Man: Schrödinger cat

2 points of view: one kills the cat.


Man is Schrödinger’s cat. We are dead and alive in the future, depending on who looks at the issue of Black holes. Departing from the fact that if string theory is right and 9 out of 10 physicists believe is right (see 1st scale in ‘5th dimension’ for further proofs), black holes will appear at the LHC over 10 tev. So that is not the issue. We can consider they will appear. The poison of Schrödinger’s experiment will be there. But will the poison kill the cat? In Schrodinger’s experiment it depends on the point of view of the observer and the random production of certain killing particles that decay from time to time and provoke a chain reaction that kills the cat.

In the case of CERN it also depends on certain killing particles, black holes, that are formed from time to time and kill the human cat.

And it also depends on the observer. According to Einstein’s equations of the 4th dimension validated by our discovery and formalism of the 5th dimension, the cat is dead.

According to Mr. Hawking – a British celebrity who contradicts the classic laws of the 4th and 5th dimension, we will live. So now, as in the Schrödinger’s experiment since we do not know if the poison has been or will be released we are dead and alive at the same time.

But i don’t think as Einstein did that the cat is alive. It is more likely when all the elements of the experiment are taken into account to think that the cat is dead.

Indeed, we could tilt our balance with ‘time’ and ‘reason’ easily.

The repetition of the experiment increases the chances of a dead cat.

For two reasons. In the case of Cern’s cat, the experiment is not set only to one hour duration, as with Schrodinger’s cat, being one hour the probability of releasing a single atomic particle that will break the poison. If the experiment is performed more times, more hours, the probability of finding a dead cut increases as every hour the cut will have another 50% chances: 50%+25%… and so on

So it is fairly obvious that after 10 experiments or so the cat will be very likely dead.

CERN has not yet performed any experiment over 10 Tev, the threshold of black hole and strangelet formation according to most calculus, so the experiment has not yet started. They are building the cat trap.

But once they start in 2015, the possibility will grow with time. If they have taken 5 years to find the Higgs, statistically within the regime of energies it could be found, statistically we give them 5 years to kill the cat, humanity. In other words, by 2020 we should be all dead cats and the planet exploded into a Nova.

2nd problem: the quality of the p.o.v.s and the theories they sponsor are not equal.

Since after all, random creation of such particles in both experiments increases with time, the more experiments CERN does, the easier will be to be a dead cat. Further on we could talk of the different standing between Mr. Einstein’s work who formalized the 4th dimension (or my work who formalized the 5th dimension, though  this will be better understood in the future, as per Thomas Kuhn, all r=evolutions of science take time too to be understood)… and Mr. Hawking who just tried to deny Einstein, departing from Einstein’s own sound 4D formalism. 

the inflationary, 3rd baroque age of information.

Why is that? Why it happens so often in science that a master is NOT renewed but amended by lesser wannabes?  It is natural to the difference between reality and the languages of the mind used to explain it.

All theories of reality go through the 3 phases of the scientific method, which becomes the ‘ages’ of the theory. At first in its youth the theory collects data without a clear model.

Then in the classic age the model is found and the data fits and predictions are done and proved.

But the theory is there and new practitioneers without much intelligence to bring new theories for new data try to exhaust its use fitting things that are not meant to be explained with that theory.

This is the 3rd, baroque, formal age of a theory, when it becomes convoluted with ptolemaic epicycles, it looses freshness and simplicity, it is all ‘inflationary information’, theory with no experimental proofs whatsoever – since information is indeed inflationary, it is the language much easier to reproduce than the energy and data of reality. So all theories and forms of art and language enter a final baroque, angst, warped, convoluted form, from classic art that become hellenistic to monetary information that multiplies enormously provoking crisis, as the one we live, to 4th dimensional theory which became bizarre and out of context with the work of Hawking and its meaningless talk about imaginary time, black hole evaporation, with no proof in 35 years of eager searching in the cosmos.

