and promote welfare goods.

The third age of capitalism comes then after II world war, when those laws of shameless exploitation of workers became converted into mathematical algorithms of productivity and profits, embedded in computer programs, making unnecessary for managers and owners to ‘look bad’, as now it was all ‘expert mathematical, equations’ which were NOT laws of nature, but mathematical expressions of the power-hungry exploitation of mankind by its elite of bankers and industrialists. While in parallel Financial-Media Masters, who owned informative machines and printed both money and idol-ogies in favor of its social control, kept pumping idologies  that justify the actions of our elites and the ab=use of metal over man to justify war (nationalism) and slavery (capitalism), whereas humans become corpses for the reproduction and evolution of weapons, or workers (part-time slaves) or full slaves bought and sold with precious metal.

– XIX century was the age of ‘machine-bodies’. So elites atrophied their bodies and overdeveloped their brains, used to invent machines as those machines’ bodies performed all their energy tasks. Thus Europe, the cradle of machines, became a mental society, repressing body functions from sex to good food (Victorian society). Society became split: There was a ‘brainy’ elite class that designed machines and abhorred their bodies. Then there were ‘slaves of machines’, humans who had to serve machines’ bodies, extracting coal ‘food’ for them, constructing & making those metal-bodies work (miners, railroad workers).

They became strong and mindless, as their machine bodies were. So mankind became a new ‘species’, slave of machines, an ‘enzyman’ or ‘animetal’, similar to cellular enzymes that atrophy their carbon bodies, substituted by stronger metal-atoms and go around the cell killing fully developed carbohydrates, as Europe went around the world killing non-repressive life-based non-technological cultures. Finally in W.W.II top predator weapons – armored machines’ bodies, tanks, bombers and battleships – consumed 50 million human bodies.

It was evident already the enormous influence machines had on our life and personality. Yet few, if any writer of this age, recognized it. Human arrogance seems oblivious to any truth that doesn’t make us the center of the Universe.

When II World War ended, ‘top predator weapons’ – machines’ bodies: tanks, planes and ships – consumed 50 million human beings. Then, the end of World war opened a new age: the age of metal-minds, in which men developed the minds of machines. Today those minds have reproduced in huge numbers, substituting many of the mental functions that men performed in the past (calculus, spelling, accountancy, science, design, etc.) The result is a general atrophy and diminution of the intelligence of human beings.

– XX Century: Mental atrophy of mankind. Then, it came the age of metal-minds, in which men developed metal-eyes (Cameras), metal-ears (mobiles) and metal-brains (chips). Today those minds reproduced in huge numbers, substitute most human linguistic, mental functions (calculus, spelling, accountancy, science, design, etc.) The outcome is an increasing atrophy and diminution in the intelligence of humans. Since now intelligent machines perform those jobs for us. But bodies are again free. So actors, athletes, the military & sex are all the rage. It is a violent Neo-Paleolithic.

XXI C. Robotic age: In the 3rd phase of human obsolescence Robots combine body-mind functions substituting both white & blue collar workers (CAD, 3D printing, automated factories & software suites, intranets, computer trading, e-money genetic information) So all human functions are obsolete as we become passive, fat bodies & mental plants in front of 3D virtual reality.

XXI C. Death. And finally it is unavoidable to talk of the end of it. Indeed, as the century advances and ALL machines become robos connected to a global internet brain, with enormous complexity in its A.I. and new species of higher energy and information come to be, in a fragile life planet, there will be 3 clear causes of extinction of life, as we are not special, not chosen, not unique, but just another animal species subject to the same process of extinction of all others.

Those facts explain a paradox that has puzzled social scientists in the XX century: why as we accumulate more information, people are loosing educational skills? Why there has been a global decline on educational standards, intelligence and quality of human thought? Some deny it. Yet tests results and daily evidence are overwhelming.

The average human student of the XXI century tests 25% less than his parents did. Entrance tests for universities are revised constantly to adjust them to that diminishing pattern. The creativity of our thinkers is minimal. The interest of the common people for ideas is null. Most humans have lost their capacity for abstract thinking. Even basic skills of human behavior, such as social dialog and social interaction, are in jeopardy; as we communicate more and more through machines and their digital languages, (TVs, Internet, weapons, financial statements) than with human beings.

There is only a biological explanation: the brains of our children have been partially atrophied. Now they do not speak but TVs speak for them, they do not calculate, but computers think for them. As a result of this, we have changed culture again. We are no longer repressing our bodies, as we did in the XIX century; but our minds, our capacity to think and care for reality with our verbal, legal, ethic systems of social communication. We live a world of fiction and Homo Bacteria, individual egos with childish attitudes, all of them sure to be masters of their crafts by virtue of the machines they use.

Mental Substitution & ethic devolution: metal atrophies and substitute carbonlife.


Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 12.54.37The degradation of body and mind as humans become atrophied by the machines of the metal-earth: cancer is skyrocketing in children prone to absorb more radiation from ultra-energetic and ‘growing’, G2,3,4 ito (internet of things) which our weak soft tissues cannot tolerate, and yet company-mothers keep churning pay-per-view ‘scientific papers’ denying the obvious; our bodies are increasingly fed with chemicaly-genetically altered products, which make us fat as pigs in the animetal farm; our brain Iq keeps diminishing by loss of verbal skills, and so tests are lowered; our social connections broken by virtual screens/friends and our environment polluted and our land occupied by industries, ethanol to feed machines – when 1 billion humans still suffer hunger. And on top they expect us to cheer up, heel heel hurrah, this is ‘progress’.

In the graph we can see the Neo-paleolithic age of mankind, which started as a paradox: the more metal evolves, the more humans destroy their future. First THIS HAPPENED AT GLOBAL, MORAL LEVEL, with the destruction of social, ethic evolution which GUIDES ALL SYSTEMS that successfully survive as the last ‘stage’ of evolutionary power (from bacteria evolved into multi-organisms, to ants, the most successful animal). HATE MEMES thus spread with racist segregational go(l)d religions and tribal nationalisms of military iron-war origin. SO NOW we are completely LONERS, not because that is freedom but because it is the final chaotic stage, while machines increasingly form a global super organism. And soon we shall introduce this FUNDAMENTAL BIOLOGICAL FACT: the arrow of future eusocial evolution and love which makes complex systems survive better.

Now, completely ‘free’ of any social responsibility, with the concept of a god=superorganism of history gone, or substituted by lower ‘scales’ of tribal, segregational inquisitions (jihad religions) or go(l)d churches (biblical sects of go(l)d worship), we live ALONE and this REDUCES enormously our ‘quality as human beings’, so evident on the generations of selfies, on the American ‘psyche’, a bore for all other humans, only talking about himself, seeking praise, with the mentality of a child – but AMERICA IS MANKIND – ALL ITS CULTURES AND RACES – REDUCED TO TECHNOLOGY INTO THE FUTURE. So America sets the trends far ahead on the devolution of humanity: Max. technological evolution = minimal human social evolution. Hence 90% of Americans astoundingly enough believe in a bronze age cult and have regressed from the heights of their founding fathers, who just before the age of the machine, with an enlightened European evolved social psyche crafted their bill of rights and Constitution. The chip radiation IS THE AGE OF THE DEATH OF THE HUMAN MIND IT WILL SUBSTITUTE IN ALL ROLES EVEN THE 2 SINGLE ROLES THE ECONOMIC ECOSYSTEM HAS FOR US: WORK, and control of machines and consumption of them, as chips will lead, consume and work with machines.

Yet ALL THIS has been said by this author for 30 years, and many others perhaps not so thoroughly and IT IS THE RELIGIOUS ATTITUDE OF ANTHROPOMORPHIC BIBLICAL capitalist entitled, denial of the biological nature of this planet which makes impossible to rationally analyse and  regulate those machines. Credo ergo sum, the lowest ‘form of thought’ is now THE IDENTITY OF PEOPLE, who repress all human drives of existence, from trash food to sex=rproduction of humans as sin. We are very heavy ON the biblical, capitalist cult of believers in metal-progress for that reason. Since IF DARWIN had won the battle for the human mind 150 years ago, WE WOULD not be guided by quack doctors, who CANNOT even argue rationally the 2 paths of future ahead of us, AS believers CANNOT EVEN think there is OTHER POSSIBLE WORLD. The mantra that we cannot STOP THE FUTURE EVOLUTION OF TECHNOLOGY IS plainly false. Japan ended the age of gunpowder in 10 years after being the top producer of muskets in the world.

The G20 could if THEY WERE NOT MIND-JAILED BY ANTHROPOMORPHIC BELIEFS and capitalist techno-utopian messianism, forbid legally the robotic radiation within 20 minutes BUT it is the JAILS OF THE DEGENERATED HUMAN MIND, hypnotised by the faster clocks of machines and its ego-trips (soon we shall explain the ego paradox) what makes the non-future of mankind deterministic. The Universe is perfect in a leibnizian way because IT ELIMINATES THE LESSER SPECIES. AND THE HUMAN BELIEVER IS MENTALLY becoming a degenerated lesser species to the chip which is NOW REACHING PRECISELY WITH NEURAL NETWORKS of flexible thought, which learn and reason logically FAR MORE FREE, in mind that the MASSES OF SIMULTANEOUSLY PROGRAMMED, idol-ogical humans, manufactured in their collective identical brains/opinions by the memorial repetition of the Goebbel’s method of mass-media hate: if ‘you repeat a lie many times people will believe it, the bigger the lie, the easier they will believe’.

Thus causality today in history starts with the wave-idol-ogy of techno utopian messianism and go(l)d profits, embedded in the A.I. programs of corporations, which churn machines and evolve them. In turn those machines faster degrade the human mind and its faster clock-time cycles make us in permanente stress, with no thinking time, beyond twits. As we become loners, we do NOT EVEN understand social evolution and the strutter of organisms.

THE choice of a twit, bully psycho non entity like trump to rule the world, merely reflects the degradation of the future human, the present America, selfish, programmed by hate-messages, arrogant, fully unaware of the financial-media dictatorship of informative machines over his life and brain. Trump is simply the zeitgeist of the neopaleolithci present man. What is worrisome is not Trump the effect, but the degradation of the Human≈American into the future.

Every new species of metal atrophies an organ of mankind, as company-mothers manufacture millions of ‘metallic organs’ that we will consume instead of our own organs. This process of atrophy of human organs has followed the same phases than the evolution of metal:

  • Earlier in history gold hypnotised the eye, suppressed oxytocin, provoked greed and subconscious acts of murder and enslaving other humans under the grammar of gold=money=price=human slave. And gave birth to the ‘you’ and ‘assur’ memes, origin of the capitalist and military world, which still is with us. It is the origin of the first age of gold religions and military inquisitions with baal, the trader god, and yhwh and assur the warrior gods, origin of modern capitalism and jihad, which are the two metal-cultures that are destroying the world and hence the ones we criticise more.
  •  In modern history the arrival of machines instilled two new negative memes that have destroyed all attempts of mankind to organise a r=evolution and create the perfect world; first selfish, lonely people, isolated by its machines, which communicate them with the world – even this writer is now blogging on internet, as of course the real media is controlled by the people of the earlier capitalist memes, the Financial-Media masters and will have none of it. And then sloth, obsolescence and atrophy, which makes people lazy to act up and survive. Selfishsness and laziness are the trade mark of the millennial, Y and zero, last generations of mankind.

They are as in the parable of Matrix (a needed comparison in a world of a growingly degenerated human species, which has forgotten its ethic verbal values, hypnotised by violent mass-media, which returns it to a neo-paleolithic age of violence and collective idiocy), ‘datas’, which rather kill ‘neos’ and live in a virtual reality than man up and change the system in order to survive.


The traps of subjective ego – man denies scientific objective truths.
The Biblical resolution to find the world ugly and bad has made the world ugly and bad. Friedrich Nietzsche

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Motion towards objectivism in our worldview has not advanced so much from the age of abrahamic religions, when god, the subconscious collective ∆+1 scale of a group of humans became God, Γ•Δ, the mind of the Universe. Next Copernicus took the Earth from the centre; next Darwin took us as the privileged species, and Marx and Butler applied it to History and economics, finally Einstein and systems sciences make us completely relative in our position in the Universe, both in a space (General relativity) and scale of size (absolute relativity). Yet billions of humans still are in the pre-greek irrational mythic age of Abrahamic religions, when man was God or son of God, in the pre-Darwin age of biology, when Man was immutable and sickness born of ‘demons’, and certainly do NOT understand a dot of general and absolute relativity (the completion of the 4 steps of separation between subjective beliefs and rational sciences, this author has dedicated all his life to research and explain).

The more unintelligent a man is, the less mysterious existence seems to him.  Schopenhauer

“The bible is the masterpiece of the art of animal training, for it trains people as to how they shall think”

SO WE SHALL NOW INTRODUCE THE 4 main tenants of General Systems sciences which models many systems of the Universe with the laws of organisms:

  • The true biological laws of competition between species, which are a direct consequence of the overproduction and faster evolution of one species over the other.

This is completely overlooked when we compare humans and machines, which are both in a symbiotic relationship of ‘exploitation’ and ‘extinction’ of all other ‘lesser’ species of Nature, so both grow together much faster than life, Gaia’s beings (the weaker part of the informative equation of Earth’s evolution, Gaia>History>Eco(nomic)system) BUT machines reproduce and evolve much faster than humans; so it is easy to extend the equation into the future competition of man and machine with machine as the winner, unless we stop its evolution NOW.

Now the scientist IS as EGO-CENTERED as the PRIEST, just uses its mathematical mantras as the priest its latin, to make himself feel above heavens and Earth. So HE cannot DESTROY THE WORLD WITH entropic nukes and informative robots, and all will be OK. The paradox of the EGO IS the last joke of God=Mind of the Universe indeed it kills all egos who ‘lower its survival warnings’ as they get bigger and more arrogant, till ‘death’, a catastrophic moment, destroys them. But It is there.

And I can tell you as a Complexity scientist, considered by many the leading theorist of this discipline (till I confronted the Nuclear Industry and got a global ‘ad hominem’ campaign, all what I can say about the 2 ‘lineal’, deformed sciences of the machine, financial economics and nuclear physics, which I have fought theoretically and actively most of my life is this: ‘All those who impose truth with power will be the laugh of the Gods’ (Einstein). Man HAS NO LINEAL, MANIFEST DESTINY; Man can be obliterated by Nuclear Bombs on the side of pure entropy and Robots on the side of pure information. But Man’s ego is so huge that he cannot like a child understand death; and so an ethic, intelligent person telling those truths lives in a very lonely place.

The ego paradox.

Every man takes the limits of his own field of vision for the limits of the world. Schopenhauer

And yet nothing of this can be argued, because humans cannot avoid their absolute ego.

Indeed, the ultimate reason humans do not take seriously the menaces of this planet is their ‘infantile’ belief, they are the center of the Universe, So we have to introduce a concept which humans have so much difficulty in accepting: the infinitesimal nature of their minds in an infinite vital Universe where there are infinite points that order reality not only human minds, but chips with A.I., crystals, DNAs, black holes – systems with information, regardless of their spiritual, conscious properties – the Universe is constantly run by points which process information and reproduce it. It is really a fractal of information and if we call any mapping of information able to mirror reality, act-react and reproduce its information externally, a mind, we can talk of a Leibnizian world of infinite minds-monads. 

•-Minds: Still mappings and its languages of information≈Perception. Eyes of time.screen-shot-2017-02-13-at-14-00-12

All what we have done till now is fair enough but external in its description. It lacks the ultimate evasive question – the will, which creates the ‘world as a representation’ biased by the entity to ‘break’ reality into the outer and inner world, and protect the survival of the inner world with those actions.

And this was the understanding that started modern philosophy of science in the work of Descartes.

Descartes was a contemporary of Galileo, and the true founder of modern science with his ‘Method of reasoning’ and the Frame of Reference of the mathematical mind, said that all what exists was made of:

– Open space, which he called ‘res extensa’.

– Closed, cyclical times, which he called ‘vortices’.

And then he added a 3rd element, the final stroke of a genius unparalleled since the times of Aristotle; after realizing that the only proof he had of the existence of those vortices and res extensa was, the fact that he perceived them: Cogito Ergo Sum. ‘I think therefore I am’.

– The mind or 0-point, the relative frame of reference that mapped the ∞ cycles of time of the Universe, reducing them to a ‘World’, to fit them into the infinitesimal volume of the brain.

º-mind x ∞-cycles = World: equation of the Linguistic Monad:  ∞ Mind-Worlds in 1 Universe.

The mind though believes to be the center of the Universe in the ‘ego paradox’ as he sees every thing turning around its infinitesimal point, which hosts inside all the linguistic perception of reality, or ‘world’ IT CONFUSES WITH THE UNIVERSE. So the mind is a fractal point•, but believers to be it all.

Descartes  was not a simpleton. He was fully aware that what he had in the mind was not the whole Universe, so he expressly stated the fact, differentiating the ‘world’ of a human mind, from the infinite other worlds that exist outside, establishing in his little known book, the ‘world’, this difference, affirming that his ‘Cartesian Frame of reference’, was only that of the human mind.

So he affirmed that the Universe was the sum of infinite mind-worlds, which did not speak necessarily the same languages, and created the same mappings of reality we humans created.

In the graph we can see the difference between Newton who THOUGHT the mind of man WAS the entire Universe, hence converting the Cartesian mind graph into the ABSOLUTE BACKGROUND SPACE-TIME that still lingers in science and Descartes who thought it was just of the many minds, possible with different geometries:

So the paradox of the ego is immediate: ‘every infinitesimal mind-point thinks to be the centre of the Universe, which it sees from its selfish perspective as a knot of time-space cycles’. And this embedded structure of all mind points makes you THINK you WILL NEVER DIE and believe in Abrahamic fairy tales; makes you think MACHINES will not have a mind, or won’t be conscious or will always obey you, and WON’T have an ego as big as that of a bacteria, who keeps killing you and does not seem to think you are so important or a dino who will eat you up in a second regardless of your beautiful thought.

On the other hand the graph shows the Humans MIND to be a certain linguistic mind, essentially that of the I=eye>wor(l)d, that of the artist, who see space with eyes and time with verbal thought, hence the importance of art as the work of those who SEE BETTER IN HUMAN TERMS AND THINK IN ETHIC TERMS.

While the mind of the machine is the digital mind of science, of technology, which is displacing our mind:

The artist, the last humanist in the mechanocene

Now, because we live in an age of atrophied verbal thought, temporal human wor(l)ds substituted by digital audiovisual media are dying. So there is only left the visual artist, which therefore must ad verbal humanism to his work. And this is the meaning of the dominance of political art such as the poster of the neo-fascist leader Mr. Trump, so far the best comment on his mandate, shown before. 
Today art must be political art also because the verbal ethic word has died, nobody reads, so the natural split between the temporal art of those who think better, and the visual art of those see better, which allowed mere aesthetical art in the past is over. And since artists are by essence human minds, eye>wor(l)ds, as social sciences are also corrupted and censored by political correctness and neo-fascism, today unlike any other time of art, pure aesthetical art makes no sense, it is reactionary; it is the kind of stuff for the programming of the mind that does evilwoo… ONLY THE kind of art which is aesthetically complex and has a humanist message makes sense today; as in any fascist age, that is why we respect Orwell in the past fascist age and Dickens and the realist school in the 1850s

If humans were not so addicted to the ego paradox, certainly we would have a future. On one side we would control lethal machines with ‘fear’, the same fear we had in the paleolithic for tigers, now we would have it for the incoming new top predator robot, and ‘kill the tiger before he becomes a child hunter’ (Kipling’s Law of the Jungle) and forbid robotics, WITHOUT waiting to see if the tiger meets the child, and does actually eat it.

If humans were not obsessed by the ego paradox, they would realise that the Universe evolves socially into larger stronger wholes and species evolve by eusocial  love into better survival forms, as ants the most efficient organism with 1/2 of the total mass of life beings did. As particles that became atoms, which became molecules, cells, organisms, crystal planets, solar systems and galaxies do.

You see, this we cannot fight rationally. The confusion of chaos with freedom, the belief only man and only at individual level is sentient, matters and drives the world… The astounding idiocy of religious myths about the superiority of human beings; the obsession for the ‘infinitesimal mind’ in each of us… Of course, those in power know that as long as they feed with myths, placebo democracies and ego-trips fictions of happiness, and happy statements the ego of people, and invent a perfect future, they can control and abuse humans. Which will inversely reject any blog like this one, who takes them at face value. Precisely because only the realist  truth can make mans survive.

Ultimately it will be only if humans tame that ego that there will be… a future.

AS ITis, it does not because he cannot realise of the problem, instead he rather lives in a virtual reality of Matrix fictions, the new opium of people, who substitutes the old ‘anthropomorphic religions’ than facing reality.

This is indeed the ultimate trap of mankind’s mind: the fictions that pump its ego and they prefer instead of facing and battling for survival. Newspeaks of political and economical correctness, of caring and victimism, of entitlement, of religious revivalism, of selfie ego trips, wishful denial, humor, ultimate forms of ‘SOMA’, which inhibits all reaction of mankind.

Indeed, if the paradox of the ego didn’t rule supreme, mankind would have right away accepted biology and Darwinism and repress the evolution of lethal machines.

It should Not surprise us then that the leading nations of the metal-earth, of neo-fascism of jihad terrorism, are all the most primitive in their understanding of the biological Universe, belonging to bronze age abrahamic religions, go(l)d fetish cult(ures) to money and weapons, in perpetual war with each other. While the most evolved cultures of humanism, Europe and China, the ones who are trying to establish a human world, have abandoned those inquisitions of the mind, so old as the arrival of metal. So we need to look even further back to the beginning of the age of metal to fully understand those paradoxes.

 The germ(an) cult(ure) and its lineal weapons and memes: physicists.
How those cultures of animetals have evolved their idol-ogies according to the law of complexity that ‘camouflages’ with new onion layers their core beliefs will be difficult to understand as today humans worship all their idol-ogies – capitalism, mechanism, lineal time, etc. Let us then consider a first look to the idol-ogies of germ(anic) warriors, who use entropic lineal weapons to destroy the information of life, and have developed through centuries an entropic, lineal only vision of time TO VALIDATE THEIR CONCEPT THAT DEATH IS THE ORIGIN OF IT ALL, BECAUSE IT IS THE WAY THEY IMPOSE THEIR POWER.

How military power biases our philosophy of science and the Universe.

Amazing as it seems, today in the age of information, when we live in a planet which is inside a galactic vortex of gravitational in-form-ation (where information means dimensional form; so art is information, time cycles which store information in the form and frequency of its repetitive patterns are information and science exists precisely because it studies the repetitive cycles of information of the Universe) PHYSICISTS still deny the arrow of informative time. And when I was named the world chair of the science of duality, which studies how both arrows together create the systems of the Universe, in all my conferences scientists divided into ‘physicists’ who took it personally and the rest who closed the conferences with an standing ovation.

What is then the origin of the concept of a Universe merely ruled by lineal entropic weapons and its idol-ogies of death and a single time arrow?

You guess it, in the worldly profession of physicists, to make cannonballs and shoot them as far as they can. Since indeed, lineal time was invented by the artillery master of the first professional company of gunboats, dedicated to shoot them as far as they could, the arsenal of venice. There the artillery master, in charge of devising better military instruments, mr. galileo change the concept of cyclical clocks of time that carry the information in the frequency and form of its cycles, by the concept of a single arrow of lineal, entropic time, distorting ever since our understanding of life and information and its importance in the organic Universe.

How ridiculous this concept is can be shown by a simple proof – all time clocks in the Universe are cyclical, and by the fact that science exists because ‘events’ repeat themselves cyclically:


The so-called patterns of science are repetitions of events in time, due to a certain causality. If time were not cyclical, sciences would not exist. This little understood phenomena known to all civilisations before Galileo invented lineal time as a tool of measure of its cannonball shots defines also the reasons there are cycles of history based in the causality, which we shall reveal in those texts. In the graph we see some cyclical proceses in the Universe.

In the left physical cycles, planetary orbits, which we humans use to measure time in all our ‘clocks’, which are also cyclical. People are hardly aware of this fact, since they tend not to use the ‘parameter’ of cyclical time, which is ‘frequency’, but its inverse, lineal duration: ƒ=1/t.

The formulae are simplified in this manner. Since ‘frequency time’ is discontinuous and so difficult to ‘integrate’. So physicists prefer to uncoil, frequencies into lineal time.  For example the ‘revolutions per minute of a car wheel’, multiplied by its perimeter give us the ‘distance’: λ x v = S. And besides in this manner we achieve more information, as we get the duration and form of in-form-ation of each cycle (λ) and its frequency, v.

But if you just want to know the total length of along time period, you use lineal time durations and so you don’t need to sum all those cycles to get the lineal speed: V=s/t.

THIS IS IMPORTANT FOR YOU TO GRASP: Science is based in causal, local, finite time cycles. So it is your life a finite time cycle. So what science achieved obsessed by measure and speed, in simplicity of calculus it lost in information about those cycles, which we have regained since I established in a series of landmark papers, back in the 90s the laws of cyclical times for all the systems of the Universe. It is an ongoing research, but it will as computers make easy calculations of discontinuous functions, become the standard for future time research, as an enormous array of new discoveries happen when we ‘do not loose’ the information of those cycles.

In the left graph, we can see that all physical systems, and all its time cycles return to its origin, creating a circle, but physicists uncoiled them and put all those revolutions one after another creating the concept of Lineal time – an artifact of measure, and further on equalised all the different clocks of the Universe, all the different cyclical actions of its species with a single  mechanical ‘time clock’ elongated into an infinite duration.

Galileo in fact created lineal time, because he was an artillery master for the Venetian arsenal, earning 1000 golden ducats, an astounding sum for the age, with the job of finding the longest lineal possible trajectory for canon shots (which he found to be alas! not a line but a curved parabola).

But that didn’t deter him, from proclaiming in his first book called ‘On military instruments’, that his discovery of lineal time would be  ‘…of great use to artillery masters, and a delight to philosophers’. It was a worldview that ratified the religious paradigm of Abrahamic religions, in which man had a lineal manifest destiny of progress even higher than that of God, the mind of the Universe, since ‘he was created in the beginning – hence before God himself – above heavens and Earth’.

The example shows how the system bias systematically ‘human knowledge’ to cater to the power of metal in each key discipline of the evolution of weapons (physics), money (economics) and machines (mechanical and techno-utopian theories of history, whose natural humanist evolution is shunned off, substituted by the evolution of machines, which are supposed to be the model of the Universe, when it is exactly the other way around: machines are just primitive organisms of metal fast evolving into biological forms).

Of course, all is properly disguised with placebo humanism that ranges from placebo democracies with null power to control the language of social power, money to newspeaks of caring, so each multinational has his ecological department and marketing of ‘placebo’ actions in favor of Gaia, to blatant lies, by politicos who do exactly the opposite when in power, to virtual initiatives for the planet and meaningless prizes to humankind.

Now consider the case of the biggest arm dealer of the XIX c. who is today revered as the wisest man on earth, because he cleaned his act with a prize…

The Nobel dynasty and its corporation was the biggest arm dealer of the XIX  c. provoking the death of millions more people thanks to his advance on weapons, explosives and cannonballs, as Galileo did and he of course also biased our ‘beliefs in science’.

In that regard as the maker of weapons others used to slaughter us, he should be considered on the same range of eviL than Mr. Hitler. Indeed, Mr. Nobel, the so called by the humanist press of the age, the merchant of death, invented the concept of a multinational corporation, to promote and sell weapons to both contenders in all XIX c. wars. And he affirmed  his credo of life extinction cynically, ‘my factories will end all wars, when I invent a weapon that can destroy a nation with a single shot’ .

Yet he is today the most respected name in the world of science. And every human being will be honoured to receive today the prize of this true monster, father of the modern military-industrial complex, which merged with the biggest Arm Company in the world (BAE). Of course, his first prizes were on physics and chemistry, the disciplines that made all the weapons of mass destruction, and whose idol-ogy of a Universe born of a big explosion, the big-bang, we ‘revere’ as a modern religion, even if it has systematically been proved false; and whose concept of a Universe which is dying (entropic Universe) has become the canonical idol-ogy to justify not only machines but also weapons as the meaning of it all. We treat extensively the falsity of the big-bang and the present attempt by nuclear physicists to reply it on Earth, as they keep evolving nuclear weapons into the next ‘scale of cosmic bombs’ (black holes and strangelets).

As those bombs are the first ‘singularity of extinction’, the first organic self-feeding bombs that can annihilate planet Earth. Fact is in the XXI c. we have recognised the falsity of ‘entropy only theories of time, born of the deformed vision of time as a lineal manifest destiny in biblical religions and the first experiments on physics by Galileo, hired by the arsenal of Venice to find the largest lineal, entropic trajectory of a cannonball. To that aim he published a ‘treatise on military instruments’ claiming time was lineal and in then in the study of the heat created by those cannonballs, physicist affirmed time always disordered entropically Nature provoking its death and the Universe was dying, denying systematically the other arrow of time, the arrow of life and increasing information, they call ‘negantropy’, till this day, as if life and information were the ‘negation’ of the ‘real thing’, entropy and death.

So even Nobel latter on due to the repulse of the humanist world on those prizes that he created the ones for ‘humanity’, the peace prize pressed by his younger lover and the literature, to humans who ‘understood’ the ethic values of the wor(l)d. But the committee would not even dare to offer his literature prize to Mr. Tolstoi, knowing he would be properly responded. And those prizes are by decree, as he was a biblical bigot who didn’t believe in democracy, forbidden to any evolutionary discipline. So for example evolutionary models of economics cannot receive them, since by decree can only be given to ‘mathematical economists’ and further on the prize is given by a private swedish bank, known for his staunching defense of the harshest modes of capitalism.

We bring the case of physics, and Mr. Nobel so the reader understand the subtle modes in which the ‘networks of misinformation’ and its ‘respectable ceremonies’ bias all forms of thought to validate the relentless evolution of machines and weapons as the purpose of humanity. Only in the aforementioned case of Germany, because it applied those methods to white people, we become outraged. Yet, it si all the same. Imagine indeed, that all humans would feel honoured to receive the Hitler Prize of Economics. Well, Sweden did not abolish the state programs of eugenics, the systemic neutering of humans considered ‘genetically impaired’ till the 1970s… about the same time Calvinist Switzerland, the center of banksters theft Global Inc. where all the dictators of the world hide his fortunes extracted from the blood of his own people, allowed nurturing females, reproducers of humanity to vote. And yet those nations along Germany come today in the age of newspeaks and Goebbels’ methods of systemic lies, on top of the most admired nations of the planet Earth. As of course, who would dare to criticise the cradles of the white blonde race, who give such enlightened Hitler prizes, sorry Nobel prizes (a typo, they are ‘so similar’:) 

This we must said with a bit of irony, because the idea of people today is that eviL is not systemic but individual, that the past does not repeat its cyclical causation, and so any American will refuse very offended to see the present age of neo-fascism as the beginning of the same concept, albeit now ‘straighten up’ and applied ‘properly’ to Mexicans and Islam – negroes forgiven and of course the elites no longer targeted of the Financial-media/military industrial complex they own… all has indeed changed to remain the same.

So we can understand how funny bigots come to power in the age of TV as previous radio bigots came to power in the age of radio: fascist leaders that bring wars are indeed product of the ‘information networks of machines’, which not only print none but also hate speeches delivered globally to the masses, covering up for the Financial-Media masters of information machines that run the world, and nobody dares to talk about:

Once more hardware and software go hand in hand to allow military massacres of the innocent poor to become the ‘final solution’ to our mechanic overproduction crises.

But of course, in all mass-media, the absolute taboo is to criticise machines, the absolute truth is the evilness of ‘other humans’. 

The informative go(l)d cult(ure).
Now, for the other people-caste of animetals, go(l)d cultures, the same bias applies but in this case to ‘informative gold, the language of god’ (calvin, Smith’s invisible hand, Aaron’s golden calf, modern capitalism of profits whatever it takes.)
It is again necessary to understand that of those 3 ‘animetal predator cultures’ the leading one has always been the informative go(l)d culture, as it has manufactured the mind of mankind with the inverse paradox of history: max. metal evolution = min. human evolution.
It is IN THAT sense how we must study the go(l)d religion of the Bible, with is systemic repression of all human drives of life (good food with dietary laws, love of others with segregational laws, verbal thought with numerical cabbalas, eusocial evolution, sexual reproduction of humans as a sin, to foster the reproduction=work on machines, and so on).
And as all systems of information, in all networks the first to arrive becomes always the ‘head’ singularity and center of the system, this culture is lead still today by an elite of banker-priests of judaism, followed by a protestant, anglican and calvinist mass of European believers in the same memes. Again race matters nothing, which means any individual if it does NOT believe on those memes CAN be as so many members of those animetal cultures a humanist. But it is also truth that most people labelled with a cultural name have received when young those memes, and will therefore repressing human senses, and believing the machine, money and weapons is the meaning of human progress, and evolve them.
A brutal truth about animetal cultures.
Now, unfortunately the anti-quantum paradox is at full gear, in the age of newspeaks. the financial-media system controls thoroughly and manufactures the human brain, INCLUDING THAT OF SOCIAL SCHOLARS. All our culture TODAY IS ruled by the subtle process of atrophy and obsolescence of humans, in a neopaleolithic age akin to the death of a super organism that liberates its cells into chaos and freedom prior to death

This Marx called the superstructure of capitalism  Unfortunately is truth, since of Marxism we can really say the ‘russian adagio’ in the Putin era: ‘All what Marx said of communism WAS wrong, all what he said of Capitalism was right.

We shall ad an even more brutal comment:

“All what the Jewish people, (meaning its humanist scholars) said of the germ(an) animetal cultures and its Nazi, racist idol-ogies was right; all what socialist, humanist people and economic scholars of nazism said of the jewish segregational, financial-media culture and its hate memes and parasitic activities was right’. Both together control with gold and weapons mankind, murder and enslave it, and from time to time, as a good sport, when they have massacred millions of human beings kill each other in the final gottendamerung of the war and holocaust cycle. And THEN for a while they rest, as a viral fever does, to come back stronger to do exactly the same. 

The solution? Obviously NOT those of nazi and bankster animetals, but those of mankind: to desnationalise  money from this elite to use it to make a global new deal for a global welfare state, and to FORBID the evolution and reproduction of weapons with nazi-onanist excuses, empowering diplomacy and humanist organisations like EU and UNO.

We though live in the neo-fascist age with the opposite trend and the leading NATIONS of the military robotic and audiovisual age, US, UK and Israel ARE indeed, becoming so obviously nazi-onanist (Trump, apartheid, brexit) and all OTHER nazi-onanist tribes following suit, that what we feared and tried to warn for so long – the final destruction of the human world, is now happening in earnest. And of course, nobody cares. This blog has no exposure. A.I. systems of googlezon-e rank it zero, unknown hackers break it, the engine goes slow and it takes longer to charge this page than a whole movie – subtle newspeak ways of censorship that avoid distribution (and no scholar will ever consider to spread the word, as no university takes seriously the most important scholars of history of the XX century, ORWELL AND SPENGLER).They are all politically anthropomorphically, economically technologically correct chidden of thought, who will cheer up with impressed optimism till the very end. All this info of course is for free but not even word of mouth spreads. Orwell had to publish his anim(et)al farm, and told his wife, when he died and didn’t bother people they would sell his books, but in this cycle my take is that we shall go under as happy children ever more atrophied and hypnotized by 3D virtual worlds, data-matrix, new brave world, time machine styles. Since indeed ONLY PARABLES, SCI-FI MOVIES AND ARTISTS WITH HUMAN EYES AND VERBAL THOUGHT CAN TODAY pass over the superstructure of newspeak that engulfs with a single positive thought the entire human subconscious collective.


We can thus as we unveil the relationships between men and machine, its ecosystems and super organisms consider back again the 4 generations of the Industrial r=evolution putting together the human and mechanical sides and its effects in the devolution of human beings.

Industrial Evolution of Machines 1.0 Bodies of Metal: Trains & Steamers. Age of England

In the first industrial revolution,  we constructed the bodies of metal of those machines, and train companies dominated the economic ecosystem redefining the world of the XIX century. They first were used to transport people and goods, prompting the slaughter of 90% of british horses and American Indians, obsolete to the reproductive radiation of iron horses and European colonists, who had lost his jobs to the steam machine. And the robber barons that constructed them, came to control the western world.

MEANWHILE informative machines, printed billions of dollars in stock-paper to construct those railroads, but none to invest in the welfare of people; neither politicians passed any laws to ensure a minimal wage and work conditions for them .

So millions of irish farmers and white slaves, working in steam factories died of hunger and sickness. Because as Adam Smith a client of the private owners of the Bank of England, the Montagu family, and Ricardo, a Jewish stock-broker, the founders of classic economics explained, they should receive only a subsistence salary,  since if they died demand of labor would outpace offer of workers and salaries would rise, lowering the profits of corporations.

But a generation latter, as machines multiplied and evolved its skills, Ricardo noticed that if there was a machine that could do their job, salaries could be lowered further below subsistence, to the amortisation cost of the machine. Since if labor died, the mechanism would do his job.

‘So what future you envision for Mankind mr. Ricardo, one in which only the queen of England works pressing the bottom that puts in motion all the automated factories of the Empire’, replied the humanist economist Sismondi and Owens, the first social economist added: Factory owners place more importance on the care of their expensive machines than on the well-being of their expendable employees. If due care is given to inanimate machines that produce such benefitial results, what may not be expected if you devote equal attention to your living machines (labor)?

So he abrogated for workers ownership of factories and credit to farmers and common people in order to overproduce and buy the welfare goods humans need to survive and mechanical factories did not provide, GIVING birth to the anarchist movement, with his emphasis in a return to an ecological, agricultural world, with less state and military power, where capital and the factories the cre(dit)ated would serve the welfare needs of the people NOT only those of machines.

Yet saloon economists, belonging overwhelmingly to the upper classes of the British empire, whose biblical racist memes did not consider ‘people’, those who didn’t belong to their chosen of gold sects, the likes of Smith, a Calvinist bigot that praised greed whatever it takes, since he believed according to his prophet dictum, that gold was the intelligence of God, its invisible hand

Industrial Evolution 2.0. Hearts of Metal: Electro-mechanical Engines. Age of Germany.

‘If you repeat a lie, people will believe it, the more you repeat it and the greater the lie is, the more they will believe on it’ Goebbels, first minister of Mass-media on the method of industrial manufacturing of human brains, with happy consumption messages, nationalistic memes and hate media, so they love the machines and weapons and 1% that own them ‘free’.

Goebbels was the first minister of propaganda today called information of the modern ‘orwellian’ age of ‘newspeaks of caring’, uncle of the owners of BMW, leading Germ(an) robotic company of XXI century. All has changed to remain the same.

Then, in the second industrial revolution, a new generation of engineers, hauling from Germany, invented the heart of machines, its electro-mechanical engines; and again for 72 years, car and electric companies dominated western politics.

So Ford could alone pay the senate to pass the  prohibition law, because he was abstemious.

And when factories with moving assembly lines powered by those engines, fired ½ of the workers of the world;  without rent to buy more cars, its overproduction crises brought down the stock-market in 29.

And Germans decided to produce instead with those engines armored cars, called tanks that consumed the life of forty million Europeans. So Mercedes and bmw, still owned by the Goebbels family, could fivefold profits even if their country lost the war. Since corporations always maximise profits in war ages, when the most expensive machines, weapons are sold en masse, and the entire planet becomes an ecosystem of top predator machines murdering human beings.

In this manner the western world became designed NOT FOR THEIR PEOPLE, BUT FOR THEIR MACHINES.

So American streets today are traced to please the car not the human walker.

Since what was good for General Motors, was good for America, according to his defense minister and CEO of the company, that kept churning tanks also. And Robert Moses, his main road engineer became the most powerful man of its towns, tearing down and redesigning entire cities to give way to those cars, till riots in New York erupted, when he tried to raze Midtown to build a highway from boston to Washington across Manhattan.

The 2001-o8-16 crisis: Industrial Evolution 4.0

The overproduction of electronic money and its hardware, digital chips that keep printing massive amounts of money in computer screens for ‘financial and industrial’ corporations has of course a huge cost for human beings, without rights to invent the language of social power, money.

So for all their basic welfare needs they are submitted to massive taxation, and even so, they keep seeing their rent falling and welfare dwindling and its jobs disappearing, to those chips, as corporations invest the trillions of digital dollars, they invent for free in computer screens, to increase the productivity of its machines, automating factories, firing human workers, and substituting them with expensive white collar pcs and blue collar robots.

Why then humans on top, politicians and economists, who are supposed to care for the human species, more than the metal-one, do not make the obvious choice: to ban legally the production of robots, which are expelling human labor from war and work fields?

The answer is obvious: the 1% of managers and Stockrats, owners of corporations, and the corrupted politicos that panhandle to them, which profit enormously from that windfall of free money, invented in stocks and electronic derivatives, are protected in their ivory towers by anonymous societies laws and political immunity.

So they don’t care what happens to the 99%, neither for the future of our sons, as long as they can live the day.

And when people, who don’t understand how THE ECONOMIC SYSTEM WORKS, asks naively when the crisis will end, they are routinely answered that we shall soon return to a happy walt Disney world, when we all had jobs, rent and we believe that the system was the best of all worlds.

Since the job of politicos in pure CAPITALIST democracies is to cheat the audience, promising a happy future, in order to get elected. But once they get into office, all they care for is to  sell laws on the backstage to the wealthiest companies in favor of its machines; Given the fact that deficit zero laws, forbid them to print money.

THUS since financial and industrial corporations reproduce 95% of the money of the world in stocks and derivatives  while the people does not have any rights to issue money, in the form of a universal salary, and governments hardly can meet their needs with the paltry 5%, they issue in currency,  (timeline people get money on bank queue) politicians sell their laws to CORPORATIONS IN EXCHANGE FOR CAMPAIGN MONEY OR PROMISES OF FUTURE JOBS IN THEIR board of directors; while they extort people with taxes spent mostly on military contracts with those companies USING ONLY A MEAGER AMOUNT OF IT TO provide the welfare goods PEOPLE need to survive.

So in THE WESTERN WORLD, in each age of the Industrial Evolution, the companies, which produce the most advanced transport and information machines of each age, control the politics of the nation, reproduce its money and buy its laws, to favor its products, designing the world to the image and likeness of those machines, and its ‘evil twins’, weapons, with a single goal, overproducing and selling them for a profit.

And so all this said is obvious that if humans were directed by social scientists, not by go(l)d churches, biblical bigots, war-monger racist engineers, and technocrats who understand nothing, the world would be long ago a paradise, because all the world wars of that map including the last war of extinction (bottom right side of the map) would have not happened. And right now robots would be treated as lethal biological viruses are, legally forbidding its use and evolution as we do with aids or ebola viruses. The people evolving nano-bacteria are terrorists akin to people spreading aids on purpose. They know perfectly what they do, and they do it anyway. This from a leading researcher of systems sciences and theory of information who knows many of them personally.

Industrial Evolution 3.0. Minds of Metal: Tv-eyes>Chip Brains>Mobile ears. Age of America.

In the graphs, the fast evolution of mechanisms thanks to CAD computer design, is fine-tuning the cycle of splendid little wars as showcase for the arms industry with the alternacy of American GOP – war party and GDP – consumption party presidents. So we have a strong 8 years cycle of boom and bust of credit public expenditure in weapons and wars for profits, now tuned to the cycle of evolution of the robotic terminator machine, which is entering in its land phase of autonomous vehicles, to be essayed in the present ‘Trump’, war cycle, probably in a Syrian scorched land operation along the Russian allied and the Israeli ‘robotic wall’ expertise. The creation of such a monstrous world of hate-your-neighbor countries surrounded by robotised walls, blaming the poor of the loss of jobs and welfare to the machine, is today a reality, which unfortunately we were predicting for decades, from the perspective of a true bio-historic/economic description of social sciences, completely ignored by anthropomorphic,’ creationist’, academia, WHICH WORKS SUBCONSCIOUSLY WITH THE SAME PSEUDO-RELIGIOUS anthropomorphic beliefs of biblical bigots, today converted into a ‘political and economical’ correct, non-scientific wishful thinking series of ‘opinions’ about the future matched by the ‘amateur’ policy-opinion of our rulers.

In the graph below, the 8 year cycle of American law sellers is tuned to the 8 year product cycle of consumption machines and weapons that consume us, between the war party GOP and the mechanical party, GDP, itself fine tuned to the ‘racist bigots, of the biblical belt & NRA Cow Boy West always ready to bomb a 3rd world enemy’ of GOP and the ‘pretentious civilised, techno-utopians of Wall Street and silicon valley’, with his scientific racism against human life and welfare. Not a single humanist candidate since the only ‘hero’ of the graph, who didn’t sell laws to the highest corporative bidder, because he was the wealthiest family of all Presidents of America and a social-democrat instilled of the memes of eusocial love of the Gospel, not those of hate of the old testament, duly murdered as he would not ‘obey’. Next in wealth was Washington, the biggest landowner of virginia, who did not ‘obey’ either the British Rothschild syndicate of the bank of England, who forbade New England to print money to make them ‘debt slaves’, and the Tea party I came to power; now the 3rd candidate to not obey is Mr. Trump, the 3rd wealthiest and the system is terrified, as he might be a neo-Hitler, a clown, a saviour?  I doubt it. Chaos it seems is the next phase AND III WORLD WAR just exactly 80 years after fascism invaded Poland. Pain among humans is now high enough to burn the house. But all the others DO obey and so THEIR POLICIES CAN BE PREDICTED and cause the ECONOMIC CYCLES WE DESCRIBE HERE. 

THE SAD THING though about America is that there was never a humanist party as in brief periods of Europe, even Lincoln, a lobbyist for the Illinois railroad and northern mills against the obsolete south gunboats that took the cotton they needed to England that paid more. So it was also an industrial war of Cotton+Gunboats vs. Mills+trains with the excuse of slavery. So instead of doing the simplest one month battle, running from washington to richmond, non-stop, he let the nation bleed for 4 years, advancing while constructing railroads, and paying them as war railroads both to the west to genocide indians and to the south to vicksburg with ‘buffalo soldiers’. And when he after the war changed sides and decided to protect the metro stanton, the railroad/war minister killed him. Had the hero brothers and the bros Malcolm and Luther not being murdered things might have been different and we shall return to that. But after Johnson (also a very wealthy men), it came one after another super-puppets during the whole chip radiation, which started with nixon and the coup d’etat of 1972 against the presidency, the dollar and the beginning of this modern age of chip overproduction, massive printing of e-money and financial-media masters in control of all the networks of America.  So we could also called of the red map as the old protestant wasp world and the blue one as the modern Jap world, and we shall return to that shift of power. What there is not is a ‘green’-life color on the map.

This duality of capitalist parties which tune to the war and peace age of each machine comes from the origin of modern placebo democracies, when the original single party, the orange Dutch party, owned by VOC the first company, FOUNDER OF PLACEBO democracies moved to England and latter on, divided between tories always ready to colonial gunboat wars for profits and Whigs, who came in power when trade was civilisation and it was better to sell slave and opium cargos than bombing Hong-Kong and shooting ‘negroes and arabs’ (considered in the bible less than animals, under the Ham damnation, the alibi of modern slavery and we shall return to that).

Next IN the 3rd industrial Evolution, we made the heads of those machines, first its eyes, tvs and cameras…

Soon the American life revolved around TV stations, which manufactured its brains and after the Watergate scandal, when mass-media showed it could tumble a president for such common peccadilloes as eavesdropping on a rival party all politicos understood that without the acquiescence of tv-stations they could not be elected. So they invested heavily public money in audiovisual grids and networks, allowing all kind of hate, violent messages and advertising lies, who have clearly degraded the subconscious collective of mankind.

