Ad hominem


The failed activism. There are no lonely heroes but social responsibility.

First the people of science which has been working at CERN, then the ad hominem, physical and scholar against me.

The ‘expert’ on dibaryons among activists is Mr. Eric Penrose, who has calculated in his site the rates of production and denounced the lies of CERN in this matter. He, the son of Sir Roger, main co-author of Hawking’s paper, and webmaster of, one of the best data-based blogs denouncing CERN, tried to engage the elite of physicists in Britain to explain what we all know – that the risks are huge, that the end of the world looks ‘certain’ with the present knowledge of strangelets and dibaryons produced on the facilities and so the experiments should not be happening. But he never made inroads with the ‘establishment’ of big science, despite the fact that  his calculation of the main catastrophic scenario taking place no – dibaryon production have not been contested. Instead the customary ‘law of silence’ works for all things related to Nuclear dangers.

The Press never quoted his site and in the 2 occasions it did it omitted on purpose his ‘touchy’ name to downplay his work and sustain the known mantra that no serious scientist will ever argue against CERN. Since Sir Roger co-authored with Mr. Hawking the theory of imaginary black holes, which are supposed to evaporate into the past – the main theoretical alibis for the safety of proton-proton experiments that can create them.  So he was subject also to the law of silence. And obviously he showed discretion and respect on his technical denounce to the position of friends and family.

A respect that CERN, on the other side has not exercised to his critics.

Instead it sponsored a global  ad hominem campaigns in physicists’ blogs and the P.R.ess targeting the scientists who asked for responsibilities, with the mantra that they were ignorants, or celebrity-seeking persons.

And so when finally the 7 years delayed experiment we denounced back in 2008 with different suits, all dismissed on technical grounds, is taken place, we shall conclude with a brief profile of what we tried to do to raise awareness of the crime-to-be.

In a personal basis, for those of us who put his time and career on the line to denounce CERN, is also and end of the road that deserves comment. Because of our failure or rather the failure of the ‘establishment’ of mankind, our political and military leaders, our scholars and P.R.ess to look at the reality of the Universe as it is, and provide safety for the planet and all of us.

So few have fought this calamity that one must talk of destiny, a theme treated in our analysis of the Fermi Paradox (why there is neither A.I. or life intelligence in the Universe, given the enormous number of planets in existence). Are all human life systems poised to develop weapons of this type before interstellar travel is possible? It is this the end road of technology, as CERN-type machines do appear earlier than interstellar travel? This is my opinion. And so the only solution to the paradox is to create ‘Avatar like planets’ that respect gaia, and do not evolve technology beyond our limit of extinction or else… Those planets survive, yet we cannot see them because obviously they do not care to communicate and advance beyond the present stage of mechanical evolution.

Truth in that regard in science is never democratic, chosen by wishful thinking and ego-trips. Maybe thanks to the indoctrination and routines of millennia 4 billion people believe in Abrahamic religions but science dictates that none of them knows the truth – an impersonal Universe where we are just another dot of space-time.

Maybe thanks to the routines of science and the industry of nukes, their P.R.ess and financial and military and political clout, institutions like CERN appear in all life-flesh planets and evaporate them, and so destiny becomes unavoidable. But there was always the avatar solution, the perfect world, the triumph of humanism. And so in this dark moment, there is little to be proud of.

Of course, we fought with suits, blogs, press releases, books, films against this day; we tried till the last minute to alert the world against CERN’s experiments – to reach politicos, the press, the public and stop this from happening. But the community of physicists, with their stream of half lies, hiding the risks, maximising the meager scientific results have won the battle of ‘authority’ and ‘belief’ over the battle of ‘humanity and ‘reason’.

So it is now perhaps time to stop talking and enjoy life to the maximal, for the decade ahead ‘waiting for Godot’, hoping as in that masterpiece of surrealism that the masters of the Universe never come.

Otto Rossler, the German scientist – one of the founders of chaos theory – is still fighting. We had yesterday an argument on what to do next. He wanted me to keep working with him on a Relativistic paper to show that under the condition of a global constancy of c-speed the falsity of Hawking’s evaporating, imaginary black holes is evident.

I told him, I would no longer try to alert physicists, since this is not anymore an issue of science but of global safety, hence of politicians and the military, which cannot see any danger coming from a machine and have always ignored the issue.

Somehow I feel I have reached the 5th stage of Kohler’s model of death, acceptance and Nirvana, on the death of a species that loves more the machine than mankind and that there is a time to live and fight, and a time to rest and die, because now our lives are on the hands of God, that is destiny, the logic laws, mind of the Universe and will return to my work on the 5th dimension of space-time, for which i was known before these activism and the ad hominem campaigns shut me off from scholarship.

I am a Catalan, he is a German, so i guess it is also character. The latino abandons the chess game when it is obvious the match is lost even if we have not yet seen the king beheaded, the german still goes strong with berlin sieged.

Speaking of which, I did try a last alert through family and friends, since right now the Prime Minister of France, which could have stopped the experiment is also a catalan, (my great-grand father founded the national party here, and their family spent traditionally their summertime, in the region with common friends, so there was a close political-personal link to let him know the risks).

But alas, la petite grandeur of being the center of the Nuclear Industry with ITER and CERN as the ‘good cop’ to protect the reputation of the ‘bad cop’ – France gets 80% of his electricity from the Nuclear Industry; it is fighting as we speak a war in the Mali-Niger border, protecting the biggest mines of Uranium in Africa (while using the easy excuse of fighting Jihadism). France provided the knowledge for Israel to build up the atomic bomb, when Kennedy denied it to Ben Gurion, a few months before dying, and it has one of the biggest arsenals of the weapons – sustain of the grandeur of those 3 nations; which makes the subject a political taboo. So ‘la defence’ of the Industry, and the backing of all scientific, military and scholar institutions in France, of the Industry is adamant.

And of course, no politician, even a socialist≈humanist, will dare to defy the so-called ‘experts’, in this times of political corruption and lesser heroes, where all is about rhetoric and symbols – no real facts to tackle the problems of the world caused by the bad fruits of the tree of science (from the pollution of industrial machines cause of global warming, to the relentless evolution of robotic and nuclear weapons, towards thresholds beyond the control of human beings, which the Nuclear industry has now crossed).

Thus activists couldn’t engage the French and their P.R.ess or sue the company on France, in this strange age of jihadists, zealots, neofascism and militarism, in which the humanist culture that distinguished France and its r=evolutionary, rational spirit is all gone.

So at this point, after suits were dismissed and the P.R.ess ignored the issue only a politician of that stature could have stopped it. But physicists will protect their pet machine till the end with all kind of half truths and subtle ad hominem campaigns, ‘don’t worry be happy, we are gonna die but is Ok, it’s all magic and fun’ seems to be the message.

So no politician, ignorant of basic physics, would dare to take such a step. And Miss Merkel, the other power person in Europe who could, as Germany is the biggest contributor and beneficiary of the industry, is a physicists. So German politicians also ignored the attempts we made to alert them of those risks.

Ultimately everybody ‘washed their hands’ like Pilates, excused by CERN’s physicists which amazingly enough became the judge of their own actions, as European politicians end sheepishly, asking them ‘their opinion’ about themselves. Nice. If someone is going to kill you – just be polite and tell him:

-‘Well what do you think? Ain’t gonna die when you shoot me?

-‘Or no, of course not, don’t worry. It is just a ‘silver bullet’. If you are not a werewolf you’ll be fine’.

-‘Thanks; sorry for asking, go ahead and shoot’.

And so CERN shot, the real one, the shots of its quark cannon,  and the virtual ones, to the people who opposed them.

It sustained at the height of the suits a 10 people team for ad hominem and propaganda. For example, it sponsored a site dedicated to humiliate, ridicule and accuse Mr. Rossler, the most vocal scientist against CERN in Europe, of nepotism. Rossler’s email was hijacked and he started to send scam emails; my visa’s number on the google ads campaign started to be charge with conferences between France and China till it was drained.

The ad hominem against me, the lead plaintiff of the most successful suit covered by media, but denied on technical grounds in America, is explained in other parts of this post. But it continued even years after those suits.

So when i visited Canada to make ‘strange matters’ I learned that I was classified ‘2’ just a notch below terrorism, as a suspicious lad ; which explained all kind of ‘strange little things’ that were happening to me since the suits – you see those democratic friendly guys of the cold wasteland, unlike the other ‘Americans’, do tell you, so you know ‘their rights’ to follow you, interview and register computers and homes of anyone entering your life. And they did it for a whole  (a van followed me, the house was registered, computers sacked, not only of me, but of my editor and collaborators, which had chips to track; when i tried to visit the TV tower, 2 police escorted me out, it seems i might have tumbled it with my pen, Bond style, LOL).  ‘Little things’, you know. All on the open as those are ‘their rights’. Then after a while, as of course, I was harmless, they stopped. And looking at it I think the Canadian system is much better, no need for confabulation theories. Straight forward.

The system plays the cat and mouse game for fun, while the Great Silence covers up on the world P.R.ess. One can see how big brother with billionaire budgets must occupy its time and justify its control and paranoias. So the sheeple sings ‘4 legs, 4 legs’.

So for the careless sheeple, there is still going a funny side of ridiculous ‘pop culture’, denouncing us as apocalypto seekers (they do the don’t worry be happy apocalypses, so we can die like an idiot, mind the reader, we just denounced their intentions).

My ad hominem in those silenced films.

So obviously I dismissed the quintessential politeness  of other activists like Rossler or Eric and got ad hominem myself against them and  Mr. Hawking, the leading theorists used as alibi for the safety of experiments with his well-known science fiction musings of imaginary black holes that travel to the past.

Since he should have told the world those were mathematical entelechies, never to be taken seriously, as his teacher Schiama makes clear in the film, when he explains that he and Roger had a knack for creating beautiful mathematical structures, with no relation whatsoever with reality.

Thus Schiama compares their work with a paradoxical drawing of M. Escher – a perpetual 3 Dimensional moving stair, made up using optical effects on a 2 dimensional drawing, similar to the famous Penrose triangle, also an illusion of the mind, and Mr. Hawking’s imaginary black holes –  which he ‘advertises’ in the film also as perpetually moving time machines – are.

Of course, it requires some serious knowledge of the principles of geometry to find the tricks of their works:

The Penrose triangle is, as Escher’s stair, a visual illusion caused by the ‘loss of information’ that happens when we represent a ‘real 3D object’, with a 2 Dimensional perspective. But with the proper perspective in 3D Penrose’s trick becomes evident.

So goes for Hawking’s evaporating time machines, which works using a coarse trick: He inverts the natural arrow of entropy and time, from past to future into an imaginary arrow from future to past, breaking also, as he knows and his critics rightly noted, the sacred laws of conservation of information and thermodynamics. Since his hot black holes instead of cooling down as they grow by feeding on our matter, will get hotter and hotter extracting heat from a cold environment, till evaporating. This is an absurd concept, which allows him to convert black holes into perpetual moving machines and was the commonest error of all the faked perpetual machines of the XIX century, which pretended to extract heat from a cold environment. So far, never a hot coffee pot has gotten hotter spontaneously in a cold environment. And so by breaking the 2 most sacred laws of science, the laws of conservation of energy and information, he travels to the past.

It is indeed a proof of his extraordinary skills with the media that he has not been sacked from his scholar position for such nonsense, but acquired instead the status of a scientific maverick, since all copyright offices and Science academies forbid in their statutes the presentation of any paper or patent regarding perpetual moving machines that breaks the laws of Thermodynamics and conservation of energy, as self-evident hoaxes.

But obviously his charm and the press protection of his celebrity status, which so much profits renders with profitable books and TV series,  won’t charm the Universe. As Einstein put it, ‘wires don’t travel into the past’.

Indeed, the final proof that those imaginary black holes do not exist is the fact that there is no experimental evidence whatsoever of them: all black holes observed grow in mass as they feed in their colder environment, and reach enormous proportions till they cool down near the absolute zero in thermodynamic balance with the universe. Exactly the opposite of what imaginary black holes do travelling to the past.

The laws of entropy determine that a hot coffee does not become hotter in a cold environment and at birth a very hot black hole, does not evaporate, but cools down, evaporating the colder human world around it. Point.

But to disguise his absurd black holes, he charms the people and uses all kind of complicated mathematical artefacts that disguise those errors.

In that sense we should follow Einstein’s dictums, who quip to Poincare:

‘I don’t know when mathematics are real’. So ‘scientists should not be concerned with ideas of which there is no experimental evidence whatsoever, but only analyse facts, after they have happened.’

And this my friends is the ABC of the scientific method that Hawking stubbornly denies. Reason why he is not even in the 100th list of the most important physicists of the century, according to a poll among his peers. But it is a fav of science fiction groupies and has participated in Star Treck. Yes, he is frustrated because he doesn’t win his Nobel prize. And has the entire establishment behind to the point that The Economist, just after our suit to CERN raised global concerns back in 2008, asked bluntly to give him the Nobel Prize, even if there was no proof of his theory of black hole evaporation. The committee wisely refused. But this is not cause enough to kill us all. Just do better science if you can. Or tell the truth about CERN and we will give you the Nobel Prize… of peace.

He can’t get the one of physics, beyond patriotic wishful thinking by the british media, because he has made no serious contribution to ‘real physics’ and he knows it. So now he is betting his prestige to an all or nothing bet. My Nobel vs. the Planet.

No joke, those are the bets: We got him on tape, at Caltech, stating cynically that if those imaginary black holes exist after all, he will get a Nobel Prize, and if not, well, ‘we will become spaghetti’. I was dumbfounded, since I realised people thought it was a joke and laughed… He was using the same childish, don’t worry be happy approach of CERN to tell us bluntly that he was risking our life for his ambition. And their childish groupies, didn’t even noticed.

But of course, as long as the Media acts as the P.R.ess of Mr. Hawking and CERN, little can be done to alert mankind. The film in fact was rejected by the establishment of Hollywood and European Festivals did not admit it – activism mind the reader does not go in the media ‘who cares’ beyond the one thousandth version of Global Warming. Since Global Warming  scares are harmless talk that make you look good without obliging politicians too much to act. We all know that to stop Global warming, which is merely the ‘pollution’ caused by the shit of machines we would have to change completely the capitalist system; so politicians meet with no intention to take real measures, now in Paris as we speak, and of course will not talk of what is happening a few hundred kilometres in the south of France. Because if people knew the truth about CERN they WOULD have to act. And that is exactly what politicians, which never walk their talk, don’t want.

Fact is the LHC and the new designs of plasma accelerators, are a much more direct, ‘now’ danger to our lives. So the whole Industry of Accelerators, a relic of the cold war must be scrapped at once. And this ‘concept’ – that humans have to put limits to technology to avoid their extinction, is a taboo in an industrial civilisation that worships machines.

This Mr. Hawking knows, so he warns us against the other type of machine that can extinguish mankind – robotic weapons; but not about the one that can give him imaginary fame – a dual standard that won’t do it. Again, is all rhetoric. He knows he cannot do anything about robots. That is not his expertise. But he could have halted the LHC, which uses him as an alibi. So he had the moral responsibility to protect mankind from the first machine-weapon that can extinguish the planet.

But for personal ambition he wants to see those black holes forming. So when Eric and Rossler went to see him to Cambridge, he did not even receive them. And he ignored me when I tried to reason with him at caltech. So I recorded secretly the surrealist conference on future human ‘spaghetti a la bolognesa’ – lost my camera but kept the tape.

Indeed,  the Nobel Committee should do the ‘Obama act’: give him the Prize on peace even before he stops this war on the world. Perhaps then  he will alert the world on those imaginary holes.

In that sense, not all scientists are so ‘driven’ by ambition.

And while he is put as an example for future generations of scientists – if there are future generations – it seems to me that  the 4 most engaged activists against the LHC are a better case for scientific ethics. Since by denouncing a genocidal risk, we have gained nothing. On the contrary we  knew it would be the end of our scholar careers and yet we did it, as a ‘categorical imperative’ in terms of Kant’s ‘ethics’.

Of course, to eliminate those denounces CERN could not use reason or morals. So it made use of spurious tactics to avoid any criticism and carry out this ‘chronicle of a foretold death’, whose future date will depend on the speed at which that critical dibaryon mass accumulates in the center of the planet. So those ambitious, prize-seekers had the chuptzah to accuse us of their own sins. We were the people seeking fame with their denounce!

Fact is we were not critical dilettantes, but an ‘infinitesimal sample’ of the human components of the scientific endeavour:  Rossler, discoverer of chaos theory – a master of classic science; myself, discoverer of the metrics of the 5th dimension of space-time (that orders all the different clocks of the Universe, which as we know since Einstein are infinite and have different speeds) – a explorer of the future roads of scientific knowledge; Walter, my co-partner on those suits – a safety officer of the original Livermore accelerator industry,  the technical engineer, which understood the machine; Eric, who had the guts to come out of the closet, despite the obvious criticism he was to receive – a member of the establishment of big science. In any case the amazing fact is that so few representatives of the world of science had the courage to speak up. Of course there are a few dozens of us who denounced the issue with similar non-results but the 4 aforementioned are a good sample of the 4 cornerstones of science, which shows the issue is NOT science, but those who ill-practice it …

But we cannot be the protagonist of this story. As I tell Rossler, since I feel he deserves to rest of his German angst, we are just a few ‘neurons’ of the  social super organism of mankind, who know better,  but we can do little beyond shouting in the desert, if the mechanical routines and well-essayed propaganda and emotional manipulations of the media, are applied to cover the issue. And the sheeple says in Orwellian fashion ‘four legs, four legs’.


2008. Now the heavy days, when everything was ‘possible’ as people were for a while worried.

Of course, now all is quiet in the western front, but by 2008, when i started this blog, these were the attacks on my self, rather brutal:

After years of massive malware attacks on the site painfully built on the dangers of the lhc and the lies of cern, I lowered my guard – i took a week off for health causes – and when i was back found the site erased without any warning by the host…

In any case if any reader is still interested in the risks of the collider  i have put the book published on the theme on kindle e-books, here it is ‘the black hole factory and the meaning of mass’

Price is cheap since i believe new knowledge of logical or ethical nature must be available to all mankind…

im too old for this bull$hit, nor i built the web (im a thinker not a nerd – two things often confused). So that will probably be ‘it’ about the beautiful design of the first web. What i found is reposted – sorry no pics so far – on the left side.

Also i reposted the film, quantum roulette, which i started with william morris endeavor on CERN’s issue, till it was cancelled and finished with a loan.

