The Probabilities of Disaster

The Probabilities of Disaster

CERN appears to invent its probabilities. One BBC quoted ‘expert’ stated the probability of blowing up the Earth was like winning the lottery 3 times in a row. Another expert copied Bethe’s calculus of 1 in 4 million chances to blow up the Earth, made for the Atomic Bomb. Initially the company stated it was ‘very unlikely’, which means a 1-10% in statistics. Yet when it was noticed that such probability meant in legal terms a genocide of 1-10% of mankind, from 60 to 600 millions, between 1 and 10 World Wars of ‘real victims’, the company obliged its workers to sign confidentiality statements of zero risk.

And that is the official story: probabilities of human extinction are decided by a Company whose ais as chief theorist ‘John Ellis put ut is: ‘to protect the LHC from mankind’.

Yet according to sciences’ Totalitarian Principle, particles that are not forbidden by the laws of physics always appear. When you switch a bulb, electrons always flow. If particles appeared only ‘sometimes’, the Universe would be unstable and we would not exist.

Indeed, CERN says that the probabilities of extinction are small, one in a million and things like that. This is rubbish. We must understand to which degree CERN is lying when we understand the meaning of probabilities in quantum theory: quantum probabilities are not referred to the existence or not of an event, which either exists if the laws of science allow it (Totalitarian principle of physics: all what is not forbidden by the laws of science will happen) or do not exist if those laws are wrong. Quantum probabilities merely are a tool to know where a certain electron exists in a certain place, due to the uncertainty of its position – but there is not uncertainty in its existence in time, the electron does exist. Thus, probabilities apply to the task of finding the location of the electron in space, not to define if the electron exists or not. For the same reason, if the laws of strangelets preclude that strangelets will be formed, they will be formed. So there is 100% of chances that those strangelets will be formed and grow. If we lower those chances is because we give certain ‘hope’ or chance for those laws to be wrong at our present knowledge. Yet when a liar at CERN or an enthusiast groupie physicist’s blog tells you that there is 1 probability in a million, he is inventing them. It is like saying every time you switch on a light, it might work or not. According to Maxwell it will always work as long as the cable is working. The same with CERN’s experiments. That is why they are so frightening, because according to Einstein and our theory of strangelets they will exist and swallow it all.

CERN has mislead the public to dilute the LHC’s risks. The question is: are strangelets and black holes forbidden to appear at CERN by the laws of Physics?   The answer is: no, they are not. Indeed, the 3 proofs of the scientific method: mathematical accuracy, logical consistency and experimental proof, each one valued at 33% of the total probability.

The strangelet scenario meets these 3 proofs: mathematical accuracy, since Chen from the Shanghai Institute of Nuclear Physics proved that 1000 quarks will be enough to create stable strange liquid, thereby CERN will deconfine millions of them. It has logical consistency (as it behaves as a super-attractive proto-black hole) and experimental proof, its probability is 100%. We have mathematical, logical and experimental evidence that black holes can be formed if string theory is right, which 9 out of 10 physicists believe it is; or if they are Einstein’s quark condensates. Even if we are optimists and consider that 1 or 2 of those scientific proofs might fail in each experiment, (giving us 66% or 33% of chances), we can ad the probability of both Events:

A=66% for strangelets and B=33% for less certain black holes.

This gives us: A & B =A+B – AxB= 1/3 +2/3-1/3×2/3=7/9=78% of chances of catastrophe.

Thus, according to the Totalitarian Law of Physics the probabilities of a human genocide are closer to 100%.

In legal terms, we must multiply CERN’s potential victims by risk probabilities: 6.6 billions x 78%=4.95 billions; which is  the largest genocide in history.  Each of the 1000 days the Factory of Quark Matter will continue to operate and increase energies until it reaches its maximal potency in 2013.  CERN will legally murder 4.95 billion/1000 = 4.95 million human beings, more victims than the 3 million people murdered in the factory of Zyklon-gas during its entire operative run.

Legal Shutdown

The advancements of mass-annihilation weapons achieved by the Nuclear Industry, will culminate into the creation of  quark-gluon liquid, the most potent explosive in the Universe. Because these risks  would require CERN’s LHC to close, the Nuclear Company of Europe ignores these risks and requires all workers to agree to and sign confidentiality statements of zero risk.

Because CERN cannot defend potential genocide in front of a Legal Court, it has not appeared in the lawsuits  that have been placed against the company in Federal Courts and in Human Right Commissions all over the world,.  CERN adduces Diplomatic Immunity that it achieved during the cold war as a Factory of Nuclear substances.

CERN’s employees have produced false safety statements; going against European Union regulations that ask for independent panels to review factories producing lethal substances, and its thousands of collaborators run an ‘ad hominem’ blogger’s campaign against scientists that have denounced the company, some of which are among the  world’s leading experts of Complexity, Non-Euclidean networks, fractal and chaos theory, the most advanced mathematical models used to describe the quark-gluon soup, a far from equilibrium, complex liquid.

PDF: Why black holes don’t evaporate

PDF: Science and the Future of History

PDF: Lies and Statistics

PDF: The Quark Cannon a Damocles Machine

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The evolution of Science

The most successful alibi for our destruction has been to invoke the sacred name of science.

But what is the science of CERN’s experiments you might ask?  And why the people working there think they are so important, and those of us who oppose them, ridicule their experiments as nothing but a tool of measure and a weapon? To understand why we must analyze at least 3 aspects of CERN. Its importance in the theoretical evolution of science that is now transcending from the 3rd paradigm of metric measure into the 4th paradigm of Organic whys, of complex, system sciences based in the selfrepetitive laws of all systems, for which measure is absolutely relative and all what matters is the synchronicities, self-similarities, topological structures and evolution into organic networks of any ‘number’ of self-similar points=beings of reality.

Let us explain this briefly as there is an entire section to the right dedicated for professional scientists that want to upgrade their mental chip, an analysis of the new wonders of going much deeper than CERN, evolving the mathematics and logic the science, into the solution of the questions pending in all of them.

The 3rd paradigm of measure, is what CERN represents. it started with Galileo, who used clocks to measure time and telescopes to measure space, substituting with machines the logic words of the mind, who men used to measure time and its causal logic processes and the eyes of the human artist, which imagined topological spaces self-similar to those we observe.

Further on, Galileo worked really on ballistics, for the Venetian arsenal, and so he studied mainly the trajectory of cannonballs (those exercises you do in first course of physics), and deduced that all was motion and so time=change was the change of motion of things. This is what physicists call the arrow of time, energy, entropy, motion. And this is what they study and measure.

In the 4th paradigm however we study all the times=changes of the Universe, specifically the 2nd one, information, change in the form of beings, in its dimensions, shapes, evolution, morphology, etc. This is what biology does. And now we are puttin biology and physics, information arrows and energy together. And describe all as systems and networks.

Including sytems of physics, like galaxies, networks of stars, molecules, networks of atoms and atoms, networks of particles that constantly exchange energy and form.

This science has a formalism, which is called duality, because monism was the name given to the physical study of the universe only entropy.
And it is solving many of the questions left an answer by physics, and since i am more or less considered one of the leading theorists of duality, whose science i used to chair in international congresses when I was working on them, I have obviously an opinion on the limits and solutions CERN offers to the world, based in a much simpler understanding of the Universe, the 3rd paradigm of monism, entropy and a single, continuous spacetime which we have left behind for dualism, networks of energy and information and its topological, multiple space-times, what you call the beings of reality.

In the 4th paradigm, energy, entropy or motion, self-similar terms is just 1/2 of the elements that generate reality. The other is form, information, much more subtle to understand but the true origin of creation. We are, of course underfunded because we do not make machines who make money and weapons who give power. But that is indeed the other side of CERN and why CERN will win this noble battle against the nobel mafia of science and its pretension of being righteous and self-important.

This doesn’t mean that astrophysics is not important. Of course, it is, it is one of the 3 scales of reality in which the game of vital spaces and cycles of times is played. It is only that machines like CERN are very unimportant to the theoretical evolution of physics and are all about the machine itself, part of the financial-military-industrial complex we live in. And so, without that added propaganda, certainly we wouldn’t care much about the Higgs or the creation of the biggest explosion ever on Earth.

The idea is simple. If we are risking 6 billion lives, it must be for a greater cause. The LHC’s cause is to discover the meaning of it all. This is a valient quest in the search for knowledge and enlightenment. However it is not the purpose of CERN. Knowledge is a theoretical quest, done with ‘thought experiments’ as Einstein put it. And the lhc IS JUST a machine. it can only gather data, and not much because the standard Model is closed. CERN is a company of average physicists and excellent machines. There are no ‘thought experiments’ made here, harnessing the logic power of the human mind.

But CERN is unable to see the simple laws of true science. Unlike CERN ‘God is simple but not malicious’. CERN’s paradoxical zeal for complicated, mechanical science is ending our search for simple, wider truths. Physicists are attached to their machines, collectors of detailed data no longer asking sweeping, logic quandary. Instead they merely perform irrelevant, mathematical measures, useful only to justify the construction of bigger, better mechanisms.

CERN then trumpets its mystical, pseudo-scientific theories that soothe the sheeple while opening the 7th seal of extinction. Instead of killing us, the Nuclear Company of Europe shouts it shall find:

The ‘particle of God’ that is suppossed to give mass to all other particles. And yet it does not; it is just  a tool of marketing to sell the machine.

The moment of creation, the cosmic explosion of CERN’s super-explosive quark-gluon soup. Of course that super-explosion will kill us… but it will be the death and birth of a new Universe? No, only our death.

Nuclear Physicists that worked in the Atomic Bomb, invented a violent theory of creation, nicknamed precisely the ‘Big-bang’ by astronomers, to mock their ‘worldly profession’. Yet today we know the Universe is dual, built with 2 element, entropy, expansive energy and information, fractal, dimensional form. And so the hot big-bang, an entropy only theory of the cosmos is increasingly discredited.

In that sense, the big-bangs caused by the explosive quark-gluon soup are local, either a super-nova explosion as the one it may occur onEarth, courtesy of CERN, or at most a galactic quasar.

Since we have experimental proofs that the infinite, fractal Universe is older than the big-bang, whose age corresponds to that of the life cycle of a galaxy, and the background radiation, key proof of that big-bang is also local, which means it can only be produced by black holes red-shifting light at that temperature.

The Higgs Hoax and its obsolete ‘lineal, simple physics’

Mass is the information, the form, the attractive, in/forming force of the Universe. This was explained by Einstein with his principle of equivalence between acceleration and mass/gravitation. Initially, due to the ‘mirage’ of materialism, physicists thought the principle only applied to the external, curving vortex of gravitational forces that sunk into the mass. Now we know, thanks to the advances of complexity that the Universe is made as Einstein wanted, with 2 accelerated motions: F = M x A, where A is lineal acceleration or ‘energy’ and Mass is a vortex with more dimensional form, or cyclical acceleration, whose frequency carry the information of the Universe. Those facts have empirical, theoretical and mathematical demonstrations which I provided in several congresses and papers of complexity. However, the true understanding of mass would unveil the Higgs Hoax and the fact that we have built the LHC just for money, as part of the natural evolution of the military-industrial complex, reason why those papers disappeared from Google Scholar and have not been accepted for review in any major magazine of science. In that regard, what we face today is not only an existential problem but an intellectual problem: quantum physicists work with a single arrow of entropy=energy, ignore all about the sciences of information and the meaning of masses as information, forms, dimensional form; and are halting the development of true science, using the methods of religions and the military to impose their false ideologies of the Universe – censorship, bullying, money and political power. But they cannot censor the Mind of God, the laws of the Universe, and the consequences of creating the most powerful, attractive vortices of mass of the Universe on planet Earth.

In Physics, according to Einstein the information of a particle is its mass. This can be easily proved theoretically, mathematically and empirically.

In the previous paragraph that illustrates the drawing we have explained it theoretically. The mathematical proof is simple, given by the 2 main equations of Einstein, which relate the frequency of information (a time parameter), the mass and the energy of physical systems:

ExT=K, E=Mc2, hence M=K/T=Kv; where v is the frequency of rotation of the vortex of mass.

Thus   a mass is a vortex of space-time that carries the information of the Universe in its frequency. This also has empirical proofs: All vortices attract inwards with a force equivalent to the strength of the rotating vortex. So a hurricane attract more when it turns faster. And so a mass, which is a hurricane of space-time attracts more the faster it turns. Moreover vortices of all kind are ‘accelerating’ inwards: Vo x Ro = K, which means that the shorter the radius is, Ro, the faster its speed, Vo, so the closer you come to the vortex, the faster it turns, the more it attracts, the stronger its gravitational force is, and the more mass it has.

Easy not? Why then we need the Higgs? We don’t. The Higgs is just one of the many false theories that Nuclear Physicists have put up to a sold out audience, the establishment, who loves the military-industrial complex Nuclear Physics sustains, the source of western power, and it is always eager to call them geniuses. Consider for example two other, bizarre, absurd theories which are dogmas of western science:

– The theory that a big-bang explosion of a meteorite caused the extinction of dinosaurs. This week, finally, New Scientists acknowledge that in the fossil record there is almost zero correlation between environmental catastrophes and extinctions. Extinctions are a theme of biology which as Mr. Darwin clearly expressed are caused by new species that displace older ones. Dinosaurs were displaced by hot blood mammals, active on the night, producing a lot of little creatures, attacking in herds, and far more evolved.

– The theory that Global warming is NOT anthropic and we do not know anything about weather, defended by an array of physics’ nobel prizes, to the indignation of meteorologists and complex theorists. Because classic physicists know nothing about complexity, information theory and chaos and fractal theory, they do not consider modern mathematics ‘serious’. It is not what they learned. And that is how physicists operate. They have been the high priests of science for too long, to bother with new advances. And they have the power.

This is also how they operate to eliminate all opposition to CERN’s bizarre theories about the God’s particle and Mr. Hawking’s evaporating black holes.

The one we are concerned here with, is the theory of Higgs, which again has found an astonishing proof of falsity this week, which will not be accepted by science.

The LHC was created to understand a force called the weak force. The weak force has unlike all other forces some fascinating properties. It breaks its spatial symmetry, it doesn’t behave the same when it goes ‘left’ and ‘right’. It is also a force that has no spatial range. And finally, its constant is measured in time units.

Add 1+1+1 and you have the explanation to this puzzle: The weak force is NOT a spatial force but a temporal event, the only force that evolves particles in time through a transitional state (the w and z states) or devolves them into other particles. For that reason its constant has time units; its reactions last so long in time and happen in the same place of space, as an egg evolves without moving. For this reason it does not keep its spatial symmetry. Einstein said: ‘wires don’t travel to the past’, that only happens in Hawking’s musings. Events have causality in time from the past to the future. This is the reason why those reactions don’t have parity. They don’t happen from future to past. Thus, in Complex Physics, we study the ‘weak events’ with the arrow of information; and do not require the invisible Mr. Higgs to explain perfectly the properties of the weak force.

The ambitious Mr. Higgs decided to explain the weak event as a spatial force that exchanges particles in space, copying the models used to explain spatial forces like the force of light. He ‘invented’ a scalar particle never found in 40 years.There is no such type of particle in the Universe. How did he do it? He just played with the equations of the known top/antitop, already explained by Nambu, last years Nobel prize. Nambu proved that a top quark condensate can break the symmetry and kill our lighter atoms that become first heavier W and Z particles, and then come together to form top quarks=Higgs: w+z = Top/Higgs.

The Universe is economic and efficient, which means it does not have redundant particles. Thus, if Nambu’s top quark condensate does the same thing the Higgs particle does, Higgs is a redundant, false top condensate. Similar to the way, Windows copycats Macintoshes, Higgs disguises this theft.

But then the Industry of atomic cannons came to its rescue. Since all the fundamental particles of physics had been discovered, and the cold war was over, nobody needed new atomic cannons to research more powerful bombs. But, the war industry always finds new excuses to obtain the vast funding it requires for its new gadgets. Thus, a lobbyist of the industry of accelerators, Mr. Lederman, found the Higgs to be a perfect excuse to keep funding ever more powerful atomic cannons: the search for a false particle that will never be found. How clever is that?

Lederman knew he would need a politician that would bite the hoax. He found Ronnie, and sold him the Higgs as ‘God’s particle’, receiving a large 4.4 billion USD reward for a super-collider in Texas. Soon his budget magically tripled to a whooping 13 billion in an all too common phenomena also experienced by the LHC. Nuclear physicists have grown accustomed to the free-spree expenditures on weapons of mass-destruction. Despite their mathematical skills, they are a bit slow with tax-payer numbers. Congress discovered this and cancelled the SCC. Then French and Germans, who have often collaborated in their mass-annihilation factories saw an opportunity to rebuild their Imperial Grandeur with CERN.

The snowball effect of the magic Higgs particle spell kept growing as the prize of those accelerators did. In the 90s the magic Higgs became the particle that explains with a bizarre mechanism the meaning of mass substituting Einstein’s well-proved simple principle of equivalence between cyclical acceleration and mass. Einstein’s principle defines a mass as a whirl of space-time that attracts similar to the way a hurricane does, the faster it turns: Thus, a black hole that turns at light speed is the most attractive particle of the Universe, and light which doesn’t close its cyclical vortex has no mass.

This simple theory of mass, further evolved in Fractal Relativity, resolves all the questions never resolved by Mr. Higgs. Yet now it is Taboo in ‘CERN’s physics’. Most likely this has come to be, because the simple theory costs nothing to tax payers and explains the meaning of it all, NOT with a machine but with Mr. Einstein’s mind, a far more complex informative system.

Mr. Weinberg, the Nobel Prize that solved the equations of the weak event, when hearing that Mr. Higgs was now also the new Einstein, called the Higgs the toilet particle… to flush in a vortex of Mass of Dr. Einstein. (Dr. Einstein was not hear to give his opinion).

Related article: Mass Theory – Einstein vs. Higgs

The Religious big-bang…. Vs The Fractal, Dual Universe

The big-bang is an energy-only theory of Creation, that ignores the existence of a Fractal Universe, created with energy and information.  It is today an old, obsolete theory whose birth is also related to the evolution of Nuclear Weapons.

The big bang was invented by Mr. Gamow, when working on the Atomic bomb. One might imagine his way of reasoning: if we are making bigger bombs, it MUST be because Lord Shiva, the God of Energy, created it all with a huge bomb. His fellow worker Oppenheimer, also a pious believer in Lord Shiva’s wife, Kali, the black Goddess of Death, who inaugurated CERN, called this big-bang explosion the Singularity. Mr. Einstein again disagreed and told them that:

A) If something exploded it had to have a ‘cut-off’ substance, an explosive liquid able to cause a big-bang. This liquid is now what CERN produces, the quark-gluon liquid.

B) The big-bang would be local, because, he added ‘ 2 things I deem infinite, the Universe and the stupidity of man’.

Those insights are now thoroughly confirmed in the Fractal Paradigm that portrays an infinite Universe of multiple scales, where big-bangs are at best local quasars; balanced by the big-crunch of the energy of the vacuum that implodes in galaxies and masses.

But when Einstein died, we didn’t know anything about quark-gluon explosive liquids and the fractal, informative arrow of the Universe. And so the mystique of energy and death, the only arrow of time, physicists still study at CERN, will explain it all:

Now CERN must detonate on Earth the most explosive substance of the Universe, the quark-gluon soup, to see ‘the fire of creation’ (Kali Upanishad).

Fact is CERN’s experiment will replicate at best the big-bang of the Earth.

Regarding the Universe, as always, the evolution of cosmology doesn’t go through nuclear physics, but through the evolution of Relativity and its cosmological models with ‘thought experiments’.

So today the 2 proofs of the big-bang are explained from the perspective of the fracal paradigm:

– Gamow said there should be a remnant ‘background radiation’ of 20 K in all of the space of the big-bang radius. Yet it was experimentally proved that the background radiation was only 2.7 k, and it was only detected and proved to come from galaxies.

So it can only be created inside galaxies  by the gravitational red shift of black holes. This is today the only possible explanation:   background holes with the mass of a moon, called MACHOs ‘red shift’, cooling down, light to that exact 2.7k background radiation. Those MACHOs of dark matter have therefore a 2.7 k signature and constantly feed on moon and planets like ours, reason why we do not see intelligent life on the Universe. We are food for black holes. Needless to say only a species ‘infinitely stupid’ would make them on Earth to hasten our demise.

– The second proof of the Big-bang is also today explained nicely in the fractal paradigm:

The space between galaxies expands; so Gamow decided to run backwards the expansion, collapsing space into a past singularity, with a lineal, simple equation. But that is very simple thought; since at the same time, as Einstein put it, ‘time curves space into mass vortices’ (except in Higgs toilets). Thus, the expansion of interstellar space is balanced by the second arrow of Time: physical information, mass. The creation of informative masses implodes space into galaxies, creating as Einstein wanted, a steady state, eternal cosmos.

But physicists still deny the arrow of information and life in the Universe, which they call ‘negantropy’; so they deny Einstein’s mass theory and Time Duality and so they cannot understand the puzzles of creation.

Unfortunately for CERN’s ambitions, today the fractal structure of the Universe is experimentally proved, and so, as cosmologist Hoggs insists ‘we have to throw the big-bang and the expansion of the Universe.


The difference between the good and fruits of the Tree of science is clear, both in theory and praxis:

– Nuclear physicists, whose worldly profession is to make weapons, create as the military always does, a simplified version of reality, based in ‘energy-only’ theories, big explosions and ‘lineal equations’ . This is the lineal Higgs, the ‘quantum entropy’ of Mr. Hawking’s black holes and the cosmic big-bang explosion. None of those theories is real, but an idealized false simplification of the complex Universe.

This complex Universe is built with Dual theories that use both, energy and information processes to explain how creation happens. This are the real theories and are created with ‘thought experiments’ by cosmologists, NOT nuclear physicists, observing the Universe with Telescopes NOT with quark cannons. These theories are:

Einstein’s theory of masses as whirls of time that carry information in their rotational frequency; Einstein’s theory of black holes, the most massive, informative systems of the Universe, and Einstein’s steady state theory, now upgraded by the Fractal Paradigm, in which the creation of vortex of mass-information balance the creation of dark, gravitational energy that expands the vacuum between galaxies.

In this real theories, based in known-known particles and sould logic principles, dark matter is made of quark stars, dibaryons and other stable neutral particles that CERN will produce not of  WIMPs of dark matter; never seen in the Universe. In this theory the background radiation happens ‘now’ produced by those MACHOs of dark matter.

In this theory the Universe is beautiful, rational, eternal and dangerous, as the arrow of information and life that implodes and forms the energy into ‘beings’ is balanced by the arrow of entropy  and death that erases information unwarping its dimensional forms into a flat big-bang. And this is indeed what CERN will do exploring the big-bang/death of planets and stars, creating the quark-gluon soup.

Why this experiment has billions of $ in funding, while true science and telescopes and satellites to observe the real Universe lack resources? Unfortunately we, astronomers, and complex theorists do not build atomic cannons and do not have contacts with the military-industrial complex that still governs ‘big science’, even if the cold war ended 20 years ago. Yet ‘those who impose truth with authority will be the laugh of the Gods’ A.Einstein.

Indeed, Shiva is about to laugh at those physicists who worship entropy and machines more than life and information, and so instead of learning true science think they will learn the meaning of it all blowing up the planet in which we all live.

complex version: hierarchical i-scalesScholar Version

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Smearing: Sancho et Al. crackpots

Abstract. CERN, knowing it could not confront the truth and reveal under oath in Court trials that it plans to take a 70% risk of making strangelets this Fall – the quark-gluon explosive liquid that can blow up the Earth – used a different strategy to deny those risks. Massive ‘ad hominem’ campaigns, carried out by their theorists and collaborating ‘bloggers’, who called the people who spoke out on those risks, ‘nuts, crackpots, twats, turds’ and other niceties. Quantity and repetition, as usual in smear campaigns cannot be defeated by ‘quality statements’. They are in fact the basis of rhetoric: ‘if you repeat a lie many times people will believe on it’ (Goebbels, Minister of Propaganda, III Reich.) And this has been the case. Since one side was formed by thousands of students of physics collaborating with CERN’s program and blogging against us in the web, which still has over a million of those difamation campaigns posted. On the other side, we were censored and never interviewed by the corporate press, nor our articles and warnings were published by main stream or scientific magazines. In words of Rossler, the other complexity theorist who defied CERN, we were ‘non-persons’. It was also said that complexity theorists like us were not insiders to the Nuclear Industry and could not ‘know’ about the science of those experiments. In this article I would like to respond to those difamation campaigns, showing that outsiders of correlated sciences are precisely the people who make the biggest breakthroughs in science precisely because, they do know the self-similar discipline but are not bond by peer pressure, as Nuclear Physicists are – a fact clearly revealed by Eric Johnson in his landmark study of this case. Thus because complexity theorists are basically both, physicists and biologists, which try to put together the two arrows of time, energy and information, studied by those sciences, we do have the knowledge required to understand the physics of CERN but also the respect for life needed to ethically denounce the quantum russian roulette the Nuclear company of Europe is playing with the world.

In that regard, this post is complemented by another article, ‘The Grand Design: How the arrows of Time create the Universe’,  in which we confront the simplistic theories of physicists like Mr. Hawking about science, religion, philosophy, physics and the ‘meaning of it all’, from the perspective of complexity what Hawking himself has said it will be ‘The science of the XXI C.’, in which both Rossler and myself, two of the key opponents to CERN are recognized pioneers (the 3rd being Mr. Walter Wagner a Safety Officer of Accelerators, which obviously was obliged to denounce those dangers for professional, ethical reasons).

New advances in science come often from outsiders.

When confronting established dogmas of science and the status and power of a certain caste of ‘high priests’ of knowledge, ethical concerns and human lives are of no importance. In the graph, the Hungarian Doctor Semmelweis proved, as we have done with CERN’s experiments, the enormous risks of research in corpses by doctors that did not have any safety standards, carrying with them bacteria that infected child bearing women, killing hundreds of them each year. Mr. Semmelweis followed as we have done, all the rules of the scientific method, to demonstrate doctors needed to handwash with chlorine before attending those women, reducing to 1% the rate of mortality. But doctors resented that A) they were implicitly causing a ‘holocaust’ of women and children B) their ‘status’ as gentleman was diminished by the act of cleaning their hands C) Semmelweis was an outsider, not a German but a Hungarian working in the main Hospital of the Austrian capital.  CERN has resented scientists who don’t belong to the caste of Nuclear Physics, accused them of a potential genocide, pretending to establish minimal safety rules on their experiments. And so its collaborators started a series of smearing campaigns against them. Mr. Semmelweis was sacked in March 1849 (end of the graph), and latter ‘treated’ in a hospital for the mentally-ill, beaten and probably infected with puerperal fever to get a taste of ‘his own medicine’ of which he died. Soon the rate of deaths of mothers and children climbed back to the usual 12% percent and the peace of the cemetery returned to a profession dedicated to ‘save lives’. CERN has also returned to business as usual and has scheduled collisions of Hadrons – the key experiment that can blow up the Earth – the 11/9.  Yet as today even if we have found documents internal to the company that affirm against all its media release, public assurances and ‘safety reports that  it will produce stable strangelets, the explosive substances that causes Super-Novas, the success of the smearing campaign against those who denounced them, ensures that this potential genocide will be carried with the benediction of technocrats, corporate science and the corporate press that hails the power of this ‘awesome’ machine.

The main reason the menaces of CERN to the life of all the people of this planet have been brushed aside is a massive campaign of the nuclear physicists’ community against the people who denounced those experiments. 3 people have been specially active on that task, Walter Wagner a biologist and physicist, who worked as a safety officer of accelerators and two theorists of complexity sciences, which mix biology and physical laws, Otto Rossler and myself, Luis Sancho. It is interesting to notice that the background of the 3 people are self-similar. The 3 of them are both experts in Physics and Biology, but they are not insiders to the Physicists’ community. This of course, doesn’t mean they don’t know what they are talking about. Wagner is precisely a safety officer of accelerators, the work which should tell us the risks of those machines. While me and Rossler are in the ‘avant garde’ of modern science, trying to unify the laws of biology and physics, by using the 2 arrows of ‘future time’ of the Universe, energy/entropy and information/form, using the new complex forms of mathematics, chaos theory, of which Rossler is one of his founders, fractal mathematics and non-Euclidean geometry, whose 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th postulates I exposed for the first time to the scientific world in the 50th anniversary of the International Systems Society, the foundational Society of Complex sciences, in which i was precisely the Chair of Duality – the specific science that studies the Universe with the two arrows of Energy and information for many years (unlike physicists which study only the Universe with the arrow of energy/entropy/death, reason why they fail once and again in their attempts to find the Grand Design of the Cosmos that we have are resolving in Complexity sciences with those new tools of logic and maths). In other words, we need to know not only the laws of physics but also the laws of biology and so we are not only fit to understand the LHC risks intellectually but we understand and cheer life and have the proper ethical attitude to denounce those risks. Since the ultimate purpose of our disciplines, Complexity and System sciences, is to renew our scientific understanding of the Universe in organic terms, and provide a theoretical frame to make a ‘sustainable’ world in which man can survive, as the most complex species of information of the Universe – the arrow of life that physicists deny, calling it ‘negantropy’, the negation of entropy.

Needless to say to unify both sciences is a far more complex task than the one physicists are engaged at CERN – to model the Universe only with the XIX century laws of entropy and the XX C. Laws of quantum physics, and so we know perfectly what we are talking about, when we deal with physics. Since in our research, we are going beyond the level of comprehension of the Universe achieved by quantum physicists. But this fact known to CERN has not at all deterred nuclear physicists from accusing us of crackpots and amateurs, when we denounced CERN, in as much as we do not belong to the establishment that profits most from CERNand we are not obliged to keep the pacts of solidarity natural among peers, which are specially strong among nuclear physicists harshly criticized in the past, as Eric Johnson explained in his excellent analysis of the Collider case.

Indeed, nuclear physicists have for very long worked in the military-industrial complex, and have as the military do, a very strong sense of class and privilege. And this – not pure theoretical knowledge – is what they felt threatened by our suits.

So they have played the concept of ‘being experts’ and the supposed difficulty to understand what they do, if you don’t belong to CERN, because they are the ‘high priests’ of the ‘language of God, Mathematics’ (Galileo). Precisely the opposite is truth. Rossler and myself have advanced mathematics with the aforementioned discoveries much more than all the scientists working at CERN combined. Chaos theory is fundamental to modern research; and my recent resolution of the 4 first Non-Euclidean postulates of mathematics has been seeked for a 150 years. Recently Mr. Perelman received a million $ prize for completing the 5th postulate… But CERN played its ‘Latin Jargon’ like the Popes of the Middle Ages, who maintained the sheeple in awe with the rhetoric of the Latin mass till Luther translated the Bible and everybody realized it could understand the word of God and rebelled against the oppression of the church. This is what we seeked for in our suits, books, films and webs – to explain to the public in layman terms the risks of the collider.

We play the ‘authority of truth’. CERN merely play the ‘truth of authority’. Let me have a little laugh to that pretension of authority, pumped up with a 10 billion $ budget. Entropy laws and probabilities are sciences so simple that you study them in high school. Quantum theory is a bit more difficult but more than a century old, and any graduate on physics understands it perfectly. The Higgs Hoax and the sci-fi musings of Hawking, are not much more complex. This issue is not at all a question of expert’s and complexity since the mathematics and physics involved in the description of black holes and strangelets are known by thousands of practitioners around the world but of ‘ethics’ and industrial interests. What is truly complex at CERN is the machine they built not the theories they will test, which are either false or obsolete, or dangerous (those who are right, such as Strangelet theory and Einstein’s black hole theory. My work and that of Rossler however is Complex from the perspective of theoretical physics and mathematics, but simple in the instruments we use – pen and paper. So while we are qualified to understand and denounce those experiments, we lack a 10 billion $ budget to ‘protect the LHC from mankind’ which is the self-recognized task of the chief theorist at CERN, Mr. John Ellis.

For those who think only insiders can criticize CERN, I would like to point out the historic fact that the most important advances on many disciplines of science are made by outsiders to the discipline, who bring a fresh outlook from interdisciplinary knowledge or people who practices the discipline outside the scholar world of institutions, who do not dare to challenge the industrial interests and opinions of their peers. This is indeed the case of Complexity and System Sciences, which illuminates Physical problems with biological solutions and Biological problems with physical theories. Let us consider a brief summary of those outsiders who brought the key discoveries in most sciences and how the insiders treated them:

Pasteur, a chemist, made the most important discovery in the History of Medicine, the Germ Theory, which was rejected for decades, fact that caused an enormous number of deaths, because doctors couldn’t accept a discovery made by a chemist.

Mendel, a priest and Darwin, a ‘hunter’ (according to his father), with some studies of medicine, made the biggest discoveries of Biology, theory of Evolution and Genetics.

Galileo, a mathematician and Einstein, a patent officer, that could not give classes on physics for opposing the ‘Ether industry/theory’, and had not achieved its PhD, made the most important discovery of physics, Galilean and Einsteinian Relativity. Einstein was first recognized by mathematicians like Poncaire and 20 years latter when he received the Nobel, his theory was not even mentioned.

Leibniz, a polymath, who worked as a diplomatic made the most important discoveries of mathematics, calculus and the binary language. And he was denied his discoveries, stolen by Newton, and died in poverty.

– The most important findings in chemistry were done also by non-chemist: William Prout, a doctor that affirmed  all the elements of the atomic table were combinations of basic Hydrogen atoms. He was ignored for a century. In 1862 a geologist, Chancourtois proved that elements could be disposed in a table in growing order by mass so their properties were found to be self-similar in the vertical rows. He was ignored. Then in 1969 Mendeleev, who discovered the Table of Elements, though a chemist, was an outsider from the ‘underdeveloped’ Russian Empire.  and Mendeleev initially was laughed at till Western chemist from ‘France’ and ‘Germany, the authorized nations, found the ‘Gallium’ and ‘Germanium’, he had predicted. but Chancourtois was never recognized. While an artillery officer, the Count of Rumford, affirmed that heat was not a substance but produced by vibrations, observing how cannon heated. And yet for 50 years the caloric theory that considered a substance was accepted…

Copernicus, a priest, made the most important discovery of Astronomy, the Heliocentric theory. And he was defended by a mathematician, Galileo, a century latter. And yet the official astronomers of the age kept denying the theory for another century.

Hofmeister, a book seller, made the most important discoveries of Botany, the reproduction of plants and the chromosomes. And he was ignored.

– The most important discovery of Geology was made by Wegener, a meteorologist – the tectonic plates. And he was ignored and died trying to prove his theory in the pole.

– The most important advances on the science of History and Economics were done by 2 lawyers, Vico, (cyclical theory of history) and Marx(cyclical theory of economics), and both are still ignored.

– The most important discovery in Art theory was done by a Spanish Aristocrat, or rather her child, the Altamira Paleolithic paintings and by a History professor, Spengler (the discovery of the 3 ages of Art, as the ‘mind of civilizations’, which we have evolved in complexity to define all the main civilizations as super-organisms of history, and its artistic works). Spengler is today still widely ignored by ‘ego-centered’ artists who don’t want to belong to a style – even if today they all belong to the ‘baroque’ of electronic art. And Count Sautola was laughed at and told he had made those paintings till an ‘authorized’  archaeologist found similar caves in France.

– The most important discovery in Archeology was done by a trader on colonial foods, Mr. Schielmann of Trojan fame, and he was ridiculed for decades before his discoveries were accepted.

– The most important findings on linguistics were done by 2 military officers, Champolion, which deciphered the Egyptian alphabet and Rawlinson, who deciphered the cuneiform writing.

– In the XX century the best Literary Novels in French were written by a dilettante, Marcel Proust and an outsider, an Algerian, Mr. Camus… The best writers in British fiction were arguably Joseph Conrad, a polish sailor and Orwell, an outsider, who spend his youth in Burma. While in America the master of prose was a Russian aristocrat, Mr. Nabokov. Proust had to pay his edition and Conrad was laughed at for his accent and lived isolated in England. Sartre ran a campaign against Camus and Orwell had to publish his landmark books and married his secretary, when he was dying of Tuberculosis and poverty, telling her: you have to marry me, because when I die I won’t bother them any longer and you will become rich, my books will sell. As it was the case.

Leonardo, a painter, was the best engineer and many of his discoveries were hidden in books, written backwards to avoid the wrath of the inquisition.

– Michelangelo, the best architect of the renaissance, was a sculptor. Gaudi and Wright, the best architects of the XX century, were ignored for most of their careers. Gaudi was laughed at and lost many projects because people didn’t trust their buildings would stand up with those curved forms, which other architects now dare to design in ‘organic architecture’, thanks to computing power. None of Gaudi buildings have ever fallen down. Since he worked as Michelangelo with visual ‘scale models’, which in the scalar, fractal Universe is how reality is built emerging in new, bigger forms.

– The best painter of the XX century, Picasso, was an outsider, a Spaniard, ignored for decades by the Parisian art crowd.

– The most innovative film-makers of the XX century were outsiders, Orson Welles in America, in Europe Eisenstein, a Russian r=evolutionary and Luis Buñuel, the surrealist master. Welles and Buñuel struggled all their lives, trying to fund their masterpieces. Hollywood tried to burn ‘Citizen Kane’, but the scriptwriter save a copy ‘in extremis’. Buñuel was fired when he showed the producers in America a machine based in Aristotle’s books that could produce the ‘end’ of their movies, just after 5 minutes of watching them, by playing with the ‘basic plots’ of theater designed by Aristotle – showing the lack of originality of all Hollywood films. He had to live in Mexico, kicked first from Spain, from France, from US, where he would do what we called ‘Films for Food’, instead of food for thought. Today scriptwriters use Dramatica, a software program based in Aristotle to churn out their mass-production series. While ‘Citizen kane’ and ‘Battleship Potemkin’ are considered by critiques the two best films in the history of this art.

– Finally, the most important geographical discovery was done by a visionary, who turned out to know very little about sailing as their crew constantly complained, Mr. Columbus…

We have shown that in all the main disciplines of science and art, the key breakthroughs were done by outsiders. The list could go on and on and include in recent years, some of the discoveries of Mr. Rossler and myself in the fields of mathematics and physics – thanks to the application of our mathematical discoveries on chaos theory and Non-Euclidean mathematics to ancient problems that quantum theory no longer can resolve, such as the meaning of mass and the Unification equation of masses and charges, easily resolved with the understanding of the fractal structure of space-time and the nature of mass as the information of the Universe (but impossible to resolve with a single space-time continuum and a single arrow of energy, as quantum physicists like Higgs try to do)…

But since we can no longer publish and in my case, nearly all my google scholar papers have been erased from its servers, our ethical standing (a word taboo in the world of nuclear physics) means of course, it will take some time for science to understand the laws of the complex Universe, and the duality of big-bangs and big crunches that give birth to strangelets and black holes, which we have explained and Corporate science has censored, but in the case of those processes that will take place within CERN’s experiments, we do not have so much time.

It is a pattern, already explained by Kuhn in ‘The nature of scientific revolutions’: the limits and constrains of academia prevents to break new grounds. So the discoveries are made by outsiders. Insiders then call them crackpots and ignore their work for decades to come, and only when insiders find it or a tragedy happens, the original theory is rediscovered and justice is made.

Moreover, the chilling case of puerperal fever, shows how little matters the life of others to those who seek the perceived immortality of discovery or professional/caste respect: when Semmelweis proved that 12% of women having children were dying on infection in Austrian hospitals because doctors dissecting corpses infected them and obliged them to clean their hands, reducing mortality to 1%, instead of being promoted for saving so many lives (the ‘perceived goal’ of doctors), he was sacked because doctors in the hospital felt ‘humiliating’ to clean their hands and resented the implicit fact that they were killing patients. And so once the ‘honorability’ of doctors were restored back again to 12% of dead mothers, respectable science like in the case of CERN cheered and Semmelweis landed in an asylum with a nervous breakdown.

Today the limits of industrial science prevent new theories to become accepted and our culture that glorifies death makes the potential genocide of mankind, a minor problem for respectable nuclear physicists, compared to the loss of face they would have suffered if our denounces were taken seriously. So the Semmelweis treatment is required.

Indeed, the character perhaps closer to this case is Doctor Semmelweis, who proved ad nauseam doctors were killing hundreds of women because they wouldn’t clean their hands and got so angry that called them murderers, was sent to a psychiatric ward, given a beating and probably infected on purpose with the puerperal fever of which he died. I admit to have had my angry phase against CERNerds, though now is time for Bushido, just a few months for the experiment. Alea Jacta est. The machine has won. And so it is needed to go beyond the individuals, Crackpot Sancho, Walter and Rossler into a wider historic view, given the relevance of this event.

We could say in a wider sense that corporate science and corporate war, which often go together cannot be denounced by insiders. They might be denounced by outsiders, which will be denied and attacked by those insiders who see his livehood in jeopardy. And this happens in a wider sense to any attack made on the future of technology or war, or any other of the new technological machines that menace the life of Gaia. So we have been accused of crackpotting, as Mr. Assange, of wikileaks that denounced the robotic wars of Afghanistan have been accused of rape and so on.

Let us consider that wider view about the future of technology, its dangers, those who have denounced it and how the Industrial-Military system has silenced them, with a bit of irony, given the stubborn idiocy of those who risk mankind for a bigger, better machine…

How, Bill Joy, the apocalyptic, Sancho et al. crackpots and Assange, a rapist, tried to save the World from the machines of the Singularity and Respectable Corporate Science, Corporate Press and Corporate War destroyed it: Dirty tactics and censorship.

In the age of the singularity, new organic machines whose information and energy vastly overpower the limits of human beings and the planet Earth menace to destroy our lives. Yet Corporations profit enormously from their use and have done so now for decades. So all kind of false theories of ‘science’ are considered to justify their use. In the graph, the two key lethal industries for human life in this planet are Nuclear industries now researching cosmic bombs at CERN and computer science/ robotics, whose super-informative machines are making humans obsolete in fields of war and work. Yet economists have invented a mathematical lie, called Productivity, repeated ‘ad nauseam’ by the corporate press to ensure that humans do not protest the imposition of those machines in the work place. Productivity is merely an equation that shows the ratio between capital invested in machines and human labor: Productivity = Capital invested on machines/ Human labor. Thus we increase productivity either by investing more in robotic ‘blue collar workers’ and computer ‘white collar workers’, or by firing more human labor. Productivity and labor are inverse functions, what explains why human labor keeps dwindling. This self-evident lie is however digested by mankind, as Nobel Prizes of Economics, given by the Bank of Sweden and other think tanks of corporations and corrupted politicians that back them keep affirming with stone face that the way to increase labor is to increase productivity (that is to fire more workers and put robots in their place). And so the goal of corporations is to achieve ‘infinite re=productivity’, automated factories without human labor, and zero cost as robots don’t earn salaries.

If humans have been able to accept such evident lies without complain due to the combined work of corrupted politicos, right-wing economists to the service of corporations and ‘prestigious think tanks’ and Nobel prizes, imagine how easy it has been for CERN to ‘confirm’ that black holes will not devour this planet as Einstein proved but will ‘travel in time’ to the past evaporating. In both cases our experts have confirmed that the extinction of human labor and Gaia is good, it is in words of Rolf Hauer, president of CERN, a ‘giant leap forward’ for mankind and for the pockets of all those industries, scholars and scientists who profit from the development of those singularity machines. Myths, half-lies and statistics and the pumping of the human ego with God-like metaphors have helped. In the graph, Hawking, who affirms to know ‘the mind of God’ and wants to make black holes to prove his theories, which contradict Einstein’s work; Greenspan, of whom the recent Nobel Mr. Krugman said according to The Economist, ‘if you want to know what will be the rate of unemployment in the future, ask Greenspan, he is God’; and then Mr. Paulson, looking up to his mission, the man who gave back the banking industry 750 million $ from tax payers, who had been already swindled by those banks who sold them ‘toxic assets’. He was before the CEO of Go(l)dman, whose present boss said recently, ‘a banker is doing God’s job’. Now we are searching for God’s particle and the moment of Creation. All those myths, however work and convince the human sheeple, because they are sold with a massive propaganda machinery of marketing, audiovisual images, ‘damned lies and statistics’, which have become an established ‘practice’ in the most lethal industries and corrupted sectors of the economy – the industry of nuclear weapons that CERN represents and the industry of monetary-invention ‘for a few’ – the banking industry.

Indeed, the battle for the world between the humankind and the most lethal, future species of the metal-kind, the bad fruits of the Tree of Science, its weapons, has been a short one in this XXI century, decided by the humankind… in favor of the future machines that will destroy us.

This surrealist outcome has come not even through a rational debate, but through a series of smearing campaigns against the few human beings who understood the battle and fought for the Humankind.

Let us explain ourselves.

We live in a new cycle, perhaps the last one, of the Industrial R=evolution, which we have explained ‘ad nauseam’ in our scholar books about the evolution of machines.

Machines are not ‘abstract entities’ but systems which substitute human, organic functions enhancing our body capacity to process energy and our head capacity to process information.

Because in the biological world, all species are systems that process energy and information, and want more of it, we become addicted to machines and keep evolving them. The catch though is that death is an imbalance of energy or information, an overdrive of it, which kills us. So ultra-energetic machines kill us in car accidents and wars (weapons), and now we have designed an ultra-energetic machine, the LHC, which can kill the planet Gaia. The same goes for an excess of information, which is called 3rd age, when we wrinkle, acquire unwanted information and die. In the Super-organism of history this is happening now with the excessive evolution of computers and robots that substitute white and blue collars and soldiers and could extinguish us.

We call those machines the machines of the Age of the Singularity, since scientists called a Black Hole a singularity and they also called A.I. the singularity machine. So there is looming in the horizon the extinction of life by machines that cause an imbalance of energy and information in this planet. But this cannot be argued. Because we live in a world in which corporations, which should biologically be called ‘company-mothers’, evolve and reproduce machines and sell them for money. The human owner of corporations only see the money it makes with machines. The human that consumes those machines only sees the added energy and information it acquires. The intelligent philosopher of science realizes those machines are atrophying and degrading mankind. So computers substitute scientists which merely feed them with data; and cars substitute legs that become atrophied and we have fat people driving, and Internet and the Tv are brains and virtual eyes which have caused addiction, ADD and a general idiocy and incapacity to distinguish truth from fiction among our youngsters.

So, because evolution is a program of evolution of form which has 3 phases – one of the key discoveries of my work on complexity – a young, energetic age, a mature, reproductive age, and an informative 3rd, age – long ago I published a book (C.94) about the last age of the Industrial Evolution within the context of my discoveries on complexity and systems science, called the Extinction of man, and announced that starting in 2008, we would conclude the ‘Age of Machines-Head, or electronic Age’ when we made phone-ears, tv-eyes and chip-brains, and would enter the Age of Robotics and Cosmic Bombs, which would cause ‘The Extinction of Man’. The book was censored, my career as a scientist came to a halt and the first of many smearing campaigns against the people who have fought the machines of the Age of the Singularity started in earnest.

As a result of those campaigns of corporate science, corporate war and corporate press, the extinction of man has never been discussed in earnest, and only Science Fiction films, which by definition MUST not be taken seriously could talk of it (Matrix, Terminator, etc.) But a few people had tried to alert mankind of it, and so they have been submitted by Corporate Press and Science to massive smearing campaigns, directed ‘ad hominem’ NOT to have to argue those themes. Let us briefly indicate who and how those campaigns were carried out, and why they were wildly successful burying the fundamental theme of the XXI century, the existential risk that mankind will suffer under the evolution of the Machines of the Singularity.

The people who fought the Singularity Age deserve some Respect

Humans are today increasingly automatons whose function is to reproduce=work with machines, to consume=test and evolve them and to make money in the process. The outcome of this ‘goal’ of Corporations for the human sheeple is obvious: a world made to the image and likeness of machines, not of man.

Yet this cannot be said. So we have ‘lofty goals’. CERN, which merely is a Corporation that had done a bigger, better ‘atomic cannon’ talks about the Higgs Hoax, an impossible particle which obliges our governments to pay billions of $ to this corporation so it can ‘hunt’ for the invisible particle that will never found. We have a war in Afghanistan used to keep evolving robotic weapons and make huge profits (it is by far the most expensive war of history), but we talk of a ‘peace mission’ to rebuild a country where we merely hunt down people with Terminators.

It is thus obvious that our discourse of ‘lofty intentions’ and ‘big science’ merely hides the engine of History – the destruction of the Tree of Life with the eviL tools of the Tree of Science, weapons and money.

And so those who denounce that duplicity shall be also prosecuted.

Of the 3 key machines of the age of the Singularity that can kill us, Energetic super-colliders able to produce cosmic bombs; self-reproductive nano-robots (metal-bacteria), able to poison the atmosphere and destroy Gaia and A.I. That will substitute mankind as the top predator of this planet, the first to come was the Super-collider, which I announced with the other two types of machines in my book of 94, the Extinction of man.
But that book was censored and a techno-utopian called Kurtzweil who talked of the same concepts – the increasing progression in the evolution of machines – but from the perspective of corporations that fed his mouth with money, became the ‘guru’ of the Singularity Age.

Of course, my work was far more scientific, grounded in Theory of Evolution and the Laws of Information and Complexity that I had discovered. Mr. Kurzweil was just an inventor of Machines who was doing marketing of his work. But he was in favor of the extinction of man by machines, I was against, so the pattern arouse: Those who defended mankind would be crackpoted, insulted and censored, those who defended machines would be called Genius by the Corporate Press, Corporate science and Corporate war that profitted from those machines.

Next, came in defense of man, in 2000 Walter Wagner, a safety officer at Livermore, who put a suit warning of the Strangelet Danger. He was ridiculed and lost the job.

Then Joy published his landmark article ‘Why the future doesn’t need us’. He was called an apocalyptic and renounced to his work as founder of the Java language of machines in Sun microsystems and retired.

Next came Rossler, who became an activist against CERN.

Walter and me joined forces in this suit now concluded.

And finally Assange and his 4 collaborators leaked the automated, robotic massacres of the Afghan war, performed by our new weapon of choice, the Predator, the first Terminator machine of the future robotic wars.