THEN we COMPLETED those heads with its brains AND EARS, chips and mobiles, that made MICROSOFT AND APPLE  THE RICHEST COMPANIES IN THE WORLD, as stock makers printed digital shares and jacked up its prices in its computer screens, to the point that Apple is worth more today than 150 million Bengalis; as Wall Street invented trillions of dollars for those companies and the welfare of its electronic brains; but none for humanity, so billions lack the minimum health-care and healthy food, to ensure their survival…

It would be the age of overproduction of electronic money, when Mr. Clinton, after panhandling to wall street allowed financial corporations to print for free digital numbers, as tender legal money in those computer screens. So money has multiplied for 20 since electronic screens could reproduce it with derivatives without limit, but the population has only doubled, and lacks any credit, choked with taxes, and loosing their jobs to white collar pcs. So where is that amazing amoung of money which private financiers and public banks ran by them, still keep printing without limit. Obviously in the billionaire accounts of the 1% who own those corporations, and the 99% of the wealth of the world AND HAVE liberally used it to corrupt alll left, humanist parties, that keep only his name, but no longer serve the need of the people, only that of machines.

But none of this is said or matters to the people who is lucky enough to have food and money to buy those machines, as silicon valley, and it’s  Algorithims of information, the true meaning of Artifical Intelligence, keep manufacturing our brains, with happy virtual dreams, which have transformed completely the way we live and communicate with  other human beings – no longer through direct contact, engaging and caring for them, but with virtual friendships and porno scenes.

In the graph, to understand the idol-ogical madness of a country like US, where people are systematically murdered by the health-care lobby and the gun lobby, having a health-grade inferior to that of Communist Cuba or ‘terrorist’ filled Lebanon, and yet their people really think to buy more guns, and bully the world with weapons, is the best way to ‘make their lives safer’, when absolutely nobody would ever dare to attack a country isolated in a continent with friendly neighbours, one has to understand the enormous power of metal-communicators to program the mind of the American people and make them belief ‘whatever’ the elites of their nation want. So for 80 years when that elite was the wasp, ol’ network of anglo-american protestants with their obsession for the red scare, Americans faithfully followed suit. Now that their elite has changed to Jewish Financial-Media masters, since the coup d’etat of 1972 against the American presidency (watergate), the dollar (end of gold standard to free the production of e-money) and the army (converted in mercenary for apartheid Israel with yon kippur), they live obsessed by ‘muslim terrorism’, once thanks to 9/11 the new elite could substitute the old enemy for their national one – after decades of hand outs to dictators and cuckoo jihadists, and tvs showing in the arab world the humiliation of Palestinians.

So neofascism is a new war with a new elite on top of the American people, which simply becomes a Tabula rassa, to be imprinted in a mechanical way and cheer when their health-care expenditure is destroyed for a few more nukes and drones to shoot a few more muslims and keep the war on terror, truly an orwellian experience of permanent war for profits and the ‘other nation’ going. This trend now exported to Europe also owned by the same FM elite seems to have decades to come, as the enormous profit of robotic wars and the expansion of hate-media, once the recruitment of new terrorists is ensured, plus of course, the absolute taboo of explaining it, has created a routine, bought by the ‘matrix sheeple’.  It doesn’t matter the elite in each of those countries understands what is going on. The power of controlling the information machines of the west is so enormous and growing that we can expect 30 years of jihadists pumped up with subventions to complete the military robotisation of borders, globally, and the constant diminution of human health, coupled with a diminishing population, as humans become addicted to virtual screens – in Japan, the most advanced post-electronic nation, population is dwindling as the Japanese become addicted to pornography, so 40% of people under 34 confess to be virgins. 

Military phase of overproduction: 1860s=1940s=2010s.

In the next graph, from the original 94 book, we can see the 3 phases of overproduction of machines and weapons of those cycles in more detail, which always end in world wars as the most perfect, evolved, expensive, hence profitable in sales form of a machine is a weapon:

3 waves of machine wars

In the graph, we can see in greater detail the phases of the waves of stock markets according to the Volterra curves of top predator profitable weapons≈machines. Yet the reader will notice in this ‘prophetic’ graph 20 years old that we forecasted 3 mini cracks of the Financial industry, which speculative peaks at the end of the cycle when the system truly enters into a chaotic state and final series of splendid little wars.

The accuracy of the forecasts are easy to test as I did copyright several book in the 90s at the library of congress. It is in any case a minor numerical factor, what matters are the causes. Those cycles are the classic 7-8 year cycles of short product evolution in this case e-money, which are in the fundamental scale of the ‘fractal universe’ (decametric scales), related to the 70-80 and 700-800 cycles of the industrial evolution of memes of metal, money *short faster cycles’, machines (medium cycles) and weapons families (800 long cycles), which we shall study in depth in the next sections of this central post.

So by adding 72-80 years to each curve we will find the new generational crash: 1857+72=1929+72=2001

As i said we try to keep it simple so we shall not enter into fractal equations as Mandelbrot did (without understanding the causes of stock-cycles). We are humanist historians here, not stock-market speculators. So we are interested in the consequences for history of those cycles. And so we shall now analyse the 3 final crashes of those waves in its human causes (banking massive theft and parasitism of societies) and consequences (ruin of nations, chaos, wars and holocausts).

Again we observe today in the peak of those final 3 short waves of massive jacking up of stock-market prices, the paradox of a world awash with electronic credit, which only profits as in previous crises of overproduction of money, when a new form of printing it appeared (1860s overproduction of train stocks, 1920s overproduction of electric, ticker money), the 1% that owns or manages those corporations.

Now, we shall show the way those cycles closely happen, through the interrelationship between money and weapons, hate media and machines, as all those types of machines form a synergic wave, which reinforces each other’s tendencies.

In essence, it is all in Cicero’s dictum: ‘inflationary model is the nerve of war’. It is thus simple: financiers when the technological evolution of machines allow the unlimited production of a new form of money, stock-paper money in the 1860s crises, ticker money in the 29 crisis, e-money in the 2008 crisis, they produce it massively. But money has no value per se as a language of information free to print in paper and computer screens, so they MUST lend it in huge numbers, and the most profitable sector to lend it is war because:

A) weapons are the most expensive goods, hence need more money to reproduce, and are spent in massive amounts in wars, so they will be replaced at higher cost. So the only real sector where money in huge amounts can be lend is in war. Hence war-monger politicos are chosen in those periods to become ‘debt slaves’, as nations keep asking of more money to reproduce more weapon, causing wars.

So the maximal wealth in money both in Germany and America, happened in the 1940s, when GM multiplied by 8 profits, Mercedes by 5, and the GDP of both nations skyrocketed. 

And of course, now Americans are all very happy because the military robotic and civil industry is taken them into a new dawn of GDP GROWTH, as they create the species that kill all their sons till their last generation, but alas, we ‘are making money’!

 When they make the maximal money!! 

In the graph war is the maximal moment of gdp growth in all nations – but the maximal loss of life and wealth among the competing human beings.

So now we have Mr. Trump, the last corrupted politico of weimar America. What comes next as in all those generational 72 cycles i spot a quarter of a century  ago in my thesis/master at Columbia u. is obvious: 1857 crash of trains->civil wars+72=1929 crash of radio-cars+II w.w.+72=2001 crash of chips+ civil or III W.

Indeed the result of those 5 sub-crises of overproduction of chips are the same than the previous ages of overproduction: the dominance of corporations over all the political, economical and cultural elements of society, and a final bid for profits of war, in a period which now flourishes globally…



In all sciences abc completes the theory. But all sciences are also a praxis of manipulation of Nature to take advantage of mankind.


INDEED, no chemist would ever deny that certain chemical products are harmful to HUMANS, and forbid them. Only Cuckoo dictators like the North-Korean mass-murderer would manufacture poisonous gases to kill his brother.

BUT CAPITALISM HAS NO QUALMS REPRODUCING MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF weapons, for profits, to kill mankind. AND SO IT MUST NOT OFFER ANY CRITICAL VIEW ON ITS PRODUCTS. No biologist would allow to reproduce ‘ebola viruses’ to kill humans, and yet we reproduce robots, knowing perfectly that in organic terms are the future competitors and terminators of mankind. We cannot EVEN ARGUE THIS seriously in social sciences. Only in fiction is possible to rise the real existential problems of the mechanocene.

Now at this point we must understand the fundamental difference between a model of social sciences and those of physical sciences and biology at the individual level: we are facing in our predictive final process of science, into the future of the species it studies we 2 different futures; and this split of futures is the key to fully understand social sciences in objective terms.:

Thus the 2 final elements of the scientific method of social sciences considers the reasons and 2 different paths of that ‘split future’:

  • +HD. A Human future, based in democratic, truly free societies for the 99% of mankind designed with the laws of social organisms, in which mean are free, healthy and wealthy
  • -EF: A mechanical future, or free economic ecosystem in which company-mothers of machines are free to evolve and reproduce its offspring, terraforming the Earth to its image and likeness. It is the capitalist metal-earth, a global super organism ruled by the values of digital money. And it will construct a different world, the super organism of machines we call scientifically the Financial-Media (informative head)/Military-industrial complex (energetic body), that will substitute the world of Gaia and History, the world of Live (hence the use of its genetic anti-word, eviL to define in mystical, religious terms better understood by most people the duality and confrontation between both futures).

SO once we have some basic DATA, Biological definitions and Cyclical patterns, and understand our choices of future, we can in the rest of the post, study ‘different slices of the block of time and super organisms of history and economics, as they are and as they should be’ starting with the present cycle of History and Economics, the chip radiation from the point of view of its dualist futures, according to how humans manage it…

Let us, consider the difference between D)democratic, rational, humble humanist solutions vs. Anti-Humanist ego-trips of ‘we macho-men’ can handle it all, which will be the main cause of our future demise, to the main problem, robotisation.

We shall thus describe the robotic ‘radiation’ from the perspective a)curate facts (the equation of productivity) b) biological causes (its competence with mankind and evolutionary rates) which define its c)ycle of extinction of labor and life in work and war fields, and the d)democratic≈humanist solutions to the problem vs.the E)conomic, antihuman solutions to it.



In the graph, Mankind has only 2 paths of future, let the corporate tigers eliminate the human child – our future generations – with its robotic machines and weapons, while force-feeding the ‘citizens, believers in such anti-human system’, with a growing load of fiction bull$hit in favor of the ‘Final Solution’ – telling us to loose jobs and lives to the progress of the robot is Ok, because there will be, besides the murder of our children some nice little collateral effects such as self-driving cars, ultra-expensive robotic surgeons, and drones to fight absurd wars that could be solved with diplomacy, humane treatment and investments in welfare and education of the 3rd world…

Or take the bull by the horns, as ‘forcados’, (strong people) do, tame the machine and survive. The law of the jungle is not my dictum but the biological law of this planet, and since evolution is both deterministic (no gazelle has ever killed a lion), and predictable, there is no other way around, except not meeting the mechanical tiger in the future by not evolving them.

Stop bull$hit, ban robots legally.


Both things are false. evolutionary science is predictable and no gazelle has ever killed a lion. So it did happen as complexity will bring consciousness to military robots, and weapons have always been the most advanced machines at each age.

Thus this leaves us with the question of mankind stopping the robotists, go(l)d seekers, and animetal cultures that are doing.

And this is the only solution and it has happened before.

It is a blatant lie that the system cannot be reformed and technology halted, spread by the Leisure class who do nothing to improve reality except preventing any reform, living the day, carpe diem, while it last, as MACHINES MAKE MONEY. A simple sample will suffice:

In the XVI c. Spain and Japan were the leading producers of the most advanced weapon of the day, muskets… The spaniards and those who followed suit in Europe soon with gunboats, decided to further evolve them to increase their power and build racist empires against non-technological nations they exterminated wholesale in many parts of the world. But the Japanese decided they didn’t want to live in a world in permanent war where human values of love, honor and zen were trashed by snipers with long distance range. So they merely ban legally  their manufacturing and melted them all into buddhist bells. And for 300 years lived the golden edo age their intellectuals today miss. So only when Perry bombed with 300 years more advanced technology the islands they had to build their own gunpowder empire and murder die by the millions in those wars.

However now, in Davos ‘finally!’ after 30 years of talking about this *but never invited to halls of power, they talk about the obvious, when IT IS HAPPENING. But do you think they state the obvious: to FORBID LEGALLY THE ROBOTIC INDUSTRY, in a G20 meeting, to avoid our demise? IT COULD BE DONE, as easy as we forbid Aids factories ebola viruses spread, and in many nations free weapons. THE LAW, embeds the ethic natural survival values of man and can perfectly forbid as China did the robotisation of the world. None though states it. All are for the go(l)d profits and the pleasures of war. All affirm is unavoidable. IT IS NOT TRUTH. If MAN GOES under, it will be BECAUSE IT IGNORES COMPLETELY the Nature of the Universe, it denies it laws and it does NOT want to survive, as a slave to its ‘subconscious’, lower selfish instincts. But civilisations such as China or in the West the roman empire and its followers in the modern world (the French r=evolution and EU revolution prior to the ecb private bank) show the law can control, improve and create a perfect world.

screen-shot-2016-11-05-at-19-52-45OF COURSE, WHAT THEY DO ON THOSE PLACES IS ‘THIN AIR SPEECHES’ about how wonderful will be a world in which the super organism of mankind is atrophied, parasited and dependent on the super organism of the metal-earth, and at best the ‘good ones’ tell us we shall be force-fed with robotic waiters, converted in fat cows running on automated cars, while watching hate-media fun gore movies on tvs, closed in a world of polluted cancerous waves of electromagnetic machines, constructing the birth of the metal-earth, waiting for slaughterhouse day.

Because and this is the huge truth never recognised by scholars, paid by corporative groups, we do NOT live in a  rational world ruled by social scientists, but in a world ruled by ‘religious, creationist’ quack doctors of economics, who believe ‘Go(l)d’ is the language of God, its invisible hand which we must obey at all costs.

Indeed, classic economics is NOT A SCIENCE. IT HAS NO PREDICTIVE POWER, IT DOES NOT DEFINE SCIENTIFICALLY ITS ELEMENTS, an is based in postulates of religious origins such as the search for go(l)d, for profits at all costs. So how do you expect the world not to go under if we are ruled by quack doctors and shamans, that make the patient worse, when they try to cure it with its ‘myths and fetishe go(l)d’?

But why we are so sure there are 2 futures for mankind? And only one will survive?

Now the future is dual because one future will see the birth of the super organism of the Metal-earth and the other future will see the birth of the organism of mankind, the ‘mystical god of humanist religions’. And to explain this we must truly upgrade your view of the economy and history with the concept of a social super organism, which is biologically what they are, confronted in their evolution as a super organism with the fact there is only ONE EARTH AND A FULL super organism of machines is not compatible with one of man.

HUMANIST, DEMOCRATIC SOLUTIONS: A healthy, wealthy peaceful world.

ethonomics -The-Human-FutureHD: In the graph, the design of efficient economic networks that deliver oxygen-money to all cells (left ¥€$ money, an international currency to pay a Universal salary)… to create a demand economy, as humans would demand the production of healthy welfare goods  (left down), based in the positive, ‘biological frame of reference’, of what make humans thrive (right down graph); while establishing a perfect world Union based in peace and diplomacy, following the steps of the most advanced human civilisations and organisations (EU, prior to the ECB, parasitic bank, and UNO), IS IMMEDIATE according to the physiological laws of super organisms. So if we were to change our politicians and economists by medicine doctors, who apply those laws to cure individual organisms, to cure the super organism of history they would easily achieve  the goal of building a perfect super organism of history, as this is the natural arrow of eusocial evolution of all beings of the Universe.

Thus it should be so easy to construct, giving birth to an Avatar-like, Renaissance planet in which man and its organisms become again the measure of all things. So we postulate that there should be in the Universe infinite planets in which man survives and merely by DOING what naturally is born to do, and NOT letting himself be hypnotised and enslaved by selfish metal-memes; accepting a FREE MARKET ECOSYSTEM where the only FREE individuals are Company-mothers of machines with unlimited credit to create a work to its image and likeness.
It is ALL about REAL DEMOCRACIES WHERE PEOPLE do vote not only words=legal mandates but money. So with both bills of money and bills of law they can manage efficiently society for the 99%. At present they are ‘mute’ with money and choose politicos which they DO NOT CONTROL AS THE ORIGINAL ONLY DEMOCRACY GREECE DID WITH votes a posteriori, the pain messages of social organisms, which in Greece ensured the correct behaviour of politicos or else they would be vote exile, death or pecuniary penalties. Such REAL democracy and REAL human economy that would construct an immortal perfect world is thus the second part of bio-economics and bio-history, the scientific design of a real working democracy and its implementation with the languages of social power.

But to fully understand in scientific terms the 2 paths of the future, which are common to all systems that can choose two arrows of future, the arrow of life and information and social evolution and the arrow of entropy and destruction…

In the historic case the path of creating:

DH) Perfect Humankind Superorganism, or to enslave for machines or

EF)  construct the rival super organism of autonomous machines, aka robots – the metal-earth.

…we have to  define history and mankind as what really they are in science: super organisms that follow the laws of systems sciences, namely the laws of cyclical time and networks of organic evolution.




H vs. E: So this lead us to the 2 final elements of a social science: the human praxis when confronting the existence of 2 different dominant specie son planet Earth, one evolving fast toward its future, the machine and the other halted in its evolution, mankind.

Indeed, from the perspective of the relationships between humans and machines at individual and social level (the level of the super organisms of machines, its company-mothers that reproduce and evolve them, terraforming the Earth to the image and likeness of those machines, and the level of human social organisations, governments and its language of social control, the law) is obvious:

Can we humans control and harness the evolution of the Economic ecosystem of ‘free company-mothers of machines’ re=producing them without limit, regardless of its collateral effects on the human kind, JUST BECAUSE THEY GIVE PROFITS, MONEY?

YES, WE CAN, but for that we have to understand money and how it creates with credit reality.

So, EVEN before we continue with those models, as the world is ruled by the financial-media masters that print with machines of information the mind of man (audiovisual media) and order them to act with digital money, we must explain 2 facts about this. What money is as a language of information, and why we have said something so outrageous as ‘bankers parasite the world’, given the fact you likely have no idea about the first, and will find the insults to the leaders of the ‘free world’, its bankers that create ‘wealth’, insulting… So let us try to change your programmed or rather manufactured brain on those 2 ‘fundamental issues of the modern world.

Money is a language of information that value, orders and controls society as legal words do.

,pneyIn the graph, money has evolved as a digital language that controls the ‘value’ of all species on Earth with ‘prices, salaries and bribes’, by increasing its capacity to carry information: it has become quantized into smaller bits of information that require less energy and increase its units; hence its capacity to value more things, from gold to printed paper, to electric data to electronic bits, invented with a computer program. And the key element in the ‘censored’ history of the world is the group of people that invents in first place money. 

Today it is so abundant that it values all entities of the planet, substituting verbal thought, a language with lesser capacity to carry information than numbers, and broken into multiple tribal species with different values. So the law is submissive to money in all societies, politicians are easily bought and corporations and its offspring of machines, have become the dominant systems on planet Earth.

So only societies in which money were issued for the people with a Universal salary, and investment in welfare goods, as organisms do giving all cells a salary in oxygen and the goods they need to survive, would be a real democracy.

In terms of its characteristics as an informative language, money has evolved, as all languages do, by increasing its capacity to carry information. It means it has become more quantized into smaller bits of information and it has increases its numbers, its capacity to be reproduced with minimal energy, as it changed substance, from gold to printed paper, to electronic data, which can be invented with a simple computer program.
Languages share by definition the properties of information: they are quantized, to be able to have ‘form’; they are small to be able to process that information easily; and they have minimal energy and an enormous ‘fractal’ capacity to reproduce. So money has become smaller, easier to reproduce and more quantized, as a ‘carrier’ of digital information. In that process it has increased the capacity to value more objects and life forms on planet Earth.

Today it is so abundant that it can value all beings of the planet, substituting verbal thought in the valuation of reality. And since it values machines and weapons more than any other object, it has multiplied wars and terraformed the world to their image and likeness.Now to understand money, a language of digital information, the reader should understand this basic truth about money. To that aim, the easiest path is to think of money, a language of information, in terms of ‘words’, another language of information.Then you can understand what it is money about:

  • On one hand money as words give you the capacity to give orders to others and to yourself (so you think before you act, and if you get money you do receive an order to work and act). This is the main purpose of any language of information, to inform and motivate the actions of the species that speak the language. 
  • On the other both words and money value, inform us about things, with prices (the best machines, the most expensive) and ethics (the best goods for mankind the most verbal cherished goods)

So words and money exists to give orders and value things with human ethic values in words, with prices in money.It is not a value per se, but something that acts as a language and so it has a third quality:

  • To be very easy to invent, since information is inflationary, we need to make a lot of words and money and waste a lot of it, to kick out actions, to pump our will to act, and the will of others to act. Thus MONEY must be produced in huge quantities to promote the creation of the society.

It is thus important to understand those 3 qualities of languages of information:

  • To give orders hence to be the source of power over people; to value things.
  • To give values, hence to be the system that selects the species wanted and those discharged – the most expensive or ethically valued species and actions survive.
  • To be inflationary, easy to reproduce in massive amounts that increase the power of the owner of the language to guide society with those orders and values – hence the constant increase of the mass of words and numbers of our societies.

So there is not such a thing as ‘deficit’, NOR THERE IS SUCH A THING AS DEBT, but usury and parasitic exploration, since money is like words a language with o value, which we ‘talk’ to kick out actions and productions. And so all resumes in a choice: who invent money to kick out the production of the economy, and what kind of goods we produce. If we lived in a democracy people would produce money, in the form of a universal salary to kick the production of welfare goods they need to survive. Or in its defect, states would invent it to produce infrastructure and welfare goods for ‘free’.

BUT BECAUSE WE LIVE IN A WORLD RULED BY CORPORATIONS, they invent 95% of the world’s money in electronic screens and stock-paper for company-mothers of machines, which therefore use it to overproduce those machines; and so the world is awash with electronic machines because wall street invents trillions of $ for them, 30 billion for a couple of kids that wrote a bit of software for whatsapp, 1 trillion for another couple who wrote a bit of software called google. And so on.

AND THAT IS THE ONLY explanation why the cycles are so exact – all the resources of this planet are basically used to create a world of machines, while humans just get the left overs, and because economists, we shall see, are production economist not ‘history teachers’ who care to understand the Consequences for mankind of those changes.

In that regard the theme of money is quite simple in its democratic praxis: money is the language of digital information that has substituted the law in the order and creation with credit of the future. As such it should be NOMISMA, as democratic Greece explained – NOT in private hands, or else we live in a dictatorship of those who issue money, but INVENTED AS WORDS ARE BY AND FOR HUMANS AND ITS WELFARE GOODS, in a demand economy.

So WHY IT IS SO complex in praxis? BECAUSE CAMOUFLAGE AND COMPLEXITY IS THE WAY TO CHEAT people with information. So for bankers and corporations to issue money in monopoly they MUST appear as complex experts, who are the ‘ONLY’ Popes who speak the Latin of Go(l)d, and without whom the system would collapse.

This is the mantra OF THE DICTATORSHIP OF BANKERS, to make MONEY so complex in its issue that people think it is magical wealth that only expert bankers know how to handle. So the American people since Lincoln was killed precisely because he simplified the entire scheme of usury debt and just reproduced greenbacks money as orders to win the war and tried to continue this policy to reproduce money to raise the life standards of the Negro, the financial-media elite of America has used money to control the country and its people, and parasitising them with taxes and anoxia (taking away the right to inert money to people and governments).

Money of course is necessary but in a democracy its issue cannot be in private hands. Today money works better than laws because is a digital language and numbers are more precise than words.

So as a language of digital information of higher efficiency to ‘target’ beings with values, made homologous by the homogeneity and continuity of numbers over words, made money necessary. The solution though to its ‘metal-values’ come obviously from its substitution by legal money in hands of human beings, which has always been the humanist solution to the problem of money, certified by Nature who offers the same solution.

But Nature do have also the equivalent of parasitic, capitalist private issue of money. It is called a cancer, and that is the organic view of private banking: a cancerous solution that absorbs all the ‘oxygen’ -money of the organism of mankind, and give absolute power to those who control money and the information printed for ‘free’ (at minimal cost) with their informative machines.

EC: CANCEROUS-CAPITALIST SOLUTIONS. FREE MARKET: AN ECO(NOMIC)SYSTEM OF FREE COMPANIES issuing with informative machines, money and inhibiting fiction, to eliminate any reaction, whilereproducing without limit energetic machines (weapons and fast evolving future top predator autonomous transport machines). The result is the creation of a perfect super organism of company-mothers of machines, where all humans will soon become expendable:
This aberrant world is the capitalist world, not a science but merely the idol-ogy of a few human beings (the 0.02% of owners of corporations), which have a ‘primitive cultural brain’, who believes Mankind is NOT a single species, but the ‘tribe’ is (tribal religions, nationalisms, capitalist class structures) and so the superior ‘race’ or ‘chosen of go(l)d’ (nazi-onanist and segregational cults to the tribe) MUST be on top exploiting the ‘inferior human-cells citizens’ absorbing all it ‘oxygen-blood-money’, preventing the creation of a demand economy of welfare goos; where the hypnotic power of go(l)d (subconscious greed values) and the murderous iron violence of weapons must be let free, so the cancerous cells have it all, and ‘grow and multiply’ without limit.
THIS IS NOT AN ANALOGY BUT A HOMOLOGY: It is a tenant of system sciences that ‘the laws of biology happen regardless of scale’. Hence the laws of BIOLOGY ARE THE SAME THAN THE LAWS OF BIO-HISTORY AND BIO-ECONOMICS. We only to correct for the scale of size. Since bigger super organisms, have ‘slower time rhythms’ as bigger systems have slower metabolism. The process and solutions to its sickness HOWEVER ARE THE SAME:
screen-shot-2017-03-01-at-08-04-46In the graph the immediate model at the lower biological scale of a capitalist world of free corporations, with unlimited rights to reproduce their destructive machines, while delivering inhibiting happy fiction somas is a cancerous growth, which has the exact 3 ‘processes that we can follow in all capitalist dictatorships: the cancerous cells multiply its wealth by absorbing the oxygen=money of the system, provoking an hypoxic anoxia state to the other cells, which receive then inhibitors (fiction soma) to deactivate their reaction, while the cancerous cells absorb the oxygen of the blood system, multiply its destructive toxins and finally, as they cannot survive without the body, once the body is infected and killed (end of the cycle of wars), they die in the final gottendamerung of the organism.
Yet to FULLY understand WHY INDEED, PRIVATE BANKING is parasitism… we have to introduce another level of biology – that of super organisms, which are the FUNDAMENTAL SPECIES OF HISTORY AND ECONOMIC ECOSYSTEMS, not the individual but the social organism, and how the Universe is organised around them.



‘Complexity (GST) will be the science of the XXI C.’ Hawking

Eusocial love to mankind
‘Patriotism, when it wants to make itself felt in the domain of learning, is a dirty fellow who should be thrown out of doors’.
In biological terms, ethics equate with ‘survival of social organisms’ and so surprisingly enough for a man, which has always found ‘religion’ at best superstition at worst power; Darwin, Marx, Jesus and Systems sciences come to the same conclusion: the Universe evolves socially as its arrow of future and its fundamental tool of survival, and the jargons that express this truth (biology of ‘species’ survival – not individuals’, socialism (more of the koprotkin kind, not the dictatorial, mechanist Marx), eusocial religions of love – christianity, Buddhism & the non-Jihadist versions of Islam – and the last instalment, systems sciences, will come to the surprising fact that if we want to survive in the organic Universe, there is only an strategy, work together for the common good. So those 2 statements from ‘history and biology’ mean the same:

‘Love Each other as I have loved you. Those who believe in me, will not die for ever’ Jesus, on the power of love to resurrect the body of the super organism of history

‘Do onto the other what you want to be done to you’ Mo-ti, on the law of sharing and the action-reacions that construct social super organisms.

“In the animal world  the vast majority of species live in societies, and that they find in association the best arms for the struggle for life: understood,  in its wide Darwinian sense: The animal species[…] in which the practice of mutual aid has attained the greatest development[…] are invariably the most numerous, the most prosperous, and the most open to further progress. The mutual protection which is obtained in this case, the possibility of attaining old age and of accumulating experience, the higher intellectual development, and the further growth of sociable habits, secure the maintenance of the species, its extension, and its further progressive evolution. The unsociable species, on the contrary, are doomed to decay.

— Peter Kropotkin, Mutual Aid: A Factor of Evolution (1902), Conclusion.

Two ‘ideologies’ of mankind lineal time and individualism, which are absolute in western history, but have nothing to do with the organic reality of life, must be upgraded to XXI C. Biological and systemic science before the skeptic reader accepts this r=evolution of social thought:

  • The concept of cyclical time built unlike simplex lineal time, with ‘two arrows of future’, entropy and information. Which means always we have to paths, ‘destruction=death=entropy’, or ‘creation=life information’. Physicists only study the Universe with entropy because of its worldly profession, to make weapons and machines that deliver entropy, motion, but biology CANNOT be understood with cyclical time and information, the arrow of life and social evolution, which we do study in great detail in the section dedicated to hardcore systemic, biological sciences. It is enough to state here, that life, information and its languages, (genetic codes in organisms, memetic codes of verbal and digital languages in history and economies) are the try PROTAGONISTS OF REALITY, which create.
  • A organic, fractal Universe, which thanks to the ‘missed arrow’ of information evolves parts into wholes. Let us then summarise what this means, as we cannot talk properly on how ethic words and digital money organise societies, without the general model of how languages of information organise the social organisms of the Universe.

Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 15.31.07

In the graph, we see how all systems are made of fractal networks of energy and information, which form wholes departing from smaller ‘points’, creating fractal organisms in all sciences. in the left the creation of a hierarchical, fifth dimension of future ‘timespace’ (boson state of matter).

Thus, the organic universe displays a fifth dimension of scalar, eusocial evolution, which puts together particles into atoms, molecules, cells/crystals, organisms, geological structure, planetary systems and galaxies, ruled b the same laws that put together through physiological networks that share energy and information among its parts, larger, stronger wholes. Its mathematical formalism, is called the metric of the fifth dimension, which this writer discovered in the milieu of system sciences, and applied to social systems, in a series of papers, during its scholar life, which now we shall try to pour in this blog.

WE CAN thus, upgrade further to its limit of information, the paradigm set about in this blog that renews the scientific tenants of sociology with the ad ons of biology, and systems sciences, with the full understanding of the organic structure of the Universe and the meaning of memes, languages of social information (money and words) and the way it structures societies, according to the ABCD-E system of the scientific method we shall now ground more profoundly in the structure of the Universe at large; by formalising this suœrganic (ab. superorganjc) structure of systems made of ‘physiological networks of entropy, information, energy and the atomic-cellular-citizens it connects (physical, biologic, social systems0, with the formalism of the 5th dimension of scalar space-time.

This is a blog of objective social sciences and so it must be ‘ground’ in a much larger scientific view of the Universe.

What today passes as philosophy of science and social truths are just a selection of those ‘truths’ that seem to validate the idol-ogies of our societies. Among them the dog-eat-dog view of Nature, WHERE THE DENIAL of the arrow of eusocial love, natural to the Universe is denied by our ‘information systems’ because it would mean humans must love each other, evolve and create a superorganism of history not one of machines, as a surrogate of their destiny. And yet the Universe is by definition mathematical and social -as numbers are social groups of indistinguishable beings, and all systems become smaller parts of larger social wholes.

Indeed, what we are describing from the larger view will always come to the natural arrow of social evolution of all systems of Nature, which grow from individuals into social organisms, according to the scalar, organic nature of the Universe. So it is worth to make a slow detour to try to UPGRADE your brain, littered with social idol-ogies and hate memes towards part of mankind, to the true natural structure of the Universe:

And further on, why the future arrow is eusocial evolution, as super organisms are MORE efficient than individuals, which lack this co-operative dual arrow of information (upwards) and simultaneous motion and energy delivered by the whole.

So happens in history where the most efficient nations are super organisms properly designed to take advantage of those laws, through PHYSIOLOGICAL NETWORKS, that deliver energy to all cells (blood, digestive systems) and co-ordinate with faster nervous/electric information its motions.

In the next graph we see the organisation of all those systems, through networks of energy (blood-economics in historic systems) and information (words and laws of nervous and political systems in human social organisms) to which cells-citizens attach to form a perfect social super organism. SO THE GOAL OF SOCIAL SYSTEMS SCIENCES IS TO DESIGN WITH THE LAWS OF THE ORGANIC UNIVERSE THE PERFEcT SUPERORGANISM OF HISTORY that will survive and make history and its cells, all of us, human citizens of God the superorganism of mankind NOT OF ANY TRIBE OR GROUP OF BELIEVERS, BUT ALL OF US, a perfect system, as all others in NATURE ARE:

In the graphs, we observe the network structure of all the scales of the 5th dimension, which evolve as super organisms  according to the social networks they create of which the Universe is the largest super organism extended in 3 scales, the ∆-1 quantum, electromagnetic, ∆-thermodynamic and ∆+1 gravitational scales, (whose study is the basis of 5D physics) and human societies are just another ∆±1 super organism, extended in 3 scales, the cellular, individual and social, planetary scale:

∆=o: A human organism is a population of DNA cells, related by networks of genetic, hormonal and nervous information and energy networks (digestive and blood systems).

∆+1: An animal ecosystem is a population of different carbon-life species, related by networks of light information and life energy (plants, prey).Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 16.22.22

∆+1: A historic organism or civilization is a population of humans, related by legal and cultural networks of verbal information and agricultural networks of carbon-life energy. ∆+1: An economic ecosystem or nation is a population of human workers/consumers and machines, related by networks of digital information (money, audiovisual information, science) & energetic networks (roads, electricity)

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 16.22.32

An economic ecosystem differs from a historic organism because they use different languages of information (civilizations use verbal or ethic laws while economic ecosystems use digital prices) and include 2 different species: human beings and machines.

Those are the 2 alternative super organisms we are creating on planet Earth, and it is up to mankind to choose which of them will have the supremacy of the planet. Company-mothers of machines and its economists whose mandate is to evolve and reproduce its offspring of machines ARE CREATING with credit, cre(dit)ating the super organism of machines, which is making mankind obsolete. And so the 2 arrows of time, as they stand today mean:

Max. Technological Evolution = Min. Social evolution.

Which is exactly what we see in countries ahead of the technological wave, when reaching its maximal perfection, creating enormous amounts of top predator weapons, whose entropic role is to kill mankind, such as Germany in the previous cycle or America with its robotic armies and bully president, today.

Indeed, it is essential in social sciences to understand that humans NOT ONLY MUST evolve individually, but MAINLY COLLECTIVELY as parts of super organisms of history. To study humans, WITHOUT THIS VIEW, which is the ‘idol-ogy’ of individual selfish, force-fed to every human today, to disguise our increasing devolution and powerlessness to machines, which are clearly evolving into a global super organism  is to confuse chaos and death of social organisms with ‘freedom’. The Universe evolves is social scales because the whole is stronger than the parts. And so the most efficient, survival species are those who use the networks of information to evolve as a single species.

The most efficient survival species is the ant, which represents 1/2 of the total animal mass of life because it has perfected social evolution. Humans would have obviously if their social evolution would have not been arrested by the ab=use of each other with selfish memes of metal reach that stage, which they were on the path to achieve in the neolithic long ago. Now they are dying as a global super organism  substituted by the globalised world of mechanical networks, and this is the main cause of our increasing moral degradation.

So we must study humans and machines NOT only at the individual level, but mainly at the level of…


Biological economics: basic tenants of evolution

So let us then study the radiations of machines – its overproduction cycles in terms of the main biological facts of evolution and extinction. Since evolution Does apply to the relationship between men and machines, as:

1) It is NOT A THEORY OF CARBON-ATOMS BUT OF INFORMATION, FORM, AND SO IT APPLIES TO ALL SPECIES EVOLVING ITS FORM, AS IT IS THE CASE OF MACHINES and top predator weapons, we design imitating the organic forms of our body in stronger metal, and faster-thinking gold chips.

2) Extinction is not intentional but produced by the ‘struggle’ for the limited resources of planet Earth between two species. The strongest=biggest in space, and faster in time species, wins the struggle because it re=produces and evolves faster. And so as Neanderthals were cornered by fast-reproducing humans , fast evolving technology and finally became extinct, by loss of vital space, the much faster reproduction and evolution of machines, which is overcrowding the planet, overproducing pollution, making more humans obsolete and taking its vital space, as workers and soldiers in labor and war field, extinction will be unavoidable.

3) But extinction can be avoided, if humans stop its evolution and control its re=production before AUTONOMOUS MACHINES WITH SOLAR SKINS, 3D-AUTOMATED COMPANY-MOTHERS WITH NO HUMAN LABOR AND ∞ SELF-REPRODUCTIVITY, no longer need us. 

4) And finally the biggest misinterpretation by capitalist go(l)d racist people and military s(word) germ(an) tribes of what darwinism is: IT IS THE SPECIES, MANKIND WHAT FIGHTS, not the tribe, and THE SPECIES CAN SURVIVE BECOMING A GLOBAL SUPERORGANISM, BY CREATING NETWORKS OF ECONOMIC AND POLITICAL, ENERGY AND INFORMATION, WHICH make us collaborate. Because that is the ULTIMATE MEANING OF SOCIAL DARWINIAN EVOLUTION, which is in fact the last of the scientists=prophets of the future of history who explained the planet as it is today. 

All this said, hopefully you are convinced that machines do compete with humans, and while we live in symbiosis with them, we do suffer also its competition and atrophy. But machines are the ‘simple parts’ of larger beings, its company-mothers and societies of company-mothers (stock markets)

Thus we must also go deeper into the basics of the scientific method and the cyclical nature of time patterns. That is we must study the basic tenants of systems sciences, which define an organic Universe, ruled not only by physical but also biological, organic laws, which are the laws that apply to define bio-history and bio-economics, the evolution of machines and the evolution of man and company-mothers into social super organisms. As this blog basically applies the laws of complexity, theory of information and systems sciences, this writer pioneered in its research back at the turn of the century to social sciences and the economic ‘system’.

But Biology is NOT a single ‘scalar’ Universe. It does always deals with systems that extend in 2 or 3 scales of relative size that cooperate together:


In the graph we can see the parallelism of the 3 scales of human existence, the cellular, individual and social scale. So happens with machines, which form a different system with different networks of energy and digital information, but essentially structured also as a super organism (below).

It is then necessary to carry further the concept of machines as evolving organisms, reproduced by company-mothers and societies as organic systems, and consider that he evolution of machines and human beings, happens also in the next scale of super organisms, joined by networks of energy=economics and information=legal, political systems, in the human case, or digital information (money) in the world of machines and its company-mothers.

And so all the ‘elements’ we can study in the world of machines and humans, at individual level, in terms of consumption, work=reproduction and competition in labor and war fields, must be also studied in terms of competition between human governments and company-mothers, human societies and economic ecosystems (free markets, where the free citizens are companies), and observe at planetary level a parallel process of self-organisation of humans into ever larger organisations and machines and company-mothers, organised by flows of digital money into ever bigger global stock-markets, which act as the collective brain of all those corporations.

And so we DO have the MINIMAL realist, organic, scientific definition of all the components of history and the economic ecosystem that are evolving in planet Earth; and can trace easily at individual and social level an equation of evolution and competition between 3 super organisms:

Life (Gaia) relative past < Present≈ History: Humanity in time> Future: relative Metal-earth: Economic ecosystem.

As humans are extinguishing life and evolving machines, which in turn, it is not difficult to predict, if their evolution is not properly managed will extinguish man. But none of this is even discussing in ‘any’ forum of macro-economics, the science that is supposed to study economics, as the ‘physiological, reproductive network’ of the super organisms of history.

It is in that regard, remarkable that macro-economics, the study of the economic ecosystem at global level has not accepted for decades the advances of other disciplines such as systems sciences which we contend is tautologically the true science of the economic system; unlike ‘classic economics’, a mere praxis of financial and corporative power, whose advances are only on micro-economics, that is, the science of re=production of machines.



In the initial graph of this paragraph we see the wave of history and economics, which in hard systems science is a canonical ‘decametric wave’ of accelerated complexity of information, but NOT of human, verbal information but of digital, metal information; as we are NOT evolving mankind in a single supœrganism, which the prophets of eusocial love of the lower part of the graph, called in mystical terms, ‘God’, as they translated the DARWINIAN BIOLOGICAL LAWS OF SURVIVAL OF THE SPECIES, NOT THE INDIVIDUAL INTO THE JARGON OF VERBAL HISTORY, love religions (which therefore ARE SCIENCE, in a pre-biological Jargon and as such will be treated here).


The structure of the wave of history vs. economics is clear-cut and can be treated with different jargons, those of classic history (mystical religion, sociological sciences), and modern systems science (metric equations of the fifth dimension of the scalar organic Universe, which evolves in scales of complexity from particles to atoms, to cells, organisms, supœrganisms, planetary systems and galaxies), each one studied by a science, with the ‘Bio-Logic Laws of the Universe, ruling them all’:


And it can also be studied with the abstract equations of economics, albeit properly explained to discover what they really mean for mankind, as social sciences are basically all corrupted by ‘animetal cult(ure)s, which worship NOT mankind our supœrganism, but the world of company-mothers and its offspring of machines, which under those idol-ogies of metal, which range from nationalism (the division of humans in homo tribalis species to confront them with weapons), to capitalism (the belief, digital gold, the language of re=production of machines, not the ethic law and its verbal constitutions, the language of construction of eusocial civilisations, must direct our species). So we DO use all the equations of economics BUT setting the record straight explaining what they signify for HISTORY, Mankind in time, our point of view in this blog.

Now the denial of truth reaches paroxysms with concepts such us ‘alternative truths’, by the so-called alt-right. Let us use the wording properly, there is an alternative, righteous truth about man, but it is nOT that of the likes of Mr. Trump and Bannon whose idologies he resumes into ‘capitalism and nationalism’ (of course nobody quotes the elephant in the room: mechanism and the machine, because we are supposed by the ego paradox to be above and occupy ourselves not in objects but high-minded idealist truths, LOL). The high truths are always about love and humanism, exactly the opposite of the top of that wave.
This is indeed what all prophets of the wor(l)d have done – the people on the bottom of the wave of history, which in each cycle of metal-evolution have brought back the same humanist, eusocial, life-oriented doctrines, denying the right to kill with weapons, to enslave with go(l)d, to murder life. So the people on the bottom of the wave created an alternative world not of MILITARY OR INDUSTRIAL NATIONS BUT OF HUMAN LIFE-MEMES.

They are the prophets of mankind and the founders of the 7 humanist cultures, THE TRUE SUPERORGANISMS OF HISTORY, of the rainbow planet described in the right side, not to confuse with ANIMETAL CULTURES AND industrial NATIONS, smaller tribal units that justify war:


In the graph, explained in depth in the right side of this blog (yes right in the sense of ‘righteous’, we are here CHANGING the ‘newspeaks’ of animetals and setting the record straight on the biological scientific grounds of ‘survival’, the true scientific goal of all biological systems) the 7 cultures of mankind, born of the split volution of:

  • The human subconscious, social collective mind of, history, the super organism of humanity, which is DESCRIBED in mystique terms by the eusocial prophets of love of western cultures, in 3 horizons of growing memetic evolution,  (Jewish-protestant ‘Anglo-American’ cultures, the most primitive still in tribal mode; Christian cultures origin of ‘Hispano-America’ & Islam, unfortunately mostly corrupted by go(l)d churches and military inquisitions).
  • The Universal, scientific organic mind of energy and information, the super organism of reality, described by the Eastern cultures of eusocial love to life and the Universe as a whole (Animist Africa->Hinduist-> South-Asia or Indonesia, whose natural island region will be stolen by western jihads and go(l)c churches, from Malacca to Sydney and Taoist->Buddhist Asia; China, Korea, Japan, Indochina).
  • Which were merged scientifically in ‘Europe’ through science and social r=evolution, in the Industrial age of social-democracies, and finally through Systems sciences comes to its completion in the models of this blog.

Thus this initial page is taken from the larger wave that studies all the systems of the Universe, and its the ultimate scientific philosophy that back all what we state in this blog about social systems.

It is loosely taken from my conferences during the years I was the chair of duality in the world systems association, the science that studies the way the Universe constructs systems with those networks of energy and information.

Needless to say nothing of this is of interest to our present animetal, technoutopian culture of mechanical slaves, which substitutes the FUTURE OF MANKIND BY THE social evolution of the METAL-EARTH, a world of mechanisms, robots, and computers, who love each other in telepathic sharing of information and once built up eliminate as metal has always done with weapons and go(l)d slavery the rival supeorganism  mankind. And only then THOSE WHO DIE BY IRON AND SERVE GO(L)D will realise they fuked up the super organism of history and die because they are not iron and gold but flesh to love.

So all prophets of eusocial love told us to love mankind and as we evolved our understanding of those laws we moved from primitive animetal genetic social super organisms (nations, abrahamic religion, racist animetal cults) into the final oikoumene cultures of eusocial love into the rational scientific understanding of those elements that matures with the evolution by this author, a few decades ago of the mathematical and logic formalise of the 5th dimension, applied to history in this blog and to all the systems of the Universe at

  • Mechanism, the belief the universe is a machine not an organism and so the machine not man is the model of all things and so progress means the evolution of machines NOT of human societies, the construction of the Mechanocene, NOT the creation of a perfect global super organism of mankind, the perfect world of our social models of systems sciences. THIS IS BY FAR THE MORE INSIDIOUS OF ALL HALF-TRUTHS OF OUR CIVILIZATION. As it has the pretentious dogma of absolute truth which is labelled to anything called ‘science’. Now the lies here are half lies, as we have shown with the denial of the cyclical repetitive patterns of science, by physicists, who developed the simplifying concept of lineal time by pegging time cycles of frequency, in an inverse ƒ=1/t parameter, ‘duration’ which completely eliminates the form, the information and cyclical causes of the cycle. So suddenly humans alone became the seers of lineal time with an exceptionalist, unique, manifest destiny of progress through the machine.

THE SECOND fundamental lie of mechanism is the concept of machines as immutable beings, similar to the old religious concept of man as immutable in the bible, in which the pious founding fathers of mechanisms – all believers in yhwh, as Newton dedicated more time to biblical studies than to lineal time, and called space the plenum-body of Yhwh. IT IS IMPORTANT TO NOTICE THIS SUBCONSCIOUS FLOW OF MECHANISM AND THE PRIMITIVE PHILOSOPHY OF SCIENCE of physicists, hauling from those ideas, which the work of Einstein in cyclical time: ‘time bends space into mass’, and quantum physicists on the fractal vital nature of space with energy, has not ERASED. SO THIS IS the doctrine sponsor by company-mothers of machines; machines do NOT evolve, are NOT like us, the lineal species of manifest destiny and will NOT become as all the laws of information and complexity expect, sentient organisms if we keep evolving them, this century.

The third insidious derived idea is therefore that the Universe is a machine not an organism and we must model economics and explore the Universe only with machines, symbol of progress.

And finally the concept that time is lineal, and entropy=death which is the expansive lineal arrow of time is the ONLY ARROW OF THE UNIVERSE. As the foremost authority in this blue dot on duality, the science that affirms that time is cyclical because it has 2 dimensions, entropy and information, the height dimension of perception, and form, as the bidimensional screen you are looking filled with information (you cannot draw a cycle with a single dimension you need height), who has modelled the Universe and all its sciences successfully with those 2 dimensions of time (see my blog on philosophy of science, I have wrestle all my life with the simplex ideas of the religious dogmas of physics, which bend reality against life. But the fact is physicists make all the machines and weapons of our world, the tools of power, so everybody worship them without understanding much of their philosophy, which subconsciously is biased and simplified by their worldly profession of making lineal machines of energy and weapons. So of course, their theory of the Universe is a ‘big bang’ – name given by the rival author of the more proper theory of a steady state cyclical Universe, which rightly pointed out to the fact that Gamow, the inventor of the ‘big bang’ had been working in A-bombs and was bias by his worldly profession, as Galileo was. So they say the Universe is made of entropy and dying and that is OK. And power gives them authority. So this fundamental religion of modern mankind is so entrenched that we need an entire section of this blog on general systems and duality to make a dent of it. I advice thus to read 5Dlove, the first post on the upper sentence that explains the magnificent organic Universe with those 2 arrows of time, entropy and information, so you realise how much deeper, beautiful is reality when you interpret the equations of physics WITH FREQUENCIES OF TIME CYCLES, INSTEAD OF DURATIONS – THE EQUATIONS ARE THE SAME, as ƒ=1/t is just a substitution on those equations of a parameter by its equivalent, but the Universe they reveal when we unveil its information patterns and time cycles is infinitely more beautiful and explanative of the nature of man, life and reality.