The longer version was put at so that is gone… i’ll put connections to utube pieces of the film.

What was perhaps a bit overdone was the total destruction of my beautiful web which introduced at a lay man level in ‘scales of increasing complexity’ the 10 scales of the Universe, its self-similar laws and the Fractal Generator of all systems of spatial energy and temporal information, from where in my General Systems Theory I have been able to deduce the laws of all sciences.

As this is the future of knowledge, which is not technology but the evolution of the languages and theories of the human mind, a brief account of that web is place now in this one, under the title ‘Absolute Relativity’, following my conferences on the expansion of the laws of invariance and relativity to all systems of the Universe, given this year at the World Congress of Cybernetics and Systems sciences. Since indeed, regardless of what monist physicists say, all what exists is a complementary system of networks of energy and information. So all physical systems are made with particles of information and fields of force that move them and they cannot exist without both (Complementarity Principle of quantum physics). And all biological systems are made of ‘heads of information’ and bodies of energy that move them. And all sociological systems have an informative caste that controls the languages of social power (bankers, politicians and military that control money, the law and weapons) and an energy caste that works for them.

Frankly the destruction of that web, which i didnt save at all and the one dedicated to sociological systems ( ) has been a bit overdone. So I have put for free two books on kindle with simple explanations, The equation of God and The System plus you can get the entire model in paperback or kindle – ‘The 4th paradigm of science: social networks’. You can get there more insights of the ‘future of science’ that cern will ever find with its mammoth machine (-; ‘tiempo al tiempo’.

To remember all that today is tuesday 13, in the latin tradition a terrible day to get married or start a journey; Lol and i never believed in superstitions

Regarding the authors…

My take is that either some groopie from which at the height of our campaign against the ‘black hole factory’ had 5 people working just to destroy our reputations as scientists during the federal suits (me, rossler and wagner being the most outspoken critics) finally succeed.

It has been quite an astounding procedure for a ‘group of idealistic scientists’. Some examples of this anonymous prosecution:

– 1 week after the old site was put up there was a breach in google’s account and my visa was stolen and charged 3000 $ in long distance calls from ‘France’… Google refused to investigate. Once this was resolved the campaign on the ad google account received thousands of hits of 0.00 seconds. The charges were not suppressed and i had to cancel the account.

– My email was breached. Rossler’s email was also breached and we receive ‘help messages’ of a false Mr. Rossler  asking for money from a police station in England where he was detained. The people working the ‘ad hominem’ campaigns created a site only to insult Mr. Rossler.

– A massive ‘ad hominem’ campaign was implemented in all the blogs of physics of the world. After the scandal of risking planet Earth appeared on NY Times, causing public alarm, all the global press, acting as PR for this gem of big science, attacked the suit – the NY Times even published an editorial asking the judge to ‘throw the suit to the nearest black hole’, against the American laws that forbid to influence suits. We never were allowed to defend our points of view and even comments were disabled on my NY account.

– Someone broke on my home during my conferences at the ISSS congress at Madison, and when I returned the police came within days for no reason -an anonymous denounce – to regiester the place and only left home when I started filming them.

– The science of which I was International Chair – duality, the study of the Universe with two arrows of time, energy and information – was cancelled in a meeting of SIG chairs to which I was not invited. So the ISSS congress at Madison was the last one, in which I chaired duality and gave a conference  on ‘the error of einstein and the meaning of mass’, where I explained the ‘faster than light membrane’ of gravitation, where neutrinos resides, the unification equation of charges and masses and the meaning of mass according to Einstein’s strong Principle of equivalence, which made the Higgs unnecessary. The conferences were never published, nor I appear as attending the Congress on the papers.

I had become invisible and I am still invisible as a scientist despite all my pioneering work on complexity and system sciences. For example, when I send articles to review on different scientific matters to the magazines of science, I receive no answer. When I send them certificated with UPS, they are rejected. Needless to say this never happened before the suit.

– The week before the final suit at the pacific supreme court, I was attacked by 3 unknown people in my garage in LA, who broke my arm and shoulder into several pieces. I was told by doctors not to go to the suit or take a plane, which I did, because the nerves were touching the bones. I still have sequels on the right arm.

Surrealist medals: The week before the suit at the Pacific Supreme Federal Court, 3 anonymous people  – unfortunately they ‘failed’ to identify, so of course as everything related to these lethal experiments there are no proofs of ‘causality’ – broke into my garage and my body, shattered in a few pieces. Within minutes, not-causally but casually, an LAPD car passed by and took me to a hospital where I was put on a bed with no right to leave. During the night I left the hospital without permission as I had to catch my flight to the Court. In that surrealist night trip walking with a hanging arm a few miles home through the streets of LA I had many thoughts about destiny and the absurdity of the human condition…

 And so on and so on.

Why now then? I was a week sick and couldn’t enter and change passwords etc. So i guess it was easy for the inventors of the web to find a way to erase this and my web on my scientific work – the fractal paradigm.

Further on this was done the day they announced falsely the discovery of the Higgs, just in time for the end of the fiscal year to impress in this economical crisis the administrators of Europe that have to pay a check. So that day I wrote an article on the laughing matter of ‘finding the Higgs’ just because in a few billion events they found one with 4 muons desintegrating which could be many other particles, not necessarily the desintegration of 2 z particles which again could be a few things not necessarily a higgs…

So there you have it now the higgs officially exist for cern to keep extracting billions from tax payers and maybe blowing up the earth…

The paradox of all this is that my now invisible work seems to be increasingly validated by CERN – since we predicted in our models of multiple space-times that neutrinos do go faster than light, the higgs is not found it has not been found despite what they affirm. And in any case even if it is found, the Higgs won’t exist, because its equations were proved to be the same that Mr. Smolin and Zee’s variable gravitational field based in the Brans-Dicke model of relativity. Thus, it is obvious that if the same equations have two interpretations – that of Higgs that require an invisible field to add to the 2 electromagnetic and gravitational fields; and that of Smolin, Zee and Brans-Dicke that requires no other field – by the Occam’s principle, the BDSZ model is the proper one and so the Higgs field is just Einstein’s gravitational field with a variable G, which is also the basis of my work that unifies with fractal equations the G and Q constants of charges and masses. All this of course will never be published again…

Finally our prediction that earthquakes would rise, as a sign that some type of dark matter might be produced and fall to the center of the Earth, explode on the Moho discontinuity – if we are lucky – and so provoke increases in volcanos and earthquakes have become truth – 2011 is offically the year in record history with more earthquakes over 5 and over 6 in the richter scale… since tabulation started a century ago.

You see, that how dogma and belief is imposed – with inquisitions of thought, or as Disraeli put it ‘damned lies (that there is no risk, an evil, damned lie for mankind) and statistics (the pedestrian way in which they pretend to prove the existence of the Higgs).  And of course censorship and ‘anonymous pressure’ on dissidents.

Funny thing is I don’t care that much anymore. These vandalic act merely release me further from engagement with a species i increasingly find well below the threshold of beauty that deserves survival in the fractal universe… exceptions made, most humans are good but stupid, managed as sheeple by the 1% of evil ‘cretinos’ that are subconsciously destroying the world. The system have the entire process well-worked. Within days, the entire planet repeated with the Goebbel’s method (if you repeat a lie many types people will believe it), the astounding grace of the Higgs and its heroic finding, LOL. The time for ‘angst’ is gone. I just find the entire matter surrealist, bizarre – yet another proof of the sorry state of the human me(n)tal species.

And so what an steppenwolf can do? Observe with amazement how the leaders of the pack and the herd go to the cliff? Suffer from an incurable angst. perhaps if i were german but im not.

And this bring us to the last onslaughter of the homunculus, which we have saved for the end.

The cultural side of it. Indeed, those people at cern are just pawns of a culture, of entropic military men, called the Germ(an)s of history, a people who we all revere today, because they have been murdering Europeans for centuries and on top telling us it is all about weapons and entropy and machines – but when they came in History, Aristotle, the highest mind of Humanity in the Western World, way above all those mentioned before (perhaps only Leibniz and Leonardo, the ‘simple genius’ approach) called BARBARIANS, because they talked with brbr, consonantal, Neanderthal, red-hair languages of minimal verbal thought, agglutinative, full of long sword-like words they believe because they don’t understand. Or as Schopenhauer put it ‘good for slow thinkers, like the Germans are’. 

Yes, now we are going to the truly politically incorrect arena because the true problem of physicists, from Newton who said when dying that his bigger honor was to have died virgin, to Einstein – no, we won’t spare him on this – who said women were only apt to reproduce their stomach – to hawking, who said he didn’t study biology, as his parents because it was too easy, and intelligent people studied physics, they have always despised life. And that is a cultural problem, attached as they have always been to iron and go(l)d – its crouches to ab=use and murder the future of all of us.

This is the bigger of all their problems – not that they have a handicapped mind for the simplicity of mathematical physics, on their 3rd age of excessive information, but that they do not UNDERSTAND OTHER universal languages and sensations – among them, the language of life and the highest of all the languages of all the scales of space-time of the fifth dimension, the language of love for your species, your society, your wholeness. Let us explain it again because love has also an equation: max. i.


Update. July 16. Frankly, I used to be pissed off about the lack of ‘respect’, from the minions of thought working at CERN. At this point I have gone over it. Basically i think the question of our extinction by CERN is settled. They will keep with their industrial routine, the system will keep pumping up the ego of those minions of thought. And the thing will blow up latter in the century when the obvious conclusion of its growing energies and strangelet production reaches the threshold of ice-9 reaction. So i don’t angst anymore.

I don’t feel offended, and probably I should close the blog and specially all personal posts. But there is always a chance that CERN blows itself up before blowing up the Earth (that is a failed ice-9 reaction, with unknown parameters), and then humans have a chance. So i keep paying the fees of the web, and of lately I enjoy adding information about my discoveries on the Fractal paradigm, which still are the most advanced models of philosophy of science today. My opinion about myself and my species of course has lowered a lot. On my side there are no superheroes. We didn’t stop anything. We are just cells/citizens of a global super organism, mankind, which has decided to worship machines more than humans. So nothing to be proud of. But yes, as a philosopher of science my perception of the Universe, which completed the work of Leibniz and his models of relational space-time with the discovery and study of the Fractal Generator, the equation that generates space-time, and its 5D formalism, is something I still like to talk about.

It is a beautiful universe, even if we humans won’t last much, won’t make the cut. So i added this section, to explain it. Its use is purely a delight for the mind. This was the post when I did care and thought our activism was relevant, still unaware that I lived indeed in a monstrous world of ‘ant-like’ humans doing their jobs, like automatons. Their irrelevance in a Universe absolutely relative, of infinite scales of space-time justifies them. Who cares what ants think? All might be very important for them, but when the rain comes, it rains. So as a freed ant, out of the ant-hill one can feel a certain peace of mind, seeing the Infinite Universe, dissolving your mind on it.  Down there in the caves, you have the busy busy serious ants constructing their mechanisms, trying to look at the Universe from the cave.

Vanitas vanitatum et omnia vanitates

Smearing: Sancho et Al. Crackpots.

Synopsis. This post responds to the accusations and ad hominem campaigns against our work as scientists, trying to side the theme humanity should discuss – not who denounced CERN but CERN itself – proving our professional standing and knowledge of the issues at stake.

In that regard, this post is complemented by another article, ‘The 5th dimension’,  in which I explain my pioneer work in the new paradigm of science – the study of the 5th dimension of space-time that studies the Universe with multiple clocks of time and scales of space, based in the sciences of complexity and theory of information, which Hawking himself  said it will be ‘The science of the XXI C.’, in which both Rossler and myself, two of the key opponents to CERN are recognized pioneers.

The other 3 main opponents that have dedicated more time to this cause were:

-Mr. Walter Wagner a Safety Officer of Accelerators, which obviously was obliged to denounce those dangers for professional, ethical reasons. He has been denouncing the madness of making a machine that can produce black holes or strangelets for a decade. And was co-lead plaintiff with me in the American suits.

– Mr. Eric Penrose, a mathematician, from Cambridge University and webmaster of heavyionalert, whose father Sir Roger is the co-author of most articles of Mr. Hawking on black holes and space-time, who discovered CERN was building a Strangelet detector, Castor despite denying he could produce them; and after finding those facts, changed sides, contacted us and provided all the information on Castor available in this web. Obviously he has been the most silenced of us all, as the press has never even mentioned his name due to his close connection to Mr. Hawking.

– Mr. Mark Leggett, from Brisbane University, a leading researcher in risk assessments.

7 other scientists signed the affidavits of our suits and many others have complained, opened alternative suits in Europe, and have been ignored.

In any case the concept that you need to be a genius of science to understand that the Nuclear Industry has for a century lied and risked the existence of mankind is silly. Neither it is that difficult to understand Einstein’s metrics of black holes that foresee our extinction from 2015 to 2020 when statistically at maximal potency the LHC will have a 90% of chances to produce black holes (if string theory is right it will produce them and 9 out of 10 physicists believe is right). Nor it is difficult to understand that the experimental method has validated always Einstein and has never validated any theory of Mr. Hawking, reason why mr. Einstein appears always as the number 1 leading theorist of physics of the XX century in all polls among profesionals and Mr. Hawking is not even on the 20 top, has never got a nobel prize… And yes, to understand the errors Mr. Hawking commits in his fantasy theory about black holes being machines that travel to the past, and so as a kid will re-enter his mother’s womb, if he could travel to the past, black holes instead of devouring us if they would travel to the future, will evaporate towards the past… is not that difficult. In simple terms, if Mr. Hawking would put as he should, the arrow of time of black holes towards the future, they will as all of them show in the Universe, absorb this planet at light speed creating one more nova of the thousands we observe in the cosmos.

So why they do it? Are they nuts? Yes!, They are nuts. The creators of the A-Bomb (Mr. Fermi) affirmed that the A-bomb might blow the planet and that all planets in the Universe show no intelligent life (a fact today clearly proved) because physicists blow them all (this is the Fermi Paradox). Did he stop working after explaining this? Of course not. Then Mr. Teller, the maker of the H-Bomb became obsessed by extinction and with his best pal, Mr. Von Neumann started to collect work on extinction of species which became according to colleagues his preferred theme of conversation. Did he stop then to make H-Bombs? Not at all. On the contrary he proposed Eisenhower to make an H-bomb that could blow up the entire Soviet Union, and when Eisenhower realized all nuclear physicists were in favor, he called Krushev and started entente. Teller counter-attack formulating the M.A.D. strategy: the bigger the bomb the more dissuasive would be, cause obviously a world war would mean our extinction. And finally he lobbied with Von Neumann to start the war first! Of course he had patented the system to make H-Bombs and was making a fortune. Which is the reason why CERN exists. Money blinds reason or as ‘The Inconvenient Truth’ film shows, if you put gold and the Earth in a balance, people will take Gold. So now, Mr. Hawking again is obsessed by extinction and goes around the world telling we are close to extinction if we do not leave the planet and as the ‘clocker’ of the clock of extinction he keeps moving the needles closer to the last minute of human existence. What of course, the 3 of them, masters of each of the III horizons of evolution of Nuclear weapons (A-Bombs, H-Boms and Mass-Bombs) fail to communicate is that THEY are – their work – the main cause of extinction that so much obsesses them.

My work as a self styled time theorist with no merit.

Ad hominem though works perfect when the ad hominem cannot defend himself. And that was the case in this subject. The press shut us off soon to reply or write articles on the issue. So we were just ‘fair prey’ of both the press an CERN who were always consulted. They were sanguine; the press laugh at us – I descended from the most praised ‘new guy in town’ with my work on the fifth dimension into a taboo researcher whose papers would return from magazines without being opened, once the certified envelop was identified.

Though the paroxysm of it came when the suits were dismissed for technical reasons as CERN and the Nobel prizes that had to defend the Institution, Mr. Glashow and Mr. Wilczek did default – the institution alleging that US had no jurisdiction in Europe – ‘the explosion of the earth ‘wont’ therefore be attributable to ‘u  s’; point; as we now America is an exceptionalist country that might not even in the same planet (: sorry some surrealist sense of humour is always needed on the face of the absurdities of man. While the nobel prizes alleged in the last minute defaulting papers that they had ‘authority’ – a long list of prizes indeed – but we the plaintiffs ‘have no merit’… As if science was a question of authority not of reason and proof.  

So i will conclude showing with reason an proof that my work has some merit (: a theme widened on the section on the 5 universe.

The rational, scientific message not the messenger matters.

Since obviously the only question that came in the suits was: who ARE you, to state those dangers? And that was the wrong question. Nobody cares who discovered first a²+b²=c² but we care for an epistemological proof of its truth. Pythagoras theorem is Not Pythagoras but science, in fact discovered by Chinese, Egyptians, Mesopotamians, and Indians first. Since scientific truths repeat ad nauseam, regardless of human linguistic images of them. As truth is not EGOTIST BUT objective.  Science is reason not authority.

We indeed quote Einstein: ‘those who impose authority with power will be the laugh of the gods’ as I hold in high esteem as the predecessor of what is my fundamental work in life – not to bust CERN for ethic reasons, warning mankind, as that is MANKIND’S job if she wishes to survive – but the discovery of the logic-mathematical formalism of the 5th dimension of scales of space-time , which structures the Universe in ‘organic patterns’, and defines indeed the arrow of social evolution of this planet and the Universe -a  fractal that reproduces information, in all its parts made to its image and likeness. So, yes even if You never heard about me, my work as a scholar has some merit, for those who want to know the ultimate answers with a bit more rigour than the usual books of revelation, infotainment and explosive big bangs and mechanical theories of the Universe (:

The Universe is a fractal that reproduces information and then self-organizes networks and systems that evolve into superorganisms in all scales of reality. This obvious fact observed in the graph – but denied by the ‘creationist’ theories of both ‘abrahamic religions’ and the ‘big-bang’, which entitled human beings with egotist sense of truth (most I admit) prefer to feel happy as the only intelligent, living part of reality, to their own peril.

So my activism against the Nuclear industry is only because I am ‘human’ and ‘love truth’ and ‘life’; and do NOT need to risk life and lie as CERNies to make a living. And frankly as Mr. Einstein  –a European pacifist all his life, who busted his American and Jewish peers for keeping doing Nukes after Germany’s defeat, and then isolated himself to do just ‘thought experiments’ I don’t need either ‘machines’ or ‘prizes’ to excel in what he called the rat race.

Either the 5th dimension will be the next paradigm of time-space science because epistemology proves it truth with experience and reason, as it has already proved cern’s alibis false; and no amount of ‘ad hominem’ will erase it as TRUTH exists perse, independent of subjective man, or it will not and then no amount of penpal greasing will matter.