Julian Asange recently quoted Gandhi saying, ‘they ignore you, laugh at you, combat you and if you resist you win’
I thought how the press dealt with the 3 ‘historic’ figures that have opposed CERN the longest: ‘they ignore me, laughed at Wagner,  fought Rossler and… the end is different… since certainly science has lost’. It remains to see if all of mankind is also lost to the black hole or strangelet when the real experiments with hadrons start on Christmas.  Because truth exists regardless of the egomaniac fantasies of humans of all kind that prefer their subjective opinions to the harsh limits of the scientific method and its proofs of truth.

Those 9 people, Bill Joy, Walter, Rossler, Sancho, Assange and his 4 collaborators, have been smeared all over the web, in the press, in dirty campaigns, doubting of their credentials, intentions. Walter and Assange have been specially smeared as crackpots and rapists. Joy survived better on account of his contacts with the robotic industry and his fortune.

Me and Rossler were less targeted on account of our  careers as pioneers in the true disciplines that are advancing science in the XXI century, complexity and system sciences, chaos, fractal and Non-Euclidean mathematics and many other fields which we have advanced with the new tools of Information sciences that we helped to develop. So CERN preferred to ignore us, NOT to explain the fact that not a single theorist of that corporation can compare to what we have done for the advancement of science. Instead it sent its pack of wolf cubs, kids blogging about science, who feel to be ‘part of it’ because they enslave for free unending hours mining data to NOT find the Higg Hoax, that impossible particle, which Nobel Prize Weinberg called the toilet particle. And of course, CERN used its mastery of the web, which it invited to do backstabbing campaigns, even opening a site dedicated only to smear the life of Rossler, hijacking our emails and sending letters on our behalf.

As today Walter has been ridiculed in the press, in comic programs, in millions of blogging places and Assange faces justice for molesting… his ex-girl friend. How silly is that?

Will politicians close this factory before we are all dead? Will they open an inquire on the ‘damned lies and statistics’ it has been producing as safety standards? There is anyone protecting European citizens and mankind at large? Of course not. There were 9 people, Sancho et Al. the crackpots, Assange and his 4 magnificent Hackers, the molester, and Bill Joy, the soi disant nerd, who happened to invent Java, the language that machines will use to communicate against them. They warned mankind and were put in the pillory for it, while 7 billion sheeple let that happen and a few million respectable nerds, newsmen, soldiers and wealthy people from corporate science, corporate press and corporate war did it.

How Sancho, Rossler and other crackpots of Complexity are redefining the languages of the Human Mind.

The true evolution of the Human Mind happens through the evolution of Logic, which today is carried by Complex theorists. Unfortunately Humanity is following the opposite trend, as it evolves machines that substitute us and carry the most complex tasks of thought of our civilization. This is specially the case of the Germanic, ‘Biblical’ culture that developed the Industrial R=evolution and has made the machine the ‘idol of the Tribe’ (Bacon), reducing our comprehension of the Universe to a simple arrow of energy that should explain it ‘all’ (Aristotelian, lineal thought); while the human mass is hypnotized by violent, visual machines regressing to an age of tribal thought (corrupted religions turned into inquisitions of war) and further on into simple, individual, selfish agendas (ego-driven thought), magic thought (religious myths, Hawking’s travel in time) and ‘animal’ behavior (immediate satisfaction of primary desires). Very few societies today and very few individuals in those societies still seek to explore the complexity of the real Universe and the limits of the Human Mind. It is the neo-paleolithic of Complex machines and simple minds, exemplified in science by CERN.

For a question of dignitas I did not respond to those campaigns, but now I will. Since the campaign has gone too far.

Consider the fact that my scholar papers are repeatedly down from the servers of Google Scholar and the International Society of Complexity and System sciences where I have given my conferences and have been chair of the science of time duality for many years.

For example, in 2005 at the 50th Anniversary of those sciences founded in the Macy’s congress at the death of Einstein by the main scientific genius of the age, to advance our understanding of time with the arrow of information, I gave to the community of Complex theorists 2 landmark scholar papers; one completing the 5 Non-Euclidean postulates of Geometry (to that date mathematicians only had managed to resolve the 5th which Einstein used to postulate General Relativity and recently Perelman completed receiving a million dollar prize).

Then in my second conference I defined with those equations the Fractal Generator of Time and the Unification Equation of Charges and Masses.

But if you click those 2 links, you will find they are gone. And so are the Conferences of the Tokyo and Madison congress on the duality of genre (since males are the energetic, lineal species and women, the informative, cyclical species of the human kind), the causal, fractal Logic of the Universe and the ‘Arrow of Einstein’ (the arrow of information in the Universe). In total 7 conferences and papers are now gone.

Of the 9 conferences/courses that I gave at the International System society during the 2004-2010 period in which i chaired the science of Duality, one of the founding SIGs of complexity sciences, 7 have been hacked/erased from their servers and Google Scholar. And finally the SIG of Duality was eliminated. Since I still have many friends in the community of Complex sciences I will not go into further details of this ugly prosecution. I thought though of the old pictures of Trotsky,  erased by Stalin or the old custom of the Pharaohs of erasing the names of their predecessors when they took power. Those conferences were however landmarks for the future of XXI century science, which will be built with the two arrows of energy and information (motion and form in classic philosophy of science), which are the two essential elements of reality, with or without the acquiescence of physicists, which unfortunately handled as a relique of the cold war, most of the budgets and positions of science in the world at large; and so make and destroy careers in all disciplines – for example, the Department of Energy, DOE is ran by a physicist, who was head of accelerators in Livermore; almost near all the funding that goes to complexity sciences goes to the Santa Fe Institute ran by a physicist, West, who was head of the military network of accelerators at Los Alamos of A-Bomb fame. Even the climate czar is a physicist not a metereologist and physicists keep denying with astounding arrogance the global climate crisis, to the indignation of those who know better. Physicists’ ‘big explosion’ theories are always in rage against far sounder, complex theories, from the big-bang to the Higgs, to the destruction of Dinosaurs by a big meteorite (when in Theory of Evolution has been proved ad nauseam extinctions happen when a new species takes over in the ‘struggle for survival’ as Darwin proved; and so many scientists have advanced the obvious fact that the rise of mammals extinguished dinosaurs as the rise of the machine probably will extinguish mankind.) But Nuclear Physicists are the backbone of the military-industrial complex. And so their theories that glorify ‘death’ and ‘big bangs’ (named coined by Fred Hoyle, an astronomer, to laugh at his inventor, Gamow, a worker on the Nuclear Bomb) are always ‘good’. They can do whatever they want. And if you defy them most likely ‘you won’t work in corporate science anymore’. It reminds me of the division of ‘jobs’ in the earlier Aryan cultures, where the upper castes were divided in soldiers and Brahmins who deviced the cult to Shiva, God of Energy and Death to justify the murder of the Indian peasants that revered the tree of life and the Goddesses of Fertility. And indeed, CERN has a statue to Shiva in its courtyard and Oppenheimer of A-Bomb fame, who inaugurated CERN, as you can see in the 3rd minute of this short, compared himself to Kali, Lord of Death.

So ‘curiously’ enough, after my suit was placed Duality and my Chair was canceled as a Science in the International Congresses of Complexity, along with my conferences in the theme, gone from Google Scholar. Information is no longer an arrow that creates the Universe, it seems. It has disappeared as it does suppossedly in those black holes which Hawking pretends to explain only with ‘entropy’, running also in the ‘Information Paradox’.

And of course, we are not given a voice in the media. Only those who smear us can talk. So now Walter and me are officially ‘surfers from Hawaii’, which put a suit to CERN to make money and become Celebrities, abusing the ‘good name’ of this venerable Institution; while Rossler is a polimath, a maverick of science – not an specialist, hence not an expert that can argue with CERN (-;

Since we are both indeed polimaths I would like to consider why this quality, which is the essential characteristic of most of the people quoted at the beginning of this post that truly advanced science, precisely by enlightening a certain discipline with the perspective of the other, is so much despised in modern, corporate, technological science.

It has all to do of course, with our ‘idol of the tribe’, the machine, which is always a specialist, vs. the most complex tool of the Universe, the human brains, which is a generalist. And since these days we love machines and despise humanity, the machine must prevail.

Industrial profits makes machines like the LHC, with its thousands of collaborators, totems ‘too big to fail’ that cannot be doubted of. As Rossler explained in an interview, the idea that a single person, as always happens in science, can do a key discovery, collides with the industrialization of science by computers and mammoth experiments with thousands of scientists working on them. The enormous complexity of those machines, not the value of the theories tested on them is what it matters. So while the key discoveries are done by individuals, working alone and mixing ideas of multiple disciplines, the system rejects them, because it shows that the human mind NOT the industrial, profitable machine, is still the most complex organ of information we have.

In the case of Rossler and me, the new, organic paradigm of Complex sciences we are building is precisely founded in advances on the way the brain sees the Universe – in our discoveries in the human language of space, mathematics (fractal, chaos theory and the 5th Non-Euclidean Postulates) and the human language of Time, Logic (‘Duality’, the logic that results from combining two arrows of future time, energy and information as opposed to the Aristotelian Logic used by Physicists which considers a single arrow of future, the relaxation of the Universe in energy/entropy/death). And this really irritates physicists who have always been rather primitive in their understanding of new logic and mathematical instruments but are the leaders in the use of machines and weapons to ‘understand it all’. How those people dare to ‘return’ to the basics.

Further on, since a machine is specifically tailored to a very limited range of discoveries – the entire use of the LHC is to find the impossible Higgs – and languages can be applied to all sciences, our discoveries in mathematics and logic have resulted into articles that pretend to improve our understanding of all type of sciences. And this is bad and very diminishing to the thousand of employees of big scientific projects like CERN, all engaged in the search of a single particle. So we must be wrong. We must be crackpots, dilettantes, amateurs, polimaths with a Leonardo Complex. And yet it is precisely the polymath approach to science of Complexity, which the very same Hawking admits ‘it will be the science of the XXI’ century, the one that is explaining the grand design of the Universe, reconciling religion, biology and physics into a veritable theory of unification – not the exhaustion of an outdated paradigm, that of a mathematics-only, energy-only Universe. In that regard, in this highlighted post, we compare this new approach to science of Complexity, with the pretensions of quantum physicists like Hawking, so the reader can decide and choose who explains better ‘the meaning of god, man and the Universe’; Nuclear Physicists with their complex machines and simple energy-only theories of the Universe, or we, Duality theorists, with our Complex advances in Logic and Mathematics and simple tools – pen and paper.

The task of the theoreticians of the LHC is to ‘defend the machine from mankind’ (John Ellis). And in the wider view, the task of quantum Physicists, clinged to the obsolete energy-only vision of the Universe is to protect the myth that machines are more important than the human mind to observe the Universe; that physics, the science of machines and energy, is more important than Complexity and System sciences, the science of information and organisms.

We Complex theorists have proved that the Universe is organic, not mechanic, and so we have to return to the concept that ‘Man is the measure of all things. Imagine what this means for Corporate Science – a science that doesn’t need a 10 billion $ budget to discover the meaning of it all is menacing the entire Industry of big science.

It happened before when Copernicus dared to simplify Astronomy and the need for the then ultra-expensive mechanisms used to measure the epicycles of planets and stars; and again when Mr. Einstein defied the industry of ‘Ether machines’, with the costly experiments to measure the magic substance, denser than lead, stronger than steel and yet transparent, through which planet Earth was supposed to move. The least important thing here was the obvious contradiction of the Ether; so Einstein was kicked out of Germany, couldn’t give any class of Physics and landed in a patent office. German industries were investing heavily in Ether machines and this Jewish physicist dared to say they were no longer needed… Now we have invested 10 billions to find black holes evaporating to the past. So this must be truth.

There was no possible dialog between the mechanist, militaristic, simplistic, energetic vision of XIX-XX century physics and our XXI century vision of a complex, organic world in which the goal is to create a sustainable planet that lasts.

So I had to put the suit to CERN. Yet by defying the totem of the machine, by breaking an unwritten law of science – that ethics, the protection of life is not the job of a scientist, I knew I would end my career. But frankly, it did not matter that much. By now I am accustomed not to have a dialog with physicists but a dialog with the Logic of the Universe – I am in loved as Kant put it with ‘all which is above us (the cosmos) and inside us (the languages of space-time that humans use to describe it)’, not with a piece or a prize of metal. Since if something is worth in this life is to fight for mankind not for a machine, for a prize or for a price as CERnerds do. I wonder what Dovstoyevsky felt when he decided not to write more fairy novels and engage in the defence of human rights, landing in Siberia. But then he became a man that would give us the best novel of the XIX century, where a true human being must search for his own code of ethics in a corrupted world – Karamazov Brothers.

Dirty tricks and maybe something more…

What I seriously didn’t expect were all the dirty tricks of CERN. Since  the smearing campaign and censorship is not only professional at that stage. It has also gone personal.

But after all, a people who don’t mind to risk the life of our species for a prize… what can you expect from them?

A brief account of those little nuances. CERNies broke into Otto’s email recently and sent around the world letters as if they were from Otto asking for money to ridicule him. My personal email is being hacked for years and it has been rendered useless. This website which was announced in google was hacked. My credit card at google was used to charge thousands of dollars on private international calls from France. Google refused to investigate and accused the ‘chinese’ of stealing that information, but the calls were done from France. Then I changed the ads payments to a private bank account and suddenly the 0.05 price per click of the original ads of this site were raised to 1 $ per click, more than what wall street pays for them. Finally google is NOT serving the ads to more than 10% of sites, even if now the campaign is overfunded at 250 $ a day. And I am not rich, but we shall burn the last papers to Mollock at least till the 11/9 the shots of this Russian quantum Roulette are sent to the world.

Of course, this kind of smearing campaigns based in dirty tricks are not carried directly by CERN, but by the enormous numbers of anonymous kids-hackers and student-bloggers, collaborating with CERN, which will never acknowledge its involvement – ah!, those lofty electricians with a 10 billion $ war chest to do their marketing campaigns on the toilet, sorry God’s particle – are always effective.  Quantity wins over quality in all smear campaigns of corporate science, corporate press and corporate war. Since it ads what that anecdote about my ISSS papers proves: you are smeared, you are insulted and you are censored NOT being allowed to respond in the ‘respectable corporate’ press.

So the public only hear the smearing and see no response, deducing that they are right and you have no arguments. That is how human power crashes truth. And yet truth exists and always resurfaces, in this case it will likely resurface creating strangelets and black holes.

Given those facts it would have been silly going around sending letters, which in any case would not been published, explaining to the world in what would be qualified as an ego-trip and further proof of our crackpot status that the electricians at CERN are clueless, 2nd rate theoreticians and we know better. So we just kept denouncing CERN with our limited means, while the automatons of the ‘rat race’ of administrators of science and technological magazines kept busy with their ad hominem campaigns and null discussion about what truly mattered – the objective, theoretical and experimental facts that say the risks of extinction by CERN are enormous.

Yet now even our polite warning suffocated signs are out of place. Because this game seems over and a date has been put up, 11/9, for our likely extinction.

So my politeness to judges that do not judge, but handle praejudicium and affirm with an astounding callousness that the ‘destruction of the Earth won’t be attributable to the US government; scientific press that don’t investigate the facts and report them, and the community of Nuclear Physicists that have always considered the massacres of human lives caused by their weapons ‘peccadilloes’, needed ‘sacrifices’ of the ‘human sheeple’ whose lives are irrelevant, in their Holy Quest for data about irrelevant particles of null importance to our species.

All what I will say is that quality=truth always wins over quantity on the Universe, and quality are the laws of science, which are not proved with silly medals, billions of $, pretentious authority, victimism a la Hawking, marketing or press campaigns, but with the laws of the scientific method, which once and again have proved ad nauseam the enormous risks of those experiments, since according to standard science in black holes, which is Einstein and standard science in strangelets which is Peng from the Shanghai Institute and again Einstein-Bose statistics and the laws of complex liquids that Rossler and me have helped to define, strangelets will form 11/9 and there is one in 3 chances they will become stable and devour the Earth, 2 shots of a quantum Russian Roulette, or in legal terms, 1/3 x 7 billion = a genocide of 2.333 million people for the mere fact of making the experiment..

In front of that brutal massacre in the making of course, those smearing campaigns and dirty tricks are not even worth to mention and if we bring them here is because perhaps, if the people that paid this machine understood the ethical difference between those who fight for mankind and those who kill it, they would rethink about the rain check given to this company to play with the life of all of us.

Take for example, a series of ‘accidental situations’ I have suffered, as a foreigner traveling constantly to America for those suits, with little money (I’m a scholar, not a corporation) and hardly any legal protection. The last one happened casually on the key date of my suit ( an assault on the garage by 3 thugs that shuttered my shoulder and collarbone in 4 pieces the week before the hearings at Hawaii, I did go to the hearings instead of doing surgery, thus as a result of poor healing and further injuries in the trip I have now reduced mobility of my right hand). Then there was a register of my home in LA by the police which i registered back with my cam; calls and threats from anonymous people – an email that keep coming saying, ‘as long as I have a weapon in my hand your destiny will not be in the hands of God’; a ‘journalist’ who kindly explained me the days after bringing the suit during the Bush administration that if I brought to court the Patriot act, which obliges the American Government to defend their people seizing any nuclear substance that can harm their lives – and certainly the strangelet, explosive liquid that CERN will manufacture 11/9 can,  the administration could obviously apply the same Act to me…

I had never mentioned before those things, because again as in the smearing campaign, it would always be considered an ‘exaggeration’, ‘victimism’ and ultimately my other web on my discoveries on the fractal cycles of economics and history ( could be an alternative origin of those threats. So i went on with my job. Though Mr. Wilczek, the cynical Amicus Court who first denounced the strangelet scenario in 2000 in SciAm and then was bought by CERN to represent it in court and sign a safety statement of no risk, of which he laughed in public saying it was easy to sign, because if im wrong’ did indeed published to the entire corporate press, eager to receive the news, that someone had called him and threatened him because of our suit… Poor baby… how much you suffered. Did you have a nervous breakdown? (-;

All this of course are just anecdotes to distract the audience. Now when our suits are dismissed and CERN is ready to shoot the Earth with strangelets I am rather worried about the LHC obliterating me and 7 billion other human beings than some silly hacker tumbling down my papers or a few thugs smashing my bones. It is left here for the record.

We shall comment instead on other type of smearing campaign much more harmful for the future of true science, which is knowledge not technology: the censorship of corporate science to our work and attempts to publish very serious scientific work that proves the immense danger of CERN’s experiments.

A few months ago, another important discovery (the duality of big-bangs that cool and shrink mass in its centers in big crunch and heat and radiate in the outer surface), prompted me and Otto to co-write a paper explaining this ‘mystery’ with the tools of our speciality (Rossler attractors, dual time arrows, complex liquids, etc.) But as Otto said in another email with some sense of humor, he, co-founder of chaos theory, cannot publish even in ‘chaos, soliton and fractals’.

But humans are not going to take seriously the explosive quark-gluon mini-big bangs observed at RHIC. We have a machine that we must worship and after 250 years of Industrial Revolution, company-mohters of machines have perfected the art of defending its offspring. And so now as John Ellis, the chief theoretician of CERN put it, ‘we have to defend the LHC from Humanity’ .

We have a statue of Shiva, the God of energy and death we must worship, welcoming us at the entrance of CERN. It reminded me of the ‘arbeit frei match’ ‘work frees you’ that cynically welcomed you to Auschwitz…

And so we have a well-trained 10 million strong force of journalists and physicists who will not report – exceptions included – anything worth to report.

And yet despite all that censorship, all those medals and honors and ‘giant leap forwards for mankind’ (Hauer on the LHC), all that ‘soap to wash our sins’ (Teller on the H-Bomb), as in the case of the wikileak affair in which 5 non-journalists have released more documents on the Afghan Robotic wars than all the journalists of the world combined, may I dare to say that Mr. Rossler and Mr. Sancho the crackpots, have  advanced with pen and paper more the future of astrophysical sciences that all the theoreticians and electricians of this billionaire Nuclear Industry?

This statement looks now as a meaningless ’boutade’ after those campaigns, but Science has its non-human method of proving truths. And so may I dare to say that the Higgs Hoax will never be found to be more than a top/antitop already discovered quark, that will never proved the meaning of mass, as we have done advancing with Non-E Geometry the work of Einstein? May I dare to say that the big-bang will never be proved to be more than the explosion of a quasar galaxy or a supernova or a planet like ours, caused by quark-gluon soups as those CERN will do, and we have explained in our papers on complex liquids. Since the Universe is a self-repetitive, self-similar fractal of energy and information with infinite scales and so those are just explosions of different quantities of quark-gluons? May I dare to say that black holes do not travel to the past, since Mr. Hawking knows nothing about that fractal Universe, its laws and the 2nd arrow of time, information, which black holes create towards the future NOT evaporate towards the past (paradox of information)?

And may I dare to say that if Einstein and those who have advanced an explained him as I did with fractal relativity and Rossler did with his R-Theorem will be proved again right at the risk of 7 billion human beings?

This of course is NOT backed by 13 billion $ but by reason, by maths, by the logic of the Universe that human minds have understood.

The super-organism of CERN.

Now, of course, there is little to do to set the record straight beyond this pages since as Planck put it ‘all the people who believe in a previous paradigm of science must die for a new a paradigm to be learned’… He might be right this time…

Yet because to see reality from that higher, more evolved point of view of knowledge is always ‘enlightening’, we shall consider CERN from that perspective.

To start with what CERN does and all his theoreticians pretend is to explain the Universe with only 1/2 of its laws, those of entropy and energy. But we know thanks to the advance of Complexity that the Universe is a ‘fractal of energy and information’ and it cannot be explained without the Laws of Fractal Information. Once those Laws are solved by duality (the science which explains the Universe precisely with both arrows), all the questions that CERN pretends to resolve, the meaning of mass, the nature of the dual big-bang/big crunch that creates the rhythms of the Universe, the life/death cycles, the Paradox of Information (black holes don’t evaporate information but create it), the Unification of charges and masses, two fractal scales of the Universe, etc. etc. are resolved.  But this fascinating new vision of the structures of the Universe can be applied also to explain better the successful smearing campaign and ‘undercover’ work of CERN to destroy the scientific work and reputation of those who oppose it…

Indeed, it is interesting to consider the structure of CERN from the perspective of Complexity, which defines all structures of the Universe as Non-Euclidean networks of energy and information, in biological jargon, as super-organisms. So CERN works as a super-organism, very much like an Ant-hill works. In an ant-hill there is an informative nucleus, the ant-queen, which produces chemical, feromonal information that is handled to a series of ant-workers, which know nothing of the general project of the ant-hill, to expand its super-organism over the Earth. Yet all those ant-workers will die for the ant-queen and defend it against those who attack it.

But CERN is not a reproductive superoroganism but a super-organism of energy and information, whose center is the LHC. While the ant-workers are the tens of thousands of Physicists that collaborate with CERN and blog on the net, insulting us, do not know what is the ultimate meaning of a machine dedicated to the ‘Lord Shiva’ of pure energy and death (the statue at the entrance of CERN). They are ‘data miners’, which are given their feromonal task of going through immense amounts of data for not pay, in their scholar cubicles and in their spare time blog on physics and insult us with their smearing campaings. Those warriors of the ant-hill have all at a point or another visited the ant-center and worshipped the huge ant-queen, the Machine, the Big Magneto. Those people act as ‘waves’ like any cells of a super-organism do, in a coordinated, shyncronous behavior that was triggered by the ‘attack’ of those 2 hostile ‘Termites’ Walter and Sancho, who dared to doubt of the goodness of the Machine. And so because this machine is the ultimate idol of our technological civilization, the entire ‘industrial ant-hill’ of corporations, corporate press, tech-industries, technocrats, judges that protect corporations as ‘legal persons’ massed up together to devour the ‘enemy’. And now the ant-queen, the machine is ready to release massive amounts of cosmic energy in the form of quark bombs to prove that indeed, Shiva, the Lord of Death is the ultimate 1/2 truth of the Universe, Not the creative principle which is fractal information, Vishnu, Yin, in the Eastern philosophies, but Kali, Shiva, Yang, the destructive 1/2 of entropy that physicists study.

Mr. Assange, now being sued for raping his ex-girl friend, a feminist activist, who even posts in her page a list of forms in which a dumped girl friend can destroy the life of her ex, expressly citing to go to Court and accuse him of sexual crimes, given the fact that in Sweden, a matriarchal society, the slightest ‘piropo’ is considered sexual harrassment (in other words, thousands of spanish males would be prosecuted and jailed for saying a woman things like this: que guapa eres chiquilla, ‘damn, you are so beautiful girl!, which you can hear sometimes in the streets of Andalusia :-).

In front of so much idiocy one has to put irony to reality. Now I hear that the charges are more or less not to have telephoned the girl the next day; and failing to pay her bus ticket; and that the 2nd accuser used to work in the American Embassy, is a lesbian and runs a gay club… How low the right wing Swedish government with troops in Afghanistan can go, mocking the very serious (when real) crime of rape for political reasons?

Mr. Assange’s Trial, as the absurd court ruling on our suit against the collider, might be ‘spontaneous contributions’ of the prosecutors and judges to the future ruin of our species or masterminded by the ‘usual suspects’ that are destroying Gaia. It doesn’t really matter. It is all part of a global super-organism of Corporations, profits, war machines and big brothers. So all this was expected. The Global Earth Inc. is likely to win this and all battles against mankind, but the battle had to be fought in any case from the ethical perspective of a human being, who will never accept the slavery of his mind and body to the machine but will rather die first that become broken, as most humans are today. Because as long as there is a Julian Assange or a Sancho fighting and claiming in a loud voice that man exists, that the mind of man is the most complex informative zenith of the fractal Universe, that flesh can be burned but the flame of the human spirit will always live in this and infinite other self-similar fractal planets in which this fight will be repeated, there will be hope that in one of those planets Humanity triumphs and builds a world made to His Image and Likeness, a Hessian Castalia, where the Master Ludi of all the Languages and forms of Human beauty, rule over the wor(l)d.

Those suits are defending money and weapons, industrial power and corruption has been uttered. But may I dare to say ‘e pur si muove’; that black holes and strangelets are not abstract entities but real, moving, rotating vortices of mass that will suck in planet Earth if created at CERN?

As Galileo did, we have accepted the ways of our world and we are now staying home. I no longer attend congresses of science or write scholar articles on the Fractal paradigm. What for? My belief on the purity of science is broken. What was the last refuge of human reason is now just another ‘product’ that must be useful for the Industrial R=evolution, NOT for Human Evolution. Yet the highest achievements of the human mind, art and theories of thought such as Evolution or Relativity, were never useful to make money…  Of course, CERNies don’t believe on those achievements but in Mr. Nobel’s medals, a weapons’ dealer and fundamentalist Calvinist who expressly forbade the concession of his prize to evolutionists. The true advance of XXI century science, which is the development by complexity and system sciences of a fractal, organic model of reality, departing from evolutionary theories was not Mr Nobel ‘belief’ – a mechanist inloved with machines and weapons not with mankind as his heirs at CERN are.  And so because ‘beliefs’ are imposed with censorship and inquisitions of thought not with reason, he forbade it as the belief in the ‘machine’ censors all opposition to CERN. And yet, at the end of the road, true science is now proving both wrong, even if corporate science will pay marketing campaigns to sell its damned lies and statistics.

Today it doesn’t matter how inconvenient or dangerous a truth is, or the authority of those who reveal it. Truth will be censored whenever it ‘collides’ with the evolution of the military-industrial complex, its machines and its profits. Indeed, if the very same Einstein was opened a file by the FBI for denouncing the atomic race, what was to be expected of a denounce of scientists with less prestige against the showcase machine of the Nuclear Industry today?  What we got from the corporate, scientific press and CERN:

Denial, misrepresentation, misinformation, jokes, dirty tricks and blogger campaigns that have created enough noise to confuse the audience.

Of course, if anyone understands the potential genocide that the LHC might cause, it would be physicists. And none are coming out of the closet. Why? Are not physicists humans? One might think of Durrenmat:

Our science has become terrible, our research dangerous, our findings deadly. We physicists have to make peace with reality. Reality is not as strong as we are. We will ruin reality.’

Indeed, Physicists are taking their chance with full knowledge of what they are doing.

The leaks and duplicity of CERN when talking of strangelets proves that CERN commits criminal negligence and hides information to the public on those risks. And so it should be halted till a real independent panel of scientists study those dangers to the life of 7 billion people.

But this is not happening, despite the risks of genocide, despite the enormous budget over a billion dollars a year, in the middle of a massive economic crisis. Instead CERN has changed his usual modus operandi that closed the operations during winter to save money and it has decided, to avoid further ‘peer pressure’, to go ahead with the key experiment, this 11/9 to produce ‘likely’ those strangelets that can devour the Earth.

For our technocrats and politicians that cannot admit any error, CERN is too big to fail. But the bottom line is that its ‘nuclear research for peace’ is similar to our ‘peace missions’ in Afghanistan, and hides the relentless advance of our culture towards its natural end: the creation of weapons that can destroy the planet.

It is a surrealist experience, which puts the future of mankind totally at the mercy of chance – a denial of scientific facts that drags all what is sacred in science, truth, rationality, the use of knowledge for the betterment of humanity – in the trash bin – substituted by the worship of a machine-weapon, the idol that should reveal us the meaning of God through those ‘strange’ experiments.

To understand why Europeans will allow this to happen, one has to see this quark cannon as the ultimate totem of the European civilization that built it, which started our dominance on the world not with reason but with lead cannonballs.

Now lead will move at light speed and perhaps give reason to Mr. Nobel, who made a fortune, after blowing up his brother and multiple neighbors in several occasions, with the use of dynamite for wars: ‘My factories will end all wars, designing weapons that can destroy an army with a single shot’. Their cubs are ready to test his prophecy, and maybe sacrifice their lives, on exchange for a medal of metal, with the sense military zeal that Kubrick showed in Paths of Glory – all indeed for a piece of worthless metal, even if the discourse is of ‘grandeur’, ‘honor’ and the name of France and Science is dragged all alone. Indeed, France forbade that film for decades and if you are in Germany, you will not be able to see our film on strangelets, censored in that country.

Corporate press. Denial and censorship.

The fate of ‘quantum roulette’, the surrealist film a la ‘Dr. Strangelove’ I did on this issue is another interesting story of media censorship.

I learned directly how extended is the slavery of the human mind to its machines, in our dying civilization, when I tried to alert not only scientists with my letters and the political system with my suits and personal pleas but when I dealt with the third leg of informative power in our societies—the people of the audiovisual industry.

The purpose of those suits was mainly to provide information for the press to research, for the public to study rationally those dangers, and for politicians to act. So I made a movie about it, which you can see in this web in different sizes, which was sponsored initially by the biggest agency in Hollywood (William Morris Endeavor, owned by the brother of Mr. Obama’s chief of staff, Ari Emanuel).

My friend John, an excellent Dp. which this year got an MTV prize for his gorgeous celebration of New York City, proposed to make a film together on the beautiful scales of the fractal Universe and its organic self-similarities in the style of Koyaanisqatsii. He introduced me to his agent, Mr. Devin Mann, at William Morris Endeavor, who liked the idea and encouraged us to go on, after Alex Garcia, the main agent in Hollywood on documentaries, approved. Yet, as we heard the astounding revelation that CERN could make black holes and strangelets, we decided to make a movie, quantum roulette on the chances one of them would eat the Earth up.We interviewed scientists, went to CERN, to Hiroshima, and the more we found out, the more repelled we felt by the behavior of nuclear physicists. It was obvious most of them knew a global genocide was possible. It was obvious also that none of them would come out of the closet, fearing “the revenge of the nerds” – the criticism of corporate science. They were just scholars, engaged in the rat race of publishing papers and would keep publishing them on kaons, dibaryons, and black holes till the end of times. Nothing mattered to them, except their theories and selfish agendas.

Finally I mounted a film for theatrical release and one for TV and passed them to Alex Garcia to see if we could make the film into an “Inconvenient truth” so the world could take note and proceed against this rogue company. Since WME was owned by Ari Emanuel, brother of Rahm, chief of staff of Obama, a staunch defensor of Israel and the memories of the Holocaust, and even used a variation of Einstein’s formula E=Mc2 in his logo, we thought we have found our ‘humanist hero’ to defend mankind and the truths of Einstein from CERN’s perpetrators. We thought, the Obama administration would to see the film and make real his promises against Nuclear proliferation. Garcia was impressed and praised as Mann did the movie in personal emails. It said astonished to the laughs of Hawking and Wilczek to the potential end of the world, ‘physicists don’t give a shit’.  Yet William Morris Endeavor finally decided not to get into trouble with the nuclear industry and declined to release the film; nor any smaller agency or ‘enviromental festival’ wanted to touch such ‘hot, real issue’. The hard lesson learned is that mass media companies are not solving the issues of mankind and warning us about them, but they are part of the issue, feeding a big brother smiley, ‘don’t worry be happy’ attitude of happy fictions, a ‘LOL method’ that anesthetizes mankind against the process of extinction of Gaia by rogue industries.

Today,  our Authorized Press has become merely the marketing department of corporations. And CERN is a huge corporation. The ultimate showcase of the Nuclear Industry and the scientific/military/industrial complex that backs them, still the most profitable industry of the planet, which incidentally also pays ‘Global warming’ campaigns to sell then his Nuclear Plants as ‘clean energy’ – reason why we have made of a secondary issue the ‘catastrophic tragedy of the XXI century’, while nobody cares about CERN blowing up the planet.

Today Journalists are becoming ‘en masse’, what we call in Spain ‘plumillas’, (Little pencils). They are hired writers, working in one of the most ‘pathetic’ professions ever invented, (term used by Mr. Julian Assange, regarding the fact that he and 5 hackers have revealed more real news in the past decade that all the ‘plumillas’ of corporate newspapers have in the same time),  that of the journalist ‘apagafuegos’, the ‘don’t worry be happy expert’ that must misinform, misrepresent, lie and convince that ‘all is quiet in the western front. Or the lazy lad who just calls the company marketing department to ‘inform’ about some ‘investigative issue’ and handles to the editor the ‘report’ as if it were a ‘finding’ of utmost importance.

Indeed, those plumillas know what they must say: The real fact that all theoretical research and Einstein’s work tell us that black holes do not evaporate to the past must be treated as  ‘science-fiction’, while the science fiction of black holes evaporating to the past (Mr. Hawking) must be real. The real fact that the most advanced papers on strangelets by the Shanghai Institute of Energy physics says that in 80 days strangelets should become stable and kill us, must be not even mentioned, ignored, because that danger is theoretically unassailable. So CERN says it will never make strangelets, and yet, it has a machine called CASTOR, to detect them… it says Hawking is right and yet it has a street called Rue du Einstein and none dedicated to the sci-fi writer.

So eviL=antiword of Live can go on and we can destroy the planet with a smile, even thinking as most do about CERN, that those who murder us are saving us, that the ministry of war is the ministry of defense and the Afghan war a Peace Corps – it is exactly what Orwell called ‘newspeak’, the transvestite of myths, falsities, propaganda, marketing and Public relations that dilutes all news into ‘bullshit’.

The writer of science in corporate, technological press, knows perfectly Einstein is the genius that warns us and Hawking the popular sci-fi writer and PR of himself, who has never proved any of his fantasy theories about black holes as time machines that evaporate, traveling to the past. But he works in a newspaper that MUST approve always technology ‘in the name of corporate science’, because technology is big business.

Thus there is a new religion, a new totem, a new taboo: the technological/scientific, military/industrial complex, which is always right because it is too big to fail.

99% of journalists informing about Afghanistan know it is not a ‘just war’, but a showcase for the military industry of robotic weapons, where innocents die so those Predators can evolve its ‘target’ shooting. But we gave a Nobel Prize in advance to the person that is buffeting up this ‘just war’, whose ultimate purpose is to keep churning ultra-expensive drones and terminators payed at Go(l)d Prices.

99% of quantum Physicists know that Einstein NOT Higgs, defined the meaning of mass and gravitation with his theory of Relativity that defines a mass as a whirl of space-time that – regardless of size – will suck in, when formed as a black hole, the mass of the Earth. But Higgs and Hawing are the excuse to justify in ‘the name of science’ a 10 billion $ quark cannon and ignore its risks.

So no physicist will come out of the closet and talk the risks, as no journalist except wikileaks has said the truth about Afghanistan for years. It is becoming a joke, this hunting of the ‘invisible’ Higgs, whose values, parameters and mass we change ad hoc, as it is/will never be found. Moreover, last month we found a fundamental proof of the Einstein’s theory of mass (Principle of equivalence between mass and an accelerated, curved vortex): the radius of a proton sinks when it attracts more/turns faster/has more mass, as a hurricane or any vortex does.

What matters of those theoretical concerns is the fact that Mr. Einstein is telling us, and Mr. Peng and Chen from the Shanghai Institute are telling us that black holes and strangelets will be easily formed and suck in the Earth. And 99% of physicists, ‘experts’ in the field, working at CERN know this. But they choose the convenient myth that Higgs is the new Einstein and Hawking affirms black holes travel to the past and evaporate. This is what CERN’s marketing department say, because they have to sell a product, a doomsday machine. So in the same manner Petraeus goes around now selling the Afghan war when anyone who knows Afghan history knows those people will never surrender unless we exterminate them, CERN goes around selling the Higgs and Hawking’s black holes, when anyone who reads physics and compares their work with that of Einstein can only have a laugh to the pretensions of those wannabe Nobel Prizes.

And yet physicists behave like the corporate press with the Afghan war. So it was up to Mr. Julian Assange and his 5 brave hearts, and it was up to a very reduced number of scientists, headed by Mr. Rossler, Wagner and myself, the ‘3 mosketeers’ of this little army of physicists, risk experts and mathematicians, to whistle-blow this corrupted Nuclear Corporation.

The Brit Media is the most adamant in this ridiculous defense of their champions, Mr. Hawking and Higgs, sponsoring a ‘pathetic’ nationalism with their marketing campaigns about ‘British science’ (as if truth was a nationalist issue, like a soccer game), carried out by beauty pageant Mr. Brian Cox, who calls anyone who reveals the truth about CERN ‘turds’.

While those 2 wannabe Einsteins are at each other’s throats for the Prize they will never get. So Mr. Hawking bets 100 pounds that Higgs particle will not be found because it is false. While Mr. Higgs said that Hawking’s work is not of enough quality to be taken seriously.

But then he misses the fact that if he believes Hawking is wrong he MUST believe in Einstein, who tells us, black holes regardless of size grow at c-speed and will suck in the planet in a Nova explosion in 0.1 seconds. Does he realize he is telling mankind as Hawking also does, that he is risking 7 billion lives for his hoax-particle?  But their mentality is that of the military for whom physicists make weapons: ‘mantenerla y no enmendalla’ – keep their lies with a stone face till the end. That is why the World need wikileaks and needs this group that denounces CERN. But the world behave like a sheeple that hear it all but does nothing to defend themselves. So eviL=death triumphs.

This death in CERN’s case has the form of 2 Damocles swords hanging over the entire species for the sake of technological contracts, cuckoo theorists and sheer profits, within a +10 billion $ corporation, which is NOT the future of theoretical science, advancing as always with pen and paper, but the paycheck of 8000 computer scientists aqnd electricians or 2nd rate theoreticians like Mr. Ellis and Magnano, of LSAG fame, who pretend to be making in words of their Commander-in-chief, Mr. R.H, ‘a giant leap for mankind’ – that is, a giant leap downwards in a free falling into the cliff of extinction.

When the truth was known thanks to our suit and Rossler’s activism, the dangers of CERN became as obvious as the cruelty of the drone war is, now that wikileaks have explained it.  The evidence of the destructive power of those drones and Apaches and the destructive power of black holes and strangelets, once is known, is not easy to forget. Truth exists and truth is the only reason that so few people could whistle-blow both type of news.

But unfortunately once truth is revealed, the ‘system’ of corporate media, associated to those technological nightmares puts his well greased, well essayed systems of uncovering truths at work. So once the tragedy is uncovered, the scientific-technological complex requires a massive number of ‘plumillas’ to misinform with their Yes, but… rethorical arguments, or insulting articles, posted in the main newspapers of corporate mass-media, which we never were allowed to respond.

And so the well known Gandhi ditto, which Assange recently commented, was applied to both groups: ‘they will ignore you, then laugh at you, then combat you and then you win if you resist’. But the Earth will not win, because it won’t resist the high probability of creation of strangelets 11/9 and black holes in 2013 when the Energy of the machine overcomes the 10 Tev barrier in its collisions.

All those hired fellows of corporate press know their routine. They pretend to have authority because they work in a corporate newspaper that ‘sells’, but they are just ‘their master voice’. In our case, suddenly, as the knowledge of the madness of creating strangelets and black holes here on Earth spread, ‘plumillas’ wrote editorials from The Economist to the NYtimes, from each imaginable blog on Earth (still the  my name, which is also the suit’s name gets you 1.5 million bloggers insulting us) to explain you in those editorials often sent by CERN, a simple idea: Reality (Einstein’s black holes and quark condensates) is NOT happening, only fiction (Hawking’s travel to the past) is real. So, because the people were given an option between happiness (nothing will happen) and pain (you will die), they chose happiness. And yet the Universe makes their choices between truth and falsity and truth exists and happens. And the truth is that Einstein is right and we will die unless we stop CERN.

I understood this corporate press strategy, when Dennis Overbye apologized to me in a personal email about the corporate editorial sent very likely by CERN to the NY times, in which they suggested – against the Laws of America that forbade to influence a Court before ruling – that the Judge would throw to the nearest black hole the suit against CERN. Dennis had to keep his job and so I honored the email never mentioned it and accepted his excuses, but now I honor the rights of mankind to live, explaining this kind of corporate press. It is indeed a routine. Today corporate scientific media will NOT acknowledge the reception of any article, book or denounce against CERN.  I just received the 3rd notification of UPS this week. New Scientist refuses  to receive the book ‘The black Hole factory’ for his book review section, after asking what was the title of the book. CERN refused once and again till we sent a Notary, to accept even the citation to court and never appeared on court to defend his views under oath. So we might wonder, if they are right, why they don’t appear on Court? What they are afraid of? Of course, the truth.

I am collecting evidence for years now on the refusal of corporate ‘scientific’ media to open a scientific, objective, data-based debate on this issue. This denial of a potential genocide for the liking of a machine is the most astounding irresponsibility of the scientific community ever. Indeed, CERN, with its huge number of undegraduate ‘electricians and nerds’  (electric and electronic engineers) looks like a kindergatten court, full of children of thought playing to be God  that ignore the people who try to prevent this catastrophe taking their cannon from their irresponsible hands… While the system defends those boys with big toys with campaigns against those who say the truth.


The lesson is learned. Humanity is on the hands of a system of mechanical creation of death that will not be changed. The age of the Singularity thus has arrived and it has been judged that mankind must die to the hands of its machines, because we worship more the Tree of Technology than the Tree of Life and so we shall be sacrificed to Technology.

Humans are today increasingly automatons  whose function is reproduce machines and make money. Our discourse of ‘lofty intentions’ and ‘big science’ merely hides the engine of History – the destruction of the Tree of Life with the eviL tools of the Tree of Science, weapons and money.

Bottom line is that CERN has money and power and we only have truth. And truth as the recent Court praejudicium shows have no value among human beings any longer, not even in science. But truth exists in the Universe. And so while humans have resolved this conflict among themselves, they have yet to resolve the conflict between the wishful thinking of CERN and the true laws of strangelets. My take is that the Universe will once more prevail and show the existence of those hungry strangelets.

But the ‘angst’ will only continue in the few of us who know the facts; which in a way it is a proof of the justice of the Universal game. Because if humans are automatons, programmed by their ‘biological drives’, their desire for more energy and information at any cost, and cannot restrain their ‘program of existence’, why to tell them the truth, if they cannot change it? It is indeed more just to let the pigs ignore their dead till they enter the slaughter house, moving automatically through the corridors, following the food offered on the floor; and if humans cannot control their greed and arrogance, better let them run like lemmings in this ‘rat race’ of scholars, printing data or corrupted technocrats, judges, journalists and industrialists following the money offered by CERN, or merely doing the easiest thing – to call CERN PR department and feed on their pre-packed news that ‘maximize opportunity and minimize risk’.

We, the people who oppose CERN, the activists against the  extinction of history are like molecules in an entropic path – there are always a few atoms that do not follow the entropy and disorder towards death and energy of the lot, but those molecules cannot change the destiny of the gas that will expand and rarefied and lost its in/form/ation. Humanity is now running that path, guided by its desire to obtain more energy and information with machines, beyond the limits of this planet.

CERN is just the first of those machines of the Singularity Age that will do us all. Hence the enormous importance of this historic suit and the astounding evidence that the Future of Mankind has been judged by an octogenary survivor of Okinawa who favors nuclear weapons, a bunch of physicists bloggers with an attitude that had a laugh at the plaintiffs on those suits, and a group of technocrats, who have no idea and do not want to know anything except their daily agenda. Of course, all with crude humor,  specially against my co-plaintiff Walter Wagner, whose optimism and trust in his country, his institutions and the media, has been bluntly misused to deviate those risks into an ‘ad hominem’ campaign. But as Oppenheimer put it ‘no vulgarity, no humor, no overstatement can quite extinguish, the physicists have known sin’, have known eviL, the inverse word of Live, and indeed still revere death, whose God is at the entrance of CERN.

People don’t understand eviL and the cynical outlook of those who practice it, the nihilism of Nuclear Physicists, the fact that ‘evil dress with the ropes of a Gentleman’ (Shakespeare). People cannot look at death. They always deny that possibility, even if all the Organisms of the Universe, including History die, nobody confronts eviL and Death, and those who cause it, the military and the physicists who make their weapons, love their mystique. So one wonders if the Human Species, which started his short run on existence as a scavenger of Felines, is just a species whose destiny is to kill life and terraform Earth into black holes or robotic machines – reason why we do not hear intelligent life in the Universe. One wonders if the sheeple is NOT evil just because of fear but it wishes to be.

In that sense, looking backwards to the last 3 years of ‘angst’ and activism against CERN, what hurts more is not the broken arm, neither the censored end of what was becoming a meteoric career in complexity and system sciences, or the angst of being responsible to give this news to the world. It is not  the astounding amount of wasted time for nothing in this job – in a 710 pages book, ‘the black factory’; in the movie, ‘quantum roulette‘, a real ‘Inconvenient Truth’, censored and denied distribution as it seems indeed too inconvenient; in the suit; in America, crossing borders every 3 months with unending interrogations – all that was done for a good cause, the future of mankind… What hurts more is the realization that mankind behaves today as a sheeple that follows always those who will murder them, the respectable people of corporate science, corporate press and corporate war… Those million plus bloggers, scared of CERN, who instead of denouncing this crime, are insulting us for defending mankind, as if we were guilty, when we just fought for their lives and the life of humanity… till the 7th generation.
Let us hope that we are lucky and nothing happens, but it mankind dies, certainly it has chosen that destiny, risking it all for a machine.

Because indeed, if mankind is a sheeple, if all what is needed ‘for evil to triumph is the passivity of the good people’, the extinction of history seems unavoidable. And that hurts deep in the soul of someone who has always fight for life, truth and freedom…

So I ask to myself, are we not good enough for God, the Mind of the Fractal Universe, to forgive us, despite making us to Its image and likeness? I have often thought of the Parable of Lot, those 9 men left alone because there is not enoughjust men to help them save the city of warriors (Gomorrah) and the city of traders (Sodoma) that rule this world.

In this age of the Singularity, hardly anyone has fought on the side of mankind, against the awesome power of the new generation of machines. Humanity has looked with indifference, as it always do, while the automatons of corporate science, corporate press and corporate war, has put the system of ‘don’t worry be happy’ at work, so the extinction of life could continue.

Their attitude has been that of spoiled children, who ‘expect’ to be always right, the Zeitgeist of our times. Children always deny the truths that don’t make them happy; and yet children are the staple food in the Darwinian Universe, always curious, coming to the nose of the Lizard that would eat them up – as CERNerds are coming closer to the Singularity that will erase them.

Now humanity is left alone in front of destiny and so I wonder like the poet did, ‘Who, if I cried out, would hear me among the Angelic Orders? For beauty is nothing but the beginning of terror, that we are still able to bear, and we revere it so, because it calmly disdains to destroy us.’

But poetry, feelings, life are not values Nuclear Physicists have ever understood. And so indeed, we always talked into deaf ears, and nothing else can be done. So we shall no longer cry on deaf ears. It is time for zen. If something happens 11/9 or in 2013, when the machine shoots again with twice its present power, or in the next super-machine already projected, and something will happen, sooner or latter when you call on the door of hell so many times, I hope those people who are now so ‘macho’, so aggressive to calm their fears instead of solving this question and prevent this tragedy, man up for the occasion. We surely will do. I doubt they will. Probably they will just get hysterical and ask for a solution no longer available. Then they should recall what mum told to other spoiled child who lost the last European Muslim kingdom to the ‘devotio iberia’ of the Spanish troops, ‘do not cry like a baby because you did not defend your kindgom like a man’. No more cries, no more appeals to the robots of corporate science. Because if those cuckoo scientists at CERN and the automaton press and technocrats that protect them do not care about themselves- after all made of flesh, not of bolts and magnetos – or respect the Laws of the Universe, why the Universe has to respect them? They can do wishful thinking and write pretentious articles with ‘ad hoc’ equations (higgs), backwards (Hawking) or plainly false (LSAG) and expect that the Universe is ‘listening’ to their papers and change the proper laws of mass and black holes (Einstein), tested ad infinitum in the past decades; they can go to Sweden, this hypocritical land of the ‘righteous’, to receive the Saint Nobel of Dynamite, and think that a go(l)d medal, given to honor the ‘Merchant of Death’ of the XIX century, and paid with the benefits of his corpses, validate his endeavors; they can waste billions of $ and called the ‘toilet particle’ the particle of God, they can convince and cheat themselves and the human lot, but that won’t change a bit the facts. They can cheat politicians with their lies about knowledge as Teller, the maker of the H-bomb did when he sold his Bomb, and made a fortune manufacturing it, to Truman with the excuse of ‘knowledge’ as CERN has done selling his Higgs Hoax. Of course Teller got the Congress Medal of Freedom, the highest reward for civil service…

Fact is, as Leibniz put it, the Universe is perfect, and that is why ‘truth exist’ and so does ‘beauty’; and that is why a corrupted culture of ego-driven, children of thought will not make it for too long. Humans still think they are above it, as children think entitled to anything they wish. In the Age of the Singularity they must be ready for a rude awakening, and the first call will be 11/9. Because the bottom line is that from an objective point of view, the Universe will be more beautiful and perfect, without the type of men that work at CERN, people with many honors like Mr. Teller had but, who was perfectly described by Isidor Rabi, a colleague: ‘I do really feel it would have been a better world without Teller… I think he is an enemy of humanity’. So it is CERN and Humanity will learn it sooner than latter, perhaps as soon as that 11/9, fast approaching in our calendars. If we are still here the day after, we will rewrite down our probabilities of extinction, since there will only be a relevant new event in 2013 at 14 Tev; but as today, as we explain in detail, in this web, there is 1/3rd of chances we will NOT be here, 2 shots of the quantum roulette… in the head of every member of Humanity – that lonely dream for whom nobody cares, which once was the collective Mind of all of Us. One thing is for sure: truth not soap will win because only truth exists, has its methods of verification and imposes itself extinguishing falsity. Indeed, only those who understand truth live forever in the eternal, fractal Universe in which we are nothing ‘but a mush covering a lost rock in one of its corners’ (Schopenhauer)


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Einstein’s mass theory

The meaning of mass: Einstein vs Higgs.