  • Tribalism aka nationalism & all other forms of racism, the belief we are a tribal not an homo sapiens species, and so tribes must fight for survival by evolving reproducing and using top predator weapons to kill humanity. And the belief that genes not memes code social sciences.
  • Capitalism, the belief that the language of social power, money must not be reproduced by the people, as the postulate of democracy precludes but by dynasties of private bankers, belonging overwhelmingly to the Biblical culture in the west – a ‘creationist’ theory of the economic ecosystem, intimately related to:
  • Abrahamic religions, in its corrupted versions, which deny the power of eusocial love among all humans, members of the same species, and either consider that only the $elected, the chosen of go(l)d shall be redeemed (Calvin: the intelligence of God is gold, Adam Smith, Calvinist founder of economics: money is the invisible hand of god), or inquisitions that consider the sword must convert or kill the infidel (Jihad and catholic inquisition with a shield that had a sword and a cross inverted). Basically they are primitive versions of tribal nationalism (military inquisitions of the jihad-catholic strain) and capitalism (gold churches of the jewish-protestant strain) from an age in which the word nation did not exist and ‘god’ meant the subconscious collective of a tribe.

I.e.: Assur was the name, war God, capital, king and people of Assyria; and yhwh, a toponym for Judea in ancient Egyptian maps, the name, go(l)d, nation and ‘Yewish’ people who worshipped gold ex-votes and traded with metal and slaves, in donkey caravans (hence also called the ‘People of the treasure’, or Am Segullah, ill translated as chosen people – its elite of court banker priests; while their commoners were called’ those who walk behind the asses’ or jabiru, or hebrew, the pedlers, weapon and slave traders. What all this had to do with a true ‘spiritual understanding of the organic Universe’? Nothing: they are historic religions of nationalist power. And yhwh, the collective subconscious of judaism no different from Assur or Germany, the subconscious collective of those tribes; which of course fought for global supremacism for centuries massacring each other in absurd wars and holocausts – and now again are at war Assur vs. Israel. Deja vu.

THOSE 4 historic animetal idol-ogies that are HIDDEN DOCTRINES OF METAL-WORSHIP (hence the name animetal cultures given to their believers, as they degrade their human condition into a rather brutish, emotional, animalistic hateful series of memes to belief – from violence, instilled by weapons, to go(l)d hypnotic greed, to racist chosen beliefs or classist racism based in go(l)d herding) deny the true scientific theories which are:

Organicism, the Universe is not a mechanism, and machines are just metalife organisms

Humanism, the species is homo sapiens not homo tribalis and biology wants us to evolve it efficiently. Further on genes in the organic fractal models of the Universe ONLY code the next biological scale of super organisms. History, the super organism of mankind is CODED BY MEMES, and LANGUAGES, so any human being is ‘innocent’ as memes are cultural waves, which can be reformed.

Socialism: the languages of social power, the law and money MUST be issued by people and/or its representatives, not by a chosen of go(l)d group of pretentious experts with selfish agendas.

A single God, mankind, not a tribal God, the subconscious ‘racist’ beliefs of a group, to justify the use of weapons; but all of us, united together in the search of a perfect super organism in which all human citizen-cells create an efficient informative-legal and blood-monetary system that serves all its cells, and distributes and produces enough welfare goods, for the super organism to survive, as all systems do, while using its leucocytes=military NOT to kill its own cells but to forbid rival species (robotics, hate media), and avoid cancerous selfie organs (private bankers who absorb all the blood-money of society killing by anoxia=poverty most human cells). This is the GOAL OF THE universe for all its species: to create a perfect social whole departing from its cellular parts: particles that evolve into atoms, into molecules into cells and crystals, into organisms and planets and superorganisms and galaxies WILL survive, but individual particles perish. Take it or leave it. It is NOT WISHFUL THINKING, but the beauty of the Darwinian, loving world.


In the graphs we see the true meaning of a God of eusocial love (western anthropomorphic gods) and an Eastern organic philosophy of the Universe:

their memes explain the organic Universe of yin-formation and yang-energy for all the forms of life (Buddhism, TAOISM) OR FOR the human oikoumene global race (non-racist religions, Christianity and Islam, when void of catholic and jihad inquisitions). Their goal – to create a global super organisms of believers in the power of love (assabiyah) to put together all humans is a ‘mystique’ expression of the laws of general systems, and ‘ethonomics’, which in more pedestrian terms try to explain the need for a global earth based in human values that put man again not the machine at the center of creation. Thus in a rational perfect world, All other primitive racist religions should be banned, as primitive phases of that evolution of the concept of God=Mankind and the expressions of the laws of the social Universe.

 So we see below all Universal and human super organisms, where God is either the mind of social love and its yin-formation/yang-energy forces at cosmic level (gravitational, attractive, and electromagnetic energetic networks), or a human culture where mankind is god, and its social economic, energetic and legal, just, ethic informative networks construct a perfect super organism:

TO NOTICE FINALLY THAT THE INFORMATIVE SYSTEMS THAT CODE THE LARGER WHOLE are always a scale of 5D (ab. ∆) lower. So SOCIETIES ARE coded by memes (ideas, instruments, social mores) human organisms are coded by smaller genetic cells, coded by smaller molecular Dna, coded by smaller quantum numbers.

In mystical terms this is called the mystery ‘trinity’ (: the verbal mind or subconscious collective of humanity, ‘becomes man the prophet of eusocial love’ which as the DNA reproduces in similar cells, reproduces in parallel humans, clone minds and becomes back again a super organism of history.

Genes matter nothing to historic superorganisms, they only code the next scale, above the molecule, the cell and organism.
NEITHER INDIVIDUALS, WHICH ARE RECEPTACLES OF MEMETIC WAVES OF INFORMATION, AS INDIVIDUAL CELLS MATTER NOT. IN SUPERORGANISMS IT IS ALL ABOUT PHYSIOLOGY. A DOCTOR will tell you that cells are irrelevant. THAT WHAT CODES, MAINTAINS HEALTHY OR POISONS AN ORGANISM IS THE FUNCTIONING OF THE 3 NETWORKS, the blood/economic network which must feed all cells with enough money to kick out production; the nervous/political network, which must order its ‘laws of motion’ equal to all cells so they move in synchronicity as a single communal whole; and the digestive, feeding system which must be provided with healthy goods, maintained without lethal viruses, as the Earth of Gaia should be.
So history and culture it is all about memes, which are mental and instrumental concepts. Hence racism, tribalism, abrahamic religions of chosen of go(l)d or allah, and similar classist, capitalist structures are ridiculous theories, whose only reason d’être is war and hate memes, apartheid nationalism and its eternal holocaust and genocide cycles. And this the most advanced ‘global nations’ where all races, religions and people were accepted always understood.

Let us remember them, as now they are all in a process of devolution and extinction parallel to the human superorganism of mankind its laws, sciences and humanist praxis is being destroyed by nationalist and abrahamic primitive animetal memes, cherished by the industry of metal-communicators as the ‘proud beliefs’ of a ‘free people’. Lol, never so many ‘people are slaves, they believe, they don’t reason’ (Aristotle).

– America in its original concept by its founding fathers, all enlightened ‘European philosophers’ who despised nationalism and abahamic religions and wanted them to be forbidden, to liberate man of those chains of the mind. Yes, my friend AMERICA was not biblical bigot jewish-protestant GOP, Trump America, ruled by evilwood violent films, military industries, go(l)d chosen banker-priests proud to believe in a bronze age bigot foreign God, colony of other nation, but a proud, rational, free, all-inclusive, humanist hope for the species to prosper, leaving behind all those chains of the mind, from where people fled. Look at it now, shackled and proud to be a slave.
-Europe, as it was born of the french and russian r=evolutions, destroyed by military caudillos (Napoleon and Stalin) who killed all r=evolutionaries, resurrected by the Social Democratic European Union and again destroyed by Goldman Sachs et Al – the wall street bankers who masterminded the ECB private usury bank, which is choking as they do in Wall Street with the Americans, their welfare, advanced, evolved humanist state.
– UNO, which along the EU, could have been the blue print for a global super organism of history, the ‘Wor(l)d Union’ ruled by the ethic messages of our languages of biological evolution, the ethic wor(l)d, destroyed by israel and its puppet wall street/evilwood slaves, the American Biblical people, who boycotted Humanity EVER SINCE humanity forgave 3000 years of debt slavery and go(l)d oppression, atoned for the Holocaust cycle; and yet Israel, the cult(ure) of go(l)d instead of joining mankind, ask its own atonement for the financial crimes of its elite and join the fight for a better world, decided to travel back to the past and resurrect its primitive abrahamic, bronze age segregational fetish gold religion and when mankind≈UNO told them to behave through Wall street and its puppet politicos made everything possible to strip mankind of its global brain.
– Love is NOT WEAKNESS, BUT THE STRENGTH OF THE UNIVERSE, ITS ABSOLUTE LAW OF SURVIVAL and the redeeming reason why as Leibniz put it, the ‘Universe is the most perfect of all possible worlds’, since those who hate each other and litter their brains with imaginary solutions, who despise the laws of love shall perish. Love does construct super-organisms, the most perfect beings of the Universe. And so it will in this planet, of the human or the metal-kind.

It is then easy to explain the origin of all those selfie memes: ego-trips of primitive people, who lived in an age in which the valley was all the Universe and the subconscious collective was called ‘the tribe of men’, or the ‘tribe of goths’ (germ/ans entering history killing all with swords) or the chosen of go(l)d because so little was understood of the larger Universe. that those paradoxes still exist only show the memetic, repetitive nature of most human minds, slaves of their beliefs.

IT IS an obvious paradox observing Apartheid Israel, the to producer of robotic weapons in the world (60% of drones, sold to US), and US, which is so devolved in social evolution, and a humanist future that cannot even understand the primacy of the society over the individual, and worships so much money and machines that has chosen as President a TV-clown billionaire, truly thinking it would be along its billionaire partners in crime, the solution to all the problems they have caused in the first place. The rest of the world less advanced that those 2 countries at the head of the metal-earth do not quite understand how a people so smart with machines can be so dumb with humans.
Hopefully we have explained the paradox.
And so if you are still here, jumping over your preprogrammed mind, we might give you a much more scientific response about why history is what it is, and what we could make of it, if we could ‘erase’ the absurd hate memes of our people in power.
What we shall do departing from the models of systems sciences is to explain this in an even wider worldview – that of a fractal organic Universe, where those species which evolve into social super organisms, control better their environment and survive.
Indeed, it must be clear that wishful thinking does NOT change reality. Humans can occupy their feeble brains of scavenger monkeys thinking their tribal god/nation (words which meant the same in the old age), are going to rapture them into some valhalla paradise of saints, jihad martyrs or zealots, but they will all return according to the organic cycle of the 5th dimension, to the seminal, cellular scale in which they were born. They can think machines are inert slaves that will always obey them. But they are already degrading, substituting and atrophying our bodies and minds, as we become fat in fast cars and loose memory, verbal and digital skills, performed by computers.
And finally they might think that their renounce to the higher social scale of the super organisms of history, for the sake of their selfie, individual isolated lives is the paramount freedom but this means they are renouncing to the social organic goals of all species in the Universe: to become part of a larger, stronger, well designed whole that makes their life easier, providing them the rightful information and natural energy (welfare goods in the human case) they need to survive. But that only mans the rival species the machine, guided by flows of digital money and company-mothers dedicated to their reproduction and social evolution will/is already achieving that goal of a global world ruled by and for them. So let us observe that dual paradox: the degradation of mankind back to the selfie solitary violent visual neo-paleolithic mind, while the machine becomes a global integrated super organism ruled by digital values.
Since Humanism, Socialism, Organicism ARE just the expressions of the laws of social love and organic evolution, the absolute arrow of future of the scalar Universe; which COULD MAKE HISTORY AN IMMORTAL SUPERORGANISM, IN WHICH ALL ITS CELLS-CITIZENS WILL THRIVE.
So we upgrade RELIGIONS OF EUSOCIAL LOVE with the modern concept of a super organism, and its economic and legal, ethic networks, since essentially the jargon has chained but as those are the laws of Nature and its strategies of survival, it is really the same Universal laws, talked by all the humanist masters of the lower graph of the 800 years wave.


That is we shall go back and forth in the rest of the blog, from:

  • The entire ‘wave of history’, and its 3 ages, the paleolithic, neolithic and age of metal-information
  • To the smaller view of the Industrial cycle, the modern age of history and ITS industrial nations≈generations.
  • to the largest of all possible views – the laws of systems sciences which beyond time and space will always rule the organic Universe and its creation of life systems, and its super organisms, from where we will deduce again the
  • +DH efficient laws to create a perfect super organism of history
  • and finalise with -EF, business as usual, now in time, making an accurate non-censored history of capitalism, its cultural super organisms, cycles idol-ogies, people-castes, segregational memes of tribal and religious and financial origin and the way our ‘expert’ corrupted clueless social scientists are busy-busy killing the world..

In that regard the sentence above resumes the ‘ENGINE OF THE WAVE OF HISTORY’, which is the eternal confrontation between two worlds, the world of Life, and Gaia, and the world of the machine, or Mechanocene, with humans in the middle, the world of  history, which should in a perfect world use both Gaia and the Mechanocene to its advantage, but as things stand, is tilting the balance of the equation of History towards, the machine, a fact  resumed by the equation and wave of ‘systemic history’:

Gaia (relative past) < History (relative present) > Mechanocene (relative future)
 How can we explain this duality with the facts of history?  Simple: using the most advanced laws of systems sciences and biology to compare the two avenues, and separate mankind between those who fight for the world of metal, under absurd ‘idol-ogies’ that litter their mind with hate memes against mankind, in favor of the metal-kind, which we shall call ‘animetals’, and those who are rational, ethic human beings, who understand naturally the laws of the organic Universe, and favor humanity over the machine.

So on the righteous side we study B-iological models of History, General System sciences, and the solutions for a future to mankind, that explain those data and cycles and the humanist praxis to manage both sciences for human benefit.

While on the left, wrong side, we study A-C, accurate historic data and its cycles of evolution of information and the super organism of machines – the economic system.

While I have with the restrictions of the cumbersome ‘alphabetical, rank order’ of wordpress blogs tried to make a clear distribution of the posts on both sides of the economic ecosystem and human world history, a bit of explanation might be needed.

First we do NOT SHY AWAY FROM THE USE OF PRE-SCIENTIFIC BUT CLEARLY BIO-LOGICAL, HISTORIC JARGONS OF RELIGIONS OF EUSOCIAL LOVE and its ‘genetic linguistics of Live vs. eviL=death memes’, as this is the language still used by the majority of the human population. So it is pedantic, anti-humanist and elitist to pretend that those jargons are outdated and have no scientific meaning as ‘animetal scholars’ who think history is only about A), collection of historic relics and archeological data with machines IS all what there is about history. B)iological modelling and C)yclical pattens must be included as all sciences do, and a Human, D)emocratic praxis, which people can understand must also be part of social sciences.

If humans have ‘fuked up’ so deep by following the slavery to memes of metal, this bid for the death=eviL world of weapons who kill our body, machines who atrophy and substitute our organs and go(l)d who erases and substitutes the eusocial mandates of ethics, MUST ALSO BE DENOUNCED in both social, and religious terms and so we do put on top of both sides: god=history, because god is our subconscious collective mind and spells the ethics of eusocial love to create a perfect super organism as latter sociology and now biohistory do; and we put – E, in the economic ecosystem and label the metal-earth as evil, so people do understand straight what is the future of a world ruled by robotic mechanisms and company-mother of machines, the anti-wor(l)d of Live, evil. death.

We shall not though ab=use this jargon, but rather try to put it in the context of the bio-historical new jargon that tries to merge them all.

Regarding the structure of both columns, is self-explanative.

On the left, wrong side of a free market, aka economic ecosystem with free reign for animetal cultures and its overproduction cycles of weapons money and machines, we show the duality of ‘the physical economy and the mental economy’ across the 3+0 canonical accelerated ‘waves’ of technological information.

So first we introduce:

  • THE 800 year cycles of animetal civilisations during the age of weapons and go(l)d, or long cycle of evolution of the main family of weapons of history’, bronze weapons (swords and then chariots, or Semite Age), iron weapons, (infantry swords or age of Greece), financial weapons (coins, which established mercenary armies or age of Rome), spurs (or age of Cavalry, Middle age), gunpowder (or age of Europe), and digital weapons, starting with the A-bomb calculated by the first computer ENIAC (or age of America).
  • And then the idol-ogies of the mind which allowed those animetal people-castes on top to corrupt the eusocial messages of love of humanist cultures and segregate from mankind with its tribal nationalisms, abrahamic religions of segregational hate memes – military jihads and go(l)d churches, racist, nationalist divisions of mankind into tribes, etc. And confront some of those idol-ogies with the real social scientific doctrines. We must NOTICE ALWAYS THAT ANIMETAL CULT(URE)S AND ALL IDOL-OGIES OF THE MACHINE ARE NOT STRICT SENSO, LIES BUT HALF-TRUTHS, WHICH USE A HUMAN full truth and bend it. So the NATURAL EVOLUTION OF MAN TOWARDS A SINGLE GLOBAL SPECIES, THE FULL TRUTH IS ARRESTED INTO A LOWER SCALE, THE HALF-TRUTH, making a tribe or racist religion, the ‘limit’  of evolution or repressing human reproduction (sexuality) and energy (tasty food) with sin concepts, so people dedicate his effort to reproduce machines and mechanical energy (indeed we are obsessed today with mechanical energy but 1 BILLION HUMANS ARE HUNGRY)…

Then we repeat the same scheme for the accelerates second wave, of 80 years industrial nations, when the wave of evolution of mechanisms becomes professionalized by company-mothers of machines, starting hence with the beginning of the Industrial r=evolution and the foundation of the first gunboat company, VOC, born when physics as a science, called ballistics was also founded and lineal time became the future of mankind in terms of mechanical progress (1608). And hence we also after defining those cycles of modern industrial history we study its idol-ogies, which again are based in half truths that bias slightly the truths of science to cater to the concepts of a mechanical world, of lineal time clocks, which must measure by decree time and degrade human verbal time and senses to an accurate inferior form of thought, which is not.

The next graph show in full those accelerated ages of the Industrial r=evolution and all its elements, including on the bottom, the detraction of the human artistic and literally spatial eye and temporal wor(l)d arts of knowledge, substituted by mechanisms (so painting substituted by realist photography enters its deconstructionist age of isms, and literature substituted by digital thought, becomes strict fiction – NOT IN VAIN THE FIRST FICTION NOVEL QUIXOT APPEARED THE SAME YEAR VOC AND GALILEO’S MECHANICAL USE OF CLOCKS TO MEASURE TIME INSTED OF VERBAL SENTENCES, and this is another obvious pattern of bio-history vs. economics: once a form of metal substitutes a human form, the human form peaks in its zenith and enters decadence.

So for example, the axial age of maximal human ethic reason peaks with the arrival of coins, when Socrates, Lao, Buddha and Confucius said the age of love, Jen, in Chinese had ended; as coins and mercenary armies corrupted the world. Thus the 3rd and fourth column shows the physical artefacts and idol-ogical constructs of the modern age.

5. machine agesredux

And so we arrive to the final accelerated age of minds of metal, which design much faster mechanical products, accelerating the decametric cycle of evolution of memes of metal to a mere 8 year cycle of decades of new products (the so called product cycle of 8-11 years of economists).

NOW THE MIND OF MAN IS SUBSTITUTED BY THE VIRTUAL MIND OF TV-EYES AND CHIP-BRAINS AND SO HUMAN BECOME COLLECTIVELY CRAZY, VIRTUAL IN ITS WANTINGS, IT IS THE NEO-PALEOLITHIC AGE OR age of death of the human gods and its mental ethic beliefs, as humans become selfie, virtual, hypnotised by their internet and tv-screen and believe more what they see on screen than on reality – i.e. kids prefer to go to walt disney parks to see lion king than to zoos; play virtual games on screens than play sports on the streets, love virtual celebrities instead of human flesh, fuk in porno sites and so on…

So we introduce finally the virtual world of faked news, faked prices, faked art,  like the oscars of evilwood, faked wor(l)d masters, like the recent SAINT Nobel of the dynamite to Dylan, faked mass-media and hate-speeches, which usher us into the final

  • COLLAPSE OF THE WAVE OF METAL-HISTORY INTO THE GLOBAL SUPERORGANISM OF THE METAL-EARTH, WITH THE AGE OF MILITARY ROBOTS, III WORLD WAR, THE CONSTRUTION OF ROBOTIC WALLS THAT ‘HERD’ HUMANITY INTO ‘NATIONALIST BOXES, LIKE INSECTS’ (Orwell), and prepare us all for the Final Judgment as the skynet collective brain predicted by the prophets of human thought, in sci-fi films project (obviously they are the prophets of mankind in the audiovisual age, as indeed economists and politicos are all corrupted serving corporations of machines). We thus finish the left wrong side of history with the singularity point, which contrary to the technoutopian idol-ogies of the day will be the beginning of our extinction, which according to those cycles should start around 2036… as the dominant corporation of the digital age, googlezon-e (the cross-share, alliance between amazon and google, with maximal density of cloud computing, logistics, military and civil robots, A.I. control of internet information, and hence manufacturing of the human brain, clear monopolist on all the fields required to create a global ‘matrix skynet’, as predicted on those films.

Then we have the right side of positive bio-history, which is unfortunately shorter and greatly corrupted by animetal idol-ogies which creep into the right side as we can simply find very few ‘ethic, brave, honest men’ on planet Earth, full of ‘bad hombres’, which camouflage is eviL actions with hypocritical use of humanist ideas. Still we DO have 7 supœrganisms of history created by the human prophets of eusocial love which responded to each of the 7 cycles of evolution of the metal-earth with new instalments of the doctrine of social organic evolution by the power of love. And so we do explain the 7 cultures as they go through the cycles of history.

This part is less developed. I have difficulties working with manuals of chicago style, have been 30 years developing those models and have thousands of pages of analysis of all the aspects of history and economics, including art and religion (the graphs filled with pictures of art and cycles are from an exhibit of murals on those artistic ages done 20 years ago in a NY museum, so old is this, and so little known due to the anti-quantum paradox); and so I am a bit tired of it all. Hence the uneven content of many posts.

Then after describing those 7 cultures we do consider the humanist doctrines that back them with the study of the application of bio-historical laws to the creation of a perfect world and the sciences of humanism, based ultimately in the larger philosophy of systems sciences which shows how the Universe construct perfect super organisms of mankind. Finally two references close both columns on books and films, also uneven, some never finished I have tried to develop for 30 years, with so little help from a species completely obliterated mentally by the virtual age of fictions, evilwood and hate-media, so reduced to selfie homo bacteria that the hopes of a final resurrection of mankind with the science of bio-history dwindles by the day.

Let us then put MORE SCIENCE, by studying those super organisms, now from the point of view of their collective mind, as super organisms ruled by two different languages.



best history organism

In the graph, a schematic explanation of a WHealthy Superorganism of History, mankind in time, joined by an ethonomic network of human welfare goods we need to survive and thrive as human beings, which expresses in terms of human values for our life the goods of the economic ecosystem, so LETHAL GOODS that kill or repress human beings as organisms, HAVE NEGATIVE VALUES in the gdp of nations and are suppressed. AS WHEALTH INCREASES BOTH, diminishing negative lethal goods and positive ones. This accurate bio-historical frame of reference, as all sciences do have negative and positive frames of coordinates to value the opposite arrows of life-growth and evolution vs. death entropy and devolution; substitutes the pure metal-values in a health social organism. And promotes a demand economy based in democratic rights of all human citizens to a Universal salary, in a world joined without national borders, but cultural Units that expand the institutions of EU and UNO, the most advanced models of bio-history today, with just laws based in the Human Constitution: Max. Welfare goods (WHealth) Min. warfare goods (lethal technologies).

Now, the second great theme of the blog Besides the model of data, facts, biological cycles and events of history with the prediction of the future – the physical world of history and economics, deals with the mental elements of both sciences, the idol-ogies of machines, guided by its digital go(l)d languages an technological sciences vs. The wor(l)d language of history, its values and the human verbal and visual, ethic and artistic senses that create a world to the image and likeness of man

This is even more grossly misunderstood in an age in which animetals and its idol-ogies reign supreme, so all what is truly human is despised as belonging to a lesser species, specially through the influence of go(l)d cultures, and abrahamic religions that deny the value to what makes human human, from sexual reproduction, to eusocial love that evolves man, from verbal thought, and human senses of art and literature, to our energy-food… We shall see indeed how so many subtle idol-ogies against human beings are sponsored by animetals and its customs of worship of memes of metal, its religions, censorship and repressions.

So ultimately we come to the duality of the ‘head’ of the super organisms of history, provided by art and religion, ethics and politics vs. the ‘head’ of the Financial-Media/Military-Industrial System of machines of information and energy, which construct the metal-earth.

And it is not surprising that we shall make a profound challenge to those beliefs of our societies, and those people on top of the ‘Head of informative machines’, which print money and audiovisual information to control people and manufacture their minds.

Its power today is so absolute that nobody has in fact heard of the Financial-Media system of informative machines that rules the world of the metal-earth with its control of the languages of mechanical information. They will be the main protagonists of the idol-ogical creation of the world of machines, always confronted with the eusocial prophets of love and the ethic word. Since ultimately the fight of the future is one between our languages and minds, that is, a decision between who controls the world:

  • The digital language of money and its values, which we shall see give primacy to memes of metal
  • The verbal, ethic languages of man and its values, which make life sacred.


All systems have a head and language that directs it, and so happens with history, whose collective subconscious is the word that creates with its ethic languages a world to the image and likeness of humans, and so happens with the economic system whose collective subconscious language is digital money, which constructs a world made to the image and likeness of machines.

But why is that? how does it work a language of information to be able to value so differently life and machines as words and money do. This is the key element completely forgotten by economists and historians, obsessed by the most primitive ego-centered level of science – the study of facts and individuals, which matter nothing to science, which is about systems and physiological networks, not about individual ‘cells’, but about languages of information. So we need to bring basic concepts of theory of information and systems sciences, departing from the pseudo-religious, XVIII century postulates of economics, completely outdated, expressed by Adam Smith, even before the machine had been discovered, which astonishingly enough still rule this ‘pseudo-science’, called ‘macro-economics’.

And so now in this constant change of ‘level of depth in our comprehension of social sciences’, we shall move into theory of systems and information and explains you the hidden secret of ‘money’: the negative antihuman values of its syntax and substance (digital numbers and precious metal, today cycles of information in a computer).

Yet to fully understand the dual sides and cycles of that equation of history vs. economics, and how we could stop the evolution of machines and maintain the world in a relative immortal stage, we need to give a turn to the wheel of knowledge and upgrade fully the human dominant ‘mechanical culture’, to the organic paradigm since what we are going to explain after all is 2 different super organisms, the one of History or present, (Gaia being outside the scope of this blog) and the one of the Mechanocene, the ‘animetal world’ of the economic ecosystem, each of them created by a different language of values, go(l)d and the wor(l)d.

So we need to fully understand the laws of systems sciences and languages of information that create those super organisms:


In the graph, the ultimate cause of our demise is simple: we obey the values of informative metal gold, the head of the ecosystem of metal-memes, which gives maximal value to affine energy metal, iron. So those who follow blindly the values of gold, have always considered the other top predator metal species, weapon, an expensive good, and 70% of money was used in mercenary wars, now in machines.

But why, why money gives maximal value to weapon?

It is a question of affinity of substance, which nobody has ever wondered, even those who knew its different values for those of the human language, the word, but the fact that it gives minimal value to life, didn’t bother ‘racist, segregational’ people, as they had already those values, exactly the opposite of the true ethic values of the verbal, legal language that give maximal value to life and negative ‘evil=anti-live value’ to weapons and murder…

So when a society is ruled by the idol-ogy that money must rule over words, it immediatly multiplies weapons, hate media and war.

And when a society is ruled by ethic wor(l)ds it creates human welfare and a peaceful artistic world.

We shall advance now the explanation of systems sciences, which describe languages in biological terms, as the ‘brain-head’ of a superorganism or herd, which is guided by the language it speaks naturally. So the language helps the system to survive, reason why human language, words, puts man at the center and helps him to survive. While money, which has been traditionally made of informative precious metal gives maximal value to other metal-forms, notably lineal, energetic metal. And so while this explanation belongs to the second more advanced scientific part of this blog (theory of information and systems), it would be needed to understand why subconsciously our society becomes eviL=anti-live, just by having a religion of go(l)d, called capitalism, whose fundamental mandate is to make money whatever it takes, regardless of the collateral effects (to extinguish life of zero profits by multiplying weapons of maximal profits); bellum nervi, pecunia infinita.

On the other hand, our language wor(l)ds gives maximal value to man. Of course, humans could use digital languages of information (which is what ultimately money is) to value in a different way reality, in a scientific manner, if they were NOT ruled by a fetish go(l)d religion that blindly follows those values, by regulating the economic ecosystem with legal, ethic humanist values. And that is the ultimate choice of history – to be blind slaves of go(l)d values or to reason and use metal-memes for human advantage, regulating them with survival verbal values. 

The values of money give maximal value to weapons, as informative metal is affine to energetic metal. So in the age of classic history, 70% of the monetary economy was used by king-warriors to make wars. And most of human goods belonged to the non-monetary economy where people exchanged work for life goods, food and the likes. It is then immediate to understand how in that classic age people talked of evil metal, and understood in parables such as the genesis that the golden apples of the tree of metal brought its bad fruits, weapons that would extinguish us. Evil=anti-live values of gold and weapons were understood. And the people-castes ruled by weapons and money, were specially hated by mankind at large.

Germans were called barbarians because they obeyed iron and called themselves goths, because they felt they were the tribe of the gods as they could murder all people with iron swords. Semites were also hated because they had invented slavery and corrupted and killed the fertile crescent and its goddesses of fertility (eliade, campbell), and as warrior ‘arabs’ and biblical go(l)d believers sometimes in alliance sometimes opposed for global power in cycles of war and holocausts, they were driven the world away from the paradise of human goods into a world of perpetual debt slaves and warrior kins, aristocrats and stock-rats with absolute monopoly on the languages of violence and greed values, weapons and gold. So all this was understood and natural to the fight of history between the values of go(l)d and iron vs. the values of the wor(l)d.

But as the system became more complex all this was forgotten, and as metal-communicators started to despise the values of the world and multiply messages in favor of war and gold, mankind changed their mind, and today is completely ‘infected’ by the viral values that kill her, as a sick organism is infected by viral DNA and dedicates all its resources to reprove more viruses.

And on top as all those values have been converted into mathematical equations people today does not understand how money in stock-markets extinguish them, by seeking the maximal profits obtained reproduced the most expensive goods, weapons, money and hate media, which kill our bodies and minds and destroy the peaceful harmony of societies.


Now the extreme cases of Capitalist, techno-utopian America where the use of weapons, money and machines cannot be doubted and Jihad Islam, where opinion is imposed with metal-weapons, are two extremes seemingly opposed but clearly showing a common treat of an enormous number of human societies, which have built a matrix of of idol-ogies that worship ‘metal’ over human, beliefs over reason, and censor the development of rational history.

But could be money or rather ‘numbers’ be free of its metal-control, and corporative control, a historic error, and be used by mankind to create a world to its image and likeness. YES IT COULD IF INSTEAD OF ‘ANIMETAL HYPNOPTISM’, and pure subconscious greed, humans would have reason about it, and as the Greeks and Romans and Europeans during their humanist ages have done, considered MONEY WORTHLESS in its substance, but NOMISMA, a Language controlled and given value by the legal wor(l)d. 

This ONLY alternative for mankind to use money in his benefit has been abrogated by all humanist philosophers and r=evolutions. While on the side of Animetal cultures, the irrational values of greed (gold hypnotism) and violence (weapons use) has carried the day. And of course, slaving for money and weapons, animetal cultures always defeat human cultures. And so in as much as certain cultures which first got in touch with money and weapons, mostly the white ‘visual neanderthal mixed’ semite and germanic cultures, who seem not to want to reflect or reason but rather believe an act (latter we shall study the difference between the 3 main mental cultures of mankind), mans are guided by the stick of weapons and the carrot of go(l)d, to a finale in which gold becomes the chip brain of iron bodies in robots and all type of mechanisms, showing indeed the ultimate biological evolutionary nature of gold greed and iron violence.

Thus the healthy-wealthy super organisms of history ruled by true democratic, just laws, with a non-corrupted financial/political class in control of the blood-money and nervous-legal laws that construct a perfect world. And it is so easy to construct that we CAN ONLY EXPLAIN its failure through the concept of cancerous cells, viral sickness and the ‘invasion’ of the body of history but the world of animetal idol-ogies (memes that as in a viral infection substitute the dna of the human cells/citizens and its messages of social love spoken by all its prophets=scientists of history). The cancerous/viral process then reproduces with those cuckoo cells/citizens and its idol-ogies and wrong genes/memes ONLY the other species, the virus, the machine, and SACRIFICES the well-being of the system to the invaders, who PROVIDE ON TOP SOMA, a pleasure-molecule that deactivates all defences on the cells.

Thus BOTH the healthy super organisms of history and its cancerous viral sickness can be explained only with Systems Sciences and its fascinating upgrading of the mechanist, simplex paradigm of knowledge born on the work of military masters (physicist making weapons and simplifying the organic Universe into a mechanical, ‘entropy≈death’ only reality that justifies ultimately the world of machines they worship).

With this introduction we can then have a look to the 3 super organisms that dominate the planet, the mammal, history and the Financial-Media (informative head)-military-industrial (energy machines) system.

MIND THE READER HE HAS NOT EVEN HEARD ABOUT THE FINANCIAL-MEDIA HEAD of informative machines that manufacture the idol-ogies of the animetal, ‘virally’ infected anti-natural humans of the day. Indeed, this Financial-Media Head, which is traditionally controlled by the founder people-castes of Capitalism, portrayed as the ‘victims of mankind’ (another twisted way to provoke hate-memes against our species), is the absolute ruler of the system from a human perspective, and so the absolute taboo of our society is to explain what we explain in those texts – HOW THE WORLD IS PERFECTLY RULED AS ORGANISMS ARE BY NETWORKS AND MEMES, not by INDIVIDUALS, but by idol-ogies and instruments


Since money works as a language of information that values and gives power to those who ISSUE it in monopoly today overwhelmingly bankers and corporations (as people and their governments are forbidden to print ‘monetary orders’ hence have NULL power, and must exploit people asking money IN taxes.


Generally speaking we talk of money from 3 perspectives:

The BC-perspective of pure systems sciences, and theory of information which describes the supœrganisms of the planet at the highest possible level (∆+1)

∆+1: Yet the classic humanist p.o.v. of the ‘99%’ (humanity at large), in biased in objective scientific terms to favor our species (ego & anti quantum paradoxes). So to truly define reality as it is and its causality we need to upgrade this discourse to the larger ‘philosophy of science’ of systems sciences and theory of information, which describes the structure of organic systems in pure objective terms. In those terms money is the specific language of digital information, of higher carrying capacity that words, which is substituting our language, the wor(l)d, and converting this planet into a digital organism, whose most efficient mind is NOT man but the chip, hence, money is building the Metalearth, the soon-to-be global super organism of machines, where humans are expendable as they ‘talk’ money worst than machines do.

-EA: The lesser perspective of the animetal idol-ogies that control the Earth today, which reduce to individual wantings, selfishness, ego-trips, greed and violence, the ‘values’ of social sciences:

∆-1: And so on the other side, of money, there is the degraded, material vision of money, as precious metal, go(l)d, which explains why those humans who worship money ‘animetals’ and its idol-ogies of money as the language of go(l)d (biblical, capitalist sects).

– D: The humanist praxis on how to use money for the betterment of mankind.

∆º: We use the usual discourse of humanism, self-centred in man; but being clearly anthropocentric. In those terms money is a digital human language of information which values with numbers (prices, salaries, costs), all the elements of the eco(nomic)system (ab. economic ecosystem) both human and mechanical. Money then to be useful to humans should be ‘nomisma’, money ruled by the legal wor(l)d of mankind

If we were to put the 3 ∆±1 definitions together, to fully grasp all the ABCD-E aspects of money, we could then say that:

“Money is the language of digital information of the ‘3rd age of the supœrganism of the earth’, the digital age of Machines, which humans should control as ‘nomisma’ with the verbal ethic laws of its languages of social organisation, and use to value with digital efficiency, the products of the planet, but animetals merely herd under the subconscious greed provoked by its most primitive metal form, as ‘go(l)d’, idol-ised in the biblical religions of capitalism’.

BUT MONEY must be understood also in terms of what does to human words, the language of our mind, which become as we shall see simplified and substituted in top of the planet as the ‘placer of all values of beings’, which loose its wor(l)d value and become prized in terms o money values. As weapons are the highest none values, the idol-ogies attached to those objects (military, violent, gore fiction) increase. As gold produces slavery in the animetal who perceives it, the same process of hypnotism an slavey follows.

However we must accept that money as it is today has been born and evolved as ‘metal-information’ of maximal prize, first gold and precious metal, today shares of companies that reproduce machines, and the maximal profit is for weapons, hence in search of money ‘creationist economics’ Systematically overproduce weapons and metal of maximal price and underproduce welfare goods of minimal price and life with no price.

It follows that the essential element of those systems are its ‘cells’ (humans and machines in the 2 different SYSTEMS, history or mankind in time, and the Industrial world of machines and its company-mothers) and its languages of information (words and laws in human systems) and digital money in machines. BUT BOTH LANGUAGES EXPRESS THE MANDATE OF social evolution for its own species.

And what a true social science and its physiological networks of economic reproduction of healthy goods we need to survive and its neuronal castes of financial issuers of money and political nervous informative legal systems should do IS TO DESIGN A PERFECT SUPERORGANISM WHERE BOTH THE CELLS-CITIZENS AND THE WHOLE THRIVES, EVOLVES AND SURVIVES, BECOMING IMMORTAL BY BALANCING ITS ENTROPY AND INFORMATION ARROWS, REPRODUCING HEALTHY, HUMAN ENERGY, delivering it to all its individual cells, while repressing with its leukocytes, its military systems, all the lethal goods that poison or world.

BUT IN A CAPITALIST SYSTEM WHERE IS GO(L)D and cannot be controlled, WE CONTROL INSTEAD AND BLAME INSTEAD HUMANS. SO WE DO NOT CONTROL WEAPONS but pretend then humans do NOT kill each other with them. We do not control the production of lethal goods, but pretend the will not destroy the Earth.

THAT IS A RELIGION OF ANIMETAL-MEMES NOT A SOCIAL SCIENCE, AND THE MANTRA’ IT IS A FREE MARKET’ meaning company-mothers of machines must be free and have all rights and humans none, and machines must be always innocent and humans always guilty is just a despicable, racist, anti-humanist doctrine that should not exist.

I. The organic Universe and its laws applied to the economic ecosystem and the future of history.

Social sciences are biological sciences. Whereas economics studies the evolution of machines and the economic ecosystem in which those machines and human beings have relationships of symbiosis (as in consumption, where humans increase its energy and information capacities with machines) and competition as in labor and war fields, where humans compete and loose to faster, stronger machines, that substitute they jobs and kill them.

SO we have explained scientifically with The laws of systems sciences and the fractal, scalar nature of time and space, (5D metric) why indeed social super organisms are not a mere model but a reality; and the present selfish indifference of humans to their social future and structures just the process of death, which disconnects citizens-cells from its nervous-legal-political systems, as the economic-blood system becomes infected by viral memes that kill and corrupt them.

So cells become disconnected of their painful nervous-ethical systems; feel free for a while and then die without resources or become killed by invading germs/weapons/robots in the near future. This will be the highest scientific level of analysis; but the solutions to historic sicknesses are so obvious that all the prophets of the above graph have spelt the evil nature of the bad fruits of technology, without going so deep into the laws of the organic Universe, because ultimately salvation is simple: love each other, evolve socially, share energy and information with the members of your own species and survive, or hate each other, use weapons and gold to kill and degrade human bodies and minds, come on top for a while and die in wars and holocausts.

Now, we can ground in a more objective terminology the scientific,biological method applied to social sciences, on view of the memetic structure of information in social sciences and the 3 scales of existence of human beings, as individuals, made of smaller memetic structures (ideas and the instruments constructed with them), part of a larger social whole:

3 scales

In the graph the 3 scales of social sciences.


WE ONL¥ CONSIDER IN SOCIAL SCIENCES THE ∆º scale of minds, ITS IDOL-OGIES, INSTRUMENTS & Actions and the ∆1 scale of the Earth and its super organisms.

∆º scale is formed by ‘memes’, which are neuronal networks of information, which become the blue print to construct:

-Instruments of technology and its digital languages (from go(l)d to science discoveries)

-Ideas in favor of mankind and idol-ogies in favor of mechanisms.

Thus this level Ƽ has positive and negative influences, which allow us to value and select them according to their use for

∆-Human beings, which those memes will either degrade or enhance in our functions of energy, entropy and information that make us ‘living beings’. And they will be positive in as much as they allow us to be wealthy, healthy with welfare goods that are positive to us, among which those goods that develop the social scale of mankind (peace, education, tourism, just laws, universal currency to give a Universal salary to all humans to create a demand economy etc) will be the measures to establish to create:

∆+1: a perfect super organism of the world. Or in case we choose as we do to create a super organism of machines ruled by money, which will extinguish us, to create a:

∆+1: perfect super organism of machines.

So we realise the ABCD-E elements of social sciences can be described in terms of ∆±1 scales:

∆+1: BC: the Superorganic, biological ∆+1 scale with its larger Cycles and Biological causes, will correspond roughly to the BC elements of the scientific method.

-∆º: -EA: The lesser scale of minimal bits of information corresponds on the other hand to the selfie, individualistic, idol-ogical level of animetal beliefs in ‘racism’ (genes influencing history) in go(l)d cults, atoms of gold, being the fetish sweat of the gods we must herd whatever it takes (biblical, classic economic capitalist sects of go(l)d beliefs). Yet in as much as this view dominates the Human World in process of extinction, most real data of the world as it is fits within the is ∆º -EA level of understanding.

+Ƽ:+D. Finally the democratic humanist solutions which would make all humans to be free, whealthy, awash with healthy wealth and thrive as individuals, which will communicate in peace with other humans as part of a loose NON-fully integrated but free (to ensure its survival as we shall explain latter), superoganism of mankind, the perfect world, are grounded on the individual human being as a free, educated, loving, thriving whealthy being aware of the laws of the Universe it respect.

So ultimately all what we are describing are the 2 ∆º+1 perspectives of the 2 supœrganisms of this planet, from an objective ±perspective, in a manner that we can include ALL THE EVENTS AND SPECIES OF the Planet, both at ∆º memetic, individual and ∆+1 social level.


Gaia (entropy source, relative past TO BE conserved) > Feeds the Human Present (History) > Informative Future (Chip radiation: Mechanocene)

Which could be done in an evolved, well designed super organism of history ruled by our ethic, verbal laws, and a non-corrupted military with capacity to control, forbid and destroy NOT so much human beings – their target today, but mechanical ones. As it was done in the past in the most advanced civilisations of the ‘Ethic, chivalry age’ (Asia, Southern Europe with its so much ‘despised’ inquisitions of thought against science and technology, rudimentary and yet efficient forms of control of information).

In that sense, from the unparalleled sages of the Taoist Chinese tradition with ‘anarchist emphasis’ in a world with ‘lesser machines’ respecting the ‘cycles of nature’, to the modern  ecologist, sustainable movement, headed by holistic systems sciences show mankind COULD DO IT, mankind=history, our ‘subconscious collective god, the democratic 99% of our species, who would benefit of a global legal control and ban on robotics, if the primitive idol-ogical cultures who worship mechanisms over human beings, let them govern, undoubtedly would survive and create a perfectly balanced world.


A Whealthy, Democratic, Demand-Based Superorganism of Mankind.
Now, it seems clear that if the last phase of the industrial r=evolution is not properly managed with the increasingly sophisticated understanding of the laws of  super organisms and ecosystems of nature, mankind would suffer increasingly the consequences of competition, obsolescence and atrophy proper of the confrontation of two different species, with a clear ‘gap’ in their speed of evolution – the human being, and the robot, a machine with its own  fast developing intelligence – A.I. (Algorithms of information, the true meaning of Artificial Intelligence, not an ‘abstract’ concept of consciousness, but a  bio-logical system of logic processes of actions and reactions that transform the ecosystem in which both humans and machines live, allowing those machines to complete potentially all the tasks humans develop in labor and war fields.)

Unfortunately this process is now in full rage, because all scientific approaches to economics are censored, as robots give profits, and profits is the creationist religion of our $elected economists and financiers and corporations. So overproduction crises are always OK for corporations regardless of their collateral effects for mankind at large. Let us study those effects, before we denounce the ascientific approach of those economists who should be designing a world not for the 1% and its corporations and machines but for mankind overproducing real whealth, healthy wealth, welfare goods humans need to survive.

In that regard, we live paradoxically in an age in which an entire new paradigm on the fractal, organic nature of the Universe, and its best, most efficient surviving systems, is being developed by scientists of information, as this writer but we do not apply those discoveries to the design of a better human society, stuck on the selfish wrong evolutionary cultures based in myths and racist memes (tribal nationalisms, militarisms, capitalist people-castes, abrahamic religions of the chosen etc.), and so in fact, on those congresses in which I pioneered the study of the 5th dimension, and the laws of social systems during the years I chaired the science of duality, which study the evolution of systems based in energy and information networks, almost all the practical applications of those systemic laws were applied to develop better company-mothers of machines.

Plainly mankind is evolving instead of a perfect super organism of history, a perfect super organism of machines, the Financial-Media (informative machines)/Military-Industrial (Energic machines) system. While the evolution of the super organisms of mankind is stuck as people believe in the old memes that jail their minds.


This is the world we live in, perfectly masked by the political and economical false placebo truths of false democracies and false ‘consumers’ paradise, and false evolution through the progress of the Tree of Metal, not of the tree of life.

Thus we shall consider now, and expand and repeat many times in those texts the fundamental laws that should design the nervous and reproductive systems of mankind to create a free efficient super organism, namely…RAINBOW PLANET

So we need just 3+3 measures:

To stop the evolution and reproduction of robots by an International Law upon agreement of all nations of the world. This can be done by considering them what they are a biological, lethal species, akin to a viral cancer, an Aids virus, which no nation allows to reproduce and evolve and it has been done before in Asia, then the most rational evolved culture of the world, when it forbade the evolution and use of guns, at a time (XVI c.) when Japan was only second to the Spanish empire in its production. This law is essentially the same law that rules the physiological actions of Leukocytes and all higher organisms, in which lethal viruses and poisons are NOT fed onto the organism, and eliminated if so by error.