But of course the high popes of an old theory as per Kuhn will not yield their prerogatives. Big science Kuhn tells us, and mundane aspects – celebrity, money for research, Newton Chairs – prevent any Leibniz, any Copernicus to have a chance. On the contrary precisely the new copernicus are the ones more feared by the high popes. Hence the null interest of 4th dimensional physicists and quantum practitioneers about the new paradigm of the 5th dimension – a fractal, scalar, self-similar Universe where space-time changes its speeds of processing information as we become smaller (from black holes to smaller animals to faster turning inner planets and diminutive particles). For one thing, the simplicity of Copernicus heliocentrism or Sancho’s 5th Dimension to resolve all the questions with an Occam’s razor would put in evidence the high popes of past science so easily that suddenly nobody would ever listen to vatican astronomers or british ones.

The limits of Mr Einstein’s 4th dimension of ‘simultaneous, ‘present’ measures of space-time were reached long ago and its usefulness to explain the cosmos too. This is not to diminish his value, extraordinary to measure properly all things related to gravitation. The problem is not Einstein’s work but those who tried to explain things which do not belong to that space-time continuum with that formalism, for lack of a bigger version. And that is the job of our Baroque british artists of the 4th dimension.

the fractal Universe and its many big-bangs.


The Universe has self-similar events in all scales. the big-bang that CERN will practice will likely be just a black hole big-bang, a Nova of the Earth. Scale Physics, as advanced by Mandelbrot, Nottale and this author in the 90s with a present explosion of articles and proofs, is the XXI century 5th Dimension, the new paradigm. Unfortunately by the time CERN stuck in primitive work and advanced machines changes paradigm it will have kill us all with a lesser big-bang. What they will study resembles the Universe big-bang but it is just a Nova – the kind of big-bangs that we can reproduce on Earth. Our nova. However it is self-evident that the pioneers of scale relativity, Mandelbrot who found the mathematical concept, Nottale who derived the first equations of physical scaling between the cosmic, gravitational and ¥-quantum scale, and this author who found the 5 invariances of the 5th dimension and expanded logically and conceptually the concept to all sciences, including social sciences and biology.. are submitted to the censorship of the high popes of previous paradigm, as per Thomas Kuhn. Unfortunately in this change of paradigm, with the practitioners of future science in a short of house arrest, the entire destiny of mankind is at stakes. Because the Vatican astronomers of the past paradigm are not happy enough with silencing the new paradigm, they are in a runaway train to prove their outdated theories, making a big-bang on Earth and the black holes that will blow us all…

Now of course, in the fractal Universe, whose formalism and invariances you can find in the 5th dimension articles, a proton is a black hole of the next cosmic scale, as it has the same Schwarzschild radius, when we translate electromagnetic, quantum jargon to the somewhat straightforward jargon of masses as accelerated vortices of time (Einstein’s principle of equivalence). Then a big-bang is just one of the many scalar big-bangs that happen in the Universe. In the quantum scale a big-bang is a beta decay, in the galactic scale it is a quasar and in the Universe is a big-bang. All those big-bangs are self-similar and easy to confuse.

So a wider theory of space-time that goes beyond ‘present measure’ and encompasses the entire flow of time from past to future, and the entire scales of fractal space of the Universe was needed. That was the 5th dimension as I was the person who formalized it after the first pioneers, Mandelbrot and Nottale made some inroads into that formalism (see post on the 5th dimension).


So now in the XXI century a new age of science and space-time analysis – the study of fractal space-time, its scales and multiple clocks of time with different speeds starts afresh, with a new simplicity and a wider capacity to explain all things. THis is akin with the evolution of the theory of the Earth as the center of the Universe. It reached its limit in the understanding of the sun-earth dual relationship with Ptolomeus, but it could not explain other planets elliptic orbits and a change of paradigm was needed. Those who explored the Copernican paradigm advanced fast into sound science. THose who were stuck into the Ptolomeic paradigm trying to explain many other things with earth-centrism got stuck into complicated epicycles and wrong measures.