Mass is the attractive, in/forming force of the Universe; and it is merely the last, accelerated, curved motion of the gravitational force. This was explained by Einstein with his principle of equivalence between acceleration and mass/gravitation. Initially, due to the ‘mirage’ of materialism, physicists thought the principle only applied to the external, curving vortex of gravitational forces that sunk into the mass. But the mass as a solid substance was never found and all pictures have seen merely vortices of curved motions.

Now we can explain all this and take further, conceptually and mathematically the discoveries of Einstein, thanks to the advances of complexity. In this post we shall deal at the simplest possible level with  empirical, theoretical and mathematical demonstrations of those concepts, considering some of the new advances on theory of information and astro-physics, we are making departing from Einstein’s insight.

Einstein’s mass theory  (simplex) 

In Physics, according to Einstein the information of a particle is its mass. This can be easily proved theoretically, mathematically and empirically.

In the previous pictures there is an obvious empirical proof. All pictures of masses and charges appear as vortices with an accelerated inward motion. Let us now deal with the other proofs (and let us remember that truth in epistemology of science is based in 3 pillars – empirical, logical and mathematical proofs.

Einstein’s Conceptual proof.

Now this simple equation is in accordance with Einstein’s Principle of equivalence between acceleration and gravitational force. Both are the same in General Relativity. And so why we should stop this ‘comparison’ at a certain point of the accelerating vortex? Since in the Universe we have never seen ‘substance’ but only motions, it is logic to think that what we call a mass is exactly that: the final region of acceleration into a vortex of gravitational forces. Such vortex obviously offers a resistance to motion (inertial mass), which is dependent of the speed/acceleration of such motion.

Einstein’s Mathematical proof

The mathematical proof is simple, given by the 2 main equations of Einstein, which relate the frequency of information (a time parameter), the mass and the energy of physical systems:

ExT=K, E=Mc2, hence M=K/T=Kv; where v is the frequency of rotation of the vortex of mass.

Thus a mass is a vortex of space-time that carries the information of the Universe in its frequency.

This also has empirical proofs: All vortices attract inwards with a force equivalent to the strength of the rotating vortex. So a hurricane attract more when it turns faster. And so a mass, which is a hurricane of space-time attracts more the faster it turns. Moreover vortices of all kind are ‘accelerating’ inwards: Vo x Ro = K, which means that the shorter the radius is, Ro, the faster its speed, Vo, so the closer you come to the vortex, the faster it turns, the more it attracts, the stronger its gravitational force is, and the more mass it has.

But what type of accelerated motion?  Well it turns out that there are only two accelerated motions, lineal and cyclical accelerations. Further on, accelerated motions can produce forces that ‘work’. And Newton gave us a simple equation to describe ‘all’ the forces of the Universe: F = M (cyclical acceleration) x A (lineal acceleration). This is fascinating because it means that the Universe is made of 2 accelerated motions: F = M x A, where A is lineal acceleration or ‘energy’ and Mass is a vortex with more dimensional form, or cyclical acceleration, whose form and frequency carry the in-form-ation of the Universe.

Of course when we enter into deeper analysis of the mathematical details, a mass vortex is more complex. Einstein described it with a set of equations that go beyond the scope of this introduction. But there is a different version of those equations much simpler – the gravito-magnetic version, recently proved experimentally by a Probe, which are mimetic from the equations of electromagnetism.

And so since charges are obvious accelerated vortices of electromagnetic forces, it is self-evident that if masses produce a self-similar field system, they will be accelerated vortices of gravitational forces.

As Einstein put it ‘the Universe is simple and not malicious’. And so there you have, the 3 simplest, more important equations of Physics, F=m a, E=Mc2, E=hv and then the more complex, equally essential Maxwell and Einstein’s equations come all together to accept mass as an ‘internal’ property that define mass and hence need no further fields and esoteric particles to be explained.

Going beyond Einstein… following his path.

We could go into far more complex mathematical consequences for our understanding of physics and the Universe. The first and obvious one is in information theory – my scientific speciality: since gravitation is the attractive force of the Universe, it forms, it in/forms the Universe and balances the electromagnetic arrow of expansive entropy and so the Universe will not die but will follow eternal cycles of gravitational implosion and electromagnetic explosions.

Even more important is the consequences for our concept of time. As I anticipated decades ago, and recently Mr. Penrose acknowledge in ‘Time Cycles’ each mass or charge acts as a ‘small’ clock of time’, whose frequency becomes a measure of time and stores ‘information’. So time, information and gravitation are deeply interconnected, as Einstein’s Relativity proves. Those connections which always puzzled scientists, and i have explored in depth in my books and papers on complexity can now be explained rationally. In essence a mass is a time vortex, and the frequency of the vortex defines the attractive power and information it carries. So there are infinite different type of clocks in the Universe. Our mechanical clock is just one.

For that reason Einstein said ‘I am the only theorist who seems to think time goes at different speeds’ – depending on each cycle’s frequency and length and speed – the 3 key new variables to study cyclical time. He also said that ‘time bends space’. Mind the reader he didn’t say mass, as both are synonymous.

Now, we can solve some mysteries that CERN pretends to resolve.

– First, why and how energy becomes mass in that equation, E=Mc2. This is simple Energy is lineal acceleration, mass is cyclical acceleration, thus a mere topological change of the form of motion transforms one into the other. The Universe is eternal, made of motions. And so one becomes the other in the c-limit speed of our space-time membrane.

– Then why antiparticles have inverse time coordinates? Self-evident: they are time vortex that turn clockwards.

– Then, why black holes attract so much being so small? Obvious. The event horizon is the c-limit of speed that curves light into mass. So they turn at c-speed, and they are very small. Thus the frequency of its mass-cycle which is proportional to its speed and inverse to its length is the maximal possible in the Universe.

– And so why black holes DO NOT EVAPORATE? Trivial… There are so many proofs that I wrote an entire book about it. Let us resume here a few experimental, theoretical and mathematical proofs:

Theoretical. In essence Mr. Hawking as Mr. Higgs never understood Einstein, despite of making a living on denying him. Mr. Hawking believes that there is only a single time in the Universe and black holes can work as time machines. Wrong. There are infinite time cycles and you cannot go back in time, as those cycles are independent of each other and so you can only at best move backwards a time cycle. Second he thinks black holes evaporate information. Wrong. Black holes precisely create mass by bending electromagnetic space into mass as we have explained. They create, don’t erase information. 

Mathematical. What did Hawking gets wrong in his equations? The two principles of Entropy he denies, when he affirms information evaporates. But also when he thinks that an ultra-hot ‘born’ black hole, in an ultra-cold Earth’s environment is going to break the first law of thermodynamics and become a perfect machine, as it becomes even hotter evaporating. Instead the hot item cools down and evaporates the external world – our world. This any high school student knows it. Or else your coffee will evaporate and the cup freeze. Now if you interpret his equation without this conceptual error, the result is obvious: the black hole will be born exceedingly hot and so the smaller it is the faster it will evaporate the surrounding environment.

Indeed, in simplified terminology Hawking says: Mass = Konstant/Temperature.

And when we reject his entropic error enclosed in the way he dynamizes that equation all is clear: The black hole is born at maximal temperature, with minimal mass, but as temperature diminishes, its inverse parameter, mass grows, POINT. This self-evident truth is what I could not deny for theoretical and ethical reasons and got me into this nightmare (1). Why then physicists defend this absurdity? It has to do a lot with non-theoretical reasons (celebrity, mass-media, industrial profits, CERN’s policy, etc.) but also with the way ‘complicated’ arguments have always impressed people, who without fully understanding them accept it. The jargons and complicated mathematical arguments used by Hawking and other quantum theorists do that work. It is like the banker’s speech on toxic assets. That is the name we have now ‘after’ they convinced us of their enormous value. The ‘black hole factory’ is the proper name of the LHC but that won’t be accepted ‘after’ as a matter of fact, it evaporate us.

Experimental. We never saw one evaporating. All feed on mass – the faster the smaller the born black hole is. And this is proved by Novas, which grow so fast after the birth of a micro-black hole seed in his interior. And it is proved by recent observations of small black holes which are far more active than big ones. So one it is born it will grow at c-speed swallowing the Earth within seconds.

– So why light has no mass? A tautology: Light does not close a cycle, but it is a wave that deflects the cycle into an open wave. Hence it never has mass. But if we were to calculate its mass in terms of energy the higher the frequency of the web (analogous to the mass frequency) the more mass-energy it has.

– Then there is the scalar, fractal structure derived of the homology of the equations of charges and masses which however exist in two different scales. This is a key discovery for the fractal structure of the Universe and proves one of my fundamental mathematical findings: the unification equation of the G and Q Universal constants of charges and masses as two vortices of two fractal discontinuous scales of space-time, the quantum, smaller world and cosmic upper scale.

And we will return to that at the end of this article, when considering in depth the consequences of upholding and evolving Einstein’s theory of mass, instead of seeking and absurd scalar particle that explains so little…

– Finally, why the Universe accelerates between galaxies? It is accelerating and will end into pure entropy? No. Self-evident. Physicists ignore the meaning of information and mass and they have a continuous theory of space. None of that works anymore. As each time cycle ‘breaks’ space into an inner and outer region. So do the time cycles of the Universe of which the biggest clock is a galaxy that ‘warps space into time-mass’. So the acceleration of space between galaxies is balanced by its warping within them. And both balance each other: gravitation informs light-space into mass vortices, galaxies. And then light-space the substance of which our space is made, once it abandons the galaxy, stretches his frequency (doppler effect as ‘real’) till its ‘generational time cycle’ of around 10 up to 10 years dissolves it back into non-perceivable, lineal, gravitation with no form. But this and so many other fascinating results of a proper theory of time cycles require more knowledge of physics that I expect a non-physicists to have, so we shall end here the simpler version of Einstein’s mass theory.

So why the Higgs?

In that regard, what we face at CERN is not only an existential problem but an intellectual problem: quantum physicists work with a single arrow of entropy=energy, ignoring all about the sciences of information and the meaning of masses as information, forms, dimensional form; and are halting the development of true science, using the methods of religions and the military to impose their false ideologies of the Universe – censorship, bullying, money and political power. But they cannot censor, paraphrasing Einstein, ‘the thoughts of God’, the laws of the Universe, and the consequences of creating the most powerful, attractive vortices of mass of the Universe on planet Earth.

We don’t need the Higgs. The Higgs is just a mathematically poorly constructed theory that Nuclear Physicists have sold out to an audience – the establishment of the military-industrial complex… What people should understand is this: even if the Higgs was found it is only a particle related to certain reactions of the ‘temporal, informative force ‘par excellence’ of the Universe – the weak force that trans-forms particles; but it is NOT the particle that gives mass to all other vortices of space-time (aka particles), neither explains as we have done the obvious relationship between mass and size of the particle (Max. Mass = Min. size by virtue of the inward accelerated motion of any vortex) which is the rule that differentiates the different weights of each particle.

And why we need Hawking’s evaporation? 

Nobody really believed in Hawking when he published. Then as he became famous and an industry of popular physics, it became tolerated. Only when CERN needed it to prove itself ‘safe’, it became dogma not to discuss his work and simplistic negation of basic laws of physics.

But all this is not only to be blamed on physicists. They are defending their way of life at CERN. It is the people who blindly believe them as experts. Like the bankers who ab=used mankind in this crisis printing money for free because people do not understand how money is printed, physicists are abusing us because people don’t understand their maths. That is why I have made them so simple to you. In the future updates of this post, we shall develop the entire model in the themes concerned with mass and Einstein’s upgrade with more mathematical rigor. But what matters is to depart from sound conceptual analysis, which is where people and Higgs fail. Then once you have a wrong concept, maths can take you to any conclusion, as in both cases.

Update. July 2010. The incredible shrinking proton, yet another proof of Einstein’s mass theory.

This week in which the quark cannon has increased once more its record of luminosity in its slow advance towards the threshold of energies that will make possible to blow up the planet, there has been a striking discovery among serious physicists, which once more proves the absurdity of the ‘Toilet Particle’ (Nobel Prize Weinberg’s definition of the Higgs): the finding of the incredible shrinking proton that proves again what we have been telling for years – that Einstein’s theory of mass NOT Higgs quantum theory is the truth about the meaning of mass in the Universe.

Of course, the Higgs is yet to be found, after months of collisions and CERN has already set up a date, 11/9, to make strangelets – sorry, to collide lead – hence abandoning the reason why we wasted 10 billion $ and risked our lives – the finding of the Higgs Hoax.

The discovery explained easier by Dennis Overbye in the NY Times, one of the few focused journalists on the scientific press, which brings us news that matter, is by far the most important fact of science to come out this year. Since the dicrease of the radius of the proton in a normal Hydrogen atom with a light electron Vs. a heavy atom with a heavy muon instead of the electron, turns out to shrink 4% – an amazing amount for the precise calculations of quantum physics, which quantum theory cannot explain.

Simply, the long-standing value used for a proton’s radius is 0.8768 femtometers, (a femtometer equals one quadrillionth of a meter). But the study team found it to be 0.84184 femtometers. How’d they make their measurement? First, think of the standard picture of electrons orbiting around a proton:

According to quantum mechanics, an electron can orbit only at certain specific distances, called energy levels, from its proton. The electron can jump up to a higher energy level if a particle of light hits it, or drop down to a lower one if it lets some light go. Physicists measure the energy of the absorbed or released light to determine how far one energy level is from another, and use calculations based on quantum electrodynamics to transform that energy difference into a number for the size of the proton [].

That was how physicists derived their previous estimate, using simple hydrogen atoms. But this team relied on muons instead of electrons. Muons are 200 times heavier than electrons; they orbit closer to protons and are more sensitive to the proton’s size. However, they don’t last long and there aren’t many of them, so the team had to be quick:

The team knew that firing a laser at the atom before the muon decays should excite the muon, causing it to move to a higher energy level—a higher orbit around the proton. The muon should then release the extra energy as x-rays and move to a lower energy level. The distance between these energy levels is determined by the size of the proton, which in turn dictates the frequency of the emitted x-rays [National Geographic].

Thus, they should have seen the specific frequency related to the accepted size of a proton. Just one problem: The scientists didn’t see that frequency. Instead, their x-ray readings corresponded to the 4-percent-smaller size.

Now the task at hand is to check whether this study is somehow flawed, or is in fact a finding that will shake up physics.

In an editorial accompanying the report in the journal Nature, physicist Jeff Flowers of the National Physical Laboratory in Teddington, England, said there were three possibilities: Either the experimenters have made a mistake, the calculations used in determining the size of the proton are wrong or, potentially most exciting and disturbing, the standard model has some kind of problem (Discovery magazine).

Indeed, providing the findings are certain, the only explanation comes from our work in Fractal Relativity and its concept of mass, as a vortex of space-time which shrinks in radius when it grows in mass, which can be measured as a direct function of frequency as it was done in the experiment. In fact, the variability of the radius of any vortex of mass, from atoms to black holes, is one of the proofs we advance already a decade ago in our book on fractal space-time published in Spain. The reasons are obvious:

A mass, which is not given by the esoteric Higgs particle, but is an intrinsic property of a vortex of space-time, attracts like a hurricane does, the faster it turns – the higher its frequency. And so the attraction is greater inside the hurricane of space-time, where the speed of the vortex increases. Unlike the Higgs hoax this intuitive explanation of mass, based in the Principle of Equivalence between mass and acceleration, in which General Relativity is based, explains easily why the proton shrinks: the massive muon creates a fractal space-time vortex of higher mass, whose radius diminishes and whose frequency increases.

Update. May 12: Going beyond Einstein (II):  Cyclical Times: frequency, the information of the Universe. complex version: hierarchical i-scales

Long ago, following on the steps of the master (not denying him as Hawking et al do) i took to its ultimate consequences the Principle of Equivalence of Einstein, developing a Theory of multiple spaces and times.

The first task was to complete the work of Einstein with the new tools of fractal, non-euclidean geometry and simultaneous logic I had developed to advance our ‘languages of space’ (geometry/topology) and time (logic, causality), a step further to be able to study with more rigor cyclical, discontinuous space-time.

Einstein again had showed the way using the 5th postulate of non-euclidean geometry; but I realized if the fifth postulate was changed that required to change also the 4th initial ones as now ‘points’ had width to enclose infinite parallels. This mathematical r=evolution allowed me to define a new unit of non-euclidean mathematics, the fractal point, and its formalism applied to different sciences allowed me, finally, after 50 years of scientific research, to complete the task set about by the first congress of systems sciences at the death of Einstein, at Macy’s, where the biggest minds of mankind joined together to explore and define the goals of the new sciences of cybernetics, information and systems sciences.

All that knowledge poured in my scholar books goes beyond the scope of this web. It essentially represents the completion of the long seek dream of unifying quantum, relativity and evolutionary principles to into a unified theory, not only of mathematical principles (achieved through the use of the basic topological forms of the Universe, the sphere, the torus and the zero point, which all systems including humans possess) but also its logic functions. 

It also meant to correct once and for all the fundamental error physics as a science: the spatialization of time and its reduction to a single dimension of space, when Time has 3 dimensions, past, present and future, and it is space, what is a mere dharma of present time, perceived in simultaneity.

Indeed, during centuries physicists have spatialized time, because they didn’t quite understand. Einstein once was asked, ‘what is really time’ and he responded, ‘what a clock measures’. Later in his life though he acquired deeper insights important for the future of time theory, some of which have been explained above. And yet his work was simplified by Minkowski despite his protest ‘telegraphic wires don’t travel to the past’ and further misunderstood for a century to come, as physicists despite their mathematical dexterity often seem to be dyslexic in conceptual, logic thought, the language of time, and both are required to properly understand the Universe. So we need to complete the astounding wealth of knowledge physicists have gathered on geometrical space with a deeper analysis of the laws and dimensions of logical time.

Since what Physicists call time is merely the study of its relationship with parameters of space – its spatial properties, related to space and speed (v=s/t), which Einstein evolved within those limits. His biggest finding in that sense was the study of present-time, the simultaneous time-measures of his special relativity.  

However there is an entire new brave world of physics that does the opposite: studying space just as a present dimension of time and considering then the laws of all the time cycles between past and future.

This ‘physics of times’, which I developed in depth in my youth creates another mirror image of the laws of physics, seen from the perspective of cyclical time and motion, according to which space is the ‘submissive’ element – a mere present, simultaneous slice in the complex tapestry of infinite time cycles from infinite beings performing the ‘motions’ and ‘actions’ of the Universe.

This only Leibniz among the pioneers understood with his concepts of relational time and space.

In the posts of this section on the future of science  and physics – if we survive the foolishness of CERN – we will introduce a few themes of the new physics of multiple time cycles in more depth following the path of Einstein’s principle and his description of mass and gravitation as cyclical motions. We shall deal in this section with several key themes for its enormous philosophical importance to understand reality:

– The first consequence of the homology between vortices of mass and charge and time-clocks in two scales of the universe (the quantum and cosmological scale) is the acceptance that time is cyclical. This opens a new world for time theory. So we shall study the future of Time Theory, considering the main laws derived of cyclical time, computed mathematically as the frequency of a given cycle. And the consequences of a Universe made of time motions not of fixed, spatial substances – namely its eternity. Since if masses and vortices are mere cyclical motion, such universe made of ‘time motions’ will never stop…

– The future of Space Theory explaining the fractal structure of the Universe, which is not only invariant to motions as Einstein discovered, but invariant at scales and invariant in topologies and so it is Absolutely Relative, in sizes, forms and motions.

We shall consider only of this extensive theme, a key element of scalar relativity: the mathematical deduction of the Fractal Unification equation of charges and masses and its consequences for our understanding of time and space. Since it was one long quest of Mr. Einstein which would certainly deeply enjoy such discovery for its simplicity, elegance and logic power to reshape the way we see the Universe.

– The future of Entropy and the deeper meaning of the laws of Thermodynamics in a discontinuous fractal Universe – namely the creation of a second arrow of complexity and scalar information.

– To cap it all with the expansion of those laws i found in physics, when i harmonized the laws of quantum and relativity, according to their fractal scales, to all the systems of the Universe. The result was an amazing structure of simple laws that harmonized mathematics, logic, physics, biology and sociology, as we are all parts of a whole, the organic Universe, and so we all obey the same laws of ‘exi=st-ence’ as entities of energy and information (exi), words which are synonimous of space and time (st), and apply therefore to all sci-ences which study those ‘complementary’ entities of energy and information in the different scales of size and form of the Universe.

Because the unification equation of masses and charges was the last task which Einstein tried to complete, i will pay my debt to him, ending this post on his work on Mass and gravitation that Mr. Higgs and Mr. Hawking and their sponsors, CERN, deny with the solution to that still standing question of physics.

Fractal unification of charges and masses.

One of the most fascinating proofs of the fractal structure of the Universe in infinite self-similar scales of lineal forces of ‘spatial energy’ and cyclical particles of ‘informative time’ are the recently found ‘d-orbitals’ of the galaxy: two bubbles of electromagnetic energy that show the self-similarity of the quantum, electro-magnetic and cosmological, gravitational membranes of space-time. They are the 2 main fractal scales of space-time of the Universe. In this post on the future of physics (1) we introduce the mathematical equation that unifies the constants of both forces, G and Q, complementary to the Gravito-magnetic equations recently proved by Probe A, which express Einstein’s field equations in a format self-similar to that of electromagnetic forces. Of the hundreds of pages on that basic duality of space-time, we have chosen this equation to honor Mr. Einstein, who seeked for it in his last decade, but not knowing the concept yet not discovered of fractals, could not even ‘imagine’ how to proceed with such analysis. When asked at CERN on those themes, Mr. Hawking merely replied: ‘i dont understand’.  And yet since ‘the Universe is simple but not malicious’, anyone with high school knowledge of physics will be able to grasp it.

Physical Reality is made of dual energetic/informative states (complementarity principle particle-wave): Cyclic vortices/ particles develop lineal actions-waves in 2 scales, the microscopic quantum world of Electromagnetism and the macroscopic, gravitational world. Once the duality of scales and forms is understood, we unify the constants of dimensional proportionality of both types of vortices and forces, studying transversal waves of ‘lineal speed’ in both scales of the fractal universe: the c-speed of small electromagnetic waves, and we contend, the superluminal ‘action at distance’ of gravitational waves.

Let us consider the first element of that duality, unifying masses and charges of gravitation and electromagnetism as vortices of 2 different scales of space-times. Masses and charges are vortices of 2 space-time scales made of 2 relative energetic and informative motions, where gravitation is faster/more extended but carries less information than the slower/less extended world of light and electroweak particles.

The main variation of those vortices of accelerated forces is the one we observe between electronic charges and quark masses, which are the cyclical vortices of those 2 scales of reality, the scale of cosmological vortices of mass and the scale of electroweak vortices of charges.

And so we have to unify those 2 types of cyclical geometries on one side and their lineal, light and gravitational forces, on the other side, as they switch acting either as sinks of space-time (cyclical, non-lineal vortices of increasing acceleration) or as lineal, gravitational or electromagnetic waves in both scales.

Yet since electromagnetism and gravitation are self-similar accelerated vortices of 2 different fractal branes of space-time, the microscopic and cosmologic branes, it follows we should be able to treat them with the same equations of gravitation, either Einstein’s more detailed vortices, defined by the Principle of Equivalence between mass and acceleration or with the classic analysis of Newton, as accelerated vortices with the same geometrical form, whose relative proportion of energy/speed/ distance and information/curvature will be given by 2 different Universal G-Constants.

Thus, we should be able to describe both, the standard Earth-Sun gravitational vortex and Hydrogen, electron-Proton quantum vortex with the same equations, defining them according to the mass of the particles, the rotational speed and 2 different Universal constants, U.C.(i/e):

U(g), the Universal Constant of gravitation that defines a larger/ faster/less curved Gravitational membrane of masses and…

U(q) the Universal constant of charge (Coulomb) that defines a smaller, slower, more curved membrane of quantum light. Since electromagnetism has more information and less energy distance.

Further on, we will be able to prove empirically our hypothesis of 2 self-similar spatial membranes made of light and gravitational quanta, whose only difference is the i/e relative density of information/energy of its cyclical vortices, if the values of the two Universal constants, in those 2 systems (the earth-sun system and the proton-electron system), correspond to their relative empirical value, when we treat them both as mass vortices (being the gravitational constant 1039 times weaker than the charge constant).

Let us then go on with the treatment of charges and masses as Newtonian vortices of space-time. In newton’s equations a mass can be considered a cyclic, accelerated vortex of gravitational space-time defined in classic Newton Mechanics by a centripetal, gravitational acceleration: ω2r.

The same treatment can be done with Poison equations or Relativity equations, which are a static, present, simultaneous picture of Newton’s space-time vortex of acceleration, where G expresses the informative curvature of the space.

Thus if gravitational acceleration is ω2r, then F=mg=mω2r= GmM/r2, and we arrive at G=ω2r3/M. Where r is in meters and ω is angular acceleration in radians per second.

If we substitute for the Earth-Sun system’s rounded values, (the Earth’s angular velocity, ω is 2 x 10-7 radians per second; its orbital radius is 149 x 109 meters and M, the Sun’s mass is 2 x 1030 kg.), we obtain, a value for G that measures the Sun’s Space-time contraction (in static space) or formal acceleration of the vortex, equal to 6.6 x 10-11 kg-1 mrad. sec.-2, in accordance with experimental evidence. Roughly the same value of G, till now calculated empirically, is obtained for all planetary orbits.

This shows that the entire solar system is a series of self-similar gravitational vortices of space-time caused by planetary masses.

Then if we apply the model for G to the hydrogen, proton-electron atom the orbital parameters are: electron’s angular speed=4.13×1016 rad.sec.-1; Bohr radius=5.3×10-11 meters and Proton mass=1.6 x 10-27 kg. And so substituting those values in U(q) = ω2r3/M, where U(q) is the Universal constant, quantized for the electromagnetic scale as ‘q’, we obtain a value of  ±1.5 x 1029  kg-1 mrad. sec.-2.

Thus, if we treat charges as vortices of a denser space-time membrane, we obtain theoretically a U.C. (i/e) of around 1.5 x 1039 times the value of the gravitational G, U(g), self-similar to the empirical value.

Yet a theoretical calculus of those values cannot be exact ‘by chance’, unless our thesis is right. Thus, the previous calculus is a clear proof that both, charges and masses, are unified as values of the same type of space-time vortices in the 2 different scales of space-time of the Universe. And they are geometrically unified from the p.o.v. of geometrical relativity not from quantum theory, as Einstein wanted it2. Thus, the Unification equation in terms of Newtonian mechanics is simple:

Unification Equation: 

UCG,C = ω2r3/M    UCG,C x M= ω2r3   M= ω2r3/UCG,C

Where we obtain for 2 UC(i/e) values, G and Q, 2 different space/time scales and vortices acceleration (mass and  charges).

2 obvious, simple proofs of that dual, scalar structure:

– Planck’s minimal value for Mass is far bigger (10-7 g.) than the minimal value for an electromagnetic action (h), which seems to mean that the mass scale is far bigger than the quantum world.

– The entire standard model works without gravitational forces. Thus we have to postulate that particles are not ‘mass-particles’ but electromagnetic systems, which become elements of mass only when they aggregate in huge numbers, as it happens with electromagnetic photons, which become electrons of the upper scale in huge nebulae.

But we see masses as static forms. This is due to the Galilean paradox: a space-time vortex-mass becomes then statically a space-time distortion, a deformation of space-time which increases as we decrease size. Since the deformation of space-time is the same for any cycle. Hence, when we trace a smaller cycle the deformation increases. And so it does the mass and the U(w), now a static constant of deformation. This is the interpretation most often assumed of G in Einstein’s Relativity. In a simpler, classic approximation based in fluid dynamics, M/rbecomes the density of space/time and its inverse, R3/m, the displacement of space-time provoked by a given mass. It is then evident by Archimedes Principle that a bigger mass density will provoke a bigger displacement and distortion of space-time an inversely a bigger acceleration towards the central vortex. And since the density of a proton is much higher than the density of a planet, the Universal Constant for an atom is much higher and so it is its angular speed. Does the electromagnetic constant, or static curvature of an atomic system, is much stronger. So it is the density of a proton mass.

This reformulation of electromagnetism simplifies and clarifies the meaning of physics. Yet to grasp the relationships between the quantum world and the cosmos we have to transform, using the new coulomb constant, C=1.5×1029, electromagnetic parameters to the jargon of gravity, departing from its fundamental relationship:

F=UCC Mm/r2 = e2/4peor2

Then we can translate the main constants of electromagnetism (the Rydberg constant, the α constant, which denotes the strength of the electromagnetic field, etc.) to the gravitational jargon and again the results obtained are close to the theoretical value.

So it is evident that we are observing the same geometric force at different scales, explained with 2 different historic jargons. Further on, as we ‘transform’ the concepts of electromagnetic vortices to gravitational, geometric symbols, the main discoveries of Relativity apply to electromagnetic vortices.

Perhaps the most interesting simplified value under the new U(q) charge constant is the Proton radius that appears with the same formula than a black hole, Schwarzschild horizon. This means that a quark particle (a hadron, a proton, etc.) is basically a black hole of the quantum, gravitational scale and vice versa: a cosmological black hole might be a deconfined state of billions of ultra-dense quarks. In such fractal Universe, each small particle could from the perspective of a small observer a macrocosmic form. And each atom could be a galaxy. Such fractal Universe validates the Theory of Great Numbers, which are the parameters of self-repetition of the Universe, which might be from a lower perspective a mere atom or black hole of a hyper-Universe.

Yet self-similarity is not equality, an atom is self-similar to a galaxy but NOT likely a galaxy – reason why for example quantum cosmology is false. Quantum cosmologists consider ‘identical’ the scales of the cosmos and the quantum world, so they use quantum equations for all. This is a hyperbolic error. We have equations for each scale and what we can show, as we did here, is the self-similarities of scales.

All in all, it is evident that what we call a black hole or pulsar is made of quark quanta; it is a fractal of quarks. Thus we can apply to its vortices the laws of Newtonian fluids or the more complex equations of a Non-Euclidean vortices of space-time, as we do with any other ‘medium’ called a ‘phase space’ in physics. They can be considered akin to a hurricane, which is a ‘medium’ of air molecules, or to a tornado, which is a medium of water molecules. All those mediums have limits of speed, which are the same for their lineal forces and cyclical vortices:

Light space-time has a c-speed limit, which is also the limit of speed of a rotational electron vortex and a 0 K limit.

Dark energy and quark matter belonging to the gravitational membrane seems to have a c<10 c lineal and rotational speeds.

Because each space-time membrane has vortices of information and energetic, lineal forces, we need equations of self-similarity, relating informative vortices of charges and masses on one side and gravitational and electromagnetic waves on the other. This is done with gravito-magnetism, which relates cosmic gravitational, lineal waves and electro-magnetic fields. So, the gravito-magnetic formalism just needs to be properly fit within the wider concept of 2 self-similar fractal space-times, to define in self-similar terms, light waves and dark-energy waves of gravitation; as the elementary, actions-units of the 2 fractal scales.

But the previous equation is only the beginning of a true r=evolution in our understanding of both scales, its forces, laws, mathematical equations and relationships that we shall advance further in future installments on this web and kindle books published on the subject.



Scholar Versioncomplex version: hierarchical i-scales


(1) This key equation to advance physics was presented at the Madison Congress of Systems Sciences in the paper ‘the arrow of Einstein’, which at the time of my first suit to cern was being considered for publication at Physical Review. Then the paper was rejected with no further comment and the conference given at Madison Congress erased from Google scholar and ISSS servers, with no response or reposition so far despite unending complains 0-:. I have now published it in the books on ‘Fractal Universes’ and ‘The black hole factory and the meaning of mass’ available at Kindle under my name. You see the beauty of the laws of the Universe and truthful information at large is that you cannot erase it. It stubbornly keeps surfacing, despite human efforts against it, because truth ‘is’, we only ‘exist’.  So we will publish it in the future a synoptic model of ‘Physics of Times’, as needless to say those who opposed CERN have been ‘erased’ from the scholar world of  scientific magazines.

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Court ruling:’Destruction of Earth no attributable to US’

The LHC is the first machine of the age of the singularity, when new advances on technology will create machines of energy (super-colliders) and information (nano-bacteria, A.I.) that vastly overpower the capacity of this planet and the human race to control them. It could produce black holes and strangelets, responsible for Nova explosion that could blow up the Earth, as earlier as 11/9 according to internal documents leaked from the Company, which expects to produce 500 strangelets per month, despite having denied adamantly in public and in Court under oath, such possibility. Now we have a ruling….

Why this case is a historic ruling.

And so finally the judges, who took more than a year to finish their ruling, made their decision (below, followed by our reply)…

In that regard, this suit is a landmark suit in the History of Law and Ethics for two reasons:

1) In first place because the Large Hadron Collider is the first machine of the Singularity Age, an age in which machines of energy and information are reaching such power that they can destroy the Earth.

Indeed, in Complexity, the science that studies the Universe with 2 arrows of ‘creation’, energy and information, not only with energy=entropy as Physicists do, in which I am considered a leading authority, we have a simple mathematical definition of the cycle of life and death, built with the 2 arrows of time, or primary elements of reality, energy and information:

We exist through a simple cycle, called the 3 ages of life: youth, the age of energy (Max. E x Min. I), maturity, the age of balance and reproduction (e=i), and the 3rd age of information (Max. I x Min. E), when we die. And by and large the maximal number of deaths happen in the age of information or among cubs full of energy that don’t understand the dangers of existence. The wisdom of life, understood since ancient times is therefore ‘mens sana in corpore sanum’, a balance without excesses of energy and information that kill us. And yet our civilization is so in loved with machines, the modern religion of mankind, that cannot help to build ever more powerful energetic machines and weapons, which kill our bodies; ever more complex Tvs, computers and robots which hypnotize and make our mind obsolete. We are indeed killing life with over-powerful machines. But since we believe in technology we cannot recognize that those machines are now displacing us from war and labor field as they step their evolution. The LHC in that sense has crossed a barrier never crossed before: a machine of energy that can kill all of us.

Death is an overdrive of energy (as in an accident or killed by a weapon) or an overdrive of information (the wrinkles and excesses of cellular form – cancers – of the 3rd age) that breaks the balances of an organism. In that regard the superorganism of Gaia, the Earth of life can also die by an overdrive of energy (if black holes or strangelets explode the Earth into a Big-bang, making a nova), or information (if future nano-robots get out of hand and their reproduction destroys the atmosphere, or super-intelligent robots substitute man as the top predator informative species in the planet). And so during the Age of the Singularity, humans are for the first time at existential risk, as we evolve energetic and informative machines who vastly overpower our own capacities. And one of the possible solutions to that problem is to forbid the creation of those machines through the legal system. Since the corporations and scientists that create those machines will never stop making them and find always a ‘good excuse’ to justify their creation for profits or mere scientific curiosity. So what we did is to sue the company that creates the first machine of the Singularity in the hope that mankind would listen to us, take notice and prevent the evolution of those machines, halting the collider.

Instead every institution and system of power of Mankind has said: go ahead. Let’s see if this really happens… While the Nuclear Company has orchestrated the usual Dark Maneuvers to hide the real issue – an ad hominem campaign against those of us who dared to defy the corporation and a public relationship campaign with the press, fueled with its 10 billion $ budget that has calmed all public fear.

Of course, now nobody realizes of the importance of the suit, because the difamation campaign has been wildly successful thanks to the collaboration of the scientific press that has censored all our articles, has never interviewed us and it has allowed CERN and the thousands of physicists that collaborate with the company to blog all kind of insults against the Plaintiffs. So people have assumed that all those ad hominem campaigns were right and the issue of the existential risk has been ignored. But if we survive CERN, as the Age of the Singularity advances and new existential risks caused by new machines appear, the ruling of the 9th Circuit will weight on the destiny of mankind. One can think of this ruling that has given science a blind check to destroy the Earth with new technologies as the inverse mirror of Galileo’s suit that started the Age of Science. Then it seemed to everyone that this lunatic, Galileo, who pretended that his telescope saw better than the human eye – that is, he pretended that machines saw better than humans – was a mad man and the church was rightly defending the power of man on Earth. And yet as time passed, Galileo became the victor of that ruling and the church lost prestige for denying the obvious: machines can potentially overpower man and they do as weapons that kill our bodies and increasingly as minds (computers, Tvs) that substitute our world and beliefs with the fictions of their virtual world. Now, everyone in this planet has had a laugh, but as the century passes and the demise of the humankind, atrophied in their bodies and minds by the use of those machines that are making us increasingly obsolete, becomes evident, many will comment in the decision of the Judge Pregerson of the ninth circuit.

Thus, even if the Large Hadron doesn’t kill us, the case of the Large Hadron Collider was fundamental to the future of mankind. Since sooner or latter we shall create an accelerator that will be able to explode the Earth and sooner or latter we shall create the metal-nano bacteria and/or Robots that will substitute us.

2) A Court ruling that comes out precisely when the ‘destruction of the Earth’ is increasingly possible this year, 11/9 (read the previous news), as more astounding documents on the project CASTOR, ‘Centauro And STrangelet detectOR are leaked from our ‘topo’ working at CERN. And this is the second reason why this rule is important. Because in fact CERN has a serious chance to destroy the Earth, since the same Company now has recognized:

– That the events that will take place the 11/9 in lead to lead collisions have a 70% of chances to create strangelets that can devour the Earth (Exhibit A of our Appeal).

– That the ‘safety’ excuse it presented to the world – that those events will not endanger the Earth because they are self-similar to cosmic rays – is false (Exhibit B of our Appeal).

Hence CERN’s experiments are, when we multiply the probability shown in those internal documents by Team Castor, the secret Team of physicists in work of the project of creating strangelets at the LHC -as high as 70% in the event of the 11/9 –  by the population of the Earth – 6. 6 billion people – a legal genocide, which an insurance company will calculate easily as risk x endangered population: 6. 6. billion x 70/100=4.620 million human beings – one thousand times the size of the Holocaust. Even if we reduce that percentage considering that the strangelets might not start an ice-9 reaction (the reaction that can freeze the planet into an ultracold strange matter liquid, of 145 kilometers, taken from the novel, ‘cat and cradle’, the legal genocide certainly will exceed that tragedy in ‘insurance victims’. For example, with a mere 1% it would be 66 million bigger than the size of the biggest tragedy of History (the 60 million dead of II World War). And now that we know CERN will do strangelets, even the most optimist scientist – as long as it is not ‘silenced’ by CERN’s peer pressure or obliged, as their workers are, to sign confidentiality statements of zero risk – will put only 1% of risk.  And this makes the suit relevant because NOT  to judge CERN, NOT to close that facility is an ominous sign of how little we care for sustainable ‘life’ and the future of this planet.

Are we exaggerating this existential, surrealist risk? No, we are not. CASTOR documents prove the existence of a semi-secret research program with closed doors meetings, aimed to produce strangelets, abbreviate of  strange liquid, the most explosive substance of the Universe, which the most advanced literature warns us should start an ice-9 reaction and detonate the Earth into a Nova. Since strange liquid seems to be the cause of the transformation of stars into pulsars, the remnants of a supernova, with nuclei made of strange liquid.

Needless to say due to the enormous risks that producing strangelets on Earth would entitled CERN has shown an astounding duplicity, affirming in its safety statements (LSAG) and the Court that it will not produce strangelets. Meanwhile an entire team of researchers work and make powerpoint presentations in which it is given as certain that they will produce strangelets this 11/9.

It is the ‘strangelet hunt’ team of SS-experts (Strange Science experts), who works with the CASTOR detector; a mammoth instrument buried inside the ATLAS experiment of the size of a Cathedral, whose only purpose is to detect the formation of strangelets. Since those SS-experts affirm in their internal documents that they are expecting ‘certainly’ to produce Strangelets

Yet the CASTOR project goes on unreported by the press and google searches ignore this endeavor to create the most explosive substance of the Cosmos. Instead they divert you to a harmless computer within CERN, a ‘decoy’ also called CASTOR, for Cern Advanced STORage manager. No, this is not a fiction plot but one of the most astounding cases of duplicity and recklessness of a long list of criminal mishaps by corporations against the environment of this planet. This case indeed makes the British Petroleum cover up of the risks of a spill in the Gulf, which the company insisted was very unlikely in our lifetime – exactly the same expression the Amici Curiae used in their affidavits on the suit against CERN – a childish play. Because a spill of hyper-dense strangelets, falling into the Earth and eating it out till its mass is such that they start an ice-9 reaction that explodes the Earth will be definitive. Since there is no way mankind can enter the center of the Earth and close a spill of stable strangelets (see the 10 minute film that illustrate this surrealist event).

Perhaps, because, as we read in the same page, (right down), CERN has convinced those clueless journalists with its shrewd courses offered on: “How to deal with the media: maximising opportunity and minimising threat”?

More on this latter.

In any case since CERN and its associates adamantly denied in all the papers on Court that there is any chance to produce strangelets, they have committed perjury… But the Court didn’t accept those news as ‘relevant’ to the case and rejected the proofs that CERN has not only defaulted in this suit but his ‘Amici Court’, the 2 Nobel Prize Physicists, hired by this Nuclear Company to represent the US government lied. Now, we understand why in the ‘spirit’ and errors of this ruling.

The ruling.

LUIS SANCHO; WALTER L. WAGNER, Plaintiffs-Appellants,

No. 08-17389.

United States Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit.

Argued and Submitted June 17, 2010 — Honolulu, Hawaii.

Filed August 24, 2010.

Before: B. FLETCHER, PREGERSON and CLIFTON, Circuit Judges.


Walter L. Wagner (“Wagner”) appeals the district court’s dismissal of his claim against the United States Department of Energy, the National Science Foundation (collectively, “the U.S. government”), and others. The parties are familiar with the facts of this case, which we repeat here only to the extent necessary to explain our decision. We have jurisdiction under 28 U.S.C. § 1291, and we affirm.

This court can affirm on any ground supported by the record. Cook v. AVI Casino Enters., Inc., 548 F.3d 718, 722 (9th Cir. 2008). We review questions of standing de novo, Mayfield v. United States, 599 F.3d 964, 970 (9th Cir. 2010), and factual findings for clear error. Robinson v. United States, 586 F.3d 683, 685 (9th Cir. 2009). To establish standing, W agner must demonstrate (1) an “injury in fact,” (2) “a causal connection between the injury and the conduct complained of” that is not attributable to “the independent action of some third party not before the court,” and (3) a likelihood that a favorable decision will redress the injury. Lujan v. Defenders of Wildlife, 504 U.S. 555, 560-61 (1992).

Wagner cannot demonstrate that he has standing. A plaintiff alleging a procedural injury, such as Wagner, must still establish injury in fact. See Laub v. U.S. Dep’t. of Interior, 342 F.3d 1080, 1086 (9th Cir. 2003). Injury in fact requires some “credible threat of harm.” Cent. Delta Water Agency v. United States, 306 F.3d 938, 950 (9th Cir. 2002). At most, Wagner has alleged that experiments at the Large Hadron Collider (the “Collider”) have “potential adverse consequences.” Speculative fear of future harm does not constitute an injury in fact sufficient to confer standing. Mayfield, 599 F.3d at 970.

Even if Wagner has demonstrated injury in fact, he nevertheless fails to satisfy the causality or redressability prongs set out in Lujan. The European Center for Nuclear Research (“CERN”) proposed and constructed the Collider, albeit with some U.S. government support. The U.S. government enjoys only observer status on the CERN council, and has no control over CERN or its operations. Accordingly, the alleged injury, destruction of the earth, is in no way attributable to the U.S. government’s failure to draft an environmental impact statement.

CERN maintains total ownership, management, and operational control of the Collider. CERN has never been properly served, and is not a party to this case. Even if this court were to render a decision in Wagner’s favor, such a decision would have no impact on CERN or Collider operations, and would not afford Wagner the relief he seeks.[Because our determination of standing is not dependent on the identity of the Appellant, we need not address whether Luis Sancho is a party to this appeal.]


Comment and appeal.

And so the indifference of this Court to the future of the planet is bad news for Mankind.

Indeed, the most astounding paragraph of that Court ruling is the last sentence that gives title to this post, in which the Court gives CERN a rain check to destroy America in case black holes or strangelets are formed and become stable… because even if we were to prove ‘injury in fact’ for the American people, this is none of their business…

But the Court, by dismissing this extraordinary potential genocide, the biggest crime in the history of mankind, as long as there is no ‘Injury in fact’, has rendered useless any system of prevention of Technological Genocides. Indeed, unless the Earth blows up we cannot show ‘injury in fact’. But after the Earth blows up we are dead, and so unless Mr. Hawking is right and black holes are time machines that send us to the past, we shall not be able to show injury in fact.

And yet the Court tell us that this is none of its business. That we must not prevent a probable ‘ice-9’ reaction, that we must trust this corporation despite its open lies and duplicity. Nothing has been learned it seems from the British Petroleum spill. Now we have another ‘Energy Company’, sponsored by the likes of Mr. Hawking who tells us that the evaporation of black holes to the past could be a new source of energy, but if something goes wrong and those mass-bombs, strangelets and black holes,  fall to the center of the Earth, they will blow up the planet, and yet we let CERN go ahead with their plans to produce strangelets this 11/9, mirror date of 9/11…

In essence the Court has said that corporations can destroy the environment at any time, for any reason, and we shall only take care of the spills after they happen. Since we sued this company precisely for not obeying any of the National Environmental Protection Act rules both in America and the European Union, which the judges and lawyers of the government have not denied, this ruling also considers those laws of null value, as it has seeked to subvert the spirit of those laws with technicalities.

The system of justice is broken. It almost routinely favors the Government and big Corporations, which are polluting and killing Planet Earth; and this case has been treated again as one between a mammoth corporation, the Nuclear Company of Europe, and a few responsible scientists, the 2+7 plaintiffs that signed on our side. The irresponsibility of our political authorities and technocrats matches that of CERN and its big boys with a big toy, playing quantum roulette with the Earth.

And that is indeed, the bottom line of this story: the perpetrators are mostly young students like Katsas, the guy who has revealed the existence of CASTOR, in his video about his job at CERN. They are children with a big magneto eager to pull the trigger of this Russian roulette, as any kid would do if you give him a weapon. While the judges are venerable, clueless, obedient civil servants who have handled a routine ruling in favor of the ‘Government’, without realizing they have uttered a praejudicium against the Rights to Life of the Humankind – hence against all the underlying Laws of Natural Justice in which a democratic legal system should be based.

An astounding decision full of self-evident lies. CERN was served by a notary from Geneva. CERN is a part in the case but defaulted. If the court decided in our favor, the decision will brutally impact CERN with its huge cuts from all governments, limiting its experiments, delaying the collisions at high energies and opening a worldwide debate on the safety of CERN.

And certainly injury can be proved because if CERN succeeds making strangelets or black holes it will kill all Americans.

Thus, this venerable judge has failed to defend America from the biggest menace to the life of its citizens ever, obviously because it comes from our authorized, ‘exported terrorism’, the one of our industrial-military Complex, and we, the ‘righteous’, are never wrong.

Indeed, the entire planet is freaking out about the Nuclear Bombs of Iran and Korea, which certainly should be prevented from developing further those programs, but CERN is researching the next generation of nuclear bombs, ‘cosmic, quark bombs’ that can blow up an entire planet, since as today there is no mechanism of contention once a strangelet, ‘ice-9’ reaction starts as it might happen the 11/9…. nd nobody cares?! Since the arrogant physicist playing to be God, and the arrogant human being, ‘son of God’, according to religious myths or the ‘only intelligent being of the Universe’ according to scientific myths, thinks he is ‘too big to fail’… Not so in the Universe which was certainly not ‘too big to fail’ when it exploded in the big-bang that CERN is going to produce with the same explosive liquid here on Earth…

We went through the 9/11 and there are so many proofs that it could happen, and yet nobody listened. Now we shall go through 11/9 because again there are so many proofs this might happen and yet nobody has listened. The callousness of a system indifferent to life that only cares about machines, about technology, the modern religion of mankind, shows in that ruling.

The most brutal paragraphs come at the end. First we are told that only ‘injury in fact’ a posteriori can be accepted.

What Pregerson is saying is that Courts can’t prevent crimes, genocides, terrorist attacks. Governments can do preventive wars like Iraq but Courts cannot prevent the destruction of the Earth. And as if this was not clear enough, the Court rounds it up in the final, ‘technical’ concept that ‘even if Walter has demonstrated injury… the destruction of the Earth… is in no way attributable to the U.S. Government’.

Surrealism here reaches heights that Kubrick would have not dared to dream of in ‘Dr. Strangelove’, the film that inspired quantum roulette.