AND vice versa no amount of ‘ad hominem’ and global silence on 5D will ‘eliminate’ from the Universe the fifth dimension if it exists, and we can know it by proving it experimentally and formally, with mathematical logic. Then once I die and my inconvenient truth and defiance of power is gone – so power knows I won’t bother them if given back my voice, every scientist in this planet, if we still will study 5D metric  (obviously as long as I live silence will be global cause if mankind recognises there is a 5D, given the egotist civilisation we live in, I would become the ‘new Einstein’ and CERN issue, degraded ad hominem, will be taken seriously; as it has always been the case with those scientists who defied our egotist, pseudo-religious, believers in metal-power idol-attic cult(ure)s… When I die as Orwell put it to his secretary to convince her to marry on his deadbed, you will become rich and famous and I won’t bother them anymore… So happened. You can put in a dead body any opinion and hide all inconvenient truths.

Now in a nutshell widened on other articles, the experimental and mathematical proof with reason of 5D:

Now we know a dimension exists when we can travel through it, remaining co-invariant in our space and time. That is, as we grow our Size, our time clock speed diminishes; since we slow down as we grow in size. Such simple equation is called the metric of a dimension and relates the ∞ clocks of time of the fractal Universe that accelerate as we become smaller in spatial size, but whose product remains invariant: S x T = k.

And that exactly what happens when we grow in size or diminish in size through 5D scales, from seminal seed to slow multicellular organism, living in an even larger planetary world of slower geological time clocks:

And this law – that bigger systems run slower time cycles when they grow in size, happens in every system of reality so the existence of a 5th Dimension is absolute. ∞ proofs not a single exception. Moreover, it is the first mathematical explanation of a world cycle of life and death – which we have added in an independent, easier to read, shorter article here.

So experimentally a fractal Universe is proved, and mathematically also. The consequences of it are ginormous. Tw simple ones will suffice applied to physical biological and social systems: smaller systems code more information in the speed of its cycles and clock-like forms. So smallish faster black holes code galaxies, controlling them; small genes code bodies and small thoughts – memes, code civilisations. And as a consequence scales co-exist in symbiosis, as ‘organic systems’, where the small parts provide information, synchronise and control larger ones, who deliver energy and motion-entropy to lower ones.

So the section on 5D³ will expand this experimental and rational reasoning on the discovery of 5D by this ‘self-styled time theorist’ (: that was the best comment i got on my work during those years at NY times 🙂 in 3 main post-books, which I will complete by Christmas 2017, as CERN closes in another year, menacing new upgrades to make more pentaquarks:

5D³ which defines a Universe made of relational space-time beings, which occupy a vital space of the fractal Universe that last a time. This takes Leibniz’s relational space-time concept to its full realisation, in all stiences as all are occupied with relational space-time beings, whose properties derive of the ultimate substance of reality (through similar laws call isomorphism). It is ultimately the alternative philosophy of science to the Newtonian absolute space-time and naive reductionist realism of physics, and as such the widest model as it applies to all sciences and all languages. The article posted above, is the only one at this stage is fairly well done for any University student to upgrade their intellectual chip to ‘XXI c. stience’, or given the fact paradigms are memorised and difficult to change, to abandon the theme and keep his newtonian beliefs. So I advice the reader to go through that first.


5D³ cosmology, this article will apply it to astrophysics, specially the big-bang, as it is the issue at CERN, proving you the Universe is a fractal of scalar entropy and information and the big-bang is just a cyclical occurrence happening in all scales of matter – likely by experimental proof, the one physicists talk about being a local ‘quasar-like big bang’, not the entire Universe, which obviously we shall never see in its infinity. Let us resume this in a paragraph and two images.

In the graph, the Universe DO have three choices≈arrows of future: to expand in space-motion, or arrow of entropy proper of lineal electromagnetic and dark entropy forces, the only one physicists study; and to implode in form or arrow of temporal information, of accelerated clocks (masses and charges), put together into ‘conserved’ repetitive closed circles of energy, we can write an equation of three time arrows, which explains formally all those big-bang/big-crunch cycles:

Spe (entropic motion) < ST-energetic, repetitive cycle > Tf (accelerated time vortex).

Which in physics is for all scales, Einstein’s equation:

E-ntropy/motion < cc- constant light wave > M(ass vortex).

So not only there are ∞ scales of informative time vortices of information and entropy, expansive forces but all of them balance each other, making each scale constant, immortal and all closed energy cycles conserved:


In the graph, the Universe is eternal and big-bangs are likely only galactic big-bangs as Fred Hoyle wanted, which release dark entropy through the axis of black holes and expands space, balanced by the constant contraction by gravitational forces of space into mass, in all scales of big-bangs (right).

So why astrophysicists ONLY consider the expansive entropy of space between galaxies and do NOT put it together with the inverse arrow of informative creation of mass? IT IS NOT because of true science and the experimental method (put below for good measure in its principles: evidence, known cause, economy and no-falsification, which happens only when we take into account both vortices of relative future mass and expansive sheets of entropic space), but because of historic cultural reasons, often hidden as secret agendas of dogmatic religion or dogmatic science.

This article is not yet fully refurbished to proper standards of blogging, but good enough for you to read on till you find the ‘grass without cutting’… So i have posted it

Astrophysics, not yet put…

It should starting from first principles r=evolve our understanding of matter and mathematical physics, as we first will introduce the changes in mathematical foundations caused by the fractal structure of space (completion of Non-Euclidean mathematics) and ternary, logic structure of time arrows (multiple causal logic). Then we need to apply the non-Æ formal view of fractal, scalar space and cyclical, ternary time to physical foundations and show the homology of the laws of physics, both among the three scales of matter, the ∆-1 quantum, ∆º thermodynamic and ∆+1 gravitational scale; and between physical and biological systems. So we shall show how all the main equations of physics relate together and are themselves derived of the non-Æ structure of logic mathematics, itself cause by the fractal properties of space and time. A first instalment will come the last day of summertime… Only then you will have enough material, despite bad formatting and repetitions to upgrade your chip on reality and understand that the ‘Universe is simple but not malicious’, unlike man, since ‘2 things I deem ∞, the Universe and human stupidity’ (Einstein)

New advances in science come often from outsiders.

When confronting established dogmas of science and the status and power of a certain caste of ‘high priests’ of knowledge, ethical concerns and human lives are of no importance. In the graph, the Hungarian Doctor Semmelweis proved, as we have done with CERN’s experiments, the enormous risks of research in corpses by doctors that did not have any safety standards, carrying with them bacteria that infected child bearing women, killing hundreds of them each year. Mr. Semmelweis followed as we have done, all the rules of the scientific method, to demonstrate doctors needed to handwash with chlorine before attending those women, reducing to 1% the rate of mortality. But doctors resented that A) they were implicitly causing a ‘holocaust’ of women and children B) their ‘status’ as gentleman was diminished by the act of cleaning their hands C) Semmelweis was an outsider, not a German but a Hungarian working in the main Hospital of the Austrian capital.  CERN has resented scientists who don’t belong to the caste of Nuclear Physics, accused them of a potential genocide, pretending to establish minimal safety rules on their experiments. And so its collaborators started a series of smearing campaigns against them. Mr. Semmelweis was sacked in March 1849 (end of the graph), and latter ‘treated’ in a hospital for the mentally-ill, beaten and probably infected with puerperal fever to get a taste of ‘his own medicine’ of which he died. Soon the rate of deaths of mothers and children climbed back to the usual 12% percent and the peace of the cemetery returned to a profession dedicated to ‘save lives’. CERN has also returned to business as usual.  Yet as today even if we have found documents internal to the company that affirm against all its media release, public assurances and ‘safety reports that  it will produce stable strangelets, the explosive substances that causes Super-Novas, the success of the smearing campaign against those who denounced them, ensures that this potential genocide will be carried with the benediction of technocrats, corporate science and the corporate press that hails the power of this ‘awesome’ machine.

The main reason the menaces of CERN to the life of all the people of this planet have been brushed aside is a massive campaign of the nuclear physicists’ community against the people who denounced those experiments. 3 people have been specially active on that task, Walter Wagner a biologist and physicist, who worked as a safety officer of accelerators and two theorists of complexity sciences, which mix biology and physical laws, Otto Rossler and myself, Luis Sancho. It is interesting to notice that the background of the 3 people are self-similar. The 3 of them are both experts in Physics and Biology, but they are not insiders to the Physicists’ community. This of course, doesn’t mean they don’t know what they are talking about. Wagner is precisely a safety officer of accelerators, the work which should tell us the risks of those machines. While me and Rossler are in the ‘avant garde’ of modern science, trying to unify the laws of biology and physics, by using the 2 arrows of ‘future time’ of the Universe, energy/entropy and information/form, using the new complex forms of mathematics, chaos theory, of which Rossler is one of his founders, fractal mathematics and non-Euclidean geometry, whose 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th postulates I exposed for the first time to the scientific world in the 50th anniversary of the International Systems Society, the foundational Society of Complex sciences, in which i was precisely the Chair of Duality – the specific science that studies the Universe with the two arrows of Energy and information for many years (unlike physicists which study only the Universe with the arrow of energy/entropy/death, reason why they fail once and again in their attempts to find the Grand Design of the Cosmos that we have are resolving in Complexity sciences with those new tools of logic and maths). In other words, we need to know not only the laws of physics but also the laws of biology and so we are not only fit to understand the LHC risks intellectually but we understand and cheer life and have the proper ethical attitude to denounce those risks. Since the ultimate purpose of our disciplines, Complexity and System sciences, is to renew our scientific understanding of the Universe in organic terms, and provide a theoretical frame to make a ‘sustainable’ world in which man can survive, as the most complex species of information of the Universe – the arrow of life that physicists deny, calling it ‘negantropy’, the negation of entropy.

Needless to say to unify both sciences is a far more complex task than the one physicists are engaged at CERN – to model the Universe only with the XIX century laws of entropy and the XX C. Laws of quantum physics, and so we know perfectly what we are talking about, when we deal with physics. Since in our research, we are going beyond the level of comprehension of the Universe achieved by quantum physicists. But this fact known to CERN has not at all deterred nuclear physicists from accusing us of crackpots and amateurs, when we denounced CERN, in as much as we do not belong to the establishment that profits most from CERNand we are not obliged to keep the pacts of solidarity natural among peers, which are specially strong among nuclear physicists harshly criticized in the past, as Eric Johnson explained in his excellent analysis of the Collider case.

Indeed, nuclear physicists have for very long worked in the military-industrial complex, and have as the military do, a very strong sense of class and privilege. And this – not pure theoretical knowledge – is what they felt threatened by our suits.

So they have played the concept of ‘being experts’ and the supposed difficulty to understand what they do, if you don’t belong to CERN, because they are the ‘high priests’ of the ‘language of God, Mathematics’ (Galileo). Precisely the opposite is truth. Rossler and myself have advanced mathematics with the aforementioned discoveries much more than all the scientists working at CERN combined. Chaos theory is fundamental to modern research; and my recent resolution of the 4 first Non-Euclidean postulates of mathematics has been seeked for a 150 years. Recently Mr. Perelman received a million $ prize for completing the 5th postulate… But CERN played its ‘Latin Jargon’ like the Popes of the Middle Ages, who maintained the sheeple in awe with the rhetoric of the Latin mass till Luther translated the Bible and everybody realized it could understand the word of God and rebelled against the oppression of the church. This is what we seeked for in our suits, books, films and webs – to explain to the public in layman terms the risks of the collider.

We play the ‘authority of truth’. CERN merely play the ‘truth of authority’. Let me have a little laugh to that pretension of authority, pumped up with a 10 billion $ budget. Entropy laws and probabilities are sciences so simple that you study them in high school. Quantum theory is a bit more difficult but more than a century old, and any graduate on physics understands it perfectly. The Higgs Hoax and the sci-fi musings of Hawking, are not much more complex. This issue is not at all a question of expert’s and complexity since the mathematics and physics involved in the description of black holes and strangelets are known by thousands of practitioners around the world but of ‘ethics’ and industrial interests. What is truly complex at CERN is the machine they built not the theories they will test, which are either false or obsolete, or dangerous (those who are right, such as Strangelet theory and Einstein’s black hole theory. My work and that of Rossler however is Complex from the perspective of theoretical physics and mathematics, but simple in the instruments we use – pen and paper. So while we are qualified to understand and denounce those experiments, we lack a 10 billion $ budget to ‘protect the LHC from mankind’ which is the self-recognized task of the chief theorist at CERN, Mr. John Ellis.

For those who think only insiders can criticize CERN, I would like to point out the historic fact that the most important advances on many disciplines of science are made by outsiders to the discipline, who bring a fresh outlook from interdisciplinary knowledge or people who practices the discipline outside the scholar world of institutions, who do not dare to challenge the industrial interests and opinions of their peers. This is indeed the case of Complexity and System Sciences, which illuminates Physical problems with biological solutions and Biological problems with physical theories. Let us consider a brief summary of those outsiders who brought the key discoveries in most sciences and how the insiders treated them:

– Pasteur, a chemist, made the most important discovery in the History of Medicine, the Germ Theory, which was rejected for decades, fact that caused an enormous number of deaths, because doctors couldn’t accept a discovery made by a chemist.

– Mendela priest and Darwin, a ‘hunter’ (according to his father), with some studies of medicine, made the biggest discoveries of Biology, theory of Evolution and Genetics.

– Galileo, a mathematician and Einstein, a patent officer, that could not give classes on physics for opposing the ‘Ether industry/theory’, and had not achieved its PhD, made the most important discovery of physics, Galilean and Einsteinian Relativity. Einstein was first recognized by mathematicians like Poncaire and 20 years latter when he received the Nobel, his theory was not even mentioned.

– Leibniz, a polymath, who worked as a diplomatic made the most important discoveries of mathematics, calculus and the binary language. And he was denied his discoveries, stolen by Newton, and died in poverty.

– The most important findings in chemistry were done also by non-chemistWilliam Prout, a doctor that affirmed  all the elements of the atomic table were combinations of basic Hydrogen atoms. He was ignored for a century. In 1862 a geologist, Chancourtois proved that elements could be disposed in a table in growing order by mass so their properties were found to be self-similar in the vertical rows. He was ignored. Then in 1969 Mendeleev, who discovered the Table of Elements, though a chemist, was an outsider from the ‘underdeveloped’ Russian Empire.  and Mendeleev initially was laughed at till Western chemist from ‘France’ and ‘Germany, the authorized nations, found the ‘Gallium’ and ‘Germanium’, he had predicted. but Chancourtois was never recognized. While an artillery officer, the Count of Rumford, affirmed that heat was not a substance but produced by vibrations, observing how cannon heated. And yet for 50 years the caloric theory that considered a substance was accepted…

– Copernicus, a priest, made the most important discovery of Astronomy, the Heliocentric theory. And he was defended by a mathematician, Galileo, a century latter. And yet the official astronomers of the age kept denying the theory for another century.

– Hofmeister, a book seller, made the most important discoveries of Botany, the reproduction of plants and the chromosomes. And he was ignored.

– The most important discovery of Geology was made by Wegener, a meteorologist – the tectonic plates. And he was ignored and died trying to prove his theory in the pole.

– The most important advances on the science of History and Economics were done by 2 lawyers, Vico, (cyclical theory of history) and Marx(cyclical theory of economics), and both are still ignored.

– The most important discovery in Art theory was done by a Spanish Aristocrat, or rather her child, the Altamira Paleolithic paintings and by a History professor, Spengler (the discovery of the 3 ages of Art, as the ‘mind of civilizations’, which we have evolved in complexity to define all the main civilizations as super-organisms of history, and its artistic works). Spengler is today still widely ignored by ‘ego-centered’ artists who don’t want to belong to a style – even if today they all belong to the ‘baroque’ of electronic art. And Count Sautola was laughed at and told he had made those paintings till an ‘authorized’  archaeologist found similar caves in France.

– The most important discovery in Archeology was done by a trader on colonial foods, Mr. Schielmann of Trojan fame, and he was ridiculed for decades before his discoveries were accepted.

– The most important findings on linguistics were done by 2 military officers, Champolion, which deciphered the Egyptian alphabet and Rawlinson, who deciphered the cuneiform writing.

– In the XX century the best Literary Novels in French were written by a dilettante, Marcel Proust and an outsider, an Algerian, Mr. Camus… The best writers in British fiction were arguably Joseph Conrad, a polish sailor and Orwell, an outsider, who spend his youth in Burma. While in America the master of prose was a Russian aristocrat, Mr. Nabokov. Proust had to pay his edition and Conrad was laughed at for his accent and lived isolated in England. Sartre ran a campaign against Camus and Orwell had to publish his landmark books and married his secretary, when he was dying of Tuberculosis and poverty, telling her: you have to marry me, because when I die I won’t bother them any longer and you will become rich, my books will sell. As it was the case.

– Leonardo, a painter, was the best engineer and many of his discoveries were hidden in books, written backwards to avoid the wrath of the inquisition.

– Michelangelo, the best architect of the renaissance, was a sculptor. Gaudi and Wright, the best architects of the XX century, were ignored for most of their careers. Gaudi was laughed at and lost many projects because people didn’t trust their buildings would stand up with those curved forms, which other architects now dare to design in ‘organic architecture’, thanks to computing power. None of Gaudi buildings have ever fallen down. Since he worked as Michelangelo with visual ‘scale models’, which in the scalar, fractal Universe is how reality is built emerging in new, bigger forms.

– The best painter of the XX century, Picasso, was an outsider, a Spaniard, ignored for decades by the Parisian art crowd.

– The most innovative film-makers of the XX century were outsiders, Orson Welles in America, in Europe Eisenstein, a Russian r=evolutionary and Luis Buñuel, the surrealist master. Welles and Buñuel struggled all their lives, trying to fund their masterpieces. Hollywood tried to burn ‘Citizen Kane’, but the scriptwriter save a copy ‘in extremis’. Buñuel was fired when he showed the producers in America a machine based in Aristotle’s books that could produce the ‘end’ of their movies, just after 5 minutes of watching them, by playing with the ‘basic plots’ of theater designed by Aristotle – showing the lack of originality of all Hollywood films. He had to live in Mexico, kicked first from Spain, from France, from US, where he would do what we called ‘Films for Food’, instead of food for thought. Today scriptwriters use Dramatica, a software program based in Aristotle to churn out their mass-production series. While ‘Citizen kane’ and ‘Battleship Potemkin’ are considered by critiques the two best films in the history of this art.