But if you see the graph, the Model Revolution arrives before paradigm change, and this is the stage in which we are, and there is a delay on time between the model revolution, which is only in the brain of the great innovators of the new paradigm, and paradigm change. The revolution is done, but it is not public. The public is still in 1. normal science, some are aware of 3. Model crisis – among them curiously CERN which puts it as a excuse to find new science but departing from the old paradigm – a no way out. Hawking is in 2, model drift, trying to use ‘normal science’, the 4D metrics with the quantum metrics beyond what it can achieve. And of course he does not want to have anything to do with 4 and 5 as he knows he is too old to be of any relevance there, and he has heard the revolution has been done.

The arrogance of the popes

But the methods of the Popes of science is always the same: authority over reason, arrogance over dialog, denial over humble acceptance that new things require new theories. In the previous graph we can observe Mr. hawking as a pope of science, when asked about the self-similarity of the infinitely small and large. He says simply ‘i dont’ understand the question’. He never answered our letters. I went to Cal Tech he would not receive me. I recorded him for quantum roulette then laughing at mankind saying that if cern find black holes and don’t evaporate we will all become spaghettis and smiles to an astoundingly sheeple audience that didnt even realize he is telling him as Hitler did to Zukhov when warned – 300.000 people will die in the berlin siege, surrender, ‘they will die for me’. Hawking knows that if scalar, absolute relativity is truth (Nottale’s and myself terms for self-similar theories), we are nothing, we are just inside an atom-galaxy, and our death is meaningless to the Universe. But for him of course, the death of 7 billion people is meaningless, worth to risk if he can get a Nobel Prize. He already said at the height of the argument that if mankind didnt go ahead with CERN’s experiment is not worth to live. There we listen to the darkest thoughts of a man who probably hates life, closed in his mind, of whom his wife says, ‘I divorced because I tried to convince him he is not God and failed’.

This is of course the other side of this issue, the ethic side, the monstruosity of the Popes of science at the end of a paradigm, when everybody worships them and their power corrupts them absolutely. There is where The brits that have all the financial-media/military-industrial complex backing their musings find themselves. Their power to pretend to know the truth about the Universe is parallel to their arrogance and their ignorance.

That is the case of Mr. hawking and Mr. Penrose, with their attempts to take the Einstein’s formalism to explain things that belong to the 5th dimension and its scalar planes of space-time, namely black holes, doors to the gravitational, dark matter universe – the scales beyond its c-speed or event horizon, and below its 0 K degree of order, of in-form-ation. Of course, if they were humble they would have read the formalism of the 5th dimension, realized that the Earth has moved from its center, and marveled to the wonders of the new Universe. But this didn’t happen. It is also a feature of human arrogance that the ‘Vatican Popes’ of the previous paradigm, the last decadent high priests of a passe knowledge will be invested with all the privileges of the curia, as Thomas Kuhn rightly explains, and so the new innovators must work hidden in  churches, Patent offices or beach retreats scorned by the priests as heretics of null value. And yet time imposes the new paradigm and have no doubt about it if we survive CERN the 5th dimension of fractal depth and scales of space-time where time clocks that carry the information of the Universe have different speeds of atttraction in its vortices of masses and charges… will be at the end of this century how you will start your studies on space-time, then you will study the 4th dimension, and then the 3 Euclidean ones. What you will never study is any of the baroque, non-classic, rather absurd imaginary times and time travel machines of Mr. Hawking.

Problem is that we might not get there, because if the 5th dimension exists and it does exist, all what Einstein said was right is right and all what Hawking said is false.