I understand to a certain degree that the Court does have a point to make, since Europeans are the main responsible for this weapon of ‘peace’. But the Courts in Europe were adamant not accepting those suits, which could smear the ‘Grandeur’ of Nuclear France and the German Industry of ‘peaceful weapons’. We tried with the Hague Court of Human Rights but we were told that the Court only accepts cases of genocides that have happened. In other words we have ‘preventive war’, but we do not have preventive justice. We have to be dead, we need injury in fact to claim justice against the collider or any other genocide. Do you wonder why genocides happen?

Indeed, our hopes that the American Court System kept some of the humanist, democratic values that inspired long, long ago this now corrupted nation are gone.

My impression is that this was a ‘praejudicium‘. And many signs of a lousy job show it. To start with the honorable Pregerson is the oldest living judge of the 9th circuit, close to his 90s, a Veteran of the Okinawa Battle, who spent half of the time allotted to the case making jokes about the big-bang of the Earth and arguing that he is one of the oldest civil servants of the United States – you know old folks can’t concentrate for long in current issues and tend to talk as if they were writing unconnected memoirs… Nothing of course against longevity. My father, whom I love dearly, a top lawyer and Notary here in Spain, is just 2 years younger than Mr. Pregerson, but he is retired. He cannot remember things from one day to another and we are all the time worried about him. He has fixed ideas and cannot learn anything new. He likes to talk about his youth. I thought of him when I saw Mr. Pregerson…

But this judge at this age has been handled the task of understanding the complexity of this case, fundamental for the future of mankind in the Age of the Singularity in which we live.Why he was appointed to rule this case? A probable reason could be that he didn’t have to decide but only to handle a prepared ruling. This would explain also the lousy job of the Government’s defense, the non-assistance of CERN and the 2 Nobel Prizes Amici Curiae… Indeed, at the end of the Court session, which you can hear in this tape, people congratulated us. Nobody congratulated the US attorney.

In that regard, I have two responses. One of anger towards the Court and the political system that will allow this to happen.

In this angry response I would AFFIRM that if America dies the 11/9, the date of choice by CERN to create strangelets, it will be because Mr. Pengelstron, Mr. Fletcher and Mr. Clifton stated foolishly that ‘the destruction of America (part of the Earth), is in no way preventable (attributable) to the US Government’.

In layman terms this Court is offering CERN the right to destroy America since it is ‘none of its business’. As the business of America are the politics of America, Not its people that once more have mattered nothing in their Courts. So I would ask Mr. Pengelstron, Mr. Fletcher and Mr. Clifton, what is the government of America and its Courts fundamental task, if it is NOT to defend America?

My emotions indeed run high on this, because I know it ‘likely’ will happen and I have fought for my country, as we Spaniards do, till the last drop of our blood and thoughts, with Devotio Iberica,..
I went to Court against the will of my doctors, 3 days after my arm and collarbone was smashed by ‘I don’t know who’, 3 thugs waiting at the entrance of my garage, coincidence? So I suffered a quadruple fracture. I was told those pieces were like knifes in the muscle and could cut one of my nerves and leave my arm limp, but I went on duty. And I indeed, scared my deltoid an arm nerves on the trip. So now I have reduced mobility in my right hand. I thought though on the Christian dictum, ‘if your right hand sins, pull it away’. So I went… to defend the rights of Life against the bad fruits of the Tree of Science of my people and the American people.

On the other side, the judges, who seemed to have gone to Hawaii on holidays, since they didn’t show any knowledge of this case, had only to let Humanity have a fair trial where to explain those risks, given the fact that Mr. Ellis, chief-theoretician at CERN had put it bluntly in his own words that his task was ‘to defend the LHC from mankind’.

But you Mr. Pengelstron, Fletcher and Clifton did not defend America and so you will be responsible for washing your hands like Poncio Pilate did, in front of the standard scientific truth we explained in those papers.

‘Quid is veritas?’ Pilato asked cynically ‘listen to it’ he was told. But Pengelstron, Fletcher and Clifton didn’t listen to the standard truth of science, Einstein’s work that flatly states if a Bose-Einstein condensate of quarks, aka strangelet, or a black hole is formed at CERN, we will all be dead.

Old men and children, in the two extremes of life, never listen, as the judges and perpetrators of this potential genocide – the children of thought working at CERN, with outdated theories of physics, who know nothing about the beauty of the Universe, we complexity theorists are discovering –  have done.

Yet even though my belief in justice and the Court system is greatly diminished by this ruling; even if Mr. Pregerson seems to have said what he has been told, we will appeal to the full body of 9 judges…

It might be late, since the judges only have now a month left before the experiments of 11/9 start up. But that will not be my fault. In any case, I cannot abandon the suit, the cause even if it is lost, is more important than my anger, my arm, my dwindling resources, my lost reputation, the cause is the only cause worth to fight for – the survival of our nations, cultures, identities, of our species…

So I have to give another chance to Mr. Pengelstron; I have to return to Hawaii, if we are still here, so those judges might have a third chance to defend America, a microcosms of Humanity from the LHC, as I have always tried to do, instead of siding with Mr. Ellis who ‘defends the LHC from mankind… As we say in spanish ‘a la tercera va la vencida’.

Thus, Walter and me decided to appeal ‘En Banc’ to the Court. Since it is obvious that the 3 judges have failed to defend mankind/America from the LHC, but 9 just men perhaps can do it, if they were able to think by themselves and think on protecting mankind, NOT the LHC, CERN and DOE:

No. 08-17389

(D.C. No. 1:08-cv-00136-HG-KSC)


















(Fed. R. App. P. 35; 9th Cir. R. 35-1 to -3)


Petitioners request En Banc hearing of the above-entitled appeal on the basis that the proceeding involves a question of exceptional importance, and on the basis that consideration by the full Court is necessary to secure uniformity of the Court’s decisions.

This Petition for Rehearing En Banc is timely filed within 45 days of the August 24, 2010 decision date of the appellate tribunal Panel affirming the underlying appeal.



Defendants and Appellees US Department of Energy (DOE) and European Center for Nuclear Energy Research (CERN) have engaged in a joint collaborative effort in the construction, maintenance and operation of a machine (Large Hadron Collider, aka LHC) designed to smash atoms together at energies that do not exist in Nature, in an effort to create new forms of matter referred to in the scientific literature as “strange-matter” or “strangelets”. This type of matter is believed to have existed in the earliest history of the Universe, but no longer exists. Defendant/Appellee DOE has funded approximately 10% of the construction costs (in excess of $500,000,000) of the LHC, and continues to fund ongoing experimental operations costs.

Plaintiffs and Appellants Luis Sancho and Walter L. Wagner are scientists who are concerned with the evident duplicity of Defendants in telling the general public, via press releases and other communications with the general media, that the LHC will simply recreate events which occur routinely in the Earth’s upper atmosphere by way of natural cosmic ray bombardment, but in a controlled laboratory setting. If such were the case, Plaintiffs would not have filed suit. Rather, in their own internal documents CERN acknowledges that the LHC will create conditions “beyond the reach of cosmic rays” in their quest to create this new form of matter, known as strange matter or strangelets because of the large number of “strange quarks” composing it.



Contrary to the appellate tribunal Panel ruling, CERN was properly served by Maitre Marco Breitenmoser, Huissier Judiciaire. Mr. Breitenmoser effected the very best type of service possible. He hand-delivered the certified copy of the Complaint to the CERN Legal Department located on the property of CERN in the jurisdiction wherein he serves as a Huissier Judicaire, namely Switzerland. CERN cannot complain that they did not receive notice of this suit, but instead chose to default and not file an Answer. That service document is in the possession of this Court and it was also published in the public domain (1). Thus Defendant CERN is in this suit, even if it is not present at Court, and this Court has jurisdiction over CERN, even if CERN chose not to participate. The US Attorney’s argument on behalf of Defendant CERN that some other type of service should have been effected is an argument that could only be made in Switzerland, not in US Courts, which have long recognized that actual service upon a party, informing them of the proceedings at hand, is the intent and purpose of Service of Process and such actual service, providing a court-conformed certified copy of the Complaint designed to inform a party of the pending proceedings, confers jurisdiction of the Court upon that party.



The ruling affirms that (2) the plaintiffs must demonstrate “a causal connection between the injury and the conduct complained of” and that an ‘Injury in Fact’ requires some “credible threat of harm.” Credible threat of harm has been proven ad nauseam by Plaintiffs/Appellants using ‘standard science’. If the LHC forms this novel type of matter known in theory as strange matter or Strangelets, it will form an explosive quark-liquid, ruled by the so-called Einstein-Bose statistics. Since according to the most advanced laws of standard Strangelet science (MIT, Shanghai Institute of Higher physics (2)), if created, Strangelets will start an “ice-9” reaction that will devour the Earth, converting the planet into a 15 kilometer diameter ‘rock’ of ultra-dense strange matter. Additionally, since according to Einstein, whose Relativity theory is standard science in all things referent to black holes that might be produced at the LHC, those ultra-dense forms of mass known as micro black holes will absorb all the matter of the Earth, destroying the planet should they be produced several years hence when such proton-proton collisions are planned at the highest energies at the LHC.

This Court must understand that standard science is not speculative or probabilistic. When we switch on a light, the standard laws of electromagnetism discovered by Maxwell imply that if the circuit is not broken, light happens. This is called the ‘Totalitarian Principle’ of Physics, which states that ‘all that is not forbidden by the laws of physics is compulsory’(3).

On the other hand, Defendant CERN uses ‘speculative theories’ trying to justify the existence of “no-risk” for both micro black hole creation (the so-called Hawking’s radiation, never observed and never proved since it is based on the speculation that black holes travel to the past and evaporate, which is like saying that the dead resurrect to the past (4)) and for Strangelet creation. While in the case of Strangelets, knowing its enormous danger (and hoping the risk is small, which apparently is their faith) but evidently not wanting to jeopardize their funding, Defendant CERN has blatantly lied to the public affirming that strange matter (aka Strangelets) cannot be produced, while at the same time readying experimentation in an effort to detect such Strangelets (the CASTOR experiment, infra).

Indeed, since the appellate tribunal Panel’s ruling took place, plaintiffs have received internal documents from CERN’s servers which prove CERN has lied repeatedly to the public, by stating that:

-“Strangelets will not happen at the LHC”.


the experiments taking place at the LHC are safe because they happen constantly in the Universe.” (5)

Both safety statements are false. Since CERN:

– Has designed and installed a particle-detector machine called CASTOR, acronym for Centauro and Strangelet Object Research, to observe the creation of Strangelets at the LHC (Exhibit A).

Defendant CERN affirms in closed door Conferences and documents released for internal consumption that:

– Lead on lead atomic collisions, which will start potentially as early as this November, 2010, will have more energy than natural cosmic ray collisions (which are primarily Proton on Nitrogen/Oxygen) for Lead on Lead, and so in those collisions “events can be expected to show exotic phenomena [strangelets] that is beyond the reach of cosmic rays”(Exhibit B).

– And CERN gives a probability of detecting strangelets in those collisions at low energy of 70%; and at high energy of 65% (Exhibit C).

It is the contention of Plaintiffs that those statements completely change the nature of this suit, since now “injury in fact” is not speculative but proven by CERN’s internal papers as a serious potentiality, should the intended creation of strange matter go awry, and the newly created strangelets are spilled from the LHC and engage in the runaway fusion reactions theorized in scientific articles, instead of the hoped-for benign fizzle.



Further on, given this new evidence and the number of potential victims of those experiments (namely all mankind), CERN is committing an Act of Terrorism that gives Jurisdiction to this Court under the US Civil Code. In all cases of ‘International or Domestic Terrorism’, which can put at risk the life of millions of people; the Patriot Act’s amendments to the Civil Code (Section 802, 803 and 3077 of US Civil Code) expressly gives Jurisdiction over those crimes to ‘any Federal judicial district as provided by law.’ (6)

Thus, contrary to the appellate tribunal Panel ruling, which states that “even if Wagner (sic) demonstrated…injury in fact… the destruction of the Earth is in no way attributable to the US government”, under this new evidence the US Government has, according to the US Code, both the obligation and the legal capacity to intervene. Since now there is a possibility of ‘Acts of Terrorism’ involving nuclear substances that can cause ‘mass destruction’ (6).

In the suit Plaintiffs quoted the Patriot Act’s amendments to the US Code that permits Federal Courts and the American government to intervene when there are Acts of Terrorism or nuclear substances that can harm American lives. Now the Exhibits show further proofs of those acts. Thus, the Court must accept jurisdiction under the US code, enjoin the Defendant DOE from funding CERN, and ask the US and European Governments to stop those experiments.



The appellate tribunal Panel ruling is based on the premise that the only ‘injury in fact’ there must be, in essence, is the actual destruction of the Earth (not the potential destruction), as to be enough proof to enjoin CERN. Yet such ‘injury in fact’ in such case means our extinction. So not even then could we denounce CERN, as we would not be here. That appellate tribunal Panel ruling though no longer applies under the newly discovered evidence (Exhibits A and C), since ‘injury in fact’ is not speculative, but rather strongly evidenced by the fact that CERN intends to create strange matter, contrary to its public posturing and its indirect assurances to this Court via the Amici Curiae (who appear themselves to be misinformed and/or deceived by CERN). Such duplicity on the part of Defendant CERN, coupled with the strong likelihood that such strange matter could engage in runaway fusion (2), is all that is needed for there to exist the requisite ‘injury in fact’ as envisioned in NEPA and the Environmental Impact Statements (EIS) mandated whenever such potentialities exist.

So this Court can no longer deny Jurisdiction on those grounds, or else the honorable judges would imply that we should scrap all prevention of crime including the prevention of genocides; that we should allow rapists to stalk their victims because there is no injury in fact; that we should let people menace the life of others with weapons or threats, because there is no ‘injury in fact’; that restraining orders and Injunctions should be scrapped all together until there is in fact an injury, and not an ‘injury in fact’.



The ruling implies that if (3) ‘a likelihood that a favorable decision will redress the injury’, the case must be accepted. And this is indeed the case herein. Since this September’s $133.4 million cut over a five-year period to 2015 by European Governments which have also been funding CERN has resulted in a one year delay on the upgrades to the Large Hadron Collider’s beam intensity that would increase the dangers of injury and the shutting down of all other accelerators in 2012. Thus, eliminating the US DOE contribution will further imperil and delay LHC’s operations and the injury it will cause on plaintiffs. (7) Further, eliminating the funding of the intended experimentation (and not the general operations funded by CERN’s European support, which funding is significantly reduced), which is the current primary US funding, would also serve to redress the injury.

This Court must be aware that neither the US DOE nor CERN have carried out the environmental impact studies required by NEPA, even though the US contributed $531 millions to CERN – a quantity far larger than the total sum invested in many other projects in which environmental impact studies were carried out.

In that sense we must learn from past mistakes of the US Government. Indeed, as the Washington Post recently denounced (8) that the ‘U.S. exempted BP’s Gulf of Mexico drilling from Environmental Impact Study’ since BP contended that an oil spill was “unlikely” in our lifetime, and requested exemption from producing an EIS. This “unlikely” is exactly the same word used by CERN’s Amici Curiae, Mr. Sheldon Glashow, to deny the possibility of creation of strange matter or strangelets (9), which the exhibits show CERN believes in fact it will produce with a 70% probability of detection. Thus even if this Court trusted the Amici Curiae – unaware of the duplicity and willful blindness of CERN – and it believed there was no risk of ‘injury in fact’, under the new evidence of those exhibits, it must consider that as in the case of BP, a spill will quite possibly happen. Mr. Glashow’s affirmation is contradicted by the very same CERN Company in its internal documents that affirm exactly the opposite – the ‘likely’ possibility of creation of those spills.

Indeed, Mr. Katsas, one of the scientists in charge of the CASTOR detector plainly states in one of those documents: “My name is Panos Katsas. I work as an experimental physicist for the CASTOR forward calorimeter of CMS and my main area of interest is the study of exotic events in heavy ion collisions, especially the identification of strangelets, which are likely to be produced.” (italics added for emphasis) (10)

The difference between both types of spills however is significant:

A spill of hyper-dense Strangelets, falling into the Earth will convert by a runaway fusion reaction more and more atoms into an ultra-dense strange liquid, until its mass is such that it starts an ice-9 reaction, exploding the Earth due to the release of enormous fusion energy, which will be irreversible. (This is no different than the fusion reactions of so-called Hydrogen-bombs, which have a runaway fusion reaction until all utilizable fuel has been consumed, allowing for H-bombs of any size. In the case of Strangelets, the utilizable fuel would be all of the atoms of earth, not just heavy-Hydrogen atoms which are otherwise rare on earth.) This is because there is no way mankind can enter into the center of the Earth and close a spill of stable Strangelets, as British Petroleum has been able to do with great difficulties and environmental damage to the American coast in their Gulf Spill, which was only one mile down from the sea surface.



Plaintiffs/Appellees have thus shown that:

– CERN recognizes it will attempt to produce strangelets, and standard science has proven that strangelets could blow up the Earth (2):

– Injury in Fact is proven (1); and “a causal connection between the injury and the conduct complained of” is proven, given the fact that the US is on Planet Earth (2) (11).

– Defendants CERN and DOE are acting with Criminal Negligence and Recklessness, imperiling the life of all the citizens of America by conducting those experiments, which can cause a spill of Strangelets. Hence they are under the jurisdiction of this Court under both NEPA and the US Code against ‘Terrorist acts’.

Since ‘a likelihood that a favorable decision will redress the injury (3) is shown, this Court must rule immediately against Defendants CERN and the DOE, issuing a temporary Restraining Order until a full Hearing thereon can be held, enjoining the US DOE so as to prevent further funding of those Experiments under NEPA and under the obligations set by the US Code, titles 802, 803 and 3077, and further requesting the European Governments with territorial jurisdiction over CERN (Switzerland and France) to stop the ‘likely’ creation of Strangelets in those experiments.

DATED: October 3, 2010

______________________________ __________________________________

Walter L. Wagner Luis Sancho


(1) Published at

(2) In the article “Will Relativistic Heavy-Ion Colliders Destroy Our Planet?” 470 Phys. Lett. B 142-148 (1999); Dr. Rujula, who works at CERN and denies any risk in his public statements for this company CERN states “Imagine that, for some unforeseen reason, there is a ‘valley of stability’ for negative strangelets. Suppose that, somehow, such an object is produced in a laboratory high-energy reaction and that it survives the collisions that eventually bring it to rest in matter. The negative strangelet would attract a positive nucleus and may eat it. The resulting object may loose positive charge and adjust its strangeness by electron capture or positron β -decays. The new strangelet may be negative again, and maintain an appetite for nuclei. If its mass grows to some 0.3 ng (A 2 × 1014) it falls to the centre of the Earth, for its weight overcomes the structural energy density of matter (109 erg cm−3 or 0.1 eV per molecular bond). At a mass above 1.5 ng, for a typical nuclear density, the object becomes larger than an atom and the positron cloud that it has been developing sits mainly inside the strangelet itself (for stable strangelets that have grown this large, the sign of Z is immaterial). Even without the help of the Coulomb attraction, gravity and thermal motion may then sustain the accreting chain reaction until, perhaps, the whole planet is digested, leaving behind a strangelet with roughly the mass of the Earth and 100 m radius. The release of energy per nucleon should be of the order of several MeV and, if the process is a run-away one, the planet would end in a supernova-like catastrophe.” (underlining added for emphasis)

While in the paper “New solutions for the color-flavor locked strangelets” G. X. Peng, X. J. Wen, Y. D. Chen from the ‘Institute of High Energy Physics’ of China and the Center for Theoretical Physics at MIT, Cambridge, USA present ‘solutions to the system equations where CFL strangelets are slightly negatively charged.’ Further on, they give estimates that show they will ‘certainly’ be produced at the energies to take place at the LHC. The paper can be downloaded at:

(3) The totalitarian Principle of quantum Mechanics was found by Nobel Prize Gell-mann, who also discovered the quarks that form those strangelets:

(4) This absurd theory has been exposed by Mr. Hawking in his book ‘Black Holes and Baby Universes (1993)’ where he affirms that Black holes are ‘time machines’ and doors to ‘Baby Universes’; and in ‘The Universe in a nutshell’ where he affirms they can be used to travel in time and ‘kill your grand-father’. Further on Mr. Hawking denies ‘Einstein’s standard theory of black holes’ in his article ‘The quantum mechanics of black holes; SciAm; Jan. 1977, where he flatly stating without any proof that ‘Einstein is double wrong’. We could reply with Mr. Einstein’s own words about such improbable theories: “Every theory is speculative. If, however, a theory is such as to require the application of complicated logical processes in order to reach conclusions from the premises that can’t be confronted with observation, everybody becomes conscious of the speculative nature of the theory. In such case an almost irresistible feeling of aversion arises…”

Those are indeed the characteristics of Mr. Hawking’s theory, reason why he has never received a Nobel Prize given only to proved theories as Mr. Einstein did. So this Court must consider Einstein’s work on Relativity and Quark Fermion condensates the standard theory of black holes and strangelets, which considers certain the destruction of the Earth if any of those two types of ultradense matter appear on this planet .

(5) CERN states in ‘The Safety of the LHC’ at that: “The LHC, like other particle accelerators, recreates the natural phenomena of cosmic rays under controlled laboratory conditions, enabling them to be studied in more detail.” Thus, it affirms those experiments are safe because “Over the past billions of years, Nature has already generated on Earth as many [cosmic rays] collisions as about a million LHC experiments – and the planet still exists.” Yet exhibit B shows that the ‘serious’ internal reports of the CERN Company expect events never found in cosmic rays in the Lead on Lead atomic collisions starting potentially as early as this November, 2010. Regarding Strangelets in the same page on ‘The Safety of the LHC’ CERN states flatly that “Strangelets cannot be produced” contradicting its own conferences for ‘specialists’ on the CASTOR Detector that will search for them (Exhibit A and C).

(6) On view of the recognition by CERN that it will produce strangelets (F, Exhibit C) that could extinguish life in this planet, CERN’s actions should be considered an act of Terrorism, which falls under Federal Court jurisdiction. Since it applies to CERN Section 3077(1) of title 18, United States Code, Section 802 and 803 and its amendments by the Patriot Act, ‘Title VIII—strengthening the criminal laws against terrorism’ that affirm:

‘‘(1) ‘act of terrorism’ means an act of domestic or international terrorism as defined in section 2331.

(5) the term ‘domestic terrorism’ means activities that— ‘‘(A) involve acts dangerous to human life that are a violation of the criminal laws of the United States or of any State; ‘‘(B) appear to be intended— ‘‘(iii) mass destruction.

(b) A violation of this section may be prosecuted in any Federal judicial district in which the underlying offense was committed, or in any other Federal judicial district as provided by law.’’

Specifically this Court should consider the cases of Terrorism in which the Code allows intervention of US Government: Section 831 (relating to nuclear materials), section 2332b (relating to acts of terrorism transcending national boundaries) and finally section 236(a) (relating to sabotage of nuclear facilities), Since the LHC in which the US invested 531 million $ can be destroyed by those experiments.

(7) See

(8) See the article “U.S. exempted BP’s Gulf of Mexico drilling from Environmental Impact Study” at:

(9) Both B.P. and CERN lied, saying a spill was ‘unlikely’. B.P. ‘unlikely’ statement can be found at:

CERN’s ‘unlikely’ statement on the creation of strangelets by Amicus Curiae, Mr. Glashow can be found in his Amicus Brief, “Argument I. Appellants allegations of a safety risk at CERN and injury to them are purely hypothetical, speculative, and not credible”. This again is in open contradiction with CERN’s conferences on CASTOR and the fact that CERN has spent important amounts of time and money, constructing a detector of strangelets and giving ‘week conferences’ on them (Exhibit A, C.)

(10) Mr. Katsas’ statement can be found at: bottom, left.

(11) See Google maps if the Court doubts of the ‘causal connection’ between America and Planet Earth.


Exhibit A

The Castor Project, acronym for Centauro and Strangelet Object Research, was installed by CERN at the CMS experiment. CERN therefore expects to find strangelets in the lead to lead collisions, starting this 11/9, despite its public statements and the statements in court of the Amici Curiae, who denied such possibility as ‘very unlikely’. The top of Exhibit A is the internet address for Castor posted above. Bellow a Castor picture also found there. Exhibit C is found on the right side list on ‘presentations’ -> ‘conferences’ → P. Katsas, Strangelet hunt at CMS’. In many documents on those pages the scientists of Team Castor state that Strangelets will be produced ‘likely’ with a probability between 65 and 70%

Exhibit B

Exhibit B shows the duplicity of CERN, which affirms in internal documents that the Pb-Pb collision ‘events can be expected to show exotic phenomena [strangelets] that is beyond the reach of cosmic rays’

Exhibit C

Exhibit C shows that CERN expects to produce Strangelets with a probability of 65/70% which makes the risk of extinction of Earth, unacceptable for governments. Since a 67% of risk calculated as Insurance companies do with risks of catastrophe, by multiplying the probability by the potential victims means a legal genocide of 67.5% x 6.6 billion human beings = 4.324 billion – 1000 times the size of the Holocaust. Hence those experiments must be stopped immediately.


Epilogue: A brief history of the Atomic Cannon: why indeed CERN’s destruction of Earth will be ‘business as usual’, by the ‘usual suspects’.

Despite my previous criticism, I do not believe though the judges we have met are reckless as this company is. They have probably acted with wishful blindness, under the truth of authority. Yet the outcome of their judgment might be the same: a potential genocide on a scale never witnessed on Earth. Since the Court will probably delay the new hearing after the 11/9 strangelet experiment has taken place. Still if we survive that experiment we will have to face an upgrade of power that will again bring both extinction scenarios, the black hole and the strangelet with renewed force in 2013… So we must continue the fight for ‘mankind against the LHC’ in all fronts.

Unfortunately it seemed obvious to us in both suits that the venerable judges, because of their trust on the military and the American government, against which we put the suits, didn’t understand the real dangers for the life of America and the Earth at large of ‘quark cannons’, the real name of accelerators like the LHC. So we shall finish this post explaining the history and dangers of them, in the simplest possible terms.

All those atomic cannons were funded to study nuclear reactions that could be use latter to create bombs. The study of particles became then a collateral benefit of the study of future Nuclear Weapons with atomic cannons. And so a natural synergy occurred: the first ‘tiny’ bombs were explored in the atomic cannon. And those reactions which were susceptible of further military use, would be studied in more detail and if suitable, a larger ‘critical mass’ would be built and a Nuclear Bomb exploded.
Now, unfortunately the ‘detonator substance’ of the quark bomb, are a mere thousands of quarks, which weighs so little that the quark cannon can do the job of starting the mass-reaction, without the need to evolve further a quark bomb.

We discovered in the last decade, when the machine was already commissioned and could not be stopped without shutting down CERN, that a quark condensate is the cause of Nova and Supernova explosions that create pulsars, before thought to be made of neutrons, now known to have a quark-gluon soup in its center. Thus,  if a quark-gluon soup exploded with such force as to dilate space-time to the limits of the Universe and a tiny quantity of it starts a Nova reaction, it is obvious that the same quark soup will blow up of the Earth. Let us explain why:
The Universe of matter and energy is built as a Russian doll: each time we perforate further into the doll we uncover new, smaller layers of increasing energy/mass. Since a weapon is an instrument that kills by releasing an overdrive of energy that erases the information of life, the best weapons are cannons and bombs that break with an explosion a deep layer of the Russian Doll of the Universe, releasing its inner energy that erases the information of life.
In that regard, the evolution of artillery is dual. On one side cannons have increased their precision in order to perforate and release the energy accumulated in ever tinier bits of matter. On the other side, bombs have increased the quantity of the explosive material they carry, increasing their destructive power. Thus, the first cannons and bombs released gunpowder energy – the physical, outer cover of lesser energy – with limited precision. In the XVII century Galileo improved that precision, studying cannonball trajectories and setting the foundation of the science of ballistics, soon a fundamental part of physics. Then, in the XIX century, Nobel discovered chemical explosives that released the next, molecular, chemical cover. So bombs and cannons improved in explosive power. And the Nobel Prize was set up with the benefits of war…
It was only left to explode the atom, which is made of an electroweak cover and a strong nuclei of quarks. Thus, the final horizon on the evolution of artillery was the atomic cannon. It first perforated the atom in 1936, in Nazi Germany, causing its fission. Soon the atomic bomb released the energy of that ‘electroweak’ cover of the atom. Then cyclical cannons were discovered; and so the bullet could turn around the barrel as many times as needed to perforate further the atom, allowing the fusion processes that gave birth to the Hydrogen Bomb. Now in its 3rd evolutionary age, the atomic cannon will explore the next ‘russian doll’ of energy/mass – the quark. So in the XXI century the Quark cannon will open the final, ‘solid’ Russian doll of ‘strong’ quarks, which accumulate 99% of the mass-energy of the Universe, provoking a big ‘bang’ so enormous that it could blow up the entire Earth.
It is the culmination of a long evolution of Atomic cannons that dates back to the age of the Manhattan project that created the first atomic bombs in the 1940s. Indeed,  the 1st Atomic Bomb was intended to be also an Atomic Cannon that would shoot 2 halves of a critical mass of plutonium, but due to its enormous size, physicists opted out for a smaller Bomb, which was detonated with chemical explosives (dynamite), instead of using a cannon barrel that had to be transported in a super-carrier ship.

Thus, the quark cannon/bomb means a growth of explosive power similar to the jump that happened between atomic weapons and dynamite, but far more dangerous, for 2 reasons:
– The quark cannon will cross for the first time in history the 1 teravolt barrier of energy that causes the death of our electroweak matter – what physicists call the ‘breaking of electroweak symmetry’. Symmetry is a property of all entities of Nature. For example, humans have bilateral symmetry, meaning we have 2 eyes, 2 ears, 2 legs, and if our symmetry breaks because we are axed in half, we die. So happens to our electroweak matter when it ‘breaks its symmetry’. It dies.
– The explosion a quark bomb produces is similar to a fire in the sense that once the fire/quark bomb starts it is self-sustained mass-bomb (M=e/c2), as the combustible is all the matter of the Earth – all the wood of the forest, converted into ashes – till it becomes a small, ultra-dense lump of quark matter, a strangelet, quark star, pulsar or black hole.
The quark cannon is plainly speaking a Damocles sword that will hang over all of mankind, as the Nuclear Company that manufactured it shoots every day protons and lead to make the most dangerous substance of the Universe, ‘quark matter condensates’.  During 2 years, with increasing power, we shall enter a region in which the most dangerous, attractive substance of the cosmos, quark matter condensates, could become stable and feed on Earth’s electroweak matter. As in the Greek legend in which each day the sword hangs on a thinner thread over the throne of Damocles, the quark cannon will be each day more dangerous, as the Company ramps up its power during 2 years in which the cannon promises to reach finally over 1000 teravolt shots in lead to lead collisions in Christmas 2012…
If the existence of the Damocles Machine is bad enough, as in the legend, the nightmare becomes complete when we realize that only Damocles – only a few nuclear physicists – know the secrets of the quark cannon and they cannot reveal them to the rest of mankind, because they will loose their kingdom, their jobs and position of power as the ‘high priests of science’, who have never been made responsible for the enormous harm their weapons have caused to mankind. So none of them talks of the dangers of the quark cannon, only of the incredible discoveries it will bring to the human species…
Indeed, to understand while mankind has paid for the quark cannon, we must consider a historic overview of the ways in which the military-industrial system has evolved and markets today successfully its weapons to governments and public alike, brushing off any opposition with the usual tools of industrial marketing and political corruption.
It is a deja vu experience in the world of nuclear weapons. Physicists at CERN do not want to blow up the Earth; and so, as anyone in the military profession of making or using weapons, for decades they have found ‘intellectual reasons’ to justify the industry of atomic cannons. Already Teller convinced Truman of the need to make Hydrogen bombs, because they were needed to ‘know better’ the atom. Then he proposed a H-Bomb made with his company at stratospheric price to blow up THE WHOLE URSS, backed by the entire nuclear community. Eisenhower realized of this MAD strategy and called Krushev starting the process of disarmament. Again Lederman invented the Higgs hoax and sold it to Reagan as ‘God’s particle’ to get 13 billion for the Texas quark cannon. Clinton far more intelligent realized of the dangers, uselesness and tag prize and cancelled.

But those turn out to be small changes. What really changed was the ‘newspeak’ the nuclear industry uses today to promote the evolution of nuclear weapons. Since those are no longer ‘politically correct’ words, now we use the newspeak of research to keep doing the same: evolving nuclear weapons.

This is also the case of DOE, ruled by Mr. Chu, a physicist who invented a laser machine, and was awarded for that minor feat of engineering a Nobel Prize, who was the boss of another ‘research lab’, which invented and evolved the first accelerators – the Livermore Laboratory.

Yet according to the DOE Lab Tables, 85% of Livermore Lab’s current budget request is earmarked for weapons activities. Less than 1% is earmarked for energy conservation and clean energy sources. Mr. Chu, probably is the man that has given the ultimate word in this suit – dismissal at any price. He was running accelerators in the past. He cares very little if anything at all for environmental laws, as he clearly showed in his initial backing of British Petroleum, letting them drag for months a solution to the spill and always approving their reports – when it turn out latter the spill was 10 times bigger. And obviously he is the ‘strong man’ in Obama’s administration, in all things related to science.

Though I would suggest Mr. Obama not to listen to this man, the new Teller of the Nuclear industry and instead call Messieur Sarkozy and do the same Eisenhower did: to abort  the nuclear industry 3rd attempt to create a doomsday weapon…. Since as they say in spanish ‘a la tercera va la vencida'(3rd time always happens). Indeed, the excuse of knowledge is weakened as the fundamental particles of the Universe are ALL discovered, diminishing the ‘scientific returns’ of those weapons; while on the other hand, the dangers increased, as the potency of atomic bombs and cannons increased. The quark cannon has definitely tilted the balance: the risk are far bigger than the knowledge we shall extract from it.
But the Nuclear company of Europe did not want to shut down, so it found 3 excuses to dilute the dangers: ‘denial of dangers’, ‘excuses of knowledge’, and ‘ad hominem campaigns’ against those who opposed them, paid by with the enormous 10 billion $ budget given to the company to build the machine.

– CERN diluted the dangers with false statements that portrayed the quark cannon as a harmless cosmic ray factory, when it is a fact of science that quarks and cosmic rays are completely different kind of particles. We have, in fact, excellent cosmic rays observatories and we never found quarks in cosmic rays. So we have in a surrealist twist a factory of a certain, dangerous substance, quarks, which is not mentioned in all its communiques, but substituted by a harmless one, cosmic rays. Imagine a factory of missiles that would systematically affirm, it produces only knives. But in an age in which research journalism is dead, it has been possible to pull out this kind of lie.Further on, we have  now proofs in internal documents at CERN that affirm exactly the opposite: that the LHC is designed to explore energies and masses beyond the reach of Cosmic rays. This is why we accuse this company of perjury and Criminal Negligence.

– Then, during all the years in which the company lobbied for money to construct the machine, it made marketing campaigns affirming that this machine will prove a series of fringe theories, pumped up as the ‘meaning of it all’:
The company said that the quark cannon would find ‘God’s particle’, a hypothesized particle called the Higgs, which according to the company shall explain the meaning of mass. This again is false. The particle is self-similar to a well known quark, the top quark. It has the same mass and properties, and so it is very likely, since the Universe is efficient and not redundant, that the Higgs, which we haven’t found in 30 years, does not exist at all but it is the already known top quark and the ‘God’s particle sting’, just a trick to get funding for a ‘new, stupendous discovery’ that will never happen. Further on, even if it exists it is only useful to explain a reaction, the death of our matter, as neutrons and protons decay into 2 particles called W and Z, which are related to the Higgs=Top quark (the sum of their masses is that of a Higgs/Top: W+Z=T). So this hypothetical Higgs merely would be the catalyzer of the death of our matter. And a factory of Top/Higgs quarks means only a factory that will kill our matter, and if the reaction goes out of hand, all the matter of the planet Earth.
Apart from that, the Higgs/Top does not explain at all the meaning of mass, or gives mass to other particles. This is nonsense. It is just one more particle of the zoo of the Universe.
So all that marketing about the Higgs/Top, being ‘God’s particle’ and the most important particle of the Universe is ludicrous.

For all those reasons, the 2 most important physicists alive, laugh at the Higgs. Mr. Weinberg, the Nobel Prize, discoverer of the weak force, called it ‘the toilet particle’ to flush in a vortex of mass of Dr. Einstein. Mr. Wilczek, discoverer of the strong force, says that masses are the frequencies of a whirl of space-time; and that is the only explanation of mass there is. Obviously the discoverer of the modern laws of gravitation, the 3rd force of the Universe, Mr. Einstein would disagree also with Higgs theory. The 4th fundamental physicist of the modern age, Mr. Maxwell, discoverer of the laws of the 4th force of Nature, electromagnetism, lived in the XIX c. So we do not know what he thinks. Perhaps for that reason Mr. Higgs likes to compare himself with this ‘other’ Scottish genius, as he does in the documentary provided by CERN.
– Finally, when the dangers of the Large Hadron Cannon were known, as scientists sued CERN for genocide in different Courts of Europe and America, the Nuclear Company put the ‘system’ of defamation, so useful in those cases, at work. First it voiced out ‘ad hominem’ campaigns against those scientists who denounced the crime.
Let us follow the account of those facts, according to Eric Johnson, an independent Lawyer who showed much more respect for the spirit of the law that this court in the study of the Case of the Collider:
‘Brian Cox, spokesman for CERN, said in public: “Anyone who thinks the LHC will destroy the world,” he said, “is a twat.” John Ellis, chief theorist at CERN referred to LHC detractors as “nuts” and insinuated that one of them, Walter Wagner, was only pursuing a lawsuit against CERN to make money. Yet Wagner was suing for an injunction, not damages.’
On the other side, none of the scientists who denounced the quark cannon were able to explain themselves in the press (reasons why we have to do this kind of long posts to give an information which is vial to mankind). Thus by monopolizing all the information about the suits, CERN soon convinced mankind that all those scientists who were not in favor of CERN, were ‘crazy people’ for suing CERN – as another CERN physicist put it.
Let us quote again Jhonson:  John Ellis, gave a talk in the CERN auditorium in which he sought “to provide  the ammunition” that CERN people could use to convince others that the quark cannon poses no danger. After reviewing the scientific arguments that the LHC is safe, Ellis explained that a question that worried him more than whether humanity was safe from the LHC, was the opposite—whether the LHC was safe from Humanity. Ellis then briefed the audience on unfavorable press reports, the various lawsuits filed to stop the LHC, and a public opinion poll indicating that most people thought the LHC was not worth the risk. Ellis also introduced the audience to Richard Posner, whom Ellis said he found “really worrying” for considering that society and judges should have a telling in an experiment that could cause our demise.  Wrapping up, Ellis came to what his presentations slides labeled “The Best answer.” “So, to finish,” Ellis said, “the way to stop all this argument about whether the LHC is going to destroy the planet is to get the LHC working.” “Within a few weeks time, we will know that LSAG was right.” Of course, in making such a statement, Ellis either showed that he  misapprehends the relevant physics, which seems highly doubtful,  and accepted as a way of ‘doing science’ , wishful thinking.
is John Ellis right? Shall we, human beings, mankind at large and our institutions and courts, let scientists invent all kind of machines, even those who can destroy us? Obviously not. Consider for example, a factory of Ebola Virus that would study different mutations of the Virus for knowledge. We would not allow crazy scientists to create such factory. So why we allow a factory of dark, quark matter, the physical equivalent of the Ebola Virus? Obviously not and that is why we asked in our suits that the NATO governments who should be in control of this disguised weapon, use the provisions of the Patriot Act that allow governments to seize any nuclear substance that endangers the life of Americans and European citizens. That  law allows to close CERN despite its diplomatic immunity.

Of course, this would bring the opposition of the Nuclear Lobbies and Corporate science, of all those recycled nuclear weapon-makers now working at CERN in search of the toilet particle. But someone must loose in this affair, and obviously the loss of some jobs to the Nuclear Physicist community is far less damaging to the world that an explosion of strangelets. Those ‘big boys with a big toy’ at CERN are eager to shoot the Earth, as any children would be, if we lend them a gun, reason why you don’t leave guns around children.  Spoiled children, as Nuclear Physicists, living in their ivory tower of intellectual research are, will lie and hide the gun and shoot it, scary but shoot it anyway as our childish researchers at CERN are about to do. It is a clear case of willful blindness, which after uncovering the internal documents of this company has become a clear case of recklessness backed by technocrats that think this company is too big to fail.

So nothing else can be told to this modern Pilates except those words of forgiveness:

‘Pater dimitte illis non enim sciunt quid faciunt’

50 days, today, 22 september and discounting, before those children of thought at CERN shoot their bullet of lead at c-speed in their quantum roulette, expecting ‘likely’ to produce strangelets and then, what? This question is not even argued in the papers of CASTOR. There is no prevention system as we know strangelets will either explode before growing enough to devour the Earth or will not. It is really in the hands of God. But God, the mind of the Universe, has its laws that don’t favor mankind in this case.

But I feel, God, the Laws of the Universe, will not give man this time another chance. There won’t be more accidents in the doomsday machine. God this time will respond with the coldness of the Darwinian, impersonal Universe: ‘Alea Jacta est’ – he will say.
Indeed, ‘the dices are thrown’ and the dictum of the Laws of Strangelets, which so far prove our demise seems now irrevocable.

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The program of the Universe


‘The why is what Physicists should never ask’. Feynman

‘Complexity will be the science of the XXI c.’ S. Hawking

‘ I would like to know the thoughts of God the rest are details’ Einstein


At the heart of this matter of CERN in search of the ‘ultimate form of matter’ there is a question about knowledge and the audiovisual, machine-mediated civilization we live in: What is deep knowledge? The description and pictures of the shallow how of things, with data, magnified by industrial profits and pictures in space – the evident truth; or the understanding of the causes and logic relationships in time between all beings, its inner parts and outer ecosystems – the hidden truth, from where reality is born?

CERN and his particle/equation of God, the Higgs, and physics at large, as the science of motion and machines represents the first option, increasingly the only concept of knowledge as we become more dependent on our computers form of thinking, our instrumental capacity to collect data, and our minds simplify in a audiovisual world illustrated by pictures.

But the purpose of mankind and everything else in the Universe is not to ‘see’ with machines reality and describe it with mechanical clocks and measures, but it is a biological purpose ‘to exist’. 

This other question of knowledge, why things exist and become extinct, how they are created and assembly themselves into ever more complex systems, how they emerge into ‘being’, in brief the whys of reality is what General Systems, the alternative philosophy of science to the mechanist, reductionist, measure-seeking physical analysis of the Universe provides.


Foreword: the whys of existence.

A deeper explanation of this work considers the meaning of knowledge and what questions it must answer to exhaust the study of a certain subject. In journalism we ask what, who, how, when and why.

The evolution of science implies big shifts in the paradigms, languages and philosophical dogmas we use to understand the Universe. In the evolution of science we observed first ‘what’ (experience) and then asked ‘who’. It was the mythic age of science, the first paradigm of knowledge – when an anthropomorphic being, often a god was the cause of all events.

Then the Greeks used reason to ask the what (experience) and how of things, its causes and consequences. It was the 2nd paradigm of knowledge: logic thought.

The 3rd paradigm started by Galileo with his use of machines (clocks and telescopes), responded to when, measuring space distances and time frequencies in great detail with a single space-time system. The ticks of the heart, the stomach, the moon, the atom and the clock are different, but to measure them we needed a unit of time and so we equalized all rhythms with a clock, and to compare the spatial trajectories of those cycles we needed a ‘background of space’, so we put together all the broken spaces of reality into a joined puzzle, which we called Cartesian space-time. The error of a single spacetime came when we forgot those simplifications and considered that the abstract space-time continuum of Descartes used to measure all other spaces and times was the real space-time.

The culmination of this process of mechanical measure came with quantum theory, which refined the measures of the cyclical trajectories of particles in the microscopic world and General Relativity, which refined them in the cosmological realm by correcting the deformations of those rhythms of time and distances of space caused by the limits of speed of our light-based Universe.

In philosophical terms, the paradigm of measure meant the birth of mechanism, the fundamental philosophy of our world today: the machine – no longer man, an organism – became the ‘measure of all things’. This was a simplification, as today we realize that machines merely imitate our organs of energy and information with networks of metal-atoms (so a crane is an energetic arm of metal and a chip an informative brain of metal), which now we fusion into ‘organic’ robots. And so the change of paradigm from the Greek, Aristotelian and Asian tradition of organicism to mechanism is only a hiatus on a richer, more complex understanding of the whys of the Universe.

Mechanism changed also the language of understanding of the Universe, from Aristotelian Logic to mathematical Platonism, since mathematics was the language used by machines to measure the Universe of time and space with clocks and telescopes; while logic was the language embedded in the syntax of words, which measure time with causal verbs that describe the logic relationships between its 3 dimensions of past, present and future. So in terms of philosophy of science, mechanism meant a pendulum law that changed the paradigm from Aristotle (organic, temporal causality) to Plato (mechanical, spatial geometry). This was a wrong choice, because a truly inclusive theory of reality has to put together both languages and approaches as we shall do in this work: the geometric how & instrumental when matched by a temporal why, which must be by definition a causal, temporal process. The 3rd paradigm obsessed by spatial measure was not very kin of such inquire, as Feynman famously put it: ‘the why is the only thing a physicist never asks’. And yet the why has always been a fundamental question of knowledge.

That why should respond to the existence of a program of ‘evolution’, creation and extinction of the deterministic reality that we see all around us, which always gives birth and extinguishes the same entities, repeating their forms once and again. What is the purpose of the Universe and all its repeated parts? Why they have those forms and follow always a life and death cycle?

Thus, scientists, not satisfied with the limits of the 3rd paradigm of measure kept asking the why, which could not be a personal God (the who of the 1st paradigm), neither the machine, the instrument of measure of the 3rd paradigm (‘God is a clocker’ said Kepler, because he used clocks to measure it and ‘God speaks mathematics’ said Galileo, because those machines translated the events of the Universe into mathematical data).

According to Deism the whys of existence are due to a personal being, external to the Universe that makes it all happen and cares for humans more than for the rest of His work. According to Mechanism, this is due to the self-similarity between the Universe and the primitive machines we humans construct to observe it. Mechanism though needs ‘someone’ to make the machine, which is not self-generated; so it is similar to deism, reason why the founding fathers of science, all pious believers, adopted it as a proof of the existence of God, which had given man self-similar properties – the capacity to make machines to the image and likeness of the Universe. The problem with those 2 approaches, which in fact are the same is obvious: a personal God is an anthropomorphic, subjective myth and science must be objective; while a mechanical view of the Universe still needs an internal, self-sustained process of growth, creation and synchronization caused by an external God that made and rewinds the clock – as Leibniz clearly stated in his critique of Newtonnt.0.4. Scientists today are unaware that mechanist theories are in fact deist theories, reason why Kepler and Newton, pious believers, liked them; since they were a metaphor of their self-centered, anthropomorphic religious beliefs: If man created machines because we were made to the image and likeness of God, God had created the ultimate machine, the Universe.

Unfortunately such theories cannot satisfy the rational, objective, self-sufficient nature of science, as they require external myths to work. This leaves us only with a 3rd objective, scientific possibility, organicism – a more complex theory that comes of age in this work: if the why is neither God nor the machine, there is only a 3rd option in between – the organism, which is an intermediate concept; since an organism is self-sufficient as God is, yet it is part of Nature as the machine is.

Recap: The 1st paradigm of science responded to the what and who of events, with myths and anthropomorphism; the 2nd paradigm to the how; the 3rd paradigm to the when, measuring space distances and time frequencies in great detail; the 4th paradigm responds to the why of the forms of space and cycles of time that all entities of the Universe follow. That why is organic, social: the Universe is made of complementary energetic and informative, cellular networks that evolve and combine together, creating reproductive networks. And such complex systems create, new bigger, fractal networks units of a larger plane of space-time, evolving reality in scales of size that follow the same organic laws, from particles that become atoms that become molecules, cells, organisms, societies, planets, galaxies and Universes. Duality and social systems become thus the key disciplines of the 4th paradigm – the why of reality. The Universe is neither born of a personal god (1st paradigm of knowledge) or a mechanism (3rd paradigm of science) but an organic, complex system of networks of energy and information, whose self-similar parts, made to the likeness of the whole, evolve socially from its simple particles to the more complex organisms and cosmological entities.

1. The program of the Universe.

The Universe is made of two substances spatial energy and informative time. We can see it with motion as energy and time or as fixed forms, as space and information. We can see it as a single reality, as space and time, or as a multiple quanta, as energy and information. We can differentiate them by form, as space and energy are lineal or planar surfaces and time and information are cyclical. And we can see it together into beings,  the simplest of which is an action of light, ext=k. And this simple duality structures all beings of the Universe. So we are made of cyclical heads and lineal bodies. Weapons are lines that release energy. Informative machines are cyclical, and all physical systems are made of lineal forces and cyclical particles of information.

1. Principles: Space-time Duality. Ternary organs and ages. 4 actions. ∞ Fractal Universes.

The integration of all sciences into a ‘whole’ was the goal of the founders of General Systems Sciences, the original name of Complexity that we prefer, as it is more descriptive.

At Macy’s the year of Einstein’s death, the highest minds of mankind came together and realized that physics had its limits and lacked despite its exhaustive understanding of Energy and motion (as that was its purpose since its inception by Galileo) a full comprehension of information, the other element of which the simplest Universe is made.

It also realized that the mechanist view was too simple and rather theological because as Leibniz put it, needed a God that started and created the mechanism. So for the future evolution of a more comprehensive theory, they considered that all the ‘systems’ of the Universe (anything that exists), there should be at least two elements, defined by their form and function, both related to each other: energy or entropy or space (any expansive motion, hence perceived as extended, planar or lineal space) and information or form or time (implosive motion, hence perceived as implosive, cyclical motion).