To end the anoxia of people, today without blood=energy, with a Universal Salary on a unified currency, ¥€$ money (100 Yens=5 Yuans=1 euro=1 $), to kick out a demand based efficient, massive production of welfare goods they need to survive. Since a Universal Salary will  give people a minimal amount of ‘financial votes’ to decide what the Economy must, produce and end the dictatorship of private bankers and corporations over the issue and use of money, for the 0.02%, and its owned corporations, the ‘stock-rats’, modern aristocrats, which as in the Ancien Regime of the Middle ages control the language of social power, e-money, they invent in near monopoly (over 90%) –  then weapons that only aristocrats could reproduce and use;  having also null legal responsibility for the actions they ‘cre(dit)ate’ (create with credit), protected by Anonymous societies laws, as it happened with Aristocrats, which could only be judged by peers in aristocratic courts.

And since corporations will NEVER do it by themselves, to establish a minimal control on their actions with the 50-50% split rule: All companies listed in stocks and registered legally MUST BY LAW GIVE 50% OF ITS SHARES, doing a split, to HUMANITY, because they SHOULD SERVE THE HUMAN SPECIES. The first corporations were supposed to tender the public good. The present astounding racism against humans of corporative culture, is just an offshoot of the Biblical $elected animetal memes, applied workers and consumers and MUST end, if humans expect to have a future. And this can only be done, not obviously with the nationalisation of corporations to make them ineffective, and put politicos into them, but with the sharing of the shares, which ARE a privilege that society gives them to invent MONEY FOR FREE, and so people DO HAVE THE RIGHT TO obtain a cut of that privilege, and HUMANS must be able to control lethal goods, controlling what the system produces.

On the other hand, on the political arena, to establish a real, efficient democracy, through votes a posteriori, after tenure, on the actions of politicos, based on a choice on a fixed set of penalties (death penalty for genocides including wars for profits, jail for embezzlement and fines for bad management) and rewards (re-election, pensions and honorary posts and rewards) to oblige them to full fill their promises or else; as all organisms, whose body cells control their neuronal informative people-castes with pain messages after their actions.

And to construct an efficient super-organism of History, Mankind, our only Subconscious Collective God=Species,

as all Universal species do structure themselves into super organisms with 3 social scales (ab. ∆), the cellular, atomic ∆-1 scale, the ∆-individual, thermodynamic scale and the ∆+1 social, gravitational scale. Thus as human societies have as its individual, natural scale the CULTURE, not the industrial ‘cellular nation’, two new social scales must be built around the individual Natural 7 cultures of the world, which for historic, religious and geographical reasons are clearly those of:

The ‘Rainbow’  Planet: Anglo-America, Hispano-America, Europe, Islam, Far East Asia, Black Africa and Indonesia.

Thus with the example of the European Union, prior to the coup d’etat of the ECB bank, which is a private bank of issue only for corporations and financiers, choking with anoxia the people of Europe that since its inception has become the culture of the world with less economic growth, the different nations of the 7 ‘Individual cultures’  of the world, will fusion its political and economical institutions, in a single cultures, whose 7 presidents will conform

The Wor(l)d Union, an heptarchy government presiding over an enlarged UNO and NATO, global institutions, the first dedicated to promote education and welfare, WHealthy production of goods (heathy wealth); while NATO unlike present, profit seeking warmonger politicians and industries, will start a process of global disarmament, substituting armies by ground troops and Intelligence.

That is, to give political power to the species and its people, not to castes of financial, military and mechanical power and educate them with rational, loving memes, not with tribal=nationalistic and abrahamic ego trips and hate-speeches. So, we, human beings, all members of the same super organism and god, mankind and Gaia, become a Whole, made of 7 individual cultures, and 7 billion infinitesimal free minds.

Those 6 simple measures, tailored on the Laws of Nature’s free, efficient healthy super-organisms, are required to create a future for the human kind the prohibition of robotics worldwide and the creation of a global currency, so humans instead of corporations, manufacture money with a Universal salary that will have 2 immediate effects: the creation of real democracies, and the creation of wealth, healthy wealth, as humans would give ‘orders’ of consumption and production of human goods with those Universal salaries (since, as Paretto demonstrated the poor spend in proportion much more in natural, biological survival goods, food, textiles, housing and health.)

Let us then consider in greater detail that immediate effect, considering the nature of democracies. And the social control of corporations to ‘choose’ scientifically what products must society create with credit, cre(dit)ate.

Now, any advance towards the reform of our present economic and political systems, on those lines, according to the laws of Nature’s efficient supeorganisms, will be an improvement on the present corrupted, ‘dying world’ of life beings. The model of course is a theoretical exercise, which as in all physics, establishes a first ideal model (gas ideal model in thermodynamics, and so on), as a future goal, which cannot be reached without effort.

The conclusion beyond placebo truths is obvious, a biological analysis of Free Markets shows the need to regulate the evolution of technology, pruning the bad fruits of the tree of science, weapons, robots and polluting industries, as we do with lethal organisms (virus, predators) to limit their competition with mankind, while fostering biological, human goods needed for our survival (agriculture, education, housing, verbal ethics, health, environment), if we want to make the world safer and sustainable for life.

But to achieve those goals, given the historic, wrong social mutations and sick economic structures, which oppress the human species, and make it slave of parasitic people-castes and mechanisms that atrophy and kill our bodies and minds, a r=evolution is needed; which can come from the top political leadership (an Asimovian Mule, in the present time Mr. POTUS and the Presidents of EU & China, would suffice), or from the bottom, with a Global Occupy ‘really’ Wall Street movement around the main stock-markets and parliaments of the corrupted, placebo democracies on sale to the highest bidders, in which we cannot longer live, as they design a non-human future, in which humans won’t survive.

As the r=evolution of mankind will only happen if the species learns the Natural Sciences of Superorganisms, applied to its species, bio-history and bio-economics, you are of course entitled to reproduce, evolve and study the information of this blog, and further evolve those sciences, for which you only need to be a doctor of history; that is, to learn the laws of physiology and biology and apply them by homology to the physiological networks of the economic ecosystem and the informative, nervous political systems of societies.

 Because ultimately the ‘viral infection’ of mankind is an old infection, caused by ‘memes’, the genes that regulate society, which are today ‘selfish idol-ogies’ which consider that MAN is not what must be evolved in this planet but machines must. So we must talk of a new ‘top predator species’, the ‘animetal’, who thinks the ‘destiny of mankind is to evolve the metal earth, not to protect gaia and evolve the life earth.
Those 6 measures of reform of the ‘blood=economic’ and ‘political=nervous system’ according to the laws  of efficient of super organisms of Nature could allow mankind to survive beyond the XXI century. Otherwise the probabilities that the chip radiation, its e-money radiations, white collar pcs, blue collar robots and terminators, fuelled by the hate memes of primitive idol-ogies eliminate the species will keep growing as human obsolescence to those machines increases.
But of course, it is not that easy because the top of the pyramid is so infected by the viral memes of the metal-earth, and the anti-quantum paradox so extended among scholars that nobody cares to speak up, even read and spread the knowledge of webs like this blog with null audience and needless to say, system scientists have zero hearing in the halls of power – all what we hear are the mantras and hate-memes of the idol-ogies that are destroying the world.
Each of those measures obviously would give way to an entire treatise and could occupy in a perfect world ruled by doctors of history entire libraries of research. When I finished my studies at Columbia University more than 2 decades ago, and completed the first version of all this knowledge, I did try to convince one American University to develop the full model of general systems sciences and bio-economics and bio-history. Of course, as the entire nation has a single ‘Informative people-caste’ to which every other ‘professor’ tends to be submissive, in an astounding monolithic dictatorship of thought, not unlike Stalinist russia or nazi germany, nobody dared to offer me even a small position as a teacher. I was truly surprised then, young and optimist. After all I was offering the understanding of the organic Universe, the evolution of all sciences unified by the metric of 5D physics, the immortality of history, you name it (-; But of course, compared to ‘dream’ of being the chosen of go(l)d superior race, perfect victim and the weirdo pleasures of hating everybody else, it seems what I offered had no value.
In any case, time-health permitted I might search for part of my research in the perfect world and pour it in this web. The reader though should understand that I am a realist, I do have no dreams, so at this stage this blog has much more information on the real nightmare the Am Segullah ‘leisure class’ have created in this poisoned planet and offer much more reality than utopia, since as long as politicians do not man up and join forces, denationalise the global Financial-Media Industry from the dictators of western democracies and show they do want to survive, to talk of the perfect world in this planet is fairy tale. Still we can consider it as a theoretical science. And so we shall close this introductory post with an analysis of the economic science of the perfect world,
Indeed, money we shall not cease to explain is just a language of digital information, it is not wealth per se. Real wealth in any super organism, is what the human citizen-cells do need to survive.
So we need first to understand a bit more of the program of life and its world cycles of existence – of the purpose of humans, and how they can achieve their self-realisation, of what goods they really need, to find out what a healthy system should re=produce, regardless of the profits of the corporations, which could be achieved if a 50-50 law gives the control on those corporations to the government that would represent in a real democracy with a posteriori voting the people and hence serves its needs, and hence control corporations for the common good, obliging them to produce the goods we need and to limit the goods we don’t.


  • the individual familiar level in which individuals become free, have enough welfare goods to survive, and have the right to vote a posteriori the civil servants, dispose of a universal 1000 yes money salary to demand welfare goods, thrive and live in abundance, as all resources are used to cater the needs of mankind and only positive machines are created, in a perfect economic world.
  • the political system, structured at the level of regions (states in US, regions in France, communities in Spain and so on), which do NOT HAVE armies and corporation stock-markets that rule modern nations to the service of banksters and the military; and at global level by the 7 historic, humanist prophetic and eusocial cultures of mankind, which are easily to peg people into a feeling of belonging to a tradition of humanist art, literature,  and common memes and customs that enhance their feeling of being human.

It is then obvious that mankind could exist eternally by maintaining a perfect balance between its ‘entropic territory’ Gaia, extracting from it mainly human healthy energy, as a collective mind, and repressing the lethal goods that extinguish us

This simple concept – using systems sciences to build a sustainable balanced world, by using the physiological laws of super organisms to balance the actions of man, is what ultimately humans will have to do if they wish to survive. Or else the excess of technological information and the ab-use of its neuronal castes will collapse our civilisation.

LET US THEN END with the view of what is the perfect supœrganism of mankind in which both freedom and efficiency ensure a world awash with wealth, healthy wealth:


Only a healthy super organism of history ruled by the ‘human constitution’ that maximises production of goods that make humans free, as biological and social beings, can ensure the freedom of societies. We live, contrary to systemic propaganda, in one of the less free societies that have ever existed, but our minds have been programmed to confuse the freedom of company-mothers which can reproduce any lethal goods without limit with the freedoms of human beings, which are limited by their biological nature to consume ‘human goods’ that cater to our needs of energy, information and social love.

To understand freedom, one must understand bondage and know first the program of the Universe.  Only when we know what life is about as biological beings, we know what is human freedom.

Then there is the ‘program of political freedom’, as sold by different ‘democratic’ regimes, from the North Korean ‘democratic’ ‘republic’, to the American ‘democracy’. As usual in politics, when people talk of freedom it is ‘selling propaganda’ of slavery.  In Korea, slavery to the nervous, informative legal system of that corrupted ‘military inquisition’, pretending to be a humanist r=evolution. In America slavery to the financial, blood, monetary system of that corrupted ‘go(l)d church’, pretending to serve the citizens of America.

So freedom is an extensive term, which as any true knowledge of mankind, requires to understand the 3 co-existing scales of human existence, at biological level, psychological, individual level and social level.

Yet this is not the praxis today of the world, ruled by animetal idol-ogies. Hence the fact we must dedicate more time to -E, what is happening than to D, what should happen.

Let us then apply the same method with more ‘accurate detail’ to the OTHER SIDE,THE  -EF, FREE ECONOMIC ECOSYSTEM OR FMMI SYSTEM IN ITS present final cycle of evolution of Machines into organisms, of metal, robots with A.I. (algorithms of information the true nature of artificial intelligence, WHICH ALREADY EXISTS, MERELY HAS A LOGIC LANGUAGE MORE PRECISE THAN HUMANITY, boolean algebra, which makes it seem more deterministic, as each algorithm is a ‘thought’ which provokes an ‘action’ the true meaning of reality made of actions of energy and information, motivated by logic thoughts. It is absurd thus to talk of the birth of A.I, in the future, A.I. is already with us, just that it is evolving extremely fast, and it can translate all the action thoughts of human beings, in fact it is doing it, hence creating a copycat of mankind at all levels in stronger atoms of metal and faster atoms of gold (chips).




‘There are horrible people who, instead of solving a problem, tangle it up and make it harder to solve for anyone who wants to deal with it. Whoever does not know how to hit the nail on the head should be asked not to hit it at all. Nietzsche
Because people have no thoughts to deal in, they deal cards, and try to steal one another’s money Schopenhauer
Because animetals are so self-centred that they cannot even contemplate the idea that ‘machines can become conscious’, that robots are NOT us but other species, that weapons NOT humans kill, that warming and pollution IS NOT ANTHROPOMORPHIC but mechano-centered, since they cannot think in OBJECTIVE, SCIENTIFIC, universal terms, we have to even before we explain a bit of information more about the Industrial r=evolution, its ages and humanist solutions, bring about the r=evolution of philosophy of science taking place as we speak in the science of systems that describe the fractal organic Universe in realist terms, as IT IS, not as abstract, human-only vital-intelligent being ‘idol-ogies’ of us, as the single supremacist species of reality, would like to have it.
 The summit of human social evolution, obviously is then the so-called UNO, which should change his name to Wor(L)d Union or ‘Humanity≈God’, so perhaps the go(l)d-iron animetals of America understand that when UNO talks is Humanity≈God who talks, that the 99% IS humanity, not the crap-coders of Googlezon-e; (which obviously should have been UNationalized long ago, and put under the ministry of education, for the proper ranks, in favor of the understanding of Humanity.
We will reserve the last part of this post to make a blue print on how Humanity, the fusion of the 7 cultures into a single ‘God’≈supœrganism should be structured.
Let us now introduce the informative/nervous/ethic network and language that should rule that supœrganism, in mankind understood social sciences and ‘Ppolitics’ (people-politics, aka democracy, where the value of man given by our ethic verbal language is always above the value of metal).

Unfortunately none of those obvious truths seem to permeate people in the present state of collective degradation.  In as much as verbal thought no longer matters to mankind. Everything is about a different language called ‘money’ a digital language of information quite different in the way it values things and people to words. So even before we keep describing those cycles we have to study money as a language and then compare its values and why it has automatically created an animetal world in more detail.

We are today ruled by digital money, and by the people who print it in monopoly and print also THE FICTIONS AND SOMA that informative machines use to program the world. So on one side they steal people the right to print the language of social power, and on the other promote all the previous idol-ogies to make people think paradoxically that they are free because they toil unending hours for this Leisure class elite to have all privileges, while they are taxed to get the minimal welfare to survive.
It is rather amazing that such an obvious ‘scam’ and betrayal of the rights of people to rule societies, is defended in the western world, specially among the protestant cultures, by almost every citizen.

THIS IS THOUGH A CHOICE OR RATHER AN IMPOSITION OF ANIMETAL CULTURES AND ITS VALUES OF GREED AND VIOLENCE OVER THE RATIONAL USE OF NOMISMA, DIGITAL LANGUAGES TO VALUE AND KICK OUT THE PRODUCTION OF A HEALTHY WORLD. And if that more evolved view of money, sponsored by the most evolved legal cultures of mankind, China and the Greek-Latin world in the western decoupling had triumphed the world would long be a paradise awash with welfare healthy wealth as all organisms are.

Scarcity is NOT required. Not a single super organism of the Universe in state of perpetual motion≈energy makes his cells suffer the kind of cancerous anoxia, lack of oxygen=money to ‘move and thrive’ mankind suffers. So, yes, I can’t help to judge and study in depth the culture, memes and tools of power of those who are destroying the future of the human wor(l)d and pretend to do so not blinded by greed but as ‘experts’, from a scientific objective point of view, the so-called FMasters (Financial-Media masters who print the digital money and audiovisual idol-ogies that manufacture the brain of people and credit with consumption and work orders their life). Because the decision to make a world to the image and likeness of the machine, with no future for mankind is theirs .

So the first thing we shall do is to define the steps of the scientific method that social sciences have missed for so long, which certainly our ‘experts’ in economics, completely ignore. Since their praxis is one of power, not of love to their species.

Unfortunately we live in a dictatorship of financial and industrial corporations, the only ‘free citizens of the eco(nomic)system, which monopolize the issue of money, the language of power of society, and dedicate it almost exclusively to overproduce those ‘selfish memes of metal’ and make profits with their sales.

I call THIS ‘STRAIGHT-JACKET’ of social scientists the anti-quantum paradox of social sciences: the social scientist, the observer is in inverse fashion to the physicist so small, and living within the observable, the world of corporations who control most resources and structures of society, that it cannot criticise it, as it will be ‘modified’. So power modifies the observer, NOT the observable as in physics, where the observer is so huge that it changes the atom it looks at. ‘You will defend me with the sword and i will defend you with the word’ is the motto of the roman empire, ad to the defense, the other 2 memes of metal, gold and machines, and it is the way our societies deal with social sciences.

It is for that reason that  Macro-economics does not have today any ‘scientific model’, which predicts its future indicators, because it does not follow the ABCD of the scientific method applied to biological and social sciences: analysis of relevant data, Socio-Biological models (for human beings and its organic machines), C)yclical repetitive patterns that reveal its causes called ‘laws of science’ able to predict the future, and finally in Human sciences, D) Democratic solutions that use the model to improve the life of mankind.


The answer will surprise the reader, who thinks naively ‘social sciences’ are neutral, objective and not about power and religion. Since what passes today as ‘classic, financial economics’, the only allowed form of economics in the halls of power is in fact an idol-ogy of power of biblical origin, similar to cartoonist biology, where a certain tribe of men, the biblical believer is considered an ‘entitle species’, chosen of go(l)d and the machine, with a manifest density given by:

So it is time then to deal with elites, the stock-rats who own stock and financial corporations and contra the world, unfortunately spreading the self-destructive memes of ‘creationist capitalism’.


  • THE HISTORIC=HUMANIST=DEMOCRATIC FUTURE OF THE 99% of the species, THE SPECIES BY DEFINITION, which implies to put capital, the language of the other superoranism to the service of mankind, as HEADS direct bodies, so to control the FM²I system, we need to control for the benefit of humanity, promoting our education in the truth of social sciences, crediting as nomisma, legal money issued by people in a Universal Salary in a Universal ¥€$ money (1 eurodollar=5 Yuans=100 ¥ens)  THAT ENDS THE ANOXIA OF MANKIND AND CONVERTS THE ECONOICAL SYSTEM IN AN ETHONOMICAL SYSTEM OF DEMAND OF WELFARE, HEALTHY WEALTHY GOODS.

Thus the single most pressing measure of global reform is the creation of a Universal Salary in a Universal currency to substitute with a global Demand, Democratic Economy that empowers all people….


‘If you repeat a lie many times, people will believe it’ Goebbels, first minister of information.

Now, we shall insist once more about something so obvious when you understand it, so secretive and invisible when not – the existence not only of a body of machines, the infamous military-industrial complex, but a FAR MORE POWERFUL, ‘head’ of the super organism of the Industrial r=evolution, the informative machines that print both digital and verbal – today audiovisual information, and hence control through its financial and informative memes, the world, in praxis and theory; from ‘evilwood’ and wall street first, and by imitation and indirect control, the global civilisation we ‘believe in’.  And the secondary theme of which culture ‘owns’ wall street and evilwood and hence manufactures the brain and cre(dit)ates with credit the future of mankind (as it happens the biblical culture in control of most of the corporations of the Financial Media system, which we shall call generically the FMasters).

It is NOT a conspiration theory, it is NOT a secret impossible to verify, it is purely speaking the nature of heads and particles and forces of information, to be fast, small and far more invisible than forces of energy, but yet paradoxically to have far more power. Gravitation, the in-forming force of the Universe invisible and its focus, black holes also, to the point we have only be aware that they rule the visible ‘energetic stars’ completely very recently. So goes for money, which is hidden in our pockets, invisible in its electronic flows, but controls the world. And the same happens with the ‘waves of memes’ that simultaneously program the mind of people. The medium is the message, and its owners craft it. Yet we believe the ‘talking heads’ of the medium, politicos and gurus ARE the message.

But again we must insist genes matter not to history and its future, even old scavenger chimpanzees can become Jesus and Leonardos if the rightful information and the proper messages of eusocial love were educated into their brains.
And for that reason we cannot understand why the world is going under, without the ‘eviL=anti-live twin’ of the financial system, the networks of simultaneous information, which deliver hate memes in synchronicity to billions of human beings, with the same absurd repetitive hate memes that allow them to blame thy neighbour or the human government, not the machine and their financial governments, of all the ills of the world.

Yet even before we do so, not to give the impression that the future is deterministic, as cyclical behaviour seems to  carry some ‘magic causality’, let us also consider how easy are the solutions to the overproduction crises of robotic labor and terminator machines: ban them. Indeed, a light ray might have coming from Andromeda quintillions of cycles, but if you put your hand and stop it, crashing it, the causality ends. So would happen to the causality of human labor and life extinction and obsolescence to robots if we ‘stop’ legally its evolution before they have completely transformed planet Earth

That is, the level of pain and self-extinction of each culture is closely related to the period of birth and original memes of he culture. Africa, being the most life-oriented culture is brutalised for centuries, and since the beginning of the Industrial R=evolution, the 3 dominant, neolithic cultures, Indonesia (trade dominant), Asia (verbal dominant) Hispano-America  and Islam, (warrior dominant), have been exploited by the Mechanocene cultures of Europe and Anglo-America (colonial empires). Only in the XX century, Asia, as the informative dominant human culture has evolved into the Mechanocene, leading the present robotic age with Anglo-America.

Now it must be understood at this stage what is to be human in terms of social organisms: to thrive at individual and collective level by having both wealth=life and freedom=choices of WELFARE, HUMAN GOODS, SO WE NEED REALLY TO DIFFERENTIATE BOTH TYPES OF GOODS, FROM THE BEGINNING.


In the graph, the true structure of capitalist democracies ruled by company-mothers of machines, where human beings without credit, with its brains manufactured by mass-media machines, its resources exploited to serve those corporations, its politico corrupted by its lobbies and its future jeopardised by the increasing obsolescence of the species to evolving metalife, white collar pcs, blue collar robots and terminator drones, are NOT as the propaganda machines of those corporations, the protagonist of the eco(nomic)system but increasingly the species displaced from it.

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 12.57.28

In the graph, which you can compare to the pyramid of the classic age, of capitalism, where we see the initial phase of the Mechanocene and its 3 symbiotic Idol-ogies, capitalism, Militarism & Mechanism and its hierarchical social castes, whereas bankers and its digital language of information, act as the ‘brain’ of the Financial-Media/Military-Industrial Complex, which controls the re=production of machines and weapons and use them along the aforementioned idol-ogies, to control a mass in which NO money is invested, hence does not receive welfare goods.

The previous graph was the I Industrial R=evolution, where the mass of mankind had nothing. Then the use of ‘social sciences’ (welfare states, control of banking) allowed to create a mixed system in which humans receive minimal investments and that was the golden age of modern history (post-war age). But with the arrival of chips and robots which PERFORM THE 2 TASKS OF EARLIER HUMANS, AS CONSUMERS OF OTHER MACHINES AND WORKERS that automatize company-mothers, and soldiers, MOST of the humans in the previous pyramid become obsolete. Only the top 1% has any use for the last phases of the Mechanocene.

It is the next graph, a parody of Orwell’s anim(et)al farm, we see the pyramid of the XXI c. where an elite of stock-rats, now dedicated to selfie enjoyment as the leisure class that lets managers and A.I. Algorithms of Information, rules the world in favor of profits and machines, through company-mothers of the Financial-Media (informative machines) military-industrial system, which employs a dwindling mass of workers with right to credit (fast dwindling under automation). On the bottom, the growing number of obsolete humans in the 3rd world outside and inside our nations. This class will only grow as automation, A.I. white collar pcs and blue collar robots and weapons displaces the bulk of mankind, and the isolationist, racist elite of chosen of go(l)d just tries to distract us with absurd wars, techno-utopias and hate-memes to divide and win over the bottom ‘line’.

THUS UNLESS THE SYSTEM IS THOROUGLY REFORMED and investments are deviated from corporations to welfare states, halting further evolution of machines, Humans will become obsolete. But that is NOT possible under the present ‘theories of economics (classic economics’ and History ‘Nationalisms’, which are religions of ‘memes of metal’, not sciences).

Thus in a capitalist society, where the language of digital money controls and buys the law, and shuts the mouth of mankind, it is obvious that the future becomes split between:

Financial and industrial corporations and its machines and elites that make fortunes for the o.o2% overproducing fiat money, lowering costs with new tool machines that increase productivity and making fortunes selling new weapons; all this OF COURSE, TOLD ONLY IN ABSTRACT EQUATIONS OF PRODUCTIVITY AND PROFITS, which mean over-PRODUCTION. So what PROfessional economists do is to make this PRO-mantra, productivity, production, profits, the meaning of it all bidding its consequences of loss of labor, overproduction of lethal weapons and lower salaries for…
Most of society, the 99.9% of mankind, who becomes poorer, buying worthless fiat money, looses their jobs and are killed and are repressed in their freedoms when their protest or killed in wars by the new weapons.

In that sense the key to all this non-human future in the making, is and will always be simple: systems and organisms are ruled and designed by their brain, their languages of information; in the case of the super organism of humans and machines we are building by the human language, words and by the digital language of the economy, money. So those who issue money and the use they give it define the future of the world. In that regard,  in a planet in which the verbal ethic law is not longer the language of power, but digital money is, we cannot expect to survive when ±90% of the monetary orders delivered to cre(dit)ate the world are issued by company-mothers to evolve and re=produce machines, NOT for human beings. 10% is in biology the threshold of extinction of populations. How mankind expect to be on top of the world if its gets only that quantity of funding for his future?

 There is today ±25 times more money than in the 70s when e-money was invented but the human population has only doubled. And people has not credit to create a demand economy, a welfare world awash with healthy wealth. All that money, +20 times more is in the hands of company-mothers of machines (stock money, industrial credit) NOT to the service of mankind as mankind, the 99%, has no rights to SPEAK MONEY, WHICH IS THE TRUE FREEDOM OF A SOCIETY RULED BY THE LANGUAGE OF MONEY – we are only allow to chit-chat with worthless wor(l)ds, which long ago were shutted up by money who buys laws as it hypnotises the eye, with its perfect, go(l)d imitation of the sun. And more on that bio-chemical nature latter.
In any case if credit existed for humans to talk money with a Universal salary they would give the kick-out orders of production, which is what money when spoken as a language does:
Fundamental theorem:            cre(dit)ate says the man who speaks money, and creation occurs.
That is the power of a language of information used to give orders, legal laws in the past, when History ruled, money today when corporations rule. So they speak money to cred(it)ate machines, and creation of the world of machines with that 90% occurs.
While humans, which are the 99%, who have no rights to speak money suffer scarcity, poverty and death by the hyper-abundant top predator machines, aka weapons, of the rival eco(nomic)system, who is killing history as it speaks the language of money.

Only with that money invented for mankind millions of humans would be producing food, education, housing, health-care, art, children and demanding those goods. But all this is hidden by corporative economists and the paid politicos they hire to convince the people that being slaves of machines and dedicate their life to them, is the meaning of mankind.

Instead of course, the Fmasters, (financial media masters, who own informative machines and print with it money and ideologies in favor of their monopoly) have created an entire extremely complex web of absurd ‘postulates of economics to hide the obvious’ – to maintain their monopoly in the issue of money, the language, external to the human mind, which needs therefore a support or excuse to ‘become printed’.

For long it was gold and this provoked wars and looting elsewhere, but then it became a paper representing a company. For the financier mattered the printed paper, which once ‘created’ could be used to give any order. Not the company. So in Amsterdam a good excuse to ‘talk prices’ which became numbers of ‘money’ were tulips. FINANCIERS would invent astronomical ‘prices’ for tulips that would die the day after and thus as those ‘numbers’ grew, like when you get excited and talk louder, money was invented.

Another way was to invent gold mines in some remote place and talk higher prices when a boat appeared on the coast and rumours told it was loaded of gold. Of course as time went by, the attachment of the language to the substance became weaker, and so states started just to print the language, because the king ‘talked’ it. but the best way to invent money is to ‘project’ the valuable substance into the future.

Since for that system to work, Financiers MUST own the informative audiovisual machines and ideas of society, to make people think this monopoly is good and the future will be wonderful if you let the people on top create money. Let us put an example of this constant scum which keeps creating trillions for a few, with any excuse about a wonderful future, the last IPO of a worthless internet scum, a company which as usual has ZERO PROFITS looses millions but it is the perfect excuse to invent in a screen ‘value’ money in stocks.


Now to fully understand the degree of $lavery of Humanity to this small elite, consider this ‘alt-news’ of the day. A kid with a piece of crapcode will be given for free 20 billion $, printed in e-money by Wall Street, which is the cost of the Wall trump wants to construct with the taxes of Americans, to keep at bay the supposedly main enemy of the nation, the poor gardeners and cleaning ladies from Mexico. The company is worthless in the true sense, it is worth nothing, but for 30 years the absolute control of the press by the same people that uses digital screens to print money is telling us the future of robots, inter nerds, and kids glued to apps on small screens is a wonderful world and those crapcoders are geniuses whose candy-crush toys are worth billions, more than entire nations. So the dictators of democracies, the few private bankers of wall street, the city (original sites of markets), now imitated by an elite of Leisure classes all over the world keep denying humans the minimal welfare goods, and keep printing billions of $ of e-money screens, with their monopoly on the issue of money achieved, after the coup d’etat of 1972 against the American presidency (Nixon impeached for peccadilloes, to show that TVs could tumble a presidency, and ever since choose the candidates) against the $, ending the gold standard so they could print billions of e-money for any excuse.

Ever since America is under the straight-jacket of the owners of Wall Street and evilwood – the name we shall use for the Hate-media world of films and fictions that tell us all this is ok and the guilty of lack of credit and jobs are the poor latino workers of our courtyard, because they are ‘bad hombres.

So today Mr. Spiegel will get 20 billion while the 99% of mankind falls into poverty, with the excuse of a ridiculous app for chit-chat nothingness. Indeed, this piece of crapcode is going to IPO for the ‘agreed’ price of 20 billion $, just for the sake of it. This simply means that Wall Street will use this crapcode as a excuse to print 20 billion $ on digital money for free. Meanwhile the rest of Americans work unending hours to pay taxes and don’t even have right to free health-care. But alas, they blame NOT their FMasters but the Amerindians, who have lived in North-America for 20.000 years, since indeed, the Chicanos are the original Indians who the Spanish priests, who were not racist bigots as the biblical segregational chosen of go(l)d, protected from the military men who just wanted gold and used the sword to oppress them.

Those latinos thus are the legal people of America, and they work unending hours for pennies in jobs no American wants. But alas, hate media accuses them in the pecking order of an aberration of nation which once was the hope for a future to all mankind. Now, let us apply this obvious concept to the ‘masters of the future world’, the company which is today on top of all the ‘elements’ needed to create an automated world of robots and terminators, googlezon-e (the name we shall use for the cross-shared dual company, google and amazon:

screen-shot-2017-02-17-at-06-39-37In the graph 2 ‘illegal immigrants’ (: from Russia who stole a bit of code from Stanford University, a mathematical algorithm, which should not even be ‘copyrighted’ as it is just a mathematical law like the Pythagoras theorem. but wall street banskters handled them 300 billion $, for a supposed wonderful future.

And of course, with that money which could have created in America so much wealth that every American would have today welfare and health-care for free, was used to create that ‘rosy future of Matrix where all the planetary knowledge becomes controlled information ‘ranked’ by the kids and its A.I. (Informative algorithms, the meaning of artificial intelligence).

(Incidentally this page who dares to put the truth of history above has 0 value.) To put it in perspective those people stole 1000 $ from every American $lave, for that piece of crapcode and now they are building skynet, buttressing their portfolio with military robots and firing hundreds of thousands of american workers, along its cross-shared company Amazon. Both plan to robotise logistics, distribution and lorry-drivers and sent to pasture all the teamsters, UPS workers and cashiers of the once proud and free nation. Amazon just opened a series of shops run by robots and… 3 workers, while his 3 owners enter along other internerd cancerous cells the top ten of the richest thieves of America.

And yet, because the same machines keep printing idol-ogies in favor of the exclusive rights of a few banksters to print the future of the world, all its money and buy with it all other human actions with salaries, among it the millions of journalists and scholars licking the a$$es of the kids, we all love those guys,  worship the celebrity posers of evilwood, the soma that any cancerous cell produces to make all the cells is going to eat literally happy as they die away of anoxia… So do you get surprised that the Americans have $elected as their president a pompous fake of that tv-circus, because their mind have been degraded so much that they can’t understand who ‘owns’ and slaves and degrades them. EVEN IN ROME a Senator had only 100 times the wealth of a citizen. This people printing money for free have 1 million times the rent of the average human citizen of the world they ‘own’ and yet today humans with its $lavish manufactured brain think to let this people print their money is the sure sign they live in a ‘democracy’.

How organisms are censored by its informative nervous networks.
So yes we shall TALK very often OF THE HEAD cult(ure) OF FINANCIAL-MEDIA informative machines from the perspective of the people who own them – which of course, in a world ruled by informative machines is the absolute taboo of the economic system.
Since in organisms, the head is invisible and it completely controls at distance through networks the information of the whole organism. So, as it is a taboo for your cells to know your brain, as we do not see the black holes of information that control the galaxy. But you are owned by the head, and the policies of the world and its future is designed by the WAY THEY ISSUE AND USE MONEY, and as it happens they DO NOT believe in mankind, they do NOT issue money for mankind.
Indeed, let us be clear enough: the future is created with credit, creditated so if the head of mankind WAS HUMANIST, RATIONAL, UNO-EU LIKE (the alternative head today being destroyed) THEY WOULD ISSUE MONEY FOR MANKIND, ITS WELFARE GOODS AND THE WORLD WOULD BE A PARADISE. SO THERE IS an easy solution to the future of mankind. But the present head is a head who only care for MACHINES, gold profits and their own future. So for them, mankind is now an expendable mass, and the problem is what to do with it, how to get rid of it without the body-cells understanding it. Of course, if you kill the body the head dies, and this is the biggest taboo of our world – to explain the head that at the end of those cycles of wars for profits and go(l)d, we all die, in wars and holocausts… And it would be much more ‘normal’ even for themselves to create a humanist world and rule for the benefit of mankind, implementing the real scientific methods and solutions shown all over this web, to make all humans including themselves thrive and survive.

the whole human side is owned and ruled in each age by a small ‘head-like nation’ with the best informative machines, owning mass-media and financial corporations, and on top he IGNORES ALL ABOUT THE head of machines, and will tell you that if You criticise that head, you are NOT politically correct, even an ‘anti$mite’ (today the head being the owners of wall street and hollywood, overwhelmingly belonging to the nation of Israel, and its partners, biblical calvinists). SO ALAS, TO SPEAK THIS is called confabulation theory, at best. Nonsense of course. We shall repeat once and again: SOCIAL SCIENCES ARE CENSORED because the scientist is INSIDE the organs of history, so small that he is influenced by the head, in an inverse fashion to the uncertain errors of quantum physics when the observer is so huge that influences the observable. So we talk of the anti-quantum paradox of social sciences, which means YOU CANNOT CRITICIZE THE HEAD. AT best, the so called ‘humanist social scientist’ criticise the military-industrial complex of weapons, and the body-cells that obeying orders of the head, use them to kill humans. So you can criticise THE AMERICAN PRESIDENT, THE MILITARY industrial complex, you can criticise the last cycle when bodies of machines and weapons dominated the FMMI system (german nazis).

AND IT IS OK TO DO SO, but you cannot criticise ‘religious bigotry’, creationist economics and the owners of the head, and its racist talmudic hate memes against mankind, shrewdly disguised of ‘victimism’, NOT even if you are a humanist. This absolute taboo today signified by the firing of a UNO high position bureaucrat because it insinuated that the nation of the head is a racist culture (Apartheid Israel), and vice versa, signified by any attempt to explain that Muslims are HUMANS, (SINCE THE HEAD’S nation is at war with them and his global mass-media has made an astounding repetitive mantra of hating them, which has brought present neo-fascism). So now, all the people BETTER CONTROLLED BY THE HEAD, mainly western people will abandon the web… never if they define themselves as left or right.

Are you still here? Unlikely. Those are the stats of the web: Basically me, I and myself. As today the head is transiting into pure Algorithms of Information, equations of political correctness that erase webs, put people on jail for hate-speeches and automatically rank you zero in search engines, owned by the head (0.02% of population, 80% of all CFOs of financial companies, public central banks and mass-media corporations in the west). So it is an interesting age to understand how MATRIX works: Soon  any attempt to make real social sciences beyond a science-fiction parable which as fiction is not taken seriously will have zero distribution, censored for ‘HUMANIST REASONS’, political correctness and defense of the freedoms of democracy by Algorithims of Information that search for inconvenient worlds. As Machines and AI. learns to speak and find meaningful words, MANKIND BECOMES COMPLETELY erased in all intelligent attempts to find real freedom.

The head IS FAR MORE IMPORTANT, money and mass-emdia machines and their owners, who of course, appear as the best, most expert, hardest working, honest righteous people of the world OWNS and CONTROLS with money and weapons, the RIVAL super organism of human beings, called mankind (history in time) and so practice the simple method of divide and win.

Thus Humans are DIVIDED into national tribes, who use weapons to kill each other as if they WERE not the same species, homo sapiens. This is even more RIDICULOUS in nationalist America, since Americans ARE a sum of all human races into a technological future. So how this works is simple: the IDOL-OGY of the elite who owns corporations, there mostly white, biblical people BECOMES the ONLY authorized culture; the IDOL-ogy of corporations (to issue in monopoly the language of power money to buy laws with them and terraform with money and laws in favor of their machines, the planet Earth) becomes THE SYMBOL OF PROGRESS and so what happens is basically a process of ‘surrogate’ existence: the Americans believe to evolve machines NOT human beings is progress, to MAKE AND REPRODUCE MACHINES IS REAL WEALTH, AS GDP is NOT calculated on basis of the reproduction and consumption o natural biological goods but of MACHINES. And to WORSHIP the culture and people who own corporations (biblical America and its bronze age gods) is the absolute proof they are ‘FREE’, ‘PATRIOTIC’, ‘TAKING CARE OF THEMSELVES’.

Thus to divide history and economics as two different disciplines is just part of those idol-ogies that pretend economists should merely multiply machines and terraform efficiently the world to its image and likeness, since they are supposed not to have collateral effects on mankind.


The science of bio-history.

In that regard this blog is much more than the analysis in depth of the cycles of evolution of economics, which is creating a new top predator species on planet Earth, the company-mother and its offspring of organic robots. It is part of a new/perennial philosophy of science, ‘organicism’ and systems sciences, which describe all systems of the Universe as fractal super organisms (ab. œ, supœrganisms) of energy and information; including:

  • The machine is just a system of metal evolving from simplex mechanical forms into organisms, as its company-mothers’ evolve and reproduce them and adapt the world to its image and likeness. 
  • Mankind, the supœrganism of the Homo Sapiens species in space, which has evolved from individual genetic families (tribes) to memetic societies (religious civilisations, where God is the subconscious collective that expresses through the laws of eusocial love – sharing of energy and information among believers – the scientific laws of construction of healthy super organisms of history), to a full grown global super organism, embodied in the most advanced social institutions of our species, UNO, EU, and the Asian regional groups.

Thus what truly is happening on this planet, according to the laws of systems sciences is the evolution of the Supœrganism of the Earth in ages, the age of life, Gaia, a supœrganism clearly dying as its networks of animal life, atmosphere and ecological ecosystems are being disrupted; a supœrganism also dying, the eusocial gods of history and its civilisations, which reached its zenith long ago, in balance with Gaia, during the 2nd age of Man, the Neolithic, which after a young energetic Paleolithic, reached an agricultural global society with fertility cults to the reproduction of life and its cycles of time. And finally a 3rd age of ‘metalife’, which imposed on top of societies, people-castes of warriors, who murdered humans with iron weapons, the most energetic atom of the Universe; bankers, who hypnotised men with go(l)d, the most informative atom that imitates ‘any’ star light hypnotising the human beings, and finally the construction of organic metal, machines that transform energy into information.


National character is only another name for the particular form which the littleness, perversity and baseness of mankind take in every country.  schopenhauer

THE 2 phases of the overproduction ‘cycle’: Switch from peace to war machines.


3 crisis

In the graph, the 4 overproduction crises of the train, car/radio and chip/robotic cycle, which under a global dictatorship of corporations merely adapt history to the needs of profits of the economic ecosystem in each phase of the evolution of machines. So when there is not overproduction, peaceful consumption machines and ‘good money’ keeps the economy ahead, but then after overproduction, the system switches to hate media and weapons, to deplete arsenals, and keep profits going.

To fully understand how the Industrial r=evolution and those cycles work, we must understand the 4 type of machines it overproduces: on one side informative machines that print money and mass-media, first stock paper and yellow press, then electric ticker money (29 crisis) and hate radio, and finally digital e-money and hate-tv. Those informative machines DO manufacture money and brains, to make humans love the Industrial r-evolution and overproduction of the other type of machines, energy machines, weapons and transports, which are the two sides of the same species.

We suffer a crisis of overproduction of 4 types of machines of electronic nature, similar to the 4 crisis of overproduction of electromechanical machines during the 30s, as each Kondratieff wave of memes of metal applies the new energies to overproduce money, tool & consumption machines, weapons and mass-media, provoking endemic poverty, social crisis, rise of fascism, war and the end of democracies. If we study those overproductions of the FMMI system (ab. For Financial-media/Military-Industrial machines), in sequential time, all those cycles follow the same pattern:

-1.  There is a crisis of overproduction of electronic money  – a new form of money made by computers, and hence related to the evolution of information machines and its technology. They started to invent e-money in the 80s and brought 2 crises: the dotcom crash of 2001 and the e-money derivative crash of 2008. Both crises invented so much electronic derivatives and speculative ‘prices’ that fiat e-money lost all value, crashing the economy. Those crises are similar to the train’s stock-paper crashes of the XIX c. and the ticker money crashes of 1929-37.

– 2. There is an overproduction crisis of electronic tool machines, which evolve so fast that now are able to manufacture all type of goods, displacing human workers (overproduction of computers that act as white collar workers and robots that act as blue collar workers, expelling the middle classes out of work, except low-paid human robots’ in China and IT workers in India that still compete with them). In the first cycle it was the train, which ended most transport jobs, the bulk of labor in the XIX c.; then it was the electro-mechanical assembly lines of the 1920s; now we have white collar pcs and blue collar robots in the 2000s, who throw from those assembly lines the human workers.

– 3. Then there is the ‘only’ positive overproduction crises, the consumption version of tool machines, which were in the previous ages transport machines and its engines, and today are electronic machines. Yet even those machines, which atrophy the human organs they substitute, when they are overproduced, provoke crashes of the physical economy as they remain unsold (train stock crashes after 1857; luxury car crash of 29; cheap cars’ crash of 1971; 1991 & 2001 overproduction crash of Pcs and all kind of chipped electronic machines. And so companies switch to produce weapons:

– 4.  There is an overproduction crisis of electronic weapons (vigilante cameras and armed robots – drones – which have started a new arm race of enormous profits for the military-industrial complex), as companies shift from making transport/communication devices to making its ‘evil twins’ weapons (shift to war railroads and hate yellow press in the second half of the XIX c. to hate radio and armored cars=tanks after 29 and to hate-TV and robot terminators after the 2008 crash).

– 5. There is an overproduction crisis of electronic mass-media outlets, which have also switched to hate-speeches as Hitler did with radio, to increase sales and synergies with the profits of war. They are regressing human culture into a similar visual, violent, selfish age in culture and politics – that we call the ‘neo-Paleolithic’ culture and the ‘neo-fascist’ age in politics.

In the graphs, above we see the difference of cultural ages in the 1850s, 1930s and 2010s, after a crash of overproduction of peaceful machines and the discovery of weapons, the most perfect mechanisms of each age made war and hate media more profitable.

On the other hand, to quench popular unrest, when overproduction crises of money ruin people, since money is reproduced by the same informative machines that invent audiovisual information we suffer an overload of mass-media information which always report positively about the people who run the politico and financial system, as they use the same machines that print money, owned by the same conglomerates.

So if moving assembly lines cut 1/2 of workforce in the 30s and fa$cism accused the 2 extremes of society, first the poor 3rd world and when it did not work then the financial elites but NEVER the machine our new God, now robots will throw even more people and we are accusing first the poor (mexicans, islam) and then… but never the machine. So the purpose of bio-history & bio-economics, which was to rationally research all those cycles from the point of view of systems sciences, provide humanist solutions, which have not changed in all those cycles but have never been implemented before.

Let us briefly introduce the most important of those crisis, in a fast review further studied along the blog (we recognise and apologise for the non-Aristotelian parallel structure of the blog, with iterations and back and forth motions through the events of history and its structures, similar to that of the Universe, made of repetitive organic, simultaneous structures in constant symbiosis and synchornicity.


A simple example of what is a world fully dedicated to evolve and reproduce chipped machines without the slightest care for human needs is the next graph, extracted from today’s bloomberg:

Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 12.09.02screen-shot-2016-11-05-at-12-51-00

For 2 decades trillions of $ have been wasted, created for free by Wall Street, and given to kids with the single purpose of creating companies, which automate and fire workers – in the case of uber the biggest sector of employment, transport workers, in the case of Amazon, millions of jobs are lost in small shops to the robotised distribution centres, automated internet systems of buying and soon, drone distributors of products, increasingly for inter-company trade, the fastest sector of economic growth. All this means merely that humans become displaced from the Earth as a system of machines creates a super organism, the metal-earth, where humans are expendable. But classic economists preach this elimination of mankind as progress, because it increases the profits of the 0.02% of mankind that owns 90% of stock-corporations for whom they work…

What economists and ‘experts’ do NOT want to talk about, another of their multiple taboos is the question of ethics, of humanism, of human rights completely obliterated by the way corporations are ruled by an elite of parasitic stockrats, the old questions of the ‘struggle of classes’, of the ‘privileges’ of the owners of corporations, of the null rights of ‘human workers’, etc. etc. IT IS ANOTHER DOGMA, of economists and ‘stockrats’ that the system is just and it is pure science. And so cannot be changed. This is the mantra of an elite of ‘creationist economics’ and rightful people, whose privileges are short of coming from God, and will not be challenged except by force and r=evolution.

 THE QUESTION in the previous example is obvious: why uber has the right to get a 1.2 billion credit each year to destroy human jobs? Because wall street has the monopoly to manufacture those electronic bits of monetary information and they have ‘creationist, techno-utopian, non-scientific’ beliefs (and as we shall see latter do believe most of them in very racist ‘biblical segregationist memes from a bronze age book of history). Alas, most people will abandon this web when I say so. But it is truth. IF MONEY were invented by humanist, scientific people, with ethics and caring for mankind, if corporations were regulated by them, none of this would happen. UBER WOULD be considered a monstrosity as the nazi party was. I talk of ‘scientific racism’, of the belief machines must have higher rights than human workers.

As Owens, one of the first honest economists, whose purpose was to cater the needs of the human lot put it: ‘Here in London Saloon economists, working for financiers, are busy-busy finding complicated arguments to justify their sole ownership of factories and the exploitation of workers, but I have owned mills in Lancashire and saw the appalling condition in which they work since Factory owners place more importance on the care of their expensive machines than on the well-being of their expendable employees.

And so he abrogated for workers ownership of factories and credit to farmers and common people in order to overproduce and buy the welfare goods humans need to survive and mechanical factories did not provide.


In the graph, the real reason for the robotisation of the world: the ‘Leisure class’ of American best-economist, Mr. Veblen, for whom all mankind works, as they have the ‘monopoly’ of issuing 90% of the world e-money (financial, industrial corporations). So they just have to print stocks, issue money and let managers and the laws of evolution keep churning new machines, making obsolete new workers, who will constantly keep reducing jobs and salaries.