Mr. Hawking is indeed as it always in history of science, knowledge art or ANY TYPE OF INFORMATION, that with time – yes the ultimate cause of all things – once the ‘classic’ age of any type of information passes, information becomes degraded, with excessive warping, form, complications – that might seem fancy to the arrogant scholar that ignores Einstein’s dictum ‘God is simple and not malicious’. In other words, classic periods of balance between experimental facts, the energy of science and information, its theories MUST BE RESPECTED because those who come after and become ‘older’, more convoluted and complicated in their theories ARE NOT but less truth – to start with they loss perspective on real data and just decide to validate truth with pure information – the language, the formalism, the mathematical equations. And this is what Mr. Penrose and Mr. Hawking have done.

The error of his  work is simple when you see it from the new, simple metrics of the 5th dimension, which returns science to classicism and simplicity – he does not understand information, he does not take into account the arrow of information of the Universe which dominates black holes, mass factories that transform towards the future the ¥-energy of this scale of reality into mass, the cosmic scale. This the metrics of the 5th dimension easily explain.

The antiquantum paradox

But of course, the 5th Dimension cannot be taken seriously, as nobody was taken seriously Mr. Einstein’s 4th Dimension… all the time he confronted the German Military-Industrial Complex (and latter the American one).

Why? Just  another quantum paradox on the theme of why Einstein never had a saying in his attempts to stop the nuclear race regardless of 4Ds and Sancho even less regardless of 5Ds. In both cases we never matter – the ethic scientists – the experiments will be performed any case… I call it the anti-quantum paradox. The military-industrial complex and its P.R.ess have now eliminated any chance of Rossler – discoverer of Chaos Theory and Sancho discoverer of the 5th Dimension from being heard. We have been ‘silenced’ and our work almost eliminated from scholarship – the cancellation of the Science of Duality, the  SIG i used to preside at the International Congresses of Systems Sciences  to prevent my work to be widely known to the scientific community, was immediate – the very same year of the suit…

And this I call the antiquantum paradox of history: the observer of the military-industrial power is so small that he is in an inverse fashion to quantum physics affected by the observable, which silences=make his work uncertain, in this case i am just a scientist confronting the military-industrial complex that has silenced me.

Ah but if our powerful believe the cat is a live it must alive – they defend us. Ts, ts, unlike religion the truths of science cannot be censored on the long term, not can be decided by power, or you will be the laugh of the Gods.

The 5th dimension does NOT deny Mr. Einstein’s formalism, still correct for purpose of measures.But let us consider the wider argument.

What is ABSURD are the interpretations of Hawking and Penrose about Entropy as the ONLY arrow of the Universe, which Mr. Hawking then ‘splits’ in 2 arrows one towards the future and one towards the past because he has eliminated one of the 2 original arrows of reality the arrow of information, which also goes as life does towards the future,

The result of such innovation is an ABSURD baroque, uneeded ‘Ptolemaic’ theory which DENIES Einstein’s theory of black holes, of whom our life depends Of more interest than those mundane idiocies is to understand in the context of philosophy of science why the work of Mr. Hawking has no value at all for the future of science and its only importance is for your personal future as a Schroendinger’s cat (you are now dead in the future, but you might resurrect if CERN stops the LHC before production of black holes).

In the history of science, which is a language submitted as all forms of existence to the Invariance of ages a paradigm has its limits unveiling truths, but THAT DOESN’T STOP FROM MOVING from its classic age into its baroque, informative, 3rd age of INFLATIONARY INFORMATION, WARPS AND COMPLICATED arguments.

And that inflationary information is WHAT is happening to THE 4TH dimension of Einstein’s Relativity – the field in which Mr. Hawking tried to innovate by merely going into inflationary information, that is fantasy, as what they do has NO LONGER any classic relationship with reality. In the old paradigm, Ptolomeus was the baroque age of the theory of the Earth as center of the Universe.