– Finally, the most important geographical discovery was done by a visionary, who turned out to know very little about sailing as their crew constantly complained, Mr. Columbus…

We have shown that in all the main disciplines of science and art, the key breakthroughs were done by outsiders. The list could go on and on and include in recent years, some of the discoveries of Mr. Rossler and myself in the fields of mathematics and physics – thanks to the application of our mathematical discoveries on chaos theory and Non-Euclidean mathematics to ancient problems that quantum theory no longer can resolve, such as the meaning of mass and the Unification equation of masses and charges, easily resolved with the understanding of the fractal structure of space-time and the nature of mass as the information of the Universe (but impossible to resolve with a single space-time continuum and a single arrow of energy, as quantum physicists like Higgs try to do)…

But since we can no longer publish and in my case, nearly all my google scholar papers have been erased from its servers, our ethical standing (a word taboo in the world of nuclear physics) means of course, it will take some time for science to understand the laws of the complex Universe, and the duality of big-bangs and big crunches that give birth to strangelets and black holes, which we have explained and Corporate science has censored, but in the case of those processes that will take place within CERN’s experiments, we do not have so much time.

It is a pattern, already explained by Kuhn in ‘The nature of scientific revolutions’: the limits and constrains of academia prevents to break new grounds. So the discoveries are made by outsiders. Insiders then call them crackpots and ignore their work for decades to come, and only when insiders find it or a tragedy happens, the original theory is rediscovered and justice is made.

Moreover, the chilling case of puerperal fever, shows how little matters the life of others to those who seek the perceived immortality of discovery or professional/caste respect: when Semmelweis proved that 12% of women having children were dying on infection in Austrian hospitals because doctors dissecting corpses infected them and obliged them to clean their hands, reducing mortality to 1%, instead of being promoted for saving so many lives (the ‘perceived goal’ of doctors), he was sacked because doctors in the hospital felt ‘humiliating’ to clean their hands and resented the implicit fact that they were killing patients. And so once the ‘honorability’ of doctors were restored back again to 12% of dead mothers, respectable science like in the case of CERN cheered and Semmelweis landed in an asylum with a nervous breakdown.

Today the limits of industrial science prevent new theories to become accepted and our culture that glorifies death makes the potential genocide of mankind, a minor problem for respectable nuclear physicists, compared to the loss of face they would have suffered if our denounces were taken seriously. So the Semmelweis treatment is required.

Indeed, the character perhaps closer to this case is Doctor Semmelweis, who proved ad nauseam doctors were killing hundreds of women because they wouldn’t clean their hands and got so angry that called them murderers, was sent to a psychiatric ward, given a beating and probably infected on purpose with the puerperal fever of which he died. I admit to have had my angry phase against CERNerds, though now is time for Bushido, just a few months for the experiment. Alea Jacta est. The machine has won. And so it is needed to go beyond the individuals, Crackpot Sancho, Walter and Rossler into a wider historic view, given the relevance of this event.

We could say in a wider sense that corporate science and corporate war, which often go together cannot be denounced by insiders. They might be denounced by outsiders, which will be denied and attacked by those insiders who see his livehood in jeopardy. And this happens in a wider sense to any attack made on the future of technology or war, or any other of the new technological machines that menace the life of Gaia. So we have been accused of crackpotting, as Mr. Assange, of wikileaks that denounced the robotic wars of Afghanistan have been accused of rape and so on.

Let us consider that wider view about the future of technology, its dangers, those who have denounced it and how the Industrial-Military system has silenced them, with a bit of irony, given the stubborn idiocy of those who risk mankind for a bigger, better machine…

How, Bill Joy, the apocalyptic, Sancho et al. crackpots and Assange, a rapist, tried to save the World from the machines of the Singularity and Respectable Corporate Science, Corporate Press and Corporate War destroyed it: Dirty tactics and censorship.

In the age of the singularity, new organic machines whose information and energy vastly overpower the limits of human beings and the planet Earth menace to destroy our lives. Yet Corporations profit enormously from their use and have done so now for decades. So all kind of false theories of ‘science’ are considered to justify their use. In the graph, the two key lethal industries for human life in this planet are Nuclear industries now researching cosmic bombs at CERN and computer science/ robotics, whose super-informative machines are making humans obsolete in fields of war and work. Yet economists have invented a mathematical lie, called Productivity, repeated ‘ad nauseam’ by the corporate press to ensure that humans do not protest the imposition of those machines in the work place. Productivity is merely an equation that shows the ratio between capital invested in machines and human labor: Productivity = Capital invested on machines/ Human labor. Thus we increase productivity either by investing more in robotic ‘blue collar workers’ and computer ‘white collar workers’, or by firing more human labor. Productivity and labor are inverse functions, what explains why human labor keeps dwindling. This self-evident lie is however digested by mankind, as Nobel Prizes of Economics, given by the Bank of Sweden and other think tanks of corporations and corrupted politicians that back them keep affirming with stone face that the way to increase labor is to increase productivity (that is to fire more workers and put robots in their place). And so the goal of corporations is to achieve ‘infinite re=productivity’, automated factories without human labor, and zero cost as robots don’t earn salaries.

If humans have been able to accept such evident lies without complain due to the combined work of corrupted politicos, right-wing economists to the service of corporations and ‘prestigious think tanks’ and Nobel prizes, imagine how easy it has been for CERN to ‘confirm’ that black holes will not devour this planet as Einstein proved but will ‘travel in time’ to the past evaporating. In both cases our experts have confirmed that the extinction of human labor and Gaia is good, it is in words of Rolf Hauer, president of CERN, a ‘giant leap forward’ for mankind and for the pockets of all those industries, scholars and scientists who profit from the development of those singularity machines. Myths, half-lies and statistics and the pumping of the human ego with God-like metaphors have helped. In the graph, Hawking, who affirms to know ‘the mind of God’ and wants to make black holes to prove his theories, which contradict Einstein’s work; Greenspan, of whom the recent Nobel Mr. Krugman said according to The Economist, ‘if you want to know what will be the rate of unemployment in the future, ask Greenspan, he is God’; and then Mr. Paulson, looking up to his mission, the man who gave back the banking industry 750 million $ from tax payers, who had been already swindled by those banks who sold them ‘toxic assets’. He was before the CEO of Go(l)dman, whose present boss said recently, ‘a banker is doing God’s job’. Now we are searching for God’s particle and the moment of Creation. All those myths, however work and convince the human sheeple, because they are sold with a massive propaganda machinery of marketing, audiovisual images, ‘damned lies and statistics’, which have become an established ‘practice’ in the most lethal industries and corrupted sectors of the economy – the industry of nuclear weapons that CERN represents and the industry of monetary-invention ‘for a few’ – the banking industry.

Indeed, the battle for the world between the humankind and the most lethal, future species of the metal-kind, the bad fruits of the Tree of Science, its weapons, has been a short one in this XXI century, decided by the humankind… in favor of the future machines that will destroy us.

This surrealist outcome has come not even through a rational debate, but through a series of smearing campaigns against the few human beings who understood the battle and fought for the Humankind.

Let us explain ourselves.

We live in a new cycle, perhaps the last one, of the Industrial R=evolution, which we have explained ‘ad nauseam’ in our scholar books about the evolution of machines.

Machines are not ‘abstract entities’ but systems which substitute human, organic functions enhancing our body capacity to process energy and our head capacity to process information.

Because in the biological world, all species are systems that process energy and information, and want more of it, we become addicted to machines and keep evolving them. The catch though is that death is an imbalance of energy or information, an overdrive of it, which kills us. So ultra-energetic machines kill us in car accidents and wars (weapons), and now we have designed an ultra-energetic machine, the LHC, which can kill the planet Gaia. The same goes for an excess of information, which is called 3rd age, when we wrinkle, acquire unwanted information and die. In the Super-organism of history this is happening now with the excessive evolution of computers and robots that substitute white and blue collars and soldiers and could extinguish us.

We call those machines the machines of the Age of the Singularity, since scientists called a Black Hole a singularity and they also called A.I. the singularity machine. So there is looming in the horizon the extinction of life by machines that cause an imbalance of energy and information in this planet. But this cannot be argued. Because we live in a world in which corporations, which should biologically be called ‘company-mothers’, evolve and reproduce machines and sell them for money. The human owner of corporations only see the money it makes with machines. The human that consumes those machines only sees the added energy and information it acquires. The intelligent philosopher of science realizes those machines are atrophying and degrading mankind. So computers substitute scientists which merely feed them with data; and cars substitute legs that become atrophied and we have fat people driving, and Internet and the Tv are brains and virtual eyes which have caused addiction, ADD and a general idiocy and incapacity to distinguish truth from fiction among our youngsters.

So, because evolution is a program of evolution of form which has 3 phases – one of the key discoveries of my work on complexity – a young, energetic age, a mature, reproductive age, and an informative 3rd, age – long ago I published a book (C.94) about the last age of the Industrial Evolution within the context of my discoveries on complexity and systems science, called the Extinction of man, and announced that starting in 2008, we would conclude the ‘Age of Machines-Head, or electronic Age’ when we made phone-ears, tv-eyes and chip-brains, and would enter the Age of Robotics and Cosmic Bombs, which would cause ‘The Extinction of Man’. The book was censored, my career as a scientist came to a halt and the first of many smearing campaigns against the people who have fought the machines of the Age of the Singularity started in earnest.

As a result of those campaigns of corporate science, corporate war and corporate press, the extinction of man has never been discussed in earnest, and only Science Fiction films, which by definition MUST not be taken seriously could talk of it (Matrix, Terminator, etc.) But a few people had tried to alert mankind of it, and so they have been submitted by Corporate Press and Science to massive smearing campaigns, directed ‘ad hominem’ NOT to have to argue those themes. Let us briefly indicate who and how those campaigns were carried out, and why they were wildly successful burying the fundamental theme of the XXI century, the existential risk that mankind will suffer under the evolution of the Machines of the Singularity.

The people who fought the Singularity Age deserve some Respect

Humans are today increasingly automatons whose function is to reproduce=work with machines, to consume=test and evolve them and to make money in the process. The outcome of this ‘goal’ of Corporations for the human sheeple is obvious: a world made to the image and likeness of machines, not of man.

Yet this cannot be said. So we have ‘lofty goals’. CERN, which merely is a Corporation that had done a bigger, better ‘atomic cannon’ talks about the Higgs Hoax, an impossible particle which obliges our governments to pay billions of $ to this corporation so it can ‘hunt’ for the invisible particle that will never found. We have a war in Afghanistan used to keep evolving robotic weapons and make huge profits (it is by far the most expensive war of history), but we talk of a ‘peace mission’ to rebuild a country where we merely hunt down people with Terminators.

It is thus obvious that our discourse of ‘lofty intentions’ and ‘big science’ merely hides the engine of History – the destruction of the Tree of Life with the eviL tools of the Tree of Science, weapons and money.

And so those who denounce that duplicity shall be also prosecuted.

Of the 3 key machines of the age of the Singularity that can kill us, Energetic super-colliders able to produce cosmic bombs; self-reproductive nano-robots (metal-bacteria), able to poison the atmosphere and destroy Gaia and A.I. That will substitute mankind as the top predator of this planet, the first to come was the Super-collider, which I announced with the other two types of machines in my book of 94, the Extinction of man.
But that book was censored and a techno-utopian called Kurtzweil who talked of the same concepts – the increasing progression in the evolution of machines – but from the perspective of corporations that fed his mouth with money, became the ‘guru’ of the Singularity Age.

Of course, my work was far more scientific, grounded in Theory of Evolution and the Laws of Information and Complexity that I had discovered. Mr. Kurzweil was just an inventor of Machines who was doing marketing of his work. But he was in favor of the extinction of man by machines, I was against, so the pattern arouse: Those who defended mankind would be crackpoted, insulted and censored, those who defended machines would be called Genius by the Corporate Press, Corporate science and Corporate war that profitted from those machines.

Next, came in defense of man, in 2000 Walter Wagner, a safety officer at Livermore, who put a suit warning of the Strangelet Danger. He was ridiculed and lost the job.

Then Joy published his landmark article ‘Why the future doesn’t need us’. He was called an apocalyptic and renounced to his work as founder of the Java language of machines in Sun microsystems and retired.

Next came Rossler, who became an activist against CERN.

Walter and me joined forces in this suit now concluded.

And finally Assange and his 4 collaborators leaked the automated, robotic massacres of the Afghan war, performed by our new weapon of choice, the Predator, the first Terminator machine of the future robotic wars.

Julian Asange recently quoted Gandhi saying, ‘they ignore you, laugh at you, combat you and if you resist you win’
I thought how the press dealt with the 3 ‘historic’ figures that have opposed CERN the longest: ‘they ignore me, laughed at Wagner,  fought Rossler and… the end is different… since certainly science has lost’. It remains to see if all of mankind is also lost to the black hole or strangelet when the real experiments with hadrons start on Christmas.  Because truth exists regardless of the egomaniac fantasies of humans of all kind that prefer their subjective opinions to the harsh limits of the scientific method and its proofs of truth.

Those 9 people, Bill Joy, Walter, Rossler, Sancho, Assange and his 4 collaborators, have been smeared all over the web, in the press, in dirty campaigns, doubting of their credentials, intentions. Walter and Assange have been specially smeared as crackpots and rapists. Joy survived better on account of his contacts with the robotic industry and his fortune.

Me and Rossler were less targeted on account of our  careers as pioneers in the true disciplines that are advancing science in the XXI century, complexity and system sciences, chaos, fractal and Non-Euclidean mathematics and many other fields which we have advanced with the new tools of Information sciences that we helped to develop. So CERN preferred to ignore us, NOT to explain the fact that not a single theorist of that corporation can compare to what we have done for the advancement of science. Instead it sent its pack of wolf cubs, kids blogging about science, who feel to be ‘part of it’ because they enslave for free unending hours mining data to NOT find the Higg Hoax, that impossible particle, which Nobel Prize Weinberg called the toilet particle. And of course, CERN used its mastery of the web, which it invited to do backstabbing campaigns, even opening a site dedicated only to smear the life of Rossler, hijacking our emails and sending letters on our behalf.

As today Walter has been ridiculed in the press, in comic programs, in millions of blogging places and Assange faces justice for molesting… his ex-girl friend. How silly is that?

Will politicians close this factory before we are all dead? Will they open an inquire on the ‘damned lies and statistics’ it has been producing as safety standards? There is anyone protecting European citizens and mankind at large? Of course not. There were 9 people, Sancho et Al. the crackpots, Assange and his 4 magnificent Hackers, the molester, and Bill Joy, the soi disant nerd, who happened to invent Java, the language that machines will use to communicate against them. They warned mankind and were put in the pillory for it, while 7 billion sheeple let that happen and a few million respectable nerds, newsmen, soldiers and wealthy people from corporate science, corporate press and corporate war did it.

How Sancho, Rossler and other crackpots of Complexity are redefining the languages of the Human Mind.

The true evolution of the Human Mind happens through the evolution of Logic, which today is carried by Complex theorists. Unfortunately Humanity is following the opposite trend, as it evolves machines that substitute us and carry the most complex tasks of thought of our civilization. This is specially the case of the Germanic, ‘Biblical’ culture that developed the Industrial R=evolution and has made the machine the ‘idol of the Tribe’ (Bacon), reducing our comprehension of the Universe to a simple arrow of energy that should explain it ‘all’ (Aristotelian, lineal thought); while the human mass is hypnotized by violent, visual machines regressing to an age of tribal thought (corrupted religions turned into inquisitions of war) and further on into simple, individual, selfish agendas (ego-driven thought), magic thought (religious myths, Hawking’s travel in time) and ‘animal’ behavior (immediate satisfaction of primary desires). Very few societies today and very few individuals in those societies still seek to explore the complexity of the real Universe and the limits of the Human Mind. It is the neo-paleolithic of Complex machines and simple minds, exemplified in science by CERN.

For a question of dignitas I did not respond to those campaigns, but now I will. Since the campaign has gone too far.

Consider the fact that my scholar papers are repeatedly down from the servers of Google Scholar and the International Society of Complexity and System sciences where I have given my conferences and have been chair of the science of time duality for many years.

For example, in 2005 at the 50th Anniversary of those sciences founded in the Macy’s congress at the death of Einstein by the main scientific genius of the age, to advance our understanding of time with the arrow of information, I gave to the community of Complex theorists 2 landmark scholar papers; one completing the 5 Non-Euclidean postulates of Geometry (to that date mathematicians only had managed to resolve the 5th which Einstein used to postulate General Relativity and recently Perelman completed receiving a million dollar prize).

Then in my second conference I defined with those equations the Fractal Generator of Time and the Unification Equation of Charges and Masses.

But if you click those 2 links, you will find they are gone. And so are the Conferences of the Tokyo and Madison congress on the duality of genre (since males are the energetic, lineal species and women, the informative, cyclical species of the human kind), the causal, fractal Logic of the Universe and the ‘Arrow of Einstein’ (the arrow of information in the Universe). In total 7 conferences and papers are now gone.

Of the 9 conferences/courses that I gave at the International System society during the 2004-2010 period in which i chaired the science of Duality, one of the founding SIGs of complexity sciences, 7 have been hacked/erased from their servers and Google Scholar. And finally the SIG of Duality was eliminated. Since I still have many friends in the community of Complex sciences I will not go into further details of this ugly prosecution. I thought though of the old pictures of Trotsky,  erased by Stalin or the old custom of the Pharaohs of erasing the names of their predecessors when they took power. Those conferences were however landmarks for the future of XXI century science, which will be built with the two arrows of energy and information (motion and form in classic philosophy of science), which are the two essential elements of reality, with or without the acquiescence of physicists, which unfortunately handled as a relique of the cold war, most of the budgets and positions of science in the world at large; and so make and destroy careers in all disciplines – for example, the Department of Energy, DOE is ran by a physicist, who was head of accelerators in Livermore; almost near all the funding that goes to complexity sciences goes to the Santa Fe Institute ran by a physicist, West, who was head of the military network of accelerators at Los Alamos of A-Bomb fame. Even the climate czar is a physicist not a metereologist and physicists keep denying with astounding arrogance the global climate crisis, to the indignation of those who know better. Physicists’ ‘big explosion’ theories are always in rage against far sounder, complex theories, from the big-bang to the Higgs, to the destruction of Dinosaurs by a big meteorite (when in Theory of Evolution has been proved ad nauseam extinctions happen when a new species takes over in the ‘struggle for survival’ as Darwin proved; and so many scientists have advanced the obvious fact that the rise of mammals extinguished dinosaurs as the rise of the machine probably will extinguish mankind.) But Nuclear Physicists are the backbone of the military-industrial complex. And so their theories that glorify ‘death’ and ‘big bangs’ (named coined by Fred Hoyle, an astronomer, to laugh at his inventor, Gamow, a worker on the Nuclear Bomb) are always ‘good’. They can do whatever they want. And if you defy them most likely ‘you won’t work in corporate science anymore’. It reminds me of the division of ‘jobs’ in the earlier Aryan cultures, where the upper castes were divided in soldiers and Brahmins who deviced the cult to Shiva, God of Energy and Death to justify the murder of the Indian peasants that revered the tree of life and the Goddesses of Fertility. And indeed, CERN has a statue to Shiva in its courtyard and Oppenheimer of A-Bomb fame, who inaugurated CERN, as you can see in the 3rd minute of this short, compared himself to Kali, Lord of Death.