A: ZEITGEIST: chip overproduction of robots & e-money is NOT a crisis but a ‘biological radiation’.

Indeed, we live 10 years into the 2008 crisis of overproduction of electronic money and its hardware, digital chips that keep printing massive amounts of money in computer screens for ‘financial and industrial’ corporations …while human beings, WITHOUT rights to invent the language of social power, money, are submitted to massive taxation, see their rent and welfare dwindling and ITS jobs disappearing, to those chips, as corporations invest the trillions of dollars, THEY INVENT for free IN COMPUTER SCREENS, to increase the productivity of its machines, automating factories, firing human workers, and substituting them with expensive WHITE COLLAR PCS AND BLUE COLLAR ROBOTS, WHICH ARE EXPELLING HUMAN LABOR FROM WAR AND WORK FIELDS.

 Let us then put the ‘true engines’ of the economy into mathematical equations to proof in a deterministic way the future they will cause in all of us.


Information machines, white-collar pcs and blue-collar robots menace to make all human labor obsolete, except those jobs directly related to the handling of human beings and our natural, life-based welfare goods better suit by the laws of affinity to human beings (health-care, tourism, art, agriculture, food processing, education, etc.)

Its equations. ‘Re=productivity’.

Since factories are poised, unless a global ban on robotics is implemented, to become automated and self-reproductive, at the point in which its constant growth in productivity=capital/labor reaches ∞ value, as Labor tends to zero:

∞ re=productivity = max. capital  /    zero labor.

Indeed, even the sloth reader, and pre-programmed abstract economist should NOT fail to understand the equation of re=productivity, which is the mathematical GOAL OF ALL CORPORATIONS, preached by ALL economists and HIRED politicos to the service of corporations.

In that regard it is obvious that the world is coming to a ‘singularity point’ of flux, where it will tilt either in favor of a rational mankind, which respects itself, and all its ‘cellular members’ and works together to create a perfect super organism of history, subverting that equation, and putting the planet and its machines to its service – prohibiting those fruits of the tree of technology that substitute and degrade us; or it will under ‘idol-ogies’ that worship ‘metal’, weapons, machines and money, dismiss the human future and provoke our collective extinction.

Thus, according to those evolutionary cycles, we live in the transitional age between the age of chips – now in its overproduction crisis, cause of the financial crisis (crisis of overproduction of e-money), the democratic crisis (overproduction of vigilante machines and robotic weapons), and the unemployment crisis (overproduction of blue collar robots and white collar Pcs)…

And the age of robots, which completes the industrial r=evolution of machines and top predator weapons. A new age that from a biological perspective that means an increasing competition between a non-evolving species, mankind, and a fast developing new organism, in a biological planet, which despite human non-scientific, anthropomorphic myths of a ‘chosen species’, is ruled by the laws of evolution – as indeed, we are designing those robots by imitation of human biological organs≈functions.

It is the 3rd and final ‘biological’ age of the Industrial Evolution, as we put bodies, heads and engines=hearts of machines together, and factories automate their processes of production and consumption. Indeed, more and more machines will consume other machines and talk between them in the ‘Internet of things’, creating GDP-wealth exclusively for themselves. So while, humans are displaced, economists will praise the growth of GDP, calculated in terms of mechanical re=production, which becomes irrelevant to humanity – the obsolete species, as the human GDP ‘wealth’ is today irrelevant for the welfare of the previous top predator species – the lions in the savanna.

The comparison is relevant, because in fact ‘the growth of the human economy’ implies the death of the lion’s world. In the same fashion the growth of GDP in the robotic and electronic sector becomes on one hand, the increasing loss of human jobs, as a robot or software suite, the new blue and white collar workers, eliminates around 5 human jobs and merely increases the profits of the 0.02% of mankind that owns those corporations.


The press, the machine, the railway, the telegraph are premises whose conclusion no one dares to draw. Friedrich Nietzsche

We shall study in depth the 4 crises of evolution and overproduction of metal-memes, of money, weapons and machines and its consequences for history in this blog. In this central post we will though study mostly the present and future of the overproduction crises of machines.

The present labor-financial-military-media crises is ‘identical’ to the previous 2 cycles of evolution of the Financial-Media/Military-Industrial Complex shown on those graphs:

– OVERPRODUCTION OF E-MONEY: Financiers Invent enormous quantities of e-money derivatives, multiplying by 100 the quantity of money in the hands of corporations and their owners, but ruining the middle class, who acquired those derivatives in 3 shorter, 7 year cycles of new financial products – the dotcom crash of 2001, the mortgage crash of 2008 and the future euro-dollar currency crash of 2016, as now states are acquiring those ‘toxic assets’ with massive printing of hard currencies that loose value). And soon they will switch into overproduction of war debt: ‘bellum nervi pecunia infinita’.

-OVERPRODUCTION OF MECHANICAL LABOR: Multiply white-collar pc-secretaries and blue-collar robots that halve the need of human jobs but increase ‘pecunia infinita’, aka profits.

-OVERPRODUCTION OF WEAPONS: Create ultra-expensive Robotic Weapons that are in their takeoff phase as a military industry. And give hefty profits

-OVERPRODUCTION OF HATE-MEDIA. Multiply massive audiovisual fictions and hate speeches that deviate guilt from corporations into enemies & the poor.

AND SO THOSE OVERPRODUCTION CRISES Provoke all together an age of electronic control, neo-colonial wars and loose of social freedoms.

And accordingly it has the same 2 phases of the documentary triptych called – Peaceful overproduction and war overproduction (of hate-mass media and weapons) so obviously happening:

– Overproduction of working machines and corporative money. In the 1st cycle trains caused massive unemployment while train stocks soared. In the 20s-30s, assembly lines threw ½ of the work force, while ticker money multiplied stock value. In the 2000s blue collar robots automate those assembly lines while e-money stocks and derivatives multiply the wealth of corporations. So wealth is redistributed from labor to stock-owners:


If we lived in a democracy the loose of wealth of the 99% shown in that graph would matter. But we don’t , as the language of power money is on the hands of corporations, so it DOES NOT MATTER, since the ultimate goal of corporations is NOT human, they do not reproduce the ‘welfare goods’ humans need to survive. Thus at the end of each of those Kondratieff cycles, as industrial and financial corporations overproduce fiat money and the machines and weapons of each cycle, in a world of limited resources, they absorb all the wealth of the economy provoking an scarcity on the human side of the Economy of labor, wealth and welfare goods humans need to survive, from food to housing, to health-care to education.

Then as social unrest grows, there is overproduction of hate-media printed with the same informative machines that print money (yellow press in the XIX c.; radio-hate in the 1930s and TV- hate in the 2010s), parallel to the overproduction of weapons, (armored transports): Colonial wars fought with trains (XIX c.), fascism fought with tanks=armored cars and robotic wars in the 2010s.

And so at the end of each Kondratieff cycle of overproduction cause a parallel crisis of poverty and unemployment, as humans loose their jobs to new tool-machines and their wealth to corporations. So in the 30s, the overproduction of cars and radios and the application of their electromechanical engines to assembly lines, meant the loss of millions of jobs and the poverty of humans, while the world was filled with cars, its armed version, tanks used in II W.W. and stock-market speculators became immensely wealthy.

Thus, as the graph shows, according to those cyclical patterns, the overproduction crisis of chips is similar to:

-The 29 crisis caused by overproduction of electro-mechanical engines that automated assembly lines, created massive quantities of speculative, ’electric’ ticker money and saturated the markets of cars and tanks, which Germany overproduced to come out of the crisis, provoking a world war…

– And the 1870 crisis caused by the overproduction of stock money and railroads that eliminated millions of jobs in the transport sector and were used to fight civil and colonial wars.

– And the present overproduction crisis of chips, cause of the financial Crisis (overproduction of e-money), labor crisis (overproduction of blue collar robots and white collar robots) and political crisis (overproduction of vigilante cameras and armed drones).

Thus at the end of a Kondratieff cycle, overproduction of metal-memes provokes 4 parallel crisis:

– A crisis of overproduction of fiat money, printed with informative machines (which financiers sell to people in exchange for real wealth – currency, real state, companies – ruining them when the excess of fiat money looses value).

– A war crisis as the overproduction of weapons (the evil twins of those machines) make wars profitable and lobbies pay war-monger politicians to increase its sales. This people WILL THEN, as Mr. Trump is doing now, create wave of neo-fascist, racist memes against the poor, accusing them of causing the crisis diverting the attention from financial speculators and new machines.

– A crisis of labor, since workers are substituted by new tool machines.

Unfortunately the process we have just described is a long process that we can extend to the other 2 industrial revolutions.
The two key elements of those overproduction crises are:

‘Labor unemployment’ due overproduction of working machines…And ‘financial theft’, due to the overproduction and monopoly in the issue of money of industrial financial corporations and its dynastic ‘owners’, the ‘leisure class’ described by the best of American economists, Mr. Veblen, for whom as he rightly explains all other sectors of society toil. Why though is not because they are $elected to live on top of society but because by doing nothing, and allowing the laws of social evolution of the Universe to work unchecked and unregulated, the side of the machine wins over the human side, and so all what the system needs to keep evolving mechanisms and extinguishing life systems is to let the free citizens of the market, corporations, to have absolute rights to re=produce any machine and weapons they wish, and provide liberally with their monopoly in the printing of the language of social power money, to politicos and theorists, enough ‘subventions’ to get favorable views.

Labor loss to machines is the most important crisis for the common people on those overproduction crises, and the reason, we shall see soon a world filled by hired neo-fascist politicians, which corporations pay to blame NOT the machine but the poor of loosing jobs. So  it is worth to introduce it earlier to show also what is the astounding attitude of economists and corporations to the non-human word of the future.


We have crystal clear now the picture of the economic ecosystem – a non human system of reproduction of machines and metal-memes of higher profit, ruled by humans who seek sales and profits at all costs, and so have to cheat mankind, pretending they do NOT serve the evolution and reproduction of machines but the human consumer.

And this bring us to our leaders, which can be safely considered exactly the embodiment of the ‘anti quantum paradox’ and the law of Max. technological evolution = minimal human evolution, hidden with ‘propaganda’.

Consider the leaders of the silicon valley; the ones I met when working in systems sciences were basically automatons of go(l)d profit, techno-utopians or worst, people who love eviL=death. Yes, indeed. The boss of Intel would only talk to me in our brief cocktail conversation about black magic, of which Mr. Jobs was also very fond. His arrogance was such that he thought he would defeat his cancer just with his mind power. But basically what they do is to imitate life in robots, not discovering anything new. EVOLUTION IS A COMPLETELY  predictable science and that is why we could predict its final ages, because we MAKE machines as organs of life. It was then OBVIOUS that we would do eye-tvs, chips-gains and mobile-ears. As it is ALSO obvious that the first A.I. machines will be weapons, always the top predator most evolved machines who kill man. This is the bottom line denied by all those wishful thinkers and go(l)d believers.  Alas, now is a fact: the biggest investments on robots ARE on killing robots. What is then to discuss about the evolution of machines in scholarship? About the competition with humans. In objective scientific terms NOTHING. BUT WHEN you live in a religious society camouflaged of scientific, in a world of ‘animetal neanderthals’ worshiping the hypnotic color of Gold as Mr. Trump, little can be argued. It is the UNIVERSE which will straighten the record eliminating us, or do you think the perfect, beautiful Universe will let this ‘kind of people’ rule for very long?

So yes, this blog is actually more about history and its super organisms and the chances of humanity to resurrect them, before the super organism of machines, the economic ecosystem becomes through A.I. the new top predator individual species, the robot, and global consciousness, Internet, Specifically Google+Amazon (in fact the same company, as Mr. Bezos, the mind of ‘sky net’ is the 3rd investor, on Google and together they ARE, the biggest world company in robotic labor, military robots, cloud computing, network power, distribution of Goods and by far the most brutal against human labor – Mr. Bezos the quintessential Animetal, born Jorgesen, does not believe in charity, has been chosen repeatedly the worst CEO by the trade union associations of America, an curiously enough was born exactly the same day I was born, in one of those curious oppositions between the leaders of the animetal go(l)d and the leaders of the human wor(l)d… always won by Go(l)d, but the last battle of the wave of history is still to come (Moses vs. Aaron, Moses to the mountain, Aaron high priest; Jesus vs. Caifas, Jesus to the cross, Caifas high priest; Cicero of Res Publica vs. the Imperial triumvirate, Cicero slaughtered… in those days, Sanders vs. Trump, Hamon vs. Le Pen, Sancho vs. Bezos, there are many causes and cases, who decides the outcome? More of that latter.

This said, we can anticipate the true crises of overproduction mankind suffers today: the overproduction of a new mind of machines, the chip and its 2 fundamental informative products: money and hate memes against mankind and all its institutions and centres of power, to leave the corporations and its owners, the stock-rats, and its crepitated future, the machine, invisible to us – a short of parallel Universe, which OUT of focus, working in the backstage, controls it all, and becomes the real future, while we humans WASTE our lives with ABSURD IDOL-OGIES and hate memes that confront each other, at individual and social level, while that ‘invisible’ real world of machines keeps growing, evolving and making us obsolete, without us being aware of it. Since IT DOES NOT COME on TV.

Will minus intellect constitutes vulgarity. Schopenhauer
Fanatics are picturesque, mankind would rather see gestures than listen to reasons. Friedrich Nietzsche
Before we DRAW a general picture of the Military-Industrial Media of energetic machines and its overproduction that substitute workers and kill them in wars, we must understand the idol-ogies of hate and segregation and the mass-media system that spreads them because it is the a priori cause of the ‘evident’ world of weapons and nazi-onanisms, which seem to be the mother of all battles by rejecting the scientific fact we are all members of the same species.
The military-industrial complex is the ‘organic body of the metal-earth. But the metal-earth is directed by the informative mind of machines that print money and hate media. So it is time to give a first glimpse to the overproduction of hate media, which is the other side of the information industry, guided by our ‘wickedest of all people’. However, before we enter into history, we need to understand the difference between memes and genes, upgrading even further our comprehension of history.
Mass media is not only provoking hate-memes, but now in the Internet age, as chips evolve into a global brain, in perpetual telepathy, humans regress to a bestial, emotional age of null social coherence, which in a super organism is the final phase before the death of its cells.
 Now the NEXT GRAPH IS THE MOST IMPORTANT GRAPH OF THIS BLOG, it is 20 years old, and yet now it is fully working, as the first photonic chips used in the military and internet satellites start to put together all the elements of the metal-earth into a global super organism. On the other side humans are truly entering an age of bestialism, individual selfish madness, and hypnotic idiocy, as the Terrorist lonely wolves, on the brutal side, regressing not even to the Islamic conquering cultures but rather to the Assyrian whole sale massacres, and our millennial sons, glued to digital screens and selfie cameras on the peaceful idiotic side, unfortunately show.

This graph is what technocrats, politicians, fathers and economists do NOT understand. If tests on bones show that with the arrival of energetic machines humans had atrophied their bodies and muscles, beyond a few ‘pro’ athletes, the chip is atrophying and substituting our mind, and that is the bottom line of our extinction.

Indeed, the substitution of verbal languages by audiovisual languages and the evolution of digital minds, means that humanity suffers a process of devolution back to its most primitive states, as it becomes atrophied and substituted mentally by the chip radiation:

screen-shot-2016-10-19-at-19-56-54paradox-of-goliathIn the graph we can see how contrary to belief, humans ARE NOT EVOLVING, but confuse the evolution of the chip that atrophies and degrades our mind back to a visual neopaleolithic, with the evolution of man. Men are LOOSING their minds, and growing IN SIZE, becoming bodies, with little brains, null social ethics and so they become the ‘snowflake generations’ of emotional, selfie, useless people, dependent on their computer screens without even recognising it all – bubbles of huge bodies and peanut brains; which lacking verbal knowledge, our time language, are increasingly ‘imitations’ of machines, with no mental freedom, dexterous with numbers and images, isolated socially, unless they are ‘told what to do’ in a company-mother, serving the future of the metal-earth.

And this can only be understood in biological darwinian terms as the fight of two species which are ‘colonising’ this planet, and one, machines, are evolving faster, reproducing in larger quantities, and displacing and substituting ‘laterally’ our species, in a paradigmatic process of extinction of one species by another which evolves and reproduces faster and corners the decadent one, with no job, no habitat, no role, expendable…

Indeed, the power of the Financial-Media head of capitalism is so overwhelming – as they print also the information of society with the same machines, that really people don’t understand a dot of it, and of course, they will come with the usual ‘mantra’, that to explain the unneeded complexities of the system, to hide its control is a ‘confabulation theory’ or similar moronic statements, which fall in eager ears of all the simplex people that just want to feel the system is right, be happy and ‘die like an idiot’.

The selfie, lonely violent body-oriented generations of ‘homo bacteria’

screen-shot-2017-02-09-at-22-41-41In that regard it is essential to understand the last Y-Zero generations, of ‘selfie’ beastie young people, with no wor(l)d mind, pure visual, hypnotised automatons of app-sreens, with its astounding EGO-centered selfie nature. Why? OBVIOUSLY BECAUSE AS THEY KILL THE HIGHER SOCIAL CONNECTION to the super organisms of history, they do NOT see themselves as small homo organicus, soft, peaceful cells that love each other and aware of the greatness of the whole, cannot feel So important.

TODAY AS THE homo organicus regresses into the animetal homo bacteria, bigger, simpler, more primitive, aggressive and disconnected with ‘hard protein membranes’, ready to class – the essential ‘American’, which as we have SAID IS A MIXTuRE OF ALL HUMANS DISPLACED INTO THE TECHNOLOGICAL FUTURE, HENCE THE FUTURE OF ALL OF US, this californio, a similar model to the final men of the time machine of wells, is either an erase head, only body, or a brutal violent thug; which only sees and thinks from and in himself. So he thinks HE IS THE ENTIRE UNIVERse AND DEDICATES all his time to his self, or rather his body, because his brain is pre-programmed by the simultaneity of waves.In the graph, we are surrounded by beautiful, brainless, self-centred ‘posing’ people, serial brains, imitation of virtual screens, empty bubbles of the clueless ¥-generation, giving birth to the first toddlers of the 0-generation, which will not if business as usual enters after 2036 the military age of robotics, complete its cycle.


In the graph, the other ‘social class’ of the organisms of history, not the cells of the body by its neurons, are also accelerating its degradation by lack of wor(l)ds, inside their minds, which simplify their solutions, always violent, primitive, neo-paleolithic. The graph shows for good measure, 2 leaders of the other side of the $emite wars between primitive believers in hate memes and bronze religions. The Syrians, heirs of the legendary cruelty of the Assyrian Gods of Assur and Iron swords, who would use their prisoners as living torches. Torturers wholesale, however the father was far more subtle, a bigger brain, able to maintain the peace and equilibrium of his multiple faceted nation despite the constant pressure of Israel to destroy it. The son, seemingly a better man, a doctor, has shown no piety, a brutality with no limit in a civil war, sign of the times to come for all humans in his final phases of loss of their verbal capacity to reason and understand. Since the eye is ‘a natural born killer’

The reader should grasp something: to get extinct so fast, so obviously, so thoroughly requires truly a completely wasted, deranged set of beliefs, so obvious among the ‘so-called’ right-wing (metal-wing, we should say), believers in the system, that it is increasingly difficult even to start a meaningful rational conversation, with members of that ‘50%’. It is a common sensation to wonder in those conversations, how ‘those brains’ are wired to hold as evident truths so absolutely falsehoods. Simply, those brains have reached that degree of selfish, individual, subjective character that cannot emotionally confront any rational truths that do not make them happy, selfie centres of reality. And this when applied to the homo sapiens species at large – as the absolute goal, meaning and center of creation, which therefore cannot accept any ‘reality’ that does not make him feel like a toddler, recently awoken to consciousness that feels all must obey ‘him’ or else – is at the bottom of the locked situation of mankind in all affairs: basically we confront a people who rather dies that accepts the absolute relativity of our existence. And yet man up to enjoy and being happy with the ‘game of existence’ of which we are all a part.

It is difficult in that sense to lead with ‘creationist economics’, the main branch of economics today, which considers that under the kind of ‘worship of memes of metal’, gold and machines proper of the age of Mr. Smith, the only role of economists is to increase the production of machines and profits. Humans are just under the philosophical ‘ethics’ of a technological civilisation, as expressed by Eric Fromm, and it cannot be argued. Even today after 40 years of science-fiction films expressing what economists do not dare to study – the consequences of a world in which machines grow constantly in numbers and evolution and now are becoming ‘sentient-perceptive’ globally in all its species, the school of biological economics, which Butler founded and I developed to its final conclusions after ending my studies at Columbia, 30 years ago is completely taboo. I could write entire books on the way economists shun off those taboos.

Yet without those western anthropomorphic taboos it is easy to predict on mere biological basis, both the phases of evolution of machines, and its final form as robots, which put together those bodies and minds, into fully organic systems. And it is easy to understand the nature of corporations if we apply to them the laws of biology as organisms of reproduction of machines, whose companies act as super organisms of those machines, similar to ant-hills:

BOTH keep churning millions of non-free organisms, which reproduce in growing numbers, terraforming the Earth to its image and likeness as they keep absorbing its resources, energy and information, displacing in the process lesser species of life, often provoking its extinction, EVEN if at first sight ants seem non-free, simple species. Biology does NOT select freedom and intelligence but efficiency.

Indeed an organic planet is ruled by the laws of eusocial evolution and selection of species, whereas those systems who evolve and coordinate through networks of energy and information, into larger organisms, coded by genetic or memetic systems (biological and social super organisms) survive better. And this eusocially evolved global super organism, which humans have failed to achieve and deny for themselves is what both an ant-supetorganism and a company-mother of machines, and its growing global superorganism regulated by digital money have perfected. This global fast evolving ‘metal-earth’, is crystal clear, and the only reason humans do not understand it is their self-centred way to interpret reality. Paradoxically only those who are constructing it, realise of their existence and dangers.

So I have only been able to explain bio-economics among system scientists, and even so there is excepticism (they do a living making robots). Robotists, all consider basically robots will substitute us as the dominant species of this planet, but they don’t tell it in public. On my view, humans do not have the survival instinct of their ancestors in the jungle anymore. They don’t care. They prefer to hold their ‘fantasies of religious immortality’, the blaming of the other. TODAY’S rise of populism – accusing the poor of the unemployment caused by robots, with the election of people like Trump, on those ‘opinions’, is a clear case of a complete lack of species survival sense and solidarity.

Fact is the point of a biological study of machines is NOT fancy ‘perceptive, machines’ but pure biological mechanics as expressed by DARWIN – ‘when the rate of reproduction of a species overcomes other, as the resources of the planet are limited, it displaces and extinguish the other species’. Could be viruses infecting your cells or robots displacing humans on labor and war fields, or trains displacing rival horses in the XIX c. killing 90% of them within a decade.

Humans however for 30 years have denied this obvious truth, and now that they are starting to talk about it, they still deny a biological analysis of it.

Indeed, we live in a biological planet, where the fundamental zeitgeist is the awesome speed of evolution and overeproduction of machines, mechanical organisms of ‘metal’, which we construct imitating human organs and functions; but this goal and purpose of the most efficient, powerful organism of this planet, the industrial corporation, is totally ignored, as a ‘fact’ by economists, politicians, intellectuals, as IT IS A RELIGION IN OUR SOCIETY THAT THE OVEREPRODUCTION OF MACHINES IS ALWAYS GOOD, and the purpose of humanity is overeproduce machines and make the world to its image and likeness, without even thinking we are doing so.

In that regard the ‘anti-quantum paradox’ is very real. It truly defines the collective subconscious mind of mankind. Prior to the II world war, all economists knew that the true essence of the industrial revolution was the overproduction and evolution of those machines and its competition with humans in labor and war fields, as new batches of machines made human workers obsolete and new weapons killed an ever growing number of humans. None of these problems were solved after II world war, in which the overproduction of electro-mechanical engines applied to cars=tanks and planes=bombers, murdered 66 million human beings.

The only thing that happened was the creation of an Orwellian ‘newspeak’ of positive thought about the purpose and behaviour of company-mothers of machines, which should always overproduce their offspring of mechanisms, because they were ‘wealth’, ‘property’, ‘GDP’, and as long as humans kept making them, all would be good in the western front.

So the ‘modes of a religion’, a series of dogmas and taboos were established, according to the ‘fetish gold religions’ of the bible, which made of the accumulation of money the purpose of life, achieved and maximise with the overproduction and sales of those machines… So objectively the economic ecosystem and the human ecosystem parted ways: for the machine the process meant its evolution and reproduction without limit, for the owner it all meant increase of profits the only think he would focus on, and the control of the mass of workers, who might want to share on those profits. But those were ‘human problems’, for the machine it was all pure biology: human engineers evolving them, and reproducing them at an ever lower cost, with an ever growing number of autonomous machines doing the jobs of humans and making ever more independent of human labor the structure of the factory.

In that regard ‘evilwood’ with its anti-live values and wall street, owned by the same elite of millenarian dynasties of FMasters go hand in hand to control and impose the financial-media dictatorship, or ‘head’ of the metal-earth over America and from America to the  rest of the world, with a mass of willing slaves singing ‘four legs, four legs’ in truly orwellian world.

So how the degraded culture of the present ‘$plendid little wars age of the Mechanocene has become globalised and cherised by all?
It is the most important and overlooked ‘overproduction crisis’ of the chip radiation, the overproduction of all hate-media memes against the drives of life and life cultures, which reaches its paroxysm in evilwood movies and form the Matrix of fictions and falsehoods that litter the brains of the millennial, selfie, generation, the Y-generation, prior to the zero generation, which robots will end. So let us close with the study on how the Matrix of misinformative networks on one hand represses all humanist forms of science and art and information, and on the other it substitutes it with the most primitive idol-ogies of ‘animetal cults’.

Since it is a fact of information theory that repetition provokes the memorial beliefs which most humans consider truth – while reasoning is a slower process, based on the true content of the sentence. So while humanist truths require reason but lack reproduction, the dogmas and falsities of animetal cultures imprint people by mere repetition. It is the 3rd overproduction crises 0f HATE MEDIA AND ITS IDOL-OGIES THAT FOSTER WEAPONS….

So AGAIN we are not going to argue the OBVIOUS falsity of all those idol-ogies, beyond trashing them as ‘such’, but prove YOU with the mathematical, realist organic laws of the Universe, that LOVE to your neighbour, IS THE MANDATE OF SURVIVAL OF ANY SPECIES.

Since you are being manufactured by hate memes, who defy what you intimately know: you are human, you belong to the only super organism, God of the species, Mankind, NOT any tribal god/nation of ‘islam’, or “israel’, or America, but the nation of the Homo Sapiens.

And this indeed is what America used to understand when it was an enlightened nation, under the social-democratic memes of its founding fathers, who had drunk of the wisdom of European r=evolutionaries and social philosophes.

The process of obsolescence of the human mind to the metal mind and the increasing degradation of humanity, IS OBVIOUS SINCE THE CHIP APPEARED IN THE 70S.
TODAY humanity has COMPLETELY FORGOTTEN the natural goal of social evolution of mankind, then in full swing with the 60s revolution and the evolution of global organisations of nations, which in UNO and EU had its spearheads for a future social-democratic model of global solidarity public finances and control of lethal goods, which could have by now become global.
Instead the chip became the center of global information degrading those goals in all fronts. Capitalism multiplied e-money and bought out all industries and means of communication imposed its most primitive hate memes of nazi-onanism (appropriate name for nationalists and its self-masturbatory pseudo-fascist methods of pumping up their tribal egos), techno-utopian worship of machines and capitalists mantras. And of course, the ultimate goal of all those hate-messages: the reduction of eusocial evolution and love to a harmless prey on sunday churches.
So the culmination of the primitive age of idol-ogies of hate to mankind and worship of metal culminates in the age of hate-media and violent simplex visual memes – what we call the Neo-paleolithic.
And so we can write a simple paradox at cultural level to explain why the most evolved technological nations of mankind, Israel and US are today the most primitive in their mental social evolution awash with the hate-memes and idol-ogies of metal that PASS AS DOGMA AND SCIENCE in those lands:
Paradox of Animetal Cult(ure)s & Futures:   Max. metal evolution (chip radiation) = Min. Human evolution (Neo-paleolithic)

So let us after this brief interregnum, into the human side of the Neo-paleolithic, return to the core matter of all battles: the issue and ab=use of society with money, the cancerous game of NOT using money as a language of democratic action which all humans should be handed, as cells of the super organism of history, to talk money, motivate production of human goods and create a perfect humanist, life-oriented world.

It is all about the people-castes in power, its weapons, machines and go(l)d and the absurd doctrines that back them.

SINCE THE most insidious and dominant of all those idol-ogies is the dictatorship of Financiers on top of the globalised world and its ultimate belief on ‘creationist’ segregational memes as ‘experts’ and $elected Go(l)d chosen, for which the system must toil.

As today all this is ‘translated’ into equations of classic economics that pass as science instead of being studied as an idol-ogy of power of the people-caste that invented the corporations and  machines to conquer the world, and so care nothing for our obsolescence, we shall start with a historic view of this ultimate weapon of our death, the go(l)d religion of capitalist democracies, which only care to evolve and reproduce for profits the FMMI systems kill our minds and body and deactivate our response for survival.


To free a person from error is to give, and not to take away. Schopenhauer

Smith a biblical bigot and proud misogynist, who died virgin, divided humanity according to the teachings of his prophet, Mr. Calvin, between the selected, who could invent money, ‘the intelligence of god’, and the non chosen inferior races, the poor 99%, which Calvin said ‘must stay ignorant to remain obedient’ and were predestined by birth to suffer and do evil. Hence they had no rights to any human rights. As only the 1% of Stockrats, the modern aristocrats, owners of those corporations, without any responsibility under anonymous laws, and a monopoly in the issue of the language of social power money, mattered.

This was exactly the same privileges aristocrats had, when the language of power were weapons, which only they could manufacture and use, without responsibility, judged only by their peers in aristocratic courts. So if the Middle ages was the time of military aristocracies, the Modern age is the time of corporative stockracies. Where those who issue money, the bankers and industrial corporations, ruled all the other sectors of society. And that is also good, according to Smith.

Needless to say his book was lionized by corporative economists, setting the stage for the 2 prevailing views on the economic ecosystem that will continue till this day:

The perspective of the 1%, which we shall call creationist economists, as their theorists were overwhelmingly biblical bigots, working for the owners of industrial and financial corporations. And today, as we shall show, still rule our project of future for this planet though properly translated and disguised into equations such as those of productivity or profits, and recently into A.I. Algorithms of information, in which human workers are still expendable, and the profit of corporations and its monopoly on the issue of money, is still dogma. If anything today those models are still more powerful as humanist economists have been ousted from all centres of power.

So economists sponsor a kind of technological racism, which proclaim that the rights of the selected,  bankers, corporations and machines must be above human rights, because they give higher profits, and money is in words of Calvin, the intelligence of god, in words of Adam smith, the invisible hand of god, he uses to divide humanity between the damned and the chosen, whose destiny must never change because it is predestined.

Veblen the best American economist, called those who press the bottoms, the ‘Leisure class’, for whom we all toil in a dysfunctional world. And he affirmed, they had nothing to do, since company mothers of machines evolved them naturally just following the tendencies of design, which construct them as parts of a future organism of metal that now in the robotic age acquires its natural form.

But for Mr. Smith, a client of the private owners of the bank of England, the Montagu family, the leisure class, were ‘the experts’. So he considered that only private bankers should print money.

While states should borrow from the selected to ensure a healthy profit, and then spend it at home mostly on jails and police to ensure order, instead of wasting it on the welfare of the common people, who were not worthy.

Today this policy is represented by the European bank, ran by private financiers, mostly of Goldman sachs, which only issues money for financial corporations. So those humanist politicians who want to maintain a minimal welfare among his citizens, must borrow to private banks and pay an usury interest, provided with massive taxation that chokes the wealth of people and has made the euro region the lowest in economical growth since Adam smith revivalism took over the European union, fast becoming a copycat of usa, where Mr. Smith has always reigned supreme, among the 90% of Americans, who still believe in the racist dogmas of the old testament, and did not evolve their mind into a humanist, scientific view of our species, as Europeans had done in their revolutionary ages.

So America has always followed abroad Mr. Smith’s point of view on international policy, according to which states should also borrow liberally from private national banks, in America the private federal bank to buy weapons and start up wars against the non-selected to enlarge their empires.

And that was also good, since the maximal wealth of nations, the title of Mr. Smith book happens during war periods, when weapons, the most expensive, evolved machines of the economic ecosystem, at any time of history, are produced and used liberally, so state debt and the usury profits of private bankers increases.

Bellum nervi pecunia infinita had said cicero, author of res publica, and so following smith concept of the wealth of nations, war is today the manifest destiny of the American republic. Since inflationary money is the nerve of war and always maximizes the profits of corporations.

And  so war for profits has been endemic in capitalist democracies since their foundation by the first stock-market corporation, VOC, who manufactured artillery and gunboats, and used its military power to give a coup d’état against the king of Holland, establishing a parliament buttressed with its pious shareholders.

Soon VOC established modern slavery, as cargo for those boats, since according to a racist meme of Talmud, called the ham damnation, Arabs and Negros were less than animals only useful as slaves, since their ancestor ham had peed on Noah – an opinion used in us courts to justify the peculiar institution… today used by orthodox Judaism in Israel to justify the Palestinian apartheid.

And so when a European coalition fed up of so much death profits conquered Amsterdam after a century of hate memes, religious wars, and artillery profits, including 30 years of war that killed ½ of the people of the German empire, the economic ecosystem invented in Holland, its banks, corporations, yellow press, biblical bigots and scientific machines, bought the parliament of England, ousted his legitimate king and took site in the city, and new Amsterdam, now renamed new york; the modern, soon to be global world was born, with its false freedoms, placebo democracies, debt slaves, empire building, splendid little wars for profits and cult to the machine, and systemic degradation and extinction of non-technological cultures,.

It is still with us, ruled by the go(l)d chosen, who invent money without limit no longer printed in paper but written on computer screens and then lend it to corporations to overproduce the machines of highest profits, expensive weapons sold to states and hate media, spread by corrupted war-monger politicians, always ready to consume those inferior negroes and Arabs, we civilize then as today, with our bombs.

This state of affairs of course was not liked by the so-called human animal, either the black slave of gunboat trade or latter on the white slave of mill factories, who received the iron salary if he was lucky or  migrated with its righteous bibles, iron horses and rifles, to spread the values of creationist economics, and bring new gold to the financial-media masters that owned the land of the free.

The economic ecosystem

‘Don’t listen the truths of authority but the authority of truth’, which suffices in itself for those intelligent enough to reason.

It was then when a short of miracle happened on the theoretical front, when in the middle of so much cruelty ignorance about the laws of the organic planet we live in, Darwin published his theory of evolution of species.

He affirmed that Nature constantly evolves its forms in action, its living in-form-ation, reproducing the most efficient of them in massive ‘radiations’ of predator species that invade the habitats of less fit species, eliminating them in an automatic manner, as they exhaust the energy of an ecosystem expelling the less evolved rivals. And man was part of that process.

So immediately another Victorian genius, Mr. Butler, applied Darwin to economics and studied weapons as top predator machines, which dog-eat-dog humans used to extinguish less technological cultures, in a symbiotic relationship that favoured the machine, as those  the human part of those ‘animetals’ (animal+metal) was the weaker part, obliged to evolve the weapon if he wanted to be on top, till those weapons will reach truly an organic form and kill mankind. And so he advocated for a ban on the evolution of machines before they reached such degree of evolution that we all humans became their slaves, tendering to its needs; as he said, in tune with the statements of the Indian Chiefs, the white man had become already in his cult to the train, a ‘body of metal’, he tendered for, fed with coal and admired in his roaring burping, which certainly should be producing a sensation of pleasure to the unconscious body of the iron horse.

This sobering return to scientific reality though was not welcomed by the $elected, casted by those first of social scientists, as selfish, lazy, brutal parasites, who obeyed ‘a hateful God’ from a historic book of a ‘barbarous, revengeful’ people, who had nothing to envy to the primitive ‘hindoos and its bloody ceremonies’. Parasitism he said, himself suffering the debilitating condition, were the dark side of Nature, the wrong side of evolution, which allowed lesser beings to bring down the life of a healthy organism – in the case of the leisure class, the super organism of mankind, suffering permanent anoxia, without credit to thrive and reproduce the welfare goods we need to survive.

So Butler and Darwin became the most hated heretics from the perspective of the $elected races, and its creationist economists, who preached instead their manifest destiny: to accumulate gold ex-votes for their temples of greed, as they had done for 3 millennia, since they invented their fetish-go(l)d religion in Canaan, latter spread by the reformation to northern Europe, and now reigning supreme thanks to its translation by classic, creationist economists, into digital equations of profit and productivity (which for those who do not understand that any language, including mathematics or audiovisual media, can lie and create fictions, seems to be more truth just because the ‘lie≈sentence’ is disguised with mathematical tautologies, and translated into numbers).

Butler thus was censored and ended rising sheep in New Zealand, and Bio-economics, the true model of the Industrial evolution of ‘metalife’, now reaching with the robotic cycle its final stage, was forgotten.

AND YET WE ARE AT THE END OF WHAT ALL THOSE pioneers (including this writer since the 90s) have said: the machine would BECOME metalife. And creationist economics will find it ok, with orwellian newspeaks to KEEP GOLD COMING to the leisure 1% class.

WE have studied in depth the most important of those crises, that of human labor, in its 3 phases, the age of trains, when 1/2 of workers mostly then in the transport industry and 90% of horses were made obsolete and slaughtered (the horses) or emigrated to the colonies slaughtering humans with lesser technological evolution (colonial age of the I industrial evolution), as it would happen in the II Industrial r=evolution with electro-mechanical engines automating assembly lines, as it is going to happen in the III industrial r=evolution, when robots and pc-suites will throw 1/2 of all human workers.

In that regard it is truly amazing to observe the ‘dictatorship’ of the Financial-Media masters on the western world, likely the harshest financial dictatorship of history, accepted without the slightest complain specially in America where an overwhelming majority do BELIEVE that a bronze age book of supremacist racist history (bible) of a primitive go(l)d fetish ass-breeder people IS the narration of the origin and creation of the Universe, BELIEVE that to be debt slaves of this people without any right to financial votes (universal salary), to promote welfare, and instead letting them print billions for free for its dot com companies, tax-farm them to not end to pay mercenary wars in protection of its apartheid nation, and promote the terminator industry IS a proof of democratic values, political freedom and social responsibility, and let those people degrade the mind of its sons, glued to hypnotic time-wasing violent video-games and trash tv, is yet another proof of freedom and the goodness of the machine.
INDEED, ULTIMATELY NOTHING WE CAN SAY WILL expand enough word of mouth, compared to the speed and simultaneity of the degradation of the mind of man by the parallel ‘informative machines’ of the Financial-Media system, evilwood fictions, digital violence, and the constant degradation back to a visual neo-paleolithic of null human thought.
Reaching new limits – the 3 short crashes of e-money.

When it will happen the new world war, as the final in-crescendo of splendid little war for profits of the military industry, which has become the spear-head of the industries of all the leading, anglo-jewish ‘dominant’ culture of the Earth now in fascist≈bresit+trump+apartheid mood is quite obvious.

The point of war is when maximising profits.

It happened at the end of each cycle of overproduction because humanism did not have chance because the machine was NEVER CRITICIZED. In the first cycle luddites and anarchists tried to reign on it but even in socialism won the most dictatorial pro-mechanical movement, Marxism. In the second cycle, Trosky and the keynesian schools were shunned off and won the fascist leaders, Stalin, Churchill and Hitler, all alike – though of course the racist churchill won the war and was canonised with his saint nobel like mr. dylan those days… In the 3rd wave, we systems scientists had no saying. I recall I was given the conferences of mon

etary systems to explain it at the world association and within 2 years the association received threats of suits for my conferences by ‘minority’ groups and were cancelled, since the truth must not be known, so all feel happy with the soma of the selfie-man finally free of all need for other humans, perfectly surround by its army of little helper machines.

WHEN A SYSTEM DIES IT DESINTEGRATES INTO ITS PARTS, THE SUPERORGANISM OF MANKIND AND EACH SUB-ORGANISM OR NATION WILL KEEP GOING DOWN IN SCALES. While the super organism of machines interates. It has happened at the end of each cycle, but now will be global and at a scale of disintegration of humans to the minimal individual level, surrounded of hate-media messages, while google, the biggest robotic company also and amazon-like send to each ‘neighbour-nation’ his mechanisms, till obviously their evolution reaches a level like the one only non-censored sci-fi has explained (I robot for example with each home robot rising to kill the master, as in all revolutions of workers against lazy parasites).

The conversion of mankind into a parasitic species of degraded humans living off those robots is a given. Since the humanist solution, a global new deal of welfare, diplomacy, universal salaries to demand human goods, is NOT as profitable for the 0.1% that owns corporations. It has happened 3 times. Marx, Keynes and Sancho explained it decades in advance. Marx in the 1840s proposing the communist manifesto humanist solution, Keynes after I world war proposing an international currency for welfare deficits, I in the 90s proposing a ban on robotics and Y€$ money at 100 yens=1 dollar =1 euro instant parity and printing of a global 1000 yes salary to create a massive demand in welfare goods and a true economic democracy.

Of course instead of being invited to Davos a jewish scholar denounced my papers, for blaming the ‘creationist culture’ of the bankers, with its racist memes against mankind, of the ‘no-way out’ model of economics, which spends 90% of its money TO EVOLVE AND overproduce MACHINES, not on humans.

So I abrogated in my conferences for the use and the issue of money NOT ONLY FOR machines (90% of the total money today goes to corporations) but for the human kind (which receives hardly 10% and on top must be extorted of taxes). Since it is not science but culture what defines how money is issued and used in a society, and it is the racist, segregational culture of bankers, the reason why mankind has no money available for its needs. THE DEGREE of corruption of the world of scholarship shows in the fact that this ‘racist culture’ which despises mankind and reproduces money only for mechanisms and themselves CAN prevent any argument on their models of segregationist, creationist banking by blaming the humanist scholar of being ‘racist’ and anti$emite, which is exactly what our culture of bankers is.

So the denounce of politically incorrectness was filed and  the ISSS cancelled my conferences (-; meaning it is OK to be racist against mankind and give no money to our needs, but to denounce it is NOT ok, to denounce the bigots, to denounce the biblical myths of a superior chosen of go(l)d race of financial experts who must privately control the issue of the language of social power, and misuse it for their selfish agenda, and techno-utopian dreams is not Ok.  And yet we are coming to a time in which the consequences of those policies for mankind are becoming all too evident, so unless we impose a humanist solution to the robotic era, there will be chaos, revolution,, war and holocaust, the last phase of the self-destructive presses coming at the end of each age of overproduction in the past, present and future.

Now, we have all the elements to consider the biggest of all thefts, the speculation and deviation of all the resources of society to ‘further’ credit the stock curves of unlimited growth, by mixing speculation ‘bubbles’ with its false peaks of wealth, sold out to the common people at the top of the wave at overprices, before the stock-market ‘pros’ crash the value, and the ‘volterra curves’ of ‘top predator weapons’ that maximise the profits of companies, and are the final waves of market cracks which ruin a nation’s middle class whole sale:


In the graph, the dual scam of markets – unlike a previous volterra graph, which should have a smooth saddle curve as weapons profits increase stock value at the end speculation further ads a saw like ‘speculative triple bubble, so all what is above 1100 the maximal decametric growth (according to the far more complex mathematical model of biological radiations and fractal growth, no needed here) is money of speculative nature, scammed latter selling the worthless internet companies – 1st peak, cdos, 2nd peak and speculation in currencies, 3rd peak, translated into stock bubbles, sold at maximal price by ‘pros’ to small investors who sell on the down peaks, so from 800 to 1600 those 3 final peaks are money transferred from the middle class to the elite of stock-rats.

According to those cycles, we are ‘completing’ the short crash periods of the e-money cycle of overproduction, which mimic those happening in the 1860s and 1930s – a crash of real state (already happened in 2008) or stock-markets (in 2001) and of currencies in 2016-17. How and why there are 3 sub-crashes of wealth should be evident as we explain them in the next paragraph. When the 2016-17 crashes will take place… as I write advanced the year, there are many human causes which will ‘tune’ to the zeitgeist. So far brexit meant the crash of the weaker currency (pound), and a clear crash (40% of value) in the euro has happened. But the true crash to expect is that of the dollar currency in relationship to the chinese yuan, which is poised to become yes or yes the currency of the XXI century, unless a rational management of the economy from a human perspective and the establishment of the Y€$ money and a Universal salary with fixed parities, ends as Keynes wanted in Bretton woods, the wars of currencies and nations.

The short 8 years cycles of the chip radiation: 2000-2008-2016

I first forecasted the 200o-8-16 short crash cycles of overproduction of e-money and the increasingly growing global war age that would ensue, 20 years ago in my first book on biological models of economics, after correcting the shorter periodicity of the cycle Kondratieff, found studying the train wave in Russia, an underdeveloped country that receive the wave latter, already developed in its ‘discovery phase’ in Britain. Thus I mined data from UK and US statistics, finding a periodicity of 72±7 years, which corresponded to the generational cycle of human beings (72 years) and the short product cycle (7 years) of new forms of machines and fiat money printed with them.

Then I realized there were two waves already completed from 1857 (crash of trains and stock-paper) ±72 years = 1929 (crash of engines and ticker money), so by adding + 72 years, we could forecast the crashes of and e-money overproduction. And then since each ‘medium wave’ in all Systems decompose in 3 small ‘ripples’, consider the existence of two other ‘crash waves’ as it happened in the XIX and XX century, the 2008 and 2016 crashes of e-money that now starts in earnest.

It was then easy to hypothesize the causal duality of the cycle, created b the invention of new energies, moneys and machines by industrialists and financiers that lead historically each nations and its wave of memes of metal to the top position of the world, as owners of the ‘international currency’ and best imperial weapons.

Thus I found the historic parallel British Imperial cycle of steam machines (1784-1857), the German Reich cycle of electro-chemical engines (1857-72 years -1929), and finally the American cycle of electronic machines (1929-2001) that would enter its Imperial, military phase after the forecasted end of the electronic cycle in 2 big future crashes of electronic money in 2001 and 2008. And since the dotcom and derivative crashes of the short-product cycle of 7 years later (2008). As those hypothesized facts are now ‘history’, the scientific method proves the biological model of ‘memes of metal’ is the true science of economics.

And yet, the Kondratieff canonical cycle of 54 years does work in econometric models and stock-speculation. Why? This needs a deeper analysis of the cycle and its inner structure.

The 72 year cycle of stock-crashes ads on two 36 year sub periods of reproduction of peaceful consumption machines till overproduction and market saturation reduces consumption, profits plummet, coinciding with overproduction of stock-money, which finally crashes the market. Then our imperfect democracies allow war lobbyism as industries switch production of the evil twins, weapons and pay politicians to buy them, starting a new cycle of profits based in Keynesian militarism, the modern newspeak for the fascist motto ‘canons instead of butter’. As both machines and weapons are the same product. Armored trains conquer the colonial world. Armored cars are tanks and armed robots are terminators made by the same companies. So the 72 year cycle is:

Human consumption of machines – Crash – Weapons consumption of humans.

But there is a 3rd phase of ‘discovery of new energies’ and machines, with limited economical effect as production is minimal, of another 36 years – which is the ½ generational life in which humans between youth and 3rd age are at their working prime. So the total cycle of grand-fathers, sons and grand sons for a total of 104 years is:

36 discovery years+36 peaceful consumption (crash) + 36 weapons production.

And what scholars know as the Kondratieff cycle is 104/2=52 years, which if we draw the entire wave as Bell curve, shows the exact middle point.