This is a relative truth, as the Universe is diffeomorphic. So indeed any p.o.v. is a relative center (Galilean Px.) but the theory had gone too far and Ptolomeus’ epycycles were complicated baroque ideas. Einstein’s relativity has its limits which were reached by Einstein, Lemaitre, Godel & Heaviside with his gravitomagnetic formalism (plus a few modern simplifications) and whatever was made afterwards by Mr Hawking et al might seem fancy mathematically speaking but is just complicated baroque stuff, and I have explained in depth, in other posts (see the one on mass, which is simple) why black holes will never evaporate, while Mr. Hawking et al are clueless about the meaning of cyclical time, why travel to the past is impossible beyond the local reversal of death, why in brief if black holes appear at cern and 9 out of 10 including me believe they will, because strings do exist and then they will appear over 10 Tev, we will all die. And all that for what? For Mr. Hawking to prove their bizarre theories?!!

YES, it looks really like the cat is dead into the future.

Regarding Mr. Penrose, the situation is even more confusing, since in the past 3 years he has changed radically his ideas about time arrows, affirming that masses are clocks of cyclical time, hence accepting the arrow of information, but he forgot to mention that means black holes don’t evaporate. Further on this ‘conversion’ to masses as clocks of information is rather surprising, and just happens after he and Hawking redeived my work on the 5th dimension in which the theory of mass as clocks of time is essential…  as well as a brief translation of my  old spanish book, ‘time cycles’ through Mr. Penrose’s son, Eric Penrose, anti-CERN activist at but have not answered it – thought Mr. Penrose now has published a book with the same TITLE! It is a tepid effort though. There you can find my formula of mass as a vortex of space-time whose frequency carries the information of the Universe: E=mc2, E=hv, M=Kv… and the musings about masses being the first time clocks of the Universe, but none of the almost immediate deductions – that charges must be then also clocks of time of a different space-time membrane, since they turn at different speed of attraction… That the Universe is made of two motions, Lineal Energies and cyclical mass/charge information , which transform into each other ad eternal by merely curving space into time. That black holes do not evaporate and travel to the past, because each time clock breaks space into an inner and outer region (Jordan’s theorem of knots), that they will never evaporate because you dont mix apples and pears, that is, black holes exist in the gravitational membrane and light in the electormagnetic membrane, that entropy has a whole new meaning as it explains the non-commutative direction of transfer of energy and information between those scales, that information does travel to the past because there are now two arrows of time, form, order created by those masses and charges and energy, entropy disorder, expanded away, that the big bang is an illusion of watching the Universe with a single arrow, that of energy and expansion of space, since all the vortices of the Universe order and contract it for a balanced zero sum of an immortal Universe, etc. etc.

SO my take isMr. Penrose only read the letters where i talked in detail of masses as clocks of time, found out that I am the guy who opposes CERN and put it with his young activist son among that strange group of ethic scientists who prefer truth and life to fame and entropy, aka death. And of course, as his companion in 4D fatigues, never answered never talk of us beyond the diminishing name-calling of persons and never received me… neither Hawking has. You know the Popes do not talk to heretics.

But, such syncronicities and sudden confessions are at least suspicious. So now Mr. Penrose goes around in celebrity documentaries – those silly nilly productions of industrial media where gurus of computers thought, with some slight knowledge of how to program them and churn out baroque theories of reality –  talking of masses as clocks of time, to the surprise of interviewers who wonder in the screen how he has changed in the past 3 years so radically his ideas LOL (-;  He just says it is good  to correct your ideas but still does not mention the dead cat of evaporating black holes. deja vu, Leibniz indeed had some problems with Mr. Newton whose chair undeservingly Mr. Hawking has). But humanity has given this man a rain check and it is willing to accept death to see if ‘black holes are machines that travel to the past in imaginary time’!! (sic). Good luck.

The future will put each in its place.