So ‘curiously’ enough, after my suit was placed Duality and my Chair was canceled as a Science in the International Congresses of Complexity, along with my conferences in the theme, gone from Google Scholar. Information is no longer an arrow that creates the Universe, it seems. It has disappeared as it does suppossedly in those black holes which Hawking pretends to explain only with ‘entropy’, running also in the ‘Information Paradox’.

And of course, we are not given a voice in the media. Only those who smear us can talk. So now Walter and me are officially ‘surfers from Hawaii’, which put a suit to CERN to make money and become Celebrities, abusing the ‘good name’ of this venerable Institution; while Rossler is a polimath, a maverick of science – not an specialist, hence not an expert that can argue with CERN (-;

Since we are both indeed polimaths I would like to consider why this quality, which is the essential characteristic of most of the people quoted at the beginning of this post that truly advanced science, precisely by enlightening a certain discipline with the perspective of the other, is so much despised in modern, corporate, technological science.

It has all to do of course, with our ‘idol of the tribe’, the machine, which is always a specialist, vs. the most complex tool of the Universe, the human brains, which is a generalist. And since these days we love machines and despise humanity, the machine must prevail.

Industrial profits makes machines like the LHC, with its thousands of collaborators, totems ‘too big to fail’ that cannot be doubted of. As Rossler explained in an interview, the idea that a single person, as always happens in science, can do a key discovery, collides with the industrialization of science by computers and mammoth experiments with thousands of scientists working on them. The enormous complexity of those machines, not the value of the theories tested on them is what it matters. So while the key discoveries are done by individuals, working alone and mixing ideas of multiple disciplines, the system rejects them, because it shows that the human mind NOT the industrial, profitable machine, is still the most complex organ of information we have.

In the case of Rossler and me, the new, organic paradigm of Complex sciences we are building is precisely founded in advances on the way the brain sees the Universe – in our discoveries in the human language of space, mathematics (fractal, chaos theory and the 5th Non-Euclidean Postulates) and the human language of Time, Logic (‘Duality’, the logic that results from combining two arrows of future time, energy and information as opposed to the Aristotelian Logic used by Physicists which considers a single arrow of future, the relaxation of the Universe in energy/entropy/death). And this really irritates physicists who have always been rather primitive in their understanding of new logic and mathematical instruments but are the leaders in the use of machines and weapons to ‘understand it all’. How those people dare to ‘return’ to the basics.

Further on, since a machine is specifically tailored to a very limited range of discoveries – the entire use of the LHC is to find the impossible Higgs – and languages can be applied to all sciences, our discoveries in mathematics and logic have resulted into articles that pretend to improve our understanding of all type of sciences. And this is bad and very diminishing to the thousand of employees of big scientific projects like CERN, all engaged in the search of a single particle. So we must be wrong. We must be crackpots, dilettantes, amateurs, polimaths with a Leonardo Complex. And yet it is precisely the polymath approach to science of Complexity, which the very same Hawking admits ‘it will be the science of the XXI’ century, the one that is explaining the grand design of the Universe, reconciling religion, biology and physics into a veritable theory of unification – not the exhaustion of an outdated paradigm, that of a mathematics-only, energy-only Universe. In that regard, in this highlighted post, we compare this new approach to science of Complexity, with the pretensions of quantum physicists like Hawking, so the reader can decide and choose who explains better ‘the meaning of god, man and the Universe’; Nuclear Physicists with their complex machines and simple energy-only theories of the Universe, or we, Duality theorists, with our Complex advances in Logic and Mathematics and simple tools – pen and paper.

The task of the theoreticians of the LHC is to ‘defend the machine from mankind’ (John Ellis). And in the wider view, the task of quantum Physicists, clinged to the obsolete energy-only vision of the Universe is to protect the myth that machines are more important than the human mind to observe the Universe; that physics, the science of machines and energy, is more important than Complexity and System sciences, the science of information and organisms.

We Complex theorists have proved that the Universe is organic, not mechanic, and so we have to return to the concept that ‘Man is the measure of all things. Imagine what this means for Corporate Science – a science that doesn’t need a 10 billion $ budget to discover the meaning of it all is menacing the entire Industry of big science.

It happened before when Copernicus dared to simplify Astronomy and the need for the then ultra-expensive mechanisms used to measure the epicycles of planets and stars; and again when Mr. Einstein defied the industry of ‘Ether machines’, with the costly experiments to measure the magic substance, denser than lead, stronger than steel and yet transparent, through which planet Earth was supposed to move. The least important thing here was the obvious contradiction of the Ether; so Einstein was kicked out of Germany, couldn’t give any class of Physics and landed in a patent office. German industries were investing heavily in Ether machines and this Jewish physicist dared to say they were no longer needed… Now we have invested 10 billions to find black holes evaporating to the past. So this must be truth.

There was no possible dialog between the mechanist, militaristic, simplistic, energetic vision of XIX-XX century physics and our XXI century vision of a complex, organic world in which the goal is to create a sustainable planet that lasts.

So I had to put the suit to CERN. Yet by defying the totem of the machine, by breaking an unwritten law of science – that ethics, the protection of life is not the job of a scientist, I knew I would end my career. But frankly, it did not matter that much. By now I am accustomed not to have a dialog with physicists but a dialog with the Logic of the Universe – I am in loved as Kant put it with ‘all which is above us (the cosmos) and inside us (the languages of space-time that humans use to describe it)’, not with a piece or a prize of metal. Since if something is worth in this life is to fight for mankind not for a machine, for a prize or for a price as CERnerds do. I wonder what Dovstoyevsky felt when he decided not to write more fairy novels and engage in the defence of human rights, landing in Siberia. But then he became a man that would give us the best novel of the XIX century, where a true human being must search for his own code of ethics in a corrupted world – Karamazov Brothers.

Dirty tricks and maybe something more…

What I seriously didn’t expect were all the dirty tricks of CERN. Since  the smearing campaign and censorship is not only professional at that stage. It has also gone personal.

But after all, a people who don’t mind to risk the life of our species for a prize… what can you expect from them?

A brief account of those little nuances. CERNies broke into Otto’s email recently and sent around the world letters as if they were from Otto asking for money to ridicule him. My personal email is being hacked for years and it has been rendered useless. This website which was announced in google was hacked. My credit card at google was used to charge thousands of dollars on private international calls from France. Google refused to investigate and accused the ‘chinese’ of stealing that information, but the calls were done from France. Then I changed the ads payments to a private bank account and suddenly the 0.05 price per click of the original ads of this site were raised to 1 $ per click, more than what wall street pays for them. Finally google is NOT serving the ads to more than 10% of sites, even if now the campaign is overfunded at 250 $ a day. And I am not rich, but we shall burn the last papers to Mollock at least till the 11/9 the shots of this Russian quantum Roulette are sent to the world.

Of course, this kind of smearing campaigns based in dirty tricks are not carried directly by CERN, but by the enormous numbers of anonymous kids-hackers and student-bloggers, collaborating with CERN, which will never acknowledge its involvement – ah!, those lofty electricians with a 10 billion $ war chest to do their marketing campaigns on the toilet, sorry God’s particle – are always effective.  Quantity wins over quality in all smear campaigns of corporate science, corporate press and corporate war. Since it ads what that anecdote about my ISSS papers proves: you are smeared, you are insulted and you are censored NOT being allowed to respond in the ‘respectable corporate’ press.

So the public only hear the smearing and see no response, deducing that they are right and you have no arguments. That is how human power crashes truth. And yet truth exists and always resurfaces, in this case it will likely resurface creating strangelets and black holes.

Given those facts it would have been silly going around sending letters, which in any case would not been published, explaining to the world in what would be qualified as an ego-trip and further proof of our crackpot status that the electricians at CERN are clueless, 2nd rate theoreticians and we know better. So we just kept denouncing CERN with our limited means, while the automatons of the ‘rat race’ of administrators of science and technological magazines kept busy with their ad hominem campaigns and null discussion about what truly mattered – the objective, theoretical and experimental facts that say the risks of extinction by CERN are enormous.

So my politeness to judges that do not judge, but handle praejudicium and affirm with an astounding callousness that the ‘destruction of the Earth won’t be attributable to the US government; scientific press that don’t investigate the facts and report them, and the community of Nuclear Physicists that have always considered the massacres of human lives caused by their weapons ‘peccadilloes’, needed ‘sacrifices’ of the ‘human sheeple’ whose lives are irrelevant, in their Holy Quest for data about irrelevant particles of null importance to our species.

All what I will say is that quality=truth always wins over quantity on the Universe, and quality are the laws of science, which are not proved with silly medals, billions of $, pretentious authority, victimism a la Hawking, marketing or press campaigns, but with the laws of the scientific method, which once and again have proved ad nauseam the enormous risks of those experiments, since according to standard science in black holes, which is Einstein and standard science in strangelets, which is Peng from the Shanghai Institute and again Einstein-Bose statistics and the laws of complex liquids that Rossler and me have helped to define, strangelets will form in 2015 and there is one in 3 chances they will become stable and devour the Earth, 2 shots of a quantum Russian Roulette, or in legal terms, 1/3 x 7 billion = a genocide of 2.333 million people for the mere fact of making the experiment..

In front of that brutal massacre in the making of course, those smearing campaigns and dirty tricks are not even worth to mention and if we bring them here is because perhaps, if the people that paid this machine understood the ethical difference between those who fight for mankind and those who kill it, they would rethink about the rain check given to this company to play with the life of all of us.

Take for example, a series of ‘accidental situations’ I have suffered, as a foreigner traveling constantly to America for those suits, with little money (I’m a scholar, not a corporation) and hardly any legal protection. The last one happened casually on the key date of my suit ( an assault on the garage by 3 thugs that shuttered my shoulder and collarbone in 4 pieces the week before the hearings at Hawaii, I did go to the hearings instead of doing surgery, thus as a result of poor healing and further injuries in the trip I have now reduced mobility of my right hand). Then there was a register of my home in LA by the police which i registered back with my cam; calls and threats from anonymous people – an email that keep coming saying, ‘as long as I have a weapon in my hand your destiny will not be in the hands of God’; a ‘journalist’ who kindly explained me the days after bringing the suit during the Bush administration that if I brought to court the Patriot act, which obliges the American Government to defend their people seizing any nuclear substance that can harm their lives – and certainly the strangelet, explosive liquid that CERN will manufacture,  the administration could obviously apply the same Act to me…

I had never mentioned before those things, because again as in the smearing campaign, it would always be considered an ‘exaggeration’, ‘victimism’ and ultimately my other web on my discoveries on the fractal cycles of economics and history ( could be an alternative origin of those threats. So i went on with my job. Though Mr. Wilczek, the cynical Amicus Court who first denounced the strangelet scenario in 2000 in SciAm and then was bought by CERN to represent it in court and sign a safety statement of no risk, of which he laughed in public saying it was easy to sign, because if im wrong’ did indeed published to the entire corporate press, eager to receive the news, that someone had called him and threatened him because of our suit… Poor baby… how much you suffered. Did you have a nervous breakdown? (-;

All this of course are just anecdotes to distract the audience. Now when our suits are dismissed and CERN is ready to shoot the Earth with strangelets I am rather worried about the LHC obliterating me and 7 billion other human beings than some silly hacker tumbling down my papers or a few thugs smashing my bones. It is left here for the record.

We shall comment instead on other type of smearing campaign much more harmful for the future of true science, which is knowledge not technology: the censorship of corporate science to our work and attempts to publish very serious scientific work that proves the immense danger of CERN’s experiments.

A few months ago, another important discovery (the duality of big-bangs that cool and shrink mass in its centers in big crunch and heat and radiate in the outer surface), prompted me and Otto to co-write a paper explaining this ‘mystery’ with the tools of our speciality (Rossler attractors, dual time arrows, complex liquids, etc.) But as Otto said in another email with some sense of humor, he, co-founder of chaos theory, cannot publish even in ‘chaos, soliton and fractals’.

But humans are not going to take seriously the explosive quark-gluon mini-big bangs observed at RHIC. We have a machine that we must worship and after 250 years of Industrial Revolution, company-mohters of machines have perfected the art of defending its offspring. And so now as John Ellis, the chief theoretician of CERN put it, ‘we have to defend the LHC from Humanity’ .

We have a statue of Shiva, the God of energy and death we must worship, welcoming us at the entrance of CERN. It reminded me of the ‘arbeit frei match’ ‘work frees you’ that cynically welcomed you to Auschwitz…

And so we have a well-trained 10 million strong force of journalists and physicists who will not report – exceptions included – anything worth to report.

And yet despite all that censorship, all those medals and honors and ‘giant leap forwards for mankind’ (Hauer on the LHC), all that ‘soap to wash our sins’ (Teller on the H-Bomb), as in the case of the wikileak affair in which 5 non-journalists have released more documents on the Afghan Robotic wars than all the journalists of the world combined, may I dare to say that Mr. Rossler and Mr. Sancho the crackpots, have  advanced with pen and paper more the future of astrophysical sciences that all the theoreticians and electricians of this billionaire Nuclear Industry?

This statement looks now as a meaningless ’boutade’ after those campaigns, but Science has its non-human method of proving truths. And so may I dare to say that the Higgs Hoax will never be found to be more than a top/antitop already discovered quark, that will never proved the meaning of mass, as we have done advancing with Non-E Geometry the work of Einstein? May I dare to say that the big-bang will never be proved to be more than the explosion of a quasar galaxy or a supernova or a planet like ours, caused by quark-gluon soups as those CERN will do, and we have explained in our papers on complex liquids. Since the Universe is a self-repetitive, self-similar fractal of energy and information with infinite scales and so those are just explosions of different quantities of quark-gluons? May I dare to say that black holes do not travel to the past, since Mr. Hawking knows nothing about that fractal Universe, its laws and the 2nd arrow of time, information, which black holes create towards the future NOT evaporate towards the past (paradox of information)?

And may I dare to say that if Einstein and those who have advanced an explained him as I did with fractal relativity and Rossler did with his R-Theorem will be proved again right at the risk of 7 billion human beings?

This of course is NOT backed by 13 billion $ but by reason, by maths, by the logic of the Universe that human minds have understood.

The super-organism of CERN.

Now, of course, there is little to do to set the record straight beyond this pages since as Planck put it ‘all the people who believe in a previous paradigm of science must die for a new a paradigm to be learned’… He might be right this time…

Yet because to see reality from that higher, more evolved point of view of knowledge is always ‘enlightening’, we shall consider CERN from that perspective.

To start with what CERN does and all his theoreticians pretend is to explain the Universe with only 1/2 of its laws, those of entropy and energy. But we know thanks to the advance of Complexity that the Universe is a ‘fractal of energy and information’ and it cannot be explained without the Laws of Fractal Information. Once those Laws are solved by duality (the science which explains the Universe precisely with both arrows), all the questions that CERN pretends to resolve, the meaning of mass, the nature of the dual big-bang/big crunch that creates the rhythms of the Universe, the life/death cycles, the Paradox of Information (black holes don’t evaporate information but create it), the Unification of charges and masses, two fractal scales of the Universe, etc. etc. are resolved.  But this fascinating new vision of the structures of the Universe can be applied also to explain better the successful smearing campaign and ‘undercover’ work of CERN to destroy the scientific work and reputation of those who oppose it…

Indeed, it is interesting to consider the structure of CERN from the perspective of Complexity, which defines all structures of the Universe as Non-Euclidean networks of energy and information, in biological jargon, as super-organisms. So CERN works as a super-organism, very much like an Ant-hill works. In an ant-hill there is an informative nucleus, the ant-queen, which produces chemical, feromonal information that is handled to a series of ant-workers, which know nothing of the general project of the ant-hill, to expand its super-organism over the Earth. Yet all those ant-workers will die for the ant-queen and defend it against those who attack it.

But CERN is not a reproductive superoroganism but a super-organism of energy and information, whose center is the LHC. While the ant-workers are the tens of thousands of Physicists that collaborate with CERN and blog on the net, insulting us, do not know what is the ultimate meaning of a machine dedicated to the ‘Lord Shiva’ of pure energy and death (the statue at the entrance of CERN). They are ‘data miners’, which are given their feromonal task of going through immense amounts of data for not pay, in their scholar cubicles and in their spare time blog on physics and insult us with their smearing campaings. Those warriors of the ant-hill have all at a point or another visited the ant-center and worshipped the huge ant-queen, the Machine, the Big Magneto. Those people act as ‘waves’ like any cells of a super-organism do, in a coordinated, shyncronous behavior that was triggered by the ‘attack’ of those 2 hostile ‘Termites’ Walter and Sancho, who dared to doubt of the goodness of the Machine. And so because this machine is the ultimate idol of our technological civilization, the entire ‘industrial ant-hill’ of corporations, corporate press, tech-industries, technocrats, judges that protect corporations as ‘legal persons’ massed up together to devour the ‘enemy’. And now the ant-queen, the machine is ready to release massive amounts of cosmic energy in the form of quark bombs to prove that indeed, Shiva, the Lord of Death is the ultimate 1/2 truth of the Universe, Not the creative principle which is fractal information, Vishnu, Yin, in the Eastern philosophies, but Kali, Shiva, Yang, the destructive 1/2 of entropy that physicists study.

Mr. Assange, now being sued for raping his ex-girl friend, a feminist activist, who even posts in her page a list of forms in which a dumped girl friend can destroy the life of her ex, expressly citing to go to Court and accuse him of sexual crimes, given the fact that in Sweden, a matriarchal society, the slightest ‘piropo’ is considered sexual harrassment (in other words, thousands of spanish males would be prosecuted and jailed for saying a woman things like this: que guapa eres chiquilla, ‘damn, you are so beautiful girl!, which you can hear sometimes in the streets of Andalusia :-).