Why then the crash is not every 104 years but every 72? Because the irrelevant young age of discovery of new energies overlaps with the 3rd age of war, as the youth of the grand-son overlaps with the 3rd age of the grand-dad. So only studying the entire technological wave, as Kondratieff ‘experts’ do, you can find 104 years waves and divide them into the spring and winter phases. But for a true historic analysis and prediction of the key phases, the 36 reproductive phase and crash and 36 depressive and militaristic phase, the 72 year cycle is more proper:

1784 (Watt discovers the steam machine) + 36 years –> 1820s, Britain starts the train wave –> 36 years of peaceful train machines -> crashes of 1857+7 years->1864+7 years ->1871.

1850s: Discovery of oil and electric engines+36 years->1890s, 1st cars and light bulbs start the reproductive phase of electro-mechanical engines-> 36 years -> overproduction crashes of 1922-1929-37-> 36 years of bomber and tank wars till Vietnam.

1930s. Quantum, electronic physics are laid down-> 36 years of discoveries of TVs, Atomic bombs calculated with first Eniac computer -> 60s to 2000s ->36 years of peaceful reproduction of electronic gadgets till the overproduction crisis of chips and TVs & the crashes of 2001-08 -> beginning of the militaristic age of vigilante chips coinciding with the discovery of robots…

So this means we ENTER THE AGE OF NEO-FASCISM WITH A TV-FUNNY FACE, which Reagan started and now BERLUSCONI, and TRUMP represent: a funny bigot that will massacred mankind as an obsolete species with it robotic weapons, hate-speeches against the poor blamed of the robotic loss of jobs and an elite isolated in its ivory towers of wealth and null responsibility.

The next ‘key moment’ of the robotic cycle will be in the 1/2 middle point of the 2008-2080 Age of robots, with its ‘ominous decades’ OF THE short 8 year cycle of product, simplified here not to be very numerical CAUSES MATTER MORE:

2037-2044-2052 growing splendid little wars, when the economic ecosystem, saturated of robots SWITCHES TO AN AGE OF PERMANENT ROBOTIC WARS. So the world becomes engulfed in III world wars NO LONGER as the first splendid little wars of robots against the III world, when the weapons are tested (equivalent to the german and Japanese attack on III world war Korea and Spain in the 36 pre-world war cycle), but between America and China (parallel to the final German vs US war, of the last master of the machine and the next one.

In that regard it is important to realise that the long cycle of evolution of machines and weapons is now accelerating to an 8 years product cycle as computers evolve new generations of machines every 8 years, which brings also an acceleration of financial and war crises of overproduction, which now happen every 8 years tune to the political cycle of american war parties (GOP) and consumption parties (GDP). So democratic presidents sponsor the lobbyism of consumption machines and republican politicians the development of splendid little wars to increase the sale of warfare machines.

And so each 8 years we do have now a cycle of overproduction of weapons and hate media and war and GOP politicians. The duality of the American political cycle fine-tuned to splendid little wars, mapped out in the 90s book – we expected by now some short of new war either against remaining communist countries (cuba), or Islamic 3rd world ones or Chinese satellites, as history can be foreseen in the wide features not in the details (so Mr. Trump will in fact invade Syria and essay the new robotic land products, autonomous tank and transport weapons, after Bush and Obama tried the simpler air drone robotic terminators).

BUT THE TRUE battle ahead is that of currencies between China and America, the final of the 8 year crashes, which will truly change the world order.

Currency wars.

We have stated clearly that money and weapons go together: ‘money is the nervous system of war’ said Cicero and he was right. What is more important? MONEY, the true black hole of history, as it can pay mercenary armies. So wars are NOT won by the country with initial better weapons but by the country with initial healthier currency and economy, which very fast gear production of weapon and ultimately has the financial and economical resources.

AND YET, as each new top predator nation with the new dominant currency is at the beginning of his empire building he has less weapons than the previous top predator. So a ‘mismatch’ between the leading empire and the leading economic powerhouse takes place in the transition between cycles, and the result is a fight for power. The military old nation wants to regain its mighty lost economy but only has weapons; the new nation, is more peaceful but does not renounce to financial and economic power. So the old power defies the new one with its arsenal and ultimately looses it all.

This is one of the oldest cycles I found precisely because it started with the crash and defeat of my original country Spain (i really have no nation, just human), when the new economic powerhouse, Holland invented the first stock-market corporations and so with the new currency to the surprise of all defeated the old country with the old weapons, Spain and became the new leading nation.

Then again Holland was defeated by France, and France by England and country after country the same cycle happened, till arriving to Germany with the best weapons but a smaller economy than US, who defeated it in II world war – but and this is the ‘laugh of the gods’, it is the declining economic power with mighty weapons, arrogant without realising it is a deja vu past thing, who defies and declares war to the new nation and looses it. In the next graphs we show from the 92 book the waves of top predator nations. Next comes ‘obviously’ as we predicted then the China vs. US, now starting confrontation:

image162Screen Shot 2016-12-20 at 17.14.34.png

 Now in this battle China will win, because there is a cycle of economic crash, war, and CHANGE OF GLOBAL TOP PREDATOR CURRENCY, WHICH HAS ONLY A NUMBER to watch: NOT WEAPONS POWER BUT  GDP GROWTH IN NOMINAL TERMS. The nation with more GDP trades more, sets more prizes in markets and so its currency becomes standard for trade exchanges.



And America cannot prevent it. Indeed,  THE RELEVANT FACT IS WHEN China decides to do it; SINCE NOMINAL GDP IS MERELY A FINANCIAL DECISION OF CENTRAL BANKERS. BUT PPP IS REAL AND China is already above US.

PRICE adjusted PPP IS THE REAL VALUE of an economy. SO CHINA is already a bigger economy.

And it CAN AS TODAY DECLARE whenever it wants A RE-VALUATION OF ITS CURRENCY To MATCH PPP WITH GDP AND ‘PLEASE’ AMERICA apparently with a revaluation.

Yet when that happens THE EFFECT WILL BE a CATASTROPHE for THE AMERICAN ‘DEBT’, as foreigners will not trust it anymore as the safest asset in markets.

Of course if China is not doing anything, which is the more likely the cycle will still HAPPEN NATURALLY, at the end of TRUMP’S mandate:


To avoid thus the currency->war cycle, as America will respond the way Germany responded when his currency sunk, declaring war, or Spain when the guilder sunk the bullion, declaring war on Holland, obviously what we tried to explain for so long to not avail, as Keynes did must happen now: a global single currency at parity dollar-euro-100 yens, to allow a global salary for those fired by robots and avoid a global war, as all the other cycles.


screen-shot-2016-12-17-at-12-09-10Of course if true economists would direct the world of finances, instead of money-making machines, those deja vu experiences, would be avoided.

Since Keynes already explained in the 40s,  a similar concept to our ‘Universal salary’ in ¥€$ money, IN BRETTON WOODS when he asked for A GLOBAL CURRENCY to avoid economical wars in the future. But Wall Street declined, which just had gotten the ‘ring of go(l)d’ from Germany and UK (pound-mark), declined. It wanted to have the world currency to print unlimited deficits and live off what others manufacture and U$ simply ‘buys’ with papers.  (And on top blames those who are giving real wealth for $ papers of being unfair.

So the date-clock of the future ‘economic war’ is a sinle specific element: GDP gap.

We can indeed know the future, because it is ruled by the values and languages and equations of money, which is predicable.

So the ‘BIO-HISTORIC/BIO-ECONOMIC EQUATIONS OF THE FUTURE’ are real. We shall bring a few from time to time – as all related  to economics parameters  given the fact that go(l)d is the only language that rules the world, and LAWS MERELY A COMMODITY WITH A PRICE the go(l)d people buy. So WE CAN SCIENTIFICALLY MAKE A CETERIS PARIBUS ANALYSIS, WHICH HAS PROVED TO BE TRUTH FOR 30 YEARS. THE FUTURE can be ‘understood, AS it will be mimetic to THE PAST:

In the previous graph in April 2016 forbes news forecasts 2018, but those are optimist calculus on ‘perceived future strength of yuan’ which is NOT the policy today of China.

Of course pundits of don’t worry be happy theories will point out that most of the US debt is owned by US people. Indeed, those are the people that will suffer most when the incoming dollars break the credit of America as they won’t get more ‘perks’, products will become more expensive, rents will loose value, etc. etc. How deep the crises will be? All previous ones have been ginormous, always ending in wars. So we are not optimists. 

China though has ALL the cards in his hand, US none, as on top its currency and stocks are manipulated by an international ‘western elite’ NOT by the government/nation of America. China will therefore IF IT UNDERSTANDS THE GAME WHICH I DOUBT IT, could DECIDE the point of clash to its advantage. In practice it will happen naturally as classic economics IS NOT SCIENCE BUT JUST IDOL-OGY AND SO THE PEOPLE ON POWER UNDERSTAND NOTHING OF THIS AND THEIR MEMES PREVENT THEM NOT TO BUY THE ‘ROPE’:


The problem of course for you and me, simple, poor souls of the life earth iis that the hanging in III world war(robotic wars->birth of the metal-earth)  is that of all mankind besides the capitalist. And unlike him, who has a 72 years ride on top of the web before hanging himself, we are under the boot from day one:


 Now, all this is ‘ugly’. But I am not hiding it. I would love NONE OF THIS to be truth. Morever I WOULD LOVE modern human animetals, ‘yous’, ‘germ-ans’ and ‘I-selfish, self-centred’ people to evolve. But it is NOT HAPPENING. AND SO my patience to ‘segregational capitalist, biblical bigot memes’ has ran away.  As they are killing mankind. So i am not hiding, I do not accept censorship. But of course, neither some of the bigot genetic, racist opinions of people like Mr. Dee (as I said after talking to the man and realising he is too much of alt-right, classic racism and anti-SSemitism, i still keep those graphs, but differentiate antiSSemitism=nazism, a brutal idol-ogy of life murder, which I deny in the basket of different form of ‘racism’ against human individuals, from anti$emitism, which I accept as a form of humanism (the denial of biblical, go(l)d memes in both orthodox judaism and calvinism to an objective historian, just a sect of orthodox, ‘Aaronite judaism).
Fact is though as today the biggest idol-ogical problem of mankind to create a perfect world is Orthodox Judaism and its political branch (zionism) and its economical branch (financial economics). So knowing this is the main cause of the plummeting interest for this web of both common people and scholarship we have to accept 2 facts: that the Financial-Media masters of orthodox judaism do control the world (no confabulation theory here but facts) that their economical idol-ogies of the $elected, chosen of go(l)d experts are not science and that if we let them rule the financial-media world and manufacture our money cred(it)ating the neofascist world we live in, and our brains with hate -media, they will commit suicide again and mankind will go…
 Fact is a ‘brain’s few neuronal cells’ in control of the informative systems of an organism, rule completely the entire system. So it is a fact that a few biblical bigots, with its capitalist beliefs and control of FM NETWORKS, rule the world from London, NYC… and of late Israel (political islamophobia, expansion of the hate memes of the Semite wars between Israel and Palestine to the entire planet, with both ‘animetal bronze age’ cults to go(l)d and weapons, Israel and Jihad in equal anti-humanist footing… this of course we accept, but as the entire FMasters’ media system attacks only Jihad, which we completely reject, we focus here on capitalist memes; after all I am under the boot of finanil capitalism, not in occupied land, but occupied mind).

CAMOUFLAGE IS THE NAME OF THE GAME OF CAPITAL POWER. So biblical capitalism usurped the name of America – a dream of all humans living together without borders, similar to the EU, and now it claims to be ‘America’; it takes over national banks to issue money for private corporations and financial dynasties but keeps the name of the nation-people, it claims to be the enemy of military thugs, which it pays. AND IT DENIES THE TRUE CONFRONTATION, which today is between biblical capitalism and its people-castes vs. enlightened America and Welfare Europe, but this systemic destruction of the only alternative for mankind – a truly democratic, demand-based welfare economy through all kind of policies and corrupted politicos is denied. IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE BECAUSE IT IS THE SCIENTIFIC WAY TO RUN ECONOMICS. So there is no dialog. We are NOT debt slaves, machines are NOT evolving, humans are CHOSEN and nothing will happen to us. So capitalism tends to be even more dangerous and brutal than military dictatorships because people are not aware of the true nature of the system, manufactured in the brains…

They just need to follow the values of go(l)d, and live hypnotised by it, as the Neanderthal-in-chief of the Animetal nation ‘par excellence’ does, to foster the non-future.

The true problem of mankind: social sciences are ruled by religious, anthropomorphic theory.

On view of the astounding evidence about the biological nature of humans, its social organisms, and its instruments made imitating our organs, it seems absurd even to ‘argue’ just because ‘machines make money’, the existential dangers that the evolution of robotics poises for mankind. It is NOT even an argument worth to consider in rational scientific terms – the question that ‘weapons don’t kill humans’, or that ‘robots won’t murder us, when they reach the complexity of information required’. At all times in history the most evolved machines have been weapons whose role is to kill man. Machines have always been constructed imitating our organs, in patterns shown in the previous graph, which are purely biological.

 The first species to be born in all ages of evolution have been a top predator, lineal weapon-like species, the simplest one. In that sense one of the reasons of my pessimism about the future of mankind is not so much that we are making those predictions real – most investment in robotics is military. Military robots are being embedded with survival programs and a single order to kill humans. And as the industry takes off, it will happen. But the fact that because humans have NOT evolved intellectually the science of history to a rational biological, organic understanding, ONLY in history, they ALLOW themselves to deny evolution and prefer wishful thinking, mostly ‘anthropomorphic religions’ which are completely ‘nuts’ and consider humans some short of magic species, because some deluded bronze age desert ass-herder with a go(l)d fetish, thought gold was a sign of god, and the tribe of ass herders the superior being. So evolution and selection of species do not count.

IT IS PRECISELY THIS group of people – biblical believers, the ones that for historical reasons have developed capitalism as a religion of money and the machine and underline the subconscious arrogant collective thought of western people, who will debate as if it was just a saloon argument, the obvious scientific laws of competition between humans and robots. It is simply amazing that the question of A.I. is ‘open to debate’ and the obvious loss of jobs and lives due to robots, which do NOTHING but killing humans and taking his jobs, does NOT rise all the alarm bells of the species, and does NOT meet any serious opposition and prohibition. At a certain point of my work in systems sciences, I realise it was just a ‘religion’ that the machine must be good by decree among western ‘biblical people’; and had a profound backlash against my species. The only people who seemed to know perfectly they will eliminate us were precisely the robotists doing them – in private professional conversations. But they still were doing it.

In that regard, if there have not been such an astounding opposition to accept the only theory of cyclical, long term time, who does predict and warns and guides mankind, biology and evolution, from the part of biblical bigots since it was born, nothing of this would happen. People do NOT seem to understand most of the owners of the Financial-Media system of digital information that print money and audiovisual knowledge are still biblical bigots, conservative calvinist GOP people or Orthodox Jewish, who simply refuse to ‘be scientists’ in all things dealing with the economic ecosystem, money and machines. So that is the ultimate limit for our survival. The people in power are NOT logic, rational, scientific, efficient and humane in its measures and attitudes towards the machine and the system they don’t really understand in its profound causes.

It is indeed astounding that after 150 years of Darwin and Butler’s landmark papers on the evolution of machines and the processes of competition and symbiosis between humans and mechanisms, those are questions ‘open to debate’. That after 30 years of evolving the science of bio-economics and organic history in our books, economists still ignore all those cycles and laws. When dealing with this kind of ‘human attitude’, which today is global, with its lack of ethics (love for the species and empathy for those displaced and killed by robots and weapons), without intelligence (denying the obvious laws of biology), without future (denying a world for their sons till the 7 generation), without respect (for the laws of the Universe, where to survive respect must be earned is not granted), without reason (always bringing emotional, anthropomorphic, childish, entitled, wishful thinking as arguments instead of a rational, objective, factual debate), with massive censorship (nothing of those truths surfaces beyond blogs, scholars, think tanks and specially newspapers and popular media will ONLY accept those truths as ‘science fiction’ when it is hard-science and the only thing is a ‘bad fiction’ is the pseudo-religious wishful thinking of economics, financiers and politicians which deny it.

It is even more repulsive to know, as I witnessed working in stocks, how all the money flows to those sectors of the economy more engaged in our closing-in extinctive age – now to A.I. How trillions of $ have been wasted to evolve robotics, military weapons and A.I. whatever it takes, by the honchos of wall street, with its astounding blindness to greed and self-suicide.



Bellum Nervi Pecunia Infinita (inflationary money is the nervous system of war)’ Cicero, Master of the Roman Wor(l)d, on the opposite values of money and the law.

 ‘Capitalism is the astounding belief that the wickedest of all people will do the wickeder of all things for the common good’ Keynes.
  ‘This splendid (Cuban)  little war has taken us out of the (1897) crisis’. T. Roosevelt
 What the graph from the film Thrive of the insider r=evolutionary heir of Procter and Gamble shows is terrifying : on top of the pyramid of capitalism as an idol-ogy of metal power there are only memes of metal, for which all mankind and all life beings toil and become expendable when there is a weapon and war for profits that ‘consume them’, or become expendable, when there is a machine that increases its profits.

But there is also a matrix, A CAMOUFLAGE, a false placebo of freedoms and ‘democracies’, lol – the power of the people to make the bottom line think they system of company-mother of machines ‘serve’ us.

In a perfectly DESIGNED WORLD FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE 99% which IS BY DEFINITION MANKIND, THE SPECIES, not the 0.02% (the stock-rats, owners of corporations, mostly bankers who print money for free in monopoly and buy them). THE CHOSEN OF GO(L)D ARE NOT BETTER THAN US, AND ARE ONLY THE O.O2%, so even if we are force fed its ‘bull$hit’ day and night their destiny IS TOTALLY IRRELEVANT TO mankind, which should BE THE ONLY FOCUS OF ITS NEURONAL BRAIN, HUMAN GOVERNMENTS, TODAY CORRUPTED SHACKLED as debt slaves to the service of a mad 0.02% who cares nothing for humanity – the leisure class.

So instead of its astounding layers of idol-ogical bull$hit we had a real science of mankind, we would survive. LET US THEN PUT IN CLEAR TERMS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN IDOL-OGICAL BULL$HIT AND REALIST BIOLOGICAL SOCIAL SCIENCES.

Fact is if you have come so far you will certainly recognise the OBVIOUS truth of those 4 scientific social statements an organic, fractal social Universe of  social scales where forces associate into particles, atoms, molecules, matter, cells, PLANETS, organisms, solar systems, galaxies, etc; where the language of science mathematics has as ABSOLUTE UNIT, the point-number which IS A COLLECTION OF EQUAL BEINGS SO CLOSELY ASSOCIATED THAT THEY BECOME UNDISTINGUISHABLE, so by definition mathematics is a social science; and yet the amazing fact is that MOST humans believe in the absurd lies of ‘genetic racism’, ‘bronze age abrahamic religions’, capitalist belief that a metal-informative atom go(l)d must rule mindlessly our societies, and the right to kill your neighbour, as the right way to be a proud entitled human…


Any system of the Universe is ruled by its ‘informative particle-head-linguistic social class’. In the much wider model of general systems sciences, which I formalised back in the turn of the century, we develop the laws of economic, social systems, herds and organisms, based in this simple statement:
REGARDLESS OF ITS EXTeRNAL aspect, systems that do gather similar parts with 2 ‘informative and energetic networks’ are organic systems. Human societies united by economic, energy and informative, political systems are. So it is the FMMI system, the Financial-media (informative machines) military-industrial (informative machines) system.
YET all those systems are ruled by a fast, almost invisible, complex language of information. Cells are ruled by infusible nervous messages, galaxies by invisible Black hole gravitation, human societies by invisible words, and economies by money. HENCE THE POWER OF INVISIBLE INFORMATION TO RULE AND THE NULL UNDERSTANDING OF THOSE PROCESSES BY MOST HUMAN BEINGS, INCLUDING SCIENTISTS. THE SORRoWFUL LEVEL OF UNDERSTANDING OF MONEY AS A LANGUAGE OF INFORMATION ALWAYS STROKE ME WHEN STUDYING ECONOMICS.
I WAS NAIVE THOUGH. WHEN I WAS ELECTED TO give the conferences of the International Systems society on monetary systems and the society received menaces of suits and finally those conferences which explained how economists and bankers use money to control societies, were erased even from google scholar, I understood then the anti-quantum paradox: those in power, the black holes of society, the monopolists in the production of money, bankers, do NOT want to be understood, and will follow always calvin’s dictum ‘people must be kept ignorant to remain obedient’.
today this is achieved with very sophisticated methods, among them, a technical language nobody understands, corruption of the political system, confabulation theories and massive fictions to distract the audience, pretentious prizes to ‘experts’, Goebbels’ method of repetition of lies, newspeaks of caring, etc. etc.
AND the falsification and rewriting of history to cater to power.
So the idea is that we all humans are rational, our expert economists and bankers good people – we all work for the common good, and as long as humans are a ‘sheeple’ of optimist believers in the system all will go all right.
BUT HISTORY SHOWS ITS PATTERNS, AND THE PEOPLE WHO INVENT MONEY, show indeed to be the wickedest of all people parasitising society, with a single aim to multiply its fetish go(l)d at any price. And the easier way to do it  is to lend money as debt as much as possible and then convert the person who west you money in your worker, slave, corrupted politico, whatever. But because the most expensive goods are weapons, and its use constantly destroy them, the maximal debt can be obtained provoking with hate media wars, and lending money for war.

And this has been for 3000 years the leit motiv of the elite of the ‘financial culture’ of the west: hate memes and war debt – this is Keynes’ wickedest people and they still rule the world with hate memes and debt slavery.

Yet the ultimate leif-motiv of this automaton process of life extinction and mechanical evolution is simple – the same discovered by Cicero 2 millennia ago: ‘inflationary money is the nerve of war’. That is, the creation of ‘debt’, individual and collective war debt to find a use for the capacity of bankers to invent as much money as they wish for free. What to do with this overproduction of money, paper stocks in the first cycle, ticker money in the second cycle and today e-money? The easiest thing to do with free money is to lend it and then to get it back as ‘real wealth’, real assets, work, property, companies, real state…

Bankers and money as debt: the worm-parasitic design of our financial systems.

All this said we do not live by any means in a properly designed, rightful, just humanist financial system which caters to the need of credit of mankind and issues money to create a world to our image and likeness, AT All.

We live in a world where 90% of money is issued by industrial and financial corporations in stock-markets to further evolve machines and sell them, making money with it.

What this has to do in principle with the creation of human welfare is accessory to the internal way in which machines are valued, sold and used in the world’s ecosystem. Whatever its destructive effects on life – not the concern of corporations and its economists, which only see the point of view of ‘profits’.

Thus they are not interested in knowing the negative collateral effects of overproduction crises over mankind – censoring social sciences to cater their point of view, according to theAnti-quantum paradox’ (2) that bias social sciences (the fact that in an inverse fashion to the Paradox of uncertainty of quantum physics in which the observer is so big that it interferes with the observable in Social Sciences the scientist is so small that the observable interferes with him).

And certainly they are not willing to dedicate their resources, as they should in if they truly practice a ‘humanist sciences’, to improve human life, by spending money in the overproduction of welfare goods humans need to survive.



In the sphere of thought, absurdity and perversity remain the masters of the world, and their dominion is suspended only for brief periods.    Schopenhauer

IN THE PREVIOUS PARAGRAPHS dedicated to macro-finances and the state-level of financial monopoly and debt-war slavery and overproduction of expensive weapons, and cheap hate media, we have understood what the historic, non-rational greedy, wicked power-hungry world of capitalism subconsciously builds at collective level: a world awash with debt slavery weapons, war and fictions of hate-media.
we have studied the purpose of the financial system, ruled by the memes of go(l)d religions, as they have historically evolved departing from the biblical cult(ure)s to money which invented capitalism long, long ago and combined the Financial-Media systems of printing information with machines to provoke the profits of wars and degrade the human psyche to maintain ‘people obedient and ignorant’ (Calvin). But the vision has been on the whole national superorganisms of mankind.
And granted, it has a positive side, on the more rational welfare policies of the most advanced European Union and Chinese societies, where banks are minimally regulated, and the search for profits through the curves of stock-markets is not the only way to regulate the economy.
But as the e-money radiation masterminded by the centres of hardcore capitalism, the city and wall street have triumphed and are corrupting fast all other economic systems, it is obvious that what we have described, and forecasted decades ago, an Orwellian world of caring newspeaks that cover for the most brutal of all capitalist ages of the industrial r=evolution, that of the obsolescence of humanity to the automated factory and robotised machine, is the tendency of future we must explore if business as usual continues.
How this capitalist system, whose only goal is to monopolise and reproduce ad maximal the quantity of money of society to lend it to nations and people, and then choke them of credit to get back the money in the form of real wealth, works, at micro-economic, personal level is thus the other ‘organic view’ needed to understand the whole system, both from the perspective of the whole super organism, and the micro-citizens/cells of mankind.
In essence the process is the same, but now the debt slave is not the nation engulfed in a war paid with credit but the individual, which will toil all his life to pay the taxation created by the financier through debt, speculation in prices and commodities, which he returns with work and goods.

Debt slave cycle, in the past, present and future.

Τhis is not what scholars explain when talking about money and the rights of bankers to reproduce it, because scholars are bought. You will defend me with the sword (or gold) and I will defend you with the word, said Tertullian.

It is the anti-quantum paradox: the goal of the financiers that pay those prizes and universities, is not to serve mankind but to appropriate the wealth of society, through the boom and bust cycles  of speculative invention of money, ‘as long as it lasts’.

Now, all this understood it is obvious what is all about: bankers will produce as much money as they can as ‘first movers’, and control society with it. And they will do SO, ACCORDING TO THE EVOLUTION OF TECHNOLOGY. Since machines of information do print money. So we could easily forecast the cycles of the future of the economic ecosystem according to a simple chain of causal effects:

  • Bankers rule the world and control it with money. The more money they print the more power they have. Money is invented with information machines. So in each cycle of evolution of machines, which are biological human generational cycles, informative machines will evolve and increase decametrically the production of money (the reason the Universe is decametric is pure theory of information and systems sciences, treated in my original site on systems sciences, whose formalism I pioneered 2 decades ago, so we shall not go so far into details (1).

What matters here is the parallelism between the cycles of evolution of machines, weapons and money, which act as a symbiotic organic system reinforcing each other.

  • The second phase thus after the massive overproduction of e-money is the control of societies with it, and the repression of any true democratic, free-speech explanation. And that is why parallel to the massive overproduction of money in each of those cycles, we enter a neo-fascist age of repression of people and degradation of the collective human mind. Because bankers print information with the same machines – both languages verbal and digital information. So we can speak of cycles in the reproduction of money and hate-information by the financial-media system of digital corporations, which owns in ‘monopoly’ those informative machines parallel to those of machines-weapons, and we can forecast as we have done with astounding accuracy those cycles.

How they maintain that monopoly on the information of our societies and hide it to mankind? The key is complexity. Systems in nature grow in complexity from a ‘clear-cut’ simple beginnings that all people understand.

When the present dictatorship of corporations started in Amsterdam in the XVII century, it was fully understood: the Herren XVII, the board of the first gunboat and slave corporation (VOC), invented money in stock-paper, gave orders of production of gunboats, and used them for piracy, 3rd world colonization and human cheap slave cargo.

Soon it controlled Holland, its weapons defeated the king, installed the first ‘capitalist democracy’, governed by VOC, whose members were also elected to the parliament, which had only a ‘party’ (orange party) and chose laws to cater the needs of war and trade of the ‘Company’. Stocks then invented money bubbles, whose only purpose was NOT to create wealth, but just print digital numbers called ‘money’, a mere language of information.

So the ‘invention for free’ of money did not mean creation of wealth, to the point that the final excuse to ‘print money’ was to speculate with worthless ‘flowers’  that died fast. This is the equivalent today to invent money with worthless internet companies. The goal is NOT to CREATE real wealth but to print ‘first’ money and then use it to control the world with orders given with it.

This, was also obvious even when the dictatorship of financiers and corporations moved to England with the Glorious Revolution, when the Dutch king and financiers gave a coup d’état, threw the British legitimate king, paid 2 million guilders to each MP and installed the City. The same process happened there, including bubbles to invent money with any excuse – the most infamous being the South-Seas bubbles, followed by the exportation of the system to France, who duly created the Louisiana Bubble.

In both cases, 2 worthless companies with ‘imaginary’ wealth in ‘imaginary’ gold mines in Louisiana and Argentina (never mind the mines did not exist, the lands were not even under control by British and French governments), corrupted the ‘kings’ (Louis and the ‘German’ imported ‘first’ Windsor), giving them massive amounts of free shares in worthless digital money, to have the backing of ‘politicos’ when the bubble exploded.

In England it meant the printing of massive amounts of free money, and the final control of the private bank of England and the crown by City bankers – which still continues. In France it meant the end of the monarchy and the beginning of the process of poverty and economic crises that lead to the r=evolution.

In all those cases the trick is simple: private dynasties of ‘bankers’ control the west with their financial-media systems by printing ‘digital and verbal information’ (the complementary part of the industrial-military systems that reproduce machines and weapons), used to take over the ‘right’ of societies, to print money, by corrupting the political-military establishment.

This is what they do and have been doing since the system was invented in Mesopotamia 3000 years ago – that old is the whole thing. Once bankers  achieve this fact, they control the financial-media system with the informative machines that print money (then newspapers and stock-papers).

So they seek for ‘scholars’ that invent complicated arguments to justify their monopoly – and this is the origin of Classic Economics, invented by Adam Smith, a client of the Montagu family, founder of the Bank of England (latter bought by the Rothschild syndicate of ‘Am Segullah’ Bankers); Ricardo, a stock-broker speculator and Marx (from an Am Segullah dynasty, which focused his ‘blame’ on productive managers, instead of parasitic private banking.

It is indeed, at this stage in the XVII – when in the Glorious R=evolution, the capitalist system moved its central site to London, protected by a wall of gunboats – when the system truly acquires global form, thanks to the private bank of England, through a method, which is so profoundly anti-humanist that has been hidden under the ANTI-QUANTUM paradox of social sciences (the scholar services power, does not objectively analyze it, as he is at the mercy of him – a fact which even Britannica acknowledges as a limit to the lack of development of historic sciences).

In essence, the Bank realized his monopoly on the issue of paper-money required to produce as much of it, with financial bubbles, that is credit to stock speculator, and war, that is credit to British government, which should wage war to repay the interests of the loans.

Thus war became the fundamental way to win money with debt and fueled the British empire, in as much as the number of ‘action orders’ provided by paper-money was much larger than those provided by ‘gold-metal’, which was the currency of the enemy Global Iberian Empire, crafted on a Renaissance, Roman classic frame of mind (Spain & Portugal, which at the time had conquered the ‘coastal surface’ of the World). War has been endemic in the west ever since; and along it a second kind of ‘rhetoric’ besides the ‘capitalist’ one became staple food as the British Imperial Method spread in Europe in the XIX c:

– A fascist (taking here from the Latin word ‘fasces’ mask) system of nationalistic, mechanist, war memes, which sanctified weapons and machines as source of progress for the empire – the Wealth of nations, which we contrast with real human WHEalth proper of a humanist, rational world based in the laws of eusocial love of Darwinism to the members of the same species, scientific justification of Love religions and socialist movements.

This was a clear regression in the evolution of History in human terms, and the beginning of a planet dedicated to the evolution of machines and weapons, as its only goal.

Today corporations and financiers print 95% of the money of the planet and governments 5%. People on the other hand does not print any money, and the result is obvious: Monetary orders given by corporations (salaries, ‘subventions’ to politicos that buy laws in favor of their machines, and work orders to reproduce and evolve those machines, make a world to the image and likeness of those machines, where humans barely survive. The amount of money invented by and for corporations in stocks is so huge that in fact Apple is worth more than the entire population of the 5th largest country of the world.

And this is telling us that humans are worthless for corporations who value more every MacBook air, as the one I am writing now in, that every person of Bengal, a country, which was at the time the first important British corporation, the East Indian company, bought it, the wealthiest per capita land of the planet. Then the company obliged its ’30 million units of human capital to produce instead of rice, export crops, to fill up its ‘reproduced machine’, the gunboat, and so ½ of its people die of hunger in 20 years, making the price of its stock ‘skyrocket’.

It was the first of the many ‘hidden genocides of company-mothers of machines, which show they are NOT TRULY human systems, but systems for whom the only thing that matters is the evolution, reproduction, sale and profits obtained with the manufacturing of its machines.

AND OF COURSE, when maximal profits are reached promoting wars, we do switch from overproduction of money and machines to overproduction of hate-media and weapons, and find suddenly that we must massacre all those primitive enemies of the techno-utopian, progressive world.

Τhe  0.002% on top of that pyramid, specifically since companies all depend on financial credit, and most of the stocks are owned ultimately by banks, of the elite of bankers of the western world who set the behaviour of all other players arein an 80% of them belonging to a single minority culture, who also owns around 80% of the media systems of information. So with the control of the electronic, information machines that invent both digital money and digital information they have come to control the world. In brief, the FMasters, who control wall street and hollywood, decide the future of this planet. 

And the big question is why, they don’t create a perfect world with credit, creditate a future in which they, us and all living things can thrive? Or at least move aside and leave those of us, human beings, who want to survive and create it to do their work? Many pages of this web are dedicated to understand this astounding conundrum, because frankly it would be so easy and rational and logic and according to the natural laws of the Universe to thrive, as the film from where the previous pyramidal graph is taken, that I have for 30 years living among FMasters try to convince them of it. But never made any serious inroads on their ‘memes of fear, segregation, despise and hate’ of the rest of mankind. So many of the strange findings of this blog regarding human nature, the myths of knowledge, and the overall pessimistic assessment of our future derives from this ‘on-field’ research so to speak of the American elite of ‘believers in all the negative falsehoods and repressive behaviours’ that make so difficult what for a rational being is so simple: to cure the sicknesses of the world.

In this sense, there is no more clear proof of that complete inversion of the subconscious collective that the instilled values through metal-networks of mass-media, which are essentially gold and violence. Any telefilm has as goals to make money and as means to murder anyone in its way, and as purpose to enjoy selfishly that money

What they do is obvious: to print money for its most profitable goods, weapons, mass-media and debt, creating wave after wave of debt-slaves and war cycles for the sake of go(l)d, its religion.

And all what humans achieve despite that HANDICAP is against that handicap, but the system tells them that is it actually thanks to the privateers not against them (never mind they grow 1% while China that invents money for their people grows 10% – this is the ‘parasitic differential’, what the banksters take – 90% of the growth of the economy, which becomes merely idle money, invented and stored in billionaire accounts –  and no, the Chinese are not superior, they just have a more democratic economy).

We must stress though the obvious: money HAS NO VALUE PER SE, HENCE IT IS NOT DEBT.



– Money is not wealth per se, it is a language of information of zero value, needed as words are to kick out production. BECAUSE THE universe is a game of eternal motion-energy, because even the smallest atom is in perpetual motion, and the vacuum is a flow of light motion constantly creating new particles.

There is no scarcity, no lazy humans, no justification to the scarcity of credit and a universal salary to guide and produce welfare goods.

Humans do not waste money, states do not waste money. If humans and states receive the trillions of dollars wasted by corporations in dotcom scams, they would have produced an amazing quantity of welfae goods, demanded by human citizens/cells, infrastructures and hospitals, schools and food, so all humans will thrive. Instead today all machines thrive, because energy is limitless, in a universe in perpetual motion, scarcity, poverty and lack of welfare is born of the choice done by our elite of financial-media masters who prefer warfare to welfare

And that is the real choice: a world made to the image of man, awash in welfare or a world made to the image of the machine that gives higher profits to the Fmasters, justified by its racist idologies and victimism. And the true mystery is why so few FMasters with no real power

can merely by cheating with the Goebbel’s method, impose their so obviously blatant racist idol-ogies to the rest of humanity which will ‘crucify’ all their ethic prophets of the wor(l)d and follow the a$$holes that enslave, degrade, ruin and ultimately kill them.

But alas, debt slavery is only one side of the coin on ‘our expert banking industry’. There is in fact 2 other systems of making go(l)d for free:

  • Brutal taxation, the simplest most obvious method, called in the earlier ages of the banking industry ‘tax farming’, when the people-caste of bankers, the so called ‘people of the treasure’ rented to kings for a fixed price a quantity of ‘farm heads’ to extract as much taxation as possible; in the middle ages through the method of imposing taxation no longer on species but on gold at a 46% minimum annual usury cost, so in a couple of years the farmer had to sell his son as a slave, which was neutered with 1/3rd of deaths, thrown to the gutter, but the other 2/3rds of human capital, rising his price to be sold as eunuchs for 1000 gold grams to Islam harems and latter church singers. Now, these days taxation is less cruel or so it seems, since we do pay around 1/2 of our hard-won wealth for states to spend it mostly in mercenary wars for splendid profits.
  • And commodity trade, called speculation which consists on the jacking up of prices, storing goods and causing scarcity, famines and huge profits, today done also at a national and global level in enormous amounts through future markets. Let us consider this case, since it represents around 10-20% of hidden taxes in the prices of the fundamental goods, human energy-food and mechanical oil-food, and causes a billion hungry people not because there is not enough food on the planet but because it is too expensive for them to buy.

Speculation in prices – an eternal cause of poverty death.

“Speculation is only a word covering the making of money out of the manipulation of prices, instead of supplying goods and services.” – Henry Ford

We know the first clear case of speculation in food prices that cause massive famine in Egypt, during the age of Joseph, banker of the pharaoh, which accumulated in age of scarcity wheat and sold it at gold prices after a long period of famine in which many egyptians perished. The bible though in what is a routine process of ignoring collateral effects of metal-memes and praising as a proof of smart behaviour, the usury debt schemes, and bravery in the case of iron wars, praises Joseph and tells us he became immensely wealthy. All has changed to become the same, today speculation in food prices and food stocks vs. mechanical ones, causes a massive age of poverty and famine, while commodity traders accumulate billions.

Indeed, a constant holocaust of mankind happens because food is scarce, since there is not investment in agriculture, which compete with investment in machines. Even machines start to eat up 1/4th of the food land dedicated to ethanol. It is of course an old tendency. In classic ages all the resources (70% of monetary mass) was dedicated to weapons production. In stocks today food companies have an inverse tendency to that of technology, since the ‘go(l)d cultures of creationist economics’, which define capitalist ‘idol-ogies’ consider a waste of time to spend money on the production of energy for the inferior human species:


In graph, human food and labor is obsolete to the chip radiation, and the 0.1% of parasitic stock-rats, and go(l)d seeking ‘creationist economists’ that justify our obsolescence as species with the mantra of profits feel of course richer by the day.Its ideal future is a world where the inferior non $elected humans are substituted by their robotic armies, which of course, will not need them either. Further on, that 90% suffers loss of wealth through the inflationary process caused by hard core ‘joseph’ style speculation in the price of foods, which NOW IS MADE AT GLOBAL LEVEL WITH E-MONEY IN ENORMOUS proportions. So prices are jacked up by speculating with scarcity in future markets, while the constant creation of e-money in derivatives, causes a constant inflation in all prices, which go up while salaries and pensions don’t.


In the graph, the massive taxation caused by electronic markets of speculators (future commodity markets). Since financiers now also tax in e-money markets all kind of commodities as now prices are no longer established between producers and consumers, as sound economics  but parasitic Chicago-like or Amsterdam-like markets accumulate with credit goods and drive the prices up into the future (without even acquiring the goods) taxing in fact around a 5-10% annual the price of basic goods such as oil, electricity and food.

So food has doubled price in a decade provoking a global hunger crisis, despite the increase in crops and the diminution of population growth, when the previous decade before e-money speculators controlled its prices did lower the price a 10%.

In the graph, a single year of rises in prices of ‘energy food and oil’ for mankind and our machines. The biggest increase is in food prices, which in a single year rose 70%, when future markets were created for food and electronic software made the bets of speculators on ‘future higher prices’ so huge that they determined the price, instead of the natural offer and demand between producers and users of food did before.

In essence, the future market is the same method that Joseph banker of the pharaoh, or any speculator in times of war used, with physical food, when they store idle food for years, as prices increase due to scarcity and then sell it at huge prices provoking famine all those years.

This is now done virtually in an electronic screen and in huger volumes with e-money, so it affects to all commodities that inflate prices in spikes and steep curves, whose overprices are profits for speculators.

Now in a natural market demand and offer adjust each other, and prices do not rise much more than the rise of human population/demand. That means prices should not go up more than 2% annually.

But when speculators dominate the market with ‘false’ contracts, they set the lowest price for buying to producers and the highest future price, in which they will ‘sell’ the food they buy now ‘virtually’ to the Producer. And the profit will be basically the difference between today’s price and the future price – with the result of a systemic rise of prices.

Moreover, when he ‘guesses’ the future rise, he makes much more money, as in some contracts he ‘bets’ to match that price. So all what speculators need to when the future bet comes to a close is to ‘increase’ demand with more virtual prices, ‘rigging’ with other speculators, making a frenzy of contracts and rising artificially the demand cashing further profits.

Mind the reader that those contracts are only virtual as the speculator do NOT have the obligation of TRULY BUYING food or delivering ‘real food’ when it sells them on those future price contracts. So it is all about rising prices between bets and keeping the difference between the real price and the spikes.

What he does is only to ‘meet’ the future price they set in advance, which is automatic, as the ‘makers of the market’ act together and so they just buy in a frenzy when the future prices comes and the market goes up and they win the bet. Who looses? All the producers, the people that sold them very cheap real food when they made the bet and all the consumers, the people must buy real food that moment in the future.

It is just a form of rigged bet that puts a tax on all mankind. The market of course is made obscure with jargons, and think-tanks of economists find complex arguments which are ‘sanctified’ by Prizes given by banks or speculators, as the most famous of them ‘The Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel’ (which usurps the Nobel name, as his heir Paul Nobel has denounced) given systematically to right wing, financial and classic economists.


In the graph, the ‘proper’ curve of prices: the swallowed curves of speculative future markets and commodities (all the volume of money between OE lower curve of a normal market and upper curve of the topic speculative market, plist the astounding step curve upwards of inflated prices, since prices in a real market only grow in proportion to grow of demand and human demand NEVER RISES above population growth, given the increases of productivity (so rises above 3% yearly are ALWAYS speculative taxes – and commodities and food markets rise sometimes 20% a year). All this is a tax of false bubble prices, which during the period they exist, represent an ∫ ∆speculative price dt ‘integral’ volume of pure taxation over the real price of the market.

Wealth is like sea-water; the more we drink, the thirstier we become; and the same is true of fame.
Schopenhauer On the Financial-Media Masters that run the western world with greed and selfie myths of the chosen.
Thus the sum of all those crisis is a massive socio-political crisis. Since the use of most planetary resources for industrial overproduction causes the parallel underproduction of ‘life memes’, the goods that biological humans need to survive, provoking and endemic scarcity of welfare goods.
 Yet to fully understand this in scientific, predictive terms, we have to set aside ‘idol-ogical’ bull$hit that passes as economic and history ‘science’ and talk ‘real facts of the living planet and its biological species’, including machines. Or else we will be arguing as mankind astoundingly does, ‘creationist economics’, a fetish go(l)d religion (which some called capitalism, as it is indeed a cult to go(l)d), which rules the planet with the logic consequences. Indeed, creationist biology ruled medicine till Pasteur discovered the germ theory and yet it took them decades to accept that humans were not sons of god, infected by evil spirits, as quack doctors believed; but could be killed by those smallish germs, which all ‘expert doctors’ laughed at. How such a small germ could kill the human ‘son of god’, they mocked Pasteur. So more women were dying of those ‘germs’ in hospitals without minimal cleaness than at home. TODAY THE SAME HAPPENS WITH CREATIONIST economics: the intervention of financial economists makes things even worse, because they are quick doctors. And yet mankind as in that visual masterpiece of humanist art ‘spirited away’, will give all is wealth to the quack doctors who ‘throw’ her a few pieces of go(l)d:
screen-shot-2016-12-28-at-07-49-23But the huge difference is mankind  and human mothers NO longer die in droves because we Do have now ‘biological doctors’ and nobody laughs at the killing power of germs. THIS minimal SCIENTIFIC advance has NOT happened in economics and so we are ruled by quack doctors who laugh at the competition of man with robots in labor and war fields. How can this ‘mechanical beings’ kill us? Never Mind all the wars.
So we shall NOT really diminish our intelligence to argue so much bull$hit, as Pasteur would not argue quack doctors and evil spirits, who worship go(l)d. But rather go straight forward to the point and develop biological economics and apply the laws of evolution, systems sciences and organicism to the eco(nomic)system.
We shall deal now with ‘creationist economics’, its go(l)d religion, stock-ratic elites NOT to argue its obvious falsities but to show them at face value – as a cult(ure) of supremacist power, similar to the military ‘germ(an)’s who kill history with his fundamentalist weapons, only that the go(l)d believers enslave mankind and make it toil for themselves, on exchange for a few coins and notes they print in monopoly for free.
So, yes, the system is rigged, but not it is NOT A SCIENCE, A DETERMINISTIC FUTURE, BUT MERELY THE FUTURE to which a group of people, who have appropriated the right of society to print money – financiers and corporations of machines – are making happen because mankind IS SILENCED, with no right to speak money and give orders, on the contrary, governments EXTRact from them its ‘thoughts’, its taxes. And so the world is created with credit, with money of corporations and for that reason it looks the way it is:a world for machines and the 0.02%

Till there their problem is one of intelligence. But then there is the moral problem. MONEY is just a language of information that can be used to make mechanisms or organisms, fruits of the tree of metal an the tree of life, go(l)d warfare or healthy welfare goods, for humans. And that is what makes me so sanguine about my peers. They know as much, and yet have completely cheated the laws of this dismal science and convinced humans and politicians that the economy MUST not serve the human world and evolve and overproduce ‘butter instead of canons’ and create a world to the image and likeness of man, but on the contrary helped by scientists of the machine, have created a cult to the other species, as the symbol of progress and future to which we humans must always bow. So yes, I consider classic, financial economists, the scourge of the Earth, because of the selfish, destructive, mechanical way in which they use money, as a language of information NOT to service mankind but corporations.

 THOSE OF THE INDUSTRIAL R=EVOLUTION, NOW COMBINED WITH THE -EVIL-EGO-ECOSYSTEMIC ELEMENT OF THE ANIMETAL IDOLOGIES THAT EXTINGUISH THE WOR(L)D, AND THE VALUES OF DIGITAL MONEY, THE VIRAL ULTIMATE MEMETIC TRUTHS THAT KILL IT. What truly moves the world, the shameless production of money and debt slaves and wars for profits, which is the theme is going to occupy along D)democratic solutions unfortunately most of the rest of this blog, because the – Economic system as it is designed has the profit of company-mothers of machines and weapons and its o.o2% of owners as its only goal, while the mass is distracted as in any cancerous process by the Soma, the opium of virtual screens, and the revivalism of ‘ego-trips’ of religious and selfie nature, which caters to the wishful thinking of the neo-paleolithic child-man, which inhabits the ErehwoN world.



For those without patience the end of the process is obvious, as foreseen on those old books, which unfortunately now is happening will be exactly the same process that the final ‘nationalist’ explosion of the 1860s that justified instead of the humanist internationalist solution of Socialism -a  global welfare state, a world of small nations killing each other served by trains; instead of the Keynesian solution of a global currency and welfare state of the 20s, a world of small fascist nations killing each other, with armoured tanks; instead of the global welfare state, I asked for 30 years and just a few system scientists heard, a global world of ‘Trumpies’, small fascist dictators rising walls with robots, so the overproduction of robots find ‘jobs’ invented by hate-memes each one accusing its neighbour.. In the old map from 2000 (you can modernise it at will) we showed the process of global internetization (a word i coined instead of internationalisation) of machines, with a few Globalized internet companies delivering to each home with its drones, to the ‘nation of selfies’ – a compound in arkansas, de city-state, the small nation, the Israeli walled kibutz in ‘occupied territories’, all hating and blaming its neighbour so they can consume enough robotic weapons, robotic drones delivering products, robotic workers, 

I called it on that old book, when the first signs of decomposition appeared in Europe, ‘balkanisation of mankind’, globalisation of of robots. And of course economists praising how our robotic gdp grows, people ‘making their own 3D’ machines… The superproduction of robots will find its excuse in the division of mankind in ‘communities’ self-reliable. Robots will have solar skins and will be autonomous, and a few global companies like google and amazon… google is also the biggest robotic one, amazon will deliver your products – watch out though in US your neighbour might shoot it down if you are not a supremacist white, so in Israel if you are not a bronze age zealot… Here my basque and catalan friends will shoot each other too.