Now again, the standing of each of us in history of science is set for the future, not for the present. And unfortunately it increases in the future, as the repetition of experiments, the chances that the cat is dead, because as the future progresses the point of view of Nottale, Mandelbrot and Sancho, the 3 pioneers and all those who follow will grow and the old vatican popes will be forgotten, till there will be again ONLY a point of view accepted as truth, the 5th dimension. And so as the future progresses both the experiment and the point of view will kill the cat.

What is the standing of those 3 is easy to see comparing with previous revolutions that come once a century of our models of space-time.

The first revolution was the copernican revolution. There you have the 3 pairs of colossus, Copernicus-Kepler, Galileo-Descartes and Newton-Leibniz (we shall not argue here that dispute anymore).

Copernicus-Kepler were the absolute pioneers of data gathering;

Galileo-Descartes set the instruments for this scientific methodology and new instruments of measure, the pendulum clock and an improved telescope, and mathematical instruments, the Cartesian graph of lineal time, lineal continuum space and analytic geometry…

And finally Newton-Leibniz introduced differential calculus to it and found the equations.

Then it came the bizarre fellows of the Ether, baroque age of the Newton paradigm. The guys who scorned Einstein for denying them, the popes of XIX century physics in Germany who sent him packing to the Patent office.

But who now remembers those ether guys. Who now remembers those Vatican astronomers of ptolemaic unneeded complexity? None. So it is the destiny of Hawking’s musings.

The second paradigm of time-space came then, and it had also 3 sets of pioneers or stages, as all in reality, plus a baroque age of null value.

First it came the mathematicians, Riemann and Lobachevski and Gauss. They gave the maths for a new paradigm.

Then it came the quantum people, Planck being the big guy. They applied the paradigm to the restricted world of quantum particles.

Then came Einstein and used all that for a bigger space-time theory. The 4th dimension.

And finally it came the post-war baroque artists of science… fiction, Hawking and Penrose and other people stretching a paradigm that could not give more.

And then it came the new paradigm of the fractal Universe.

Here the mathematician, the Riemann of this paradigm was Mandelbrot that pointed out the meaning of fractals and self-similarity. He self-published a key book (fractals). To notice this paradigms goes on with self-published books as resistence has grown from the industrial-military complex which is far bigger than in the XIX and XVIII century so the stakes of reapolitiks are so high that censorship and  arrogance reaches stratospheric volume.

The quantum guys that used in a restricted mode were Nottale – the Planck of this paradigm, who self-published also a key book on scalar relativity, in Hong Kong, ‘Fractal Space-time and Microphysics’.

And then came the guy who expanded it all to an all encompassing theory of multiple spaces and multiple times with application in all the sciences including biology and social sciences, religion art, and of course physics, me (-;, the Einstein of space-time in the 5th dimension, who self-published in 94, 4 books at Bookmasters, Ohio, ‘radiations of space-time’, ‘The error of Einstein’ (meaning the part he didnt explain, the 5th dimension), ‘A Theory of Unification’ and ‘Bio-history, Bio-economics’ around 3000 pages with all kind of proofs and future results, from the 96% content of dark matter, to the 2008 crisis of the vortex of evolution of technology (the chip crisis of overproduction we live in), to the laws of evol-devol (when time accelerates), to the nature of masses as clocks of time, and so on and so on and so on. A very brief resume of all that is in the article on the 5th dimension, with a wider analysis of the unification of the quantum and cosmic scale in ‘masses and charges’ and for a complete study see at Kindle Books under my name luis sancho, the unabridged version of the ‘5th dimension’ for the modic cost of i think 6.66 devil’s number $ that pack more knowledge on the Universe and the future of science that the 13 billion $ bad luck number’s of CERN…

Yes of course, i know i shouldnt say this, it is not humble. i should cheat and be humble and pretend to be a nice guy like Mr. Hawking while consuming inside with arrogance, violence and indifference for mankind. Who cares my friend, im talking about the future when everybody would agree if the cat survives with this dictum.