In front of so much idiocy one has to put irony to reality. Now I hear that the charges are more or less not to have telephoned the girl the next day; and failing to pay her bus ticket; and that the 2nd accuser used to work in the American Embassy, is a lesbian and runs a gay club… How low the right wing Swedish government with troops in Afghanistan can go, mocking the very serious (when real) crime of rape for political reasons?

Mr. Assange’s Trial, as the absurd court ruling on our suit against the collider, might be ‘spontaneous contributions’ of the prosecutors and judges to the future ruin of our species or masterminded by the ‘usual suspects’ that are destroying Gaia. It doesn’t really matter. It is all part of a global super-organism of Corporations, profits, war machines and big brothers. So all this was expected. The Global Earth Inc. is likely to win this and all battles against mankind, but the battle had to be fought in any case from the ethical perspective of a human being, who will never accept the slavery of his mind and body to the machine but will rather die first that become broken, as most humans are today. Because as long as there is a Julian Assange or a Sancho fighting and claiming in a loud voice that man exists, that the mind of man is the most complex informative zenith of the fractal Universe, that flesh can be burned but the flame of the human spirit will always live in this and infinite other self-similar fractal planets in which this fight will be repeated, there will be hope that in one of those planets Humanity triumphs and builds a world made to His Image and Likeness, a Hessian Castalia, where the Master Ludi of all the Languages and forms of Human beauty, rule over the wor(l)d.

Those suits are defending money and weapons, industrial power and corruption has been uttered. But may I dare to say ‘e pur si muove’; that black holes and strangelets are not abstract entities but real, moving, rotating vortices of mass that will suck in planet Earth if created at CERN?

As Galileo did, we have accepted the ways of our world and we are now staying home. I no longer attend congresses of science or write scholar articles on the Fractal paradigm. What for? My belief on the purity of science is broken. What was the last refuge of human reason is now just another ‘product’ that must be useful for the Industrial R=evolution, NOT for Human Evolution. Yet the highest achievements of the human mind, art and theories of thought such as Evolution or Relativity, were never useful to make money…  Of course, CERNies don’t believe on those achievements but in Mr. Nobel’s medals, a weapons’ dealer and fundamentalist Calvinist who expressly forbade the concession of his prize to evolutionists. The true advance of XXI century science, which is the development by complexity and system sciences of a fractal, organic model of reality, departing from evolutionary theories was not Mr Nobel ‘belief’ – a mechanist inloved with machines and weapons not with mankind as his heirs at CERN are.  And so because ‘beliefs’ are imposed with censorship and inquisitions of thought not with reason, he forbade it as the belief in the ‘machine’ censors all opposition to CERN. And yet, at the end of the road, true science is now proving both wrong, even if corporate science will pay marketing campaigns to sell its damned lies and statistics.

Today it doesn’t matter how inconvenient or dangerous a truth is, or the authority of those who reveal it. Truth will be censored whenever it ‘collides’ with the evolution of the military-industrial complex, its machines and its profits. Indeed, if the very same Einstein was opened a file by the FBI for denouncing the atomic race, what was to be expected of a denounce of scientists with less prestige against the showcase machine of the Nuclear Industry today?  What we got from the corporate, scientific press and CERN:

Denial, misrepresentation, misinformation, jokes, dirty tricks and blogger campaigns that have created enough noise to confuse the audience.

Of course, if anyone understands the potential genocide that the LHC might cause, it would be physicists. And none are coming out of the closet. Why? Are not physicists humans? One might think of Durrenmat:

‘Our science has become terrible, our research dangerous, our findings deadly. We physicists have to make peace with reality. Reality is not as strong as we are. We will ruin reality.’

Indeed, Physicists are taking their chance with full knowledge of what they are doing.

The leaks and duplicity of CERN when talking of strangelets proves that CERN commits criminal negligence and hides information to the public on those risks. And so it should be halted till a real independent panel of scientists study those dangers to the life of 7 billion people.

But this is not happening, despite the risks of genocide, despite the enormous budget over a billion dollars a year, in the middle of a massive economic crisis. Instead CERN has changed his usual modus operandi that closed the operations during winter to save money and it has decided, to avoid further ‘peer pressure’, to go ahead with the key experiment, this 11/9 to produce ‘likely’ those strangelets that can devour the Earth.

For our technocrats and politicians that cannot admit any error, CERN is too big to fail. But the bottom line is that its ‘nuclear research for peace’ is similar to our ‘peace missions’ in Afghanistan, and hides the relentless advance of our culture towards its natural end: the creation of weapons that can destroy the planet.

It is a surrealist experience, which puts the future of mankind totally at the mercy of chance – a denial of scientific facts that drags all what is sacred in science, truth, rationality, the use of knowledge for the betterment of humanity – in the trash bin – substituted by the worship of a machine-weapon, the idol that should reveal us the meaning of God through those ‘strange’ experiments.

To understand why Europeans will allow this to happen, one has to see this quark cannon as the ultimate totem of the European civilization that built it, which started our dominance on the world not with reason but with lead cannonballs.

Now lead will move at light speed and perhaps give reason to Mr. Nobel, who made a fortune, after blowing up his brother and multiple neighbors in several occasions, with the use of dynamite for wars: ‘My factories will end all wars, designing weapons that can destroy an army with a single shot’. Their cubs are ready to test his prophecy, and maybe sacrifice their lives, on exchange for a medal of metal, with the sense military zeal that Kubrick showed in Paths of Glory – all indeed for a piece of worthless metal, even if the discourse is of ‘grandeur’, ‘honor’ and the name of France and Science is dragged all alone. Indeed, France forbade that film for decades and if you are in Germany, you will not be able to see our film on strangelets, censored in that country.

Corporate press. Denial and censorship.

The fate of ‘quantum roulette’, the surrealist film a la ‘Dr. Strangelove’ I did on this issue is another interesting story of media censorship.

I learned directly how extended is the slavery of the human mind to its machines, in our dying civilization, when I tried to alert not only scientists with my letters and the political system with my suits and personal pleas but when I dealt with the third leg of informative power in our societies—the people of the audiovisual industry.

The purpose of those suits was mainly to provide information for the press to research, for the public to study rationally those dangers, and for politicians to act. So I made a movie about it, which you can see in this web in different sizes, which was sponsored initially by the biggest agency in Hollywood (William Morris Endeavor, owned by the brother of Mr. Obama’s chief of staff, Ari Emanuel).

My friend John, an excellent Dp. which this year got an MTV prize for his gorgeous celebration of New York City, proposed to make a film together on the beautiful scales of the fractal Universe and its organic self-similarities in the style of Koyaanisqatsii. He introduced me to his agent, Mr. Devin Mann, at William Morris Endeavor, who liked the idea and encouraged us to go on, after Alex Garcia, the main agent in Hollywood on documentaries, approved. Yet, as we heard the astounding revelation that CERN could make black holes and strangelets, we decided to make a movie, quantum roulette on the chances one of them would eat the Earth up.We interviewed scientists, went to CERN, to Hiroshima, and the more we found out, the more repelled we felt by the behavior of nuclear physicists. It was obvious most of them knew a global genocide was possible. It was obvious also that none of them would come out of the closet, fearing “the revenge of the nerds” – the criticism of corporate science. They were just scholars, engaged in the rat race of publishing papers and would keep publishing them on kaons, dibaryons, and black holes till the end of times. Nothing mattered to them, except their theories and selfish agendas.

Finally I mounted a film for theatrical release and one for TV and passed them to Alex Garcia to see if we could make the film into an “Inconvenient truth” so the world could take note and proceed against this rogue company. Since WME was owned by Ari Emanuel, brother of Rahm, chief of staff of Obama, a staunch defensor of Israel and the memories of the Holocaust, and even used a variation of Einstein’s formula E=Mc2 in his logo, we thought we have found our ‘humanist hero’ to defend mankind and the truths of Einstein from CERN’s perpetrators. We thought, the Obama administration would to see the film and make real his promises against Nuclear proliferation. Garcia was impressed and praised as Mann did the movie in personal emails. It said astonished to the laughs of Hawking and Wilczek to the potential end of the world, ‘physicists don’t give a shit’.  Yet William Morris Endeavor finally decided not to get into trouble with the nuclear industry and declined to release the film; nor any smaller agency or ‘enviromental festival’ wanted to touch such ‘hot, real issue’. The hard lesson learned is that mass media companies are not solving the issues of mankind and warning us about them, but they are part of the issue, feeding a big brother smiley, ‘don’t worry be happy’ attitude of happy fictions, a ‘LOL method’ that anesthetizes mankind against the process of extinction of Gaia by rogue industries.

Today,  our Authorized Press has become merely the marketing department of corporations. And CERN is a huge corporation. The ultimate showcase of the Nuclear Industry and the scientific/military/industrial complex that backs them, still the most profitable industry of the planet, which incidentally also pays ‘Global warming’ campaigns to sell then his Nuclear Plants as ‘clean energy’ – reason why we have made of a secondary issue the ‘catastrophic tragedy of the XXI century’, while nobody cares about CERN blowing up the planet.

Today Journalists are becoming ‘en masse’, what we call in Spain ‘plumillas’, (Little pencils). They are hired writers, working in one of the most ‘pathetic’ professions ever invented, (term used by Mr. Julian Assange, regarding the fact that he and 5 hackers have revealed more real news in the past decade that all the ‘plumillas’ of corporate newspapers have in the same time),  that of the journalist ‘apagafuegos’, the ‘don’t worry be happy expert’ that must misinform, misrepresent, lie and convince that ‘all is quiet in the western front. Or the lazy lad who just calls the company marketing department to ‘inform’ about some ‘investigative issue’ and handles to the editor the ‘report’ as if it were a ‘finding’ of utmost importance.

Indeed, those plumillas know what they must say: The real fact that all theoretical research and Einstein’s work tell us that black holes do not evaporate to the past must be treated as  ‘science-fiction’, while the science fiction of black holes evaporating to the past (Mr. Hawking) must be real. The real fact that the most advanced papers on strangelets by the Shanghai Institute of Energy physics says that in 80 days strangelets should become stable and kill us, must be not even mentioned, ignored, because that danger is theoretically unassailable. So CERN says it will never make strangelets, and yet, it has a machine called CASTOR, to detect them… it says Hawking is right and yet it has a street called Rue du Einstein and none dedicated to the sci-fi writer.

So eviL=antiword of Live can go on and we can destroy the planet with a smile, even thinking as most do about CERN, that those who murder us are saving us, that the ministry of war is the ministry of defense and the Afghan war a Peace Corps – it is exactly what Orwell called ‘newspeak’, the transvestite of myths, falsities, propaganda, marketing and Public relations that dilutes all news into ‘bullshit’.

The writer of science in corporate, technological press, knows perfectly Einstein is the genius that warns us and Hawking the popular sci-fi writer and PR of himself, who has never proved any of his fantasy theories about black holes as time machines that evaporate, traveling to the past. But he works in a newspaper that MUST approve always technology ‘in the name of corporate science’, because technology is big business.

Thus there is a new religion, a new totem, a new taboo: the technological/scientific, military/industrial complex, which is always right because it is too big to fail.

99% of journalists informing about Afghanistan know it is not a ‘just war’, but a showcase for the military industry of robotic weapons, where innocents die so those Predators can evolve its ‘target’ shooting. But we gave a Nobel Prize in advance to the person that is buffeting up this ‘just war’, whose ultimate purpose is to keep churning ultra-expensive drones and terminators payed at Go(l)d Prices.

99% of quantum Physicists know that Einstein NOT Higgs, defined the meaning of mass and gravitation with his theory of Relativity that defines a mass as a whirl of space-time that – regardless of size – will suck in, when formed as a black hole, the mass of the Earth. But Higgs and Hawing are the excuse to justify in ‘the name of science’ a 10 billion $ quark cannon and ignore its risks.

So no physicist will come out of the closet and talk the risks, as no journalist except wikileaks has said the truth about Afghanistan for years. It is becoming a joke, this hunting of the ‘invisible’ Higgs, whose values, parameters and mass we change ad hoc, as it is/will never be found. Moreover, last month we found a fundamental proof of the Einstein’s theory of mass (Principle of equivalence between mass and an accelerated, curved vortex): the radius of a proton sinks when it attracts more/turns faster/has more mass, as a hurricane or any vortex does.

What matters of those theoretical concerns is the fact that Mr. Einstein is telling us, and Mr. Peng and Chen from the Shanghai Institute are telling us that black holes and strangelets will be easily formed and suck in the Earth. And 99% of physicists, ‘experts’ in the field, working at CERN know this. But they choose the convenient myth that Higgs is the new Einstein and Hawking affirms black holes travel to the past and evaporate. This is what CERN’s marketing department say, because they have to sell a product, a doomsday machine. So in the same manner Petraeus goes around now selling the Afghan war when anyone who knows Afghan history knows those people will never surrender unless we exterminate them, CERN goes around selling the Higgs and Hawking’s black holes, when anyone who reads physics and compares their work with that of Einstein can only have a laugh to the pretensions of those wannabe Nobel Prizes.

And yet physicists behave like the corporate press with the Afghan war. So it was up to Mr. Julian Assange and his 5 brave hearts, and it was up to a very reduced number of scientists, headed by Mr. Rossler, Wagner and myself, the ‘3 mosketeers’ of this little army of physicists, risk experts and mathematicians, to whistle-blow this corrupted Nuclear Corporation.

The Brit Media is the most adamant in this ridiculous defense of their champions, Mr. Hawking and Higgs, sponsoring a ‘pathetic’ nationalism with their marketing campaigns about ‘British science’ (as if truth was a nationalist issue, like a soccer game), carried out by beauty pageant Mr. Brian Cox, who calls anyone who reveals the truth about CERN ‘turds’.

While those 2 wannabe Einsteins are at each other’s throats for the Prize they will never get. So Mr. Hawking bets 100 pounds that Higgs particle will not be found because it is false. While Mr. Higgs said that Hawking’s work is not of enough quality to be taken seriously.

But then he misses the fact that if he believes Hawking is wrong he MUST believe in Einstein, who tells us, black holes regardless of size grow at c-speed and will suck in the planet in a Nova explosion in 0.1 seconds. Does he realize he is telling mankind as Hawking also does, that he is risking 7 billion lives for his hoax-particle?  But their mentality is that of the military for whom physicists make weapons: ‘mantenerla y no enmendalla’ – keep their lies with a stone face till the end. That is why the World need wikileaks and needs this group that denounces CERN. But the world behave like a sheeple that hear it all but does nothing to defend themselves. So eviL=death triumphs.

This death in CERN’s case has the form of 2 Damocles swords hanging over the entire species for the sake of technological contracts, cuckoo theorists and sheer profits, within a +10 billion $ corporation, which is NOT the future of theoretical science, advancing as always with pen and paper, but the paycheck of 8000 computer scientists aqnd electricians or 2nd rate theoreticians like Mr. Ellis and Magnano, of LSAG fame, who pretend to be making in words of their Commander-in-chief, Mr. R.H, ‘a giant leap for mankind’ – that is, a giant leap downwards in a free falling into the cliff of extinction.

When the truth was known thanks to our suit and Rossler’s activism, the dangers of CERN became as obvious as the cruelty of the drone war is, now that wikileaks have explained it.  The evidence of the destructive power of those drones and Apaches and the destructive power of black holes and strangelets, once is known, is not easy to forget. Truth exists and truth is the only reason that so few people could whistle-blow both type of news.

But unfortunately once truth is revealed, the ‘system’ of corporate media, associated to those technological nightmares puts his well greased, well essayed systems of uncovering truths at work. So once the tragedy is uncovered, the scientific-technological complex requires a massive number of ‘plumillas’ to misinform with their Yes, but… rethorical arguments, or insulting articles, posted in the main newspapers of corporate mass-media, which we never were allowed to respond.

And so the well known Gandhi ditto, which Assange recently commented, was applied to both groups: ‘they will ignore you, then laugh at you, then combat you and then you win if you resist’. But the Earth will not win, because it won’t resist the high probability of creation of strangelets in 2015 when the Energy of the machine overcomes the 10 Tev barrier in its collisions.

All those hired fellows of corporate press know their routine. They pretend to have authority because they work in a corporate newspaper that ‘sells’, but they are just ‘their master voice’. In our case, suddenly, as the knowledge of the madness of creating strangelets and black holes here on Earth spread, ‘plumillas’ wrote editorials from The Economist to the NYtimes, from each imaginable blog on Earth (still the  my name, which is also the suit’s name gets you 1.5 million bloggers insulting us) to explain you in those editorials often sent by CERN, a simple idea: Reality (Einstein’s black holes and quark condensates) is NOT happening, only fiction (Hawking’s travel to the past) is real. So, because the people were given an option between happiness (nothing will happen) and pain (you will die), they chose happiness. And yet the Universe makes their choices between truth and falsity and truth exists and happens. And the truth is that Einstein is right and we will die unless we stop CERN.

I understood this corporate press strategy, when Dennis Overbye apologized to me in a personal email about the corporate editorial sent very likely by CERN to the NY times, in which they suggested – against the Laws of America that forbade to influence a Court before ruling – that the Judge would throw to the nearest black hole the suit against CERN. Dennis had to keep his job and so I honored the email never mentioned it and accepted his excuses, but now I honor the rights of mankind to live, explaining this kind of corporate press. It is indeed a routine. Today corporate scientific media will NOT acknowledge the reception of any article, book or denounce against CERN.  I just received the 3rd notification of UPS this week. New Scientist refuses  to receive the book ‘The black Hole factory’ for his book review section, after asking what was the title of the book. CERN refused once and again till we sent a Notary, to accept even the citation to court and never appeared on court to defend his views under oath. So we might wonder, if they are right, why they don’t appear on Court? What they are afraid of? Of course, the truth.

I am collecting evidence for years now on the refusal of corporate ‘scientific’ media to open a scientific, objective, data-based debate on this issue. This denial of a potential genocide for the liking of a machine is the most astounding irresponsibility of the scientific community ever. Indeed, CERN, with its huge number of undegraduate ‘electricians and nerds’  (electric and electronic engineers) looks like a kindergatten court, full of children of thought playing to be God  that ignore the people who try to prevent this catastrophe taking their cannon from their irresponsible hands… While the system defends those boys with big toys with campaigns against those who say the truth.

If some of us, scientists, fought with suits against CERN was obviously because there was always the uncertainty of human behaviour, NOT of strangelet behaviour – in other words, the possibility that the Ostrich stop moving the a$$ and run, run rabbit run. Nobody will think she is a coward for running away from the lion.