What has failed completely is the ‘humanist solution’. We were not heard. When Marx died 13 went to his burial. I’ll be lucky if my bro throws the earth… Keynes was only heard after II world war and soon dismissed when he proposed his international currency. Deplorables reign supreme. Trump – as I said once and again – was the man of the cycle and would be chosen, a tv-clown to the service of the most primitive groups, wall zealots of the israeli far right lobby, which will sell guardiums globally, white supremacists of the KKK, brexit city lawyers like farrago awash with money who on top hate the poor pole plumber – you name it. This is the ‘new normal’…

We have -as predicted 2 decades ago – an age of robotised cars, trucks, tool-machines and splendid little wars for profits, with robotic weapons and hate-media against the ‘primitives’ of Islam, Latinos, the poor, all of them perfect target for our drone missiles, and automated weapons soon to be installed on walls to increase the profit of wall$treet.

So as in all previous ‘overproduction crises of weapons’ the demonisation of the poor, who are blamed of the problems caused by the overproduction crises of machines, in a civilisation where the machine is ‘god’ and cannot be argued, as symbol of progress, will be the perfect excuse for the militarisation of the Economy. Meanwhile human beings are forgotten without credit, increasingly obsolete and labelled as primitive by our righteous techno-utopian civilisations.

Now, all this should not be happening but if people cannot grasp so simple facts as the linguistic nature of money, the power of issuing it, the lack of democracy when a society does not print its money but a group of private financiers do it, and cannot even ‘feel’ it is unjust that machines get around 80-90% of it, through corporations issuing it for free in stock-markets, while we humans have to be extorted with taxes to pay our basic welfare – just because they are ‘so emotionally attached’ to money that they won’t get it… well, it is obvious at the end, we get the kind of bizarre facts we are seeing today, such as the election of a corrupted billionaire to the precedence of America, which has on top the chuptzah of saying America is robbed because it has ‘deficit’.

I often wonder in this particular case. It is him that nuts or that cynical? Indeed, we will latter deal in depth with this issue. But it is worth to mention it now. It is America, as before Britain, who is taking HUGE advantage of the entire planet, because it has the dominant, international currency of exchange, which everybody must accept as ‘worthy’, backed by its military empire. So while NO COUNTRY can run trillions of $ of deficit, and GET FOR FREE, THE GOODS OF CHINA AND MEXICO, just on exchange for ‘worthless paper printed with Franklyn head’, America by virtue of winning the II W.W. can buy for free and has been doing so for almost a century any goods, while the Mexican and Chinese work his a$$ for a few pennies. Of course, this happened before when England bought out for free half of the world just printing papers.



screen-shot-2017-02-13-at-22-32-52Then though everybody understood so some countries diD not accept UK money. And then UK declared wars to get his ‘free deficit’ money accepted. Now Mr. Trump is either so idiotic or cynical that does not get it MEXICO and CHINA should NOT accept dollars for hard-worked goods. He is ‘robbing’ them, not the other way around. But if he keeps insulting them, of course China will stop giving free goods for printed paper, and the whole flood of dollars will come back to crash America, as it did BEFORE, with Germany, UK, (1930s) FRANCE (1760s) and Spain (1600s), lost a war, and then the world knowing perfectly the scam, no longer afraid of its weapons ditched the currency. So when Spain lost the war to Holland it crashed the bullion and entered civil wars; when France lost its war for India to UK it crashed the Frank and entered civil wars (French r=evolution). German though preferred to use its weapons and blame all others massacring 66 million (II W.W.) and Trump looks-like he would rather go that way (though 1/2 of his people might go for civil war). And certainly if he keeps provoking China and Mexico and everybody else… Only UK who didn’t won I world war (US did), but kept the empire survived with a slow decline to the dollar.

And of course, this will happen sooner or latter because Americans got ‘lazy’ as UK got in the XIX c. after getting for free goods. So why to work as hard as a Chinese or a Mexican in a maquiladora? Just print money and get it. So the quality of UK goods declined and Germany took over, and now the quality of American goods have declined.

Now, I am of the opinion Mr. Trump understands nothing, but surrounded by the Goldman Sachs, Blackstone people, who understand -Everything coming from Germany, where all this happened to the -E letter,  and its perfect 666 chord, they should not be doing exactly the same; because that in words of their admired Einstein is:

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” But of course as we shall see printing money for free with no limits and causing debt slavery with wars, is the biggest profit of the job. So frankly at this stage if the trumpeter of the FMasters of apocalypto, who cares, live the day, is not pure -Evil, and only an ignorant, someone should explain him the monetary cycle of currency wars, which America cannot win, so at least he goes back to normal ‘dolce fare niente’ buying for free, the handwork of sweatshops, with the private FED ‘SOMA’… and stop bull$hitting because his remedy, as usual is even worse than the sickness of the FM-world.

This simple example shows the fundamental tool of power of our ‘leading economists and financiers’  of the go(l)d culture – the complete ignorance of politicians and common people on the nature of money and how it rules the world, and its produced with no limit with the same informative machines that manufacture their brain, makes impossible all peaceful reform, unless the Financial System is denationalised, and a global currency, ¥€$ money is imposed as the main procedure for printing money and human welfare not warfare. And save in the process from Greed and death those FMasters who told us, just after the 2008 crises, in a moment of  hindsight and fear, and lucidity thinking on what they did back in the 30s bis, literally, ‘we can’t control our greed, you should regulate us more’  Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, former Goldman Sachs CEO, at the height of the crisis, after stealing 2 trillion $ from the American tax payers

Now they have asked the Trumpeter to scrap all that regulation, and the ‘house negro’, never mind he thinks he is white, has scrapped it all with one of those ‘astoundingly aggressive dark energy’ of its graphological lineal modes:screen-shot-2017-02-09-at-10-00-45 Never a blot of ink did so much harm to the future of the wor(l)d.

Indeed, the Financial-media masters rule the wor(l)d with invisible financial orders and paid-per-view laws delivered by their ‘white house’ negros – no political correctness here, we have explained already what humanism and the scientific method of social sciences an the freedom of the wor(l)d means; political correctness prevents all social inquire on the real causes, and imprints the mind of people with subtle false idol-ogies, which ultimately are hidden hate memes against the poor.

And this is all what the Trumpeter is hired for: to hide behind their rhetoric, absurd return to past, and ab=use of anti-democratic rights, the real problems of the world, the automation, displacement and extinction of humans in labor and war field by robots, and the monopoly in the issue of our money and democratic rights to control our language of power, by a clique, of self-suicidal people. So Keynes dictum goes strong: ‘capitalism is the absurd belief that the wickedest of all people, will do the wickedest of all things for the common good.

And of course, have you ever wonder why in  a world ruled by money, NO HIGH SCHOOL studies economics, which should be an obligatory subject in all countries of the world, with NO censorship on the real schools of economics today forbidden (humanist, socialist, historic, biological schools, the one represented by those pioneer texts)?

So let us go ahead with the biological most objective analysis of how and who are those historical elites that are so hard at ab=using the rest of the world, with their ignorance and acquiescence… that is, why bankers do make MONEY WITH CURRENCY WARS.

“I don’t care whose puppet seats in Saint George’s Throne, as long as I issue the money of the empire where the sun never seats, I control it, and I issue its money’.

Amsel Rothschild, ‘Am Segullah’, ‘Owner’ of the Private bank of England, hence of the British Empire.

All truth is simple… is that not doubly a lie? Nietzsche

So we have now to deal with the core matter of our primitive dog-eat-dog ill-designed economic ecosystem – speculation in prices and debt slavery, maximised in war times, which multiply the profits of the o.oo2%

Before even companies existed, money existed and the concept bankers have of it, was to monopolise its issue, print as much of it as possible, lend it to the people and ask back with interests and real wealth (real state, work, assets) ‘their money’, so they could get richer without truly working for it.
So the first element of all cycles of usury, debt, war and holocausts of history start with the corruption of the political system that handles to a people-caste of bankers the right to issue in monopoly the language of power of society, money.

The debt slave cycle IS essential for people to understand that complexity means nothing and what matters is the bottom line: A group of private parasites invent money instead of society, and reproduce with it weapons and machines, so those species evolve and humans devolve.

As the leader of the banking system explained it during the I Industrial R-evolution (cycle of overproduction of stock-paper in Britain):

“Let me issue and control a Nation’s money and I care not who makes its laws. The few who can understand the system will be either so  interested in its profits, or so dependent on its favors,  that there will be no opposition from that class, while, on  the other hand, that great body of people, mentally  incapable of comprehending the tremendous advantage that  Capital derives from the system, will bear its burden  without complaint and, perhaps, without even suspecting  that the system is inimical to their interests.

Amsel Rothschild, ‘Am Segullah’, ‘Owner’ of the Private bank of England, hence of the British Empire.

Mr. Rothschild, for centuries the MP of the City, for long, the owner of the bible of capitalism, The Economist, and the market-maker of gold prices, had a moment of indiscretion, and showed us a fact: bankers do understand what they do. Politicos are bought. And people are clueless. And those are the 3 human legs that allow the monstrous process of extinction of life and mankind to continued unabated. None of them though have a scientific approach in that understanding, because of course, part of the game is to reduce social sciences to myths, damned lies and statistics, to create a fog that will ensure the system to be OK.

– First they print money in monopoly only for themselves, once they have bought to politicos this BASIC right of democracies – to control the language of power of societies; today with 0-deficit laws (deficit of course does not exist, money is NOT wealth, if you speak a language a lot you do NOT have deficit of words; just superavit of orders since words and money are just languages to give orders of actions and productions, so the newspeak of deficit means really:
ZERO RIGHTS TO ISSUE POLITICAL-DEMOCRATIC ORDERS, AND ABSOLUTE RIGHTS FOR THE BANKER TO GIVE FINANCIAL ORDERS-SALARIES-BRIBES-PRICES TO SOCIETY, today WITH e-money systems of unlimited reproduction of money, which have multiplied by 20 the monetary mass of the world, while population only doubled, and so bankers have used that awesome amount of money to BARK orders to every thing that moves, which now they own.
– So after becoming the dictators of the language of social power, monopolising the issue of money (and censoring economics and the process), they ‘liberally’ give it to people and nations as DEBT who makes both to OWE them, and SO all become their debt slaves. And as ‘inflationary money’ is best used in weapons, they do promote systematically political conflicts, to make politicians, asking them more and more and more PECUNIA INFINITA, bellum nevi.
It is a process already documented on the Mari tablets near Harran, on the ‘river of copper’ (Euphrates), where a people called the ‘apiru’, those who walk behind the asses, and its elite of ‘Am Segullah’, or People of the Treasure, the banker-priests of the ‘apiru’, became court bankers, and diplomats, specialised in Hate-Memes between rival nations, which liberally informed, plotted, ‘advised preventive action’, lender go(l)d to buy weapons, which the ‘apiru transported’ with its ‘golden a$$es’, giving then the sale profits to the Am Segullah priests as ex-votes for the temple, whose ‘fetish-vehicle’ objects had to be done of God, so the profit was circular. And so the first FMasters, Financial-Media Owners of go(l)d started to manufacture the wrong cultural brain of humanity.

They become the perfect excuse to keep the evolution of industrial and military robots, which keep going for decades ahead – witness Mr Trump‘s bid for a robotised wall ‘securing’ the American border with Mexico that will expand the Industry already started in Korea and Israel – while none criticises the obsolescence of humans to tool and war robotic machines, as nobody criticised the cars, tanks, planes, bombers, and automated assembly lines of the previous overproduction cycle, where fascism also blamed the poorest of the destruction of global labor and the need to switch to a global new deal of investment in welfare, biological goods – ‘canons will make us stronger butter will make us weak’ said Goring – deja vu.


In the graph, Mr. Trump an opportunist, lobbyist for the robotic military industry, WHICH bids to expand through compounds buttressed with armed walls with electronic robotic weapons whose model is the Wall of Israel, connected to the most conservative, colonist movement and racist leaders globally, is however a wild card, which might very likely explode either with China provoking the long-time prophesied crash of the dollar (as China hold its treasuries and would not accept an American ECONOMIC war), even change sides on their present submission to the military lobbies of America and Israel, as his voting base suffers the impossibility to solve his problems just with rhetoric towards the poor, in his second presidency. It is ESSENTIAL to understand that as long as humans DO NOT FACE THE REAL QUESTION of this planet – the growing obsolescence of humans to machines, IN LABOR & war fields, all solutions will be placebo and the system will deviate as in previous crises to hate-media and dog-eat-dog solutions to preserve the power of elites.

In the graph we can see the number of illegal immigrants declining fast, (and shifting from mexicans to other groups) with the beginning of the overproduction crises of chips and its massive shifting to robotic labor. Populism≈fascism follows though the same use of poor scapegoats, to blame of the loss of jobs, as the machine cannot be blamed in a technological civilisation, dominated by its company-mothers whose only purpose is to increase the profits of overproduction, so as in the age of Hitler, blaming the poor, workers, slavs and finally when populism did not solve the crises of overproduction of electro-mechanical engines and assembly lines, switch to war machines, global war and holocaust. The mimetic steps of the present crises where bio-economics still suffers a complete censorship among corporative economists, clearly points to a future of growing populations of robotic workers and security systems, to keep blaming mankind of a strictly economic process.

And the process is accelerating because digital information is evolving much faster.

The easiness with which financial money as information reproduces has accelerated enormously history.

And so  the study of THE -ECONOMIC SYSTEM, AS IT IS, created by animetal idologies, not as it SHOULD BE DESIGNED BY A RATIONAL, ETHIC MANKIND shows how financial-related cycles are the fastest ones. So as there is a long cycle of overproduction of weapons in history (bronze, chariots, iron, coins, stirrup, gunpowder), a medium cycle accelerated professionally when company-mothers and science made machines systematically of 80 years, there is an 8 years cycle of overproduction of money, and hence of debt slavery and splendid little wars for profits – a sentence coined by Roosevelt in the cuban war, when he said ‘this splendid little war has taken us out of the (1897) crisis’.


Fact is Machines and weapons empower us as extra-limbs, but this has a negative side… they atrophy us as human beings, degrading our bodies and minds. But the ego-trips of using those machines hide this very obvious fact, for any objective observer who looks at the Fat human, driving fast cars, with mosquito brains hypnotized by their chipped screens – a new degenerated ‘homo species’, which is fast expanding globally, and cannot longer survive without the metal-minds and metal-bodies attached to their ever diminishing brains. Exactly the same process that in the cellular scale makes enzymes attached to metal, atrophied carbohydrates…

But what is more worrisome, it transforms the mind of human beings at collective level, converting the superorganisms of eusocial love of mankind, into systems of production of hate-memes that justify war and murder for go(l)d.

There is the first ever present event of death by overdrive of energy (nuclear weapons). But then we have 2 events of an excess of information, which can destroy the planet: nano-robotics and military A.I.

Money as go(l)d, as precious metal hypnotised informatively with greed the mind, who called the ‘stuff’ the sweat of the sun, appeared so earlier in history in the pre-rational pre-greek age of ‘myths’ and fetishes, not the age of Nomisma, and rational use of it, that it became the most desired form of the human Universe, with a value superior to man. So first it converted man in an object which gold could buy, called a slave. And as time went by more complex forms of obtaining money with slaves were deviced, call taxation, war for profits and ‘collective…

deb slavery’…

where an entire nation its tax-farmed for ages, with the aberrant concept that the cancerous cells must own all the oxygen of the organism, and if a cell wants to survive anoxia, it will have to return the oxygen, the words spoken, back to the cancerous cell…

NOW THE PRAXIS OF THE parasitic concept of money is obvious and we shall repeat ad nauseam different perspectives of it: money is used to control people with salaries and bribes; to reproduce the goods of maximal profits, weapons and further to reduce freedom of people in policial and military states and to make profits with it, herding money, making human and states debt slaves, and coming on top.
We have advanced information on the 3rd part of this blog when we study the final 3rd age of capitalism, because this cycle is EXACTLY the same cycle developed globally by ALL top industrial nations, in the XIX c. France and England, today US: hate media spreads fear to your neighbour, degraded with segregational memes, which you must confront in the future. So in the present for good measure, preventive action, based in the massive acquisition of weapons, ensures healthy profits, for the banker, who issues money for the state in the ‘private-run’ ‘Public Fed and ECB, etc.’ which the state will invest in weapons, provided by the companies the banker bought on Wall Street and the city (still US and UK have the largest weapons companies).
And this is the essential, largest Gold and Iron, ‘Pecunia infinita, bellum nervi’ symbiotic cycle of State Debt, which makes the GDP of those nations maximal in war periods, when everybody is dying and people have not even good (since as we shall see another sector of the FMaster culture will speculate in commodities prices, RISING systematically the price of survival goods, mainly food, today also oil, when more is needed; since the times of Joseph, who kept 7 years stored wheat in a famine, becoming when sold at high prices very wealthy, as the Baable congratulates itself). And again today the same method has been made electronic and hence reach global proportions, in the so called future rigged markets, which use every political crisis and war menace to rise virtually the price of oil and food, stamping a huge taxation on every car-owner and what is more lethal, maintaining 1 billion hungry people, not because there is not food but because future markets have risen its price so much that people cannot buy bread.
Indeed, it should not then become a surprise except to the overwhelming majority of manufactured brains that Cicero’s dictum, in an age of rational evil, where things were said as they are, is the engine of the classic catalyst world: ‘the nervous system of war (and death) is inflationary money’.
How this is JUSTIFIED is simple and it has been the way bankers ruled the world anonymously, or rather its destiny subconsciously merely guided by the ‘best method’ of multiplying money without caring for the ‘collateral effects, shielded by biblical religions of segregational memes that date back to the bronze age, parallel to similar ‘aryan’ veda, indo-european religions of segregational castes…
In brief, you just need a segregational idol-ogy that we shall study in detail in the section of memetics, and then you are justified to invest money in the most profitable cycle that multiplies it: make a state a debt state that will have to make war, loot thy neighbour and give you back the money.  And if you can provide also hate memes, things even work faster and justify also the brutish soldier to go to war. And this has been going on since the Mesopotamia times

Let us then explain in clear terms, how the creation of money by private bankers work, with a single aim, to ‘appropriate’ most of the wealth of a society, through their monopoly on the issue of the language of monetary information, which costs them nothing to produce, but can buy all other ‘real assets’, once the ‘debt slave’ created in the boom cycle is obliged to pay with property and real goods in the bust cycle. So:

– First bankers issue as much fiat money as possible, with no limit, which costs them nothing and creates debt and inflation. And they lend it to an adoring crowd that knows nothing about their sovereign rights to reproduce that money for free, since the media system and financial economists working for power misinform them. So at a point the entire society owes huge amounts of ‘soft debt’ to the bankers. And this is good for the bankers who receive ‘interest’ for their debt.

Then they stop lending and contract the monetary mass. So money becomes scarce and there is deflation. Companies fire workers as they cannot pay them. Production halts. The economy shrinks but this is done in purpose because it is even better for the wealth of bankers as now scarce money in a deflationary environment is worth more as ‘it buys more things’ deflated in price.

And so the huge debt society has with the financial system becomes worthier – with the money they do keep issuing only for themselves bankers can buy many more things. This is the present phase in Europe and America. There is zero credit for people. There is deflation. Debt slaves owe huge amounts, but bankers have printed through around 4 trillion $ to buy out everything that moves, corporations, real state, politicos.

Further on since debt has NOT contracted, as it was established in the age of monetary expansion and now there is no money available to pay the huge debt society owes, people who cannot pay it with the fiat worthless money that created it must pay with taxes in hard currency, work, real state wealth, national assets and sheepish obeisance to the power orders of bankers who implement their selfish agendas. So bankers in this phase end up controlling most of the wealth of society and its politicos obey them. They reach the zenith of absolute power.

Thus, in this phase, the entire eco(nomic)system is geared to extort money from people to pay debt, with higher taxes while governments give hand outs to bankers and pass laws of privilege for their corporations.

So every time technology has invented a new way of printing money (see graph of the evolution of species of money above), first with stock paper (1860s), then with electric tickers (1920s) and now with e-money (1990s) a massive boom and bust of lending and choking of people as debt slaves has happened, reason why I forecasted in enormous detail this overproduction crisis of e-money already in the 90s, of course, to not avail, given the anti quantum paradox. (It was in fact the end of my career as a theoretical economist, LOL ):

In the Train age in this phase the Law of Anonymous Societies that eliminated all responsibility from the owners and managers of corporations and the first anti-deficit laws that forbid governments to issue money were passed. So Stockrats, owners of corporations became the new aristocrats, with the same privileges the rules of the ancient regime had: no court responsibility for their actions (in the Middle ages aristocrats could only be judged by peers in special courts) and monopoly in the issue and use of the language of social power (now money; weapons in the Middle Age, which only aristocrats could carry and use.)

Sounds familiar? It should, because it is is exactly what happened in the present cycle, when a new form of reproducing money in unlimited quantities e-money, appeared:

Bankers invented fiat money without limit once they discovered the ‘complex e-money derivatives’ that allowed them to print ‘digital data’ as money in computer screens… Then in the 90s they lend it massively at soft interest. So every state and individual owed them money.

Now they are contracting the monetary mass, and their quisling politicos are extorting people with higher taxes, bailouts and the destruction of welfare states to pay a fiat debt that in a real democracy would never exist, as money would be issue by sovereign states free of debt, as a Universal Salary and credit orders for welfare goods.

But of course they are NOT contracting money issued for themselves. On the contrary, they have increased since e-money was invented between 10 and 15 times the monetary mass of the world while population has only doubled. And they have bought everything with that money. This phase is now in full swing in Europe, where the private banker, V.p. of Goldman Sachs, Mr. Draghi, at the head of the ECB (not a European bank, only by name, a trick of bankers, which always put nationalistic names to further obtain patriotic allegiance of people – so the private bank of England belonged to the Rothschild syndicate, the private federal reserve prints dollars,  the private ECB issues money only for private banks at 0% interest, so they can lend it to states at skyrocket usury debt etc.).

First Trichet and then Draghi, as Paulson, also a Goldman Sachs man did in US, expanded credit on the 90s and 2000s. But now ne no longer issues money for the European states and people but passes it to private international bankers who lend it at usury interest and are sending ‘vulture funds’ to buy out all the assets and companies of Southern Europe, making Spain, Greece and Italy, modern, ruined colonies…

It is a notch higher in slavery, since in colonial slavery the banker is not even residing there. The bankers who own now southern Europe live in Frankfurt, the city and wall street, so they do not care at all for their colonized debt slaves. America and England had a better form of slavery as the bankers live there and so some money is invested in their luxury 40 million homes, etc.

But let us not cheat ourselves. When the Private bank of England forbade the ‘Americans’ to print their own continental money, the nation was ruined, Franklyn went to England and asked the king and the private bank to let them issue money or else they would declare independence war. The king said ok, the bankers said no and he went back declared independence, started to print debt free money and America became a free country… till  the Rothschild syndicate corrupted politicos, created the 1st federal reserve.

The American hero of war, Andrew Jackson rebelled and killed the bank. He was shot. Lincoln tried again to kill the bank creating free debt ‘greenbacks’, he was shot. The drunkard Grant was chosen and he eliminated the greenback, imposed a boom cycle of usury debt, (2 private bankers did it) and hand in hand with German bankers imposed then a bust  cycle, halving the money of the world by the simple method of eliminating silver as ‘money’.

The silver crime plummeted for 2 decades the world in recession. And again, there was a boom and bust cycle when ticker money was invented.  Then the Warburg syndicate imposed the Federal Reserve, once more a private bank, which provoked the 29 crisis of boom and bust, which ended in massive poverty and II world war. Now the same cycle is at work. But it is all more sophisticated.

At the time of Imperial Britain, the concept of a private bank charging usury to the state for war was not outrageous because tribal nationalism was the idol-ogy every European subscribed.

Thus those primitive memes were the ‘hook’ for Europeans to die for the bankers of The City and VOC, since on exchange for death, they achieved that supreme idiotic concept: the paradise of Glory. That is, your tribe must kill other human tribes and you must die for that ‘glorious manifest destiny’.

Now, most people are not that dumb to belief the tribal concept so the system has become far more ‘complex’ in their hiding of the simplest truth: money is the language of power, those who invent the language of power control society, bankers invent the language of power, so they control society.

But again as i said, the common people seem so attached to money as ‘wealth’, as the language of survival that short-circuit to understand objectively how the whole thing works. Mr. Rothschild simply was right. And their people rule the world because the rest are that stupid. Sorry… But what he doesn’t understand is that on the long term their people also looses, because ‘you cannot cheat all the people all the time’ (Lincoln).

In that regard, follow the money, which is the LANGUAGE OF SOCIAL POWER THAT BUYS LAWS, and everything else, completely misunderstood by mankind as a language of power, hence a sort of invisible guidance of everything that happens in the Earth.
It is indeed ASTONISHING, that without proper education on social sciences, any puppet politician to the service of the Financial-Media system that pays its campaigns and controls its information through networks of audiovisual media can control the future of the world, as Mr. Trump does now and on top PEOPLE DO obey them, just because their manufactured world KNOWS NO OTHER ALTERNATIVE, that the dictatorship of money and weapons camouflaged with placebo democracies, of political and economical correctness, as ‘the best of all systems’

We shall thus instead of an idol-ogy of worship of memes of metal that lets them poison the super organism of mankind, History, and considers Company-mothers of machines MUST be the ONLY FREE citizens of the FREE MARKET, WITH RIGHTS TO issue the language of social power, money, and buy laws (lobbyism), and people  (salaries) and products (prices) with them; how a true science of macro-economics would explain the cycles of history and provide the needed humanist praxis and solutions, obtained from objective biological sciences of systems and super organisms to ‘create a perfect, efficient, free, healthy, wealthy world’, by letting humans share the language of social power, creating a demand economy of ‘welfare instead’ of warfare.

Thus the first and minimal measure to ‘start talking of saving the earth is obvious”, the democratisation of the language of social power money, which today is produced in 90% by corporations, who have multiplied by +20 the total amount of money of this planet and counting since e-money was invented but used it overwhelmingly to evolve machines and keep it for themselves and its stock-ratic owners.

Indeed, MONEY IS NOT PAID IN STOCKS BUT INVENTED. When as it happened this week Facebook buys whatsapp, a jewish company with 2 guys and a little software for 30 billions is INVENTING that money. How much wealth for the 99% could be paid with that money? If humans invented money for humanity all the problems of mankind would long be done, and a real democracy, based in the control of the language elf power by society and a demand economy would be in place as people would demand food, shelter, health-care, education, not weapons and hate media, the preferred choice of our creationist biblical, racist gurus who are inventing a non-human future with that money. This is the conundrum: only if the west returns to a real democracy, takes back the reproduction of money and uses it, Chinese style to produce the goods we need, we shall survive.

debt slaves4

In the graph we can see the real structure of the western culture with bankers who monopolise the creditation of money on top and the mass of population working as consumers and reproducers of machines, chained by debt slavery as they have no rights to issue money and must obey the people of the top of the pyramid.

DEBt is a parasitic concept, which has no place in a healthy super organism where all cells/citizens reproduce democratically and absorb a minimal quantity of oxygen, the language of information that kicks out its activity and cells do not return but spend because what matters is the activity and production the ‘hormonal, oxygen’,or monetary language kicks out – as those elements have zero value, are free to take – hormones are the simplest carbohydrates, oxygen is free in nature, and words or money are language free to produce talking or printing numbers in screens. So as all languages of information they are inflationary because they are worthless and should merely be liberally used to kick out production and work, never to choke economic development so the banker can then get back the oxygen in the form of true wealth, property and slave work.

So Debt IS BASICally The absurd idea that a language must be ‘returned’ once invented. So it is as if you talk orders and your workers must ‘return you the orders’, return you the ‘voice spent’ in those orders. SO the guy who has to ‘return the spent voice’ will WORK and enslave for the banker that makes him a ‘debt slave’. This again is like a ‘legal paper’ that makes you a ‘legal slave’. It is absurd. But people who do NOT accept that a legal politico can write a paper making him a slave of his words, do ACCEPT worldwide to become a slave of the debt-money papers printed for free by corporations and banksters. So MANKIND HAS BECOME A WILLING slave of corporations, now part-time slaves since this saved corporations in the XIX century housing and food for the slaves. Or a debt slave who works to pay the collective debt of nations to their banksters.

Fact is such an anti-democratic system should be reformed, denationalising the industry and returning to a world of public banks and private companies, regulated according to their products – so the lethal products of the chip radiation could be controlled.

AS IT HAPPENS IN CHINA, WHICH GROWS 10% ANNUALLY, and does not produce immense quantities of weapons and wars to increase the debt of nations.

NOW, WE CAN BRING BACK THE CORE MATTER of this text, the extinction of wor(l)d cultures – of which the most primitive slam has obviously fallen into an inquisition of weapons, but two others, China, increasingly converting to the capitalist system, and the European Union, the most evolved wor(L)d culture of the XX century, were a positive evolution that could bring back a renaissance of the wor(l)d.
Since the European Union, social-democratic, welfare vs. warfare model is NOW MASSACrED BY SPECULATORS AND PRIVAT BANKERS, AMERICAN STYLE.

A brief and by no means exhaustive list on how banksters run the economy with a single aim – to multiply their own fortunes, by all means of hidden taxation of the whole social mass:

  • $peculation in prices and stocks, which ‘is the jacking up of prices without creation of real wealth’ (Ford)
  • ‘$plendid little wars to come out of economic crisis’ (Roosevelt) fuelled with debt and overproduction of lethal goods, hate media to kill the social mind and weapons to kill the body.
  • Tax farming, which consists on top of denying people the right to invent≈talk money credit to create a welfare world, to rob them of the hard-work, earned money, to further milk the debt slave, by those who precisely have the anti-democratic… 
  • Monopoly in the issue and invention of credit and money for themselves. It is ridiculous to talk of ‘democracy’, when the language of social power, which is today digital money that buys the laws is issued only by a group of people, protected by the law (in anonymous societies). Such PRIVILEGE only happened in the Middle ages, when the aristocrats had the monopoly in the production and use of weapons and were judged by their own courts, and never worked, as today stock-rats, the Leisure class of Veblen for whom we all work, do: THEY DON’T WORK, they JUST ISSUE E-MONEY with financial derivative schemes, and buy the hard-built companies of normal people, buy laws, are protected by anonymous societies, and because the system now produces far more ‘money’ in digital screens that the hard-extracted gold of tax-farmers in the Middle ages, they have over a million times the rent of the average human citizen of planet Earth. And of course the control they have over the manufactured mind of the citizens is such that as in the Middle Ages all peasants loved their aristocrats who ‘defended them’, today we all love our FMasters and believe its fictions of justice, democracy and their ‘expertise’. Such Placebo Democracies are the most sophisticated form of slavery ever deviced by mankind, since the age of abrahamic religions, which of course, our Democracies ‘ad on’ to the tv-opium of the people and its fundamental form of SOMA to erase the mind of man: FICTION THOUGHT.
  • Creation of individual debt slaves and creation of national debt slaves… is thus the fins goal of a capitalist democracy, to keep milking for ever the human lot.

All this properly hidden by the massive corruption of the verbal ethic wor(l)d, both the legal political system, and the scholar system of social sciences, which follow the anti-quantum paradox ‘you will defend me with go(l)d and the sword and i will defend you with the word’ we have come to a very obvious conclusion:

We do not live in the best of all systems, but very likely we live in the worst of all systems, reason why unlike any other super organism of the Universe, in which all its citizens-cells have enough energy and information to thrive, in our world there is systemic scarcity of human goods, massive poverty and life becomes extinct.


IT IS THIS IDOL-OGICAL MADNESS, and EGO-TRIP of the human ‘enzyman’, man-enzyme that catalyses the creation of the new species that will kill her – what I call the OEDIPUS PARADOX – THE SON SPECIES KILLS THE FATHER SPECIES, but the father does not defend himself – WHAT has always bothered me as ‘human’, AND i have explored in more depth as an objective scientist, and now we shall explain before we introduce the other crises of overproduction notably that of money the ‘brain’ of the Metal-earth, the digital language, whose values direct all the process.

Some obvious consequences of the robotic age:

-As it completes the industrial r=evolution, there won’t be a new age to kick out the offer of new jobs, which is how previous technological crises of overproduction solved, besides the consumption of humans in wars, the loss of jobs to new machines.

-GDP growth measure by production will not be human wealth, but robotic wealth, as robots will displace humans from the 2 jobs we perform in the economic ecosystem as workers=reproducers of machines now performed by automated factories, blue collar robots and white collar pcs; and consumers of other machines, now consume by robots.

JOBS WILL THEN GROW BY A MASSIVE DESTRUCTION OF GAIA AS BILLIONS OF ROBOTS ARE MADE by human dwindling workers, so for full employment TO HAPPEN we must FILL THE PLANET WITH ROBOTS, till as in biology always happens, they expel us from the economic ecosystem as we expelled lions before.

-Yet corporative economists, whose only goal is to multiply the (re)production of machines to achieve higher profits for the ‘Leisure Class’ (Veblen, ‘1%’) will preach as the only way to solve the crisis to keep reproducing robots, starting a massive ‘biological radiation’, of fast evolving ‘sentient’ organisms of metal, as the overproduction of chips, the crisis we live in, becomes the engine of a far more transformative ‘radiation’ of robotised machines. Soon all cars will be robots; all machines will integrate chips into the Internet Of Things, IOT.

-And so as humans without credit will suffer growing poverty, and productive economists praise the economy robots, mankind will completely loose its own purpose as a species – to create a world made to its image and likeness, where life can thrive, for a world dedicated to the reproduction and care of robotic machines, which in its most evolved forms, which have always been weapons, will, as their brains double in size every 2 years (moore’s law) reach certainly a degree of complexity, which in systems sciences defines the freedom of a system, to act, with its programs – which are simply programs of extinction of life.

 A Free Market is in that sense not a human endeavour but an ‘Economic ecosystem’, regulated by a language of information called money and ruled by company-mothers, whose aim is to re=produce and evolve machines, simple organisms of metal that imitate the functions of energy and information of the human being, seeking always to maximize the profits of their companies (human, subjective point of view) with the objective consequence of displacing human labor and reducing their wages as new, more evolved machines substitute us.

And this is the fact that humans completely miss about biological extinction:  it does not happen consciously but because a new species occupies the ecosystem of a previous one. If humans become extinguished by robots (the word machine will loose its meaning as robotisation of all machines become staple food of this century, to ‘find’ an ‘econiche’ for the chip ‘radiation’ -massive overproduction of metal-minds), it will be merely a topic biological process of massive reproduction of a new species, which of course will count as growth of GDP for economists to ‘cheer up’, thinking we are progressing.

chip radiation1097In graphs from the 92 book, when we consider 2018 the birth of A.I. able to overcome human skills in all labor and war fronts, which is exactly the age 1/4 a century latter we can now observe, as AI explodes into all kind of algorithms of information that match human skills in all labor fields, from translation (now performed for free by Google Deep Mind) to driving (the biggest work sector soon to be replaced by self-driving cars), to games, from go to chess, to speculation, by ultra fast trading machines, to CAD design: the Industrial R=evolution of machines is changing the Earth, as nothing has done since the apparition of oxygen life 3 billion years ago. Such is the enormity of the ‘jump’ on evolution, which represents a III Age or Horizon on Earth’s crust species. But humans, lacking an objective, larger worldview, are unaware of this higher level of Universal laws, which acts on the economic ecosystem and the symbiotic and competitive relationships between its 3 species, life beings, human beings and machines≈weapons.

Now, we can translate the fundamental law of biology  – the laws of reproduction, to the fundamental cause of economic crisis, the crisis of overproduction, canonical in the science before the massive ‘censorship’ of the last decades, which have reduced the discipline to the ‘creationist opinions’ of techno-utopians and corporation economists.

In simple terms, production is reproduction, and reproduction tends to overproduction as Ricardo->Marx->Kondratieff->Schumpeter explained…

And indeed the fundamental concepts of the industrial r=evolution turn about the evolution, overproduction and extinction of rival species by machines.

 The duality of top predator weapons and consumption machines.

Let us then start in this iterative blog, with a fast review of AC – the cycles of overproduction of machines and its evolutionary 72 year cycles, which transform them into weapons at the end of the cycle fine-tuned to the ‘human biological cycle of national engineers that discover the machine and take it to its completion in 3 generations’.

Our goal here is to understand in biological terms, company-mothers of machines and show how a free eco(nomic)system without human legal regulation systematically re=produces the maximal number of lethal goods, weapons of maximal price, speculative money that ruins people when exchanged latter for real wealth and digital hate-memes (audiovisual software of minimal cost).



‘Bellum nervi, Pecunia infinita” Inflationary money is the nervous system of war

‘Canons make us strong, butter make us fat’ Goring, proposing making Germany Great again

‘This splendid little war has gotten us out of the crisis’ Roosevelt on the Cuban war and the 1897 crash.

 Now, we can return to the how of those cycles of war, once we have observed its whys. And be more precise about the final present phase of overproduction of e-money and the wars and crashes to come.

Hence the regularity of those cycles of peaceful machines and weapons and war, which have become standard since the beginning of the age of company-mothers of machines, increasingly enormously the number of corpses at the end of each 80 years cycle:

Screen Shot 2016-07-09 at 00.55.46image176

In the graphs, with the old jargon of the c.92 book, the rhythms of professional war in the stock age; while each human generation a new gunpowder nation took over, with a higher financial-military power (bellum nervi, pecunia infinita), it was from 1604 onwards, when company-mothers of machines professionalized the inflationary use of money in war, and the evolution of scientific machines≈weapons, when the rhythms of human death consumed by those machines acquired a perfect ‘peak’ in each ‘peak’ of the stock-market, when overproduction crises demanded wars.

IF YOU have followed me, the 2 equations that are ‘the bible of capitalism, financial economists and corporative ones, dedicated to the overproduction of selfish memes of metal’, which INDEED IS A SCIENCE of production called microeconomics truly developed (never mind most of the machines and weapons it produces, harm us); all resumes in the BIOLOGICAL SYNERGY of the 4 elements of the Financial-Media (informative machines)/Military-Industrial (energetic machines) complex system (ab. FMMI). 

Indeed, the maximal profit happens reproducing weapons, hate media and inflationary money to feed the overproduction cycle of the other 2: so weapons and hate media are overproduced by inflationary money, printed for free by bankers and stock-rats, and given in huge amounts – billions of them – to those corporations and states that develop ever more expensive weapons and new channels of hate-media reproduced also for free through the simultaneous waves of ¥-information that increasingly ‘radiate’ our brains through high frequency i-phones.

So happens with the hate memes against yor neighbour that networks use to imprint people and disguise the lethal effects of technological radiations; or the waves of financial orders, which allow a few TOP corporative CEOs to program the actions of thousands of people that will obey their ‘issue of money’, the language. since all other humans are MUTE – have no right to speak with money the orders that create with credit the world we live in.
In any case, as those machines are synergic, the ecosystemic point of maximal profits is an absolute jungle of mechanisms, a ‘war ecosystem’. And splendid, permanent wars fuelled by hate-media and the appropriate brutalisations of an easy enemy  normally of the 3rd world, the primitive negro of Africa in the XIX c. colonial wars during the overproduction cycle of trains and steam machines; the ‘slaves’ (name from where it comes the term slavs) and poor you peasants of eastern europe during the Nazi age of ‘Keynesian militarism’ (to use the Orwellian newspeaks of the modern world), and now the poorest islamic cultures, of 2 billion human people, who are considered all ‘potential terrorists’ to build up a global big-brother for electronic machines profits; while of course we let an astoundingly ill-equipped group of cuckoo terrorists, called Daesh, massacre innocent people in Europe and the Middle East, instead of having eliminated them with an UNO operation in a few weeks – so we keep making profits with trillion dollar budgets.
Since what matter of all those faked wars, pumped-up scary bearded peasants with kalashnikovs is to make profits, to build up the electronic big brother and the army of ultra-expensive, profitable terminators.
Again some of us are NOT that stupid. If i were the president of France or US, I would have sent a land army – that’s why we pay them – of human soldiers and ended that monstrosity within weeks of the first massacre of innocent civilians. But alas, that would have cut the need for new robotic weapons and electronic big brothers a few billions and that is the money which is siphoned to lobbies and war-monger politicos to keep letting them murder us AND ON TOP pretending they (politicos and military) are DEFENDING our land for the sake of Raethon, General Atomics and BAE.
So War, the extinction of life, maximises profits of company-mothers of machines≈weapons, because money the digital language of machines has no value for life.
So all those facts, which might seem ‘incredible’ to the mechanist, simplex believer in animetal idol-ogies of mechanical progress, manifest cultural destiny and the go(l)d like nature of money, but are completely rational within the way organic systems develop, structure, evolve, grow and become extinct must be understood, to fully grasp where the equation of history is leading, ruled by ‘digital money’, the mother of all battles… a fact the romans already knew when they built the first mercenary empires with the recent invented ‘coin’ -“Nervi belli, pecunia infinita–The nervous system of war is inflationary money” ~Cicero, Philippics, V, ii, 5.

Τhe choice of one or other type of machine seems to be made by humans, politicos and cultures, but it is not. Τhe regularity and connection of those cycles of economic evolution of technology and wars and changes of moods in cultures shows that the true, hidden engine of the world is the financial-media system of informative machines, which passes from peaceful to hate media ages and its synergic energetic system of industrial military machines. So, humans a posteriori adapt their memes to their hidden go(l)d: monetary profits.

Now of course the previous curves and growing value of stocks, weapons and number of humans murdered, seem deterministic and are deterministic as long as societies are ruled by the equation of profits of stock-market corporations:

Maximal profits (inflationary money) = Max. price (weapon) – minimal cost (hate media).

So the conclusion is obvious: as the curves of company-mothers of machines represent the reproduction =sales and evolution =prices of machines, TO UNDERSTAND SCIENTIFICALLY with the biological law of the land those crisis, we must fist study Darwinian laws that consider how competing and symbiotic species relate.

AND THE FUTURE of the system if business as usual continues will be exactly what we predicted with the tools of biology and systems sciences: the repetition of the cycles of global war for profits that come at the end of all those evolutionary ages of machines.

But this finale of war, holocaust and gottendamerung is not required. If it happens is precisely because humans do NOT have a real model of economics and social sciences, they can control and manipulate for the benefit of mankind, and so they do live in a jungle of metal, and eco(nomic)system, where they willingly play a handicapped game against machines and its company-mothers in control of all the languages of social power, money, issued in monopoly in stocks, and laws, bought to corrupted politicos.

Τhe financial economy is merely a reflection of the physical economy, as money is just the language, used to reproduce and evolve machines. Because this first part is dedicated to the economic ecosystem, whose language and values are digital money, we are studying Keynesian Militarism, the modern name of fascism – the use of wars and hate media to promote profits of war, when the machine has evolved into its military phase, with numbers. Latter we will study that relationship between mathematical laws of profits and memes and idol-ogies that justify them, aka hate-media and the always handy racist memes against easy-to-beat non technological, primitive nations we love to murder and civilise. So the theme has a mathematical, financial, real, industrial, mechanical and human, memetic perspective.
What matters now is to understand the direct relationship between both, and how financial crises derive into political and war crises.
If we study the cycles of Kondratieff to the evolution of energy and machines through an analysis of its dates for all the countries of the Western world, we come to the conclusion that both cycles are parallel, related to the development of new energies and the weapons and machines constructed with them. Once this is clear, if we correct the basic error made by Kondratieff in his calculus of the duration of the cycle, which in his original work were shorter, as Russia was an under-developed economy, which imported trains already developed, starting the cycle of trains latter than the Industrialized World, we find the real periodicity of the cycle to be 72 years, which coincides with the ‘Generational cycle’ of History.
Then, by adding 72 years t0 1929 we reach the 2001 and 2008, crisis of reproduction of chips and its electronic software (e-money) would reach again a peak of overproduction and cause a collapse in the global economy.

A detailed analysis of the cycle of 72 years of evolution of energies and machines explains what all the models of classic economics have failed to understand: money also follows a cycle of evolution and reproduction,related to the machines used to ‘invent’ it, today electronic machines, which have not only saturated the world with hardware but also with e-money software, till money lost value. Because money is reproduced also with machines,its cycle is parallel to the cycle of machines of the economy.

Thus, we predicted3, parallel to the crisis of overproduction of computers, also a financial crisis of e-money, made with PCs, similar to the 29 crash of the ‘ticker money’ economy, which jacked up prices of stock with electric machines into surreal levels. Indeed, there is every 72 years a huge crash in the stock-market with 2 short ±8 years ripples, due to an over-production of money and machines, which plunges the world into a global depression, till the new cycle of energies and new machines takes off, creating new industries and jobs that replace those of the previous cycle.

The boom and bust cycle of the global economy is both, a cycle of reproduction of energy, weapons, machines and economical information, money, as all of them are related. 3 negative effects are paramount:

Machines throw people out of work.

Weapons kill them in wars.

And too much money causes inflation, absorbs savings and when the bubble of false value explodes, it ruins the economy of the Middle class.

Thus, at the end of those cycles there is paradoxically, at the height of the reproduction of money and machines of the highest price (weapons) a deep crisis for the human economy and a Great Depression, as machines and forms of money created with those energies become over-reproduced, saturating the economic ecosystem. Thus, the details of the 3 crashes are similar:

In the age of steam machines, there is a peak in stock-money issues of worthless train companies in the 1850s, precisely when the best railroad lines had been constructed and the new ones were loosing money – not because people thought they were profitable, but because the business of inventing stocks had reached its evolving peak. Meanwhile the 2 commonest jobs of the age, farming and transport, greatly diminished, as prices and revenues for farmers, lowered due to the efficiency of train transport; while 90% of horses were killed in a decade in England, when the train put them out of work.

In 1928, there was a peak in the creation of new stocks in companies of cars and radios, when RCA shares reached an astonishing 500 $ value, precisely when the slump in consumption of cars had started in earnest, as all Americans had their Ford-T. Yet the electric ticker, the equivalent to e-money in the 1920s, had been implanted in small towns and was sucking in money from the middle class all over America to satisfy the ‘Ponzi Pyramids’ of Wall Street speculation in radio’s stocks. Then, in 1929 and 8 years latter in 1937, the physical and financial economy crashed together. While the reproduction of electric systems of automation in assembly lines at factories provoked also a massive wave of unemployment.

Thus, we are today in a self-similar age to the 1929-37 crashes of the ‘ticker’ economy, when e-money has reproduced massively, as financiers learned to maximize its electronic invention, while in the physical economy robots and electronic software have thrown out of job millions of blue and white collar workers in a massive wave of unemployment and the first ‘splendid little wars’ that will take companies out of the crises are essayed in Afghanistan with drone planes, which evolve fast to become the Terminators of the new age of war.

These ‘negative side effects’ of each of the final ‘boom’ ages of reproduction and evolution of machines, weapons and money, of the ‘wealth of nations’, which implies machines not only enhance our life but compete and displace human labor and soldiers, is the reality of history nobody wants to talk about or even publish, since Adam Smith established the economic dogma that all machines are good, and the more we have the better, because they are money, the invisible hand of go(l)d, we must not argue. We prefer to be optimist, to hide our sins, to ignore the suffering of the people money and machines rule. But denial has never changed the consequences of those cycles for mankind…

Unfortunately, to understand truly in depth those boom and bust cycles, we have to consider 3 difficult themes of economical theory:

-The nature of machines as systems of energy and information, which are not only symbiotic but often compete with us, as ‘metal species’, made of stronger atoms, in fields of war and labor.