Let us then consider a Decalogue of this new science of sciences which derives reality from a few topological, logic, evolutionary and perceptive facts of reality:

  1. Duality: The space-time of the Universe is made of quanta of 2 types of motions: Lineal energy and cycles of times, whose frequency carries the information of the universe.  As proved by Planck: ∑ E x I =K
  2. Trinity: All organic systems have a head made of cycles of times, limbs of quantum energies, combined in a body that reproduces both making this logic structure of motions to survive.
  3. 4-Dimensionality:  Such organisms survive by performing 4 actions. Energy feeding, informative perception, reproduction and social evolution.
  4.  Each mathematical point of view, or diffeomorphic, local entity of space-time will perceive reality from its own point of view and try to maximize its existence as a complementary system, ∑exi=k, this is achieved at points e=I and max. ∑.
  5. Thus all systems try to achieve Max. ∑exi=k. We call this the mandate of existence: grow in spatial energy and temporal information: ‘Grow and multiply… in balance between mind and body.’

What this meant is that all what you see is made of two type of realities lineal motion or energy and cyclical motion with more form or information. If you look at yourself, you head is spherical, cyclical. Your limbs are lineal and move. And in between you have a body that combines both forms and it is elliptic or an inverted cone, figures made of combining line and cycles.

Anywhere you look you will find all systems to have those 2 elements, energy limbs or fields in physics and cyclical heads or particles. So this is the first tenant of General Systems sciences, which describes the common laws of all systems of the Universe:

All what exists is a system made of 3 components, a field of motion, the energetic system, a head or particle that process and creates forms, the system of information.

In complexity the Universe is therefore quantic. The space-time continuum is the sum of all those spaces or motions of energy, of all the limbs and fields of energy of lineal or planar form. And time is the sum of all those cyclical motions or ‘clocks’ of all its systems.

There is not only a clock of time, our mechanical clocks, but infinite cyclical motions that happen to regulate and guide the energetic fields. So particles guide fields of energy, and heads guide limbs of energy.

This is the first ‘whole’ and its parts: a Universe of space and time is the whole. Its parts are all those quantic, lineal fields of energy and limbs and all those cyclical particles (charges, masses) and heads. The whole seems continuous and static because we integrate it in the mind’s picture. The parts seem broken and vital in motion. Both descriptions are valid. And the whole interacts with the parts.

For example, Relativity explains the whole. Quantum theory the parts, fields of energy and particles. And the whole and its laws influence its parts.

Organisms seem wholes, but then they are made of cells, of two types, informative brain neurons and somatic, body cells. And the whole influences its parts.

In General Systems Sciences, time and space are like Leibniz – the most clear predecessor of organicism – thought of them: a sum of different ‘spaces and times’ as each entity that exists has a certain vital space or body of energy that lasts a certain duration of time or life.

This brings a key duality, between Universal, ‘whole’ concepts (space and time) and particular parts (the energies and cycles of information of each part):

If space has motion and it is broken in vital spaces with extension, it is equivalent to a sum of energies. Thus space is made of ∑energies.

And if time is broken in multiple life cycles, and we consider each life cycle or duration of a complementary system a clock cycle of time, time is equivalent to all the cyclical forms or ‘in/form/ ations’ of the Universe. So time is the sum of all informations, all forms-in-action, all cyclical forms.

When we add all the informative cycles of all beings and all its ‘vital energies’, we obtain absolute time and space, which ultimately is an error of perception due to the use of a single mechanical clock.

Yet when we perceive, we also eliminate motion. And so we see space quiet, as we see the Earth quiet, despite moving along paths of gravitational energy; or your skin quiet despite being made of cellular cycles. Thus we further reduce our knowledge of the parts gathered in a whole that appears as quiet space, with a few motions that truly matter to the perceiver – of preys, predators and individuals of the same species – while the rest of reality appears as a continuous space-time, often represented in a continuous Cartesian, mathematical graph. This is natural to the limits of storage of information of any perceiver, because the brain cannot hold all the fractal motions, vital spaces, time durations of the life of all beings. So it reduces information. But this has caused grave errors in human knowledge, as we believe what we see. So science tends to reductionism, considering beings things and ignoring the laws that relate all those scales.

The inverse properties of spatial energy and temporal information.

To fully grasp the dynamic transformations and properties of energy and information the most important quality is the inversion of its properties and the possibility to transform the forms of one property into the other.

Informative time, Ti          Vs.       Energetic Space, ΣS 
Time-clocks:Information             Vs.        Space motion:Lineal  energy
Small, still                  Vs.       Large,  moving fast
Tall, Perpendicular            Vs.              Long, Parallel,

Hierarchical               Vs.                   Democratic
Bidimensional   Height             Vs.            Bidimensional, Length,

Repetition                      Vs.                    Width-Growth
Cyclical, Rotation, imploding          Vs.            Lineal, uncoiling, exploding
Informative Frequency               Vs.                            Lineal Speed
Broken form                               Vs.             Continuous, differentiable
Intelligent, perceptive            Vs.                         Strong, fast.

Social, organic, creative                   Vs.            Darwinian, destructive behavior
Future, evolved predator                 Vs,                 Past, energetic victim
Life arrow                             Vs.                      Death arrow.
Waves of space                      Vs.                     Particles of Time
Female, yin principle               Vs.               Male, yang principle
Masses, charges                   Vs.                       Forces, fields
Heads  & senses                     Vs.                       Limbs & Bodies.

This resumes in its two fundamental equations: e x I = K, and E<=>I.

The constant transformation of one into another.

Despite their inversion, and this is the most important law of the Universe, energy and information constantly transform into each other. It is the principle of ‘conservation and transformation of energy back and forth into in/form/ation, forms in action’ which becomes the new fundamental law of the 4th paradigm, widening the principle of conservation of energy:

‘All energies, trans/form constantly back and forth into information, E<=>I’

Thus the Universe is truly an eternal infinite of beats of energy warping into dimensional form, information and informations uncoiling into spatial energy. And since both elements energy and temporal information have motion this is possible as they are truly just the two extreme types of topological motions of the Universe, each one associated to a series of ‘functions’ and ‘perceptions’:

Energy=Extension=Space= Fast motion  = Lineal, planar shapes = Pleasure = Reproduction = Death

Information=Implosion=Time=Slow motion=Cyclical ball=Pain =Communication = Evolution = Life

The infinite balances and combinations of those two fields and its forms are the essence of reality.

The four actions of energy and time performed by all species.

Since all is space-time, all is energy and information; all is a sum of complementary entities of energy and information that perform 4 actions in space-time to enhance its survival:

-Energy feeding (e), information or perception of it (i), reproduction that combines both in other surface of space-time (exi) and finally social evolution, ∑exi, which as the reader can see summons up all the other arrows.

We call the composite, reproductive and evolutionary arrows, the complex arrows.

And so we can express all in the synoptic language of science with a simple equation that we call the fractal generator of the Space-time Universe:  ∑exi

Since e and i are the two initial variables of reality, the program is self-evident, deduced from them and it proves itself by the experimental method (all is a complementary system of energy and information) and then by the logic of evolution: those 4 space-time arrows encompass and explain all what exists in space-time, and all actions and laws of all sciences, as the are needed to survive.

Some of those sciences need some minor corrections to adapt it to the program, but most don’t; just a translation of jargons. Because of the importance of it, I believe it will start a new paradigm of science, the paradigm of ‘whys’, that would deepen the understanding of the ‘hows’ of the present age of knowledge, based in metric measure.

We shall prove that all systems are complementary systems of energy (E) and information (I), which combine both to perform ‘actions’ in space-time (ExI); most of them tending to absorb further energy (∆E) and information (∆) or ‘combine’ both in new ‘actions’ and reproductive processes (ExI).

We call the 2 components of all systems (E and I) the simplex, primary actions-arrows of space-time, following the tradition of physical sciences; where action is their perception in space and arrow their perception in time. They are equivalent to the concept of the simplex ‘biological drives’ in biological sciences (feeding and perceiving energy and information); and the concept of ‘will’ or ‘greed’ – our desire for more energy and information, in psychology.

And we call the combination of those two primary actions/arrows/drives/wills of ‘existence’ in space and time, the complex, secondary actions/arrows: reproducing (exi) and evolving socially, when we consider a sum of those actions/arrows either in space or in time, ∑exi (spatial analysis) or ∑ e <=>∏i.

The reader will observe that since we are referring to self-similar actions/arrows/drives/wills in all scales, we need a supra-jargon and formalism to unify them all, or else we would have to make such chains of similar concepts in each scale:

– We prefer the term reproduction to its different jargons: ‘iteration’ in mathematics, ‘decoupling’ in physics, ‘reproduction’ in biology, ‘memetic creation’ in culture, and ‘production’ in economics. And we prefer the terms energy instead of space and information instead of time cycles.

– We prefer the terms existence and extinction to the terms life and death; as they are inclusive of all entities of reality.

– We most often use the term actions or time arrows instead of biological drives or will of existence. In that sense, we reduce space-time actions to the concept of time arrows as space is just a slice of the flow of cyclical time arrows that displace and change the spatial configuration of all the beings of the Universe – defined as the sum of all the cycles of time arrows of all its existential beings. Hence time includes space within it and such concept stresses a fundamental property of the Universe: all has motion and form, energy and in/form/ation.

Some key discoveries of General Systems will be difficult to overcome by mainstream science, specially physics, the oldest of all sciences and hence more prone to old errors of ‘Idols of the tribe of knowledge’ (Bacon), due to the ‘memetic=believer’ nature of the human brain, which as any system of information, reproduces its bits (genes and memes =theories), generation upon generation, regardless of its logic and experimental consistence (content of truth). The main error of classic physics concerns the nature of time as ‘what a clock measures’ (Einstein), and hence as a single time-arrow of motion. When time is any type of change and so we must define 4 arrows/actions of space-time as the fundamental types of change of all systems. Of those 4 ‘type of universal actions’; physics acknowledges only an arrow of time, entropy, the arrow of energy and motion, which is what it studies since Galileo’s analysis of the motion of weapons, and a type of clock, the mechanism constructed by him. This was all right, as long as Physics did not pretend to be the philosophy of science of all other sciences, after the importance it acquired due to the Industrial Revolution of machines, they build. So today the reductionist studies of physics concerning space-time actions-arrows, where time has been spatialized and reduced to the arrow of energetic motion as the 4th dimension of space, have become a dogma of all sciences, which hinders their understanding and the acceptance of General Systems sciences.

This goes to the extreme that physicists do not even accept information as an arrow of time, only entropy, which is an arrow deduced from studies of heat and electromagnetic forces. Fact is in physics there are two arrows/forces on the long range, energetic, expansive light and informative, attractive gravitation. And yet, memetic imprinting is so strong that still gravitation is not accepted as the informative element of our physical Universe.

Thus physics must be redone completely and simplified as Copernicus did when the sun was put in his place, with the concept of informative forces.

A second concept of enormous importance is the Paradox of Galileo: all moves even if it seems quiet. That is, time is the substance of reality, motions that change space beings and organisms along a time cycle. And since changes have different speed and life cycles different duration, time is not only multiple but has different speeds of change.

That is why we call also General systems sciences a theory of multiple spaces and times. Thus, for the physicist who is unfamiliar with the concepts of organicism and might resist them, with its mathematical, itifying perception of reality, my advice is to think of what he is going to read in terms of ‘actions of energy and time’ and the relational concepts of Leibniz, and the relativity and ‘diffeomorphic’ principles of Einstein and the Principle of Complementarity of quantum physics and its fundamental equation, e x i = K. We shall see how indeed, as ‘properties’ of a smaller scale of the fractal universe emerge in the higher scale, the principles of geometry and quantum physics emerge also into higher scales, even in the human one.

Ternary organs; 3±1 ages. Organicism is the key to the Universe.

All this said it is obvious that those 4 actions, used to define in the past the drives of biological beings, which feed, perceive, reproduce and evolve socially are now extended to all systems. Hence all what exists is in a way alive, as even the simplest quarks and electrons reproduce when they absorb energy, creating new particles. It is the ego-trip of man, who wants to be the only sentient, vital being of the Universe, specially in the Western anthropomorphic tradition, what prevents the obvious similarity of all systems in all scales of reality, to become mainstream science. The astounding thing is that the anthropomorphic scientist does not recognize the fact that a machine-like Universe requires, as Leibniz explained to Newton, a God to make it, while only organicism is self-generating and hence ‘scientific’.

But what is exactly an organism? Let us define it: An organism is a complementary system.

All what you see in reality responds to a dual structure: Entities of Nature are complementary systems of simplex networks of energy and information, which combine to form a complex system that switches and merges both states. In the process the system might reproduce an entity self-similar to itself. And this is the definition of an organism; reason why we affirm that reality is dual and organic.

In Physics all what exists are particles of information associated to energetic fields that move them, and only both together exist (Complementarity Principle), creating a physical entity, which can decouple creating self-similar particles.

In Biology cells have a DNA nucleus of information, surrounded by cellular cytoplasm that provides energy to the nucleus; or an informative head moved by an energetic body. And only both together can exist, creating a biological organism. There are no bodies without heads and red cells without nuclei die faster than any others. And cells and organisms can reproduce self-similar forms.

Finally, in the economic ecosystem money acts as the informative language that gives orders to the physical economy, which reproduces all types of serial machines.

Yet what define an organism and all systems, as organisms are 3 derived facts:

–       All those complementary systems perform 4 actions that are mimetic to the 4 drives of existence of living beings (feeding, perceiving, reproducing and evolving socially).

–  All complementary systems that work as independent wholes have 3 parts in space, the energy part, the information part and a ‘body’ that puts them together as a whole. And the forms and functions of those subsystems are related.

–       Ternary principle in time: All systems live 3±1 ages of the life/death cycle: an energetic youth, a reproductive maturity and an old age of information, dying then in a big-bang expansion that erases its information.


RECAP: This first paragraph reduces the program of the Universe to its fundamental concepts and how through ‘logic’ we can generate all realities departing of them.

  1. From 1 comes 2: The Universe of space-time is the ultimate simplification of a world made of multiple actions of spatial energy and temporal information, performed by an infinite tapestry of complementary systems composed of both ‘formal motions’.
  2. From 2 comes 4: There are 4 actions of energy and time, each one with an internal and external, negative or positive direction:  The simplex actions of energy (external motion and internal feeding). The simplex actions of time (external cyclical motion, and internal perception).  And their 2 complex combinations: exi, or external ‘actions’ and internal reproductions’ and ∑exi, the fractal, social repetition of those actions, which creates external herds that feed on energy along an external network or super-organisms structured with inner networks that deliver energy and information to all its cells.
  3. All systems of the Universe are defined as ‘knots’ of those 4 type of actions, which are cyclical and discontinuous, as each being switches between them, trying to survive by feeding (E), perceiving (I), reproducing (ExI0 and evolving socially ∑exi. We define the central point of those knots as a P.O.V. or fractal Non-Euclidean point, the ‘aperceptive’ engine that orders the Universe. And there are infinite of them.
  4. The outcome of this structure is a fractal Universe, in which knots of cyclical actions become herds and super organisms, in which the ‘informative network’ emerges again as a knot that controls the actions of the herd, packing it tightly as a new ‘cell-point’ of a new ‘fractal’ scale of the Universe.


The Universe is a system of networks of knots of actions of energy and time, perceived as forms and motions. The game of beings performing cyclical discontinuous actions as they switch between feeding, perceiving, reproduction and acting in social networks, through life and death generational cycles that preserve the game… its selection, extinction, recreation, fusion and fission of all those cycles in perfect harmony, all defined by a single function, max. ExI, the function of existence, this is the mystique of the grand design of what you see.

And this will be a decalogue of its actions, laws, forms, ages, balances and main species of existence.

In this paragraph we expand the previous notion into a Decalogue of General systems sciences.

Let us then describe that program in its simplest terms, for all species in ‘existence’ with a Decalogue of laws derived from the nature of all what exists as a complementary system of energy and time.

These are the basic tenants of General Systems sciences that studies the program:


  1.  Reality is made of actions of quantum energy and cyclical time.

A cycle has an end in time and a quantum size in space. Thus, the Universe is continuously differentiable during the cycles of time their beings performed, but when the p.o.v. switches its action it has a point of discontinuity, what we see is the trace of those cycles of actions that ‘draw’ the 4 dimensional space-time universe

Beings constantly create actions of energy and time. What you see are knots of such cyclical actions… fabricating time. What we see are the trajectories of beings performing in an alternately causal way their cycles of time. One of the most common cycles is to have a p.o.v. become a focus of a force, which acts as its source of energy and information. A first paradox of Galileo happens here, as we can perceive the point as static and feeding, moving along the field of energy and so we can establish a static or dynamic analysis. Those points then ill feed along that path and a certain moment satisfied that action will try to fulfill others, and in that switching on and off actions will seem to disappear and new, different trajectories motivated for another action appear. If we see densely packed in time and space those actions they will be sequential and those causal sequences are the stuff that latter (paradox of Galileo) seen as a package of space-time or organism, are the reality we see in its infinite fields.

The why of the Universe turned out to be rather simple and biological, more than physical, even if it was a discovery that starts in physics with Planck’s realization that the simplest Unit of reality is NOT a substance but a cyclical action of energy and time. Quantum and cyclical are treated as synonymous, a quantum is a form that we might perceive as fixed and substance but it is really nothing but a morphological motion, traced by a being, that in the specific scale Planck studied, we could hardly see, the light-space. But all what that being did were actions of energy and time.

But can build the Universe departing of those two primary substances or ‘arrows of the Universe’? Yes we can. And that is what I did back in the 90s. The concepts are easy, if you are able to transcend your memetic imprinting and ignore Mr. Planck’s desperado dictum when nobody listened to his astounding discovery that we were made not of substances but actions and hence motions (‘for a new paradigm to be imposed all those who learned the previous paradigm must die’).

So try to follow me with a ‘Tabula Rassa’. You have two entities, energy and time, and they have motion, so they create actions. The simplest combination is called an h-Planck constant. That gives us a first ‘being’. Now forget your abstract, earlier Hegelian imprinting (this you might not know, but history of science tells us earlier German thinkers were idealist as philosophers of science and did not consider the Universe made of ‘realities’ but of ‘mathematical probabilities’). Think rational. h-Plancks are ‘real’, the simplest bricks of the Universe, and they are made of energy and time. In fact you perceive light, when you stop seeing light you stop seeing the Universe of space-time.

Therefore the space-time Universe we perceive is made of actions of light of energy and time. And physicists have discovered that indeed the vacuum is made of energy, which moves and change in time. But we said the Universe of space-time instead of the Universe of energy and time. Space has become energy. And indeed, space and energy are two ways of seeing the same thing.  Then we come to the other term Time…. But we use in many sciences instead of space and time, energy and information, so time and information, ‘form-in-action’, form must be related. And yet we use clocks of time, cyclical forms to measure time.

All what exists is made of space-time, in abstract, of energy and information, self-similar terms.

Now when you say ‘I don’t have energy and time to do this’, it is obvious that subconsciously you know the two substances of what you are made, energy and time and you are right. Because what you are, what we shall describe in this book in great detail is how you ‘become’ yourself, departing from the two primary substances of the Universe, energy and time, which together form an action, the basic unit of reality.

So Duality deals with that fact, and extracts the laws of energy and information. Now, think again, what else can be there? The simplest thing is to combine energy and information, and you get a 3rd entity. This combination e x i, or e x t, if you want to use Quantum or Einstein’s notation, turns out to be the essential equations of physics. So we are on the good path.

Thus now we have 3 arrows, energy, information and exi, that we shall call the arrow of reproduction or creation, as it creates a third entity, one which is made of two substances, and turns to be an ‘action’.

What else can we find there? Since there are many bites of energy and bits of information, we can combine them, and then we find the 4th arrow:

∑ e x i

This equation, which the reader should observe includes all the others, is what I have called the Generator equation of all the entities of energy and information or space and time of the Universe. And from that simplest equation and the interaction of its two ‘simple arrows’ or motions, we create its two complex forms, actions and societies. And this, my friend is all what we shall need to explain you all what exists and more… what you don’t see but it exists also in other fractal scale of reality.

Those two substances can be seen as a whole space-time or as two space and time or as a sum of parts, many spaces and times. So space can be seen through perception as a single, quiet space, adding all the ‘vital spaces’ of which is composed, or as a sum of ‘quantum energies’ and ‘vital spaces’ that entities occupy. Time also can be seen as a single clock-time for the entire universe, measured with our mechanical clocks or as an infinite number of cycles that all entities trace, each one with a different speed and rhythm, each one with a different ‘form’ or information, provided by the shape of the cycle and its ‘frequency’. So Space is synonymous of Energies and time of informations:

∑ E = S; ∑i=T

This is the first key concept you have to assume to understand the Universe beyond its useful measure by physicists with a single clock.

Further on, we recognize both types of entities by their form: clocks are cyclical, so it is information and its systems. Space is a lineal plane, so are energetic system. This leads to a key principle to understand and classify entities of reality: Form is function. And so the ball – the inner part of a sphere – is the perfect form of information as it is the shape that stores more form in lesser space, and the line or plane the perfect form of energy, as it is the fastest motion/biggest surface of space between two points.

So now it is clear what it is the game of existence, the Universe: a game of relative organisms, of each scale of reality, performing externally in an ecosystem, its space-time, cyclical actions, switching among its tasks of energy feeding, informative perceiving, reproducing and keep in harmony with the self-similar points of its energetic, informative and reproductive social netkwrs.

In brief, we exist in a series of parallel games of feeding, perceiving, evolving and reproducing. And all of us can be perceived externally as ‘points of view’, Non-Euclidean points, playing this geometric and biological, existential game:

We are all knots of discontinuous, cyclical actions of energy and time.

Energy and information have inverse properties. Energy is lineal motion; informations are cyclical forms. Thus both are two types of motion, |-energy and O-information, equal in power and interacting and transforming into each other constantly. This principle of conservation and transformation of energy and information becomes the new fundamental law of science: ‘All what exists is a complementary system of bites of |-spatial energy and bits of O-Temporal Information: E<=>Ti.‘

And that duality of substances/forms/function structures all our actions:

Indeed, all systems are complementary systems with heads that absorb, perceive and process information and bodies that absorb, perceive and process energy.

But the previous graphs and equations refer basically to a bidimensional system and we live in a 4-Dimensional system with 3 spatial dimensions and a 4 dimension of motion, which puts together all the cycles of time, all changes of the Universe (and we shall explain with far more detail, including the meaning of its own 3 dimensions, past, present and future, in this work) Thus the next step of a complete analysis of energy and information is to consider those forms of motion in 4-dimensional space.

2. There are only 4 actions of energy and time that all complementary systems perform.

The science of General Systems or complexity describes all entities of the Universe with the same laws explaining the reasons why those entities exist, its forms and functions, its actions and its life/death cycles and reasons why they become extinguished. So its laws of creation and destruction of all Universal species can be considered that ‘program of the Universe’ or ‘program of existence’, which traditionally in mythic terms is equivalent to the concept of the will of God. Yet it is not a personal God-will but rather an impersonal, biological, evolutionary program which reinforces itself through evolution and survival: Those who do not obey or seek the 4 arrows/actions of the program, which is the strategy of survival of all species, die away, and so the will of the Universe must be obeyed, or else we become extinct.  We are free to deny the program (as humans, we shall see do in this moment of history) but if we do not gather energy and information for our body and mind, if we do not reproduce and we do not evolve socially and interact with similar species, chances are we shall not last too longer and die away. And so the program will be carried further by those who did obey the ‘Law’.

All systems perform 4 actions to survive that define a simple program of ‘existence’, which all species of energy and information follow, to survive. 

The deduction of the program is simple. First, all what exist is an action, which has 2 components, exi=k or exT=k (depending on which self-similar concept you choose information or time) and there are many quantic actions. So all what we can do is 4 type of actions that we shall call ‘arrows or motions of time’:

Those arrows or actions all species made of complementary bodies/fields of energy and heads/particles of information perform to last in time and space will be:

–     ∆E:  They feed on energy for their bodies/fields.

–     ∆I:   They absorb information for their heads/particles.

–      Exi:  They act combining both, and the most common action as we shall see is to combine them both to reproduce you in other zone of space and time and survive after death (or become reproduced by an external catalyzer, enzyme or ‘enzyman’ – machines).

–     ∑ e x I=Ii+1 They evolve socially in more complex networks that survive longer in time and space.

The 4 arrows are ‘necessary’ for any complementary system of energy and information to exist. As any system will die if it doesn’t replenish its energy and information, or reproduce before death.

Further on the 4th social arrow creates stronger top predators, either herds (loose groups of self-similar organisms of the same type) or organisms proper (more connected systems that organize 3 sub-systems, heads, bodies and limbs, specialized in information or formal structure, reproduction and energy, all of them connected by a 4 system, the linguistic system that organize them all).

Relationships between the simplex and complex arrows.

The dualities between external, spatial and informative, simplex forces/actions and complex, internal forces/actions/networks create a series of patterns and synchronicities that are repeated in all systems.

The simplest relationship is one of causality between the simplex and complex arrows:

∆ Energy->Reproduction and ∆ In/Form/ation->Social evolution through a common language.

 Complex reproduction requires a great deal of energy to be achieved, so for example women cannot have children without a proportion of body fat, and most cells do not undergo mitosis without a cytoplasmic growth. So reproduction is the complex arrow of energy and we observe many causal relationships and ‘cycles’ of the type:  E->Re. On the other hand social evolution depends of a language of information that the different ‘cellular elements’ understand. Thus social evolution is the complex arrow of information and we shall also observe many relationships of the type:  ∆i-> ∑ e x I.

The most important inverse property of those space-time cycles is the fact that each cycle/action of time has a different duration and each scale and organism has a different speed, according to the ‘Generator equation’: Max. E = Min. I and vice versa. So in life smaller species have a faster methabolism. In physical vortices of information, such as mass… the faster they turn, the more they attract and the smaller they are, with a black hole vortex of gravitation, which turns at c-speed in its event horizon and attracts more than the bigger, slower turning stars, as a Universal limit.

Creation of social scales, in which each whole is a unit-part of the next scale.

Complex, social evolution helps most species to survive, especially when they reproduce in great numbers, creating a ‘new scale of reality’, self-organizing themselves with a language of information all those cellular particles share. And we measure this fact with a scalar, fractal index of new scales of existential functions, i. Normally all systems must be defined at least in 3-4 scales:

– The lower, i-2 (bits of information) and i-1 (bites of energy) scales defined with mathematical/genetic/memetic languages, depending of which systems we analyze in its details – a biological, sociological or physical system. We perceive this scale as bits of an informative language – which gives us a synoptic minimal information of the properties of the entity. As the i-1, i-2 levels, as it is far removed from us in size and so we introduce uncertainties and loose information.

Then it comes an i scale, of our size, where information is maximal. So we observe more information explained in a complex manner. Thus in the i-scale we deal with chemical molecules in physical systems, living cells in biological systems, humans in history and corporations in economics, using topological, organic, psychological or econometric methods to define their actions.

–     Finally in the i+1 scale we perceive ‘states of matter’ that define masses of molecules of energetic (gas), creative/reproductive (liquid) or solid/informative nature; we perceive organs and organisms made of cells and we perceive civilization and markets.

3. All are complementary systems made with 3 ‘topological functions’: Limbs, heads and bodies.

A 4-Dimensional Universe has 3 canonical topologies, which correspond to the 3 organs of all systems:

 Max. I: Head/Particle/Informative caste: They display the hyperbolic topology of information, observed in most ‘heads’ as an excess of warping and form (cortex, black holes, Chromosomes, Chip design).

Max. E: Moving Limbs/Forces/Energy class: They show a relative plane, or concave topology; such as the one observed in an external membrane, often the cover of a sphere of a bilateral form.

E=I: Reproductive Body/Atom/Working class: The topology of the reproductive system is a combination of the other two, performing cycles that communicate the energetic membrane and informative center.

In the graph, concave, energetic, toroidal, reproductive and convex, informative topologies are the ‘forms with most often found in the 3 main physiological systems of 4-Dimensional super-organisms.

Beings are not pure motions or just made of information. Hemingway understood  , when he said to Dietrich: “Never confuse movement with action”. Indeed, energy ‘or lineal motion’ is not an action per se. It needs form, in/form/ation to direct it to create a purpose a goal, to change reality. So a Universe of actions requires some energy and some information to create a being.

Thus, all what you see will be a combination of both, and so we write a general equation to define all: ∑ E <=>∑I, and state that all what exists is structured with 2 complementary systems, one of information that gauges reality (cyclical particles and heads of physical and biological entities) and one of energy that moves them (lineal fields of forces and limbs).

This leads to a third system that combines both, energy and form, the reproductive system, exi or body. And all of them follow the principle that form is function. So bodies are conical, elliptic, combinations of lines and forms. And so Geometry and topology are fundamental sciences that apply to all ‘scales of reality’ and all its entities.

Thus topology proves that in a 4 dimensional Universe, there are only 3 topologies, which correspond to those 3 sub-systems: hyperbolic, informative topologies, energetic planes, and reproductive disks.

Thus Three Geometric Forms determines all functions: cyclical clocks of information, Energetic, lineal or planar limbs of space, and its combination, ‘complementary systems’.

Interaction between limbs and membranes of energy, informative zero points and cyclic, toroidal bodies.

In the previous graphs we can observe some of the interactions between the zero-points (minds), spherical membranes (energetic skin) and toroidal cycles between both that structure the ‘physiological, inner forces’ of all systems and organisms.

All structures of the Universe are composed of only those 3 topologies. This astounding simplification is the result of 2500 years of mathematical evolution since Pythagoras discovered the laws that rule the bidimensional topology of those 3 forms, the concave-planar sphere (or cycle in a 2 dimensional world), the toroidal body with its regular cycles that transfer energy and information between the external surface of the sphere and its center; which is the informative region or  zero point, the ‘eyes’ that perceive in stillness a pixelled map of the Universe brought about by the flows of energy and information of the Torus.

After 2500 years since  Pythagoras discovered the circle as the most perfect form, geometer have come to the conclusion there are only 3 forms in the Universe: The sphere, the torus and the zero point.

With those 3 forms you can build all the other forms of reality. All is reduced to those 3. So what they mean? What is their function? And how they combine in the puzzles we call reality? Those are the 3 first questions we shall answer.

In topology we consider a form to be the same one, if it is only deformed but not torn. Thus a sphere is in fact any membrane, or skin that closes an inner space inside. This inner space is called the ‘ball’, and the ball does not include the external membrane, neither the hyperbolic center, or zero point. The 3 together form the ternary structure of most systems, with an external barrier communicated with a torus of cyclical flows of energy and information with an informative, hyperbolic center or north south axis.

What matters about those morphological, ternary systems is not so much the specific form but the functions derived of the common properties of each of those 3 universal topologies, which are not rigid, solid substances but deformable networks of points bonded by flows/lines of energy and information. Its dynamism means as distances and flows between points of the network shorten or lengthen the whole form changes but if the cellular network does not break the form remains one of those 3 topologies:

– The membrane is a network of planar, democratic, self-similar cells, which expand and enclose the inner organism from the outside. It will allow therefore through the holes of the network the transfer of energy and information with the external world, develop certain holes, those for energy called mouths, those for information called senses, and those positive and negative to absorb or expel wasted energy and information. All systems will have at least those type of wholes and a strong, energetic, spatially extended membrane that circles the ‘vital space or territory’ of the species. The membrane can be multiple, the most extended, less loosely guarded is the territorial zone in which the informative center moves. The structures are always ‘functional’ and made of loose networks with motion and holes between them. Once we understand those topologies is essential to understand that they exist not per se, but as a ‘function of their functions’, which are temporal, dynamic more ‘abstract’ and yet rule the morphology that adapts itself to preserve the function or ‘action’ they perform.

It all starts with the creation of a hollow sphere of self-similar cells assembled in a herd, in which each point is only communicated with the lateral neighbors, absorbs energy from the external Universe thanks to its ‘energetic’, hard structures. This herd multiplies  and lets part of it flow internally into the torus.

A key property is the equality of all herd’s units, which have all similar functions and are exchangeable, submitted in physical systems to the Bose-Einstein statistics; hence able to form a news plane of social existence called a boson, synthesis of all its units. In the same manner, a sphere can create in the center of its inner space-time a reflection mirror of all its cells – a zero point of the whole self. Thus the natural direction of flows of energy and information from the outer spherical cells is the internal space: The cells observe its mirror image, crates feelers that finally interconnect in a knot of information or zero point in the interior.

Function is kept in bilateral and planar forms but directions change. A two dimensional, planar herd can have a center or top or frontal head on which the language cells reside: politicians, kings, priests or markets rule a society from a center that receive and distribute information.

– The still center or zero point is the point of consciousness of any system, of any world, of any non Euclidean point, of any topology of 4 dimensions, of anything that exists, of anything that is.

In a human point the zero point is the brain, the membrane is the external sensorial and skin system, and in between the cycles of motion that transmit both consciousness and make us live. But we see of us only the external and the internal consciousness, zero point and membrane, while curiously enough the universe sees or perceives the changes produced by the flows of the torus, the precise functions more than the visual observation of those systems is what will guide us in our understanding of reality.

Look around yourself and you will not see any zero point. That is the beauty of it. They are all internal, they are all guarded they are all secretive, they are all connected, communicated, but at the same time isolated, ego-centers of all the complementary systems of the Universe:

ExI=K, the quantum equation, ExT=K, the Einstein equation, knots of actions of energy and time, centers of torus, hyperbolic topologies, brains, and cellular DNA, Cpus and black holes, vortices, eddies, time rushes, zero points are I=eyes, and the engine of form and quietness, stillness and perception, will and creation, and dis-creation.

– The torus. In a film that now has a lot of followers, ‘thrive’, a Californian rich kid guru explains that the torus is the most repeated, key intelligent topology of the Universe. He is right, but it is only one of the 3 topologies of any 4-dimensional universe.

The simplest creation of such torus from a sphere happens departing from a plane: we can build such tri-dimensional torus departing from a cycle, pi, made with 3 units and 3 apertures, of 0.05 between the 1 D-units of the membrane. It will reproduce and create a self-reflection – a similar smaller internal ring-son. Then both will form a dual system, in which the son will integrate the flows information and the external disk those of energy that cross through those 3 apertures. Thus a dual energy-information circle is formed. Then the flows between both will create a new curved dimension of height forming a toroid. That center is created internally by segregation and motion of a number of self-reproduced cells, imaging the father, which is always the bigger, external membrane of the system that appears first. Again causality is determinant: the membrane gives birth to the zero point – it is the father element, hence energy is the first causal action that gives birth through a cyclical body to an informative, final form. Then when the father, external cycle dies, the internal cycle- son is exposed to the external Universe and in this manner all kind of waves are observed as being emitted, the father wave disappears as an explosive external energy the mother wave lives longer and reproduces an internal son wave that will repeat the process or you rather can see the father as progenitor hermaphrodite producing and internal, reproductive wave and an external explosion of death in the moment of giving birth. Thus many fathers die when their sons are reborn (as in mitosis). Yet a dual system is produced; one with a more complex, vital center, and en external, more expansive membrane that protects it. So in beta decays, the nucleon becomes a bigger, more dynamic atom, and in mitosis the cell breaks in two.

Most systems don’t have a radial form centered at a zero point but are born as hollow spheres that grow inwards creating a digestive tube and establishing a flow in the inner vacuum space of the sphere that soon becomes a dual convective flow in cyclical motion that transfers towards the central of the new torus an image of the external image. There the internal cells become the inner radius/zero point of a growing torus. An eye within an eye: the membrane now is reflected by the axis that form in the center a growing seed, a brain, a DNA nucleus. All bits of information reflect an external Universe, imitated and mapped in the lesser space of the zero point, which is warping and extracting information and deflecting energy to perceive with those maps what the external sensorial cells are scanning.

So from a seed with an external membrane and a middle body to feed on, to a celestial body or atom with a hard crust or electronic cover, a series of rotational toroidal cycles of electromagnetic energy and information or plasma flows and a central point of maximal density, we see repeated the 3 topological construction of a functional limbs-body-brain, skin-organs-informative center, structure.

This ‘primordial’ ternary system in spacein time is coupled by a dynamic transformationas we observe the software flows of energy and information the system carries in time through its ternary structure: first energy will be absorbed by the negantropy of the membrane, which will let the flows enter the torus, where they will be processed and grow in information, becoming either material for the reproduction of the ‘cellular’ units of the body-torus, or pixels transferred to the zero point in the center but ‘outside’ the inner circumference of the torus. The external skin or membrane transfers energy to -> A Central zero point of information->through an intermediate body-torus.

The general evolution of those flows is Max. Energy -> Maximal information till reaching stillness when they come all in ‘parallel’ as a puzzle that for an instant of time – the perceptive, relative internal clock of the system – will appear as an image that perceives in itself. This central point of stillness is the consciousness of the point. And we consider that consciousness is precisely defined as that ‘image’ constantly changing in minor pixels as the flow of energy is finally distilled into information.

A simple transformation happens between an external sphere that converges into that zero point.

If we consider the growth of such a sphere, we can observe, as in a ‘morula’ or in physical particles and celestial bodies, how the growth invaginated inwards transforming therefore the sphere into the torus.

A zero point in a fetus is born first as a morula, a perfect sphere. The sphere of energy is therefore the first thing to be created. It is always like that. A single planar form appears. It start to multiply and without disconnecting itself, it first creates 3 then 5 and each five starts to ‘copulate’ with its neighbor cell and create 2 more on the next level and so on. Different patterns now start to differentiate a game of evolution, which will become more complex in each scale.

The first topology, the democratic sphere which absorbs energy from an external universe is hollow. This sphere is made of individual points that have a recognizable arrow from outside energy to inside information. They will have a gradient of density, as the inside face of the cell is denser and shorter than the outside one, in a ratio depending on the depth and volume of each cell. It follows also that cells will start to be come self-mirrors of other cells as they see them through the internal sphere. And finally at a certain point this sphere will become invaginated in a polar directions as ‘cells’ fall in internal growth from the bottom and top, hanging and building a pole North, South direction.

This stage is the blastula in a biological organism; in an electromagnetic field created between two smaller sphere-points is the moment in which the electromagnetic field between two poles is established.

This is the ‘perfect’, ideal ternary form, which evolves in time towards diversification of 3 forms and in space puts together the 3 elements in a ‘sphere’ and so it is often the perfect seed or organ of existence

We can see that simple assembly in the graph, the eye-zero point system is the hemisphere (right side), in which the flows of the torus converge, coming from an external ‘Riemann sphere’, or membrane, joined with the zero point by a series of flows that reduce energy into denser form.

In the point in which that speed is reduced to zero, a zero point appears, in which a pixel mirror of the external sphere, corrugated into a linguistic image gives consciousness to the system. Then something magical occurs, the zero point processes that energy into information that forms and provokes a change in the position of the entire system, the sum of the membrane, the zero point and the torus in between that acts as a body. The membrane are the limbs of the system, the zero point the brain and consciousness and the torus the physiological systems or flows of energy and information between both.

Observe in the bottom of the graph samples of the 3 form-assembly in different systems of the Universe. Man also is a complex system with 3 interconnected zero points, around cellular toruses, with external and internal membranes of exchange of energy and information with the external universe, and apertures called senses… So we shall first explain the general form of all zero points, spherical membranes and torus and then analyze in specifically the human one.

Diffeomorphic Dimensions. Each entity is a relative Universe.






To understand that human form or any similar, lineal form evolved departing from a perfect, ideal spherical seed, we need to interiorize the most difficult fact of general systems theory: that the visual, topological forms respond always to  functions/actions in time, the commanding dimension of reality, to which the forms diffeomorphically adapt to obtain the maximal energy and information and accomplish their actions. So once a form is created, it will adapt and evolve , deforming their external membrane, creating complex warped, fractal, branched internal physiological networks that act as fixed paths of energy and information, diversifying its organs and yet at the end of the road, the same topologies, albeit sometimes difficult to recognize will form a ternary being, which will deploy the same 4 actions of existence with those topologies and internal networks/forces.

General Systems Sciences accepts the principle of relativity and diffeomorphic: local measures. Since each species is a ‘universe in itself’, with different relative, energetic and informative arrows that determine its ‘whole’ morphology. Thus, each species establishes its own up and down arrows or relative energy and informative directions. In the graph, animals use light as information and plants, use light as energy. So both have opposite energy-time coordinates. Yet both have an ‘anteroposterior’, lineal’ ‘outward’ energy oriented structure. Galaxies and other forms of the previous graph have a cyclical, informative, inward structure, where the stars body absorbs energy from intergalactic space, reproduces matter with it and feeds the internal informative knot of gravitation, the black hole.

Reproductive, Fractal differentiation. Evolutionary processes. Basic Laws.

Finally, another key element of all systems are the restrictions and favoured paths of reproduction and mutation or evolution of form. Because there are only 3 functional forms in a 4-dimensional universe (with 3 dimensions of form or space and one complex dimension of motion or time), morphological evolution is not random in choice but guided by the limits of 3 basic topologies, which will be expressed by morphological mutation: either an energetic membrane, toroidal body-organ or warped, linguistic mind will evolve positively or negatively in their parameters, which is often achieved changing the ‘speed’ of time of the process(so for example in human apes the brain bones grow faster than the chin, which grows faster in gorillas, and this change in an essential time parameter determines a functional change in form).

Thus while the variations might seem endless, in fact evolution is restricted by the limits of parameters of form and function, spatial changes in 3 dimensions and temporal parameters – the main tool for establishing those differentiations of a species into either + or – informative, reproductive or energetic growth and evolution.

A ternary process of ‘fractal differentiation’ is the key to understand the ‘speed’ and accuracy of evolutionary development:  As a system evolves the 3 ‘diffeomorphic=local’ coordinates of the system – the top (information) – bottom axis, the back-front axis of motion, and the wide axis of structural form and reproductive storage, which are perpendicular to each other, are conserved.

The ‘emergence’ of the properties of previous scales defines this way the elements of the next scale.

They become in the electronic scale the ‘right hand rule’ between electric and magnetic fields; in carbohydrates, the key to understand the 3-dimensional warping of DNA and proteins according to the different positions of its C-formal, O-energetic and N-informative parts. It will be then the ‘3 first genetic’ morphologies imprinted in the cells, with the ‘animal’ pole on top, from where the informative neuronal plate will develop. Then the foetus will define the anteroposterior axis of energetic motion and finally the wide-bilateral, reproductive axis of accumulation of cells.

Ternary principle in space and time: Finally a fundamental symmetry that we shall consider latter in more detail is that between the 3 forms, of space and the 3 dimensions of time, past-youth, present-maturity and informative, 3rd age, as those topologies and its functions dominate in each age of time of the life/death cycle of the being, which goes from the causal, first element, the energetic, external sphere into the 3rd causal element, the center of information that dominates the 3rd age.

4. The actions of beings have a temporal order. Ternary ages and life/death cycles.

The dominant action any being performs is reproduction, exi=k. It is the ‘leit motiv’ of reality that happens when e=I. And so the ‘function of existence’, ∑ e x I, is maximized.

Reproduction and combination in a point of balance of e and I, that produces a quantum wave of self-similar seeds in a lower plane of existence, i-1 happens in all scale and systems in the same manner.

Reproduction follows the same causal processes in any scale: two self-similar species with ‘opposite’ energy-information coordinates (the definition of ‘gender’), in the case of particles, with opposite spin, produce a ‘seminal/cellular sub-particle’, gluons in quarks as in the previous image or photons in electrons. And when the two sub-particles merge their form and energy, they reproduce a ‘shower’ of new electrons or quarks. Thus the process is the same than in human beings and we can generalize the process for any system of any scale of the universe, with the notation of general systems as:

Reproductive action (any scale): exI (female) ó Exi (male): exIi-1  x Exii-1 = ∑ e x i.

So quarks reproduce other quarks colliding gluons as the previous graph shows and electrons colliding photons of higher energy, and the black holes of central galaxies emit jets of dense matter and cells, molecules of DNA.

In that sense, as the increasingly detailed analysis of gluons and electromagnetic flows show, we can talk of those ‘flows’ as micro-networks, similar to the nervous, endocrine and blood systems in our more complex super-organisms. And so the strong and electromagnetic forces do act in several scales, as it happens with the blood system that carries not only energy but also hormones – information… Within the structure of the atom we could consider the existence also of 3 physiological networks that correspond to the inner energetic system (electromagnetism), informative system and reproductive systems. And a fourth external ‘force’ that corresponds to the light we perceive but do NOT circulate inside us (the gravitational force).

Actions are processes with an increasing duration in time such as:

Informative action < Energetic action < Reproductive action < Social action.

And vice versa, given the opposition of properties between time and space, their range diminishes. This is the law of diminishing range of the forces that mediate those actions.

 And so we can also connect those 4 arrows as a sequence in time: beings perceive and search for information to feed, and when they feed enough the reproduce, and when they reproduce a lot, they organize in social groups: E->I -> exi (Reproduction) ∑ exi.

These beats of existence are the key to explain the evolutionary patterns of all systems, from the creation of the Universe as a whole, to the creation of life, to the science of morphogenesis and evol>devol to history and economics and the creation of its super-organisms.

Of all those temporal sequences the most important is the life/death cycle:

In the graph, the 4 arrows of space-time have in most species a clear order in time:

– +1: Birth: We are born as a seed of information that:

-Max. Energy: The being goes through an energetic youth of fast motions, in which the energetic limbs and external sensorial membrane dominates.

-E=I: Balances energy and information in a mature, reproductive age, in which the internal, topological, reproductive system dominates.

– Max. Information: Till it warps all its energy into form, in the 3rd age in which the central, hyperbolic, informative brain/particle singularity is dominant. This age ends in:

– -1: Death: Exploding back into energy, erasing its information in the process of death.

The long arrow from energy to information of ‘life’ E->I and its local short reversal from information to energy or ‘death’, I->E, becomes the cycle of existence and extinction of all complex systems of reality, from humans to matter (energy=gas state, liquid= reproductive state, solid=informative state), to the Universe itself from the big bang to the steady state to the Gödel’s vortex, described by the 3 solutions to Einstein equations, which must be ordered in time. In the next graph, we see some examples:

In the graph, most systems follow the ternary principle and have an energetic, informative & reproductive system. Such ternary systems follow the 3 symmetries of the complex Universe: the 3 ages in time of the system, dominated each one by a network (the energetic youth, reproductive maturity and informative, 3rd age), the 3 topologies in space that define those networks (hyperbolic, informative center; planar or spherical, energetic limbs and membranes and toroid, cyclical, reproductive organs); and co-exist 3 scales of existence – the cellular, organic and social scale, in which the organism becomes a unit of the next scale of reality. So the study of systems through its dualities and its 3 symmetries of spatial form, temporal ages and scalar size, is the essence of the ternary method that we shall follow in this work to classify all physical species and study its evolution.

Those ternary ages and topologies are the foundations of a theory of multiple spaces and times, extended through several scales of reality, whose origin can be traced to the work of Leibniz on relational, multiple time cycles and vital spaces, but now truly acquire thanks to systems sciences all its solving power. Since we classify all space forms and time events in 3 topologies/ages that put together in social networks, create new (i+1) organic systems.

Thus the duality of energy and information and the ternary method is the key system used to resolve and reorganize the elements of physics, from the 3 ages of creation of matter (energetic gas, reproductive liquid and informative solid) to the study of particles and its social forms (the 3 families of increasing mass-information, the duality proton/neutron, quark/electron, strong/weak forces, gravitational/ electromagnetic membrane; the 3 ages of the Universe equivalent to the 3 solutions to Einstein’s equations – which are phases of evolution in time of the Universe that goes from a big-bang age, through a steady state into a Godelian vortex.

Topologic evolution: 3 ages of species.


 In all space-time scales species follow a future arrow towards more information, which increases in 3 horizons and finally evolves individuals into societies, herds and macro-organisms, related by a common language/network of information.

The process of evolution of species is equivalent to the 3±st ages of individuals with a twist: death is not the only ‘solution’ to the cycle, but the duality of ∂-disintegration or ∫-integration of a social group (in the case of life a cellular group), which defines the life/death cycle gives two choices to some ‘top predator’ informative species: After its 3 horizons or evolutionary ages the species might become extinct or transcend into a super-organism.

In the graph, the seminal, 1st species packs a lot of information in minimal space: It is the Worm Hole, the chip, the 1st bilateral animal2, the 1st mammal, the horse and the 1st Homo Sapiens, which seem to have evolved from a dwarf ancestor, which first discovered technology and had a dwarf brain, albeit with an evolved morphology similar to that of the Homo Sapiens: the Homo Floresiensis3.

Then the new ‘highly informative’ top predator follows in its evolution a plan of dimensional evolution that transforms species with a high content of energy into species with a high content of information through 3±st horizons, self-similar to the ages of an individual organism. Since species are, in fact, macro-organisms in which each cell is an individual of the species.

-First in its ‘energetic youth’, the species grows in size as horses, humans, bilateral animals or black holes do.

-Then the species suffers a reproductive radiation colonizing new ecosystems.

-Next the species suffers a speciation, according the ternary principle into 3 subspecies, one dominant in energy, another in information and a 3rd one balanced in both parameters.

– Finally, a new top predator extinguishes the species or the informative one evolves into social organisms of different complexity, stronger than the individual and survives.

Further on, evolution, as the analysis of the complex plan of ‘speciation’ shows, has two paths: social evolution of ‘external’ energetic bodies (the herd-state, of lesser efficiency and higher spatial extension) and social evolution of ‘internal’ informative organs.

In cells, this give birth to the two main arrows of cellular evolution: muscles, single cytoplasmic cells with multiple nuclei; and neurons single, dense nuclei with multiple cytoplasmic branches (dendrites).

In Physical systems to ‘quark condensates’ (neutron and black hole stars) vs. molecular, external fusion.

Finally in the evolution of species, we have also the causal rhythms between the dominance of each arrow, similar to the ‘ages’ of life, as a species is the life of a ‘cellular’ parental father, reproduced into multiple individuals that will become extinguished, often substituted by a son-species (Oedipus paradox). And the rhythm parallel to that of climatic change is simple:

Small informative seed (first small species-foetus)-> Energy feeding (growth) -> The young age of the species/individual shows a growth in size -> Reproductive/radiating age-> follows by a reproductive expansion of the species as a new ‘top predator’, while the individual gives birth to an offspring-> Informative age/diversification of the species -> extinction/death & survival of the son species.