So we thought there was a probability the species was wise enough not to come closer into the future and run NOT away but into the strangelets and black holes for which the galaxy seems to be constructed, in an organic scalar form.

But for me, the person along Mr. Rossler, Mr. Penrose and Mr. Wagner who has observed the ostrich for longer time, that uncertainty today is cleared out. The 4 have a short of consensus on this: Physicists will NOT renounce to their perks as high priests of thought, regardless of the outdated paradigm of its entropy-only Universes, and so they will pursuit ever bigger destructive explosions in praxis (weapons research) and theory (entropic big bang theories) to keep their status, once they discounted long ago during the cold era, the collateral ‘Frommian’ effects of Earth’s obliteration. Neither the military and our politicos who have always backed their worldly profession will stop them, not to be made fools by a very aggressive, arrogant ‘ad hominem’ people who think they understand it all and still are just doing doodles in the sand. 3 quotes from another philosopher will suffice:

‘The wise always say the same things, the fools, which are majority just do the opposite’. ‘The more unintelligent a scientist is, the more he thinks the Universe holds no mysteries’ ‘Man is just a mush over a lost rock in the corner of the Universe. Departing from those facts we can talk about him’. Schopenahauer.

While Walter appealed mainly to courts, Rossler to science and Penrose to physicists, trying to take the peanut brain of the Ostrich out of the whole, in my case the press was to me the biggest hope for a rational study of this issue.

So for that reason I did the opening documentary about CERN, besides helping Walter on  the suit, blogging and putting along Rossler my prestige as a leading researcher on complexity, (theory of information and systems sciences) to push the Ostrich, which obviously confusing us with the lion – how not if it never took the head out of the black hole – just kicked us with its powerful legs – meaning physicists vaporised us ad hominem and today the issue out of sight for a decade.

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 20.36.50In that sense the P.R.ess is perhaps the most disruptive influence today in ALL FIELDS OF REASON. INDEED, the growing visual degeneration of mankind from a rational species, to a visual, believers, ego-centered psyche, who neither reasons, nor can stand as a childish mind, the fear of death has obviously spread to all fields of human activities, making humans loose all concept of temporal causality and determinism, of social ethics and capacity to worry about the world and act up, instead of looking himself in a vanity mirror of selfie behaviour and childish emotional attachment to their ‘thing’. This is the knee-jerk reaction I have observed for decades among physicists. How could we suspect that those people who piled up thousands of atomic bombs to destroy the world might be ‘doing something of that short?’. They have cleaned their act – they have spend a fortune in marketing the next scale of nuclear bombs. It must be that those 4 musketeers want fame, money, and envy us – the good guys? Now, the press could have easily ruin this obvious attitude a la ‘Trump’, of incredible arrogance, ignorance selfie bias and ALT-RIGHT NEWS, but it merely ab=used the issue to promote themselves an apocalypto news style as it thought it would sell well.

And now a decade latter, all what the world says to the mounting evidence that this will happen and it is happening to every other planet in the Universe  -given the fact that only 4/7 billion fought for the humankind, the probability that all ‘human-like forms of life’ do NOT react and survive is just that: 4/7,490,978,666=0.00000000534%, which is the power 4 people have compared to the ostrich with his worldometer population: Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 20.12.50.

Alas this IS THE ONLY explanation for the Fermi Paradox. If we are right, as humans don’t change much in behaviour in time or space, only 4 out of 7 billion planets make it beyond the great Filter of the III Horizon of Nuclear weapons.

Indeed most people rather die than speak up against wars and injustices. They rather believe the virtual truth than fight for darwinian survival, in science, politics…  you name it.

And such zeitgeist makes very difficult to respect mankind as an entitled species that will survive, because in the Universe respect has to be earned, respecting its scientific laws.

  • Which leads to the very brief comment on why I have come forwards:

For pure respect to those scientific laws of truth, and the proper advance of science, which is NOT going today through CERN, a relic of the past, not even through Nuclear physicists and its big-bang entropic theories of reality that forget completely the second arrow of the Universe, information, discovered and studied only in the II half of the XX century, when those relics of theoretical research had become dogma. Indeed, the future of science, lies in organic, fractal models of the Universe that need not this big-bang machine  and its ‘obsession’ for entropy=destructive models of the Universe, since it is a theoretical revolution that includes the arrow of information and life physicists basically ignored and truly opens the doors to a simplification and resolution of most questions of modern science in all its disciplines (and this writer has pioneered with his formalism of the 5th dimension for decades).

But as Planck and Kuhn explained in the nature of scientific revolutions, for the general public and its clueless politicos to understand they are funding a relic with zero importance for the understanding of the meaning of it all, ‘the people who believe the previous model of truth must die, for new people to learn the new models’ (Planck cynical about the time needed for his peers to understand his quantum theory); since ‘science’ is about power, praxis and routines (Kuhn, on the social and power agendas of science).

So I have always felt in this issue, which ended my meteoric career as a scholar, like all those lonely pioneers, who committed besides the error of foreseen the future of science in advance, the ethic error of defending peace and mankind, from the times of Socrates to those of pacifist Einstein, cornered by the military-industrial complex of Germany, which needless to say is the major contributor to the LHC – a nation again ‘back at it’, directed by a physicist, with little flexibility and humanist sense, to even ‘think’ about the collateral effects of its proud industries, now refurbished for ‘scientific research’.

But are we right? Well, we could if our reasons are more logic and scientific than those of CERN. Since truth is NOT a question for statistics.

Indeed, truth in science has NOTHING to do with human opinion or else Yhwh would have created the Universe, or as Einstein put it, when the german military-industrial complex denounced him as ‘jewish physics’ in a book ‘300 physicists against Einstein’. If they were true, only one would suffice with reason. So we showed our reasons, they never showed any reason at all. Didn’t even dare to come to court to defend their issue – they and all the nobel prizes hired to that aim defaulted. One called Wilczek and another called Sheldon sent an affidavit just stating they had nobel prizes and we don’t so, it was ‘obvious’ they were right (sic).

Again we would quote Einstein in this ‘ad hominem’ arrogant way of proving truth: ‘those who impose truth with power will be the laugh of the Gods’.



The lesson is learned. Humanity is on the hands of a system of mechanical creation of death that will not be changed. The age of the Singularity thus has arrived and it has been judged that mankind must die to the hands of its machines, because we worship more the Tree of Technology than the Tree of Life and so we shall be sacrificed to Technology.

Humans are today increasingly automatons  whose function is reproduce machines and make money. Our discourse of ‘lofty intentions’ and ‘big science’ merely hides the engine of History – the destruction of the Tree of Life with the eviL tools of the Tree of Science, weapons and money.

Bottom line is that CERN has money and power and we only have truth. And truth as the recent Court praejudicium shows have no value among human beings any longer, not even in science. But truth exists in the Universe. And so while humans have resolved this conflict among themselves, they have yet to resolve the conflict between the wishful thinking of CERN and the true laws of strangelets. My take is that the Universe will once more prevail and show the existence of those hungry strangelets.

But the ‘angst’ will only continue in the few of us who know the facts; which in a way it is a proof of the justice of the Universal game. Because if humans are automatons, programmed by their ‘biological drives’, their desire for more energy and information at any cost, and cannot restrain their ‘program of existence’, why to tell them the truth, if they cannot change it? It is indeed more just to let the pigs ignore their dead till they enter the slaughter house, moving automatically through the corridors, following the food offered on the floor; and if humans cannot control their greed and arrogance, better let them run like lemmings in this ‘rat race’ of scholars, printing data or corrupted technocrats, judges, journalists and industrialists following the money offered by CERN, or merely doing the easiest thing – to call CERN PR department and feed on their pre-packed news that ‘maximize opportunity and minimize risk’.

We, the people who oppose CERN, the activists against the  extinction of history are like molecules in an entropic path – there are always a few atoms that do not follow the entropy and disorder towards death and energy of the lot, but those molecules cannot change the destiny of the gas that will expand and rarefied and lost its in/form/ation. Humanity is now running that path, guided by its desire to obtain more energy and information with machines, beyond the limits of this planet.

CERN is just the first of those machines of the Singularity Age that will do us all. Hence the enormous importance of this historic suit and the astounding evidence that the Future of Mankind has been judged by an octogenary survivor of Okinawa who favors nuclear weapons, a bunch of physicists bloggers with an attitude that had a laugh at the plaintiffs on those suits, and a group of technocrats, who have no idea and do not want to know anything except their daily agenda. Of course, all with crude humor,  specially against my co-plaintiff Walter Wagner, whose optimism and trust in his country, his institutions and the media, has been bluntly misused to deviate those risks into an ‘ad hominem’ campaign. But as Oppenheimer put it ‘no vulgarity, no humor, no overstatement can quite extinguish, the physicists have known sin’, have known eviL, the inverse word of Live, and indeed still revere death, whose God is at the entrance of CERN.

People don’t understand eviL and the cynical outlook of those who practice it, the nihilism of Nuclear Physicists, the fact that ‘evil dress with the ropes of a Gentleman’ (Shakespeare). People cannot look at death. They always deny that possibility, even if all the Organisms of the Universe, including History die, nobody confronts eviL and Death, and those who cause it, the military and the physicists who make their weapons, love their mystique. So one wonders if the Human Species, which started his short run on existence as a scavenger of Felines, is just a species whose destiny is to kill life and terraform Earth into black holes or robotic machines – reason why we do not hear intelligent life in the Universe. One wonders if the sheeple is NOT evil just because of fear but it wishes to be.

In that sense, looking backwards to the last 3 years of ‘angst’ and activism against CERN, what hurts more is not the broken arm, neither the censored end of what was becoming a meteoric career in complexity and system sciences, or the angst of being responsible to give this news to the world. It is not  the astounding amount of wasted time for nothing in this job – in a 710 pages book, ‘the black factory’; in the movie, ‘quantum roulette‘, a real ‘Inconvenient Truth’, censored and denied distribution as it seems indeed too inconvenient; in the suit; in America, crossing borders every 3 months with unending interrogations – all that was done for a good cause, the future of mankind… What hurts more is the realization that mankind behaves today as a sheeple that follows always those who will murder them, the respectable people of corporate science, corporate press and corporate war… Those million plus bloggers, scared of CERN, who instead of denouncing this crime, are insulting us for defending mankind, as if we were guilty, when we just fought for their lives and the life of humanity… till the 7th generation.
Let us hope that we are lucky and nothing happens, but it mankind dies, certainly it has chosen that destiny, risking it all for a machine.

Because indeed, if mankind is a sheeple, if all what is needed ‘for evil to triumph is the passivity of the good people’, the extinction of history seems unavoidable. And that hurts deep in the soul of someone who has always fight for life, truth and freedom…

So I ask to myself, are we not good enough for God, the Mind of the Fractal Universe, to forgive us, despite making us to Its image and likeness? I have often thought of the Parable of Lot, those 9 men left alone because there is not enoughjust men to help them save the city of warriors (Gomorrah) and the city of traders (Sodoma) that rule this world.

In this age of the Singularity, hardly anyone has fought on the side of mankind, against the awesome power of the new generation of machines. Humanity has looked with indifference, as it always do, while the automatons of corporate science, corporate press and corporate war, has put the system of ‘don’t worry be happy’ at work, so the extinction of life could continue.

Their attitude has been that of spoiled children, who ‘expect’ to be always right, the Zeitgeist of our times. Children always deny the truths that don’t make them happy; and yet children are the staple food in the Darwinian Universe, always curious, coming to the nose of the Lizard that would eat them up – as CERNerds are coming closer to the Singularity that will erase them.

Now humanity is left alone in front of destiny and so I wonder like the poet did, ‘Who, if I cried out, would hear me among the Angelic Orders? For beauty is nothing but the beginning of terror, that we are still able to bear, and we revere it so, because it calmly disdains to destroy us.’

But poetry, feelings, life are not values Nuclear Physicists have ever understood. And so indeed, we always talked into deaf ears, and nothing else can be done. So we shall no longer cry on deaf ears. It is time for zen. If something happens in 2015, when the machine shoots again with twice its present power, or in the next super-machine already projected, and something will happen, sooner or latter when you call on the door of hell so many times, I hope those people who are now so ‘macho’, so aggressive to calm their fears instead of solving this question and prevent this tragedy, man up for the occasion. We surely will do. I doubt they will. Probably they will just get hysterical and ask for a solution no longer available. Then they should recall what mum told to other spoiled child who lost the last European Muslim kingdom to the ‘devotio iberia’ of the Spanish troops, ‘do not cry like a baby because you did not defend your kindgom like a man’. No more cries, no more appeals to the robots of corporate science. Because if those cuckoo scientists at CERN and the automaton press and technocrats that protect them do not care about themselves- after all made of flesh, not of bolts and magnetos – or respect the Laws of the Universe, why the Universe has to respect them? They can do wishful thinking and write pretentious articles with ‘ad hoc’ equations (higgs)backwards (Hawking) or plainly false (LSAG) and expect that the Universe is ‘listening’ to their papers and change the proper laws of mass and black holes (Einstein), tested ad infinitum in the past decades; they can go to Sweden, this hypocritical land of the ‘righteous’, to receive the Saint Nobel of Dynamite, and think that a go(l)d medal, given to honor the ‘Merchant of Death’ of the XIX century, and paid with the benefits of his corpses, validate his endeavors; they can waste billions of $ and called the ‘toilet particle’ the particle of God, they can convince and cheat themselves and the human lot, but that won’t change a bit the facts. They can cheat politicians with their lies about knowledge as Teller, the maker of the H-bomb did when he sold his Bomb, and made a fortune manufacturing it, to Truman with the excuse of ‘knowledge’ as CERN has done selling his Higgs Hoax. Of course Teller got the Congress Medal of Freedom, the highest reward for civil service…

The role of homunculus enzyman on the larger picture.

Ultimately one has to become philosophical on view of the increasing determinism and self-suicidal role of man in this planet. Indeed from the higher point of view of the Universe a a whole we have a role as all deaths just restore the balance between information and entropy, creating a zero sum.

Indeed both arrows need to balance each other to make the whole, an immortal Universe, of cyclical processes of life and death, entropy and information, in which as Einstein said, the separation of:

Lineal spatial past-entropy (E)  x future cyclical clocks of  information’ (M) = present-energy waves…

is an illusion… As all the possible combinations of the 3 arrows of time are set and all of us will be repeated again. This is Einstein’s theory of an absolutely deterministic universe in which an immortal wobbling Universe will make the same ‘moves’ once and again.

Thus of lately I have become soothe by this determinism I fought for so long, on the overwhelming evidence that the paradox of the ego is supreme on the homunculus and reason does not work, not even survival can defeat it.

For those interested in the science of Duality or Complexity, which rightly Hawking said it would be the science of the XXI century, if we survive entropy only theories as his theory of black holes and CERN’s big bangs, they can look at my post on 5D, based in my conferences when i was the international chair of duality – yes I know, i shouldn’t say so, but as cern sponsored a global campaign of ad hominem attacks to those who defy her with reason, which were labelled as crackpots, it is needed to enlighten you with reason, so if you ‘can think by yourself’, you can decide who is right and who is wrong, who is endangering mankind and who is just trying to explain.

Needless to say after we, complexity theorists, like myself or Rossler, the founder of chaos theory, confronted for ethic reasons CERN’s experiments  soon became ‘vaporised’ from the scholar circuit. Nothing personal. It was assumed then that physicists would use their ultimate reason – their technological-industrial-military power, as they always do to impose their machine over the ‘thought experiments of pure reason’.

So Einstein, who only made ‘thought experiments’ and had no power, said when he was ostracised for defying with his pacifism the German military-industrial complex, now the biggest investor at CERN, ‘those who impose truth with power will be the laugh of the gods’ and ‘I consider two things infinite, the Universe and the stupidity of man’. Yes, indeed the Universe is and was and will always be infinite, but the stupidity of man has a limit in his entropic death, which is unfortunate. Problem is truth imposes finally its ‘existence’ by reason. And reason tells us information matter more to mankind.

Since we humans should not be only in the entropic business of pure vacuum space and physicists bombs as we ARE informative life species, in an informative vortex of time called the Galaxy. BUT THE HUMAN Ego is so huge that will always denies ‘death’ of himself, apply ‘death’ to all other beings, reduce the ‘complex Universe’ to a single arrow of time, because physicists and the military can shut up any dissident with death. And can talk a rather simple language for those who understand it call mathematics, which sounds very ‘expert’ as Latin sounded for Middle Age peasants, and gives them the pretension to be ‘above heavens and Earth’.

On the other hand the ultimate question, ‘to be or not to be, why we exist and what is the meaning of it all, is more or less resolved unfortunately not in favor of the Copenhagen and Abrahamic interpretations of the Universe. We are basically not Homo Sapiens, but Homunculus Enzyman, whose job is to ‘catalyse’ as enzymes do, the reproduction of weapons to make the ‘real protagonists’ of the galaxy, its black holes and halo strangelets. And to do so we do kill life with machines and in the final gottendamerung we explode us all. On that view, i do concede defeat, for rebelling against destiny and shout for a decade like Chained Prometheus that I hate all Gods.

The Universe is wise and since it is also deterministic and the Homunculus Enzyman has a clear role, it is only logic to make his brain a peanut ego, so he can indeed be happy and ignoramus manufacturing machines and killing himself in the process, thinking he is creating as chosen of go(l)d his future. The aberration is therefore not Cern and its ego-centered physicists or Meshu and his egolatric bushes, but us, the people who spoils the fun they have murdering with entropy all forms of life. So the people, who is basically like them, and will always rather be ego-happy that seek the truth, as the American constitution explains us all, did side and will always side with creationist big bang theories, as they are moved by emotions, and the ego paradox makes their existence a biased knot, where their nose is bigger than Andromeda galaxy. I thus ask forgiveness to humanity for daring to think they preferred to live than being happy Homunculus with big mouths My fault.