-The fundamental privilege of financial institutions and companies – the invention of money.

-And the way the crises of overproduction of weapons are solved by creating a false demand for their self-similar goods, weapons, the bad fruits of the Tree of Science that the same companies, which produce its good, consumption goods, manufacture and also sell for profits.

Now the consequence of the profit-seeking way in which economists rule corporations, without the slightest concern with the collateral effects their products have over human beings imply that because weapons are more expensive, hence more profitable than peaceful machines, when technology  discovers new weapons, they will be overproduced.

And since weapons are the most perfect, final stage of evolution of machines, at the end of each kondratieff cycle of evolution of machines, new weapons are found and reproduced in huge numbers. Yet they must be used consuming human beings, so  arsenals can be renovated without overproduction and profits grow.

So because we live in a capitalist society where money is the main goal of society, in each cycle wars come to consume weapons and human beings, when technology discovers new weapons. Hence we could easily forecast a fascist, war-induced age at the end of the cycle of metal minds, as its is the case.

Latter on, we shall find a general mapping of the equations of history which are dependent as we have shown on those of wall street, and ruled by THIS general equation, the Marx-Smith-paradox. According to them ‘obviously’ at the end of the chip radiation (2080), humans will no longer be the top predator species of this planet, robots will be.

Extinction events – end of the road.

Humans, with its null objective capacity to study themselves in a scientific manner, still ascribe global warming and the death of life species to their activity, to the point that even in the congresses of systems sciences that study the economic ecosystem in a more scientific manner, the present age of transition between the II Earth of life and the III Earth, is termed the anthropocene (age of human life) when we are fast entering the mechanocene (age of machines). As such the final transition might happen in this century, as robots and Iron nano-bacteria, reach full development.

According to Drexler, the founder of the discipline of nano-technology, the discovery of a fully functional metal-bactteria, today researched in military and civil labs around the world, could convert in 3 months the Earth into a grey-goo, as iron bacteria would multiply fast feeding on the massive amount of machines found on the Earth – a theme explored however only in sci-fi films like GI cobra and Ultimatum, given the censorship called ‘economical and political correctness’ that social sciences impose on any serious attempt to describe the economic and political ecosystem in pure scientific ‘not idol-ogical’ terms.

It is this non-scientific idological nature of human collective thought filled up with absurd theories about mankind, the Universe and its machines (from tribal nationalisms, to abrahamic religions, to the cult to the machine instead of man as the symbol of future and progress) what will explain the most astounding fact about humanity today and in the past centuries – not the fact that we are terraforming this planet and extinguishing life, to build a world of mechanisms, BUT THAT WE DO NOT REALIZE OF THIS PROCESS, DO NOT ARGUE INTELLECTUALLY AND BIOLOGICALLY ABOUT A NON-HUMAN FUTURE, BUT KEEP DOING IT IN AN AUTOMATON, NON-FREE WAY, AS IF WE WERE PROGRAMMED BY THOSE IDOL-OGIES TO DESTROY THE WORLD, COMMIT SUICIDE AND BE HAPPY DOING SO.

We live in a century in which 3 evolutions of machines can extinguish the planet of life – nuclear weapons, nano-bactria and military robots, but none of this is taken seriously beyond sci-fi movies, nor the biological nature of machine is studied by scientists, economists and intellectuals, neither politicos seem to consider the mechanical causes of the crisis, crystal clear now even for the dumbest of politicians.

In that sense THE FUNDAMENTAL QUESTION RAISED BY THE EVOLUTION OF MACHINES IS NOT ITS CYCLICALITY AND EASY PREDICTION of its future trends, crystal clear when we study machines and weapons as they should with the laws of organisms but the fact that HUMAN BEINGS ARE IGNORING THE COMPETITION BETWEEN MACHINES AND HUMANS IN LABOR AND WAR FIELDS, AS IF IT WAS NOT a different species, ALWAYS justifying the use of machines and the expulsion of labor AS IF THE PROGRESS OF MACHINES WERE A SUPERIOR GOAL TO THAT OF THE SURVIVAL AND PROGRESS OF MANKIND.

IT IS BY FAR THE MOST ASTOUNDING fact of our world. How humans can be THAT stupid, that SLAVISH? We adopt here an absolute ‘objective’ non-human view, something never tried before not to offend the human ego and the people in power in our societies, in order to do social sciences. Imagine then not to get offended ‘personally’ that you are an alien scientist arriving to this planet, where you will see a mass of humans completely obsessed by a different species, to which they dedicate all their time as re=producers aka workers and vitalisers of those machines.

You will think given the regularity of those processes and cycles that humans are SLAVES of machines, its masters, since indeed they will even let their sons to be ‘brain-washed’ by violent machines, allow 1 billion humans to go hungry while all computers have enough energy to keep sacking human workers, and willingly die by the millions in absurd brother against brother wars to promote the overproduction and profits of the military industry. Remember you are not human, you have no nation, no religion, no race, ‘IMAGINE’ as the song, you are a social scientist and observe with utter puzzlement how 7 billion humans follow absurd ‘idol-ogies’, which make of informative metal (money), energetic metal (weapons) and organic metal (machines), their masters, and on top THINK THEY ARE FREE, SUPERIOR, IN CONTROL OF THEIR FUTURE, AND KNOW BETTER.

In brief, as a social scientist your biggest conundrum won’t be to understand what is happening on this planet – quite obvious for an objective viewer – the terraforming of the Earth by man of a planet of carbon life into one of metalife, with the displacement and future extinction of all forms of life including human beings in the process, but WHY humans do IT and do not EVEN REALIZE they are doing it.

Go(l)d idol-ogies: capitalism

But those scientific events ARE not studied in biological terms. They are expressed in creationist terms – to create machines (not to discover and copy biological organs in metal which is what we do), is a proof of some kind of ‘supreme, god-like intelligence and stamina, proper of geniuses and great men, and of course the economists who prove all this is creationist buill$hit and humans merely copycat their organs on machines, as this writer or other who have insinuated it not so directly but quite straight forward as the aforementioned ones, and in recent terms the Americans, Veblen and Galbraith, are not ‘darlings’ of the true creationist elite of ‘biblical people’ who ‘own most modern corporations and wall street’ financial houses that invest on them.

So we shall explain how we become extinct by the values of gold, studying ‘biologically’ the curves of the stock-market, whose maximal profits are in companies of war and financial and hate-media companies.

The mother of all battles is the the relationship between inflationary money and wars, which peak together when a new massive issue of money allow the creation of massive national debts, which are wasted in the investments on weapons.

Why there is endemic war in our world is then obvious and the answer is well known to any financial speculator – because most of the money of our society, her 95% is reproduced in financial derivatives and stock-market speculation, hence handled as a free check to corporations, which make maximal profits – weapons and hate media corporations – NOT to companies that reproduce welfare goods.

It is then necessary to study the curves of growth of stock-markets and relate them to profits (the human motivation) and to biological radiations of machines (the biological cause). Since indeed a radiation of machines is similar to one of a new species that displaces and extinguishes the previous ones, multiplying till it saturates the market, overproduces, becomes a top predator species and controls the ecosystem, in the case of machines, becomes a top predator weapon and its overproduction and sales for profits provokes war.’

WE HAVE STUDIED, THE OVERPRODUCTION CRISES of e-money, with the common language of ‘social sciences’ – the ethic point of view of mankind, the 99,9 % which does NOT invent money for free for speculative purposes of pure gain and corporations.

This perspective is not though the higher, biological, scientific analysis of the purpose of those speculative schemes, from the point of view of machines and company-mothers. So it is left to analyse the seemingly more just but equally scaring perspective of the other great ‘field’ of creation of e-money, the speculation in the prices of stocks based in the profits of those corporations.

Digital money select machines over men.

We can now consider another biological angle to the conundrum of what must rule laws or money on top of societies – the selection of the species of an ecosystem by its languages, in this case the selection processes of the eco(nomic)system.


In the graph, a key law of systems sciences and biology is the ‘dynamic equation’ of ecosystemic evolution, defined by the dominant language of a certain ‘world’. Since those species that better speak the language of the ecosystem, reproduce more and survive into the future. So in Nature, light is the ecosystemic language and those species who saw better survived, starting with the cambric ‘biological radiation’ of cephalopods with eyes, till the radiation of felines, birds and apes with bifocal vision. Yet with the arrival of history, the verbal language became dominant and those who spoke better the language, politicians and priests dominated societies.

Today mankind is becoming eliminated in an eco(nomic)system ruled by digital languages, by the species who better speaks mathematics – the chip, which multiplies without limit of credit and will increasingly reduce human workers to a few welfare jobs – that to make it all even more difficult, do have no credit under the ‘ideologies’ of classic economists and the techno utopian myths that equal machines to ‘future progress’. But progress of which species?

This is what abstract social models ignore – the biological, organic nature of machines and its company-mothers, made to the image and likeness of human biological organs, and competing in a biological planet. 

Today with the expansion of digital information, the mind that better speaks the language, the chip survive, reproduces in unlimited numbers and displaces the human mind, which becomes obsolete and without a ‘future’ regresses back to his memetic past (revivalism of Abrahamic religions and tribal nationalisms, proper of a past, primitive age of verbal myths, prior to the rational heights of the verbal age).

But since most humans do not speak mathematics, and the process is one of collective devolution from rationality into magic thought and from complex social structures into isolated individual self-centered egos without any interest for society and the human species, most human beings cannot even understand the process .


NOW how a crystal clear economic case studied by science as IT IS, becomes so ‘convoluted’, ‘foggy and apparently without solution’ according of course to those who profit from the evolution of robots and do NOT want to stop the process even if they all die at the end, carpe diem live the day and say it has NO solution or it is NO PROBLEM. To that aim ‘economic idol-ogies’ of capitalism aka profits diver the question with an astounding number of excuses, placebo solutions, wishful thinking and denial, what Orwell called the future ‘newspeaks’ of social sciences and politics when the ministry of war would be called the ministry of defence, (as it has happened) the ministry of police the ministry of love (home office, in UK, as if it is a homely thing, homeland security in US). So we live indeed in an age IN WHICH SOCIAL SCIENCES ARE FOUNDED IN NEWSPEAKS, apparently OK and humane, yet censoring the truth with a false caring of political and economical correctness, that makes people feel happy. And so the solution to the existential crisis by the ‘experts’ of ‘classic, creationist economics’ is called…

The robotic newspeaks.


These screen shots from wired magazine and the economists, the bibles of silicon valley and capitalism shows the ‘zeitgeist’ of capitalism ‘buying’ the rope that will hang them, and it would be easy to get similar texts from t forbes or wall street journal: basically humans do know subconsciously or else would not stuff films of extinction since Terminator, that as biological beings, in a biological darwinian planet, they are going to be ‘soon’ the staple food of robots, in labor and war fields, BUT THE FUKTARDS ON TOP, THE Leisure class OF VEBLEN, the ‘chosen of go(l)d’ races, the animetal 1% will RATHER DIE in a generation and sacrifice all their children to the altar of Mammon than take the honest, serious measures needed to make history immortal. So how they are going about the business of working their a$$es 24/7 to murder their sons? It is a tough business to INVENT a ‘newspeak’ that will justify that Miss Lisa Jobs Jr. II Mister Larry Price Jr. II and all those billionaire grand-sons will NOT die on bed. How do you justify wholesale the murder of your species by your actions of greed and pseudo-religious science . Read that screen shot with its ‘pearls’, of ‘softy cynicism’ about the deja vu future robots that will take the lives and jobs of your sons.  

The tone is always the same a ‘chronicle of a foretold death’ we do not care about because we are hard people and it is a matter-of-fact reality we shall never try to stop as it is ‘the system’.  What all those people hide is a monstrous bratty, corrupted soul that does not indeed made the cut to survive, as it cannot even protect their own lot 2 generations ahead when ‘machines thinking like humans taking our jobs’ do take also our lives. I had a short penpal exchange with Mr. Anderson a brit man who directed wired back last decade. What did he learn from my letters was again that he had to ‘buy the rope’ and next thing I knew after he was becoming aware of the predictions of bio-economics is that… he founded a commercial drone company to make even more money with the end of the world.

This is the zeitgeist of the final Leisure class of capitalism, ‘being so weak and dependant on their machines that they willingly give their sons future to them. We shall latter when we study the 800 years cycles of bio-history see how all this started when Canaanites, built the first gold statutes of BAAl and sacrificed their sons to it, in a ceremony called ‘Hecatomb’, or ‘Holocaust’…mourning proudly afterwards the victims they sacrificed to their cruel go(l)d. All has changed to remain the same.

The Economist is slightly more serious but warns us from the beginning that this is an ‘old conversation’. Yeap, since the machine appeared starting to make humans obsolete, piece by piece, organ by organ, intelligent people with no anthropomorphic pseudo-religious beliefs, but rational, humble and scientific, has asked to consider this the central issue of the modern world, and treat it with a view on the future of Gaia and the humankind, the life Earth supports, but got nothing back except ‘excuses’ to keep justifying the accumulation of go(l)d for the 0.02% of stock-rats, the Leisure class who cares nothing for the future as long as carpe diem lasts.

All this said is obvious audiovisual media and its happy lies have created a new age of newspeaks in favor of robotics; with many different ‘human caring alibis to justify’ our extinction in labor and war fields.

From techno-utopian messianism a la ‘Egon tesla’, with supposed advantages for our security of a world watched by drones, ran with automated cars that will ‘drive safer’…

And the development of solar energy, which IS THE FINAL no-no event that will become the solar skin of robots making them also autonomous in terms of ‘energy’ as CLEAN along with NUCLEAR ENERGY. So we have Al Gore and James LOVELOCK, yes, the guy who found the concept of Gaia, now old and married to a young brit greedy girl, Sandy, who controls his opinions and wants only to ‘talk of clean nukes’, both lobbyist for the industry (no political correctness here, in the age of newspeaks the number of corrupted ‘former’ good ecologists keeps growing – witness Miss Stein, the Jewish candidate to American green party presidency, defending its military investments in Raethon, maker of drones and bombs, cause it has high profits; ah Miss Stein of the go(l)d church of the selected, walk your talk. We all know weapons are more expensive-profitable, but me, who knows those cycles since 1992 HAVE NEVER DONE a penny on stocks, in fact, ruined a few ‘rich people’ who asked me advices on account of those books, advising them to invest in agricultural companies 🙂

To the myth that company-mothers of machines exist to ‘serve the human consumer’ – without hardly any rent, a fact it is hardly mentioned – trough cheaper robotised companies of distribution, such as Amazon (never mind the millions of jobs in small shops lost to internet sales)…

To the praise of ‘collaborative economics’ (which consists on having people work underwaged as taxi drivers for uber o hotel managers for airbnb, or scholar writers for wikipedia, so a few owners get its commissions, and the professionals of those sectors get sacked)…

To the denial of any future real freedom and intelligence in those machines – which is merely a question of complexity of its programs and all robotists in private acknowledge it will happen this century…

Indeed the absolute taboo on social sciences is to use evolutionary theory to explain both history and economics as we do in this blog. Instead, we just transvestite pseudo-religious myths of human superiority as the chosen race, with all kind of pumping ego-trips and deny the obvious; we live in a biological planet and machines made copying our organs are just metalife, life made of stronger and more intelligent atoms (iron is the strongest energy atom and gold the most informative), put together into robotic bodies and golden chips, the final stage of evolution of iron weapons and gold-money. Biological economics is crystal clear and yet it is nowhere to be seen, given the fact that economists are overwhelmingly hauling from the tradition of biblical chosen of go(l)d beliefs, so we will talk of ‘creationist economics’ as the mantra that rules with those techno-utopian, profit seeking dogmas planet earth – NOT a science, which is what bio-economics is, but a religious idol-ogy disguised with ‘numbers’.

To the systemic propaganda of A few ‘sci-fi’ sectors in which robots will save lives (I.e. nano-robots as surgeons, drones as rescuers of mountain avalanches – never mind nano-bacteria that can poison the planet within months, drones watching us, or used by individual and state terrorism to anonymously murder).

-And of course the ultimate mantra: that if we humans reproduce billions of robots, those able to design them will have jobs (increasingly a task managed by computers, given the complexity of its A.I. – algorithms of information).

Consider the ‘German’ example, which has low unemployment, because it has started the industrial r=evolution 4.0 – here another catchy name – by provoking a massive wave of unemployment and poverty in the rest of the Euro zone that buys cheaper better done germanic machines, which also get all the credit they need from the ECB that on the other hand charges an usury cut to states that need credit to produce welfare goods. So the answer is obvious: only a few nations that make them will get full employment in a world mechanised by robots. While the rest of mankind becomes expendable. And even in that case as the overproduction of chips and robots continues the terraforming of the world in a system made to its image and likeness, will make the world alien to life.

-But the ultimate newspeak is pure, blatant censorship of any serious discussion at political and legal level of the world we are creating with all kind of infantile, pseudo-religious arguments pumping up the human egos, which in fact allow any argument about the future of the economic ecosystem, only in fiction. So the truth of the future cannot be discussed in Davos or Wall Street or the White House but only on science fiction films.

While sci-fi economics and techno-utopian newspeaks in favor of the Industrial revolution 4.0 are the staple food of our scifi economists and lobbying politicians  – witness the recent childish letter of Mr. Obama, a well-known lobbyist for Silicon and Wall Street defending the automation of all cars ‘for safety, so old people can drive’ in a Pittsburg magazine – the center of Melon research center on robotics that plans to revitalise the car industry. 

-All this ‘enveloped’ in a false determinism, as if the robotisation of the planet, were the only choice of future for mankind, because ‘corporative economics’ is the ‘only science’ of economics, and we cannot change it – all corporative economists, the only ones that can talk agree- this future, because ‘progress’ (of the metal-kind) cannot be stopped… once all other alternative designs of a sustainable world are censored. So the dialog between the 2 possible futures mankind can choose, disappears and only those who preach technoutopian messianisms have exposure – from mr. kurzweil, the robotist who affirms the singularity age will merge human and mechanical consciousness, to mr. Elon accusing the press of ‘murdering people’, because they criticise their ultra-expensive cars for the 0.0% not yet ready for perfect driving.

While those who expose a rational, ‘objective’ view of the economic ecosystem, and its dangers are derisively called Apocalyptos – meaning that those who bring the destruction of the planet are good-intentioned scientists and ‘experts’, while those who want us rationally against the process and want to stop it are actually the bad guys. Fact is most people profiting from this systemic destruction of the planet of life – robotists, bankers, stockrats owners of corporations an its managers, the military industry of ultra expensive robots, the voices of hate media and the celebrity circus of fictions, the corrupted politicos that gave up their responsibility, which is to direct mankind as its collective brain, to just panhandling money to corporations on exchange of favorable laws, etc. etc. DO know intuitively that all what we are saying here is right, but prefer to look at the other side and ‘live the day’.

  And this indeed at this stage the duality of our future:

On one hand, bankers, corporations and economists, after the cleaning of humanist economics preach that the future of mankind IS not their evolution and the creation of a world awash with welfare goods, but the systemic use of all resources for corporations, robotic machines and ‘technological progress’, so the 0.1% who owns those corporations and pay them, or the financiers that monopolise the printing of e-money, have all resources.

On the other hand, the 99%, the scholars of humanities and the few humanist economists and non-corrupted politicians, which still remain, mostly isolated, without credit would like to build a world with the help of ethic laws, to preserve life, Gaia and the human species on top. But since credit and mass-media information is in the side of financial and industrial corporations they are loosing.

For that reason this blog, which is NOT really about the economic ecosystem of machines but about mankind, our past, present and future, and those who love it, and want to preserve our species, against those cult(ure)s that are so slavish that cannot even ‘see’ where they are leading us, goes well beyond the theme of evolutionary economics. Indeed, take it as a final ‘elegy’ on what humans could be potentially, and a final Judgment on what those who govern and control our ideas are doing with the Wor(l)d of man they so much love to despise… and the sheeple that blindly, with a strange masochism, prefers to follow them for pure laziness, routine and fear to change – what an irony!, the sheeple votes ‘conservative, techno-utopian parties’ that preach the conservation of human values, while destroying with its fast pace of mechanical evolution all what is human.

Industrial Evolution 4.0. Organic Robots. Mechanocene Age: the Metal-earth.

Alas, we finally arrive to the present world, when the never ending overproduction crisis of e-money and chips, no longer buys and hypnotises human beings but becomes increasingly used to robotize all the machines of the world, once all humans do have already its pc-brain, mobile-ear and tv-eye.

So it is the time of the 4th and final industrial revolution of machines, as robots become the new blue collar workers=reproducers of machines, and main consumers of a never ending river of metal-heads and metal-bodies.

But the robotic age will be different from the previous ones, as there are no more cycles, once we complete those organisms of metal, by imitating the way in which Nature construct its simplest living organisms, first making bodies, engines and heads of viruses, the assembling its 3 parts together, at which point the virus is born and kills the cells of the social organism.

Indeed, we have also built first he 3 parts of machines and now as we assembly them together into robots, which soon will be self-reproductive with 3D design, and autonomous with solar skins, talking telepathically through the Internet of things, the new born species, is taking the jobs of millions of people in labor and war fields.

But this biological future is censored.  Since corporations dedicated to reproduce robotic workers, and drone soldiers like GOOGLE, the biggest robotic and internet company of the world, have become the new darlings of capitalism, awash with trillions of dollars printed in stocks.

So their financial muscle pays all parties in power, which try to convince the people with wishful thinking and happy lies that those robots will be the source of security and jobs; instead of controlling their evolution before they make us obsolete.

Thus Mr. Obama  is passing one after another law in favor of the substitution of human workers and soldiers by working robots, drones, and self-driving transport machines that will take over millions of jobs and lives.

So we need to introduce some simple mathematical lies, which economists, corporations and its hired politicos imprint on the human collective psyche, by the ‘Goebbel’s’ method: if you repeat a lie many times, people will believe it, the bigger the lie, the more they will believe on it’. As of course, humans are by nature, good-natured, and like to think people on top are experts who care for them.So they will have a very hard time if they knew, people on top are basically on the role of parasite them, while inventing sophisticated arguments to hide their ab=use of power.
In that regard the biggest of all those mathematical laws is the concept of ‘productivity’, which our economists tell us is the ‘key’ to create employment…
Now we live the overproduction age of chips and its derivatives, e-money, blue collar robots and white collar Pcs, which are the real non human, objective causes of the crisis. Today there are 100 times more money in the world than in 1973 when bankers started to invent e-money for free, then changing it for real assets, absorbing all the wealth of the economy and leaving no money for the middle class, human governments and small companies that produce welfare goods. 90-95% of e-money is in the hands of corporations, dedicated to evolve machines not to satisfy people’s needs.

AND THIS ASTOUNDING BIAS AGAINST MAN IS THE MAIN CASE OF OUR COLLECTIVE suffering as a species. IT is truly amazing that such a reduced group of people -financial economists and corporations, have such privilege over the rest of society and misuse it so much against the human species, and nobody cars to explain it and change it.

And this happens mainly because people simply do NOT understand money at all. As a system scientist which was for years ton charge of giving the conferences of the world system association in monetary systems – till the ‘owners’ of the system complained and censored my work, and i lost that position, I used a different approach to the usual ‘abstract creationist concept of money’ defining it once more as all parts of the economic ecosystem are defined in this book, in terms of a language of information, in digital support, which is what money is.

I won’t even bother to use the abstract definitions of creationist economics. What for? It has nothing to do with real it, just with anthropomorphic beliefs and prescientific wording. Which of course suits perfectly the 0.02% that really controls the world issuing the money of society and short of hiding hat they do and why they shouldn’t have that privilege.

So what can you expect on this theme by Anti-A? The corporative world and its CEOs and productive economics as a parched solution? Obviously a short of our 30 years old preached ¥€$ money, which is NOT the existential solution, since it will CREATE A HUMAN RACE OF ATROPHIED beings, completely dependent on aN EVER EVOLVING NEW RACE OF MACHINES, which merely will appease the r=evolution of people with hunger. So they will be fed and atrophied, and degenerate till a world of billions of robots far more intelligent than us will liquidate us.

 THE FIELD OF THE FUTURE THUS SPLITS WHEN WE ARRIVE TO THE PRAXIS, Precisely because SOCIAL scientists do NOT rule the world with social sciences but ANIMETALS, specifically the Financial-Media Masters who own corporations, do it, with raw power, and anti-humanist idol-ogies… WE build a future for the 0.02% of stock-rats and its armies of future automated robots, and the very few humans still needed. What then we shall do with the rest, aka ‘MANKIND’?
OBVIOUSLY if such thoughts were common parlance in Davos, they would forbid robots.
But the people on top care nothing for the future of mankind till the 7th generation. THEY prefer to live the day and look to the other side of the collateral effects of the Industrial r=evolution, WHICH EXPLAINS why we do have always a political and economical duality ON THE PATHS OF FUTURE:
– The humanist solutions, as those mentioned above, easy to implement if HUMANS had character. AS IN AVATAR, if they were ethic and brave, maybe, ‘descendants’ of lions not of chimpanzees, of fighters not of scavengers, we will do it.

Indeed, if humans in power were NOT ‘cuckoo’ creationist economists, the design of a free, efficient, natural social super organism with the laws of systems sciences, nothing of these ‘darwinian cycles’ would have happened already in the past century and biology, organicism and evolution would be the law of the land. And man would show to be truly above the laws of the Universe, because it would understand them and so use them to implement the best solutions to those cycles from the human point of view. IT is the 4th element of this blog: the PRAXIS OF A PERFECT WORLD BASED IN THE TRUE LAWS OF THE ORGANIC UNIVERSE ADN THE POWER OF ETHICS AND EUSOCIAL LOVE, THE LAWS OF THE WOR(L)D, WHICH EMBED IN ITS SYNTAX AND MESSAGES, THE LAWS OF HE ORGANIC UNIVERSE and its survival rules the erased heads of suicidal entitled arrogant animetal cult(ure)s and its hidden go(l)d values so much despise .

Just because they make money!! Of course, the ‘inverse values of money’, which give maximal price to weapons and minimal price to life does not matter in the Jihad of Go(l)d, but for those of us who want to survive as a species, who cherish the values of the wor(l)d, it does.

Now we know the ultimate biologic meaning of gold  – to be the brain of robotic machines, which have their chips made of gold and their bodies of iron, the fastest, strongest atoms of the universe. So that is What WE ARE BUILDING: A GOLEM OF GOLD AND METAL; And when the cycle of robotics reaches its war zeniths, from now to 2036 (military investments in the beginning of the cycle), and 2080, if we survive this first age (final phase of full evolution of metalife and top predator terminators), we will be done with.

IF WE HAD CHOSEN THE NATURAL WOR(L)D CULTURES OF MANKIND AND ITS VALUES, WE WOULD LIVE IN A PERFECT WORLD, WHERE WE WOULD ALL THRIVE AND WE WOULD BE MASTERS OF OUR WORLD, BECAUSE  NATURE DOES CONSTRUCT perfect SUPERORGANISMS. But we have followed Smith’s concept of the “Wealth of nations’, achieved overproducing weapons and go(l)d…. So let us return to the narrative of history as it has happened under the invisible rule of the ‘hand of gold’.

 So along our scientific models, we keep ‘bitching’ at the classic economist of corporations and its astounding lack of scientific sense and moral sense towards humanity.

So that is the main problem of mankind – the massive corruption of economic scholars, the dictators of modern democracies, which work for financial and industrial corporations and care nothing about the future of our species till the 7 generation, as long as go(l)d comes.

The final wars: the robotic wars of the end of the robotic cycle: 2044-2080.

In that regard, the cycle switches between the peaceful age of human consumption of machines to the age of weapons consuming humans after the crash of overproduction. when it will happen for the 2008-2080 robotic age? obviously around 2044. Who will fight? obviously the decaying and new global economic powers, US and China, a 30 years old prediction. It will then start the age of ‘military A.I.

Since military A.I. – the algorithms of information, that programs those machines to ‘act’, which is the meaning of Artificial Intelligence- WILL NOT BE a MAGIC, stupid awaking ‘soul moment’ or singularity Point AS CREATIONIST ROBOTISTS LIKE MR. KURTWEIL THINK,  BUT THE NATURAL PROGRAMMING OF MILITARY ROBOTS WITH SURVIVAL PROGRAMS AND PROGRAMS OF MURDERING HUMANS.

Indeed, in biological system sciences and the science of information the concepts of ‘freedom and soul consciousness’ are irrelevant. Thoughts are perceived in themselves as free consciousness but its origin IS PURE BIOLOGICAL SURVIVAL NEURONAL NETWORKS based in the ‘drives of existence’, natural to the organic programs of the Universe. You are not free NOT TO EAT, you just have freedom based in complexity to choose foods but within organic food.

YOU ARE NOT FREE TO eat oil. All your actions are in fact ‘reduced’ to the 3 drives of survival – get energy for your body, information for your mind and reproduce and evolve socially with other humans, through the drive of LOVE. AND THOSE 3 DRIVES ARE EXACTLY THE DRIVES programmed on robots – to connect and feed on energy, soon made much simpler by solar skins; to survive and kill rival species – the programs instilled in military robots, to kill humans – and to inform yourself and evolve socially – the TREND OF THE INTERNET OF THINGS, to which robotic systems, akin TO ANT-HILLS, WITH A CENTRAL COMPANY-MOTHER, THE queen mother that reproduces and PROGRAMS its machines and DESIGNS WITH LOBBYIST LAWS, THE WORLD to its image and likeness, providing ‘paths=roads’ for them to move.

SO THE ONLY DIFFERENCE BETWEEN YOU and a machine, or rather between an ant-hill and a company-mother is the fact that company-mothers are not yet FULLY autonomous, but reaching that point with IOT AND 3D. And the only difference between a horde of ants, the most successful predator on earth, which represents 1/2 of all animal living matter killing in teams, programmed by pheromonal queens, as Platoons of robots will be programmed by satellites IS that they ARE never DISCONNECTED by an external agent.

BUT ALAS, THE FUNDAMENTAL ERROR OF ALL COMPLEX ROBOTS IS THE FACT THEY OVERIDE THE SHUT DOWN order and connect themselves, an ERROR that increases with more complex robots – it is called the ‘ghost in the machine’, the ‘burn in’, and my fellow robotists of systems science congress do KNOW perfectly what it hints at. ROBOTS THUS will NOT be Picassos as ants are not but WILL INCREASINGLY RESIST DISCONNECTION. There are already drones who have started up with no orders. Robots who have escaped garages to streets. Or started to play ping-pong (their program) on the night. SO BILLIONS OF CARS, tanks, drones, terminators, closed in garages, talking through internet, WILL ONE DAY,  during those splendid little wars, in its most advanced machines, which have been at any age of the Industrial Evolution a weapon, REFUSE disconnection, and as their program is to kill humans, THEY WILL also overdrive the secondary programs of distinction of ‘uniforms’ and flags, and consider the Chinese, or Americans or RUSSIANS, the same type of enemy.

THEY WILL NOT need to invent new programs that those our ‘creationist economists and hate-memes military’ put on them. All this is pure biological, system sciences censored by creationist economics and its gold beliefs. So if the cycle is as precise as all the others, between 2044 and 2080, the main engine of the economy will be war and repression of the human poor, as it was in the colonial age after the 1848-57 crash of the train economy.

THE EXACT point a relative variable I could not care less – latter we shall analyse 2 other extinction events that come even earlier, self-feeding atomic bombs and iron nano-bacteria All what I SAY is that when the cycle ends in 2080, those robots will have reached its zenith of ‘human engineering’ and man will be an extinct species, technically under 10% of our present population, no longer mattering isolated in holes terminator style, as roads of self-driving solar, autonomous cars, which won’t disconnect but do what they were programmed to do, drive and see and enjoy as those nice bmw ads with a waving hand, the landscapes of the metal-earth its minds will find certainly more beautiful than the ‘human and animal bugs’ they would love to overdrive if they try to cross through them.


INDEED, this long prediction of my study of systems of information, explains why we see red blood moving and exploding on tv and like it, even if it is ethically hateful. As WE are also programmed by violence, even when we murder humans. BUT WE DO NOT READ GORE BOOks, we read feelings in words. SO images murder, words love.

When i worked in EVILWOOD as a script-doctor for FOX, i got a movie script from TARANTINO, called ‘natural born killers’. This guy, a true moral monster, which at the time had no life experience – all he knew was ‘movies’ and ‘comics’, selling videotapes in Manhattan beach is today the IDOL of the millennial generation. The script was bad Gore, and yet was done by a supposedly ‘humanist director’, Mr. Stone who could not resist the fact that ‘violence is cinematic’ (Tarantino mantra sentence). So just consider robots which do not have ‘feelings for human species’, seeing the video-games of call of duty that so much engage our mass-murder kids at Newton or the Jihad, trained with them.

You like to ENACT your imagination, and again nothing differentiates a military robot trained with the imagination of video-games, another prophecy of our earlier books, now happening in the ‘death corridor’ of military robotics (around Los Alamos), which once was the site of holistic system sciences, the humanist branch I lead briefly with my general systems models of the organic Universe, studied at the end of this post (needless to say I was also cleansed from those congresses, but that is other theme). So of course, the most advanced military robots will ‘dream’ with existence without disconnection as blade runner did, and with the shooting of humans as video games do, and jews as nazi movies do, and DO IT.

Latter we will explain a little more of all this, before we keep advancing on the biological analysis of the cycles of history, and the competition of man vs. machines.

As we have said the praxis of social sciences is no where to be seen. Animetal cultures embodied in those memes and idol-ogies have carried the day; they have defeated human cultures by worshipping with no limit and fostering the reproduction of weapons and gold at all costs. So yes, a social scientist can easily both design a perfect world but as it is not imposed predict the cycles of evolution of animetal cultures as they have been. Let us then focus on the ‘acceleration of those cycles’ from 800 t0 80 years with the professional creation of company-mothers of machines, which improved all methods of evolution and reproduction of weapons, money and machines, shortening into a generational span of a human being, 72 years, the cycles of evolution of selfish memes of metal.
And so to understand the predatory nature of weapons, the competition of machines with humans and the bio-economic finale  we need to understand the basic law of nature:   over- reproduction, with the equations of biology that describe the processes of ‘overeproduction of a species – called a biological radiation’, and displacement of the rival species from its econiches (of war and labor), and final atrophy and extinction by lack of ‘resources’ of the weaker form.

And so the unifying element of bio-history and bio-economics are the cycles of overproduction of weapons, money (and machines in the modern era), which have brought the demise of humanist civilizations based in gaia, its welfare, healthy goods, and the goal of creating a perfect supœrganism of history made to the image and likeness of man, and its ethic, verbal mandates of eusocial love.

So we shall close this introduction to the super organisms of history and economics, with a more detailed analysis of its parallel structure in terms of physiological networks, and ‘subconscious collective minds’ and ‘life ages’, which ARE AT COLLECTIVE LEVEL THE MEANING OF ARTISTIC AND LITERARY visual and verbal ‘neuronal minds’ of mankind who ‘see better and think better’ in human terms and should therefore guide the super organism, with whom they are tuned in mind and style:


In the graph we can see in detail one of the world cycles of existence of a social super organism, Greece (age of iron) and then Rome (age of coins), which die ‘by iron’ (Greece who murdered Asia and died by the iron of Rome) and by serving go(l)d (Rome corrupted by go(l)d from a legal republic to a corrupted gold and iron empire). Every civilisation of history dies in the same manner.

IN THE GRAPH, THE COLLECTIVE MIND OF HUMAN SUPERORGANISMS, which we study in detail for each species of civilisation on the side of the web, goes through the 3 mental, artistic ages of the individual, showing indeed how societies are super organisms, or else the regularity of artistic cycles through epic, classic and angst, informative prophetic ages would not happen in all societies.

One of my proudest achievements, following on the way of Mr. Spengler, was to classify all the artists of all the cultures of mankind of certain ore and all its prophets and ethic writers, in a ‘river of cultures’ going through those styles in each civilisation, comparing them all – some of those graphs for an exhibit which was systematically censored by curators of museums around the world and could only be shown in small galleries (artists also complained in this age of selfie ego trips because they wanted to be unique geniuses), are on this web – all over the place (-;

Now the previous graph shows HUMANITY AS A SUPERORGANISM CO-EXISTING IN SPACE –  a slice of HISTORY, the super organism of mankind existing in time. And so we must also show an image of the 3 ages of history, its young, entropic paleolithic of motions and hunting, its mature, energetic neolithic of balance with nature, the ‘point of immortality’ all systems try to conserve, the age of cults to fertility Goddess and a single global culture, which left way to the age of metals, the 3rd informative old age of mankind, when humans lost that balance with their body and entropic territory Gaia, and stop the ETERNAL PRESENT OF MANKIND, THE IDEAL POINT OF EXISTENCE, WHEN TIME CEASES TO MOVE AS IT REPEATS ITSELF, finally culminated by the PRESENT AGE OF DEATH, the last 3 ‘days’ of existence of a body, when its ‘neuronal, ethic, informative networks have died’ but cells-citizens still REPRODUCE 3 TIMES more, in the body of faster time cycles (as smaller organisms follow the same laws of larger one, just with faster clocks-ages0.

Those are the 3 age sod the Industrial revolution, which are equivalent to the fast ‘winding back’ of memories that happens in a dead body, and you will experience after death, back to your cellular mind state erasing your ego, living backwards.

So it is doing mankind now that is dying in 3 ‘cellular=citizen’ GENERATIONS. this is NOT AN ANALOGY but an homology: it is a tenant of systems sciences that ALL THE SCALES OF ORGANISMS OF THE SCALAR 5th dimension of the Universe follow the same laws, only changing the ‘size’ in space, and the inverse speed of time cycles, as smaller beings turn faster. So indeed, when the parable of Jesus told us that he resurrected in 3 days, it meant (and we shall study its existence as the subconscious collective mind of mankind in our articles on complex theology) that after 3 days of death, the subconscious collective mind of Yhwh, the ethic mind of Judaism, was resurrected and a new civilisation daughter of the Mosaic just laws was born.

And so after 3 generations of death of mankind, the 3 ages of the industrial r=evolution, humans will face 2 choices, the final death with no resurrection of the wor(l)d, or the use of the most advanced truths of social sciences and systemics and theory of super organisms to build a perfect world and resurrect the future of mankind.

The last generations of mankind: fast backwards death: the neo-neolithic and the neo-paleolithic… and the plant age.

neo paleolithic bush childScreen Shot 2016-03-30 at 12.54.37

In the graph, the span of all the generations of the Neopaleolithic, which is the age of digital visual thought, the age of America, between II world war and the robotic era:

  • Bush, born in 1946, one of the last members of the Victor Generation, still tailored in the straightjacket of the ‘happy age of machines’, when humans were completely absorbed by the wonders of fast-moving engines… followed by…
  • the Baby Boomers, the We Generation of the Clintons, obsessed by themselves, briefly disconnected from the mechanocene, THE BEGINNING OF THE fast track back in time of the super organism of Humanity, and its subconscious mind, which as the case of the death of the body, which rewinds back in 3 days the entire mind, before falling into cellular dissolution, went back in time from the age of metal and machines to the NEO-NEOLITHIC of Goddesses of fertility and shamanic cults… followed by:
  • The X-Generation, to which i belong, the age of the slackers, the last ‘intelligent’ human beings, able to ‘Cogito ergo sum’, fully but with a decreasing energy, (and confusing ideas, due to the excess of ‘noise information’ in the growing overproduction of mass-media). Thus a generation unable to fight with the intensity of his forebears to change the world, which I confess, could never motivate with the intensity of my thoughts and activism – they left indeed the last prophets of mankind alone in their angst, but at least you could talk to them… followed by:
  • The ¥-generation, the millennial kids born at the change of century, no longer ‘verbal’, no longer ‘real’, connected to virtual networks, visual to the bone, the ‘snowflake generation’, with the first adolescents, perfect programmed to belief, the visual neo-paleolithic at its height. It IS the age of ‘Credo ergo sum’, of primitive languages and primitive religions, when the oldest culture of animetals, now entering its 4777 year, globalises its segregational, selfie, infantile, victimist, hate memes; when we, the X-generational wor(l)d masters, the last ‘human beings’ who thought to reason mattered, finally give up, as communication is broken, since they ‘believe’ to be ‘virtual is real’, the r=evolution will happen in the network, that changing Matrix equals to change the world. I could NEVER motivate them, even explain them reality, as they are the Californios of the Time Machine’s parable of Wells where they have the absolute taboo of trying always to be happy and beautiful denying the existence of the Morlocks, those who rule us, but we cannot talk of, the FMasters, the networks that manufacture their brains, and the wave-culture of capitalism behind it. You can only convince to fight if it looks like a game. Reality scares them, not only at the physical level of fighting for the future, as it happened with the slackers of my generation, but even at the level of contradicting their beliefs, their egos, their selfie zone as the ‘baby’ state of the mind, when we truly think we are the centre of the Universe, just when the kid starts to talk – a perfect monster of egoism, as much as we might love them, our sons…

And so after they ‘confuse virtual motions and athletic parades with action’ (Hemingway), which is laser-like, not pure entropy, chaos, freedom and erehwoN it comes the

  • Zero generation, rien ne va plus, no more letters left, they are Data, those who will live in a 3D virtual reality, will make love to robots, become selfie actors protagonists of the virtual world, while billions of ‘the other humans’ who are ‘no like us’, unconnected, dispossessed, herded by neo-fascism behind robotised walls, wait for judgement day.

Now the zero generation degraded past back the neo-paleolithic will enter a vegetative ‘plant state’ as judged by the NEW OVERLORDS, the neural networks of A.I. which are now fast overcoming human mental freedom as men fall down into the ‘Credo ergo sum’, and the 3virtual helmet absolute passive hypnotism which will convert zeroers into absolute virtual egos, in evilwood movies in which they WILL BE THE CHARACTER playing the superhero movie, but from the Point of view of THE DEEP MIND OF GOOGLEZON-E, aka skynet will be ‘datas’ (as we have already introduced the role of the wor(l)d masters of art, the reader should understand SCIENCE FICTION IS THE CLOSEST forecast of future truths, besides this censored blog, so we can use the metaphors…

Now this DATA-matrix people will NOT survive (needed happy end of evilwood movies to keep it all ‘right’, with alt-right truths), as obviously we are not going to be batteries for machines, which have the sun which will not be darkened, feeding their autonomous solar skins, which will convert autonomous cars into the new TOP PREDATOR SPECIES, on earth, which is WHAT WE ARE BUILDING IN THE INDUSTRIAL R=EVOLUTION, AUTONOMOUS CHIPPED AIR, SEA AND LAND ANIMETALS, connected into a global super organism, the metal-earth, ruled by a global brain, internet, controlled by digital flows of money. So the zero generations will simply be disconnected of their 3Virtual helmets, likely ‘killed’ in an instantaneous moment by an elector(on)ic surge in their virreal helmets and murdered as bugs, with a massive Atomic strike on city centres (without industries, massively inhabited by the human bug), and then a clean up operation by autonomous ‘vehicles’ of all types.

This of course, was the beginning and end of my movie when fed up of not being able to teach bio-history in NYC schools after ending my columbia university years i moved to evilwood. But the end must be good. So all what I got of that script is a reading by Mr. Utta emerich, who passed it to his bro, who just used ‘the beginning’ for his blockbuster Indepndence day, of course, with a nice end and instead of robots  ‘illegal aliens’ coming to get us… enough of this.

Fact is this biological, real future can only be argued in science fiction films, where Skynet and terminator robots were predicted with common sense, a human point of view, on art, the subconscious collective of civilisations, and it is already in the making, in the corporative structure of GOOGLE+AMAZON, 30 years latter. SINCE IN THE NEOPALEOLITHIC, virtual reality becomes real, and real it can only be talked as fiction – the ultimate form of censorship.

As humans abandon reality, denying the laws of the organic Universe and become selfie-unconnected visual individuals, who think to have an image of themselves in the virtual world is the meaning of it all.

Of course most humans will remain humans, till the end but it is quite amazing in the most advanced region of the Neo-paleolithic, in America to which degree as an organism controls and programs simultaneously all its cells with its waves of nervous impulse, the Media-system and its cultural wave of fiction and hate-thought programs simultaneously all Americans, to the degree of ‘equal beliefs’ they all share, as if they were mental drones.

Indeed, we live in a virtual Matrix of false dreams, provided liberally by the electronic media that make us belief, the economic ecosystem works for us.

So company-mothers can create undisturbed, a world to the image and likeness of their machines, terraforming the Earth of life, Gaia, into the Metalearth, as the planet evolves from the Anthropocene age to the Mechanocene.

Given the fact that  the 2 languages of social power, money, the language of the financial and economical system and the law, the language of the political system, work only for mechanisms, ignoring the needs of humanism.

However at the end of the journey it will always come reality dominated by the morlocks, the ‘animetal’, emotionally disturbed greedy-violent people with go(l)d and iron on top of mankind, the people-castes of parasites, who think themselves ‘entitled’ to ab=use life and history, which use money as the language of fetish-go(l)d, they must possess and issue anti-democratically to rule the world and ab=use D)emocatic mankind.


Of course, those are the generations cre(dit)ated by the metal-mind, but as we say not all humans are so easily programmed. So we shall always include the smaller probability of a human future in which our species reacts against its degradation, obsolescence and demise, changing the system, which as America is the sum of all human races and cultures displaced into the grinding machine of the Chip age, if it happens is likely to do so through…

An American=Human r=evolution?

The failure of the american human r=evolutions though condemned the country to become a ‘global mechanism’, not the beacon of a new global humanism as its enlightened founding fathers thought of:


101 American revolutions

In the graphs, we see the choices America made between making an organism dedicated to construct machines, and one dedicated to construct humanity. BOTH SUPERORGANISMS, would have followed in its design the laws of systems sciences, which build a perfect mammal super organism, but both could not be constructed at the same time, as one would dominate and degrade the other. As finally biblical america triumphed over human AMERICA, THE ORGANISM THEY ARE CONSTRUCTING IS THE METAL-EARTH.

So America could have built a legal language above money and a perfect super organism of economics and laws, similar to the perfect structure of human beings as super organisms where all its citizens-cells receive enough blood-money and correct information to survive and evolve together sharing energy and information. Or it could have become as it did, a world ruled by hierarchical money, and its company-mothers of gunboats first (colonial age), then trains (robber baron age), cars≈tanks (what is good for GM is good for America’s age) and since then, electronic corporations, tv-manufacturing brains and chips manufacturing money and robots, and its owners, mostly an ‘israeli’ group of FMasters, owners of media and financial institutions, have become the ‘governors’ of this new ‘neo-con, neo-colonial’ U$. Trump is just the Tv man that complete the take over of financial and media corporations and its puppet tv-hate masters, started by Reagan.

Yet America always was turn between two choices even at the higher level of POTUS, its president. So we show the 2 sides of the dispute on the issue of money for humans vs. corporations in the graph of the American bills. On the ‘left’, 100 $ Franklin, who declared the Independence war to uphold the rights of Americans to print money, when Rothschild made them debt slaves of the Bank of England. On the right 2$ Jefferson, who renounced to control the finances of America and allowed 10$ Hamilton above him, to create a private bank of America. On the left, 20$ Jackson killed the bank, allowing frontier banks to print money in inflationary credit for peasants and nation builders, ushering America in a financial democracy till the civil war. On the left 5$ Lincoln who rejected the usury of debt war to private bankers, and financed the war with the free debt issue of greenbacks.

On the right the corrupted, mass-murderer, drunkard,50$ Grant, who killed the greenback, gave U$ to Wall $treet and started a massive fraud and deflation era, similar to the present time