This simple scheme applies to the analysis of the ‘frozen horizons’ of the big-bang and the particles created; to the evolution of species, which appear in the fossil record small in size (1st bilateral vernanimancula, 1st modern mammal (shrewd), 1st horse, 1st human with technological/speech skills (Homo floresiensis?), first ‘self-reproductive machine’ (chipped nano-bacteria?)…

Recap. The simple, morphological plan of evolution that each fractal species of the Universe repeats is caused by the fact that there are only 2±1 forms in the Universe, lineal energy and cyclical information and i=ts reproductive, body combination. So only 3 new types of species can be created, one with more energy, one with more information and one that reproduces both.

The meaning of evolution and temporal dimensions: Max. E-past x I-future = Present.

Let us now consider a more complex application of those previous laws of all systems: the meaning of past, present and future, which is a consequence of the causal order between those arrows:

Perception->Energetic feeding->Reproduction->Linguistic, social evolution.

In turn that order defines in a longer time-span/scale of existence the causal order of a life/death cycle:

Informative seed->Youth->Reproductive maturity->Informative 3rd age and death…

And in turn that order defines in a longer time-span, the ages of a species, which is born as a small, more evolved form that -> Grows in size -> Radiates and expands as a new predator -> Diversifies informatively in multiple species -> evolves socially in a complex superorganism (ant hills, human societies) or become extinguished by new, more evolved, often ‘son’ species (Oedipus paradox.

Now when we combine all those facts we can define the 3 dimensions of time, the relative informative future as systems become warped and evolve in its 3rd, informative age; the relative past of formless energy, and youth, and the relative present of iteration-reproduction that seems never to change. And we shall see that this is indeed what all systems do in higher measure.

Thus once more we see that not only absolute time is an integrative concept of many time cycles, but the concepts of past, present and future are also relative perceptions in a Universe in which the sum of all life, informative arrows masterminded by these Points of View, and energetic, devolving, simplifying past arrows of entropic motions become a relative present, eternal reality of multiple systems that reproduce iterations of themselves.  And latter we shall see they do so through ‘fractal self-generating, feed-back equations of information’ of which the synoptic one that resumes all of them is E<=>I.


5. Cellular, Social Networks.

Infinite beings: Whole and parts principle.

Though the specific combinations of energy or information of each species – defined by its ‘vital’ or physical, Universal Constants (energy/information ratios) – might vary, the space-time structures and cycles of all those social organisms will be self-similar: All entities are ‘cellular societies’ organized through energy and information networks that bring about processes of social evolution. In all species studied by science a common phenomenon occurs: the existence of parallel groups of beings organized into a single social form. Molecules are made up of atoms and electronic networks; economies are made up of human workers and consumers that reproduce and test machines, guided by financial networks of information (salaries, prices, costs); galaxies are composed of stars, which orbit rhythmically around a central knot, or black hole of gravitational information. Human bodies are organized by cells, controlled by the nervous, informative system. A tree is a group of leaves, branches and roots connected by a network of energy (salvia) and information (chemical particles). Cultures are made of humans related by verbal, informative laws and economic networks that provide their energy.

Sciences study those organic systems, tied up by networks of energy and information. In the graph, we see the main st-planes studied by human sciences and their 4 main time arrows, S E<=>I, which in static space give birth to the ‘organic elements’ of all species: social cell of energy and information and the reproductive networks that relate them. Thus, there are 4 basic elements in all organic systems:

1.  Cellular units.

2.  Networks of energy or vital space.

3.  Networks of fractal information.

4. Networks that reproduce energy and information.

All entities are generated by reproductions and transformations of energy and informative cycles (ΣS<=>Ti), organized in cellular units, through networks, and ±st Planes of self-similar forms. Yet, since those cellular units st-1 are made of smaller st-2 cells, which show the same structure, we can define any organic system as a super-organism (made of smaller, self-similar super-organisms):

‘A super-organism is a group of cellular super-organisms joined by energetic, informative and reproductive networks.’

Thus we unify the properties of Universal Systems and the sciences that study them under a single template definition, according to which simple systems and complex organisms will differ only in the degree of ‘completeness’ of its networks and the specific energy or information they are made of:

‘A super-organism is a network composed of a population of (name a particular cell or cycle), related by an energetic, reproductive or informative arrows.

A fractal organism (name an organism) is a population of iterative (name a cellular species), related by informative (name a language or informative force) and energy networks (name a kind of energy), which combine into a reproductive network that iterates the organism.

A universal ecosystem (name a specific ecosystem) is a population of several (name the species), related by informative languages (name their languages or informative forces) and energy networks (name the energies).’

Fill the gaps with a specific species, language/force and energy and you can define any network-organism in the Universe. While if the system is composed of several species that occupy the same space but have different networks of energy and languages of information, we talk of an ecosystem: – An atomic organism is a population of (electronic) energy and (nucleonic) information, related by networks of (gravitational) information and (light) energy.

– A molecular organism is a population of atoms, related by networks of gravitational energy and networks of electromagnetic information (orbitals, London, Waals forces).

– A cellular organism is a population of molecules, related by energetic networks (cytoplasm, membranes, Golgi reticules) and genetic information (DNA-RNA.)

– A human organism is a population of DNA cells, related by networks of genetic, hormonal and nervous information and energy networks (digestive and blood systems).

– An animal ecosystem is a population of different carbon-life species, related by networks of light information and life energy (plants, prey).

– A historic organism or civilization is a population of humans, related by networks of verbal information and networks of carbon-life energy.

– An economic ecosystem is a population of human workers/consumers and machines, related by networks of digital information (money, audiovisual information, science) and energetic networks (roads, electric networks, etc.).

An economic ecosystem differs from a historic organism because they use different languages of information (civilizations use verbal or ethic laws while economic ecosystems use digital prices) and include 2 different species: human beings and machines.

– A galaxy is a population of light stars and gravitational black holes, related by networks of gravitational information and electromagnetic energy.

-A Universe is a population of galaxies joined by networks of dark matter and energy.

We establish thereafter a parameter of multiple space-time scales of growing volume of information, st=i, to classify all those relative scales of spatial energy and temporal information of the Universe, starting by the simplest scales, st=0 (mathematical cycles and lines), st=1 (Gravitational space), st=2 (electromagnetic space), st=3 (atomic particles) and so on, till reaching the most complex, macro-structures of the Universe (st=9, galaxies).

Cells and emergent scales.

Most beings are made of self-similar i-1 cells, particles or social individuals, which put together by networks become an i-organism, unit of a higher social i+1-scale.

In the graph, one of the fundamental properties of that structure is emergence. The properties of the simplest system emerge in the more complex. This means the geometrical properties of space-time are shared by all the new scales. The electromagnetic properties of quantum numbers are shared by all atomic species. The biochemistry of cellular life by higher organisms, and the individual behavior of human beings transcend into the socio-cultural behavior of social super-organisms; and our forms and vital functions are also expressed in the world of memes of metal we construct.

Wholes are made of smaller parts, and they interact and influence each other. The key law of those interactions between the cellular and network scale is simple: energy flows from lower i-scales into bigger i+1 scales and information flows from bigger to lower scales. And this paradoxically tends to cause a topic error in all sciences. Since all energy has information and vice versa, but energy bites are more ‘evident’, than smaller, coiled, often invisible or incomprehensible flows of information, scientists tend to overlook this duality or look at those interactions only in the path from the lower scale to the larger one. For example biologists tend to think that the whole structural information of life beings is stored in its smallish scalar parts, genes. They think the whole, external ambient and organic scales do not influence the genetic parts. This is most likely false, as there should be ‘bigger scales that code information’ in ‘longer genetic codes’ and introns. There are morphological shapes, caused by the emergent properties of simple space-time (so all organisms follow the diffeomorphic dimensions of space-time with information on top, etc.) There is speciation based in the duality of energy and information systems. There should be imprinting of neuronal networks by the mother emotional networks in the 3rd ‘informative’ phase of development of the foetus. And even there might be a Lamarckian response to external ecosystemic adaptation that might increase the random chances of mutation towards one of those ‘natural directions’ of morphology, as processes of punctuary evolution seem to indicate.

The same error happens among physicists, which are obsessed by entropy only theories (black hole evaporation, negation of the arrow of reproductive, fractal information, which Mehaute proved to happen always, when entropy no longer acts), etc. This is obvious in their obsession for heat solutions and the stubborn denial of the duality of all processes that can be done in ‘Max. E’, energetic, hot ambient and Max. I, informative cold ones – such as the fusion process.

Finally in social sciences, we build social models that stress the individual and not the systems, and superstructures. And yet it is a fact that networks, the whole, always influence its parts. And so many sciences must be completed with the study of that influence from ‘upper scales’ into cellular ones.


All those morphological differentiations and social elements can be resumed in a word: networks. Social individual systems acquire network forms, shaping forms related to energy or information, or combine them both. And so we find also in all systems a ternary differentiation between cells that become energetic, reproductive or informative networks.

Complementary systems are not ‘point-particles’ but cellular or atomic systems, made of networks of bits or bites of information and energy. Those networks are able to modify its distances and forms changing its topology and for that reason the Universe is dynamic in its transformations.

Because networks are flexible webs of points that can adopt different topologies by modifying the distribution of those points, networks evolve and switch between the 3 topologies of existence, hence creating a complex universe of constant transformations between the 3 functions-forms of the Universe.

Thus all networks = organisms often have two ‘sub-forms’ or states, the coiled, informative, radial or spherical state and the uncoiled, bilateral, anteroposterior, lineal form.

The first state is the informative state and the second the energetic state of motion; as systems are always dynamic flows and transformations between two poles of Energy and form joined by a body of cyclical exchanges between the concave and convex |-O E-I poles.

Thus the answer to the whys of the Universe can be resumed in a word ‘networks’ that defines the multiple realities we see around us:

‘All what exists are organic, fractal systems, made of self-reproductive, complementary, social, topological networks of energy (bodies and fields) and information (heads and particles)’:∑Se<X>∏Ti

Thus the why of reality is the creation of social networks that become complementary super organisms.

Complex and Simplex arrows: internal networks and external forces.

In essence organisms have internal parts, attached to ‘external apertures’ called senses that perceive two basic external forces of information and energy, elaborated and distributed to all cells by internal networks. When those external sources of energy and information saturate those internal networks the complex arrows enter in ‘action’. So the excess of energy is imprinted by the excess of information, exi,  reproducing a self-similar organism or it is shared with similar individuals, creating ‘bondage’ in herds or complex organisms.

Thus the external forces and actions of perceiving and feeding are fast in time and extend in a wide spatial range, to the point of creating a ‘continuous’ perceptive experience. While the complex arrows are of long duration in time, requiring little space and long time to re=produce its actions.

This is expressed in a law of inverse spatial range and time duration:

i-3 Informative pixels (Max. E x Min.i) = i-2 energy bites (ExI) = i-1 reproductive seed (min. e x Max. i)

This is the case of the forces that ‘express’ those arrows in atoms. Where the external forces of information and energy (gravitational and electromagnetic forces) have a wide range and the internal forces of reproduction and social evolution (strong and weak forces) have little spatial range, specially the weak force which is a ‘Temporal transformation’, not a spatial ‘force’, as it transforms particles in time, evolving them without motion in space.

Thus the Strong and Weak force are the complex ‘inner’ forces of the atom, which play the same role than the complex, inner networks of energy and information (blood and nervous system) of a biological organism.

And they describe reproductive and evolving processes. For example weak forces are the equivalent to other evolving processes like the chrysalis of an insect or the resting moment of pregnancy.

Both type of forces/actions are easy to spot. Since time and space are opposite in properties and so time processes tend to be ternary (with 3 dimensions states, a first more energetic, the reproductive middle event and the final informative one), and last longer in time (the weak force has a time related constant) and hardly have any range in space, but need quiet, small, secluded places (in species evolution this cause allopatric evolution).

6. Souls: All systems have a central or upper knot – a zero point – that processes information and perceives a ‘still’, pixelled map of reality constructed as a reflection of the external universe – a mind.

In the graph, in the old paradigm of single space-time, there is only a point of view, the anthropomorphic point of view, and a language and frame of reference, the Cartesian frame. In the new paradigm, each knot of cycles of energy and information creates its own frame of reference and coordinates, ‘literally’ as it evolves its organism along an up (information) down (energy) axis, an anteroposterior axis, (direction of motion as it performs its ‘cyclical actions’), and a width axis of reproduction and cellular storage. Further on, besides its 3 relative, ‘diffeomorphic’ coordinates, each organic system will have a perception based in a language, which might not be the language of man, as each species codes and maps reality with bits of a different type of wave. All this can be formalized and mathematized with a new mathematical model, based in the new discoveries of fractal non-Euclidean geometry, developed by the author that complete the work of Riemann on the subject.

Points with parts are knots of time cycles that gather into networks. The most important point of any network is the point which communicates all other points and networks, taking the key decision of any super-organism: which action performs at each moment. That point, is therefore the point that possesses the will of the whole organism.

All what you see are knots of ‘living cycles’ that represent the actions of a ‘Point of view’, which traces those cycles as forms with motion, forms-in-action, in-form-ations. We call all those knots of forms with motion Non-Euclidean points, (mathematical jargon), Space-time cycles (physical jargon) or complementary networks (biological jargon) the new units of the physical, mathematical and biological formalism of Systems sciences. They define a new mathematical and logical language that advances the previous A-ristotelian and E-uclidean logic to better map out the Universe, called i-logic geometry (as i represents information and comes after A and E). An i- point or space-time cycle (1st postulate of i-geometry) has form and motion. Any entity of the Universe is an i-point, as all of them have form and motion. 2 i-points will form a wave (2nd postulate) that communicates energy=motion and form=information between them. Thus all lines are in fact waves with motion. Self-similar points then will form a network by exchanging energy and information along certain paths. Thus all planes are networks (4th postulate). And each of those points crossed by flows of energy and information that shape its internal form (5th postulate) will be able to move and gauge the information of the external Universe, becoming a ‘relative mind’, a perceptive element of an intelligent Universe made of the sum of infinite such points. Finally the 3rd postulate of i-logic geometry will define according to the self-similarity between those points the type of networks they create when they socialize with other points. And so the application of those 5 postulates and its laws to any system of self-similar beings, from atoms to humans to galaxies, give us the whys of reality, which is game of points that socialize into bigger wholes, points of a new scale: particles become points of atoms that become points of molecules, cells, organisms and societies in the biological realm, or parts of celestial bodies, galaxies and Universes in the physical world. In the past science has focused mostly on the study of motion and energy and its measure with mechanical instruments. The 4th paradigm of science reveals the why of the motions and forms of reality by adding to those studies the understanding of the properties and laws of Information. Since only both together, the arrow of ‘energy’ or ‘entropy’ dominant in motion and the arrow of evolution of form, or ‘information’ explain the fundamental unit of reality: a feed-back cycle that transforms back and forth energy into information. The Universe is made of an infinite number of such cycles of exchange of energy and information between entities that shape the primary substance of reality: ‘cycles of time’ that occupy a surface of space. Time is cyclical and multiple. Each event has a frequency that carries information, defining a cycle or closed trajectory that breaks space into an inner, ‘fractal’ region and an external world. The result is the creation of multiple, ‘vital’ spaces and clock-cycles. Those cycles become chained in knots and organized in networks of knots, which share flows of energy and information, creating the complex systems and scales of reality.

What are the units of those networks? Can we find, as we have done for the wholes, unified under the concept of networks, a unifying principle to explain the simplest of the simplest parts? Indeed we can. Since the units of a network are points, but a very special point, one with form or information and motion or energy, called a non-Euclidean point. So the Units of reality are formal knots, points with volume of information and motions, which it traces to fulfill is actions, through space-time cycles.

The creation of a systems sciences formalism is possible thanks to the advance of 3 new disciplines that become the pillars of the 4th paradigm of science: theory of information, of ‘form’, the other substance of reality ‘forgotten’ by the founding physicists of the paradigm of measure, obsessed by the measure of energy and its motions; the mathematics of information, which are fractal, non-Euclidean geometries, only fully developed in the last decade; and the science that uses information to explain the Universe – system sciences also called complexity, which studies all species of the Universe as systems made of networks of self-similar entities, which are responsible for its actions with motion and form.

We have come to a fundamental element of General Systems Sciences: the philosophical difference between information processing, aperception and perception. The mechanist paradigm, invented by religious people did not require perception, because the world was a machine set up by God (it is impossible to create a mechanist paradigm without a God putting up the system, something scientists today often forget). The organicist model can work with evolution as a game of automatic trial and error, but it doesn’t really work. We have to stretch the belief in evolution as some proponents of intelligent design have shown. Systems are simply too complex at molecular level and the relationships between scales require too much efficiency if the central, informative, processing systems would not aperceive (perceive the flows of information they process without self-reflection). So the most likely hypothesis is what Leibniz called aperception. Basically what Aristotle called the first cause, or unmoved God, which moves all the energy-bodies around him. And he affirmed there were infinite Gods and we were all one type of them.

And indeed, the easiest manner to understand reality is to postulate that all systems that work, have at least a point, ‘attractor’, cyclical particle, knot of quantum cycles of energy and information, which ‘perceives a world made with the pixels of its language of information that ‘converge’ into the nodal point and become processed within that point provoking in the point a reaction that moves the point towards a place in which it can feed on energy, reproduce or evolve socially.

Information thus would become the most repetitive cycle of all, caused by the smallest i-2, or i-3 particles that converge in the system. We would merely be the most complex informative systems that have a wider rage of election between our complex 4 arrows as we can absorb many types of information, energy and interact sexually and socially in many different milieus. But the simplest element of our universe, quarks and electron, which do perceive gravitational and electro-magnetic information, feed on gravitational and electromagnetic energy and when they receive many of it, reproduce and certainly evolve socially with other particles, exchanging energy and information through smaller quanta, should aperceive its fundamental force, as energy and information, to exist.

While we do not perceive gravitation because we are electromagnetic beings, I am certain that electrons perceive and feed on electromagnetic photons. And perhaps the strongest proof is the fact that our sensors of light (eyes) can perceive a single photon. An electron thus must perceive a white and black, (light or absence of it), message, which makes it (experimental proof) jump and absorb the electromagnetic wave, ‘growing’ in size, jumping to a wider orbital scale.

What proofs do we have that information perceives itself? The most evident one is the fact that we are human beings, made of atoms as everybody else, whose senses can perceive a single bit of information (the eye a single electron) and hence our mind is of the same quality than others and yet it does not merely process information but perceives it in the act of processing. We thus conclude that all points of view that ‘focus’ in stillness and pixel reality in a mapping, perceive.

A second question is that of self-consciousness, which experiments made with animals show only appear when we see a being like we are, or we see in a mirror. Consciousness would be perception and should be a jump of complexity in our perception, which is not required for the system to work.

Yet aperceptive points can exist and do exist in all systems. They are the nuclei of cells, the knots of cells in a tree; the nervous system in complex organisms, the quark and quark stars (black holes) in atoms and galaxies, in what concerns gravitational forces; the fractal crystals in rocks. Each one will aperceive with different speed of time-information but they will all perceive and with that perception redirect its motions and reflect in one or other direction the energetic forces they absorb. And another proof of this is the fact that all forces we perceive are dual. So electromagnetic light can be taken as energy (plants) or as information. And we imagine that gravitational forces are absorbed as energy (star-plants that feed and follow the gravitational path in its orbits) or as information (black holes that move erratically). The erratic movements of animals and black holes prove the concept: motion with apparent disorder tends to be proper of beings that perceive. Does this means plants do not perceive? No, of course, but light is their energy They perceive a slower ‘chemical language’, as do cells of the body controlled by those who perceive the faster electric language – the neurons.

In the graph, because a Cartesian graph (left) is an abstract continuum of lineal time, based in the single rhythm of a mechanical clock and a continuous space of points with no ‘breath’ (Euclidean definition of a point), ever since it became the canonical representation of space-time science has believed in a single, absolute time and a single absolute space, with a single point of view, that of the human mind in the origin of coordinates. Yet the Cartesian plane only represents the continuous space-time of ‘the membrane of light’ it represents with its 3 perpendicular coordinates, equivalent to the height=electric field, width=magnetic field and length=wave speed of light. Since light is the space we see and so its 3 coordinates are self-similar to those of the Cartesian, human mind made with light.

The real Universe has ∞points of view that gauge information in ∞scales of space-time. Those points of view by definition have volume to fit ∞ parallels – flows of energy and information that go through them. Each of those parallels is in fact a cyclical, curved trajectory (Einstein’s definition of a parallel); and so we can consider each Non-Euclidean point of view a knot of time cycles with form and motion.

The new 5 postulates of a Non-Euclidean, fractal geometry of Multiple Spaces and Times are:

1st Postulate: ‘A fractal point is a world with an inner content of information that creates its 3 internal, topologic, organic dimensions and a content of energy that traces its external motions=time arrows’

2nd Postulate: ‘A line is a wave of fractal points.’

3rd Postulate: ‘2 fractal points are self-similar when their external, spatial perimeter or their inner information is equal. Similar points form organic networks by sharing their energy and information. Dissimilar points ab=use each other in Darwinian relationships’

4th Postulate: ‘A plane is a network that joins points through waves of energy and information.’

5th Postulate: ‘Non-Euclidean points perceive energy and information: A fractal point has inner apertures to the world, through which multiple waves of energy and information can cross.’

In the graph, the 5 postulates of Non-Euclidean geometry define a point with parts, a line as a wave and a plane as an organic network of points: The 2nd postulate explains the interaction between two points connected by a wave of communication or ‘line’; the 3rd postulate explains the type of interactions between 2 points according to their relative equality, which will bring them together into a social network or dissimilarity, which will make them not interact or enter into a Darwinian relationship in which a point absorbs the energy of the other. Self-similarity is required to start an organic process of eusocial evolution; or else systems that do not understand their information use each other as energy, in Darwinian hunting processes or ignore their paths. The 4th postulate defines the creation of networks made of systems of points across multiple scales of space-time. It defines spaces as networks of points, interconnected by flows of energy and information: All in the Universe are thus complementary systems made of networks of non-Euclidean points. Finally the 5th postulate that explains the processes of absorption of waves of energy and information that the point gauges to act-react with the Universe.

The first postulate defines a point with form and energy. Points are not ‘points with no breath’ (Euclid), an abstract definition that created the simplified concept of a space-time continuum but ‘fractal points’, which grow in size when we come closer to them. And so stars are points in the sky that become huge as we come closer to them. And a microscope discovers an entire world in the minimal size of a cell. Einstein offered a partial solution to this conundrum considering that from our scale of size, those Non-E points seem to curve the information of the universe that fluxed on it. But Leibniz had given a better answer: ‘the smallest point is a world in itself’. This is the meaning of a fractal point, whose internal parts respond to the 3 topologies of a 4-dimensional Universe: a hyperbolic, informative system; an energetic, planar or spherical membrane and a cyclical, toroidal region with reproductive organs. And we shall find those 3 topological regions in all points-species of the Universe.

It is now clear that non-Euclidean points are points of view that gauge information and move their complementary body with a will, seeking for more energy and information and reproduction, seeking for an organic will to repeat their cycles and motions. And this will gives the point the category of mind, or Atman or soul, a perceptive point of view that absorbs information and moves its body accordingly after ‘thinking’ the information and ‘bending’ it subjectively to its will.

That we have no free will but we have will is the deepest consequence of stating that all points of view search for its 3+1 dimensions of existence, its energy, informative, reproductive and social arrows.

To do so the point must perceive and gauge. If it is an electron it will gauge and move to capture energy to structure its form (2nd quantum number) and it will use a language of information to evolve socially (magnetic number). Points thus are moved by the need to perform their 4 cycles of existence, a desire to acquire more energy and form which they better achieve in networks, with the flexibility of herd hunting and network thinking. But in each scale of reality there is a rational point of view calculating its strategies to get more energy and form.

Non-Euclidean points are the souls, Atmans, Monads of the Game of Existence, the knots with a living will, which they display in their action, exi. Leibniz failed to realize they would communicate. Buddhist with the concept of Atmans are closer: knots of relationships with other i-points. Such multiple, perceptive Universe merely extends the nature of being human, a self-perceptive point always feeding, perceiving, reproducing and socializing, which is also what life does, to all the entities of the Universe. All is life. All shows the will of life. All keeps reproducing self-similar points of view, points of order. A point is any entity of the Universe. In a more detailed analysis those parts turn out to be self-similar in geometrical terms in all of them, defined by the three canonical topologies of a four-dimensional Universe, which describe an informative, hyperbolic region or ‘head’, a toroidal, ‘reproductive body’ and lineal or planar energetic limbs and membranes, common to all the points of the Universe. Thus, we define time cycles, forms with motion, its multiple knots of time cycles and networks with a new geometry of space-time, Non-Euclidean geometry, born of the completion of the work of Einstein in physics and Riemann, Lobachevski in the field of mathematics. Since now all points have form and motion, they have breath; and since now all lines have form and motion they are waves; and since now all planes are networks, they are discontinuous planes. Thus, the new formalism of space-time redefines also the geometry of the Universe in dynamic, discontinuous terms:

Networks are made of relative points with form and motion, which can be defined as time cycles – trajectories traced by an entity in search of energy, information, reproduction or social interaction. Those time cycles enclose a surface of vital space or energy and so they define a certain space-time. Any entity will however trace many cycles in search of its organic motions to feed, gauge, reproduce and evolve socially into bigger networks. So each entity will be a knot of multiple time cycles.

Those knots of time cycles are what we call a fractal Non-Euclidean point. The basic unit of the new paradigm is thus mathematical – the point – but a very special point, a fractal point which grows in detail and information the closer we come to it, till it becomes, as Leibniz put it, a world in itself with internal complementary networks=organs of energy and information (fields and particles in physics; limbs, body and head in biology).

In the formalism of Systems sciences we call them Non-Euclidean points, since they are points through which infinite flows of energy (parallels) and information can cross. We also represent them with the symbol ‘i’, which is the next vowel to the A-ristotelian, E-uclidean paradigm, the symbol of information and a visual image of the 2 components of the point, the informative, cyclical part, o, and the lineal, energetic one, |, which we call the body and head of a biological Point; or the field and particle of a physical point (Principle of Complementarity).

The universe is made of networks of such i-points, and each network is what we call a world or discontinuous space-time, st, unit of a bigger fractal network, a new st-point in itself. So a network of particles becomes an atom, which becomes an st-point of a molecule and so on till creating the Universe.

Even humans can be studied as Non-E points, in which each head is indeed a spherical point that communicates energy and information with other humans, forming social networks.

The anthropomorphic reader might think that humans are different from the rest of points of the Universe, but it is a fact that all points obey in their actions and communicative flows within a network the same laws: humans and electrons behave the same when they move through slits or in herds; the geometries of social groups are also the same; and the ultimate purpose of those points, to feed on energy and information, whatever kind, is also the same in all networks of the Universe. Thus the laws of networks become the social, organic, reproductive why of all beings of the Universe: the Universe reproduces information and organize forms socially into networks. From magnetic and electric fields, made of magnetic and electric constants that mix and reproduce a light wave to fundamental particles, quarks and electrons that absorb energy and reproduce new quarks and electrons, to energetic males and informative females that reproduce together, all in the Universe can be described with the formalism of networks, connects the why with how and when of the 3rd paradigm of metric measure that has analyzed those networks, its motions and forms in detail. Why those i-points with an ego-driven will that desires selfishly more energy and information and self-reproduction collaborate in herds, becoming parts of a whole has to do with the complexity by which the arrow of social evolution impose systems to its parts. Parts become enslaved by their dependency to the higher energy and information provided by networks.

Paradox of Galileo – definition of ego-soul: fractal P.O.V.

 All minds, including man, are self-centered beings that believe to be the center of creation, because they gauge information from its point of view. Yet most of reality either exists in a dark space the species doesn’t perceive or uses a language the species doesn’t decode or it is further away from our ‘noses’ to be of any importance to us. This explains anthropomorphism and the incapacity of man to perceive himself as just another knot of simplex and complex actions of energy and time. The laws of those Points of view that gauge information, are Laws of Non-Euclidean geometries. The formalism of General Systems Sciences, which studies networks of points of view is therefore Non-Euclidean. Regarding its Logic structure, past, present and future become relative concepts and so the ‘logic’ of the Universe in which past, present and future co-exist in simultaneous space-time fields, is different, is paradoxical, dual… Its formalism can be fusioned with that of Non-Euclidean geometry in what we call illogic geometry, the linguistic foundations of all General systems.


The paradox of the ego: linguistic points of view.

Perception is possible because of the mentioned paradox of Galileo: all is motion, and so informations are cycles of time with curved motions and energy-space are sheets of lineal motion. And so because all is motion, the repetition of those motions is in fact a simple reproduction that takes place in simple atomic particles (with cyclical vortex of motion) or lineal fields of energy (with wave-like motions).

The paradox of Galileo is again a fundamental law of the relativity Universe ill-understood by scientists who ‘see’ still pictures of reality with their instruments and seek for ‘substances’ instead of motions. It is also the key to the 8th key principle of G.S.Theory, the paradox of the ego.

All individual systems perceive or process information with their linguistic or geometric minds; using that information to guide their body towards fields of energy in which they feed.

Yet since resources are limited, to achieve those 2 simplest arrows of existence, all systems prey in the energy and information of other species causing their death in Darwinian, preying events. We thus talk of two ethical arrows in a universe of limited resources.

Top predator individual species will try to obtain energy from their environment absorbing it from species with weaker energy bodies and informative heads, provoking Darwinian, predatory relationships, causing their death in Darwinian, preying events.

And they will perceive the universe from their egoistic point of view, as a static dead space, of which they are the center. Since from their subjective perspective, their nose seems bigger than the Andromeda galaxy and the earth seems quiet surrounded by infinitesimal stars.

Yet objectively, the ego is just an infinitesimal, fractal mirror, reflecting a minimal part of the infinite information of the whole without which it will cease to exist.

It is the paradox of the selfish ego that wants to be the center of the universe. The paradox of the ego is the main cause of extinction of all species, which as the human beings are unable to respect the infinity and power of the whole and consider themselves special sons of god, entitled to control and destroy nature, till the Newtonian laws of action reaction, extinguish them. Thus we define each of the infinite Aristotelian Gods, center of a surface of energy they move and prey on:

‘Every point of view=mind feels the center of the Universe, but it is only an infinitesimal Non-Euclidean point that stores a limited mapping of reality with its informative languages.’

We are all Atmans, informative CPUs, souls that gauge in different languages reality, to construct a mental mapping that caters to our point of view and arrows of time. So we create our ‘perceived Universe’ – a fact known from Descartes to Schopenhauer, but lost to ‘naïve, realist’ physicists. All of them thinking clocks are the only point that matters to measure time, and the human mind, the only ego that knots energy into form, since that is the only perspective they perceive. That is why most of history, humans thought the Earth to be the center of reality; and still think they are the only intelligent species.

6. The Universal Mandate: Maximize your existence.

Yet more fascinating than the philosophical argument is the mathematical formalism that explains the structure of those perceptive points, responsible for the general order of all parts and wholes of the Universe- the fractal, non-Euclidean points of the Universe, in mystique terms its souls.

Those points of view that we will define with Non-Euclidean mathematics in the next paragraph, represent the 4th dimension of social evolution and integration of 3 external ‘perpendicular dimensions’ of relative informative height, lineal motion and reproductive width (thought this 2 coordinates often vary, according to the environment and complex structure of the system, the height-dimension of information, which is the first to be established can be found in all systems).

For example, in the human mind, of electronic nature, the central S1,2 orbitals form a relative P.O.V. surrounded by 3 y,x,z p orbitals perpendicular to each other. The same structure is repeated in crystals and the NH+3 heads of amino acids in the 7.2 alkaline cytoplasm of the cell.

There is always a Point of View (biological jargon) or Non-Euclidean, Fractal point (Mathematical jargon) or ‘soul’ (mystique, existential jargon) that ‘integrates’ thanks to its control of a common language used for the system to code information (geometry in physics, electronic images in biological systems, verbal thought in sociological systems, digital languages in economic systems) the incoming flows of energy and information of the system. What is then the will or purpose of those points of view?

To maximize the function of existence, of its system, the Universal mandate of the program: Max. e x Max. I, which is achieved when E=I (mathematical rule: 5×5>9×1). This mandate of existence means that all p.o.v.s will try to perceive and absorb energy till they have enough to reproduce themselves, and then, they will be ‘forced’ to evolve socially in a dense environment of self-similar cells to survive.

In other words, the Universe is an infinite game of orgasms (-: Reproduction is the game.

∑: interactions and actions of all beings follow a pattern, of self-repetitive cycles, performed by each entity in a discontinuous cyclical manner, as the entity switches its modular ‘ego’ trying to maximize those 4 actions of existence, which is achieved mathematically for E=I, at ExI (Action of reproduction). The ego thus will have in any plane of existence a simple function to perform: Max E x I = K. For each domain of reality we defined therefore the field of an Ego-existence as, the function of God:

Max. E x I = K, which is maximized at points e=I, and max.I, which becomes the two first arrows of reality. The first one is called the arrow of space, energy, formless as both points equal, but the second function is a quantized function, which means the creation of more fractal information is the second arrow that maximizes the function of existence.

Once the function of existence of any plane of points of view that create linguistic worlds of truth is understood, you are into logic at the finest: The logic of existence, evolution and extinction, of the phases of the infinite cyclical actions its species perform.


The Bosonic point.

The creation of a bosonic zero point is the easiest form of maximizing the function of existence. This can be proved topologically and experimentally. The point is a Max.I, which strives to balance E=I, to create a max. ExI existential function for the whole EX I triple topological entity. This might be perceived as humans do with the perception of beauty (Max. I, i=e) and happiness (Max. E, i=e), which might be the ultimate will and sensations that resume the universal mandate.

Herds of undistinguishable bosons are also essential in the creation of membranes. They are also essential in parallel flows of bits and bites of information and energy transiting within or between planes of existence in the toroidal forms. Thus the creation of bosonic wholes from individual herds is key in the 3 type of networks that assembly together in functions of existence, E<=>I.

In the scale of particles all are bosons in the proper conditions, becoming undistinguishable. The result is the formation of a single new, condensed plane of existence to which each bosonic particle gives part of its existential momentum, creating a new fractal form, combination of the topological points fusion into the new form. The median of each S-T values for each individual field of  energy and information create together a new topology that looks like a single one, as it has become either a toroid, sphere or hyperbolic new whole.

The system integration happens in all kind of forms, from neuronal integration to cpus and gravitational fields of multiple bodies: An internal zero point once formed calculates easily from its p.o.v. the forces of energy that pass through it, ‘subconsciously’ as it creates a pixelled image to perceive.

The duality of eusocial parallel love vs. Darwinian, destructive hunting.

All systems of the universe display a dual behavior: they prey on other systems to absorb their energy and information for their bodies and minds and they evolve eusocially with members of the same species to reproduce and become bigger, more complex eusocial super organisms, sharing energy and information through common networks that create a new whole made of cellular parts.

It is the duality of the arrows of love and hate. Yet the arrow of love is a better strategy as it is the arrow of creation that the arrow of death and hate.

So we can describe the universe under the arrow of love, as a whole whose parts are all made to its image and likeness guided by the laws of all cellular systems who strive to survive by evolving eusocially to become a cellular part of that whole.

The duality expresses geometrically in the first scale as parallelism (love, flow of information invisible to third observer, separates at equal distances, two self-similar beings, who share energy and information along a small gap between them, this might lead to ‘fusion love’ the beginning of reproduction, when the number of self-similar, lower scales of existence of the couple in lower scales and higher ones is maximized. Then we find a quantization factor, ∑∑=∏ as the two polar species who have attracted each other, start to develop through its complex arrows of reproduction and love, more perpendicular networks of causalities that join its lower and higher planes of existence, with other forces and membranes that make the informative field of fractal information caused by the frequency an regularity of their get together arrows of shared experience…

From the first electrons that merge in spin/anti-spin sexuality till the last human being, this function is essential to complete the equation of existence, as informative ‘networks’ ∏ are stronger than mere, herds, ∑, which are connected only in the evident, i-plane of existence, while they perform their arrow. Herds follow the search for an arrow normally energy, sometimes information, but when information is what it is transferred, herds tend to evolve in networks in which there are causal memories that chain the system to other systems, neuronal networks of white matter in neurons and brains, electromagnetic cables in machines of information, etc. So we write:

i=∏, where i is the number of scales across which the network of information exists and controls with its bits and networks. Thus we write the equation of a complex organism as:

∑Ei<=>∏Ti±1= ∑ | x ∑i±1 O

The second notation is visual, geometric, as the universe is indeed a game of topologies in action, where the lineal, planar form of energy limbs/fields are ordered internally by mixed fields, X, guided by an informative head of bits of information that form both an internal language of control of the body/field and an external sensorial absorption of external information.

Evol-Devol. The cycle of life and death and the causality inferred by zero points.

The point of view or zero point that creates a ‘mind’, a fleeting stillness in the flows of energy that converge on it, is the knot that shows the will or at least calculates, integrates the flows of energy and information creating solutions to the synchronicity of flows and opportunities tending to follow the mandate of existence. The zero points seem to have the will to accomplish the mathematical solutions for forces and masses to follow the principle of minimal action. The zero point commits little errors it is intelligent it seems to have embedded the program. How the program evolves, invaginating first a sphere that reproduces and becomes a torus with a first ‘feeding axis’, which finds the central cells, more sensitive, and soon evolving into more complex informative networks, how those networks invaginate the body and communicate the inner and outer sides of the hemisphere and sphere (convex and concave topologies), etc. can be explained with the science of topology the why, the constant creation of cycles of life and wills and knots of time that want to order committing actions that maximize its function of existence, requires to fly further with your own will and empathize with the will fo all tknots of time cycles of the Universe.

All those individual, internal and external sub-scycles of a being are finally, disitilled once more by a new translation of the flows to a ‘alanguage’, in the human brain from chemical impulses and messages of hormonal chacater of ther est of the body. And all that appears as emotions and other neuronal fiels of electric energgy resumed in the mapping of perception of the mind, combined with the external mapping, with the 3 key mappings of the human brain (the verbal axis,s visual axis and emotional axis, z-x-y…, which reflects its maximal activities of energy and information)

The integration once and again of the will of each scale into new networks and the formation once and again of the same scales of reality deprting of the smaller, the printing an reprinting of reality – that is the intend,e huse, constant never stopping, in a universe of motions, game of realty.

The stillness of a zero point is a silent moennt of perception and the essence of the orgasm of a mind in peace with it all, ampped all it, and fluxed all it as lights of inner beauty to the hardware that the software runs with pleasure fields… the zero point seems to bee effortless but it is the final prouct of a a trillizon or zillion years of evolution of the game in its search for the ideal form.

And what you see what you perceive, whaat you undersands as beauty is the sensations of the fulfillment in balance of exi-k, your energy and infroamtion actions, forms and energies in balance is beauty and beaity is the state of the mind of full accomplishment of once thoughts and actions. In this manner in each being, in each language in each mind there will be a point of nivtante, in each insect orstar robot or human mind, mirror of beauty of a satisfying exi=K existence is balances… that is the art of existence, which all particles practices each in its own language.

RECAP. The 4-dimensional Universe is a simple game of 3 topologies of space, which correspond to 3 functions in time, the energetic, spatial, concave, spherical or planar membrane; the reproductive, cyclical, toroidal body; and the hyperbolic, warped, informative, still center of perception.

This simple a priori limited structure can adapt infinite self-similar forms as each ternary function absorbs energy that transforms in still perception or reproductive, self-similar clones of one self. Two primordial forms, the lineal, bilateral system or the cyclical, spherical seed are the most common of the Universe. Some forms might even switch between both states. Yet the 4 actions and 3 topologies and 3 ‘ages’ of dominance of one or other function and form remain in all systems that go from energetic young stages into informative ones.

All those simple similarities allow us to define a general system of simple equations that represent with topological symbols the causal and dynamic processes and events between the different parts of a ternary system and the system and the external Universe.

A new methodology and language, more advanced that the simple Aristotelian unicausal logic and Euclidean mathematics is needed; a new philosophy of science – organicism – and an emphasis in the qualities more than the quantities, in geometry more than arithmetic, in time functions more than spatial structures, in harmony and balance and feed-back, dual flows of causality more than in individual, entropy –based mechanist, digital, abstract models of reality. Let us consider this new method of knowledge to extract of the information relevant to the complex structure of its real systems.


We have now all the elements of the game: the actions p.o.v.s. perform which are the ‘dimensions’ of spatial perception; the temporal dimension, integrated through a language by the p.o.v. and the Mandate – Game of maximal exi=stence they all play. And with those elements we can understand everything else in the Universe. To that aim General Systems Sciences follows the ‘ternary method’, as all systems will structure themselves in:

–       Continuous ‘space’ through the 3 topologies of a 4-Dimensional Universe, in organs of energy, information, reproduction and a ‘4th’ element, the P.O.V. that integrates the parts into the whole.

–       In discontinuous ‘fractal’ scales of size and information through 3 scales, the ‘cellular’, individual and social scales, which will interact with each other.

–       In continuous time, through 3±1 ages in which energy (youth), reproduction (maturity) and information (3rd age) will dominate between birth and extinction.

–       And  in ‘discontinuous time’, through the alternacy of its 3+1 actions of feeding, informing, reproducing and evolving socially.

Thus the ternary method consists in studying those 3+1 structures that exhaust the knowledge of any Universal system. To notice though the difference between the 3 ‘actions/arrows/dimensions of space’, energy, information and its combination, reproduction, which ‘occupy’ often 3 perpendicular Euclidean dimensions (height=information, length=motion, width=reproduction) and the 4th ‘integrative’ arrow of ‘time’ and social evolution, represented by the point of view, which is also the point that ‘emerges in a bigger scale as the unit that represents the whole. This difference will become essential to understand the differences between 3-dimensional space and time, between determinism and freedom and so on.

7. Emergence and the scalar Universe. The 3 fractal scales of all systems.

The network structure of all systems and its complex arrows of reproduction and social evolution show a key property of the Universe, its scalar, fractal scale. As when the first cell is born, it feeds, reproduces, evolves socially and creates finally a new superorganism or whole of the new scale, a human being, which is born as a new unit of a social superorganism, nation or civilization. This happens also in physical systems: social particles become atoms that become molecules that either become cells that become organisms that become societies or become planets and social stars that become galaxies that become Universes. Two laws of all systems derive from the scalar, emergent nature of the wholes:

All systems share the properties of their lower scales that emerge in the higher scales of existence of the system. Thus the geometric properties of space-time are shared by all its upper, more complex scales; the electromagnetic properties of quantum numbers are shared by all atomic species; the biochemistry of cellular life by higher organisms, and the individual behaviour of human beings transcend into the socio-cultural behaviour of social super-organisms; and our forms and vital functions are also expressed in the world of memes of metal we construct.

–       All systems co-exist in 3 scales of reality:

The lower scale, which provides the bites and bits of energy and information the body, limbs and head of the system need to survive. This is the lower i-2 scale of the system. It is the scale of particles of information and forces of energy in the physical scale – for example, quantum numbers in an electron; the genetic scale of informative genes and carbohydrate molecules of energy in biological organisms and the memetic scale of instruments and ideological ‘neuronal networks’ in sociological organisms (memes of life or ‘human goods’ of the welfare state in human superorganisms; and memes of metal in economic ecosystems).

The i-1 intermediate scale, of atoms made of informative quarks and energetic electrons’ the biological scale of cells and the human scale of individuals in sociological organisms of history and corporations, the ‘free citizens’ of markets in economical organisms.

The i-upper scale of the Whole, molecular systems in physical organisms (of the size of entire planets sometimes), the scale of living organisms in biology and the scale of human cultures and economic ecosystems (markets) in sociological organisms. The reader could observe that the whole of biological organisms (humans) becomes in fact the i-1 scale of sociological organisms. So each 3 scales we can consider a ‘new game’ of emergence. And in fact the Universe is a scalar of infinite scales, as we can observe that the scale of galaxies is self-similar to the scale of atoms in many equations (black holes can be modeled as quark stars and star nebulae can be modeled as electronic nebulae; in fact Einstein modeled the Universe considering each galaxy a hydrogen atom).

The laws of emergence relate the different scales of reality and its functions. One subset of emergence laws is the laws of transcendence. How the arrows of the i-1 scale of ‘cellular’ existence transcend as bits and bites of information and energy of the next scale. The general rule is the following:

–       Arrow of reproduction of the lower scale-> Arrow of energy of the next scale. That is, the reproduction of entities of i-1 provides the ‘staple food’ of the next scale.

–       Arrow of social evolution of the lower scale-> Arrow of in/form/ation or form of the upper scale. That is, the social evolution of an entity of i-1 tends to happen when that entity enters the structural form of the upper scale.

For example, the 3rd quantum number, or magnetic number of social evolution of electrons is the key number to explain the form of complex molecular orbitals. The reproductive wave of photons and its speed becomes the feeding arrow of electrons that jump to absorb them.

The reproduction of cells structures the form of organisms. The reproduction of carbohydrates feeds the cell; the social evolution of amino acids in proteins and proteins and fats structures the form of cellular membranes.  And so on:

Rei-1 -> E;  Social Evolution (∑i-1) -> Structural form (Ii).

The seven dimensions/scales of any system.

Shakespeare said we were all heroes or buffoons, depending on our perspective from above and from bellow. The paradox of the ego consists in the incapacity of humans to perceive the ‘above’ structures, which are ‘disconnected’ apparently because the networks of information that join them are invisible (so we do not see the networks of words that communicate us, or the flows of money that cre(dit)ate the economic system). So as we only perceive the smaller scales in detail as ‘wholes’ we feel like heroes.

In fact, if we consider for each ‘relative universe/superorganism’ a relative i-scale centered in the individual p.o.v. each system can be considered to exist between ‘7 scales of perception’ with clearly different roles:

There are scales at i-n that we do not perceive at all. It is the ‘nothingness’, in our case the gravitational space.

Then it comes the i-3 scale of pixels of minimal size that we use as information. In humans it is the light, and electronic space.

Then it comes the i-2 scale that we feed on. It is the atomic, amino acid, molecular space.

Next it comes the i-1 scale of our seed. It is the cellular scale.

Then it comes our scale of social evolution, or i. It is the human social scale.

But beyond we are for the higher scales exactly all what we perceive below. So we are sons of the next scale, which for any species will be called the generator.

We are food, energy for the next scale that we call the predator. In cultures, we are prey of those who exploit us as workers under salaries, citizens under laws, military… the people-castes of our society.

We are finally perceived as a mere pixel, a number, a poll vote, by the ‘system’, the whole social organism in which we exist for whom we are just an objective point of a whole.

And beyond there is of course God, the last scale, unperceived, the Laws of all systems, that explain all super-organisms, not only the social one we exist in.

Thus from our point of view, we are the most important point of the Universe, and all what we see is below us, our relative energy. Yet we exist between 9 scales, two invisible, 3 under us, 3 over us, and we, in the middle:

The scale of nothingness, the scale of bits, the scale of bites, the scale of seeds, the scale of Is, the scale of the generator, the scale of the predator, the scale of the ‘system’ and the scale of God. And this is truth for all systems and species. Because information occupies no space, lasts longer in time and all systems evolves towards those informative super organic scales, those facts leads to the 9th point, the relative dimensions of past, present and future.

The easiest question is here: how much of the external Universe the function ∏Oi, absorbs/perceives? The simplest of them, a pi circle, of 3.14-3 =0.14 apertures through its ternary membrane, is a paradigmatic, basic ‘function of existence’, and represents a 96% of ‘dark matter’ not perceived by the system, Curiously is the same than it is left in dark to the electronic image we perceive of the Universe (dark matter of the universe) Thus we could consider the electro-magnetic mind of a human being, to be in its ultimate, simplest structure of perception, the photon, limited to a possible ‘light, final structure of a pi 3-dimensional cyclical ‘worm’ like photonic H-Planck ‘snake’ that as it traces its 3-dimensional balls of electromagnetism, absorbed from the prior, dark matter universe of gravitational, scalar field (short of a Higgs, with improved equations), brings about the first jump from ‘nothingness’ to the first scale of perception.

But what is the nothingness, not perceived, the perfect form not perceived, the 0 x ∞ = K.

The limits of each perception of each knot of cyclical actions of the Universe.

Thus, the scales and species we observe between ‘nothingness’ (∞ E x 0 I) and ‘God’, (∞ I x 0 E) are:

1st scale: Euclidean Light-space-time and Non-Euclidean Gravitational space-time. They are the Energetic-Informative duality of space-times in which our reality is built.

2nd scale: Fundamental particles; energetic electrons, fractals of photons; and informative quarks, dominant in gravitational forces.

3rd scale: Atoms.

And so these 3 scales form together the simplest superorganisms of reality, the atom.

Then we start again, with atoms as the basic i-1 element of the new ternary superorganism:

3rd scale: Atoms.

4th scale: Molecules & Matter (states: energetic gas, balanced liquid, informative solid).

5th scale: Planets & stars.

This ‘energetic version’ of atomic structures has its duality with the informative version, life:

Life: 3rd scale: Atoms; 4th scale: Molecules; 5th scale: Cells.

And so we start a new ternary system through 3 more scales:

5th scale: Planets & stars; 6th scale: Solar systems; 7th scale: Galaxies.

Life: 5th scale: cells; 6th scale: tissues; 7th scale: Organisms.

And finally we arrive to the last scalar structures:

7th scale: Galaxies; 8th scale: Clusters; 9th scale: Universes.

Life: 7th scale: Memes; 8th scale: Humans; 9th scale: History.

Now the reader would observe that this classification of scales differs from the one of the graphic, as we stretch further the structure of living organisms. The point is that each scale can be divided in 3 scales, as all points are complex superorganisms. So descriptions might vary from 1 to 3 to 9 scales depending on detail and in this book we shall analyze in more detail life beings. Some obvious facts though of the previous scales: the i-1 and i+1 scales are ‘complete’ systems, tending to spherical, still, informative shapes and the intermediate scale is the more ‘active’ complex organism. So photons and atoms have the active intermediate scale of particles. Between atoms and planets we have the active intermediate state of states of matter. Between atoms and cells, the molecular active scale. Between cells and organisms, the active tissue-organs scale; between human’ heads’ and history the memetic scale.