So as i am the aberration, I shall not speak again on those issues, but rather look in awe, to the single, infinite Universe of many words, which is really what makes me happy. Ultimately this fools play is repeated in infinite other planets, so like sisifus rising the rock to be flattened by it again, there are right now in the infinite other fractal planets of this single Universe someone in angst trying to warn mankind and many happy blowing it all up (not infinite Universes in this planet as Mr. Hamed thinks – obviously he misunderstood that  beautiful persian poem on the love of God, in which Hafiz tells us that God has infinite names as it speaks all languages but it is one and only one mind-universe) And in 4 of them, humans man up and do survive in an avatar like planet, without machines, interstellar travel and physicists knowing it all. Yes, indeed, the people I truly admire in this planet because they have shown both an ethic and intellectual standing that deserves admiration are very few, around 10.000, hardly any living this century, but if the existed is because, there is somewhere out on those galaxies teaming with planets, a lot of them, which are perfect human worlds, who earned the respect of the impersonal laws of the Universe, we neither invent, nor we do fully understand but intuitively know, and survive. Leibniz in that sense was right despite Voltaire’s satyre: the Universe is the most perfect of all possible, because it does extinguish all what is truly imperfect, including the type homunculus that litters this planet. So let it be. We will be reborn again.

‘The languages of God are infinite’ Upanishads.

‘When everything has been said, it is better to remain silent’.

Tractatus logicus philosophic us by another Ludwig

Luis Sancho

Fact is, as Leibniz put it, the Universe is perfect, and that is why ‘truth exist’ and so does ‘beauty’; and that is why a corrupted culture of ego-driven, children of thought will not make it for too long. Humans still think they are above it, as children think entitled to anything they wish. In the Age of the Singularity they must be ready for a rude awakening. Because the bottom line is that from an objective point of view, the Universe will be more beautiful and perfect, without the type of men that work at CERN, people with many honors like Mr. Teller had but, who was perfectly described by Isidor Rabi, a colleague: ‘I do really feel it would have been a better world without Teller… I think he is an enemy of humanity’. So it is CERN and Humanity will learn it sooner than latter.. in the head of every member of Humanity – that lonely dream for whom nobody cares, which once was the collective Mind of all of Us.

But only truth exists, has its methods of verification and imposes itself extinguishing falsity. Indeed, only those who understand truth live forever in the eternal, fractal Universe in which we are nothing ‘but a mush covering a lost rock in one of its corners’ (Schopenhauer)

Now if the issue have been discussed, argued reasonably, put to scrutiny of the whole scientific community, properly judged instead of repressed with power, one could merrily say, perhaps they are right. When an issue is NOT argued, and all is ad hominem, knee-jerk dismissal, arrogance and censorship we tend to think, something is going very wrong.

We study all those issues in the few posts of this blog and introduce them in the film I painstakingly produced on ‘strange matters’, which of course did not have much distribution. There is in that sense a poetic justice in the processes of death of the Universe: as the totalitarian principle is rather deterministic, and humans seem to be nothing but enzymen, men catalysing the evolution of machines, weapons and strangelets, it is better for them to not worry, be happy and die in a wisp of time, while we, the top ethic scientists of the age, suffer and angst for all of them in silence, so the “Paretto’s curve’ of happiness of the whole species grows, and only the scientist of future history=prophet of the super organism of mankind suffers for all of them – again a pattern of history so well expressed in the last words of Jesus, when he said, ‘god=mind of the Universe, forgive them, because they don’t know what they do’.

Except of course those who work at the LHC and know perfectly the physical laws involved, which do not want to know. And within that poetic justice will die first, even if it is only a nanosecond before the strangelet wave arrives here to Barcelona, where I will be no longer suffering but having a deja vu flash back thought when the event horizon of the blue sky trembles and recedes pulling me forwards into the common destiny of all planets of flesh. One thing is for sure, of the four people involved in this issue, at this stage only Mr. Rossler angst, as a good German should do, suffering indeed for 3000 years of Goths=Gods of entropy and death selling his idol-ogies of war and oppressing the world with his weapons. Me? Well, we Spaniards do fight but concede defeat and know how to die, with a smile.

And within that poetic justice will die first, even if it is only a nanosecond before the strangelet wave arrives here to Barcelona, where I will be no longer suffering but having a deja vu flash back thought when the event horizon of the blue sky trembles and recedes pulling me forwards into the common destiny of all planets of flesh. One thing is for sure, of the four people involved in this issue, at this stage only Mr. Rossler angst, as a good German should do, suffering indeed for 3000 years of Goths=Gods of entropy and death selling his idol-ogies of war and oppressing the world with his weapons. Me? Well, we Spaniards do fight but concede defeat and know how to die, with a smile.

So i just passed over the 5 stages of mourning on the imminence of death. Americans do more or less the same – in the old good times before mass-media hate and paranoia made them ostrich on the run. So Walter is fine breeding children. Penrose too had put a cynical brit irony to the physicists he so much idolised in his youth. But well who knows miracle happens. We are indeed, expecting one of those, an earthquake in the Italian fault perhaps, not to bury as we speak, the people of the Abruzzi, but perhaps in the Jura mountains? That is the day I will think not on Yhwh but on the probabilities of good luck. As of today I find the Universe as Einstein did, a perfect block of time, where the ‘separation between past, present and future’ is an illusion. But don’t worry, be happy, once you become a nano-ball of quarks you will be immortal, as you will be the most stable matter of the Universe and if you are a physicist, you will have experienced your own big-bang. ALAS you should be happy, according to your dogmatic beliefs, you will reach the supreme knowledge of creation, never mind i ‘think’ a extinct scientist knows nothing.


‘The destruction of the Earth won’t be attributable to the US’ Judge Clifton, ‘Sancho et al vs. CERN’ Court ruling, on the things of matter that will make America small forever.

‘The United states must greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability until such time as the world comes to its senses’. TwiTrump, on the things that don’t matter to make America great again.

‘Those who impose truth with power, will be the laugh of the Gods’ Einstein, a man with little authority till all saw the power of atomic bomb.

‘Some sites even have “komplotten” theories about CERN, but there is nothing to worry’ New Scientist P.R.ess German edition, on this site and why you should not read it.

“According to Dennis Overbye, author of this rather poor excuse for a public service announcement, none of the usual front page headlines will matter if the new Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN fulfils the doomsday predictions of a couple of crackpots.

In other news, the guy who stands on my street corner and yells a lot says i should wear a tin foil hat to stop Them from eating my brains… What else is new?

Well, these particular crackpots, litigious, amateure physicists Walter Wagner and Luis Sancho, are seeking a temporary restraining order from a federal court in Hawaii, to prevent CERN from starting up the collider. The Hawaiian court has no jurisdiction over CERN, but Wagner claims that a restraining order issued against the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory and the National Science Foundation of the USA would be sufficient to shut down LHC operations.

(…) The men say that the LHC could produce earth devouring black holes or ‘strangelets’ that would make life on the planet, well, a little more strange. In Overbye’s words, strangelets could turn the earth into “a shrunken dense dead lump of something”. According to Wagner, the three safety reviews conducted on the LHC complex so far are fundamentally flawed, and with his undergraduate degree in physics, I suppose he would know. Sancho obviously agrees and being a self-styled researcher in time theory, I guess we should take him seriously.

So what are Wagner, Sancho and their ilk afraid of?

According to the protestors, the three big bads of particle accelerators are black holes, vacuum instability and strange matter. According to the (many) authors of the (many) reviews of speculative disaster scenarios in high energy colliders (speculative because none has yet to occur), only the last of those requires rigorous discussion with regards to the LHC.

Strange matter is stuff that is made up of strange quarks (a type of fundamental particle). Fear not! They aren’t called ‘strange’ because we don’t know anything about them, it’s just a name. The others are up, down, top, bottom and charm. The potential concern is that matter made out of strange quarks is more stable than ordinary matter. This might be a problem because matter likes to arrange itself in the most stable way possible so, if given an opportunity, ordinary stuff will turn into strange stuff. And on a large scale, that would not be particularly fun for us. Luckily though, for this to be possible in the LHC, the bit of strange matter created would have to be extraordinarily long lived and of a configuration impossibly difficult to produce.

In this case, (and this applies to all the ‘big bads’, not just strange matter) we don’t even have to rely on that crazy theory of quantum chromodynamics to know that we’re safe. It’s easy. The types of particle collisions that will happen in the LHC are the same types of collisions that have been happening in our universe almost since the beginning of time. In the last 5 billion years, 10^28 of these collisions have occurred near the surface of the moon, that’s about 6×10^10 per second and no strange matter yet!

To extend our search for dangerous strangeness into outer space, we have to look for the normal matter -> strange matter conversion taking place. As the strange matter hit stars, it would look like a supernova. Of course not every supernova-looking-thing is a strange matter conversion (some for instance, are actually supernovas). This means that the few million supernova in each (very, very big) galaxy gives us an upper limit on the probability of dangerous bits of strange matter being created. A limit with an absolutely huge safety factor, as those collisions happening in outer space are much more numerous than those that will occur in the LHC. The protestors are worried about the LHC in particular because of the previously unmatched energies that it will achieve, so it’s interesting to mention that dangerous strange matter is actually more likely in lower energy collisions, in the lower energy colliders already operational.

There is another potential doomsday scenario, probably the most discussed by physicists but oddly, not often mentioned by the protesters. Dr Arkani-Hamed, points out that because of what Overbye calls the “dice-throwing nature of quantum physics” there is a non-zero probability that the LHC might spawn a hoard of carnivorous, fire breathing dragons that would eat us all up. Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle has lead us to think that it is possible to ‘borrow’ a small amount of energy from the universe, so long as you pay it back quickly enough.It is these ‘quantum fluctuations’ that give rise to the non-zero probability of just about anything that Dr Arkani-Hamed is alluding to in the article.

I’ll try to spare you any more physics talk and the equations that render Wagner and Sancho’s bleatings so preposterous”

Classic blogger out of 1 million at the height of the suits, ‘sparing mankind the real equations’, bringing ‘dragoons’ to the table, and lying as CERN does about the capacity of cosmic rays to kill the earth, which ARE NOT STRANGE MATTER, but overwhelmingly single photons or atoms that have NO enough critical mass, lumped in a single point to create quark, strange matter,  (as the LHC does, by stochastic cooling and high density beams with billions of atoms packed together) SO THEY WILL never in a single lonely collision with a single atom create it).

And yet that single lie was enough for the entire P.R.ess to let cern ‘follow suit’  and put us all in death row, while the ‘great silence’ felt on the real risks and the people who exposed them, and their work per in secula seculorum a-men….


In any case it is worth to consider a bit about those suits because they show a lot about the human psychology in front and catastrophe and in any case the issue of CERN was known internationally through them. So it is proper to leave its account on this blog (third section, where we offer the main papers and final decision, written long ago in the ‘heat’ of the moment) and comment on the aftermath in this post about the blog’s author, which has therefore 2 sections, one on the suits and one on the models of relational space-time beings, which have been my long life work, in the search for a philosophy of science that makes sense of ‘god, man and the universe’.

The reader which is not familiar with the european latin culture and its ‘surrealist humor’ – a proof NOT of the lack of seriousness of the subjects treated here, but of relativism and hence objectivism about one’s self and mankind at large – should forgive me for my quips along those lines. Even if he admires creationist physics, black hole evaporation, celebrity physicists and our technological civilisation, and it is so proud to be an entitled, chosen humans, we are still what schopenhauer, father along his master, Kant, of modern philosophy of science said: ‘a mush lost on a rock in a corner of the Universe’.

10 years have passed since those suits were dismissed for technical reasons as CERN and the Nobel prizes that had to defend the Institution, Mr. Glashow and Mr. Wilczek did default – the institution alleging that US had no jurisdiction in Europe – ‘the explosion of the earth ‘wont’ therefore be attributable to ‘us’; point; as we now America is an exceptionalist country that might not even in the same planet (: sorry some surrealist sense of humour is always needed on the face of the absurdities of man. While the nobel prizes alleged in the last minute defaulting papers that they had ‘authority’ – a long list of prizes indeed – but we the plaintiffs ‘have no merit’… As if science was a question of authority not of reason and proof.  

But, I did have some merit (: i was at the time, r=evolving the entire discipline of systems sciences, cybernetics and theory of Information, with the formalism of the fifth dimension of scalar space-time, and its three arrows, past-entropy-space, present iterative energy and cyclic, temporal information; which I explain in the 5D³ section of the post – a long seeked r=evolution of scientific thought, which completes the model of relational space-time of Mr. Leibniz.

A r=evolution which physicists know must be made since Planck showed that space was broken into quanta, and Einstein proved there are ∞ clocks in the Universe, so we quipped: ‘Leibniz is right… there are ∞ time clocks in the Universe’… but if so ‘we have to scrap all of physics since its inception and rebuild its foundations from its first principles’ (space, time, energy, information, causality, entropy and the mathematical formalism of it – which is what I had just completed when I learned about CERN’s errors of calculus and its capacity to make strangelets and black holes.

So I was fast tracking after publishing the model in an encyclopaedic book called ‘Time cycles’, into the heavenly spheres of world touring, pen pal greasing and congresses applause. Within a year I was named chair of duality, the science that studies the Universe with entropy AND information together at the world congress of systems science and cybernetics, as everybody wanted to know more about all this.

( Yes, I know, people think physicists are the only ‘people authorised to talk about time an space in the language of God, mathematics ): So Hawking wouldn’t talk with Rossler and Penrose Jr. at Cambridge, or with me at Caltech, reason why i recorded him there laughing at the suits of two ‘unknown persons’ and the chances that if he is wrong, we all become spaghetti… I can imagine how irritated ‘authority’ felt about ‘two unknown persons with no merit’ busting the balls of the whole industry with those ‘unreasonable arguments’…

 But and this IS THE POINT I want to MAKE, because those 3, W.S. & H. know physics enough, conceded, more than I do on the ‘classic themes’, accepted.

BUT is precisely because they know they couldn’t go to the court and in ‘equal grounds to us’ discuss and explain simple, for judges to understand in court, the dangers of strangelets, black holes and CERN… Or else they had to lie.

Their fault hence is a moral fault – they didn’t want to lie under owe, and get in evidence in front of the world.

Wilczek in fact was chosen for the ’cause’, because he found the ice-9 reaction that can blow the planet into a strangelet rock. And Glashow became infamous for calling Higgs’ the toilet particle, as an irrelevant thingy… So their ‘betrayal’ of their own work, CERN likely thought would erase all doubts, and I imagine Wilczek felt it would made him more ‘amenable to the system’; as he was bitter for being left behind on ‘prizes’. And indeed he got soon his desired Nobel. 

Hawking is still waiting to see the evaporation of black holes (or the evaporation of the Earth if he is wrong), as he said that night in Pasadena, taped on our movie quantum roulette, banking on CERN’s experiments since ‘for 30 years we have found not a single black hole evaporating’, but now with ‘CERN’ i ‘will have a second chance’.

Point is if they had ‘reason’, all this ad hominem and defaulting and ‘silence law’ about the issue would not be necessary. If they were right as Einstein put it when Germans, now at it again, were building weapons of mass destruction and he was ostracised for pacifism and denial of ether, and then again germans published ‘300 physicists against Einstein’ ‘a single physicist would have sufficed.’

But CERN knew, Glashow and Wilczek knew; and so there was NOT a single physicist appearing on court – they all worked in the behind-scenes of power to dismiss it, in the P.R.ess to dismiss, in the blogosphere to ‘pump up’ the sacred goals of the machine. And 7 billion humans applaud without the slightest idea we were all talking about, including all those ecologist groups who care so much about a degree up the ladder of summertime.

Regarding the second question – our authority –  trust me, the dangers of black holes on earth are sooo obvious – that you don’t need rocket science.

The real argument is on the ethics of a technological civilisation NOT on truth and math. On the capacity of peers to hide inconvenient truths, on mankind to worship machines, on politicos to do nothing, on press to become infotainment. On the madness of institutions and its lowering of standards.

CERN’s physics is basic stuff – as most of it is arid calculations and technology, and the rest standard physics. Further on, we don’t pretend to know better than they do what are the parameters of its machines – we rely ALWAYS on their ‘calculations’ which plugged into the not-so-difficult equations of Einstein’s black hole theory (relativity) and the standard model, any post-graduate physicist could have done… if they would care at all for the risks, give the results that alarmed us. Those calculus are telling US they will do strangelets and they know. So CERN could only default, because they knew they would have lost the suit.

What we didn’t expect was that the entire planet would NOT even care to have a proper scientific analysis of such an absurd global risk, just because they ‘believe’ in physicists (more than in physics, which when truth we all ‘reason’ and then believe). I thought on that image of CONAN, in which the high priest tells a believer to jump to the hole… and he happily jumps…

It was quite impressive indeed how fast the law of silence became the rule on this inconvenient issue. So obviously our attitude changed, specially as years passed. In my case from caring and angst changed first to anger and depression, then to cynicism and a growing indifference to all things human.

Mass consensus.

‘In individuals, insanity is rare; but in groups, institutions, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule’. Friedrich Nietzsche, on the stupidity of mass/peer psychology and why we shall worry.

How mankind reaches consensus through mass-effect lowering of the intelligence of the group is a fascinating subject in itself, which in scientific consensus Kuhn studied in ‘The nature of scientific revolutions’ showing that culture, history and power bias science as much as any other form of thought, including religion. And as in religion given the desire to be part of the mass nobody dares to defy, except the few that care less for mass and peer review than for truth, which paradoxically makes often the truth hold by a single Giordano Brunno, which will have to die first. Then as truth becomes overwhelming finally is imposed by sheer facts.

Yet the nature of CERN’s issue makes vindication impossible – we have to die to be proved. So this makes even more difficult to oppose cern; and ever since we all felt under the law of silence to dissidents which can do nothing under mass consensus.

There was specially an alibi to all this which is the most absurd: the pretension of knowledge. So today as we all start to accept this machine won’t give us more knowledge, you might think it will stop? Not so…ONCE THE mass reaches consensus, as absurd as it might be all go together to commit collective suicide in war, without the slightest derrotism. As the lowering of mental standards keeps lowering.

Yet since truth has never respected authority only reason and proof, each year the truth is more obvious, both on CERN’s uselessness to science, on the dangers… and regarding those ad hominem decisions… on the ‘merit’ of our work, to which I dedicate an entire section of the blog (5D) for those who are curious about the true evolution of science.

In any case they won the mass consensus by mass-silencing once the scare of the news went away. And it is impressive how that monolith military-like consensus continues as we come closer to the ‘event’.

It has ever since been a life in hell. And of course, the astounding  beauty of the logic formalism of the fractal 5D³ universe has gone down the gutter with his author. Was it worthy? It is the wrong question. It was unavoidable that a man who has understood the organic nature of the Universe, forced himself against happiness and wisdom to sacrifice his life for that superorganism of mankind in time that I call history.








One response to “Ad hominem

  1. Robin

    August 13, 2015 at 3:38 am

    Thank you for your knowledge and tenacity for truth. You are not invisible. Your light is shining for those who seek it…


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