Now of course, the Picasso of this paradigm, as it happens with the other 2, Mandelbrot, Alias Cezanne and Nottale, alias branque (as you see any form of information has the same ternary structure, part of the ‘invariance of languages that also happens to all entities of the Univere) belong to the Latin culture, to the French-catalan world of rationality, and bring as the Greeks did first (Aristotle) and the Italians then (Galileo), the 3rd LOGIC revolution in our perception of the Universe, because those shifts are huge, polimath shfits that the mechanical, industrial, mathematics only Northern point of view rejects and does not understand. It requires a logic jump they cannot do.

So it was only natural that it would be the III Horizon of the Latin, rational culture that invented the methods of science, the experimental method of Aristotle, the scientific method of Galileo, and what I call the linguistic or ternary method of the scalar Universe, which studies all the invariances = isomorphisms = self-similarities of all entities, from atoms to humans to galaxies that follow the same laws of the pantheist Universe. Picasso took time to be understood as Einstein did. Planck and Braque came first, because they were more restricted. The prometheus that see it all take more time. Leibniz is still the great unknown. Newton was simpler. Here a lot of non-scientific elements weight. Where are you born, what is your culture, what is your exposure. Leibniz was not born in germany I was born in Spain, those were backward places for the scientific racism of each age. Pantheism the new paradigm confronts the anthropocentric biblical supremacism of western people, who cannot tolerate a lesser position of man. So the Chinese will embrace this paradigm – the only ones who are not at CERN, who believe in Taoism and Buddhism, the right religion for the new paradigm. All those things are dragging the outcome of the lethal experiment, making impossible salvation before the cat dies. (Since only me of that triad dared to insult CERN, Mr. Nottale merely said their experiments are irrelevant for fractal physics and Mr. Mandelbrot said nothing). So Sancho’s Pov, is in this case alone, as Einstein in opposing also as a pantheist pacifist Nuclear Industries and that brings on top of those difficulties the Anti-quantum paradox. If Mr. Einstein’s classes became deserted and the FBI opened him a file, despite being on top of his fame, what to say of Mr. Sancho, just a ‘future paradigm’ on the making.

An easy ad hominem campaign was enough. The popes had it easy to burn the giordanno brunno’s of future paradigms. Money is at stakes. And that makes serious science. The brainy flesh of those who make only thought experiments is even bad for the industry.  IT puts money in science to true face value. None.

Money indeed, has never bought true science, only the industrial-military mass-media systems that prevent it from happening.

The triad is thus there, Riemann-Mandelbrot-Cezanne; Planck-Nottale-Braque; Einstein-Sancho-Picasso, and now there it come hundreds of practitioners that will become thousands and finally we shall forget the ether guys, the silly-nilly decorative Mattises who laughed at Picasso-Einstein-Sancho, the Ether guys who laughed at Planck-Nottale, so Planck would say that for a ‘change of paradigm, all the practitioners of the old one must die, so new people can learn from afresh’, and those who laughed at Riemann-Mandelbrot, so the first die in an obscure tenure in permanent depression and the second wrote some juicy comments on the stupidity of the previous practitioners similar to the comments on the rat race of Mr. Einstein and those of this writer about those popes of science that will kill us. Yes, the innovators are all caustic, very caustic to the lack of ethics and intelligence of the past Popes of absolute power, from the point of view of the future.

And so in the future cern’s cat will be dead, because the experiment will be repeated till it is poisoned and there will be only a point of view, that of the dead cat.

Nothing though can be done in a corrupted world of ego-trips and audiovisual eraseheads, except quoting Einstein again ‘those who impose truth with power will be the laughs of the gods’… and will enter the 5th dimension, evaporating inside the black hole back to the simpler gravitational scale. As all planets of this galaxy seem to end.

So what is the standing in a far better understood analysis of the Paradigms of Science

But of course, if a ‘celebrity’ which is what you get as a scientist if you  live in London and write in english and went to oxbridge, for the consumption of the mass-market, if Mr. Bieber sings, he must sing better than Mozart, than Einstein. He is a celebrity!? Isn’t that an argument in favor of the living cat?