This is the relative i-scale in which the entity that in the chain of scales might be just a ‘bite or bit’ i-1 form and an i+1 whole, works more and interacts, ‘lives’… To notice also that all systems are part of a chain, or as Shakespeare put it, we are all Gods, humans and buffoons depending on the perspective.

9. The ternary method. Definition of knowledge

In the graph, all systems perceive at least one language, interpreting with the same ‘grammar’ reality, to localize its energy, information, reproduce, evolve socially and try not to devolve, becoming preys of other systems. In the next graph we observe how different species perceive with different languages the Universe, but all of them ‘share’ some of those codes, specially the geometrical one. So all heads are on top. Yet each head is different in each scale and talks a different grammar, albeit with the same universal grammar, which reflects the fundamental equation of the Universe: E<=>I.

Ternary Universal grammar expresses the arrows in verbal languages and human super organisms.

Given the simplicity of the Game of Existence – despite its infinite complexity in its details, iterations and combinations, all species, from the simplest atom to the biggest structure can play the game and understand it and relate to all other species, which will play the same game from their selfish point of view. And so all individuals of each species plays the game, and ‘talks’ about it, with similar species and understand it with information provided by self-similar ‘ternary images’ provided by a language that shares the properties and emergent qualities acquired in each scale.

But of more interest for General systems theory is the ternary structure of all linguistic systems in all scales; what we call the Universal Grammar, such as:

Space-Dimensions: Height (informative dimension) <Width (reproduction) > Length (energetic motion)

Mathematical languages: X < Operandi> Y

Forces:  Particles (information) < Universal constant: action, exi or ratio e/I > forces (energy)

Code of Colors: Blue (information) < Green/Yellow (Reproduction) > Red (energy)

Verbal code: A (Informative, I-subject) <verb/operandi (action) > Object (energy)

A(Human) < verb (action) > Object (energy of human)

It follows that not only mathematics (geometry) is a mother science but also logic (the analysis of the causal processes determine by those arrows) is even more essential, and further on ‘evolution’, the evolution of forms and functions in temporal patterns summons them all. So those 3 sciences, spatial geometry, temporal logic and its combination, evolutionary theory, are the ‘3 subdivisions’ of general systems sciences, which apply to each science explain it all.

Over them, there is general systems sciences, the science this book can be considered its foundational book (as it formalizes and structures and advances all previous works done on it.) Below them, each specific science studies a scale of social evolution in the universe from the smallest physical systems, to its complex biological organizations and beyond its social organizing systems.

Since science consists in the definition of the type of points of each relative scale of size of reality, from the quantum scale studied by physics, through the intermediate human scales studied by biological and sociological sciences to the higher scale study by cosmology

Once those points are defined, each science studies their 4 actions, which define all its events and forms.

Study of the 3+1 actions: its bits of information, bites of energy, reproductive seeds and grammar.

Yet we study those actions through the 3 scales of size of the system, its bits and bites, normally of the smallest scales of existence, since:

–   We perceive with the minimal bits we can process to create the more detailed maps (<i-2).

–    We eat sometimes, similar species but break them into smaller parts (i<2). For example we eat meat but break it into amino acids, below the cellular level.

–   We reproduce a seed from the lower plane of existence (i-1). So we produce seminal cells and electrons reproduce emitting photons that collide and recreate an electron.

–   And finally we communicate with a language of information at the same level we exist (i), in order to create a more complex whole (i+1).

Thus we observe, as in many other laws we will be developing in this book, an infinite number of harmonies between sizes, ages, forms, functions in all scales of existence.

Actions are expressed with bites and bits of inferior scales. We perceive the smaller possible ‘bits’ (<i-2), eat bites of the inferior i-2 scales, reproduce with seeds of the i-1 scale and share energy and information with species of the same scale to create.

The bits of information (i-2), will usually be entities at least two smaller scales of existence.  The smaller they are, the more detailed the map made with its ‘pixels’ will be. So we can consider the possible existence of ‘gravitational minds’ that perceive a scale inferior to us.

For example our eyes perceive light photons, the minimal scale of form. Ants perceive chemical pheromones; computers perceive electronic flows; all of them ‘forms’ of a minimal scale in relationship to the species that perceive.

The bites of energy will be pieces of the same or inferior scale. So we eat ‘living beings’; electrons feed in the lower scale of light; and black holes in stars. Yet once a system feeds it will further reduce what it feeds on another scale to obtain basic bricks to reconstruct once form through ‘2 scales’. So our body reduces food to amino acids, the minimal parts of life. And electrons probably reduce light to its magnetic and electric constants to create their fractal nebulae. And nations that conquer other nations reduce their people, minimal unit of the nation to slavery and take their gold to print their own coins.

So as we move upwards in the complexity of the actions we study there is a ‘growth’ of informative similarity of the bites and bits and a growth in size, such as informative bits are less similar and smaller than the bites of energy we feed. And this pattern continues when we consider the ‘expressions’ of the actions of social evolution and reproduction.

The expressions of social evolution are languages, which are naturally produced by the informative center of the system; except in the case of enzymatic evolution in which the language is external to the species (a species which acts as the reproducer and catalyser of evolution of other species; cells with viruses, humans with machines metal atoms with carbohydrates and so on). So the language is a ‘part’ of the being, often corresponding to an i-1 inner structure, though transported by an external force.

Finally the larger, closer form to the organism is its reproductive seed. And hence by the law of parallelism between species, the ‘bit’ of information for which the organism cares more: small quarks among simple particles, cellular seeds in life; jets of matter in galaxies.

Synchronic study: the 3+1, physiological structures.

The study of the ‘actions’ of a being leads to the study of the ‘physiological’ parts, the systems that perform those actions, processing its energy and information, reproducing the system and ‘speaking its language’ as the ‘P.O.V.’, soul or point that integrates the parts into a whole. For example, in the first mathematical scale, where ‘numbers’ are sets of self-similar cells, the tetrarkys is a perfect system, with 3 x 3 corners of the triangle performing according to orientation the 3 simpler actions, of energy, information and reproduction, while the central point equidistant from the other 3 sub-systems becomes the integration, point of view. And this structure will be find in crystals, molecules, organic molecules, ‘pi’ circles with ‘3’ curved units and ‘0’14 apertures, atoms with 3 valences that are the informative atoms of life (nitrogen).

And each part will itself become differentiated in 3+1 parts. And so in this manner we can classify and explain the morphological evolution of all systems.

For example, in the graph, we see the neocortex, the integrating organ of the languages of human perception, which displays its 3 ‘dimensional axis’ of language (width, temporal region and temporal, informative language of mankind), vision (length, occipital region and spatial language of mankind) and body-emotional control (height axis, parietal region, which should also include the motor cortex), which are all integrated by the forehead.

In that sense the 4th, integrative point of any system might seem redundant as it becomes a mirror of the functions of all the others, but it is a secondary, passive mirror, which does not act directly but orders and chooses between the other cycles, switching the actions of the whole to fulfil them all in balance.

The synchronic analysis is ultimately a dual study of functions and forms together, as the 3 morphological topologies of a 4 dimensional Universe will define the functions of those systems (an energy, continuous, lineal, planar or spherical shallow, membrane; a hyperbolic, tall, discontinuous or dense central point (the ‘ball’ of the sphere or inner part) that will be the information system, and a cyclical, elliptic or conic reproductive system, combination of the other two shapes. So for example, our limbs are lineal, our body conical and our brain hyperbolic, on top, the ‘inner ball’ of the head.

Diachronic systems: study in time of actions, life cycles and evolutionary cycles.

Finally we study systems through its 3±1 ages in time, between +birth and – death, as energy reproduces and becomes warped in information.

And we do so also in 3 scales of duration, the scale of actions – so each cycle will have those phases – the scale of individual – so all individuals will have a life-death cycle – and the same of species that will be born from a first individual ‘cell’, grow, radiate, speciate and become extinct. As all those processes are similar, all of them with the same causal order, albeit different exi ‘volume’, hence size and duration:

i-1 (seed of information)-> Energetic action/age/species-> exi action/reproductive age/radiation of species->informative action/3rd age/speciation-> End of action/Death/Extinction.

Since species are super-organisms and individuals its cells, the same type of studies apply to evolution.

The ternary, fractal structure of systems means we can repeat those 3 analysis in higher scales (where the species studied becomes a cellular bit, bite, seed or phoneme of a bigger being), or make a detailed analysis of each subsystem and ‘part’ that has inner sub-parts and scales, or study the multiple choices of bits and bites of each species, which as it becomes more complex have higher degrees of freedom of choice’ and so on.

Thus the ‘ternary method’ exhausts all the knowledge we require from any being, knot of actions of energy and time, which has 3+1 morphological systems, subdivided each in 3+1 subsystems, across 3 scales of size; who exist 3±1 ages, in 3 scales of time, short actions, life/death cycles and creation, evolution and extinction as a species.

We also resumed the main tenants of G.S.T. in 3 x 3 points, related to the actions, super-organisms and ternary method of knowledge.  Now, once we have defined ‘the thoughts of god’, the 10th point of the Decalogue, will consider some of its details – the proofs of those 9 laws, which are all the species and events of… the entire Universe and beyond.

The Zero Point, as integrator of the entire system.

Ultimately what defines the game of existence is the interaction between individual zero points with ‘rotational coordinates’ with them in the center and 4 ‘actions/quadrants’ of different perception, and its universals, herds and networks that appear as wholes. The construction under the laws of survival, its paradoxes, tugs-of-war and balances creates and destroys the systems of the Universe. What we see are logical chains of points of view that find in their association an efficient, positive strategy of survival that maximizes the actions of all its points. The function of maximization of the actions, momentum, top predator force, exi, coordinates of a polar point of view is the game we all play.

The simplest strategy is absolute selfishness, absolute polar coordinates with the I-0 point in complex subjective vision of distances as related to it as the center of the Universe. It sees it all static and dead, one-self as maximal form of information even energy. In reality all what the pov sees as static in space is a simultaneous assembly which at certain level of speed and detail appears as a contant flow of beings of information and energy in parallel herds or/and hierarchical planes of space or time that are complex organisms in themselves. If the Pov had all the information available in all the scales of size and speed that surround it all would seem living.

The Pov is however always diffeomorphic, subjective, relativistic and yet it will enter with other povs in relationships fixed by the overall roles of i-logic geometry and its formal/functional dualities.

Certain basic geometrical laws will therefore guide our undersanding of ethic behavior, as function and form are also related here in the manner in which povs relate and share energy and form. The first rule of ‘ethical geometry’ is:

X – Perpendicularity between hierarchical, preying-predator systems: Preys and predators penetrate each other’s vital space absorbing energy and information.

< = > –  Parallelism between entitites of a herd or network that work together. They maintain the same distance and emit and absorb energy and information through an exchange of smaller particles. Those situations create constant bondage that maintains a balance between the elements. Those 2 symbols thus derived from the original spatial exi, or temporal e< = > I expressions of the function of existence now have ‘real’, formal meaning also. Perpendicular systems engage in fast, often Darwinian destructive exchanges of energy and information. Parallel systems are more subtle and transfer at an inferior i-1 level, bits and bites of energy and information.

Conclusion. General Systems sciences the philosophy of science of reality.

Systems of energy and information networks can be described not only with the logic of organisms but also mathematically, because as Plato put it, ‘numbers are forms’, meaning that a set of self-similar entities are a number and so mathematics, the science of numbers, is by definition a social science. Further on those numbers create social networks with form: so 1 is the point, 2 are the line, 3 is the network and 4 the square and so on. Thus each number defines in geometry certain topological forms that favor certain flows of energy and information between the points of the network. Function becomes form and complex i-logic and topology come together as the formal tools to study the self-similar laws of all systems, the whys of the Universe, which complete the ‘how’ of the paradigm of metric measure that preceded General Systems Sciences. Since the details are still studied by the paradigm of measure.

Reality though is never static, beyond the detailed measures of the 3rd paradigm, because geometry becomes now the more generic discipline of topology; planes and forms become networks and distances become flows between points, which can be described with feed-back equations, EóI, no longer with equalities.

Biology is in fact the central science of the 4th paradigm of social networks, since organic systems are traditionally studied by Biological Sciences. Thus, the 4th paradigm or ‘why’ of the Universe, based in organicism, expands many of the laws of Biology to all other sciences. It also adds many laws of Physics, topology and new mathematical discoveries (fractal and non-Euclidean geometries), creating a corpus of knowledge that applies to all realities, formalized by 2 relatively new disciplines, General Systems Sciences and Duality:

Duality studies the self-similar laws of all complementary networks of energy and information: Physical entities are made with fields of energetic forces and particles of information; biological entities have heads of neuronal information and bodies of energy. Gender is the duality of female, informative, reproductive beings and male, energetic, spatial ones.

Those systems are made of ‘cellular parts’ that create social networks, which evolve becoming wholes; fractal units of a larger whole in a bigger scale of space-time. And so General systems studies how networks evolve socially from parts into wholes, called ‘systems’, units of bigger social wholes.

Reality evolves in scales of size under the same organic laws of dual, complementarity networks of energy and information that become units of new wholes: The Universe evolves from particles into atoms into molecules, cells and solar systems, organisms, societies, planets, galaxies and Universes under those self-similar laws of social networks – the why of reality.

Thus Systems Science completes our search for the why of the events and forms of Universal entities.


Advances in sciences always depart from the evolution of mathematics and logic, the languages of space and time of the human mind. In the 4th paradigm the 5 postulates of i-logic geometry based in the concept of a fractal point, achieve that evolution: Leibniz, Einstein and Riemann, who in the XIX c. realized that ‘through a point infinite parallels can cross’ (5th postulate of non-Euclidean geometry) are the points of departure.  ‘Non-Euclidean points’ with form and motion, made of knots of time cycles, are the final elements needed to understand the why of the Universe. They socialize into networks that become points of a higher scale, which reproduce and organize new networks; and so the Universe keep growing in fractal scales, from particles that organize networks and become atoms that organize networks and become molecules that organize networks and become cells, that become organisms, that become planetary societies; while planets and stars form gravitational networks that become galaxies, organized by dark matter into Universal networks. Thus each Non-E, fractal point is a world in itself – a topological point with a volume of energy and information that relate it to other points through waves, which carry energy and information and create networks that warp into bigger points.

All what exists are cycles of space-time gathered in knots called Non-Euclidean points, gathered in complementary networks of energy and information; which become the physical systems of reality. Thus the 4th paradigm uses the new mathematics of non-Euclidean geometry, topology and fractals and the new logic of multiple time cycles, to define a new fundamental particle of space-time, the fractal point –  a world of space-time in itself –  an entity made with 3 networks of energy, information and reproduction, which constantly try to feed, inform and reproduce the point. Those Non-Euclidean points of energy and information evolve into networks, forming organic systems. Each system becomes then a unit-point of a bigger network, determining the dominant arrow of creation: social evolution in growing scales of self-similar forms.

The Universe is a game of chained time cycles that form knots and networks, which carry the information of the Universe. The evolution of parts into social wholes with form is the why of it all.

All those points perceive a limited reality decoded as information, extracted from the flows of energy its relative perspective and informative parts can observe. All points of view in the Universe move and gauge the information about the limited reality they perceive, creating with those exchanges of information and energy a mapping of reality. And so only the sum of all those st-points creates the absolute Space-Time of the Cartesian plane, whose rods of measure and time clocks are those of the human ‘point’ – our eye ball, who sees light and measures space with a rod of light and see space with the 3 perpendicular dimensions of light (the magnetic, electric and c-speed fields).




The 4 actions of energy and information or 4 local dimensions of space-time beings, or 4 arrows of temporal existence, self-similar jargons for the ‘4 letters of God’, if you were to use mystique terms, are: In/Form/ation, Energy, Reproduction and Social Evolution through a linguistic network.

Those 3+1 actions of space-time define all events of all entities of the Universe. Their study under the ternary method gives us the why of those entities, its actions, ages in time, scales and topologies in space – all the ‘details’ of each particular ‘function of existence’, EóI, which is one of the ‘infinite’ expressions of the ‘Program of the Universe’, each one a being of reality.

So those actions are expressed by the 3+1 dimensions of space-time in the scale of forces, by the 4 quantum numbers in the scale of particles, by the 4 nucleotides in the scale of DNA and RNA molecules; by the different organelles of cells; by the senses and physiological systems of organisms, the 3+1 drives of social organisms, the 4 actions that we all humans perform, the 4 ‘memes’ of metal that together shape the economic ecosystem (simplex energetic weapons and informative money and complex reproductive factories and informative networks of machines.)

Let us then resume those 4 time arrows, actions and topologies, considered in more details in different books of this series, for the ‘main ternary scales’ of Universal super-organism, both in matter and life:


1st scale: The 4 dimensions of space-time

Space-time is not abstract. The Galilean paradox of perception shows that it is made of light as light is what we see and what we consider space. It has the same 3 Euclidean dimensions plus color. It always remains some light (background radiation) in space-time. And so we shall talk of a ‘substance’, light-space. Then Einstein discovered that there is space-time we do not see, larger than the Euclidean light-space, or gravitational space, which was also more curved. But we are not concerned here with the substance and form of that more complex, bigger ‘scale of reality’.

Light is our space-time. Thus the 4 dimensions of light and human space-time are the same.

They express the 4 ‘vital arrows’ of light as a complementary species of energy and information:

1. The arrow of energy and motion is expressed in the magnetic field.

2. The arrow of information and form is expressed in the electric field.

3. The arrow of reproduction in the dimension of length, the speed of light, c, which Maxwell deduced by multiplying the other two arrows, exi (Maxwell equations)

4. And the arrow of social evolution in its colors, which are groups of frequencies, gathering of multiple photons.

Yet since the Universe is relative in all its directions, those 3+1 arrows must be considered relative to the point of view of the Observer (relativity theory). That means that when the arrows ‘emerge’, the so-called ‘diffeomorphic principle applies’. The arrows and dimensions of a being might change orientation. For example in humans, relative height is the arrow of information, as all systems need perspective to perceive. So in sociological systems the priest, the politician or the antenna is also on top.

Yet in plants, which absorb form, information, atoms from the floor, the roots are their relative ‘high’, and the energetic ‘leaves’ the relative ‘low’, opposite to that of animals, which prey on plants and have the head on top, as they get information from the sun. But this example proves certain basic relationships between the 4 arrows of time, which dimensions express: The arrow of energy and information are opposite (two dimensional beings) or perpendicular (some 3 dimensional ones), as they are all their geometrical properties (lines vs. cycles, planar or spherical vs. hyperbolic topologies in 4 D, etc.). Both are then perpendicular to the arrow of reproduction. So in lineal systems, the head is on top, on bottom the limbs and in the middle the arrow of reproduction. That is the case of human beings. In electromagnetic fields, energy and information, electric and magnetic fields are perpendicular and they are perpendicular to the 3rd arrow of reproduction.

Those 3 arrows thus are found in all systems, as it is a fundamental law of emergence that the properties of a simpler system, emerge in the more complex systems created by the social evolution of individual cells of the smaller scale into the higher scale. So all systems, which are made of complex light condensates do have functional/formal dimensions related to its own arrows of time.

And this is the ultimate reason why the World is mathematical.

For example, humans have the high dimension of informative heads, the low dimension of lineal limbs, the perpendicular central dimension of erectile penis, which are inverted in the ‘energetic, male species’ and the ‘informative, female one’ (inward uterus). While the body reproduces its cells in the dimension of width, and fat people are ‘wide’ so are strong, muscle-driven one.

So finally the 4th dimension, which is NOT necessarily a space dimension, but might be, as it is related to the organization of reproduced cells. So we could consider that the same width and length are the dimensions that give volume to the body. But the 4th dimension is always more complex, it is really a dimension of temporal information, a linguistic dimension, a dimension of perception. So it is color, a language that animals use to survive and orientate their existence in the life ecosystem. In our organism the language is chemical for the internal cells and nervous for the whole organism. Yet as emergence exists in all processes, the nervous system often translates its language into chemical messages (hormones, calcium expression of synaptic messages), to ‘talk’ to the lower level of cellular existence.

In a more complex analysis, what we call light space-time is really an Euclidean space with motion and so the existence of a mathematical substrata of geometric nature and 4-dimensionality in all systems of electromagnetism, which is the essential force of our universe, should not surprise us. The nature though of the multiple worlds and points of view, minds and representations of the information of the Universe, entities of light space-time store are many; and the mathematics of them are fractal and non-Euclidean.

2nd scale: the quantum numbers express the 4 dimensions of electronic and quark superorganisms.

Head-on collision of a quark (red ball) with a gluon (green ball), from protons with opposite spin, represented by blue cycles. The particles ejected from the collision are a shower of quarks and one photon. The simplest particles, quarks and electrons reproduce, even if anthropomorphism denies that ‘meaning’ but require a different spin orientation – the ‘sexual factor’ of simple particles. We shall see once and again that mechanism and denial of organicism is not a ‘reasonable doubt’ but a question of egocentric beliefs –humans always prefer a theory, as bizarre as they might be, that make him the center of the Universe.

The next scale is made of social, fractal gatherings of light photons and the language of expression of those fractal organisms of photons, called electrons are the 4 quantum numbers:

An electron traces energetic cycles described by the principal quantum number; feeds on energy, changing the spatial form of its trajectory, a fact explained by the secondary quantum number, orientates its spin to leave space to an identical but inverted ‘genre’, an action described by its spin number, and gauges magnetic information to organize itself socially, an action described by the magnetic number.

So the first quantum number indicates its body-energy, the second number its structural form, the spin number its reproductive duality in each shell and the 4th number uses the language of magnetic information to evolve socially in networks of particles.

And those 4 numbers define the electron as a Non-Euclidean quantum knot of complementary energy and information. The similarity of quantum electrodynamics and quark chromodynamics shows that the same concept roughly applies to define the other fundamental particle of the Universe – the quark.

The electronic world thus move along 3 fundamental scales: it is the upper scale of the world of light and the lower scale of the world of atoms enslaved by the central quarks and vice versa: the electrons encase the quarks and its forces within the interior of the atom, forming a superorganism regulated in its actions of existence and complementary structure by the 4 forces, which are the ‘expression’ of the actions of those initial bricks of life.

The Magnetic field.

It has to be understood the magnetic field as created by a spiral electric field. Thus it is created by the electron as its ‘informative language’. Its effects are similar to those caused by two particles that enter in communication: the alignment of its ‘existential momentum’ exi to ‘start’ a parallel trajectory/ conversation. In tis case the magnetic field emited by a electric charge, conforms the electron to a parallel trajectory and so any magnetic field ‘talks’ and makes socialize any other group of electrons. X-Perpendicularity with contact, are relationships proper of feeding, energetic relationship[s; =-parallelism, is proper of informative flows. We conclude that magnetic fields are the informative language of particles as electric fields are its energetic, motion component. The B-field by exercising a force both perpendicular to the v of the electron and the magnetic field emited by other electric flow causes the electron to deviate in parallel to the emitter, creating a grow of order and synchronicity, which is the essential first step of creation of ehrds and social organisms – a force of parallelism that approximates in parallel flows herds of self-simialr beings and we observe in all systems. In the atomic system is caused by the magnetic field that aligns the spin of particles and cause motions that do not affect the energy/celerity of the particle but its orientation in space. As such is akin to the centripetal force in the similar gravitational world of macrocosmic masses. As the responsible for the location and change of position, and group behavior of different particles, the magnetic field becomes the informative field of electrons. But where it comes from ultimately the magnetic field, if not from the ‘impression’ of the previous scale of gravitational space-time? A question that goes beyond this example into the meaning of the different scales of a structure of social evolution, in this case:

Plancks of light (i-2: light wave) -> Photons (social light)-> Electrons (fractal waves of photons)-> Nucleons  -> Atoms -> Molecules…

In essence in all those scales we shall find an informative force of i-2 microscopic pixels used by the macrocosmic particle to communicate information, which will therefore show less energy; this is the magnetic field among particles. Then there is an i-1 force of bigger pixels that become ‘bites’ absorbed and fed into the organism in a perpendicular attractive/repulsive game. This creates point particles. In this case electrons absorb photons, which are the ultimate ‘bosonic condensates perceived as points of an electronic nebulae’ cells of the electron. So the electron uses magnetic fields, which are one of the two components of a Planck of light (h), to create waves that communicate information about its position and strength of the group to other electrons, which suffer then a change in its trajectory to position itself in parallel to the original current and ‘absorb’ the talk. Though there is much expeirmentla evidence to gather with this ‘new approach’ to the whys of physical particles, the laws of scales are clear. And so the same game means that condensed electrons somehow become a nucleon. And vice versa: a nucleon that changes from neutron to proton is in fact ‘emiting’ an electron, cell of its inner structure, and by the same rule nucleons communicate with ‘photons’ the language of colors or rather pions, super-condensed photons.

And so following the same scales atoms and Molecules communicate with electrons and nucleons (H+ being the ‘universal language’ of molecular ‘voices’ that communicate ions even in biological systems, as simple as in the language of sexual hormones that differ only in that ‘vowel’.)

3rd scale: The 4 universal forces express the 4 actions of atomic superorganisms.

The Universe creates dimensional form by reducing the motion/speed of a physical system and vice versa: it creates motion/ speed by eliminating dimensions of form. So a 3 dimensional nebulae of matter collapses into an accelerated mass vortex, in which, according to the Equivalence between gravitational forces, masses and cyclical acceleration (Einstein’s relativity), is an attractive whirl of spacetime. The Equivalence Principle establishes a Universe with 2 limits of eternal movement: a lineal speed with a c limit or electromagnetic force; and a cyclical speed or mass, which is a vortex of space-time also with a ‘c’ limit of speed, reached in the heaviest objects – black holes. Thus radiation and mass eternally transform into each other the lineal and cyclical arrow of inertial movement: E (lineal motion)<cxc>M(Ti) (cyclical motion). A light wave reproduces at c-speed an electromagnetic surface of lineal space. On the other hand, a mass whose limit is a black hole that turns at c-speed is a cyclical entity that balances the lineal movement of light forces with its inverse cyclical movement, to maintain an eternal dynamic balance of cycles and lines.


How atoms express their 4 actions? As all other systems, using ‘bits’ and bites’ of their inferior i-2 scales, by emitting seeds of its own i-1 scale and by sharing energy and information with species of the same scale. Yet to understand all this, first we have to correct the main error of quantum physics – its misunderstanding of the paradox of Galileo. Since charges and masses are not substances, neither fixed forms, by cyclical, rotational vortices of electromagnetic and gravitational, lineal forces, curved into temporal information: E->I, where E is the force and I the charge or mass, the vortex/clock of information of the i-1 gravitational and i-electromagnetic scales, as the previous graph illustrates. Indeed, according to the Strong Principle of Equivalence of Einstein (between gravitational forces and masses), a mass is defined as the frequency of a vortex of gravitational forces, which attracts more the faster it turns, and the smaller it is (Vortex law: Vo x Ro= K; thus E=Mc2 + E=hv -> M = k v, where mass is proportional to the frequency of the vortex.) Thus masses carry most of the information of the i-1 scale of the Universe and as vortices of information they might aperceive in their structure a virtual map of reality made with ‘graviton pixels’; in the same manner i-electrons are ‘charges’, vortices of electromagnetic information that create ‘electronic images’ in mechanical and human eyes. Thus:

Informative ‘perception’: Quarks process and probably ‘aperceive’ gravitation, which is absorbed by its mass, a cyclical vortex of gravitational information.  Electrons perceive light-space and form our minds.

Energy ‘feeding’:  Atoms ‘feed’ on the next scale of forces, lines of electromagnetism that warp around the atom and become ‘fractal’, dense photonic points of an electronic cloud of information.

Thus beyond gravitational forces (energy with ‘infinite’ speed-distance – non local, >c – and beyond our perceptive scale, hence with nil information, observed as ‘nothingness’), light becomes the energy that feeds the atom and warps into dense photons, the points observed within the fractal structure of the electron. In the same manner, it might be worth to explore if a condensation of gravitons could create gluons, whose condensation could create quarks, by symmetry with the better world of electronic matter.

Reproduction: Both quarks and electrons seem to reproduce as all other species, by creating first, ‘i-1 seeds’ photons and gluon, micro-particles that evolve back into bigger quarks and electrons.

The 2 inner atomic forces express the complex actions of reproduction of its two type of particles, the weak electronic and strong quark force…

Eusocial evolution: Further on, the weak and strong forces produce interactions that evolve and reproduce lighter particles into heavier ones.

The Eusocial evolution of electrons in groups is mediated by magnetic fields. The strong force evolves quarks into Nucleons that are hold together by its ‘residual’ nuclear force.

Fission and fusion processes are mediated by weak forces and are the main evolving and reproductive processes of atomic systems. Thus, the weak force, which has a temporal parameter, must be defined as a temporal force that ‘transforms’, evolves and mutates particles into each other, reproducing them.

An interesting law of all systems is the symmetries between the internal and external networks and actions of the organism that accomplish the complex and simplex arrows of the system.

In atoms, it is expressed by the duality of inner and outer forces to the nucleus of the atom, which express the inner and outer complex and simplex energy and information arrows:

–     The strong force is the arrow of inner social evolution that organizes the quarks into a whole. And its outer expression is the arrow of gravitation, the arrow of information of the outer superorganism of atoms, the Universe…

–     The weak force is the arrow of internal reproduction, which intervenes in the processes of decoupling=iteration and creation of new particles and it is related to the external arrow of electromagnetic forces that provides the energy to the Universe at large.

Further on, as we grow in scales of atomic organization, the derivatives of those 2 elemental forces assembly nucleons and electrons: nuclear forces assembly nucleons and van der walls forces molecules.

The laws that relate the 4 actions of any systems (its relative causality in time and size in space) are met also by the 4 forces/actions of atoms, expressed in the law of range, such us:

Gravitation (informative force) < Electromagnetism (E Force) < Re (Strong Forces) < Evolution (Weak)

Max. Spatial distance/Speed < Medium Spatial Energy < Small Se < Minimal Se x Max. T (weak force).

Ternary structure and ages:

An atom is a space-time field divided in 3 species, quarks of informative mass, gravitational and electromagnetic networks of information and energy in the intermediate space-time, and the external, body – an electron, which bends light into ‘fractal’, ultra dense photons, the cells of the electronic nebulae.


The 3 parts of the atom correspond to the 3 canonical topologies: Strong forces and quarks are described with hyperbolic topologies; the electronic body forms a concave, external sphere; and in between wave-like forces transfer energy and information between both poles. The same structures and forces will surface again in the structure of molecules.

Further on, there are 3 ‘families’ of mass and particles of increasing ‘mass-gravitational information’, which represent the 3 ages of evolution of atoms.

The ternary principle applied to masses shows the temporal, evolutionary nature of those 3 families.

Some surprising findings of GST applied to quantum theory.

We could also wonder in that line of thought the nature of ‘color’, the added quantum number of quarks:

it is a quantum number, a ‘spatial property’ or a temporal property that defines the 3 ages of time of a quark? Probably both. The 3 colors are ‘inseparable’ because they might be ‘3 dimensional networks’ orientated in 3 angles to complete the dimensional form of the quark. For that reason we cannot separate them: a quark is then NOT a full partile, but only 3 are a complete system, equivalent to a single electron (3×1/3= 1 charge).

Yet we could speculate also with a general rule: ternary, odd properties tend to be temporal properties and spatial pairs tend to describe spatial properties.  So an interesting question with not so easy response as it seems is: are we seeing the same quark in 3 temporal phases, or 3 quarks with different dimensional orientations?

In any case according to the inversion of properties, Es x Ti = K, the smaller faster vortices of quark-mass mean that their ‘time clocks’ are ‘faster’ than those of electronic species, reason why 3 ‘temporal cycles’ of quark charge might add to form one of electronic space.


4th scale. Molecular systems. Matter States.

A molecular system emerges as the next scale of atomic organisms, and hence it is the external expression of the four action of atoms – its social evolution.

As all other scales its properties and actions emerge from the fusion of those of their lower scale and so the electronic orbitals of molecules fusion the body of atoms (see graph of atomic structure). But molecular evolution fusions the external body of atoms, not their nuclei. When the quarks fusion in condensates they create ‘dark matter particles’ made of quark condensates, which according to the dominance of information over energy, create stronger top predators, neutron stars and black holes (probably top quark stars), that feed on ordinary matter.

In molecules, however the ‘nuclei’ remain separated. We could compare this to the duality between neuronal cells, which are cells with a very dense nucleus of DNA molecules, and muscle molecules with have a huge cytoplasm and multiple nuclei. This would be a closer representation of molecules.

As such the key element of those molecules are the same bodies and heads of atoms but the cytoplasm, the electronic cloud becomes the more relevant part.  The result is a simplex 10speciation along the body and informative parameters of atoms (valences and mass) – the atomic table:

In the graph, we can translate the Atomic table to the jargon of multiple, fractal space-times. Since:

-The vertical columns show the orbital number or volume of electronic space those atoms have.

– The horizontal lines show the atomic number or volume of temporal mass of each atom.

Thus the Atomic table is a distribution of ±100, E=10i=2 complementary exi atoms, dominated by their gravitational quarks. Yet we live in a light world perceived by our electronic orbitals, the bodies of those atoms. We are electronic beings that cannot perceive gravitation; so we cannot see the inner nuclei of those atoms. And so chemistry is the science of electronic bondage.

Head/body/limbs of molecules: atomic super-organisms.

I: The Nucleus of the atom is its head and the gravitational force, its informative force that quarks perceive. In Molecules, those nucleis remain mostly inactive, as they do not fusion and evolve together.

I=E: Body: The electronic orbitals are its body and the electromagnetic force-feeds it.

E: Limbs: Gravitational strings over which the atom moves becomes the ‘limbs’ and energy elements. The electromagnetic fields, which the electronic cover uses to displace but also to evolve socially with other atoms (valences, van der walls force), become its limbs.

One has to think of such structure as the dual structure of our body/head, which has also 2 pairs of limbs, the arms which are really the limbs of the head that manipulate and rotate more than displace the system in energetic balance; and the legs which are the limbs of the body and move us in lineal trajectories in space. It is worth to consider a possible homology in an atom in which the quarks use the higher gravitational force to position around a center by rotational motions the spatial structure of the rest of its electrons and molecular forms provoking the different secondary, ternary and quaternary structures of complex molecules. Since topology is the key to the interaction between complementary systems, which are like puzzles that assembly and dismember chemical organisms with atoms that specialize in head, body, limb systems (for example the life ecosystem, in which N are head-atoms, C-formal, body atoms and O- the energetic limbs that move amino acids), we could consider quarks to ‘calculate’ the position and orientation of the atom and the electronic body, the ‘legs’ that connect it and bound it to others.

Again we observe that in all more complex systems we shall find this duality of internal/external arrows, which widen our understanding of them. For example, in your organism, you have an inner informative, nervous system, that organizes socially your cells, connected to external senses that communicate you informatively with the external world. And you have a digestive, energetic system that absorbs energy from your ‘territory’ which in animals is clearly limited by its ‘motions’ during a day, and in humans by an economic system (the energetic system of the upper social scales). All those dualities, symmetries and complex relationships between time arrows is the ultimate essence of general systems science, whose logic and topology and laws of eusocial evolution from a complex, fascinating web of relationships that structure the Universe.

States of matter are the distinct forms that different ages of matter take on. The gaseous, energetic young state, the liquid, reproductive one, and the solid, informative network. The gas is a herd of minimal social evolution, extended in space, which creates then semi-permanent bonds as liquid, with a viscosity that allows complex mixing and social evolutionary or reproductive processes with catalyzers or fusion and fission processes.

Those 3 states however are born from a previous ‘particle state’ of atomic matter, plasma…

The cycles of states of matter narrate its genetic origin on the past birth from a big-banging age.

Historically, the distinction is made based on qualitative differences in bulk properties. Solid is the state in which matter maintains a fixed volume and shape; liquid is the state in which matter maintains a fixed volume but adapts to the shape of its container; and gas is the state in which matter expands to occupy whatever volume is available.

As we move to the next molecular scale, the inner network forces of the atom become ‘covered’ by the more external ones, which grow in importance:

The strong force is the informative, denser force still structures the ‘head/nucleus’ of the atom and now might act as an informative language to position the atom in complex molecular structures.

The electromagnetic force is the energetic, body force that structures the shape of the electronic orbit. It gives now origin to valences and complex Van der Waals forces, which become the main molecular expression of their 4th arrow of eusocial molecular evolution.

The gravitational force might still be the pixel of perception of nucleons but increasingly covered by perception of electromagnetic forces and orbitals. And as molecular systems increase in size, till entering the cosmic level, of eusocial evolution, gravitation is the arrow of perception and electrons the arrow of feeding.

Molecular orbitals emerge from the properties of its individual atomic orbitals. Thus they follow the laws of emergence, and its mathematical combinations and ratios, but once we have emerged, the ‘details’ of the 4 arrows of space-time will differ. For example, to establish the formal structure (shape, topology) of molecular orbitals the L number no longer apply. The different molecular orbitals of a given fixed energy level, are then classified with a new quantum number, λ, defined as:  λ = |ml|

Following the spectroscopic notation pattern, those molecular orbitals are designated by a small case Greek letter: for λ = 0, 1, 2, 3, orbitals are called σ, π, δ, φ… respectively. And they have the ‘usual topologies’ of energy (sigma orbital), information (pi orbital) and its combinations. And its further evolution gives birth to the states of matter, which are energetic (gas), reproductive (liquid) and solid (informative) ‘ages’ of molecular fields. Yet as in the case of atoms and particles, time is completely reversible in molecular organisms and so those states can mutate between each other.

Another question is the molecular language. It seems obvious by the simplicity of hormonal codes and even complex messages in proteins and huge macro-molecules reduced mostly to a small active site that the language is simple, electronic according to the scales which use i-2 ‘pixels’ as language and i-1 particles as food; and so it must be reduced to positive and negative ions of ‘different’ force and ‘intensity’ (as the case of Ca+2 used in neuronal languages or the duality Oh-, H+ that differenciate sexual hormones). This simple language gives us 4 ‘letters’, +, ++, -, –, to codify any 4-dimensional language as it is all what is needed in a Universe of 4-dimensional actions in any scale and world: You can build all realities if you can ‘order’ any species to do ‘one of its 4 actions’. The species will then put in march its own actions that will in turn result in building with other species that have received your simultaneous field order as superior i+1 being the effect desire by your ‘plan’ for that part of your organic, ‘territorial order’. In this manner infinite states and actions of billions of agents come together into that marvel which is the program of creation of more complex synchronic structures.

Macrosystems program microsystems by inducing on them one of their 4 inherent actions. The Universe collaborates more than imposes, but the collaboration is tricked by the bigger plane which ab=uses its smaller fields of energy and working cells that will toil for him, induced by its ‘discharges of energy and form’ to billions of microcoscopic ‘agents’.

5th scale: Planets and stars.

Atoms and molecules forming huge fields of the 3 states of matter, are the ‘cellular units’ of complex physical molecular organisms, mainly stars and planets (if we consider in this introduction, only celestial bodies formed by the condensation of molecules not of quark states of heavier families of matter).

A planet is a huge i-logic molecular field that mixes liquid and solid states with a very thin gaseous membrane. Thus, based in our template of a network organism, we define the Earth as a st-point:

The Earth is an organic, molecular system with a central crystal, which acts as a knot of informative flows of gravitation and a hard membrane that evolves life ecosystems, based on light’.

In the left side of the graph The Earth as a st-point, has 3 fundamental non-AE regions:

– Max. E: Our planet has an energetic, gaseous external membrane; the atmosphere and magnetic belts, which isolates it and selects the type of radiation that crosses into its surface.

– ExI: The zone of maximal reproductive and organic evolution is the crust and mantle: On the surface of the planet there are animal herds that communicate and act-react to light impulses, evolving and reproducing its form. Next, a crust and mantle layer of magma defines the reproductive cycles of rocks.

– Max. I: The inner, informative nucleus is a dense crystal core of iron and within it probably there is a smaller Uranium core, the most complex atom of the Universe with a minimal stable life.

Each of those 3 Non-E regions can be subdivided again, according to the Fractal Principle, in ternary structures and sub-scales of ‘fractal quanta’ that interact between them with different EóI, cyclical rhythms corresponding to their arrows of time. We observe one of those ternary structures and cycles – the continental cycle that breaks the ‘whole’ into 3 sub-continents, affecting the evolution of life, ‘the hyperbolic’ informative quanta of the Earth’s ‘flat, energetic, external membrane’.

Yet if the Earth has a ternary structure in space, it means its 3 st-regions also perform the 3±st existential cycles of any organic system. This is certain to the extent we have empirical evidence for the membrane and the intermediate region with its cycles of reproduction of rocks and so we extend that ‘probability’ to the central core, a crystal of ‘magnetic iron’, which should behave as any magnetic, crystalline structure of atoms does, enacting parallel cycles to those of crystals…


5th scale: Stars.



The H-R diagram shows the 3 ages of stars, through its energy & information parameters.

The life, evolution and death of stars are depicted in the H-R Diagram, which classifies stars according to its E & I parameters, as the atomic table does with atoms:

Max. Se: Brightness or Magnitude, which is a spatial parameter that grows with the size of the star.

Max. Ti: Spectral type, (colour or frequency), which classifies stars according to its temporal form.

Yet the H-R diagram is only a representation of the 2nd and 3rd ages of stars – since the young age of the star as nebulae of max. spatial extension and min. formal complexity (as all young ages are) is not represented. So we add on the left side the 1st age of a star as a nebulae of max.extension. Then the H-R graph shows the 3 ages of stars and the main laws of ExI cycles applied to them:

– (st+1): Most stars are born as spatial nebulae of max. extension.

– Max. E: Then they implode into blue giants of max. energy.

– E=I: They reduce its size and grow in atomic complexity through a mature, yellow age of balance between their Se and Ti parameters. The sun is now in that balanced age…

– Max. Ti: They collapse in a 3rd age of slow decline as its IxE parameters diminish toward its death, becoming white dwarfs.

st+1: Or they evolve in a loop of growing IxE force (top right graph), mutating into a Worm Hole.

The H-R graph shows the process of evolution of stars into black holes, which we
 explain with an homology based on the duality of energy and information natural to all space-time species ecosystems, by comparing light ecosystems like Earth and gravitational ecosystems like a galaxy. On Earth animals use light as information and dominate plants, which use it as energy. The hypothesis of G.S. theory is that stars are ‘gravitational plants’ that merely feed and curve quantic, gravitational space-time, while black holes are ‘gravitational animals’, which are able to process gravitation as information and control and shape with gravitational waves the form of galaxies, their territorial space-time. Again this hypothesis is gathering increasing evidence: today we know black holes emit jets of dark matter; they catalyze the creation of stars; they feed on stars and transform them into black holes, etc. Thus a few stars do not die but molt into black holes as soft larvae evolve into hard insects.

6th, 7th scale: networks of stars and black holes form galaxies.

This comment leads to a better understanding of a galaxy as a ‘gala-cell’ organism, in which black holes are the ‘informative’ DNA that catalyzes the reproduction of stars and organizes the system:




In the graph, he 2 membranes of space-time, the quantum and gravitational membrane interact in eói events of transference of energy and information in the limits of the existential function of the light membrane: the limit of energy-speed, c; the limits of temperature-form, 0 k, in quarks, black holes and regions of transition between light and gravitational space.

On the other hand, Galaxies deploy the 3+1 topologial networks, ages and actions of all systems.

A galaxy is a curved, fractal space-time of huge spatial proportions, hence minimal form (inversion of properties between spatial energy and temporal information). Thus galaxies can also be studied in space as a fractal point with 3 regions that correspond to the 3 ‘canonical’ topologies of a 4-dimensional world – an informative center, an energetic membrane, and the reproductive intermediate zone:

– Max. Ti: The center of the galaxy is a swarm of black holes, its densest informative masses, which produces the gravitational, informative waves that control the position of its body of stars. Beyond its event horizon, the accelerated vortex of mass of the black hole (Equivalence Principle) should accelerate light, deflecting it into a perpendicular, hyperbolic, informative dimension of height (Kerr superluminal, central singularity) ejecting it as gravitational jets of dark energy at 10 C.

For that reason Kerr black holes10 should be called wormholes, because they absorb light but let it scape through its axis as dark, gravitational energy, at faster than light speeds.

-Max. E: The external membrane that limits the inner space-time of the galaxy is a spherical halo of dark matter, probably made of strangelets or micro black holes, which can deviate unwanted radiation by gravitational redshift and/or absorb the energy of radiant matter, cooling it down to the 2.7 K background radiation.

Thus those non-evaporating micro black-holes and strangelets of great density act as ‘proteins’ do in cellscontrolling the inner movement of galaxies and the outer absorption of light-energy.

– E=i: Stars, tracing toroidal cycles form the inner space-time body of the galaxy, a bidimensional plane or Klein’s disk that feeds the wormhole and reproduces atomic substances and stars. They ultimately evolve into black holes, which migrate toward the central swarm of holes, residing in the nucleus. In any Klein disk distance is measured as motion and becomes infinite when we cannot reach a limit or barrier (for example the barrier of light speed becomes an infinite Lorentz Transformation). So it happens with the border of the galaxy. We are part of that intermediate space-time in a Milky Way, limited by its central hole and an invisible border of dark matter, neither of which we can cross without dying; since the speed of rotation of matter around the wormhole and the flows of intergalactic dark energy that expands space at light speeds beyond the halo would destroy us. Thus we are trapped in this star and planet, in a toroidal cycle that will end evolving the Sun into dark matter.

Thus the generator equation of the galaxy as a Fractal st-point is:

E:Halo < stars that evolve energy into matter> Ti (Black holes)

In the image, the structure of the galaxy: stars are created in the intermediate region and the center is occupied by a black hole.

The energetic medium that transfers energy to the fractal quanta of the galaxy is the external interstellar gas. Finally the system is joined by 2 networks of forces: the gravitational, faster, non-local informative, transversal gravitational waves at the cosmological scale; and the energetic, smaller, slower electromagnetic waves at the quantum scale.

The 3±1 ages of galaxies.

Further on, the life cycle of a galaxy goes through 3 ages, evolving from a young, extended nebula into an old small wormhole of informative mass that dies in a quasar big bang of dark energy and quark matter. In between, galaxies live a longer, mature toroidal, cyclical steady state, fluctuating every 14 billion yearsbetween its spiral and elliptic form, while absorbing interstellar dust, which creates new stars and feeds the central Worm Hole.

The 4 actions of galaxies.

They also perform 4 actions:

–       Max. E: they feed on the interstellar gas trapped by the ‘two spiral limbs’ of the galaxy.

–       E=I: Stars, their body, reproduce matter.

–       Max. I: The black hole, with its hyperbolic, tall form, might use dark jets of gravitational information to communicate with other galaxies, evolving socially with them in complex wall, filaments and ‘tissues’.

–       Re: black holes produce ‘seminal jets’ of matter that create irregular galaxies, which start a new cycle. In the graph we see M-83 ejecting such jet and forming a small son-galaxy at its end.


In the graph, the Universe is a super-organism of cellular galaxies, joined in clusters, walls and filaments, maintained in balance by flows of invisible gravitational forces of information and repulsive flows of dark energy. Since we do not perceive 96% of this scale, the last one in extension, we can hardly observe its two networks of ‘galactic energy’ and dark matter (central webs), which resemble the blood/nervous duality of other superorganic networks. Yet we know the Universe lives through 3 ages, defined for its total space-time by the 3 solutions to Einstein’s equations, departing from an initial ultra-dense, informative ‘particle-cells’, the ‘seed’ of the organic Universe: the young, energetic big-bang age, the steady-state, intermediate phase and the implosive big-crunch of the future.

8TH and 9th Scales: clusters, walls and the Universe.

The Universe can be seen in space at the ‘speed of interaction’ of its flows of non-local gravitation and then it appears as a super-organism with an external membrane of energy (the ball of fire of the background radiation); a body of galactic cells, and a hyperdense center – the great attractor, probably a huge black hole.

And  it can be studied in time, considering the slower clock-speed of electromagnetism, through its 3 evolutionary ages, between birth and death, as its energetic space becomes curved by time and increases its form, creating more complex structures, stars, galaxies and clusters.

Let us briefly consider its less understood structure in ‘simultaneous space’, related by non-local gravitation. The 3 parts of the spatial Non-AE Universe seen through gravitation are:

– Max. E: The background radiation of the big-bang explosion became the external membrane of that Non-AE point. Indeed, when we observe the Universe in space in their outskirts there is ‘a wall of fire’ that emits a background radiation of photonic energy towards the internal regions of the Universe with a red shift near 50 times the speed of light.
The speed limit of our light-space is obviously C, the speed of light. Yet it is not the limit of speed of the Universe, since the world of gravitational dark energy moves faster. The discontinuous border between both worlds is described by Lorentz Transformations (left). But black holes breach those discontinuities, emitting dark energy (center) that drags matter in quasars like 3C279 (right) up to 10 times the speed of light.

Max. T: The Universe should have a nucleus of enormous gravitational density, a hyper-black hole, connected to a network of dark matter, which acts as its informative brain since it ‘forms’ through non-local, gravitational forces, the shape of its galactic networks, as the DNA nucleus of a cell controls the form of the organelles that reproduces its quanta. Thought the nucleus is a gravitational knot invisible to us, we have found a very dense region of dark matter called the Great Attractor, which might be that center. That informative singularity will keep growing and attracting other galaxies in a generational cycletill it explodes again its form into energy in a physical big bang, similar to the one that created our Universe.

– E<=>T: Both create the intermediate S-T of the Universe, where galaxies reproduce matter and light. It is, as in any Fractal Organism, the ‘visible space-time’, created through the ‘invagination’ of the outer membrane of light energy and the inner nucleus of dark matter. That dual light/dark network, which structures the Intermediate Space-Time of the Universewas proved in the past years.

Finally to notice that the function of existence and space-time parameters of a galaxy shows a surprising parallelism between the equations used to define the mass of quarks and black holes, as well as those used to define waves of stars and nebulae of electrons. Already Einstein used that parallelism to model the universe as if each galaxy was a hydrogen atom (Einstein-Walker equations).

If that is the case, and scales repeat from atoms to galaxies, the infinite repetition of those scales between those two ‘immortal states’ that of galaxies and atoms, could imply an infinite self-replicating Universe.


–       3rd to 5th Scale: Life systems: light atoms, carbohydrates and cells.

The 3 main C,H, O. N atoms and basic molecules define the 3+1 arrows of life in organisms.

– H+ is the main energetic bite of cellular organisms, which constantly use Hproton bombs and add or eliminate, oxidising or reducing molecules to activate its ‘motion processes’.

– C is the main in/form/ative, structural atom of carbohydrate molecules.

– O is the acting, exi, or reproductive atom of those molecular chains…

– And N is the informative atom or ‘head’ of the systems. Accordingly they define the main molecules of life, structural, C-chains, informative nucleotides, rich in nitrogen, and complex proteins that peg themselves reproducing more complex systems, playing with the O, OH structures of oxygen systems.

Nucleotides express the 4 arrows of genetic organisms.

In genetics, the 4 bases play the role for the code of life. It is easy then to observe that the 4 bases represent a new whole game of existence, as the 4 dimensions of space-time do or the 4 quantum numbers, or the 4 drives of life, and since function is form, just looking at those bases we can deduce that: The simplex arrows are expressed by simplex Pyrimidines (single cycle).

– Uracil and thymine with more oxygen are the energetic drive expression and complex genetics show this to be the case, as they are more abundant in functions and genes related to energetic systems.

T- heir informative head is adenine and as such is the dominant base of the system. It has a Nitrogen higher mass and a nitrogen head with 2 antennae. It is the head of the ATP systems that command as small molecules the game of proteins and most orders of actions in the cell. Both the simplex body T and head A assembly together by affinity and complementarity

The complex arrows are expressed by dual Nitrogen cycles:

–        Cytosine is the balanced dual molecule. Hence the reproductive arrow. And indeed, when it is uncovered in the DNA loosing its cover it allows the expression of genes.


In the graph, the simple sexual hormones are ‘feminine’ and ‘masculine’ because they merely deliver a message of informative, alkaline, implosive reaction of an energetic, acid one. Thus Oh codes for ‘in/form/ative’ or inhibitory reaction and O for energy, excited, expansive reaction, which will become, as they emerge in higher scales, the duality of the female/male sexes.

Hormones in plants, as well as in animal organisms are a mystery for researchers as they are simple molecules, which however provoke all type of complex effects on their organisms. This is however easily explained from the perspective of General systems sciences, as they are just ‘messages’ delivered to the ‘memorial’ organism of cells, which merely code for a basic action, already known by the cell. Thus the carrier of a message only needs to reveal a ‘code-word’, sort of a password delivered by a messenger, who doesn’t know what is delivering, but both the receptor and emitter know.

This explains the basic duality of hormones, which express a positive, energetic action or an informative one or a reproductive action. Accordingly the two simplest hormones are testosterone and oestrogen.

Cells. The drives of life: feeding, perceiving, reproducing and evolving socially.

In the left side, the cell has 3 topological functional zones:

 Max. E: It has an external, thin membrane, which in free cells have cilia that move the cell and act-react to external stimuli. In organic cells energy is provided by the blood system of the macro-organism. So external cilia disappear and invaginate as lysosomes that kill carbohydrates.

– Max. I: In the center, there is a nucleus of max. informative density, filled with cyclical or spiral DNA/RNA’s networks that control the st-point.

– ExI: RNAs dominate the intermediate space-time, directing the energy organelles, mitochondria or chloroplasts that produce energy; and the informative ribosomes that reproduce products, pegged to the Golgi apparatus – a membrane’s invagination.

The vital cycles of the cell.

In the graph, the cell is a brain-body system constructed with 2 elements, nucleotide acids, based in nitrogen bases and protein bodies based in carbon chains, which are the informative and spatial systems of the cell. Around that EXI core duality we find an expansive intermediate, cyclical region with all kind of slavish organelles that perform their energy cycles (based in the energetic properties of oxygen, water and similar electronegative atoms); and their informative cycles. Both cycles are catalyzed by denser metal atoms that boost the E/I capacities of carbohydrates. Thus, through the interaction of carbohydrates, metallic ions, proteins and nucleotide acids, cells perform the 3±1 cycles of all st-points:

Max.E: In an organism, Mg, copper and iron capture oxygen and deliver it to each cell to perform energetic cycles; while in the cell cytochromes kill and split the energetic hydrogen atom into H+ and e ions in mitochondria or chloroplasts; absorbing its spatial energy; while metal atoms stabilize protein enzymes.

Max. I: Na and K ions control the expansive and implosive rhythms of the electric membrane, sending informative messages among cells -while RNA and DNA molecules process information within the cell, reproducing new carbohydrate molecules.

– Re: The combined effect of the accumulation of energy and information within the cell triggers the reproductive cycle, guided by RNA and DNA molecules. Mitosis is in fact a process of replication of a cell that happens as an alternative to its death, at the end of its life-death cycle (S1-G1-S2 periods). This life/death cycle shows an astounding regularity:

– ±st: Cells live a generational cycle with 3+1 phases: S1(1/4th of a time) or young, energetic age, in which they grow its cytoplasm; G1-mature age (1/2th of the time), in which they reproduce its DNA; S2, 3rd informative age, in which they replicate its ‘cyclical clocks’, enzymes that regulate and accelerate the warping of the cell, provoking A) its possible death; B) its replication in to two cells.

– ∑:  Finally cells evolve socially into macro-organisms. Yet only the RNA-DNA system creates complex informative, control networks.

All those cellular cycles are not ‘mechanic processes’, but they have evolved departing from the organic, dual, Darwinian and symbiotic interactions between proteins and nucleotide acids, the dominant energetic and informative macromolecules of cells. The most important cycle is the reproductive cycle, which in the cell as in other fractal space-time represents the existential will that ensures the perpetuation of the species.




In the graph, humans are like everything else in the Universe a field of space-time defined by 3+1 networks, ages and dimensional actions/cycles.

5th to 7th scale: physiological networks and senses express the actions of biologic organisms.

Human Physiological networks and senses express our will of existence.

In Complexity all complementary systems are created by the same type of networks. All organisms are cellular societies joined by networks of energy and information.

We are composed of cells, join by networks of energy and information. Those networks are called the blood and nervous system. Finally we have a third reproductive network as all living organisms, called the endocrine network. We are thus organisms of energy and information, in nothing different from all other organisms of the Universe, organized by the same laws of morphology and behavior:

– Our centers of information, the head, the brain and the eye, follow the formal laws of informative species: they are small, circular, cyclical, and they control the energy systems of our organism. Those energy systems also follow the morphological laws of energy-bodies. They are lineal, or planar in shape, bigger and stronger than the information center that rules them. So your members are lines, and your body is a plane.

– We evolve socially sharing information and energy with other beings of the same species. Thus we are naturally inclined to love other human beings, and we need to be brainwashed by ideologies of ‘hate’ and ‘nationalisms’ to avoid that natural religion.

– Finally regarding our behavior, we are also naturally inclined to follow the universal behavior of organisms, and search for information to feed our head, energy to feed our body and whenever we can we try to reproduce both, a body of energy and a brain of information in other part of the Universe. Those 3 natural drives of existence, are the essence of human behavior that bring us happiness. So we always act searching for those natural drives. When we love we are acting under the drive of reproduction. When we read, or watch a metal-communicator, is the drive of information that guides us. When we feed, or accumulate vital property, or decorate our home, we are creating a vital space, and acquiring energy to survive. Finally we associate with similar organisms under the laws of eusocial love to evolve together into a superorganism, stronger than the individual cell.

Thus the 4 ‘arrows of time’ create a will of existence that explains the actions of every living system including humans, guided by 4 natural, biological drives, which we cannot deny. Since their entire structure of senses and physiological systems tries to accomplish those actions, called in biology drives of existence. You are made of networks. All what you are is 3 networks, with attached organs, and senses: the network of energy, or body, blood system and its organs, the network of information, or head, nervous system and its organs and senses, and the networks of reproduction, and its organs and senses. This third network reproduces body and brain, human energy and information.

In that regard, if we apply the ‘fractal law’ to do a more detailed analysis of the 3+1 networks of human beings, the sub-systems of our organism can be divided in 4×3=12 sub-systems, which represent the 4 actions of living organisms, each divided in 3 hierarchical subsystems (Max. E, exi, Max. I). So we divide the 12 types of tissues and physiological networks of complex living beings in:

–        Energetic systems: Digestive system (max. I), Breathing System (Max. E), Excretory system (exi)

–        Informative, structural systems: Skeleton (max. E), (Tegumentary system Exi) muscle system (i)

–        Reproductive systems: Blood system (Max. E), reproductive system (Exi) and endocrine system (Max. I) Sensorial systems (Exi)

–        Social, linguistic systems: Nervous (Max. I), lymphatic system (Ix E) and blood system (max.E)

In the graph, we see human exercising their will of existence: children feeding on energy, and talking – perceiving information; men reproducing and coming together with similar organisms. And finally images of our physiological networks of energy and information that make us complex super-organisms.

Accordingly all our organs and senses are controlled and cater to the needs of one of those 3 networks. Think about it. Our stomach gets you energy, our lungs also. They are different only in the type of energy they provide us: the stomach elaborates liquid and solid energy, the lungs, gas-energy, oxygen, trapped by hemoglobin molecules that cage oxygen atoms of higher speed, and move around the blood… which moves the muscles that move our legs. Our eyes, words, brain, on the other hand provide us with information. Our arms manipulate that information; our body is guided by that information. Finally an entire set of body elements is dedicated to reproduce our cells and our body.

Yet beyond those 3 types of organs there is nothing else. Since there is nothing else in the Universe but spatial energy and temporal information…

So humans then ‘transcend’ as cells of social organisms, religions, nations and civilizations to perform with his language of communication, verbal thought, the 4th arrow of existence: the construction of the super-organisms of History.

We conclude that the program of the Universe guides the behavior of humans in our 3 scales of existence: our biological cells, as human beings and as cells of human societies.


In the graph, humans as anything in the Universe are a superorganism made of similar cells joined by 3 networks: the physiological energetic, informative and reproductive networks (digestive, blood and nervous systems). So are nations and mankind at large, a superorganism, sustained on the body of Gaia, fed by the economic system, reproducing human beings and informatively directed by memes of life, art and cultural and political systems. Yet as the superorganism of memes of metal, the Financial-Military-Industrial System develops its networks of informative machines, reproductive company-mothers and energetic networks, similar to the old arterias of mother-earth, humans and life beings become extinguished and substituted by the new dominant species on planet Earth. And this process which could be managed rationally by mankind, if our ideologies of social sciences were substituted by the real science of economics and history that this book and similar works by other masters of human thought represent, is NOT controlled by mankind. It merely follows the evolutionary laws of the Universe.

The larger view: two languages that construct two different worlds.

We humans are building two different super-organisms:

– One of memes of life that foster our ‘drives of biological existence’, our need for natural energy and information, biological reproduction and social evolution through social love into complex social organisms – what we call the superorganisms of history, guided by verbal, ethic thought.

– But we are also building an organism with memes of metal, energetic weapons, informative machines and reproductive money, carried by digital languages.

The problem of our societies is that we have completely misunderstood the primacy of those languages and super-organisms, giving primacy to the economic super-organism and its digital, financial languages over the human super-organisms. Hence we are ‘terraforming the earth’ into a world of memes of metal and extinguishing all kind of species and memes of life. The super-organism of machines and memes of metal is not ‘bad for mankind’, ‘per se’. What is wrong is the order of primacy and power we give to those languages and memes, due to the absurd, dogmatic religion of ‘capitalist’ economics that considers the language of money ’the invisible hand of god’, whose values must be obeyed, without any scientific study of its nature, values and systemic processes that build through that language the world we live in.

And so ultimately as in all systems, the key to the creation of one or other superorganism is the ‘language’ we use to control and create or cre(dit)ate those superorganisms, which are either:

– Verbal, ethic thought, our biologic language that values accordingly more life memes and humans.

– Digital money, which is made of informative, precious metals (gold, silver) today of digital cycles of e-money in pcs; and so it values more memes of metal, weapons and machines that create a different super-organism, the economic ecosystem:

In the graph we show the main distinction we must do in a biological analysis of the superorganisms of history its languages, memes and cultures. What matters are the memes, languages and ideologies that build the two type of cultures, ‘organs’ of the superorganisms of history and economics. In essence, a superorganism is created by the values of a certain language. The informative language of metal is gold. And its values are inverse to those of life. So the belief and use of go(l)d, of money as the only language that directs our society makes possible the expression of those anti-life values and the creation of a world according to them. Today the more complex system of machines uses digital information, e-money and the religion of go(l)d has evolved into the ‘science’ of capitalism expressed in the equations of classic economics. Yet the anti-life values of the language remain.

There are today in this planet two languages of social power, the law and money and they are different and have different values, according to the laws of survival of the Universe, which are basically the law of eusocial evolution among individuals of an equal species vs. the darwinian relationship between those who feel different. And as it happens, money being of a different substance, informative metal, has different, opposite values to words, made of flesh, and those different values create two different worlds, one based in eusocial love and the values of words, the ‘ideal superorganism of history’ and one based in darwinian fights and the values of greed (gold hypnotism), murder (weapons) and sloth (machines’ atrophy and substitution of the human organs we imitate to build them).

It is on that larger view a confrontation has lasted since the beginning of history=mankind, as two modes of conceiving and hence ‘creating’ the future came into being, guided by two different social languages, money and the law:

– The ethic law tried to create according to the laws of eusocial evolution that guide the creation of complex systems in the Universe a human super-organism in which all humans were considered equal and could organize themselves by sharing energy and information maximizing their survival according to those eusocial laws, spelt in our species by the messages of love of its prophets and social scientists.

– Money, a language, made of informative metal (gold, being the most informative atom of the Universe, and the basic form of money in history till informative machines, computers invented e-money), does not obey those laws, but evolves according to the processes of emergence and creation of complex systems, a different superorganism, dominant in ‘metal’. Since the values of words promote biological life (the maximal value) but the values of metal promote energetic metal (weapons, the maximal value).

This astounding fact of biological origin, is the key to the process of creation of a different world, the capitalist system, dominant in memes of metal. Since, moved by greed we accept the values of money without any analysis, reproducing weapons, the most expensive, valuable good and despising cheap life, which has in monetary prices, minimal value. Yet if we talked words, and made our biological language dominant over money, we would value life more and give a negative value to weapons, which kill it, cre(dit)ating the memes of life and love that make us survive and be happy.

In economics this means that not all the products created by the economy are necessarily good for man. Since the ‘prices’ given historically by metal-money, were biased towards other forms of metal, being weapons the most expensive, and did not reflect their value for humanity. The result is we are creating the wrong wealth. A healthy economic ecosystem should respect the will of man, creating the goods that maximize that will, shown in the next graph:

In the graph, a ‘real’, biological, scientific ‘frame of coordinates’ with the human point of view in the center, which should be used in an ethonomic system that wants to create a world to the image and likeness of mankind, fostering credit for the goods of the positive side of the frame of biological reference, since those goods foster our natural energy, information, reproduction and social evolution. While goods that are negative for our biological drives should be discredit, regardless of its profits for the Economy. The previous graph responds to the ‘program of existence of human beings’, complementary organisms of energy and information that maximize their existence and happiness as human beings when they maximize those arrows, expressed in our body through the senses, outlets of our physiological systems of energy, information and reproduction.

In the graph, today as always the 4 memes of the human organism and the pleasure and happiness they bring to human existence are self-evident: energetic food, verbal information, human cells and eusocial love. And so are the collateral effects of the 4 memes of the superorganism of machines:  the anti-values of money, the life-killing properties of energetic weapons, the ethic degradation and increasing madness provoked by fictions and myths and hate-speeches delivered by mass-media and the sloth and obsolescence of man to the new robotic blue collar workers andintegrative’ cell, more reproduced machine, the transport machine, now being robotized in multiple forms, the future top predator on Earth.

And so what maters is the physical economy, which produces real goods, not the financial economy, which should be submissive to the physical economy. Since money is the nervous language which the ‘brain of society’, our governments, should produce, using it to cre(dit)ate and produce the goods of the previous ethonomic frame of reference, which are the goods that people demand. And so a real democracy would nationalize the financial system, and create credit for ‘free’, as all languages are created at null cost, to direct scientifically the re=production of the previous frame of ‘positive human goods’, creating a paradise on Earth, as European Social democracies were trying to do.

Since man has a biological will, fundamental to understand concepts such as happiness, property, and Freedom, which require the pursuit of that biological will, that fulfills our nature. So natural property is that property which caters to our biological will. Freedom is the capacity to achieve that will. And happiness the state of a man that has reached his will as a biological species.

So Freedom is the capacity to obtain those goods, which fulfill our drives of existence and make us happy – Freedom to choose our food, education, our social reproduction (love), freedom to be human.  And this lead salso to a new way of studying economics as the science that maximizes the will of man creating those welfare goods we need to feed, reproduce, learn and evolve socially.

In that regard, a human organism is the basic unit-cell of the social organisms of history.  And History is the superorganism of the homo sapiens species between its birth as a Homo Sapiens Neanderthal (two species,) that went through 3 ages, the young, energetic Palaeolithic where the Homo ‘visual’, dominated and the 2nd age of reproductive information, when women and the homo sapiens, verbal dominant in time-logic (our language words, is the language of human temporal information expressed with verbs, the visual language is common to animals), and finally a 3rd age, in which we evolve metal and biome again visual.

To understand those ages, common to all species, a key concept is that of speciation in two forms, natural to all creative processes of the Universe: The diversification of a single species occurs normally in two speciations – one specialized in energy and the other in information that recombine increasing the ‘latitude’ of energy and information of the 3rd, evolve form.

So we have the trinity of races, departing from an original homo sapiens: human energetic Sapiens Neanderthal (white men), informative sapiens sapiens (yellow men) and reproductive, sensorial combination (black men). And the trinity of genders: energetic male, informative women and their combination (gay sex). And the trinity of characters (athletic, dominant in blood system), picnic, dominant in informative system and tall (informative dimension) and viscerotonic, dominant in vegetative systems, and wide.

Of the many dualities of languages, the simplest one is between informative languages with maximal vowels, proper of the ‘homo sapiens, sapiens’, smaller, with more developed languages and brain regions for speech (brachycephalic, African and Asian) and energetic languages with maximal consonantal phonemes (white man, Homo Sapiens Neanderthal, Semitic languages, Caucasus languages). And between logic languages based in the 3-dimensions of the light mind and verbal, temporal language, which orders for humans, the actions of our selves as players of the game:

The 3+1 ages of History, the 3+1 human sub-species.


In the graph, one the main discoveries I did in the field of Complexity applied to anthropology, dating back from my first books on the subject (Bio-history, Bio-economics, a theory of Unification, Bookmasters, Ohio, c.94), was the application of the Duality of Energy/information and its self-generative process of creation of new species that combine both essential elements of the Universe, to the evolution of the Human Kind. The plan of evolution of the fractal, organic, Complex Universe is in that sense simple. All species become differentiated in an energetic, ‘lineal’, spatial species and an informative, ‘cyclical’, temporal one. Then both mix to create a more complex, reproductive species.

And so 3 is the number of Horizons and subspecies we find in all evolutionary systems. This plan of evolution which has enormous repercussions in the understanding on how species evolve and complements Darwin and Mendel, however is disputed outside the science of complexity and the congresses in which I have developed my work. And so it is not widely known. And yet it recently achieved new proofs in anthropology with the discovery that the Neanderthal, white, visual, spatial, energetic brain species mixed with the Homo Sapiens, the Capoid, verbal, temporal one.

So we can explain both genre (being women the informative species that reproduces the fractal information of the human being and man the lineal energetic species), and racial differentiation and establish 3 types of mind: the white, visual, dolicocephalic brain, more developed in the visual axis from the forehead to the occipucius, which should be found to have a higher mix of Neanderthal. He is divided in two types, which again experimental proofs have validated: the Semite, in which Neanderthal males mixed with verbal women, as the dominant, stronger species, in the first crossing of the Homo Sapiens, in 80.000 BC. This advanced theory of 94 has now proofs that came in Nature: only homo sapiens women mixed with Neanderthal males in Palestine. The result is the semite with a clear dominant male, bigger than the female, talking species. The reason is that at such time the Homo Sapiens had not developed the arch and so it was dominated by the Neanderthal, stronger warrior. Then in Altai mountains, homo sapiens evolved into the mongoloid cro-magnon which had arcs and hence could kill at distance the neanderthal. This man went down to Europe and the mixing reversed. Now the Homo Sapiens Paletiniensis mixed with the Neaderthal stronger women (the Nordic Women and red hair, dolicocephalic scots). The result was the Aryan in which women are far stronger. This is the last detail of our Complex theory of human evolution to be proved in the next years…

In the text, we have a further explanation of the other races, which are clearly 3: the mongoloid, verbal race with a higher distance in the verbal axis (brachicephalic) and the black, reproductive, emotional brain, which is self-similar to that of women, with a high brain more evolved in the top axis.

Complexity defines a simple game of evolution by combining informative and energetic species in balanced, new organisms: e xi=st.

We say that the Universe has 3 arrows of creation, energy, information and its balanced combinations. This is also a sexual principle: Women are information-dominant; male are energy dominant.

In human evolution the same pattern emerges: each successful, dominant Homo differentiates into an energetic and informative species, which recombine, creating more complex= informative and stronger=energetic homos that displace their parental forms, thanks to their higher Energy x Information. Yet the dominant, overall arrow favors informative species. Since when Homos were born, the energy top predators were felines, far stronger than the strongest possible homo mutation. So the evolutionary direction in which the big apes could find an ecological niche within the mammal kingdom was the informative arrow. They were already fit to that purpose, since they spent long times living in stillness in the summit of trees, where they had to learn to control complex movement in the informative dimension of height, adding a 3rd dimension to their brain. So they became informative masters among mammal species . . .

Thus, the duality between energy and information is also responsible for the creation of humanity. In the graph we study that process: life first diversified into complementary genders: energetic, lineal, spatial men and cyclical, reproductive women, which hold more biological information. While a 3rd, gay sex mixes both. Further on, as humans evolved, they followed the same pattern of 3 ages proper of all species. Thus, Homos diversified into energetic, informative and reproductive forms that show a higher balance between energy and information. Yet only the informative species, the dominant ‘arrow’ of future survives in each of the 3±1 horizons of increasing informative evolution, from Australopithecus with 500 c.c., into Homo Erectus with 1000 c.c. into Homo Sapiens with 1500 c.c.

And in all those phases, humans split into an energetic species and an informative one that recombined to create a 3rd species. Those species will further evolve technology also in 3 horizons called the upper, middle and lower Paleolithic. Finally, humans diversified in 3 races, specialized in Energy (white race) and information (Mongoloid) with a reproductive, black race, the last to be born, which mixes the pre-mongoloid (bushman) and white races. The constrain established by the fact there are only two elements, energy and information, to create reality, whose lineal and cyclical forms are invariant at scale, in all systems of the cosmos means the Universe imposes the same program of creation to all its species.From an initial ape species we find a ternary differentiation ±5 million years ago, into 3 sub-species of great apes that live in Africa:

—  Max. E: Gorilla, a big, energetic species that reaches 200 kilos, with a square, huge jaw.

—   E=i: The chimpanzee, with a smaller body and a bigger brain. According to the Black Hole law, the smallest organism evolves informatively. Thus, the ‘dwarf chimpanzee’, the Pan Paniscus, which today shows the highest learning skills among apes, was the species that seems to have evolved into a 3rd informative horizon of big apes. It is:

—   Max. i: Australopithecus, which splits in 3 evolutionary ages of growing brain volume:

I Horizon: 500 cc.: From Australopithecus to Homo Erectus.

We have dated the oldest mandibles of Australopithecus Anamensis, the top predator of the 3 big ape species, in 4 million years. The Australopithecus, after reproducing massively in the savannah ecosystem that favours his bipedalism, suffers a new ternary mutation. The 3 descendants of that Australopithecus Afarensis that inhabited the Ethiopian plains around 3 million years ago, are:

—  Max. E: The Paranthropus, an energetic species with huge mandibles and a lineal, planar brain. He looks like a heavy-set, humanoid gorilla. He was probably vegetarian. The first subspecies found is the Paranthropus Aethiopicus, which will further evolve into the stronger Paranthropus Robustus.

—  E=i. The Australopithecus Africanus, which maintains the form of the original Australopithecus Afarensis, perhaps with inner improvements in his soft tissue. He lives in South Africa and is contemporary of the Paranthropus. And the . . .

—  Max. i: Australopithecus Garthi. He is the informative species, with a bigger brain, which starts to acquire the shape of all informative species: a rounded forehead, as the sphere is the form which holds more information in lesser space.

Those 3 species live very close. Around the Turkana Lake we have found remains of the 3 Homos. Yet the arrow of future favors informative species. So the top predator Homo will be the Australopithecus Garthi that goes through a mature age of massive reproduction, probably extinguishing the other 2 subspecies and expanding worldwide into new ecological niches that favoured their genetic and memetic adaptation through a new, ternary split:

—  Max. E: A regressing, energetic A. Garthi, similar but taller than its parental Australopithecus.

—  E=i: Homos Habilis and Rudolfensis, with similar brain capacity to the original Garthi.

—  Max. i. Homo Ergaster, an informative ape with a 1000 cc. brain, which doubles the brain capacity of Australopithecus.

II Horizon: 1000 cc. From Homo Erectus to Homo Sapiens..

That Homo Ergaster, after a massive age of reproduction and expansion throughout the planet, subdivides again in 3 sub-races of Homo Erectus.

—  Max.E: Pithecanthropus, the oldest species similar to Homo Ergaster, found in Java.

—  E=i: Homo Erectus proper, found in China, who grows in the informative dimension of height that favors perception from an advantage point of view, to 1.7 m. He has simple technology, a skull without forehead and thick bones that handicap further cranial evolution.

—  Max. Ti: Homo Floresiensis, the smallish species, which according to the Black hole paradox should be the form who gave origin to Sapiens, as the smallish ‘pan paniscus’ evolved the chimp into the Homos. Recently discovered, he is a formal mutation with a smaller body, whose morphology resembles for the first time that of a human being. He has thinner bones that allow further growth and a higher forehead, the location of the creative part of the brain.

Palaeontologists also found the first advanced technological tools in his sites in Flores Island, which is an isolated place, the ideal region to foster further evolution, due to the lack of top predators (alopatric evolution). Thus, he ads now technological energy weapons that substitute body strength and define a single arrow of future for human evolution: information. His improvement in neurological form, probably caused first his rapid expansion thanks to his new technological tools and then a rapid growth in size through the cross-breeding with the taller Homo Erectus species, giving finally birth around 300.000 B.C., to a new energy/ information duality: The energetic, big Neanderthal and the informative Bushman, which will combine again to give birth to the different races. Those predictions based in the 3 arrows of future time and the black hole paradox (information is small and evolves in dwarf species) have been confirmed by genetic maps and Paleontology and await final confirmation, when new skulls of Floresiensis are found.

The 3rdinformative Horizon: Homo Sapiens, 1500 cc.

—  The lineal, energetic, visual Homo Sapiens Neanderthal, with ±1500 cc.

—  And a second informative pygmy strain, the 1st verbal woman, the mitochondrial eve, probably a bushman, also with ±1500 cc.

± 50.000 years ago she crossed into the Middle East, probably mating with earlier Neanderthals, giving origin to the visual, energetic white male (Homo Palestiniensis, whose skulls show mixed traits from both species).

± 35.000 y. ago, in the high Tibetan plains, she became the informative Mongoloid that colonized Asia, America and descended upon Europe and Africa, where she cross-bred with the capoid (bushman) and became the black man, the balanced E=i, reproductive race, completing the final, ternary differentiation of the main races of mankind.

Cultural races.

Further on, as racial tribes evolved socially and emerged into cultural societies, which are super-organisms of history, the ternary, racial division of mankind between energetic white men, informative Mongoloid and vitalist blacks, will become the cultural differentiation of human beings in 3 type of brain orientations, and hence cultures orf the mind according to the 3 elements of all systems, energy, information and its reproductive combination; reflected in 3 types of brain morphology:

— ‘Visual, energetic, lineal, spatial cultures’, proper of the white man, with his concepts of lineal time and his passion for technological, energetic weapons. It is the dolicocephalic brain dominated by the visual, eye to occipucius axis, also dominant in neanderthals

—    ‘Cyclical, informative, mongoloid cultures’, natural to Asian civilizations, with cyclical concepts of time. It is the brachicephalic, wide, verbal brain; dominant in the ear axis; hence giving birth to female, eusocial cultures like the Chinese.

—    And ‘sensory, reproductive, colored cultures’, which in Africa and India developed human senses to their limits. It is dominannt in the height/medular axis with a ‘tall head’, peaking in the top/motor and sensorial area.

Which culture is better for the survival of mankind? Since survival is the goal of all species, reached in the age of balance, E=i, we should promote, paradoxically, the culture that our technological civilization discriminates: the black, reproductive, sensory culture . . .

Thus, the Laws of Evolution and its 3±1 ages and subspecies, map out the main species of Homo, till arriving to 2 Homo Sapiens, the spatial, visual=longer, dolicocephalic, energetic brain of the Neanderthal, which seems to have lived in Europe and left some of his traits in the Homo Palestiniensis, on the slow-crossing border of Canaan. Further cross-breeding of the Palestiniensis with the Sapiens is the likely origin of the white man (white skin, red hair, Rh-?, consonantal languages, wide hips, prominent nose)

While the informative Homo Sapiens Sapiens, the verbal=wider brachicephalic brain, which started as a small ‘San pygmy’, evolved into the self-similar mongoloid race. Finally, the black race, with tall brains are the sensorial culture,  the reproductive species, the last one to appear, shows the maximal genetic mixture.

In the same manner, we talk also of gender duality in terms of an energetic species, the lineal male of big muscles, spatial size and visual brain; and the woman, the informative, reproductive species, who would understand the cycles of birth of plants and evolve mankind from the energetic, hunting Paleolithic into the Neolithic, the mature age of History, with its understanding of the arrow of reproduction of the Universe (cult to the goddesses) and its harmonic cults to Nature. It is on my view, the ideal age of mankind, which bio-historians could re-create on Earth by pruning the tree of Technology of all its bad fruits and enhance the fruits of the Tree of Life with environmental policies, under a global, single Social Organism of History, the World Union (ch.13). Since once a species has reached its informative zenith or 3rd age, the only way it can further evolve is by becoming a macro-organism, joined by a common network of information. So men did evolve further beyond the Homo Sapiens, through the 4th arrow of time, the arrow of love and social evolution that mechanist science denies and verbal, social religions of love impose on their believers.

On the Earth, there are today 3 types of social organisms:

—  The first to appear, Nature, Gaia, was based in carbon-life.

— Then History appeared, based in human life.

—  Finally, the economic ecosystem based in metal and machines, appeared.

Since those 3 organic systems and species have been dominant in 3 different ages of the Earth, we talk of the evolution or terraforming of the Life-Earth or Nature into the Human-Earth or History that now becomes the Metal-Earth, the Economic Ecosystem. The youth of History was still ‘Nature’. Life dominated the Paleolithic. Then men reached their zenith of social evolution in the Neolithic. Now men devolve back into single, selfish individual, Homo Bacteria, due to the use of machines and weapons that isolate them, in a process equivalent to the process of death that dissolves the networks of a being back into its simplest cellular components.

8. Complex Theology and emergence.

In the graph, we can see how Man achieved the greatness of eusocial evolution till we ended our worship of the organic Earth and man, the best of its organisms, as the measure of all things, and made the machine and money, the memes of metal, the measure of all entities of the Universe (mechanist science) and all humans (capitalism that buy as for a salary)

Then we started the evolution of ‘other super-organism, the economic ecosystem’ studied in other webs with the same laws of general systems sciences.

And so now we apply the arrow of eusocial evolution to the machine and gather in huge groups as CERN does to study machine data, and give machines all the energy they need while 1 billion humans suffer hunger.

But in the past, with the language of mankind, ethic wor(l)ds Jesus to Buddha, Islam and the socialist prophets – all of them now corrupted by inquisitions of war and go(l)d churches, that use memes of metal, weapons and gold to impose their beleifs – when they were pure religions of love, they built global superorganisms, religious cultures, in which the DNA-code of all human heads, were the wor(l)ds of revelation of their prophets.

In this planet it seems, we humans will be substituted by those machines, now evolving into new organisms, robots, or by any of their lethal products, now essayed at CERN. But there will be other fractal planets in the infinite Universe, in which men will listen to those seers of time, obey the laws of God and survive into eternity, creating a world made to our image and likeness. In those worlds the human God=super-organism of history will exist and acquire emerging according to the laws of Complex Theology into exi=stence. And those who believe in him will not die for ever.

The study of the phenomenon of creation from cellular beings of a whole organism, whose existence is independent of those cells, which is more than its parts is another basic branch of Systems Sciences and Complexity, called Emergence. And so latter, at the end of this post we shall return to those metaphysical questions once we understand some basic notions of complexity and the mathematical design of reality as a ‘fractal’ of self-similar, hierarchical scales, in which the whole, the organism, the subconscious collective God, the nation or the Galaxy masterminded by its central black hole, controls the destiny of its parts, the cells, the believers, the citizens, the stars and planets, which the black hole ‘positions’ with its invisible flows of gravitation. Yet I will tell you so far, ‘yes’, Allah exists supported by the minds of its believers, so does Yvwh, supported by the mind of the Jewish& protestant people, and Christ, supported by those who believe in the Gospel. In the same manner America exists, supported by the geographical structure and citizens that believe on it, and the galaxy exists controlled by the flows of invisible gravitational information of the galaxy.

It doesn’t matter that we see or dont see those flows, as long as we see the effects. This never occurred to physicists. Why they believe in gravitation if we cannot see it? Because we see how bodies come closer through its in/formative, attractive force. Why believers know God exists even if they cannot see it? Because they see that attractive power, assabiyah, in Ibn Khaldun terms, the communion of souls in the mystique of Saint Agustine, which brings together the souls/knots of information of their believers, pegging them through the mystique experience, which creates and sustains with their minds the collective God. Or if you want a concrete example. In the same manner than when cyclical flows of electricity create in the center a flow of magnetism that didn’t exist before, in the mystique wheels of religions, the dances of the Indian shamans, the wheel of Buddhism, the Wheel of the Kaaba, as described by the believers we can see the creation of the subconscious God, they support. The kaaba is not a rock as western islamophobians pretend of a primitive group of idolatric people. The mystique suffies said that when the believers feel the communion with God, turning around the kaaba, in the central empty space between the 4 columns covered by the black drape, there God ascends as a column of light. We don’t see that force or assabiyah that pegs together the souls of the muslim believers or the Christians, but we know it exists because their cells believe and are moved by them, and act even die for the higher superorganism. And this is the process of emergence that now thanks to our advances in fractal, non-euclidean mathematics, explained latter in more detail, we know to be certain: the believers, the electrons, the stars have created a new ‘plane of Non-Euclidean existence’ (jargon of buddhism and modern Non-Euclidean mathematics), a new fractal scale of reality, a new ‘Brane’. But that is only the beginning. The next question is to know the relationships between that plane and its inferior cells/souls/knots of fractal information, the minds of those believers. Can they also transcend and be saved? Do the bosonic effects that we observe in matter and peg together the different atoms into a bose-condensate apply to the mystique assabiyah?

Do not ask though a scientist about a Human subconscious collective God, because most likely he will not feel its presence, as they wont carry its DNA code. Since to create a superorganism and be part of it, you must first believe in their existence. If you are not a believer, you are not part of a superorganism of History, and you cannot save it. You do not belong to it.

Now, think with those basic concepts of complex theology on the metaphoric meaning of sentences like ‘Gifted those who without seeing believe because to them belong the kingdom of heavens’ (Intelligent are those who without seeing God believe in him, because they will emerge into a new plane of existence), ‘Christ is the word of god’ (Koran), ‘And God became the word and inhabitted among us’ Saint John). Since the word is the informative, nervous system that joins the human cells into the subconscious collective. ‘Sangris Martire semen christianorum’. Or in the ‘mystery of the Saint Trinity: God, the upper, emergent plane of existence communicates through the Saint Spirit, the sacred word with the son of God, the prophet’. And so on and so on…

In the more complex books and texts of complexity it can be mathematically and logically proved that indeed, the Universe is a fractal of multiple ‘scales’ of superorganisms, and while we do not observe ‘as a single organism’ bigger forms than ourselves, they might exist in those other scales (since we do not see the flows of ‘invisible information’ that joins them, as we do not see gravitational information that joins together the organic systems of galaxies, only its energetic networks). This theme is fascinating as all the sacred texts of both, the western and eastern tradition can be enlightened further and its parables explained with the tools of Complex Theology.

9.  Fractal Philosophy.

In that sense, even more beautiful that the findings on the spiritual, eternal Universe of perpetual motions is the realization that the Universe is infinite in scales, obtained precisely from that equation which shows that… every 10 relative scales of fractal spacetime, a structure repeats the same in/form/ations, the same forms. Since the nucleus of an atom is self-similar to the black hole nucleus of a galaxy. So Black holes become hadrons of the bigger cosmological  scale made of infinite quarks, and protons become ‘black holes’ of the lower, quantum scales… once we translate the jargon of quantum physics to the jargon of Gravitation, as Einstein wanted, not the other way around as quantum physicists have tried unsuccesfully for 100 years.

This means that the Universe is either limited between those two final scales or if each atom is a galaxy and each galaxy an atom (as Einstein and Walker thought when modeling the Universe with Relativity, considering each galaxy as a Hydrogen atom), is infinite in size, and in each of us, there is an entire number of infinite Universes.

And this is possible because now points have inner parts that when observed in detail grow in a fully relative Universe, ‘where the smallest point must be perceived as an entire world’ (Leibniz).

Since space-time is broken, fractal, made of infinite self-similar networks and organisms. It means there are many self-similar space-times, many self-similar planets, in which humans exist. Yet none of them are equal, because in fractal theory all is self-similar but nothing is absolutely equal.

In physics it solves also the puzzles of quantum physicists. For example, it means that an electron is not a sum of probable electrons in different Universes, but a sum of self-similar fractal parts, which can be described as populations of ‘cellular electrons’, with the same probabilistic equations that quantum theory. Any mathematician knows that probabilities are used to explain probable events in time, and percentages of populations in space. In other words, in advanced fractal physics we merely switch the quantum description from time to space, hence a galaxy is a fractal of self-similar stars, which have self-similar planets, with self-similar human races.

And this realization is the beginning of Fractal Logic, which coupled with the understanding of Non-Euclidean mathematics defines the ‘Grand Design of the Universe’, which is deterministic not probabilistic, albeit written with a logic more complex than that of the physicist and the present man. A logic, organic design that all its species follow, even if they don’t know it…

But of course, space is the easiest part to understand of the new Age of mathematics and logic that we are finding. The key to everything is the logic of fractal space, which requires to break also time into infinite clocks, one for each cycle of reality that closes in itself. Which again means that as Einstein said, ‘there are infinite clocks of time’, and so infinite time speeds, and each of those vortices of mass, each of those charge vortices is a clock of time, which carries a frequency of information in the intelligent Universe. Imagine that: you exist in an eternal, intelligent, moving Universe, where all is gauging information, feeding on energy, turning into patterns of form, ticking. And further on, the smallest you are, the faster you tick, the faster the methabolism of the rat is, the faster the electron turns. And this is the key of the harmony of all planes of reality. An ant lives 7 years but it processes information 10 times faster than a man, so in subjective time it lives 70 years. An atom is billions of times faster than a galaxy, but billions of time smaller. And so the previously quoted equation of Einstein:

Energy/Motion/Space   x   Time/Information = Konstant…    Max. E x Min. T = Min. E x Max. T

means that when we change from scale, what we loose in size we gain in speed of time, and in total we exist the same quantity. Like in the book ‘the shrinking man’, if we were becoming smaller we would merely change our perception of time that would adapt to the new plane. And so the life of an ant might be as profound and rich in meaning as the life of a human being. And that is what connects the “Mind of the Universe’ to the classic myths of Eastern religions that studied them. Indeed, the Great Zimmer tells us in his ‘Myths of the India’, how Vishnu tells Indra, king of kings not to be so arrogant: he suddenly looks at the floor and sees a group of ants and Indra asks the Vishnu child, what are you looking at? Im looking to a group of Indras walking in a queue and crashes them..

Marvel, wonder and fear the Grand Design, which is the Tree of Life, Vishnu, Yin, the Lord of Information, not the dark side of Shiva, Yang, Lord of death and energy that kills it, adored at CERN. Because black holes and strangelets will also behave as organisms, organic bombs that will feed and convert our matter into themselves.

Complex Science goes much further than this in its understanding of the meaning of God. As it represents a veritable theory of Unification of Religious thought.

It brings back the old Platonic concept that “This world is a living, being composed of a mind and a body.”  And it brings back a rational explanation to the mystique concepts of Christianity (Orestes, Tertulianus, Saint Agustine), Islam (Sufies, Ibn Khaldun) and Buddhism (tipitaka)

It shows ultimately that the ‘language of religion’ is a human jargon to express the natural arrow of Eusocial Evolution that all species follow; and the goal of mankind should be to create a super-organism of History ruled by the laws of eusocial love (to share energy and information among all human cells).

Since in history those arrows are expressed by the different religions and ethic mandates.

For example, Genesis, the key book of the old testament (before it became corrupted by the memes of gold, after the golden calf episode) says: ‘Grow (feed on energy and information) and multiply (reproduce)’ while the new testament completes the message, with the more complex arrow of eusocial love (‘love each other as i have loved you’.

Ah well. So now we are here… Turns out that Genesis and Gospel did know the equation of God better than CERN (-:

But since we have denied the equation of God, the function of existence, and its balances of life in search of the pure forms of energy mass and its imbalances of death… Che sera sera.


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Mass attack

After years of massive malware attacks on the site painfully built on the dangers of the lhc and the lies of cern, I lowered my guard – i took a week off for health causes – and when i was back found the site erased without any warning by the host…

In any case if any reader is still interested in the risks of the collider  i have put the book published on the theme on kindle e-books, here it is ‘the black hole factory and the meaning of mass’

Price is dirty cheap since i believe new knowledge of logical or ethical nature must be available to all mankind… So i have lowered the price of the hardcover printed edition to the affordable sum of… zero dollars, gratis, nill (-;

im too old for this bull$hit, nor i built the web (im a thinker not a nerd – two things often confused). So that will probably be ‘it’ about the beautiful design of the first web. What i found is reposted – sorry no pics so far – on the left side.

Also the film i started with william morris endeavor on the cern issue, till it was also censored and finished with a loan

The longer version was put at so that is gone… i’ll put connections to utube pieces of the film.

What was perhaps a bit overdone was the total destruction of my beautiful web which introducer at a lay man level in ‘scales of increasing complexity’ the 10 scales of the Universe, its self-similar laws and the Fractal Generator of all systems of spatial energy and temporal information, from where in my General Systems Theory I have been able to deduce the laws of all sciences. Since indeed, regardless of what monist physicists say, all what exists is a complementary system of networks of energy and information. So all physical systems are made with particles of information and fields of force that move them and they cannot exist without both (Complementarity Principle of quantum physics). And all biological systems are made of ‘heads of information’ and bodies of energy that move them. And all sociological systems have an informative caste that controls the languages of social power (bankers, politicians and military that control money, the law and weapons) and an energy caste that works for them.

Frankly the destruction of that web, which i didnt save at all and the one dedicated to sociological systems ( ) has been a bit overdone. So I have put for free two books on kindle with simple explanations, The equation of God and The System plus you can get the entire model in paperback or kindle – ‘The 4th paradigm of science: social networks’. You can get there more insights of the ‘future of science’ that cern will ever find with its mammoth machine (-; ‘tiempo al tiempo’.

To remember all that today is tuesday 13, in the latin tradition a terrible day to get married or start a journey; Lol and i never believed in superstitions

Regarding the authors…

My take is that either some groopie from which at the height of our campaign against the ‘black hole factory’ had 5 people working just to destroy our reputations as scientists during the federal suits (me, rossler and wagner being the most outspoken critics) finally succeed.

It has been quite an astounding procedure for a ‘group of idealistic scientists’. Some examples of this anonymous prosecution:

– 1 week after the old site was put up there was a breach in google’s account and my visa was stolen and charged 3000 $ in long distance calls from ‘France’… Google refused to investigate. Once this was resolved the campaign on the ad google account received thousands of hits of 0.00 seconds. The charges were not suppressed and i had to cancel the account.

– My email was breached. Rossler’s email was also breached and we receive ‘help messages’ of a false Mr. Rossler  asking for money from a police station in England where he was detained. The people working the ‘ad hominem’ campaigns created a site only to insult Mr. Rossler.

– A massive ‘ad hominem’ campaign was implemented in all the blogs of physics of the world. After the scandal of risking planet Earth appeared on NY Times, causing public alarm, all the global press, acting as PR for this gem of big science, attacked the suit – the NY Times even published an editorial asking the judge to ‘throw the suit to the nearest black hole’, against the American laws that forbid to influence suits. We never were allowed to defend our points of view and even comments were disabled on my NY account.

– 2 days before the final suit, I was attacked by 3 unknown people in my garage who broke my arm into 5 pieces. I was told by doctors not to go to the suit and take a plane, which I did, because the nerves were touching the bones. I still have sequels on the right arm.

– Someone broke on my home during my conferences at the ISSS congress at Madison, and when I returned the police came within days for no reason -an anonymous denounce – to regiester the place and only left home when I started filming them.

– The science of which I was International Chair – duality, the study of the Universe with two arrows of time, energy and information – was cancelled in a meeting of SIG chairs to which I was not invited. So the ISSS congress at Madison was the last one, in which I chaired duality and gave a conference  on ‘the error of einstein and the meaning of mass’, where I explained the ‘faster than light membrane’ of gravitation, where neutrinos resides, the unification equation of charges and masses and the meaning of mass according to Einstein’s strong Principle of equivalence, which made the Higgs unnecessary. The conferences were never published, nor I appear as attending the Congress on the papers.

I had become invisible and I am still invisible as a scientist despite all my pioneering work on complexity and system sciences. For example, when I send articles to review on different scientific matters to the magazines of science, I receive no answer. When I send them certificated with UPS, they are rejected. Needless to say this never happened before the suit.

And so on and so on.

Why now then? I was a week sick and couldn’t enter and change passwords etc. So i guess it was easy for the inventors of the web to find a way to erase this and my web on my scientific work – the fractal paradigm.

Further on this was done the day they announced falsely the discovery of the Higgs, just in time for the end of the fiscal year to impress in this economical crisis the administrators of Europe that have to pay a check. So that day I wrote an article on the laughing matter of ‘finding the Higgs’ just because in a few billion events they found one with 4 muons desintegrating which could be many other particles, not necessarily the desintegration of 2 z particles which again could be a few things not necessarily a higgs…

So there you have it now the higgs officially exist for cern to keep extracting billions from tax payers and maybe blowing up the earth…

The paradox of all this is that my now invisible work seems to be increasingly validated by CERN – since we predicted in our models of multiple space-times that neutrinos do go faster than light, the higgs is not found it has not been found despite what they affirm. And in any case even if it is found, the Higgs won’t exist, because its equations were proved to be the same that Mr. Smolin and Zee’s variable gravitational field based in the Brans-Dicke model of relativity. Thus, it is obvious that if the same equations have two interpretations – that of Higgs that require an invisible field to add to the 2 electromagnetic and gravitational fields; and that of Smolin, Zee and Brans-Dicke that requires no other field – by the Occam’s principle, the BDSZ model is the proper one and so the Higgs field is just Einstein’s gravitational field with a variable G, which is also the basis of my work that unifies with fractal equations the G and Q constants of charges and masses. All this of course will never be published again…

Finally our prediction that earthquakes would rise, as a sign that some type of dark matter might be produced and fall to the center of the Earth, explode on the Moho discontinuity – if we are lucky – and so provoke increases in volcanos and earthquakes have become truth – 2011 is offically the year in record history with more earthquakes over 5 and over 6 in the richter scale… since tabulation started a century ago.

You see, that how dogma and belief is imposed – with inquisitions of thought, or as Disraeli put it ‘damned lies (that there is no risk, an evil, damned lie for mankind) and statistics (the pedestrian way in which they pretend to prove the existence of the Higgs).  And of course censorship and ‘anonymous pressure’ on dissidents.

Funny thing is I don’t care that much anymore. These vandalic act merely release me further from engagement with a species i increasingly find well below the threshold of beauty that deserves survival in the fractal universe… exceptions made, most humans are good but stupid, managed as sheeple by the 1% of evil ‘cretinos’ that are subconsciously destroying the world. The system have the entire process well-worked. Within days, the entire planet repeated with the Goebbel’s method (if you repeat a lie many types people will believe it), the astounding grace of the Higgs and its heroic finding, LOL. The time for ‘angst’ is gone. I just find the entire matter surrealist, bizarre – yet another proof of the sorry state of the human me(n)tal species.

And so what an steppenwolf can do? Observe with amazement how the leaders of the pack and the herd go to the cliff? Suffer from an incurable angst. perhaps if i were german but im not

Better to enjoy life in barcelona while it lasts, observe the beauty of the Universe in silence and follow the advice of another Luis

‘when all has been said better to remain silent’ (by censorship and choice).

In any case, CERN might ‘cheat all the people all the time’ but it will not cheat the laws of the Universe. And so we shall see what are those laws in 2014, when the upgrading is complete and they do go over 10 Tev – the most likely threshold to create a black hole or a quark star.

‘Those who impose truth with power will be the laugh of the Gods’; Einstein, the ‘mind of the Universe’ in all matters regarding mass theory NOT Higgs, NOT Hawking.


The invisible man.

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