The indefension of the cat.

It is certainly a definitive argument for the P.R.ess and the bloggers who just insulted the old Mozart and the new Beethoven. What surprised me most of this, was that for 5 years without even having a second thought, once the Popes declare those ‘3 persons’ me and Walter and Rossler, heretics, there was not even the slightest attempt to figure out what we did in science, what we had discovered, what were the rational arguments to affirm that the Schrondiger’s cat would be dead when the pandora box opened. On the contrary as soon as the Pope of Celebrity science affirmed we were impostors seeking fame – exactly what he is from our point of view and that of Einstein, the word felt happy again and business as usual proceeded. So we come to a final argument – the true problem of this experiment – the cat that let itself be tortured by the scientist without the slightest doubt the scientist will take care of him. The innocent, naive cat that trust the experimenter.

The  schrodinger’s cat… which is alive in the still past, dead in the foreseen future. That is the solution of the paradox. The cat always dies in the future the more experiments you perform. The cat is always alive in the past, before the experiments are not perform, as sooner or latter – Totalitarian principle of physics – if a particle can appear it will appear. But the cat doesn’t care. And as long as the cat doesn’t scratch the mad physicist he has no future.

Curiosity indeed, will kill both the cast too lame to defend itself and the physicist, too stupid to respond with the laws of the 4th and 5th dimension to his questions on mass, black holes and big-bangs as we do with the metrics of the 5th dimension, and so because both were too stupid and care nothing for life, the cat and the physicist, we shall perform the experiment and put the cat in the pandora box, and nkill  humanity, the cat-in-the-box… and kill the physicist who forgot he is also a cat, he is also part of the experiment.

Since the cat not only is BOTH dead or alive AT THE SAME TIME – BUT the cat IS INSIDE AND OUTSIDE THE BOX.

We are all the cat. But as you know cats are not thinking beings. It seems cats are docile beasts who don’t mind at all to perform the experiment.

So, we shall enjoy life as long as it lasts…, till the experimenter opens the pandora box in 2015.Never mind, children of thought cannot understand things like death and the future, so they will be happy as the cat is, not knowning the result of the experiment, thinkin that uncertainty will save them.

Problem for me is that I am an intelligent cat, I am the cat of the cradle of Mr. Vonnegut’s Masterpiece, the cat with angst who knows the experimenter is playing with my life, and i can only say to them…

Miau (x-:

Miauuuuu!! )x-:,


But those fuc&tards don’t care about the petoy they are killing; they are cruel, cold-hearted minions… of thought… who will of course die first by a micro-second of cosmic justice.


3 responses to “Man: Schrödinger cat

  1. Vivek narain

    April 3, 2014 at 7:06 pm

    If it’s a cheshire cat,there will only be a grin or smirk on opening the box.

  2. Marilyn

    December 2, 2014 at 2:12 am

    Well since we are the cat that has nine lives living in an holographic universe , I ‘d say we have better chance of coming through this event horizon into the 5th Dimension , CERN as I see is a reflection of an old paradigm , one big experiment based on ego, 13 billion dollars could do a lot for this world and they plan on spending more billions

  3. wallace brown

    July 20, 2015 at 5:14 pm

    Unfortunately unlike the cat we don’t have 9 lives to lose out of curiosity. mark Twain said humanity is so smart that we’re insane ! We have managed to blindly and powerlessly allow united forces the evil powerful beings that contain and control EVERYTHING in this physical limited reality except our free will. there’s no humility are morality are love. GOD IS GOLD.OIL DRUG$ ! WE DESERVE THE DEATH SENTENCE ! perhaps we should prepare for the inevitable end of this material existence and prepare for the awesome awakening that we are eternal beings that like everything else that exists must answer to THE CREATOR OF ALL THAT EXISTS !


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